The Shadow of Aeris RP Characters (STILL OPEN!!)

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The Shadow of Aeris RP Characters (STILL OPEN!!)

Postby Krezenel » Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:48 pm

Fill out a character application for my new RP, The Shadow of the Angel! A mix between science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Follow a young boy who holds the key to destroying the corrupt dictator of The Angel, a floating city with a radius of 50 miles, and his newfound companions. Unfortunately, something stands in their way. A new, horrid, eldritch horror-something not even the minds of the darkest people could think up.

Character Name:

Character Sex:

Character Gender:

Character Age:

Character Physical Characteristics:

Character Mental/Emotional Characteristics:

Character Backstory:

Any special abilities/skills?

Anything else?

Once done, please submit the completed application and wait for approval! Thanks!
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The Shadow of the Angel RP Characters

Postby Krezenel » Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:58 pm

Name: Adrian (Nickname Ayden)

Sex: Male

Gender: He/them

Age: 15

Physical Characteristics: 5' 7", 112 lbs, slate eyes, black hair, tan skin, skinny and frail

Mental/Emotional Characteristics: Protective of his friends, finds it hard to trust people, imaginative, adventurous, carefree, skillful, nimble, loveable, over-confident, depressed, clumsy

Backstory: I'll get to that later. Ya'll don't necessarily need to read his backstory. Suspense...It's really more for you to flesh out your character, not for me to know everything.

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Postby Sinograd » Wed Oct 21, 2020 5:29 pm

Character Name: Jade

Character Sex: Female

Character Gender: She/Her

Character Age: 16

Character Physical Characteristics: 5’10, 143 lbs, extremely pale skin, long deep strawberry blonde hair, freckles, Blue-Green eyes, tall and healthy.

Character Mental/Emotional Characteristics: Always extremely calm, known for being graceful in everything she does, extremely easy to trust, and a pretty good liar.

Character Backstory: Comes from an upper class family but never agreed with her families political or social stance.
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Postby Chungus World » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:45 am

Character Name: Dominick Dorocko

Character Sex: Male

Character Gender: He/Him

Character Age: 14

Character Physical Characteristics: 5 foot 7, 102lb, pale skin, Dark Green eyes, Short Black hair

Character Mental/Emotional Characteristics: Over confident, Energetic, Straight forward and Crafty.

Character Backstory: Because he has ADHD he was kicked out of his house when he was 8 and has been scavenging to survive ever sense making stuff out of others trash to trade for food in this time he has become a great scavenger and trader

Any special abilities/skills? He is a scavenger and trader.
Anything else: He has ADHD
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The Shadow of the Angel RP Characters

Postby Travislavania » Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:44 am

Character Name: Travis

Character Sex: Male

Character Gender: He/Him

Character Age: 14

Character Physical Characteristics: 5"11, 151 lbs, brown skin, black hair, blue eyes, athletic.

Character Mental/Emotional Characteristics: very loud, loves sports, very fast

Character Backstory: Comes from a lower class family, he will try anything to get them money
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Postby United Hemand Insia » Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:02 pm

Character Name: Logan

Character Sex: Male

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 17

Character Physical Characteristics: Bleached hair, 6'4" height, 200 pounds, light skin

Character Mental/Emotional Characteristics: Empathetic, tech-savvy, passionate

Character Backstory: Mother took opioids. Left him up for adoption, but never took in. Now roams the streets for money and food.

Any special abilities/skills? - Unbelievable skills with tech.

Anything else? No.
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Postby Licintera » Tue Oct 27, 2020 1:21 pm

Character name: Dorian
Character sex: male
Character gender: he/him
Character age: 16
Character physical traits: pale blue eyes, dark brown hair, pale skin, 5'11, 145 lbs
Character mental/ emotional traits: witty and good at lying. He has good intuition but doesn't always trust it.
Character backstory: nothing dramatic, came from a good family who he's still in touch with; he's closest with his brother.
Character skills: Decently smart and good at persuading people. He's also very good with words.


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