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Postby Roelandia » Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:59 am

A thread meant for spontanious acts of narrative genius.
It is meant as a place to post random posts in the form of a news article that may or may not be connected to other news articles in this same thread.
To give this thread somewhat direction I will place an unofficial map of Cinderia here below. You may or may not use it, it is up to you. If you use some other hypothetical map, it would be nice to include it into the post you make (though it is not mandatory).

As this is a "casual" thread that is just for fun, posters are not beholden to the usual rules of news posts and can blatently hyjack the agency of other players or NPC nations as they see fit.(You can even post a news article and react to it yourself with the same or a puppet nation to weave a story of some sort). Improvisation is welcome!

I imagine the potential of this thread (if it is successfull) to span a variety of "alternate" realities that can be as serious or as whack as you whish to make it.

Happy writing!


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Postby Roelandia » Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:29 am


Portiguam accuses Armenda of violating its airspace

TLS-05 ground attack aircraft (file photo)

At 10:00am this morning Portiguami military officals accused Armenda of sending a military aircraft across the border into the Palinga region, a disputed territory between the two nations since the so called "river war" of 1873 which saw the region firmly established as Portiguami territory with Armenda forfeiting its claim to it.
The area has remained a frequent point of friction between the two nations. The breach alledgedly happened with a ground attack aircraft of the TLS-05 type. An Armendan indigenous fighter developed from an Exaequation trainer aircraft that is currently being manufactured in Armenda under license.

2 Macaw S-1975 -AB fighters intercepted the craft 20 kilometers inland. The craft immediatly banked towards the Armendan border but not before releasing its bomb payload on the Portigoami side of the border. President Simio Alvano called the move a grave provocation and a violation of the treaty of Portiss which formally established the borders between the two countries.
The Armendan armed forces from their side accused Portigoam of building up an invasion force in the area, a claim dismissed by president Alvano as absurd.

General secretary of the IPS (and former chancellor of Roelandia) Leonardo Caprice has stated that he is very worried about the situation and that he hopes the two nations will find a way to defuse the tension regarding the disputed region. He however followed up that statement with the proclamation that, should the situation develop further, Seeing as Portigoam is a member of the IPS, the organisation would stand with Portigoam.
Chancellor Margoliss of Roelandia has backed her predecessor's words and affirmed Roelandia's support for Portigoam. Other members of the IPS quickly followed suit with Ganeba and Noghatum releasing their own statements.

Armenda's recent change to a rightist government has increased violent rhetoric regarding the region severely. Today's incident is the latest in a series of violations, however this partlicular one is by far the most severe so far.
Due to this climate of antagonism being fostered, many in Armenda are dreaming of the recapture of the lost region and are signing up in droves as volenteers for the armed forces.
Some experts hint at the possibility that the current Armendan government is merely trying to distract the public from an increasingly failing economy as an open conflict with Portigoam is, according to most analysts, something that would be impossible to win for Armenda.

Written by: Mia Machopin

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Postby Daxiaoguo » Sun Oct 25, 2020 9:23 am

ANN: Atlas News Network

Siaokuo's Premier He Haoyang vows to step up campaign against Temutayan insurgency

By Kevin Chen

Shangjing (ANN) -- Following the suicide bombing of a busy city mall in the Inner Temutayan capital of Daidu by members of the Temutayan National Liberation Front (TUCF), USPR Premier He Haoyang promised swift retribution and vowed to bolster an ongoing troop surge in the Temutayan Socialist People's Republic (TSPR).

The bombing, which occurred yesterday afternoon, killed 22 and injured over 70 people. It was the deadliest terrorist attack since the 2015 truck bombing in Baatarkhot. The TUCF immediately claimed responsibility, with its leader, Jambyn Tsend, claiming that more bombings would come unless the Siaokuo complied with his list of demands, which includes a complete military withdrawal from Temutay and the cession of territories to a Greater Temutay.

The bombing is just one of many terrorist attacks that have spilled over into Inner Temutay as the TUCF wages a brutal insurgency from the Temutayan mountains. This conflict stems from mass demonstrations in 1994 when the popular nationalist Khaatanbatar was narrowly defeated in the congressional elections for premier, in large part due to backroom deals and considerable pressure from Siaokuo. Khaatanbatar would go on to lead defecting PRA troops to conduct a nearly 20-year long insurgency using guerilla warfare and more recently, terrorism.

The conflict has seen periods of increased violence and deescalation. At its height, the TUCF directly controlled a third of Temutay, operating in rural regions with impunity and limiting the TSPR's presence to the cities. However, increased Siaokuolese intervention lead to a series of defeats and ultimately a truce. The 2003 armistice would collapse due to the Siaokuolese insistence that the TUCF disarm first before any concrete peace terms were discussed.

The insurgency would gradually become forced into the mountains as a second truce was declared in 2012 and peace talks held. The slow progress of negotiations lead to the ousting of moderates in the TUCF by radical nationalists and hopes for peace were dashed once again. The increasingly extreme nature of the TUCF along with the embracement of terrorism has contributed to its decline, though it retains support especially in the more impoverished rural and mountainous regions.

Now, it seems unlikely that a third truce will happen. USPR Premier He Haoyang has espoused hardline views on the insurgency and has said that he would give "no mercy" to terrorists who conducted violent, indiscriminate attacks. In 2019, he announced the beginning of a troop surge, increasing the number of Siaokuolese troops in Temutay from 15,000 to 25,000. He continued to authorize numerous airstrikes against TUCF bases, which has attracted international criticism. Earlier in August, one such airstrike hit a village that the Siaokuolese government claimed was a TUCF training camp. Leaked pictures of the strike circulated throughout international social media and drew widespread calls for a boycott of Siaokuolese goods.

In response to the bombing, the Siaokuolese premier has imposed a temporary ban on nonessential travel between Temutay and Inner Temutay, as well as a curfew in the province's major cities. The Premier has said that he has ordered the deployment of a fleet of WZ-15 helicopter gunships to assist with anti-guerilla search-and-destroy operations in Temutay. This will most likely replace the older WZ-10s, which previously saw widespread use against the insurgency. He also directed intelligence agencies to use "any means necessary" in finding, detaining and interrogating anyone suspected of planning to conduct terrorism.

These increasingly draconian countermeasures have resulted in the arrests of nearly 5,000 people in the past two years. Stories of basic needs being denied, beatings, and other forms of torture abound. Many have said that these arrests are not limited to suspected terrorists but also those who criticize the Siaokuolese campaign against the insurgency or are believed to harbor "sympathies" towards the TUCF.

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  • Siaokuo condemns Roelandian "neocolonialism" in Palingan incident, backs Armenda
  • Siaokuo to continue with planned military exercise near Anarkhatma, inflaming regional tensions
  • TSPR Premier claims that he is in "marching in lockstep" with Premier He, says insurgency will be crushed by year's end

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Postby Nickel Empire » Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:30 pm


Nickelian's Accused of Aiding Rebels

Soldiers of the White Star movement and Almiana loyal to Supreme Dictator Philippe Hans have recaptured the positions of troops belonging to President Joseph Matskevich around the important port-city of Tula. According to reports Nickelian commandos were leading the White Star and Hans soldiers. This has not been the first time Nickelian soldiers have been accused of directly intervening in the current Almiana Civil War since Supreme Dictator Philippe Hans has made a renewed attempt to regain power.

The Nickel Empire has and still strongly denies it has ground forces operating on behalf of Supreme Dictator Philippe Hans, however has knowledged it has been providing arms, food and medical supplies to Hans-loyalists.

After Supreme Dictator Philippe Hans was forced out of power he and 120,000 of his followers went into exile in the Nickel Empire. After rebuilding and training they launched a revolt against the government of President Joseph Matskevich in 2014. While they failed to capture the capital city of Freilaßen and saw most of the rebellions crushed, they however captured the important port of Tula, which has functioned as the capital of Philippe Hans. Since then civil war has raged continuously and forces of the White Star movement in their rebellion against the government of New San Nicholas have crossed the border to aid Philippe Hans and vice-versa.

Nickelian forces have been shown to be moving troops and equipment through the nearby country of Sibadakesi, which the Nickel Empire is currently allied to.
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