Campionato Esportiva 28 - Everything Thread

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Campionato Esportiva 28 - Everything Thread

Postby South Newlandia » Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:08 am


logo courtesy of the extremely talented Grear!

South Newlandia is proud and honoured to welcome you to the 28th Campionato Esportiva!

The Format:

Thirty-two participating teams will be grouped in eight groups of four, played in a single round-robin of three matchdays. The group winners and the second-placed teams will advance to the Round of 16. From there, a single knockout bracket will be played, without reseeding in between rounds. The tiebreakers will be, in this order: Group placement (only for seeding), points, H2H record, goal difference, RP Bonus (IC coinflip), OOC coinflip.

Pot 1
South Newlandia (15, hosts)
Brenecia (1)
Xanneria (2)
Newmanistan (3)
Hampton Island (5)
Vdara (7)
Racing (8)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (9)

Pot 2
Esportivan Darmen (10)
Ancherion (12)
Damukuni (13)
Burgburgh (14)
Natanians and Nosts (16)
Lisander (19)
Ethane (20)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (21)

Pot 3
South Covello (22)
The Golden Lotus (23)
The Grearish Union (24)
Copper Cuprum (26)
Starcom Racing (27)
Sylestone (30)
Ceyne Isles (31)
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison (36)

Pot 4
Nova Anglicana (AZE) (38)
Gergary (43)
Hallikshire (UR)
Laahana (UR)
Prinz-Eugens-Land (UR)
Summer Beach (UR)
Sangti (UR)
Cyborg Cocoabo Islands (UR)


South Newlandia (15, hosts)
Burgburgh (14)
Cyborg Cocoabo Islands (UR)
Copper Cuprum (26)
South Covello (22)
Ancherion (12)
Hallikshire (UR)
Xanneria (2)
Vdara (7)
Laahana (UR)
Ethane (20)
Ceyne Isles (31)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) (38)
Sylestone (30)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (21)
Racing (8)
Starcom Racing (27)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (9)
Gergary (43)
Lisander (19)
Esportivan Darmen (10)
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison (36)
Newmanistan (3)
Summer Beach (UR)
Prinz-Eugens-Land (UR)
Damukuni (13)
The Golden Lotus (23)
Hampton Island (5)
Sangti (UR)
Brenecia (1)
The Grearish Union (24)
Natanians and Nosts (16)


3/11: Group draw
7/11: Matchday One (1v4, 2v3)
9/11: Matchday Two (4v3, 1-2)
12/11: Matchday Three (2-4, 3-1)

15/11: Round of 16
17/11: Quarterfinals
19/11: Semifinals
21/11: Final/3PPO

The cut-off times will be between 8 pm UTC and 9:30 pm UTC. Here is a count-down until the first cut-off window of the tournament.

The group draw will be conducted live on the NationStates Sports Discord server, starting around 8 pm UTC.

RP information:

You may begin posting Rosters and Roleplays now. (If you have signed up. I will not exclude any main nations that have signed up in the Signup Thread)

As the host of the tournament, I have a few rules about roleplays of the host nations that I hope you to follow. Namely, there are no current pandemics or zombie apocalypses in South Newlandia, and I would appreciate if you could keep it that way. Please also don’t kill anyone in my country without permission. Most things can be talked about; if you have an interesting idea, but aren’t sure if it would be okay for me, it never hurts to send me a telegram or a message on discord.
Please do include a Roleplay Permission Box, so your opponent knows what they can Roleplay about:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

If you have any questions, please feel to ask them! I am easily reachable by Telegram or on Discord, or you can answer your question in the signup/OOC thread for all to see.
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Semifinals: IBS11 (4th place)
Quarterfinals: BoF72
Round of 16: WBC48, WBC49, WBC50, CE27, CE28, CoH78
Round of 32: CoH77
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South Newlandia
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Postby South Newlandia » Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:08 am

South Newlandian IC info

In a nutshell
South Newlandia is a small Esportivan island with about four million inhabitants, located approximately between Vdara and Lisander. South Newlandia is known for democracy, elephants, regulated capitalism and environmentalism, and the friendly population will be happy to help you out if you run into any problems.

Before you arrive
If you plan to visit South Newlandia, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. Laws on imported goods are rather strict, and things you’d expect to not be allowed to take into other countries are usually banned in South Newlandia as well. Examples for this include dead animals, living people unwilling to enter and bombs of any kind. The same regulations will also apply if you go to leave the country again. Special note should be made of South Newlandian drug laws. While all drugs, and this means all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; are decriminalized in South Newlandia; this does not mean you are allowed to deal drugs. Selling or giving away drugs for any reason is strictly banned; this includes, again, alcohol and tobacco. However, you are allowed to take any drugs you want to without punishment, and are allowed to own any that are only for your own consumption. You are probably going to be treated like an addicted person though, so people might attempt to get you professional help to fight the addiction they perceive you to have. In short, you are allowed to take any drugs into South Newlandia as long as you can convince officials that you aren’t addicted to them and do not intent to sell them. Bribing South Newlandian officials is basically impossible; border control is a very well-paid job in South Newlandia.

Getting around
Getting around inside South Newlandia isn’t a huge problem, it is often more difficult to arrive in the first place. That’s the case with all islands, but South Newlandia has rather few flights and ships exiting and entering, mostly because of environmental regulations. If you do arrive in South Newlandia, you are likely near the coast or even on an island now; your options are mostly Elephant Valley, Newport, Walstreim, Kinjestad or Ineton. When you arrive, the probably best options are the multiple high-speed trains that can get you almost everywhere in the country fairly quickly. Unless you want to go to a really remote place, you can probably expect your journey to your destination to take two hours at most. If you want to connect between two of the big cities, like from Walstreim to Ratzupalfu, you can expect it to be even quicker. If you don’t like trains, for some reason, there are also busses and cars to rent, but the streets aren’t always in perfect condition, and are far less convenient, to be honest. Flights inland are banned in South Newlandia, with the exception of the daily plane to Dragon Island, flying cargo and people between Masmow and Newport, and back. But you don’t need to do that for the CE games. If you want to be mobile within a city, you can rent bikes for free, or you can take the underground if you are in a bigger city and the bus if the city is smaller. There are also busses and rental cars in the bigger cities, but unless you really need to, we wouldn’t advise you to use them. The bus is slower than the underground, and the underground gets you pretty much everywhere within a city. Cars can get very inconvenient because they are banned in many areas, and where they aren’t, there are rarely any parking spots. Seriously, don’t try to drive a car in South Newlandia. Most of the citizens don’t either; a lot of them don’t even have a license.

Dangerous animals
There are some wild animals in South Newlandia, but they will generally don’t disturb you if you don’t disturb them. Basically, just stay on the outlined paths in the forest and don’t do anything to anger animals, and you’ll be fine. Most of South Newlandias wild animals are friendly, like the elephants, for example; in the unlikely event that you meet a bear, probably the most dangerous animal you could meet in South Newlandia, in the woods, you should follow standard bear safety guidelines. In any emergency, you can message or text the number 123 to get immediate help, or the number 321 if you just need less urgent, but still important advice.

Don’t be a douche, leave the animals alone, don’t try to use a car, maybe calm it with the drugs, and most important of all, use your brain. Following those simple guidelines (dacdb) gets you a long way already. Enjoy your stay!

(If any of you need/want additional info, feel free to ask me!)

The stadiums and their cities

For all the stadiums, options to watch the game together with other fans on the big screen will be available free of charge. It isn’t the same as being in the stadium, but they just are small, and it’s better than nothing considering its free, right?

Elephant Dome (21,500) Elephant Valley, Elephant Valley
Elephant Valley, just a bit away from the western coast of South Newlandia, is not only the capital, but also the economic and cultural heart of South Newlandia. The Elephant Dome is the biggest stadium, home of the Elephant Valley FC. The stadium is right in the middle of Elephant Valley, and seats a bit over 20 thousand people, which makes it the biggest sports arena in the nation. There was a legendary game with nine goals here, and everyone in attendance remembers it to this day. The following games will be played in the Elephant Dome:
MD1: (A) South Newlandia vs. Copper Cuprum (this is the opening match of the CE)
MD1: (B) South Covello vs. Xanneria
MD2: (G) Hampton Island vs. The Golden Lotus
MD2: (H) Sangti vs. Brenecia
MD3: (E) Gergary vs. Starcom Racing
MD3: (F) Newmanistan vs. Esportivan Darmen
Ro16: (2) Vdara - Esportivan Darmen (15)
Final: TBD

Jecken Arena (16,250) Newport, Northeast
It is unusual for stadiums to be sponsored in South Newlandia, but the stadium of Newport, right on the East Coast of South Newlandia, is sponsored by a well-known foreign food company from Jeckland. Currently, that nation seems to have temporarily vanished, but the company paid for the naming rights in advance. The stadium is the second-biggest in South Newlandia, and the home of Jecken Newport is commonly used for friendly matches. The following games will be played in the Jecken Arena:
MD1: (G) Damukuni vs. The Golden Lotus
MD1: (H) Brenecia vs. The Grearish Union
MD2: (E) Starcom Racing vs. Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom
MD2: (F) Esportivan Darmen vs. Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison
MD3: (C): Ethane vs. Vdara
MD3: (C) Fhulghamous Peninsula vs. Nova Anglicana (AZE)
Ro16: (7) Burgburgh - Xanneria (10)

Ratzupalfu Colosseum (16,000) Ratzupalfu, Southern Central
The Colosseum is the only stadium built from scratch for the Campionato. It will be the new home of the Ratzupalfu Rhinos, and was paid for partly by the government and partly by the Rhinos. Different to the old stadium, the colosseum is not only much more modern, but also has some reasonably decent connections to the rest of the country. Hosting 16,000 fans, it is now the third-biggest stadium of South Newlandia. The following games will be played in the Ratzupalfu Colosseum:
MD1: (E) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs. Gergary
MD1: (F) Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison vs. Newmanistan
MD2: (C) Ceyne Isles vs. Ethane
MD2: (D) Racing vs. Fhulghamous Peninsula
MD3: (B) Ancherion vs. Xanneria
MD3: (A) Burgburgh vs. Copper Cuprum
Ro16: (4) Hampton Island - The Grearish Union (13)

Walstreim City Stadium (15,000) Walstreim, Southeast
Walstreim, located at the South coast, became widely known with the success of their club team, the Walstreim Lions. Otherwise, the city is not particularly interesting, but it used to be very industrial. The Walstreim City Stadium has been upgraded for the occasion, as it used to hold only 13,000 people. This upgrade makes it the fourth-biggest in the nation. The following games will be played in the Walstreim City Stadium:
MD1: (E) Starcom Racing vs. Lisander
MD1: (F) Esportivan Darmen vs. Summer Beach
MD2: (C) Vdara vs. Laahana
MD2: (D) Nova Anglicana (AZE) vs. Sylestone
MD3: (A) Cyborg Cocoabo Islands vs. South Newlandia
MD3: (B) Hallikshire vs. South Covello
Ro16: (1) Brenecia - Fhulghamous Peninsula (16)

Kinetik Stadium (13,500) Elephant Island, Elephant Area
The Elephant Island is a small island just off of the coast of Elephant Valley, and it was never really relevant. At least not until the well-known energy drink brand from The Grearish Union, Kinetik, bought the Elephant Islanders (now Kinetik Islanders) and built them a top-notch modern stadium with everything you could possibly want. It is very close to the sea, so this stadium always looks fantastic on photos. The following games will be played in the Kinetik Stadium:
MD1: (C) Laahana vs. Ethane
MD1: (D) Sylestone vs. Fhulghamous Peninsula
MD2: (A) South Newlandia vs. Burgburgh
MD2: (B) South Covello vs. Ancherion
MD3: (G) Damukuni vs. Hampton Island
MD3: (H) The Grearish Union vs. Sangti
Ro16: (6) Newmanistan - The Golden Lotus (11)

Newport Park (10,500) Newport, Northeast
Newport has another, smaller stadium, home to the relatively old team of Newport United. The team has only recently reclaimed their spot in South Newlandias top league, but the fans have always been big supporters of their team. The stadium is much smaller and less modern than Jecken Arena nearby, but it still is an interesting stadium, as well as one of the oldest in South Newlandia. The following games will be played in Newport Park:
MD1: (G) Prinz-Eugens-Land vs. Hampton Island
MD1: (H) Sangti vs. Natanians and Nosts
MD2: (E) Lisander vs. Gergary
MD2: (F) Summer Beach vs. Newmanistan
MD3: (C) Laahana vs. Ceyne Isles
MD3: (D) Sylestone vs. Racing
Ro16: (3) Ancherion - Gergary (14)

Coast Stadium (10,200) Elephant Town, Elephant Area
Coast Stadium is, as the name suggests, right on the coast of South Newlandia. Specifically, Elephant Town is right to the west of Elephant Valley, and the two cities have grown together over the years. Coast Stadium has also been hosting a few international games in the past, and it is another one of those near the coast, but there isn’t too much interesting going on here in the home of the Elephant Town FC. The following games will be played in the Coast Stadium:
MD1: (C) Vdara vs. Ceyne Isles
MD1: (D) Nova Anglicana (AZE) vs. Racing
MD2: (A) Copper Cuprum vs. Cyborg Cocoabo Islands
MD2: (B) Xanneria vs. Hallikshire
MD3: (G) The Golden Lotus vs. Prinz-Eugens-Land
MD3: (H) Brenecia vs. Natanians and Nosts
Ro16: (8) Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom - South Newlandia (9)

Northern Stadium (10,000) Elephant Valley, Elephant Valley
The smallest stadium to host games will be the Northern Stadium, located in the very north of the city limits of Elephant Valley. The home of the Valley Wanderers is another historic stadium, one of the oldest in the country, but it doesn’t have all of the most modern infrastructure, and just isn’t a pretty stadium in general. The Northern Stadium is one of four stadiums near Elephant Valley, and was probably selected partly to reduce the travelling of some teams.
MD1: (A) Burgburgh vs. Cyborg Cocoabo Islands
MD1: (B) Ancherion vs. Hallikshire
MD2: (G) Prinz-Eugens-Land vs. Damukuni
MD2: (H) Natanians and Nosts vs. The Grearish Union
MD3: (E) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs. Lisander
MD3: (F) Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison vs. Summer Beach
Ro16: (5) Racing - Ethane (12)

If you need any additional information, feel free to drop me a telegram or a message on discord. Most everything can be negotiated, I don’t bite, I promise :D
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Quarterfinals: BoF72
Round of 16: WBC48, WBC49, WBC50, CE27, CE28, CoH78
Round of 32: CoH77
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Postby Xanneria » Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:18 am

FAX - Xannerian Maroons

Nation: Xanneria
Short Name:: XAN
Head Coach: Myrone Rhule (Galaxy SC)
Style Mod:: +5
Format (F-M-D): 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3+GK


Attack Forwards
#4 Kylian Lacroix* (Bearden FC)
#13 Andrew Gasey (Pearlham SC)
#23 Carlton Brower (Austin City)
#24 Kyle Falcon (Wirr Tsi)Chromatika
#44 Bray Feltzer (Lohr)Chromatika
#88 Luc Laliberté-Gauthier* (SC Nortonshaw)

#5 Kevin Bryse (Newport United)South Newlandia OM
#21 Nick Faulkner (Port City FC)Kelssek OM
#37 Kaylee Hayes (Northshore FC) DM
#43 Franchesca Bonchek (Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#50 Alex Bronson (Coquitlam United)Kelssek OM
#52 Lane Stegall (Castleford FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM

#67 Shane McCormik FC United of Mancodas Potato Farmers DM
#90 Josh Sutton (Pearlham SC) OM

#6 Nikolai Brown (Perce Town)Royal Kingdom of Quebec
#8 Trevor Hubble (Rome Beach)
#16 Bernardo Fransisco-De La Tomosa (St Warren City FC) Commonwealth of Baker Park
#35 Ian Turner (FC St Jakob)Siovanija and Teusland
#45 Liv Brownstreet (Dursten Easterners)
#99 Ghislain Poulin-Coutu* (Rome Beach)

#0 Leonetta Walters (Brentford FC Ladies)Commonwealth of Baker Park

#00 Mookie Danube (Dynamo Sjoedrhavn) Savojarna

*Player is a naturalized Donnaconna citizen (Permission by the user behind the nation was previously granted)



Clash Uniform

XANAir National Stadium II:
XANAir II is a new state of the art Stadium in downtown Dominica City. Built after the original Stadium was demolished due to cracks forming int he foundation, this stadium is home to both Capital FC and GTHe National Team. It will be a sight to behold as it will also be hosting playoff games.


Xannerian Football is played differently than most countries. For one it is hyper offensive with most teams using either 4 or 5 forwards who run directly at the goal with balls being passed only when necessary. Defense is even more alarmingly different as Xanneria RARELY calls penelties on diving (unless injuries occur) and its actually common for players to attempt to bump other players out of the way, granted this is also heavily moderated (Shoving a player with your hands is a penalty and shoving a player perpendicular to you is also a penalty). International players are trying to surpress excessive brutality, but sometimes in the heat of the game they forget. So feel free to have some of my players get Yellow carded for aggressive play.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (Within reason)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: n
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Gergary » Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:35 am

Gergary National Football Team
Gergary Nationale Fußballmannschaft | Gergary Labdarúgó-válogatott

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: --
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold

Coaching Staff
Manager: Heidemarie Frost | 54 | Female
Assistant Manager: Milos Tolvaj | 63 | Male
Coach: Gunther Leitz | 56 | Male
Assistant Coach: Zsofia Kiraly | 66 | Female
Doctor: Arthur Wieck | 65 | Male

Playing Squad
# | Ar | Pos | Name                            | Gender | Ag | Club
1 | GK | GK | Laci Kurthy | Male | 27 | Balogsi ETO
13 | GK | GK | Jozsi Apponyi | Male | 20 | VfR Steinigestrasse
23 | GK | GK | Bella Lajtha | Female | 18 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
2 | DF | RCB | Kati Eross | Female | 22 | VfR Steinigestrasse
19 | DF | RCB | Adel Heszlenyi | Female | 23 | Balogsi ETO
5 | DF | CB | Adulf Ludwig | Male | 20 | Balogsi ETO
6 | DF | CB | Oliver Egerszegi | Male | 17 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
16 | DF | CB | Ibolya Szilard | Female | 17 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
3 | DF | LB | Kevin Hauer | Male | 18 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
17 | DF | LCB | Wotan Alscher | Male | 20 | VfR Steinigestrasse
11 | MF | RM | Feri Kun | Male | 20 | Balogsi ETO
21 | MF | RCM | Csenge Kalocsai | Female | 20 | VfR Steinigestrasse
4 | MF | CM | Annabell Breisacher | Female | 19 | VfR Steinigestrasse
8 | MF | CM | Dorka Vargha | Female | 21 | Balogsi ETO
14 | MF | CM | Miki Bacsik | Male | 17 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
18 | MF | CM | Vanda Kenyeres | Female | 18 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
7 | MF | LCM | Emmeline Wegener | Female | 19 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
12 | MF | LM | Hubert Behrend | Male | 26 | VfR Steinigestrasse
--- FORWARDS ---
9 | FW | FW | Amalia Zsigmondy | Female | 24 | VfR Steinigestrasse
10 | FW | FW | Erik Bartos | Male | 22 | Balogsi ETO
15 | FW | FW | Petra Nemet | Female | 18 | Balogsi ETO
20 | FW | FW | Anja Hoffmann | Female | 23 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
22 | FW | FW | Ingeburg Armbruster | Female | 19 | SV Bauern Milchmaenner

Coming soon
Gergary's football kits will be supplied by Hispinas' Harrokeria.
Primary kit is Green and White - Secondary kit is Black and Gold.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the kits.

RP Permissions
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match N)
GodMod Injury Events N (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match Y)

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: N

Style Modifier: -2
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Postby Sylestone » Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:12 pm

Nickname: The Sentients
Style Modifier: -4
Formation: 5-3-2
RP allowances: Godmodding is encouraged. No more than two red cards or three yellows.

Home Kit:

Away Kit:
Big shout out to Ziwana for making this kit. Despite Sylestone's national side being Appliances, there have been complaints from the public about not having a kit, so we have taken that into account.

Brick Wall
Position: Goalkeeper
About: The Brick Wall is quite literally a Brick Wall in the goals, stopping almost every shot. However, his dimensions are far off the dimensions of a soccer goal, so goals still go in as he shuffled around.
Dirty Tactics: Ramming into the occasional striker who dribbles the ball towards him instead of just shooting.

Ironing Board
Position: Defender
About: The Ironing Board is well known across Sylestone for his brilliant defence and his ability to stop almost every dribbling striker in their tracks.
Dirty Tactics: Used his flexible legs to stop the ball from passing through the defence and uses his iron to warn off opposing strikers with its heat.

Position: Defender
About: The Dishwasher is an interesting character in the Sylestonean defence. His large body stops a lot of balls from going into the goalmouth.
Dirty Tactics: Speed water everywhere in the defence, especially in the second half, which bogs the playing field, stopping many offensive moves in their tracks.

Tumble Dryer
Position: Striker
About: One of Sylestone’s main two strikers, the Tumble Dryer is a brilliant but inaccurate goal scorer for the Sylestonean side. One to watch.
Dirty Tactics: Spins the ball around in his Dryer and flings it at the goal. Also shuts the machine and carries the ball inside it.

Washing Machine
Position: Defender
About: Another large sentient object in the defence, the Washing Machine is once again, another player who stops many offensives with his large body.
Dirty Tactics: Is basically a combination of the Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Spews water everywhere and flings the ball out of himself at odd angles.

Position: Defender
About: Sylestone's defence is full of their largest sentient athletes and the Sofa is the largest of them. His defence has been the best all tournament and he runs the backline. A lot will be reliant on him if Sylestone are to get a respectable result this tournament.
Dirty Tactics: Can speak into the minds of opposition, giving them a feeling of wanting to sit down and relax.

Position: Midfielder
About: Another large object, but this time it is located in Sylestone's midfield. He is the king of dirty tactics and runs opponents down with his buff body. Easily the most laughable of all of the Sylestonean Appliances.
Dirty Tactics: Has many of them, most of which can't be named. His main one is shutting his door and running towards the goal with the ball inside. Others include his super-appliance jumping skills and cold breath.

Bar Stool
Position: Midfielder
About: If the Fridge is the dirtiest, the Bar Stool is the cheekiest. He doesn't have any of his own dirty tactics, but he "allies" with another object and uses them to perform his own. Definitely an unpredictable character and one to watch out for.
Dirty Tactics: One of his tactics is to be the one who kicks the ball inside the Fridge when he goes off on his run. He also stands on other objects to reach high balls.

Position: Defender
About: One of Sylestone's lesser defenders, the Drawer is quite a stationary object in the defence. He stands in your road and doesn't let you past and is more of a sweeper. Still, a force to be reckoned with, though.
Dirty Tactics: Keeps the ball in one of his chests when they are doing well so the opposition has a lesser chance of scoring.

Position: Midfielder
About: I always thought a Stove without pots and pans would be useless, but it isn't so. This stove has a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve and is certainly one of the Sylestonean players the opposition midfielders need to deal with sooner rather than later.
Dirty Tactics: Makes the air really hot around him, as opposed to the Fridge.

Position: Striker
About: Arguably Sylestone's most valuable player, the Mixer is a star dribbler and striker. His goal scoring ratio isn't so great and that is mainly the Tumble Dryer's job, but he is the one that actually gets the ball to that point. However, he is quite unpredictable and sometimes his dribbling skills go horribly wrong, especially considering the ball is about the size of his body.
Dirty Tactics:
Weaves in and out of defenders with his tiny size and amazing dribbling skills. Gets unplugged a bit too often, though.

Table - Goalkeeper
Spiderwebs - Midfielder
Toilet - Defender

Manager: Toilet
Coach: Toaster

National Team Stats:
All-time record: 26 wins, 20 draws, 57 losses
Largest Win: Sylestone 5-1 Megistos (pre CoH 77)
Largest Loss: Busoga Islands 5-1 Sylestone (CoH 77)
First Game: Sylestone 0-0 Pangurstan (BoF 72)
First Win: Sylestone 3-1 Floyssau (BoF 72)
Football: CoH 78 third place, MSMT runners up, IFC 1 runners up
Aussie Rules: ARWC II Winners, ARWC I semifinalists
CoH 78, IFC I
President of Aussie Rules (WC)
Aussie Rules Rankings

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Postby Summer Beach » Mon Nov 02, 2020 7:49 am

Summer Beach National Team

Les Summero!

Les Summero Starters

Kaiden Collins - GK - 6' 8"

Mathias Huffman - LB - 5' 9"

Elwood Bernal - CB - 6' 1'

Elijah Matt - CB - 6'

Andre Eszett - RB - 5' 10"

Willis Rankin - CDM - 5' 8"

Brady Ilionz - CM - 6'

Jayden-James Talley - CM - 6'

Los Santos - CAM - 5' 9"

Jayden Machens - ST - 5' 11"

Nico Duszzol - ST - 6' 2"

Les Summero Bench

Jack Bowden - GK - 6' 5"

Jameson Callaghan - CB - 5' 8"

Darragh Healy - LB/RB/CDM - 6'

Mason Johansen - CM - 5' 11"

Giovanni Knights - CAM - 6' 1"

Kingsley Sharp - ST - 5' 8"

Rodrigo Hope - ST - 6' 2"



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: TG Megistos
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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Mon Nov 02, 2020 11:18 am

Esportivan Darmen Football Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Football Association

Manager: Ralph Fried, 53
Assistant Manager: Rhisiart Howell, 61
Defensive Coach: Hartley Banks, 37

23 Player Roster
#  Pos Name                 Age Club                    Caps Goals
1 GK Junior Wheeler 24 Cairo United 40 1
2 LB Flynn Arnold 31 Cairo United 20 0
3 LCB Gruffydd Kitchen 21 Civil Service FC 20 0
4 RCB Ricky Dickson 33 Civil Service FC 16 0
5 RB Sandy Larson 31 Earo United 29 1
6 LM Quinn Parent 26 Naitpyge United 17 1
7 LCM Grover Spooner 30 St. Leonards Casuals FC 18 3
8 RCM Deforest Allan 27 Naitpyge United 40 5
9 RM Meade Arterbury 32 Earo United 40 3
10 LF Demyan Borisov 24 Chuckio FC (DAR) 37 22
11 RF Davie Underwood 25 Earo United 40 16

12 GK Johnny Coleman 28 Naitpyge United 0 0
13 LB Diederich Sonnen 26 Kaiserville BSC 35 1
14 LCB Wolf Aue 31 Aissurop United 19 1
15 RCB Noel White 23 St. Leonards Casuals FC 0 0
16 RB Nate Mayes 32 Portsmouth FC 11 0
17 LM Willoughby Patterson 25 PFC Sofia 6 0
18 LCM Aubrey Arnold 31 Cairo United 40 2
19 RCM Graeme Simpson 27 St. Leonards Casuals FC 0 0
20 RM Chad Jepson 22 St. Leonards Casuals FC 0 0
21 LF Arnie McAlister 33 Cowapobia FC 14 3
22 RF Burt Joseph 23 Damascus United 0 0
23 GK Kaolin Forester 27 Earo United 0 0

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1.25

There's a ball. There's a goal. Get the ball in... the... goal.

Oh and stop the other team from doing that too.

Team Roles
Captain: Meade Arterbury
Vice-Captain: Sandy Larson
Left Corner: Flynn Arnold
Right Corner: Meade Arterbury
Penalties: Demyan Borisov
Free-kicks: Deforest Allan

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES PLEASE! It's very disapointing to read an RP about my matches that doesn't name my goalscorers despite me posting a roster. Please don't do that.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason.
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Also, sending TG's to Darmen will probably be the quickest way to get in contact with me if necessary.
Esportivan Darmen
Regional President: Aston West (C/CD) | Capital: Cayo Costa | Population: 91,494 | Demonym: Esportivan Darmeni, Darmeni | Trigramme: ESD
Factbook (WIP)
Third: CE 12 (as Earo), CE 26 (as SEU)

Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union

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Postby Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva » Mon Nov 02, 2020 1:38 pm


Nova Anglican Admin Zone Roster and Overview


G #1 Tim Hopkins, 30, Newfield Athletic
G #22 Alan Barnes, 32, Castellum FC
G #23 Carl Baldwin, 34, Bridgewall City FC

D #5 Sean Reed, 27, Archbishop FC
D #2 Jared Thayer, 29, Bridgewall City FC
D #3 George Bowen, 33, FC Portus
D #4 Bradley Fuller, 27, Newfield Athletic
D #12 Damian Hillman, 28, Archbishop FC
D #13 Jack Cunningham, 30, Labrador United FC
D #14 Michel Poirier, 32, Sanctuary FC
D #15 Matt Woods, 25, Springs FC

M #6 Will Bartholomew, 28, Bridgewall City FC
M #7 Dave Sorensen, 30, Archbishop FC
M #8 Colby Parker, 26, Sanctuary FC
M #9 Luc Gagne, 24, Olympique Sept-Iles
M #16 Seb Masterson, 33, Archbishop FC
M #17 Buddy Ahrens, 27, Bridgewall City FC
M #18 Ced Hampton, 26, Newfield Athletic
M #19 Scott Banks, 23, Labrador United FC

F #10 Darren Williams, 29, Newfield Athletic
F #11 Freddy Beal, 26, Archbishop FC
F #20 Garrett Burke, 28, St David Wanderers, Kelssek
F #21 Aaron Stevenson, 28, FC Portus

Manager: Ross Hogan

Formation, Starting XI, and Style


Style Modifier= +2.5


(In order, home, away, and alternate, courtesy of NSI's Vulpine Sportif)


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y - only if you TG me and ask first
Injure Players: N - TG me if the severity will be more than one game and I'll give the yea or nay
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y - no more than one every two games, so if my previous opponent has doled one out, tough luck
Yellow Card Players: Y - for every two you give my players, at least one must be given to your players
Godmod Other Events: N
Puppet of Nova Anglicana

Quarterfinals: CE13, CE16, CE17, CE18

Round of 16: CE10, CE15

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Postby Burgburgh » Mon Nov 02, 2020 6:38 pm

And lo, the Burgeoisie decided the Campionato was worth their time once more. And the football was good.

Burgburgh sits on a high, dry, sun-baked plateau where only the hardiest vegetation survives. As a result their economy revolves around livestock, leveraging animals that can take the barest inputs and produce something of value. The ranchers of the nation are hardy and determined, and that extends past their work to their favored pastime--the sport of football.
Style: 0

GK - Levi Odell - Burga - Foreman at one of the Burgburgh's few, and very valuable, hops farms. Likes to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of opposing strikers.
LB - Jojo Gärtner - Burgtopia FC - One of the city-based rooftop ranchers. Watches too much anime and strikes stupid poses after doing something mildly noteworthy.
CB - Anacleto Torres - Los Burgeles FC - Dairy specialist, whole division. Has a viscous stare.
CB - Hyram Tolbert - AFC Hamburg - Local ranchhand that likes kicking people.
RB - Cailin Walker - Burgerdam FC - Irrigation engineer. Great at cutting off routes.
LM - Erick Honeycutt - Burgham Bulls - Beekeeper. Swift as a bee and stings like a bee.
CM - Patty McNamara - Burg City Excelsior - Safety inspector that handles the nation’s largest ranches. Tireless and sharp-eyed.
CM - Cándido Samuel - Burgopoli SC - Procurement specialist for a conglomerate of fast food chains. Distribution specialist for the team.
RM - Wendolyn Fairburn - Burgburgh Royale - Spokesperson for Down Home Burg Kitchen, the leading casual restaurant. Has had several controversies over how much time she actually spends on the ranch. Very technical on the pitch.
ST - “Sunshine” Lewin - Burg City Excelsior - Greenhouse engineer. Tends to take overly optimistic shots.
ST - Celeste Forester - Burga - Soil quality scientist. Adapts to poor pitch conditions very quickly.

GK - Rebeccah Ledford
XB - Bennett Courtenay
XB - Efraín Habich
XB - Trenton Salinas
XM - Nikolay Schuhmacher
XM - Riley Wirnhier
XM - Francisco Del Olmo
ST - Buster McDavid
ST - Spring Blakely

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Hampton Island » Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:47 am

Hampton Island Golden Bears
Campionato Esportiva 28

You may recall that in World Cup 86, Hannah Sanders ended up winning the bet with the CEO and is now the owner of the national soccer team. Due to this role, she is no longer coaching, but has put her assistants in charge of co-managing the team. She could not decide on which of the Carter twins to choose, so is calling both Brittany and Brianna the co-managers. They really have very little soccer knowledge in reality, so feel free to question coaching decisions in any RP involving us, and to have them make odd decisions. The players are happy to be representing the country, and while they have no respect for them as coaches, they know that they must deal with it while Sanders owns the team).

In an odd twist, you will notice that they are bringing the “Stafford City” roster from World Cup 86, or the team of the true national soccer all-stars instead of the old guys. This is because playing in the World Cup does take a toll on the old guys, so they have opted to not attempt the Campionato Esportiva.

Official Roster:
Co-Managers- Brittany and Brianna Carter, 24 (twins)

GK: #1- Alexander Watson, 27
LB: #2- Trevor McGrady, 28
LCB: #4- Greg Paulick, 24
RCB: #5- Darius Brody, 29
RB: #3- Chase Walstrom, 25
LM: #6- Jason Lyzenga, 26
CAM: #9- Shane Williams, Jr., 24
CDM: #8- Chris Crowe, 28
RM: #7- Tyler Wentworth, 30
LS: #10- Daquan Perlino, 22 (C)
RS: #11- Lukas Coffelt, 29

GK: #20- Tanner Lloyd, 25
FB: #18- Nick Lyons, 23
FB: #19- Curtis Miller, 29
MID: #13- Bryan Compton, 29
MID: #14- Mark Cominsky, 31
ST: #12- Francis Myles, 30
ST: #15- Jack DeSario, 26

GK: #21- Vince Pacheco, 24
Wherever they fit: #23- Eduardo Olivares, 21
Wherever they fit: #24- John Mitchell, 28
Wherever they fit: #22- Kyle Acton, 22
Wherever they fit: #17- Scottie Herrington, 22
Wherever they fit: #16- Peter Wolters, 24

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Note that the nation will ignore any pandemic RP's posted by others.

Style Mod: -5
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Campionato Esportiva 28 Champions
Two-time World Cup Qualifier (85, 86)

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Postby Sangti » Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:35 am

Nationalistic Entity Football Team

Nation Name: The Nationalistic Entity of Sangti
Trigramme: SGT
Style Modifier: +1.73

An Entity trying to find suitable land and budget to clean the mainland area of radiation

After the living supply at the underground ran out, almost all the people living underground were killed by the subsequent leak of radiation and the ensuing landslides there. Some people, including billionaire and owner of the rights of the names "Indios", "Agilang Dilaw", "Angas Sangti", "Globos Angas", and "Sangti", Mr. Marcos Romualdez, were aware of the large flaw and fled to the islands of Filindostan, which they kept on calling the Filindo Isles.

They struck a deal with current leader Dorigo Dutete to establish a base in San Rafael in Kabunuklan Island, where rebels who want to secede from the Filindo government are located in the remote areas of Sinukabang-Kambing, Tapia, and Birdinuguan. The entity plan to unite these rebels and get their sympathy, and convince Dutete to fund the cleansing of the mainland of radioactive residue, and sell the entire Filindostan to their entity and reestablish Sangti as a nation in Esportiva.

All players and staff of the team are from the Filis ethnic group of Filindostan, who are either natives of Kabunuklan Island, or those who are willing to switch allegiances from Filindostan to this entity. The players who committed to this national team will no longer be eligible for selection for the Filindostan national team should they decide to return to international competitions.

Manager: Ennica DOMAGOSO, aged 49, native of Tapia, Filindostan
Played for commercial side Fipocor FC, she took coaching at San Rafael Wardogs upon retirement, and was one of the coaches of the club upon appointment of the role. As no current Filindostani managers tried to take the role due to the possible conflict of interest over the nation, Domagoso took the chance to manage the team.

Assistant Manager: Esthery GOYING, aged 43, native of San Rafael, Filindostan
Former goalkeeper played for Fipocor FC, upon retirement, she went to San Lomar Cooperative to train their goalkeepers. Same circumstances as with Domagoso.

Playing Lineup

All players are FIlindostani unless noted, and have not played a single senior match for Filindostan. The captain of the team, Warren Jay Exciminiano is a former Under-21 standout but never made it to the national team.

=== PLAYERS ===
1 | GK | Kimberly TIU | F | 32 | Image San Lomar Cooperative, Former Filindo U18 player
13 | GK | Jaedick Jairus JARAVATA | M | 23 | Image Bagtasan Hi-Land
23 | GK | Claire Joan MACARAIG | F | 24 | Image Buenavista SC 90005

2 | RB | Amelyn Joy RAYMUNDO | F | 33 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
19 | RCB | Reyben ABANTAO | M | 28 | Image Bagtasan Hi-Land, Former Filindo U18 player
3 | LB | Ellijah Leif PILOTON | M | 20 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
17 | LCB | Dorothy Daniella BALERO | F | 26 | Image Kabanalan SC 90004

6 | CB | Kristoffer Hessen BUARON | M | 26 | Image San Lomar Cooperative, Former Filindo U21 player
5 | CB | Lakan PANSOY | M | 23 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U18 player
16 | CB | Theodore Romar PALAROAN | M | 24 | Image San Lomar Cooperative

7 | RCM | Warren Jay EXCIMINIANO | M | 34 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U21 player
14 | RCM | Cyrine Liezel CALUB | F | 25 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta
11 | LM | Carlitos CRUZEM | M | 27 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
12 | LM | Mikail QUELAPIO | M | 20 | Image San Rafael Wardogs

4 | CDM | Shereen ALBISO | F | 23 | Image Locomotiva San Marco, Former Filindo U18 player
8 | CM | Boy Eufracio BUGNA | M | 25 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
18 | CM | Arianne Marie MANZANO | F | 34 | Image San Lomar Cooperative

15 | FW | Barbara Arriane APOSTOL | F | 23 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
20 | FW | Bryan Art RIVERA | M | 24 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
10 | FW | Jeronimo Jovito APOLONIO | M | 22 | Image San Lomar Cooperative
22 | FW | Christoffer McDarvin DE CLARO | M | 22 | Image San Lomar Cooperative
9 | FW | Pol Harrier ALINSANGAN | M | 22 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U18 player

Provided by Libertad Sportswear



RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I'll determine the severity and duration on the sidelines
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:12 pm

Demyan Borisov Completes Historic Move
Left-footer to Ply His Trade in Darmen

TANAMERA, ESPORTIVAN DARMEN - Demyan Borisov has completed a $2 million transfer deal to move from Tanamera United to Chuckio FC in Series A. Following the move, Borisov will become the first Esportivan Darmeni to appear in the mainland's first division football league.

Borisov is expected to play an important role for Chuckio FC, serving as their starting left forward. The 24 year old has made 37 appearances for the Esportivan Darmen football team and has scored 22 international goals so far in his young career. At club level, Borisov has appeared in 62 Tanamera United matches and scored some 81 goals.

Before leaving Tanamera to head to Chuckio, Borisov was quoted as saying, "I'm excited to play at a higher level. Darmeni football is a big step up from football in the islands and I can't wait to show what I can do at this sort of level. And I won't lie, the money will be pretty nice too." Borisov is likely to make his debut for Chuckio FC prior to the upcoming edition of the Campionato Esportiva in two months time. Esportivan Darmen are looking to better their fourth place finish from a year ago.

Tanamera United have become one of the richest clubs in Esportivan Darmeni football following the transfer and are likely to make several moves of their own before the conclusion of the transfer window. The club finished just 13th in the Southern Football League, something which the club did not find acceptable after having been Southern Esportivan Union champions just two seasons prior. Although their best player in Borisov has left, any loss of talent at the left forward position can be made up for with improvements in numerous positions around the pitch.
Esportivan Darmen
Regional President: Aston West (C/CD) | Capital: Cayo Costa | Population: 91,494 | Demonym: Esportivan Darmeni, Darmeni | Trigramme: ESD
Factbook (WIP)
Third: CE 12 (as Earo), CE 26 (as SEU)

Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union

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Postby Newmanistan » Thu Nov 05, 2020 1:05 pm



GK: #1- Matthew Costner (24, Centralia Firebirds)
-- There are not many people that are returning to this team after the debacle otherwise known as the World Cup 85 cycle, and that changeover has allowed Costner the chance to shine. He led the ENSL (Empire of Newmanistan Soccer League) in fewest goals allowed over the last two seasons, which some feel is skewed due to playing in Centralia and their highly defensive system. Nonetheless, he welcomes this opportunity and the fans are excited to see him have this chance.

LB: #2- Shannon Stefansson (25, Loudon Leopards)
-- Manager Michael Starre was not kidding when he said that a problem with the Rockets roster that he inherited was the lack of female players, and the addition of Stefansson got a lot of attention in the press when it was announced. She is tall and swift on her feet, and incredible awareness overall. She is tough enough to play this position, but the most physical defender is right next to her.

LCB: #4- Eric Trotman (27, Dover City Mountaineers)
-- Tall and physical. Holds his position very well, and opposing forwards will have a tough time dealing with him. If there is an issue with him, it is that he can sometimes take fouls and cards out of frustration late in a game if the team is behind, which happens in Dover City a little more than he would like. The fans there love the physical element more than most, so they do not mind it.

RCB: #5- Brian Conlin (22, North Charlotte Wildcats)
-- The most promising young defender in the Empire, who has all of the tools that you want in this position, and when he reaches full development maturity, he may become a hall of famer. It was not a surprise that he was named to the team, but giving him this role is a tremendous vote of confidence. However, there are reports that Conlin is hoping that his presence here attracts the interest of a major international club.

RB: #3- Neil McFerran (25, Tundra Falls Mariners)
-- Similar in make up to Trotman, but smarter about when he is physical and when he backs off of that. Excellent overall awareness, and sometimes might sneak into the offensive rush. In the World Cup, with Michael Starre’s system, we should expect to see him doing that a few times per game.

LM: #6- Parnell Addington (28, Jessicaville Millionaires)
-- After signing a huge contract with the Millionaires, there was some concern that Addington might have a down year in the ENSL, but that proved to be anything but. He is listed as a midfielder here in the roster, and that is his general position, but look for him up front more often than not. He is a better playmaker then he is a shooter, but gets his fair share of goals as well.

CM: #8- Paul Lombardi (28, Pocono City Capitals) (TEAM CAPTAIN)
-- He is a complete player, in any third of the field. Named the captain of the team after having that role for two seasons with the Capitals, something that is a special honor. Like Addington, he is more of a playmaker than a shooter. His size allows him to win most one on one battles at home, and hopefully that can translate into the World Cup.

RM: #7- Madison Desalvo (24, Southport Tigers)
-- The second female in the starting lineup, Madison is the leading female scorer in the Empire, which is impressive considering that she does not play up front. Her shot is powerful, but the fact that she delivers it with pinpoint accuracy is what makes her a great one.

LS: #9- Tyrone Baxter (28, Pocono City Capitals)
-- Possess good speed and a hard and accurate shot. He is a little one dimensional in that he is not going to do much else for the team, however. The type of forward that can occasionally seem “invisible”.

ST: #10- Allister Levy (25, Putnam Lake Eagles)
-- Originally named McAllister, after Jeremy McAllister, but he opted to drop the “Mc” from his first name when he turned 16. The parallels to Newmanistan’s greatest ever soccer player did not stop when he was drafted by Putnam Lake, and he immediately became a fan favorite. He is a goal scorer, trying to pattern his game off of Jeremy. He’s not at that level yet, but the Eagles and now the Rockets are happy with what he has become.

RS: #11- Vinny Donaldson (23, South Tier Seagulls)
-- Speedy and creative with the ball. Can create plays and also get accurate shots on net. Could be a more dangerous goal scorer if he were a little taller, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in heart. This young player is another one quietly hoping a well known international side is paying attention for him to consider moving to.

Regular Substitutes:
GK: #21- Ryan McNamara (28, Tundra Falls Mariners)
-- Ryan was the starter on both the World Cup 84 and 85 teams, as well as our championship winning Campionato Esportiva side.

CB: #22- Tim Marley (31, Rovers United, Zwangzug)
-- Former starter and returnee from CE 26's championship team.

CB: #24- Davis Browne (20, Centralia Firebirds)
-- Top young player in the deep Centralia defensive system.

MID: #13- Ashley Norton (24, Southport Tigers)
-- Creative playmaker, lacking in size but makes up for it in skill.

MID: #12- Jarrell Connolly (30, Putnam Lake Eagles)
-- A returnee from the prior World Cup teams. Good all around player, and his familiarity at home with Allister Levy is something the nation will look to utilize at times.

ST: #14- Kenzie Miller (27, Springfield Thoroughbreds)
-- Gave up playing soccer after high school to pursue a baseball career in college. That went okay, but after not getting drafted, she joined an independent soccer club, and was a woman among girls (and boys). At 24, she signed with Springfield, and her career has continued to improve.

ST: #15- Saquon Shields (31, Loudon Leopards)
-- The injury prone forward was a reserve in the last two World Cups, but has been able to show that when he is healthy, he can be as good as anyone. Right now he is healthy, so he gets the opportunity. For now. Hopefully he won’t get hurt walking off the team bus.

GK: #25- Masahiro Kawasaki (19, Daytopia Racers)
CB: #23- Neil Blades (23, North Charlotte Wildcats)
CB: #26- Damian Andrews (18, Seminole Bay Gators)
MID: #16- Dirk Donato (31, Dover City Mountaineers)
MID: #17- Samantha Ellis (19, Penthoria Rivermen)
ST: #19- Jason Cefalo (18, South Charlotte Condors)
ST: #18- Garrett Sarniak (20, Loudon Leopards)

Manager- Michael Starre (Drawkland)
Michael returns as the manager of the Rockets after replacing Miguel Hernandez after matchday 8 in World Cup 85 qualifying. Starre did well, but it was a tough adjustment for him to bring immediate results. He was brought here to bring in someone who had experience in getting a team to qualify for the World Cup, something that he was able to do with Drawkland. In World Cup 77, he got Drawkland to qualify on their first attempt, and managed to do so in the next three World Cups as well. Now, in World Cup 86, he was been able to get the Rockets to qualify. Well, we don’t need to say it was only because we’re the host, do we? Though by making the round of 16, he did validate their appearance.

Modifier: +3
Formation: 4-3-3

Uniforms: Home- Sky blue with white trim; Away- White with sky blue trim; Keeper- Yellow with sky blue trim.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only say they are hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but no more then one more then you give yourself.
Godmod Other Events: No

Interested in a Newmanistanian player to transfer to your domestic league?
– The Empire of Newmanistan Soccer League (ENSL) provides an opportunity for our best soccer players to make a good living and pays them fairly enough, so it’s not as if these players are not making good money and living a good life with good enough fan support. However, soccer, or as you may say, football, is not as big in Newmanistan in comparison to other sports. Therefore, they are likely to be convinced and interested in the prospects of playing in a league with a higher profile. Ones that do those domestic club competitions. If you are interested in a player, simply TG me and it is highly likely I will say yes as long as I consider your league to be at least equivalent to the ENSL. If you’re just developing your league and are interested, I ask that you target subs and reserves first. Those transfers will probably be accepted.
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4, 5, & 29; CE 26; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, 14, & 45; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby Ancherion » Thu Nov 05, 2020 5:54 pm

Ancherion's National Football Team


Main Formation is 4-2-3-1 with two CMs
Secondaries include, 4-3-3 with two CMs and one AMC, 4-1-3-1 with one CDM or 4-4-2 with two CMs

Captain Order: Arts, Haynes, Zenin

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (Nothing Too Serious)
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y (Nothing too Serious)
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y (max 5 including double yellows)
Give Red Cards to my players: Y (No more than two players, max 2 match suspension)
Godmod other events: Y

Style Modifier: 2.4

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Postby Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva » Fri Nov 06, 2020 1:10 pm

Nova Anglicana CE 28 Preview

Nova Anglicana returns to the Campionato Esportiva for the second consecutive time after a lengthy hiatus, and this time, they're looking to make some noise. Although the Lions have had some success in the CE in the past, making the Round of 16 or better a half-dozen times, their most recent advancement was back in CE 18, more than two decades ago now. The Nova Anglican Football Association has put together a team of the top club players in the NAFL to contest this competition and they feel good about it. Manager Ross Hogan said prior to the team's departure that the team feels "confident about our chances. We really want to come in and show what we can do. Feels like the first time in a long time we'll be properly prepared for a competition and ready to give it our all."

Last time, the Lions traveled to the Riennic Isles with a ragtag bunch of whomever was available. Since this was the first Campionato they were participating in in some time, many top NAFL players did not want to participate, in favor of training with their club teams to prepare for the upcoming IFCF cycle. Instead, NAFL mid-level players or top Yeoman Division players participated, with predictable results. The Lions held their own in the tournament, never losing by more than one goal, but ultimately came away with an 0-1-2 record, losing 1-0 to the Golden Lotus and 2-1 to Newmanistan, while drawing Esportivan Darmen 2-2. It wasn't exactly an inspiring performance.

This time, the Lions have been sent to the country of South Newlandia, an up-and-coming nation in the multiversal sports world. The sub-Ministry of Sport has made a special effort to attract the best NAFL talent and promote this tournament, even creating a limited ticket lottery. They have been drawn into a group with 8th-ranked Racing, 21st-ranked Fhulghamous Peninsula, and the 30th-ranked sentient appliances of Sylestone. They are the lowest-ranked team in the group, but they aren't deterred and intend to play their best and try to shock the region.


MD1: Nova Anglicana (38) vs. Racing (8) at Coast Stadium, Elephant Town

The Lions will open with a tough draw, top seed in their group Racing. In CE 27, Racing's aggressive 4-4-2 allowed them to sweep past their group, with a record of 3-0-0 and a goal differential of +7. They then downed the Grearish Union 3-2 in the Round of 16 before falling 1-0 to eventual runners-up and regional powerhouse Brenecia. It will be a tough matchup, no doubt, but perhaps the Lions can ambush the Racers and come away with something. In a three-game group stage, even a point against the top team would be quite valuable. The back line of Sean Reed, Jared Thayer, George Bowen, and Bradley Fuller will be key in stopping the ever-advancing Racing attack.

MD2: Nova Anglicana vs. Sylestone (30) at Walstreim City Stadium, Walstreim

Up next for the Lions will be their closest opponents in rank, the sentient appliances of Sylestone. Yes, you read that right. Appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, and stoves will take the pitch to kick around a football. Before you laugh, consider that they are ranked 96th in the most recent edition of the World Cup rankings. It will be up to manager Hogan to keep the team focused and not thrown off their game by the unusual nature of their opponents. Both teams will be scrapping for points after facing higher-ranked teams in the first matchday, and it's not improbable to say that if there is a victor and a loser, the loser will be out of the competition, while the victor will be in the drivers' seat for a playoff spot. However, this game is likely more important for Sylestone, as they will take on top-ranked Racing next, a game where they may not come away with any points. Still, the Lions will need at least a point from this one. Perhaps playing in the home of the meteorically-rising Walstreim Lions will give them a boost.

MD3: Fhulghamous Peninsula (21) vs. Nova Anglicana at Jecken Arena, Newport

To round out the If you're traveling to this one, be sure to bring your own beer if you plan on having beer and fried chicken at this stadium named after the famous Jeckish fried chicken franchise. No beer will be sold in the stadium, as it is illegal to sell drugs of any kind (including alcohol, and tobacco) in South Newlandia. BYOB aside, you'd better hope the Lions bring their own goals, as this match will likely determine which of these teams move on (or not) to the Round of 16. The Peninsula made it to the Round of 16 last time out before losing 3-2 to Burgburgh in AET. They're no slouches, and will be trying their darndest to advance as well.

It's a tough row to hoe for the Lions, but not impossible. Their best bet lies in ambushing Racing on MD1 and trying to achieve a draw, drawing or defeating Sylestone, then pulling out a win on MD3 against the Fhulghamous Peninsula. A tall order, to be sure, but with the best NAFL players on the team now and a renewed sense of purpose, don't count the Lions out.
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Quarterfinals: CE13, CE16, CE17, CE18

Round of 16: CE10, CE15

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Postby Brenecia » Fri Nov 06, 2020 10:18 pm


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-3-3
Backup Formations: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: 1
Home Stadium: Kingsgarden - a 58,000 all-seater in the capital of Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Nickname: the Patriots

According to the Galacticos, Brenecia have the best player in the world. And. That's about it, really. The main tests of the Campionato, for which the Patriots remain among the hottest of favourites - they can make it six and finally eclipse the Cormorants! - is to see how the next generation holds up, the likes of Ford, Hazeldean, Archer. There's standout stars of today. There's standout stars of tomorrow. Who will glue them together?

Campionato Esportiva 14, 17, 19, 22 and 25 champions.
World Cup 80 champions.
Casaran round participation award.

Overall Record
373 wins - 111 draws - 131 losses
1216 scored - 723 conceded

Most Caps
187 - Mathis Woodgate
162 - Catherine Gryphon
157 - Catherine Purrington
126 - Orson Faulkner, Anaximander Scrivener
121 - Miriam Spitfire, Squire Trevelyan
119 - Ursula Rankin
118 - Gethin Quill
117 - Sam Allbeck, Corby Wheeler
112 - Isadora Cullen
108 - Brandon Duguid
103 - Roisin Carroll
100 - Elsie Drover, Niko Szubanski

Most Goals
67 - Ursula Rankin
50 - Catherine Purrington
48 - Cheney Scherzer
43 - Kara Ciogach
39 - Lauren Cheney, Squire Trevelyan

First Team and Tactics
Pace, pace and pace. Brelk-Xeral's mantra isn't hard to understand. They have their side set up to overwhelm opponents with a high press, crowding them with bodies and it's impressive how well-drilled they are considering the limited amount of time international teams get on the training ground. It might be overly simplistic to say they just harry opponents into mistakes and capitalise, but... God, they are good at that. Parrish, their lethal wingers and the overlapping runs from the fullbacks are relied upon to break down parked buses, as well as the bulk of their centre-halves from set pieces.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Matheson takes most free-kicks, corners and penalties
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match without prior agreement.

Manager - Brelk-Xeral Erv (QUS) - Age 51
Asst. Manager - Jess Curtin - Age 48

Brelk-Xeral is a visionary. The canny Qusmo is a strong tactician with a forthrightness that gets things done, and their appreciation for open, attacking football meshes nicely with the Southern school of Brenecian football. They favour a solid, trusted core of talent, like Jim Reid - unlike Jim Reid, they are ruthless when it comes to removing players who can no longer pull their weight. The astute former international midfielder Jess Curtin offers the local touch as assistant, having survived the change in regime.

1 - GK - Scathach Wright (Image Raynor City United) - Age 27 - 58 caps, 19 clean sheets
An energetic and zealous sweeper, an acrobatic shot-stopper, an inspired distributor - Wright does a lot, and occasionally will make an error, but that's worth it. She's entering her prime, and with Brelk-Xeral's faith comes added responsibility; iron out the mistakes and she's genuinely world-class. She looks to have done just that.

12 - GK - Anthea Finnan (Image Brigham) - Age 25 - 2 caps
Endearingly twitchy, and quick on her feet. Finnan's rise has been thoroughly deserved, but faces an unforgiving battle for even a single cap, in this environment.

20 - GK - Cairbre Dundalk (Image Chenoworth Rovers) - Age 24 - 7 caps
Despite being 5'8" - with all the weakness in the air that entails - Dundalk's made a name for himself as a brilliant reflex stopper who never lets errors get him down.

2 - RB - Clovette Bravender (Image Ulsa) - Age 23 - 19 caps, 1 goal
A young rightback emerging at lightning speed into the public eye; her combination of blinding pace, limitless energy and enthusiastic slinging of crosses into the box mean that there's plainly something special here to develop.

3 - LB Triss Roscommon (Image Revolutionaries) - Age 26 - 19 caps, 1 goal
A slender fullback growing in poise and technique with time and trust. The best fullbacks know when to hold 'em and fold 'em, and when to run (constantly); Roscommon has all these gifts and more, as any midfielder would be proud to have her passing range with her left.

5 - CB - Finn Leadbetter (Image Holdenberg) - Age 26 - 42 caps, 5 goals
A colossal defender who loves to put a bit of stick about. The art of defending and the joy of defending remain alive whenever Leadbetter is on the pitch. His destiny is to rise high, and the past couple of years have seen him blossom.

6 - CB - Leona Ford (Image Workers Union) - Age 25 - 3 caps
An intelligent, thoughtful defender, ideal for a team who loves to keep the ball... and yet to actually play for one at club level. Nevertheless, her combination of confidence and pace should fit in well with an assertive, aggressive Brenecia.

18 - RB - Sorcha Lonergan (Image Northern Union) - Age 28 - 57 caps, 1 goal
Lightning-quick, Lonergan's attacking play could use work but she's a resolute defender with an excellent mentality and a hunger to learn. She's tireless and energetic, and her concentration never slips.

19 - LB - Deimne Watermark (Image Northern Stallions) - Age 26 - 21 caps, 1 goal
Watermark is a sharp and powerful defender, but his main claim to fame is once throwing up hungover during an A-League match the Stallions lost 8-0 as they claimed the title regardless. Combines the expected pace with considerable brawn.

22 - CB - Casey Giltanan (Image Workers Union) - Age 22 - 12 caps, 1 goal
Giltanan's more than a statement about Brenecia's paper-thin stocks at centre-half. She is a bona fide talent, taking an early gamble in Eura and hoping it'll come off. Early signs are positive, with Giltanan's mixture of composure on the ball and bloody-mindedness off it papering over occasional lapses in concentration that time should beat out.

4 - DM - Finn Townsend (Image CdF Celtade, c) - Age 29 - 62 caps, 1 goal
A pure destroyer, with verve to burn. Is a game really complete without a caution? Oh, Townsend is nothing but dirt - and the occasional rocket at goal. Has emerged into a clear leadership figure, resolute in the centre of the pitch. Moving to unfashionable Celtade has brought another level from him.

8 - CM - Esther Caitiff (Image Ulsa) - Age 25 - 46 caps, 10 goals
Expert at deft touches and ankle-taps, Caitiff combines a street-fighter's eye for sizing up an opponent with a devil-may-care attitude and the skill to live up to it. Somehow, Caitiff always finds herself embedded deep in the fray.

10 - AM - Dreigiau Parrish (Image KT Itzalovalle) - Age 24 - 6 caps, 3 goals
Parrish has a history with injuries that makes some nay-sayers wonder if he has what it takes to sustain more than the 30 games a season of the A-League, but Parrish is a balletic and graceful midfielder who spins easily past markers and, rarely for Brenecian players, strokes the ball around with comfort and ease.

13 - CM - Cheney Deal (Image Northern Stallions) - Age 24 - 4 caps, 1 goal
More than just a bruiser, though Deal offers that. He runs tirelessly, battles for every ball, but more importantly knows where to run to and where to be. Technically, yes, he is somewhat less than gifted... but he'll never fade out of games, and has honed what gifts he has to their very apex.

21 - CM - Gaheris Archer (Image North Hall) - Age 24 - Uncapped
Tall, strong, possessed of a rather pin-up quality and a rather charming, swaggering self-belief. Fittingly for his namesake, Archer excels at bombarding long balls from deep on-target. Not the most mobile, something he should work on. Also burdened with, perhaps, the most Marcher surname possible.

23 - DM - Tethys Ondrejko (Image Farrenton Athletic) - Age 24 - 16 caps
Ondrejko looks the part of a bruising marauder. A very tired bruising marauder. For all that, she's extremely capable with the ball at her feet, as well as being able to, well, maraud and bruise with the best of them. Pace is her only weakness, thanks perhaps to a tendency to carry a few extra pounds.

7 - RW - Lauren Cheney (Image Spartangrad) - Age 29 - 111 caps, 44 goals
A street footballer at her heart, Cheney has a very un-Brenecian ego problem, and expresses it in very Brenecian passive-aggression and a need to work harder and better than anyone and everyone around her. Fast, tough, and with an eye for goal. She has genuinely blossomed into the side's talisman.

9 - ST - Mhacha White (Image Farrenton Athletic) - Age 24 - 21 caps, 12 goals
Like Ursula Rankin, White made her way through FC Endeavour's overclocked reserves program, the Centre for Excellence, before seeking regular minutes elsewhere; like Ursula Rankin, she's a boxy poacher with a quick switch of pace and a great eye for turning. But she's tall. And might actually have a few more strings to her bow, too. The ride's been bumpier than she imagined, and yet, she remains.

11 - LW - Tricia Pace (Image Northern Union) - Age 26 - 29 caps, 11 goals
It's all in the name, hon. But Pace forced her way into a typically star-studded Union by doing more than just running really fast. She runs direct down the throat, eager to take on opponents and make a decisive impact. Two-footed and eager to cut inside and shoot.

14 - ST - Kitty Hazeldean (Image Marque) - Age 24 - Uncapped
A small, lean striker with blinding pace and a ruthless, killing edge.

15 - RW - Mathgamain Fife (Image Rozelle) - Age 21 - Uncapped
An industrious winger, Fife never stops running and never lets defenders feel comfortable. Direct to the point of tunnel vision, but his peerless pace and power combine to ensure he can batter his way through poor decisions and turn them into goals.

16 - LW - Ceridwen Fletcher (Image Holdenberg) - Age 27 - 92 caps, 17 goals
It's hard not to couch Fletcher as Cheney's opposite; a tall, elegant Northerner, less versatile or direct but with a peach of a left boot that can be rapier or sledgehammer, depending on what's required.

17 - ST - Creidne Lindauer (Image Cazadores Cathair) - Age 30 - 55 caps, 23 goals
Lindauer isn't versatile. She's very quick, very clever, and she's a very good finisher. Nevertheless she has done enough with these few, crucial gifts to staple down a place for herself at a high pinnacle of the club game, and now has seemingly won a role as the preferred spearhead against the strongest opponents.

1 - Scathach Wright (Raynor City United, VAL), 12 - Anthea Finnan (Brigham, EUR), 20 - Cairbre Dundalk (Chenoworth Rovers, NPH)
Defenders: 2 - Clovette Bravender (Ulsa, EUR), 3 - Triss Roscommon (Revolutionaries, EUR), 5 - Finn Leadbetter (Holdenberg, EUR), 6 - Leona Ford (Workers Union, EUR), 18 - Sorcha Lonergan (Northern Union), 19 - Deimne Watermark (Northern Stallions), 22 - Casey Giltanan (Workers Union, EUR)
Midfielders: 4 - Finn Townsend (CdF Celtade, AUD, c), 8 - Esther Caitiff (Ulsa, EUR), 10 - Dreigiau Parrish (KT Itzalovalle, AUD), 13 - Cheney Deal (Northern Stallions), 21 - Gaheris Archer (North Hall), 23 - Tethys Ondrejko (Farrenton Athletic, EUR)
Forwards: 7 - Lauren Cheney (Spartangrad, EUR), 9 - Mhacha White (Farrenton Athletic, EUR), 11 - Tricia Pace (Northern Union), 14 - Kitty Hazeldean (Marque), 15 - Mathgamain Fife (Rozelle), 16 - Ceridwen Fletcher (Holdenberg, EUR), 17 - Creidne Lindauer (Cazadores Cathair, AUD)
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Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 0
Playstyle: Like a crap lower-league Nepharan team, because they basically are. Big, strong and hardy.
Kit Supplier: from Anglatia
Captain: Murgen Knox
Nickname: the Pirates
Pronunciation Guide: "You'd have to be insane to live in Ceyne."

Ceynes continue to float on in a sea of ennui. They know they're just here to make up the numbers, though Knox and Fortune are at least enjoyably psychotic.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

First-choice lineup.
Built together through a handful of journeymen, most of whom have little professional experience. The Ceynes league is about as bad as professional leagues go, and while there's a side from the capital, Falston, in the Nepharan lower leagues, it's mostly made up of, well, Nepharim. Over time, the squad has become more even and less reliant on its stars... though it also has fewer stars.

Manager: Madison Forrest - Age 52
Groomed as Monica Brightwater's assistant, Forrest is a director of football for the island as a whole as much as a coach on the day.

1 - GK - Rasmus Garrick - Age 29 - Crisisbless Athletic (NPH)
12 - GK - Leoni Joyce - Age 21 - Falston United (NPH)
18 - GK - Evan Merrick - Age 29 - Shrove Wanderers

For the first time, the mercurial St. Preux will not be guarding the posts for Ceynes. Instead, that thankless task goes to lower-league journeyman Garrick. Anticipate Joyce taking that kit someday, though.

2 - RB - Vivi Conlan - Age 21 - Coppersmith (BRE)
3 - LB - Rachel Bastoni - Age 27 - Falston Bohemians
5 - CB - Providence Mensah - Age 33 - Peregrine (NPH)
6 - CB - Sherry Brosnan - Age 24 - Morningstar (NPH)
13 - CB - Murgen Knox - Age 33 - Maal Daemons (MRN)
19 - RB - Corsica Greene - Age 28 - Chenoworth Harriers (NPH)
22 - LB - Trisha Nzonzi - Age 20 - Roschester Pride

Murgen Knox is a murderous street brawler, Greene a canny, bitty fullback who excels going forward. Both Brosnan and Bastoni may yet have brightish futures, but the left side is certainly weaker than the right.

4 - HM - Wellbeing Sullivan - Age 24 - Roschester City
7 - RM - Susanne Mpenza - Age 25 - Uryanspor (TMR)
8 - CM - Memphis Commons - Age 27 - Finbar Stalwarts (BRE)
11 - LM - Rabican Monrow - Age 26 - IFK Liverpool United (DAR)
15 - CM - Darling Keates - Age 22 - Roschester City
16 - LM - Drea Bouman - Age 25 - Corinthians No Longer (NPH)
18 - HM - Kat Mundine - Age 23 - Falston United (NPH)
20 - RM - Beckett Carney - Age 21 - Imperial Falston

What was once a weakness is now a relative strength. Mpenza is a fiery, unflappable pace merchant, Commons a sly, clever and streetwise box-to-box woman, Monrow a tall, lean and cunning winger who is arguably the best player in the side at this stage. There's a yawning chasm in holding midfield. It's fine..

9 - ST - Kilroy Holden - Age 29 - Roschester City
10 - ST - Sophia Fortune - Age 34 - Manechester United (EQS)
14 - ST - Tempest Birch - Age 21 - Roschester Pride
17 - ST - Seneca Kemp - Age 22 - Southrons-Errant (BRE)
21 - ST - Crowley Mathers - Age 27 - AFC Westpike (BRE)

There is a very clear standout name here. Sophia Fortune is good enough to have been on the fringes of a Nephara callup long ago, thought to miss out only because her abrasive personality clashed with the calm waters that Michael Brandon wanted to encourage. A consistent goalscorer at a high level, she still carries threat into her thirties. Crowley Mathers is already on his third club, but has a natural goalscoring talent reminiscent of Sophia Fortune without being, you know, a psychotic diva. Kemp and Birch might come to something, someday.
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Postby Cyborg Cocoabo Islands » Sat Nov 07, 2020 5:33 am


Cyborg Cocoabo Islands

Official Team of Footsport

Head Coach: Assistant Marketing Director, Coco-mart Style: +1.23


Sales Associate, Coco-Mart (Coco-mart Select)
Line Monitor, CoCoBev (CoCoBev Distributors)


Branch Manager, Coco-Mart (Coco-mart Select)
Director of South Covello Relations, CoCoCo (CoCoCo Corporate)
Storage Technician, CoCoGas (CoCo Gasworks)

Artificial Intelligence Engineer, CoCoCo (Cyborg Cocoabo FC)
Fluids Specialist, CoCoGas (CoCo Gasworks)


Bottling Associate, CoCoBev (CoCoBev Distribution)
Sales Clerk, Coco-mart (Coco-mart Select)
Director, Transportation and Logistics, CoCoCO (CoCoCo Corporate FC)
South City Regional Coordinator, CoCoCo (CoCoCo Corporate FC)
South Island Dock Manager, CoCoCo (CoCo Gasworks)

Energy Distribution Specialist, CoCoLectric (CoCoCo Corporate FC)
Customer Relations: Greeter, CoCo-mart (Coco-mart Intramural)


Graphic Designer (In-store signage), Coco-mart (Coco-mart Select)
Tugboat Captain, CoCoCo (CoCo Gasworks)

Overnight Security Monitor, Coco-mart (Coco-mart Intramural)

Cyborg Cocoabo Islands


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Postby The Grearish Union » Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:08 am


21-Player Squad


Nation Name: The Republic of The Grearish Union
Short Names: The Grearish Union, Grearish Union, Grearia
Demonyms: Grearish
Colours: Black, Gold and White
National Anthem: 'All Hearts for Grearia'
Capital City: Atheburn
Other Major Cities: Plibury, Forsho, Edgenorth

FA: Grearish Football Association
Highest Domestic League: None (All footballers are on central contracts.)
Nickname: The Black Dolphins
Home Stadium: The Atheburn Park, in the capitcal city of Atheburn is the usual home stadium due to the high capacity and is therefore given greatest preference. This, however, does not mean that the GFA will host it's matches in one stadium only, and will rotate matches as and when needed.
Ultras Group: Grand Street Heroes
Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +2
Manager: Frank Blanchard, 66
Captain: Joanna Rodrigues, 24
Vice Captain: Avery McAuley, 19


Susanna Schaefer, 18, #1, Female, Goalkeeper
Umnama'kik-Inverness 1877, QUE Image

Schaefer is known around the country to be a prodigy in the Grearish football ranks, with what they call the safest hands in the entire land. Having grown up a few miles outside Plibury, the rural background meant that she had to do a lot of the heavy lifting (literally as well) for her family, being the eldest in her generation. It remains to be seen, however, how well she performs in the World Cup cycle in which the Black Dolphins have already travelled to Delaclava for the Baptism of Fire breaching the quarterfinals, and later try their hand at qualifying for the World Cup proper.
Joanna Rodrigues, 24, #2, Female, Left Back, (Captain)
Cranequin City, NPH Image

Some say, that being named captain of the football side has worked in the favour of Grearish skipper Rodrigues, as the 24-year-old is expected to stand stall to defend the opposition's right wing attacks and overlaps, while making sure our own left-wing is well-fed with a regular supply of deliveries from the back four. A charismatic showing of leadership and an intelligent style of gameplay, coupled with impeccable vision and a sense of innate empathy justified her being adjudged the skipper of the Grearish national team. The entire nation is now rooting behind her. A few stellar Baptism of Fire performances have put this young leader firmly in control of her side.
Alexander Allman, 35, #3, Male, Left Centre Back
Kinetik Islanders, SNL Image

A football team is known to be highly dependent on the pillars in their central defenders who stand like rocks before their own goal, protecting it from shots dangerous enough for Grearia to concede. The experience of the senior-most player on the Grearish squad will most definitely come in handy especially while facing formidable oppositions ranked much higher than Grearia's own. It remains to be seen, however, if age becomes a major hurdle for Allman in the process. The expectations, will still be sky-high from the seasoned veteran, who is loved throughout the nation.
Mateo Elliott, 21, #4, Male, Right Centre Back
Letson Town, ETN Image

The young Mateo Elliott was known to be a bit of a wonderkid ever since he burst on to the national scene when he stood immovable in front of his goal, defending to the end. This well-built right centre back will be one to watch out for, if the pundits are to be believed!
Lilah Buchanan, 20, #5, Female, Right Back
GFA Central Contract

Buchanan's quick rise to the national scene was propelled by her blistering right leg, and her sturdy build, making her a fearsome barrier for most opposition wingers. The tall Grearish defender had caught the eyes of national team scouts in the wake of the announcement of the Grearish participation in the World Cup spectacle, and the performance of this young workhorse has never disappointed since.
Cassandra Preston, 24, #6, Female, Left Winger
Morningstar, NPH Image

Fondly known to the public by the name of Cassandra "Pacey" Preston, the speedy left winger has a vicious left foot in her arsenal that has caught many eyes in the course of the selection process for the Grearish national team. The onus will be on her in the upcoming international season to prove her might, as she will face off against some of the best in the world in battles to assume control of the midfield.
Chance Benton, 18, #7, Male, Central Midfielder
Marketville, EUR Image

Chance Benton, named by his parents after he was born in one of the most difficult times the family had seen in terms of financial and social stability, Chance has definitely taken every chance he could get up until this point to get the coveted central midfielder position in the fairly new Grearish national team. Ball distribution being one of his key assets, will have keen eyes overlooking it, as he tries to help his comrades out to work every inch of space available in the midfield, or wherever his team needs him.
Layla-Mae Potts, 17, #8, Female, Central Midfielder
Ming, CMT Image

Adding to what some might call the youthful boiling blood of the Grearish midfield, comes Layla-Mae Potts, renowned for her pinpoint passing precision, and ability to pick up teammate runs as they occur around her every second. A timid girl when not on the field, Potts shows the greatest of transformation to convert into the fierce central midfielder that Grearia has been blessed with.
Janet Daly, 16, #9, Female, Right Winger
AFC Whittorians, EOT Image

Completing the 4-player midfield formation is another young gun out of Bradwick in the south. Janet, otherwise completing her 10th standard examinations back in school, decided to try out for the Grearish national team when news spread that the BoF was upon us and the nation needed young blood who were hungry for victory. This tactful right winger knows most tricks of the trade to fool her opposition, but a rather short-tempered teenage mentality might prove to be her greatest foe.
Avery McAuley, 19, #10, Female, Striker, (Vice-Captain)
GFA Central Contract

Number 10 and probably one of the most sought-after players for the Grearish NT, Mc Auley is also the vice captain for the national team we take such pride in. The Black Dolphins' premier striker will be on the lookout for a prolific goal-scoring season as a poacher up front, relying on her immense shooting force and gargantuan willpower.
Willis Kline, 24, #11, Male, Striker
Dalaris City, PFA Image

We round off the starting eleven with the inclusion of Kline, the deep lying forward, who prevents the supply chain from the midfielders to McAuley from getting blocked up. Kline, however, is not expected to be rigid in his role, and that the Grearish public can expect to see a flurry of goals from him as well.


Summer-Rose Stuart, 24, #12, Female, Goalkeeper
Reedostown, XAN Image

The second goalkeeper of the 21-player squad is Summer-Rose Stuart, who despite being the elder of the two, finds herself on the bench. The gaffer seems to be quite firm about the first XI choices hat he makes, but one cannot rule out the possibility of a change in the guardian under the sticks once Grearia finds itself in a suitable position.
Jasmine Gardener, 25, #13, Female, Left Back
Steinaux, GRF Image

In what some pundits are claiming could be only a possibility under a major injury condition, Gardener is seen as an eclipsed player by the Grearish community, shadowed by the all-pervasive charisma of Rodrigues as the skipper. Preparing for the worst, Gardener may as well be blooming flowers of success for Grearia in times of grave crisis.
Lydia Radcliffe, 20, #14, Female, Left Centre Back
EFS, EUR Image

With Alexander Allman occupying the LCB role in the first XI, Radcliffe had to be pushed to the back-burners in a situation where the hands of the team management were tied. The age issue might work against Allman in the case of a marathon tournament, though, and that might mean so action for our girl from Donetch.
Callum Frank, 28, #15, Male, Right Back
Kinetik Islanders, SNL Image

Jersey number 15 goes to Callum Frank, who is expected to warm the bench, really, especially in front of the towering figure of Buchanan. Thought to be a good like-for-like replacement, however, Frank has earned his flight to the NT matches.
Theia Golde, 17, #16, Female, Right Centre Back
GFA Central Contract

The 16-year-old wonder in Theia Golde sees herself on the bench accounting for her lack of domestic experience in inter-city clashes, and her injury proneness. The selection at a young age, however, shows some promising signs for the years to come!
Dionne Blackmore, 30, #17, Female, Right Wing
GFA Central Contract

The senior right winger will most likely not see action until some injury occurs, as there seems to be no valid reason to change two fact paced young guns for a player into her thirties. In the belief that she might be able to slow down the tempo of game with her intelligent passing, however, may be the deal maker if she does get a few minutes on the field.
Ruby Houghton, 21, #18, Female, Central Midfield
Burgess FC, EOT Image

Houghton is our reserve central midfielder for the cycle, with impressive performances in intra-Grearish levels. The youthful CM might as well have to see out a few matches for Grearia as the midfield job is predicted to be rather tough, and substitutions would not surprise a lot of people.
Fergus Sloan, 24, #19, Male, Left Wing
Shamrock Cathair, AUD Image

Sloan is our 2nd-best left winger for the national team, this cycle, as "Pacey" Preston seems to have her place solidly cemented into the national team. First-team action is thought to be beyond Sloan, at least for thiss cycle, until and unless a dramatic fall in the performance graph is recorded for Preston.
Aaron Murphy, 20, #20, Male, Attacking Central Midfielder
Ratzupalfu Rhinos, SNL Image

The 20-year-old number 20 of the Grearish NT, Aaron Murphy is one-of-a-kind. With no other ACMs in the team and the gaffer preferring a rather traditional 4-4-2 pproach, Murphy finds himself in the bench. However, if pundits are to be believed, a Murphy substitution in a game could turn it on its head and will thus be a key player for the side, tactically.
Gia Knott, 24, #21, Female, Striker
GFA Central Contract

Another prolific striker in the Grearish ranks, Knott is seen as an out-and-out striker, who is believed to be a perfect replacement for Kline who likes to play in a slightly withdrawn role, in case the gaffer wants to go on the attack mode with the pedal to the metal.



1 Susanna Schaefer 18 F GK
2 Joanna Rodrigues 24 F LB
3 Alexander Allman 35 M LCB
4 Mateo Elliott 21 M RCB
5 Lilah Buchanan 20 F RB
6 Cassandra Preston 24 F LW
7 Chance Benton 18 M CM
8 Layla-Mae Potts 17 F CM
9 Janet Daly 16 F RW
10 Avery McAuley 19 F ST
11 Willis Kline 24 M ST


12 Summer-Rose Stuart 24 F GK
13 Jasmine Gardener 25 F LB
14 Lydia Radcliffe 20 F LCB
15 Callum Frank 28 M RB
16 Theia Golde 17 F RCB
17 Dionne Blackmore 30 F RW
18 Ruby Houghton 21 F CM
19 Fergus Sloan 24 M LW
20 Aaron Murphy 20 M ACM
21 Gia Knott 24 F ST



The 4-4-2 is the most widely used formation in the highly nationalised Grearish academy structure for football, where most players grow up playing the 4-4-2, hardly wavering to any other formation.



Home - Away - GK
These fantastic kits were provided to us by the Donnaconan sportswear brand, Infinite. These will be worn with pride by the national football team of The Union for the foreseeable future.

I give my opponent the permission to:

Choose my goal-scorers: Yes
Godmod goal-scoring events: Yes
Injure players: Yes (For serious injuries, please reach out via TG or Discord.)
Godmod injury events: No
Red card players: Please reach out via TG or Discord.
Yellow card players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing that alters my nation.

Any violation of the above will meet the ignore cannon.

IC Name: Grearia, The Grearish Union
Area: 655,436 km2 | Population: 88,636,071 | Pop. Density: 135.23 per km2
A proud member of Esportiva!
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Postby Newmanistan » Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:23 am



By Kristen Fuller,

Greetings, Newmanistan! I am excited to write my first full article for The Rocket Report. Hopefully, this is the start of something great for me as I am honored to have been added to the staff. We will miss Brianne Henry, who retired after World Cup 86. Taylor Larson will be assigned to the World Baseball Classic, as well as taking a look at the International Basketball Championships from time to time, so this has allowed this great opportunity for me. I grew up in the Pocono City area, in the eastern portion of the city near Pocono Lake and attended Pocono City University. Enough about me, though, as you are here to read about the Campionato Esportiva.

The 28th edition is about to be contested, and our Rockets are looking to return to championship glory after winning the 26th competition. The last time was not our best, but it was used by new coach Michael Starre to get a better feel for the talent that is in Newmanistan, so even though we were the defending champion, it wasn’t expected to be smooth sailing. If you need me to take a step back, it was manager Miguel Hernandez who led the team in CE 26, but he would be fired in his next tournament, World Cup 85, and replaced by Michael Starre, who is from Drawkland. Starre came to our planet, and to Newmanistan with an impressive resume of getting nations to qualify for the World Cup. He inherited Hernandez’s roster, as there was no time for him to get a feel for the talent that he could use for the team. CE 27 represented the first time that Starre could do so, and there was a trial and error process associated with it. That would pay off, as Newmanistan qualified for World Cup 86, albeit just because we were the host, but that was validated when the team won Group A (despite many others thinking they would have an easy time with the Rockets being the pot 1 team in group), sending the team to the round of sixteen for just the second time in the history of the Empire. That is where it would end, though the team put up a valiant fight against Mriin. Starre hopes to continue that momentum.

This brings us to CE 28, and Starre will be bringing back the entire World Cup roster. This was not done to make it easy for people on their computers, but because it is important for Starre to continue to see how the team works together as a cohesive unit, and for him to experiment with the players at his disposal. As this goes on, there will be a hope that the team can have a successful showing in the competition, if not end up as it's champion. The host is South Newlandia, a nation that we know a lot more for baseball, but they have come a long way in soccer and are certainly on the upswing. They recently co-hosted the International Baseball Slam, a competition that grudgingly did not get much coverage in The Rocket Report, and will now build on that here in the Campionato Esportiva. It is cool to see that both of the International Baseball Slam co-hosts are now hosting regional tournaments. Tikariot (with Graintfjall) are hosting the Copa Rushmori, which will be kicking off soon as well for members of that region.

Opponent one for Newmanistan are the Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison. We’re still looking for information on what a coalison is.
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4, 5, & 29; CE 26; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, 14, & 45; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby Hallikshire » Sat Nov 07, 2020 9:18 am

Hallikshire National Team for CE28
(Nation flag, national team logo, jersey details to be confirmed)

The Dominion of Hallikshire is one of the 4 member states of The Incorporated States of The Gothanita Isles, a union which also comprises of Otksarin, North Handoria and South Jeolerina.

About football in Hallikshire
The organisation in charge of football within Hallikshire, including the Hallikshire football team, is the Hallikshiran Federation of Football (HFF). The HFF oversees football clubs coming from Hallikshire, is in charge of any submissions to the CEdC, as well as oversee the Hallikshire football team.
League football in Hallikshire is played as part of the Gothanitan Football League (GFL), which is a conference-based system, incorporating championship playoffs as well as a promotion/relegation system. Clubs from around The Gothanita Isles come together to play in the league. For Hallikshire, they are part of the Liga Hallirina conference which includes South Jeolerina.

#1 - Corey Casales, 29 (M) - GK - FC Tyrani
#12 - Matti Hase, 32 (M) - GK - Daris Si Solam
#23 - Abraam Lundquist, 26 (M) - GK - Daris Si Solam

#3 - Goodwin Berntsen, 31 (M) - LB - Daris Si Solam
#2 - Gerhard Abraham, 30 (M) - RB - FC Tyrani
#4 - Timotheos Dunn, 28 (M) - CB - Daris Si Solam
#5 - Karl-Heinz MacNevin, 26 (M) - CB/LB - Trieste Rangers
#13 - Marcellina Geary, 28 (M) - LB - 1093 Kayirs
#14 - Charlee Harel, 26 (M) - RB - FC Tyrani
#15 - Natille Dressler, 27 (F) - CB - 1093 Kayirs
#16 - Kristi Mägi, 26 (M) - CB - FC Tyrani

#6 - Amalija Bothe , 28 (M) - CM/DCM - Daris Si Solam
#10 - Ladislava Tyler, 30 (F) - ACM/CM - Daris Si Solam
#11 - Vigga Hase, 27 (M) - LM - Daris Si Solam
#7 - Martta Salcedo, 28 (M) - RM/RW - Bakariksta FC
#17 - Pippa Katona, 29 (M) - CM/DCM - FC Tyrani
#21 - Natalia Thorburn, 33 (F) - CM/ACM - FC Tyrani
#22 - Akaki Jack, 26 (M) - LM - 1093 Kayirs
#18 - Hailee Askes, 25 (F) - RM - Daris Si Solam

#8 - Goliath Jackson, 26 (M) - CF - Daris Si Solam
#9 - Adelia Kelly , 26 (F) - CF/RW - FC Tyrani
#19 - Clementine Andrews, 30 (M) - CF/ACM - 1093 Kayirs
#20 - Jack Holmson, 24 (M) - CF/LW - FC Tyrani

Numbers 1-11 are starters, remainder are substitutes.
For the team, a mix of young and old players is present, though the bulk of players are ones who are around 27 years of age, almost reaching their peak. Daris Si Solam and FC Tyrani, the 2 biggest clubs in Hallikshire, form the bulk of the team, with players playing outside Hallikshire, as well as 1093 Kayirs, forming the rest of the team. As this is the first time the team would be playing together in a competition, there is a general nervousness among the team members. Ladislava Tyler, one of 6 members in this team who was named as part of the Gothanita Isles squad for the World Cup 86 Qualifiers, held one and a half years ago, will be team captain for the duration of the competition.

Team Manager
Manager: Silas Unterbrink, 47
The manager was appointed as manager following the formation of the Hallikshire football team. Previously, he served as team manager of Daris Si Solam, leading them to a strong performance over his 8-year tenure, before he left to become the first manager of the Hallikshire football team. His playing style is rather flexible, being relatively balanced, but bringing forth a bit of attacking or defending flavour depending on the players. He builds his strategies around the players, and has decided to go with a slightly aggressive possession-based strategy this time.

Style Modifier: +0.269

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my starting lineup, goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Any thing which can happen in reality, such as long-range goals, scoring with goalkeepers, etc, will work. Anything else goes to DMs for discussion.
RP injuries to my players: You describe the injury, I decide the severity and length of injury.
Godmod injuries to my players: Anything realistic during the match can be done. Outside the match, it goes to DMs for discussion.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 more than what you give yourself.
Godmod other events: Realistic events can occur (please DM me for me to note). Anything special goes to DMs for discussion.
If you had RP anything about us or our match, please telegram this nation so as to make things easier for me to track.
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Postby Vdara » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:01 am


Note: None of the players in the starting eleven are over the age of 20. Every substitute is over the age of 20.

POS - Player Name - No. - Club - Nation of Club
Formation: 3-2-5

GK - Zaharias Frangoglou - 13 - Avondale Beach - Image
CB - Anargyros Zerveas - 23 - Moresville FC - Image
CB - Trifonas Tolakis - 21 - National Team Academy - Image
CB - Stamatios Christakos- 27 - National Team Academy - Image
CDM - Akakios Demotis - 35 - Al Haxire - Image
CDM - Lambros Tantalopoulos (CAPTAIN) - 32 - Walstreim Lions - Image
LW - Alkiviadis Manolakis - 37 - Project Olimpo Jutsii - Image
LF - Themistoklis Muleas - 78 - National Team Academy - Image
ST - Andrianos Petras - 69 - Veriasod Lakers FC - Image
RF - Mathaios Makrotsis - 36 - Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 - Image
RW - Manousos Scafididis - 34- Yaton FC - Image
GK (player-manager) - Markos Moustakakos - 1 - Heraklion - Image
LWB - Tryfon Vlahiades - 2 - 1830 Cathair - Image
CB - David Xeniadis - 5 - Avenida Principal - Image
RWB - Manousos Athanas - 6 - Ierapetra - Image
CDM - Vangelis Mavroglou - 8 - Paphos - Image
CM - Kimon Karalas - 7 - Veriasod Lakers FC - Image
ST - Chirstoforos Lazelis - 11 - FC Limassol - Image

Zaharias Frangoglou - A product of the national team’s dive into forming their own academy rather than snatching their players from established sides, 18-year-old Zaharias has impressed many with his reflexes and diving ability, and at 6’4” he towers over most of his teammates. In the 11th U-18 WC, Frangoglou saved two penalties in the final which gave Vdara their first ever trophy - even if it was just a youth tournament. He’s also earned himself a move to Avondale Beach, an up and coming team from Sylestone.

Anargyros Zerveas - Following Vdara’s disappointing last place finish in U-18 WC 10, Anargyros earned himself a move to Taeshan in an attempt to prove that he was in fact still a solid player with great potential. The move boosted his confidence and helped him grow as a player, and at 18 he ended up being an integral part of the Vdaran defence during U-18 WC 11 and the last Campionato Esportiva. Rock solid, I tell you. Now 20, Zerveas has only gotten better,

Trifonas Tolakis - Cool names are an oddly effective way of making your way into one of the national team, and Trifonas Tolakis has managed to capitalise on that opportunity fully. Another product of the national team’s academy, the youth scouts predict that he’ll go far, and that commentators will enjoy saying his name out loud.

Stamatios Christakos - How many academy graduates can you have in one squad? The answer is six, and Stamatios is the third one in this list. This lad has never skipped leg day, and could probably crush a watermelon with his thighs - if he could be bothered. His sheer strength allows him to make great tackles and clearances, all while striking fear into more scrawny opponents.

Akakios Demotis - Here’s another player who moved to Taeshan after a disastrous performance in the 10th U-18 WC. Amazingly, his move to Taeshan helped him a lot, and he was an integral part of the midfield duo which dominated games at times. Tackling is his main ability, and no matter how fast his opponent is, it’s more than likely he’ll get the ball off of them.

Lambros Tantalopoulos - What do you know, it’s academy graduate number four, and the second of the midfield duo! As the name implies, Lambros is quite pacey, which is quite odd for a central-defensive midfielder. However, this helps him be a deadly force in counter attacks, and he also helps maintain the 2-man midfield with Akakios Demotis. After an amazing performance in the 11th U-18 WC in which he scored a hat trick against Megistos to send Vdara to the finals, he earned himself a move to the Walstreim Lions in South Newlandia for an academy-record $350,000! Since then, Lambros has been given the captaincy by Moustakakos, and has won a South Newlandian league title with the Lions.

Alkiviadis Manolakis - A fantastic performance in both the 11th U-18 WC and the last Campionato Esportiva showed that Manolakis has the potential to blow defences out of the water. He’s got pace and passing ability, which he used to his and the squad’s advantage during the team’s trophy-winning performances.

Themistoklis Muleas - Not the most standout player in the squad, but definitely not a bad one. He is overshadowed by most of the other attackers - and other players in the squad - but he is still definitely one to watch during this tournament.

Andrianos Petras - Following the advancement of Nik Cosmidis to the first team, Petras was called up from the Academy to replace him. This worked amazingly well, as he scored goal after goal after goal during Vdara’s U-18 WC and CE27 adventures. Performances like these have earned him a move to Tikariot’s Veriasod Lakers, so your eyes on this one!

Mathaios Makrotsis - The last national team academy graduate of this lineup, Makrotsis will be looking to perfect his abilities in this tournament. At the very young age of 17, Makrotsis has plenty time to perfect his abilities at Inverness 1877 in Quebec - and he has a winners’ medal from the 11th U-18 WC.

Manousos Scafididis - Last but not least, we have Manousos Scafididis. Yet another remnant of the 10th U-18 WC squad, Manousos has been looking to improve ever since. Amazingly, he has, and his pace and agility have only gotten better with time. He showed this in the last Campionato Esportiva, where he whipped in cross after cross, and used his skills and quick feet to score quite a few goals.

If you haven’t heard of Markos Moustakakos and his achievements, you must have been living under a large rock for the past few cycles. He led the youngsters to victory at the 11th Under-18 World Cup, as well as the quarter-finals of the 27th Campionato Esportiva. However, he’s also the goalkeeper for the senior team. At the age of 32, Moustakakos has made a multitude of appearances for the Vdaran national team, making save after save to keep the Vdarans fighting. In terms of his managerial style, he loves to play quick, attacking football. He likes to make sure his defenders and goalkeepers are ultra-fit for every single match, since the midfielders and attackers will be fighting for the victory further up the pitch. If Lükækš Væñøœrëñbérghüïś ever loses his job as the senior team’s manager, it’s more than likely that Moustakakos will be called up to take his place - he’s 32, he only has a few cycles left in him at the end of the day.

Markos Moustakakos
Home Stadium:
Best result:
Quarter-Finals in CE27
First International:
Hapilopper 2 - 1 Vdara
Largest Wins:
Vdara 5 - 1 Acapais
Vdara 5 - 1 Monglechabagd

Largest Loss:
Equestria 6 - 1 Vdara
Lambros Tantalopoulos
Oldest Player:
Markos Moustakakos (aged 32)
Youngest Player:
Mathaios Makrotsis (aged 17)
Style Modifier:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, and I encourage it. :3
RP injuries to my players: Yes.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, and please make it interesting :3
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, but only 3 per game.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but only 1 per game.
Godmod other events: Yes, absolutely.
The Kingdom of Vdara
A unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy situated in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Thera, and Kasos.

Factbook | Vdaran Airlines | National Anthem | Royal Family | Political Parties | Vai News 24
World Cup:
WC84: 7th in qualifying group stage
WC85: 5th in qualifying group stage

Cup of Harmony:
CoH 76: 6th (last) in group stage
CoH 77: Round of 16 (lost 4-2 to Squornshelous)

Sporting World Cup (U-18 World Cup):
SWC 10: 4th (last) in group stage
SWC 11: CHAMPIONS (1st ever title)

Campionato Esportiva:
CE27: Quarter-finals (lost 2-0 to Esportivan Darmen)

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Postby South Newlandia » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:37 am

This is NOT a cutoff. Please do not panic.

South Newlandia announces roster for Campionato Esportiva 28

The Campionato Esportiva, the best regional, is coming to South Newlandia. Of course, media coverage of the event will be higher than ever, especially with the World Cup Qualifiers soon to come. The Elephants will use the tournament as a testing ground for some players that only might make the roster for the qualifiers, and is giving some younger talents a chance as well. All 23 players, a lot of them playing outside of South Newlandia, will start at least one game.

Choose my lineup: I have listed a line-up. If you can, please use that.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes, please! (I want to know!)
Godmod scoring events: Encouraged!
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, within reason (TG or Discord first)
Give yellow cards to my players: Yes
Give red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason (TG or Discord first)
RP about pandemics in South Newlandia: Please don’t.
Specific hosting permissions: Please do not kill any South Newlandians, please do not bring a pandemic into South Newlandia, and please discuss the roleplaying of potentially country-changing events with me in advance. Thanks!
Style mod: 0 this time

Complete squad for South Newlandia:

Coaching team

Head Coach: Robert Wolverine (47)
Assistant Coach: Todd Ingolffson (63)
Goalkeeper Coach: Matthias Boyle (43)
Athletic Coach: Josef Salazar (28)

All of the above have been on the team for 64 WCC games, except for Ingolffson, who has been here for eight. Wolverine had some problems during the last Qualifiers and the Cup of Harmony, but convincing wins over Mercedini and HUElavia made him keep his seat. He is known for running a 4-4-2 diamond most of the time. Ingolffson has joined the coaching team ahead of CoH78; following the former assistants’ departure to coach the national team of Kohnhead.

First starting eleven:


GK: Olly Evans (23 years old) FC Rockaton, Kohnhead
Evans used to be a goalkeeper for the Ratzupalfu Rhinos, but joined the Kohnheadian team after not getting play-time behind the then-Rhino Trischuk. He is expected to have an off-chance to reach the national team, but not really much more; he just doesn’t have any particular strength, and the Elephants have good goalkeepers.

GK: Jason Ortega (23 years old) ISC Catalan City, Xanneria
Ortega, now playing for Catalan City in Xanneria, seems to be the most likely player to get called up as the third goalie behind Trischuk and Rigby following the retirement of Rowley. He is just better than Evans in basically everything, especially when it comes to reflexes and reading the game.

GK: Isaac Sjarsen (26 years old) Sophie City Royals, South Newlandia
Sjarsen has made a name for himself after a very good season with the Royals. He is known as a penalty-killer especially, but his chances to get called up to the national team are very slim.

LB: Amir Shea (24 years old) Birmigham United FC, Murphtannia
Shea is relatively unknown as a player, and it was quite surprising for him to be called up to the CE. Shea is playing in Murphtannia, but he is regarded as too small and too ineffective to make the World Cup roster.

LB: Archer Nguyen (21 years old) Ancarea FC, Tikariot
Nguyen, however, might very well be the future of the Left Back position for the Elephants. Dhruv Roy seems to be keeping the position to himself for now, but the player playing in Tikariot brings everything you need. He is fast, tall, and dangerous up front. If only he could start doing smart things more often, he could be the starter sooner than later.

CB: Andre Hall (21 years old) Ratzupalfu Rhinos, South Newlandia
Andre Hall is relatively unknown, but is a solid defender for one of the best defensive teams out there. He doesn’t have a lot of strengths or weaknesses, but he gets the job done. His chances to make the team seem slim, but you never know.

CB: Jet McBride (22 years old) Elephant Town FC, South Newlandia
McBride is the polar opposite of Hall. He occasionally makes insanely strong plays, but (metaphorically) throws total air balls as well. On the good days, he is a good contender for a spot on the national team. A move away from Elephant Town might help him.

CB: Mike Sloah (25 years old) Ituraitz FC, Astograth
Sloah is among the defensive players with the most international appearances playing in the CE. Clearly, Wolverine wants to see more of the player that recently moved to play in Astograth, but Sloah is expected to make a return to the team, barring exceptional circumstances.

CB: Tariq O'Moore (18 years old) Bondstad Treason, The Sarian
O’Moore is a great future talent, but at 18, the player playing in The Sarian is just too young and inexperienced to be a very important player. He’ll be using his game, or games, as an opportunity to learn.

RB: Filip Barker (25 years old) Ysgrann Bay Eagles FC, Tikariot
Barker is one of the more promising players on the historically weak Right Back position. Although he is not the best players ever, he might be able to close some holes on defense. Playing for one of the best teams from Tikariot, he was able to make a massive step up recently.

RB: Gustafe Wright (30 years old) GCCFC, Northwest Kalactin
Wright has been the player on Right Back for the last few tournaments, but he is getting older, and he is too slow to stop fast left wingers too often. He is now playing in Northwest Kalactin, but he is expected to be on his last few tournaments now. Still, Right Back is a big weakness for South Newlandia.

DM: Matthew Steel (22 years old) Ruditown Guards, South Newlandia
Steel is another one of the basically unknown players that get a chance on the big stage. He’s been defending for the Guards with some success, and because there is an opening in Defensive Midfield, the young and short midfielder may have a chance to take a big step up.

DM: Tre Dixon (29 years old) Offsdi Dalas, Poafmersia (this may not be accurate, I seem to remember something here)
Dixon has been playing in Poafmersia for some time, but he is getting called up for a national team for the very first time. Defensive Midfield is another weakspot for South Newlandia, and if Mohamed can’t play for some reason, there would be a massive gap that Dixon can hopefully fill.

LM: Bo Barlow (20 years old) Tyranny Sports Club, Squidroidia
Left Midfield is one of the strongest positions for South Newlandia, and Wolverine hasn’t bothered to send Lancaster or Green. Barlow is one of the young prospects that might eventually be replacing them. The talented, fast Bo, playing in Squidroidia, has some outside chances to reach the squad.

LM: John Li (21 years old) Setanggi, Kayangan
Li has been playing for the national team a few times, but he might be on a small decline already. Dealing with some injuries, he might not make the roster again. The CE will get him a chance to prove that he’s still got it.

RM: Arnold Bois-Miller (24 years old) Kinetik Islanders, South Newlandia
Bois-Miller is one of the most popular players. Despite everything, he only got called up to the national team for the very first time. He has been rising just as Kinetik has, and he might finally be considered for the national team. He only started playing football seriously at 19, really late by comparison.

RM: Marcus Young (21 years old) Avenida Leal, Farfadillis
Young has been playing for the national team already and has established himself as the best alternative to McMora. However, he might not have it in him to reach a national team career, and he’s still got a lot to learn. A recent move to Farfadillis might be able to help him.

OM: Abdurahman Bishop (24 years old) Jecken Newport, South Newlandia
Bishop is the main replacement behind the team’s offensive star Wallis. He is pretty good at what he does, and there’s no real reason to expect him to not be the main replacement again. The only issue is his weakness at playing with Wallis in very offensive formations.

OM: Zakariah Reeves (22 years old) Marine Shipping and Travel, The Hinodejin Empire
Reeves is a young talented player developing in Kita-Hinode, and he might get a chance to prove that he might be a future national team candidate. For now, he is very unlikely to get called up, but he is extremely talented and still improving.

ST: Bjorn Cohen (22 years old) Jecken Newport, South Newlandia
Cohen is an extremely good player, but he just is injured all the time. If he can stay fit, things would look great for him, but he is dealing with some knee issues again. He is expected to start, but might not go the full distance.

ST: Bob Hwang (26 years old) Ruditown Guards, South Newlandia
Hwang is getting a call-up for the first time for this competitive position. Only Brandon Irving seems to have a safe spot. Hwang enjoyed an extremely good season on the Guards, and is going to fight for every chance he can get. The small, but extremely fast Hwang is especially strong with quick counters, making him an excellent fit for the Guards.

ST: Michael Glossman (27 years old) Vilharady Owls FC, Tikariot
Glossman seems to be on an awkward decline right now. He just isn’t getting his things together, both on the national team and in Tikariot. He is taking one last ditch effort to convince Wolverine that he is the right one for his position.

ST: Simon McCabe (32 years old) Folte, Graintfjall
McCabe is the very experienced striker on a young squad. He just made a move to Folte, and he is expected to end his national team career relatively soon. Still, the striker is a very good option, although he isn’t leaving the penalty box often. Wolverine trusts him as the experienced player keeping the younger ones under control.
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Postby Vdara » Sat Nov 07, 2020 12:21 pm

A Reunion

VdarArena Training Centre, Chania

It felt like it had been ages since the Vdaran squad had played together, but today was the day that everyone was back together again. Moustakakos had made it so that the entire squad had to turn up to the training centre before being getting the bus to Chania International Airport for the trip to South Newlandia, which made for a good wee meetup. Out of all the players, the first to arrive was Andrianos Petras, who was coming all the way from Tikariot to reunite with his fellow squadmates.

Moustakakos: ”Ah, there he is! My star striker! How’ve you been, Andrianos? It’s been so long, hasn’t it?”

Petras: ”It really has, gaffer. Ever since the Cup of Harmony ended I’ve been aching to get back to international football. I’ve been doing alright in Tikariot, though.”

Moustakakos: ”Oh yeah, I forgot you went there! How have they treated you there?”

Petras: ”Pretty well, to be honest. Scored quite a few goals for the Lakers so far, and I’m hoping to bag quite a lot more in future.”

Moustakakos: ”Thats the type of thing I want to hear from my attackers! We need to be scoring goal after goal in this tournament, since I know that we’ve got the talent and spirit to go much further than we did last time.

Petras: ”Yup, we sure have!”

The next to arrive was Mathaios Makrotsis, who arrived in a carpool with Kimon Karalas and Manousos Scafididis. They all seemed to be laughing at something as they got out of Karalas’ hatchback.

Scafididis: ”...and that’s the story of how I ended up being banned from every bar and restaurant in southwest Baker Park!”

Karalas: ”I’m impressed that you managed that, Manousos! Better not tell the gaffer, eh?”

Moustakakos: ”Hey, it’s you three! I’m sure you’re all ready for this tournament?”

Scafididis: ”Yup.”

Makrotsis: ”Abso-fucking-lutely!”

Karalas: ”As ready as I’ll ever be!”

Moustakakos: ”Glad to hear that, boys. I’m sure it won’t take long for the rest of the lads to arrive, so make sure to get your suitcases and all that stuff into the bus before we go, alright?”

The rest of the players began to filter in over the next 20 minutes, with everything appearing to go quite smoothly. However, there was still somebody missing.

Moustakakos: ”Any of you guys heard from Lambros recently?”

Frangoglou: ”Last I heard, he was driving from the west side of the city.”

Moustakakos: ”Huh, that’s strange. He should be here by now if that was the case. When did he leave his hotel?”

Frangoglou: ”About 20 minutes ago, I think.”

Moustakakos: ”Hrm. Just need to wait and see.”

And so, everyone waited for Lambros Tantalopoulos to show up. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours before, at last, Lambros emerged from the VdarArena Metro Station with his suitcase in his hands.

Tantalopoulos: ”Sorry I’m late, lads! My car broke down near the city centre, and the Metro was absolutely packed today!”

Moustakakos: ”Late is an understatement, Lambros. We’ve been waiting for about an hour for you, my man!”

Tantalopoulos: ”I know, I know. I shouldn’t have rented the cheapest option of car there was, really. I’m here now, though.”

Moustakakos: ”I guess so. Get your suitcase in the hold and hop on the bus, we need to get to the airport pronto!”

And off they went, driving from the training centre to Chania International Airport. Lambros’ delay meant that they were going to be much later to the airport than they’d expected, and the flight to South Newlandia was going to be leaving in just under an hour. As is tradition, however, there was going to be a little sing-along.

Moustakakos: ”I know the airport is only about 20 minutes away, but we always need to have a good tune playing, don’t we? Luckily for you lot, I have a good tune in mind!”

Moustakakos clicked a button on his phone, and plugged it into the aux cord of the bus. As always, Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader began to play. This got the players’ spirits up, and they began to tap their feet and clap their hands.

♫ We get it almost every night ♫
♫ When that moon is big and bright ♫
♫ It's a supernatural delight ♫
♫ Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight ♫

♫ Everybody here is out of sight ♫
♫ They don't bark and they don't bite ♫
♫ They keep things loose, they keep it tight ♫
♫ Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight ♫

Moustakakos: “Here we go, get singing lads!”


Moustakakos: ”That’s what I like to hear, lads! Keep it going!”

The sing-along continued until they eventually reached the airport, where they would finally get onboard the flight to South Newlandia. Ingeniously, playing Dancing In The Moonlight had managed to make the players much more excited and willing to play than they were before, which was an advantage unknown to Moustakakos. Perhaps this would hoist Vdara to an early group stage win against the Ceyne Isles, which would be a great help in Vdara’s quest for their first senior trophy. Would the Young Magicians gain victory in their first group stage match, or would they crumble completely against a low-ranked Ceyne Isles side? There’s only one way to find out... in the next RP!
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Postby The Golden Lotus » Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:07 pm

金莲花足球协会 | Golden Lotus FA

Manager - Sung-Hoon Hashimoto|59
Assistant Manager - Shiro Hayashi|57
Style: -3
Jian Maeda
Soo-Jin Jiang
Hideyoshi Xun
Kyung-Hee Sung
Hideki Abe
Miyako Abe
Takuya Saitou

Riko Ueda
Takuya Saitou
Shou Yu
Saburo Sasaki
Kenshin Fujimoto (C)
Kotone Tanaka
Sho Yamamoto
Chiyoko Du

Chiyo Moto
Mi-Kyung Lau
Takehiko Zhao
Sung-Jin Hu
Min-Ji Tan
Osamu Fujita
Ichirou Hisakawa

Jung-Hoon Jo
Duri Mun

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP/Godmod injuries to my players: TG/DM me
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG/DM me
Godmod other events: As long as you don't kill my peeps, you're good.
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