Supreme Shift!! (Closed/Marsh)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Supreme Shift!! (Closed/Marsh)

Postby Patrick OConner » Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:08 pm

Statesboro Herald

National News

In a week’s time the Supreme Court of the Republic, will convene for its fall session. The first issue on the docket is the biggest one in the history of the republic and more than likely the biggest in Merikan history. In recent times the Great Shift, a massive global event, caused rapid mutation in citizens from Marshite or those of Marshite descent.

Currently the change ,or “shift” as it is colloquial known, has resulted in the previously listed individuals taking on animal traits. The traits currently expressed seem to come from, otters, orcas, canine species, feline species, mice, foxes, and reptilian species.

These traits are expressed on a spectrum of some type. Beginning with tails and ears one one end to full body fur with lower extremities morphed with full head and face shift to resemble the animal. These changes were expressed rapidly and painfully as the person affected “shifted”. The “shifted” individual even begins to express characteristics of the species they have taken features from.

The “Great Shift” as it is know has baffled scientists as too how it happened. Some people are clamoring to be cured but currently that is an impossibility without even knowledge of how it occurred to begin with much less how it was so limited to people with Marshite genetics.

But a far more important issue is the legal standing of the “shifted” individuals. With the new characteristics, changed behavior, altered behavior and modified genetics they are no longer human, man or woman, in the strictest sense of the word. This is an issue because in the Republic’s founding document, the Constitution, reference’s only humans, men and women. This could leave the “shifted” individuals in a precarious legal position. If they are not human then they are not protected and granted the rights of citizens or even humans under the Constitution.

The Executive Branch, led by President General Marai Overhill has already issued orders that “shifted” are to be treated under the Disabilities Act. However, a lawsuit was raised by Senator Glenn Camdyn has challenged this policy as unconstitutional….

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Statesboro International Airport
Timocratic Republic

The airport was located 60 miles from the city proper connected to it by an 4 lane interstate road. The airport itself is a massive installation shaped like a triangle. In the middle of it are the terminals and office and tower rising up in a large three sided pyramid with the control tower at the top. There were a total of nine 8000 feet long runways, arranged in triangles themselves. There 3 sub triangles surround the center facility. Taxiways inter connect the runways and the facility.

On the lower right runway triangle hangars, repair facilities, fire department, and other such maintenance related facilities for the planes are located.

The lower right triangle has its own mini tower in the middle of it and it serves other more private planes and important people.

Fall has come to the Republic and leave has started to shift into there brilliant reds and yellows and dull brown. The grass is starting to die off and the weather has began to chill significantly.

It is here in a medium sized hangar that a detachment of personnel await the arrival of a party from Holy Marsh. The country expressed interest in the recent events in the Republic. Parties and organization within Holy Marsh wished to come and lend their voice to the pro-shift side of the legal debate. And their arrival was expected any minute.

Inside the small hangar was a convoy of SUVs. They were from the Department of Wardens. Since the visitors were not technically dignitaries, the Wardens had been graciously asked to help provide protection and security for the visitors.

Two people stand outside of the convoy, one man and one woman. Both are in plain casual clothes with a badge and a gun hanging from there belts.

The woman is Ali O’Conner. She has wide soft looking hips, a narrow waist, and modest but noticeable and firm bust. She very athletic looking. Her face is that of a classical beauty with high cheek bones, a small cute nose, and large bright intelligent green eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned as well from exposure to the sun. Brilliant red hair peeks out from under her hat. and with it pulled low.

Next to her is very short squat man but is wide. Very wide and very muscle bound. The man resembles what an author would describe as a dwarf king without the beard. He instead had a bristly mustache.

He was Rory McTaggert, Ali’s partner.
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I choose the second definition of it. This meaning rule by virtue and not owning land to be allowed to vote or hold political office. Instead one is required to serve time in the military (currently 6 years)

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Postby Holy Marsh » Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:16 pm

The landing was smooth and the packed passengers inside promptly pushed themselves quickly to exit. Time was of the essence- if not in a direct call to their mission, then in the very least to their innate senses. The Theocracy was a place of constant movement forwards and time was rarely gifted to them. One by one they would exit the craft, each member.equal parts excited and nervous about the importance of their mission.

Specialist Samantha Ralar of M-SAD was the first off the plane, carrying a briefcase with DNA locks. She was here to answer questions within the guidelines given to her by M-SAD and help put at ease the minds of the Republic for which they had been sent. Personally, she didn’t see why anyone was unnerved, but she recognized that the people of the Theocracy dealt with a higher level of variance than the populace of other nations. It tracked that others may not take the sudden and obvious change in the winds of fate as well as they did.

Second off the plan was Tarus Ulkana, Prelate of Conditions in the Foreign Church Service. He was adjusting to his new life as well as anyone which meant when he was called to serve on this mission he did his best to prepare himself. He was here to ensure that the Theocracy would be able to answer the call of ensuring that their faithful were well served in these times by being available to ‘cut a deal’, in the parlance of the wider world. He knew that there would be difficulties but he was confident that they would be able to reach a wonderful ending together.

The last diplomat had the title of Supervisor of Negotiations of the Ponyist Shrine and she came trotting down the stairs carefully, though a joyous expression never left her phrase. The unicorn Sweet Serenade always enjoyed seeing new places, whether they were pristine vacation hotspots or gas-choked hellholes. Life was strange that way! When she heard that the Marshites of this land were on trial for their very rights, she knew she had to see both it and the aftermath. High stakes, high drama, all the fun!

Each one came off the plane with their own attendants and aides, though all in all the delegation was much smaller than most foreign delegations were. Marshites tended to travel light like that. After they had disembarked, Samantha took the lead in approaching. That was until Sweet bounded ahead excitedly. “Greetings friends! What a pleasure to meet you. I am Sweet Serenade and this is our delegation,” she said as her horn lit up. A moment later, pastries appeared in front of the two. “A gift from me, to you!”
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Postby Patrick OConner » Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:07 pm

Statesboro International Airport
Timocratic Republic

Ali and Rory had been thoroughly briefed on the oddities of the Marshites, after all this was the origin of the current issue. However, this was just the first assignment for the duo and they were not Special Wardens.

The oddness of all 3 foot tall talking pink pony with rainbow colored hair leaping up to meet you and just poofing into existence what appeared to be pastries...well...that shocks anyone.

Rory stumbled through something. Once translated from his very thick scottish burr he had said “The small pink pony talks...and it poofs up pastries....I deserve danger pay for this.”

Ali just looked down at the small brightly colored equine that she towered over. She leaned over and took one and tasted it.

“Hmmm...delightful Ms. Serenade. I am Ali O’Conner and this is Rory McTaggert. We are Wardens and are charged with being your guides and guards.

“So nice to meet you two!” Sweet replied as she looked Ali over. She was bigger than Marshites that Sweet had met and was sure as rain something close to an ‘Amazonian’, or something close to it.

Samantha smiled as she drew in closer. She would forgive her excitable compatriot her energetic greeting. “Samantha Ralar, Marshite-Strategic Analysis Department. Pleasure to meet you, Miss O’Connor, Mister McTaggert” Samantha said politely as she extended a handshake to the larger woman. Tarus did the same with Rory.

Ali took Samatha’s hand and shook it firmly. Rory tried to do the same but ended up squishing Tarus’s hand.

“It’s nice to meet you and your group. I am glad you were able to get here so early. We have at least 3 days before the court convenes.”

Tarus was used to it by this point. Whether it was his older brother both before or after The Shift and his wife now, he always felt like his hands were in and around giants, or those with excellent grip strength.
“That suits us just fine. That should give us time to get to our lodgings and prepare ourselves for the court. Do you foresee any potential issues on that front?” He asked the pair, cognizant of the fact that diplomatic escorts weren’t really a thing in the Theocracy.

“If thaur was nae trooble dae ye hink we woods be haur?” Rory grumbles, or rumbles really. From his barrel of a chest everytime he speaks it comes out in a rumble.

“What my partner is saying is that yes there might be some trouble. This whole shift business has thrown much into confusion and quite a significant minority or people are not very happy at all. Nothing has happened yet but there have been some suspicious things going on.” Ali explained to the group “And I for one very much wish for nothing to happen.”

“Agreed. We’d rather not anything happen,” Samantha replied with a smile. She was more or less fine with whatever happened, really. She was used to cracking skulls during the interrogatives of the Inquisition, so dealing with some thugs would have suited her just fine. But that was only add fuel to the fire, and they were here to see the issues resolved.

“Well, if we do run into trouble...there wouldn’t be. Don’t worry; the best way to deal with an enemy is to make him a friend, or to make him not be anymore,” Sweet replied with a spark of her horn and a laugh. “It always works out in the end, friends!”

“Th' wee pony has horn an' its magic...Stoatin” Rory grumbles.

“Please do not...uh....magic er-poof anyone away. That would not be good for….many reasons…” Ali says “That would cause a great many legal complications.”

“Woriat abit th' legal issues insteid ay jist hoo impossible 'at shoods be?” Rory rumbles at Ali with a deep chuckle.

Ali scowls at the man. It was quite a good scowl but it slid off Rory like a duck with water.

Sweet waved a hoof dismissively. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t teleport them away,” she said as she prepared to hop into the car. “I turn them into plants for a few days, let them stew on it,” she said with a giggle.
“In any case, we appreciate your hard work. Thank you, Miss O’Connor, Mister McTaggert,” Samantha said as she prepared for entrance.

“Th' wee pony can tely’eport an' dae aw kinds ay magic...I am sae screwed.” Rory mumbles again now looking a bit thunder struck. Which was odd for him, he was usually the definition of stoic. Ali was doing her best to not show her glee at the undermining of Rory’s usual stoicism. It was just so hard to get anything to bother him.

“Lets just not if we can manage. That would make everyone happy. Now lets get into the vehicles. We have a hotel to get to.” Ali says almost pleading.

The Marshites entered with no further delay, excited to see more of the Republic.

Ali and Rory got into the first and second SUV respectively. Rory was in the same vehicle as the delegates.

And with that the convoy of 3 vehicles pulled out of the hangar and left the airport. It was an hour drive to the capital of Statesboro.

On the interstate the countryside went by fast. The trees were beginning to turn there leaves with the onset of fall. Signs erected by the interstate held advertisements for a wide variety of things.

It was somewhat different from the Theocracy. Far less crowded and with significantly fewer overflights of jet fighters, but also more commercial materials. It struck Samantha every time she left the Theocracy just how little advertisement or general acknowledgement of commercial interests there even existed back home. Here at least she wanted to keep an eye out for Peppi Cola. It had the cap top pop that other sodas couldn’t top, pop! Or so the advertisement said.

As the convoy got closer to the city, the tree gave way to more buildings. The convoy exited the interstate and headed into the downtown area of the city. The business and commerce heart of the city is where they were headed.

Tarus enjoyed this bit. Every city you visited had a unique flavor when you left the Theocracy. Every culture was imprinted every which way, even those so-called financial centers that whored themselves out. People revealed themselves the best when they weren’t being revelatory, after all.

Timocratic Republic
Taigh-òsta Grand

The convoy pulled up to a 35 story neo colonial brick and marble building, with a sign out front proclaiming it Taigh-òsta Grand, the Grand Hotel.

The first out was Sweet, who jumped out of a window (or phased through) at first light. Rory was likely happy. She had spent much of the trip up and around him. She had asked him a million billion questions about him, buried her head (careful with the horn) in his warmth, and commented on how cute his muscles were. Her sense of personal space was the same as her fashion sense: Totally barren. She landed in the street outside the hotel, heedless of the humans around her. “Oooh, nice hotel! Where’s the anti-air missiles though?”

Taggert exited the SUV looking very harassed for once in his life.
“Damn talkin' pony is gonnae drife me a bampot. Ah am nae gettin' paid enaw tae pit up wi' a rabidly talkin' magical pit cuddie!!!” Taggert rumbled.

Ali, who had just exited her vehicle, snicker quietly to herself but did not say anything.

The group walked up the magnificent marble stairs into the lobby of the hotel.

Inside was a truly grand lobby hanging from the high vaulted ceilings is a massive sparkling antique chandelier with deep soft red carpeting. The counter was shiny marble shot through with gold lines. Deep brown rich woods paneled with the walls with intricate carving portraying various scenes from ancient battles to hunts to cities.

The furniture scattered around was a mix of chairs, couches and coffee tables, all antique and all matching the aesthetic of the room. Employees dressed very finely stood behind the check in desk and at various doors to open them or to help someone with their baggage.

Those chairs looked really comfy. Back home, wasting money on opulent decorations and comfort when there were real problems to address was certainly something not on the agenda. But in societies that didn’t view themselves as being constantly engaged in an existential war they could spare time for the finer things in life. Samantha needed to pop a top while in a reclining chair, probably one out here, at some point during this trip. Nothing said she couldn’t enjoy the fine things herself.

“Oh, hey! Hey you!” Sweet said as she bounded up to one of the employees, a bellhop of some sort, the baggage held in a magical aura by her horn. “I got some luggage for you! Hey, how do we tip you? What’s your name? I’m Sweet Serenade and I’m so happy to meet you! Here, have a pastry!” She said, a pastry popping to existence for the bellhop.

Tarus, meanwhile, chuckled to himself. “So, Miss O’Connor, was this assigned to you or did you choose this one?”

Ali just smiled back at Tarus “I am a Warden, I go where I am told and do what I am told to do.”

The bellhop smiled and took the luggage.
“I am Mr. Lerry. No you do not need to tip me and no thank you for the pastry. Though I will take you luggage. I will convey it to your room with all due haste.”
And with that the bellhop took the luggage and disappeared.

Ali walked up to the desk and spoke briefly with the man at the desk. And then returned to the group.

“Our suite is ready. Come on.”

Ali leads the group to ornate old fashion looking elevator. The man operating it took up to the top floor. They exited the elevator to a set of double doors. Ali produced a key and opened the door. The suite was just as opulent as the hotel lobby with same red carpeting and deep brown wood though lacking the engravings.

The suit was made up of no less than 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms plus a living room and closets. The entire cost of the furniture was far over and above the cost of most mortgages, from the finely carved and upholstered sofas to the massive ornate four poster beds with silk sheets.

People had lower mortgage payments than what it cost to rent this suite, but governments always had that money to throw around.

Sweet really liked the way it all looked. So soft and fluffy compared to the old stuff she was used to. She jumped on a couch and made herself comfortable. “Ooooh, pretty. What is this, kashmere?” She asked while Samantha took her time to investigate the rooms. Roomy, comfortable- she didn’t like it. Her back was more accustomed to the bed of an IFV than an actual bed. Tarus showed no obvious emotion. “Comes with some hard liquor, right?” he asked no one in particular.

“These accommodations should suffice, Miss O’Connor.”

“I am sure you can use the phone to call the front desk for whatever you want. And I am glad. We will be here as well bunking in the living room if that is not any trouble.” Ali replied.

“Ha, like a sleepover!” Yelled Sweet, who was by now bouncing up and down on the couch.

Ali was starting to have real trouble with Sweet Seranade. Ali was a bit of an animal lover, having been raised on a farm and even taught to ride from an early age. And Sweet was hitting all of her buttons that scream such things as pet, snuggle, play with and shower with love. The little pony was just so damn cute, it hurt.

“Och god laird please mah mercy oan mah soo” Rory grumbled “Wa did ye nae teel me thes?”

“I did not seem important. Besides you already had a packed bag.”

Rory just grumbled as the pony eyed him up with a smile.

“That will be fine. After we get adjusted, we will want to go over the itinerary for the court date, yes?” Samanatha asked as she made her way into one of the bedrooms. Tarus nodded along. “I could use a shower as well. Will you be fine out here?”

“That will be expectable Mr is Mr right?” Ali asked hoping she had it right.

He hoped she had read it right. The itinerary said mister, right? Post-Shift he understood it was hard for many. Unless he pulled down his pants, there was no visual or audio evidence to say that he was Mister Anything. “You have it right.”
Ali did not sigh relief externally but did so internally.

“Yes we can go over it.” Ali said
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I choose the second definition of it. This meaning rule by virtue and not owning land to be allowed to vote or hold political office. Instead one is required to serve time in the military (currently 6 years)

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Postby Holy Marsh » Tue Oct 27, 2020 2:30 am

TV Broadcast

The TV News studio is well furnished and well equipped. It should be for one of the largest TV news stations in the country, the Needed News Network or NNN. The studio was filled with the cameras, lights,microphones and million and one things a TV broadcast needs.

On the actual stage is a large desk in burnished metal. On the front of it is a logo that says “Curt Certainty with Courtney Courtney”. Behind the desk were some chairs and a large projection screen where various images could be shown.

It was a popular show featuring the latest issues. It was a simple format really, the host, one Courtney Courtney, invited an equal number of guests from all sides of an issue and they had it out live on air.

This time it was about the Shift.

In the middle of the long slightly curved table, sat the buxom blonde Courtney Courtney in a nice blue skirt suit. She was smiling broadly with her perfect white teeth at the camera as they began the nights broadcast.

“Good evening I am Courntey Courntey and now it's time for Curt Certainties!! Tonight we discuss the … event...that has shaken this country to its foundations. The event that has come to be known as the “Shift”. And tonight have two very important guests. On one side I have Mr. Don Dougal, a lobbyist and spokesperson for the Firebrand party of which Senator Glynn Camydn is a lead member of this party which has come out against the “Shifted”. Even going so far as to file suit against current policies in place and force the issue to come before the supreme court.”

The camera pans over to Dougal, he is a man of average height but is handsome and with a winning smile that draws you in. A perfect spokesperson in a charcoal grey suit and tie.

“And on the other side we have Doctor of Theology, Rachel Hunningberg, the Marshite Foundation for Political Theology, and Current Chair of the Department of Politics at Saint Patricia’s University Doctor, a pleasure to have you.”

“The pleasure is mine.”

“So to begin, what is your position on this entire affair Mr. Dougal?” Courtney asks Don

“Well it could not really be more simple. These “Shifted” as they are called are no longer human as we boilogilicaly understand the term so they are not protected under the Constitution or any of our laws.”

“An ... interesting and strong position to take Mr. Dougal. Dr. Hunniberg, I will now ask you the question, what is your position on the current ongoings?”

“The Constitution, like many other similar documents of prodigious intellectual weight and of equal importance, cannot be construed so simply. When it was drafted, the existence of sapient life that was not human in nature was unknown. Therefore, the fact that the Marshites and those otherwise Shifted are no longer human is inconsequential to their legal protections. The document assumes a level of sapient intelligence behind the use of the term human, and Shifted qualify in that meaning. This has been the reading of similar issues across Greater Dienstad with The Shift, and it stands to reason that the constitution of this great republic is similarly intellectual astute enough to adapt to the events of the modern era.”

“Another strong and firm position” Courntey said suppressing a smile. Tonight's debate was going to be fierce and she could tell which meant ratings gold for her.

“Do you care to respond to this position, Mr. Dougal?”

“Of course.” Dougal said now taking on a slightly patronizing tone “While that might be considered a legal position in other countries, in the Timocratic Republic, we have the tradition of plain meaning rule. The document says what it literally says. Nothing more nothing less. And under such traditions, I am afraid that my position carries the greatest legal weight.”

“The tradition of plain meaning rule is that- tradition. And not always one that has been followed. And in the aggregate, it is intellectually dishonest to suggest that the founder of our nation was ignorant in the manner of a state’s evolution, and of the tides of change that will come to every nation’s shore. This Shift is simply the first of what could be many such waves that will arrive on our shores, a glimpse of the wider world that awaits us. To suggest that we will be living in the dark because of our great constitution is an insult to both it and the Republic. It is stronger than that, as was our Great Founder when he claimed it as a right after victory. It is a beacon that shines bright. It is strength. It is only weakness that sees it as incapable of change, incompatible with current events. That is a weakness that we can expunge here and now.”

“O’Conner himself even stated in various other papers he wrote that the document was not open to interpretation. It meant what it said and said what it meant. While one is able to amend it, it requires all three branches working together to pass such. He wanted the document to be a firm foundation for the new nation to be built on. And any builder worth their salt knows you do not go and compromise the foundation because you think the living room needs remodeling a bit.” Don snapped back “Plus there is the small matter of the unilateral action that President Marai Overhill took in the aftermath of the Shift. That was blatantly unconstitutional and an overreach of power worthy of impeachment!!”

“Which assumes that the foundation is not suffering from a flaw that needs correcting. New materials are always discovered, flaws in how the foundation is being laid are always discovered. Taking citizens of the Republic, some who have fought for our freedoms, and removing their rights is not sticking to the foundation. It is removing a part of it with a sledgehammer because you don’t like the color of the wall, or the style of furniture that is in use. This nation was founded as one against the overreach of tyranny, against the overreach of those in power. To remove their rights now based on nothing but base biology is the very definition of tyranny. Rights paid for in blood should never be taken away. Would you be the one to tell our veterans that the freedoms they fought for come with an asterisk, to be decided not based on character or the gift of our intelligence, but instead on the whims of politicians? You speak of an overreach of power, sir. But what I see in your argument is the long, terrible reach of tyranny.”

“The President over reached her authority with an executive order and should be punished for it. And I am truly sorry for them-” Dougal said without sounding like he meant it at all “- but the law is the law and the documents say what they say. We cannot go around making exceptions for things.”

“So what you are saying-” Courtney interjected “Is that you were against the Executive overreach and a unilateral ruling by the Supreme Court but would you be fine with an amendment to the Constitution changing such that the Shifted are thus covered by it?”

“Well...uh… Sure, it would be a long and difficult process that could just as easily fail but- Sure. That would be ...acceptable” Dougal replied

“Interesting” Courtney said “What about you Doctor? Would that be acceptable or would you prefer to have the Supreme Court rule on it?”

“It would not be required should the Supreme Court rule in a manner that is appropriate. Having said that, failing that, Marshites in general would be amicable to such an amendment. It would be less than preferable.”

“Because of the length of time it would take, Doctor? And would leave the Shifted in such a vulnerable legal state in the meantime?” Courtney asked eagerly

“No. Because our country has better things to do than come up with amendments and all the time and hassle that would be, eating away at taxpayer money, chewing away at more important issues, when it could simply see the truth as I have spoken it tonight and leave the Shifted where they belong- covered already.”

“What of the international implications? I am sure the Marshite would take a dim view of us - more or less- tossing the Shifted out in the cold.”

“We never let other nations opinions or such affect our internal matters.” Dougal said in a haughty manner “We are a nation founded on blood and principle and would never let anything compromise such things. We shall stand where we stand.”

“Another strong position to take and somewhat awkward given the fact we are allies with Marshite. Doctor your thoughts?”

“Let us be frank. We would find ourselves with no real allies in this argument. Not only would we anger the Theocracy and the rest of that Union, from Solisia to Romandeos, but friendly states such as Mokastana as well. How could we hope to have an honest political discourse with AHSCA if we deem that species such as dominate that nation are not given rights here? Whether it is The Greater Throne or even the Holy Empire of Stevid, the major players in this region that are our allies would find our position untenable. And while the political and potentially economic impact should be enough to give pause, if violence were to be directed at Marshites due to this result and we found ourselves not treating it as would violence against any other citizen, that invites the Law of Protective Retaliation. And for no other reason than an intentionally constrictivist and activist interpretation of the constitution to satisfy a political, racial, and speciest agenda. No freedom defended; only acts of tyranny.”

“I am sorry viewers, with that statement we must cut to a commercial break.” Courtney said “but we are not finished yet!!”
Holy Marsh is ranked 1st in Nova (Greysteel) and 571st (477th) in the world for Largest Defense Forces.
Holy Marsh is ranked 2,723rd in the world and 1st in Greater Dienstad for Most Inclusive.
The Shift: An Update on Holy Marsh
" exercise in sadomasochistic futility," - Engaging in warfare against the Union

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