Madinat Al-Islam University(OOC/Sign-ups)

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Madinat Al-Islam University(OOC/Sign-ups)

Postby Champagne Socialist Sharifistan » Fri Sep 25, 2020 6:34 am

Madinat Al-Islam University is a University in Madinat Al-Islam Sharifistan, equivalent to some elite Russel Group University in the United Kingdom and some Ivy League Universities in the United States in terms of excellence.
Student name:
Qualifications and grades:
Subject applied for:
Level of Degree applied for:
[] Masters
[] Bachelors
[] Doctorate
Stated reason for attending:
Character's reason for attending:
Other info:
Character's personality (OOC, describe):
Character's political ideology (OOC, describe)
Characteer's gender:
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