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The ASSOCIATED :: Sports Info in Havynwilde

Postby Havynwilde » Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:21 am

OOC Disclaimer: The use of pictures and logos in this thread is purely for the sake of in-context information and has no reflection upon real-life events nor does it reflect on actions in the real-life world. Any mention of names or terms related to real-life is purely incidental.
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Created as the “Steel League” for Bellymn’s steel mills some forty years ago, LygaHaven changed over time - originally a saturday league for tired mill workers who registered 20 coin tickets to play each week, the league slowly became a semi-professional fame. Giving rise to the Thrice frim of Avante Leipreachán, Union Forge and Knights of Briarcliff (then called 1964 Briarcliff). LygaHaven operated as a semi-professional non-IFCF league for many years, during its closed era which lasted up to its twenty-seventh year in existent, during which it began a transition to the open era of football - joining the ranks of the IFCF as the Shamrock Club became the first team to win in an open league era. The open league war would last a season and half before the Convergence event in the Havyish calendar would cast a catastrophic set of events on Havyish football and life as we know it. With a nation set in a state of conflict and threatening to break apart, international events became a nonfactor for Havynwilde on the football scene, embroiled in the full onslaught of a civil war in the north as the Sygil of Throncrown and the Sygil of Bellymn involved the nation in a battle for the soul and will of the nation. Football was mostly left for the back burner and as a result, the league languished to the side, while still contested, it was not in the shape needed to send teams to international events and fixtures, and thus reentered the closed era.

LygaHaven has always found it easier than most to play its football games given it has a smaller top division, Havynwilde being a small nation is not hindered by the effective bureaucracy of multiple divisions of football as many believe this is economically not viable for a nation of Havynwilde’s size, with less than 7.5 million people. TThe league was originally founded with eight teams and since then has expanded and contracted back to the original number of eight 0 however the original eighth side; Bellymn United was removed from the league and has since roamed as an amateur team which competes in the lower Tri-Cities Amateur League which draws 7 more teams which actively compete in the KopaHaven of Havynwilde. Similarly, one team from Springmont is registered with the Havyish FA and competes in LygaHaven. In order to assure proper preparing and to increase Havyish teams abilities to compete, there is no pro/rel as LygaHaven serves as the only league in the nation, however teams finishing lower than 5th at the end of the season are mathematically eliminated from participating in IFCF and FFI play during the postseason. In relation to the governing of foreign players, a maximum of 4 foreign players are allowed on a Havyish roster in LygaHaven and since the Convergence, Havyish teams have been left with relatively little money to afford outside players. A premium is played on youth and many teams commonly play with average ages being lower than 25, the league is not known to export its talent and instead focuses on developing an exact pipeline to the national team directly from LygaHaven. Styled by dashing strikers making leaping runs and quick surges, defense is all but ignored in this league, with backlines of eighteen and nineteen year olds common, offense is the name of the game and the defining factor of LygaHaven.

Year	Season	CHAMPION		RUNNER-UP		3rd	

729 1 Union Forge F.C. Foretham Coven Avante Leipreachán
730 2 Knights of Briarcliff Foretham Coven Avante Leipreachán
731 3 Knights of Briarcliff Avante Leipreachán Foretham Coven
732 4 Knights of Briarcliff Union Forge F.C. Avante Leipreachán
733 5 Union Forge F.C. Knights of Briarcliff Avante Leipreachán
734 6 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Union Forge F.C.
735 7 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Knights of Briarcliff
736 8 Knights of Briarcliff Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C.
737 9 Avante Leipreachán Knights of Briarcliff Wildeport Wanderers
738 10 Union Forge F.C. Avante Leipreachán Baywall Athletic
739 11 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Advernians
740 12 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Wildeport Wanderers
741 13 Union Forge F.C. Baywall Athletic Knights of Briarcliff
742 14 Knights of Briarcliff Advernians Avante Leipreachán
743 15 Advernians Avante Leipreachán Widleport Wanderers
744 16 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Baywall Athletic
745 17 Avante Leipreachán Advernians 1964 Briarcliff
746 18 Advernians Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C.
747 19 Avante Leipreachán Baywall Athletic Union Forge F.C.
748 20 Avante Leipreachán Baywall Athletic Union Forge F.C.
749 21 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Wildeport Wanderers
750 22 Baywall Athletic Advernians Avante Leipreachán
751 23 Avante Leipreachán Knights of Briarcliff Union Forge F.C.
752 24 Union Forge F.C. Advernians Baywall Athletic
753 25 Union Forge F.C. Advernians Avante Leipreachán
754 26 Union Forge F.C. Baywall Athletic Avante Leipreachán
755 27 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Baywall Athletic
756 28 Baywall Athletic Advernians Knights of Briarcliff
757 29 Baywall Athletic Advernians Knights of Briarcliff
758 30 Baywall Athletic Avante Leipreachán Knights of Briarcliff
759 31 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Knights of Briarcliff
760 32 Avante Leipreachán Knights of Briarcliff Union Forge F.C.
761 33 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Advernians
762 34 Advernians Avante Leipreachán Knights of Briarcliff
763 35 Avante Leipreachán Knights of Briarcliff Union Forge F.C.
764 36 Advernians Port Knoxdam [SPM] Avante Leipreachán
765 37 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Hundredstar Phoenix
766 38 Advernians Avante Leipreachán Wildeport Wanderers
767 39 Knights of Briarcliff Wildeport Wanderers Avante Leipreachán
768 40 Wildeport Wanderers Advernians Avante Leipreachán

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Postby Havynwilde » Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:45 pm


Manager: Image Mason Foster
Home ground: Shamrock Park (29,170), in northern suburb of Bellymn in rural Cowenherd
Honors: 17x - LygaHaven titles
Predictions: The winningest club in Havyish history, this team is slowly changing who they are, given the continued changes the
league has went through, the Shamrock Club is bracing for a run at the title, with a youthful team, a decent coach and...a bad
result, 3rd and he'll be sacked in his first year.
Starting XI: Billie Johnson; Taylor Parker, Mason West, Maddox Duncan [c], Charlie Mosley; Bailey Mcmillan, Bennie Cox; Quinn
Workman, Gabby Dickerson, Robert Gray; Jacob Saunders
Reserves: Evan Spencer; Brandon Hawkins, Joel Morris, Zachary Woods, Prince Hines; Leo Ross, Sage Garner; Aiden Roth, Robert
Gray, Jacob Saunders; Evan Spencer - Brandon Hawkins

Manager: Image Stanley Khan
Home ground: MetroParc (4,060)
Honors: 4x - LygaHaven titles, 1x CMFA Champions League
Predictions: Gone are the days of Yivix-Belaj Ivo, they haven't won the league in ten years and similarly haven't cracked top three
since then, 5th.
Starting XI: Lucas Ross; Harry Hopkins, Jack Kaur, Anthony Jones, Trevor Gomez [c]; Tyree Flowers, Oscar Hodges; Darien Vaughan,
Rogelio Ortiz, Leo Owen; Morgan Khan
Reserves: Joshua Rogers; Gabriel Cook, Jenson Watson, Dario Ewing, Bentley Cleveland; Hank Pearson; Krish Sweeney, Peter
Holloway; Gabriel Marshall, Jamie Miller, Adam Chapman - Logan Baxter

Manager: Image Tyler Dawson
Home ground: Vibr-brand® Stadium (5,866)
Honors: 6x - LygaHaven titles
Predictions: The falloff last season was there, falling from first to fourth in a second half collapse, now with the additions of CMFA
and IFCF play, can the team band together and make it through a full season of 40+ games? 4th's their best bet.
Starting XI: Rhys Moss; Louis Cunningham, Reece Cox, Sam Simpson, Leandro Britt; Tyree Doyle; Abel Parsons, Malaki Silva; Braiden
Moses, Taylor Green, Jacob Parker
Reserves: Arthur Read; Zak Ball, Ethan Barker, Zaiden Carlson, Maxim Johns; Noel Horne; Dennis Boone [c], Zeke Knox; Robert
Reynolds, Sean West, Billy Grant - Luke Cooke

Manager: Image Ian Florentino
Home ground: Northwell Arena (6,970), in borough of Port Knoxdam, Springmont
Honors: -
Predictions: Four seasons ago they finished second in LygaHaven and since then have returned to mediocrity, despite having the
backing of a major Springmontese gas-and-oil company, Northwell Oil & Gas; this team is built on youth and a last place finish of
7th is expected.
Starting XI: Image Jae Paz [c]; Image Ryan Krepanovic, Image Jacques van Heerdens, Image Pete Commonbrew, Image Kidd Bladekeeper;
Image Leroy Cristobal Bryant, Image March Truthwolf, Image Reagan Waterfist; Image Marco Krepanovic, Image Franco Bereznak,
Image Rex Forewound
Reserves: Image Lynn Ironchappel; Image Danilo Neria, Image Will Debbins, Image Isais Erner, Image Trey Bollman; Image Stan Catanach,
Image Wyatt Claro, Image Alfonzo Bilbrew; Image Sebastian Steinbaugh, Image Daron Danesez, Frankie Morales - Bailey Deruths

Manager: Image William Harvey
Home ground: Morrow Cross (16,155), in Clyffrow borough of Ravenclyff
Honors: 7x - LygaHaven titles
Predictions: Inaugural winners of the Havyish top flight, they sort of had their renaissance in the 750s before going back into
obscurity, since have been relatively shit, but are looking to be on the up. They're looking to build on last season's 5 wins, and
they're going to need a lot more if they're trying to see any sort of international play, 6th.
Starting XI: Declan Davies; Liam Barker, Arthur Dean, Hayden May, Malik Sargent, Felipe Kelly; Felix Adkins, Westin Pennington [c],
Asa Melton; William Harvey; Declan Taratino
Reserves: Lee Mason; Gabe Kaur, Aaren Powell, Caden Spencer, Addison Williams, Aubrey O'neil; Jo Long, Dane Hahn, Drew Jordan;
Lesley Lester, Cameron Macdonald - Daniel Hunt

Manager: Image Josh Gardner
Home ground: Albion Park (5,300), in downtown Easterbridge near The Split
Honors: 5x - LygaHaven titles, 1x CMFA Champions League
Predictions: LygaHaven's most notable defensive team for years, their time as being the stalwart second place team seems to has
come-and-gone...and come again? With no clear favorite for the title, this team is looking relatively stable and has put in some
solid pieces for a hopeful return to IFCF and CMFA play, 1st.
Starting XI: Michael Nicholson; Reuben Fletcher [c], Henry Stewart, Ellis Davidson, Todd Mcdonald; Hezekiah Flores;
Lawrence Munoz, Lennon Turner; Turner Sears, Lewis Howard, Jude Martin
Reserves: Dominic Phillips; Harley Bailey, Frankie Berry, Peyton Bowers, Carson Bender; Wayne Chambers; Sam Gill, Griffin Spence;
Andrew Kaur, Logan Thomas, Hayden Clarke - Alex Walker

Manager: Image Aiden Elliot
Home ground: The Port (3,000), situated at Wildeport Docks over the Bailstair Ocean in Wildeport
Honors: 1x - LygaHaven titles
Predictions: LygaHaven champions last season, it was something that's been a long time coming overall, but their recent three-year
form going from third to champions is something to look at, they certainly have a capable side this time around for another
attempt, but are they built for longevity? A 2nd place finish wouldn't be too sloppy for seventh year manager, Aiden Elliot.
Starting XI: Harley Kaur; Archie Cooke, Frankie Hall [c], Ethan Austin, Nathaniel Dejesus; Asher Humphrey, Van Downs;
Tristin Winters, Leonel Yates, Liam George; Spencer Patel
Reserves: Finley Fox; Joseph Williams, Ellis Ryan, Jamie Benson, Alexander Christensen; Theo Blackburn, Chandler Gill; Jeffery
Kidd, Cameron Robers, Michael Miller; Kyle Varrett - Tommy Clements
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Postby Havynwilde » Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:47 am

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.All images in this post unless otherwise stated were produced and/or graphically manipulated by me, the use of pictures and logos in this thread is purely for the sake of in-context information and has no reflection upon real-life events nor does it reflect on actions in the real-life world. Any mention of names or terms related to real-life is purely incidental.
All logos used in this text/graphic unless otherwise state are designed by me*.
    *LygaHaven design thanks to Ziwana



The opening sequence plays as the home screen montage fades away, showing forty years and more of Havyish football - the pride the Melayu Archipelago - LygaHaven, perhaps the only league called the ‘lyga’ - the league is once more back in production and VisionHD is proud to be the domestic and Springmontese broadcasting partner for the Havyish top flight from Havynwilde to the world.

Enter Sonya Klein, former commentator in Nephara who’s lackluster presentation never caught on with the Premiership, “Hello and welcome to another Friday in the LygaHaven - the top league of the Archipelago and undoubtedly one of the rising stars in world football. I’m joined here by Rook Alphonse and Ms. Denisa Thirlwell to go in-depth and have like reactions from all our games taking place today. As always, VisionHD will permit no sharing of the game without exclusive rights given to by the LygaHaven Organizing Committe or VisionHD Enterprises. Without further ado, lets get under way!”

“Here, here!”

The screen fades to black as the screen rolls to reveal the logo of VisionHD, underneath a roll of the Virtus Advernians side which one the CMFA Champions League


Avante Leipreachán 3–2 Port Knoxdam
Virtus Advernians 1–0 Wildeport Wanderers
Knights of Briarcliff 5–4 Baywall Athletic

I’ll be the one to say it, the Wanderers aren’t title contenders with that performance, a 1-nil opening loss in Easterbridge showed the team isn’t going to be able to handle the full course meal of 40+ games this season, and they’re not looking too strong off the rip. The issue for the defense were closed because of great work in net from Harley Kaur; Kaur stopped 17 shots on target compared to the measly six that the Wanderers could manage to pull off. After the game with Denisa Thirlwell on the sidelines, “how do you feel about that performance Kaur? Seventeen saves, and you came away without any points?” “Not enough. Simply not enough in this league, no offensive production and errors cost us today and that’s going to hurt us on the backstretch.” Of course, on the other hand, Advernians would be pleased with their start to the season, though one may have wished a few more shots found the back of the net, but for them it was enough thanks to goal scoring coming from Turner Sears in the 26th minute, rifling one in from close range to put the dagger in for Ivys. “We’ll take this one and move on to the next one, each goal is to go 1-0,” post-match commentary with Sears produced. As the game of the week, the billing for this one was expected to be a high-scoring affair, these two teams had entered as the cream of the crop of Havynwilde, the two who were expected to make the most noise throughout the season and who both had bolstered their attacks, now, with the first game gone, has any of that hype depreciated? For the Ivys, they’ll look to show they’re the real deal on Wednesday, while the Wanderers come back home and look to fix their start.

In LygaHaven’s other two games, the Shamrock Club got off to a good-ish start, defeating the Springmontese club, Port Knoxdam in a 3-2 testing match, the Shamrock Club would rely on the target man, Jacob Saunders, in the box to put them up early, a 2-nil lead by halftime thanks to Saunder’s outstretched header in the 7th minute and a tap-in in the 42nd minute. Port Knoxdam, however, came out fighting in the second half, putting pressure after the 40th minute half time, attacking in a basic 4-3-3 proved too much and the 52nd minute saw one pulled back for Rex Fourewound. A second goal would materialize in the 70th minute, with the game knotted 2-a-piece thanks to the likes of Marco Krepanovic’s set piece. However, stoppage time saw the Shamrocks pull one back as Saunders opened the game with the season’s first hattrick, hitting home a corner in80+3’ stoppage time, sealing a hard earned three point for the Shamrock Club who’ll look to have someone else put the team on their back next week. In the other match, Knights of Briarcliff put together five goals and then figured out how to give up four in the process as they got passed Baywall Athletic in a 5-4 thriller, a brace each for Taylor Green and Braiden Moses coupled with a thrilling screamer for Briarcliff’s 16 year-old centerback, Reece Fox helped them hobble to a 5-4 win with offensive prowess that’s becoming a mainstay in the Havyish league. Once more, defense was entirely ignored and it showed, they’ll need to fix that if this team is built for the long run. On the other side of things, Baywall Athletic was forced to rely on its bench for its four goals, with Leo Owen scoring two early on, the other two came from Jenson Watson and Adam Chapman. Watson is one to watch for this season, the young back could look to make a name for himself early on.

Union Forge 4–3 Knights of Briarcliff
Port Knoxdam 2–2 Virtus Advernians
Wildeport Wanderers 3–0 Avante Leipreachán

In the Game of the Week, the Wanderers brought the Shamrock Club to The Port and routed them in a 3-goal showcase, showing that they’re here to compete and not ones to discount. Off the rip, the team came out to play, sixteen year-old, Spencer Patel got on the scoreboard in the fourth minute, with a tap-in going his way, this was coupled later in the tenth minute where he gets on the end of a header and puts the Wanderers up 2-nil off the bat. A deserving man of the match performance for him, he would be taken off after halftime, perhaps to save him for the upcoming run of games, 4 in ten days - for the club - another goal came for them in the 63rd minute, with Nathanial Dejesus coming off the end of a free kick and putting the game away, a convincing 3-nil victory for the Wanderers and now, they’ll look to capitalize on this and build. On the other end of this, the Shamrock Club clearly has an issue with having a defense, because the backline currently operates in an illusion of what a defense is supposed to be. Consecutive games giving up 2+ goals isn’t good, even in a highly-offensive league that it stylizes itself as that, iis Billy Johnson the answer in net? Sure, its too early to really determine anything, but there’s clearly some issues that this team needs to answer, and really sit down and analyze if they don’t want this to come back and bite them in the ass. The seventeen time champions will not find their way to an eighteenth title the way the team currently sits, and they need to sit down and analyze where the team is going wrong - and fix it fast.

Meanwhile, Briarcliff proved that last game wasn’t a fluke, putting up three goals - in a loss - to Union Forge, Knights of Briarcliff scored three, but couldn’t shore up their defense to prevent a second half surge from Union Forge, who scored three in the second half. For Briarcliff, their bright spot has to be Reece Cox, the back scored another thundering header and helped the team in a losing effort, he needs to continue to start for this team, because he’s a bona fide star in the making with his performances. On the other side of things, Union Forge got things going off the rip with successful hattrick from twenty-four year-old striker, Taratino, he looked clean out on the field as he fielded the ball and easily put them in the position to win the game due to an amazing second half hat trick performance. The twenty-four year-old could look to make the move in summer, it's a small sample size, but he’s looking...elite, for sure, and he’s looking like a clear favorite for Golden Boot too. In the lesser game, Port Knoxdam arrived back in Springmont and walked out with a draw, Rex Forewound got his goal for the day in the thirty-second minute, the rest of the team looked pretty decent as they sat back, and did give up two, but, the team is looking decent for a (maybe) fourth place run this season. On the other hand, Virtus Advernians shouldn’t have dropped that game, but given how early things are, I’m not expecting anything too bad to go wrong for them, Turner Sears came through with another goal (and also picked up a yellow card), Jude Martin also contributed for the Ivys and they’ll be back, hopefully looking for a win.

Virtus Advernians 2–2 Wildeport Wanderers
Knights of Briarcliff 2–0 Port Knoxdam
Baywall Athletic 4–2 Union Forge

Once again, Virtus Advernians and the Wanderers went head to head in Easterbridge, it was a once-more defensive affair for both sides and Advernians saw themselves relying on Sears again as he scored a brace for this side - goals in the first and twenty-eight minute was all Advernians would as they snuck away with a draw, mainly because of defensive lapses late in the second half. However, Advernians is shaping for an enticing side, a defence that seems slightly capable of functioning, they can hopefully put together a run of sorts, they look fairly decent through the first three games, but probably need to find some parity on offense and go into form. But, the Ivys also have questions to ask themselves on the other end of the pitch, with late defensive lapses becoming a problem. The Wanderers look like a fairly decent side, built to win and all that - but a late rescue coming from Spencer Patel - knocking one home in the 69th, going around two Advernians defenders - and Leonel Yates top bins, going over Michael Nicholson’s hands, won’t be there to help them escape every game. The team needs to look out other outlets for scoring, as Spencer Patel is only sixteen and isn’t going to be reliable over a full campaign, but clearly, they know that, and are looking for the sort-of flash runs that Patel usually provides in games, his streak of running seems to have helped at times throughout the game, a player with great pace, he’s an important cog in Aidan Elliott’s greater machine.

Baywall Athletic got their first win putting four past Union Forge en route to a 4-2 victory, goals coming from Rogelo Ortiz (1), Leo Owen (2) and the seventeen year-old striker, Morgan Khan (1), was enough to pull away for the victory, thanks to Owen’s second goal coupled with Khan’s both coming in extra time; enough to out them out ahead of the Hammers as they look to find good initial poll position as the season enters its fourth matchday. On the other hand, Union Forge needs to look at their team, sit down and analyze where it went wrong, because it was a decent game for them up until the end - Taratino currently leads the league with goals scored - having 5 thanks to two beautiful additions today. A 17th minute beader which curled into the back of the net, flying past Declan Davies and similarly, with another curling shot in the 46th minute, he found the corner with a strong boot over Davies, at the time tying the games t 2-2, alas it wasn’t enough as they dropped it. Knights of Briarcliff finally had a defensive game, with an astute 2-nil victory, picking up a key win to take them to the top of the table - yes, I know its early in the season - but they’re rightfully the league leaders threw three games, thanks to goals from Braiden Moses and Jacob Parker. The backline looked relatively peaceful, for once, as they helped to keep a clean sheet and limit Port Knoxdam to seven shots on target, Briarcliff will be pleased with a reasonable performance. Similarly Port Knoxdam is shaping up to be shit this season, and its looking like they’ll continue the tradition of being extremely shit with poor performance, they’ll be looking to ounce back and put their head back into the match soon, with these poor performances, they can’t continue if they want to challenge for a Challengers Cup berth, or even if they consider a berth for the CMFA Champions League important for them.

Port Knoxdam 2–2 Baywall Athletic
Wildeport Wanderers 5–2 Knights of Briarcliff
Avante Leipreachán 7–4 Virtus Advernians

These are the scored that we’re looking for, where the popcorn comes out and we laugh and smile and all that - and the Shamrock Club turned up the heat, with a hat trick from Gabby Dickerson - who the fuck is Gabby Dickerson you may ask? I don’t know either, but she’s apparently a quality sixteen year-old who found a way to put three past Advernians off the rip, she found the net in the fourth, twenty and twenty-seventh minute, before being subbed off for hamstring issues, I to would’ve subbed off if I carried the team through the first half and single-handedly kept the team in the game when we should’ve been trailing. Avante seemed to have realized that and would come out in the second half with a scandalizing attack, this time finding the back of the net thanks to the combined exploits of Jacob Saunders and Maddox Duncan, Saunders squared away two tap-ins early into the second half and was helped by a free kick from Duncan which pushed the Shamrock Club to a 7-4 win. On the other sides of things, Advernians had a relatively good game until the second half collapse - Turner Sears added a goal in the 22nd minute and Lewis Howard got his campaign off to a start with two goals between four minutes in the 26nd and 30th minute, at the time knotting the game at 3-3. Another goal would come in the 45th minute as Ellis Davidson got on the receiving end of a huge free kick, taking them up 4-3, soon after the collapse began. Shoring up the defense will be important at the midseason break for this team.

Around the league, Wildeport came out guns blazing and retook the top of the league, on a 5-2 win over Knights of Briarcliff, Leonel Yates opened the score sheet early in the seventh minute, beautiful strike from gim in the penalty box, followed up by Spencer Patel’s two strikes, both in the fortieth minute had the game at 3-1. It wouldn’t take long for the substitutes to place their marks two, as in the 42nd minute, Kyle Varrett found a header and sends the ball home, soon after, Cameron Robers delivered the deathblow in the 76th minute as they took home in convincing fashion an important victory. On the other end, Knights of Briarcliff looked good early on but were unable to put the team together, they looked solid from the get-go, but a collapse in the midfield clearly hurt them as the team began a straight collapse late in the match, now, the team has to be looking at a way to figure out the midfield and scoring goals consistently, upfront, an issue is clearly persisting in the front lines that the team needs to address.On the other end, in a relatively normal game, Port Knoxdam held Baywall Athletic to a draw as both sides battled toa 2-2 draw in the relative peace and quiet of Northwell Arena, which saw a small attendance, the Oilers will be looking to build off today’s decent showcase and hopefully find a few more defensive performances to power them up the league ale, still dead last, the things could get much better for them in short order, they just need to put things together. Baywall won’t be happy to have dropped this game, as they definitely saw themselves as the favorites to win this one, Baywall needs to sit and reevaluate what the next step is, given Morgan Khan’s brace today, was noone else able to help with giving the team an extra goal of sorts? An assist or something to power them over the edge? A game like this simply shouldn’t be enough for Baywall, and they know that.

Knights of Briarcliff 3–2 Avante Leipreachán
Baywall Athletic 2–1 Wildeport Wanderers
Union Forge 6–6 Port Knoxdam

The game of the week definitely had to be the twelve goal thriller that was a 6-6 draw between Port Knoxdam and Union Forge, a thriller that clearly beckons to the style of play that is being pushed to the forefront in LygaHaven, we saw a thriller which saw Hamers and Oilers trade goals throughout much of the match - a hat trick for Tarantino still leaves him with the most goals on the season, with eight goals on the season, he’s a clear marksman and his goals in the 27th, 39th and 46th minute were key in putting the team in the position for much of the match. Similarly, good shifts from Drew Jordan and William Harvey both were key and assisted them in scoring five before Felipe Kelly’s sixth in stoppage time. Perhaps the bigger problem for them is they put up six goals and drew the the game, but, given the team is still trying to find a way to finish above sixth place, I don’t think they’ll take this loss too harshly, things are on the up for the team and the Hammers can see their improving. On the other hand, Port Knoxdam scored six goals, I’m still trying to get over that, six goals and neither seen is unable to win, that’s still something that’s hard to understand, the hat trick from Bereznack was nice, but it wasn’t enough and he left at least two more goals out on the field, and he definitely knew he would have scored those as he sat down after the match. Rex Foreowund contributed with two solid goals too, and finally wrapped up a casual flick with Reagan Waterfist getting in on the action. The solid performance we saw from the backline- oh, no, this was the wrong team: Port Knoxdam;s backline was shit, But maybe that’s okay for this team, if they can continue to couple strong offensive performances with drawing matches.

Elsewhere, Shamrock Club will be unlucky to not come away with a draw as they left too much out for the Knights to take advantage of, Briarcliff’s 3-2 win takes them atop the table with supersub, Sean West netting two goals upon coming on the 64th and the 68th minute headers for him, coupled with Braiden Moses’s performances early on, adding a strike of his own was enough to hands the Knights the three points. Shamrock Club will feel unlucky that they couldn’t walk away with a draw as it clearly wa s there for the taking, but with the season early, they can likely improve and find a way back into it, it's not the end of the world for the club, who’s start to the season hasn’t dazzled anyone, but it hasn’t been exactly *bad* per se. Just some things here and there they’ll need to clean up, late game collapses have to go, Meanwhile, in a relatively normal game, Baywall Athletic took a 2-1 win over the Wanderers, not requiring much to get over the hump and take a thoroughly defensive affair in the right direction. Baywall will be pleased with this result as the relatively defensive showcase continues for them, something that they hope to showcase as the two defensive teams did battle. The Wanderers only managed one, but,I don't think they feel too hurt with this performances, after all, the team is set up to emphasize its defense, and it showed tonight as they weren’t able to get on the board in any way, but they’ll take this game and come back, for sure.

Wildeport Wanderers 5–2 Union Forge
Avante Leipreachán 4–3 Baywall Athletic
Virtus Advernians 3–2 Knights of Briarcliff

The Shamrock Club would take a solid 4-3 victory over the Pirates in stride, with a contribution coming in from both Gabby Dickerson and Jacob Saunders, Dickerson continues to establish herself as one of the ones to watch in the league with her amazing defensive play coupled with a couple well-fought-for goals, these goals helped to propel Avante into the driver's seat and fast tracked them to a solid spot in the league, sitting now at second following a solid display on the field. Saunders on the other hand looked to rope in some more goals, despite being 5’4, the striker found himself on the end of a header or two and was able to guide two of them deep into the back of the net, capitalizing on mistakes from the opposition and putting the Shamrock Club into the driver's seat while picking up two goals for himself. On the other side, the Pirates will feel unlucky to not come away with at least a point in a game that they felt they were hard-done-by in a game where they were relatively decent for most of the match. After the match, “it wasn’t a bad game by any means, but we left a lot out there, 28 shots and only three goals to come away with is a problem for us that we’re going to address on the training pitch and come back hitting harder,” Stanley Khan told the media. Clearly, the problem for the team was deeper than that, as it stumbled late once more, unable to find a sparks after the first half hattrick produced by Rogelio Ortiz, “I left a lot out there, I should’ve put away more chances,” said the would-be hat trick hero.

Around the league, the Wanderers found themselves in the drivers spot, putting past five past Union Forge as the Wanderers would hit the Hammers hard with a 5-2 win at The Port; Tarantino’s ninth goal still wasn’t enough and came far too late to start a comeback or spur on anything more than padding the stats as the Hammers would look to come back and retool in Ravenclyff. Speaking of Tarantino, he’s emerging quickly as a start in the league, currently leading the league through week six with nine goals, this could be a case to move abroad. On the other side, in Wildeport, the Wanderers strong performance under the lights took Spencer Patel to seven goals on the season as he recorded a brace, similarly, a brace for Liam George as he tried to get the offensive engine going. Off the bench, a strong performance from Theo Blackburn who would produce two assists and even record a goal himself. Meanwhile, the Ivys not to be outdone shown with a relatively defensive performance of their own,a 3-2 win over the Knights despite still trailing in the standings - Turner Sears added a sixth goal in the twenty-fourth minute off a penalty kick, later in the second half he’d sub off with an apparently injury - we hope it's nothing too serious, given how good of a start he’s off too right now. Griffin Spence and Logan Thomas off the bench would add goals two and three as they found a way to win. For the Knights, not too much can be said about this, the game shouldn’t have been dropped for sure, but the team will probably take this in stride and go back to the drawing board - they’ve got to realize that they’re not a defensive team, bunkering down is going to be a problem for this team, rather than just going for it, because in the end, they’re exposing themselves more than they should.

Baywall Athletic 1–2 Virtus Advernians
Union Forge 3–2 Avante Leipreachán
Port Knoxdam 3–2 Wildeport Wanderers

Wildeport is wildly inconsistent - and that’s going to be a problem in the long run, they can’t go from winning 5-2 to dropping a game to the worst team in the league 3-2, the type of problems just can’t happen, and a frustrated locker room was seen after the match with Leonel Yates talking to the team, the team was doomed from the start as it gave up two goals within the space of the first seven minutes and from the rest of the game found itself playing catch-up with a Port KNoxdam side that didn’t really even come seeking to win, rather to find a point and leave. Entering the game, the Wanderers were emerging as an attacking force, and rightfully still are, but their defense was sturdy too - now this game has me questioning if that’s true too, because simply put, some of these goals were easily avoided and they’ll have to ask themselves that question. Port Knoxdam on the other hand should take this win and move forward with it, they’re looking sturdy on defense, and if they can couple that with a run of form and find someone who can just do the dirty work for them they can perhaps fina run of form and stick with it, because, they’re looking to have found some form of parity that they can hopefully establish something to build on and hopefully push for the playoff line. Playoff in the first season would be something of an amazing run for the Port Knoxdam who after the new season rules have been implemented, still feel like they have a chance.

Meanwhile, Advernians looked to pick up where the Wanderers had faltered, putting on a defensive showcase, the clinic that the Ivys performed put them up into first place with a clinical strike coming from Lewis Howard and another from Lawarence Munoz off a free kick. For the Ivy, there’s a problem, Turner Sears being ruled out for seven weeks puts him out to return in about three months for the Ivy, can they shore up offensive production with their current leading goalscorer gone? The Pirates on the other hand are fighting to get above the playoff line, and are struggling because of it, and it's clear they’re looking to find a way to get into position for it it, they’re playing defensive, but they’re still conceding, Leo Owen found his fifth goal of the season, out missed another three, the backline looks shaky, can they find a way to fix the numerous issues (mostly self-inflicted) before it gets out of hand? Finally, in Ravenclyff, The Old Firm renewed their rivalry with the Hammers walking out with a stunning 3-2 victory over Shamrock Club, thanks to Tarantino’s hattrick, it's becoming a recurring thing to where the formation is simply to pass to Tarantino and hope for the best. Clearly, the team has a problem with diversifying, but if it's yielding dividends, is it necessarily a problem for them? On one hand, if it's working, why deviate, but eventually, it's not going to work for them, and by the time the playoffs come around, can the Hammers afford to risk Tarantino’s acrobatics? The Shamrock Club will look to address the problems with the defensive lapses that continue to be their failing, they’re going to need to really sit down and analyze this one, because the opportunity to win was clearly theirs for the taking, too much sloppy play simply doomed their chances and I think they realize they could have easily won this one.

Port Knoxdam 4–7 Avante Leipreachán
Union Forge 2–4 Virtus Advernians
Baywall Athletic 4–1 Knights of Briarcliff

Baywall’s looking for some sort of separation from the bottom of the pack, and they got it, feat. a 7-4 victory for the Shamrock Club over Port Knoxdam, coupled with Advernians disassembling the Hammers; the Pirates only had to do a relatively light job of handinly Briarcliff to the tune of 4-1 at home, and they’re quite pleased with where that puts them. Of course, there’s the gauntlet ahead coming up for them, but goals from Darien Vaughn (with a two-goal contribution), Morgan Khan and Gabriel Marshall put those fears to rest at least for another day, staying in fourth seems to be good enough for the Pirates, at least for now and they’ll be pleased that things outside their control also went their way, given they have to play those exact same teams soon. The Pirates looked imposing and seemed to have control on the game from the get-go, that’s how they want it, and dictating the tempo against lesser teams is going to be important for them if they want to continue to put themselves into the position to make the Championship Series, then this is the way to do it, picking up solid wins like this. Meanwhile, the Knights have to ask themselves what in hell they’re doing, this game shouldn't have been dropped, and they know that, especially with how tough the second half of the season is going to be, letting game slip away like this is going to cost them in the long run and they’re going to ber looking for ways to push this away because when the playoff line comes, this game is going to be circle as a game they wish they got more out off.

Advernians seems to be doing just fine without Sears, Lewis Howard seems to have put himself in a more important role and looks to continually find himself playing in new positions, hoping to maximize himself as the target man despite only featuring on the scoresheet once. Advernians currently leads the league after week eight, and their offense seems to be in solid hands, without Sears, so hopefully they can find something that’ll push them over the edge, propelling them into the like of possible Premiers and more importantly, Champions. On the other hand, Tarantino was shut out and the Hammers found other outlets for their two goals, progress being that they weren’t reliant on one man, but, issues are still abound for this team, and they need to solve them in order to have any chance of competing. The team knows that, I know that, and the defense knows that it's nonexistent right now and that’s going to doom any of their chances that they had if they can't even address that and monitor the ongoing problems they have with that. It's going to take more than simple taps at it, they have to do a full evaluation of what works, because the talent’s there. The Shamrock Club put up seven in a goalfest as they swept away Port Knoxdam, how sat pretty themselves with a solid four, but it was clear the Shamrock Club didn't come with any perception of losing, as they clearly cut away as the best team. Avante has a bona fide star in Jacob Saunders - a hattrick form the seventeen year old takes him to seven goals on the season, let me know if he doesn’t make some form of a national team this season, because whatever it is, he’s got to make it after the performance he put up thus far. Port Knoxdam knocked in a solid four goals as well, but they’re bottom of the table and have a lot to address if they want to rectify the ongoing situationship they have right now.

Knights of Briarcliff 1–2 Union Forge
Virtus Advernians 4–0 Port Knoxdam
Avante Leipreachán 5–4 Wildeport Wanderers

Solid win for Union Forge who now sit a point off the playoff line, can they put this all together and force something big here - I don’t know, back-to-back wins or something - that’d been nice for the organization, especially since they can’t seem to find the back of the net much with how things currently are. The team needs to find a way forward, and build off this, hopefully they can produce more energy after this positive, its a step in the right direction, beating another team also pushing for the fourth place spot, so it shows the team is looking to go forward, the bigger picture has to be finding away to put all these pieces together to lay a foundation adn to attack, relying on Tarantino to put the entire team on his back and score the goals like they’ve continually done all season isn’t going to work come playoffs, and they’re starting to realize that, at least attempting to diversify their scoring and shooters a bit more as two new players got on the score sheet. On the other hand, Briarcliff has an issue on their hands, they were only allowed ten goals on target, and the issues shown throughout the game that there's simply no creative outlet for them to turn to, and these issues that they’re having are going to continue to mount if they can’t simply try and figure out a way around this. The team is too good to not be able to create chances, and there needs to be a sit down if the Knights can’t find ways to find the back of the enemy, because by that point, its the tactics you blame and not the player.

The Wanderers put up four goals in a loss to Avante as Shamrock Club look to turn up the heat as we’re almost to the halfway point of the regular season, the team still hasn’t found their stride, but, performances like this show the team is perhaps back on the ups and can find themselves in poll position to get going after the restart, perhaps square away some problems on offense and they’ll be hitting all cylinders and good to go once the season gets off to a start again. On the receiving end, the Wanderers will find themselves wondering how in hell they managed to let that game slip away and it’ll become the stuff of nightmares for their fans, with the game 3-1 heading into the seventieth minute, how they managed to shit the bed and lose control will be a stunning tale for the rest of the season and could become their defining moment as the club seems to be quickly fading from their early start to the season. Elsewhere, in the other big matchup, Advernians blanket Port Knoxdam in Easterbridge, keeping their hopes alive as the season continues that they can keep up a run for the Premiers this season, things are looking relatively up for them this season and they’re going to want to keep the pressure up going into their ninth game, a good start to the season could allow them to coast through the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Port Knoxdam’s momentum from last game is gone, it was s hit performance on the road and their reeling from that one, they’ll need to sit and reevaluate, come back to the drawing board with a better performance because they left too much out there and were exposed in the end.

Wildeport Wanderers 3–4 Virtus Advernians
Port Knoxdam 2–2 Knights of Briarcliff
Union Forge 2–3 Baywall Athletic

Baywall into thirds the pick up a key win over the Hammers, leap-frogging the Wanderers in the process as they attempt to lay their claim to the third seed with a three point gulf opened between them and the chasing pack of the Wanderers, Hammers and the Knights. Baywall will look to expand on their lead and perhaps challenge for more, but for now, they’re happy with where they are, given the rocky start to the season for them, finding goals from Adam Chapman with two from the substitute were certainly welcome as they helped to take them over the hump at the 80th minute, and that’s certainly saying something on this tea, there’s issues that need to be addressed, but the simple fact they were able to put together some sort of cohesion, and get it done when it mattered is going to get major point for this team moving forward. It's looking more and more like progress has been made in Baywall and could likely be a team on the up once again. On the other side of things, Union Forge has to realize that things aren’t getting better for them, they’re going to have to have s sit down and figure out the next step forward for this team, because what’s going on right now - it isn’t ready - and overreliance has returned and plagued this team once again, they’re going to be major work that needs to be addressed if the team wants to make any real push.

Port Knoxdam went out and got a draw with Briarcliff, keeping their chances alive, but surely, they're realizing their window of opportunity is quickly closing right now, and they need to figure out what the next step forward is going to be for this team, because it has a chance really to do something, but it needs to trust youth less and trust results more, and that’ll come with time, but I’m sure Knoxdam will see that soon. Meanwhile, Briarcliff is reeling, from sustaining a loss to UNion Forge, they travelled to Port Knoxdam needing a win to keep their push alive early, and were once again leaving wanting more, and that’s a point of concern to address for the team, they’ve got a lot of firepower, but don’t seem to know what to do with it, and that’s going to hurt them in the long run. The Ivy took another victory to move back atop the table, looking like the more complete team, they found their way into the game early and remained there for much of the match thanks to sustained pressure. If they can improve a little more in defense, this is the team that I really do see going all the way this season, Champion and all. Wildeport continues to crash and burn on the other end, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed, and quickly before it's too late.

- Image  LYGAHAVEN       Image           PLD   W   D   L    GD   PTS 
-1 Image Virtus Advernians Image 9 6 2 1 +7 20----------
-2 Image Avante Leipreachán Image 8 5 0 3 +4 15----------
-3 Image Baywall Athletic Image 8 4 1 3 +4 13----------
-4 Image Wildeport Wanderers Image 9 3 1 5 +4 10----------
-5 Image Union Forge Image 8 3 1 4 −5 10----------
-6 Image Knights of Briarcliff Image 9 3 1 5 −5 10----------
-7 Image Port Knoxdam Image 9 1 4 4 −9 7----------

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Natl. team

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Season Review

Sepak takraw in Havynwilde isn’t widely followed, with there being no national team nore is there major respect in regards to the sport in terms of Havynwilde’s contribution to it - however, with a sizeable amount of Springmontese diaspora, the sport has flourished in recent year at a club level, leading to the building blocks being formed for a league - with sponsorships from major companies in Bellymn. It was decided for the first-contested season of the 5 Premiership, sponsored by Pryma, all five teams would carry the names of the companies sponsoring them, with hopes this would build up support and name recognition for sepak takraw domestically. Featuring some LygaHaven players looking for offseason exercise and players from the All-City High League second division, the five teams got underway to form the newest league in Havynwilde - the Pryma5 Premiership.

Team Heat, sponsored by Alliance Premier Corp. were a cut above the rest, as they dominated and walked to the league title with a solid 11-5 record in the inaugural season, APC Heat looked clear to be the favorites despite finishing the season on consecutive losses, they were still in points ahead of the closest competition and clearly looked to be the best team in the 5 Premiership - they would go on a six-game winning streak, helping to set themselves above from the rest - also showing their defensive prowess as they would only allow fourteen goals against on the entire season. The team from the get-go looked to set the pace for the season and had some amazing play, culminating in their showcase game with the heat in Week 14 leading to a 3 set victory in which their offensive capabilities were well exploited and shown.

The first season wrapping up, it was clearly sepak takraw in Havynwilde wasn’t to the level of its neighbors, Springmont, but, it existed; and as sepak takraw was the second-most popular sport in the Archipelago, the Havyish nation looked to capitalize on that and bring some exciting things for season two, further improving and taking the next step.

The rest of the league was painfully average, after getting off to a 1-5 start, Team Centurions player-manager, Guy Chamberlain, was sacked, Team Centurions would be unable to recover from the start to the season and would ground out 5-11, Avawa Motors is rumored to be chasing ownership of Team Blood Rockets for next season. Meanwhile on the complete opposite of the spectrum, Athena-Brave will try to hold on to their Blood Rockets who finished in second place on twenty-four points, they’ll be heading to the Playin Final, looking for a spot. Team Blue’s relatively defensive stature took them to third in the standings, they’ll enjoy moving on to the Playin Final for a third and final spot in the LSST while VisionHD’s Team Blalck Knights will miss out wondering why they couldn’t win one more game.

As we entered the playoff finals, it was clear the Pryma5 Premiership was off to a good start, with the level of play nowhere as good as in the rest of the region, it was still slowly improving. “We’re going to make Havynwilde a destination for the top players soon,” Commissioner Roger Cameron told the media, “we’re going to have the top league within five seasons,” seemingly putting out a challenge to the rest of the world to dare and stop Havynwilde’s new league.

Following an end to the season, Team Heat were the first team in, already assured a spot in the LSST.

  PRYMA5                         Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 APC Heat 16 11 0 5 22 16 +6 33 Champions, LSST Championship
2 Athena-Brave Blood Rockets 16 8 0 8 20 17 +3 24
3 HSC Blues 16 8 0 8 17 18 −1 24

4 VisionHD Black Knights 16 8 0 8 18 20 −2 24
5 Avawa Motors Centurions 16 5 0 11 17 23 −6 15

Play-In Final

One win away and who comes away with it? Athena-Brave’s Team Blood Rockets would pick up the win in straight sets, advancing to their first LSST Championship in their inaugural season, the Blues meanwhile sat home, wondering where it went wrong and looking towards next season to change the progression for them. Certainly, given how the season had gone for them, they’re wishing they could’ve put it all together, but the team is young, they can take some time to improve and most certainly will be back, they’re a good side, they just weren’t quality today, and it cost them.

(BLR)Athena-Brave Blood Rockets    2–0    HSC Blues                 (BLU)  21–16 21–18
At Kyler Field, Bellymn, Havynwilde

Havynwilde (HVY) Qualifiers:

LSST Championships: APC Heat, Athena-Brave Blood Rockets

Please list teams as 'Heat' and 'Blood Rockets' the teams are sponsored by companies, the companies aren't part of the team names
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Oth. sports

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A new season is underway as EliteLyga began its second season of play, included in this four Havyish teams were to take place in the IDLO Champions Cup in the first try, they were hoping to simply stay alive in the group stage. Bellymn Machinx would be favored to win the title this year, they’d reloaded and brought in key player to shore up some defensive issues, looking to go back-to-back and pull off a a second consecutive league title, and they’re looking good to do it heading into the season. FIxing and shoring up their defensive lapses was the goal this season, but the team still looks primed to make a run, simply put, the team has too many strengths to really be delayed for long, at worst they’ll finish first and squeak past a challenger for the EliteLyga Championship, at worst they’ll run away within the Premiership and cruise to the EliteLyga Championship, the team’s multifaceted skill just has power in every position, even the bench is loaded.

Once more as the season went though and made its rounds, it was clear the Machinx were a class above the rest, coupled with a regression from Ravenclyff LK and a strong amount of parity below the Machinx, it enabled the Machinx to run away with the league Premiership, comfortably setting themselves up for the championship series while only dropping three games. Also finishing with the second best defense in the league - which was surprising, given how Ravenclyff LK would finish in third with the best defensive record, but, the offense was clicking. Two-hundred-seventy-nine goals was enough to push them over to the front and the Machinx would clind the league with time to spare in Week 22, and finished out on a four game winning streak.

Meanwhile, in the IDLO Champions Cup, Havyish teams established themselves as ones-to-watch and shed massive amounts of light on the Havyish league through the group stage - Baywall City would cruise through Group A, only suffering one loss and scoring a group-leading eighty-five goals. The Inferno similarly would win Group B with seventy-seven goals and upending a surprised Suwkpel Rush in a *rush* for the title. Down in Group G, Ravenclyff LK was the second undefeated team in the tournament and first for Havynwilde, putting up eighty-seven goals and coasting through with relative ease. Finally, the Machinx scored ninety-nine goals en route to winning Group G, an insane amount and whole showed how good of a team they really are, certainly no fluke on the big stage.

Domestically the season ended with the Machinx in poll position, twenty-one victories and only three losses does that for you. The closest team were Baywall City who had a good showing in the groups stage finishing first, they’d finish in second place on seventeen wins and an important rest week for them with the knockouts of both the Champions Cup and the championship series coming up. Ravenclyff LK and the Inferno both had regressed in major ways, there’s some issues, especially with LK, they don’t look to have the depth to win this, and the Champions Cup and it's clear they’re putting their eggs into winning the Champions Cup. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. Rounding out the two playoff spots, the Foxes were the definition of mediocre with 11 wins, thirteen losses and a zero goal difference, they’ll be bounced in the first round. Wildeport Wanderers Lacrosse finally got money from their parent organization and squeak into the playoffs, expecting to lose - probably.

With the first season wrapping up for playoffs, the quest for a champion was just beginning or some teams, the outsiders, who were hell - or should we say ice - bent on going to the Championship, which will be held as an exposition at Bellymn’s Nordstadion, which during the season has played host to the Bellymn Machinx despite reduced seating.

Following an end to the season, the Machinx were the first team in, already assured a spot in the Champions Cup by virtue of being the EliteLyga Premiers.

   ELITELYGA                    PLD     W    L    GB    GF    GA    WIN % 
-1 Bellymn Machinx 24 21 3 - 279 193 0.875----------
-2 BCLC 24 17 7 4 280 246 0.708----------
-3 Ravenclyff LK 24 16 8 5 284 191 0.667----------
-4 Ravenclyff Inferno 24 14 10 7 249 209 0.583----------
-5 Deloviette Renard 24 11 13 10 262 262 0.458----------
-6 Wildeport Wanderers Lax 24 10 14 11 235 251 0.417----------
7 Pride 24 9 15 12 219 246 0.375
8 Union Hrafnagja 24 8 16 13 194 277 0.333
9 Keflavik Expos 24 7 17 14 229 294 0.292
10 Southbridge United 24 7 17 14 207 269 0.292

(RLK)             Ravenclyff LK   14–8    Wildeport Wanders Lacrosse(WLD)  
(RVN) Ravenclyff Inferno 9–5 Deloviette Renard (DLV)

The road to the Championship got started with Ravenclyff LK dusting the Wildeport Wanderers 14-8, the Lions looked thoroughly confused and were clearly beat from the onset of the game, unable to keep up with a second-choice lineup from Ravenclyff who were looking ahead to a bigger game with the looming knockouts getting underway with the Champions Cup. Meanwhile, the Inferno took down the Foxes in convincing fashion, Deloviette was no match for the Infernos in a defensive matchup, Renard has something to build upon with this showcase, perhaps they’ll look to really improve on their defense and move forward with that next season, because it was a decent showcase for them. The Ravenclyff Inferno on the other hand will be going to play the Machinx, and this win will be erased when they lose, because it's clear that they’re not going to win this and Ravenclyff needs to finish and go through with a full rebuild.

(BMX)           Bellymn Machinx   13–7    Ravenclyff Inferno        (RVN)  
(BAY) Baywall City LC 6–9 Ravenclyff LK (RLK)

The Machinx once more wiped the floor with the Inferno as they walked out 13-7 victors at Nordstadion, the Machinx prepare to travel to Darmen to take on Tilden LC in the Champions Cup quarter finals, a continued victory, the team is looking better and better, and this seasons is looking even better compared to where they were at last season. On the other hand, the Inferno has to look at where they are and reflect on it - this team isn’t going beyond the Second-final at all, they’ll have to settle for another out and look at their team, because there’s no problems here besides the fact they’re not good enough to win against the Machinx and they won’t year after year with this team. On another note, Ravenclyff is entirely focused on finding a way to go to the championship and needed to dig deep to take a win from BCLC as Baywall head hope in a defensive encounter.


The Championship Series comes to a stirring end with the Machinx going back to back, hoisting their second title and defeating Ravencylff 11-7 in the finale. For Ravenclyff, they’ll admit that its clear this team isn’t focused on winning the league, Havynwilde’s sent two teams to the Champions Cup finals and they’re betting their starters can down a tired Bellymn Machinx in the finals, and they’re betting that they’ll be able to run the same scheme and win it. Is this league already in the position to where they can consider themselves to be the best in the world?

(BMX)           Bellymn Machinx   11–7    Ravenclyff LK             (RLK)  
At Nordstadion in Bellymn, Havynwilde

Havynwilde (HVY) Qualifiers:
IDLO Champions Cup: Bellymn Machinx, Ravenclyff LK, Baywall City Lacrosse Club, Ravenclyff Inferno


IDLO Champions Cup Sixteenth-Final
(HVY)           Bellymn Machinx   18–9    Scott City LC             (DAR)  
(HVY) Baywall City LC 9–10 o Coffs (NWK)
(HVY) Ravenclyff LK 12–10 Chuckio LC (DAR)
(HVY) Ravenclyff Inferno 22–9 Ostunveer Oilers (SRX)

The Machinx waltz into the quarterfinals, taking an 18-9 thrashing ans stepping over Scott City LC from Darmen, this team is looking more and more like they're the real deal, the level of quality is clearly there! Meanwhile, Baywall City prove their a fluke and crash out against Coffs from Northwest Kalactin, this loss should’ve never happened and the team needs to fix things quickly for next season, and they’re probably going to have to answer things and determine where the right step is. Ravenclugg LK eek out a win against Chuchio LC, Darmen’s league has two straight clubs fallen out against Havyish clubs. Finally, the Inferno show they’re putting all their eggs into this competition - a 22-9 thrashing of Ostunveer Oilers, Havynwilde’s teams go ¾ and will look to build on this.

IDLO Champions Cup Eighth-Final
(HVY)           Bellymn Machinx   16–4    Tilden LC                 (DAR)  
(HVY) Ravenclyff LK 15–4 Ravenclyff Inferno (HVY)

Darmen’s club are punching air right now, having had three clubs go out to Havyish clubs as the Machinx wipe the floor with Tilden LC, running away with a 16-4 rout at home. Meanwhile, Ravenclyff LK took home a 15-4 win over the Inferno, the Inferno really needed to blow this thing up, they don’t have the capability to hang with the top two despite what their record says. The Inferno will have to have a sit-down and establish where they are, the team is going to have to find a way against the top two, and if they do, it’s not going to be with the current squad.

IDLO Champions Cup Eighth-Final
(HVY)           Bellymn Machinx   19–8    Ogovlish Orioles          (AFT)  
(HVY) Ravenclyff LK o 9–8 Suwkpel Rush (AFT)

Darmen’s clubs were traded for Abanhfleft’s as both Abanhfleft’s clubs were clapped in the semifinals, opening with the Machinx double down on Ogovlish Orioles, the Machinx took a 19-8 victory and they’re going to move onto the finals to take on Ravenclyff LK, the Machinx have simply been on a separate level this entire tournament and they’re clearly far above the rest, I don’t see any way this tide can be reversed, its been a week since the Championship Series and I don’t think Ravenclyff LK has fixed enough. Meanwhile, Ravenclyff LK took away any chances for Suwkpel Rush to play the Champions Cup finals at home: denying an opportunity for them with a 9-8 win in overtime for Ravenclyff LK, they’ll take this in stride and look for the victory as we go to the final.


The finale, the end-all-be-all and in the end...the Machinx are the champions of the world. In an astounding run, it was a 14-12 victory for the Machinx, and this victory symbolizes their first-ever and Havynwilde’s first IDLO Champions Cup in its first season - Havynwilde’s league is simply-put the best in the world at the moment. This league is promising and its a shame it couldn’t transition to the WLCs.

(HVY)           Bellymn Machinx   14–12    Ravenclyff LK            (HVY)
At NLigthen Comestics Arena in Suwkpel, Abanhfleft
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Postby Havynwilde » Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:19 pm

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.All images in this post unless otherwise stated were produced and/or graphically manipulated by me, the use of pictures and logos in this thread is purely for the sake of in-context information and has no reflection upon real-life events nor does it reflect on actions in the real-life world. Any mention of names or terms related to real-life is purely incidental.
All logos used in this text/graphic unless otherwise state are designed by me*.
    *LygaHaven design thanks to Ziwana



The opening sequence plays as the home screen montage fades away, showing forty years and more of Havyish football - the pride the Melayu Archipelago - LygaHaven, perhaps the only league called the ‘lyga’ - the league is once more back in production and VisionHD is proud to be the domestic and Springmontese broadcasting partner for the Havyish top flight from Havynwilde to the world.

Enter Sonya Klein, former commentator in Nephara who’s lackluster presentation never caught on with the Premiership, “Hello and welcome to another Friday in the LygaHaven - the top league of the Archipelago and undoubtedly one of the rising stars in world football. I’m joined here by Rook Alphonse and Ms. Denisa Thirlwell to go in-depth and have like reactions from all our games taking place today. As always, VisionHD will permit no sharing of the game without exclusive rights given to by the LygaHaven Organizing Committe or VisionHD Enterprises. Without further ado, lets get under way!”

“Here, here!”

The screen fades to black as the screen rolls to reveal the logo of VisionHD, underneath a roll of the Virtus Advernians side which one the CMFA Champions League


Baywall Athletic 1–2 Port Knoxdam
Knights of Briarcliff 5–2 Wildeport Wanderers
Virtus Advernians 1–1 Avante Leipreachán

As the season resumes, things get rough right from the get-go, we’re thrust into the opening of the restart, with players returning to their clubs front he IAC-11, which was just hosted by Havynwilde,a return to league competition has cast parallels over the status of Havynwilde, post-IAC, as it reels from protests that have gone on through the land, LygaHaven would take social justice as it would call for Havyish better treatment of communities impoverished by Havyish government during the civil war, meanwhile, some players would take a stand against injustices with kneeling, refusal to play, et cetera. The return to play was a strange one, as players came striding back onto the fields all across the nation, in some cases, walking out to brand new stadiums, in other a return to sacred grounds. For Braircliff, the Knights reopened play at Vibr-brand Stadion with a thrashing of defending champions, the Wanderers, to the tune of a 5-2 victory at home, with a little over 3,000 people in attendance, the Knights looked to set the tone for the restart, looking like they were the better team from the onset, wit a stylish way of playing, and a clear, precise handling and finishing, one that easily put them them over the Wanderers as the game wore on. Taylor Green’s two goals to open the restart gave him a brace, and they easily coasted on to a victory as the season restarted,a bright game for them, as they face a challenging season ahead, if they want to make the split. All they need is a top five finish, given the league is testing a proposed system for when it eventually expands.

Elsewhere around the league, the return to play was heralded - in Port Knoxdam, the Sailors picked up a key win, and only their second of the campaign, with a vital lifeline of a victory over the Pirates. The Pirates will be reeling after fumbling what should've been a surefire victory for them if not for collapses in the final moments of the match, the feeling is that it's clear that things are slipping for Havynwilde’s second most famous side at the moment, they’re not looking too good and they’re going to need to gain some ground if they want to compete with the Shamrocks or even the Ivys if they hope to make the Premiership, let alone win the league. Meanwhile, for Port Knox Dam, the simple task of winning the league is too much for them, they're trying to simply stay afloat in the league, thus far, and it's looking like that won’t happen, given the status of things right now, if they can stay alive and finish fifth, that’d be a miracle in its own right, but I don’t see that happening, they’re just going to have to rebuild,a dn Ian Florentino’s going to have to depart from this team sooner or later, the board can’t continue to have faith ins someone who’s not producing. THe Shamrocks and the Ivys shared the spoils of a 1-a-piece draw today, and at Easterbridge, the five point lead over the Shamrocks remained the same, the Ivys will be disappointed to not come away with moe points, but, they’ll maintain their current position in first, at least for another game or two. The Shamrock Club needs to look at Saunders and move him in, play hmi in the role he played for with the national team, where he excelled, he’s not so much excelling here, and they’re going to have to fix or solve that asap.

Avante Leipreachán 2–1 Knights of Briarcliff
Wildeport Wanderers 3–1 Baywall Athletic
Port Knoxdam 2–1 Union Forge

The Wanderers looked to rebound as they welcomed the Pirates to The Port for an important game, Rouges Lione looked decent from the start, and transitioned well into the game as they emerged at the end with a vital 3-1 victory, the team’s performance in its return, from Spencer Patel’s clear skill on the ball and adding two more goals for himself, to a decent shift between the stick for Wildeport keeper, Harley Kaur, should leave the team feeling someone better about how things are playing out right now, Patel’s a shoe-in for the national team and has begun to establish himself with good play domestically, whether or not he makes the move abroad next season, he’s been a big piece to this team. On the other end of the sticks, the Pirates are feeling cheated, but at the same time, this team hasn’t really been all roses, nor has it had a great performance - denied two clear penalties, Baywall Athletic is rumored to be preparing a case to plead their point with HFF concerning the game - but even then, the game shouldn’t have allowed the Wanderers to score three goals, and close the gap of three points, they’ll be disappointed with that.

Meanwhile, in Bellymn, the Shamrocks picked up a key victory over the Knights, that’s back-to-back losses for the Knights who’re stumbling in their quest for a title, can the Shamrocks gain some ground themselves and Advernians now? At this point, Advernians only sits two points ahead of them, and supposedly is beginning to lose speed, whether or not they can find a way to clinch a victory is anyways a game, but surely, it looks like the Shamrocks can find a way to make it happen. Meanwhile, Baywall is slipping, and its security on a fifth place spot could slip away if it can’t right the ship, rumors are sweeping across that an axing could be coming soon from Baywall, if it does, who steps in to replace the manager there? Far east in Port Khodam, the Hammers were no match for the Sailors who needed 80 minutes plus extra time to find a victory over Union Forge, but for the Hammers, they’re looking to build off this victory, and put to rest any comments that they’re the worst team in Havynwiled, tis’a long process to end commentary on whether or not they’re good, but, it looks like they have some belief and some trust left in Ian Florentino. The next step is seeing whether or not they can make some extraordinary push for the fifth spot and have a guaranteed run at title in the Premiership Split.

Union Forge 3–2 Wildeport Wanderers
Baywall Athletic 0–1 Avante Leipreachán
Knights of Briarcliff 3–2 Virtus Advernians

The Shamrock Club moves into pole position following a hardfought 1-nil victory at the MetroParc, the latest edition of Derbybyoselvaav featured the later iterations of the two teams battling it out at a crowded MetroParc, many had expected a goal-scoring fest with the likes of Gabby Dickerson or Jacob Saunders putting down their candidacies for Player of the Season, but in the end, it was the case of Bennie Cox who would find the back of the next for the Shamrock Club, as they took a lead and walked away winners, putting them into position as first place in LygaHaven. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it wouldn’t be long till Stanley Khan was out the door at the MetroParc, with the club announcing the two parties had agreed to mutually part ways as he was essentially sacked following a turn in form for the Pirates. Enter legend, Ashton Houston, she returns to the scene following a brief time as an analytics experts with VisionHD, her return, back to domestic football, as a manger was to be heralded by Pirates fans, who remember her fondly from those many years ago, where she starred for the club, her return to the top league as a manger comes as in the second division, Francis Sutherland now has the eyes of Kalacttinian teams on him.

Around the league, the Hammers keep pace, a 3-2 victory over the Wanderers dropped Wildeport’s momentum, while Briarcliff halted Advernians advancement on the title, signalling shifts in perception as the final match days get ready, a clash of epic proportions is to be expected as we approach the final days of LygaHaven regular season play. With it clear that mediocrity was going to define this season’s cycle of play, the main quest was who was going to emerge from the scraps as the victory, would it be a Advernians or the Shamrock Club - who seemed to trade blow-by-blow- incapable of fully distancing themselves from the pack, or some surprise winner who’ll gain grand and right now remains to be seen.
Virtus Advernians 2–1 Baywall Athletic
Avante Leipreachán 5–4 Union Forge
Wildeport Wanderers 1–0 Port Knoxdam

Two games until the season wraps up the regular season. And the Shamrocks are being followed, tight on their heels but with a few games in hand, the Shamrocks really look like they’ve set the tone and that they’re the team to be on the lookout for. As said before, they’re a team that prefers to win a game 5-4, so a game like this is perfectly fine for them, and Jacob Saunders hattrick certainly did little to dampen expectations, the belief that this season can win the Havyish championship is starting to really grow as the latest version of the Shamrocks takes to the field, having truly changed its outlook and set up during the offseason, this team looks so much more ready to compete,and really looks like it can challenge this year, if things go well for them, Havynwilde’s top club will enjoy the frequent goal-scoring capability of the duo of Jacob Saunders and Gabby Dickerson and will look to try to see if they can replicate this more-and-more, and more importantly in the Championship Split that awaits them. Meanwhile,around the league, Advernians defeats Baywall in a sound (and quiet) 2-1 affair, they’ll take the three points and look to maintain striking distance on the Shamrocks and will need to build on this performance. As long as they can keep pace, they should be able to maybe have a chance. Wildeport vaulted themselves into third, picking up a key win over Port Knoxdam with SPencer Patel adding another goal since the restart.

Avante Leipreachán 3–1 Port Knoxdam
Virtus Advernians 3–2 Union Forge
Knights of Briarcliff 1–3 Baywall Athletic

A few days to go before the end, and here we have it, Advernians clinches their spot in the split with a 3-2 victory over Union Forge, despite that, Union Forge still has a chance. Only possibly a game out of qualifying for the split. More importantly, the team is improving, it's just not able to put it up against a full eighty minutes, if Havynwilde’s third city can find a way to put entirety of the team together, how it will move forward will affect all aspects of the club, from its finances (which is one of the worst of the Big 3) to its performances on the pitch. Meanwhile, Advernians will take this in stride as they prepare fo the split, with one game left on their schedule, the league is wrapping up, and can Havynwilde’s most famous club do it? We’re not sure, but Advernians can dodge a major bullet if they can somehow put together some form of a run in the final game here, they’ll need to score a shitton of goals and rely on the Shamrocks to stumble, if they can do that, they should be able to make up lost ground and prevent further stumbling, things are looking halfway decent if anything, for them right now. Meanwhile, Baywall in Ashton Houston’s first game at the helm thrashes Briarcliff to the tune of a 3-1 victory, Houston’s going to take this game and smile, but for her, it's back to the drawing board if she wants to rebuild this team to the teams of greatness from the past, and she realizes there’s a lot of work to be done.

Union Forge 4–4 Knights of Briarcliff
Port Knoxdam 3–3 Virtus Advernians
Wildeport Wanderers 2–3 Avante Leipreachán
On the penultimate game for most teams, all of them came out firing, looking to score points early and often, as many were looking to clinch the fifth spot, which was still wide open for the taking; however at the end, it was still celar two teams still remained in contention for fifth place; Baywall Athletic (who had an offday) would play one final game next week to decide the last qualifier for the Premiership Split with Union Forge. Meanwhile, the Shamrocks confirmed themselves as the LygaHaven Premiers, winning the regular season title with a 3-2 victory over last year’s LygaHaven champions, the Wanderers, in an emphatic 3-2 victory. The win sees the Shamrock Club locked into at least an IFCF Challengers Cup slot, but also gives them a chance at the CMFA Champions League where the Shamrocks look to return and do damage for the first time in eleven years. On the other side, hiccups from the Ivys prevented them from getting it done when it mattered the most, being downed by Port Knoxdam is a 3-3 draw, they'll be upset they weren’t able to get it done in this game, as it presented them with the best chance to stake a claim and take the Premier title away from the Shamrock Club. No matter, they enter into the Premiership Split where it’ll really matter, whoever will win the Premiership Split of course wins LygaHaven, and this perhaps could be the true chance for them to emerge victorious. Meanwhile, Briarcliff is on to the ;last matchday, their spot isn’t secured though, they’ll need a draw for things to go their way.

Baywall Athletic 1–1 Union Forge

It's over, scenes in Briarcliff as Ashton Houston’s Baywall Athletic are through to the split! Here’s where the going gets tough for lads from Baywall as they leapfrog over the Wanderers, moving into the fourth slot, they’ll face an uphill bTattle at a shot at the LygaHaven championship, but for them, a qualification at least allows them to breathe a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, heartbreak in Ravenclyff as Union Forge misses the split line by one point, for them, it's another year of heartbreak and of course, back to the drawing board.

A whole new game is awaiting everyone.

-1 Image Avante Leipreachán    Image      14  10   1   3  +10     15----------
-2 Image Virtus Advernians Image 14 8 4 2 +8 20----------
-3 Image Baywall Athletic Image 14 5 2 7 +1 13----------
-4 Image Knights of Briarcliff Image 14 5 2 7 −2 10----------
-6 Image Wildeport Wanderers Image 14 5 1 8 +2 10----------
-5 Image Union Forge Image 14 4 3 7 −7 10----------
-7 Image Port Knoxdam Image 14 3 5 7 −10 7----------

Avante Leipreachán - Bellymn
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