Cup of Harmony Seventy-Eight: Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Cup of Harmony Seventy-Eight: Everything Thread

Postby Ethane » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:43 pm

Cup of Harmony Seventy-Eight

Sylestone and Ethane.
Two small nations. One large dream.

Didn't make it into the World Cup? Neither did we. But guess what? This is where the real party is at. As fellow non-qualifiers, we're delighted to be welcoming you into our homes for the prestigious Cup of Harmony.

To those of you new to NS Sports, welcome to our community. Please check out The Guide to Sports Roleplaying for more info on NS Sports, and how to approach these tournaments.

Received an Invite?
To participate in this tournament, you must have responded to either Sylestone's or my invitations. We'll be sending them out by TG or Discord PM over the next couple of hours, so please keep an eye out. To accept your invitation, you'll need to reply to the telegram or discord PM. If you don't accept within the time period, we have the right to give your place to someone else or remove your place, due to the high number of nations that meet the minimum requirements. You do not need to post a roster to be accepted, but there is a harsh KPB penalty that builds up if you do not post a roster - more information will be provided on that later.

We've got 56 teams in 8 groups of 7. You'll play each team in your group once. This will then progress on to a seeded round of 32, based on your performance in the group stages, until we whittle it down to the last two nations to battle for the Cup of Harmony. Groups A-D are in Sylestone, Groups E-H are in Ethane (hosts are same as nation).

Pot One
Taeshan (23)
HUElavia (25)
Sarzonia (28)
Mercedini (31)
Sargossa (38)
Geektopia (41)
Poafmersia (46)
Krytenia (47)
Pot Two
Flavovespia (48)
Tequilo (49)
Vdara (50)
Jeruselem (51)
Astograth (52)
TJUN-ia (55)
Xanneria (56)
New Lusitania (57)
Pot Three
Ethane (59)
Riena (60)
Omerica (61)
Abanhfleft (63)
South Newlandia (65)
Kohnhead (71)
Twicetagria (72)
Mavinet (73)
Pot Four
Blouman Empire (75)
Ziwana (76)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom (77)
Mattijana (79)
Maccian (80)
The Jovannic (81)
Valladares (82)
Northwest Kalactin (87)
Pot Five
Graintfjall (89)
Huayramarca (91)
Cheergirls (92)
Oberour Ar Moro (93)
Barunia (96)
Tioguldos (97)
Tikariot (99)
Electrum (101)
Pot SixDelaclava (103)
Squidroidia (104)
Indusse (108)
Yuezhou (118)
Saltstead (120)
Megistos (129)
Savigliane (134)
Sylestone (135)
Pot Seven
The Gothanita Isles (136)
Rangers FC (141)
Springmont (151)
Murphtannia (151)
Orion Islands (163)
Southwest Eastnorth (163)
Sulsuland (163)
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles (207)

Group B
Orion Islands
New Lusitania
Group C
The Gothanita Isles


Draw: 26th September; 2130 UTC, 1730 EDT, 0730 AEST.

MD1&2: Tuesday 29/09
MD1: 2v7, 3v6, 4v5, 1 bye.
MD2: 6v4, 7v3, 1v2, 5 bye.

MD3&4: Thursday 01/10
MD3: 3v1, 4v7, 5v6, 2 bye.
MD4: 7v5, 1v4, 2v3, 6 bye.

MD5&6: Saturday 03/10
MD5: 4v2, 5v1, 6v7, 3 bye.
MD6: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4, 7 bye.

MD7: Monday 05/10
5v3, 6v2, 7v1, 4 bye.

Round of 32: Wednesday 07/10
Mid-CoH Break: Thursday 08/10 - Saturday 10/10
Round of 16: Sunday 11/10
Quarter-Finals: Wednesday 14/10
Semi-Finals: Friday 16/10
3PPO + Final: Monday 19/10

Sylestone (Groups A-D): 0600-0800 UTC, 1600-1800 AEST, 1700-1900 AEDT, 0200-0400 EDT, 0700-0900 BST.
Ethane (Groups E-H): 0700-1000 UTC, 0800-1100 BST, 0300-0600 EDT, 1700-2000 AEST, 1800-2100 AEDT.

Roster penalty. We will allow the first match day as a grace day, but following that, there is a penalty to your KPB for not posting a roster.

The roster penalty would go as such:
MD1: No penalty.
MD3: 10% KPB loss.
MD5: 20% KPB loss.
MD7: 30% KBP loss.
Ro32: 40% KPB loss.
Ro16: 50% KPB loss.
The roster penalty would be immediately reversed as soon as you post a roster. So if you posted a roster after MD4, you would have had a 30% KPB loss on MD4, but would have your rank restored (so no penalty) for MD5. The penalty would not reduce your KPB ranking by more than 50%.

RP Bonuses
Want to find out what you're receiving for your RPs and rosters? You can. All you have to do is send a TG or PM on discord to your host (so A-D to Sylestone, E-H to Ethane) requesting your RP bonuses. You'll be able to see the grade given to each RP you request to see. Only you can see your own RP bonuses; no one else will be able to see what was given to your RPs and vice versa.

RP Permissions
Please post this with your roster and answer the questions. It helps nations playing against you understand what they're allowed and not allowed to do when roleplaying about their game against you.
Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]
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Postby Ethane » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:44 pm

Welcome to Ethane

Ethane, also known by the chemical formula attributed to its name, is a democratic, politically divided nation located in the region of Esportiva, home to 25 million people. The capital city of Ethane is New Sarum, which is home to about 2.8 million inhabitants, and is adjacent to the major tourist site of Older Sarum Cathedral. There are many cities and towns scattered around the nation, with the largest city located about 250 miles from New Sarum - Swanmouth, home to about 4.2 million people. The Isle of Lowe is home to about 400,000 people itself, and is regarded as 'the most beautiful part of Ethane' - most of the Island is wild, and has multiple small 'wild' islands alongside it.

Ethane is famous in many ways, notably for its sporting appearances, which has seen the nation start to become recognised in sporting fields around the world, as well as its performances at Worldvision and the World Hit Festival. The nation is also known for its high living standards, strong economy, specialising in Information Technology, in which it has one of the largest of the IT sectors in Esportiva, and Publishing, its educational standards, and its state-of-the-art carbon capture technologies.

The transport in Ethane benefits from high levels of government funding which benefit the quality of service, with private companies also consolidating the transport network in Ethane. Most of the large cities in Ethane have strong public transport links within them, heavily subsidised buses being the most commonly used way to get around. Also in the two main cities, New Sarum and Swanmouth, eco-friendly modes of transport are also available to be used, including bikes which can be hired and dropped off at later stages along your cycling route.

Bus services also cover most moderately sized towns, with rural areas and small towns and villages being covered by less regular bus services which operate out of a main town or city nearby. There are many long-distance routes also available in Ethane, between many of the major cities and towns, which often stop at rural locations to increase the coverage of the bus service.

Trains also provide a viable option for transport in Ethane, connecting many of the main cities and towns, and providing a cheap, fast, and environmentally friendly way to travel around Ethane. United Rail Services (URS) provide a fast and reliable train journey between stations, but if you are looking for better quality, or higher-speed trains then the best place to look is towards the private companies. The rails have all been electrified, providing an environmentally friendly way of transporting people around the nation.

For longer haul journeys from other nations, we do have a few airports across the country. Multiple airlines provide a strong service to many major countries around the multiverse, with regular flights allowing fans to stream in for the championships.

There are a range of places for those visiting to stay. From 2* hotels to 5* hotels, we strive to provide you with the best accommodation possible. There is the option of either going state funded hotels, or you can go with the private sector.

Food and Drink
There are many places to eat in Ethane, with many restaurants and fast food chains all over Ethane. There are multiple places you can eat at, including the locally born restaurant and fast food chain, Treaters, who have signed a contract with Superchaps of Oisinistan to open a load of their franchises in Ethane, providing an even larger range of food to eat. Many other chain and independent restaurants also abound. With multiple food venues across the country, you are sure to find something to your liking.

There are many things you can do while in Ethane for entertainment away from the Baptism of Fire festivities.

In New Sarum, we have multiple cinema and bowling complexes for the enjoyment of our visitors and residents alike, which are often relatively popular. There are many other entertainment complexes in New Sarum as well, which more can be found out about in the tourist information centre. Nearby to New Sarum, you have the Old Sarum Cathedral, which provides a good day out, as it is located in the centre of a large wildlife reserve, which is a place where you can often see rare animals lurking about.

Swanmouth also provides visitors with a great many visitor attractions to visit as well as entertainment complexes. The city itself is also only a 45 minute bus journey away from one of Ethane's finest national parks, Glade Forest. This provides a good place for walks, as well as adventurous activities and bike hire, as well as being a good place for camping holidays. Further away from this event, you have the fairly mountainous regions of the nation, especially on the island, which provide spectacular views for those visiting, and can have snow on in the winter for skiing.

Letson has beautiful beaches, and sunny weather to get out and about. With a quaint Ethani city vibe, plenty of entertainment, and a hispanic cultural blend, Letson is a fascinating place to spend some time.


King Edward IV Stadium

The stadium is situated in New Sarum, the capital of Ethane. New Sarum is the metropolitan hub of Ethane. Home to around 2.8 million people, it is nestled on the south-west coast of Ethane.

The stadium can hold 60,000 people in the setup as shown above. Group E MD1-4 and Group F MD4-7 games will be played here.

The Marianne Detreux Stadium

The stadium is located in Southern Hampton, which is on the southern end of the Isle of Lowe. This is off the coast of Ethane and is accessible by boat and plane, with special ferries and flights put in place for when matches are on. The airport is small however on the island, so much of the travel to the Isle of Lowe is by boat. The Isle of Lowe is a beautiful place with heavy focus on natural beauty. The northern side of the island is very mountainous and is great for hikes.

The stadium can hold 21,115 people. Group E MD4-7 and Group F MD1-3 games will be played here.

Newton-Smith Arena

This stadium is located in Letson, located in the south of Ethane. The city is heavily reliant on the tourism industry, with a decent beach and strong historical connections and landmarks as part of a tour of Ethane. The city is very rich in its cultural history and art which can be seen as you walk around the city. Letson is home to around 650,000 people, but feels a lot more homely than the other large cities.

The stadium can hold up to 25,000 people. Group G MD1-3 and Group H MD4-7 games will be played here.

Brannigan Stadium

The stadium is located in the north-western part of New Sarum. The stadium can hold up to 28,600 people. [insert image here] Group G MD 4-7 and Group H MD1-3 games will be played here.
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Postby Sylestone » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:44 pm

Sylestone is a tropical island nation located in the region of Esportiva. The nation is home to 25 million people and sentient objects who are sure to welcome your national side and supporters to the country. Being a wonderful tourist destination, there are many things to do in off days, including going to the world-class beaches, rainforests, reefs and of course the amazing resort of Felton Island. The nation also has a reasonably high level of technology that ought to make everyone feel comfortable, as well as an efficient transport system. The economy is unsurprisingly run by the tourism industry, although the dairy and agriculture industries are significant in size.

Sylestone is roughly 750,000km square and generally takes about twelve hours to travel by car from Dunkirk in the northwest to Kirkham in the southeast. However, it will only take two if travelling by aeroplane and ten if catching a train. A physical map of Sylestone will be found below and we hope you enjoy your stay in paradise.


Sylestone may be beautiful, but like many tropical countries, it is not without its dangers. The nation is full of snakes, spiders, jellyfish, big cats and many other deadly predators. Also watch the Mwimbi Bimbi fruit that will kill if touched, let alone swallowed. It looks like an ordinary plum but with thorns on the stem. Remember to watch out for elves in the Melville Rainforest surrounding Emacuton and Chamberley, they will kill anyone who seems to cause disunity. And whatever you do, do not offend the sentient objects of Kirkham...

Sentient Oval, Kirkham
Capacity: 29,275 Toilet Seats
Assigned Group: A
About: Kirkham is situated on the southeast corner of the island of Sylestone and is home to some amazing beaches. However, it is mainly famous for being a city of Sentient Objects. Its 50,000 citizens are all, without exception, sentient in one way or another. However, travelling here brings you no worries, as the inhabitants are very welcoming to foreigners. The stadium itself is new and was only made when Sylestone entered the 72nd edition of the Baptism of Fire. Its most recent update is to change the chairs to toilet seats.

Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley
Capacity: 109,300
Assigned Group: B
About: With a capacity of over 100,000, the Chamberley Institute of Sport is the largest ground in Sylestone in the largest city. Chamberley is surrounded by the Melville Rainforest, where there is an endless supply of beauty and some nice trails. Off the coast are reefs, some of which you can take a day trip to and of course the amazing Felton Island, where humans can meet the wonders of the tropics face-to-face. It is well worth a visit.

Avondale International Sports Stadium, Avondale
Capacity: 99,000
Assigned Group: C
About: Located in the nation’s capital, the AISS is the third-most prestigious footballing stadium in Sylestone. However, people always cram into here every time a domestic match is played and recently 12,500 new seats were added to accommodate the need for such an important tournament. Avondale in itself is a nice city, with an amazing zoo and some pretty nice beaches. Being the capital, it is rich in history so the museums in the city centre may appeal, too. Maybe even the parliament house, which is more interesting than the “norm.” Enjoy your stay!

The Bay Reserve, Betham
Capacity: 49,000
Assigned Group: D
About: Despite being Sylestone’s third-largest city after Chamberley and Avondale, the relatively small stadium that is Betham’s football stadium easily houses the local supporters due to Betham being not exactly sport-oriented. Officials are hoping the ground size will be large enough for both the participating sides and the locals, although this may be unlikely. The stadium has a beautiful view out over Betham Bay, where the water is a pristine turquoise blue. The city itself is located at the edge of a relatively sparse tropical rainforest and is situated on the Charon River that runs from the Cable Mountain Range. It is only a few hours’ drive from Kirkham if you would like to meet some sentient objects.

The Trees, Pesfield
Capacity: 62,000
Assigned Group: None, knockouts only
About: In the treetop city of Pesfield, The Trees is a rare feature located on the ground. It has been upgraded since the IFC tournament to hold 17,000 more people to stop the inevitable overflowing of the stadium. Authorities are sure that overflowing will be presented, as the city is one of Sylestone’s most attractive. One million inhabitants all living in the treetops ought to be a sight to see.

Carson Stadium, Cleorough
Capacity: 80,000
Assigned Group: None, knockouts only
About: Sylestone’s newest stadium is one that has never been used before, built as a replacement of the 30,000 seater that was the old Carson Stadium. It was under construction when the IFC took place, so it will be new to all. Cleorough is home to Sylestone’s most beautiful reefs and beaches. It is a tourist attraction to all. Three and a half million human beings are citizens of the city and hotels will be easy to come by.

Sunlife Stadium, Halpenley
Capacity: 52,000
Assigned Group: None, knockouts only
About: Located in the middle of the Sylestonean desert, Halpenley is extremely hot during the day and extremely cold in the night. There is almost no in-between and the fans and players will find a lot of discomfort out of this. Halpenley is located on a river and an oasis, which was the source of water in ages gone by. The city is home to 1.5 million inhabitants, living in the extremes. It will be tough for those playing there and remember your sunscreen!

Ground of Dunkirk, Dunkirk
Capacity: 43,000
Assigned Group: None, knockouts only
About: Dunkirk, located halfway between Avondale and Chamberley, is on the edge of the Melville Rainforest but is home to the main platform of the agriculture industry. The surrounding grasslands are home to lots and lots of brown and black tiger snacks, which you must be wary of when exploring. The ground itself has been upgraded since, with 10,000 new seats added in over the past month. They will be essential for everyone to have a nice time in the arena.

Knockout Stages:
Round of 32
I: Sargossa - Poafmersia @ The Trees, Pesfield
J: TJUN-ia - Vdara @ The Trees, Pesfield
K: Flavovespia - Tioguldos @ Carson Stadium, Cleorough
L: South Newlandia - Mercedini @ Carson Stadium, Cleorough
M: New Lusitania - Graintfjall @ Sunlife Stadium, Halpenley
N: Krytenia - Omerica @ Sunlife Stadium, Halpenley
O: HUElavia - Kohnhead @ Ground of Dunkirk, Dunkirk
P: Taeshan - Sarzonia @ Ground of Dunkirk, Dunkirk

Round of 16
Q: Winner of I - Winner of J @ Sentient Oval, Kirkham
R: Winner of K - Winner of L @ Carson Stadium, Cleorough
S: Winner of M - Winner of N @ The Trees, Pesfield
T: Winner of O - Winner of P @ Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley

U: Winner of Q - Winner of R @ The Bay Reserve, Betham
V: Winner of S - Winner of T @ Avondale International Sports Stadium

W: Winner of U - Winner of V @ Sentient Oval, Kirkham

Third-Place Playoff
X: Loser of W - Loser of game on Ethane's side @ Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley
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Postby Tikariot » Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:04 pm


Football is the by far most popular sport in Tikariot, with the Tikariot Premier League as the highest division in its league pyramid. The TPL consists of 24 teams and is currently in its 100th season, showcasing the history of the sport and with that the pride most Tikariotians have for their team. Their international history is far shorter and so far consists of a victory in the IFC1 tournament, reaching the quarter finals in the Baptism of Fire tournament, only eliminated by later winner Græntfjall, and the round of 16 at the XIV Olympic Summer Games. The Snowy Owls were in contention for one of the play-off spots in the qualification tournament for World Cup 86, but fell short by one point. Still they were considered one of the biggest surprises of the qualifiers and now are out for redemption at the Cup of Harmony.
Coach Stuart Ekstrom is still a proponent of the offense-heavy 4-3-3, with only few adjustments compared to previous tournaments. The average age of the squad is fairly low, which means that they still have a bright future ahead of them, but also that their relative lack of experience could cause some issues around the more veteran teams.

The Tikariotian fans also deserve particular mentioning. Not only are they renowned for their chants, but they are also bringing the Thunder Clap (Click here for example) to the stadium, something that the players join in as a pre-game ritual that has left an impression on the opponents and opposing fans more than once (OOC: similar to the Haka of the New Zealand All Blacks). The players will form a triangle near the kick off circle and lift their arms, which the fans do as well. Then a long drum will start to signal the rhythm and both players and fans alike will move in unison, each clap accompanied with a loud cry, the claps (and cries) speeding up, creating an overwhelming sense of impending doom.

Stuart Ekstrom - 46
A wily tactitian that prefers an offensive game, but with the ability to fluidly switch systems by pulling back the
wingers to give a sudden defensive man advantage.

#1 G Romain Chatelet - 25 - Baraldhur AFC - 21 caps, 0 goals, 0 assists
Even though Baraldhur's fortunes have gone down in the league of late, if it was not for the outstanding goaltending of
Chatelet, they would likely be stranded somewhere in mid-table no-man's land. His reflexes on the line are phenomenal, but
he has shown some issues with high balls, but with centre backs with strong aerial skills this should be a negligible
issue. He replaced Brian Meson as number one keeper during the World Cup 86 qualifiers.
#2 LB Zion Grimes - 30 - Pyathora Mariners AFC - 28 caps, 1 goal, 5 assists
A veteran wing back that has limited technical abilities, but with an impressive physique and stamina, able to run and
run and run and whip in precise crosses. Also can be a rock in the raging sea, if needed.
#3 CB James Coronello - 28 - Port Tacassam FC - 43 caps, 4 goals, 3 assists
Once was part of the "Wall of Tikariot" together with Randy Kovalchuk, but with Kovalchuk's fall from grace he now is
forming a formidable "New Wall" with Walter Thomas. Shorter than Thomas, Coronello more than makes up for it with speed and
an uncanny ability to time tackles perfectly, unnerving his opponents.
#5 CB Walter Thomas - 18 - Anhedron Wanderers FC - 17 caps, 0 goals, 1 assist
A rising star in the TPL and one of the big discoveries of the World Cup qualifiers, having passed both Kovalchuk and Eren
Knox to become one of the two main centre backs in the Tikariot line-up. He has had a lot to do with Anhedron's almost
meteoric rise in the second half of the season, bringing them all the way to fourth position and with that the IFCF
Challengers' Cup. He is a force in the air and also is learning to use his bulk to prevent opposing attackers to have a
path to the goal.
#4 RB Vincent Liniack - 28 - Veriasod Lakers FC - 36 caps, 1 goal, 4 assists
A quick wing back with a good eye, enabling Tikariot to move conquered balls quickly forward, feeding either of the
wingers to tear apart the opposing defences and opening scoring opportunities.
#10 LM Marvin Thorniley - 22 - Port Rhovanyon AFC - 42 caps, 11 goals, 10 assists
Instrumental in the outstanding form of his team in the league this season, Thorniley is a master of set pieces, blessed
with a foot that puts laser precision to shame. Be it to find the free team mate or a way over or around the opponents,
he possesses this innate talent that cannot be trained. Many regard him the creative mastermind of the Snowy Owls' offense.
#6 DM Rory McNair Captain - 28 - Parakleion Firebirds FC - 39 caps, 12 goals, 8 assists
The fulcrum in the Tikariot midfield, McNair is the epitome of physical play. Uncompromising, physical with a knack
for monstrous tackles, McNair is there to disrupt, to destroy, but when he captures the ball, he also has the talent to
distribute it, short or long, being instrumental in switching from defence to offence. He also has a cannon of a shot
that has made some opposing players reconsider their spot in the wall during freekicks.
#8 CM Lloyd Cumbernauld - 24 - Veriasod Lakers FC - 20 caps, 5 goals, 3 assists
New to the national team, Veriasod's Lloyd Cumbernauld is a box to box player that can direct the game by either feeding
passes forward or go the distance himself. While not a particular scoring threat, he possesses excellent tactical acumen
that allows him to distribute balls quickly in attempts to tear holes into the defence. He also is one of the big winners
of the qualifying campaign, having stolen Jenson McTierney's starting role in midfield.
#9 LW Morris Nighthorse - 18 - Baraldhur AFC - 31 caps, 12 goals, 12 assists
Nighthorse is part of the Tikariotian "Young Guns" (together with Thorniley, McTierney, McIlroy, Aspinall and Thomas) that
have taken the Tikariotian Premier League and the national team by storm this season. Not only did he win the Golden Cannon
for top scorer in the league, he also has made a name for himself internationally through his performances and is widely
considered one of the hottest prospects in world football today. He is one of the fastest players in the TPL, making him
a nightmare for opposing defenders. He is not the most physical player, but his sheer speed allows him to avoid tackles easily.
#11 CF Graydon Sheffield - 24 - Pyathora Mariners FC - 33 caps, 13 goals, 4 assists
One of the most accomplished centre forwards Tikariot has to offer. What he lacks in defensive play, he more than makes up for
an uncanny talent to time his runs to either disable an offside trap, gain the necessary metres to beat the defenders
or just show up right where the pass or cross will land, making him a very potent offensive threat.
#7 RW Iain Aspinall - 18 - Ysgrann Bay Eagles FC - 23 caps, 11 goals, 7 assists
Another "Young Gun". Despite being right-footed Aspinall plays on the left wing, where he has a tendency to cut inside with
incredible ball control and then use his right foot for dangerously curled shots at goal from any distance, having had
tremendous success for his underdog team this season. He also was the second-most prolific goal scorer of the World Cup
qualifiers after Morris Nighthorse.

#12 GK Brian Merson - 26 - Port Rhovanyon AFC - 16 caps, 0 goals, 0 assists
First team goal-tender of the clear winners of this year's Tikariotian Premier League, Merson is a commanding presence
in the back, being able to direct his defenders with passion and a voice that carries across most of the pitch. A few weak
games at the beginning of the World Cup qualifiers have caused him to lose his starting spot to Romain Chatelet, but his
impending move to Banija shows that his stocks have not plummeted.
#23 GK Franklin McHugh - 23 - Anhedron Wanderers FC - 2 caps, 0 goals, 0 assists
Having helped upstarts Anhedron to reach fourth position in the TPL this season, McHugh also had two very strong showings
in recent friendlies against South Newlandia and The Jovannic. Very strong on the line he has a few weaknesses with high
balls, but Coach Ekstrom believes that the team's strong defense can compensate for this.

#13 LB Alasdair Dunlap - 26 - Port Rhovanyon AFC - 8 caps, 1 goal, 0 assists
One of the most defense-minded leftbacks in the league, Dunlap has proven that he can neutralize almost any offensive threat
coming his way, however one should not expect a lot of offensive contributions in return.
#14 CB Eren Knox - 31 - Oriannor Mountaineers FC - 13 caps, 1 goal, 0 assists
A good part of the Mountaineers' successful season so far has been the outstanding defensive work of Eren Knox.
Uncompromising, yet fair, in his tackles, he also has a great opening game, able to quickly distribute balls from out
#15 CB Jason Hardin - 23 - Miruan City FC - 3 caps, 0 goals, 0 assists
Hardin is one of the few players that managed to impress enough during the series of friendlies prior to the Cup of Harmony
to earn a ticket to the national team. He lacks a bit in size, but his positional play is outstanding and allows him to be
where the ball will be before the attacker does.
#16 RB Anil Al Hak - 25 - Port Tacassam FC - 9 caps, 0 goals, 1 assist
Very solid right back that does not get rattled easily. Strong defensively he does not go forward much, but has a great eye
to read the game and his passes out the back are renowned throughout the TPL, gaining him more assists than a lot of more
offensive wing backs. He is the number one stand-in for Vincent Liniack.

#17 DM Nicholas van Haar - 25 - Miruan City FC - 9 caps, 1 goal, 2 assists
Rory McNair's understudy, van Haar also is very physical and able to disrupt opponents. He is more hotheaded than McNair,
though, leading to more cautions and expulsions, something that he is trying to work on. He has been a dependable backup in
the national team so far.
#19 CM Ozan Welch - 22 - Port Rhovanyon AFC - 16 caps, 2 goal, 1 assist
Playing for the runaway champions of the Tikariot Premier League, Welch has really come into his own during the season,
turning into the Kraken's master conductor in offensive midfield. With a good physical game and a great eye for his team
mates he is one of the assist leaders of the league.
#18 CM Jenson McTierney - 18 - Ysgrann Bay Eagles FC - 10 caps, 2 goals, 4 assists
Another one of the shooting stars of the current TPL season, McTierney has raw talent and seemingly boundless creativity.
He attempts (and often manages) to create chances that should not exist, find spaces that are not there and just overall
try things that a 'normal' player would not even dream of attempting. The downside is that he sometimes surprises his
teammates as much as his opponents, causing some of these outbursts of genius to turn into dangerous situations, which
also can be attributed to his lack of experience.

#20 LW/RW Adrian Grimaud - 23 - Port Tacassam FC - 15 caps, 4 goals, 3 assists
In the TPL Grimaud was part of one of the most potent goal-scoring duos of the season together with Oliver del Rosso.
Blessed with speed, Grimaud can take the ball to the goal line and whip in dangerous crosses or cut inside himself and
go for goal or spot a better placed team mate to open up a better scoring opportunity. He has established himself as the
number one backup for Morris Nighthorse and Iain Aspinall.
#21 LW/RW Jesson Morrison - 20 - Anhedron Wanderers FC - 3 caps, 2 goals, 0 assists
Morrison formed a deadly scoring partnership with his Anhedron team mate Franklin Mosnyk and showcased the same talent also
in the recent friendlies, earning him a call up. Where Mosnyk is the technical player, Morrison is the steamhammer that will
try to find a way through the opponent, if he can't get around.
#22 LW/RW Franklin Mosnyk - 21 - Anhedron Wanderers FC - 3 caps, 2 goals, 1 assist
Morrison's partner in crime, Mosnyk can play knots into defenders' legs on the space of a stamp and is as prolific of a goal
scorer as he is as set-up man, making him a very multi-faceted offensive threat. Just like Morrison he showed a lot of
spirit and confidence in the friendlies, making him one of the fresh faces in the Cup of Harmony squad.


Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes-ish (TG me and I can give you the names, but we'll figure this out one way or another)
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal)
Godmod other events: Maybe? (Please TG in this case)
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Hosting: IBS XII

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:31 pm


Style Mod: +5
Formation: 3-3-4

Coach: Image Jared Sednah
Assistant coach: Joe Jackson
Head trainer: Will Sakura

About the Nation
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 20 million people, the nation has many major city’s with hockey teams in them. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour And Kempsey the capital and largest city in the nation is Gold Coast. The climate is hot with the summer temperatures getting up to about 110 Fahrenheit at the highest and winter temperatures go down to about 50 at the lowest. The nation plays host to many domestic sports leagues across many different sports including Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and many more.

Northwest Kalactin: What to Expect
Of course if you are traveling to Northwest Kalactin you need to bring some shirts and shorts. The average temperature is around 80 degrees all year, however, during the summer it can go up to one hundred degrees. Most stadiums in Northwest Kalactin are either domes or have retractable roofs because during the summer players will easily overheat. The hottest that the temperature that the weather has gotten in the summer is 113 degrees farinheight. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and Kempsey. All 3 of these cities have over 1 million people in them but Gold Coast is the largest city with over 2.8 million people in the entire city. Coffs has 1.7 million and Kempsey has 1.2 million. The east side of the nation has very few people having only 2.5 million people. Almost all of the large cities have teams in all of the different sports leagues, however, different regions have different popular sports. The main coastal cities have soccer and gridiron as the most popular sports. The farms inland also like both Soccer and Gridiron but many baseball players also come from the inland rural areas. In the eastern mountains have hockey as the most popular sport but, bandy is also a very popular among kids which makes the nation one of the best in the world in bandy. Down south, soccer and basketball are by far the most popular sports there. The kids in Northwest Kalactin currently are one of the most promising sports generations ever in the nation as they are now putting up some of the best youth teams in the world. Northwest Kalactin is pretty light when it comes to laws however, all visitors and opponents are expected to follow the laws for the duration that they are in the nation. Drinking is permitted for those over 17 and smoking is illegal outside of designated areas. Some of the best textiles industries in the world can be found in Northwest Kalactin as the huge textile factory, Holcomb Textiles headquartered in Byron Bay. Many tech companies are also based in the nation as the Tech Company Startup Fund provides money for those entrepreneurs in the tech section who look to be based in Kalactin.

Where you will play
Gold Coast international football stadium is a very nice stadium it holds up to 104,000 people and is the largest stadium in northwest Kalactin. Many people are surprised that the stadium has a retractable roof even though it is very hot in northwest Kalactin in fact the reason why the roof is there is because of the heat! One time it was 114 degrees Farinheight in Gold Coast so they put the roof up. Another thing to look for at the stadium is the before game tailgating there are many food trucks that stop by there and take advantage of the huge crowds. Lastly, be sure to visit the Northwest Kalactin soccer hall of fame that has many interesting artifacts jerseys and other stuff from Kalactanian football

History of The Team
The Kalactanian National Team has been around since the 79th version of the World Cup. The team started out from quiet beginnings finishing in the quarter finals in the 66th Baptism Of Fire against Filindostan. The 80th World Cup Team was highlighted by Jared Sednah and Wendell Jakerein, who ended up making the team of the qualifiers. Sednah was the top player on the team for the Next 2 cycled as he paired up with Luke Dillan to bring the team close to qualifying. Despite the valiant efforts by Dillan and Sednah the team couldn’t end up qualifying in the 82nd and 81st cups. The FA decided not to enter the team in for the 83rd qualifiers due to corruption in the association. The team was quickly eliminated in the 84th qualifiers. The current team is highlighted by younger players that hope to bring the team to the World Cup the the following years. In the 85th World Cup campaign the team put up one of their best qualifying performances. However, near the end of qualifying the team was shaken by the surprise retirement of the star goalkeeper Wendell Jakerein.


Luke Dillan Image GCCFC, Age: 36
Dillan is a player that is that is not in his golden years of the 80th and 81st World Cup but still brings strength to the team. He brought prominence to Gold Coast Capital after moving there last year and continues to exceed expectations despite his age. He is a very flashy forward that is able to score a goal for all the fans when needed. His long Free Kicks brought attention to him in highlight clips recently and he can play on anyone. He is surprisingly coming back for another cycle, after being expected to retire after the last cycle, nobody knows what cycle 87 will hold for him.

Jimmy McCarthy Image Tor, Age: 26
Jimmy McCarthy was the future of Kalactanian football the second he stepped onto the Project Olimpo campus. He is a natural leader that can lift the spirits of any of his teammates and he brings great talent to the team. He is a bit weak however he makes up for it with his ability to make a move on anyone. Last cycle he was by far the best player on the team, going out and showing his goalscoring ability, and is able to work some magic out there.

Will Sanders Image Murwelldobah FC, Age: 30
Will Sanders is a player that has historically played midfield however he made the switch to midfielder a few years ago. One of the best players on the team he is always focused on making his teammates better through passing. He is a very creative player that likes to express his creativity on the pitch. He was responsible for assists on many of the goal.

Thomas Butler Image AC Itotz Zubia, Age: 18
The future of Kalactanian soccer, is now playing in Audioslavia, and is now with the national team for his first cycle on. He is a magic man by the net, and always seems to come out with the ball in 1-1 battles. He is one of the strongest, and fastest players to ever play for the nation, he will become a great duo with players like Jimmy McCarthey in the next few years, and you can look for him to score many goals. He wants this cycle to be his breakout cycle, and he wants to start it out wi a good AOCAF

Steve Gilbert Image Toureres War eagles, Age: 31
Gilbert is a player in the middle of his prime. After showing how he could turn the War Eagles from a second tier team to a team earning UICA qualification the NT picked him up. He is a very athletically talented player that can outrun almost anyone on the pitch. He does lack some skills on the first touch but his athleticism helps him excel on the field.

Frank Owens Image Coffs Harbour FC, Age: 33
Owens has been a mainstay if the starting lineup of the NT since the 80th World Cup. He may be entering his last World Cup as he is very prone to injury’s. He plays a very aggressive game and has a fiery temper, things that can get him in trouble on the field. Owens is currently the team record holder for the most Cautions in one tournament, with 7.

Lamar Hall Image Ballina Red Devils, Age: 20
Lamar is on his very first cycle on the National Team, and he is a started already. He had a breakout season and helped the Ballina Red Devils earn theirselves a spot in IFCF play this season. He is the younger brother of established defender Matt Hall, and wants to become a reliable starter on the national team in the coming years. Look for him to pass a lot, he spends very little time with the ball once he gets possession.

Matt Hall Image Fryi Frêndê, Age: 25
Matt Hall is another wonderkid that has been around on the team during recent cycles. He recently started playing in the Farfadillian leagues where he continues to develop as a player. Hall is one of the strongest players on the team athletically being one of the fastest on the team.

Joseph Anderson Image FC Harbour City, Age: 29
A newer player just recently called up to the National Team, Anderson has exceeded expectations for the team. He recently just entered his prime and he improves very quickly. He does tack up a large number of injuries though, which is concerning for his future on the team. Anderson is a great on-ball defender and can play physically if needed.

Larry Martinez Image AC Itotz Zubia, Age: 26
Martinez is a new defender to the National squad. He played his only appearance before this when he came in as a sub in a Wonder Cup game against Delaclava. He also is a teammate of young striker Thomas Butler, so look for those 2 to have some good chemistry on the field. Just like his preceding teammate at the position, Jake Dakota, he is a reliable defender that has good ball control.

Mark Romero [img]Flag%20to%20come[/img] CF Bondstad, Age: 25
After taking over from the legend Wendell Jakerein, Romero started the final games of the World Cup 85 qualification. Romero is a very young keeper that can look to become a successful player on the Kalactanian National team. Unlike his preceder, Romero is a player that has very good athleticism. What he lacks though, is the tactical smarts that Jakerein possessed


Strikers : Keith Torres Image Malor Sharpshooters, Age: 28

Midfielders: Daniel Guidry Image Kempsey United, Age: 32

Backs: George Taylor Image Malor City, Age: 27
Walter Johnson Image Purple Town, Age: 36

Goalies: Lawrence Henderson Image Toureres, Age: 19

RP permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: 1 Game
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: no
I swear if you try to bring any virus into my nation I will ask the host to reset your bonus.
Style mod is +5
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Postby Geektopia » Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:12 pm

ƓƐƐƘƮȬǷǁɅ'Ƨ CoH Holih Information
As was previously covered in the World Cup qualifiers themselves, regarding age, anyone on the squad can be betwixt 18 years old or 980 years due to cell impregnatization technologies developed before Ω 1583 (vhamo tnoz). The year now is Ω 06000 (iws vhamo), which still doesn't explain a lot. In between WC cycles, the wait for Geektopia is an excruciating 3000 years, so things might change a lot or a little, usually depending on how bored the previous generations were. Names have changed from Googolisms to, uh, well shortenings. Football formations haven't altered in the slightest, along with positions to boot. The average lifespan of a Geektopian is 6 WC cycles, or 18,000 years. Players usually retire when they're half that age. Divide these numbers by 250 and everything will make sense. The federation usually scraps promising looking talent who've had a bad World Cup/and Cup of Harmony run by replacing them with a youngster that's usually under 500 years of age. Divide that by 250, it's 2 years old, the federation essentially sends out players that are century-old babies, and so the 250-500 year olds that do go the World Cup Qualifying from the Di Bradini Cup are only 3,500 years of age when they play, which pretty much makes them fourteen if you divide by 250. Paired with the fact that there are other, more experienced players that will be 4,321 like Sudlow (when you divide that by 250, it comes up with 17), these will be the third set of football matches for Geektopia in which boundaries between age will turn out to be completely in the teens range since the Di Bradini Cup with 11 year olds playing with seventeen year olds.

Also, most citizens as well as football players of this country abide under the religion of Googology, which has sexual diversity laws inspired by traditional Catholicism because of the breakout destruction of women as a gender due to childbirth deaths starting from -00123 that slimmed the population by one third every twenty years. Geektopian men who are in the need can meet Aimenans to start a relationship depending on how close they live by the border of Aimena itself, but usually asexualize to the same gender. It's essentially why the practice of really any love is socially forbidden in Geektopia and can make someone who's coming into the country unknowingly with their loved one jeered as a cultural enemy.

Code: Select all
1. Osorto | eighteen goals
2. Andreen | twelve goals
3. Medine | nine goals
3. Sudlow | nine goals
3. Picolet | nine goals
4. Barella | eight goals
4. Rydelek | eight goals
5. Pillars | seven goals
5. Resendis | seven goals
6. Loui | six goals
6. Idstein | six goals
7. Houg | five goals
7. Crete | five goals
8. Dolivo | three goals
9. Glowiak | one goal

» () Kwasney () 3168 YRS () GK () #1 () 7'10 () 175 pounds () «
Born 2832-01-10 | Traits: Disorganized, Destructive, Debonair

» () Osorto () 3213 YRS () DF () #3 () 6'3 () 220 pounds () «
Born 2787-02-21 | Traits: Blames Others, Honest, and Risk-Taking

» () Idstein () 3471 YRS () DF () #14 () 7'11 () 238 pounds () «
Born 2528-08-20 | Traits: Simple, Resourceful, and Painstaking

» () Barella () 3499 YRS () DF () #14 () 6'7 () 280 pounds () «
Born 2500-07-21 | Traits: Clever, Inept, and Senile [he's either clever, inept, or senile at certain moments. This doesn't apply to all traits, just traits that contradict each other.]

» () Crete () 3508 YRS () MF () #6 () 5'11 () 198 pounds () « (Note: Named Crete because of his parent's multidimensional links with RLStates.)
Born 2492-12-13 | Traits: Dorky, Needy, and Truculent

» () Szczerbinski [c] () 3170 YRS () MF () #8 () 8'3 () 394 pounds () «
Born 2830-05-12 | Traits: Deep, Complex, and Thorough

» () Andreen () 3944 YRS () MF () #8 () 6'4 () 240 pounds () «
Born 2055-09-20 | Traits: Changeable, Inconsiderate, and Self-Centered

» () Sudlow () 4321 YRS () MF () #9 () 6'6 () 248 pounds () «
Born 1679-04-19 | Traits: Average, Heart Broken, and Resourceful

» () Dolivo () 3416 YRS () FW () #15 () 7'7 () 291 pounds () «
Born 2584-01-23 | Traits: Admirable, Narcissistic, Captivating

» () Picolet () 3452 YRS () FW () #11 () 7'2 () 443 pounds () «
Born 2547-09-16 | Traits: Ascetic, Secure, and Opportunistic

» () Rydelek () 3098 YRS () FW () #10 () 6'1 () 363 pounds () «
Born 2901-08-04 | Traits: Unself-critical, Earnest, Seraphic


» Orsua | #12 | GK | 493 years old | Born 2506-09-19 | 9'3, 233 pounds | «
Proficient at clearing and goal-kicking to defenders, midfielders, and attackers, but only if the main goalkeeper is having a bad day.
Traits: Devious, Tough and Impressionable

» Wiszienevski | #48 | DF | 183 years old | Born 2817-03-21 | 9'10, 479 pounds | «
Proficient at giving long balls to attackers.
Traits: Breezy, Retiring, and Presumptuous

» Schiebly | #70 | DF | 344 years old | Born 2655-08-20 | 8'11, 486 pounds | «
Proficient at passing long to the right
Traits: Logical, Observant, and Scrupulous

» Glowiak | #20 | MF | 416 years old | Born 2584-09-21 | 7'4, 247 pounds | «
Proficient at passing diagonally to the right
Traits: Agreeable, Dry, and Cultured

» Koseki | #23 | MF | 109 years old | Born 2890-10-23 | 8'5, 450 pounds | «
Proficient at passing diagonally to the left
Traits: Circumspect, High-handed, Desperate

» Rahne | #21 | FW | 337 years old | Born 2663-06-23 | 7'9, 398 pounds | «
Good at giving long balls to defenders from either direction
Traits: Generous, Graceless, Odd

» Yahuaca | #24 | FW | 276 years old | Born 2723-09-28 | 7'3, 412 pounds | «
Good at giving diagonal passes from either direction
Traits: Impractical, Aggressive, Malicious

Attacking Pass Formations are coming soon..

Head coach: Dingledine
Assistant Coach: La Touche
Assistant Coach: Conser
Assistant Coach: Salow
Assistant coach (analyst): Boody
Fitness coach: Lerum
Goalkeeping coach: Jagiello
Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Role play injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y


Style Modifier: +2.793
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Postby Twicetagram and JYPe » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:02 am

The Official National Football Association Of Twicetagria


Twicetagrian National Football Team
Национальная Сборная По Футболy Тваистайгрер (Twicetagrian Russian)
Ipsum de National Team Twicetagria (Latin)
Εθνική Oμάδα Ποδοσφαίρου της Τυαισταιγρo (ancient[?] Greek)
Echipa Națională de Twicetagram (Vampirian Romanian)

Another Introduction
Twicetagria, formerly known as Strayquestria and the Wolflands, is a country located in the western side(unofficial) of Atlantian Oceania. A humble population of about 23 million humans, sentient ponies, deities(mostly ancient Greek), werewolves, and vampires, Twicetagria is racially diverse. The de facto national languages include English, Twicetagrian Russian, ancient Greek and Latin, but there are 45 more known languages in Twicetagria.
Most of the Twicetagrian population lives in the huge, bustling metropolitan areas splattered throughout Twicetagria: Twice Square --the capital--, Alphaxrie(predominantly domesticated werewolves), Legothria and Sranchies(deities and demigods make up a large part of the demographics) and the newly founded Velikiygrad, which translates to 'great city' in Twicetagrian English.
The monarchs of Twicetagria are the highly-revered God Jihyo and Lord FLUTTERS. Tourists and foreigners are to abide by the rules set to respect any ruling power. The deities are mostly Roman or Greek gods who occasionally come and visit Twicetagria, due to ancient Greece and Rome having ties with us. There are also vampires who live in the Feruscian Highlands. They are a friendly and hospitable bunch, and their accommodation is usually 5-star. They speak English normally, but speak Romanian sometimes.

The Twicetagrian Football Team officially represents Twicetagria in men's international football since their maiden match in 202 P.Y. Their maiden international tournament competition, the AOCAF 60, was left unsuccessful. A disappointing BoF 72 finished off with a surprisingly successful WCQ85 and CoH, going to finish 4th in the former's group stage, and the Round of 32 in the latter. Most of Belgium's home matches are played at the Stray Kids Colosseum in Twice Square.

Helpful Information
Manager: Raiche Ryoviste (rai-sher iyo-vaish if you wanted the pronunciation)
Nickname: The Lieutenants
Formation: 5-2-2-1
Style Modifier: -2
First match: 1-2 loss, vs Chromatika
All-time scorer: too lazy to count
National Squad
1  | Jamie Han      | no traditional writing | 29 years old | provisional Starting XI
12 | Rudolph Haniet | Рyдлф Хaнет | 23 years old
17 | Degezet Namin | Дeгeзет Haмин | 27 years old

Jamie Han has made a comeback into the national team after a largely successful WCQ85 season. Known as the Flying Frog by most fans, Han is agile and nimble, jumping around the goal to save the ball in. Despite his rapid aging, he will still be part of the Starting XI.
For the two newbies, Haniet and Namin, they've definitely made their mark domestically. Haniet was second to (guess who) Han in clean sheets in the Megalieger. Haniet is an exciting youth prospect, and it's exciting to see if he can step up to the international level.
Namin may only be 2 years younger than Han, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have skill. Rising through the ranks, into the Megalieger, Namin has had a whopping 83 clean sheets in his 205 career starts, all for FC 08 Niecenbadler. Will he be able to go against the best of the best though, we'll find out.

2   | Korros Cho                   | no traditional writing | 32 years old | CB | provisional Starting XI
3 | Anastasia Romanov | Анастасия Романы | 21 years old | LB | provisional Starting XI
4 | Daniil Vasiliev | Даниил Васильев | 23 years old | CB | provisional Starting XI
5 | Stormy Martins | no traditional writing | 25 years old | CB | provisional Starting XI
6 | Ranischwei Holffman-Agapetus | Ἀγαπητός | 28 years old | RB | provisional Starting XI
14 | Doneimus Aelius | name is traditional | 32 years old | LB
16 | Ronnylla Mazepin | Poнныллa Мазепин | 23 years old | RB
18 | Garthapis Koulouris | Γκαρτάπι Κουλούρης | 18 years old | CB

If you hoped you'll never seen the Kim-era defenders again, here's Korros Cho to burst your bubble. However, despite his age Korros Cho has steadily improved from his much-unneeded chaos a few years ago. Now the captain of his team, he is a very straightforward and direct person who always bosses people(in a good way) around.
Straying away from the past, we have a fresh new line of defenders, who are probably better than last time round. We have the famous trio of very good defenders: Romanov, Vasiliev and Martins. Romanov may be one of the only females in the team, but that doesn't mean she isn't good. She lives up to the challenge, and her defending humiliates even the best of forwards. Vasiliev is a brash and brave person, never failing to take opportunities when he sees them. Stormy Martins may be a minority(he's a sentient pony), but that doesn't stop him from being a menace on the field.
Holffman-Agapetus may not have been mentioned above but he is still some quality person(too lazy to elaborate). Aelius may be old, but he still somehow earned a spot. We're not discarding his great skills and tackling prowess.
Mazepin and Koulouris are two young players, very keen to impress Ryoviste. Mazepin has helped her team out of troublesome counterattacks and corners, while Koulouris just loves the ball(too lazy to say anything else).

8   | Davidov Rominevskiy | Давидов Роминэвский    | 25 years old | CM/CDM    | provisional Starting XI
9 | Ronny Dargozhov | Poннй Дapгoжoв | 27 years old | CAM/LM/LW | provisional Starting XI
10 | Eli Apollon | Ελι Απόλλωνα | 23 years old | CAM/RM/RW | provisional Starting XI
15 | Adrian Vladimirescu | name is traditional | 28 years old | CM/CDM | provisional Starting XI
19 | Otola Jeremys | no traditional writing | 32 years old | CAM/LM/LW
21 | Tomas Hallescu | Toмac Xaллecкy | 30 years old | CAM/RW/RW
22 | Danazhivogorod Andi | Данaжyвoгopoд Aндй | 22 years old | CM/CDM/LM/LW

Basically everyone in the Kim-era have been eradicated. Under Raiche Ryoviste, the team has gone through a complete reform, with the midfield undertaking much change. Instead of just pure talent, Ryoviste is also looking for fast players who can charge through the flanks, and strong players who can shield oncoming players before damage is done to the defense.
The wingers all succeed in fulfilling the first priority. Dargozhov and Apollon are undoubtedly one of the fastest players in Twicetagria. Despite his aging, Dargozhov still has a lot of pace and speed. Obviously, without perfect ball control and dribbling, you would get nowhere. Apollon boasts one of the best first touches in the team, and never loses the ball. Adding that to his speed, he is unstoppable.
We're not going to discard Rominevskiy, though. As a lioness hunts down her prey, Rominevskiy tracks his opponents as if he were going to eat them. For his muscular build, he is very nimble and monkeylike. He creeps up to his targets without them suspecting. Then, he snatches the ball from them and pumps the ball upfield.
A. Vladimirescu may not share the same amount of fame as his striking twin, but he is known as the best academy graduate. He came from the Twicetagrian National Youth Academy. While he may not be as special as he was a few years ago, but he still holds much value.
Jeremys and Hallescu may be oldies, but they're still besties and gems for the national team. They are scary towards all kind of opposition, the way they are able to fire up the team as they attack the hapless defense of their opponents. Andi is also another female footballer on the rise. Already breaking the record number of assists, she looks like a players many will be fearing(and worshipping) soon.

7  | Augustin Vladimirescu | name is traditional    | 28 years old | provisional Starting XI
11 | Tengretz Aidor | Teнгpeц Aидop | 21 years old
13 | Heleklaisi Maelorus | Eλεκλαισι Mαελopησ | 25 years old
20 | Dovo Harakrets | no traditional writing | 30 years old
23 | Ben-Dover Longwangs | no traditional writing | 26 years old

The more famous twin, Augustin Vladimirescu is the new star of the team. He's a goal-scoring machine. An award-winning archer (his shots are accurate). A magician. He flexes his skills on his opponents in his way. He fakes the ball to the left, before swerving to his right. Dribbling towards goal, he drives it into the top left corner. Goal! That's the sort of magic he does on the daily.
Aidor, Maelorus and Harakrets require honorable mentions for having such class and such high quality in them. They all are like duplicates of each other: smart on the ball. They know what to do with them. They can defeat even the best of the defenders.
Longwangs is also a good player. Since the striker market is less demanding than others, Longwangs is like the best of the rest. Or vice versa.

Probable Starting XI

The Tactics Box
to be used to decide goalscorers
The Hitback Tiki-taka
This tactic is used when our defenders have won the ball from an (counter)attack, corner or goal. The attacking midfielders will be located just past the half-line, towards our goal. The defender who won the ball will then pass to the closest midfielder, usually the CM or CDM. He/she will then pass the ball to the striker or the attacking midfielders. They will then rush through to the goal. Passing the ball amongst each other, when they get the chance, they will strike.
- works when the back line is high up the pitch, or the opposing defense is caught slacking

The Pressuremaker
This tactic is used when the ball is intercepted or won in the middle third. The players will tire out the defense with quick play or passing. When the defense doesn't suspect anything, the ball will be passed to the wingers, who make a run along the flanks into the goal. The ball will be crossed into the box, where the other striker or attacking midfielder/winger will convert it into a shot.
- works late game when the back line is worn out

We don't particularly have tactics for balls won in the final third, or free kicks and corners. feel free to do your own thing.
These tactics don't have to be used by you if you don't want to. However, it is asked that you would, because it would make our play more realistic.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Fine with anything, but would be great if you took reference to the tactics box above.
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No
Twicetagram and JYPe

Name: Twicetagria
Capital: Twice Square
Population: 3,089,150
Association football(soccer): 75th
Best: RO32 (CoH LXXVII)
Sanghyeok 8)
And many more...

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Postby Rangers FC » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:58 am


Starting XI:
Alanis Gregorikis - GK
Giannis Taverianakis - RB
Konor Aurisorikis - CB
Flora Helanderikis - CB
Boronis Baranasikis - LB
Yanis Giakos - CM
Iani Hagiriakis - CAM
Septis Davidikis - CM
Yanis Kentis - LF
Freud Morelikis - ST
Cotis Arfieldizikis - RF

Giannis Maklimnopoulos - GK
Giorgios Entmonsonas - CB
Leonidas Balokun - CB
Giannis Ariboakis - CM
Germanis Dephoas - ST
Cedriki Ittenis - ST
Kiamar Roofikis - RF

Nicolis Katiciskis - CB (still injured)
Kalvinius Bassikis - LB/CB
Nathanius Pattersonas - RB/CB
Lankada Kamariskis - CM
Kai Kennedakis - LF

Alanis “Shagger” Gregorikis is Rangers’ number one keeper who is also a veteran of the game. At the age of 38, Shagger might not have many years left in his playing career, but he’s still in tip top shape to be playing between the sticks for the Gers!

Giannis “Tav” Taverianakis is Rangers’ main right back and the captain of the squad. Like his fellow fullback Boronis Baranasikis, Tav is also fantastic at free kicks, but unlike Boronis he usually stays back in defence during attacking play.

Konor Aurisorikis is one of Rangers’ main centre backs and the vice-captain of the squad. While not being the best at tackles, Konor is fantastic at headers and interceptions, though he is prone to own goals.

Flora Helanderikis is the other one of Rangers’ main centrebacks. Fantastic at tackling and putting his body on the line, Flora is always a dependable defender.

Boronis Baranasikis is Rangers’ main left back and a free-kick specialist. Boronis isn’t your typical defender, as he loves to join in on attacks and swing crosses into the box with aplomb. Arguably the best player on the pitch at most times.

Yanis Giakos is one of Rangers’ main central midfielders. He is one of the most beloved players in the squad, giving 100% in every game he plays. Tackling and passing are part of his skills.

Iani Hagiriakis is Rangers’ main centre attacking midfielder and one of the stars of the squad. Iani made his impact in the squad by scoring a free kick that deflected against the wall, winning the game for Rangers. Since then, he has shown that he is fantastic at dribbling, passing, and shooting in general.

Septis Davidikis is the other of Rangers’ main central midfielders. At his age, he won’t last too long in the squad, but he still has games to play and goals to score!

Yanis Kentis is Rangers’ main left forward and the fastest player in the squad. Only god is quicker than this guy, as Yanis uses his pace and skill to dribble through defences and put cross after cross into the box.

Freud Morelikis is Rangers’ main striker and one of the highest scorers in the squad. His ego and aggression may be high, but so is his ability. Red cards and goals galore will mainly be attributed to our boy Morelikis.

Last but not least, we have this guy. Cotis Arfieldizikis is Rangers’ main right forward and one of the silent stars in the team, despite his age. Cotis is fantastic at firing in goals from range, and he always celebrates with his signature salute.

Rangers’ kit manufacturer for this cycle will be Castorikis, a relatively new manufacturer who are just breaking into the football kit market.

[i]Iani Hagiriakis wearing the home kit

Kalvinius Bassikis wearing the away kit

Home Ground:
Stadio Ibrosikis. Home of the Gers. With a capacity of around 50,800, Ibrosikis is always filled to the brim with home fans (often thought of as part of the ‘Blue Sea of Ibrosikis’) who love to chant and sing all about their beloved Rangers.

Formation: 4-3-3
Style: +2
Manager: Stevenakios Gerardikis
Current Record: 5W - 5D - 8L
Largest Victory: N/A, all games won were only by 1 goal
Largest Loss: Rangers FC 3 - 5 The Jovannic
Highest Scoring: Rangers FC 3 - 5 The Jovannic

Changes from World Cup 86:
• Nicolis Katiciskis‘ status changed to “still injured”. He’ll be gone a while.
• Rangers fans are slightly more optimistic after their solid qualifying campaign, where they won and drew 10 games combined, while losing 8 of them. That’s 20 points!

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Aye, of course!
Godmod scoring events: Aye
RP injuries to my players: Aye
Godmod Injuries to my players: Aye
Suspend my players: Aye
Godmod suspension events: Aye
Godmod other events: Aye

Note: We are a club, not a national team or country :P
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Result verdict: We played our reserves... and they still lost!
Ger of the Match: Calvin Bassey
League position: 2nd (as always)
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Postby Sylestone » Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:03 am

Style Modifier: -4
Formation: 5-3-2
RP allowances: Godmodding is encouraged. No more than two red cards or three yellows.

Home Kit:

Away Kit:
Big shout out to Ziwana for making this kit. Despite Sylestone's national side being Appliances, there have been complaints from the public about not having a kit, so we have taken that into account.

Brick Wall
Position: Goalkeeper
About: The Brick Wall is quite literally a Brick Wall in the goals, stopping almost every shot. However, his dimensions are far off the dimensions of a soccer goal, so goals still go in as he shuffled around.
Dirty Tactics: Ramming into the occasional striker who dribbles the ball towards him instead of just shooting.

Ironing Board
Position: Defender
About: The Ironing Board is well known across Sylestone for his brilliant defence and his ability to stop almost every dribbling striker in their tracks.
Dirty Tactics: Used his flexible legs to stop the ball from passing through the defence and uses his iron to warn off opposing strikers with its heat.

Position: Defender
About: The Dishwasher is an interesting character in the Sylestonean defence. His large body stops a lot of balls from going into the goalmouth.
Dirty Tactics: Speed water everywhere in the defence, especially in the second half, which bogs the playing field, stopping many offensive moves in their tracks.

Tumble Dryer
Position: Striker
About: One of Sylestone’s main two strikers, the Tumble Dryer is a brilliant but inaccurate goal scorer for the Sylestonean side. One to watch.
Dirty Tactics: Spins the ball around in his Dryer and flings it at the goal. Also shuts the machine and carries the ball inside it.

Washing Machine
Position: Defender
About: Another large sentient object in the defence, the Washing Machine is once again, another player who stops many offensives with his large body.
Dirty Tactics: Is basically a combination of the Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Spews water everywhere and flings the ball out of himself at odd angles.

Position: Defender
About: Sylestone's defence is full of their largest sentient athletes and the Sofa is the largest of them. His defence has been the best all tournament and he runs the backline. A lot will be reliant on him if Sylestone are to get a respectable result this tournament.
Dirty Tactics: Can speak into the minds of opposition, giving them a feeling of wanting to sit down and relax.

Position: Midfielder
About: Another large object, but this time it is located in Sylestone's midfield. He is the king of dirty tactics and runs opponents down with his buff body. Easily the most laughable of all of the Sylestonean Appliances.
Dirty Tactics: Has many of them, most of which can't be named. His main one is shutting his door and running towards the goal with the ball inside. Others include his super-appliance jumping skills and cold breath.

Bar Stool
Position: Midfielder
About: If the Fridge is the dirtiest, the Bar Stool is the cheekiest. He doesn't have any of his own dirty tactics, but he "allies" with another object and uses them to perform his own. Definitely an unpredictable character and one to watch out for.
Dirty Tactics: One of his tactics is to be the one who kicks the ball inside the Fridge when he goes off on his run. He also stands on other objects to reach high balls.

Position: Defender
About: One of Sylestone's lesser defenders, the Drawer is quite a stationary object in the defence. He stands in your road and doesn't let you past and is more of a sweeper. Still, a force to be reckoned with, though.
Dirty Tactics: Keeps the ball in one of his chests when they are doing well so the opposition has a lesser chance of scoring.

Position: Midfielder
About: I always thought a Stove without pots and pans would be useless, but it isn't so. This stove has a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve and is certainly one of the Sylestonean players the opposition midfielders need to deal with sooner rather than later.
Dirty Tactics: Makes the air really hot around him, as opposed to the Fridge.

Position: Striker
About: Arguably Sylestone's most valuable player, the Mixer is a star dribbler and striker. His goal scoring ratio isn't so great and that is mainly the Tumble Dryer's job, but he is the one that actually gets the ball to that point. However, he is quite unpredictable and sometimes his dribbling skills go horribly wrong, especially considering the ball is about the size of his body.
Dirty Tactics:
Weaves in and out of defenders with his tiny size and amazing dribbling skills. Gets unplugged a bit too often, though.

Table - Goalkeeper
Spiderwebs - Midfielder
Toilet - Defender

Manager: Toilet
Coach: Toaster

National Team Stats:
All-time record: 21 wins, 18 draws, 53 losses
Largest Win: Sylestone 5-1 Megistos (pre CoH 77)
Largest Loss: Busoga Islands 5-1 Sylestone (CoH 77)
First Game: Sylestone 0-0 Pangurstan (BoF 72)
First Win: Sylestone 3-1 Floyssau (BoF 72)
Football: CoH 78 third place, MSMT runners up, IFC 1 runners up
Aussie Rules: ARWC I semifinalists

CoH 78, IFC I

President of Aussie Rules (WC)
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Postby Springmont » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:41 am



Springmont National Team

Manager: Kristofer Donatis Image
Head Coach: Cyril Pourner Image
Brooks Thurmond
Coach: Rueben Alzaga Image
Captain: Carmelo Heckbert
Vice Captain: Salton Kingbury

- 5th MAC: Group stage - under Kristofer Donatis
- XIV Olympiad : Round of 16 - under Kristofer Donatis
- WORLD CUP 86 : Q Group Stage - under Kristofer Donatis



style +1.33

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: N

Springmont National Stadium


All home matches for the Springmont team will be held at Esthampton Citypark, 10km from the capital, South Winbridge. Esthampton Citypark (23,339) equip with 61 state of arts electronic turnstiles and new safety systems, concession stands and toilets, lifts, staircases and access ramp, complete with 34 private skyboxes to improve revenue collections. Compositionally the huge alter will come from totally modern roof, to begin with time ever completely built with steel trusses. Spanning over 29 meters, it’s anticipated to supply much way better assurance to individuals interior the stadium. Also, using lighter steel structure will provide room for skyboxes beyond the main grandstand.

In terms of aesthetics, all of the new roof will reach equal height regardless of varying concrete stand levels. From the outside the stadium will be covered with aluminum sheets forming 3m-wide panels waved individually. Capacity of 23,339, perhaps lower then 30,000 when is planned. In that number there will be 34 skyboxes, while all fans will be able to utilize a few of the 1,280 parking lots in nearby vicinity, of which 200-300 are planned to be under ground in next phase projects. The stadium clearly stands out in local landscape thanks to its bright golden colour and dynamic, sharp shape. At the tallest point it rises to 37 meters and is planned to take after a blossoming flower bud, celebrating our culture and nature.


Esthampton Citypark Stadium is located in the Esthampton Citypark Complex which is also home to the SFA Headquarters building, Titus Campolongo Tactics Research Center, and Harrison Corna Training Ground. Several small fields and small courts were also built around it.

Springmont Football Association (SFA) Official Partners 2021-2025

SpringmontAir started service in September, 1998, as a “New Wing” for the aviation industry in Springmont. Since then, we continue to strive for safe operation. SpringmontAir is still a new company. However, we will make a new ingenious business model and continue to provide evermore reasonable fares to exploit new market. Springmont has been choice as Springmont Football Association (SFA) airlines partners.

Corndaglish Motors is the automotive arm of Corndaglish Holding and is involved in the manufacturer, retail, distribution, and assembly of automotive businesses. It has operations in nine markets across the Melayu Archipelago region. Corndaglish Motors was SFA official partners.

Henrixo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a Montian multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hearthbury High of Pieterhound. Henrixo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is involved in manufacture of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical substances, multivitamin and intermediates. Henrixo is SFA multivitamin official partners.

Danford Market Ltd. is a Springmont-based retailing company. The Company is engaged in the business of retailing a range of household and consumer products through departmental stores. It operates through approximately 80 such departmental stores located in approximately 40 cities. Its products include apparel and non-apparels. Its non-apparel category includes cosmetics, personal accessories, and leather goods, homewares, electronics, books, and music. The Company, through its Website, Danford e-link, offers international and national brands in men's, women's and kids apparel; gifts and fashion accessories, such as ladies watches, men's watches, artificial jewelry, fine jewelry, handbags, fragrances, men's and women's footwear, home furnishing and decor products. Danford Market was SFA official partners.

Bluethorn Hotel Group is a Springmont-based hotelier and investment holding company. The principal business activities of the Company are those of hotel ownership, management and operation, property development and investment holding. The Company's segments are Hotels, Properties and Others. The Hotels segment primarily includes the operations of the hotels and the shopping galleries of the Company, as well as the provision of hotel management services. The Company also engages in the rental of rooms and shop units, and sale of food and beverage. The Properties segment includes the rental and sale operations on residential properties and commercial units. Bluethorn was SFA hotels official partners.

Zicosoft Technology Pvt. Ltd, formerly known as Zicosoft International, is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic products in Springmont and abroad. It produces, processes, develops and sells software, instrumentation, and security equipment. The company provides electrical equipment and measuring and imaging instruments, and opto-electronic modules. They also that engages in the development of information industry through business model, technology and product innovation, providing professional IT service with a wide range of technical service, agricultural information, application software development, special financial equipment, integrated solutions to key industries such as finance, government and enterprises, telecommunications, agriculture and manufacturing. Zicosoft was SFA communication solution official partners.
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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:26 am

Sarzonia Stars


Note: Home kits have a primarily navy colour scheme; away kits are primarily white; keeper kits are green. Kits designed by Starblaydia

If my opponent RP's first, they have permission to do the following:
Style: 0 (balanced between offensive and defensive)
Formation: 4-4-2
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (stuff like deciding who scores a PK, who passes to whom and how the goal's scored is cool. Weird shit is not.)
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: N
Yellow Card Players: N
Godmod Other Events: N

Manager: Kevin Connelly (59 years old)
Connelly agreed to come out of retirement to help novice manager Bryan Ostrom with learning the ropes of being an in-match manager during AOCAF, and agreed to one more go as an assistant manager during World Cup 84 qualifying. He is more defensive minded than Ostrom was. He took over the team after Ostrom's suicide. He stayed on after Sarzonia finished third in the Cup of Harmony and qualified for the World Cup.
Assistant Manager: Kevin Wilson (57 years old)
The former "B-Stars" national team manager previously served as the AOCAF team's manager, but now steps in as an assistant for the main national team with Connelly's ascension to manager. He takes over the more offensive role from Ostrom.

HOME GROUND: Dave Wilson Stadium, Woodstock (105,690 capacity, natural grass field); alternate home ground i Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock (75,900 capacity)

Roster (Starters in bold)

1 Carlton Sandt, 21, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Lakiska SC, Banijan Soccer League)
Sandt is the younger brother of legendary Stars goalkeeper Horace Sandt. He won the starting job for the Wanderers as a true freshman and led a previously downtrodden side to the national semifinals. He has catlike reflexes and is quick off his line. Can get too aggressive.
30 Paolo Gomes, 27, 5-foot-9, 165 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Gomes recently migrated to Sarzonia and earned a spot on the Stars national team with his quickness in the box. Plays a lot on instinct.

4 Charlie King, 26, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
King plays as a defensive-oriented fullback, often marking the opposing team's top striker. He relies more on positioning and reading his opponent's tendencies and body language to figure out where to run than on speed. He's not exactly a burner.
5 Tommy Benignati, 29, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (Wilmington FC)
The older brother of Marco Beningnati, Tommy plays a much more rugged style than Marco does. Can play sweeper in a three-back lineup.
7 Matt Taylor, 24, 6-feet, 185 pounds (Burlington Browns)
Taylor's speed lends itself to being a fullback, but he plays halfback for the Browns. He has a tendency to struggle with more physical forwards and offensive midfielders.
13 Russ Howard, 34, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds (Nicksia Knights)
Howard is on the roster as much for his veteran leadership and for being a coach on the pitch as he is for his manmarking abilities. He and Taylor are rooming together during qualifying.
18 Ben Russell, 30, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Rochester Renegades
In his first season as team captain of the Renegades, he led the team to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship, resulting in the team's promotion to the Cyanea League. If he's on the pitch in the event Howard gets subbed for, he will don the captain's armband. He is a reserve halfback for the Stars.
22 Carmela Bowen, 28, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds, Woodstock Justice
Brown plays fullback for the Justice, a Sarzonian women's football team, and typically marks whomever the playmaking midfielder is. Her stamina earned her a spot on the national team.
6 George Morrison, 34 D/M 6'2 185 pounds, Nicksia Knights
Morrison is the only Stars player with significant international experience prior to this year, having competed in an AOCAF 10 years ago. He is here to help provide veteran leadership and bench depth.

8 Ernie Mabree, 26, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds (FC Corcorran)
Mabree has one of the better left-booted shots in the Sarzonian league structure and is one of the fastest players in Sarzonia. He'll play an important role in Sarzonia's offence.
10 Brady Reynolds, 28, 6-foot-2, 185 pounds (Portland Timbers
Donning the 10 shirt for the Stars, Reynolds can be very creative with the ball and will often take corner kicks and free kicks. Predominantly a right-booted player, but he's worked a lot during the offseason on improving with his left boot.
20 Clayton Wilson, 21, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, (Woodstock Wild) Captain
A grandson of legendary Stars forward Brian Wilson and great-grandson of coach Dave Wilson, Clayton is not just a fourth generation star among the Stars, he served as the playmaker for the Under 21 Stars and is a sterling wing player on the Wild.
18 Carlos dos Santos, 25, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
A right wing player, he will sometimes be called upon to take free kicks if Reynolds is unable to for some reason.
16 Trisha Collins, 32, 5-foot-6, 125 pounds (Portland Thorns)
Collins will assume the same role with the national team that she does for the Thorns in Sarzonia's women's football league as a defensive midfielder and general pest.
28 Travis D'Agostino, 30, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, (Wilmington FC)
D'Agostino will provide depth for the defensive midfield for the Stars. He starts for Wilmington in that role.
30 Erik Swann, 24, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Swann's strength is being a late-match offensive substitute who can score in a pinch.

11 Cayden Aguirre, 32, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds (Nicksia Knights)
Aguirre is the creative forward on the squad with an ability to pinch hit as a playmaking midfielder in late-match situations in the event of defensive-minded substitutions.
21 Jake Campos, 21, 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, (Portland Timbers)
Campos is a straight up target player in the front line. His leaping ability makes him a prime candidate for headers in the box off corner kicks and indirect free kicks. He played on the Junior Stars team that competed in the most recent AOCAF.
17 Mek'hi West, 33, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
West is similar in style to Campos, but with West 18 months removed from a torn ACL, he's still working toward being match fit for a full 90 minutes. He can give a good 45-50 minutes at a time before he has to be substituted for when he's a starter.
19 Holly Cambrio, 26, 5-foot-7, 145 pounds (Woodstock Justice)
Cambrio adds flair and ball movement skill and the ability to serve as a sparkplug off the bench, but would be a starter for a women's national team if that competition got resurrected.
World Lacrosse Council President. Member of the FWC and WBC Councils and the WCoH Federation.
World Cup 22; World Baseball Classic 18; Di Bradini Cup 8 (U21 World Cup 29); World Bowl XI & XIV; FHWC 15 & 18; Quidditch World Cup 9; NS World Cup of Masters; World Indoor Soccer Championship I; Aussie Rules Football World Cup I; World Softball Classic I; AOCAF XII & XXIX; Gold Coast Basketball Tournament; AOLC 3; 3-time Draggonnii Inviyatii champions; 4-time IBC champions; 5-time WLC winners and Scott Cup champions.
First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22; AOCAF XII and XXIX). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Xanneria » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:39 am

FAX - Xannerian Maroons

Nation: Xanneria
Short Name:: XAN
Head Coach: Myrone Rhule (Galaxy SC)
Style Mod:: +5
Format (F-M-D): 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3+GK


Attack Forwards

#2 Richard Presentino (Galaxy SC)
#12 Devon Leymore (Austin City)

#14 Eddy Peralta (United Marrietta)
#23 Carlton Brower (Austin City)
#24 Kyle Falcon (Anchors FC)Chromatika
#44 Bray Feltzer (Lohr)Chromatika

#31 Jox Alirome (ISC Catalan City) OM
#37 Kaylee Hayes (Northshore FC) DM
#40 Doby Bunnkirk (Port James Athletic)Schottia OM
#43 Franchesca Bonchek (Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM

#50 Alex Bronson (Coquitlam United)Kelssek OM
#52 Lane Stegall (Castleford FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#67 Shane McCormik (East End FC) FC United of Mancodas Potato Farmers DM
#90 Josh Sutton (Pearlham SC) OM

#6 Nikolai Brown (Perce Town)Royal Kingdom of Quebec
#26 James Fillmore (Kyle's Town United) Starcom Racing
#35 Ian Turner (FC St Jakob)Siovanija and Teusland
#45 Liv Brownstreet (Rapido Burns)
#50 Nick Borelli (Reedostown)
#71 Marcis Davidson (Bearden FC)

#0 Leonetta Walters (Brentford FC Ladies)Commonwealth of Baker Park

#10 Dom Brabham (United Marrietta)
#00 Mookie Danube (Dynamo Sjoedrhavn) Savojarna



Clash Uniform

XANAir National Stadium II:
XANAir II is a new state of the art Stadium in downtown Dominica City. Built after the original Stadium was demolished due to cracks forming int he foundation, this stadium is home to both Capital FC and GTHe National Team. It will be a sight to behold as it will also be hosting playoff games.


Xannerian Football is played differently than most countries. For one it is hyper offensive with most teams using either 4 or 5 forwards who run directly at the goal with balls being passed only when necessary. Defense is even more alarmingly different as Xanneria RARELY calls penelties on diving (unless injuries occur) and its actually common for players to attempt to bump other players out of the way, granted this is also heavily moderated (Shoving a player with your hands is a penalty and shoving a player perpendicular to you is also a penalty). International players are trying to surpress excessive brutality, but sometimes in the heat of the game they forget. So feel free to have some of my players get Yellow carded for aggressive play.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (Within reason)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: n
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 70-23-56 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Squidroidia » Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:52 am

How the hell did this team get fifth place in qualifying?

I mean yeah, they did lose to the big seeds (And some of the small ones, looking at you, Wymondham and 'Racna), but the Squidroidians, in their debut campaign in qualification, mustered 5th in the group of death. It wasn't even the best result a BoF 73 nation had in qualifying. Tikariot nearly got 2nd in their group, losing out to TJUN-ia, and Græntfjall got 2nd and went to the playoff round!

But this isn't qualification any more. This is the Cup Of Harmony. AKA the reject tournament for all of those nations who had regular wall-to-wall coverage on their nation's qualification campaign, from the first kick of the first game to agonizing elimination. There is no way to go but to do your best here. And Manager Ryuzaki knows this.

64 teams will enter Sylestone and Ethane, one of them being the Inklings. But only one will lift it. Will it be us? Probably not. Can we try? Of course we can. We beat Flavovespia home and away and beat Quebec away from home, we can do this!

All we need is a way to not blow it...

Squidroidia Inklings

National football team for the Seventy Eighth Cup of Harmony


Squidroidia's specially made home and away kits for Cup of Harmony 78 (The home kit was borrowed from World Cup 86

Manager: Ryūzaki Mito
From: Inkopolis, Squidroidia
Record: 22 wins, 9 draws, 15 losses, 5th place in Group 15 of World Cup 86 qualification

NOTE: All players bolded going forward are starters
Go Kyushichi, #1, human, 36 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) goalkeeper
Takemoto Shingen, #12, human, 30 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) goalkeeper
Shota Abe, #21, human, 27 y/o, 25 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) goalkeeper

Yoichi Shigeko, #2, human, 28 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) leftback
Umezaki Moronobu, #3, human, 24 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) centerback
Muto Toki, #4, human, 21 y/o, Octo Valley FC (SQR) centerback
Toujou Shihei, #5, human, 30 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) rightback
Baldric Bertolini, #15, Inkling boy, 17 y/o, Tractor Club Sawyama U19 (SQR) centerback
Ogasawara Arinori, #99, human, 33 y/o, Midnight Soccer Club (SQR) centerback
Tomatsu Kane, #14, human, 27 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) rightback
Florianne Meeuwessen, #60, Inkling girl, 18 y/o, Inkopolis FC Junior Team (SQR) leftback

Jo Jun, #8, human, 30 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) defensive midfielder
Shoji Shiko, #7, human, 31 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) midfielder
Yoneda Toshikuni, #20, 27 y/o, Tyranny Sports Club (SQR) midfielder
Kabuto Tadataka, #10, human, 24 y/o. Midnight Soccer Club (SQR) defensive midfielder
Charlie Colbert, #22, Inkling boy, 18 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak Cadets (SQR) midfielder
Henriette Brooks, #73, Inkling girl, 20 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) midfielder

Itoh Hoshi, #9, human, 31 y/o, Shorterville AC (XAN) striker
Ohashi Kiichi, #16, human, 26 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) left winger
Makino Hideo, #11, human, 22 y/o, Walstreim Lions (SNL) striker, converted to right winger for NT use
Ira Alting, #26, Inkling boy, 18 y/o, Real Squidroid Caos Joven (SQR) left winger
Sho Itō, #24, human, 19 y/o, Starlight Boulevard FC (SQR) right winger
Amagawa Katsuyoshi, #33, human, 25 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) striker

Style Mod -  +1
RP Permissions - I will allow the person who RPs my match before I can to:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Please TG me beforehand
RP injuries to my players - Yes, only minor
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes, no career ending, please TG me beforehand
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes, once or twice per match
Godmod other events - Please TG me beforehand
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Postby Cheergirls » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:40 am

Cheergirls Roster

Presenting the roster for the small cheerleading obsessed nation of Cheergirls! Note that other then a player designated as the goalkeeper, they have no positions. The team essentially runs around at will with no organization, whatsoever. Yes, they wear a full cheerleading uniform on the field.

Coach- Sarah Drennan (29)

Designated Starting Goalkeeper:
#1- Katie Golden (18)

Other Starters
#2- Meghan Banks (19, Captain)
#3- Paige Dyson (19)
#4- Jenna Anderson (18)
#5- Tori Allen (20)
#6- Allyson Vernola (19)
#7- Daniella Catti (20)
#8- Brianna Collier (18)
#9- Jessica Murphy (19)
#10- Tara Milford (18)
#11- Mallory Webster (18)

(Again, there are no organized positions, so don't assume common forward numbers like 9/10/11 are the most common scorers. Anyone is equally capable of scoring).

Designated Goalkeepers- Bench:
#50- Lori Thomas (18)
#51- Nicole Watson (17)

Also On Roster:
#12- Shannon Geracia (19)
#13- Courtney Harding (18)
#14- Michelle Litchman (18)
#15- Ariel Parker (17)
#16- Destiny Bell (19)
#17- Hannah McMinn (17)
#18- Lauren Klein (16)
#19- Chrissy Hamilton (18)
#20- Krista Horton (17)
#21- Becca Taylor (17)
#22- Rachel Thompson (16)
#23- Ella Carmichael (17)
#24- Stacey Dunham (17)
#25- Natalie Lozelle (16)

Style Mod: -5

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but only say they hurt
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more then one more then you give yourself.
Godmod other events: TG idea first. If it fits the theme of my team, I probably will allow it.
Nations RP’ing against us are free to use anyone in the “Also On Roster” section as a substitute.
*\o/* Cheerleading obsessed puppet of Cassadaigua *\o/*

(No IC connection between the two)

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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:04 pm

The search to find Kevin Connelly's successor as the Sarzonian national football team manager was underway. Unlike the previous half-hearted attempt, Incorporated Football Federation Chairman Zack Wilson was determined to bring in a manager who could infuse energy into a team that needed a jolt of it.

Despite ascending to the 28th ranking in the multiverse, the Stars failed in their attempt to mark their second consecutive trip to the World Cup proper after they stunned the world by making it back in only two cycles. That said, Zack Wilson was ready to go in a different direction with the Stars.

Connelly did a phenomenal job in leading a grieving team through all the accompanying emotions of a manager's suicide and all the well-meaning tributes to a man who never managed a senior national team in a World Cup qualifying match that often only underscored the swirling emotions. He also had tremendous football success in leading the Stars to massive upset victories and a shock third place finish in the 76th Cup of Harmony.

Then there was the qualifying for World Cup 85 that saw Sarzonia return to the game's biggest stage. Even their group stage finale flame out against eventual champion Free Republics did little to arrest the enthusiasm among Stars supporters. After all, they had a victory over eventual bronze medalists Nephara during qualifying and a win over runners up Banija in the group stage.

This time, however, Sarzonia couldn't overcome its habit of starting slowly out of the gate and lost out to Baptism of Fire Cup champions Graintfjall. Hell, even previously unranked Yuezhou took four of a possible six points from the Stars. Wilson wasn't going to fire Connelly, but he wasn't going to stand in his way of wanting to retire to the beach, the sand, and the serenity they provided.

The first candidate, Sarzonian under 21 national team manager Nathan Hanifer had just finished his presentation an hour ago. After the IFF committee had their prescribed lunch, they were awaiting the next candidate.

"Who's the next candidate?" Wilson asked IFF secretary Terryn Daniels.

"Nicola Mentes," she said. "He's the manager of the Megistan under 18 national team.

"All right," Wilson said, trying to suppress his surprise that an international candidate who wasn't a senior national team manager would express interest in this opening.

"Send him in."
World Lacrosse Council President. Member of the FWC and WBC Councils and the WCoH Federation.
World Cup 22; World Baseball Classic 18; Di Bradini Cup 8 (U21 World Cup 29); World Bowl XI & XIV; FHWC 15 & 18; Quidditch World Cup 9; NS World Cup of Masters; World Indoor Soccer Championship I; Aussie Rules Football World Cup I; World Softball Classic I; AOCAF XII & XXIX; Gold Coast Basketball Tournament; AOLC 3; 3-time Draggonnii Inviyatii champions; 4-time IBC champions; 5-time WLC winners and Scott Cup champions.
First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22; AOCAF XII and XXIX). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Tioguldos » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:41 pm

Jafarolués fa Jídgem fa Tioguldós
Tioguldós Football Federation

National Football Team of Tioguldós "The Red Army"

After Tioguldós finished 4th in their group for the World Cup Qualifiers, coach Gupder Mebal proposed a significant change in the tactical approach of the team that he presented in the Cup of Harmony. Instead of maintaining the reactive and forceful style in the counterattack, based on technical prowess and raw creativity, this squad is much more structured, aggressive, and proactive.

In the qualifiers, the Red Army aspired to finish beyond the middle of the table. Now the team has high expectations and is considering a far-reaching fight for the title. There are great competitors present, so it will not be an easy task. However, taking into account the good performances shown in the last 18 games, Tioguldós is hopeful.

The renewal of the squad has not only brought new faces to the Red Army, some in high demand, such as the cases of Lorokelo, Poir, and Fasora; It has also left out relevant figures such as Oches, Albofokh, and Omnofo. Decisions harshly criticized by 'The Vanguard,' the fans of the Red Army.


Tioguldós is a recently created socialist republic just ten years old. Its origin dates back to an armed uprising in which is now the national capital, Nor fam Bmodo, in which the workers overthrew the false democracy imposed on the Republic of Orkasduso. Orkasduso was a developing nation, rich in natural resources, but with minimal income, since almost all control over them was exercised by foreign companies. Insufficient industrialization added to capital flight impeded the growth of the productive force and progressively displaced the national bourgeoisie. Centuries ago, it had been a colony of a great empire, which brutally murdered the natives and replaced the original population. Although they formally managed to become independent, the people of Orkasduso never achieved sovereignty over their lands or their work. Millions lived in deplorable conditions for years, and those who lived well were vulnerable. The advent of the armed revolt led to the beginning of a revolutionary movement, which acted in three separate regions and gained control over most of the territory. Today these three regions correspond to Caraludme, Bonbokh u Piche, and Tioguldós. Between the three, they make up the Union of Patagonian People's Republics. The UPPR rules over the three nations, but they have a very high level of autonomy.

The Tiog State has proposed profound economic changes with the intention of achieving an industrial development that can sustain the advance to the final phase of socialism. In the words of President Lamuso Tuerfose, "you cannot build socialism if there is poverty in the country. It is necessary to develop the productive forces to provide each citizen with everything she needs."

At present, an armed uprising has started south of the territory controlled by the Republic of Orkasduso. The people have taken up arms, vindicating themselves as Tiogs and opposing the capitalist regime. Tioguldós is expected to send troops from the People's Liberation Army to the north of the country to pressure the Orkasdusian Armed Forces to hold a position in Giasekh Ourakh. The armed conflict could severely undermine the normal functioning of football in Tioguldós. However, leaders of the Communist Party of Tioguldós have expressed their reassurance that Orkasduso will not be able to enter the territory without immediately collapsing before the revolutionary troops. Some players, such as the international Tilde Lomifal, have joined the PLAT Militia to travel to the Borosó Corridor to intercept the Orkasduso supply shipment.


Due to the immigration that has occurred during the last centuries, Tioguldós is a multiethnic nation in which people of varied descent coexist. For the most part, their descendants are native or from the empire that colonized the lands centuries ago and its surroundings. The territory has been subject to sharp demographic fluctuations since the beginning of the revolution. Many opponents of the Workers' State fled the country, while hundreds of thousands came from abroad seeking a better future.

The official language is Tiog, a language spoken by very few people outside the UPPR. Other native and foreign languages are spoken by small minority communities.

The vast majority of the population is atheist, followed by Christians, various native religions, and finally a very small fraction follow some other religion. While there is freedom of belief, any religious establishment must be completely autonomous, detached from international organizations, must certify that it does not charge its members more than the value of the rent and minimum wage for their clergy, and must guarantee that it does not negatively affect the health or well-being of its members.

The people of Tioguldós are usually friendly, trustworthy and supportive. On the whole, Tiogs are direct and blunt. They are warm people who often communicate in close contact with one another. It is not uncommon to have little physical distance between speakers. Tiog people have BIG personalities. They are generous and friendly and will take you into their bosom and talk with you until you can talk no more. And then they will talk some more. They have all the time in the world to converse and have an opinion on everything. Even the quiet gentle ones will talk when they can get a word in above their more gregarious friends. Some are loud and dominant, waving their arms in their excitement, even if it is a conversation about the more mundane things in life. Others sit very quietly, yet still command attention. Notably, the quietest of the Tiogs can be the most passionate and outgoing when going to see the Red Army. They can be analytical and calculating, and at the same time energetic. Of course, there are exceptions.There is no simple Tiog archetype.

Fans of the Red Army are recognized for their effervescence. They encourage the team regardless of the result, chanting and jumping tirelessly during the ninety minutes. The roar of the goal cry erupts in a wave of raised hands and red flags. A crowd reflects its people. For a team from quieter nations where the background is more peaceful, facing a crowd packed with Tiogs at Ísupe Stadium can be a unique experience. The happy atmosphere of the match meets the unbridled passion for the Red Army. While violence has largely been eradicated from Tioguldós stadiums, it is not impossible for it to happen. Still, Tiog attendance is much higher in Tioguldós, where security forces effectively prevent exceptional situations.


Home - Away - GK kits

Staff and players

Coach: Gúpder Mebal (former coach of Image Nofararekh Faberdakh)
Assistant coach: Moro Refrukal
GK coach: Loniam Busfe
Fitness coach: Fanuós Kerfes
Doctor: Jarnús Nordusel
Physiotherapist: Relúe Losdoso


GK - Arsós Boal: A consistent goalkeeper. He kept his goal safe throughout the Muko Tiog season despite Faberdakh Tisús' defensive deficiencies. Tall and with good coverage, he is especially good at cross balls to the far post, yet he does not perform very well on penalties. He usually advances with the ball at his feet, organizing the team towards the middle of the field. He is a person of great composure, who does not lose concentration in moments of tension.

LB - Kildoge Fenuskal: Fenuskal is a fullback, although he seems not to know it. In the field he is one more striker. It is common to see him offering for a pass between the opposing defense lines. He has great capacity for long passes and is the fastest player on the team. In terms of personality, his incisive and ambitious character perfectly describe why he is the captain of Draspa Moipas. As they say in Tioguldós, Draspa Moipas plays with 11 forwards.

RB - Refruke Lóroda: Lóroda is a vastly complete player. His is a defensive change for the team, as he replaces Norue Gomospar, a very offensive player. Lóroda is concise in defense, and although he does not usually enter the box or reach the end line, he is very well positioned on the wing and provides support to the midfield. Lóroda is a vastly complete player. His is a defensive change for the team, as he replaces Norue Gomospar, a very offensive player. Lóroda is concise in defense, and although he does not usually enter the box or reach the end line, he is very well positioned on the wing and provides support to the midfield. He characterizes by his even-temper and leadership skills.

CB - Erolue Melofo: Erolue Melofo is agile compared to most central defenders. His physical strength and speed make him a locomotive when he runs to fight balls. He is a good tackler and makes few fouls. Mebal chose him to provide greater defensive security in counterattacks. However, he is one of the players who has received the most criticism, with many fans preferring to see Miluose Oches instead.

CB - Nukam Poir: Poir's is possibly the most relevant change in the defense line of the Red Army. Tilde Lomifal was a very tall and heavy center back, nicknamed 'Boraf,' which means 'wall.' Meanwhile, Poir likes to play with the ball. He runs with his head up, looking for passes and keeping the ball. In the WCQ, Fenuskal used to be the one who broke position in attack to go from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3. Now, this role is sometimes taken over by Poir, leaving Fenuskal to cover the backline.

DM - Refruke Lorokelo: Lorokelo acts as a screening midfielder in defense, and opens to one side of the center circle playing alongside Fenuskal or Poir in attack, switching to a box-to-box style, often giving the last pass to a forward or even kicking the goal. He stands out for his speed and stamina. Fans of Nor fam Bmodo, his former team, say they never saw him slow down.

CM - Lumugue 'Nese' Niforro: 'Nese' means 'Monkey'. As his nickname suggests, Nese Niforro is a really charismatic player. Always cheerful and jocund. When he carries the ball, he is able to surprise with an amazing dribble, or an unexpected pass. When his teammates have it, the captain orders the team. If the other team has it... Let's just say they have to be careful if Niforro is around. If he's in range, he won't hesitate to tackle. Together with his Pmig Enako teammate, Losduse Albofokh, they make up a pair of midfielders to fear. Not only because of their defensive toughness, but also because of their playmaking skills.

OM - Óstam Perda Raom: If we talk about a classic 'No 10', Perda Raom is the first name mentioned in Tioguldós. Supported by the constant marking of his team, Perda Raom does not run all over the field. Instead, he positions himself well and controls the ball outstandingly. 'The best defense is to have the ball', he says, confident. He handles the ball with such quality that it seems to move in slow motion, yet he is completely unpredictable. He is possibly the most thoughtful and intelligent player in the country. He's also a very good free kick shooter.

LF - Omgarde Besel: Besel is a sober and structured player. He does not usually leave his position; he always comes down to defend with the team; and never ignores the coach. He is a clear example of the idiosyncrasy of his local team, Pmig Enako. Although the team loses some of its explosiveness in attack with the absence of Mongard and Omnofo, this offensive layout is much more disciplined, and the coach hopes that this will give the Red Army greater effectiveness in the development of the plays.

RF - Pmoifue Jopar: Jopar is a cocky, rebellious, arrogant player. He is usually the first to fight over some minor play. Mebal chose him because he believes that he can be a determining factor in the concentration of opposing defenders. Jopar is almost a kind of "street-baller," he plays football as if he were on a local field in his native Barkenuse. He is a player with a good physique, very complete. He's not extremely good at any particular thing, but he can dribble, kick with power and precision, and has an excellent ability to stand between lines of defense.

CF - Ugós Oroso: He is without a doubt the best player in the Red Army. He is a very complete striker. He's good on the ball, he shoots with precision, he heads excellently, and when his teammates control the ball he can confuse defenders and generate plays without even touching it. Oroso performs fantastically as a False 9, but can easily act as a striker if necessary, as he did this season with OMB, ending up as top scorer. He is laid back and has a very special affection for fans. Every goal he scores is a goal for them.


Formation: 4-3-3
Style Mod: +3

For this CoH, Gúpder Mebal made some slight changes to the tactics of the Red Army. He's keeping the 4-3-3 with offensive midfielder and false 9, but this time the team will use a flexible formation, switching between 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 or between 4-3-3 and 4-2-2-3 depending on the matchup. The objective of this tactic is to hold the ball more consistently, controlling the match and dominating the opponent. The coach not only knows that the matches will not be as intense as in WC but also takes into account that the competition will be somewhat more relaxed.

The style of play bases on playing horizontally, making passes from the defense, and progressively advancing towards the opposite box. The ball is rarely passed high, prioritizing short passes and opening spaces. Once the ball passes the halfway line, either Fenuskal or Poir step forward and support the team, reacting as screening midfielders if the team loses the ball and resuming their position if possible. Once the ball circulates to the doors of the opposing box, the false 9 maintains its rear position close to the center circle, attracting the center-backs and attacking in conjunction with the offensive midfielder and the wide forwards. The latter make diagonal runs into the box, seeking to appear behind the backs of the center-backs when they lower their guard.

It is a very engaging style of play that requires intense training and great cohesion within the squad. Gúpder Mebal is acknowledged as a great coach for his exceptional ability to encourage players to work as a team and achieve their full potential.

Relevant things for RPs

Captain: 1. Niforro 2. Lóroda

Most likely to score: 1. Oroso 2. Jopar, Besel 3. Niforro, Perda Raom

Most likely to score a header: 1. Oroso 2. Jopar 3. Niforro, Besel

Most likely to assist: 1. Perda Raom, Besel 2. Jopar, Oroso 3. Niforro, Lorokelo

Most likely to take a long shot: 1. Niforro 2. Perda Raom 4. Oroso, Lorokelo

Most likely to be booked: 1. Jopar, Niforro 2. Fenuskal, Poir, Lorokelo 3. Lóroda, Melofo

Most likely to be sent off: Jopar

Most likely to take a free kick: 1. Perda Raom 2. Niforro 3. Oroso

Most likely to take a corner kick: 1. Perda Raom 2. Besel 3. Fenuskal

Most likely to take a penalty: 1. Oroso 2. Perda Raom 3. Jopar, Besel, Niforro

Most likely substitutions if Tioguldós is narrowly winning: Perda Raom/Osfomilúo, Fenuskal/Nokochosal, Jopar/Fasora

Most likely substitutions if Tioguldós is dominating: Oroso/Fa Mekh Rachakh, Besel/Fusul, Perda Raom/Geslu, Niforro/Osfomilúo, Besel/Fasora

Most likely substitutions if we're tied: Besel/Fasora, Perda Raom/Osfomilúo, Perda Raom/Fasora, Niforro/Fasora

Most likely substitutions if Tioguldós is losing: Lóroda/Osfomilúo, Perda Raom/Fasora, Besel/Fasora, Oroso/Korou

Most likely to do weird shit: Fa Mekh Rachakh

RP permissions
If my opponent RP first, they may do the following
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose Scoring events: Yes
God-mod Scoring event: Yes
RP injuries to my Players: Yes
God-mod injuries to my Player: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Player: Yes
God-mod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Jeruselem » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:57 pm

Jeruselem's roster

"The Princesses"

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +2

* Boris Lancaster, NS World Cup 85 coach

Official JGN reporters
* Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas of Naked News Jeruselem (aka Princess Kate, Kate San)

GK (M,28) - John Simo - Bald ladies man
GK (F,21) - Holle Kitty - She's a Hello Kitty fan
GK (F,29) - Belle Maestrom - Very talented but also rather easy to trigger for the wrong reasons

DEF (M,25) - Simon Carro - Rabid Vegan activist
DEF (M,23) - Inni Dogstein - Others call him creeper from Minecraft
DEF (F,23) - Queenie Maclaren - Part time race car driver
DEF (F,20) - Gladys Goop - Budding politician
DEF (F,28) - Annabelle Sallad - Another member of off-branch Dallas family
DEF (M,20) - Christos Rave - Party animal

MID (F,23) - Shirakami Fubuki - Not actually her real name, big fan of Hololive member Shirakami Fubuki
MID (M,29) - Bran Cassina - Unassuming player who prefers to not have the spotlight
MID (F,28) - Carrie Fletcher - Loves her hair buns
MID (M,20) - Stan Epstein - Has rich parents
MID (M,23) - Danny Dee - Loves the ladies
MID (F,21) - Ivana Dump - Not brighest spark in the team
MID (F,21) - Dolly Dozer - Cosplay queen

STR (M,20) - Kate Dallas - Not to be confused with Princess Kate, they don't look the same.
STR (F,29) - Aaliyah Dallas - Not the brighest blonde in the team
STR (F,22) - Inugami Korone - The resident doggo
STR (M,28) - Scott Donaldson - His other job is in marketing for insurance
STR (F,23) - Melania Zanic - Former illegal immigrant

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

Dallas count = 2
Sallad count = 1
Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

Land of the Tiger Princesses

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Postby Savigliane » Thu Sep 24, 2020 6:30 pm

Cup of Harmony 78

Savigliane weren't exactly favored in their international debut at the Baptism of Fire, considering the nationwide crisis they're currently working through. Yet despite struggling to adapt to international football while coping with the loss of friends, teammates, and family, Laurent Chambéry's Swans proved disciplined and well-drilled in the Group Stage, conceding just two goals in a five-game unbeaten run. Alas, Glazgo proved too much for the fledgling team in the Round of 16, and Savigliane came into WC86 qualifiers with something to prove. They...failed to prove much of anything, finishing a distant sixth in their qualifiers, which was still just enough to scrape into the Cup of Harmony. Specific information about Savigliane's situation can be found in my first WCQ RP or my BoF RP line. Essentially, the nation has been teleported to the NS world from an IRL equivalent and is still working through the fallout of that event.

NICKNAME: The Swans / The Red and Blues
MANAGER: Edward HERNÁNDEZ - 47 (Northwest Kalactin)
FORMATION: 3-4-1-2

Captain - Camillo Notari
Vice-Captain - Pietro Giraudo
Penalty Taker - Francesco Grimaldi
Free Kick Taker - Gabriel Lefebvre
Corner-Kick Taker - Bertrand Marchetti (L), Gabriel Lefebvre (R)


First choice lineup

When on the attack, Savigliane emphasizes fluid build-up play and using the width provided by their wingbacks - as well as the cover of their back three - to push forward and create overloads (usually on whichever side the more attack-minded wingback, Marchetti, is on). Afterward, the strong passing of Lefebvre and the incisive runs of Coste and Grimaldi are used to create chances. The wingbacks, central midfielders, and even Giraudo are given license to push forward to maintain a numerical advantage, especially against weaker opposition, while long passes to the strikers from Giraudo or the midfield are used as a backup plan against more defensive-minded sides.

While defending, Lefebvre drops back into midfield, the wingbacks fall back, and the two central midfielders are tasked with maintaining a midfield press, trying to keep the ball from the opponents’ more creative midfielder. If possession is regained, Savigliane will try to play the ball out from the back, trusting in the ball-playing skills of the back three.

While Edward Hernandez has been more defensive-minded in the past, he's opted to retain some continuity from Laurent Chambéry's Swans, and plans to play a very similar starting XI and 3-4-1-2 formation. Giraudo is often moved to defensive midfield to switch to four at the back. Another common move is for Lefebvre to be replaced by a natural winger, such as Barthelemy, or another forward, such as Squarciafichi, to shift to a 3-4-3. Additionally, the wing-backs Marchetti and Dutto often switch sides during stops in play, in order to target a specific flank while attacking.

Score a Goal - Francesco Grimaldi, Isabella Coste, Gabriel Lefebvre
Score from Distance - Gabriel Lefebvre, Amara Vatrican, Bertrand Marchetti
Assist a Goal - Gabriel Lefebvre, Isabella Coste, Amara Vatrican
Score off a Header - Francesco Grimaldi, Thea Squarciafichi, Pietro Giraudo
Win a Free Kick/Penalty - Isabella Coste, Giovanna Vitale, Amara Vatrican
Get Sent Off - Marcos Beccaria, Efisio Moreau, Eloisa Fenoglio
Get a Yellow Card - Efisio Moreau, Augustin Dirac, Adrian Toscani
Come Through in the Clutch - Amara Vatrican, Bertrand Marchetti, Francesco Grimaldi


#01 - Camillo NOTARI (C) - 32 - Free Agent
#12 - Charlotte FASANO - 27 - San Ludovico
#23 - Nicolas DuCASSE - 24 - Stade-Ferre Trinité

Notari is a commanding aerial presence, a penalty-kick specialist, and a solid all-around shot-stopper. If he does have a weakness, it’s that he’s a little shaky with distribution, although this has generally been covered by the center-backs’ abilities on the ball. Fasano is a younger, worse version of Notari whose main strength is her agility, while DuCasse is a more modern style of goalkeeper known for his distribution, but with room to improve in the air.


#02 - Adélaïde GARCIA - 24 - AS Villeneuve
#03 - Efisio MOREAU - 29 - Free Agent
#05 - Pietro GIRAUDO - 31 - AC Acqui Bolente

#13 - Rémy LeCLERC - 22 - Stade-Ferre Trinité
#16 - Eloisa FENOGLIO - 33 - Free Agent
#24 - Marco BECCARIA - 30 - Pietrargenta

Giraudo is the real gem in a very skilled trio of defenders. His skill on the ball and ability to make accurate long passes makes him a vital cog in Savigliane’s offense. He’s also a solid defender in his own right - although not particularly athletic, his positioning and tactical acumen are remarkable. Moreau is the brawn to Giraudo’s brain - his aerial presence and strength are both excellent, although he’s more well-rounded than one might expect, and a consummate professional on and off the field. Meanwhile, Garcia is the quickest of the back three - while still occasionally prone to mistakes while on the ball, her athleticism and man-marking capabilities make her a valuable, versatile asset to the national team.

Of the three substitutes, Fenoglio is the best on the ball, but although she’s had a very solid playing career, her athleticism has sharply declined from her peak, and she’s never been a particularly polished center-back. Young LeClerc is sharp, athletic, and versatile (serving as both a center-back and right-back for Trinité), but not polished enough with the ball to earn a starting spot yet. Meanwhile, the appropriately-named Beccaria’s hard-nosed, physical style of play has earned a reputation as one of the most hated players in Savigliane outside of his hometown of Pietrargenta. But while he may be polarizing, he’s also earned cult-hero status for his tactical know-how, his strength, and his aerial presence.


#04 - Bertrand MARCHETTI - 27 - Free Agent
#06 - Amara VATRICAN - 28 - AC Acqui Bolente
#19 - Augustin DIRAC - 24 - L’Escarene SC
#11 - Giovanna VITALE - 25 - Free Agent

#15 - Fabiano DUTTO - 31 - Free Agent
#17 - Nathaniel AUVERGNE - 21 - Free Agent
#22 - Adrian TOSCANI - 22 - Porto Vecchio
#80 - Sébastien PETIT - 29 - Villeneuve NSC

Marchetti may not be the flashiest player on the team, but his endurance, pace, and keen sense of positioning make him absolutely essential to Savigliane’s tactical setup. An excellent passer, Marchetti is capable of making key offensive contributions (although he doesn’t push up as zealously as his counterpart, Vitale), but seemingly is always able to get back in time to disrupt counterattacks or fall back on defense. Dutto is an ambidextrous, versatile, fullback with the pace and endurance to deputize on either side. He’s not as incisive an attacking presence as either Vitale or Marchetti, but is solid enough at the position, even if he’s probably best suited to a back four. Vatrican is the more adventurous of the two center-midfielders, with her excellent dribbling enabling her to make driving runs toward the box, and her accurate - if not particularly creative - passing helping the team advance up the pitch. Dirac is used as more of a holding midfielder for his club, but while his positional awareness and ball-playing skills are excellent for a midfielder of his age, he’s prone to being pushed off the ball and can easily disappear during matches against more physical sides.

Vitale is more explosive than either of the first-choice wingbacks, and her crossing and shooting ability make her more of a direct threat when attacking. A converted winger, she’s not particularly good tracking back, although her athleticism gets her some of the way there. However, with a defensively-minded manager, she's unlikely to get much time as a wing-back unless Savigliane are chasing a goal. Auvergne is a half-Washingtonian young talent whose creativity and physicality make him an incredible prospect despite his lack of speed. Toscani is a technically gifted young midfielder who, despite not being particularly athletic, has already impressed in his short time at Porto Vecchio. He’s capable of playing as a center-midfielder, an attacking-midfielder, or, thanks to his surprisingly good crossing ability, on the wing. Petit is a hard-working box-to-box midfielder on the field, known for his versatility and energy. Off the field, he doesn’t have the best of reputations, which is probably why he didn’t originally make the final cut despite his talent.


#07 - Isabella COSTE - 25 - AS Villeneuve
#09 - Francesco GRIMALDI - 32 - Free Agent
#10 - Gabriel LEFEBVRE - 34 - Free Agent

#18 - Thea SQUARCIAFICHI - 21 - EDC Fossano
#19 - Michael DURAND - 30 - Free Agent
#32 - Zoë BARTHELEMY - 24 - Stade-Ferre Trinité

Grimaldi is a strong, physical presence in the box with a propensity for headers. While still athletic enough to get by in this system, he’s definitely lost a step, and he looks for his own shot a little too much. Coste is the opposite - end product and strength are the only things she lacks, while her speed and dribbling ability make her a constant threat to set up her teammates. Lefebvre is a forward with his club team who Chambéry has opted to deploy as a free-flowing attacking midfielder. What he’s lost in pace he’s made up for with brilliant, creative passes, long-range threat, and general skill on the ball, making him one of the most dangerous players on the team if not dealt with properly.

Squarciafichi, while still unpolished, is a deadly finisher. Although a solid dribbler, her best runs are off the ball, and her passing is definitely a work in progress. Durand is more of a support striker, adept at both scoring and creating and most at home in a more fluid front three. Barthelemy is more of a natural winger, although she’s ambidextrous and versatile enough to play on either wing. Her greatest assets are her energy, pace and dribbling, but she’s a little lacking in end product.

RP PERMISSIONS: Anything non-godmod is fine, TG/DM me for permission to godmod. I determine the severity of injuries.
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Postby Yue Zhou » Thu Sep 24, 2020 6:48 pm

月州人民联邦 - 国际足球队

Manager: Yuan Zilai
Assistant Manager: Liang Wei
Nickname: The Red Dragons
Formation: 5-3-2
Style Modifier: -1.5
Stadium: Yincheng National Workers' Stadium, Yincheng (cap. 42,500)
First-Choice Lineup
Tactics: While Yuan Zilai would like to play a more defensive style, he has recognized that Yuezhou is not strong enough aerially or defending long balls to do so. Instead, he has opted to emphasize an aggressive midfield press. Yuezhou will aim to heavily cover the center of the field and force their opponents to the wings, while using the cover of their back five to aggressively try to win the ball back. With the ball, Yuezhou play a fast-paced, counterattacking style, aiming to rapidly pass the ball up the field and fluidly exploit spaces with constant running and one-touch passes.

National Context: Yuezhou is in a moment of great geopolitical tension. The Yincheng-based central government is in open war against the southern territory of Nanhai, a rich southeastern province who seceded after their demands for further autonomy were not met. Meanwhile, groups in the mountainous central region of Sangau, which has historically been culturally and ethnically distinct from the rest of Yuezhou, have also declared their separation from Yincheng. Both secessions have turned into grueling stalemates, as Nanhai maintains a naval stranglehold on the coasts and Sangau settles into guerrilla warfare. Even the Red Dragons have become politicized, with many vocally anti-government voices being left off of the WCQ roster altogether - only Wen Xiaohui could be considered anti-Yincheng, and only due to her association with former SNM fighter and Yuezhou midfielder Wen Xiaoli, her uncle. And after the last few weeks of WCQ86, even her status on the roster - as well as that of mercurial manager Yuan Zilai - is dicey.

#01 - RUO Xiaolan (f) - 35 - Cypher Town (NPH)

Ruo Xiaolan is a very athletic goalkeeper - as well as, after helping Cypher Town secure promotion to Nephara's top flight, the first female player on the national team. She’s a high-flying shot-stopper who, despite some rawness, came into her own as a keeper in the Nepharim Premiership - the first professional league she played in. At thirty-five years old, she’s lost some of her athleticism, but compensates for this with her experience and better feel for goalkeeping, especially on set pieces, where she has upgraded from “terrible” to “below-average”.

#12 - WANG Bo - 26 - Dynamo Dalian
#23 - LU Qiang - 29 - SC Jiangdong

Wang Bo is a polished shot-stopper with strong leadership abilities who was rewarded for his efforts with a Golden Gloves award. Lu Qiang is more modern, better at playing the ball from the back, but undoubtedly worse at actually stopping the ball from going into the net.

#02 - KANG Enlai - 25 - Dynamo Dalian
#03 - REN Fang - 28 - FC Shanbei
#05 - HAN Jian - 30 - Yincheng Capitals
#06 - GUO Xiawei - 25 - Tanques AOE (KOR)
#13 - QIU Geming - 32 - Beian City

The Red Dragons’ defensive strengths come more from their organization, discipline, and hard work rather than any special talents. Guo Xiawei, the only member of the back five to sign abroad, has the most potential for his skill on the ball and flashes of brilliance. However, he’s also the outlier in a disciplined, cautious defense, and tends to make silly mistakes on defense. As a result, he's often been used as a central midfielder in a 4-3-2-1, or even in a 5-3-2. Ren Fang and Han Jian are strong, aerially adept, and athletic enough to get by, although both tend to just hoof it whenever they win the ball. Kang Enlai is the more ambitious of the two fullbacks and will provide width on the left flank, while Qiu Geming is more cautious and often drifts inwards when Guo and Kang push up.

#14 - LIN Wangming - 36 - Beian City
#15 - ZHU Aiguo - 24 - Yincheng Capitals
#16 - ZHUANG Chonglin - 33 - Beian Athletic
#17 - WU Jing - 36 - Canterlot Stars (EQS)

Lin Wangming and Wu Jing are veteran full-backs who previously started for the Red Dragons, but Lin Wangming’s attacking nature hasn’t caught up to the fact that he’s not quick enough to reliably get back any more, and Wu Jing is cautious to a fault. Zhuang Chonglin will often spell Guo Xiawei when the Red Dragons need to protect a lead, while Zhu Aiguo is an aggressive change of pace (a versatile one, too, who can deputize at center- or right-back) that will help win the ball back and push forward at the cost of defensive stability.

#07 - YANG Tao - 25 - Yincheng Capitals
#08 - GU Zhalei (C) - 31 - Archbishop FC (NOV)
#11 - CHEN Xiwei - 28 - Beiyun Stars

Gu Zhalei is an energetic presser, an accurate (if not very creative) passer, and the heart of the Red Dragons’ tactical setup. Flanking him, Yang and Chen are equally energetic, but not nearly as technically skilled. They’re mostly there to press aggressively, win the ball back, and kick the opponents to stop counterattacks.

#18 - WEN Xiaohui (f) - 21 - Interdimensional Misei (HIN)
#19 - LI Jing - 25 - SC Jiangdong
#24 - GAO Renling - 33 - Sporting New Arch (XAN)

Wen Xiaohui, the niece of controversial star midfielder Wen Xiaoli, could be Yuezhou’s next big thing, but although her pace and playmaking make her a future star, she’s still very raw and not a great tactical fit. After a strong qualifying campaign, albeit one that ended poorly and was marred by controversy, she'll see more time as an attack-minded substitution. Gao’s biggest strength is his motor, followed closely by his field vision, and he’ll be used as an attacking substitute for Yang or Chen. The young Li Jing is very quick and best on the counterattack, but may lack the discipline to adhere to Yuan’s pressing style.

#09 - HUANG Shedong - 25 - Beian City
#10 - LIU Huiying (f) - 23 - Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR)

Huang Shedong and Liu Huiying form an incredibly fluid front line. Neither are particularly good at hold-up play or in the air, but both excel at finding gaps in the opponents’ defense and using dribbling and short passes to exploit them. Liu is the stronger passer, and as such tends to drop back more to connect the midfield and attack, and Huang the better finisher who stays up more.

#20 - LUO Dan - 22 - Beian Athletic
#21 - YU Wei - 31 - SC Jiangdong
#22 - WANG Jiahui - 21 - Yincheng Capitals

The experienced Yu Wei is a strong aerial presence and decent finisher, while Luo and Wang are more mobile forwards who can fill Huang and Liu’s roles ably.

RP Permissions: Anything non-godmod is fine, TG/DM me for permission to godmod. I determine severity of injuries.
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Postby HUElavia » Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:30 pm

HUElavia National Football Team

Style: +1.5


#1 Jose Antionio Lobato (27 Years Old) (1.85 m)
#12 Ana Ramos(25 Years Old) (1.78 m)
#23 Gabriel Vannier (20 Years Old) (1.86 m)

#2 Kira Nazarenko (27 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#3 Jean Fernandez-Roux (24 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CB)
#4 Elenor Salgado-Lemus (25 Years Old) (1.63 m) (LB-RB)
#5 Raul Amaru-Dominguez (27 Years Old) (1.78 m) (RB-LB)
#12 Manuel Mendieta (23 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#15 Helena Castro Bitencourt (22 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB)
#17 Chiyun Pae (19 Years Old) (1.65 m) (LB-RB)
#22 Miguel Angel Duran (28 Years Old) (1.83 m) (RB-LB)

#6 Andres Gallego-Calderon (34 Years Old) (1.70 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#8 Natalia Duran (25 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM)
#10 Lionel Rossi-Rigoni (31 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CM-AM)
#14 Maria Sakaguchi (25 Years Old) (1.64 m) (CM-AM)
#16 Aurora Conti (25 Years Old) (1.76 m) (DM-CM)
#19 Emilia Leblanc (25 Years Old) (1.60 m) (DM-CM-AM)

#7 Cristiano Aveiro-Lima (33 Years Old) (1.85 m) (LW-RW)
#9 Ayuka Hamada (23 Years Old) (1.57 m) (ST-CF)
#11 Marc Navarro (24 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)
#17 Rosario Villca (23 Years Old) (1.60 m) (LW-RW)
#20 Bruno Moutinho-Figo (22 Years Old) (1.88 m) (ST-CF)
#21 Samuel Sissoko (25 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RW-LW)


Starting XI:
1 Lobato
5 Amaru 2 Narazenko 3 Fernandez 4 Salgado
8 Duran 14 Sakaguchi
11 Navarro 10 Rossi 7 Cristiano
9 Hamada

Captain: Cristiano
Vice-Captain: Rossi
Free-Kicks: Cristiano, Rossi, Navarro
Penalties: Cristiano, Hamada, Navarro
Corners: Gallego, Ramirez

Head Coach:
Estela Garcia Kimura (40 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Diana Zanetti Linhares (41 Years Old), Gilbert Guilbert (43 Years Old)

(For B-Team squad, switch all players with their back up counterpart)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
RP scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but nothing too serious
Give red cards to my players: Y, but please send me a TG or message via discord about what it is
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Megistos » Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:08 pm

Megistian Football Association

Formation: 4-3-3
Head Coach: Maximilien Martinez
He plans to play a counter-attacking 4-3-3, with the RW and LW supposed to go more central to let the RB and LB attack and cross. Defensively, Lam will cover the players that have the ball, and the person who is supposed to mark him marks him essentially double-teaming him.
Assistant Coach: Javi Mentes
Nickname: The Kids
Style Mod: -2

Starting XI


Becks - Goalkeeper - 18
18 Apps - 0 Goals - 1 Assists - 38 Goals Allowed - 5 Clean Sheets
A great goalkeeper, Becks is a young talent that is speedy and has quick reflexes. Expect the defense to be controlled by Becks, as well as the midfield, as he's quick to spot a chance through Cringan or Lukovic

Fran - Left Back - 25
18 Apps - 2 Goals - 7 Assists - 98.2% PR
Fran is a quick and lean left back who'll do anything to get the ball. Expect plays to start from him, as he's also a great backup midfielder and attacker, so he has the attacking abilities as well

Sears - Center Back - 28
16 Apps - 0 Goals - 0 Assists - 73.7% PR
Sears is a bulky, but unfortunately slow defender who'll be the 2nd goalkeeper when making goal-line clearances and important deflections.

Fri - Center Back - 17
16 Apps - 0 Goals - 0 Assists - 83.9% PR
Fri is the defender who'll support the midfield but never go too high up the field, the attacker who stays in the defensive zones, and the defender who stops great chances. Yeah, say hello to Fri, a man who'll you'll probably never get a goal from a header from if you are marked by him.

Williams - Right Back - 18
18 Apps - 1 Goals - 0 Assists - 91.5% PR
A speedy and tall player, Williams will often start the counter-attack passing to Cringan. He's also can play CB, so he can be a replacement. Williams can also header balls into the net, being 6 feet 3.

Lukovic - Left Attacking Midfielder - 17
18 Apps - 3 Goals - 4 Assists - 95.4% PR
Lukovic is a speedy player who has netted in many goals. He was a absolute star on the field in the SWC 11, carrying the Megistian side along with Robertson and Co. to the semis. Watch out, he's also a star goalscorer and if you put him as striker the young duo of Robertson and Lukovic will be almost unstoppable

Lam - Center Mid - 29
18 Apps - 3 Goals - 4 Assists - 98.9% PR
Lam is arguably the best player on the Megistian side, having the skills of a midfielder, the attacking position of a attacker, and the defensive mind of a defender, as well as having experience in both international and club football (Quetquios SC, Andrimiana CF). Expect him to be the best player on the pitch for this side.

Jorgensen - Center Mid - 18
18 Apps - 1 Goals - 0 Assists - 72.1% PR
Jorgenson is another young talent with training and experience, and being the captain of the squad going into the SWC 11, he's not afraid to be the vice-captain behind Lam. Expect him to be the one who runs slowly on the attack and gets the balls from the edge of the box.

Howard - Center Mid - 18
17 Apps - 0 Goals - 2 Assists - 72.1% PR
Howard is a slow but clinical player, and he's the one who'll be the backbone of the midfield. Expect players to run past him but not with the ball. Instead, the ball would be at Howard's feet.

Cringan - Right Attacking Midfielder - 19
18 Apps - 1 Goals - 4 Assists - 81.7% PR
A speedy player, Cringan will run and cut inside for the curler of a cross or shot. One of the fastest players ever, he could have decided to switch his career to track, but he decided to go with his heart and go for soccer.

Robertson - Striker - 19
18 Apps - 15 Goals - 1 Assists - 88.8% PR
The goalscorer of the squad, he takes the penalties, and he's the clinical striker that never wastes his chances. Expect him to be playing up high and press.

The home, away and third kits were made by Lightmatter, special thanks to them.
Image Image Image

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

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Postby Indusse » Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:22 pm


Manager/Coach: Joseph Mouteudi
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18


GK 1 Steve leghourn *
GK 34 Akbar ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala *
DF 13 Mathias Paulson *
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller *
DF 86 George Horsehood
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson *
MD 14 Djetson Hasle*
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 10 Baskar H Kumar (c) *
FD 7 Bechun butea *
FD 11 Antonio Mersias *
FD Kishen Rajpoot
MD 99 Rana Mrityunjai Singh
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem *
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson

* An Asterisk indicates the playing 11.

Image Image Image

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Graintfjall » Fri Sep 25, 2020 4:59 am


Team name: Græntfjall
Trigram: GRÆ [GRF when not available]
Demonym/adjective: Græntfjaller
Team nickname: Snow Wolves

Coach: Sigtryggur Brynjólfursson
Assistant coach: Særún Toresdóttir

Instinctively defensive and conservative, Sigtryggur and Særún have never been the most exciting or popular of coaches, but their tactics took Græntfjall to a Baptism of Fire victory and the World Cup qualification play-offs. There, forced by the away goal rule into a more attacking style, they ultimately lost, but it was still an impressive run that largely vindicated their choices. Here, they can be expected to revert to a more defensive style. They favor pulling attacking players for CBs and DMs if they take the lead. Neither are very animated touchline presences and can be expected to be fairly respectful to opponents and match officials.

Squad: A 23-person squad has been named for the tournament, although in practice those numbered 1-11 should be expected to start unless otherwise stated.
  • The Græntfjaller Premier League is gender-mixed and it is seen as uncontroversial for men and women to play alongside each other. If you find this unrealistic you are welcome to RP surprised reaction [although given the general state of NS Sports it would surely be not too much of an outlier] but it won’t be something we dwell on. -son names are men, -dóttir names women.
  • Football isn’t a millionaire’s game in Græntfjall yet. Players earn a decent wage in the GPL but rarely more than that; the most expensive foreign transfer signings have been six, not seven, figures NS$.
  • In general, Græntfjaller players are athletic and have excellent whole-match fitness, disciplined, and not prone to violence or emotional outbursts. They are, however, not tremendously skilled.
  • Græntfjall does not have a designated captain. Instead, the starting XI will elect a captain from among themselves prior to each match. If I haven’t specified one you can assume one of the senior players (Ralf or Hrærekur) has been chosen.
  • Timing note: I am RPing this tournament as occurring during the Græntfjaller winter. Therefore, there are no domestic games ongoing. It is long enough after World Cup qualifying that Justiina’s ankle injury is healed; but it is before the next IFCF transfer window, so players are listed with their old clubs.


1. Alexander Leonardsson (32) – Image Gunzlach (caps: 38)
12. 1. Fabian Snæþórsson (26) – Image Drumchapel United
13. Björnólfur Ernestisson (19) – Image AK Stanimir
24. Kauko Jorgesson (29) – Image Molding

Alexander is a tall and basically competent, if not spectacularly agile, presence in goal who has played every minute of Græntfjall’s international footballing history. He should be expected to continue to wear the #1 jersey absent injury. His strengths are handling aerial balls and managing his defensive lines at set pieces and crosses; he also has a cannon of a boot for hoofing the ball upfield and a powerful throw. His weaknesses are a vulnerability in one-on-one situations; he has also has poor footballing skills and can’t be relied on when ‘playing it out from the back’, although it should be noted this tactic is much less common in general in the GPL and won’t be frequently employed by the Snow Wolves. His young reserves are dependable but untested; Björnólfur kept fairly well during the Olympics but isn’t ready for full internationals.

Squad update #1: Alexander has flown home injured. Fabian becomes the #1 keeper.

Squad update #3: Fabian is suspended against Tequilo and Björnólfur will play that game.


2. Ralf Álfarsson (36) – Image Folte (36, goals: 2)
3. Karoline Vernerisdóttir (29) – Image Molding (18)
4. Hilmar Farmansson (30) – Image Platinastigrade (9)
5. Emeli Vilbertsdóttir (23) – Image Folte (28)
14. 5. Else Svennsdóttir (27) – Image Gunzlach (16)
15. Hjörleifur Reynarsson (25) – Image Steinaux (4)
16. Vigfús Bensson (26) – Image Steinaux
17. Tom Ernestisson (21) – Image Altendalur
25. Ásgautur Johannesson (31) – Image Altendalur (6)
26. Elektra Lúthersdóttir (21) – Image Oost-Hartburg

The name at 4 may have changed, but the defensive philosophy is the same, built around big, tall, strong center backs, with smaller, speedier full-backs able to push up as wing-backs. Hilmar’s place isn’t nailed on, and he’ll be playing to prove his worth ahead of talented younger prospects Hjörleifur, Tom and Vigfús. Karoline overtook Else as the preferred right-back during World Cup qualifying; both can play on either flank, though Karoline offers a little more on offense.

Squad update #2: Emeli has flown home for personal reasons. Else regains her starting position for now, though Ásgautur will also be in competition. He is a pacy left-back who likes to press upfield but is a bit defensively suspect.

Squad update #4: Karoline is injured for the remainder of the group stage. Else will start at right-back and Ásgautur at left-back.

Squad update #6: Else is out now! The churn at full-back continues. Elektra has been called up as replacement but is unlikely to play. One of the CBs will fill in until Karoline is fit to return.


6. Bríana Noahsdóttir (24) – Image Steinaux (19, 4)
7. Hrærekur Jvarsson (30) – Image Steinaux (31, 7)
8. Amanda Guttisdóttir (21) – Image Old Boys Club (29, 3)
11. Hlégestur Snæþórsson (31) – Image Steinaux (15, 2)
18. Matthias Raphaelsson (21) – Image Avondale Beach SC (27, 3)
19. Lana Mensdóttir (21) – Image Gunzlach
20. Kalle Bjørnsson (28) – Image Oost-Hartburg (22)
21. Ketilbjörg Aunosdóttir (32) – Image Hofvinger (18, 1)

Græntfjall’s midfield has been unsettled throughout its football history. The central midfield seems at last to have settled on Amanda, the team’s most skilled player but one with lingering concerns about her lack of physical size, and Hrærekur, the ‘MVP’ of the qualifying campaign, whose fitness has improved to make him a well-rounded player who can cover the defensive midfield role or push up to offer a good aerial threat. The wings have been in more flux, but Bríana has won back her starting role. She likes to stay out wide and whip in crosses, and hits the occasional stunning free-kick. She’s a defensive turnstile, though. The biggest chance for the CoH is that Hlégestur has won back his left wing role ahead of the perpetually disappointing Matthias. Hlégestur is more of a true winger than Matthias, who prefers to trend inside. Hlégestur has been a bit mercurial and can make sloppy errors, but has a massive left boot and is capable of the occasional bit of amazing skill. Kalle and Ketilbjörg are defensive midfielders; while neither is starting, both saw plenty of playing time and can be expected to continue to do so. The squad’s new addition is Lana, who can cover either wing but is stronger on the right.


9. Jason Þórhallursson (21) – Image Gunzlach (30, 21)
10. Justiina Dannysdóttir (26) – Image Steinaux (15, 3)
22. Dan Antoninsson (31) – Image Torbay Thunder (25, 5)
23. Lyngar Rögnvaldursson (27) – Image Hofvinger (6, 2)

Losing Justiina to injury was a big blow during World Cup qualifying. Jason was by far the outstanding player of the GPL last season and continued his prolific goalscoring for the national team, but he’s a true 9 who needs a 10 to support him, and Justiina offers that. She doesn’t have Dan’s physical presence or offer the same aerial threat as him, but she’s quicker and more skilful. Dan continues in the squad despite a lacklustre qualifying campaign, mainly thanks to a perceived lack of competition in the 10 role from domestic teams. Lyngar has had few opportunities, generally getting garbage time substitute minutes, but has taken a couple of chances. He can play as center forward or second striker, and has looked a threat from corners and set-pieces.

Squad update #5: Jason is injured for the remainder of the group stage. Lyngar will start at CF.

Style modifier: -1

The team will shift to a slightly more attacking formation as Justiina returns. They’re set up to play 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 but substitutions will frequently see an extra center back or defensive midfielder. The team’s disciplinary record was fairly clean during the World Cup.

RP permissions:

Choose My Scorers: Y, see note below
Choose My Scorers From Free-Kicks/Penalties: N, use Bríana or Amanda for free-kicks and Jason or Hrærekur for penalties.
Godmod Scoring Events: Y, if you ask first
Hand Out Yellow/Red Cards: Y, but be sensible; I use a self-enforced rule of 2 yellows or 1 red = 1 match suspension, but I won’t apply this to your players without your permission.
Injure My Players: Y, you can say they are injured but let me decide the severity and consequences.
Godmod Other Events: N, but if you ask first I’m open to any roleplay angles you have in mind.
Additional permissions:
  • Please don’t have my players, staff, or fans engaging in violence without my permission.
  • If you use non-photoshopped photographs, please don’t say they’re my players without asking.
  • In general I’m open to most things so long as you ask.
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The Football Federation of Bloumany (FFB) wishes to advise all interested parties of the final roster for the 78th Cup of Harmony has been finalised.

Manager: Lewis Parry: Lewis is continuing to head the International side after taking the team through on the 85th and 86th World Cup Qualifiers and 77th Cup of Harmony after 5 successful years at Lewis Atlayda United winning 7 titles over his itme with the club. Lewis’ appointment comes at a time of rebuilding the international game and the FFB is confident of Lewis’ ability to do that


1. Henry Polinoir
Age: 30
Club: AC Willton

22. Rory Flinn
Age 33
Club: Old Road

31. Jack of the Meer
Age: 26
Club: Jollipville Athletic


2. Rhys Lornet
Age: 25
Position: RB
Club: Old Road

3. David Parson
Age: 27
Position: CB
Club: Northport

4. Jason Potts
Age: 22
Position: CB
Club: Hartley United

5. Michael Relston
Age: 24
Position: LB
Club: Grinstead-Linkon United

13. William Dressen
Age: 21
Position: CB
Club: Hellstom

12. George Laner
Age: 20
Position: RCB
Club Woodstork

15. Jack Cooper

Age: 27
Position: LB
Club: Baxon City


6. John Miller
Age: 26
Position: DM/CM
Club: Kings Court

8. Isaac Cupstran
Age: 29
Position: CM/AM
Club: Jollipville Athletic

10. Ty Freltron
Age: 28
Position: AM
Club: Lytson FC

16. Max Fox
Age: 24
Position: DM
Club: Wests

18. Liam Peach
Age 18
Position CM
Club: Salton United

20. Nathanial Launzel
Age: 19
Position: AM


7. Brad Hunter
Age: 24
Position: RW
Club: Junction Athletic

9. Luke Cousins
Age: 26
Position: ST
Club: Jollipville Athletic

11. Paul Credab
Age: 23
Position: LW
Club: St Bridget

17 James Tinkery
Age: 29
Position: RW
Club: Bruschoken

19 Oliver Eastall
Age: 29
Position: ST
Club: Jollipville United

21. Lincoln Zilva
Age: 24
Position: LW

Home Strip
Away Strip

Style Modifier: +2
Starters listed above, if different will be notified

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (however, I decide severity)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y (within reason TG me if you want something major)
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FORMATION 3-3-4-1 (F-M-D-G)
Style Modifier +4
COACH: Umberto Tipoli (age 71)
ASSITANTS: Dennetter DiMore (Age 44), Jayson Rox (Age 23), B.J Rotheborune (age 42)

#10 Van Austin - White Sock United
#8 Kyra Thompson - Auberlin Federal FC
#11 Chris Houton - White Sock United
#27 Leigh Bourne - Grandal Wild FC

#29 Jeremy Murdock - Topps Valley Heritage FC
#40 Martin Boussard - Mt Moustakis

#17 Ryan Bourne - Colome Range United
#2 Alfonso Rogilio - White Sock United
#16 Mark Martz-Marx - Journey Bay FC
#24 Jessica Ryan - Topps Valley Heritage FC
#25 Kevin Elder - Yelichville Union
#30 Jayson Rox - Yelichville Union

#95 Burt Snodgrass - Journey Bay FC
#84 Iva Johncock - White Sock United

#44 David C Hall - White Sock United
#37 Shauna LeClaire - University of Virginia City
#19 Esther Bloemfurst - PFC Canada City
#49 Jay Richardson II - Auberlin Federal
#55 Devin Thompson - Mt Moustakis
#77 Gerrard Klattenberg - Fleer College

#0 Miles Mikohoffer - Auberlin Federal FC
#00 Adam Stonkowski - University of Virginia City



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