NSCF XXII (22) - Everything Thread

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NSCF XXII (22) - Everything Thread

Postby NSCF » Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:43 pm

NationStates College Football - Season 22


Breathe deep and take it all in as the tubas' rumbles reverberate through all the iconic campus stadia again. Each one, packed with generations of alumni returning to partake in the traditions of their beloved alma mater, is ready for that combustion of kinky action. The poppin' aromas of molly-popcorn and beer sift out through the bleachers full of marijuana smoke. The bright lights shine down on armoured teams battling under the night sky, school bragging rights and a gruelling summer of work on the line. Ah, yes. It's college football season. Glory, Drama, Pride.

The twenty-second edition of NationStates College Football is upon us. In this thread, you will post your team's roster and all in-character roleplays. These can be game reports, character dialogues, or really anything you like. Any out-of-character questions should be directed towards the discussion thread or telegram.

With numbers staying the same with 36, there will be six conferences and each will have six teams.
12 teams will make the Playoffs: the six conference champions, the next best four by OSPI and, finally, two wildcards selected by the NSCF Committee. These 12 teams will then be seeded in the bracket purely by OSPI. Higher seeds will have home advantage until the final, which will take place at a neutral venue. Any nation can put together a bid to host the NSCF Championship (IC only) before the start of Non-Conference week, when it will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee.

New and returning players alike are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the NSCF procedure here. The regular season will be double round-robin, for a total of 10 games. Games will be scorinated three times a week: on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scores will be posted in this thread at a time determined by each conference's designated scorer. After the ten-game conference schedule, there will be a "Non-Conference Week", with each team playing up to three games against opposition from other conferences. These games will not count toward conference championships, but WILL affect playoff seedings. All Non-Conference games must be arranged by the teams playing them (you can use the discussion thread for this). Once confirmed by BOTH parties, match-ups should be telegrammed to NSCF to be added to the schedule.


When checking times, this link might come in handy for converting to your local time.

BIG EIGHT Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champion: Richardson University [RAN]

Eirīkssonia University Tomcats                   [BUF]  Buffalostan
Richardson University Governors [RAN] Ranoria
Cold Hill University Buffalo [RAN] Ranoria
Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles [KND] Kohnhead
Akers University Capitals [NWK] Northwest Kalactin
The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks [NWK] Northwest Kalactin

CELESTIA Conference (Scorinated by The Royal Kingdom of Quebec) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: Loyola University [BNJ]

Salamantic Universities Professors                [KOR]  Ko-oren
Northern Moravica University Cougars [BNJ] Banija
Loyola University Blue Thunder [BNJ] Banija
University of Agin Kaya Commanders [IAU] Inner AginanaUsordia
University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders [LIS] Lisander
Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria [LIS] Lisander

HORIZON Conference (Scorinated by The Royal Kingdom of Quebec) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: Ramusok Capital University [COS]

Sadeg State University Skyhawks                  [DRK]  Drawkland
Cavsar University Gladiators [DRK] Drawkland
Felswyr State University Firehawks [CMT] Chromatika
Aubergine-Bark Sports School Toughies [KGS] Kriegiersien
New Paradise University Snakes [IEM] Megistos
Surrey Perimeter College Redhawks [HAP] Hapilopper

MINERAL Conference (Scorinated by Northwest Kalactin) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park [CBP]

The Academy of Space Astronauts                   [SPA]  Space
The Terrestrial Acclimation Academy Terrans [SPA] Space
University of the Commonwealth Warriors [CBP] Commonwealth of Baker Park
Castle Hall University Chargers [NAG] Nagore
Université de la Catherine du Nord Patriotes [RTS] Terre Septentrionale
Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak [SQR] Squidroidia

WOODLANDS Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: Université du Saguenay [QUE]

Ravencroft Academy Wraiths                       [TKT]  Tikariot
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish [QUE] Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc [QUE] Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Provolone University Griffins [APY] Appalachian Nation
Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue [XAN] Xanneria
N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University [NTN] Natanians and Nosts

ZEPHYR Conference (Scorinated by The Royal Kingdom of Quebec) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EST)
Reigning Champions: Bowerstone University [ATH]

Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns                    [AFT]  Abanhfleft
Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists [NGD] Thereisnogodistan
Bowerstone University Bolts [ATH] Anthor
Chan University of Sport and Technology [JOV] The Jovannic
Mar Sara Tech Raiders [VAL] Valanora
Raynor University Rockets [VAL] Valanora

Schedule (Home Teams listed first)

MD1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
MD2 - 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
MD3 - 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
MD4 - 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
MD5 - 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
MD6 - 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
MD7 - 4v6, 3v5, 2v1
MD8 - 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
MD9 - 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
MD10 - 6v3, 2v4, 1v5

In addition to the playoffs, there also a few consolation bowl games for teams that do not reach the postseason. If your nation proposes a bowl game to host, you are responsible for inviting the teams yourself if it does not have automatic parameters for selection. The Pioneer Bowl is a traditional game for the two best newcomer teams not in the playoffs. After that, NSCF will not recognize any bowl game involving a team with an OSPI below 0.450.

Cannabiscorp PIONEER BOWL
to be played at Marijuana Island Gaol in Marijuana Island, Nunavut, Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Contested by: Top two newcomer teams not in the playoffs.

(RP bonus degrades by 50% of total after blue days, resets fully after green days)
Matchday one - October 18
Matchday two - October 20
Matchday three - October 22
Matchday four - October 25
Matchday five - October 27
Matchday six - October 29
Matchday seven - November 1
Matchday eight - November 3
Matchday nine - November 5
Matchday ten - November 8
Championship venue proposal deadline - November 8
Non-Conference week - November 10, November 12, November 15
Playoff berth and Championship venue voting deadline - November 19
Bowl games and Playoffs First Round - November 22
Playoffs Quarterfinals - November 24
Playoffs Semifinals - November 29
Championship Game - December 1

Non-Conference Games

Games are only listed when confirmed by both parties. Only games listed here will be scorinated.
If both you and your opponent have confirmed a game, but it is not listed here, send a TG to NSCF.

matchups denote a potential scheduling clash, and those games will need to be re-confirmed or rescheduled before the deadline, or they will not be included in scorination. Red matchups are those I have taken note of from the discussion thread, and require confirmation, but would otherwise be fine.

Non-Conference Week One:
Akers University Capitals @ Université de la Catherine du Nord Patriotes
Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak @ Bowerstone University Bolts
Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles @ Ravencroft Academy Wraiths
Cavsar University Gladiators @ The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks
Northern Moravica University Cougars @ Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc
Mar Sara Tech Raiders @ Loyola University Blue Thunder
Richardson University Governors @ University of the Commonwealth Warriors
Salamantic Universities Professors @ Felswyr State University Firehawks
Surrey Perimeter College Redhawks @ Cold Hill University Buffalo
Raynor University Rockets @ Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue

Non-Conference Week Two:
Bowerstone University Bolts @ Akers University Capitals
Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles @ Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak
Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc @ Cavsar University Gladiators
University of the Commonwealth Warriors @ Northern Moravica University Cougars
Loyola University Blue Thunder @ Felswyr State University Firehawks
Sadeg State University Skyhawks @ Richardson University Governors
Université de la Catherine du Nord Patriotes @ Raynor University Rockets
Cold Hill University Buffalo @ Salamantic Universities Professors
Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue @ The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks

Non-Conference Week Three:
Mar Sara Tech Raiders @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks
Bowerstone University @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish
Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak @ Cold Hill University Buffalo
Felswyr State University Firehawks @ Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Cavsar University Gladiators @ University of the Commonwealth Warriors
Eirīkssonia University Tomcats @ Northern Moravica University Cougars
Richardson University Governors @ Loyola University Blue Thunder
University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders @ Université de la Catherine du Nord Patriotes
Akers University Capitals @ Raynor University Rockets
The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks @ Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc
Surrey Perimeter College Redhawks @ Salamantic Universities Professors

At the end of the season, nominations are accepted for each of the NSCF Awards: Most Outstanding Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year. These awards will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee. Participants are encouraged to keep track of top performers throughout the season for these awards.
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Sadeg State Skyhawks

Postby Drawkland » Wed Oct 07, 2020 10:24 pm


Name: Sadeg State University
Nickname: Skyhawks
Colors: Gold and Navy
Denonym: Drawkian
SIXTH Season, Ranked ?th
Stadium: Skyhawks' Gridiron Park
Capacity: 95,500
Head Coach: Brand Manlio
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Art Beckham
[D] Jarrett Schwartz
[ST] Joshua Redding




PS ## Name Year
QB 1 Nick Parks Junior
QB 7 Toby McKinley Sophomore

HB 29 Cainen Ivers +Senior
HB 27 Raymond Morgan Junior
FB 44 Tom Adams Junior
FB 48 Dennis Grant Freshman

WR 88 Gil Perez +Senior
WR 11 Abram Navis Senior
WR 16 Brandon Brown Junior
WR 85 Tyrelle Patternson Junior
WR 13 Shane Jonas Sophomore
WR 81 Jim Tacoma Freshman
TE 87 Jay Gibson Junior
TE 89 Gregory Seymour +Senior
TE 84 Gordon Dallas Freshman

C 50 Blake Tyson +Senior
C 51 Alphonso Lloyd Senior
C 55 Brennan Palumbo Junior
G 66 Ernst Duff +Senior
G 64 Rafa Vince Junior
G 69 Cameron Labe Sophomore
T 77 Emmett Oswin +Senior
T 70 Sammy Glover Senior


PS ## Name Year
DT 99 Blake Allan +Senior
DT 95 Spike Hathaway Senior
DT 75 Windsor Hathaway Junior
DT 92 Chris Favreau Freshman
DE 90 Bruce Barr Senior
DE 91 Mike Mikari Junior
DE 96 Hyperion Hyde Sophomore

OLB 43 Eli Steward +Senior
OLB 40 Godfrey Bonner Junior
OLB 41 Chris Boyd Junior
OLB 54 Ed Brooks Freshman
ILB 59 Achilles McCormick +Senior
ILB 52 Nico Michaels Junior
ILB 42 Julius Martin Sophomore
ILB 45 Eddie McCrae Freshman

CB 24 Nolan Hall +Senior
CB 36 Paul Gore Senior
CB 21 Connor Ryan +Senior
CB 33 Samson Abel Junior
CB 35 Rusty Fuller Freshman
CB 39 Walter Danielson Sophomore

S 31 Jamison Pound +Senior
S 32 Johnny McCray Senior
S 23 Clifton Monroe Junior
S 34 Donnie McKee Freshman


PS ## Name Year
C 50 Blake Tyson *
C 51 Alphonso Lloyd *

PR 0 Dewey Belrose Freshman
PR 11 Abram Navis *
KR 0 Dewey Belrose *
KR 23 Clifton Monroe *

K 2 Logan Hull +Senior
P 4 Fion Palmer Junior

H 4 Fion Palmer *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Thus, players have up to 5 years of eligibility. 5th year players are denoted as "+Senior".

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +4

Like all Drawkians, especially international caliber ones, Sadeg State's players are a top notch group with much to offer skill-wise. The offense primarily operates out of the shotgun with a back lining up alongside the QB, but the most common under-center formation has to be the I. The pistol make a common appearance, and don't be surprised to see a Wildcat every once in awhile. The run/pass split is around a 55/45, but with Brand Manlio's preferred QB recruits, don't be surprised to see many designed passes ending up in scrambles for big chunks of yards. Drag routes, slants, mid-distance crosses, posts, and corner routes are the most common in SSU's playbook. Runs are often a generic pitch, runs up the gut, or - Coach Manlio's favorite - option plays. SSU is known for having massive talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the backfield, but also lining up wide. Watch for tight end passes for huge gains, they're a common target in this scheme.

And while the team is renowned for its offense, you can't discount the defense. Talented shutdown corners and DBs are the hallmark and the pass rush is fantastic, but pass defense in the middle of the field leaves a lot to be desired from the Linebackers. The biggest issue about the Skyhawk's secondary is that they go for the ball too much - while this results in lots of turnovers, a missed pick obviously results in an opposing receiver in the open field. Blitzes sit on top of the playbook at SSU, just like many Drawkian books. Don't expect to run a similar running play twice, the front 7 is likely to come up with a counter blitz on the fly and smack the back for a loss of yards. Man coverage is called about 70/30 versus Zone coverage, another reason why missed interceptions are dangerous. Cover 2 Man coverage with a 4-3 front is the most common play the defense will run.

Special teams is known for its trick plays, but they don't run them as often as, say, the Grid Corps would. The SSU offense would be much more likely to stay out in 4th and under 2 than bring out the special teams for a fake or a regular punt/kick. Speaking of punts/kicks, the return game for the Skyhawks is also fearsome, with massively fast and shifty players returning most balls, not to mention the regularity of laterals during returns (not that they do much of that outside of special teams though). As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy (good luck praying for a kick 6).

Also, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.

Home, Away, Home Alt, Away Alt


Conference Games
MD1 v Surrey Perimeter College
MD2 v Cavsar University
MD3 @ Felswyr State University
MD4 v Aubergine-Bark Sports School
MD5 @ New Paradise University
MD6 @ Surrey Perimeter College
MD7 @ Cavsar University
MD8 v Felswyr State University
MD9 @ Aubergine-Bark Sports School
MD10 v New Paradise University

Non-Conference Games
MD11 v Université du Saguenay
MD12 @ Richardson University
MD13 v Mar Sara Tech

This post will be updated once the rankings come out and I ascertain a Week 12 opponent.
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:20 am

Salamantic Universities Professors

v Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria
v Northern Moravica University Cougars
@ Loyola University Blue Thunder
v University of Agin Kaya Commanders
@ University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders

@ Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria
@ Northern Moravica University Cougars
v Loyola University Blue Thunder
@ University of Agin Kaya Commanders
v University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders

NC1 ??
NC2 ??
NC3 ??

Rivalry record v Northern Moravica: 2-2
wk7 NMU 32–14 SU
wk2 SU 21–10 NMU
wk3 SU 0–12 NMU
wk8 NMU 3–6 SU

Rivalry record v Loyola: 1-4
SF: LU 20–17 SU
wk8 SU 20–17 LU
wk3 LU 39–14 SU
wk9 SU 6–17 LU
wk4 LU 24–17 SU

Playoff record: 2-2
1st Round: Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK) 14–14 SU (17–21 OT)
Quarters: Stoneshore College Bruins (COS) 7–9 SU
SF: LU 20–17 SU
1st Round: Ramusok Capital University (COS) 27-22 SU
A team made up of recently graduated players who don't want to say the sport goodbye, but also aren't done with their academic careers. As they turn from undergrads to postgrads, they aren't allowed on the D-league (Development League) teams anymore - and that is where the Professors come in. The universities that host a D-league team have joined forces to allow their players to keep playing while pursuing their postgrads. Younger players are almost always given priority on this team, so most will be 21-22 years old. This is both because they are most likely to turn pro, and because the older players are more likely to concentrate fully on their studies.

A lot of gaps had to be filled, and the scouting apparatus was in full swing early on in the season. It's very hard to evaluate university players given there's no university-only league, and players are only expected to go professional after having played on the Professors (or not playing for the Professors at all), but the idea is that the roster is again full of players that aim to continue playing the sport after university.

Like every team that's made up of Ko-orenites from all over the country, this team is slightly defensive. The offence is somewhat experimental, with loads of unorthodox (and risky) formations. Nearly every play can be run from nearly every formation (at least, that's the philosophy), so plays and routes are remembered as a combination of [formation]+[pre-snap movement]+[post-snap play], making it all pretty flexible. There will be single wings, there will be lots of players lining up close to the offensive line. The backfield shouldn't be very crowded most of the time. The defence is tactical, intelligent, and are taught to be great communicators. Pressure can come from everywhere, linebackers are universally decent-to-good in coverage, so even safeties and corners can safely blitz every now and again.

Pos Nr Name - Degree @ University


QB 11 Dagunak Juldhauthaunden - Finance @ Greencaster Business University
RB 21 Shunmyo Suzukaze - Atlantian Oceanian Studies @ Selesi Daigaku
TE 41 Chamchawdd yMaellceoff - Law @ Prifysgol Llandy
WR 31 Onne Lindeberg - Business @ Greencaster Business University
WR 32 Chillarie Yowarie - History @ Institute of the Eleanor
* One more skill position player (FB/TE/WR/RB)
LT 51 Ravel Brahe - Anthropology @ Universiteit van Rozenvoorde
LG 52 Eelco Knoevert - Atlantian Oceanian Studies @ Economical University of Maynard
C 53 Paranak Lambotherindhen - Sociology @ Social Science Institute of Amandine
RG 54 Nolan Morrissy - Physics @ Sudaefjolluniversitet
RT 55 Japa Girault - Psychology @ École de l'homme et de la Société

DE 61 Dan de Boer - Finance @ Maethoru School of Economics*
DT 62 Abe Bootsma - Law @ Prifysgol Llandy
DT 63 Haunpun Girbodhinden - Liberal Arts @ Academia de Belas-Artes
DE 64 Reuben Fitzgerald - Law @ Leeshire Academy
OB 71 Theodore King - Biology @ Willowbourne Technological Academy*
MB 72 Ryoko Yashima - Medicine @ Teragaseki Daigaku
OB 73 Rilirun Laneltinthen - Education @ Maethoru National University
SS 91 Salemaun Mauzalterinden - Law @ Academie de Droit d'Aminey
FS 92 Aoradora Aurisea - Escola Naval de Santa Teresa (Navy)
CB 81 Aeneatai Aothemirila - Theology @ Aerellenuniversitet*
CB 82 Willard Snape - Law @ Legal Institute of Greencaster*

Special Teams
LS 59 Onemah Coogellong - Physics @ West Strand Riding University
K 1 Masafumi Hase - Mathematics @ West Strand Riding University
P 2 Eutelo Silveira - Chemistry @ Universidade de Finisterre
R 9 Clé Moreau - Engineering @ Universiteit van Intermare*


QB 12 Aoritun Aesinare - Language @ Alara Daigaku
RB 22 Gaé Leloup - Archaeology
TE 42 Larkin McDermot - Architecture @ Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde*
WR 33 Ivan Morquecho - Chemistry
FB 23 Eddy Desjardins - History @ Gehrenna National University
OT 56 Polusend Bindanteringun - History
OT 58 Nato Asselineau - Ecology
OG 57 Lent Hoenderman - Communication
OG 59 Wilmer Vagerood - Liberal Arts
C 60 Enieris Akailis - Nutrition @ Prifysgol Mawrystwyth

DE 65 Kjell Zandstroom - Aviation @ Greencaster Technical University
DE 67 Aoromei Aosel - Law @ Legal Institute of Greencaster
DT 66 Stantin Delaunay - Physics @ Willowbourne Technological Academy
DT 68 Tausurlun Hanalaunden - Mathematics @ Universiteit van Intermare
OB 74 Pellchis yFfeorhan - Law @ Prifysgol Llandy
OB 76 Nanko Bruinink - Agrilculture @ Uni of A&E of Grain- and Leeshire
MB 75 Aireino Aetonila - Statistics @ Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
MB 77 Arté Guilloux - Accounting @ Economical University of Maynard
S 93 Tokichiro Chiba - Literature @ Université de la Côte Austral
S 94 Twlraf yDdwrtag - Astronomy @ West Strand Riding University
CB 83 Herman Jennings - Area Studies @ Université de la Côte Austral
CB 84 Orne Hulzebosch - Mathematics @ Greencaster Technical University
CB 85 Abel Butler - Education @ École de l'homme et de la Société
CB 86 Liuxian Sun - Civil Engineering @ Escola Naval de Santa Teresa

Special Teams
K 3 Ellsworth Cameron - Administration @ Social Science Institute of Amandine
P 4 Marbaulau Tarthaunden - Medical Ethics @ Teragaseki Daigaku
R 8 Aoelea Arile - Area Studies @ Aerellenuniversitet

*Could graduate after this season

Home venues
The Planetarium (46.000), Sterrenwolde
Wolves' Lair Stadium (37.000), Mayara
Hertfield (33.000), Mawrystwyth

OOC information
If you want to include images in your RP, the Professors' jerseys look a lot like Northwestern (college football).
Liberal RP Permissions: send me a TG if it's so big that I should edit the roster.
-2 Style mod
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC - 1x FHWC

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Postby Squidroidia » Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:08 am

The Squidroidian Armed Forces Academy

The Squidbreak

The Squidroidian Armed Forces Academy (SAFA, or just Squidroidia Army) is the top military institution in Squidroidia, and the Squidbreak, of course, is the name of its pioneering gridiron collegiate football team. Not to be confused with the SAF's association football team, the Squidroidia Squidbreak, the team was at first been an extracurricular team to take on teams from the army's countless regimental sides that take part in the Squidroidia Bowl, but over time has evolved to an actual collegiate football team, and is ready to make itself known in the Mineral Conference this season.

Oh yeah and besides the coaches this team is entirely Inklings.

Expectation - Be Competitive

Head Coach - Colonel Kōta Koizumi
Offensive Coordinator - Colonel Kosuke Tachibana
Defensive Coordinator -Colonel Kei Nishimura
Special Teams Coach - Colonel Yuuta Abe

The starter is a senior at the Armed Forces Academy. 2nd string is a junior, 3rd string is a sophomore and the 4th string is a freshman. If there is a 5th string, that player will be a redshirted freshman, and won't be in the rotation until after this season.

Starters highlighted in bold
Quarterback - Zlatan Agnellini, Ernesto Jankowski, Halil Erdős
Halfback - Stein Bell, Chris Landi
Fullback - Harouna Kendrick, Oscar Ruud
Wide Reciever - Alexandre Smedley, Jonny Hermansson, Olek Herczog, Jöran Nespola, Drogo Bengoetxea
Tight End - Eddy Van Dael, Kalidas MacDonald, Wenzel Haward
Left Tackle - Oswald Tkachenko, Loren Mann
Right Tackle - Rokurō Márton, Ivor Panders
Left Guard - Rembrandt Reed, Gregor Allegro
Right Guard - Anh Rose, Declan Daviau
Center - Micha Bergström, Sumeet Harrell

Starters highlighted in bold
Left End - Pieter Faulkner, Laurentin Kayode
Right End - Kariuki Pearce, Urbain Frost
Defensive Tackle - Fredric Stainthorpe, Dennis Bevan, Mark Mac Leòid
Left Outside Linebacker - Messiah Boros, Dũng González
Middle Linebacker - Ty Peacock, Alcides Bachman
Right Outside Linebacker - Ragnar Østberg, Conan Van Alphen
Cornerback - Stefan Huddleston, Ingram Dioli, Aðalsteinn Landolfi, Thorbjørn Finn
Free Safety - Nenad Snijder, Jakob Garrastazu
Strong Safety - Eindride Weiß, Yaroslav Jerome

Special Teams
Starters highlighted in bold
Kicker - Flynn De Laurentis
Punter - Cárthach Andreasen
Longsnapper - Cletus Stojanovski, Barthélémy Blackbourne
Holder - Roddy Phạm, Tsubasa Villaverde
Kick/Punt Returner - Fullback Harouna Kendrick

Home: All red
Away: Mostly white with some black on the shoulders

Home Stadium

The Squidroidian Armed Forces Park is the only part of the Takanori Army Base that is open to outsiders. It plays host to numerous armed forces championships in many sports, including the famous Squidroidia Bowl which acts as the gridiron football championship of Squidroidia. Along with that it plays host to the FC Squidroidia Squidbreak association football team of the Squidroidian Super League, who won the 2021 league title. The stadium is mostly made up of bleachers, which are replaced every 5 years.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, TG me if you want it
RP injuries to my players: Yes, 1-2 games per player
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, no career-enders, TG me otherwise
Suspend my players: Yes, 1-2 games for 1 player
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, unless it's corona or death, these are collegiate Inklings you are playing against

Style - +3
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Postby Ranoria » Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:13 am

Country Name: Confederate Republic of Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN
College Name: Richardson University
Team Nickname: Governors
Home Stadium (Capacity):Dietrich Stadium, (94,750)
Style of play: -5

Country Name: Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN
College Name: Cold Hill University
Team Nickname: Buffalo
Home Stadium (Capacity): "The Tundra' (85,000)
Style of play: +5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep!
Godmod scoring events: Yep! Feel free to be creative with it!
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Suspend my players: Nope
Godmod suspension events: Nope
Godmod other events: Sure, but get in touch with me for anything crazy.
Special note: Not that I'm going to tell you not to write it, but anything about the COVID/virus won't be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Richardson University Governors
Team Roster and Information

Richard Steinheil, Head Coach
Eric Dietrich, Defensive Coordinator
Eins Turner, Offensive Coordinator
Jakob Stark, Special Teams Coach
Ulrich Ray, QBs Coach
Markus Hillis, WRs Coach
John Corringer, OL Coach
Alton Kearse, DL Coach
-Justin Kearse, Pass Rush Consultant
Kai Hillis, LBs coach
Tim Shaw, DBs coach

Titles: Big 8 Champions (x4), NSCF 19 Runners-Up
Offensive Style: Richardson tends to direct their plays from the I formation, only adopting the shotgun when they have a combination of the obvious need to pass along with a dangerous, veteran passer behind center[ex: John Garrett]. They adjust personnel and schemes according to talent, but will generally run at least one tight end, often two, and feature the run game while heavily utilizing play action to open up deep shots down the field. Big, burly, powerful offensive linemen, more power schemes than zone. Tendency to leave tackles one on one with pass rushers in almost every passing situation. Notably, expect an extremely run-heavy attack this year due to Kuenda Sello at RB and some shoddy quarterbacking.

Defensive Style: Richardson generally has at least one elite cornerback on the roster, and they love putting that corner on an island. Generally, that corner will be good enough to completely eliminate a team's top wideout. Doing so allows the team to roll coverage away from that man, making everything else tighter. This season, with two elite corners in Makang Secka and Jabyess Hawkins, they often leave both corners alone, without help. Even their third man, Daquan Carter, is talented, and more than capable of taking a #3 or poor #2 out of the game. Up front, the team tends to let its top-notch front four wreak havoc, rarely blitzing.Their policy on blitzing changes according to talent though, and if they have a game changer available on the back seven, they will often use them. [See: Judas Wolfson and Isaiah Bryce].

Key: #number, firstname 'nickname' lastname, year, weight lb

# 12 Beacon Murray, jun, 6’2”, 225 lb
#10 Angelo Rosin, soph, 6'1", 215 lb
#4 Tommy Hubert, frsh, 6'3", 220 lb

#22 Kuenda Sello, jun, 6’1”, 245 lb(Kingdom of Banija)
#29 Saul Thomas Sr, frsh, 6'0, 225 lb
#44 Julio Fitzpatrick, frsh, 5’11”, 210 lb

#19 Baraka Hali, soph, 6'5", 235 lb
# 89 Illiad Cullen, jun, 6'3", 210 lb
#17 Dustin Devlin, soph, 5’10”, 195 lb
#11 Garry Fulchs, frsh, 5'11", 195 lb
#17 Quan Mullins, frsh, 6’1”, 200 lb

# 82 Jackson Austin, sen, 6'6", 260 lb
# 86 Clayton Davis, sen, 6'6", 265 lb
#81 Blake Hawthorne, jun, 6’4”, 250 lb
#44 Jarius Greene, soph, 6'3", 240 lb
#87 Zaire Hillis, frsh, 6’6”, 230 lb

#77 Howitzer ‘Howie’ Peters, jun, 6,7”, 340 lb
#68 Baron Halitz, frsh, 6'5", 300 lb

#79 Tucker Abraham, jun, 6’2”, 315 lb
#76 Spencer Sarai, frsh, 6'4", 300 lb

# 66 Chance Horst, sen, 6'1", 320 lb
#60 Ryan Parker, soph, 6’3”, 310 lb

# 70 Friederich Klemens, jun, 6'4", 315 lb, soph
#71 Jacob Silva, frsh, 6'4", 300 lb[/box]

#75 Thrane Valentine, jun, 6’6”, 345 lb
#69 Oscar Wyrd, sen, 6'4", 315 lb
#57 Charlie Hershel, frsh, 6’5”, 310 lb

#94 Malik Sherman, jun, 6'6", 280 lb
#94 Robin James, frsh, 6’4”, 245 lb
#99 Carlos Schmidt, frsh, 6'5", 260 lb
#90 Devin River, soph, 6’5”, 265 lb

#97 Spencer Crutchfield, jun, 6’7”, 325 lb
#98Gudbrand Taurus, frsh, 6’4”, 305 lb
# 55 Dragus Hall, soph, 6’5”, 310 lb
#54 Hydren Stair, soph, 6’3”, 315 lb
#93 Willy Reese, frsh, 6’6”, 305 lb

#40 Carl Roman, jun, 6'3", 225 lb
#43 Elden Sparta, soph, 6’2”, 240 lb
#47 Daniel Trojan, frsh, 6'3", 230 lb

#58 Clancy Gluber, frsh, 6’1”, 223 lb (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
#41 Isaac Spire, jun, 6'2", 240 lb
#44 Jacob Turret, soph, 6’, 240 lb
#59 Hubert Maginot, frsh, 6’1”, 210 lb

#21 Jabyess Hawkins, jun, 6', 195 lb
#25 Makang Secka, frsh, 6'2", 205 lb (Kingdom of Banija)
# 2 Daquan Carter, sen, 5'10", 200 lb
# 9 Martin Summers, sen, 5'11", 205 lb
# 21 Korn Benjamin, sen, 6'0", 210 lb
#5 Kade Witt, soph, 6'0", 190 lb
#2 Brandon Bettis, soph, 6', 195 lb

#40 Carter Coleman, sen, 5’11”, 200 lb (FS)
#39 Jordan Holt, jun, 6’0”, 215 lb (SS)
#30 Connor Corrin, soph, 5'10", 200 lb

Nillman Johnson, sen, 6'1", 187 lb

Bart Strong, jun, 6'2", 215 lb

#73 Bert Wallace


Key Losses:
Ifeatu Chineze, QB: Chineze was one of the better passers the Governors have had when he was on his game. Despite one poor season of NSCF play, he was elite in his two other showings on that level, and tore apart Ranoria's domestic contests for his two yaers as starter. His arm was sorely missed this season as the team's passing offense completely sputtered.

Vice Jackson III, RB: This one isn't quite as big a loss in reality as it is on paper. Jackson III was nearly a perfect running back. A massive, downhill bruiser with the athleticism, speed, and hands to beat the defense any way he deemed fit. However, his production slipped as a junior. Where he had 279 NSCF carries as a sophomore, he got just 225 as a junior, even if he was another yard per carry more efficient. Sello, meanwhile, went from a 149 carry season where he specialized as a short yardage man, with under 600 yards, to earning 212 carries. In other words, he got 63 more carries, Jackson got 72 fewer. Sello and Jackson each ran in a whopping 14 touchdowns, but it was clear that Jackson couldn't keep up for another year. Besides that, there was little incentive for him to skip out on a big RFL payday.

Calvin Hale, WR: Hale was the number one target for Ifeatu Chineze in their final two years. A stud wideout capable of winning most one on ones, Hale had a combination of size, speed, and savvy that every coach loves. Baraka Hali, his successor, struggled a bit as the top target this past season.

Player bios:
Kuenda Sello, RB: Richardson has had a lot of good running backs. Sello takes the cake for the guys in recent memory, though. Sello will be forever known as the guy that forced Vice Jackson III to leave a year early. He is the focal point of this offense. The attack is built off of his getting the ball, and he is both an outlet and a weapon as a pass catcher.

Spencer Crutchfield, DT: Crutchfield is an absolute freak. Coming in at 6’7”, 315 pounds, he is disruptive at every level of the game. He can bat down passes, get to the quarterback, or swallow foolish runners whole.

Howie Peters, T: Peters is one of the bookends for this Richardson offesnive line. Howitzer Peters fits the mold of HC Richard Steinheil's huge, powerful offensive lineman perfectly.

Thrane Valentine, T: Valentine was a walk on for this program, but fought tooth and nail to earn a starting spot at right tackle as a freshman, where he was effective. By some stroke of luck, he grew an inch, complementing the weight he put on this offseason.

Malik Sherman, DE: This is the man on defense. Disruptive, violent, nasty, hard hitting, fast, everything. When the defense needs a play, well, he's the one to make it. He can tend to overpursue opposing QBs from time to time, but when you show up on tape every play, it doesn't matter much. Former #25 overall recruit, leader of a dominant defensive front four that has plenty of elite guys waiting in the bullpen.

Carlos Schmidt, DE: The #5 overall recruit in Ranoria a season ago, Schmidt was predicted by many to go and play internationally. Instead, he lined up opposite of Malik Sherman and played well. He showed up at 267 pounds to camp, proud that he'd bulked up, but coaches had him trim back down to 260, where he is admittedly faster, more nimble. Racked up 7 sacks, with 3 of them being cleanup for Sherman and Crutchfield, as a spot rusher.

Robin James, DE: James was the #2 overall recruit in Ranoria 2 years ago, and took a redshirt year before entering the lineup. He’s the fastest of this group of defensive ends, focusing on that aspect of his game rather than mauling his opponents.

Gudbrand Taurus, DT: Taurus also took a redshirt year, and was Ranoria’s top recruit two years ago. Freakishly powerful, Taurus was given that redshirt year to grow and mature, to avoid disciplinary issues. However, he is still prone to fighting, and had a very violent playing style.

Week 1: vs Akers University Capitals
Week 2: @ Aubergine-Bark Sports School Toughies
Week 3: vs The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks
Week 4: vs Cold Hill University Buffalo
Week 5: @ Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Week 6: vs Akers University Capitals
Week 7: vs Aubergine-Bark Sports School Toughies
Week 8: @ The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks
Week 9: @ Cold Hill University Buffalo
Week 10: vs Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles

Non-conference games:

Week 11: @ Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors
Week 12: vs Sadeg State Skyhawks
Week 13: @ Loyola Istria (Rebel Cannon Bowl);

Regular Season Stats:

QB Beacon Murray: 115/183, 1,190 yards, 5 TD, 8 INT, 40 rush, 162 yards, 4.05 yp/c (7 starts)
QB Angelo Rosin: 91/147, 1,104 yards, 5 TD, 12 INT, 5 rush, -3 yards (6 starts)
HB Kuenda Sello: 319 rush, 1,955 yards, 6.13 yp/c, 15 TD, 45 receptions, 452 yards, 3 TD
HB Saul Thomas Sr: 53 rush, 277 yards, 5.23 yp/c, 3 TD, 11 receptions, 69 yards
HB Julio Fitzpatrick: 12 rush, 54 yards, 4.5 yp/c, 2 reception, 10 yards
WR Baraka Hali: 70 receptions, 981 yards, 5 TD
WR Illiad Cullen: 21 receptions, 273 yards, 1 TD
WR Dustin Devlin: 9 receptions, 67 yards
TE Gunther Krause: 12 receptions, 102 yards
TE Jackson Austin: 36 receptions, 372 yards, 1 TD

MLB Clancy Gluber: 100 tackles, 6 TFL, 2 sacks, 2 PDef, 2 INT, 1 FF
OLB Carl Roman: 70 tackles, 2 TFL
DE Malik Sherman: 40 tackles, 9 TFL, 9.5 sacks, 2 FF/2 FR, 4 Pdef (8 games, torn ACL)
DE Carlos Schmidt: 33 tackles, 3 TFL, 8 sacks, 1 Pdef
DE Robin James: 50 tackles, 3 TFL, 12 sack, 1 FF, 3 Pdef
DE Devin River: 24 tackles, 1 TFL, 4.5 sack
DT Spencer Crutchfield: 41 tackles, 7 TFL, 10 sacks, 1 FR 3 Pdef
DT Gudbrand Taurus: 29 tackles, 6 TFL, 6.5 sack, 1 Pdef
CB Makang Secka: 41 tackles, 8 Pdef, 4 INT
CB Jabyess Hawkins: 40 tackles, 11 Pdef, 4 INT, 1 FG blocked
CB Daquan Carter: 24 tackles, 2 Pdef, 1 INT, 1 FR
FS Carter Coleman: 45 tackles, 1 INT
SS Jordan Holt: 57 tackles

Cold Hill Buffalo
Team Roster and Information

Head Coach- Chris Dale
Offensive Coordinator- Daniel Booker
Defensive Coordinator- Connor Hellsing
QBs Coach- Elliot Schmitt
RBs Coach- Orton Smith
WRs Coach- Randy Pryor
TEs Coach- Gary Dennier
OL Coach- Joe Sapp
DL Coach- Reggie Gregory
LBs Coach- Harrison Thomas
DBs Coach- Charlie Steel

Post NSCF 17 Ranking: 12
Titles: Big 8 Champions (x1); NSCF 18, 19 Semifinalists, NSCF 20 Champions

Key: #number, firstname 'nickname' lastname, year, weight lb
Underlined Players are considered above average starters, bold players are the stars of the team, while italicized players are considered to be weak points

Offensive Style: Cold Hill is a pass-first, air raid, quarterback centric team offensively. They neglect to run even when they are in an obvious winning position, with the rare exception of top-talent running backs. They prefer to keep the game in the hands of the quarterback, featuring plenty of deep vertical and post routes for their athletic wideouts to eat up opposing corners alive on while their quarterbacks, with characteristically strong arms, push the ball down the field. When they do run the football, they feature a power scheme that allows a big offensive line to do its thing.

Defensive Style: Base 3-4 Defense. Outside linebackers serve primarily as edge rushers with very rare drop backs into coverage, while big defensive linemen clog up the interior. Typically an emphasis on pass rush, and it isn't rare for the team to rush five men on the line of scrimmage. Scheme features a lot of blitzing, particularly from cornerbacks, and relies on linebackers to soak up tackles while the front men key on the passer. In the run game, expect a contain and bounce inside approach, to force runners straight into the linebacking core. The team generally has at least one playmaking safety that they'll trust to roam the field and often use as a swift army knife.

# 18 Deondre “Diamond” Rhine, jun, 6’6”, 245 lb
#3 Austin Golden, soph, 6'3", 230 lb
#19 Pierre Truman, frsh, 6'2", 205 lb

#26 John Judge, jun, 5’10”, 225 lb
#28 Deion James, soph, 5’9”, 200 lb
#3 Brannon Hillis, frsh, 5’11”, 205 lb

#11 Adam Rickiott, soph, 6’2”, 205 lb
#10 Darian Millin, sen, 5'10, 200 lb (transfer from Ranoria State)
#88 Rai Swift, frsh, 6'3", 190 lb
#17 Cooper Canis, 6', 190 lb
#12 Felix Hamilton, frsh, 5'9", 180 lb

#86 Dorian Brown-Clarke, soph, 6’4”, 245 lb
# 49 Trent Conner, jun, 6’5”, 250 lb
#88 Tucker Golman, frsh, 6'6", 220 lb

#57 Vince Vermillion, jun, 6'6", 315 lb
#68 April Fullochs, frsh, 6'8", 305 lb

#70 Roran Stone, jun, 6'3", 320 lb

#71 Tanner Highroad, jun, 6'3", 315 lb
#64 Martin Grace, frsh, 6'5", 295 lb

#77 Baron Bell, jun, 6'6", 335 lb
# 65 Yajirobe Fulchs, frsh, 6'5", 300 lb

#78 Moses Busara, frsh, 6'6", 305 lb
#52 Hillis Smith, jun, 6'5", 315 lb
#61 Bernier Simpson, frsh, 6'7", 300 lb

#92 Haze Herbert, jun, 6'5", 300 lb
#96 Josh Snell, soph, 6’6’, 285 lb
#91 Greg Winchester, frsh, 6'4", 280 lb

#94 Barney Federer, 6’7”, 305 lb, soph
#95 Elmer Terrence, 6’6”, 295 lb, soph
#93 Patrick Gerrin, 6'6", 290 lb, frsh

#58 Brock Golden, soph, 6'4", 240 lb
#51 Travis Jenner, soph, 6’3”, 225 lb
#58 Hughe Brown, soph, 6’5”, 235 lb
#59 Corrin Silva, fr, 6'7", 250 lb

Robert Lewan, soph, 6', 240 lb
#56 Trent Grimes, soph, 6’1”, 235 lb
#57 Carl Moses, soph, 6’, 240 lb
#55 Esse Torrin, fr, 5'10", 225 lb

#22 Emil Johnson, soph, 6’1”, 200 lb
#23 Katil Jackman, jun, 6’, 195 lb
#24 Kale Reinberger, frsh, 6'1", 190 lb
#21 Tony Tanner, frsh, 5'11", 195 lb

#25 Agnor Viridian, frsh, 6'1", 190 lb (FS)
#40 Cooper Hart, soph, 6’, 215 lb(SS)
#43 Justin Baldwin, sen, 5’11, 200 lb(FS)

#4 Harry Swift, 6’0”, 179 lb, fr

#1 Tommy Berto, 6’1”, 181 lb, fr

#75 Nico Stentz, sen, 6’5”, 335 lb


Regular Season Statistics:

QB Deondre Rhine: 310/425, 4,446 yards, 41 TD, 14 INT, 68 rush, 309 yards, 1 TD
RB John Judge: 47 carries, 188 yards, 4 yp/c, 2 TD, 13 receptions, 65 yards, 1 TD
RB Deion James: 26 carries, 91 yards, 3.5 yp/c, 12 receptions, 60 yards
RB Brannon Hillis: 141 carries, 629 yards, 3 TD, 4.46 yp/c, 34 reception, 360 yards, 4 TD
WR Adam Rickiott: 46 receptions, 611 yards, 5 TD
WR Darian Millin: 58 receptions, 894 yards, 8 TD
WR Rai Swift: 37 receptions, 630 yards, 4 TD
WR Cooper Canis: 51 receptions, 511 yards, 4 TD
WR Felix Hamilton: 28 receptions, 546 yards, 6 TD, 1 rush, 3 yards, 3 yp/c, 1 TD
TE Dorian Brown-Clarke: 51 receptions, 717 yards, 9 TD
TE Trent Conner: 12 receptions, 71 yards, 1 TD

DE Haze Herbert: 36 tackles, 5 TFL, 5 sacks, 2 Pdef
DE Josh Snell: 25 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 sack
DT Barney Federer: 19 tackles, 3 TFL, 2.5 sack
OLB Travis Jenner: 23 tackles, 2 TFL
OLB Brock Golden: 32 tackles, 3 TFL, 4.5 sacks, 1 INT, 2 Pdef
OLB Hughe Brown: 53 tackles, 9 sacks, 5 TFL, 3 Pdef, 1 safety
MLB Robert Lewan: 104 tackles, 3 TFL, 3 sack, 1 INT 3 Pdef
CB Emil Johnson: 43 tackles, 2 TFL, 3 INT, 7 Pdef
CB Katil Jackman: 44 tackles, 1 TFL, 3 INT, 5 Pdef
FS Agnor Viridian: 50 tackles, 1 TFL, 6 Pdef, 4 INT
SS Cooper Hart: 61 tackles, 2 INT, 2 Pdef

Key Losses:
SS Zacharius Rosin: Rosin was drafted, albeit in the low rounds, but he was a solid, hard hitting safety who always managed to be in the right spot and rarely failed to do his job.

WRs Rodney Blades and Dexter Slaughter: These two twin playmakers, fast, athletic, and thin, both decided to head for the RFL draft young. Of course, Adam Raedler and Terrance Miller also graduated, leaving an extremely bare WR room.

OLB Charles Foreman: The understudy to Earnest Longhorn, Foreman wasn't quite able to produce like his predecessor, but he was a stud pass rusher nonetheless.

Player bios:
Deondre Rhine: Deondre Rhine is one of the best players in college football, anywhere. He makes plays happen that seem impossible, racks up video-game esque statlines, and throws so many touchdowns that we sweep his interceptions under the rug. He struggled a bit this year, with no one to throw to really, but the team's offense will keep humming as long as he's in the lineup.

S Agnor Viridian: This kid isn't big, but he somehow beat out senior FS Emil Johnson for the starting job by week 3. He hauled in three interceptions in that span, and is a willing, if not hard hitting, tackler. He's rangy as well, able to cover the field sideline to sideline even at his age. However, inexperience means that he's open to falling for ploys such as being looked of by a QB.

OLB Brock Golden: Golden emerged as a solid pass rusher opposite Charles Foreman last season, a young, fluid athlete, and he has proven invaluable for a shootout-styled team to keep opposing QBs uncomfortable.

ILB Robert Lewan: Lewan is a nasty, hard hitting linebacker who soaks up tackles in the middle. Cold Hill loves him, and running backs hate him.

HB Brannon Hillis: The #3 recruit in Ranoria two years ago, Hillis took a redshirt year due to lingering injuries and the need to bulk up. He packed on 15 pounds, but played in just two games in the domestic season due to injuries. He's going to have to fight to earn his starting spot, if he wants it, this season.

Week 1: vs Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles W 54-17
Week 2: @ Akers University Capitals
Week 3: vs Aubergine-Bark Sports School Toughies
Week 4: @ Richardson University Governors
Week 5: @ Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Week 6: vs The Northwest Ballina College Redhawks
Week 7: vs Akers University Capitals
Week 8: @ Aubergine-Bark Sports School Toughies
Week 9: vs Richardson University Governors
Week 10: vs @ Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles

Non-conference games:

Week 11: vs Surrey Perimeter College
Week 12: @ Salamantic Universities Professors
Week 13: vs Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy
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Cavsar University Gladiators

Postby Drawkland » Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:11 pm


Name: Cavsar University
Nickname: Gladiators
Colors: Crimson and Tan
Denonym: Drawkian
FIRST Season, Unranked
Stadium: Roy Memorial Stadium
Capacity: 148,777
Head Coach: Scott Linhart
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Mick Melville
[D] Austin Lewis
[ST] Lawrence Malloy



PS ## Name Year
QB 2 Seb Rosario Senior
QB 8 Lane Proudfoot Freshman

HB 21 Joel Caldwell +Senior
HB 40 Deon Beverly Senior
HB 22 Mike Banks Freshman
FB 42 Angel Clemens Junior

WR 80 Lev Reymundo +Senior
WR 12 Reggie Monroe +Senior
WR 15 Joe Johan Junior
WR 85 Bennett Ruskel Sophomore
WR 19 Isaac Sanders Sophomore
WR 18 Ivan Scola Freshman
TE 11 Jonathan Kimbrough Freshman
TE 89 Graham Cornell Senior
TE 87 Ryan Willaims Freshman

C 52 Remus Fairburn +Senior
C 50 Branden Perez Senior
C 57 Derek Hammond Junior
G 61 Joop Reynolds +Senior
G 60 Carl Cokes Junior
G 68 Romeo Purdue Sophomore
T 71 Ed Callahan +Senior
T 72 Franklin Whitmore Senior
T 70 Luke Plipus Freshman


PS ## Name Year
DT 76 Will Morris +Senior
DT 91 Trey Beasley Senior
DT 96 Steve Venner Junior
DT 97 Dmitri Venner Junior
DE 95 Jarod Millard Senior
DE 99 Martin Kay Senior
DE 90 Duke Dawson Freshman

OLB 44 Jarvis James +Senior
OLB 45 Michael Emory Senior
OLB 40 Al Thatcher Junior
OLB 41 Mars Georgeson Sophomore
ILB 54 Gillis Gallo +Senior
ILB 51 Hadrian Jonker Senior
ILB 56 Thomas Gordon Sophomore
ILB 46 Bill Romero Freshman

CB 20 Dan Garner +Senior
CB 30 Kolton Land Senior
CB 23 Art Bergerson Junior
CB 33 Paris Dane Sophomore
CB 25 Dan Waters Freshman
CB 35 Cody Ricchetti Freshman

S 27 Oliver Calvo +Senior
S 37 Sid Borgia Senior
S 29 Tristan Wilks Junior
S 39 Bellamy Vernon Sophomore


PS ## Name Year
C 52 Remus Fairburn *
C 50 Branden Perez *

PR 0 Ozzy Otten Sophomore
PR 85 Bennett Ruskel *
KR 0 Ozzy Otten *
KR 29 Tristan Wilks *

K 1 Lenox Upton Junior
P 5 Cyrus Taverna Senior

H 5 Cyrus Taverna *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Thus, players have up to 5 years of eligibility. 5th year players are denoted as "+Senior".

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +5

Similar to Sadeg State and other Drawkian teams that play on an international level, Cavsar University's roster has a lot to offer skill-wise. As far as tactics are concerned, Scott Linhart is an extremely balls-out style coach deserving of a +5 modifier. The spread offense is utilized most often, prioritizing space and the open field for the skill position players. Linhart exclusively recruits mobile quarterbacks, as he expects QBs to make plays with their feet (either designed or on the fly). Running backs are more likely to be quicker, lither guys than big bruisers, but there's usually one that can pack a punch if necessary (often the fullback). Vertical passing plays are quite common, and it's rare for passes to go to the flat or right past the line of scrimmage. Sadeg State is known for aiming at tight ends often, but Cavsar leans on them heavily. Thankfully, they nearly always net a Top 5 TE prospect every time they go for one, so it's not much of a weakness. The receivers, as you might guess, are quick and agile, but perhaps falter when it comes to catching in deep traffic. The playbook is probably 65/35 pass/rush, with shotgun formations being a vast majority of what you'll see.

The Cavsar defense is not known for being bruisers, save for the D-line. You can say that the Cavsar defense or secondary is their biggest weak spot, but their defensive line is always extremely exceptional. It's not uncommon for every starter on the D-line to come away with 1+ sacks on the game each. The secondary can leave some things to be desired, but they're good enough to keep the passing game at bay to allow the D-line to really work their magic. Like Sadeg State and many Drawkian defenses, man defense is often the default and will be what to expect. If you can beat man coverage, you'll have a way easier time against Cavsar, but don't count it as a win just yet. They probably blitz a little less than SSU, but they will still pepper them in often. After all, the D-line usually keeps the pressure happening just on their normal scheme. The defense defaults to nickel coverage most often, but any formation with 4 D-linemen can be expected.

The CU special teams are not renowned for a lot of trickeration, but you'll see something special every once in awhile. However, they are absolutely aggressive on 4th down, and will usually keep the offense on the field if it's under 3rd and 5. Also, the Gladiators go for two every time, and I mean every time, unless it's a late game situation where a PAT is specifically necessary to preserve or make a win. The punters and kickers don't get a whole lot of work, but the return game is something to fear as well. The blocking is very solid and the quick shifty returners can make a lot happen in the blink of an eye. As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy thanks to those long Drawkian legs.

Speaking of which, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.


Conference Games
MD1 v New Paradise University
MD2 @ Sadeg State University
MD3 v Surrey Perimeter College
MD4 v Felswyr State University
MD5 @ Eirīkssonia University
MD6 @ New Paradise University
MD7 v Sadeg State University
MD8 @ Surrey Perimeter College
MD9 @ Felswyr State University
MD10 v Eirīkssonia University

Non-Conference Games
MD11 @ Northwest Ballina University
MD12 v Université St. Croix
MD13 @ University of the Commonwealth
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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:16 am


School: Surrey Perimeter College
Location: Surrey, Hapilopper (Population: 4,320,000)
Undergraduate Enrollment: 51,505
Graduate Enrollment: 9,836
Doctoral Enrollment: 3,420
Football Team: Surrey Perimeter Redhawks
Mascot: Perry the Hawk
Colors: Red and Black
Fight Song: "The Hawks Above All"


STADIUM: C:\RetroHut Stadium | Capacity: 51,500 | Built: 1965 | Surface: HapiTurf | Open Air
Located on the campus of Surrey Perimeter College, RetroHut Stadium, formerly known as the Surrey Bowl, has hosted college football since the halcyon days of Surrey football - when the Redhawks won seven national championships between 1960 and 1975. Those times have dried up, but Surrey Perimeter fans will still show up to RetroHut Stadium and cheer on their favorite team.

HEAD COACH: Dudley Gibbs
Dudley Gibbs, the head coach of the Surrey Redhawks, is a firm believer in taking to the skies for a high-powered, high-octane offense. Surrey teams under Gibbs will put huge numbers on the board, and are seen as among the most exciting teams in Hapiloppian college football. But with this high-octane offense comes questions concerning the team's defenses - they, too, have allowed huge numbers to roll through. There have also been questions concerning the academic and behavioral performance of players under Gibbs. We may hear about some of these issues during the season.

SPC's offense is led by Dexter Dempsey, a tobacco-chewing gunslinger who listens to country music and goes mudding in his pickup truck in his spare time. His primary targets include Aaron Tambornie, a wideout with a one-track mind - to get the ball to the end zone by any way necessary; Linus Garland, an arrogant wide receiver who feels the ball has to go to him every chance he gets, and Peter Ruprecht, a tight end who enjoys hitting people just as much as he does catching the ball. Should the ball go to Tambornie or Garland, look for Ruprecht to run in and level a defensive blocker to help the Surrey offensive cause.

Special attention should be paid to Will Eadie, a bulldog of a running back who will advance the Surrey offensive drive, regardless of how many people he takes down. Eadie is known for taking extra time getting drills in until he feels like he's got it exactly right. Center Trevor Janson, meanwhile, is known to be one of the biggest dickheads in Hapiloppian college football, and made his name last year for breaking the leg of a Buckridge University nose tackle a year ago in a violent manner.

The SPC offense will primarily rely on the Shotgun formation, typically relying on three wide receivers - two left and one right, but on occasion the formation will involve four wide - two left and two right, with no tight end.

## POS Player                 Height Weight CLS Personality  Major
2 QB1 Dexter Dempsey 5'11" 217 SEN Redneck Poli. Science
3 RB1 Will Eadie 6'2" 230 JUN Fireplug Criminal Justice
5 QB2 Alphonso Sexton 6'1" 220 JUN Determined Mech. Engineering
6 QB3 Xavier Underhill 6'0" 216 JUN Relaxed Computer Science
10 RB2 Shane Aguilar 5'10" 240 SEN Stubborn Journalism
11 RB3 Kevin Warrick 6'2" 245 SOP Calm Sports Administration
20 QB4 Walt Adams 6'3" 225 SOP Relaxed Business
50 C-1 Trevor Janson 6'5" 325 JUN Asshole Theatre Arts
51 C-2 Rusty Tyson 6'4" 338 SOP Violent Chemistry
52 C-3 Quincy Meriweather 6'4" 317 FRE Antisocial Astrophysics
53 LG1 Owen Flick 6'3" 327 SEN Relaxed Biology
54 LG2 Willy Callahan 6'4" 322 JUN Class Clown Communications
55 LG3 Brody Tumicelli 6'4" 316 JUN Calm Business
56 RG1 Sheldon Roberts 6'5" 345 SEN Violent Criminal Justice
57 RG2 Morty Hibbert 6'3" 326 SOP Annoying Rushmori Studies
58 RG3 Juan Hendricks 6'4" 309 FRE Class Clown Mech. Engineering
60 LT1 Steve Kipling 6'5" 355 SEN Voracious Culinary Arts
61 LT2 Kenny Oakhurst 6'8" 402 SOP Relaxed Gender Studies
62 LT3 Rupert Alesi 6'4" 298 FRE Relaxed General Studies
63 RT1 James Tatton 6'5" 320 JUN Determined Communications
64 RT2 Simon Hewitt 6'3" 301 SOP Delinquent Sports Administration
65 RT3 Mike Burrell 6'6" 346 SOP Redneck Computer Science
80 WR1 Aaron Tambornie 6'6" 250 SEN Determined Communications
81 WR2 Linus Garland 6'4" 235 SEN Prima Donna Criminal Justice
82 WR3 Hector Gonzalez 6'5" 242 JUN Professional Mathematics
83 WR4 Elton Seward 6'3" 238 SOP Determined Criminal Justice
84 WR5 Chris Conway 6'5" 240 SOP Fireplug Sports Administration
85 WR6 Kamden Butcher 6'1" 219 FRE Party Animal Gender Studies
86 TE1 Peter Ruprecht 6'7" 260 SEN Violent Religious Studies
87 TE2 Gabe McGregor 6'6" 272 JUN Professional Economics
88 TE3 Henry Orman 6'4" 253 JUN Professional Esportivan Studies
89 TE4 Victor Beyer 6'2" 239 FRE Party Animal General Studies

The defense consists of interesting personalities - cornerback Thomas Sheppard, a product of Barnes High School in Border City, who made headlines several years ago in high school for cheap-shotting his own cousin, a quarterback for a rival high school. Sheppard's goal throughout a game is simple - hit people about as hard as he can. Occasionally he'll jump over the edge and get penalties for it, but Sheppard will hit people and will hit people with authority.

Other players to watch out for is starting safeties Rory Abrams and Freddy Jervis, two hard-hitting fireplugs that will make every effort to make huge plays in the backfield, including leveling offensive receivers and making brilliant interceptions. Abrams is one of the most fiery players on the SPC squad, being known for hitting the practice field as early as 4:30 AM, hours before anyone hits the field, just running routes, practicing interception leaps and smashing the tackle dummies.

The starting linebackers - Nathan Sarti, Mike Plourde and Emmett Anson, are among the most interesting characters on the squad - Nathan Sarti, the middle linebacker who gives back to the community and almost never gets himself in trouble; Mike Plourde, the left linebacker who reportedly runs a moonshine still in his apartment and holds huge parties with friends every Sunday; and Emmett Anson, the right linebacker who'll make you wish you put a little bit more in the collection plate at church on Sunday.

The team typically relies on a basic 4-3 defense.
## POS Player                 Height Weight CLS Personality  Major
25 CB1 Thomas Sheppard 6'1" 208 SEN Vicious Psychology
26 CB2 Ronnie Pearson 6'0" 220 SEN Professional Rushmori Studies
27 CB3 Pete Lockwood 6'3" 217 JUN Relaxed Biology
28 CB4 Clyde Noel 6'2" 216 SOP Relaxed Mathematics
29 CB5 Gus Severino 6'1" 204 FRE Class Clown Undecided
30 CB6 Leland Norton 6'4" 236 FRE Asshole Statistics
31 FS1 Rory Abrams 6'0" 198 JUN Fireplug Literature
32 FS2 Hugo Glover 5'11" 200 SOP Annoying Botany
33 SS1 Freddy Jervis 6'1" 202 SEN Calm Mech. Engineering
34 SS2 Louis Ennis 6'0" 207 FRE Party Animal Philosophy
40 LT1 Preston Merkel 6'5" 315 JUN Professional Sports Roleplaying
41 LT2 Doug Harlow 6'3" 302 FRE Relaxed Religious Studies
42 RT1 Kirby Dumitrescu 6'6" 329 JUN Violent Criminal Justice
43 RT2 Terry Winfield 6'4" 314 SOP Calm Education
44 LE1 Clayton Hartford 6'3" 290 SOP Professional Sociology
45 LE2 Todd Ingram 6'4" 301 SOP Annoying Performing Arts
46 RE1 Mickey Janson 6'3" 298 FRE Delinquent General Studies
47 RE2 Corey Christianson 6'4" 307 FRE Vicious Psychology
90 ML1 Nathan Sarti 6'5" 248 SEN Professional Organic Chemistry
91 ML2 Charlie Rayburn 6'4" 251 JUN Determined Poli. Science
92 LL1 Mike Plourde 6'5" 260 JUN Interesting Motorsport Politics
93 LL2 Frank Desmond 6'2" 239 SOP Annoying Sports Administration
94 RL1 Emmett Anson 6'5" 270 JUN Intense Anthropology
95 RL2 Biff Mason 6'3" 252 JUN Stubborn Geography

The SPC Special Teams is a multi-faceted one, with kickoff specialist Gord Jordan blasting kickoffs into the end zone with frightening regularity; Eric Lambert sending chip-shot field goals through the posts and Kirby Finnegan handling the long-range shots, and Herb McGuire, known for punting the ball into the coffin corner of the field.

And then there's the gunners, popularly known as the "Surrey Death Squad." Zack Detmer, Don Mason, Rick Womack and Arnold McCracken are among the most borderline personalities at all of Surrey Perimeter. In high school last year, Womack and McCracken sent a handful of players to the hospital with some of the most vicious hits seen in Hapiloppian football, and Detmer and Mason have done the same at Surrey Perimeter.

## POS Player                 Height Weight CLS Personality  Major
0 KO1 Gord Jordan 6'0" 198 SEN Professional Enviro. Studies
1 PK1 Eric Lambert 5'10" 175 SEN Professional Business
4 PK2 Kirby Finnegan 5'9" 163 JUN Antisocial Mathematics
7 PK3 Adrian Zachary 5'10" 171 FRE Relaxed Physical Education
8 P-1 Herb McGuire 5'9" 158 SOP Class Clown Computer Science
9 P-2 Neil Redmond 5'11" 193 FRE Calm Poli. Science
12 KR1 Freddy Dickert 6'1" 205 SOP Intense Business
13 KR2 Carl Thatcher 6'0" 207 FRE Relaxed General Studies
14 KR3 Andrew Foyt 6'2" 220 FRE Intense Automotive Engineering
21 GU1 Zack Detmer 6'1" 195 SEN Violent Linguistics
22 GU2 Don Mason 6'1" 201 JUN Intense Religious Studies
23 GU3 Rick Womack 6'3" 209 FRE Sadistic Statistics
24 GU4 Arnold McCracken 6'2" 218 FRE Asshole Sociology

Week 1: Surrey Perimeter at Sadeg State (Skyhawks' Gridiron Park, Drawkland)
Week 2: Surrey Perimeter vs. Eirikssonia University (C:\RetroHut Stadium, Surrey)
Week 3: Surrey Perimeter at Casvar University (Roy Memorial Stadium, Drawkland)
Week 4: Surrey Perimeter vs. New Paradise University (C:\RetroHut Stadium, Surrey)
Week 5: Surrey Perimeter at Felswyr State University (Chromatika)
Week 6: Surrey Perimeter vs. Sadeg State (C:\RetroHut Stadium, Surrey)
Week 7: Surrey Perimeter at Eirikssonia University (Buffalostan)
Week 8: Surrey Perimeter vs. Casvar University (C:\RetroHut Stadium, Surrey)
Week 9: Surrey Perimeter at New Paradise University (Megistos)
Week 10: Surrey Perimeter vs. Felswyr State University (C:\RetroHut Stadium, Surrey)
Week 11: Surrey Perimeter at Cold Hill University (The Tundra, Ranoria)
Week 12: TBA
Week 13: TBA

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: TG me or ping me on the Discord beforehand so we can talk about it
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but TG me or ping me on the Discord beforehand so we can talk about it
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but TG me or ping me on the Discord beforehand so we can talk about it. My only request is that you do not kill my players. I will kill them if I have to.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but TG me or ping me on the Discord beforehand so we can talk about it. If it's funny, I'll certainly approve it
Other: I'm not going to tell you what to do with your own nation, but in Hapilopper, the coronavirus and other pandemics do not exist, and if necessary, I reserve the right to godmod that "Hapiloppians are immune to any disease brought in".
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Postby Ranoria » Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:39 pm

The Ranorian Sports Network

"So, with Richardson winning another national title, second in three years, gotta say, different team than we're used too this season." A larger man, with just a bit of gray in his beard, was the first to speak. A woman of about the same age tuned in next.

"You're right Vick, this team is always strong on both sides of the ball, but the offense is normally the stronger unit. That just wasn't the case. Yes, Kuenda Sello made a strong push the McNair-Torrent MVP award with his breakout season, but the passing attack just couldn't keep up. Beacon Murray, who started thirteen games, passed for just 2,201 yard and 18 touchdowns to ten interceptions. Angelo Rosin was a 2 game starter and played in a few blowouts, and he managed 440 yards with a touchdown and a pick."

The third and final of the trio chimed in now, "Right, and that's just not what we've come to expect. Ifeatu Chineze was a terror for the Governors in domestic play. That kid put up well over four thousand yards and 34 touchdowns a year ago, ridiculous. Not even accounting for Murray and Rosin coming in almost every game of the regular season in the fourth quarter, as Richardson dominated everyone, he still outproduced both of those guys this year. By what, fourteen hundred yards and fifteen touchdowns? That's a ton of production!"

Vick stepped in again, "Yes, yes, you're totally right. Sello's breakout season was enough to stem the tide, with more than two thousand rushing yards and twenty rushing scores, but not enough. The defense had to step up. Luckily, we had a gem of a new recruit in Clancy Gruber."

The woman, Nancy, cut him off with a grin, "I was on this kid before the season started! But no, you guys wouldn't believe me, he was just a freshman, not good enough to break in. Even when I pointed out what Isaiah Bryce did as a freshman, you guys didn't believe me. And now? He finished the year with 105 tackles, two sacks, ten tackles for a loss. Making plays, soaking up runners, he was awesome."

The second man, Will, laughed, "Yeah, he was awesome. Kid's about 225, and he moves like it. Picked off a couplepasses, too. Of course, he had some help. Richardson picked up another kid, out of Banija, who at a few points in the season was in the conversation to be Richardson's top corner. Makang Secka. Jabyess Hawkins is a freak athlete and a couple years older, but having both those guys on the outside was a godsend. They combined for nine interceptions last year! Nine!"

Vick shook his head, "Yeah, lots of interceptions. You know why? The men up front! Malik Sherman and Spencer Crutchfield are monsters on the defensive front. Plus we got that edge guy, Carlos Schmidt, #5 overall recruit in Ranoria a year ago. Stopping them?" He snorted, "Good luck! Those three are going to make a couple RFL teams very happy."

"Well, Schmidt's seven sacks were mostly cleanup work when the other guys flushed quarterbacks out," Nancy evened out her stack of papers, "With the NSCF season coming so soon, what about Cold Hill? How do you feel about them?"

Vick and Will shared a sharp intake of breath, but the former came first while Will laughed a bit, "Yeah, they aren't going anywhere this season. Look, Deondre Rhine is unreal. Otherwordly, I've never seen anything like him. But without Rodney Blades and Dexter Slaughter, they aren't as explosive. Adam Raedler and Terrance Miller moved on as well, there go his top four wideouts. Dorian Brown-Clarke, his tight end, and wide receiver Adam Rickiott were his top two this year, and they aren't anything to celebrate."

"They had a couple of nice signings too, with Moses Busura out of Banija, he was a solid addition to the offensive line, started 13 games counting the post season. But Their running backs just aren't good enough to take advantage. Judge, their top guy? Finished with 760 yards at 3.8 a pop. They're not a run first team, but he can't even make the play action viable. They have to get better in the backfield."

"They made a run at that Eric van Geel kid, but he made a business decision and went to Loyola-Istria, he knows where he can go and earn a first round selection. And that defense just isn't good enough to carry them. They've got a couple decent players up front, Brock Golden's a tough pass rusher and Robert Lewan's a decent backer, but Rhine's throwing to lawn chairs and paper plates! The defense just hasn't been able to play well enough to account for that."

Okay, so!" Nancy laughed, "What're we thinking for predictions? Personally, I'd say 12-1, championship for Richardson. They'll drop one to Cold Hill or one of the new Big 8, but they won't lose to," she shuddered at the thought, "Istria three years in a row. This defense is too strong, and Sello is an unbelievable runner. And Cold Hill? 10-3, lose in the quarterfinals. They just aren't as good as they normally are this season, Richardson will sweep or split with them and they might split with both Akers University and Northwest Ballina. Those are tough schools. And if they somehow escape the conference slate 8-2, they're going to the Salamantic Universities week 12. Good luck."

Will shook his head, "Look, I know what I said, but Cold Hill at 10-3? Come on! Rhine doesn't even need anyone to throw to, that young man can just flat out play. He's too good, too electric. He'll find a way to get them to the semifinals at least, and they'll go 11-2 at the worst. Richardson for the champions though? I can't see it. As good as Sello is, he's no quarterback, and eventually they'd have to beat Istria, hopefully a second time. The second that the Blue Thunder have more than a 7 point lead, it's over."

Vick shrugged, "I agree, Richardson isn't a championship team at the international level this year. Cold Hill is gonna have to have some hero emerge and quickly, because otherwise, they just aren't going to live up to the standard that they've set."

"And that's our time for today!" Nancy waved at the camera, "Until next time!"

* * * * *

Deondre Rhine - A Short Series

"You were a hell of a lot more fun in school you know." Magnus wasn't shy about his habits, taking a deep draw from his blunt.

Rhine shrugged, "Coach made it pretty clear. One strike and you're out. This is the only way I was gonna be able to go to school." After positive tests for meth his junior year and SARMs his senior year of high school, no one else would so much as look his way. But Cold Hill, having just lost their star in Thorn Davis, was desperate for a quarterback to keep them in contention.

"You're going to the league bro! Who the hell cares about school?" his old friend took another draw and checked his phone, "These tests are like, once a year anyway. Relax. And you're a star! They'd never get rid of you now."

"After this last season? I'm not so sure." It hadn't been pretty. With most of his surrounding talent leaving for the draft, or normal life, Rhine had no one to throw to whatsoever. 10-2 had been good enough to get them into the playoffs, but not much further with his thirty four touchdown passes against twelve interceptions.

"Whatever," Magnus hopped up off the chair, "Seriously, take a hit. Calm down, bro, you've got this."

Rhine eyed the cigar, and his willpower finally gave in. Ranorian College Football didn't test for marijuana, regardless. "One hit can't hurt, right?"

"Good man," Magnus laughed, "Now if we can get you back on the good stuff, you'll thank me later."

"Fat chance," Deondre grumbled as he leaned back and took a drag.
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Postby Kohnhead » Sat Oct 10, 2020 2:53 pm

Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KND
Name: Kohnhead City University
Nickname: The Mighty Eagles
Colors: Gold and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 1
Record: 0-0
Achievements: N/A

Coaching Staff
HC: Milton Donnelly (49)
OC: Rickie Shah (52)
DC: Addison Lyons (37)
STC: Brad Suarez (65)
QB Coach: Jennie Villa (48)
RB Coach: Richie Bell (57)
WR Coach: Adriana Schroeder (62)
TE Coach: Genevieve Bennett (40)
OL Coach: Lara Goff (51)
DL Coach: Fiona Todd (53)
LB Coach: Sally Pace (62)
Secondary Coach: Clyde Richmond (34)

Offensive Scheme: This is an option offense at its finest, built on the speed and agility of the quarterback and the running backs. Shah and Donnelly have cooked up an offensive scheme that will pound the ball down your throat running the football but also has blistering speed all over the field. Donnelly is on record saying that the strong arm quarterback is one of the most overrated aspects in football. In terms of their passing offense; short, quick, and crisp passes are what is required and they like to get Joseph on the move a lot. While three receivers start, the team plays a lot of three back sets and Edwards is a hybrid receiver/back.

Defensive Scheme: The defense runs a very aggressive 4-2-5 that is built on speed at all three levels in particular at the linebacking group. The defensive line is the most emphasized part of this in particular a big nose tackle in the middle is required. Generating pressure will take some of the load off of the linebackers shoulders who need to have quick instincts and be able to blitz if necessary. Coverage is also easier on the secondary as there are 5 of them. This is a an uncommon base defense but Addison Lyons has assured everyone that it will work at this level.

Depth Chart (starters in bold)
QB: (C) Byron Joseph (Junior)
Brooke Reese (Freshman)
Patrick Kelley (Senior)

RB: Herman Whitworth (Freshman)
Brandon Potter (Senior)
Jack Neville (Junior)
Jessie Holder (Freshman)
Colton Nunez (Sophmore)

WR: (C) Albie Terry (Senior)
Jodi Lawrence (Sophmore)
Ezekiel Edwards (Junior)

Anabelle Edmonds (Freshman)
Martin Hurst (Freshman)
Ava Roberts (Senior)

TE: Benny Devlin (Freshman)
Kevin Kerr (Sophmore)
Rudy Foreman (Junior)

OT: (C) Peyton Whiteley (Senior)
Gabriella Ross (Junior)

Skyler Pain (Senior)
Kate Humphries (Freshman)

OG: Kamal Bowman (Sophmore)
Lana Dotson (Junior)

Samuel Cummings (Senior)
Liberty Frasier (Junior)

C: Briana Cleverland (Freshman)
Kurt Clarke (Sophmore)

DE: (C) Josef Travis (Senior)
Fox Middleton (Senior)

Brett Penta (Junior)
Mike Maldonado (Freshman)
Harris Austin (Senior)

DT: Albie Snow (Sophmore)
Dana Yates (Senior)

Lauren Beech (Junior)
Fabien Power (Junior)

LB: Steven Goodwin (Sophmore)
Brent Stafford (Freshman)

Alexis Lord (Sophmore)
Stewart Walton (Senior)
Cameron Knowles (Freshman)

CB: (C) Anne Boyer (Senior)
Erika Preston (Senior)
Zion Irving (Sophmore)

Harlen Gill (Freshman)
Antoine Little (Sophmore)
Gregor McBride (Junior)

S: Jonas Klein (Freshman)
Zachary Norman (Junior)

Carl Lees (Senior)
Dwayne Michael (Freshman)

K: Seth Potter (Freshman)

P: Carter Wolf (Freshman)

Returner: Jessie Holder

1. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
2. @ Northwest Ballina College (Northwest Kalactin)
3. Vs. Akers University (Northwest Kalactin) - Home opener
4. @ Eirīkssonia University (Buffalostan)
5. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria)
6. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
7. Vs. Northwest Ballina College (Northwest Kalactin)
8. @ Akers University (Northwest Kalactin)
9. Vs. Eirīkssonia University (Buffalostan)
10. @ Richardson University (Ranoria) - Last conference match
11. @ Ravencroft Academy (Tikariot)
12. @ Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy Squidbreak (Squidroidia)
13. Vs. Felswyr State University (Chromatika) - Senior Night

Chicken King Stadium (57,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +2.5
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Baseball: 34th
Hockey: 38th
Basketball: 41st
Lacrosse: 13th
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Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

Outdoor Hard Court Season 6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Istria Open - Semifinals (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Mattijana Open - Semifinals (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Hamilton International - Semifinals (Singles)
Grass Court Season 6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:31 pm

The Athletic Complex, Surrey Perimeter College, Surrey
A few days before Week 1: Surrey Perimeter v. Sadeg State
Head Coach Dudley Gibbs was not in the best of moods as he looked over film of his team’s most recent practice. The team had been practicing with Sadeg State in mind, and just by looking at the film, it looks like practice had gone well. But there were other things, beyond what had gone on in practice, that had Dudley bothered. There had been some behavioral issues that had made some question whether or not this team would be disciplined enough to make a run in the Horizon Conference and beyond in this year’s NSCF Championship.

In the past week, he had needed to hold closed-door meetings with three players – wide receiver Linus Garland, center Trevor Janson and gunner Zack Detmer, concerning personal conduct. Garland was one of the biggest prima donnas in all of Hapiloppian college football, and his problem centered mostly around the fact that the world was not revolving around him.

Garland, you see, had come from a privileged upbringing. His father, Max Garland, was one of the leading attorneys in the Surrey area, while his mother, Cassandra Garland, was a leading real estate agent that sold million-dollar McMansions to some of Surrey’s elite. So Linus had more opportunities than most. He got a new car every year. He was given the first-string wide receiver spot in high school because his parents were leading boosters, so the quarterback had been ordered to pass to him. And during the last few years, Garland had been the leading wide receiver for the RedHawks. But a recent junior college transfer, Aaron Tambornie, had been awarded the leading spot based off incredibly hard work and a never-say-die attitude.

That never-say-die attitude manifested itself during practice. He would work again and again to make sure he had gotten his drills absolutely perfect, and even when his coaches told him to settle down, that his drills were just about as good as anything, Aaron just wouldn’t stop.

“Still got room for improvement,” Aaron would say. “Just let me try it again.”

And he would. And he would do even better. And that hard work awarded him with the first-string spot and preference for quarterback Dexter Dempsey to throw to. And that stuck at Linus to no end.

“I’ve carried this damn program on my back for three years,” Linus barked at Coach Gibbs. “That first string spot is mine! You don’t give it to some poor boy just because he’s the flavor of the month. Nobody is better at that job than me, and you’re going to give me that spot back!”

“First off, don’t talk to me that way,” Coach Gibbs told Linus. “Tambornie got that spot because he earned it. You are entitled to nothing. Hell, I could bench you for a game for that attitude. You want that spot back? You earn it.”

“Bench me and I’m gone,” Linus snapped back. “And you lose me and you lose everyone. Everyone’s here because of me. The boosters are here, the fans are here…”

“And they’ll be here without you, Garland,” Coach Gibbs snapped. “You better change your attitude in a hurry because I have no patience for it. If you’re gonna act this way, you’re gonna learn a lesson in a very big way that neither myself, nor my coaches, nor your teammates, are going to have a lot of patience for this whining. Now get out of my office.”

That didn’t really help matters, but Coach Gibbs had put a line in the sand and Linus was going to need to be very careful not to cross it. Otherwise, he might find himself getting hurt.

The other matters involved Trevor Janson and Zack Detmer. Their matters weren’t related to behaving like an entitled bitch, but rather related to some unfortunate behavior.

A week before, Janson and Detmer had gone to Frick’s Tavern, a popular hangout for college students, to have some beers and shoot the breeze with some fellow students. Unfortunately, as the beer flowed, so did some tempers. Initial reports on social media indicated that there had been some issue between Detmer, a girl, and the guy she had been seeing. She had dated Detmer in the past, it didn’t end well, and she got together with another guy, a journalism major named Pete Cruxman. Cruxman had written for the student newspaper, and was out on a date with this girl when Detmer showed up.

According to a few eyewitness accounts, Detmer saw the girl, went over to speak to her, and was blown off. Cruxman looked at Detmer and told him to “eff off”, that the girl didn’t want to speak to Detmer and thus he wouldn’t be doing so. Detmer responded by shoving Cruxman off his stool. A brief struggle ensued, where the football player, a guy whose job it was to hit people as hard as he could, easily got the better of the guy who wrote about the Student Government Association.

And that wasn’t enough. Detmer reportedly saw Janson and called him over “to show this punkass that I get what I want.”

Janson, who was apparently spoiling for a fight all night, happily obliged, and the two beat the living crap out of Cruxman in front of his girlfriend, before the Surrey City Police arrived to break the struggle up.

Having seen the reports, Coach Gibbs was incensed.

“You want to explain yourself?” Gibbs asked the two.

“That guy was in my way,” Detmer said. “That was my girl and I’m getting her back.”

“So you think the right way to win a woman over is to beat the living hell out of her significant other, two-on-one, before he can’t even eat solid foods?” Gibbs shouted. “No wonder she got away from you! I’m not going to tolerate this. I hear of one more incident like this again and you’re suspended. And if any stink comes from this, you’re suspended.”

As the Surrey RedHawks got ready to travel to Drawkland for the first match to take on Sadeg State, that stink did come. The Surrey Journal, a leading newspaper in the area, interviewed the girl, who told virtually everything about what happened that night at Frick’s. The story incensed a number of organizations within Surrey Perimeter, who demanded an explanation as to why Detmer was still on the team.

The matter would continue to be discussed as the team took the field in Drawkland.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:01 pm

Akers University
Helmet: Image
Nickname: Capitals
Conference Affiliations: Metro Athletic Conference (Domestic), Sequoia (Former), Big Eight (Current)
Number of Seasons: 4
Colors: Blue and Gold
Style Mod: +5
City: Gold Coast, Northwest Kalactin
Enrollment: 14,000
Offensive Scheme: Air Raid
Defensive Scheme: 4-3 with 3-4 Personnel

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Steve Watts
Offensive Coordinator: Andre Harvey
Defensive Coordinator: Brent Young
QB Coach: Clayton Lopez
RB Coach: Michael Snyder
Receivers Coach: Shannon Mitchell
O-Lineman Coach: Jesse Fernandez
DL Coach: Don Webster
LB Coach: Al Hughes
DB Coach: Mack Boyd
ST Coordinator: Raymond Brady

Starting Lineup
QB: Splinter Woodson, SR, Ranoria. 4162 Pass Yards, 28 TDs, 6 INTs, 538 Rush Yards. Offensive Captain
RB: Oliver Brock, JR, Gold Coast, NWK. 921 Rush Yards, 8 TDs, 1 Fumble
WR: Darren Holland, SR, Murwelldobah, NWK. 1345 Receiving Yards, 9 TDs
Salvatore Holmes, SR, St. Louis Heights, Laahana. 967 Rec Yards, 7 TDs
Mack Boyd, SO, Lismore, NWK. 849 Rec Yards, 6 TDs
TE: Clifton Price, SO, Gold Coast, NWK. 662 Rec Yards, 5 TDs
OL: Robert Bush, JR (LT), Coffs, NWK
Pat Farmer, SR (LG), Jarrbergen, NWK
Marc Jenkins, JR (C), Coffs, NWK
Chris Frazier, JR (RG), Coffs, NWK
Horace Lynch, FR (RT), Kyater, NWK

DL: Raoul Saxton, FR (Edge), Ranoria. 3.5 Sacks
John Wilson, SO (DT), Lismore, NWK. 8 Sacks
Richard Taylor, SR (DT), Gold Coast, NWK. 4 Sacks
Donald Miller, SO (Edge), Kempsey, NWK. 4 Sacks
LB: Scott Rivera, JR (WLB), Kyater, NWK, 89 Tackles
Gary Ward, SR (MLB), Ballina, NWK. 94 Tackles
Raymond Hall, SR (SLB), Gold Coast, NWK. 132 Tackles. Defensive Captain
CB: Mike Martinez, JR, Coffs, NWK, 7 INTs
Greg Flores, JR, Ballina, NWK, 2 INTs
Fredrick Johnson, SO, Gold Coast, NWK, 4 INTs
S: Warren Cross, SR, Murwelldobah, NWK, 2 INTs

K: Kerry Spencer, FR, Kempsey, NWK
P: Johnathan Dean, SR, Gold Coast, NWK

QB: Dominic Hall
Owen May
RB: Sherman Dixon
Loren Bush
Derrick Daniels
WR: Kerry Copeland
Kenny Hunter
Ben Bates
Perry Morton
TE: Martin Perry
Brian Bryant
OL: Matthew Flores
Ronald Bennett
Jose Powell
Christopher Price
Jeffrey Wood
DL: Fred Ross
Benjamin Cox
Kenneth Richardson
Eugene Brown
George Campbell
LB: Edward Kelly
Phillip Butler
Harold Carter
Jeremy Jenkins
Daniel Sanchez
CB: Todd Howard
Joseph Davis
Carl Cooper
Ernest Young
S: Jimmy Mitchell
Clarence Sanders

Northwest Ballina College
Helmet: Image
Nickname: Redhawks
Conference Affiliations: Plains Conference (Domestic), Sequoia (Former), Big Eight (Current)
Number of Seasons: 3
Colors: Red and Black
Style Mod: +5
City: Cartertown, Northwest Kalactin
Enrollment: 4,500
Offensive Scheme: Pro Style
Defensive Scheme: 46 Bear

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Eugene Brown
Offensive Coordinator: George Campbell
Defensive Coordinator: Edward Kelly
QB Coach: Phillip Butler
RB Coach: Harold Carter
Receivers Coach: Jeremy Jenkins
OL Coach: Russell Edwards
DL Coach: Michael Scott
LB Coach: Carlos Cook
DB Coach: Joseph Price

Starting Lineup
QB: Jerry Turner, JR, 3656 Pass Yards, 21 TDs, 8 INTs, 346 Rush Yards
RB: Roy Martinez, SR, 1149 Rush Yards, 12 TDs, 3 Fumbles
WR: Randy Nelson, SO, 1155 Rec Yards, 7 TDs
Jeremy Lee, SO, 845 Rec Yards, 6 TDs
TE: Victor Sanders, SR, 965 Rec Yards, 4 TDs
Ronald Johnson, FR, 522 Rec Yards, 2 TDs
OL: Brian Stewart, JR (RT)
Joshua Price, FR (RG)
Chris Powell, SO, (C)
Craig Campbell, SO (LG)
Aaron Sanchez, SR (LT)

DL: Ralph Mitchell, JR (Edge), 7 Sacks
Thomas Rivera, SR (DT), 9 Sacks
Steven Torres, SR (DT), 6.5 Sacks
Russell Bell, FR (Edge), 6 Sacks
LB: Paul Bailey, SR (LOLB), 98 Tackles
Wayne Davis, SR (MLB), 116 Tackles, Defensive Captain
Roger Washington, SO (MLB), 91 Tackles
Stephen James, JR (ROLB), 81 Tackles
CB: Jason Wood, SR, 7 INTs
Brandon Jones, JR, 4 INTs
S: Billy Adams, JR, 3 INTs

K: Scott Cox, SO
P: Joe Michaels, SR

QB: James Henderson
Richard Hughes
RB: Dennis Edwards
Jonathan Rochambeau
WR: Kenneth Ross
Paul Reed
Phillip Russell
Wayne Price
TE: Howard Gonzales
Charles James
William Perez
OL: Juan Nelson
Harold Wilson
Jose Long
John Thomas
Henry Murphy
DL: Joseph Peterson
Ryan Baker
Samuel Bell
Harry Roberts
Billy Wright
LB: Carl Ward
Jeremy Lewis
Randy Parker
Arthur Walker
Aaron Gray
CB: Roy Foster
Thomas Carter
Carlos Allen
S: Jimmy Jenkins
George Turner
K: Albert Bryant
P: Martin Thompson ... true#gid=0 <— Kalactanian NSCF Recruits
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Postby Space » Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:51 pm


The Academy of Space Astronauts

ARENA - "Extaterestrial Dome of Sport".
The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a cristal clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome will rotate with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astonomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control.

The dome currently has 35,000 permanent seats, with a further 43,000 temporary seating available. The dome is expandable up to over 200,000 seats but there are no plans of this type at the time.

It will be an interesting challenge for the players from opposing nations as the Academy is non terrestrial (Of course, a playing field and gravity are provided, but are isolated to the dome of play itself. The upper dome is clear allowing a view of the solar system). While the team representing Space will surely be the underdog during away matches, it is quietly hoped that they will be able to gain more of a home field advantage than other teams might usually have due to this subtle location difference, and end the season with a respectable recon.

Coach: Cosmo Icii

Cosmo has been coaching the non-competitive team at the Academy of Sport and as far as the board is concerned, the job is Cosmo's regardless of the record, so long as he doesn't embarrass the school. It is possible that many decisions will be made by Spiral Galaxi. Spiral is the long time defensive coordinator for the Academy of Space who was also the Head Coach of the Space team for the World Bowl.


Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
CB   200      Jessie   Eichadson
CB   200      Jacqueline   Tyson
CB   205      Hay   Bead
CB   185      Michelle   Middleton
CB   190      Matthew   Godon
CB   180      Kisten   Eoman
CB   220      Eossa   Lane
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
DB   185      Comet   Jetson
DB   175      Mofy   Suaoinn
DB   190      Impact   Jetson
DB   200      Stacey   Nash
DB   200      Beuce   Geoege
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
DE   260      Juajua   Klioaokl
DE   255      Badley   Howad
DE   250      Tyone   Hawkins
DE   255      Tuck   Juuaiiali
DT   285      Eicol   Small
DT   295      Rokca   Buch
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
LB   230      Brittany   Hunt
LB   225      Randall   Owens
LB   205      Risto   Lane
LB   235      Leozed   Gomez
LB   225      Noman   Jacobson
LB   220      Valeie   Yates
LB   220      Claie   Noel
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
S   200      Deanna   Hading
S   210      Anasola   Reilly
S   210      Buckiri   Asteoid
S   205      Hollyvale   Cameon

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
QB   175      Concrete   LaDucka
QB   200      Maion   Gaines
QB   215      Stella   Groovie
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
OL   275      Deniro   Suawlla
OL   275      Viola   Hendicks
OL   305      Neil   Tey
OL   290      Carmen   Bennett
OL   295      Caroline   Kelly
OL   270      Douglas   Lindsey
OL   320      Kyle   ives
OL   265      Hugh   Jenkins
OL   270      Stephanie   Gadne
OL   320      Bill   Wokman
OL   285      Fred   McLeod
OL   295      Neil   Bidges
OL   280      Louis   Leach
OL   305      Lee   Fletche
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
B   195      Majuli   Nitrogen
FB   235      Noso   Faso
FB   250      Dolphin   Isla-Planeta
IB   180      Katie   Figueoa
IB   210      Calos   Faell
IB   215      Havey   Meitt
IB   190      Thomas   Lowe
IB   210      Rats   Sila-Pesona
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
TE   245      Caigsol   Vagas
TE   255      Calos   Mashall
TE   245      Pittsbug   Jupiter
TE   240      Teesa   Buns
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
W   195      Suzanne   Callahan
W   180      Maian   Wane
W   175      Rocket   Hyda-tea
W   195      Razo   Bush
W   210      Wesley   Wall
W   195      Heman   omeo
W   215      Nuai   Baisiri
W   225      Jeffey   Cason
W   175      Zips   Firigita
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
P   185      Donna   Woodwad
P/PK   185      Zachay   Heste
PK   190      Socca   WylWyl
LS   240      Heathe   Ramiez



P Permissions:
Choose my scores: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
P injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod "other" events: Yes
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Postby -Anthor- » Sun Oct 11, 2020 1:21 pm

Bowerstone University 'Bolts'

Background Info:Entering now their fifth year of play, the Bolts are coming off of an incredible performance in the 21st edition, where Dirk Wallace championed the team past the pundits and critics expectations and carried the team into a quarter-final appearance, and also won their conference; both firsts for Bowerstone and George Nevins. Although they fell apart in the last four games of the tournament, head coach Nevins has stated he believed that to be more due to injuries (more then 8 starters were out, including Dirk Wallace), than ability or team performance. They are now hoping as they enter the 22nd edition that they will defend their title and remain the champions of Zephyr Conference, all though they will have new challenges this year as the historic Mar Sara University and Raynor are now both within their conference, having moved from the Big Eight. Ceneisis will remain a good test for the Bolts mettle as always, as well Thereisnogodistan. Nevins has publically stated at their pre-season workouts, which were made longer for this season, that the tournament this year will perhaps represent the greatest challenges for them, but that they are the best equipped to overcome them and are the best verisions of themselves yet. Dirk Wallace, entering now his senior year of play, has had an absolute remarkable career in NSCF, and coming off last season where he sent Bowerstone records after throwing for more then four thousand yards and 25 touchdowns, while keeping it under 8 interceptions; that play has gained him alot of talk domestically about where he is going to end up in the Anthoran Gridiron League (AGL), many pundits and analysts have him potentially going first overall depending if he can maintain his performance into this season .

Stadium: Hookfield Stadium, capable of holding 46,000 fans and spectators is located just south of University property in the rolling hills of Antyne Province, inside the town of Darstown, home to about 100,000 residents. Built nineteen years ago, it is well maintained and offers modern amenities, such as free wifi and spacious concession stand and has become a symbol in the Antyne gridiron scene and across most of Anthor. Parking facilities onsite are managed through a traditional parking space, and there are numerous hotels, lodgings, restaurants, bars, and other recreational establishments located within a half mile or more, mostly clustered around Baronial Road 17, or Gundersen Road as it's known locally.


Coaching Staff:
  • Head Coach: Georgie Nevin
  • Offensive Coordinator: Aldric Meyrick
  • Defensive Coordinator: Alf Ramsey
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Virgil York

Style Modifier:+2
Typical Offensive Scheme: Mash-up between emphasis on the run or utilizing Dirk Wallace's strong arm to help loosen the opposition's defense.

#4 Wallace, Dirk (Senior)
#11 Gardner, Robert (Junior)
#14 Leyton, Richard (Freshman)

#2 King, Phillip (Senior)
#35 Tanner, Aurelian (Junior)
#8 Dawson, Norris (Sophmore)

#40 Lamont, Gareth (Senior)
#41 Myles, Walter (Sophmore)

#3 Proulx, Aden (Freshman)
#10 Brasher, David (Junior)
#13 Hyram, Florence (Sophmore)
#38 Delano, Yann (Senior)
#85 Dumont, Jared (Junior)

Tight Ends:
#40 Lamont, Gareth (Senior)
#56 Priestly, James (Senior)
#84 Lovel, Stuart (Junior)

#64 Warren, Wilbert (Senior) [LT]
#66 Backus, Ludvig (Freshman) [LT]
#75 Grey, Seymour (Junior) [RT]

#58 Tindall, Ken (Senior) [RG]
#67 Keaton, Gary (Junior) [LG]
#68 Brasher, Grier (Junior) [LG]
#77 Lennon, Benjamin (Sophmore) [LG]
#78 Gosselin, Severus (Junior) [RG]

#63 Langlais, Alexander (Junior)
#76 Wallace, Aldric (Senior)

Defensive Ends:
#50 Innes Isidore (Senior)
#62 Chadwick, Hercule (Junior)
#70 Chancellor, Gaston (Senior)
#79 Bellerose, Sindri (Freshman)

#69 Moke, Lutton (Senior)
#73 Garner, Cosmo (Junior)
#74 Garrard, Terrance (Junior)
#90 Carson, Donald (Freshman)

#3 Proulx, Aden (Freshman)
#42 Stainthorpe, Kevyn (Senior)
#44 Bullard, Isaac (Junior)
#51 Mortimer, Esben (Freshman)
#52 Hedley, Eskil (Freshman)
#55 Chancellor, Steven (Senior)

#6 Stenberg, Darren (Freshman)
#10 Brasher, David (Junior)
#33 Haywood, Dion (Junior)
#32 Lucas, Osvald (Junior)

#25 Conway, Noel (Junior)
#26 Maddison, Liev (Junior)
#30 Goddar, Cedric (Senior)
#31 Mynatt, George (Sophmore)
#37 Rowland, James (Senior)
#39 Tarnett, Osvald (Senior)

Special Teams:
#9 Rennold, Gareth (Senior)
#13 Hyram, Florence (Sophmore) [Punter]

MD1 - v. Chan University of Sport and Technology
MD2 - @ Mar Sara Tech Raiders
MD3 - v. Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns
MD4 - @ Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists
MD5 - v. Raynor University Rockets
MD6 - @ Chan University of Sport and Technology
MD7 - v. Mar Sara Tech Raiders
MD8 - @ Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns
MD9 - v. Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists
MD10 - @ Raynor University Rockets

Non-Conference Games
MD 11 - versus Squidbreak
MD 12 - @ Akers State
MD 13 - Unscheduled
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Terrestrial Acclimation Academy Terrans

Postby Space » Sun Oct 11, 2020 1:23 pm


Terrestrial Acclimation Academy Terrans



Mark Brown
Kevin Pollak
Joey Sill

Running Backs
Paul Mintz
David Bartlett
Seth Waldrup
Patrick Wright
Justin Edkins

Wide Receivers
Brian Jackson
Brendon Morgan
Darren Blankenship
Tight Ends
Ed Rolkowski
Rob McKnight

Dennis McCrudden
Tobias Connor
Davis Smerdon
Gordie Walker
Dequain Ponichtera
Eric Larson

Lathen Porter
Sid Steward
Abraham MacAlonie
Gabe Carlson

Steve Pugh
Bill Kanter
Buckley Darsie

Defensive Ends
Darryl Leatherwood
Cam Peters

Defensive Tackles
Jason Monday
Tyrik Bailey
David Heck
Brian Thornton
Dave Routledge
Night Baldwin
David Kropp
Brendan Bodin

Michael Hannah
Ron Dillion
Justin Davis
Zack Birse
Shaun Philpott
Devin Holtz

Joe Keys
Bill Isley
Dernest Lange
Paul Bebbington
Lakista Ernle
Jeff Harkavy
Ted Wells
Keith Vanmeter

Da-Marr Meacham
Sylvester Tinsley
Brian Macleverty
Trevor MacCorkle
Jason Fromm

Kevin Brundage
Peter Larson
Lucius Levitt

George Albright
Larry Brokaw

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Postby Inner AginanaUsordia » Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:55 pm



Stadiums, capacity, elevation:
Memorial Stadium, 80,000, 160'

Head Coach: Leo Navarre (M 52) National Champion 2015, 2020
Offensive Coordinator: Marco Corri (M 32) NC 2020
Offensive Style: West-Coast/Play-Action
Defensive Coordinator: Shaun Rayner (M 60) NC 2015, 2020
Defensive Style: Cover-3
QB's Coach: Patrick Dowdy (M 38) NC 2020
OL/DL Coach: Stan Merritt (M 51) NC 2015, 2020
Special Teams: Courtney Shanade Salter (F 41) NC 2020
Special Teams Style: Conservative outside of 55-yard field goals, Very Rarely Fake Play
Pos #  Name             Yr Age   Ht  Wt  Yards Pass Rush TD Int Fum 40 yd Note
QB1 6 Thierry DeBahlen Ju 21 6’2 228 4745 4042 703 36 8 4 4.85 2nd year starter
QB2 18 Roger Munroe Se 22 6’4 240 5278 5083 195 41 14 4 5.33 Redshirt transfer from UAB-Marcosi
QB3 11 Aidan Muller Fr 17 5’9 205 3564 2018 1546 32 12 6 4.41 Séan Macol HS, Poctorise
Pos #  Name             Yr Age  Ht  Wt Yards Cat TD Fum 40   Other Pos/Note
WR1 3 Aren Houghton Se 22 5’11 204 1743 123 16 3 4.44 3 yr
WR2 82 Shan DaMerie Ju 21 5’9 195 1836 108 11 5 4.53 Transfer BanU Skopi
WR3 4 Marcus Wiley So 20 6’3 212 2430 168 29 13 4.38 Redshirt transfer Presta U
WR4 18 Rosco Hensley Fr 18 6’6 237 1810 132 19 12 4.29 (KR2/PR2) Anfaro HS Belgrade
WR5 32 Zakariah Merritt Ju 20 6’3 228 632 53 7 2 4.57 (RB4) 2 yr
TE1 5 Daniel Byrne Se 23 6’4 248 1744 129 16 5 4.76 4 yr
TE2 8 Cole Sovereign So 19 6’5 252 1653 121 2 3 4.93 Redshirt Redshirt
Pos #  Name             Yr Age  Ht  Wt Yards Att TD Fum 40   OP/Note
RB1 2 Destin Route Ju 21 5’10 222 853 202 5 4 4.34 3 yr
RB2 40 Hans von Kreuz Se 23 5’7 236 865 223 9 6 4.63 4 yr
RB3 32 Rylan Roybal Fr 18 6’0 228 1913 362 12 3 4.41 Embassy HS, AU City
FB1 42 Tomas Princip Se 22 6’5 245 1688 354 10 8 4.73 4 yr
Pos #  Name             Yr Age  Ht  Wt Sack Int 40   OP/Note
DB1 21 Calvin Vigil Ju 21 6’2 216 1.5 4 4.50 3 yr
DB2 33 Timoteo Colón Se 23 6’1 208 0 2 4.53
DB3 36 Kaiden Gregory So 20 6’0 193 0 0 4.52
CB1 1 Bryson Potts Se 23 5’11 211 0 7 4.41
CB2 24 Douglas Micek So 21 5’10 205 .5 3 4.38
CB3 26 Abbas Hamad Fr 18 5’10 208 0 2 4.42
SS1 29 Cody Osagie Ju 22 6’2 210 .5 11 4.39 (FS2)
FS1 36 Damon Coleman Ju 21 6’3 208 0 7 4.40 (SS2)
LB1 49 Germain Williams So 19 6’4 238 5 2 4.49
LB2 51 Luther Nicholson Se 23 6’3 232 6 1 4.54 Transfer Belgrade College
LB3 52 Anthony Parrino Ju 22 6’1 241 3 1 4.89
LB4 54 Markus Randle Fr 18 6’2 227 7 2 4.57
LB5 48 Eian Parker So 20 6’4 229 6 1 4.61
DT1 9 Rodarius Green Ju 22 6’5 286 14 0 4.69
DT2 97 Ricardo Valentin Se 22 6’4 302 16 1 4.74 (DE3), Transfer UDyrrachia
DT3 92 Malachi Pate So 20 6’3 310 3 1 4.88
DE1 2 Sergio Kitchens Se 22 6’5 298 8 0 4.64 (DT4) 4 yr
DE2 99 Kenneth Blume So 20 6’4 286 7 1 4.74 Redshirt
Pos #  Name             Yr Age  Ht  Wt % Long 40   OP/Note
PK1 92 Jayson Jenkins Ju 21 6’2 190 81 58 4.59 1 yr
PK2 10 Akeem Hayes Se 22 6’4 216 78 51 4.79 (P 3) Redshirt
Pos #  Name             Yr Age  Ht  Wt 40   OP/Note
P 1 44 Taj Chandler Se 22 6’1 183 4.58 4 yr
P 2 7 Dion Hayes Fr 18 5’1 169 4.73 (PK3) Rostra/Nord-Île Academy
LS1 46 Johnny McKinzie So 20 6’3 243 4.66 (C 3)
C 1 66 Colson Baker Ju 21 6’4 294 4.81 1 yr
C 2 60 Durk Banks Fr 18 6’6 301 4.95 (LS2) Perendi HS Dyrrachia
RT1 63 Dijon McFarlane Ju 22 6’5 312 4.89 (RG3) Redshirt
RT2 77 Jordan Carter So 19 6’1 300 4.82 (LT3) 2 yr
RG1 74 Aaquil Brown Ju 21 6’4 306 5.19 (RT3) 3 yr
RG2 62 DeMario White Se 23 6’3 295 4.75 (LG3) 3 yr
LG1 68 Khalif Brown Ju 21 6’2 284 5.12 3 yr
LG2 65 Quincy Hanley Se 23 6’4 316 5.26 Transfer Philip's College
LT1 73 Khadimou Fall Se 22 6’3 309 4.83 4 yr
LT2 61 Tione Merritt Fr 17 6’6 318 5.01 Branson HS BU
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Postby Banija » Tue Oct 13, 2020 6:42 pm


NSCF Scheduling- Both Northern Moravica and Loyola-Istria schedule neutral site games for week 13 of the NSCF XXII Season

Horace Browning, the Northern Moravica Athletic Director(Right), sitting with the Mayor of Zion, Silver Beach(left) at a press conference

HERZEGOVINA CITY, MORAVICA- Both schools insisted that neither had any inkling of the other's plans. Both schools have said that their ideas have long been in the works, that the fact that their domestic archrivals were doing the same thing did not influence their decison-making. You can believe them, you don't have to. But know this- both Northern Moravica and the University of Loyola have created a bold move, a move rarely seen in the NSCF, at least outside of country. Both have announced their intention to schedule regular season neutral site games, in non-NSCF countries, in the last week of the regular season.

First, we'll start with the Northern Moravica announcement. It is obvious that the public school is looking to boost foreign enrollment. They see a glut of foreign student applications at Loyola-Istria, where the press coverage earned as Istria hosted the Olympics introduced the school to a whole range of young people throughout the world. While Northern Moravica tried their best to capitalize on that, Loyola was always going to do a better job of it considering the Olympics were in South Moravica, not North Moravica. They, like many schools, view their sports teams as a number of things. But one of the things a college sports team does, is be a great marketing tool.

Especially, of course, if the team is good. It can be the doorstep. And so the decision to schedule a neutral site game was easy. But where? They looked around, didn't think gridiron would be popular enough in Farfadillis to move the needle, and decided to go to Silver Beach. It is a unique choice. Before Silver Beach essentially evacuated to the Sonnel Region, they were involved in the NSCF. They even had a school reach the NSCF 2 Championship Game. It was a match that made perfect sense. IT would give Silverian students the chance to hear about a college abroad. It would give Silverian gridiron fans the chance to see top level college football in their country. And it would give Northern a chance to both get a day, get a good travel day for their fans, and to market itself.

But they'd need to find an opponent. Who would agree? With Erikssonia's return, the champions of NSCF 2 who beat a Silverian school, they found a match made in heaven. Athletic Director Horace Browning spoke about this. "This was a perfect opportunity for everybody." He said. "While Erikssonia would have wanted to play an old rival, this gives them a chance to establish relations with new schools. And, of course, it draws on their history, since they've played a school from Silver Beach before. Tradition that leads into new opportunities- isn't that what college football is all about? It's good for the University, it's good for both programs, and it will be a fun game, hopefully with high stakes right before the playoffs start."

They were not the only Banijan school looking for a neutral site game. Loyola-Istria had been making whispers ever since their game at Richardson last time around. Now, of course, the Rebel's Cannon Bowl has been played 5 times- only twice on campus. NSCF 17 at Richardson, and the other two games in Ranoria have been held at the Superdome. NSCF XX was at Loyola-Istria, but NSCF 18 was down in Busukuma. While the Stadium of the Restoration was the favorites to get the site back, Loyola was thinking the same thing Northern was, but on a grander scale. Patrick Zervos explained it in his press conference announcing the location.

"We had discussions with Richardson about this way back, shortly after we played them last year." He said. "Of course, it isn't easy to pull something like this off, it's why it took so much time. You've got to cross a lot of T's, and dot a lot of I's, to play abroad for college sports. Plus, of course, this University's focus was on the Olympiad for so much of the summer. But even before the Games, we had a handshake agreement with Richardson that we could take the Rebel's Cannon Bowl to St. Jakob. After the Games ended, and we transitioned on getting our students back to class, we went back to Richardson and St. Jakob, and got everybody to sign on the dotted line."

The stadium that will be used is the Draistadion, with a capacity of 60,000. It is Siovanija & Teusland's biggest city, and it is located in Teusland. It also has a famously large Banijan migrant community. "It's a fantastic deal for St. Jakob." Patrick Zervos said. "The Rebel's Cannon Bowl is the premier non-conference rivalry in all of college football- both sets of fanbases have fully embraced it, and go all in every year. The attendance and the attention around this game is high. Both schools have big alumni bases that will travel, and St. Jakob locals will get the chance to see everything great about the sport- the energy, the tailgating, the passion- everything great about football exists in this rivalry. It will certainly help grow the sport in Siovanija & Teusland."

Of course, Siovanija & Teusland is just south of Banija, in Southwestern Atlantian Oceania. Since this is technically a Loyola home game, they'll get a 60% ticket share, while Richardson will get a 30%, and locals 10%. Locals, of course, are expected to get behind Loyola. The University has said that it will "aggressively market" the University to high school students in St. Jakob while the football team is there.

It reveals the scheduling philosophies for each school are malleable to circumstances. Both, for years, emphasized playing 7 games a year at home. But now, with both playing 6 home games alongside a neutral game, and with Loyola especially giving up those gate receipts for their annual rivalry with Richardson, there are more important things than immediate gate receipts. Both teams have schedule aggressively. Northern Moravica re-adds their rivalry with the University of the Commonwealth, as well as a visit to Quebec to take on Université St. Croix. Loyola will play a school it has never beaten, Mar Sara Tech, alongside travelling to Felswyr State University. Scheduling aggressively, getting that extra home game, but thinking long-term as well. Both visionary programs that are looking towards long-term success- and the schools are looking to get that flowing to the admissions side of things as well.

Other News
- Both teams played preseason games this weekend, to warm up for the season. Loyola-Istria took on Akers University of Northwest Kalactin, and played them at the Istria Olympic Stadium. The Blue Thunder eased out to a 33-6 win, taking a 21-6 lead into the half when the starters played. Both teams obviously emptied the bench, but Chibuzo looked in rhythm for the Blue Thunder, throwing for two touchdowns while Hatabu Jobe ran for the last one. Thanks to not having facilities available due to the Olympic Games, they did most of their training camp at their sister campus in Busukuma. But their offense does not seem to be missing a beat.
- Northern Moravica, for the first time since NSCF 12, played a preseason game prior to the season. In NSCF 12, of course, they played Loyola in the preseason. This time, they played the University of Moravica, away from home. Northern came out with a 24-0 win, showcasing the talent gap between Banija's two NSCF schools and the rest of Banija's college football teams. Both teams also emptied their bench in that one, as the rivalry continued between the two schools for the first time in nearly 7 seasons. They got plenty of pressure on the quarterback.
- The Islamic University of Busoga spent one uneventful season in the NSCF, where it was clearly overmatched by the level of play. This offseason, the Banijan Collegiate Sports Group finally reached an agreement to allow the six Busoga Islander schools back into the organization, therefore expanding its membership from 59 to 65, and it's football playing membership from 57 to 58. The Islamic University then wrote to the NSCF, declaring that they would not return and focus full-time on BCSG competition. The BCSG is the national governing body of college sports in Banija. Loyola-Istria and Northern Moravica are the only two Banijan schools in the organization who do not compete in football domestically, as they exclusively participate in NSCF competition.
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Mar Sara Tech Roster


Image Image

Image Image

Modifier: +3

Home Stadium: Lathalein Celestial Stadium (60,000)

Head Coach: Sander Ivarsson, age 45
Assistant: Muhammed Gunnarsson, age 49
Assistant: Thim Nilsson, age 46
Offensive Coordinator: Ture Holm, age 45
Defensive Coordinator: Roger Holmgren, age 51
Special Teams: Amadeus Håkansson, age 49

Base Offense: Ace(Single-back) Formation

12 QB Filip Gulbrandsen, age 21 SR
10 QB Arquímedes Concepción, age 18 FR
17 QB Alan Mattsson, age 22 SR (RS)
20 RB Image Kiggwe Chasima, age 21 JR (RS)
27 RB Baudilio Muñiz, age 18 FR
29 RB Arthur Tangen, age 21 JR (RS)
26 FB Conrad Espe, age 18 FR
33 FB Aksel Olsen, age 21 JR (RS)
42 TE Matheo Lundgren, age 22 SR (RS)
81 TE Leander Finstad, age 18 FR
44 TE Lukas Midtbø, age 19 SO
87 TE Morris Bergqvist age 22 SR (RS)
11 WR Mateusz Svendsen, age 20 SO (RS)
15 WR Lukas Hellström, age 22 SR (RS)
88 WR Edward Sanches, age 17 FR
80 WR Romeo Sundström, age 22 SR (RS)
18 WR Sigurd Reiersen, age 19 SO
19 WR Valfredo Beltrán, age 18 FR
89 WR Mario Lindqvist, age 22 SR (RS)
76 LT Hektor Dahlberg, age 22 SR (RS)

79 LT Oliver Sandberg, age 18 FR
70 LG Walid Nordin, age 18 FR
68 LG Seth Bergström, age 22 SR (RS)
60 C Edvin Björk, age 22 SR (RS)

63 C Ludwig Samuelsson, age 18 FR
69 C William Pedersen, age 21 JR (RS)
71 RG William Holm, age 22 SR (RS)
72 RG Roni Bergström, age 18 FR
77 RT Alec Gustafsson, age 22 SR (RS)
75 RT Valter Hellström, age 18 FR

Base Defense: 4-2-5

62 LE Maximus Jönsson, age 18 FR
61 LE Jonas Lundberg, age 18 FR
73 RE Willy Åström, age 17 FR
92 RE Iver Phan, age 21 JR (RS)
90 DT Kristoffer Bye, age 21 JR (RS)

92 DT Freddie Holmgren, age 18 FR
96 DT Loke Jönsson, age 17 FR
99 DT Julius Holmberg, age 18 FR
52 LOLB Joakim Løland, age 22 SR (RS)

54 LOLB Gustaf Eriksson, age 18 FR
57 ROLB Björn Ek, age 17 FR
59 ROLB Mauritz Petersson, age 18 FR
50 MLB Amir Bengtsson, age 18 FR
51 MLB Mikkel Moe, age 19 SO
58 MLB Lucas Mjøs, age 20 S0 (RS)
55 MLB Anthon Bergqvist, age 17 FR
23 CB Tobias Jakobsen, age 22 SR (RS)
24 CB Birk Teige, age 21 SR

37 CB Jeppe Skog, age 20 JR
34 CB Valentino Carlsson, age 18 FR
44 CB Teo Myhre, age 21 JR (RS)
47 CB Amar Björk, age 18 FR
49 CB Matias Amundsen, age 21 JR (RS)
41 FS Alessandro Ström, age 18 FR

46 FS Tore Bengtsson, age 18 FR
32 SS Norman Ornelas, age 17 FR
30 SS Casper Hanssen, age 20 SO (RS)

3 P Edvard Söderberg, age 18 FR
7 K Ulrik Bakke, age 20 JR

KOS: Ulrik Bakke
LS: William Pedersen
KR: Romeo Sundström & Lukas Hellström
PR: Romeo Sundström

Raynor University Roster


Image Image

Image Image

Modifier: +5

Home Stadium: Vahalla Falls (54,000)

Head Coach: Andy Magnusson, age 42
Assistant: Tim Sandström, age 55
Assistant: Holger Hedlund, age 47
Offense: Justin Axelsson, age 42
Defense: Rufus Carlsson, age 49
Special Teams: Manuel Jakobsson, age 42

Base Offense: Normal Shotgun

8 QB Nicon Mercado, age 18 FR
10 QB Tobias Moen, age 18 FR
7 QB Håkon Schau, age 20 SO (RS)
20 RB Hidalgo Mondragón, age 18 FR
24 RB Aleksander Aas, age 21 SR
21 RB Noa Sommer, age 18 FR
40 FB Noah Nilsen, age 21 SR
42 FB William Gulliksen, age 18 FR
18 WR Emil Gundersen, age 20 SO (RS)
16 WR Toshi Sánchez, age 17 FR
81 WR Victor Abrahamsen, age 21 SR
82 WR Didrik Thu, age 20 JR
84 WR Image Chinweuba Jelan, age 21 JR (RS)

80 WR Max Simensen, age 19 SO
88 WR Fredrik Ness, age 18 FR
85 TE Maximilian Bakke, age 17 FR
86 TE Kasper Aksnes, age 22 SR (RS)
87 TE Eirik Iqbal, age 18 FR
50 LT Kristian Jacobsen, age 18 FR
52 LT Devin Lindberg, age 21 SR
51 LG Brede Larsen, age 19 SO

53 LG Jonas Nilsen, age 18 FR
55 C Elias Fredheim, age 19 SO[/b]
56 C Christian Skjærvik, age 18 FR
49 C Oliver Nordbø, age 22 SR (RS)
57 RG Askil Christensen, age 18 FR
58 RG Håvard Olsen, age 20 SO (RS)
48 RT Martin Økland, age 18 FR
59 RT Alfred Haukås, age 19 SO

Base Formation: Dime

61 LE Jon Martinsen, age 20 SO (RS)
60 LE Ådne Friis, age 18 FR
99 DT Hassan Rønning, age 18 FR
98 DT Noah Haavik, age 20 JR
97 DT Noah Bakken, age 20 SO (RS)

93 DT Wiktor Haakonsen, age FR
62 RE Joakim Bull, age 18 FR
64 RE Lucas Johnsen, age 20 JR
41 ROLB David Iversen, age 19 SO
42 ROLB Sindre Nysæter, age 18 FR
45 MLB Jonathan Sætre, age 20 SO (RS)
46 MLB Mika Lein, age 18 FR
48 LOLB Jonathan Wallin, age 18 FR
44 LOLB Axel Løchen, age 21 JR (RS)
30 CB Oscar Berge, age 19 SO
31 CB Nicolai Østebø, age 18 FR
33 CB Brage Hansen, age 19 SO
32 CB Mathias Johannessen, age 20 JR
35 CB Adrian Sandnes, age 20 SO (RS)
36 CB Aleksander Welde, age 19 SO

39 CB Daniel Heggem, age 18 FR
38 CB Lars Børsheim, age 18 FR
37 CB Edvard Johansen, age 20 JR
40 FS Jacob Kalstad, age 18 FR
47 FS Elias Nevland, age 20 SO (RS)
45 FS Colin Hagen, age 18 FR
43 SS Birk Hansen, age 18 FR
49 SS Anton Holt, age 22 SR (RS)

90 P Gabriel Ibrahim, age 21 SR
99 K Fredrik Mundal, age 18, FR

KOS: Gabriel Ibrahim
LS: Christian Skjærvik
KR: Adrian Sandnes & Chinweuba Jelan
PR: Chinweuba Jelan
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Xanneria » Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:06 am

Xannerian Polytechnical University Big Blue

SCHOOL NAME: Xannerian Polytechnical Institute
ENROLLMENT: 2,800 students
LOCATION:Dominica City, Xanneria
STADIUM:Grande Tire Stadium - https://canadathroughmyeye.files.wordpr ... .jpg?w=775
CAPACITY: 42,000
LOCATION: Off Campus
OFFENSE:Flexbone Option - (HEAVY RUN)


QB - #12 Jerry Micheals
RB - #34 DeMarcus Levette
WB -#27 Leroy Gerrity
SB - #2 Archie Watkins
WR - #13 Lucky Garneux
TE - #40 Jack Barnes
LOT - #68 Bryce Williams
LOG - #52 Tim Murhandle
C - #70 Greer Beck
ROG - #62 Ivan Mutwilder
ROT - #59 Jaquasby Shaw


RDE #93 Keyvon Harbin
RDT #44 Trey Vernon-Watts
LDT #98 James Smith
LDE #69 Aguilar Hernandez
ROLB #37 Max Bown
MLB #54 James Harris
LOLB #58 Bradley Piffle
LCB #8 Deon Murray
RCB #45 Tito Tomothy
FS #31 Marvin Skinner
SS #19 Jeremy Morgan

STARTERS-Special Teams

K #84 Wyat Gownvasser
P #52 Sherman Appleby
KR1 #19 Jeremy Morgan
KR2 #30 Ben Bennett
PR #30 Ben Bennett

Key Reserves
QB #9 Mark Javros
TE #80 Sinclari Edilwatts
SB #14 MaQuan Bourne
WR #1 Tresmond Cutter
RB #30 Ben Bennett
OC #74 Tony Ross
OT #55 Londrick Long
OT #61 Kevin Allburg
DE #11 Bishop Reynolds-Kingsworth
LB #44 Corey Anderson
LB #7 Thurman South
CB #22 Yvon Broussard-Claes
CB #18 Tim Billings
SS #32 Eddie Root
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Postby Banija » Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:14 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the numbers of games that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the amount of time that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is.
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Northern Moravica University Cougars
Five-time champions of the Celestia Conference


School Info
Full Name: Northern Moravica University
Nickname: Cougars
Location: Herzegovina City, Moravica
Enrollment: 37,598
School President: Abbas Bajo. 61 years old. 2nd year on the job.
Athletic Director: Horace Browning(Cosumar). 4th year on the job.
Style Modifier: -1.5

Mugisha II Memorial Stadium
Maximum capacity of 87,000, expandable to 93,500 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF Season XXII

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.


7 of 11 starters are returning. New starters at QB, Halfback, Right Guard, and WR2.

Mokti Dikot. #4, Junior. 6'2, 215 pounds. 5 star recruit out of Banija in NSCF 19.
Vallienté Wagner-Young(Ranoria). #2, Freshman. 6'5, 220 pounds. Top-ranked recruit out of Ranoria in NSCF XXI.
Bubacar Jagne. #3, Sophomore. 6'5, 220 pounds. 4 star recruit out of Banija in NSCF 20.

Amanuel Tegene. #21, Junior.
Israel Salem. #28, Junior.
Fabba Guiss. #24, Sophomore.

Marcios Venetta. #34, Senior.

Wide Receivers.
Kalen Rhodes. #13. Senior. Recruited from Ranoria.
Karamo Kinteh. #80, Senior.
Dominik Dvoracek(Siovanija & Teusland). #15. 4th year Junior. 22 years old, transferred from a Siovanijan University.
Jung Singateh. #11, Sophomore.
Wassa Sillah. #88, Freshman.

Tight Ends.
Belonwu Akuchi. #87, Senior.
Rada Menasse. #85, Junior.
Gabra Bullo. #89, Junior.

Left Tackle.
Chioma Obyke. #62, Redshirt Junior.
Lema Brehane. #65, Junior.

Left Guard.
Olefile Dithapelo. #60, Senior.
Oluchi Diji. #64, Senior.

Ethan Wilkins. #50, Redshirt Junior. Recruited from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.
Amanuel Debebe. #57, Junior.

Right Guard.
Jordan Karamba. #61, Junior.
Malick Touray. #68, Sophomore.

Right Tackle..
Eric Modin(Ranoria). #71, Freshman. Five star recruit out of Ranoria in NSCF XXI..
Ifeatu Okeli. #73, Senior.

Defense 4-3.

Left Defensive End.
Chidea Dike. #91, Senior.
Wassa Ouattara. #93, Sophomore.

Right Defensive End.
Buwa Colley. #91, Redshirt Senior. JUCO Transfer from Istria City College in NSCF XXI.
Birom Ogunsola. #92, Freshman. Five star recruit out of Banija.

Defensive Tackle.
Edmund Harris. #90, 6'4, 287 pounds. Junior. Recruited out of Ranoria.
Chydea Ndulu. #98, Senior.
Bolong Kinteh. #99, Junior.
Essa Marong. #95. Freshman.

Strong Side Outside Linebacker.
Sean Morgan-Horne. #45, Junior. 6'2, 219 pounds. Recruited out of Ranoria. Captain.
Raphael Tewodros. #55, Redshirt Senior(JUCO transfer from Busukuma City College).

Middle Linebacker.
Tamru Tadesse. #54, Junior.
Abdul Ayoub. #51, Junior. Recruited from the Busoga Islands.
Bailo Guissé. #56, Freshman.

Weak Side Outside Linebacker.
Samuel Kim. #41, Sophomore. 6'7. Recruited from Kynxe, Chromatika. Samuel is a black belt in judo who has an eye for the ball. A natural leader who loves to inspire others via example or words, he can be a little outspoken but can be an asset if used properly. A strong side linebacker by trade, but with Morgan-Horne already on the strong side, they asked him to try to win the starting job in fall camp on the weak side, which he did successfully.
Ilman Tiyana. #49, Sophomore.

Ensa Faye. #31, Senior.
Zere Chirkos. #20, Junior.
Gordon Kennedy. #27, Junior. Recruited from Eshan. Primary nickel back.
Edrissa Coulibaly. #39, Sophomore.
Mamadi Kaba. #22, Freshman.
Boro Baldeh. #2, Freshman.

Strong Safety.
Eyasu Mekdem. #26, Junior.
Jonkong Jawara. #29, Freshman.

Free Safety.
Assan Kabbah. #19, Senior.
Sutay Danso. #36, Redshirt Senior. Transfer from University of Moravica(Banija).

Special Teams.

For clarity's sake- My backup center is the long snapper for both punts and field goals. My backup quarterback is the holder for field goals. My punter does kickoffs. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Kick/Punt Returner.
Sutay Danso. #36, Redshirt Senior. Transfer from University of Moravica(Banija). Free Safety is his natural position.
Mamadi Kaba. #22, Freshman. Natural position is cornerback.

Babou Guiss. #3, Freshman.

Xavier Fran. #2. Sophomore. Recruited from Z'ai'ai, Chromatika. 5'8. A trick shot artist with a football, Fran is a perfectionist. Recruited to replace Dula Benyam, who decided to transfer to the Islamic University of Busoga.

Head Coach: Lance Kabuye. 60 years old. The Head Coach is in his fourth season at Northern Moravica. Being hired in what many would describe as an 'awkward situation' in the beginning- the previous coach, himself fired, who then maneuvered his own way to being Athletic Director, and picking his own successor. Many coaches would not have done that, but they have a great AD-head coach relationship, and the results cannot be argued with. In each of Kabuye's first two seasons, they went to the NSCF Championship Game, with the school defeating Richardson University of Ranoria in the NSCF 19 Championship Game, and getting back to the title game in his second season as they fell to Cold Hill University in NSCF XX.

Kabuye was the head coach of Wild Valley University, a smaller school in the eastern part of the Moravica region, for 6 years. He is innovating offensively- with former offensive coordinator Kawsu Banuma deciding to take a head coaching position at Kizza I College domestically, Kabuye is looking to ratchet away from the spread. They've always been traditionally more of a pro style school, but with Kabuye's comfort with the air raid, alongside Chae Heung-Kim, they innovated the offensive around their star quarterback. Now they will look to be a more traditional Northern team and build from the trenches. After losing in the first round of the playoffs last year, they expect, with quarterback competition expected from Wagner-Young, to be a team that gets better throughout the season and can make a deeper playoff run this season.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Idirissa Ouattara. 63 years old. Kind of an out there hire. He was quarterbacks coach at Northern Moravica in NSCF 12 and NSCF 13 under Horace Browning, before he was offered an offensive coordinator position at the University of Ankole in domestic play. He was coordinator there for five seasons (domestic equivalents of NSCF 14-18) before becoming a head coach at Hangaza Tech. His head coaching career was disastrous- he was a poor culture fit, and was fired after just two seasons. He has always been big on the zone read running scheme, and Horace Browning suggested the hire to Kabuye shortly after the old offensive coordinator decided to go be a head coach on his own. This is his 2nd year in the program.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Longcan Gassama. 58 years old. The former Northern Linebackers coach has been promoted to defensive coordinator before the start of NSCF 19. IT was an interesting hire, as the head coach was expected to bring along his defensive coordinator from Wild Valley, but that man ended up staying to become the head coach out east. That said, Gassama is a capable coach, and his job is considered safe here in Northern Moravica. With the emphasis switching this season from their more high octane attack to a more traditional Northern squad of dominating in the trenches, the pressure is on Gassama to see if he can put a top ranked defense on the field once again.

Special Teams Coordinator: Edrissa Niang. 69 years old. 4th year as Special Teams Coordinator.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders(Lisander)
Week 2: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 3: vs. Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria(Lisander)
Week 4: vs. Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 5: @ University of Agin Kaya(Inner AginanaUsordia)
Week 6: @ University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders(Lisander)
Week 7: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 8: @ Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria(Lisander)
Week 9: @ Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 10: vs. University of Agin Kaya(Inner AginanaUsordia)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: @ Université St. Croix (Royal Kingdom of Quebec)
Week 12: v. University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park (Baker Park- Senior Day)
Week 13: v. Erikssonia (neutral site in Silver Beach)

Retired numbers: #4 Pelias Patras. Set the national collegiate record for passing touchdowns in a career(95), and school record for passing yards in a career(9,977). Is the only quarterback in school history to start every single game for 4 years. Only quarterback in school history to beat archrivals Loyola University-Istria 3 times in a row(coinciding NSCF 1, 2,3). Went to three straight national championship games(coinciding NSCF 1, 2, and 3) and won two national championships(coinciding NSCF 1 & 3).

Rivals: Currently the biggest rival of Northern Moravica University is the University of Loyola-Istria, who the Cougars have played at least once a season the last 55 seasons. All-time, they have played 81 times, with Northern holding a 43-38-2 edge in the series over their archrivals. These two teams have long been seen as the top two college football teams in Banija, and indeed, their stranglehold over Banijan college sports has continued, as they dominate not only in football, the biggest collegiate sport, but most other sports as well. When it was discussed for which team should debut Banija on the world stage for college football, it ultimately came down to these two, and after heating exchanges of words between both Athletic Directors and School Presidents in public, and the Mayors of Istria & Herzegovina City, the Banijan College Sports Group(BCSG) decided on a 11-8 vote to send Northern. The two schools played a thriller in the NSCF 18 quarterfinals, a matchup won by the Blue Thunder. With Loyola's incredible postseason runs in the NSCF, they finally regained the upper hand in this rivalry when they downed Loyola-Istria at the Istria Lightning Yard in the NSCF 19 semifinals, en route to their first ever NSCF title.

A former NSCF rival is Vietussia Academy. They have played a number of games against Vietussia Academy when both schools were members of the Celestia Conference. They play each other for the Golden Axe, and they will be renewing their rivalry in NSCF 18, as they took a hiatus after the Banijan schools left the NSCF after NSCF 14 and Vietussia Academy was not playing upon their return in NSCF 17. The rivalry is considered dormant, as Vietussia Academy is no longer in the NSCF.

Their new foreign NSCF rival are the Salamantic Universities. The Salamantic Universities and Northern Moravica have split the season series the last three seasons. With them competing in the Celestia Conference, the rivalry is expected to grow. While school officials from both have discussed an 'unnamed trophy' to be at stake whenever these two teams play, people are not sure what the trophy will be called, although students from both sides have unofficially named the trophy the 'Trophy of the Ancients' since the matchup is Cougars versus Professors. While Northern Moravica administrators were clear to say that was not the rivalry trophy's official name, with the lack of an official name, that has been the name tossed around by various outlets discussing the new rivalry.

The University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park is also considered a major foreign rival of Northern Moravica. Outside of NSCF XXI, these two schools have played every single year the two schools have both participated in NSCF competition.

Entrance: There is a unique stadium entrance at home games for the Cougars football team. A starting senior on each side of the football stands outside the tunnel, each one holding the school flag. They stand opposite each other with the flags lowered, and then raise the flags and let the entire team run through. After the team and staff runs through, those two starters run to the middle of the field and each plant their flag on the logo, signifying that this is their home field, and that they will fight to defend home field.

Championships: Northern Moravica has five Celestia Conference championships in 7 NSCF seasons, winning the conference title in NSCF 12, NSCF 13, NSCRF 17, NSCF 18, and NSCF 19. They won their first ever NSCF championship in NSCF 19. They finished as runner-ups in NSCF 20.

All-Time NSCF Record

WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record651581.25%
Non-Conference Record121250.00%
Playoff Record7653.85%
Overall Record843371.79%

Loyola University Blue Thunder
Two-Time Defending Celestia Conference Champions and defending NSCF Champion


School Info
Full Name: Loyola University @ Istria
Nickname: Blue Thunder
Location: Istria, Moravica
Type: Private, Mormon
Enrollment: 41,566
School President: Bishop Thomas Young(18th year on the job). 81 years old.
Athletic Director: Patrick Zervos(12th year on the job). 54 years old.
Style Modifier: +5

Alastair Jobs Field @ The Istria Lightning Yard
Maximum capacity of 98,000 expandable to 100,233 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF XXI

Amazu Chibuzo. #5, Redshirt Junior.
Amadi Ikenna. #4, Redshirt Junior.
Kassa Einku. #12, Redshirt Sophomore.
Ebou Hairte. Five star recruit out of Banija, currently redshirting.

Eric van Geel. #23, Freshman. Recruited from Ranoria.
Gotthard Koulibaly. #20. Freshman. Recruited from Siovanija, Played on Siovanija & Teusland Olympic team.
Hatabu Jobe. #21, Sophomore.

Tight End
Dustin Andreas Jerome IV. #87, Sophomore. 6'2. Recruited from Felswyr, Chromatika. A national champion(Chromatika) wrestler in high school, Dustin is a blocking first tight end who has nimble hands for someone of his bulk. Selfless and hard-working, he is driven and easy to coach.
Ikem Jelanea. #88, Senior.
Hasimou Kouyaté. #85, Freshman.

Wide Receiver.
*In this position group, Hauptmann is the only player with more than 15 receptions in NSCF XXI.
Khalil Hauptmann #3, Junior. 6'6, 219 pounds. Recruited out of Ranoria.
Lafi Senghore. #83, Freshman.
Okonkwo Besrat. #82, Redshirt Junior.
Boy Secka. #80, Sophomore.
Baboucar Camara. #89, Freshman.
Lama Jatta. #82, Freshman.

Left Tackle.
Guillaume Vadnais-Triquet. #70, Senior. Recruited from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.
Sama Biri. #76, Sophomore.

Left Guard.
Malick Ngum. #64, Freshman.
Boy Sowe. #65, Freshman.

Diji Obi. #50, Senior.
Bouba Danso. #61, Sophomore

Right Guard.
Bayou Awash. #60, Junior.
Demba Diouf. #63, Sophomore.

Right Tackle.
Amir Dessalegne. #77, Junior.
Idi Coulibaly. #68, Freshman.

Play a 3-4 defense

Left Defensive End
Yared Getachew. #91, Junior. Recruited from the Busoga Islands.
Faraba Ndiaye. #72, Freshman.

Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle..
Obie Akachi. #99, Senior.
Yisake Araya. #90, Junior.
Sajo Biri. #95, Freshman.

Right Defensive End.
Okorie Uzochi. #97, Senior.
Hassan Obi. #98, Junior. Recruited from the Busoga Islands.

Left Outside Linebacker.
Daron Dempsey. #59, Senior. Recruited from Ranoria. EDGE player- would play defensive end in a 4-3.
Yessuf Bona. #34, Junior.
Bsrat Belayneh. #45, Junior.

Middle Linebacker
Freiderick Hans. #35, Senior. Recruited from Ranoria. Captain.
Demba Diouf. #49, Sophomore.
Atatafi Atikem. #51, Sophomore.
Sheriff Gaye. #43, Freshman.

Right Outside Linebacker
Stephane Cournoyer-Deschner. #54, Senior. Recruited from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Can play middle linebacker if necessary.
Baturu Singhateh. #46, Sophomore

*Extremely inexperienced secondary, not one player in this position group team started for Loyola in NSCF XXI.
Martin de Lafayette. #31, Sophomore. 6'7. Recruited from Myana, Chromatika. A tall, lanky lad with long reach, Lafayette grew up playing fullback in soccer but got tired of being carded for fouls, always being driven toward the more violent brand of football. A sure tackler, he has a tendency to go for the big hit, making him susceptible to more nimble players who make it to the second level. Excellent in run support by the line of scrimmage.
Alexander Ackermann. #27, Freshman. Recruited from Ranoria.
Wilhelm Ouattara-Fischer. #24, Freshman. Recruited from Siovanija & Teusland, player on their Olympic gridiron team. Loyola's primary nickel back.
Madue Uzoma. #5, Junior.
Edrissa Jassey. #26, Sophomore.
Faraba Ndiaye. #19, Freshman.

Strong Safety
Markos Mesay. #22, Junior.
Adama Ceesay. #12, Sophomore.

Free Safety
Habib Jobateh. #14, Sophomore.
Lepolesa Ogaile. #16, Junior.

For clarity's sake- My backup center is the long snapper for both punts and field goals. My backup quarterback is the holder for field goals. My punter does kickoffs. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Sainey Kabbah #3, Freshman.

Teshale Roni. #19, JUnior.

Wilhelm Ouattara-Fischer. #24, Freshman. Recruited from Siovanija. Primary position is cornerback.
Edrissa Jassey. #26, Sophomore. Primary position is cornerback.
Habib Jobateh. #14, Sophomore. Primary position is free safety.

Head Coach: Alanso Isa is the 65 year old alumnus from this school, now in his fifth season at Loyola-Istria. He was tasked to fill the shoes of legend Alastair Jobs, who won the NSCF 14 and NSCF 17 championships, alongside a NSCF 14 Celestia Conference title, who had an 8-0 all-time postseason record in the NSCF. People cannot really complain about Isa's performance- he's won a playoff game each season, alongside a Celestia Conference championship and a #1 postseason ranking heading into the NSCF 20 Playoffs. He went to at least the semifinals in each of his first four years as coach- including back to back conference titles. However, this past season, he finally broke out of Jobs shadow by winning the NSCF title himself.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Dennis Zervos is beginning his sixth season as offensive coordinator. The OC led the school to a NSCF 14 Title when he was the NSCF's Most Outstanding Player, and led the team to national championship (coinciding with NSCF 15). When he went pro early, he suffered a pair of ACL injuries in his rookie year, and injured both ACLs against to start his second season, effectively ending his professional career. In his first season as the offensive coordinator, he led Loyola-Istria to having the #1 ranked offense in all of the NSCF last season, and is known as a rising star as an assistant coach. With his living legend status at the school, considering he has a ring, a MOP trophy, and his father is the AD, he has some particular job security. He is 34 years old.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Joseph Lukwago is in his 12th season as the defensive coordinator, running a 3-4 defense.

Special Teams Coordinator: Isaac Lutaboke is in his 10th season as the special teams coordinator.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. University of Agin Kaya(Inner AginanaUsordia)
Week 2: @ University of Saint Michael the Archangel(Lisander)
Week 3: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 4: @ Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 5: vs. Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria(Lisander)
Week 6: @ University of Agin Kaya(Inner AginanaUsordia)
Week 7: vs. University of Saint Michael the Archangel(Lisander)
Week 8: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 9: vs. Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 10: @ Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria(Lisander)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: v. Mar Sara Tech (Valanora) (senior day)
Week 12: @ Felswyr State University (Chromatika)
Week 13: v. Richardson University(Ranoria) in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl- played at Drai Stadion in St. Jakob, Teusland

Championships: The Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder have an incredible NSCF postseason record, being 17-3 all-time in the postseason in this competition. In NSCF 13, they won the Pioneer Bowl, and in NSCF 14 and NSCF 17, they won the NSCF championship, posting a 3-0 and 4-0 record in those two postseasons, respectively. In NSCF 18, they made a run to the NSCF title game, only to fall to Mar Sara Tech. In both NSCF 19 and NSCF 20, they lost semifinals on their home field, falling to Northern Moravica at home in NSCF 19 and falling to Cold Hill at home in NSCF 20. They redeemed themselves in NSCF 21, defeating Cold Hill in the championship game. They have three Celestia conference championships, winning in NSCF 14, NSCF 20, and NSCF 21.

Individual Accolades: They have racked up individual accolades during their time as a member of the NSCF. Dennis Zervos, their offensive coordinator, was the NSCF's most outstanding player in NSCF 14, and their current quarterback, Isaka Jawara, was the NSCF 17 Offensive Player of the Year en route to their championship run, and the NSCF 18 Most Outstanding Player, and he won the NSCF 19 Offensive Player of the Year award in his senior season. Corrin Fairless, a starting cornerback and their special teams star, won the NSCF 18 Special Teams Player of the Year Award.

Rivalries: North v. South Showdown against Northern Moravica. See Cougar HIstory and Traditions for more.

Their big foreign rival is Richardson University of Ranoria, whom they play annually in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl. The young rivalry has developed quickly, as the teams compete for recruits off the field and championships on it. In NSCF 17, Loyola-Istria travelled to Richardson University for the first game of this rivalry, and lost a very close battle. But in the return in NSCF 18, Richardson University came to Busukuma, and defeated the Blue Thunder at the Stadium of the Restoration. The return was another close battle between the two schools, losing an instant classic in overtime in Ranoria. This rivalry is called the Rebel's Cannon Bowl, and is traditionally contested on the final weekend of the regular season. This season will be the fifth edition of the game. All four of the games have been won by the home side, with Richardson winning in NSCF 17 and NSCF 19, while Loyola-Istria emerged victorious in NSCF 18 and NSCF 20 in what has quickly become one of the NSCF's must see international rivalries.

All-Time NSCF Record

WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record591184.29%
Non-Conference Record15671.43%
Bowl Game Record10100%
Playoff Record16380%
Overall Record912081.98%
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
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University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park

University of the Commonwealth Fact File

Location: College Hill--Belle Haven, State of Baker Park
Founded: 1899
2019 enrollment: 38,027 undergraduate/4,122 post graduate
Nickname: Warriors
School Colors: Black and Gold
Chancellor: Dr Robert L Delgado, PhD.
Athletic Director: Melissa Sweeney-Allen
Affiliation: Baker Park Universities Athletic Coalition
Metropolitan College Athletic Conference
Stadium: Jacob F Gleason Field
capacity/surface: 47,306/Fuzzy Field Turf
Head Coach: Ryan Benton (1st season at UC [6-6], career record [10 years] 76-45-2)
Assistant Coaches: Peter Syzmanski
Isaiah Townsend
Allan Oxley
Kyle Jordan
Lee Taylor
Cary Morris
Joe Drummond
Trainer: Hal Kinley

Domestic Results (6-6, 2-2 conference)
@ Coolville State University 17-31
Baker Park A&M 21-31
University of Oceana 21-17
@ University of Endover 6-27
@ Kellerville State University 28-12
Commonwealth Methodist University 26-17
University of Ezriquay 34-31
@ University of Baker Park 10-27
University of Belle Haven 30-21
@ Northern Baker Park State Univ. 27-42
@ Commonwealth Naval Academy 23-50
University of Endborough 24-14

The University of the Commonwealth (usually known as 'UC' or just 'Commonwealth') is the largest institution of higher education in the country by enrollment. Founded as the country's national university, it has been at the forefront of innovation, teaching and leadership since its inception. It is one of the 5 schools that are graded as Level 1A for academic standards and excellence in Baker Park.

The Warriors are the one the sport's most successful programs, second in history all time in wins, games played and National Championships won (11).
They hold the distinction of playing in the first game ever broadcast on nationwide radio, the first game ever televised nationally, and the first college game played at night in the Commonwealth.

Ryan Benton has taken over for long time coach Scott Newell, who leaves behind the legacy of 4 consecutive Mineral Conference crowns in NSCF; the changes in the overall culture and feel of the program have not been revolutionary, but there's still a definite shift in attitude after 28 years of what was seemingly glacial change in UC (and most of college football in Baker Park) philosophically from the 1970's & 80's.
The short to medium passing game in tandem with I formation rushing worked domestically and in NSCF because of the emphasis on precise execution and timing; the Warriors earned respect by their regular opponents across the multiverse for the simple efficiency of their system.

Benton brings an entirely different thinking to College Hill, which his Ezra State teams used in winning or sharing four Conference titles in nine seasons by spreading the defense and taking advantage of the gaps to rack up over 250 yards rushing per game eight straight years. The Warriors took their lumps as they adjusted to the new regime in the UAC season, but are optimistic heading into their fifth NSCF campaign with 39 lettermen having gained experience in the system.

Offense: Spread with emphasis on running (think Auburn, or Michigan under Rodriguez) but without the up-tempo style.
Defense: four man defensive line, situational LB/DB alignment.
Style: +2.99


2 Jacob Cornwell RB 6-1 175 SR  #
6 Clint Okoli RB 5-10 200 SR
7 Brandon Bullins QB 6-4 220 JR #
8 Donald Key QB 6-3 200 SO
9 Desmond McKenzie WR 6-1 170 SO
10 Aaron Hazel DB 6-1 180 SR
11 Lowell Handler RB 6-0 184 JR
12 Matt McDonald WR 6-4 187 JR #
15 Eddie Scroggins WR 5-11 190 JR
18 Dalton Dempsey DB 6-1 210 JR
22 Ray Darden RB 6-0 220 SR
25 Edward Lee DB 5-11 168 SR #
26 Carlos Wright DB 6-0 212 SR #
27 Jordan Bailey DB 6-0 170 SR #
34 Ryan Wilson DB 5-10 190 SR #
35 Seth Friel LB 5-10 200 SR #
38 Cristian Alvarez K 5-9 175 SR #
41 Anthony Frazier P 6-1 185 JR #
42 Tony Hollis LB 6-1 225 JR
44 Nick Giuliano LB 6-3 225 SR #
45 Keyshawn Hailey DB 6-2 200 SR
46 Troy Hollis LB 6-0 220 SR #
50 Noah Wetzel LB 6-1 215 SR #
51 Mark Woods, Jr DL 6-4 270 SR #
52 Justin Bond LB 6-0 228 JR
54 Derion Green OL 6-2 280 JR
61 Nicolson Francois OL 6-2 295 SR #
63 Austin Main DL 6-2 288 SR #
68 James Allison OL 6-1 295 SR #
71 Antoine Walker OL 6-2 285 JR #
74 Carlos Jackson OL 6-3 285 JR #
75 Alistair Whittington DL 6-4 325 SO #
78 Noah Buttiglieri OL 6-2 305 SR #
81 Tristan Davis WR 5-10 162 SR #
83 Jerry McBride TE 6-3 225 SR #
85 Cameron Corbett WR 5-10 190 SO
88 Deyron Turner WR 5-11 180 SO
89 Grant Engle TE 6-1 238 SO
90 Saquan Gaylord DL 6-5 263 SR #
95 Randy Robinson DL 6-2 280 JR

# starters/primary subs



The Warriors host opponents at Jacob F Gleason Field, located on the western edge of campus; a short walking distance from the College Hill station on the CARTA Yellow Line, and the student residential & commercial area of Asbury Park, Gleason has been touted as one of the 5 best away day experiences in NSCF. Opposing fans are treated as welcome guests, invited to participate in pre-game parties held on the front lawns and porches of student houses, protected by the student community and the Metro PD during the course of the pre and post game activities, and often provided with complimentary drinks at the many bars, pubs and taverns in the area of University Avenue.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG
Godmod other events: Y

TG me for anything you have questions/ideas about
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World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Ravencroft Academy Wraiths

The Ravencroft Academy is one of the top three universities in Tikariot together with the University of Viljamark Fort Viljan and the University of Viljamark Skarraborg, located in Ravencroft, Viljamark. The Wraiths have been one of the dominating teams in the collegiate sports scene in Tikariot and now have registered for the NSCF to measure themselves against other top level universities from around the multiverse. One of the biggest challenges for visiting team will be the weather as Ravencroft is known for early outbreaks of winter, often making the playing surface treacherous with snow and ice.

Mascot: The Grim Reaper
Colors: Black, purple and silver
Fight Song: "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

4 Iiro Penttilä
10 Adrian Borgström

49 Viljami Hemilä
33 Johan Östlund
23 Mikael Torvalds

42 Alfred Drakenberg
45 Víkingur Sævarsson

89 Sondre Paulsrud
16 Stefan Heidenstam
11 Sebastian Degermark
84 Elias Asikainen
85 Joar Widforss

87 Rasmus Fredman
88 Ensio Tuomalaa
81 Hjalmar Hagerström

72 Ingmar Fredholm
70 Börje Forslund

69 Eric Friberg
65 Roar Jakhelln

55 Fannberg Sigurnýasarson
50 Kjell Mostad

64 Ralf Kivelä
66 Jokke Kangaskorpi

75 Tuukka Hannula
74 Frímann Aðalborgarsson

71 Olli Laaksonen
51 Ilkka Alatalo

90 Patrik Hagström
92 Friðrik Dagmannsson
99 Petter Frisk

77 Zacarias Sundberg
79 Veijo Laitinen

54 Harald Mellem
52 Idar Thorkildsen

95 Rauno Jaksala
40 Thor Bjerregard
97 Oliver Lerkendal

44 Øyvind Fosse
48 Snorre Ludvigsen

25 Styrkár Kristvinsson
30 Simeoni Moilanen
36 Kaarlo Venäläinen
31 Håkon Olvestad

22 Mathias Hedlund
35 Torsti Rautio

20 Leif Cederblom
24 Carl Olofsson

7 Trym Engebretsen
1 Orvar Sköld

8 Farman Tegnér
2 Veikko Kauppinen

50 Guðveigur Magnþórsson

10 Endre Greseth

49 Joel Norddahl
89 Kjell Bordinggaard

The Stadium:
Ragnar Trygvisson Stadium, nicknamed The Graveyard (35,000)

Style mod: +4

Week 1: vs N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University
Week 2: vs Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish
Week 3: @ Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc
Week 4: vs Provolone University Griffins
Week 5: @ Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue
Week 6: @ N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University
Week 7: @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish
Week 8: vs Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc
Week 9: @ Provolone University Griffins
Week 10: vs Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue

Non-conference games:

Week 11: vs Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Week 12: TBC
Week 13: TBC

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep
Godmod scoring events: Sure
RP injuries to my players: Within reason
Godmod Injuries to my players: No, thank you
Suspend my players: I guess
Godmod suspension events: Not really
Godmod other events: Depends
Tikariot - Rushmore - Trigramme: TKT
Sporting achievements:
Football (85th): Winner - IFC 1 | Quarter final - Baptism of Fire 73 | 3rd in group WCQ86 | Bronze medal winner WCQ86 Fantasy
Baseball (30th): Winner - International Baseball Slam XI | Round of 16 - World Baseball Classic 49/50
Lacrosse (25th): Round of 16 - World Lacrosse Championships 34
Hosting: IBS XII, Copa Rushmori 36

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Postby Chromatika » Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:39 pm

Felswyr State University Firehawks
Stadium: Reborn from Ashes (Cap. 14,000), Felswyr, Mountain District, Chromatika
Offensive Base Formation: 5 OL, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 QB
Defensive Base Formation: 3 DL, 3 LB, 1 SS, 1 FS, 3 CB

Head Coach: Misha Florentine, 41
Born and raised in Felswyr, Forentine has been one of the biggest proponents of Gridiron Football in Chromatika for years. He was a successful businessperson under the Chromatik Party, but dissolved his state-run factory during the Rainbow Revolution, using the funds to create Chromatika's first Gridiron Football academy. A charismatic visionary, Florentine is someone who likes to delegate the actual football duties (he was never a player but loves the game) while being the front office manager. The fact that he has landed Felswyr State University a spot in the NSCF is a huge victory to both him and to Chromatik Gridiron Football as a whole.

Offensive Coordinator: Naia Curentino, 34
Who is Naia Curentino? She played football semiprofessionally in the Regional Leagues for a few years before calling her career quits and going all in on Florentine's plan. An avid fan of the NSCF (her favorite team until Felswyr State entered the competition was University of Loyola-Istria, she's revealed in a few interviews), she's the mad scientist of the Coaching Staff. Why use a 3-3-5? Her answer is that the personnel that the team has isn't suited to have any backs at all, and that speed and possessing the ball will do the job. She's very animated, very forward, and very driven. Someone that the team needs if they're going to make a name for themselves.

Defensive Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, 38
A fullback for a number of seasons for the Deprí Sanar Vipers, Harrowitz is a recent convert to Gridiron football, but carries some of the regular football tendencies to his game. He stresses strong fundamentals in tackling and discipline, with an additional emphasis on tipping the ball at the line of scrimmage. Towering over many people at 6 ft 10 inches, he is imposing yet gentle, stern yet kind.

Special Teams Coordinator: Vera James, 29
A savant of trick plays and taking risks, James is the youngest member of the staff by far. She views every instance of special teams impacting the match as an opportunity to hit it big, and will always look for players who can do more than they are supposed to. A tricky, catty individual, she's willing to do almost anything to win.

Head Physio: Marius Benne, 35
The younger brother of Zoe "Z" Benne, the Chromatik National Football Team's physio, Marius is the more serious of the two, all business all the time. He's pretty good at his job.

Usual Starters in Italics
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#03 Sarai Gwenderyn 19 L 6 ft 1 in Z'ai'ai Composed, Consistent, Quick
#08 Isaac Kasterman 19 R 5 ft 10 in Myana Speedy, Streaky, Nimble
#15 Juliana Mox 20 R 5 ft 9 in Chromia Bulky, Tough, Quiet

Wide Receivers
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#11 Alessandra Mio 21 R 6 ft 5 in Omnio High Reach, Tough, Even-Keeled
#15 Micky Jottle 20 L 6 ft 3 in Deprí Lanar Quick, Flashy, Kick Returner
#81 Carson Mettre 19 L 6 ft 2 in Felswyr Sure-Handed, Soft-Spoken, Punt Returner

#80 Anne Clementine 20 R 6 ft 7 in Hanai Route Runner, Decent Speed, Consistent
#13 Marrick Kaio 22 L 6 ft 9 in Jatho Beanstalk, High Reach, Prone to Drops
#84 Mi-Yeon Kim 21 R 6 ft 4 in Alnio Natural, Leader, Nimble

Tight Ends
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#88 Niles Gwivern 20 L 6 ft 5 in Chromia Blocker, Receiver, Team Leader
#87 Isabella Pont 19 R 6 ft 2 in Rhoni Blocker, Sturdy, Initiates Contact

#49 Amos Pine 20 L 6 ft 7 in Urrheddiao Route Runner, Receiver, Crafty
#41 Mina Lott 21 R 6 ft 8 in Eyrods Blocker, Large, Mean

Offensive Tackles
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#74 Bernard Perry 22 R 6 ft 8 in Deprí Sanar Agile, Mobile, Quick
#66 Ezekiel Lamia 20 L 6 ft 2 in Egren Tough, Mower, Run Blocker

#77 Jericho Kitt 19 R 6 ft 3 in Z'ai'ai Pass Blocker, Smart, Reserved
#68 Mario Li 21 L 6 ft 9 in Anfanhar Run Blocker, Sturdy, Fiery
#78 Min-Gu Kim 19 R 6 ft 4 in Wirr Tsi Well-Rounded, Smart, Quick

Offensive Guards
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#69 Pomeroy Lockhart 21 R 6 ft 11 in Vitoron Leader, Strong, Visionary
#72 James Perry 20 L 6 ft 3 in Deprí Pelar Pass Blocker, Frisky, Fiery

#73 Cade Gott 19 R 5 ft 9 in Pria Pass Blocker, Strong, Driven
#61 Dwight King 20 L 6 ft 8 in Pùr Run Blocker, Nimble, Quiet
#63 William Megalon 19 R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Well-Rounded, Smart, Quick

Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#71 Mikel Kingston 19 L 6 ft 3 in Inon Solid, Leader, Mighty
#52 Kaia James 20 L 6 ft 7 in Lhor Long Snapper, Versatile, Strong
#62 Anniva Ria 19 R 6 ft 6 in Shantarr Run Blocker, Nimble, Careful
Offensive Philosophy

How does this team play with no backs? There is always a medium route runner, a short route runner, and a deep route runner, with one tight end blocking and another running an intermediate route. At times, Mio and Jottle come around on end-arounds, while Gwenderyn does pretty well on quarterback draws and designed keepers. It is customary for total rushing yards to be around fifty, while the quarterback will attempt around forty pass attempts. Though they do throw the ball all the time, they still huddle up most of the time and run the clock down to around 20 seconds or so. It is a tempo-based throwing scheme with most plays designed to have no more then five-second-dropbacks. Mio is the best deep threat, Jottle the speedster, while Mettre the possession receiver. Niles Gwivern is the wild card - lining up almost anywhere around and capable of running any route or blocking, while Pont is the primary blocking tight end on most plays. Pont does leak out if nobody comes on blitzes.
Usual Starters in Italics
Defensive Ends
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#60 Jill Lia 20 L 6 ft 5 in Kynxe Endless Motor, Speedy, Shines Under the Spotlight
#65 Lara Jun 19 R 6 ft 4 in Knetyohai Deflects Passes, Sizeable, Cheerful

#61 Raia Urstein 19 B 5 ft 11 in D'rea Run Stopper, Ambidextrous, Powerful
#51 Amie Rix 20 R 5 ft 8 in Crix Cutthroat, Enforcer, Serious

Defensive Tackles
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#79 Parry Mioto 23 R 5 ft 10 in Brisara Motored, Clumsy, Passionate
#62 Im-Gyung Park 22 L 6 ft 1 in Tor Physical, Likeable, Studious
#75 Victoria Mai 19 R 6 ft 2 in Cheonju Swift, Free-Spirited, Stoic
#58 Cane Millon 21 L 6 ft 1 in Ming Tough, Even-Footed, Intelligent

Outside Linebackers
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#44 Cara Setri 22 L 6 ft 2 in Wix Edge Rusher, Decent Coverage, Leader
#41 Amber Li 20 R 5 ft 11 in Qet Coverage Linebacker, Instinctive, Edgy

#40 Matthew Segwick 21 L 6 ft 3 in Limonte Run Stopper, Tackler, Special Team Specialist
#53 Bo-Geum Park 19 R 5 ft 10 in Larhai Coverage Linebacker, Sure-Handed, Deflector

Middle Linebackers
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#59 Mi-Hyeon Park 19 R 6 ft 6 in Chromia Tackling Machine, Leader, Driven
#42 Carrie Hye 20 L 5 ft 7 in Myana Special Team Specialist, Coverage Linebacker, Nimble
#55 Andrei Morales 20 B 6 ft 5 in Lorentine Understudy, Great Basics, Strong

Strong Safeties
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#37 Candice Jones 22 L 6 ft 9 in Omnio Run Stopper, Enforcer, Mild-Mannered
#22 Aria Konen 21 R 6 ft 2 in Deprí Sanar Coverage Specialist, Quick, Even-Footed

Free Safeties
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#24 Vi Nia-Kaid 21 R 6 ft 4 in Penat Long Reach, Coverage Specialist, Can Miss Tackles
#38 Marrione Otis 20 L 6 ft 2 in Eyrods Run Stopper, Tackler, Aggressive

Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#21 Nikolai Dimitrov 22 L 6 ft 5 in Umbar Deflector, Long-Armed, Man-to-Man Specialist
#29 Paul Mattieu 19 R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Sure Tackler, Agile, Sideline Hugger
#33 Usmer Gialla 20 R 6 ft 9 in Pria Nickel Back, Coverage Specialist, Tackler

#38 Benjamin Gerard 21 L 6 ft 8 in Rhoni Special Team Specialist, Quick, Long-Armed
#23 Gavin Merth 19 L 6 ft 7 in Myana Coverage Specialist, Nimble, Energetic
#45 Alia Havenant 19 R 6 ft 5 in Alnio Young, Tackler, Strong
Defensive Philosophy

A 3-3-5 means that the Nickel Back is on the field for 100% of the time, and plays the effect of a third safety or a fourth linebacker. Dimitrov and Mattieu are asked to be on islands a lot of the time, and Nia-Kald often helps, with Gialla helping out, too. This allows Setri and Park to play more aggressively.
Usual Starters in Italics
Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#06 Sara McAllister 18 R 6 ft 2 in Felswyr Clutch, Composed, Intelligent

Num Name Age R/L Height Hometown Description
#12 Nellie Katt 19 L 6 ft 7 in Randan Directional Punter, Easy-Going, Strategic
Special Teams Philosophy

A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. Nellie Katt is a surprisingly good thrower.
Season Schedule
Week 1: vs. Aubergine-Bark Sports School (KGS)
Week 2: @ New Paradise University (IEM)
Week 3: vs. Sadeg State University (DRK)
Week 4: @ Cavsar University (DRK)
Week 5: vs. Surrey Perimeter College (HAP)
Week 6: @ Aubergine-Bark Sports School (KGS)
Week 7: vs. New Paradise University (IEM)
Week 8: @ Sadeg State University (DRK)
Week 9: vs. Cavsar University (DRK)
Week 10: @ Surrey Perimeter College (HAP)
Week 11: vs. Salmantic University (KOR)
Week 12: vs. University of Loyola-Istria (BNJ)
Week 13: @ Kohnhead City University (KND)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: No.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: No.
Style Modifier: -4
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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Big Eight, Woodlands, Mineral: MD1

Postby Drawkland » Sun Oct 18, 2020 8:19 pm


Big Eight, Woodlands, Mineral

The first NSCF 22 cutoff is inbound! Since Northwest Kalactin is away, I'll be scorinating the Mineral Conference this week. Don't worry, we'll Handle With Care every matchday!

Eirīkssonia University 36–37 The Northwest Ballina College
Richardson University 32–23 Akers University
Cold Hill University 54–17 Kohnhead City University
  BIG EIGHT CONFERENCE                             Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Cold Hill University 1 1 0 54 17 +37
2 Richardson University 1 1 0 32 23 +9
3 The Northwest Ballina College 1 1 0 37 36 +1
4 Eirīkssonia University 1 0 1 36 37 −1
5 Akers University 1 0 1 23 32 −9
6 Kohnhead City University 1 0 1 17 54 −37

Ravencroft Academy 16–24 N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University
Université du Saguenay 25–34 Xannerian Polytechnical Institute
Université St. Croix 37–9 Provolone University
  WOODLANDS CONFERENCE                             Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Université St. Croix 1 1 0 37 9 +28
2 Xannerian Polytechnical Institute 1 1 0 34 25 +9
3 N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University 1 1 0 24 16 +8
4 Ravencroft Academy 1 0 1 16 24 −8
5 Université du Saguenay 1 0 1 25 34 −9
6 Provolone University 1 0 1 9 37 −28

The Academy of Space (SPA) 33–9 Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy (SQR)
The Terrestrial Acclimation Academy (SPA) 29–16 Université de la Catherine du Nord (RTS)
University of the Commonwealth (CBP) 41–16 Castle Hall University (NAG)
  MINERAL CONFERENCE                         Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 University of the Commonwealth 1 1 0 41 16 +25
2 The Academy of Space 1 1 0 33 9 +24
3 The Terrestrial Acclimation Academy 1 1 0 29 16 +13
4 Université de la Catherine du Nord 1 0 1 16 29 −13
5 Squidroidia Armed Forces Academy 1 0 1 9 33 −24
6 Castle Hall University 1 0 1 16 41 −25
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Postby Ranoria » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:56 pm

Governors Win Tight Contest Over Akers State,
Diamond Rhine Lights Up Kohnhead


Not that it's any surprise, but this offense runs through #22

Who would have thought the Governors would open the season with a thirty point outburst? Better yet, the fact that they'd have to in order to hang on in this one. Akers State, an NSCF stalwart who recently moved to the Big 8, gave the reigning Big 8 champs all they could handle and more with an explosive passing attack. It was the first time we've seen Splinter Woodson since he left to play for the Capitals, which appears to have been a solid career move. Woodson totaled 4,168 yards and 28 touchdowns in domestic play. He did more than his fair share in this one, avoiding Richardson's burly, disruptive front four for most of the game, only taking two sacks.

Makang Secka and Jabyess Hawkins, meanwhile, were the best players on the defensive side. They were able to prevent any big plays outside the numbers despite allowing a few receptions, condensing the playing field and at least stopping the bleeding early on.

And Beacon Murray, at quarterback, actually played a decent game! The junior passer made a good few impressive throws and avoided turning the football over. Baraka Hali was his favorite target, the sophomore reeling in eight catches and a touchdown. He only totaled seventy yards, but it was a bright spot after the Banijan wideout was inconsistent a year ago.

The offensive line dominated throughout, keeping Beacon Murray's jersey clean all game and paving open holes for the star of the show, Kuenda Sello. The runner-up for Ranoria's McNair-Torrent MVP award showed us why in this one. He handled 28 carries and racked up 170 yards, hammering in three touchdowns on the way to a dominant opener for his statline.

He was particularly dominant late in the fourth quarter, when Richardson had finally taken a 25-23 lead, taking over with seven carries on a clock-killing six minute drive that would end in his final touchdown of the day. After that, Akers State just didn't have enough time to drive down and keep the shootout going. Had they managed to stop that drive, this game could have gone either way, as the Capitals offense proved itself more than capable of scoring on this vaunted defense.

Next week, we'll be facing the Eirīkssonia University Tomcats, who lost a 36-37 shootout against Northwest Ballina College. Our defense showed it can hold a strong offense to a reasonable number of points, here's to hoping our offense, and Beacon Murray, can do just enough for us to win.

A totally bare receiving room didn't appear to slow down the best quarterback in college football. Deondre Rhine was unstoppable in the opener

This was a matchup of teams with two totally different philosophies. Where Kohnhead's squad relies on agile, athletic quarterbacks whom are able to run option plays, and does not place much value on a strong arm, the Buffalo pride themselves on that arm. The Mighty Eagles bring a lot of speed to the table, and have the potential to burn anyone they play with that factor, but Cold Hill has some of the best athletes in Ranoria, and they were able to keep up, at least for today.

The defense's aggression and constant blitzing kept the Mighty Eagles on their toes, with Brock Golden and and Travis Jenner at edge each providing multiple tackles for a loss. Emil Johnson and Katil Jackman, at corner, both came in on delayed blitzes sporadically throughout the game, but generally the team's heavy emphasis on loading up the line of scrimmage came in handy. Agnor Viridian made a few pass break ups in the middle of the field that would end otherwise productive drives, as well.

Cold Hill was also continually frustrated by their quick, rythmic passing game that led to a sack shutout of the Buffalo, which might be something to build on come their next matchup in week 6.

Really, the Mighty Eagles offense didn't perform badly. They actually managed to dominate time of possession, 39:47 to 20:13.

The defense, however, was a different story. Deondre Rhine picked them apart seemingly at will. The quarterback would end the game with a statline becoming all too common for him: 6 passing touchdowns to go along with 407 yards. The yardage totals were spread thin among a group of pass catchers who just don't quite stack up to most, but Dorian Browne-Clarke, at least, was solid from the tight end position. Rhine would end up going to 9 different receivers, on a day when he officially passed Thorn Davis for the most touchdowns thrown by a Buffalo quarterback in the NSCF. Davis tossed 67 touchdowns, and Rhine now has 73, as the two were tied at 67 coming into the year. It should also be noted, Richardson quarterbacks John Garrett and Ifeatu Chinese finished their NSCF careers with 88 and 63 career passing touchdowns in the NSCF. Rhine has already blown away the latter, and should catch up with Farmboy, easily, by the endof this season.

Now, Cold Hill never hands the ball off a lot, but this game was odd even for them. John Judge, the starting running back, handled the ball just nine times, while backup Deon James chipped in for a another three and Rhine took it five times himself.

When questioned after the game, head coach Chris Dale waved off reporters. "No, we have no problem burying opponents. If it's working, why slow down? Besides, our running back isn't consistently breaking tackles, and is completely relying on the line to do his job. So I'm not putting the game in his hands, no."

That's certainly a storyline to watch, but for now, the Buffalo are riding high and far from worry, as they are the class of the Big 8, if only by technicality this early in the season.

* * * * *

"Rhine!" Head coach Chris Dale shouted as the young man exited the locker room, pulling a shirt on as he did so, "We've got someone who wants to see you!" Rhine, tired, looked over to see a kid, just a bit shorter than himself, with a classic recruit's name tag emblazoned on his chest.

"Aurel Strathos," he muttered. The name was lost for a moment, but clicked rather suddenly, "Jesus kid, aren't you like, the number two recruit in the country?"

"Yeah," Aurel replied, exuding every bit of the confidence that someone at his level should, but often didn't.

Rhine chuckled, looking to Chris Dale, "Here I thought we didn't let recruits talk to the players after games. C'mon, coach."

Dale shrugged, "You know as well as I do that the stars get special treatment. Give me a break, will ya?"

"Once they update the rankings, hopefully I'll be number one," Aurel continued, "Had one hell of a game out there. Might have trouble taking your spot." Rhine shot him a speculative look, but Aurel laughed, extending a fist, "Just kidding boss. I'm a huge fan, you've done a lot to put Ranoria on the map with international sports. Our World Bowl squad embarrassed themselves in the post season last year, Richardson isn't much better, and our hockey and baseball are a disgrace." Deondre Rhine smirked, accepting the fist bump, "So I'm just hoping to continue your legacy on that front."

Rhine nodded, "Seems like you've got this all figured out, you cocky little sprout," he smiled as he said it, making sure the kid knew he was joking, "What makes you so sure you won't choose Ranoria State? Or Richardson?"

"Aurel!" A woman called from down the hall, "We really need to be going, church in the morning, remember?" Aurel nodded to the woman.

"One second, mom!" He removed his left hand from his coat pocket, flashing a high school championship ring, "Honestly? I like jewelry. I'll be in touch boss." The kid's mother yelled an apology before she led him away, and 'Diamond' Rhine shot his coach a sideways look.

"You're gonna have your hands full with that one, coach." Rhine rubbed his eyes, exhausted, as Chris Dale raised a finger.

"Maybe. But so will the entire multiverse, by the time he's in the lineup."
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:39 pm


Celestia, Horizon, Zephyr
MD1 Cutoff!

The God's Favourite Sporting Menu is back!

Celestia Conference
Salamantic Universities Professors (KOR) 33–10 Academia Politechnica Civitas Soria (LIS)
Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ) 30–3 University of Saint Michael the Archangel Crusaders (LIS)
Loyola University Blue Thunder (BNJ) 58–17 University of Agin Kaya Commanders (IAU)

Horizon Conference
Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK) 45–23 Surrey Perimeter College Redhawks (HAP)
Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK) 24–10 New Paradise University Snakes (IEM)
Felswyr State University Firehawks (CMT) 39–7 Aubergine-Bark Sports School Toughies (KGS)

Zephyr Conference
Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns (AFT) 10–10 Raynor University Rockets (VAL) (16–13 OT)
Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists (NGD) 24–30 Mar Sara Tech Raiders (VAL)
Bowerstone University Bolts (ATH)
54–13 Chan University of Sport and Technology (JOV)

Tables to be up in MD2.
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