World Bowl XL - Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Bowl XL - Everything Thread

Postby Karditan » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:28 pm

Welcome to the landmark Fortieth World Bowl!

Group A
Terre Septentrionale (12)
Karditan (25)
Newmanistan (10)
Equestria (48)
Shiatoru (UR)
The Orion Islands (UR)

Group B
Space (37)
Tikariot (UR)
Xanneria (15)
Kriegiersien (UR)
Anthor (27)
Ranoria (2)

Group C
Bostopia (UR)
Savojarna (UR)
Allamunnic States (6)
Squidroidia (37)
Inner AginanaUsordia (19)
Lisander (29)

Group D
Laahana (UR)
North Alezia (UR)
Banija (18)
Main Nation Ministry (4)
Sarzonia (34)
Greater Vakolicci Haven (24)

Group E
HUElavia (34)
Hapilopper (50)
Delaclava (16)
Pridnestrovia (28)
Chromatika (UR)
Drawkland (5)

Group F
Saint Kanye (25)
Buffalostan (UR)
Abanhfleft (13)
Nagore (74)
Ko-oren (3)
Kohnhead (37)

Group H
Northwest Kalactin (49)
Saltstead (UR)
Transmondian Commonwealth of New England (17)
Quebec (30)
TJUN-ia (19)
Cassadaigua (8)

Pot 1
Ranoria (2)
Ko-oren (3)
Main Nation Ministry (4)
Drawkland (5)
Allamunnic States (6)
Cassadaigua (8)
Newmanistan (10)

Pot 2
Terre Septentrionale (12)
Abanhfleft (13)
Xanneria (15)
Delaclava (16)
Transmondian Commonwealth of New England (17)
Banija (18)
Inner AginanaUsordia (19)

Pot 3
TJUN-ia (19)
Greater Vakolicci Haven (24)
Karditan (25)
Saint Kanye (25)
Anthor (27)
Pridnestrovia (28)
Lisander (29)

Pot 4
Quebec (30)
Sarzonia (34)
HUElavia (34)
Kohnhead (37)
Space (37)
Squidroidia (37)
Equestria (48)

Pot 5
Northwest Kalactin (49)
Hapilopper (50)
Nagore (74)
Kriegiersien (UR)
The Orion Islands (UR)
Savojarna (UR)
North Alezia (UR)

Pot 6
Shiatoru (UR)
Laahana (UR)
Buffalostan (UR)
Bostopia (UR)
Saltstead (UR)
Tikariot (UR)
Chromatika (UR)

Cutoffs will be between 8-9PM EDT (midnight-1AM UTC).
Monday,    October 12th - MD1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
Tuesday, October 13th - MD2 - 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
Wednesday, October 14th - MD3 - 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
Thursday, October 15th - MD4 - 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
Friday, October 16th - MD5 - 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
Saturday, October 17th - Off Day
Sunday, October 18th - MD6 - 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
Monday, October 19th - MD7 - 4v6, 3v5, 2v1
Tuesday, October 20th - MD8 - 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
Wednesday, October 21st - MD9 - 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
Thursday, October 22nd - MD10 - 6v3, 2v4, 1v5
Friday, October 23rd - Off Day
Saturday, October 24th - Eighthfinals
Monday, October 26th - Quarterfinals
Wednesday, October 28th - Semifinals
Thursday, October 29th - 3PPO
Friday, October 30th - Final

Rosters, Style Modifiers, and RP Permissions
You will earn Roleplay Bonus points for submitting a roster, and a more detailed and well-presented roster can be worth more points. At the very least it should list the players on your team and a home field for your team to play home games at. Additional coaching staff, player details, and any other info that could be useful for your opponents' RPs can be included.

You may provide a Style Modifier, any number between -5.00 and +5.00, with your roster that determines how defensively or aggressively your team plays. A -5.00 team is ultra-defensive, a 0.00 team is balanced, and a +5.00 team is hyper-aggressive. You may request a change in your style modifier once during the tournament by contacting the host.

It's highly recommended you include a permissions box that gives your groupmates guidelines for how to roleplay your matches. A sample permissions box is provided below:

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events[/b]:
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Champions: -n/a-
Runner-up: BoF 46; WBXX
Qualified for WC63
Hosted: WBXX
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<Karditan> Sssshh, some people haven't caught onto our man love, Audio.
<Audio> I'm drunk, I'll express my manlove for whomever I damned well please
<Karditan> And now, for a stirring rendition of the Equestrian States national anthem:
<Audio> why did I even click on that?
<Nephara> why did I expect that to be
<Audio> what was I expecting?
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Postby Karditan » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:28 pm

1) This map was drawn, and all the names invented, almost a decade ago. These don’t quite match my Modern Design Sensibilities but I think they’re still (mostly) fun.
2) Ibex and the ‘disputed areas’ are no longer there; they were replaced with giant craters (due to region-hopping incidents) that were strip-mined then backfilled until they’re just badlands.
3) The listed neighbors aren’t quite canonical, as they’re both long CTE’d and as such I can’t ask them if they’d be okay with still being neighbors. It can be assumed I’m on a landmass somewhere in Equestria with extant neighbors.


Karditan is (currently) located in the scenic region of Equestria, which is not to be confused with the nation of Equestria (neé Equestrian States). The two nations are actually somewhat opposites--Equestrian States originated in rival region Pony Lands and moved to Atlantian Oceania, while Karditan had a stint in Rushmore before returning to their home region. Regardless, the notable thing here is the presence of sapient and sometimes magical ponies, [s]ripped off from[/s] inspired by the most recent generation of the My Little Pony franchise. Roughly half the population are these pastel-colored talking ponies, with that population further subdivided into the three types: pegasi, whom have wings and are capable of flight and limited weather manipulation; unicorns, whom have horns and (with large amounts of practice) great magical potential most commonly used for telekinesis and teleportation; and earth ponies, who have none of those special things but are generally more robust and physically powerful.

Ponies and humans have equal rights across the board, are allowed to intermarry (it’s seen in a way roughly equivalent to gay marriage in America--maybe a bit more accepted), and don’t like it when foreigners give either side flack. Innocent curiosity is fine; but any joke you can think to crack about how a pony functions in human society has been made a thousand times before and everyone will hate you for saying it.

Karditan is a large and diverse country of over two-hundred million. Experiences will vary wildly from region to region, but as a general rule of thumb Karditanis won’t bother you unless bothered first. When they are bothered, though, short tempers and cascades of expletives are soon to follow. Ponies will generally be more chill than humans and the south and north are more chill than the central cities but they’ve all got their breaking points. More details can be found alongside the individual stadia listings. Gridiron is the sport of choice for most of the central and southern-inland cities, who typically have a poorer industrial background than the metropolitan coastal cities that prefer baseball.

There is one notable law visiting fans and players may want to take serious heed of, and that’s the blanket ban on Public Displays of Faith (PDF for short). For a variety of complicated socio-economic historical reasons organized faith was stamped out of Karditan over a century back. It’s not like the customs workers will ask you to renounce your God(s) in order to gain entry to the country, but y’know, just keep it on the down-low. Ya dig?

It can’t go without saying that the country is still recovering from a devastating civil war that lasted somewhere between ten and twenty years, depending on who you ask. The nation’s political system lends itself to some inherent instability: a self-titled “Corporatist Democracy” that stands a few steps away from anarcho-capitalism or straight anarchy at all times. It was within the last decade that the nation’s founder--one Grand Duchess Luna, a nigh-immortal and magically powerful alicorn--returned from a self-imposed exile and managed to put an end to the hostilities (which took years of effort even for her).

Things have largely settled back into the status quo since. The good news is that if you take these lapses in Governmental Existence as a cycle we’re a whiles away from the next happening. The biggest recent change has been a surge of proper leftism within some of the central cities; pockets of it had existed in Moscolt for ages, but now the movement has taken roots in Indianeighpolis, Detrot, and Ponyburgh--all of which have seen something of a renaissance in the post-war period through local efforts to renovate and rebuild while minimizing gentrification.

Karditan is an odd mishmash of fantasy and futurist dieselpunk. There’s magic thanks to the unicorns, there’s massive high-load airships and prop planes that near the power of jets, light space exploration tech and plasma rifles. If you’re arriving on a typical jet airliner you’ll likely need to land in one of the large coastal cities that’re most well-equipped for international travel, and have the runways necessary to handle them; then you could catch the commercial prop airliners (which are just as robust, not the rickety sorts you might be used to) inland. Or just take the train, which will be notably slower but the countryside looks nice rolling by. Rental cars are also readily available with highways connecting almost every part of the country as well.

Redzzon Coliseum, Indianeighpolis 120 000
The flagship gridiron stadium from the Before Times, and the Ironworker’s long-time home field. State of the art 2-3 decades ago, it holds up pretty well. Cavernous to contain the obnoxiously loud local fans (70% pony) and with a house-sized multimedia screen hanging above the western stands. Owned by the local oil conglomerate.

Island Junction, Ponyburgh 95 000
The only professional stadium built in the post-war period and oft lauded as the focal point of the area’s resurgence. Located in the renovated, now-scenic downtown at the crux of the Delamare and Nippississi rivers--who are both so wide, the entire southwestern section of the nation is often considered to be an island. Thus the name. It replaces what was once the league’s oldest stadium, the outrageously rickety wooden Starsi, which was burned down during the war. The Junction was funded by a shipping company headquartered in Ponyburgh, but the owner had a change of heart seeing the leftist wave sweeping through the central cities and made the company--and the stadium with it--employee-owned and operated. Thus it has the most modern facilities in the nation in addition to the most affordable… well, everything. The locals (80% pony) are among the happiest in the country, having rebounded from the most depressed pre-war.

The Megadome, Sinsinatti 97 000
A monument to man and pony’s hubris. A colossal steel monstrosity that sticks out of the relatively short skyline of the surrounding city financed by an incredibly inefficient government program, it’s an eternal and indestructible blemish on Sinsinatti. The only times in its history all the seats were filled both came in World Bowl XX, for the Qazox versus Allamunnic States eightfinal and the Thrillege versus Yesopalitha 3PPO. Now with Island Junction’s introduction, its cavernous hollow will be relegated to a semifinal instead.

The Construction Site, Detrot 107 050
The Ironworker’s original home field, back when they were even more transparent about shithousing and trying to murder opposing players. The Construction Site can barely be called a stadium at all--it’s a dirt field with a huge bleacher structure set up around it. The ground is forgiving enough that you won’t break something every time you land hard, but it’s definitely on average more dangerous than a typical grass or turf field. Detrot is also the most industrial of the central cities, so uh, maybe don’t breathe too deeply all the time. It’s mostly fine, we assure you. The citizens (60% pony) are always tired from long factory hours, so they won’t give you much trouble even though they show up in droves for any and all gridiron games. The city is also prone to freak blizzards at all times of year; scientists theorize it’s something to do with the big lake next door “bein’ fucky.”

EthanOil Stadium, Kornsas City 87 000
The newest stadium until Island Junction went up, EthanOil is still a great visit even if the war took some of the sheen off the then-brand-new structure. The locals (70% human) are a bit backwards--many have barely left the immediate region, which is countless miles of farmland in every direction--and obsessed with hospitality. They will do their best to make the odd tourist feel as comfortable as possible but often lack the social awareness that different cultural norms exist. You’ll also find the widest variety of corn-based products and dishes in the multiverse here.

Red Star Stadium, Moscolt 80 400
For the birthplace of the modern leftist movement, Moscolt has continued its over half a century’s worth of bad luck by not getting the same swings of fortune its neighboring cities have. Still a cold city of cold people (80% pony) and cold borscht, it’s highly recommended visiting fans come for the game and promptly move on to a more tourist-friendly city. The stadium itself is built to an excruciating specification of “no-nonsense.” The grass is given just enough room to maintain a regulation-sized field and the stands are extremely dense.

VenderBrew Field, Vender 76 000
High up in the eastern mountains, Vender’s thin and dry air can have an appreciable impact on ball physics. There’s been a lot of aspersions cast upon local quarterback’s achievements as a result, but the local fans will tell you that’s all overblown. Those fans (90% human) are a unique sort among Karditani gridiron fans, in that they’ll regularly sell out VenderBrew but aren’t rabid for the sport at all. It’s just a nice time out for them… and also the stadium has very good and cheap beer available all day long.

InvestCo Field, Illineigh 68 000
Illineigh is without a doubt the host city with the best weather, as Fillydelphia and San Dineighgo both declined the option. The game’ll take place under clear skies without almost complete certainty, which is a rare thing to say in Karditan. The locals (90% pony) are easily the most xenophobic the country has to offer, but they will be happy to completely ignore your existence if you don’t make a scene. Otherwise people have been known to get Taken Care Of by local mobsters. InvestCo itself is an extremely middle of the road stadium, built to mediocre specs and maintained to a decent standard for years on end by the frugal parent company.

The Bashdome, Bashtun 60 000
Both of the nation’s capitals (Bashtun in the north and Fillydelphia in the south) are renowned for their baseball teams, but there’s an oft-overlooked cult follower for the Bashtun Brawlers and their quaint little dome just outside the city limits towards one of the largest suburbs. Amenities are spartan and sound gets amplified tenfold, which makes taking in a game here a “unique experience” for sure. On the upside they’ve got the best seafood vendors the city has to offer on tap as stadium vendors. The locals (60% human) are among the rudest and most foul-mouthed of a rude and foul-mouthed country, but are generally pretty amicable if you can learn to pick out which of the five curses per sentence are terms of endearment.

Dowd Memorial Field, Saxet 58 000
One of the few multi-sport stadiums in Karditan, Dowd Memorial is shared with the Saxet Cowboys baseball club (notable for winning the inaugural Baseball Club Champions Cup all those years ago). The field is an all around pleasure to visit with great seats, great food, and clean air. Also blistering heat, due to its location in the scenic barren desert of the northeast. Life in the small ranch city is slow and comfortable (at least since the nearby disputed territories were whisked away), and the populace (85% human) is genial and welcoming.

CardiacAttack Arena, Fatlanta 52 000
Owned by the biggest fast food chain in the nation, CardiacAttack is the holy site for devotees of grease. Fried everything, dozens of vendors hawking dripping burgers and bacon, you name it. The stands probably could have stood to be built in a more condensed fashion, but they wanted to make sure the locals (65% human) would always fit and have room for their food trays.
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Champions: -n/a-
Runner-up: BoF 46; WBXX
Qualified for WC63
Hosted: WBXX
<Audio> I'm singling out Karditan for reasons that should be fucking obvious after the past twelve months
<Karditan> Sssshh, some people haven't caught onto our man love, Audio.
<Audio> I'm drunk, I'll express my manlove for whomever I damned well please
<Karditan> And now, for a stirring rendition of the Equestrian States national anthem:
<Audio> why did I even click on that?
<Nephara> why did I expect that to be
<Audio> what was I expecting?
<Nephara> anything other than it was
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Northwest Kalactin
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:37 pm

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: no
RP injuries to my players: yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: no
Suspend my players: yes
Godmod suspension events: no
Godmod other events: no
Style modifier: +5

Head coach: Fred Smith
Offensive Coordinator: Sean Rodriguez
Defensive Coordinator: Roy Grey
The coaching team likes offense, a lot. They play a very offensive game. Expect the, to throw the ball a lot all the time. They believe a lead is never safe and you should always try to stack up the points. Fred Smit(, recently took the job at the very successful Akers State. As far as the Coordinators go, they are both coaches at the college level, who specialize in their selective categories.

Offensive Formation: Shotgun, Singleback
Offensive style of play: Run and Shoot
Defensive Formation: 4-3, 4-2-5

The Offense

Jack Nelson
David Morrison
Jack, the most well known quarterback in Northwest Kalactin, has a big arm and can heave the ball downfield very well. He is considered on of the smartest quarterbacks to ever play the game, and attended Akers State University. David is a much more mobile quarterback, and looks to ran the ball rather than pass.

Running Backs
James Gilbert
Jordan Green
Gane Dobson
Many running backs from the country tend to be ones that can catch the ball also, because of the nations emphasis on passing. Gilbert and Green definitely follow that model of player, being speedy backs that will catch the ball out of the backfield. Dobson however, likes to focus on overpowering his opponents, he is stronger than many defensive players and also attended Akers State.

Jordan Williams
Devin Reece
Kevin Brooks
Andrew Walters
Aaron Hepp
Jack Milas
Jordan Houge
Robert Rivera
The WR is sometimes considered one of the, if not most important player on the field in Northwest Kalactin. Most of them are speedy red zone threats, that can burn you over the top. Kalactanian WRs try to create big plays on the field, however, they do run many high risk routes that can result in quite a few interceptions.

Tight Ends
Sam Bruner
Dylan Curry
Teddy Wilson
Everyone knew that something was special about Sam Bruner from when he was little. He was always the strongest, fastest, biggest and tallest player on the field. He could play almost any position and excel at it. Bruner is a 6-6 tight end that is possibly a top 3 player on this offense. He is a great receiver, blocker and athlete. Most TEs try to help put with the passing attack in Kalactin, but with Bruner, you can do really anything.

Offensive Line:
Steven Bell
Drake Miller
Alex Coty
Dustin Cole
Steve Johnson
Christopher Torres
Grant Williams
Jeremiah Harvey
Malik King
The offensive line has one of the most important jobs in football, in Northwest Kalactin the main job for them is protecting the quarterback. The offensive line of the Kalactanians is a very large one, with their smallest lineman being the 6-2, 300 pound Malik King.]

The Defense
Peter Angeh (Edge Rusher)
Trey Seals (Edge Rusher)
Travis Reynolds (Edge Rusher)
Matt Sparks (Tackle)
Gus Smith (Tackle)
TJ Taylor (Tackle)
Tony Reid (Edge Rusher)
Daryl Scott (Tackle)
The D-line for the Kalactanians is considered the most important part of the field on defense. Nothing makes the coaches of the team happier than watching an opposing quarterback get sacked. Blake Lucas is the best defensive lineman in the history of the nation, and is entering his last cycle with the team.

Zack Swartz (Outside/EDGE)
Kaleb Patterson (MLB)
Birson Brown (Outside/DB)
Sam Martin (MLB)
DJ Hunter (Outside/EDGE)
Devon Johnson (MLB)
AJ Tyler (Outside/DB)
Davonte Allen (Outside/DB)
Many of the linebackers here, such as Davonte Allen, can also play at defensive back. Most linebackers from Kalactin are smaller than the ones from other nations, this is mainly because the Kalactanians try to prevent an air attach. The best players from this group are Zack Schwartz and Davonte Allen.

Defensive Back:
Cooper Selby (Free Safety)
Darios Johnson (Strong Safety)
Trey Wafford (Nickel Back)
Shane Tucker (Strong Safety)
Sean Wick (Dime Back)
Austin Louis (Free Safety)
Zack Rogers (CB)
DJ Harvey (CB)
The defensive backs of Northwest Kalactin are usually small, athletic ones. Cooper Selby, probably the best defensive player on the team, is the main Free Safety for the Kalactanians. Most of the players in this category are built to defend passes by interrupting the receiver, not the pass.

Special Teams
Jason Sanders
Josh Willsonton

Jack Mackenzie
John Wilkins


———————— ———————————————————— Russell————Gilbert —————

Harvey —————— Seals—Scott—Taylor- Reynolds —————— Rogers
—————— ——————Swartz— Patterson—Allen ——————— ————
—————— ——————Selby———————Johnson —————— ——————
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MAC 5&6
Gold Coast Basketball Tournament 1
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NSCF Mineral Conference
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won 30, won 35, now it's 40 ...

Postby Drawkland » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:46 pm


World Bowl XXX Champions
World Bowl XXXV Champions

Name: Grid Corps
Colors: Black with Crimson trim
Denonyms: Drawkian or Drawkish, personal preference
THIRTEENTH World Bowl, Rank #5
Manager: Sam Willis
Head Coach: Quentin Averfel
[O] Alex Gerhardt
[D] Mathis Southers
[ST] George Lindholm

The former champions of the World Bowl (XXX and XXXV), the Grid Corps are back at it again and ready to rough up everyone on their way to the playoffs. The last tournament seemed to go pretty well, and Drawkland was one of the last teams left in the Double Elimination bracket. Unfortunately, they only earned third place after a Loser's Final elimination to eventual champions Ko-oren. We did beat them the first time around though ... so we actually beat the World Bowl champs in the playoffs! This time though, Drawkland will not be settling for a bronze medal. With a power vacuum in the top 10, Drawkland is thirsting for their third title. Look out, World.

Here's the roster containing the names, numbers, and notes for each player. Players are listed in depth chart order.

As far as player rotation goes, generally the starters will go the entire match unless cases of injury or fatigue, obviously. Longtime veteran quarterback Dak Waterman has retired from World Bowl play, so Dustin Beck will be taking the starting job. There are currently no plans to have a two-QB system like there was before. At halfback, Jack Hoy will go for most of the game, except on short 3rd and 4th downs where Antonio Anders will be in. The lesser receivers (below Miller in the depth chart) will shuffle between drives and periods at random, depending on which player want to be in the most. Starting linemen will generally play the whole game. Defensively, the secondary will shuffle after the half on occasion. Some of the front 7 will shuffle as well, but generally Cross, Tomek, and Masters will always be in. Punters generally trade off punts. Watts always kicks field goals and Stig always does kickoffs.

#       NAME         NOTES

4 Dustin Beck Established young player. Dual threat QB. Great power, fast and elusive. Accuracy to be desired.
10 Zac Gold Solid pocket passer. Impossible to stop without pressure. Not the most clutch.

49 Jack Hoy Veteran talent. Small, fast, elusive. Can be unstoppable. Decent hands. Open field wonder.
33 Antonio Anders Older veteran RB. Slower but heavier. Power runner. Sheds tackles easily. 3rd down back.
23 Sammy Wilkins Blazing speed. Can outrun defenses but can't shed tackles easily. Lower football IQ.

42 Dominic Bishop Speedy for a Fullback. Can catch passes and run. Blocking a bit shoddy, but good IQ for it.
45 Gunne Viggo Veteran FB. Can run, but sometimes lacks ball security. Fantastic backfield blocker.

89 Daniel Madison Incredible speed, very tall, great hands. Hard to tackle. Usually requires double coverage.
16 Toby Miller Best hands in the business. Always fights for the ball, good in open field moves.
11 Trey Council Larger player. Nearly a TE. Hard to tackle. Catching is decent. Generally works in slot.
84 Roy Benn Can work from slot. Good hands, great on streaks. Imaginiative ball carrier vision.
85 Lou Reynolds Solid set of hands. Slower than most. Executes sideline catches the best.

87 Rich Covington Very good hands. Great on corner and out routes. Decent blocking. Good in the open field.
88 Riley Hoyt Reliable veteran TE. Can block as well as most O-linemen. Good over the middle.
81 Bobby Bennett Speedy for a TE. Decent hands and blocking. Used to create mismatches.

72 John Christell Great on double teams. Obviously best choice on pass blocking.
70 Niko Boyd Very talented lineman. Great at pass blocking, a bit shoddy on runs to the left.

69 Zach Barber Identifies blitzes very easily. High football IQ. Better for pass than run.
65 Timmo Folk Impossible to get past most times, but has low stamina and prone to injury.

55 Gordon Shiva Best center in Drawkland. Has never fumbled or false snapped over his long career. Good leader.
50 Eric Sanders Experienced. Decent Center. Mainly on the team as Long Snapper.

64 Tom Giles Great in the middle. Can overpower many huge defensive tackles and ends. Big man.
66 Jimmu Koios Good blocker. Fantastic for the run. Usually misses delayed blitzers.

75 Jeff Royle Fantastic at run blocking. Very good at pancakes and other special blocks.
74 Hades Gibbs Very decent blocker. Intentionally commits holding if he thinks he can get away with it.

#       NAME         NOTES

71 Phillip Tomek Slower player, but great on the line. Especially great for pass rushing. Hard to block.
51 David Hoffman Easily pushes around linemen. Can create pressure, but finds it hard to escape blocks.

90 Max Demetrio Very strong player. Slow, but relentless. Famous for pushing over many centers and guards.
92 Eric Rock Great against the run. Wraps up tackles very well. Sometimes outsmarts linemen.
99 Theo Killian Very strong, very large, very hard hitter. However, lacks a good amount of awareness.

77 Leo Cross Absolute monster. Relentless, tireless, strong and fast. Impossible to contain. Constant pressure.
79 Matthew Alessi Rookie player. Very good fundamentals. Smaller, can easily escape double teams.

54 Edmund Snyder Smaller and speedier, not quite enough to be a CB. Good in coverage and on the blitz.
52 Adair Van Canne Plays well against Tight Ends. Doesn't shed blocks well. Decent in coverage.

95 Keegan Masters Talented. Good skill set. Can cover middle of the field effectively. Best on the blitz.
40 Julius Wiley Very good against the run. Great on man coverage against backs or tight ends.
97 Harvey Donovan Rookie linebacker. Talented across the board (coverage, blitzing, run defense). Needs experience.

44 Abram Ali High awareness and football IQ. Great for delayed blitzes, fantastic in coverage for an LB.
48 Clay Lucas Team player. Plugs holes and takes on multiple blockers for teammates to get tackles.

25 Jordan Max High level player. Amazing fundamental skills. Seamless coverage, however less likely to get picks.
30 Osman Oswald Very good in all kinds of coverage. Very good against deep passes. Good open-field tackles.
36 Robert Lim Great nickel corner. Hits home very often on corner blitzes. Great for run defense.
31 Lenox Daley Rookie player. One of the best at baiting quarterbacks, gets many picks. Needs experience.

22 William Peers Taller than average. Lengthy, can easily grab or swat balls before other players get to them.
35 Dan Teodor Very good on run defense and in open field pursuit. Not easily juked on. Pass defense to be desired.

20 Ross Sterling Decent for safety blitzes. Reads plays very well. Fast, good hands, nearly a WR. Good against deep threats.
24 Wil Comso Great lurking safety. Hands aren't as good, but can reliably defend and deflect passes.

#       NAME         NOTES

7 Matthew Watts Most reliable kicker out there. Amazing range, and pinpoint accuracy. Responds well to pressure. Starting PK.
1 Raleigh Stig Largest range of any kicker, but accuracy isn't as up to snuff. Starting Kickoff Specialist.

8 Jason McFarland Specialty punter. Good leg, good accuracy, has a variety of kicks. Can also throw good balls for fake punts.
2 Vander Levy Big leg, and reasonably good accuracy. Not too crafty, and can't improvise very well.

50 Eric Sanders Starting long snapper. Very accurate and reliable snaps, makes holders' jobs easy.
55 Gordon Shiva Second long snapper in case Sanders is injured. Passable long snapper but not his forte.

10 Zac Gold When Dustin Beck is starting, Gold is the holder. Very good set of hands, never misplaces the ball.

49 Jack Hoy Generally returns kickoffs. Fast, small, zippy, hard to pin down. Can fit through small gaps.
89 Daniel Madison Generally returns punts. Smart, fast, tall. Can shed tackles easily and even jump over players if needed.

The name of the game for the Grid Corps is aggression and power.

The offense of the Grid Corps is balanced, splitting up responsibilities for yardage between running and passing plays. None is really favored over the other, since everybody on the team is good, but in crunch time situations, they're likely to pass more than run (although running is still used to keep the defense honest). The base formation is the shotgun, although the I, pistol, and sometimes singleback are still common. Most shotgun plays are run from a single RB set, although having a FB or another RB in the backfield isn't out of the ordinary. The most common personnel is RB-TE-WR-WR-WR, but the Corps is willing to mix any amount of personnel thanks to the depth and skill at their disposal.

Most running plays are either inside the tackles or just outside them. Stretch runs are rare unless the blocking is on point, or the opposing defense can't stop them. Zone running and power running are evenly split. Fullback-led runs are also very common, especially on third down and in the red zone. A very common play is a triple option out of the I formation: it could be a fullback handoff, a halfback pitch, or a quarterback keeper. The Wildcat formation always shows up a couple times a game, especially if the opposing defense is stumped. Passing plays have a lot of elements, not necessarily a vertical offense but not necessarily a conservative one either. Balls-out deep plays are rare, they're no stranger to going deep, but the OC prefers to run posts or double moves than straight fly routes. Deep routes are thrown relatively often to keep the defense honest thanks to the incredible QB and WR talent available. When the game is tight, the Corps is excellent at the hurry-up offense, having a deep playbook to constantly keep the defense off guard.

The defense is also aggressive. Blitzing is very, very common, as the defense is fearless. Even on non-blitz plays, the defensive linemen go all out, and if a player's zone is totally empty, they'll start rushing to the pocket (for better or worse). Man blitzes on first down are a regularity, but you likely won't see more than 3 non-linemen blitzing on a play (unless it's goalline, of course). When an opposing offense is stuck inside the five, the Corps will likely come out with everyone except the defensive backs blitzing. Scoring safeties are the pride of the Grid Corps, and thus they'll go for it as much as possible. They'll also pack the line on the other goalline inside the five, but if a team is 3rd/4th and Goal outside of the 7 or 8, they're likely to just pack the end zone with as many defensive backs as possible. When not in goalline formation, they'll usually opt for a 4-man rush. 4-3 and Nickel defenses are Corps staples, unless the situation calls for a change in strategy (obviously). The Corps runs both man and zone evenly, but prefers Cover 2 man. Usually they'll start with man coverage until the team they're playing shows proficiency in beating man, then they'll switch to zone with man and the trademark blitzes thrown in. Blitzes themselves are commonly done by the linebackers, corner and safety blitzes are highly unlikely as the Defensive Coordinator doesn't like bringing guys out of the secondary. Zone blitzes on crucial third downs have been known to happen. In all, they aren't afraid to take chances in big spots and bring pressure.

Special teams for the Grid Corps is hallmarked by fake plays. Whether it's a misleading kick return (moving all the blockers to the opposite side of the field from where the ball is going), lateral returns even when the game doesn't depend on it, passes or runs from special teams formations, or even simply pretending to fumble the ball to pull rushers out of their lanes, the Corps practices it all. In addition, the defensive special teams is highly aggressive. Rushing on punt returns, super fast kick blocks, or even line hurdling to block kicks. This is made much easier by the physiology of the Corps of course.

The Corps almost exclusively opts for two-points conversions for their first few touchdowns. In a blowout win, they'll likely shift to normal PATs after the half. Don't be surprised to see fake PATs to try and get the 2PC. The playbook is deep and the number of dynamic playmakers means that two point conversion plays are well-rehearsed, hence why they're pretty fearless going for it.

I recommend you read this. It contains important information on how Drawkians are different from your average human. In a nutshell, they're over 7 feet tall on average, and have larger proportions to match. Now, they're also lankier and less stocky all-around, but that doesn't mean some like a D-tackle can't get thick and muscular, it's not just not the average build. Now, this may conflict with some of your RPing preferences or make it harder to RP about us, so you're totally free to just ignore that and pretend we're the same as humans. That's totally your call, and I don't mind it either way.


For group stage home games, Drawkland will be playing in Metro Arena, the 150,000 seat indoor gridiron stadium in the heart of Metropolon, Drawkland's capital.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Hell yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: To an extent.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Fine if it's funny or serves a story.
Godmod Other Events: Ditto ^
Style Modifier: +4.5

As far as these go, do anything except kill or brutally injure my major starters. Other than that, free reign. TG or Discord DM if you want to collab.
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:57 pm


Ladies and Gentlemen, The World Bowl XL Ministry of Sports Team!


"May we strive to the unknown, even if we're unprepared at what lies in store." - Secretary of the Ministry of Foriegn Relations Dorbi Truman

Head Coach: General Emmanuel Jones
Assistant Coach: Lieutenant Parris Mathghamhain
Head Trainer: Drill Sergeant Feidhlimidh Efthimia

LG: Bosede Caius
RG: Benedito Heidrich
LT: Erle Auguste
RT: Brigid Tameka
C: Arnaud Vikram
QB: Jada Diana
HB: Iole Sin-Ahhi-Eriba
FB: Shyamala Ronja
H-Back and TE: Andra Sridevi
Slot Receiver: Vasileios Albaer
Slot Receiver: Anders Aseem

DT: Jorie Koba
DT: Karolina Adolfo
DE: Monta Pippin
DE: Sjoerd Murtagh
Outside Line-breaker: Gennadios Ruya
Outside Line-breaker: Boutros Mila
Middle Line-breaker: Musa Therese
CB: Ninoslav Kostadin
CB: Arbana Ross
S: Yetunde Jaime
S: Zaur Nikhil

Special Team
K: Anita Ekain
P: Nobutoshi Rajendra
KOS: Dolores Eduard
Long Snapper: Edwena Gillis
Punt Returner: Ingvildr Cecilio
Kick Returner: Vikram Lyra

Uniforms: Everyone's famous black and white riot gear football uniforms are back for our players to wear. This time, we have LED numbers on the back of our players, so they can light up during a match. Uniforms also include our red V's which is important, as it is a symbol of our nation. Demons are given similar uniforms that monitor their stress level for several safety reasons.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG first, then yes.
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Minor, yes. Major, TG first.

Style: +1
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Postby Laahana » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:57 pm

Laahana WB XL Roster

Head Coach: Haumakapu'u Kanoa
Defensive Coordinator: Kana Kalanianioli
Offensive Coordinator: Kele Kaleigh
Offense: Option
Defense: 46 Bear
Style Mod: -3
Notes: Laahana will not punt the ball. They will always go for it. They only use the kicker on extra points and place kicks.

Roster (Starters in bold)
QBs: 'Iolani Hale
Auali'i Kaila

RB: Mana'o'i'o Iakopa
Iolani Kahaulelio

'Ano'i Kimo
'Alohi Alapai
'Ano'i Keola

WR: Iokua Iona
Kelani Okalani
Makala Kekumu

TE: Hau kea Kelii
Iwalani Nawahine

'Aluna Kahikina
Ululani Ka'ana'ana

OL:Ilani Maleah
Kikeona Konane
Hinano Aikau
Oke Onaona
Kuali'i Kai

Nikolo Alika
Kale Liliha
Lihau Newalu

DL: Kawaimomona Moliakalaniikeola
Nalunani Kekai
Ho'olaua'e Nakanaela
Aloalo Malina

Kahana Mahelona
Mo'o Iona
Makanaakua Kaialiilii
Kaiwi Mika
Kauanoe Hale

LB:Nikolao Kaanaana
Heneli Kahikina
Keanu Amalu
Kahoni Kaleigh

Keani Iona
Kamoku 'Opunui
Iokua Lonoehu

DB: Kalaheo Kanoa
Hoa pili Ah-Fuck
Milimili Hoapili

Mohala Kahoiwai
Kalei Mahina
Kahili Newalu
Ihe Kalei

K: 'Olina Kai
Koa Akoni

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG Me
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: Y
Godmod other events: TG Me
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Postby Saint Kanye » Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:07 am

The KGB (Kanyean Gridiron Board) proudly presents St. Kanye's roster for World Bowl XL. After a dominating performance in the sixth Arena Bowl, the Kanyeans decided to take their talents to the larger outdoor field. However, in their prior two World Bowl appearances, they have been a middling team and have not reached the playoffs. The boys in purple and lime will attempt to advance yet again, hoping that third time's the charm.


Full nation name: The Glorious Free Republic of Saint Kanye
Short nation name: St. Kanye
Trigramme: STK
Demonym: Kanyean (formal), Yeezie (informal)
Nickname: Surge
Colors: Purple, lime, black




Home primary: P/P/P
Home alternate: P/P/Bk
Away primary: P/W/P
Away alternate: P/W/W

All players and staff are male, starters in bold.


HC: Jeff Delphine
OC: Dan Shelby
DC: Kevin Macintyre
ST: Ken Kirby


QB: #8 R.J. Linetti / #3 Landon Klein / #7 Harry Santos
RB: #34 Noah Sherman / #41 Randall Cole
FB: #33 Nico Jackson / #31 Blake Underwood
WR: #12 Bruce Dobler / #18 Patrick Moore / #13 Taylor Johns / #16 Hunter Lane / #14 Chip Wong
TE: #80 Hussein Jeffers / #88 Greg Malloy / #85 Topher Brown
LT: #67 Nick King / #62 Devon Morse
LG: #66 Mike Coaston / #61 Robert Shannon
C: #63 J.R. Nichols / #69 Gordon Ferguson
RG: #64 Clay Conrad / #65 Jahar Gray
RT: #68 Rick King / #60 Mitch Grant


LE: #77 Simon Carver / #72 Liam Steele
RE: #78 Matt Dawson / #71 Jason Sparks
NT: #99 Robby Edison / #75 Jon Patel / #74 Kevin Montrose / #76 Ken Miles
LOLB: #52 Jasper Heath / #51 Zach Oakley
MLB: #56 Justin Varley / #58 Alvin Faris / #57 Jed Duncan
ROLB: #53 Hansel Jones / #55 Shawn Solomon
CB: #22 Aidan O'Connor / #21 Mason Schwartz / #28 Bernard Van Pelt / #27 Chaz Ramsey
FS: #40 Gary Bradman / #42 Raheem Kerrigan
SS: #45 Oliver Law / #39 Axel Bartlett


K: #1 James Rasputin
P: #10 Chris Florence
LS: #50 Ruben Elroy


3DRB: #41 Randall Cole
KR: #13 Taylor Johns
PR: #88 Greg Malloy
KOS: #10 Chris Florence
Holder: #3 Landon Klein
Gunner1: #39 Axel Bartlett
Gunner2: #15 Isaak Clearwater
Off. Captain: #8 R.J. Linetti
Def. Captain: #40 Gary Bradman
ST Captain: #15 Isaak Clearwater


Offense: I Form, ~70% Pass, ~30% Run
Defense: 3-4, Blitz Happy
Special Teams: Always go for it on 4th and less than 5 and on opponent's side of field.


Pencurve Electronics Field, Kardashia, St. Kanye (seating capacity 69,420)



Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: N
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: It depends. Coronavirus or pandemic-related RPs are NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS NO VIRUS OR PANDEMIC, OR ANY WAY OF HAVING ONE, IN OUR COUNTRY. TG otherwise.
Use real images for my players: Sure, as long as you don't use the Vikings. I HATE THE VIKINGS.
Style Mod: +1.5
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IBC 19

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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:32 am

World Bowl 40 - Ko-orenite National Team

Winning two out of the last three not only catapulted Ko-oren to second place on the all-time World Bowl champions rankings, it also gave people back their confidence after a horrible 38th tournament. The 39th saw us win our third overall title. The coaching staff returns, but some retirements in the meantime show that the team might look and work a little differently from before.

Coaching Staff
Stij Batterink (head coach)
Offence: Val Hardman (offensive coordinator), Simon Palmsterk (QB), Yv Garnier (RB), Teonnach yLawdmell (WR), Olivier Olander (OLine)
Defence: Luc Jauffret (defensive coordinator), Stewart Cropp (DLine), Tednawf yGastaff (LB), Listenau Jenurdherinden (DBacks)
Special Teams: Duncan Huckstep (ST coordinator)


Val Hardman was faced with the retirement of previous starting QB Robin Reeman. As Reeman was the do-it-all quarterback, a true generalist, he had to look for a proper replacement. As has been the trick with the Dragonflies for years, there are several signalcallers with decidedly different responsibilities on the team. While Aolif Arerira was on the roster for about the same time as Reeman, you can't just give him the same duties. Arerira is a dual threat, Reeman is much more of a pocket passer. Luckily, Hardman found his man in Rem Plasman, finding his prime at 28, of the Noordrug Astronauts. The northern team was in the playoffs last year, and with little other offensive help, most of that was on Plasman himself.

The running backs are back and as good as they've been. In fact, they're in much better shape than the receivers, so expect plenty of Arerira drives when the Dragonflies have the lead, with Thorebourne, Galway, and Wilson behind him. Thorebourne is the current League MVP, and Wilson is set to get his breakout campaign: he can block, run, and even catch, making him a valuable fullback to Hardman's offence. Tharadhen and Vino will probably share snaps, the former more of a receiving threat, the latter more of a blocker. From the receivers, Head and ySarrwdd are the likely stars - but the sheer amount of looks this offence can have can change that. Junstarin was named the Receiver of the Year on the back of a title-winning season with the Greencaster Godspeed, but don't let that fool you. The receivers aren't the focal point of the offence, basically. That's not to say that Ko-oren is a run-first team, far from it, but there isn't a single receiver that can go off and bring home the win.

Tackles and centres are selected for rate of mistakes. Guards are tasked with the intricacies of the offensive line, including pulls and trap blocks, as well as occasional lead blocking.

QB Rem Plasman (28) - ImageNoordrug Astronauts, QB Aolif Arerira (31) - ImageAerellen Explosions, QB Zoruthau Kosmauthaunden (21) - ImageMayara Wolves

RB Alastair Thorebourne (24) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed, RB Spencer Galway (28) - ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers, RB Luke Hellyer (28) - ImageWillowbourne Saints
FB Jonas Wilson (23) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed, FB Oda Umebajashi (31) - ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers
TE Gurethen Tharadhen (25) - ImageMayara Destroyers, TE Joshiaki Vino (23) - ImageMawryshire Centaurs, TE Bruce Suthmeer (25) - ImageEaglebury Emperors
WR Thorlibin Junga (27) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, WR Bryan Welsh (22) - ImageWillowbourne Saints, WR Golatisu Junstarin (29) - ImageMayara Wolves, WR Roe Fineman (24) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed, WR Jochem Schoolhendrik (26) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
SR Dewitt Head (30) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies, SR Lomeoch ySarrwdd (24) - ImageMawryshire Centaurs, SR Lloyd Whitlock (28) - ImageMayara Destroyers

LT Llwgypen yNargwrwdd (24) - ImageMawryshire Centaurs, LT Sibren Schooten (29) - ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals, LT Jo Altink (24) - ImageWillowbourne Saints
LG Auhonen Haustedhaungen (22) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, LG Pi Cornelis (25) - ImageAminey Caspians
CE Kiserba Likathinden (30) - ImageMayara Destroyers, CE Adé Gavreau (27) - ImageWillowbourne Saints, CE Jahè Nijmans (27) - ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers
RG Robin Verninac (24) - ImageAminey Caspians
RT Olinosuke Vuluja (25) - ImageMayara Destroyers, RT Humphrey Drayton (25) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, RT Nathan Schildwacht (24) - ImageWillowbourne Saints


Welcome to the best defence in the multiverse. The secondary should shine once again, coming down with scores of passes defended and maybe even interceptions. Ensink and Dutertre are shutdown cornerbacks. Moore and Wongar often operate on the other side of the field, but Luc Jauffret will likely mix up the left and the right groups. Turaundhinthen and Dakitherinthen are capable of a lot, from run stuffing, blitzing, as well as coverage help. They are sometimes used as an extra linebacker from the looks of it. The Free Safety is the ballhawk of the defence. In that past, that was Mesjathaunden, but he seems to have passed his snaps to Dieleman as a starter. Dieleman is not the same kind of interception maniac, but can still do more than enough to destabilise opponents.

The linebackers are versatile, with the weakside linebacker picking up coverage duties a tad more often. Guildeforde and Holmgroen share the position about 50-50. In the national team, the weakside backers are often kept away from the play a little, but Holmgroen is the current Pass Rusher of the Year. Be afraid when he scoots into the backfield! Barnett is the captain of the defence, the middle linebacker, a position that comes with amazing responsibility and reputation. He has Kinportinden to learn from, who is younger, but has had the starting duty in the past. The middle linebacker corps as a whole can do all of their duties. On the strong side, we find the tougher guys, racking up tackles, stuffing runs, picking up dump routes, blitzes, and the like. They also sometimes line up in the 4-3 defence on the line in 3-technique as a pass rusher.

LE Gabe Payne (22) - ImageMayara Wolves, LE Leon Ahern (22) - ImageAerellen Explosions, LE Llawglhwn yDaddmhwr (24) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed
LD Maukiliru Gomoltinden (27) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies, LD Japeau Bassot (25) - ImageAminey Caspians
RD Elijah Farrier (27) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, RD Hannes Sjouwman (25) - ImageMayara Wolves
RE Eutelo Abráldez (32) - ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals, RE Koji Gamo (31) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, RE Ingmar Aalander (26) - ImageAminey Caspians

WB Garret Guildeforde (25) - ImageWillowbourne Saints, WB Arvid Holmgroen (27) - ImageNoordrug Astronauts
MB Ludwig Barnett (28) - ImageAerellen Explosions, MB Evert Noorddal (22) - ImageNoordrug Astronauts, MB Rein Keijser (28) - ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers, MB Molrak Kinportinden (27) - ImageMayara Wolves
SB Monrisun Gunmothinden (32) - ImageMayara Destroyers, SB Wim Altefeer (24) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies, SB Roja Schutte (30) - ImageAerellen Explosions, SB Kil Moreau (28) - ImageAminey Caspians

LC Martijn Ensink (26) - ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers, LC Camille Dutertre (25) - ImageAminey Caspians, LC Max Devilliers (24) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed
FS Egge Dieleman (29) - ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals, FS Byron Kadwell (22) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies, FS Lilgaunin Mesjathaunden (29) - ImageMayara Destroyers
SS Dhauthenu Turaundhinthen (26) - ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals, SS Sadhaulak Dakitherinthen (28) - ImageNoordrug Astronauts, SS Bart Reinsma (28) - ImageAminey Caspians
RC Rupert Moore (32) - ImageAminey Caspians, RC Curumbah Wongar (25) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, RC Lucas van de Streek (28) - ImageMayara Wolves

Special Teams

On the line, we find two tackles that are mostly role players. Their job is to contain and get some pressure. Most of the work is done at the ends, by Payne, Ahern, and Abráldez.

Bennett returns to the national team as always. The selectors have opted to select two players for each position for continuity's and development's sake. Withers takes over as a punter. Bronsvoord may take snaps in the offence as well.

PK Abner Bennett (30) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed, PK Boaventura Camba (24) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
PU Merritt Withers (30) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, PU Twan Raatmink (25) - ImageAerellen Explosions
PR Go Bronsvoord (22) - ImageGreencaster Godspeed, PR Jonny Berkman (27) - ImageMayara Destroyers
LS Aocelore Esea (28) - ImageEaglebury Emperors, LS Elothe Aecherin (27) - ImageMayara Destroyers

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: -5
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Postby Squidroidia » Thu Oct 08, 2020 4:32 am

World Bowl 39. The first time Squidroidians fully saw football in action. High contact, high octane from snap to tackle, to the Squidroidian Armed Forces, football, of the gridiron kind, anyway, was a passion. Along with them sending their Armed Forces Academy team to the Mineral Conference, they're sending an all new team to the World Bowl. It's a far cry from their 2 win campaign last go-around - One of the wins being a 7-0 snoozefest against Martune. If you think Ko-oren is defensive you should have saw both Squidroidia vs Martune games. It was a slugfest with little points and more defense than the average barbed wire fence.

Colonel Tanyu is on a mission - Win more than 2 games and he's fine. Equal or win only one or no games, and the face of Squidroidian gridiron football will be ugly. Let's just hope he does what he says he will do.


Official National Team Setup

Head Coach - Colonel Ebisawa Tanyu
Offensive Coordinator - Colonel Sadow Saikaku
Defensive Coordinator -Colonel Kouumoto Kaii
Special Teams Coach - Colonel Miyamoto Saikaku

Starters highlighted in bold
Quarterback - Sota Miyamoto, Ryūji Yamada, Shin Fujioka
Halfback - Ryota Hoshino, Shōta Arima
Fullback - Yousuke Mochizuki, Rokurou Satou
Wide Reciever - Kouji Nakano, Kosuke Kubo, Koizumi Shunichi, Wakayoshi Shinzo, Jin Norihisa
Tight End - Kamenashi Keizo, Yashima Kafu, Amachi Yoshitora
Left Tackle - Mikami Kin, Haga Matsuta
Right Tackle - Hase Zeshin, Nagamatsu Mitsunari
Left Guard - Narita Kei, Uehara Hokusai
Right Guard - Takahara Tashiaki, Hiroto Kado
Center - Jin Horiuchi, Kinoshita Hanshiro

Starters highlighted in bold
Left End - Arima Botan, Oki Tamotsu
Right End - Tamanaha Ryutaro, Matsushita Tanosuke
Defensive Tackle - Oye Shohei, Sako Kinzo, Ishida Yodo
Left Outside Linebacker - Fukuhara Rkuemon, Seki Nakamaro
Middle Linebacker - Tsuge Tsuyoshi, Asano Toru
Right Outside Linebacker - Baisho Sadatake, Sakurano Kazuma
Cornerback - Tamaki Eizan, Takahata Marise, Gomi Doi, Fukase Yoshiiku
Free Safety - Yūki Sosa, Sera Shunsuke
Strong Safety - Kuse Kuri, Hamasaki Shimpei

Special Teams
Starters highlighted in bold
Kicker - Kenji Kawasaki
Punter - Kohaku Shimizu
Longsnapper - Kaito Yoshida, Kosuke Hashimoto
Holder - Yūdai Maki, Yuki Fujioka
Kick/Punt Returner - Wide Receiver Kosuke Kubo

Home: Mostly blue, some white
Away: Mostly white, some blue

Home Stadium

Inkopolis City Stadium is the biggest stadium in the country of Squidroidia, holding 50,000 people. It's primary focus is association football, but can be reconfigured for gridiron football, lacrosse and rugby union and league if needed. The stadium is home to Inkopolis FC of the Squidroidian Super League and also hosts the Squidroidian Cup Semi-Finals and Final. It has previously served as the home to the Flyers in World Bowl XXXIX, but with the Squidbreak playing out their NSCF campaign in the Squidroidia Armed Forces Park, the national team will play again in the Championship Grounds.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, TG me
RP injuries to my players: Yes, 1-2 games
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, no career-enders, TG me otherwise
Suspend my players: Yes, 1-2 games for 1 player
Godmod suspension events: No:
Godmod other events: Yes, unless it's corona

Style - +1

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Postby Kriegiersien » Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:02 am

Kriegiersien Gridiron Football National Team

For a nation where nudity is mandatory, clothes are always a nice surprise. Kriegiersien comes as always in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys.


After winning the Arena Bowl even failing at the Olympics demonstration event couldn't stop the new hype for Football and the team has now a legendary status, that they have to defend at the World Bowl.

Head coach:
Tushar Jean-Claude
Levan Hershel

Offensive coordinator:
Kajetán Hinrich
Wassim Beornræd

Defensive coordinator:
Kazimír Thoko
Aravind Rico

Special teams coach:
Conchita Denice
Rehoboam Albin

Quarterback coach:
Frida Ilham
Simona Friðþjófr

Offensive line coach:
Chiyo Susie
Eindriði Davud

Defensive line coach:

Linebacker coach:

Medical Staff:
Doc Groooom

Milli Fatbemme




David Chippendale
Agatha Raisin

Alexander Alexios
Sera David

Running back:
Jack Roadrunner
Mel Di Brandini

Jack Fat
Dora Dumpling

Wide receiver:
Jack White
Whitey Whiteman
Nils Dobs
Uruk Hai
Hildegard Nuskatmus
Wanya Wide
Christina Conman
Gora Gonzales

Tight end:

Left guard and right guard:
Liam Left
Roger Right
Lila Links
Rwanda Rechts

Left tackle and right tackle:
Dan Droit
Greg Gauche
Dora Droit
Gina Gauche


Defensive tackle:
Dwayne Bravestone

Defensive end:


Fostrorlim Caskbelt
Lolulynn Beasttank

Gostrarlug Merrysunder
Turfuil Barrelgrip
Hewiline Opaltank
Gruzmaerika Coincoat

The mixed team consists in the offense mainly out of humans but many of the teams defense are Orcs and Dwarfs out of 'recent expansions' in Kriegiersien.

Everything allowed that doesn't break the game.
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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Oct 08, 2020 7:01 am

Sarzonia Stars

If my opponent RP's our game first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. I'll determine severity.
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod "other" events: Nothing beyond stuff like heavy rains, strong winds, nervous players having trouble sleeping and the like. No killing players or blowing up stadia.

Head Coach: Les Steckhall, 41 (ex-Portland Pirates)
After he was denied an opportunity to serve as offensive coordinator by Pirates coach Gil Spencer, former Stars coach Tim Gates's resignation opened the door for Steckhall to become the head coach. He will call the offence.
Quarterbacks Coach: Gavin Davis, 37
Yes, THAT Gavin Davis. He served as quarterbacks coach for the Arena Bowl bronze medalist Stars and will serve as de facto offensive coordinator without the playcalling responsibilities.
Running Backs Coach: Mike Pendry, 56
His Portland Pirates team led the Incorporated Gridball League in rushing, helping make up for an inexperienced quarterback.
Wide Receivers Coach: Mel Brady, 51
He serves in the same position on Woodstock's coaching staff, so he is used to the more wide open offence Gates wants in the nation's capital.
Tight Ends Coach: Marc Johnson, 40
He played on the last Stars team to suit up in a World Bowl. Currently in his first coaching role.
Offensive Line Coach: George Cowley, 40
Also played for the Stars in their previous World Bowl appearance, he has been the offensive line coach for a semipro team for three seasons.
Defensive Coordinator: Kyle Hanley, 51
Hanley plays an aggressive 4-3 defence with frequent blitzes, much like his predecessor Kirk Olivadotti.
Defensive Line Coach: Tyler Paige, 49
The younger brother of former Stars coach Arthur Paige, Tyler works extensively with the line and with edge linebackers.
Linebackers Coach: Jerome London, 45
He was a coach on the field for the Stars as a player and will formally coach the linebacker corps now.
Secondary Coach: Kevin Leonard, 45
Another veteran of the last Stars team who takes on a coaching role.
Special Teams Coordinator: Dylan Massey, 52
Massey has tutored kickers and seems to specialise in turning them into walk off kick experts.

Offence: Balanced (0 modifier)
Defensive style: Base 4-3 with frequent blitzes
Two-point conversion modifier: LOGICAL
Home surface: Grass (Joe Gibbs Stadium, Woodstock - capacity 75,900)

QB: Sam Rosen (6-foot, 205 pounds (Portland), 28
Steckhall was able to lure his signal caller from the Pirates. He hopes that Rosen's familiarity with his offence will speed up his learning curve.
RB: Ty'Relle Clinton (Portland), 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, 24
He employs a bruising running style, but he can surprise defenders with speed and quickness when he gets out in space.
FB: Les Creighton (New Jeruselem Monks), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
Creighton's a blocker who will occasionally get the ball in short yardage situations.
WR: Steve Swain (Corcorran Cruisers), 6-foot-3, 205 pounds
He's the guy you want to get the ball in crucial third down conversions.
WR: Matt Largent (Wilmington Roughnecks), 5-foot-11, 185 pounds
He's the speedster in the lineup and he's the deep threat.
TE: Al Langston, 6-foot-5, 265 pounds (Woodstock)
He started as a blocker until Week 7 last season when he caught eight passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns. Now he handles both roles.
LT: Matt Frost, 6-foot-4, 325 pounds (Woodstock), 29 years old
Frost protects Locklear's blind side in Woodstock and is expected to here.
LG: Nate Felton (Corcorran), 6-foot-2, 319 pounds, 31 years old
He was on the last Stars team and will be counted on for veteran presence as much as his blocking.
C: Rodney Tucker (Portland), 6-foot-2, 293 pounds, 33 years old
Tucker makes up for lack of size by technique and experience. He's the de facto captain of the line.
RG: Marty Vance (Nicksia Knights), 6-foot-5, 335 pounds
He was always nicknamed House when he was growing up, even after he was no longer THE biggest player on either team.
RT: Ike Dennehy (Truxtun Commodores), 6-foot-5, 355 pounds
Dennehy is used to protecting the blind side of a lefty quarterback, and he can throw terrifying blocks in the run game.

DE: Arlen Cunningham (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 280 pounds
He's a pass rusher through and through. Paige is expected to sub him out for short yardage run situations.
DT: Colin Grassley (Rypien Renegades), 6-foot-3, 320 pounds
He is especially dangerous at stuffing the run game. Has one-half sack for his entire career.
DT: Pete Downey (Somerset Snakes), 6-foot-4, 360 pounds
He's another run-stopper who will be subbed for in pass rush situations.
DE: Clancy Wilson (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
Another guy who can rush the passer. He can stay in on short yardage situations.
WLB: Artem Roshovski (Portland), 6-foot-2, 265 pounds
Pass rusher. Lives in the weight room. Often plays pass rushing defensive end on third and long.
MLB: Howard Dent (Woodstock), 6-foot-1, 255 pounds
He calls the signals for the defence. He knows how Paige thinks and what he wants.
SLB: Calvin Jacks (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 270 pounds
Known more as a run-stuffer who can play end in a pinch, he logged a career-high five sacks last season.
CB: Will Donnelly (Portland), 6-foot, 200 pounds
He typically plays the opposing team's best receiver and is known as a shutdown corner.
CB: Quinn Bowles (Woodstock), 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
He's more of a speed guy than even Donnelly is, but isn't a sure tackler.
FS: Cliff Longoria (Corcorran), 6-foot-4, 240 pounds
Think the late Sean Taylor. That's how he plays.
Strong Safety: Zane Yates (Portland), 6-foot-2, 235 pounds
He's another terrifying hitter on a team full of terrifying hitters.

QB: Mike Barnett (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 210 pounds.
Not the best arm, but he can execute a West Coast offence if necessary.
RB: Paul Edgerton (Woodstock), 5-foot-9, 195 pounds
He's a scatback who can catch passes out of the backfield when called upon.
FB: Wilson Marquez (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 250 pounds
WR: Hayden Gregory (Portland Power, women's gridball team) 5-foot-7, 175 pounds, 23 years old
WR: Marquise Harris (Truxtun), 6-foot-4, 215 pounds
TE: Edison Burkett (Wilmington), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
RB: Tom Bennett (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 220 pounds
TE: Austin Vesey (Nicksia), 6-foot-4, 260 pounds
OT: Zeke Bradley (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-5, 340 pounds
OG: Yael Jeffries (Rypien) 6-foot-2, 317 pounds
OT/OG Spencer Henderson (Townshend Tornados), 6-foot-5, 330 pounds
C: Aaron Branson (Portland), 6-foot-4, 315 pounds
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
DT/DE: Harvey Quace (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
DE: Ryan Nichols (Portland), 6-foot-3, 290 pounds
DE/LB: Steve Fischer (Townshend), 6-foot-2, 280 pounds
LB: Troy Walton (Corcorran), 6-foot-1, 260 pounds
CB: Clancy Rollingford (Saugerties), 5-foot-11, 195 pounds
CB: Tyrriel Langston (Nicksia), 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
S: Chris Snell (Portland), 6-foot, 205 pounds

P: Evelyn Sutter (holds for extra points and field goal attempts. Also the emergency third-string quarterback.)
K: Matt Vargas
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Postby Ranoria » Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:01 am

World Bowl Roster
Bios listed under each position group
*: Was chosen for the RFL All-Star Game following the 2020 season
**: Was selected as a first team all pro following the 2020 season
[: Was cut from an RFL roster following or during the 2020 season
{: Was not on an RFL roster during the 2020 season

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep!
Godmod scoring events: Yep! Feel free to be creative with it!
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Suspend my players: Nope
Godmod suspension events: Nope
Godmod other events: Nope. Special note: Not that I'm going to tell you not to write it, but anything about the COVID/virus won't be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Style Modifier: +5
All Players are male
Feel free to hate on my punter and kicker when RPing, Ranorian punters and kickers are notoriously poor.
Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Raul Nieler
Offensive Coordinator: Oskar Nebe
Defensive Coordinator: Konstantin Hoffmeister*
Quarterbacks Coach: Raphael Rosenburger*
-Passing Consultant: Elias Turner
Running Backs Coach: William Fulchs
Wide Receivers Coach: Dennis Wilks
Tight Ends Coach: Andreas Kohring
Offensive Line Coach: Philip Kindinger
Defensive Line Coach: Yannick Jackson
-Pass Rush Consultant: Thomas ‘Brawler’ Kandler*
Linebackers Coach: Marvin Kraus
Cornerbacks Coach: Antonio Grendel
Safeties Coach: Kai Krämer

*: new addition to coaching staff

Johnny Farmer, TE
Derek McNair, QB

Kevin Gerhart, DT
Emmanuel Miller, DE

Offensive Style: Ranoria's offense changes with the personnel they aquire, as it is difficult for the team to consistently find Ranorian players willing to play for them, but generally you're going to see a lot of tight formations with at least one tight end. Very few play action passes, as Ranoria's pros have yet to catch up to the collegiate game on all but a few teams, and a high ratio of runs. Quarterbacks, when athletic (which McNair certainly is), are encouraged to run the football.

Defensive Style: Expect a lot of linebackers who are more about hitting than they are coverage. Exploiting this defense with loads of quick slants, curls, and seams is doable, but remind your pass catchers to wear their flak jackets. Every player on this defense grew up playing high school ball where hitting power was valued above awareness. While Ranoria's pros generally go with man coverage, they are forced to run zones because of generally more advanced passing attacks in other countries, and as such they aren't used to running the defense that they do. However, expect a very strong, stout run defense and a bunch of burly, 280+ pound defensive linemen with a love for power style pass rushing.

*#7 Derek McNair, 6’2”, 225 lb, 29 yr deceased
#11 Baker Owens, 5’11”, 225 lb, 31 yr
{#12 Jeremiah Quill, 6’1”, 208 lb, 24 yr
Derek McNair: One of the best players in the game, McNair can put up a thousand yard rushing season or give you a lethally accurate passer. Honestly, it's your choice. Good luck stopping him. McNair was the MVP runner up in the domestic season. It was a career year for him, with 4,451 yards and 33 touchdowns through the air against 13 picks. He also chipped in with 531 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns on the ground.

Baker Owens: At 31 years old, Owens is hoping to get his career back on track. He has only 901 career passing yards and a 9:11 TD:INT ratio as a perennial backup. He likely will not see much playing time.

Jeremiah Quill: Quill is an impressive athlete, but not an elite one. He is currently a practice squad quarterback. He is a poor passer, and likely will not be able to see any playing time.

*#29 Vice Jackson, 6'2", 238 lb, 22 yr
#27 Elijah Sampson, 6’1”, 215 lb, 29 yr
[#44 Campbell Bell(FB), 6’1”, 245 lb, 32 yr
Vice Jackson III: Fresh out of college, Jackson was a star for Richardosn, who seem to have a ton of players in the World Bowl every year, but he should be part of one of the most elite attacks the tournament has seen.

Elijah Sampson: Sampson started his career off with a bang, two 1,400 yard seasons, and then an MVP-winning 1,800 yard campaign. Ever since, he has broken the thousand yard mark just three times in 6 seasons, and never been over 3.75 yards per carry. He's hoping to show he has a couple good years left in the tank.

Campbell Bell: Bell was cut following the 2020 season as he was no longer deemed necessary to the team’s success. He is hoping to draw some positive attention in free agency in a league that’s rapidly shifting away from smash mouth football.

#19 Ricardo Jackson, 6’1” ,210 lb, 34 yr
[#80 Mario Terrin, 6’2”, 220 lb, 28 yr
[#84 Jarell Goodwin, 5’11”, 190 lb, 29 yr
[#85 Tyrell Elam, 6’1”, 215 lb, 32 yr
[#10 Spencer Wilson, 5’7”, 185 lb, 26 yr
Ricardo Jackson: Jackson is a 13 year RFL veteran, 6 time all star, and two time all pro. He earned a solid contract, but this is likely his last World Bowl season, as he has retired officially from the RFL after earning a nice payday in the last couple seasons.

Mario Terrin: Terrin was, and is, an athletic prospect coming out of college. But he ran out of chances, catching 201 balls for 3,050 yards and eleven touchdowns in seven seasons. 60 of those catches, along with six touchdowns and 811 yards, came in his rookie campaign. He did, however, manage his first thousand yard campaign last season and is back on the World Bowl squad.

Jarell Goodwin: Goodwin has played in 5 or 6 seasons since coming out of college, missing his third year with a torn knee. He wants to put up some numbers and improve his game to become a reliable #1 target with whatever team he signs with, while also building himself, if nothing else, into a guy worthy of a roster spot year in and year out.

**#82 Johnny Farmer, 6’5”, 255 lb, 25 yr
#88 Joey Giordano, 6’5”, 255 lb, 26 yr
[#86 Shawn Jackson, 6’6”, 260 lb, 32 yr
[#44 Campbell Bell(FB), 6’1”, 245, 33 yr

Johnny Farmer: Farmer is one of the best players in football. Period. After dominating the collegiate field as both a defensive lineman and a tight end, he has done the same as a professional. He had a low yardage season in 2023, but made up for it by leading the league in touchdown catches.

Joey Giordano: Giordano was a solid prospect coming out of Richardson University, but he was overshadowed by the presence of Johnny Farmer in his final two seasons. He is a strong run blocker, and is earning a decent deal as a proven pass catcher.

Shawn Jackson: Jackson is clinging to life as a pro, and needs to continue to show improvement.

#65 Tyler Williams, 6’6”, 320 lb, 28 yr
#64 Tanner Steele, 6’4”, 290 lb, 37 yr
Tanner Steele: Steele has been a solid player over the course of his career, a 6 time all star and one time all pro. Despite that, at 37 years old, he is out to prove to a free agency market that he can still play.

Tyler Williams: Williams came out of college as a draft bust. A first round pick who was completely incompetent das a pass blocker. But he has improved steadily throughout his career, and is now a consistent strong point for his team.

*#78 Dudley Igneous , 6’5”, 320 lb, 26 yr
#66 Zane Wilhelm, 6’2”, 315 lb, 31 yr
Dudley Igneous: Igneous, is a monstrous blocker, and now as an improved pass protector is a staple for this team.

Zane Wilhelm: Wilhelm is an 11 year veteran, and 2 time all star, who is receiving very little attention in free agency. He is in tight contention for the starting spot at guard, and yet has been mentoring Igneous, helping his protégée improve.

#72 Philippe Maxine, 6'3", 325 lb, 23 yr
#67 Tyler Friedman, 6’1”, 305 lb, 33 yr
|#68 Braxton Morrow, 6’2”, 300 lb, 23 yr
Tyler Friedman: Friedman has had an up and down career marred by injuries, but he had been good enough to stay in the league as long as he has. He simply wants to show that he can stay healthy, to earn himself a long term contract to end his career on.

Braxton Morrow: Morrow was cut halfway through the season, despite only getting playing time when the starter went down. He was seen as quality depth, but his play was atrocious, and he sees this as his last chance.

#63 Morris Bron, 6'6", 330 lb, 24 yr
#|71 Stone Silver, 6’3’, 295 lb, 28 yr
Morris Bron: The team's success has allowed them to start signing bigger, stronger, faster linemen. He's one of them.

Stone Silver: Silver never saw much playing time until he made a solid performance in the last world bowl. He's back, as much due to an improived contract as anything.

# 77 Trent Sedimite, 6’7”, 320 lb, 37 yr
Sedimite is a longtime veteran who has seen off and on playing time, earning 111 starts over the course of 16 seasons. He’s no hall of famer, but he may just be enough to hold the right side down.

*#99 Emmanuel Miller, 6'9", 300 lb, 27 yr
#94 Zach Skinner, 6’4”, 270 lb, 27 yr
Emmaneul Miller may have the most impact of a line heavy defense. He was a playmaker from Richardson University, and has been productive as a pro due to his length and sheer power. He is especially good against the run.

Zach Skinner: In six seasons, Skinner has accrued 59 tackles for a loss and the same number of sacks, doing much better in the last few seasons. He has two all star nods, and is a consistently top 5 pass rusher these days in the RFL.

*#98 Kevin Gerhart, 6’5”, 325 lb, 26 yr
#91 Julius Volt, 6’6”, 295 lb, 24 yr
#79 John Bronson, 6’4”, 340 lb, 34 yr
[#90 Emit Willis, 6’2”, 305 lb, 30 yr
Kevin Gerhart: Gerhart is a physical specimen, and was a dominant force in college. He underperformed in his first few seasons in the pros, but bounced back last year in the world bowl and domestic seasons.

Julius Volt: Volt is a hybrid DE/DT, physically capable of lining up at 3-tech or as an edge defender. He’s generally an 8-10 sack guy in the domestic season, and his moving around provides versatility and matchup issues.

#96 William Teller, 6’3”, 280 lb, 25 yr
William Teller: Teller had 23 sacks in two seasons in college, but after only playing in twelve games in three years, he was cut. The World Bowl, however, gave him a second chance, and now Teller is one of the better edge defenders in Ranoria.

#57Johnson Ellis, 6’2”, 220 lb, 23 yr
#54, Armin Frost, 6’, 230 lb, 29 yr
{#51 Antonio Mormon, 6’3”, 235 lb, 27 yr
Johnson Ellis: Ellis is a young, new style coverage linebacker. He’s decent against the run, but his lack of tackling tendency and the RFL’s slow to shift defensive mindset towards linebackers meant that he went undrafted. Ellis, however, is a blanket in coverage, and will undoubtably be a huge asset in a room of linebackers who know one thing: Hit, and hit hard.

#55 Ross Monarch, 6’3”, 247 lb, 28 yr
#58 Isaac Thomas, 6’1”, 260 lb, 35 yr,
{#57 Terry Clement, 6’2”, 245 lb, 25 yr

Ross Monarch: Suiting up for the team for the first time in week 5, the 7 year veteran’s World Bowl debut featured 12 tackles, 3 for a loss, and a sack. Monarch has played in 7 professional seasons, and been an all star 7 times, with 4 1st team all pros to go along with a 2nd team nod. Monarch is a dominant force against the run and is very strong both in coverage and blitzing.

*#25 Darnell Sleight, 6’0”, 210 lb, 24 yr
{#20 Donnie Mandarin, 5’9”, 200 lb, 31 yr
{#23 Pierre Strobe, 5’9”, 204 lb, 25 yr
Darnell Sleight was nothing a year ago, but he's shown himself now, and is a star corner in the RFL after last season. He'll be counted on to anchor this team's otherwise shoddy pass defense.

#44 John Hiram
#22 Kenny Leinden, 5'11", 205 lb, 27 yr
[#40 Cliff Henson, 6’0”, 210 lb, 33 yr
[#43 Harry Bean, 6’2”, 215 lb, 23 yr

K: {#5 Trevor Wheeler, 6’3”, 25 yr

P: {#6 Ozzie Tanman, 6’1”, 24 yr

Team Stats

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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:27 pm

Équipe nationale de football de Terre Septentrionale
Reprezentacja Nordycki w Futbol Amerykanski
Northern Land National Football Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors: Green, white and red
Style mod: -2




Overall record: 20-8

World Bowl XXXVII: 9-3
World Bowl XXXVIII: 2-3
World Bowl XXXIV: 9-2

Points for: 524
Points against: 374

First game: 13-3 win vs Tornado Queendom @ WB 37
First win: 13-3 win vs Tornado Queendom @ WB 37
First draw: -
First loss: 20-3 loss vs Banija @ WB 37
Biggest win: 47-6 win vs Champagne Socialist Sharifistan @ WB 38
Biggest loss: 47-6 loss vs Drawkland @ WB 38
First touchdown: Stanislaw Krzyzanowski (5 yards pass from Haylie Woo) vs Tornado Queendom @ World Bowl XXXVII

All time Most TDs (All types excluding passing)	

Montavious McBryde 14
Jennifer Killebrew 7
Barkevious Hawkins 4
Nick Donald-McIntyre 4
Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 4
Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 3
Keyonte Roberts-Whitaker 3
Kentre'vious McCullum 3
Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 2
Haylie Woo 1
LaDarius McElwain 1
Coconut Riddick 1
Stanislaw Strzelczyk 1
Kevin McGinnis 1
Roderick McShepard 1
Louis-Philip Laframboise-Deschamps 1
Tyquavious Wilderbralthwait 1

All time Most Passing TDs All time Most Rushing TDs All time Most Receiving TDs

Haylie Woo 23 Montavious McBryde 13 Jennifer Killebrew 7
Clifford Jenkins 2 Barkevious Hawkins 2 Nick Donald-McIntyre 4
Montavious McBryde 2 LaDarius McElwain 1 Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 4
Wyatt Schulze-Lichtenberg 2 Haylie Woo 1 Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 3
Tyquavious Wilderbralthwait 1 Keyonte Roberts-Whitaker 1 Barkevious Hawkins 2
Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 2
Keyonte Roberts-Whitaker 2
Kentre'vious McCullum 2
Montavious McBryde 1
Coconut Riddick 1
Louis-Philip Laframboise-Deschamps 1
Tyquavious Wilderbralthwait 1

All time Most Defensive TDs All time Most Kick/Punt Return TDs All time Most safeties

Stanislaw Strzelczyk 1 Kentre'vious McCullum 1 Nehemiah Charles 2
Kevin McGinnis 1 Nick Knox 1
Roderick McShepard 1 Nick Wrzuszczak 1
DeShawn Lewis-Harris 1 Eldrick McLeod 1
Kennisha Hawkins-Henderson 1 Jaxton McFolley 1
Keyshawn Woodcock-Hunter 1

Note: Terre Septentrionale is located somewhere in between Atlantian Oceania and Esportiva (East of AO and west of Esportiva). Kickoff time (in local time) is listed for every home game.


Stade du PÉPS
Capacity: 49 676
Location: Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC
Tenant: Rouge et Or de Longueuil (LUFTS)
Hosting: Newmanistan (10) - MD8
Kickoff: 3 PM
Expected weather: 11 C° (52 F°)
Note: Rouge et Or de Longueuil is a college football team. They owns the largest football stadium in Terre Septentrionale at their pavillon de l'éducation physique et des sports.

Stade Louis-Philip Bobineau
Capacity: 46 500
Location: Prévost, CN
Tenant: Patriotes de la Catherine du Nord (NSCF)
Hosting: Karditan (25) - MD2
Kickoff: 3 PM
Expected weather: -6 C° (21 F °)
Note: Patriotes de la Catherine du Nord plays in the NSCF's mineral conference.

Francis Braddock Stadium
Capacity: 40 000
Location: Shelburne, SH
Tenant: Shelburne Razorbacks (LUFTS)
Hosting: Equestria (48) - MD4
Kickoff: 3 PM
Expected weather: 2 C° (35,5 F °)
Note: Shelburne Razorbacks is another college football team.

Gyertyatarto Park
Capacity: 36 604
Location: Szentgyörgyvölgy, BA
Tenant: Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers (LSF)
Hosting: The Orion Islands (UR) - MD1
Kickoff: 3 PM
Expected weather: -1 C° (30 F °)
Note: Gyertyatarto means "candlestick" in Hungarian language.

Stadion Roksana Janikowska
Capacity: 35 500
Location: Trzeszczyn, LU
Tenant: Trzeszczyn Kats (LSF)
Hosting: Shiatoru (UR) - MD5
Kickoff: 3 PM
Expected weather: 8 C° (46,5 F °)


Note: The World Bowl 40 is played in spring and summer, before the Olympiads, which are in august 2027.

Sunday march 7th 2027: Terre Septentrionale (12) vs The Orion Islands (UR) @ Gyertyatarto Park
Sunday march 14th 2027: Terre Septentrionale (12) vs Karditan (25) @ Stade Louis-Philip Bobineau
Sunday march 21st 2027: Newmanistan (10) vs Terre Septentrionale (12)
Sunday march 28th 2027 - Easter Day: Terre Septentrionale (12) vs Equestria (48) @ Francis Braddock Stadium
Sunday april 4th 2027: Terre Septentrionale (12) vs Shiatoru (UR) @ Stadion Roksana Janikowska
Bye week
Sunday april 18th 2027: The Orion Islands (UR) vs Terre Septentrionale (12)
Sunday april 25th 2027: Karditan (25) vs Terre Septentrionale (12)
Sunday may 2nd 2027: Terre Septentrionale (12) vs Newmanistan (10) @ Stade du PÉPS
Sunday may 9th 2027 - Mother's Day: Equestria (48) vs Terre Septentrionale (12)
Sunday may 16th 2027: Shiatoru (UR) vs Terre Septentrionale (12)

Round of 16: Sunday june 6th 2027
Quarterfinals: Sunday june 13th 2027
Semi finals: Sunday june 20th 2027
Final: Sunday july 4th 2027

Offensive formations: (in order of frequency)

Standard Shotgun: 3 WR and 2 HB (this formation is weak against pass rushing cuz no FB or TE for blocking)
Pro formation: 2 WR, 1 TE and (2 HB or 1 HB and 1 FB)
Shotgun 3 WRs: 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 HB
Pro 3 WRs: 3 WR, 1 HB and 1 FB
Wing T formation: 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 HB and 1 FB
Wildcat: 1 WR, 2 TE and 2 HB (with a HB and a QB lining as WRs and another HB getting the snap)
Single back 2 TE: 2 WR, 2 TE and 1 HB
Wishbone formation (short yardage): 2 TE, 2 HB and 1 FB
Goal line: 3 TE, 1 HB and 1 FB (sometimes a DT can be used as FB in this formation)

Defensive formations:

Standard: 3-4-4
nickel 3-3-5
dime 2-3-6

The coaching staff:

Pos     Name                    Age
HC Ginette Champoux 50
OC Zygfryd Skrzypczak 39
DC Boguslaw Korzeniowski 53
ST François-Pierre Lagrange 47

QB Bogoslav Kovačević 45
RB Bobby Murphy 40
Rec Louise Dauphinais 51
OL Jacques Pronovost 52
DL Gilles Brassard 64
LB Stanislawa Bakałowiczowa 48
DB Jean-Pierre Maisonneuve 54

Offensive Captains: Haylie Woo and Jennifer Killebrew
Defensive Captains: Nehemiah Charles and Eldrick McLeod

Depth chart
(starters in bold)

Note: These players still haven't been assigned a birthplace and a college team.

Note: Most players on this roster have English names because they're some remnants of previous nations I've RPed with and I carried them over with Terre Septentrionale, but most inhabitants in this nation speaks either French or Polish.

Note: Since the World Bowl 40 occurs before the olympiads, players who were at the olympiads are included in this rosters.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
QB 8 Haylie Woo 28 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers
QB 9 Tyquavious Wilderbralthwait 24 Beach City Lions
QB 10 Tyler Kruger 34 Ours de Charlevoix
QB 1 Wyatt Schulze-Lichtenberg 26 Vukosavljevica Dolphins

Wilderbralthwait set the record in the LSF for the most rushing yards by a quarterback.
He can also be used as WR and HB. He'll mostly play in wildcat formations.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
HB 32 Montavious McBryde 28 Alouettes de Prévost
HB 21 Keyonte Roberts-Whitaker 25 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

HB 31 Devaughn Flannigan-Morris 27 Ours de Charlevoix
HB 47 Catherine Desjardins-Fleury 21 Krzczonow Green Ducks L'Île-aux-Chiens, PA Patriotes de Catherine du Nord 2026 1.1
HB 23 Quintavious Puckett 25 Beach City Lions

McBryde is the #1 but Roberts-Whitaker also plays frequently.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
FB 45 LaDarius McElwain 28 Baie-Verte Packers
FB 38 Dino Jakovljević 22 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers Praputnjak, DA Kukljica Wildcats 2025 1.16

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
WR 14 Louis-Philip Laframboise-Deschamps 23 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers Lac-des-Neiges, CH Patriotes de Catherine du Nord 2024 1.2
WR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 29 Trzeszczyn Kats

WR 15 Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 26 Alouettes de Prévost
WR 19 Kentre'vious McCullum 25 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
WR 17 Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 28 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
WR 12 Aphonso McCormack 27 Shelburne Hotshots
WR 81 Jamal Duckett 30 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
WR 85 Kendarius Gibbons 25 Krzczonow Green Ducks

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
TE 88 Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 26 Ours de Charlevoix Rybczyzna, CA
TE 89 Nick Donald-McIntyre 28 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
TE 83 Hayden Schultz 29 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
TE 87 Jake Van Leeuwen 27 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LT 79 Connor Zagzebski 30 Beach City Lions
RT/LT 76 Emilio Sanchez 27 Vukosavljevica Dolphins

RT 65 Dalton O'Halloran 27 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
LT 72 Zane Butts 24 El Perro Chargers
T 78 Evelyn Kallenberger 26 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou
LT 63 Charles-Antoine Ringuette 22 Saints de Jacques-Cartier Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, HY Carabins de la Haute-Yamaska 2025 1.4

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LG 69 Mieczyslaw Laszczak-Janowicz 25 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers Kliczkow, SL
RG/LG 66 Wesley Ostaszewski 26 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

G 68 Hunter Mahoney 28 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou
G 73 Hunter Van Valkenburg 24 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers
G 50 Tyler VandeBerg 27 Titans de Jacques-Cartier

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
C 70 Dragomir Živković 23 Roxboro Claymores Vukosavljevica, DA Kukljica Wildcats 2024 1.3
C 75 Karter Szczyrbak 29 Shelburne Hotshots
C 67 Evan Pokrzywinski 25 Vukosavljevica Dolphins

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LE 61 Eldrick McLeod 27 Alouettes de Prévost
RE 97 Keyshawn Woodcock-Hunter 24 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers

DE 71 Brock Wickenheiser 25 Shelburne Hotshots
LE 98 Fernando Peña 24 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers
RE 91 Kane VanderHeiden 29 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
RE 93 Donavaughn Fournette 28 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
NT 99 Nick Wrzuszczak 26 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers
DT 95 Karolina Rozwandowicz 28 Krzczonow Green Ducks Trzeszczyn, LU
DT 94 Blake Steinhaus 27 Krzczonow Green Ducks
DT 92 Eugeniusz Wasilewski 25 Beach City Lions Mszczonow, LU

Nick Wrzuszczak can play Fullback in offensive goal line formations like shown in this video.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
SLB 90 Jaxton McFolley 25 Baie-Verte Packers
WLB 96 Nehemiah Charles 29 Baie-Verte Packers

SLB 52 Ryan Pietruszewski 27 El Perro Chargers
SLB 51 Nick Knox 34 Alouettes de Prévost
OLB 54 Kingsley Thompson-Clarke 26 Beach City Lions
WLB 56 Jorge Ramirez 27 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
SLB 59 Kevin O'Hagan 24 Shelburne Hotshots

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LILB 48 Julianna Olszewska-Kacperczyk 23 Vukosavljevica Dolphins Krzczonow, MA Mazowsze Wolverines 2024 1.1
ILB 44 Colton Novak-Reigelsperger 24 El Perro Chargers

ILB 77 Stanislaw Strzelczyk 27 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, PO
ILB 55 Hayden Ferguson 30 Krzczonow Green Ducks
ILB 53 Wolfgang Wellenhofer 27 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
RILB 58 Ryan Schimmelpfennig 26 Rockingham Dolphins

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LCB 34 DeShawn Lewis-Harris 32 Shelburne Hotshots
RCB 25 Kevin McGinnis 28 Baie-Verte Packers

CB 43 Kennisha Hawkins-Henderson 27 Beach City Lions
CB 36 Ja'Kevious O'Reilly 26 Baie-Verte Packers
LCB 41 Krzysztof Ostrowski-Gronkowski 22 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks Ostroszowice, CA UKZ Jayhawks 2025 1.2
CB 29 Dre'quan Gilchrist-McClary 25 Ours de Charlevoix
CB 33 Ja'Whaun Ezechukwu 27 El Perro Chargers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
FS/SS 40 Gabriel Beausoleil-Brillant 22 Shelburne Hotshots Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, MT Citadins de Marie-Victorin 2025 1.1
SS 24 Roderick McShepard 27 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers

SS 30 Que'shaun Whiterspoon 25 Alouettes de Prévost
FS 35 Rashawn Haggerty 24 Ours de Charlevoix
FS 42 Kareem Johnson 33 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
K 18 Nick DeLuca 28 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
K 6 Crockett Burkhead 37 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
P 4 Evan McSorley 24 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
P 7 Hayden Logan 28 El Perro Chargers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
KR 19 Kentre'vious McCullum 25 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
KR 81 Jamal Duckett 30 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
KR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 29 Trzeszczyn Kats

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
PR 19 Kentre'vious McCullum 25 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
PR 81 Jamal Duckett 30 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LS 37 Keifer Landwehr 30 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
LS 39 Marcus Jefferson 28 Baie-Verte Packers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
H 9 Tyquavious Wilderbralthwait 24 Beach City Lions

If Wilderbralthwait is injured, H #2 and 3 are QBs #3 and 4.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (I'll choose the severity)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes*

*Note: Please do not give the coronavirus or any other virus
or illness to my players, coaches, journalists and fans.
And please do not introduce any pandemic to my nation.
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Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps
Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 7th | Baseball: 17th | Association Football: 23rd | Rugby Union: 21st
Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76, International Baseball Slam XI
3rd Place: World Volleyball Expo X, International Baseball Slam XII, World Lacrosse Championship XXXV
4th Place: Arena Bowl VI
World Cup participations: WC 85 (3rd place in group), WC 86 (3rd place in group)

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NSFB: WB40 Means History Welcomes The Jags!

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Oct 10, 2020 9:15 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Nickname: Jaguars or Jags
Home Colours: Light Blue/Orange/White
Road Colours: Black/Dark Orange

After TJUN-ia's greatest football cycle of all time, it's only fitting that it is followed by what could turn out to be TJUN-ia's best gridiron cycle of all time. Gridiron football in TJUN-ia, headed up by GFA-TJUN-ia, has followed its counterparts in FA-TJUN-ia in going from strength to strength from each passing tournament. WB48 saw a team with no real aspirations or cult following become the darlings of the early TJUN-ia by beating the Transmondian Commonwealth of New England on the last play and going 2-3 in that group. WB49 was even better as Gus McKerrin and the newly-christened Field of Dreams in the Gardens saw another last-play victory, this time the Block 6 against familiar Cassadiagua, and a 7-3 record that was the best out of teams that didn't make the playoffs.

After being 1 win away from playoff gridiron, TJUN-ia enters WB40 looking to build off the past by beating it...literally. Both TCNE and Cassie are in Group G with the Jags, along with new opposition in the form of The Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Northwest Kalactin and unranked Saltstead. Will the 3rd time, like in football, be TJUN-ia's best time. Many fans across the International community will hope that is the case...

Head Coach: Gus McKerrin (39)
Offensive Coordinator: P.J. Swarts (35)
Defensive Coordinator: Mohammad Al-Khalifa (30)
Special Teams Coach: David Stroman (34)

Formation: Shotgun
QB: #10 Jake Griffin (23)
HB: #40 Vinny Mac (24)
WR/KR: #80 Hubert Valois (24)
WR: #81 Jack Davidson (24)
WR: #82 Chris Davidson (24)
LT: #50 Jason Jeeves (24)
LG: #51 La'shaun Mackey (23)
C: #52 David Marquez (24)
RG: #53 Opa Maleleo (23)
RT: #54 Tim Green (24)
TE: #41 Wilson Hibbert (23)

Formation: 3-4
NT: #90 Prince Brown (24)
DE: #91 Jester Carter (25)
DE: #92 Andrew Dallapaz (23)
LB: #45 Giannis Minshew (24)
LB: #46 Chris Thorndyke (25)
LB: #47 Callum Peterson (23)
LB: #48 Tom De Souza (22)
CB: #20 Alfie Johnson (25)
CB: #21 Graham Polison (23)
FS: #22 Drew McAllister (24)
SS/PR: #23 Pedro Marquinios (25)

These can use starting players from both offence (block) and defence (tackle) and back up players during ST plays.
K: #5 Chi On-Ma (23)
H/QB (backup): #2 Allister Ghoulson (22)
P: #6 Martin Grevers (23)
LS: #99 Alf Gunnarsson (22)

These players can be used in any position.
Fulton McNair (21)
Pedro Alcoron (20)
Yoshi Nakamura (20)
Graham Halliday (22)
Sven Gudjonsson (21)
Joseph Samuel (19)
La'Travius "Royale" Brown (19)
Peter von Gothenburg (20)
Yu Suzuki (22)
David Fulmer (21)
Callum McGreen (20)

Name: Field of Dreams in The Gardens
Location: New Washington, NAU Zone
Capacity: 87,000

Part of "The Gardens", New Washington's sporting complex, the Field of Dreams marked the debut of the NAU Zone in hosting international competition. The main purpose of the Field of Dreams was to create an atmosphere where chaos lived and upsets can be made, a fact that was backed up in Game 1 with the Block 6 over Cassadiagua. That play was further ingrained into the minds of TJUN-ian due to fact that seats had direct access to the field, allowing the fans to storm it and celebrate with their heroes. With TJUN-ia only losing 1 game within these bushes and these walls, who knows what this place may produce next to become TJUN-ian folklore...

MD1: @Saltstead (UR)
MD2: vs Transmondian Commonwealth of New England (17) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD3: @The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (30)
MD4: @Cassadiagua (8)
MD5: @Northwest Kalactin (49)
-----------------------OFF DAY-----------------------
MD6: vs Saltstead (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD7: @Transmondian Commonwealth of New England (17)
MD8: vs The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (30) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD9: vs Cassadiagua (8) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD10: vs Northwest Kalactin (49) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
Quarter-Finals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2
Round of 16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX
Round of 32: CoH78
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (1 Win)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (1 T2 Win)
WGP Driver: #11 Lane Carter
Tennis: 2 Singles Runners-up /1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

UN - A multinational organisation that focuses on world peace and cooperation (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:24 am


Full Nation Name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nicknames: The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

Head Coach: Ducky Jenkins
A former player himself, Jenkins was one of those that played a hard-nosed style of defense back in his day playing gridiron football back in the 1980s. Regardless, Jenkins has turned that around and likes to rely on a high-flying pass-based offense in his games, relying on a West Coast-style offense with three wide receivers and one tight end for most of the time. He brings together a tough, hard-hitting group of players, who, at the very least, have learned not to laugh at the name "Ducky." Seriously. They'll have to run laps in practice every time someone - anyone - laughs at the name "Ducky." Meanwhile, the defense will rely on a 4-3 formation.
Ducky's staff includes:
"Get-Back" Coach Tommy Booth
Offensive Coordinator Tito Heck
Defensive Coordinator Leo Fletcher
Quarterback Coach Lou Wehnert
Offensive Line Coach Burt Kingston
Defensive Line Coach Xavier Bennett
Offensive Quality Control Wade Ogden
Defensive Quality Control Curt McKellar
Strength and Conditioning Coach Kenny Lanford

Capital Stadium, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Built: 1970 | Seating Capacity: 66,025 | Open-Air | Artificial Turf
(Pictured: Capital Stadium in baseball configuration)
Capital Stadium, Hapilopper's de facto national stadium, is the last of Hapilopper's classic cookie-cutter venues, used for a variety of applications, including the Hapilopper City Nationals baseball team, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team and is the home of the Hapilopper National Football Team. As is custom with cookie-cutter stadiums, the park is completely symmetrical and is surrounded by multiple decks of stands, typically filled with screaming fans when the home team is doing well. Back in the 1970s, the HC Nationals, and their vaunted "National Machine" dominated Hapiloppian baseball, and brought over four million fans through the turnstiles on six occasions. Hapiloppian fans have vowed to come to Capital Stadium in force for HNFT games. Typically, Hapiloppian fans, including the members of the "Traveling Thrashers" supporters group are among the wildest fans in sport, and promise to be exactly that for the World Bowl.

THE ROSTER (Typical starting offensive players in green, starting defensive players in red) Personalities are for RP purposes.

## POS Player                 Age Height Weight Team                      Personality
1 K Mitch Hathaway 46 5'11" 175 Buckridge Marauders Reserved
2 QB Tyler Elliott 29 6'2" 210 Garvinson Stonehands Fiery
3 QB Baldwin Hayley 31 6'3" 221 Hapilopper City Mets Relaxed
4 KS Howard Keegan 27 5'9" 158 Garvinson Stonehands Calm
5 P Alphonso Akerman 40 5'10" 165 Border City Soldiers Determined
8 QB Earl Danielson 35 6'1" 203 Surrey Falcons Redneck
11 WR Norm Stewart 26 6'4" 240 Buckridge Marauders Greedy
12 WR Izzy Ecclestone 28 6'2" 237 Hapilopper City Mets Fiery
13 WR Scott Walmsley 24 6'3" 228 Buckridge Racers Passionate
16 WR Glen Bristol 31 6'4" 235 West Hampton Express Disciplined
21 CB Marvin Farrell 27 6'4" 249 Garvinson Stonehands Determined
22 CB Alan Dixon 34 6'1" 215 Buckridge Racers Devious
24 RB Kerry Garrard 26 6'4" 253 Hapilopper City Mets Prankster
25 FS Leland Young 32 5'11" 195 Conyers Captains Violent
26 SS Horatio Chamberlain 30 6'0" 202 East Point Boilermakers Fiery
27 RB Cyril Ellery 28 6'1" 265 Garvinson Stonehands Sparkplug
28 KR Algernon Lewin 26 5'10" 178 Rockbridge Tigers Focused
29 RB Cash Anson 26 6'6" 255 West Hampton Express Determined
31 GU Patrick Vargas 29 6'5" 275 Emporia Wolves Specimen
32 GU Jeff Bello 31 6'7" 285 Emporia Wolves Fiery
33 RB Dallas Ewart 33 5'11" 245 Hapilopper City Kings Determined
34 RB Raoul Palmer 23 6'1" 270 Buckridge Marauders Bullheaded
35 CB Skychief Williams 29 6'3" 238 Hapilopper City Kings Sparkplug
37 CB Orson Lockwood 26 6'2" 223 Surrey Falcons Violent
42 TE Dale Winthrop 34 6'5" 287 Garvinson Stonehands Vicious
43 TE Willard Joyner 30 6'7" 264 Rockbridge Tigers Arrogant
50 C Mike Adler 27 6'2" 296 Rockbridge Tigers Quiet
51 MLB Dwayne Wilkerson 28 6'4" 255 Garvinson Stonehands Prima Donna
52 LLB James Broadbent 22 6'5" 265 Buckridge Marauders Psychotic
53 RLB Kenton Fear 31 6'3" 258 Rockbridge Tigers Asshole
60 OG Warner Wallace 30 6'3" 315 Emporia Wolves Disciplined
61 OG Duncan Petree 32 6'2" 331 East Point Boilermakers Professional
62 OT Oswald Ryder 31 6'3" 328 Hapilopper City Kings Aloof
63 OT Jerome Roberts 25 6'0" 297 Washington Hurricanes Passionate
64 OG Carlton Hudson 29 6'4" 360 Pinkerton Wildcats Determined
65 OG Conrad Moreno 23 6'5" 345 Jonesboro Roughriders Focused
66 OT Tex Blakely 30 6'3" 303 Conyers Captains Reserved
67 OT Ibrahima Gallego 29 6'5" 326 North Hampton Hawks Passionate
71 DT Elijah Southgate 27 6'6" 343 Buckridge Racers Voracious
72 DT Kip Spearing 28 6'1" 289 North Hampton Hawks Class Clown
73 DE Nate Byron 31 6'3" 303 Surrey Falcons Reserved
74 DE Gareth Hayter 26 6'4" 285 Buckridge Racers Antisocial
75 DT Roy Butler 34 6'3" 316 Pinkerton Wildcats Redneck
77 DE Herbert Ackerman 31 6'2" 325 West Hampton Express Asshole
81 WR Dwight Melville 32 6'5" 250 Surrey Falcons Boring
82 WR Josey Jarvis 28 6'1" 223 Pinkerton Wildcats Specimen
85 TE Detrick Hardy 36 6'6" 270 Conyers Captains Boisterous
87 TE Morgan Caldwell 25 6'4" 245 Jonesboro Roughriders Politician
90 RLB Chester Bundy 30 6'5" 255 Hapilopper City Mets Charitable
92 LLB Buddy Holland 38 6'4" 240 Jonesboro Roughriders Violent
94 MLB Israel Carter 30 6'7" 290 Rockbridge Tigers Violent
99 MLB Kato Fishman 32 6'6" 285 North Hampton Hawks Frightening

DEPTH CHARTS: (Spoilered because it's ugly, but pay attention to what's inside here.)
PS# ## Player
QB1 8 Danielson
QB2 2 Elliott
QB3 3 Hayley

PS# ## Player
RB1 27 Ellery
RB2 33 Ewart
RB3 34 Palmer
RB4 24 Garrard

PS# ## Player
WR1 13 Walmsley
WR2 82 Jarvis
WR3 16 Bristol
WR4 12 Ecclestone
WR5 11 Stewart
WR6 81 Melville

PS# ## Player
TE1 85 Hardy
TE2 42 Winthrop
TE3 43 Joyner
TE4 87 Caldwell

PS# ## Player
LT1 62 Ryder
LT2 66 Blakely

PS# ## Player
LG1 64 Hudson
LG2 60 Wallace

PS# ## Player
C1 50 Adler

PS# ## Player
RG1 61 Petree
RG2 65 Moreno

PS# ## Player
RT1 67 Gallego
RT2 63 Roberts

PS# ## Player
LC1 21 Farrell
LC2 37 Lockwood

PS# ## Player
LE1 73 Byron
LE2 71 Southgate

PS# ## Player
DT1 75 Butler
DT2 72 Spearing

PS# ## Player
RE1 77 Ackerman
RE2 74 Hayter

PS# ## Player
RC1 35 Williams
RC2 22 Dixon

PS# ## Player
LL1 52 Broadbent
LL2 92 Holland

PS# ## Player
LI1 51 Wilkerson
LI2 94 Carter

PS# ## Player
RI1 99 Fishman
RI2 51 Wilkerson

PS# ## Player
FS1 25 Young

PS# ## Player
SS1 26 Chamberlain

PS# ## Player
K1 1 Hathaway
K2 4 Keegan

PS# ## Player
KS1 4 Keegan

PS# ## Player
P1 5 Akerman

PS# ## Player
H1 3 Hayley

PS# ## Player
KR1 28 Lewin
KR2 29 Anson

GUNNER: ("The Destruction Crew")
PS# ## Player
GU1 31 Vargas
GU2 32 Bello

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Injuries in gridiron football are almost to be expected. However, if you want to do anything serious, TG me or send me a message on Discord and we'll talk about it.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but send me a message beforehand. If something has actually happened in a football game, like Zakoby McClain's pick-six in the Iron Bowl last year, I won't consider it god-modding.
Godmod injuries: TG me beforehand and we'll talk about it.
Godmod other events: TG me beforehand and we'll talk about it, but I will say please don't kill any of my players.
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Postby Ranoria » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:49 am

Memphis, Tennessee
The Confederate Republic of Ranoria
1:39 AM, three weeks before World Bowl Week 1

Derek McNair groaned, seat leaned back, and rubbed his eyes as he woke up, "Ang, just what the hell did you get us into?" The flashing lights were his only warning before his eyes shot open in realization, the buzz of alcohol heavy in his mind.

"License and registration please." In the driver's seat, a young woman nodded, stuttering over her words that were ultimately unintelligible.

"Officer," McNair chimed in, "We've had a long night, and we just want to get home. Give us a break?"

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to keep your hands where I can see them." The star quarterback of both the Memphis Steamers and the Ranorian Krauts leaned forward.

"Hi." He responded lamely.

The officer was taken aback for a moment, recognizing the face immediately. "Mr. McNair, I'm sorry, but I do have a job to do. Ms. Taylor," he looked back to the girl, "Please stay here for a minute while I run your plates."

As soon as the officer was out of earshot, Angela shot a look to Derek, “Can you at least try to be respectful? I really don’t want to get written up here.”

Her passenger nonchalantly blinked away the sleep from his vision, “Then maybe you shouldn’t have been speeding, or run a stop sign, or whatever.”

The young woman hissed out her reply, trying to be assertive without the officer overhearing them. "You know, not all of us are superstar quarterbacks! If I get a ticket, my parents will kill me!"

Derek groaned and rubbed his eyes again. As he did, a gold ring flashed in the lights behind them, "Not like they'd be any happier if they found out you were with me."

Angela leaned back, dejected, “Yeah, I know. But that’s different.”

They were cut off as the police officer returned, "Ms. Taylor, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle." There was no fanboyism for the star quarterback he'd met, just a bit of a frown.

"Ang," Derek looked over at her, "You said you were good to drive. Don't tell me you lied to me." His eyes were low as the poor girl seemed to try to shrink away, shoulders sagging forward. In a few seconds, the breathalizer told the story.

"Ms. Taylor," the policeman said almost mechanically, "I'm placing you under arrest."

Derek slammed the dash of the car, a curse escaping his lips as he did, "She told me she was good to drive! What am I supposed to do?"

Angela, of course, was crying as she was led away to the back of the patrol car, the young woman not resisting as she was pulled away.

Derek, meanwhile, let out a brief string of profanities and hit the dash of the car.

"Please, can I talk to Derek?" Angela buried her head in her hands in the back of the car, "I-I don't know what to do."

The officer massaged his temples, "I'll see." He walked back to the car, and the raging quarterback. Angela leaned forward, against the front seat, shoulders quivering as she tried to control her sobs.

A moment later, the officer got in the front seat, "Look Ms. Taylor, it's just for the night. You'll be able to call your parents when we get to the station. Your boyfriend didn't want to leave the vehicle."
"Yes, I need you to come pick me up!" Derek McNair paced by the stopped car, on the phone, "Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't be back tonight, but I’m not too far from home." He paused, leaning on the stopped car as the person at the other end of the line responded, "My car broke down. I'll share my location. Thanks, honey."

Derek ended the phone call, not waiting for a reply, and slammed his left hand into the metal of the door in frustration.
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Postby Squidroidia » Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:40 pm

On The Beat - World Bowl XL
10 games for super-sized fun for the Flyers
Junpei Suzuki, SBN Sport Beat Reporter

The sound of the snap of the ball fills the air around the training camp at Takanori Army Base, as it was the case last year, as the Squidroidian gridiron football season heads into high gear. The Flyers are in for another round of World Bowl action in the 40th edition of the top gridiron football competition, hoping to make up for an embarrassing finish last go-around, having only won 2 games including a snoozefest against Martune.

Once again 5 teams join the Squidroidia Flyers in Group C, as the team will once again travel home and away for a 10 game regular season, 5 at the Inkopolis City Stadium and the other 5 away from the country. With 7 groups of 6, the top 2 teams in each group will get a spot in the Playoffs in host country Karditan, with the other 2 spots going to the Wild Cards - The top 2 teams that finished 3rd in their group. Colonel Tanyu is expected to make a playoff push with a whole different team, although this side looks unlikely to make it that far.

The Flyers will kick off their campaign against top 10 opposition Allamunnic States, ranked 6th in the world, away from home, followed by another trip, this time to Lisander, a nation more focused on rugby than gridiron. After that Squidroidia will hold their home opener against ranked opposition, this time Inner AginanaUsordia, who rank just in the top 20. After that, the team will once again head on another tour of the world, going over to take on Bostopia, led by star quarterback Emperor Boston and his favorite wide receiver Emperor Boston, before wrapping up the first half of the season against Burgburgh.

With the double round robin campaign, Squidroidia are confirmed to have 2 separate homestands, matchdays 6 and 7 with the Allamunnic States and Lisander, and the final 2 matchdays with unranked opposition Bostopia and Burghburgh, where most of their wins will most likely come from. When speaking to the media, Colonel Tanyu thought nothing more about the homestands, instead focusing on the players for Squidroidia, the only one in their group to have released their World Bowl roster to the media (Although we suspect Bostopia will send their Emperor Bostons out just like they did for the World Cup).

It is important to note that due to the NSCF campaign the SAFA Squidbreak are on, the Squidroidia Armed Forces Park is unable to be used for this campaign, hence why they are going back to Inkopolis City. Estimates are saying that the team will not have as much impact on the turnstyles of the Championship Grounds as last season (Partly due to how bad they were). In fact they're walking a tightrope for this campaign. Win a lot and a World Bowl XLI entry is more than likely. Do the same thing as last time and there might be no more Squidroidia gridiron football.

It's safe to say that Colonel Tanyu does not care about what the SAF wants. He wants to have fun with his boys.

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Postby Inner AginanaUsordia » Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:38 pm

spoilered b/c they're ugly
Stadiums, capacity, elevation:
Dyrrachia Central Arena, 82,000, 160'
Deschal Harsin Memorial Grounds, 93,500, 1880'

Head Coach: Ryan Kasor (M 43) North Thessalon Bay Privateers Head Coach/OC. National Champion 2015-7, 2019
Offensive Coordinator: Kannan Novicek (M 32) Durrës Destroyers Head Coach/OC. NC 2015 (OC, NTBP) 2018
Offensive Style: West-Coast/Play-Action
Defensive Coordinator: Jaros Everhart (M 60) Sofia Barons Head Coach/DC. NC 1998, 2000-3, 2005, 2014
Defensive Style: Cover-3
QB's Coach: David Neselhuf (M 35) Durrës Destroyers QB's Coach. NC 2018
OL/DL Coach: Dan Vosich (M 51) Banlu Bulls Head Coach/DC. NC 2010
Special Teams: Anna Kasor (F 41) North Thessalon Bay Privateers Special Teams Coordinator. NC 2016-7, 2019
Special Teams Style: Conservative outside of 60-yard field goals, Very Rarely Fake Play

Depth Charts: (height in centimeters, weight in pounds (why?). Based on a 20 game season.)
Pos #  Name                Age Ht  Wt  Yds   Pass Rush TD Int Fum W-L
QB1 9 Davo Konelle 26 190 184 3845 3342 503 36 8 4 16-4
QB2 2 Brian Dasech 32 200 205 4078 3683 395 41 14 4 14-6
QB3 11 Jun Kenera 23 170 163 3564 2318 1246 32 12 6 11-9
Pos #  Name                Age Ht Wt  Yds Catch TD Fum Other Pos
WR1 23 Vincent LeGault 28 180 194 1743 123 16 3
WR2 82 Domra Von Anor 24 170 175 1936 108 11 5
WR3 18 Jay Ludesevich 29 200 217 1810 132 19 12 (KR2/PR2)
WR4 32 DeMarian Royce 21 180 228 1332 63 7 2
TE1 81 Antonio Slatek 26 200 248 1744 129 16 5
TE2 88 Lev Davidovisky 32 200 252 1653 121 12 3
Pos #  Name                Age Ht Wt  Yds   Att TD Fum   
RB1 39 Ryan Villenueva 28 180 222 1803 332 15 4
RB2 40 Bill Gorisky 34 170 236 1865 383 19 6
RB3 32 DeMarian Royce 21 180 228 1413 312 12 3
FB1 42 Calvin Cordoza 34 200 245 1688 354 10 8
FB2 45 Michael Jefferson 26 190 235 1344 213 4 3
Pos #  Name                Age Ht Wt  Sack Int   
DB1 21 Karus DeNovo 28 180 196 2.5 4
DB2 33 Jeffrey Reed 23 180 188 1 5
DB3 36 Natalia Boroven 26 170 173 .5 3
CB1 13 Laken Tomasevic 24 190 191 0 9
CB2 24 Blake Von Niels 31 180 185 .5 8
CB3 26 Simon Woods 28 180 188 0 7
SS1 29 Omar Piniero 24 190 210 .5 11 (FS2)
FS1 36 Deschal Opelotras 21 190 208 0 7 (SS2)
LB1 49 Saya Abraham 27 190 238 5 2
LB2 51 Odin Flores 28 190 232 6 1
LB3 52 Patrick Williams 25 180 241 3 1
LB4 54 John Kirkland 24 190 227 7 2
LB5 48 Michael Lamar 28 190 229 6 1
DT1 58 Joseph Cartagena 30 200 276 12 0
DT2 97 Christopher Wallace 30 190 302 7.5 1 (DE3)
DT3 92 Cameron Kinsler 28 190 310 6 1
DE1 93 Sergio Kitchens 22 180 298 8 0 (DT4)
DE2 99 Nils De Bren 24 190 286 7 1
Pos #  Name                Age Ht Wt  FG %    OP
PK1 1 Marion Knight 34 160 160 39 86.7
PK2 10 Eric Mainwaring 39 180 196 35 85.4 (P 3)
Pos #  Name                Age Ht Wt  OP  
P 1 3 Noram Laslow 32 180 183
P 2 7 Luc Pristinel 26 170 179 (PK3)
LS1 46 Kyra Satalan 28 190 243 (C 3)
C 1 66 Terry James 31 190 294
C 2 60 Josip Davos 26 200 301 (LS2)
RT1 63 Benett McKey 27 200 312 (RG3, LG3)
RT2 77 Ludwig Kus 28 190 300 (LT3)
RG1 62 Jesse Holzvarth 24 190 295
RG2 74 Christopher Rios 29 190 306 (RT3)
LG1 68 Nathan Zaleski 26 180 284
LG2 65 Aaron Vidal 31 200 316
LT1 73 Levi Bannock 29 190 309
LT2 61 Andre Young 23 200 318

RP Permissions, If you RP first:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me first
Godmod Suspensions/Ejections/Other Events: TG Me
Style Mod: +2
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Postby Sarzonia » Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:35 pm

After a tumultuous World Bowl IXL appearance that saw Sarzonia suddenly have to name a new head coach and change strategy after an 0-3 start, Les Steckhall is hoping that things aren't nearly as crazy this time around.

Sarzonia finished their previous World Bowl appearance with a 4-6 record, though the Stars actually went 4-3 with Steckhall calling the shots. Sarzonia's clear highlight was a 16-13 away victory over world No. 1 and defending champions Free Republics that was rife with geopolitical tensions between the two nations.

The victory did more than make a symbolic statement to Free Republics. It also gave the Stars temporary possession of the lineal world championship. But the Stars couldn't parlay the miracle result into a knockout round appearance.

Now? Expectations may not include sending shockwaves through the gridball world, but the intrigue this time will be less political and more about adding a new chapter to a burgeoning rivalry. No. 18 Banija are in Group D with the Stars, adding gridball to the growing list of sports in which the two countries have met on the pitch. They will be the first team to visit Joe Gibbs Stadium after Sarzonia opens away to North Alezia.

"We just can't get away from Banija seemingly no matter what sport we play," Steckhall said. "At least this isn't political tension and we can focus on gridball."
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Postby Karditan » Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:00 pm

The Karditan Ironworkers

The Ironworkers have returned from their oh-so-long hiatus--thirteen world bowls and nearly three decades--to grace the halls of international gridiron once more. Even through the Dark Times football remained a fact of life in inland Karditan, getting progressively more and more violent as society collapsed. It's been pulled back from the brink since the reinstitution of the government, but the echoes of that violence still rings in how players are trained to this day. They'll be managed by Grey Skies, a fifty-nine year old pegasus who is the sole remaining survivor of the last Ironworkers team.

They carry on the stylistic drive of the original Ironworkers team, which is to say completely aimless offensive playcalling, heavy reliance on defensive conversions, and Jeremiah Bull's iron boot working overtime.

(ep) = earth pony || (up) = unicorn || (pp) = pegasus
Offensive Starters

Pos # Age Name
QB 00 28 Asha Krenkov
HB 11 24 Zing Zap (pp)
FB 12 23 Jermaine Kilcullen
WR 33 30 Marcus Ballero
WR 34 23 Wide Net (ep)
TE 22 31 Gianna Druthers
RT 01 27 Right Tackle (ep)
RG 02 29 Tim Burke
C 03 30 Jimothy Barnabus
LG 04 24 Nina Rockford
LT 05 29 Gracewing (pp)

Offensive Alternates

Pos # Age Name
QB 19 23 Monty Chambers
HB 10 28 Bailey Nichols
FB 67 35 Darius Jensen
WR 31 30 Keon Brumm
WR 32 25 Esteban Marchant
TE 35 28 Strained Glutes (ep)
C 08 27 Dylan "Sunshine" Blathers
LT 09 24 Darkness' Call (up)
RG .5 25 Bernard Baruch Jr

Defensive Starters

Pos # Age Name
RE 44 28 Quentin Jackson
DT 41 25 Lemon Drop (ep)
DT 42 25 Lime Drop (ep)
LE 43 30 Kristen Meyers
ROLB 50 31 Jereth Yardsborough
MLB 52 21 Tenuous Connection (up)
LOLB 53 34 Bill Kartovsky
CB 64 27 Fiona Ruthers
CB 66 29 Eddy Canseco
FS 06 24 Master Blaster (ep)
SS 07 26 Stutter Step (ep)

Defensive Subs

Pos # Age Name
RE 40 26 Kokomo Falls
DT 45 32 Shift Gear (pp)
DT 46 24 Brian Marquez
LE 47 26 Thundaga (pp)
MLB 51 22 Sierra Nerevar
CB 69 24 Sex Joke Jr (up)
FS 73 25 Nomar Jennings

Special Teams

Pos # Age Name
K 99 30 Jeremiah Bull
P 98 23 Hope Mills (pp)

RP Allowances:
Choose my scorers: Y (comical reliance on defense and/or special teams encouraged)
Choose scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier: -4.3

Home Stadium: Redzzon Coliseum, Indianeighpolis; Cap. 120 000. They sure do love their football in Indianeighpolis. Football football football. Not baseball, no, and not just because their team is consistently terrible. Football. And if you do anything to insult their football, well, they've got pretty good hospitals. The denizens (70% pony) are the loudest, most obnoxious fans Karditan has to offer, which is partially why they have this giant stadium to root in. That and Redzzon Oil is based in Indianeighpolis and has a ludicrous amount of profits to throw around. They've also got a big-screen scoreboard the size of a house hanging above the western stands.
Champions: -n/a-
Runner-up: BoF 46; WBXX
Qualified for WC63
Hosted: WBXX
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Postby Kohnhead » Sun Oct 11, 2020 8:10 am

Kohnhead presents the KNGT(Kohnhead National Gridiron Team) for the World Bowl XXXIX. The roster and coaching staff are made up of all genders because all genders in Kohnhead are equal in terms of physical and mental traits.

Full Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Short Nation Name: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KND
Team Nickname: The Brains
Colors: Red, White, and Blue
Record: 3-7
Appearance Number: 2
Best Result: Group Stage
Ranking: 37th
Pot: 4

Team Info: After a 3-7 run last World Bowl in Delaclava that saw The Brains end up 5th in their 6 team group surprisingly beating out Northwest Kalactin our expectations are higher coming in as a pot 4, 37th ranked side.

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Walker Sparks, 57 years old
Sparks is known to be an offensive minded coach, and loves to run the air raid offense although it is normally a college offense. They use a lot of trips calls and when not running the air raid he runs many plays out of 12 personnel. He calls all the plays for the offense and only has help from his offensive coordinator. Sparks is also a very aggressive coach, so expect him to be going for it a lot on fourth down and dialing up deep passes.

Offensive Coordinator: Mitchell Berger, 50 years old
As stated previously Sparks has most of the control over the offense. Berger is a former player, he played tight end in high school and played semi professionally as there's no professional league in Kohnhead. He helps Sparks in calling the plays but doesn't have control over the offensive play calling. He is known to be a little less aggressive than Sparks and would not normally go for it on 4th down even if the analytics say it should be done.

Defensive Coordinator: Leah Mooreville, 76 years old
Mooreville calls the shots for the defense, and she has been around the game for a long time. Sparks trusts her very much a lot more than Berger which is why she's allowed to call the plays. Now the defense always plays second fiddle to the offense, and allows a lot of points but Sparks trusts Mooreville. The defense runs a 3-4 base, but also a lot of nickel with five defensive backs on the field and has the edge rushers rotate to become D-lineman. Mooreville loves dialing up complicated blitzes and she trusts her players to do that. This will sometimes get them in trouble, sometimes it will produce a sack.

Special Teams Coordinator: Tim Murphy, 50 years old
Murphy is the special teams coordinator, and kicking has always been a strength for the team. Special teams coverage is sometimes lacking but Murphy has improved the coverage immensely. The team is also good at returns and returners will constantly get up to the 30 yard line on kickoff returns.

QBs Coach: Lindsey Walters, 37 years old
RBs Coach: Bart Jurytion, 46 years old
WRs Coach: Martha McTurner, 49 years old
TEs Coach: Marie Arthur, 63 years old
OL Coach: Jordan Detter, 55 years old

DL Coach: Margaret Harris, 59 years old
LB Coach: Thomas Harrington, 39 years old
DB Coach: Michael Reeds, 42 years old

Now let's meet the team
Offensive Starters
(C) QB: #11 Jackson Watford, 26 years old
Watford is a strong armed quarterback who has the speed required to scramble and evade sacks. He is very good at extending the plays and his strong arm is perfect for the scheme Sparks runs. His weaknesses are a tendency to scramble way too early leaving his receivers limited time to get open and while he has the arm his accuracy is something to be desired. Now Sparks, Berger, and Walters have all been working on his accuracy and have made tremendous strides. He also has a high football IQ but his decision making is questioned a lot. Accuracy problems leads to a lot of interceptions and he also fumbles a lot leading to many calling him turnover friendly. His athleticism and arm strength make him perfect for the scheme and he has tremendous upside.

RB: #25 Georgette Butler, 30 years old
Butler is a serviceable back and she has great speed running a 4.4 40 yard dash. Butler is a good weapon out of the backfield for Waterford and as Sparks' offense is mainly a passing one she does not get too many touches. She is a three down back despite not getting many touches and they don't really rotate by committee. Butler can make the first person miss but like Watford she has a fumbling issue. Despite her speed and her ability to run routes well dropping passes is also something she likes to do. On obvious passing downs like third and ling she may come off the field so they can get more blockers out there.

WR: #17 Marco Polisson, 21 years old
Polisson is very new to this team but has quickly proven he can be The Brains number one wide receiver. Polisson has the physical tools you look for in a WR 1 as he has an ability to go and get jump balls but also has a lot of speed and great RAC ability. Watford and Polisson look to have a connection early, and he quickly became Watford's favorite target. Polisson has a massive ego and wants the ball, something that they will have to work on. He's young and can be the premier receiver on the team for a long time.

WR: #10 Kenneth Bradson, 33 years old
Bradson despite being 33 is the burner on the team with 4.3 speed and claims he can be in the 4.2 range if he wanted. Bradson is the Z receiver to Polisson's X and is the premier deep threat on the team who can take the top off defenses. Bradson's main weapon is his speed and elusiveness but he has trouble tracking the ball, catching it, and running complex routes. He serves one purpose and that is at any time he can go to the house, whenever the ball is in his hands. His speed and wanting to go deep pair perfectly with the arm of Watford and expect quite a few long plays for Bradson. However with his older age he is considered injury prone and you cannot expect him to play in all 10 matches.

WR: #13 Maggie Brown, 28 years old
Brown operates out of the slot and has good route running abilities. For a third receiver and one who runs out of the slot you could do a lot worse but you could also do better. When the offense shifts to 12 personnel she has to leave the field so despite being a starter she doesn't play quite as much as the other two. While she has good speed high 4.4, she is not as explosive and doesn't possess the big play ability that makes Bradson such a special player. Like all of the weapons for Watford she possesses good speed and she happens to be very precise at route running and normally does not have drop struggles.

TE: #86 Billy James, 31 years old
James is not your average tight end, as he is just another great weapon for this high powered offense. His blocking skills are eh especially for a tight end which is why they run 12 personnel a lot. He has great speed for a tight end and can make a lot of contested catches and says he never drops the ball. James is also amazing in the red zone and is probably Watford's favorite target when they make it there. James is a modern tight end who doesn't really block but is used as just another weapon for Watford.

LT #77 Nicholas Love, 23 years old
Love was a backup at the last World Bowl but wiill be taking over the blindside of Jackson Watford now that Molly Worthing has retired. Love has added some bulk in the year following last World Bowl and some say he can be as good as Worthing was. For now he is only 23 but can be Watford's blindside protector for a long time.

LG: #73 Mildred Plumbing, 25 years old
Plumbing has been known as someone who was good at run blocking but struggled when it came to pass protection. She used to be a tackle but due to her size and struggles in pass protection she was moved inside where she has done a lot better and sort of hidden her weakness. Jordan Detter and Worthing have worked tirelessly to make her into a very good guard and I expect her to take the next step forward especially when Plumbing retires.

C: #62 Jonathon Jodan, 23 years old
Jodan is undersized for a center yet he has enough strength to hold his own in pass protection and is pretty good in run blocking. Jodan's biggest strength is his knowledge of the game and he is able to read what the defense is doing pre-snap and communicate it with Watford and Jodan sometimes will change the play. Watford and Jodan have been working on this and Jodan spends a lot of time in the film room. Now he has put on some weight in an effort to become bigger but he will always be undersized.

RG: #79 Micheal Carter, 28 years old
Carter is the weak spot on the O-Line as he struggles in both pass protection and run blocking, has poor speed and athletiscsim, a low football IQ, poor technique, but the one bright spot is his size and strength. Unfortunately size and strength can only get you so far and he is known to give up pressures way too easily. He needs to be replaced sooner rather than later but as of right now there is no one capable enough to replace him.

RT: #65 Bethany Crooks, 22 years old
Crooks most recently played in college and was the best right tackle in all of college football in Kohnhead. The situation at right tackle is not the best so she is the starter. Crooks will probably develop into one of the best players on the team due to her upside, technique, and more. She is still unproven but the plan is for her to kick over to the left side which is Watford's weak side once Worthing retires.

Defensive Starters
RE: #96 Brittany Yater, 26 years old
Yater is the best player on the defensive line which is not saying much. The pressure generated mainly comes from the edge rushers and Yater struggles to win one on ones. That being said she is still pretty young and with good coaching can grow. She has the physical tools necessary, and her heart is in the right place it's just her technique is absolutely abysmal. If this defense wants to play better they need more production from her.

DT: #91 Ellenor Firth, 29 years old
Firth is the biggest question mark of anyone on the team. She has some talent but the past few years has been injured and not very productive when playing. There is competition for this nose tackle position as Firth is mainly a run stuffer. The coaching staff trusts her and seems to like her as a starter although I'm doubtful that she can produce on a defense that is sure to have lots of struggles.

(C) LE: #55 Avery Reese, 35 years old
Reese is known as a legend on the team but he has lost a lot of the speed and athleticism that once made him a dominant pass rusher. He is still a great veteran presence to have in the locker room and will help mentor all of the younger d-linemen. Reese still posses some of the skills he once had and can show flashes. Reese is part of a rotation at end and he should normally play 50% of the snaps in a game.

Right EDGE: #90 Levi Espinosa, 27 years old
Espinosa is the best pass rusher on the team. He also will sometimes (rarely) drop back into coverage, although he is not the best at doing that. Espinosa is a power rusher with great technique and a variety of power and finesse moves in his arsenal that he uses to get around offensive lineman. Espinosa is by far the best player on the defense and he anchors the pass rush, and run defense. He is just 26 and will be reaching the prime of his career very soon.

Left EDGE: #95 Rayyan Spears, 32 years old
On the opposite side of Espinosa sits Spears. Spears is lucky because all of the attention is on Espinosa so she can really thrive on the left side rushing the passer. She also drops off into coverage more frequently than Espinosa and is better at it although not by much. Spears is a good second edge rusher to have, but I doubt she could step up into that premier rusher role if Espinosa goes down.

(C) MLB: #53 Phillip Haney, 21 years old
Haney is the young signal caller for the defense. He has very high potential and is already quite good. He is good at tackling and is very good in coverage although his speed at 4.6 is slower than what you want for the position. Haney is expected to step up as a leader in future years, and already is one. Although he is not one of two defensive captains, he get's the captain's patch because he's the captain on special teams with regular contributions on coverage.

MLB #58 Lyla Barrera, 24 years old
Barrera is the second interior line backer on the team, and is also quite young at just 23 years of age. Barrera is known to be a better tackler than Haney, is faster, yet she lacks the great coverage skills that make Haney such a good player. Barrera is still a very good player and will only get better with time as young as she is.

CB #24 Percy Whitehead, 30 years old
Whitehead is a big play machine and is the number one corner on the team. Whitehead is very aggressive as a corner back and will often get beat on simple double moves because of his ball hawk tendencies, but on the bright side he often comes up with key interceptions when you need it most. I would rather have a better number one corner but Whitehead is the guy you can count on to come up with a key interception if he's not getting roasted 10 yards behind his person because of a double move. Whitehead is also a good tackler which is important in stopping short passes from turning into big gains. Whitehead will shadow opposing teams best receivers all over the field because the defense plays man defense most of the time.

CB #29 Ariel Knox, 32 years old
Knox is the number two corner on the team will end up on the number two receiver on the opposing team. Knox is a stiff, tall corner who has pretty below average speed and often gets beat on go routes due to her lack of speed. She almost will never get beat on jump balls though using her body to her advantage. Knox like Whitehead has her strengths but neither are the corners who you trust to neutralize opposing team's number one.

FS #23 Shane Holman, 26 years old
Holman is the deep center field safety who tries to limit the opposing team's big plays, and he's pretty good at it too. This allows Whitehead to play more aggressive as he knows Holman will usually be able to back him up if he gets roasted. Holman is a top three player on the defense and he knows it as he plays with poise and confidence.

(C) SS #27 Chris Molina, 34 years old
Molina is the guy you want on your team no matter what. Molina will play ever defensive snap of every game, and can play anywhere on the field. He can line up at linebacker, slot corner, outside corner, d-lineman, safety, wherever you need him to be. Molina is a great leader on and off the field and someone teammates look up to. Despite being 34 and with some skills diminishing he's still an invaluable member of the team. I cannot say enough good things about him and neither can his teammates.

Bench Players

QB #9 Carlie Ali, 35 years old
QB #7 Bella Hollis, 24 years old
RB #26 Kaitlan Deacon, 21 years old
RB #34 Brett Hartley, 33 years old
FB #28 Willie Tran, 31 years old
WR #16 Dillan Mccarthy, 25 years old
WR #82 Sarah-Jayne Wilkerson, 28 years old
WR #18 Skyla Tapia, 27 years old
TE #88 Tom Crouch, 29 years old
TE #81 Evelyn Lang, 32 years old
TE #83 Nichole Quintana, 27 years old
OT #71 Shreya Duffy, 32 years old
OT #72 Tony Major, 30 years old
OG #68 Adrienne Gross, 32 years old
G/C #78 Kylo Friedman, 26 years old
DE #58 Blanka Robles, 23 years old
DT #93 Jakub Brush, 20 years old
DT #97 Melvin O'Quinn, 28 years old
EDGE #51 Solomon Wells, 34 years old
EDGE #94 Bella Snider, 30 years old
MLB #47 Johanna Dudley, 28 years old
MLB #50 Saqlain Reed, 21 years old
LB #49 Orion Conway, 29 years old
CB #31 Carolyn Sloan, 33 years old
CB #34 Gabriel Giles, 28 years old
C/S #22 Melanie Wilks, 31 years old
S #37 Roman Jimenez, 23 years old
S #32 Sophia Molloy, 27 years old

Special Teams
K #4 Wanda Parkinson, 24 years old
P #1 Susan Welsh, 31 years old
LS #45 Mira Ballard, 29 years old

Chicken King Stadium (57,000), Kohnhead City

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +5
Trigramme: KND
Pop: 25 million
Football 66th
Gridiron: 30th
Baseball: 34th
Hockey: 38th
Basketball: 41st
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

Outdoor Hard Court Season 6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Istria Open - Semifinals (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Mattijana Open - Semifinals (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Hamilton International - Semifinals (Singles)
Grass Court Season 6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

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Postby Lisander » Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:41 am

Lisander National Gridiron Team

State of lisanderian gridiron football
Enormous rosters? Giant arenas? Heap of money? Forget about it. Gridiron Football in Lisander have nothing of this. The team that joined the last World Bowl was composed solely of amateurs, since it was selected by the FLFA (Lisanderian Federation of American Football). The only reason that FLFA keeps in the spotlight is that they applied and get to receive funding from the Ministry of Sport. In opposition, the entity that unite the University Alumni, the NAFL, faces a lack of money problem that's been spanned since the start of its activities. The two entities were born nearly at the same time, when the Association of Gridiron Football Athletes (AGFA) disbanded the amateur party and the professional party.

The amateurs (later FLFA) keep supporting the LAN and sent a team of amateur players to the last editions of World Bowl (and also for the last Arena Bowl, availing themselves of a court ruling that considered the FLFA the true organiser of Gridiron Football in Lisander, due to the fact they organized a championship, even if it was completely amateurish.

The professionals, or better saying, "professional wannabes", absorbed themselves in the search of sponsoring for a professional event. With the good result in World Bowl 5 under their arms, they decided to start with an Arena Football Competition. Unfortunately, the league didn't happen before this year, and the NAL (National Arena League), that were already preparing to select its roster for the event, was denied to do that by the FLFA lawsuit.

The disgraceful performance of the FLFA team in Abanhfleft (the amateurs were completely humiliated, losing all the four matches) was the last straw for AFPA, that declared open war between the two institutions. The institution that was formerly named AFPA changed name for NAFL (National Arena Football League) declaring themselves the true association for Lisander Gridirion Football.

Through important alumni, the NAFL made lobby with the universities to have young players pre-contracted with NAFL teams instead joining FLFA ranks. There were no money yet, but the contract signed with Leighton Mills and Otis Hamilton, founders of a sports betting company, was enough to start a franchises league. Yet, it's not a professional league, but a "subsidized amateur league". Players aren't receiving payment for playing, but the teams already get enough money to rent the arenas, pay for travels and cover emergency costs like medical services or material repairs. After a first season, the Lisanderian teams reached Champions Football League, with Casterwill Rovers impressively reaching Quarterfinals.

Other previous participation in International Gridiron includes participations in World Bowl 32 to 34. When it comes to college, Lisanderian debut came in NSCF9 for University of Saint Michael Archangel, last season for Politechnica Soria, and in the current season, both teams joined the event.

Modifier: +2.7

Coaching Staff
Coach: Cyril Dainelli
Assistant Coach: Mariano Galiani
Offensive Coordinator: Desiderius Ávila
Defensive Coordinator: Andreas Lane
Team Doctor: Luísa Tody

The Team
#	Pos	Name
10 QB Martin Hoffman (C)
4 QB Howard Underwood
2 QB Denis Carson
27 WR/DB Leandro Zaid
32 WR/DB Lucas Bizier
44 WR/DB Theodore Amati
22 WR/DB Lalo Hernandez
41 WR/DB Luís Giles
36 WR/DB Mark Lyons
28 WR/DB Alfie Long
52 HB/LB Hugh Blondlot
48 HB/LB Tiago Bessa
59 HB/LB Henrique Brito
54 OL/DL Gabriel Bussière
60 OL/DL William Galvão Jr.
63 OL/DL Luís Henrique Galiani
64 OL/DL Domenico Hart
55 OL/DL Harley Cruz
72 OL/DL Guilherme Centieira
89 TE Alain Fresenius
80 TE Bruno Arminsen
75 DS Jacob Selwyn
76 DS Ethan Bateman
3 K/P Vincent Pontevedra
12 K/P Jesse Hagenauer


RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers/Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes, but send me a TG before.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No

OOC about Lisander Football:
As stated before, I'm focusing on having "most likely to score players" instead of having a 50-some roster that will take me a lot of time to deal with.
The Principality of Lisander
Disappointing people in NationStates since 2013.
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Postby -Anthor- » Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:27 pm

Anthoran National Gridiron Team
" Celridge Voodoo "

The Celridge Voodoo, also called the Voodoo, V's or Vengeful V's, are the national gridiron football team that represents the Anthoran Gridiron League, the highest level of play domestically for the sport, and the Kingdom of Anthor on the international stage. They originally made their debut in the World Bowl in WB32 and have made a near consecutive run since, only missing 36 due to an ban on international play by the Ministry of Sports. Head coach Joel Turnbull will certainly be eager for much better performance this year, as he nears the end of his contract with the Voodoo and has yet to advance into the playoffs or win their own group despite some good attempts. Despite many critiques wondering if a change at quarterback is needed, he and the coaching staff have insisted Nicholas Harriot is the answer for them and will remain their starter; Harriot is also the starter for Monmouth Bulls and is recently coming off of a run that took them all the way to the League Championship. The roster will look very familiar to Voodoo fans, very few changes have been made undoubtedly in an attempt to aid in cohesion and performance down the stretch of the Bowl. <-- Uniforms (Home/For Away, Flop the Color Scheme)

Head Coach: Joel Turnbull
Assistant Head Coach: Joseph Gough
Offensive Coordinator: Matthew Evans
------ QB Coach: Daniel Templeton
-------HB Coach: Joe Stanley
------ WR Coach: Sebastian Bull
------ OL Coach: Alfie Bartlett
Defensive Coordinator: Oliver O'Sullivan
------ DL Coach: Anthony Davemark
--------LB Coach: Jack Ralman
------ CB Coach: Adam Day
------ Safety's Coach: Scott Dean
-------Special Teams/Kicking Coach: Anthony Harvey
Physical Trainer: William Dean
------ Assistant Trainer: Bradley Field
--------First Medic: Charles Byrne
------ Second Medic: Bailey Potter
-------Therapy Specialist: Tyler Sharpe
------ Professional Advanced Medical Consultant: Bailey Ryan

Depth Chart

#8 Nicholas Harriot
#16 Jason Clontz

#31 Lewis Davis
#29 Gerard McCrea

#47 Randell Boone

Wide Recievers:
#89 Nazarius Abramsen
#86 Markus Spurr
#81 Lane Smith
#82 Harry Crawford

Tight Ends:
#55 Robert Atwood
#50 Pierre Malcolm

#61 James Clark
#72 Matthew Bell
#89 Charles Farmer
#52 Riley Phillips

#43 Archie Jordan
#77 Jay Green

#59 Robert Dunn
#64 Joseph Smart
#69 Corey Peters
#74 Gordon Schneider


Defensive Ends:
#65 Malcolm Jenkins
#66 Isidore McKinney
#73 Brad Buckley
#75 Logan Pickering

Defensive Tackles:
#99 Somerled Forester
#98 Scott McKenzie

#51 Finley Morey
#65 Lewis Noble
#62 Ryan Davison
#53 Frank Hammond
#87 Arthur Holden
#78 Elliot Hyde

#11 Isaac Nolan
#58 Joshua Bishop
#57 Luke Chandler
#94 Alex Leftwood

#44 George Lawrence
#97 Michael West
#82 Peter Hardy
#84 Isaac Buckley

#99 Kian Tyler

#19 Edward Coleman

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, Telegram First
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y, Telegram First
Godmod other events: Y, Telegram First
Kingdom of Anthor
Capital: Vaumort
Monarch: King Samuel III of House Lenova
Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
Info: Anthoran News Network, Anthoran Sports Broadcasting Network

NSS International Ratings: #28 (WCOH), #42 (WBC), #27 (WB/Gridiron)

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Postby Space » Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:49 pm


Space Astronauts

ARENA - "Extaterestrial Dome of Sport".
The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a cristal clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome will rotate with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astonomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control.

The dome currently has 35,000 permanent seats, with a further 43,000 temporary seating available. The dome is expandable up to over 200,000 seats but there are no plans of this type at the time.

It will be an interesting challenge for the players from opposing nations as the Academy is non terrestrial (Of course, a playing field and gravity are provided, but are isolated to the dome of play itself. The upper dome is clear allowing a view of the solar system). While the team representing Space will surely be the underdog during away matches, it is quietly hoped that they will be able to gain more of a home field advantage than other teams might usually have due to this subtle location difference, and end the season with a respectable recon.

Coach: Spiral Galaxie

Spiral Galaxi the long time defensive coordinator for the Academy of Space is the Head Coach of the Space team for the World Bowl. Cosmo the teams former coach is getting old and will focus only the College Team events NSCF.

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
CB   200      Jessie   Eichadson
CB   200      Jacqueline   Tyson
CB   205      Hay   Bead
CB   185      Michelle   Middleton
CB   190      Matthew   Godon
CB   180      Kisten   Eoman
CB   220      Eossa   Lane
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
DB   185      Comet   Jetson
DB   175      Mofy   Suaoinn
DB   190      Impact   Jetson
DB   200      Stacey   Nash
DB   200      Beuce   Geoege
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
DE   260      Juajua   Klioaokl
DE   255      Badley   Howad
DE   250      Tyone   Hawkins
DE   255      Tuck   Juuaiiali
DT   285      Eicol   Small
DT   295      Rokca   Buch
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
LB   230      Brittany   Hunt
LB   225      Randall   Owens
LB   205      Risto   Lane
LB   235      Leozed   Gomez
LB   225      Noman   Jacobson
LB   220      Valeie   Yates
LB   220      Claie   Noel
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
S   200      Deanna   Hading
S   210      Anasola   Reilly
S   210      Buckiri   Asteoid
S   205      Hollyvale   Cameon

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
QB   175      Concrete   LaDucka
QB   200      Maion   Gaines
QB   215      Stella   Groovie
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
OL   275      Deniro   Suawlla
OL   275      Viola   Hendicks
OL   305      Neil   Tey
OL   290      Carmen   Bennett
OL   295      Caroline   Kelly
OL   270      Douglas   Lindsey
OL   320      Kyle   ives
OL   265      Hugh   Jenkins
OL   270      Stephanie   Gadne
OL   320      Bill   Wokman
OL   285      Fred   McLeod
OL   295      Neil   Bidges
OL   280      Louis   Leach
OL   305      Lee   Fletche
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
B   195      Majuli   Nitrogen
FB   235      Noso   Faso
FB   250      Dolphin   Isla-Planeta
IB   180      Katie   Figueoa
IB   210      Calos   Faell
IB   215      Havey   Meitt
IB   190      Thomas   Lowe
IB   210      Rats   Sila-Pesona
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
TE   245      Caigsol   Vagas
TE   255      Calos   Mashall
TE   245      Pittsbug   Jupiter
TE   240      Teesa   Buns
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
W   195      Suzanne   Callahan
W   180      Maian   Wane
W   175      Rocket   Hyda-tea
W   195      Razo   Bush
W   210      Wesley   Wall
W   195      Heman   omeo
W   215      Nuai   Baisiri
W   225      Jeffey   Cason
W   175      Zips   Firigita
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
P   185      Donna   Woodwad
P/PK   185      Zachay   Heste
PK   190      Socca   WylWyl
LS   240      Heathe   Ramiez



P Permissions:
Choose my scores: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
P injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod "other" events: Yes

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Postby Tikariot » Sun Oct 11, 2020 1:06 pm

Tikariot is emerging for the first time on the international gridiron football and the Warrior Owls will attempt to leave a mark (what kind of mark is open for interpretation). Largely made up if players from the provinces of Viljamark and the Cardannon Archipelago they bring both Nordic and Tropic power together in a (hopefully) explosive whole.

#       NAME

4 Iese Tameifuna
10 Roger Strömberg

49 Victor Anselmini
33 Ne'igalomeatiga Esera
23 DeMarcus Voight

42 Eskil Lian
45 Orvo Halonen

89 Julius Rask
16 Isaako Tonumaipe'a
11 Lester Bennington
84 Uljas Nikkilä
85 Nils Westermarck

87 Vilhelmi Reijonen
88 Lalo Faamoana
81 Niko Pulefaasisina

72 Christian Lundmark
70 Alexander Mochrie

69 Krister Edgren
65 Raymond Persson

55 Severi Somerkoski
50 Kitiona Leapai

64 Rick Saliver
66 Rory O'Neill

75 Ualese Kuresa
74 Pita Maiava


71 Tommy Norström
51 Apisaloma Toleafoa

90 Patrick Lagerqvist
92 Topi Vanhatalo
99 Salema Seiuli

77 Vinnie Romasi
79 Roderick Blair

54 Christer Forren
52 Sakari Lindfors

95 Kuresa Maiava
40 Tony Scaglio
97 Mareko Galuvao

44 Eerikki Mäki
48 Atro Pietarinen

25 Isaac Molberg
30 Torstein Likness
36 Kalervo Kivinen
31 Önne Borgström

22 Aputi Ala'ilima
35 Akeakami Pelesa

20 Frederick McKenzie
24 Chad Crowns


7 Julian Sandell
1 Emmett Jackson

8 Tenho Hakkarainen
2 Kaisara Malaitai

50 Percy Walters

10 Valentin Lundmark

49 Jameson Patterson
89 Loto Tamatoa

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep
Godmod scoring events: Sure
RP injuries to my players: Within reason
Godmod Injuries to my players: No, thank you
Suspend my players: I guess
Godmod suspension events: Not really
Godmod other events: Depends
Tikariot - Rushmore - Trigramme: TKT
Sporting achievements:
Football (85th): Winner - IFC 1 | Quarter final - Baptism of Fire 73 | 3rd in group WCQ86 | Bronze medal winner WCQ86 Fantasy
Baseball (30th): Winner - International Baseball Slam XI | Round of 16 - World Baseball Classic 49/50
Lacrosse (25th): Round of 16 - World Lacrosse Championships 34
Hosting: IBS XII, Copa Rushmori 36



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