[Draft] A Land Down Under

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[Draft] A Land Down Under

Postby Refuge Isle » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:45 pm

Hello, I've had a dumb idea buzzing around in my head for a couple months and I've come to share it with you all.

[Title] A Land Down Under

[Validity] Primary industry is mining

[Description] As the nation mines deeper and deeper in search of economic lifeblood, workers from the @@Animal@@ Mining Company have discovered an entirely different type of lifeblood. It turns out that there is a small subterranean civilization hidden in caves down there. *Very* small. In fact, the miniature people would scarcely be able to reach the top of your foot. With the literal micronation living on the same ore deposits that your industry needs, it falls to you to decide what to do about them.

1. Dr. @@random name@@, your scientific advisor flies towards you with unbridled excitement. "Oh @@leader@@, the scientific community will be absolutely buzzing about this! These creatures are just like us! Well, *tiny* us. How did they get so small? Can we use them to perform surgery? Gene repair? We need answers, and one test tube for each of them should do the trick to get them.
effect: @@demonym@@'s miniaturisation field is growing

2. "Absolutely not!" bellows military advisor @@random name@@. "@@pronoun@@'s right about grabbing the uranium, but I don’t want any of these goodie 'interventionalist' types finding out about the good doctor's experiments and marching in here protecting some bugs. No one has to know about them, just toss a stick of dynamite in there and grab the goods.
effect: civil rights are being cut down to size

3. "I-I wo…would like to point out that would be t-technically a war crime," meekly remarks Chief of Civil Services @@random name@@. "A-actually according to our laws, every @@demonym adjective@@ person born in @@name@@ is legal citizen. Just tell them where to pay their taxes and uh, you know, we can say the ore is under eminent domain. Or something.
effect: no amount of power is too small to be abused

4. "I HAVE A BETTER IDEA, @@LEADER@@," says @@random name@@ with wide, glowing eyes. "Our prosperity comes from *sacrifice*, but it's so inconvenient to find *offerings* these days. However, these individuals are people, are they not? What if we collected them, cultivated them, and offered these creatures as sacrifices, wholesale, to the divine! A handful of them must be worth something! You'll see, prosperity will rain from the sky!
effect: @@religion@@ leaders have taken a keen interest in terrariums [adds human sacrifice]
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Postby Trotterdam » Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:10 am

Issues are supposed to be somewhat realistic.

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Postby Honeydewistania » Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:32 am

I know there are pygmies and what, but I don’t know any that live in subterranean caves, plus none that are shorter than the bottom of the foot to the ankle.
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Postby Australian rePublic » Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:38 pm

Shorter than a foot? How are miners supposed to see them?
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