What kind of music is YN known for?

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What kind of music is YN known for?

Postby Nacrad » Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:18 am

For Nacrad, we are known for Cantorock music.

Cantorock is a contraction of "Cantonese rock music". This genre of music is written in both Cantonese and English, though recent songs feature English more prominently, in order to cater for the growing international audience. This genre of music is widely believed to have originated in the early 2010s from the much older Cantopop music, which had been associated with Nacrad. While Cantopop only enjoyed popularity within East Asia, Cantorock was able to achieve global success due to its more prominent presence of English.

Besides influence from Cantopop music, it is also believed to have derived from post-hardcore, emo, pop punk and rock music genres, perhaps most prominently from bands originating from the US East Coast and Midwest. During the separation of Cantorock as a distinct genre, the stylistic origin, namely emo, had experienced a major decline. According to various reports, many fans of emo thus moved to Cantorock, bringing this genre into the mainstream. Cantorock first entered the mainstream in the summer of 2013, following the release and success of the album Stonecutters' Romance, written by the band "The Ramblers". Following the success, many Cantorock bands emerged, such as Friday Freedom, We The People, The Draft-Dodgers, Revolution Radio, and many others.

Cantorock is, as discussed before, derived from emo music. It thus often has high-pitched confessional lyrics, often singing about relationships, heartache, parental problems and societal pressure, though often avoids topics like suicide due to societal taboos. Most Cantorock songs also contain the same instruments as the stylistic origins, namely electric guitars, drums and basses.

Cantonese is a tone-sensitive language, though. With a total of 9 tones, it is difficult to compose lyrics over a melody. As a result, some songs have the Cantonese lines as a rap section, while others resort to stock phrases by earlier works. However, a common feature for both options is that Cantonese lyrics and English lyrics often interweave with each other, and code-switching is very common. Unlike its older brother, it is quite uncommon for strict rhyme schemes to appear in Cantorock songs.

Despite the global appeal, due to the difficulty of both speaking and writing in Cantonese, most Cantorock bands are limited to Nacrad, and regions with significant Cantonese-speaking population. The most successful Cantorock record label is Motorway 17,

Furthermore, due to its global appeal, it is thought to have increased popularity of the Cantonese language across most nations, most prominently in the U.S. East Coast, where learners of Cantonese had increased nearly three-fold from 2010 to 2015. It is also thought to have influenced regional music, like K-pop, J-pop, etc.
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Postby Destyntine » Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:19 am

Destyntine is known for AI Generated Synthetic music. DJs sort through the generated tracks and pick the best ones to release on the radio. Most tunes here are never heard twice unless they are recorded. There are always sorters working to find the best choices and adding them to the playlist for those needing something fresh on a flying taxi ride or even a long inter-planetary trip. Many will consider this music to sound even better after consuming cannabis.

Most generated songs do not have vocals, though recorded tracks will sometimes be modified to add in Swedish or Norwegian vocals to spice up the songs. This inspires many young singers to cover these generated tracks with their own vocals to compete for fame. Around 80% of singers in Destyntine become famous by covering AI Synth music and going viral online.

Other countries are permitted to listen in as well, allowing the government to generate foreign revenue for allowing foreign nations to connect to these stations. AI Synth is a huge fad in the Democratic Dominion of India as well as the United Districts of Eastern America.
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Postby Toin » Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:22 pm

A lot of our music that we're "known for" can be found in most of the Anglosphere. A little of everything can be found in the streets, in other words. But as for a unique genre, some of our indigenous tribes publish their traditional songs online.
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Postby Wochaystein » Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:21 pm

Wochaystein is known for music like this.
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Postby The Huterric Union » Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:42 am

The Huterric Union is best known for its huge rock scene, debated by some fans to be the world's largest modern rock scene.

Rock music performed entirely or partially in Huterric is referred to as H-Rock, but the most common form of H-Rock takes form as pop rock or alt-rock. Famous H-Rock bands include fully Huterric bands Rach a dea Lankoer (Smoke on the Lancur), Hemmefleg (Skyflight), and Naadoe an Mundeg (Mercy on Monday), Anglo-Huterric bands 1!2!3!VILLINDICA!, LIBERΛTIΩN (pronounced "Liberation"), and Leay in Ruins. Of these, the Anglo-Huterric bands see the most worldwide success. Most bands are based in the True North region of the Huterric Union (encompassing the northwest quadrant of continental Huterrica).
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Postby The Union of British North America » Mon Sep 28, 2020 3:53 pm

The North American Union is known for such genres such as beat music (alternate term for rock and roll), countryside (a more folksy version of country music), and Nawlins (alternate term for jazz).
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Postby Bathamen » Wed Sep 30, 2020 4:10 am

We are known for our music which uses the sacred harmonies taught to us by the Aralendorians ("Tall Whites", as we call them), which when used correctly can harness natural vibrational frequencies to perform immensely powerful feats of magic, such as levitation. This is why many of our great works, such as the megaliths, pyramids and great stone statues for which we are well known, are built with the help of an orchestra

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Postby Baltan- » Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:50 am

Baltan has a very large punk community, stemming from the late 80s in reaction to Llæd Junta's dictatorship. The genre has become known as B-Punk, which drew from genres such as noise rock, ska and hardcore punk.
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Postby Radiatia » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:28 am

Rather than a single type of music being considered "Radiatian music", genres tend to cluster around regions of the country including the aforementioned.

Radiatia is most strongly associated with country bluegrass music, thanks to artists like Old Dirt McGee and the genre's prominence in films and TV shows about Radiatia - although in actuality this genre is generally confined to the central prairie regions of Radiatia. The genre, sometimes known as "Radiatiana" or "Radiatian Country" tends to feature banjos, violins and guitar but differs slightly from regular country music with the addition of instruments such as the saxophone, clarinet or even the kazoo.

An example of stereotypical Radiatian music would be this.

While the above tends to be associated with the nation as a whole, certain regions and cities of Radiatia are also known to have their own 'sound'. Notable examples include:

Exegrad Electric: A synth-heavy genre that grew out of Radiatia's largest city and draws influence from New Wave, Electronic Dance Music and Industrial Music and is closely associated with nightclubs (especially the very famous Club Exegrad, a 50 storey nightclub in downtown.)

Midgard Rap: Also known as "The Midgard Sound", Midgard rap is a genre of rap/hip-hop which draws a lot of inspiration from industrial music and tends to be of a slightly higher tempo than regular rap music. Lyrical themes usually include those of alienation, poverty and hopelessness, being born of an industrial city notorious for poverty, violence and crime.

Drachensgard Death Metal: A genre of death metal, but tends to be slightly more melodic and even played in a major key/featuring more uplifting lyrics about glory, battle and drinking.

Das Engel: The city of Das Engel, Amentra is the centre of the Radiatian recording industry and is responsible for producing a lot of very bland, soulless but catchy pop songs by the favour of the month. It's also where a lot of international artists end up when they decide to abandon artistic merit for money - sounding like a Das Engel band basically means you've sold out.

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Postby Estados Vaticanos » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:43 pm

Our nation is recognized for Classical Music and Waltz and there are many genres forbidden for fear of damaging our culture or damaging the sensitive Vatican ears.


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