A world in flames.....(simple scenario No.1!)

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A world in flames.....(simple scenario No.1!)

Postby Imperial Logistics » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:02 pm

Nothing lives in peace...


Hey there! My name is (Insert useless name) and I am here to set you scenarios! I will be uploading each one now and again! This is my first scenario so do send me a telegram to tell me what could make thinks better!

Here is the scenario:
The year is 2027. The Earth is a barren muddy landscape inhabiting no natural life. Barbed wire and trenches cover the entire planet as a war rages on. Every nation within NationStates is intertwined in a free-for-all for global dominance. The biggest of the superpowers are soon to collapse. You are one of the many neutral countries, closing in on an all-out conflict too as Russian guardsmen begin to enclose you. What do you do to rule the world?

I hope you can figure out an answer! Any suggestions are to be telegrammed to me. If you are unable to telegram you can write an email to -redacted- Thank you!
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