A Golden Era of Empires RP [AH] (IC)

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A Golden Era of Empires RP [AH] (IC)

Postby Monsone » Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:00 pm

A Golden Era of Empires
An Alternate History RP


-----Current Map-----The OOC-----

The year is 1914, and the world is dominated by empires. Nations large and small all have great ambitions and great expectation. and even nations which claim to despise imperialism have formed empires of their own. Behind this expansionism are weapons like those never seen before; armored cars, airplanes, flamethrowers, and chemical weapons are all now parts of the modern battlefield. In the air, German aviator and aircraft engineer August Euler created the first synchronization gear for aircraft in 1911 allowing aircraft to mount forward-facing machine guns increasing the combat capabilities of aircraft exponentially. And on the sea, bigger and better ships were launched with ever more armor and guns.

Amidst this dizzying display of arms, the economies nations continue to grow at unprecedented rates, and living standards and wages increase. Industrialization is growing at unprecedented rates as the previously small middle class grows with it. But with industrialization has come enlightenment. The proletariat can now read and write, and with this newfound knowledge, they demand change. Change not every government is ready to accept in the future, or every nation is willing to give to its citizens.

As tensions will soar to new heights, technology brings about even more deadly weapons, the average citizens demand more rights and freedoms, industry and economies grow at unprecedented rates, and new ideas are created by intellectuals, do you have what it takes to keep with the traditions of old, and defend your nation? Will you reform for the betterment of your people and your nation? Or will you radically change your nation and its people? Only time will tell which course of action is the correct one.

  • The word of the OP is the law. You may appeal the OP's rulings and decisions with good arguments, and/or empirical evidence to back your point up. The only time this is not allowed is in changes to the lore set out by the OP or the rules themselves.
  • Most weapons can only be created when they were created in real life, with some exceptions. In the section about some of the lore and differences between this timeline and ours, a more in-depth list of changes is shown. But by in large, most weapons will be created when they were created in real life.
  • No glorification or downplaying of atrocities, genocides, racism, and war crimes in the OOC. The IC is a different story (this is 1914 after all), but in the OOC, such statements will not be allowed and will lead to immediate removal and ban from the RP.
  • Please be courteous in the OOC. If you have a dispute with another player, feel free to bring in a moderator or the OP to settle the dispute if you so wish.
  • You will need to create an equipment list as well as a list listing the size of your nation's armed forces. This is mandatory. Failure to comply with this rule means you can't partake in any wars or conflicts in the IC until you complete it. You do not a full-on ORBAT, just a list of your nation's equipment, how many troops, ships, planes, etc. you've got and that's it. A good source for said information is Wikipedia (surprisingly).
  • The basis for the progression of time in this RP is completely subject to each player's activity and the general activity of the RP. Do not expect this to be an extremely fast-paced RP. But do realize that this RP does require significant time, effort, and dedication at least initially (for the creation of the application and lists regarding your military).
  • All posts must be at least five paragraphs long. If they (the posts) are exclusively dialogue, there must be at least ten lines of dialogue between the minimum two different characters. Images are not required but are encouraged for one's posts. The images can be as simple as a flag or as complex as cityscapes and battle images.
  • The point of divergence is 1800CE.
[*]Keep the IC PG-13 and the same goes of the OOC. Cursing and violence are allowed in the IC (just don't make it to explicit and gory). In the OOC, please refrain from cursing or insulting other players. Violating this rule will result in a warning in minor cases and extreme removal, ban, and removal from the RP.
[*]If one has three warnings for rule violations, they will be removed and banned from the RP for being a repeat offender.
[*]Remeber to have fun![/i]
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Postby Taganian Unfied States » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:45 pm

Adriatic Palace-Trieste, Austria
"His Imperial Highness, Franz Joseph," an announcer cried as two grand double doors swung open at the top of the grand staircase that was the entrance of the Emperor to the ballroom. Soldiers in white uniforms and grey caps with golden strands flowing from the top marched ahead of the Emperor and lined the stairway. The elderly man stood at the top of the stairs, his regal gowns flowing behind him. He waved to the crowd and then bowed slightly. The crowd entered into mass cheering and clapping. As Franz Joseph descended the stairs he looked out to the other end of the room. On a smaller throne lower than his own sat the ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand who nodded to his uncle and clapped with the crowd. Soldiers lined the walls, each of their white tunics had the sigil of the White Stag on their shoulders on a field of black. The elderly Emperor nodded to several as he walked across the marble floor. His shoes clicked in the silence. "God save our Emperor!" The ArchDuke cheered and bowed deeply to the Emperor, "Welcome Uncle, back to Trieste." Joseph nodded as he turned and sat beside his nephew. "How was Vienna?" the Duke asked and waved to the orchestra in the balcony above to continue. "Aden and the Regent Council are moving forward with the Greater Bosnia," Joseph commented and tightened his hands around the chairs arms, "Calling for more standardisation across the empire." Ferdinand nodded, "Aden is very busy with the administration of the government. If you ask Uncle, we can remove from the Regency Council," Ferdinand offered. Joseph scoffed, "Have I taught you nothing? Your father was wrong to cross those Payne-Hapsburgs. Our branch is withering, theirs in the ascendency. Aden commands our most veteran troops. Loyal to the core. Northton and Deson would revolt should you remove him. Two Dukedoms in revolt is not what this empire needs." Ferdinand shrugged, "You control the Imperial Guard. The Hungarian Legion, and the Austrian Legion. Thats enough to crush the Doves." Joseph shook his head, "You rose to stop Adens Regency move. But to declare yourself an enemy of one of your magnates will not keep the empire together. One Great Lord in rebellion could inspire several more. God save us if he asked for help from abroad. We may be aligned with Germany, but would they stop someone like Aden, they know a rising star when they see one." Princess Sophie, the ArchDukes wife approached, "Husband, don't pester your Uncle." She smiled at the Emperor and curtsied. The elder nodded and held out his hand which she took immediately and kissed his ring. He smiled and welcomed her. Around them, the loyalists to ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand danced and drank. The elegance of the Imperial throne unquestioned here in the heart of its Emperor.

General Cordel and Prime Minister Corneliues sipped champaign looking on the scene around them from the corner, "Sir, you think it safe to leave the affairs of state with Aden in Vienna and be here?" The Prime Minister nodded, "Its New Years, the government is in recess for a small time. His Grace, the Duke, would not be mad enough to call the government into session while the other Regent and the Prime Minister are gone." Cordel shook his head in disagreement, "Aden has called up the 1st Guard for an emergency assignment. Ordinarily he would need the Emperors consent, as Regent, he can give these orders." Cornelius looked at the General, "An assignment? He has no authority to authorize a muster!" The General shook his head, "Thanks to this fuss of a Regent Council, only Ferdinand can order the 1st Guard to stand down. But if he does, Aden can dismiss the Imperial Guard regiments from Vienna and Budapest. Joseph rules this palace only, the rest of the empire is in two two men's hand. Both ambitious. Ferdinand underestimates Aden. The Payne-Hapsburgs are dangerous." Cornelius nodded, "I should consult the Duke on such matters."

Vienna Palace-Vienna, Austria
The Minister of Finance, Isaid Lurparter, paced the Ministers conference room. Minister of Agriculture stood looking at the map, the Minister of Commerce and Trade pointed to new markings on the map. "Food production is growing, we still need to maximize harvest output to feed the empire." Agriculture mentioned, "More tracters needed." The AILF Minister wrote a note in his book. Finance stopped, "Another factory then?" AILF smiled, "Can the treasury afford it? Or do we need to outsource this one?" Aden held up his hand, "Enough. The factories in Bosnia are to be for agriculture. Factories in Vienna can return to focusing on commercial goods. We are to focus all industrial efforts to a common goal. Private factories are welcome to continue to produce what they want, but are given recommendations to make what we ask. How goes the militaries factory program?" The Minister of the Armed Forces looked up from his notes, "Citadel is going well. Five new munition factories can go into 100% production next year. They are currently at twenty till we give the approval for more production. Three vehicle factories are soon to be up in running at 100%. We suspect eighteen months. The firearm facilities, five are at 100% ability. Three more are approaching this trajectory. An airplace test facility is almost ready to begin work on the fighter forces we currently hold." Eighteen more factories are planned at the Citadel. Once complete, it will be the center of the Austrian military war industry. Naval program Amberly is also under-way. The center of our naval forces creation will be there." Aden again nodded, "And the fortifcations around both?" He looked at his notes, "I want Citadel surrounded by the best defenses we have. Walls. Trenches. Snipers. Obersvation balloons. Fighter cover. Machine guns. The best we have needs to go into defending Citadel and Amberly. Naval guns on Amberly. The best batteries we have at Citadel." The Deputy Minister of the Navy stepped up, "Our fleet is currently at Pola. The refitting needs to begin immediately if we can, to move them to Trieste is the best move now. Get the Monarch-class into the yard and resupplied. Our older ships need repairs and upgrades. Some may take years to put into active service again if we do not act now." Aden nodded. "Assemble the necessary preparations. I will begin drafting orders for the fleets transfer from Pola. Dismissed." The Ministers began filing out. Aden looked at the papers spread around him, "An empire to build. And they want to party instead of work. A country in ruin, and we should dance?" He shook his head and looked at the clock, day one of the new year.

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Postby Monsone » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:50 pm

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Postby Bolslania » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:16 pm

London, England.


Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith sat at his desk. A pipe was laying on the desk, smoke drifting lazily from its bowl. A newspaper had been rolled up and laid on the side of the table, the crinkling showing that it had been read, and turned over, several times. Asquith was silhouetted by the evening sun pouring through the large window at his back. He was looking down at some papers that had come across his desk

"Another revolutionary movement in Burma? How many times do we have to shut those down before they will understand that we are here to stay."
He wondered at the continued fire of revolution in the hearts of the colonials, the British Army had tried it all. Force, Hearts and Minds, nothing worked, and with increased Naval competition from the Germans, England couldn't risk having the majority of her army and fleet out in South East Asia and Africa. The Australians had expressed interest in expanding their territory in the region though, so maybe England could dump the responsibility of maintaining the colonies on Australia while maintaining authority in the area.

He got up and walked to his Secretary's office, where he asked

"Susan, put in the Buckingham that I request an audience at his Majesty's nearest convenience.

Susan nodded and began typing away at her typewriter

Meanwhile, Burma

Sergeant John McKenny walked down the main street, his section was behind him, marching at a double column down the road. Their heads were constantly swiveling, checking for revolutionaries in the windows or on rooftops. Their company had been here for 4 weeks, and had already lost 13 men to the rebels. McKenny looked around the street, some merchants were beginning to pack up their stalls, for it was about 7pm, and some women were still trying to finish the last errands before all the vendors closed up. Rats darted around in alleyways, picking out their favorite morsels of trash and detritus. McKenny was watching two rats fight over a scrap of meat when Cpl. Davies tapped him on the shoulder and pointed down the road, there was a group of men darting across the road, moving in to the buildings. McKenny nodded and signaled the section to get ready for action. They were approaching a T-intersection with buildings on all sides when a shot rang out, whistling past McKenny's ear as he instinctively dived for the side of the road, when he looked back, Davies was lying sprawled in the mud, half of his head blown away. Pvt. Lewis and Smith ducked down behind the wall of a building, which McKenny was behind as well, while Pvt. Colly and Eddison went to the other side of the street. Following the initial shots, the untrained revolutionaries began firing down at the British soldiers, splashing in the mud or chipping away at the sides of the buildings.

"Rapid fire! Rapid fire!" McKenny yelled to his men, Lewis and Smith came out from around where they had been stacked up on McKenny and began firing and working the actions on their rifles as quickly as possible, attempting to gain fire superiority over the enemy. Across the street, Colly was taking careful aim, he was renowned as an excellent shot, so he was using the rapid fire of his comrades to his advantage, buying time for him to aim. He fired, his shot was followed by a horrible scream, indicating he had hit his mark. Eddison leaned out of the alleyway he was in, only getting one shot off before being shot, spraying blood over Colly, he fell back from Eddison's body, a look of horror on his face. McKenny was about to start firing when he heard a door open behind him in the alley, he spun around bringing his rifle to bear, but not in time. A rebel with a semi-automatic handgun had come out and began firing, dropping Lewis and Smith in a hail of bullets, McKenny fired his rifle, the blast echoing loudly in the alleyway. The man was knocked backwards by the impact, a messy splotch being left on the wall behind him. McKenny took a knee checking over Lewis and Smith. Smith was gripping his arm and swearing, while Lewis just looked silently into the cloudy sky.

"Lewis....Jesus Christ." McKenny said. Turning to Smith, he handed him his Sergeant's sidearm. "Here, Smith, watch that door, make sure no more of those bastards get the drop on us." He said, Smith nodded, cocking back the hammer on the Webley. McKenny popped out, firing off a quick two rounds, ducking behind cover as bullets slammed into the wall next to his head. Colly had recovered, and was returning fire. After another 5 minutes of violent exchange, the firing from the rebels ceased. After a minute of silence, McKenny poked his head out, he was not shot at. He stepped into the street, soon to be joined by Smith and Colly

"Grab their rifles, we can't let the rebels have them" McKenny said. They each took a rifle from their fallen comrades, and walked back in the direction of their base. As they walked, the stalls they had passed had been torn up by gunfire, one of the vendors had fallen across the bench in a heap, and one of the women lay face down in the mud.

"God damn bastards." Colly said shortly, his sleeve was stained from where he had rubbed the blood off of his face, and he had the look of a man who had spent too much time outside of the wire.
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Postby Monsone » Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:07 pm


St. Petersburg

The city bells tolled at high noon. Workers, merchants, businessmen, and street vendors mingled in the streets of St. Petersburg along with the ever-growing number of automobiles including buses and taxis. While the streets were busy, they were far from chaotic. Thanks to the large dimensions of the roads even this increased level of traffic was not causing an increase in congestion. The snowy ground was marked by the passing wheeled vehicles and the footsteps of pedestrians. To the surprise of many foreign visitors, the roads weren't made of dirt, but of cobblestone and even tar. The dirt seen on the streets came from the wheels of vehicles and accumulated in the cobblestone roads.

In the center of St. Petersburg was Palace Square. Here on the square people frequently convened. Tourists came to see the sights, and locals came to mingle and buy goods from street vendors. Taxis and buses frequently stopped at the square, but the big commotion where the limousines that went to either of the imposing buildings on both sides of the square. These imposing black cars commanded the road and drove as if they owned the road (which they did). These cars carried the nobility of Russia, the creme de la creme of Russian society, the people at the very top of the food chain, below only God and the Tsar.

In these limousines rode members of the house of Romanov, foreign dignitaries, and even very uncomfortable Duma members who cringed and recoiled at Tsarist excesses like these limousines. They all headed to the Winter Palace and to meet with the Tsar. But today was the exception to the norm, for the Tsar had been summoned to the Tauride Palace. This palace was the symbol of Russian democracy and was home to the State Duma of the Russian Empire. While Nicholas II frequented the Duma, he had never been summoned to it. But this was a mere inconvenience in Nicholas's eyes.

Hence, around midday, a convoy of black Russo-Balt limousines departed the Winter Palace. The cars commanded the attention of the people on the square who watched as the convoy went along the Palace Embankment and then proceeded to reach the Tauride Palace. in reality, the trip was a mere 3.8km long and was easily walkable in the summer. But for the dignity of the Tsar, the royal motorcade had been rolled out for this short trip. And in merely ten minutes, the Tsar had arrived at the Tauride Palace. Awaiting was a doorman who opened the door and saluted the Tsar.

The Tsar then stepped down and walked regally towards the palace as the motorcade drove to a parking zone. Nicholas II was led into the building and towards the Duma chamber. And as Nicholas II entered the room, he was introduced by his full title.

"Tsar Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of all Russias." Proclaimed a military officer and the delegates of the Duma stood up and clapped for Tsar Nicholas II as he took his seat at the podium.

Once Nicholas was seated, the session could begin. The first speaker to take the podium was the Prime Minister, Alexis Aladin. As he took the podium, Aladin surveyed the room and made sure everyone was quiet. And once that was verified, he began to speak.

"Honored member of the Duma, and honored Tsar Nicholas II, I thank you all for congregating here today," Aladin said with a booming voice before switching to a more subdued tone of voice for the rest of his speech. "For over three hundred years, the Romanov family has ruled Russia. And during those 300 years, Russia went from a backward kingdom to a mighty empire, and finally to a global superpower. The Romanov Tsars changed Russia for the best. And for that, we must thank them."

The room clapped as Nicholas II was flustered by the outpouring of gratitude.

"But," Alexis said in a very piercing tone. "Times have changed. In the last ten years, our literacy rate has grown exponentially, our nation has changed radically, and the opinion of the people has changed. The ideals of social democracy have blossomed as the peasants and workers learned to read, and unfortunately, the institutions of old only seem more anachronistic. Change is rearing its head, and we must listen to it if we wish to survive."

These words pierced Nicholas's conscience. Clearly, something was brewing. It was possible that the dreaded day of the people wishing to abolish the monarchy was nigh.

"Every single member of this chamber can explain how republicanism has grown in power over the last few years. Especially socialism has propelled these ideals to new heights. Democracy and republicanism are constantly growing in strength and power. And unfortunately, these powers have gained such strength, that a petition has been put forward. The required three million signatures have been reached and the petition has been put forth to abolish the monarchy." Alexis stated as Nicholas grimaced.

"As such, the petition must be implemented according to the Constitution of Russia. A referendum on the monarchy must be held." As Alexis pronounced these words, the Tsar began to speak.

"Honored members of the Duma, you cannot possibly consider implementing a piece of paper that would destroy 300 years of tradition and stability. This would run Russia. The Russian people are best ruled via a constitutional monarch and are best given their rights while being protected by the Tsar. The system has worked for the UK, and it will work for us." Tsar Nicholas II stated.

"Sir, with all due respect, you cannot stop this from going to vote." Replied a member of the Duma.

"If this comes to fruition, so shall Russia be cursed and destroyed by plagues of evil. Nigh is the time of great defeat and suffering, first for me, then Russia. I pity those who will suffer the most." Nicholas said in a poetic tone of voice.

"Cut the crap!" Shouted a bald lawyer from Simbirsk known as Lenin.

"Decorum Mr. Ulyanov." The prime minister stated.

"The Russian people have spoken Mr. Aladin! They demand change, and we cannot stifle it!" Lenin said as he stood up.

Mr. Ulyanov." The prime minister said in a stern tone.

"Mr. Aladin, do you not believe in democracy? Do you not believe in self-determination? Because if that is the case, feel free to leave this Duma, this institution democracy, this bulwark of the people's voice. No Tsar can stop this from going to vote, not even by dissolving the Duma. The best he can hope for is keeping his lands and titles but having no power or say in government." Lenin said as the room fell silent. "The very reason this duma was created was to give the people a voice. It was to give people freedom. My brother was killed for fighting for democracy! Killed! I will not let democracy die in Russia, I will not let the people's will die like my brother did; at the hands of the Tsar! I will die before the Duma is dissolved! I will defend it with my own two hands!" Lenin shook with rage as he breathed heavily. "Now either let this go to vote or suffer the consequences." He said tensely.

Rostov-na-Nikolavsky (Anchorage)

The brutal cold of the winter coated the city with snow and ice. The squat two and three-story buildings made from wood lined the main streets of Rostov-na-Nikolavsky (or as it was frequently called Amerikanskiy Rostov). The Orthodox churches dominated the skyline along with a few synagogues and a few Lutheran churches. And streets lined with smaller houses made up the rest of this scruffy Russian town. The roads were in poor condition thanks to the winter, and communication, as well as transportation to mainland Russia, was difficult. But that was all set to change.

Already a tunnel was being built from mainland Russia to Alaska. But it wasn't set to be completed until 1915, and that still was without the purchase of suitable locomotives to operate the tunnel. Yet once this was complete, it would be possible to take a train from St. Petersburg all the way to Amerikanskiy Rostov. this would mean the spaning of two continents by railroads. But this was Russia, and there was one major problem; funding was running out.

The way to overcome this was to mine gold in Alaska and use it to fund the railroad. Rostov-na-Nikolavsky was the largest port in Alaska and was also well connected to the interior of Alaska and the gold mines. Hence, nearly all gold went via Rostov-na-Nikolavsky. And it was one of these shipments of gold that would meet a terrible fate. An armored train had left Noviy Moskva (Fairbanks) the previous day carrying one car with gold, five this passengers and three with cargo as well as luggage.

All had proceeded well until the train reached the small station of Shchi (yes, named after the soup and specifically a railroad cantine that only serves shchi). As the passengers ate their bowls of shchi, the train unexpectedly left. The now stranded passengers where forced to spend the night in the sole hotel of the town while the train was tracked down. When it was found, it had rolled over, it's boiler had exploded, and unsurprisingly, all the gold was missing. Several million dollars in gold had been stolen. now, it would be time to track it down.

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Postby SangMar » Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:20 am

The Unified Provinces of Korea - SEOUL

1st of January 1914
7:30 A.M

The Residence of Kwon Seung-Min, Scholar-Marshal of the Free Fatherland Party

Korea. The Land of the Morning Calm.

Ever since the 1870s, when Korea had forcibly shook itself free of the impending reins of Western colonialism, the “Land of the Morning Calm” had seldom seen a day where that name seemed appropriate; no, but then again - the “Land of Crashing Change” was far less poetic and not a quality Kwon Seung-Min - the most powerful man in the nation - wanted to attribute to his people. Koreans were peaceful, respectful of their elders and deeply rational - or at least, that was what he’d been told growing up in Busan. None more so was that quality more evident than in Seoul - the beating heart of the nation: a city of 800,000 - and growing. Kwon didn’t need to look out of his window to know even that much - after all, he could hear the distant rattle of a streetcar even from his palatial bedroom. Half a century ago, an ox would’ve treaded the very path where that streetcar now was headed - ferrying passengers from one end of the city to the other - that fact alone was a testament to his people’s progress. Korea was one of Asia’s dominant powers - and no one could dispute that.

Still, as Kwon Seung-Min got out of bed that morning - there was a certain shiver in his bones - and it most certainly wasn’t because of the current Korean winter. To be blunt, he felt a war on the horizon - but not just any war, it was the finale - the culmination of decades of tension between various European powers. It would erupt - with the question on his mind being when, not if. Furthermore, would Korea be safe - or would one of the nations surrounding it decide that an invasion was on the cards once Europe was preoccupied? Hell, would the Europeans themselves decide that his industrialised East Asian state - being neutral - could not be trusted to not invade their precious colonies? A war would be costly to both sides - but Korea had far more to lose than the British, the French or the Germans. If any of the latter lost an army or two, it could easily be replaced - bodies were plentiful in Africa and India it seemed...

Whereas, if the former lost a few armies, that could very well spell the end of Korea as a nation! And a life under a jackboot was no life at all - whether the boot came from a European wearer or an Asian one.

Several minutes of thinking followed, and by the time that Kwon Seung-Min had dressed himself - choosing an elegant grey suit and gold pocket-watch - as his day-wear, the questions assaulting his intellect had increased ten-fold. For example, the alliance question... well, should Korea seek allies - even amongst the European capitalist nations? It had its advantages - after all, definitively putting themselves into one camp would serve to assure the colonial powers within the region that Korea was no threat to their colonies - assurances that Kwon surmised were sorely needed. The British in particular, with their vast empire were bitterly overstretched - and even a navy as great as theirs couldn’t be everywhere at once. An assurance like the announcement of an alliance between them would also compel these nations not to invade Korea - and therefore give Korean military planners less of a headache when it came to figuring out who would invade their nation, and where they’d do it. But, the drawbacks were great too: a Korea that picked one side could no longer claim to be neutral - and the nations that fell outside of the camp that Korea had aligned itself to could then invade. Furthermore, Korea would be entangling itself into a far away conflict - sending young Korean men, and potentially young Korean women off to die for a goal that he himself scarcely understood. Would Korea’s side even recognise its sacrifice should they “win” the conflict? Or would Korea be left to rebuild - sanguinely and financially poorer all the while?

By 8 o’clock in the morning, Kwon Seung-Min had made his way to the main tearoom of his residence - he’d have breakfast here, and then he would get to work - doing good for the nation he loved. Even if his mind was still full of questions...

...45 minutes later, and Kwon Seung-Min - now boasting a stomach full of spicy northern kimchi, white rice, a cup of herbal tea - and an even fuller mind, left his palatial residence - a sprawling complex - built in a neo-Korean style - that the city had somehow grown ever closer to, in the decades since the residence’s construction. Accompanying him were four bodyguards - detectives from the Korean People’s Police, who with their imported Russian Ushankas, and long fur coats adorned with the police’s emblem, were unmistakably accompanying a high-ranking official...

Not that it mattered of course.

For now, they were just for show - as they were in no danger: the palace that Kwon Seung-Min lived in had its own private track - intended for a streetcar that only government ministers and vetted guests could use. That streetcar, now containing its most important guest, then departed for the centre of Seoul - and the main office of the Free Fatherland Party. This short journey - some half hour in length gave Kwon ample time to compose a letter - it read:

To the Office of the Tsar - Moscow

I give you my most humble and warm greetings - Tsar Nicholas II, for this is the start of a new year: and with it, a chance to do things right. Forget the mistakes of 1913! For this year will allow you to strengthen Russia - a premier world power - and its empire further, and with it, your family’s own prestige! Now, I know that the Korean Peninsula is a mere footnote when compared to your own vast realm, but I want to make sure that the peace between our nations continues into this year also. I’ll not distract your mighty gaze much longer with a letter as pitiful as my own, so once more, I wish you - and the Russian people, a prosperous and peaceful year!

To your excellent - and continued health!

Kwon Seung-Min
Scholar-Marshal of the Unified Provinces of Korea

In truth, the letter was short because by the time he’d done a paragraph, he’d been informed that the streetcar would soon reach its destination. In the end, it wouldn’t matter though - he’d have a typist make a neat copy of the letter, have it stamped with the official seal of the Free Fatherland Party, and then dispatched to Moscow. No one, especially not the Tsar, needed to know about the letter’s rushed circumstances.

Soon enough, Kwon Seung-Min - and his retinue of bodyguards disembarked from their streetcar: and began making their way up the bitterly cold and somewhat dim street towards the Party’s main office. In no time at all, they got there - entering through a pair of grandiose double doors, and were now on the way to his third floor office, a walk which was paused and then continued after a brief conversation with a young typist who was just finishing her hours for that day.

Once there, the real work would begin...

The Unified Provinces of Korea - Paektu Mountain

1st of January 1914
9:00 A.M

The First and Second Alpinist Battalions

While Kwon Seung-Min’s day was only beginning in Seoul, for the men of the First Alpinist Battalion, their day was drawing to a close. Otherwise known as the “Harmonious First”, the 750-men strong infantry unit were busily making their way down to their barracks by the time he’d gotten to his office. “Down” was a funny term - especially when referring to the battalions tasked with protecting this part of the national border. After all, their chief barracks was situated at 8,000 feet above sea level - some thousand feet below the summit. Once at that barracks, they’d officially end their sentry duty, and let the Second Alpinist Battalion take it over instead. Some time later, they made it - slowly pushing their tired legs up to the door of the large stone building that counted as their living quarters during their deployment to the mountain; and predictably, not long after that, most of the battalion were huddled up in their beds, catching some much needed sleep.

Now it was the Second Alpinist Battalion’s turn as sentries - they’d patrol the section of the mountain that fell into the UKP’s jurisdiction, making sure that no Russian troops had accidentally strayed into their territory during that time. That had been a problem last year - the border was poorly marked after all - thankfully, it hadn’t led to any conflicts or scuffles of any kind. Instead, the infantry deployed onto the mountain at that time - (Seventh and Fourth Alpinist Battalions) has gone for a softer approach - they’d carved a UKP flag into the rock where the border cartographically began. Furthermore, they’d included an inscription, in both Russian and Korean - “State Border. Do not cross.” Hopefully, that’d get the point across. However, if it didn’t the Second Alpinist Battalion were confident they could handle it - after all, they were mountain troops: they were trained to work up in the cold, dangerous environments that mountainous terrain often contained. From sheer drops to unsteady footing, they were trained and equipped for it all. It was a good thing too - the soldiers couldn’t imagine having to patrol without their picks, boots, crampons and assortment of other climbing equipment either. Still, the most important things they carried were obviously, their thick, camouflaged coats, their rifles and their rations - after all, they could hardly return to their barracks for lunch, could they?

SKY company were the company tasked with patrolling the summit - and accordingly, their climb was the most arduous. Still, the weather was good, and they made it to the summit in record time - now, they had a clear view for miles in any direction, and the sight of the lake below was an added bonus.

One man, a sergeant - and career soldier breathed in deeply, looking around as his company settled into their patrol routine. He lived for views like this - after all, the sketches he sold of the scenic views he often encountered encountered helped to feed his wife and children back home in Hamhung...

This new year would be great. He could feel it.
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Citadel Complex (Austrian Military Central Industrial Complex [AMCIC])-Linz Region, Austria

Commander Howard walked briskly from his car now parked on the side of the road between two stout bunkers. A raiser parapet surrounded the complex. A gate house loomed ahead of him. Soldiers in grey uniforms stood in warm coats with rifles slung over their shoulders. A group of four men stood in the gate. One, in a heavier coat approached, "Morning, Sir." The officer barked and gave a crisp salute. "Morning Captain Lurrel," Howard replied as he presented his letter of entry to the fortress. "What brings you out here to our little city?" Lurrel asked as he ducked his head into the guard hut beside the gate. "New orders from Vienna. Munition trains are to begin moving the new rifles out. I want to see it through." Out in the cold falling snow of Linz, the AILF volunteers of the Bosnian brigade were working on a new ditch line beneath the already looming walls of the Citadel. Barbwire rolls were on the side of the hill, ready to be unrolled and spread out along both edges of the the trench. Lurrel handed back the letter and followed the Commanders gaze, "They are always working on something. Earlier they were raising artillery up on the walls. One would think they expected this complex to be attacked any day now." Howard shook his head and dawned his cap once again, "No attack, just over prepared. This complex is the center of our countries ability to make war. If we lose this fortress, we would lose our war effort for months." Lurrel only shrugged and followed the Commander out the door back into the snow, "Open the gate!" The officer barked. Heavy chains started to clink as the portucalis was lifted with slow rhythm from the humming of the slow motor lifting the chain. The Commanders car approached and the commander opened the door and entered. He watched as the gate raised into place and the car proceeded into fortress. As the car passed through the deep walls, the inner gate came into view. Two large steel-played doors rested on great hinges. Those doors were pushed close by five men on each door and a large solid bar slammed shut on it to hold it closed. Inside the fortress after about a mile was the outline of factories. Towers looming overhead belched black smoke into the air. Some were still smokeless though, their firey ovens still unlit.

The citadel was planned out by section. The first section was the side arms plants. Five in all of this section. Steyr M1912 pistol was the focus of these five plants. A railroad line connected these five to the central hub in the middle of the Citadel. The central hub came to a warehouse built at the base of the Alp mountains. Tunneling deep and wide, they had built a mountain warehouse, from here, trains would go through three large tunnels and out into the country-side to discreet exits. One to Vienna, one to Trieste Military Complex, the other to Budapest. The next line of factories was the long arms, five more factories were hard at work on the Mannlicher M1888. Another rail line connected the central hub. Between these ten factories and the outlying others was the Citadel Hospital. Arguably one of the largest and best built in the entire empire. Large white walls loomed out. Five stories high and stretching for three city blocks. It was the heart of the factories medical team. Around them was the ten munition factories. Making ammo for the side arm, standard rifle, and the artillery shells for the army and navy crews. These trains were the most valued. Sending shipment after shipment to the central hub. Across from them, in the third district, was the artillery foundries. Three factories were working away in the new lighter artillery, the new standard 8 cm FK M. 5 for front line artillery and used on the fortress Citadel walls. The next variation of the front-line troops was the 3.7 cm Infanteriegeschütz M.15. Good for trench warfare. The medium artillery standard variant became the 10 cm M. 14 Feldhaubitze. For naval variants, lighter versions were standard to Škoda 7 cm K10, the Škoda 15 cm K10 gun became the medium cannon standard. The larger class was the Škoda 30.5 cm /45 K10. For the siege troopers, the Skoda 305 mm Model 1911. in the fourth section was the airplane production center. The Austrian airfield was outside the walls of the Citadel, still surrounded by a large trench and small wooden wall to give soldiers a vantage point. The Austrian amchine guns were also mounted on towers around the air field. Hansa-Brandenburg B.I became the primary variation. With alterations being prepared. Inside the mountain, was the a small munitions assembly room. A new section of walls was also forming around the citadel, seven new factories for munitions. Small trains moved throughout the citadel. Inside the central hub was the large locomotives and the armoured transport cars. Other wagons for peace-time were also in use. The runs from the Citadel and Trieste were also the heavily armoured.

Trieste Palace-Trieste Province, Austrian Empire
An aid came rushing into the office of the Regent, Ferdinand was sitting behind his desk reading the latest reports from the embassies across Europe. "Sir, word from Vienna! The 1st Guard has been mobilised!" Ferdinand eyebrows slightly raised, "Why?" He took the letter from the War Ministry in Vienna. What was Aden up to? "Assemble the Imperial Guard garrison here. Send word for the garrison in Vienna to withdraw from the palace and return to Trieste." The aid looked at the ArchDuke, "Sir? Abandoning the Palace?" Ferdinand scribbled a note, "Get this note to the telegram office. Order all Imperial Guards to return to Triete. Assemble the commanders in my office. Order all Generals of the three other Royal Armies to me. And assemble the chief of staffs!" The aid vanished to carry out the orders. Ferdinand shook his head, "Aden must be preparing to seize power. I must strike first. An emergency police action. But who is loyal? Who will abandone me for Aden?"

The aid return an hour later, "General Muroch of the 2nd Army and Generl Corbin of the 4th Army have reported they are coming from their distant commands. The Austrian Army Command has also reported he is coming. 3rd Army, the Hungarian Army, and the Bosnian Legion have not replied. Naval commanders in Triete are on their way as well. Admiral Kullich and the 1st Squadron are out on patrol and not able to be reached at this time. Citadel Command has ordered the shutting of its gates and rail-gates. The Imperial Guards from Vienna, Budapest, and Greater Sarajevo are on their way." Ferdinand nodded, "Inform me when they have arrived. Anything else from the War Ministry?" The aid shook his head, "We have moved your Uncle, the Emperor, to his more private apartments to the crisis is over." Ferdinand nodded his approval. "I shall have supper with him and calm him. Send him the ladies of the court. He will assume himself with them. Especially the single ladies." Again the aid nodded.

Vinnea city limits-Vienna, Austria-Hungary

The 1st Austrian Guard, Adens Dove Legion, presented arms to their commander, Aden Hapsburg. The flag of the 1st army, the flag of the Royal army, the seal of the House opf Hapsburg, and the dove flag, flown at the head of the first column. The eight major generals of the army approached and saluted, "Sir." They all said. Aden dismounted his horse, "How is things in the south?" One of the Generals nodded, "Well, no incurrsions by Ottomans or the Serbians." Aden nodded, "Still fearful of the Serbians are we?" He chuckled followed by the other Generals. He patted he worried leader, "The Imperial Garrison has abandoned the Imperial Palace."

Aden motioned to a tent pavilion, "Send the troops forward to secure Vienna." One of the Generals turned and shouted a command, the front troops marched forward rifles at shoulder rest. The Generals sat at the table. Glasses of wine were poured and prepared. Aden sat, "Ferdinands stallions are running scared back to Trieste." The Generals chuckeled except the worried one, General Orelius, "He has the navy though potentially. The Citadel isn't going to support either of you. The Hungarians have yet to side, nor has the third army. We have 87,000 men. We are outnumbered." Aden smiled, "So we march first on the C itadel. Once the supply lines are stopped, Trieste will wither." The commanders looked increasinly nervous, "Attack the Citadel?" Aden shook his head, "March the troops towards it and they will shut down the rail-lines and close the gates. We keep the Stallions forces unsupplied. Long as we stay away from the walls, their guns will remain silent." The Generals still looked nervous, "If you aren't with me Generals, I will accept your resignation and have you transferred behind the lines. I won't force you to fight your friends if you disagree what I am doing." General Orelius rose and saluted, "I served with your father, I was at his side when he was killed. I ask you to consider your actions carefully my Prince. To perform a coup is no easy feet. To fight eachother will leave the empire weakened. We need to do this carefully." Aden thought quietly for a moment, "Ferdinand isn't liked in Bosnia. He is hated their for trying to revoke the Bosnian Proclomation. If we move the command to Sarajevo, we will have him." The Generals argued at once. Sarajevo was the the center of regional unrest. The Governor of Bosnia had sent alerts to the command before they marched north. The Black Hand, the Balkland Brothers, and the Serbian Legion, three active terrorist groups, were all active in the region. Three crime groups fighting for control in Bosnia. "Gentleman, lets secure Vienna first. Then Budapest. Then Sarajevo. I want three divisions to ready to march on the Citadel. Two will encircle its walls out of range. The other secure the rail-lines between the Citadel and Vienna. Send the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd divisions to do this. Send the fourth and fifth into Budapest. The sixth will secure that rail link. The seventh and eighth will remain in Vienna. Serve as police units until the cities police is with us. The eighth will take the palace and the National Assembly. The Seventh takes the Imperial Guards barracks and the Royal Army command center. After there secure, all will send teams to secure the Ministries and the Ministers." General Orelius pointed to the map before them of Vienna, "The cities armoury must be secured as well." Another General, Remus, stood and pointed at the police station, "We need to secure the police command center and the various city outposts. The city must go into lockdown. The telegraph office must also be secured. All the telegraph lines in the city go their for sending out. We need to control that. As well as the royal army barracks." Aden ran his hands through his blonde hair, "What next?" General Orelius looked over at Aden, "The same in Budapest. We al-" A man on a horse came up riding hard. A courier wearing a black hat, a messenger from the 3rd Army. "Regent Hapsburg! Regent Hapsburg!" Two soldiers raised rifles, a few dozen officers approached, hands on pistols or swords. "General Cormont sends word! The Regent Ferdinand has called the army commanders together!" Aden pushed the two soldiers aside, "Why does Cormont warn me? He is the Eastern commander, he does not normally concern himself with the empires affairs." The courier bowed deeply then dropped to one knee, "Cormont wants to know if you will give his army the supplies he needs to maintain his forces. Ferdinand has left the army to become obsolete. He wants to fix this problem. The 3rd Army will send four divisions to support you. He needs the other four to maintain the border. He also wants to be made the Duke of Silesia. And granted immunity for previous crimes in the Serbian Affair." Aden looked at his Generals, "I will consider these requests." In front of the General, troops continued to march past. Aden looked at the bayonets reflecting on the waning light. A storm was coming to the empire. One that would blacken the sun and hide the moon till it was over.

AILF Command Center-Vienna, Austria
The Minister of AILF sat behind his desk. In the streets, was chaos. 1st Guard soldiers were marching into the city from almost every direction. Eight divisions, ten thousand men each were in the city. The Ministry Garrison was under arrest. The War Ministry was on fire. Stallion loyalists were burning Franz Ferdinands orders and any paper linking commanders and other reports. Beneath him, at the front gates, the doors were opened and soldiers streaming inside. Outside his door he heard the shouting of soldiers as they stomped through the halls of the Ministry. Minister Bassam sipped his bourbon and then sat the glass down. The door had a slight three hard knocks then opened. Colonel Hatton came through the door, "Sir, your asked to join us at the Imperial Palace." The Minister stood and grabbed his brief-case, "I will come willingly." Bassam stood and straightened his tie and then placed his button on his tie, the white Dove. The Colonel smiled and showed his cuff link where the Dove was on its lapels. "The AILF Ministry is loyal?" Hatton asked. Bassam nodded, "I have workers outside the Citadel working. I knew Aden was preparing for this. I didn't think he'd launch it so soon."

Austrian-Hungarian Imperial Embassy-St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
Ambassoder, Count Daemon Dol Hapsburg, sat behind his own desk. An official order had came from Vienna by order of the Emperor in Trieste to speak to the Russian Court about a marrige proposal and see what the mood of the Emperor was towards a possible alliance with Austria. Along with the possibility of a new treaty.

To: The Imperial Court of Tsar Nicholas the II, Emperor of the Russias
From: The Imperial Court of Emperor Franz Joseph, by proxy of the Embassy of the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Regency Council
Greatest Majesty,
The Austro-Hungarian Empire wishes to make a request to meet with his Imperial Highness to discuss the possibility of a new alliance and offers sent to the Embassy to find the agreement of your majesty. If a meeting could be arranged with the Imperial Sovereign and the Count Hapsburg, it would be most greatful.
Franz Joseph and the Regency Council

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St. Petersburg

Nicholas had remained practically catatonic since the day the Duma had agreed to go forth with the referendum on the monarchy. He hadn't moved in days, refused to eat anything, and only drank water. His family was growing concerned for him. Never had Nicholas been this way. Then again, never had the Duma done something so bold and brash. On Nicholas's desk, two letters had been placed a few days prior. And he had not even taken a look at them.

But after two days of being in this state, Nicholas had finally decided to at least read the letters. He took a seat at his desk and opened the two letters. With a sigh, he read their translated copies and merely sighed. The Korean letter was seemingly nothing more than a congratulatory letter, but it did lift Nicholas's spirits. Meanwhile, the letter from Austro-Hungary was suspicious. For the longest time, Austro-Hungary had been a rival to Russia. And Nicholas was not willing to marry off one of his daughters to a nation that was a rival of Russia's.

Sure there was arguably some merit to an alliance via blood with Austro-Hungary, but it would betray Russian doctrine in the Balkans for the last fifty years. Hence, Nicholas would leave the letter with Austro-Hungary for later and instead would simply reply to the letter from Korea.

Pulitov Works, St. Petersburg

The stench of molten metal and sweat mingled in the air. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, the inside of the Pulitov Works was shockingly warm. In this massive industrial complex, artillery, vehicles, and parts for warships where constructed. And in one corner, a new, strange, and the somewhat obscure project was taking form. Vasiliy Mendeleev watched as this beast of a machine took shape. Having dreamed this thing up back in 1911, to see it finally come to fruition was---to say the least---breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

This massive metal box was 13 meters long, it had a 120mm naval gun, and it was an impressive 4.45 meters high. This massive beast was Mr. Mendeleev's dreamchild and was designed with some lessons from the Russo-Japanese War. It was designed to destroy even hardened fortifications and trenches, it had a special suspension that allowed it to be raised or lowered, a 250 hp engine, and a supposed maximum speed of 24 km/h. And as impressive as this machine was, it was a mere prototype that had been created by Mr. Mendeleev from scrap materials.

As impressive as this vehicle was, it was designated an armored car. But unlike an armored car, the vehicle Mendeleev had created could easily survive an artillery round. After all, it was the size of a railcar and had the armor of a naval ship. However, it was far from complete. While the vehicle was technically ready, it was still relatively disassembled and nowhere near ready for testing. The steering system was a bit messed up, the suspension was still critically flawed, and the engine had been deemed insufficiently powerful. But, it was a vehicle with promise.


"Are you sure about this?" Asked a Staff Captain.

"I am." Replied a very prim man with a handlebar mustache.

"Mr. Fyodorov, this better work." Remarked a government official dressed in a suit.

"It will." Replied the prim man.

"What is this?" Asked a staff officer as he stared at the ammunition belt.

"An ammunition belt." Replied Fyodorov.

"Is it ready yet?" Inquired the government official.

"Yes." Fyodorov sighed as he loaded the gun.

"Shall we cove our ears?" Asked the government official.

"If you still want to have them." The staff officer grumbled as the two guests covered their ears and Fyodorov put cotton into his ears.

The gun then went off. It was extremely loud as its casings hit the floor and the target was torn to shreds. After 150 rounds, the gun stopped. The wooden target had simply ceased to exist, and the two government officials were absolutely shocked. This weapon had to be shown to the Tsar and the high command immediately. As the military officials looked at what just happened and absorbed what had just occurred, Fyodorov just smiled.

"You must show this weapon to the Tsar immediately." The staff officer said in shock.

"How quickly can you bring this weapon to St. Petersburg?" Asked the government official.

"In two weeks," Fyodorov stated.

"Excellent." The government official stated.

To: Kwon Seung-Min, Scholar-Marshal of the Unified Provinces of Korea

From: Tsar Nicholas II, Autocrat and Emperor of All Russias

To the most honored Kwon Seung-Min, I salute you and wish you and your nation a happy new year. The people of Korea have prospered and done well under your rule. And I have confidence that Korea will prosper in 1914 as long as peace remains in the world.

As you may know, Asia has been a recent focus of Russia. The Russo-Japanese War was but the culmination of opposition to these acts of expansion and territorial gain by Russia. And as the Russo-Japanese war showed, Japan has been intent on pushing further into Northern Asia. While their advances have been stopped, for the time being, they will try and try again to expand into Asia proper. The future will bless Korea with plenty of prosperity and well-being, but only if caution is taken in defending itself from aggression.

Tsar Nicholas II
Autocrat of all Russias
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Eastern Railroad to Budapest
Troop cars rattled along as the train ventured east carrying three divisions. Slowly, one was being broken off in each battalion as they secured different sections of the eastern railroad. Soldiers of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Divisions, the elements of the 2nd Corp under General Orelius, were taking this part of the operation. General Orelius stood in front of the table with his three brigadier Generals, "General Cordier, your sixth division will continuously deploy as we go. I want you to brake up your forces into regiments and secure the line. Both sides. Establish a command post outside of Budapest. General Krampton and General Deson, you shall deploy your forces outside of Budapest. I shall go to the Royal Palace and speak with the Hungarian army commanders and the Assembly. The three Generals made their comments and pointed out possible flaws. Orelius looked at his watch, they were on schedule. He hoped the others were as well.

2nd Battlion of the Fourth Division
"Why do we have to dig trenches? This whole operation will be over in two days." Private Melgiur mumbled while throwing another shovel of dirt out of his hole. "Because Captain Hailfax said so," another grumbled beside him. Their overcoats wet and muddy from the pouring rain. Around them, others were shoveling. Captain Hailfax was down the line helping pull one of the infantry artillery guns into position in its new wooden rampart. His dark hark soaked with rain. The battalion standard sat propped up against the rampart. Other officers huddled under the temporary shelter where the battalion commanders were. Liuetenant Colonel Mesuir stood at the top in the rain pointing to places to strengthen. "I wish the Colonel would give a hand." Melgiur snorted to the laughing reply of a couple others. Hailfax made his way down the line of his company, "Nice and easy boys. Once this trench is built. The tarps can go up. Or get nude and shower. You runts smell." The men laughed and labored.

Vienna, Austria
Hofburg Palace
The gates to the Imperial Palace, the Hofburg, in Central Vienna swung open. The grounds of the royal palace was deserted. The Seventh Division entered the palace cautiously. The halls of the palace were deserted as well. Only servants of the court were left, a few of the nobles surrounding Vienna had lingered. White Stallion banners hunge from every arch in the palaces great hall. Regent Aden Hapsburg walked into the throne room slowly. Soldiers took up positions along the edge of the walls, members of his own personal brigade, the Dove Guard. He walked towards the throne of the Emperors. Several generations of his own branch of the family had bowed before this throne. He stepped past the golden carpet and onto the purple one, where only members of the current branch of the ruling family could stand. He stepped past that, to the foot of the throne. He smiled and turned, "We are close gentleman. Soon, we will be victorious!" The soldiers yelled and cheered.

Schönbrunn Palace
The Eighth Division were assembling the captured Ministers and all of the Police Captains, along with over government personnel from the War Ministry in the garden grounds. The pavilions around the palaces garden were opened and turned into beds. The Minister of War approached the AILF Minister, "What is going on?" He hissed. Nearby soldiers passed. Rifles slung over their shoulders. Along the perimeter though, they rested in their arms. The AILF Minister Bassam shrugged, "Palace intrigue I suppose." The War Minister blinked, "A coup? By the army?" He asked with more concern in his voice. Basssam only shrugged, "Hapsburgs at their finest. The Regents are moving against a cousin who is trying to usurp them is what I have heard." The War Minister schoffed, "Or Aden trying to off Ferdinand?" Bassam looked at his colleague, "Careful, Sir. These are his soldiers around us. Excite them to much, and you'll end up on the other side of that fence." The Minister, Tolmech, only paled, "They sacked the War Ministry! I tried to message the Hofburg for detaIls but the Telegram office has fallen silent. My agents inside told me that messages were coming in. Nothing coming out. Its a coup alright." Bassam grabbed Tolmechs shoulder, "Control yourself. This isn't a coup. The army wouldn't support this. None of the government would. Franz Joseph is the Emperor. Ordained by God. Nothing Aden can do will change that. We wait. Surely their must be an answer to all this." BAssam concerned face masked well the truth.

Citadel-Austro-Hungarian Empire
Commander Howard paced his office in the central hub. Vienna had went dark earlier in the morning. Nothing was coming out. Telegrams from Trieste came every 30 minutes for situation reports. Nothing was happening around them. Howard had issued the General Alert as ordered from the War Ministry and that was it. The current brigade stationed at the Citadel were at there posts. The gates were all closed. Artillery guns were on alert. Obersvation balloons were up and watching. The airfield had launched two patrol flights. The aviation regiment were taking up their defensive postitons. Maj. General Kitel marched into the office and saluted, "Commander, my men are still on alert. What in blases is happening?" Howard handed the General the latest information, "Vienna is dark. That is all we currently know." Kelick read the telegram, "Dark? How does an entire city go dark." He put the note back down, "I shall send three recon flights to see what is happened in the capital." Howard shook his head, "They are assigned here, General. They are the eyes of this installation. We shall not waste them." Kelick held his anger and stormed out. The deputy commander entered from the rain, "Its a fine mess out there, sir. The boys says a fish couldn't swim in this mess." Howard snorted with contempt, "The artillery shells dry?" The deputy nodded, "Only thing that's dry out there. The boys in the trenches have the worst of it. About standing in puddles up to their knees." Howard looked out the window, "Those planes are going to have a hard time landing in this mess." The deputy listened to the distant lul of the two planes above them circling. "Doubt they can see anything up there." Howard nodded and went to his desk, "How are the AILF men?" The Deputy sat in the chair across the desk, "Last I heard they had thrown the shovels down and crawled into the barracks for a rest. The pumps are keeping up enough without them bailing water. A squad of them is helping get the tarps over the big guns around the walls. They are really dedicated to the place." Howard agreed, "They built the place, so naturally." A buzzing sound came at the top of the door, an alarm from the observation towards. Howard clicked his reply. Three buzzes answered. One buzz mean't all clear. Two buzzes meant sighting. Three meant sighting confirmed on approach. Howard looked at his deputy. "Get Kelick!"

Patrols were returning soaked. Kelick came to the gate with Howard, "Report!" The soldier who came through the gate was exhausted, "Its the 1st army, We have yet to identify the units. We think its the 1st corp. We know for sure divisions. Trains are still coming." Another squad entered the gate that was closed once again behind them, "Its definitely the 1st corp, General Daemon Krouts corp." The sergent handed Kelick a soaked note,. Kelick opened it and read quickly, "Are they hostile?" The sergent shook his head. Soldiers above the gate hollered down, "Three cars approaching!" Kelick walked up the soaked steps to the walls edge and looked down. An aide stood below him on the ground looking up, "General Daemon requests permission to enter the Citadel! Business of the Regents!" Kelick looked at Howard in shock, "The Regents did not send any message ahead. Which Regent?" The aide looked at the car. Another door opened, a tall, slender man exited. "Kelick, open this damn gate before I blow it off its hinges. If you shut these gates on me over our old gambling debt! I shall message your wife myself and inform her you owe 20 Kronos!" Kelick looked at the General below, "Your not here for old gambling debts. This is something else. Where is your troops?" Daemon looked around, "They are around here somewhere. I am sure of it." Kelick looked at Howard behind him, "10,000 men are out there. At least. No idea if they have big guns or not. We have a brigade here. The best fortifications in the country, but still almost 3 to 1. Recommendations?" Howard looked out into the distance, "Keep the gate closed. Close the rail-gates. Complete lockdown." Kelick agreed and walked back to the edge, rain dripping from his hat, "No, I will message Trieste and ask for confirmation of the Regents sending you." Daemon looked down for a moment then looked back up, "Ask Vienna instead." Kelick nodded, "I see. I am sorry friend. But my answer is no." Daemon nodded, "I figured as much." He got back into his car and backed up away from the fort and disappeared into the gray rain.

Miramare Castle-Trieste, Austria-Hungary
The Chief of Staffs, General Muroch represenative, General Corbins represenative, Austrian Commands represenative, and the Admiralility representatives. ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand arrived in the room, the officers stood and saluted. "Sit down gentleman, we have much to discuss." The soldiers around him sat and opened their briefcases and pulled out notes. "Current situation?" His own aide stepped forward, "Vienna has gone dark. No messages in or out. The War Ministry was the last message given to us. The 1st Army, the Doves Legion, is in the city. All 87,000 men. They were last encamped inside the city. Citadel hasn't answered our last all clear signal. Nor has the naval port at Pola or Mava. Sarajevo is still broadcasting. Only a small detachment is left in the city. Governor Detliu has confirmed that the army is gone. The Second and Fourth have ordered a muster to be assemble at their distinct commands. The Imperial Guards corp is coming in from Vienna, Budapest, and Sarajevo. The Austrian Army has also ordered a muster at the Citadel. The Imperial Navy is sailing up the Adriatic to land marines and provide fire support around the Palace. The dreadnaughts are setting sail as well to secure Pola." Ferdinand nodded then looked at each of the officers, "Well? How are we going to save this country from the Doves?" The doors to the office closed. "We have a duty to the Emperor to keep his government stable and secure.

Austro-Hungarian Imperial Embassy-St. Petersburg, Russia
The Count read in the papers the actions of the Duma. A republican Russia. A scary thought. Russia had once saved Austria in its own time of struggle. Russia is shaking. It was clear. The Count sent two messages, one to the Tsar, and the next to the Regents in Austria.

To: His Imperial Majesty, Tsar Nicholas Romanov the II
From: The Court of the Emperor Franz Joseph, under the Embassy of the Regents
Greetings Highness,
The events of the previous week, although ominous, does not shake the hand of the Austo-Hungarian Empires support of the Tsar. I must confess though to His Imperial Highness, I am an old man. I was here for the coronation of your father, Alexander the II. I humbly request permission to return home. I am awaiting final confirmation from the Court in Vienna. I serve as the pleasure of your Imperial Highness, and that of my own monarch, Emperor Franz Joseph. If I can be of service before I depart for Austria, please, my office is open to you.
Franz Joseph and the Regents Council

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Postby Bolslania » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:54 am

Buckingham Palace, London

Asquith stepped into the cold air of the English spring, he took a deep breath of the air. Around the palace the air was clean, not tainted by car exhaust or any other smells of the cities. As he was lead down the pathway to the doors by a stony-faced servant, he admired the palace grounds. He had always enjoyed the grounds, with all the gardens and perpetual clean air. The servant opening the main doors, holding them open for Asquith. As Asquith stepped in and doffed his hat, he immediately dropped into a swooping bow, for His Majesty, King George the Fifth was waiting there at the door, a pleasant smile on his face.

"Prime Minister, please rise" King George V said amusedly, extending his hand to the Prime Minister. Asquith took it firmly.

"Please, come." the King said, leading Asquith into his office

"Care for a cigar?" After Asquith and the King had both lit their cigars and taken a few puffs from them, Asquith spoke.

"Your Majesty, as you are aware, there are several revolts going on in India and China." He began, the King nodded slowly.

"Your Majesty, I believe I have a solution that rids us of the problem, but also allows us to maintain authority in the area." the King raised an eyebrow and took another drag from his cigar. "Do continue." He said thoughtfully

"The Australians have been wanting to expand their territory in the region. Now, if we give them, Burma for example, we can pull out our troops and ships and still control the area." The King nodded, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Let's see if the Australians would be open to the idea. I am for it, but it does depend on their mind."

Asquith nodded "Right away Your Majesty"


To: the Government of the Republic of Australia
From: The Government of the British Empire

To whomever it may concern within the Australian government,
It has come to our attention that Australia is interested in expanding its territory in the Southeast Asian regions. The British government is willing to negotiate the sale of some British Colonial territories in said region. Please respond as soon as is convenient to you

Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith, British Empire.
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Postby Monsone » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:41 am

St. Petersburg

"Suspicious isn't it?" Asked Nicholas as he showed the letter to his brother, Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia.

"It is. We were never on good terms with Austro-Hungary. Well, not since our pro-Slavic policy in the Balkans began. That really pissed off Franz Joseph." Remarked Michael.

"Exactly my point. So why would an Austrian prince ask for one of my daughter's hands in marriage? Why would the Austrian emperor send a surprisingly kind letter to me? It all doesn't add up." Nicholas said as he lit up a cigarette.

"Well, it seems he is offering to crush the Duma for you." Michael sighed as Nicholas blew out a puff of smoke.

"That would be politicide," Nicholas said in a somber tone.

"Exactly," Michael said with a nod of his head.

"Have you heard the possible coup in Austro-Hungary?" Asked Nicholas as he blew another puff of smoke out.

"Yes. Though the details are murky at best." Sighed Michael.

"I have been contemplating lately my future in a world where I am no longer Tsar of the world's largest contiguous country. And frankly, I am starting to like the prospect." Nicholas said with a small chuckle.

"How so?" Asked a confused Michael.

"Well, I figure if we royals can keep enough of our wealth and assets, we can live a posh life like those rich American Robber-Barons. Obviously, we wouldn't rob people, but we would be very rich." Nicholas explained to his brother.

"Isn't there always the Turks to worry about?" Asked Michael as he switched topics.

"Very true. The Turks and their modernization. I swear we should take the Armenian lands of the Ottoman Empire, it seems like our birthright." Nicholas mussed.

"Because we swore to protect the Armenians?" Asked Michael.

"Exactly," Nicholas responded.

"Maybe we could invite our Balkan allies and Austro-Hungary into a grand coalition against the Turks," Michael suggested.

"Like another crusade?" Nicholas asked suspiciously.

"Not really." Michael sighed.

"It still is a grand idea," Nicholas remarked.

"Of course, of course," Michael admitted.

"So should I respond to Austro-Hungary?" Asked Nicholas.

"I frankly do not know. All that I know is that you should be cautious." Michael warned.


"Oh, how times have changed." Sighed Amiral Stephan Makarov.

"They have." Sighed Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky.

"And to think not even a decade ago, dreadnaughts weren't even a concept yet. And now, there is a dreadnaught arms race." Sighed Makarov.

"Remember, we came from the generation of ironclads and muzzle-loading cannons." Remarked Rozhestvensky.

"True. And now we have battleships and breech-loading cannons made from steel." Chuckled Makarov.

"Have you heard the rumors?" Asked Rozhestvensky.

"No. I haven't." Sighed Makarov.

"There is talk of a naval renaissance, and Russia becoming a republic." Stated Rozhestvensky.

"I hope so. Our time is nigh for retirement. It is time for the next generation to take over." Makarov said in a saddened tone.

"And here we are sitting on a bench in Vladivostok watching the sunset." Rozhestvensky chuckled as he and Makarov smiled.

"And then there is the Pacific Fleet right beneath us." Stated Makarov.

"True." Rozhestvensky nodded.

"I hope we do not have to see another war in our lives," Makarov said.

"I agree. The Russo-Japanese war was enough." Rozhestvensky sighed.

"Admiral Makarov, Admiral Rozhestvensky, it is time to return to your ships." An officer told the two admirals.

"Oh, it's that time already." Makarov chuckled.

"It is." The officer said as the two admirals got up.

"Your name?" Rozhestvensky asked the officer.

"Venkman, sir. Alexander Venkman." The officer stated.

To: Emperor Franz Joseph
From: Tsar Nicholas II

Franz Joseph,

Your age and wisdom are beyond measure. Having been the leader of Austro-Hungary since time immemorial, that is to be expected. Yet, do not act like we are your ally. Russia is first and foremost, the defender and protector of Slavs. And that does not fit well with the foreign and domestic policies of Austro-Hungary. While a democratic republican Russia may scare you, and that is for good reason. As much as Russia has been maligned for being an autocracy, at least I have the decency of respecting the limited democracy of Russia, while in Austro-Hungary there is no democracy. You have turned yourself into the government. I do not need your aid, or do I want it.

Tsar Nicholas II

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Postby Taganian Unfied States » Sun Oct 04, 2020 5:14 pm

-Sarajevo Outskirts- Sarajevo, Greater Bosnia
One hundred Imperial Guards and Franz Ferdinand walked slowly towards the city. One carried the banner the White Stallion, another carried the flag of the Empire. The soldier's jackets were soddened, their boots muddied. Even the Duke was worn by the weather. "Your Grace, are you alright?" Captain Deskon asked. The Duke only nodded, "We have came a long way from Trieste. We started with an army. Now we have barely a hundred." Deskon looked at the soldiers around them. Some were wounded. A few wasn't even armed anymore. "The 1st Corp were ruthless. Losing Trieste was a disaster. Thats for sure," Deskon confirmed. "They fired on the city. The royal fleet abandoning us was a death blow. The Royal Army switching sides." Ferdinand looked around and then up, "They killed the Emperor. My old Uncle." Deskon looked around. A few of the shadows were moving, "Si-" a shot rang out and the captain fell. The commanding officer, Major Reson tackled the Duke. "Stay down sir! Or you will be killed." Reson waved his pistol in the air, "Circle up! Suppressing fire!" The guardsmen surrounded the Duke and slowly pushed for an abandoned building. Gernades rained down on them. "Run!" Reson shouted shoving the Duke. Ferdinand ran as hard as he could for the safety of the building. The two standard bearers running beside him and the rest of the outfit. Rifle fire flashed all around them. Reson leading the men kicked through the door. In the moon-light, Reson saw a flags edge in the pale light. A flag with a black field, a touch of white barely reflecting in the moon-light. Reson ran out carrying the Stallion banner, "Stop! Your firing on your own men! We are Imperial Guardsmen! We have the Duke!" The firing stopped. A few crept forward from the shadows. The boots that came into the light first weren't right. They weren't the standard issue. The pants were also wrong. Not grey, but muddy brown. Reson stood their, flag stamped in the ground. Finally the closet unknown soldier came into the light. Reson went to mouth something but was cut off by the single shot of the mystery assailants pistol. "Ubij tiranina!" the man shouted. He looked at the house and smiled and nodded. The house exploded. Men screamed. The man walked forward as the house collapsed. A lone figure came crawling out from the burning ashes. The mystery man looked down. It was the Duke Franz Ferdinand. The Duke looked up, "Please, help me." He whispered. The mystery man pressed his foot on the wound in the dukes shoulder. "Like you helped us?" Ferdinand weakly cried out, "Who are you?" The man knelt down and whispered in the Dukes ear, "Gavrilo Princip, Blackhand of Serbia!" He slammed his knife into the Dukes neck and then let go. The sound of cars approaching hummed ever closer. "Run! We must go!" The group took off. Gavrilo Princip stoped and looked at the approaching light and took his Blackhand badge off his coat and tossed it on the Duke. Then turned and ran into the darkness.

National Assembly Building-Vienna, Austria
Duke Aden Von Hapsburg stood in a full tuxedo at the front of the National Assembly. Prime Minister Cornelius Miller stepped up to the podium, "If I may have this assemblies attention. Today, the Regent of the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Empire, Aden Hapsburg, Duke of Northton and Deson, has called a meeting of this body to give information and take council from this here national assembly." The PM stepped backed so the Regent could take the podium. "Gentleman of this Assembly. Today, I have the pleasure of announcing the official end of the Regency. Emperor Franz Joseph, the titan who kept this great nation together, is gone." He stood up straighter, "It is with great sadness in my heart, that I announce Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to our empire, has also perished. A debacle attack against the sovereignty of this nation's government. A nationalist group lead by the Serbian terrorist organization, the Black Hand, has killed our beloved Prince. What happened is not of concern, the reason why is all the importance. They claim this state is a racist regime. We offered them the chance for lawful citizenship in the Bosnian Proclamation through honest work in the Austrian Internal Labor Force, known as the AILF. Service in our armed forces. With the formation of the Crown of Greater Bosnia, we made their territory an equal contender in the triumvirate of the empire. No longer the dual monarchy as before. Still it has not been enough. They think the Russian Empire is the shield that will guard them against our wrath. I am proud to say our armed forces are mobilised and ready. Our capability for war has never been greater. I am not here though, to make known my intention of war against these nationals in Serbia. I am here today to inform you that instead of hate, we shall embrace them with mercy. The hate that was needed to hold the empire together is for the previous generation. A new time has dawned for this empire. With the support of the Imperial military, I, Aden Hapsburg, announce my reign to the Triumverant throne. I do not take the throne for greed. I take it for the need of our people. With the start of my reign I announce a new reformation of the nation. I introduce to this assembly, the Deson Accord. To many, these reforms will seem like a return to the age of despotic feudalism. Do not be confused. These accords are for administration. Private business will not hindered by this government. Industrialism is promoted. Agriculture is promoted. Trade is promoted!" Aden turned and made his way up the steps to the Emperors seat. Beside it sat two other chairs. One for both the Regents. He watched the delegates all look at him. He slowly sat down in the chair. Two heralds at the edges of the stage shouted in unison, "God save the Emperor! God save the Hapsburgs! God bless the Emperor!" The assembly was quiet. Aden rose again and made his way through the assembly. The Deson Accords copies were placed on the table in the center of the room for the delegates pleasure to read.

Deson Accords of 1914, Emperor Aden Rex
Under the current Bosnian Proclamation, the right to citizenship to all foreign-born nationalists and those whose territory was conquered into the empire was conditional on a five-years service into the Austrian Internal Labor Force (AILF). This edict was commanded in 1910 under the government of Emperor Franz Joseph. This action is the best available to the current regime. This nation, in an effort to reform the state, has enacted these policy changes to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Executive Office:
~ The Domen-Habsburg line is declared extinct. Any bastard or unknown heirs of Franz Joseph through this line are declared barred from the succession. In replacing of this, the Payne-Hapsburg line is now the direct line of ascendants for the throne.
~ The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary be abolished and the First Triumervant formed.
~ The Office of the Prime Minister be made the Head of the Government and first advisor to the Imperial throne. All Ministers of the Imperial Council will be recommended and appointed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister shall be chosen by the Emperor. This First Minister shall serve a term of five-years. Two terms permitted.
~ The Imperial throne shall serve as head of the armed forces. All officers shall be appointed by the throne and the Chief of Command.

Legislative Office:
~ The National Assembly shall become a permanent assembly.
~ The members of the assembly shall be elected each year, and may only hold office for five terms.
~ This assembly will serve as advisory to the Emperor on new laws and taxes.
~ The Lord of the Assembly, shall serve as the leader of the assembly.
~ No political parties shall be tolerated in the National Assembly. The goal is to serve the region represented.
~ Only citizens of the Triumverant Empire shall be able to run for office.
~The pay of each delegate is to be determined by the Grand Duke of there province and to be voted upon by the people of the district.
~Each county in the empire shall have a delegate to serve in the National Assembly, and a delegate in the country the county is in.
~ The National Assembly the of the Triumervant Empire shall be seated in Vienna
~ The Assembly of Austria, shall be seated in Deson, Austria. The same offices and terms will apply. The Leader of the Assembly shall be the advisory to the Grand Duke of Austria
~ The Assembly of Hungary, shall be seated in Budapest, Hungary. The same offices and terms will apply. The Leader of the Assembly shall be the advisory to the Grand Duke of Hungary.
~ The Assembly of Greater Bosnia, shall be seated in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The same offices and terms will apply. The Leader of the Assembly shall be the advisory to the Grand Duke of Greater Bosnia.
~ The Emperor shall give a yearly address to the National Assembly about the state of the empire, and give account to the new plans for the year.

Judicial Office:
~ The Imperial Judiciary Court shall serve as the High Court of the Judicial Office
A panel of thirteen judges shall sit on this council.
~ The Second Court of the Empire shall serve as the court of appeals.
A panel of nine judges shall sit on this council
~ The Regional Court shall serve as the Grand Dukes court
A panel of five judges shall sit on this council
~ The Lords Court, shall serve as the Dukedoms court.
A panel of three judges shall sit on this council
~ The County Court, shall serve in every county
A panel of one judge shall sit on this council
~ All judges shall serve until the age of seventy.
~ The Imperial Justices shall be the highest form of police, all agencies and departments shall give way to this court in all investigations
The Head Justice shall report to the Minister of Justice and the Emperor
~ The Imperial Proctors shall serve as regional police in each of the three Grand Dukedoms.
The Grand Proctor shall report to the Minister of Justice and the Emperor
All Grand Dukedoms shall have a Master Proctor, who reports to the Grand Proctor and the Grand Dukes

Regional reorganization:
~ The three crowns of the Empire (Austria, Hungary, and Greater Bosnia) shall be converted to Grand Duchies. Each territory governed by a Grand Duke, chosen by the Emperor as his representative. These offices shall be held as a vice-royalty and at the service of the Emperor.
The Grand Dukes shall only be responsible to the Emperor
The Grand Dukes shall command the regional forces in their territory
Each Grand Duchy shall hold 100 counties.
Each Lord will control three counties. The 1 county left over shall be the seat of the Grand Duke
Each Count shall control one count, appointed by the Grand Duke, advised by the Lord of that territory.

Military Restructure:
~ The regional armies (Austria, Hungary, and Greater Bosnia) are to be disbanded along with the royal army. The four army groups are to be deployed equally along with the four distinct commands.
Army Group Center (1st Army)
X General in Chief: Emperor Aden Hapsburg
X 111,250 men
Army Group East (2nd Army)
X General in Chief: Krout
X 111,250 men
Army Group South (3rd Army)
X General Erwus Despasian
X 111,250 men
Army Group North (4th Army)
X General in Chief: Howard
X 111,250 men
~ Naval command is to be formed into four naval fleets
Royal Fleet North
Royal Fleet Center
Royal Fleet South
Royal Fleet underwater
All fleets shall be commanded jointly under Adriatic Command.

Domestic Policy:
~ The Bosnian Proclamation is suspended.
~All citizens currently in the empire who wish to join the Empire, are allowed to do so. The Imperial Ministry of Justice through the Immigration service shall process all applications. All currently working for the AILF are to work out current contracts until completion.
~All AILF prisoners transferred to the AILF from the Ministry of Justice are hereby stripped of their rights and effectively permanent assets of the AILF bureau
~ All level five crimes (murder, rape, child abuse, animal abuse, terrorism, and war crimes) shall be stripped of citizenship and permanently transferred to the AILF bureau.
~ All level four crimes (assault, grand theft over $1,000, corruption, and treason) are stripped of citizenship and transferred to the AILF bureau
~ All Serbian nationals moving into the empire will be settled in Greater Bosnia under the supervision of the Imperial Justices. All citizens who complete AILF contracts are exempt or settled in the empire for longer than ten years. Until processed into the empire, the Imperial Justices camps will be the processing center.
~Proof citizenship papers will be administered to all citizens. Any citizen without proof of citizenship papers shall be arrested on level one crimes and transferred to the Imperial Justice center.
~ All Slavic peoples in the empire are to register at the Imperial Justice camps for citizenship checks unless AILF service or naturalization of the ten years in the empire.
~All Slavic peoples are to be moved and regulated to Greater Bosnia in the Sarajevo sector. Only military service of five-years is exempt from this. Agriculture farms exemption applications can be applied for from the Ministry of Agriculture.
~Displaced Slavic peoples shall be compensated for any property loss in the displacement. Housing shall be provided freely and transferred to the ownership of the Slavic citizen. Free housing shall be provided to the camp residents after citizenship is obtained and proof of citizenship papers.

The crowd broke into shouting. Some in joy. Some in disbelief. Others in anger. How were the Emperor and heir gone? Where was the Stallion loyalists?

Hofburg Palace-Vienna, Austria
Emperor Aden Hapsburg sat behind the desk of the Emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Behind him was the portrait of Franz Joseph. A fire crackled in the fireplace. He smiled for once. On the floor was a map of the empire painted into the wooden floor. Once a month it was touched up and repaired. It had been removable so that in times of urgency it could be made into a table for late war sessions. Letters for Franz Joseph had been piled on his desk. Some from the diplomats in foreign courts, the Austrian Ambassador in Russia was requesting a recall. Fearing the tide of revolution approaching. An old man. Perhaps he should. He thumbed through the letters, at the bottom was a letter from Tsar Nicholas the II of Russia. Aden eyebrows lifted and read the letter. He then called for his aide to await his reply to an important letter. He then called for his Minister of Foreign Affairs to join him.

To: Tsar Nicholas the II of Russia
From: Emperor Aden Hapsburg of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Greetings your Imperial Majesty,
I am sure the replying author has given you cause for pause already. Our most beloved Emperor, Franz Joseph and his heir, Franz Ferdinand were both killed in terrorist attack in Trieste. The Summer Palace was destroyed by members of a radical terrorist organization the Blackhand of Serbia. They have already claimed responsibility. The empire was shaken, many in the organization thought and hoped we would stumble and be lead into quick decision making. Your Balklan policy was their hopeful shield. I have called upon my armed forces to begin a policing action in Greater Bosnia. Our forces are their to occupy and pacify the region. The Ministry of Justice is working on humane camps to hold any potential political prisoner that is possibly connected to the plot. The slavic people of this nation are welcome to be citizens of our domain, as long as they are lawful citizens. These groups of people who wish to radicalise and destroy the institutions of this nation can not, and will not be tolerated. We do not call upon Austrians or Hungarians or Italians in other nations to cause such harm in other states.

We ask that you, as the pro-claimed leader of the Slavic people, condem these actions by these terrorists. My government is willing to offer any Slavic person wishing to leave the empire paid passage, paid for their homes and goods they'd be leaving behind, and feed to the border of Russia safe conduct. A joint Austrian-Russian police force, 1 division of soldiers from both sides to supervise this action. We also offer your government a role in gaurenteeing these camps are humane and not prison camps.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire is not in the policy of effecting regime changes. Be it to support or stop an overthrow. The stability of Russia though, as our neighbor, is an important matter to this regime. Your domestic policy has the potential to roll onto us. As we are both monarchs, divined by God to rule, I do offer aslyum to your family in the event that civil war does come to Russia. My Ambassoder warns me that St. Petersburg is becoming a dangerous place. To secure the safety of the Austrian embassy, we are increasing the security personnel assigned to the embassy. Also, we are recalling our current ambassoder, and replacing him with another younger man. As for democracy, I have asked the National Assembly become a permanent advisory council to the Crown. And instituted state assemblies of the same kind. The Emperor stills reign supreme, but only at the will of her people. I understand this office once proposed the idea of a marriage proposal to your Majesty. We respectfully must rescend that request.

Your Royal Cousin,
Aden Hapsburg
Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Emperor of the First Triumverant Empire
King of Austria, Hungary, and Greater Bosnia
Duke of Northton and Deson

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Postby Reinoniananiananonanonona » Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:33 pm


Edo Castle (江戸城, Edo-jō), Edo
"Sir! Sir?"
Tokugawa Iesato did not break stride.
"What?" The Shogun of Japan finally turned around, a scowl on his face. "I'm already late for the meeting to fill Saito's post; what do you want?"
The young aide sighed. "It's -"
"Sugi? Kodama? Honma? Ah, officers keep dropping like flies."
Iesato's face went from confused to more confused. "The Archduke?"
"Yes, sir," the aide confirmed. "Shot by a Serbian revolutionary while entering Sarajevo."
"First the Emperor, and now this?"
"Yes, sir. Von Habsburg's crowned himself Emperor. Not only that, he's essentially reinstituted feudalis -"
"I don't care. How is Russia reacting?"
The aide shook his head. "We've yet to see anything official, sir."
"Hmmph. I'm convening the Imperial Assembly. Half an hour. Good thing all the daimyō have Muromets. Damn, we're lucky Russia gave in that time." Iesato stepped into a waiting car. He muttered a direction to the chauffeur, but just before it sped away, he rolled down the window and yelled at his aide: "And have the emperor come!"
"Why?" the aide yelled back.
"I need to appeal to the Tennōha!"
"How am I supposed to get him?"
Just before the car went out of earshot, he heard a response. "Figure it out!"


Imperial Assembly Hall (帝国議会ホール, Teikoku Gikai Hōru), Edo
Emperor Yoshihito sat impassively behind the Shogun, listening to the military dictator pound the podium in the Imperial Assembly Hall over in Edo, the scores of daimyō who ruled the myriad little lands that Japan held scattered applauding regularly.
Yoshihito's mind absently drifted to the tales his father had told him as a boy. Tales of tradition. Tales of strength.
Tales of power.
Fifteen emperors. Fifteen of the rightful rulers of Japan had, all their lives, had to give their birthright to the Tokugawas, and another in the middle of his reign.
Well, to hell the Hollyhocks.
His father had had chills up his damn spine every second of the Boshin War. The struggle for the restoration of power to the emperors had failed after decades.
Westerners didn't talk about it. Tokugawa certainly talked a hell of a lot about it.
But now, watching the Shogun's anti-Russia posturing, preaching his farfetched theories of Russian attempts to sow chaos across the globe and shatter the world order Japan was meant to inherit, Yoshihito saw an opportunity. An opportunity for the balance of power in the Archipelago to reach its rightful state.
All he had to do was wait for war.
And then the emperor would make his speeches, and implicate the Shogun, all the while backing the struggle against Russia.
Because at this point he didn't even care about Russia anymore.
He cared about making sure the walls of Edo Castle ran red with blood.
The emperor of Japan leaned back in his seat, and began mentally practicing a telephone call with a particular Austro-Hungarian noble.
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Asquith had sat down with his morning to read the reports that had come across his desk. More reports from Burma and India, looked like the major revolutionary group was beginning to be beaten by the British Army. It took them long enough.

He took as sip as he read the report from the British consulate in Austro-Hungary, and nearly spit his tea out.

"My God!" He shouted when he read of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination by Serbian terrorists. He set down his tea with a shaky hand. This meant that Austro-Hungarian retribution would be swift and devastating. And they would be thrown in to political turmoil by the lack of a reigning monarch or heir. Then, he got to the speech. Duke Aden Von Hapsburg had seized the reigns of the Austro-Hungarian empire in a quick, and delicate fashion. He had proclaimed the monarchy dead and established himself as something of a dictator......and this AILF reform. It brought slavery back effectively making all people who wanted to be Austro-Hungarians work 10 years as indentured servants. And the mandatory identification papers were remarkably authoritarian. And then he got to the Slavs bit. So much for mercy and kindness. The slavs, which would include the Serbs, would have to go to processing centers and work in the AILF to be citizens. Britain couldn't tolerate this, the country's reputation was low as it was, and if England failed to call Austro-Hungary out for this behavior England would lose all of its international respect. There were several letters to write.

When he got to the report on Russia he blanched, the monarchy had been dissolved of power. That meant that England, and King George V, could not rely on Tsar Nicholas II's aid and support. Asquith rubbed at his eyes, the world was going down the drain fast.

Westminster, London

As the Parliamentarians were taking their seats, King George the fifth strode in. He was wearing his military regalia from his service in the Royal Navy, as was customary of the reigning Monarch. His son, Prince of Wales Edward David, was also present and in his military regalia. Edward and Asquith were standing on either side of King George's throne, upon which he sat as the parliamentarians quieted down.

King George held up his hand as a symbol for the parliamentarian's to settle down.

"Gentlemen of the Parliament. Today is a grim day. For only a matter of days ago, not only Emperor Franz Joseph of Austro-Hungary, but also his heir, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, perished. The latter was killed by a Serbian terrorist organization. Instead of splitting apart, Duke Aden von Hapsburg seized command of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and has already taken the title of Rex. He has already made a reform to the AILF, making it effectively a tool of subjugation and slavery for the Slavic peoples. We can not allow this to go unpunished. While war is not the preferred solution, I suggest a seizure of all Austro-Hungarian assets in the British territories and the Commonwealth, including Austro-Hungarian vessels in the harbors. As well as an embargo laid upon them until they revoke this act. How say you?" He finished, there was about 5 minutes of debate.

"The Will of the Parliament is clear, an embargo shall be laid on Austro-Hungary and all Austro-Hungarian assets will be seized in all of the British territories and Commonwealth."

While the Government, and the Royal Family, mourn the death of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles the First and Archduke Franz Ferdinand, it can not condone the actions taken by the newly reigning Duke Aden Von Hapsburg. Hereby, Great Britain condemns these actions, and has declared an embargo on Austro-Hungary. All Austro-Hungarian assets in Great Britain, its territories, and the Commonwealth, are hereby seized by His Majesty's government until Austro-Hungary repeals these actions.

All Austro-Hungarian merchant ships in British harbors are impounded, ordered to remain in the harbor for an indefinite time. All goods in Austro-Hungarian owned warehouses are seized by local constabularies to be in the stocks of the British government.


To: The Government of the North American Union
From: The Government of Great Britain

We request that you join us in condemning the actions undertaken by the Austro-Hungarian government and be prepared to level an embargo against them.

To: The Government of Australia
From: The Government of Great Britain
We request that you join us in condemning the actions undertaken by the Austro-Hungarian government and be prepared to level an embargo against them
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St. Petersburg

"A message for the Tsar." A telegraph operator told one of the Tsar's servants.

"From where?" Asked the servant.

"Austro-Hungary. It's a serious matter. Have it delivered immediately." The telegraph operator warned.

"The Tsar has requested to not be disturbed." The servant warned.

"Whatever! We go together and we deliver the letter today! Now!" The telegraph operator barked as he got up.

"You cannot be serious." The servant remarked.

"I am! Now let's go!" The telegraph operator stated as he dragged the servant with him.

"The guards will not let us in." The servant stated as the followed the servant who was practically running.

"Does it look like I care?! Barked the telegraph operator as the ran towards the Tsar's quarters.

"Well, perhaps it might be a hindrance to our..." The servant began to say as the telegraph operator then cut him off.

"Quit your talking and hurry up!" He shouted.

"If I may ask, what is prompting the urgency?" Asked the servant and he and the telegraph operator stopped running momentarily.

"Austro-Hungary is boiling over. Franz Joseph is dead, this Aden is now their supreme emperor, and the Slavs of the Austrian empire are about to become a historical footnote! Now either I deliver this message and hopefully stop it all, or we betray the Slavs the Tsar the promised to defend." Explained the telegraph operator as he showed the letter to the servant.

"This may very well be the death note of Serbia." The servant said in shock.

"Not just Serbia. Not just." The telegraph operator said as he shook his head.

"Let's go!" shouted the servant as the two men then continued to run to the Tsar's quarters.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Franz Ferdinand." The telegraph operator remarked.

"No kidding." The servant chimed in.

"Halt!" Ordered a stern-looking military officer as the telegraph operator and servant stopped running.

"We must see the Tsar, immediately!" The servant shouted.

"He has requested to not be bothered. You may enter when he is ready to see you." The officer stated firmly and sternly.

"Read this letter!" The telegraph operator shouted as he shoved the letter from Austro-Hungary into the officer's face.

"My god!" The officer said in shock.

"Now, may we see the Tsar?" The servant asked with a smirk.

"One moment. I will notify him that you are here." The officer said as he entered into the Tsar's office and the doors closed behind him.

"I fear for what comes next." The telegraph operator told the servant.

"So do I." Replied the servant.

"This could go very, very badly for the two of us." The telegraph operator stated.

"I do not want to drafted into the war." The servant sighed.

"Nor do I." Grumbled the telegraph operator.

"You two, follow me." The army officer said as he motioned for the servant and telegraph operator to come in.

"Yes sir." They both replied.

"Now remember to never turn your back to the Tsar, and bow as you greet him." The officer told the two men.

"Yes sir." They replied.

"Good. The Tsar is inside there. Give him the message." The officer stated as he opened the door and the two men entered a smaller but still opulent office.

Decorated sumptuously in the classical Russian Revival style, the office was quite grand, and still quite large despite being one of the palace's smaller rooms. Sitting at his desk was Tsar Nicholas II. The two men nervously bowed as told, and the Tsar just chuckled as the men rose from their bow.

"Ther is no need for that. Please, take a seat." Nicholas said in a warm tone.

"Of course your highness." The two men replied as they sat down across from Nicholas on the other side of his desk.

"I hear you bring a message from Austro-Hungary. And that it is urgent. Is this true?" Asked the tsar.

"Yes your highness, that is the truth." The servant said.

"Here is the message, your highness." The telegraph operator said as he delicately handed the tsar the letter.

"Thank you," Nicholas said as he began to read the letter.

As he read the letter, Nicholas's face went from one of stoic warmth to utter horror. What the Austro-Hungarians where proposing was borderline genocide. Sure they would not be killing the Slavs, but it would only be a matter of time in Nicholas's eyes. In fact, the reality was that this moved seemed very foolish to the tsar. The most industrial areas, the most productive areas, the most important areas of Austro-Hungary where on Slavic lands. And it was Slavs who powered the Austro-Hungarian economy. Taking them away and forcibly re-educating them was the equivalent of rounding up all the leftists in Russia. Who would run the factories? Work the machines? Run the trains? Sure you could replace them, but it was no easy task. And what where the guarantees the whole process wouldn't backfire on you. By now Nicholas noticed his two guests just sitting there with a mix of dread and fear filling them. They seemed uncomfortable.

"You two can go." The tsar told the servant and the telegraph operator.

"Thank you, your highness. We appreciate your audience." The telegraph operator told the Tsar who game him a quick smile.

The telegraph operator and servant then left, and Nicholas sighed. It was time to summon the Duma and discuss this Austro-Hungarian temper tantrum. He had to nip it in the bud immediately.

St. Petersburg, Two Days Later

Convoys of limousines drove towards the Duma. Escorting them where cars and trucks with troops as well as Cossacks on horseback. And guarding the Duma where well-armed troops, Cossacks, and armored cars. The limousines stopped in front of the building and their occupants exited the vehicles and headed inside of the Duma. This was a process repeated for each delegate of the Duma. Then came the most important part of the procession. Seven black Russo-Balt limousines pulled up to the Duma. They were escorted by two armored cars and several dozen Cossacks. As the limousines stopped, from the middle one, exited Tsar Nicholas II.

The tsar marched into the building and walked into the main chamber of the Duma. He kept walking and eventually took his seat. The Duma was in shock however as instead of a royal entry, they had seen the tsar storm in and take a seat quite unceremoniously. After the initial shock had been processed, Nicholas began to speak.

"I know it must be perplexing for all of you to see me this way. Acting like the rest of you, in such a human way. As you may know, I am merely human. A very powerful, but not supernatural human. And I am not immune from feelings, pain, or suffering. So when I was given the news of Franz Joseph's death, I was taken aback. As much as we may have been at odds with him, as much as I may have disliked him, I always had a deep respect for him. With his death, the last great emperor of Europe has died."

"And yet, we cannot grieve for long. His successor has also passed. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed by a radical Serbian separatist in Bosnia. And the replacement to these two great men is a duke. A certain Aden Von Hapsburg. This excuse for an emperor has started down a dangerous path. He has already taken the title of 'rex' and he has practically reinstituted slavery by in effect, enslaving the Slavs of Austro-Hungary. The spineless bastard wishes to commit politicide as well as genocide! And I will not tolerate that!" Nicholas shouted in anger as the Duma cheered.

"I implore you all to do the right thing, to come to the aid of our Slavic brothers. We need not declared war yet. But we must mobilize. We must embargo Austro-Hungary! We must liberate our brethren! The British have already taken the forefront and have condemned Austro-Hungary. We must do the same. It is our moral obligation." As Nicholas finished his speech, the Duma erupted in applause. Even the certain Lenin was clapping. At last, Russia had found unity on something.

And it would but a few hours for Russia to start mobilizing.

Officila Communique from the Russian Government

Regarding the recent actions by Austro-Hungary, the Russian Empire has decided to embargo all Austro-Hungarian goods. Additionally, the AILF is condemned as a criminal organization that is meant to solely enslave and cause pain to the Slavs of the Austro-Hungarian lands. Furthermore, all Austro-Hungarian assets in Russia are to be seized by the Ministry of Finance. Sanctions are also to be placed on all high-ranking Austro-Hungarian officials and those connected with the AILF.

All Slavs of Austro-Hungary are allowed to enter Russia without a passport and demand asylum if they require so. If the lives of you or your family are in danger and you are a Slav in Austro-hungary, the Russian Emire welcomes you with open arms. You can start a new life in Russia away from the evils of Austro-Hungary. Russia always welcomes you.

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Postby Taganian Unfied States » Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:45 pm

Hofburg Palace-Vienna, Austria
The official communications of the British and Russian governments were delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in the Imperial Palace. Another copy was sent on to the office of the Emperor. The new Foreign Affairs Miniter, Andre Resolvei, walked briskly through the offices of the other Ministry services and to the door of the Emperors Office at the end of the hall. Four guards in the new Imperial Guard uniforms, rather than grey, were white with red caps and gold braids off them. The Minister nodded and was admitted to the Office. Inside, the map of the empire had risen from its floor position to a table view. Pieces were scattered about. The Minister holding the letters saw the Emperor sitting behind his desk with the three newest Grand Dukes of the Empire, the Big Three of the Triuemverant.

The three Dukes nodded to the Minister who approached and laid the letters before the sovereign, "Just as we feared. Complete disaster." Aden nodded pushing them away, "Just as you feared. We had predicted such a reaction. Order our ambassadors to the two to ask for audiences. One with George, the other with the Duma." The Minister looked at his Emperor shocked, "They are on the verge of war and you think they will listen to talk?" Aden sat down the letters, "Its not slavery. We are asking every foreign national who wishes to enter our country to perform labor to help build the country they are moving into. The rule does not just apply to the slavs, but any foreigner wishing to make the empire a home. They are paid for the work they do, feed, and given homes. Make these two understand. We do not want war. We only want peace inside the borders of this empire. So if the masses move out of, means fewer demands on our civil services. Russia wants them, they are welcome to them. We made that clear in the beginning." Aden then sat up, "The third army is currently still in rebellion against the empire. The mountain troops are hardy, that is true. Cut off the supplies and they will wither. Its 20,000 men in those hills. Issue a general pardon to all former supporters of the Stallions and to the armed forces. No reprisals either. This empire is to be united. Not fall into civil war. Not all 20,000 men will want to die for a dead man. Order Krouts First Corp to seize the logistic base near the Alps. That will show them." Grand Duke Jarrod of Hungary spoke up then, "Also order the empire into full alert. Close the borders expect along Russia where slavs are evacuating. Order the fleet into the Adriatic on orders to stop all British ships entering the sea. Do not seize them, just direct them back to an Italian port below the heel of Italy. Order the submarines out to begin watching the Med and the Black sea. We must watch for the Russian fleets. The British garrison at Malta may be the first to raise its self against us. Along with Cyperus." Aden looked at his Duke and nodded. "Ask for the War Ministry to carry out these orders as well Resolvei."
The Minister bowed lowed, "Your Majest-" Aden cut him off with the raise of his hand, "I have not yet been crowned Emperor. Only the head of state by order of the military. I am still only the Regent." Minister Andre nodded and bowed again, "Of Course, Regent."

Jarrod looked at the Emperor amused as the door closed behind the Foreign Affairs Minister, "Not the Emperor? You sat on Josephs throne and practically announced to the world you'd be the de facto leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Just make it official. You told the Russians you'd claim the title of Rex." Aden nodded, "A bit of theater for them. It may haunt my regime for its entirety." Cole nodded and looked at the map, "Russia has a vast army. Its massive. On paper and in actuality. But its weak. The military is of poor quality. Our troops are better in all aspects. We have the troops and guns. We need to begin fortifying the border now. Order the troops to dig in hard. Establish fortifications along the border and prepare to meet them." Lucas shook his head, "If we begin preparing now, they'd think it being ready for war." Cole stood up from his chair, "It is war! They will storm the border and catch us acting mother to those refugees and be stomping through north-eastern Hungary before our troops were mobilized. We have two armies mobilized, the other two were in the middle of a muster. 160,000 men are on active duty now. Send that lot and the AILF engineer teams to start digging and building. Fortify the mountain passes between Italy. Order the coastal guard to go on alert. Bring the entire Empire into wartime operation. The Citadel is cranking out weapons and ammo. Lets get the fleet back in operation. Bring the entire weight of the Austrian empire to bare." Aden looked at the map, "Order the mobilisation of the Imperial army. All four armies. And order up a new volunteer four of 200,000. Also send the fleet out of port. I do not want our fleet caught at anchor." Grand Duke Cole looked at the map again, "And of the Serbian problem?" He pointed to the Kingdom of Serbia. Aden lingered, "Russia has flexed its self. We can not be shown weak, nor can we readily face the Russian bear. Order General Howards men from Sarajevo. Send two divisions from his corp to secure the border. Another in reserve behind the line."

Kingdom of Serbia-First Triumverate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
"Move up men! Double quick!" An officer at the front shouted sword raised in hand. The standard bearer holding the colors high as they advanced. Armoured cars trailing artillery guns were beside the men as they advanced. The border was clearly marked. Troopers began expanding out their lines. The armored cars turned and deployed the field guns. Once unhitched, crews began unloading shells. Colonel Manbotten road up beside the men on his horse, "Close this section of the border!" A road block was being formed. "Bunker on either side of the road. Troopers spread out. Calvary captains, order five man squad patrols along sections of the border. No one crosses either way!" Soldiers spread out. The small burnt out house along the side of the road became the temporary HQ for this section. Troopers scailed the roof to spread tarps to protect from rain. Tents across the road in the field were being pitched.

Princep and his terrorist cell watched from heights overlooking the border. Princep watched as troopers raised a flagpole beside the house and flew the flag of the empire. He shuttered. Officers were lining up to receive orders for their troops. A Colonel was there with them commanding them. 4th corp from the under flag was his guess. "How will we get supplies from Serbia now?" one asked. Princep raised his hand, "We fight our way back and fourth. They are lightly armed in sections. They cant patrol the entire border like this." Another shooks his head, "They have the roads though. Cavalry will patrol the rest. We fail to kill one man, they know a crossing has been made. We cant drag carts of goods back from Serbia through the woods." Princep looked at the new check-point which was turning away already some serbian farms heading to the local town to sell goods. Princep watched as an officer inspected the cart. The cart was unloaded and the serbian farmer looked distressed. His wife was also visibly upset in the distance. Princep watched two soldiers raise their rifles as two more lead the farmer and his wife back across the border. The donkey was cut lose and handed back to the couple and send on their way. "Thiefs!" He wanted to shout at the soldiers. Yet the sound of horses approaching made him retreat. He'd have his revenge. He already had their heir.

AILF Ministry-Vienna, Austria
"A terrorist organization? I do not see us blowing up royals in the streets?" The Minister scoffed throwing the note aside, "Riff raff these rogues. Has the Emperor seen this filth?" He asked his secretary. The man nodded and handed the Emperors orders. Begin immediate construction of the new housing units in Sarajevo. Factories had sent in labor requests so the current pool of workers, almost two million strong of slavic descent, were needed. The rehousing order had problems, this being one of them. "Fill these labor requests. Usual requirements. They pay 3/4 of the wage, the government provides the other 1/4. And housing must be provided. Families are housed as well." The secretary nodded. "The Emperor also requested we begin the immediate transfer of slavic peoples requesting to move to Russia begin transport," Minister Sisero commented looking at the note again, "Inform the AILF Processing centers they will do so. Any who wish to stay will begin processing at Camp Dauntless." The secretary nodded and exited the office. Minister Sisero walked to the window where AILF crews were repairing sections of the capital from damage in the police action. In the distance, the Hofburg palace loomed, highlighted in the early dawn sun.

Austrian Embassy-St. Petersburg, Russia
The former ambassoder, the elderly count was on a train leaving for the border before the residence and office was sacked by the Russian troops. The embassies guards had received instructions to keep the staff safe while the Foreign Trade Secretary destroyed the records being kept in the embassies archive. Notes on current dealings inside the territory, contacts at court, informants. Everything. A metal burn bin had been brought in and was being loaded down with papers. The Count presented his ticket and made ready to dash for safety back in the empire. The new ambassador to the Russian Tsar, the Lord Dunni, was on his way from Vienna with new instructions from the Regent. Tsar Nicholas the II had taken the Deson Accords bad. He did not know how they could fix this issue now. Aden had a great mess on his hands. Austrian citizens in St. Petersburg were in a panic. Soldiers opened the gates as best they could to allow them to slip in. Yet a large gate lock was sitting beside the gate. Papers were needed before they could let them into the embassy.

Austrian Embassy-London, Great Britain
Ambassador Nicholas Sarecha straightened his suit in the mirror of his office before making his way down stairs. Unlike in Russia, the staff went on as if everything was normal. The Traded Secretaries had destroyed senestive documents in case of an arrest done to the staff. Austrian Embassy guards stood at attention at the steps of the main building where a car waited with the two flags on either side of the car. A driver waited and opened the door as the Ambassador stepped down to the edge of the steps, "Where to, Sir?" Serecha nodded and took off his hat, "To Buckingham! I need to see the King!" Serecha dropped into the car and then hollered to the secretary still at the top of the steps, "Inform them I am coming!"

Majesty, the evident papers delivered to your office about the current situation in my country is wrong. Having a clearer clarification of what my current Regent has said in to the National Assembly has been delivered to my office~ In fears of war, my monarch has given me expressed permission to meet with you and make known his real intentions!- Ambassador NIcholas Serecha

---Buckingham Palace---
The Ambassadors car approached the side gate. The driver rolled down his window and then the ambassadors, "We need to deseratly see the King! Its urgent!" The ambassador leaned out his window, "Sir, if we wish to avoid war between two peoples! I need to eagerly see the King and his councilors!"

Camp Dauntless-Sarajevo, Greater Bosnia, Austria
"People! Please make your way forward as best you can in your line!" A soldier shouted. Eight lines stretched out from the Processing Center HQ. 24 teams were working at full capacity 24 hours a day to get more and more applications completed. Four did AILF applications, three did military service, and one did asslyum to Russia applications. After applications were filed, photographs were taken of each person applying and attached the applicants paperwork. An ID number was given. A large warehouse at the edge of camp was where the documents were taken. The next day processing would be done. If an applicant had chosen the AILF, his family was assigned a work unit and prepared to be sent to their new home wherever the barracks for that AILF unit was. Military applicants were being sent to Fort Habsburg for induction into the service and basic training in the Slavs Foreign Legion. The AILF medical teams wandered the crowds offering to see any body with wounds or illness. Tents were being pitched for those arriving and those awaiting processing reports. Large pavilions for shade were established. Proctors roamed the edges of the lines. Baggage sat all around the feet of the waiting masses. At the end of the line, another group of soldiers stood, rifles slung on their shoulders, bayonets fixed and gleeming. A Captain walked back and fourth pointing to each line as a family made its way forward to choose. Three Captains did this. Orphaned children were being taken to another storage facility for processing then shipped to Fort Dumont in Hungary under the classification of Special Interests and Assignments.

Applicants for asslyum for Russia were being taken to the train yards and waited in the warehouses in holding areas till the trains were ready to depart. Proctors patrolled inside the storage center. Rations of bread, cheese, and salami were handed out to each family by AILF medical staff. The first trains were scheduled to depart soon. Large passenger cars were being brought in and large locomotives to move masses of people as well.

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Postby Bolslania » Sat Oct 10, 2020 2:07 pm

Buckingham Palace, London.

The Guardsman stood at a stern attention when the Austrian Ambassador spoke.

"One moment please sir." He briskly turned around and marched into a small office, where he went to get his Sergeant. When he walked in, he saw both Sergeant McDavies and Captain Hunter. He snapped to attention, the captain returned and said

"What is it private."

"Austrian Ambassador sir. He's asking for an audience with the King sir." Captain Hunter sighed.

"Right then. Escort him to the waiting area and I'll phone the King." He said, picking up the phone and dialing. Sergeant McDavies and the Private marched back out. Sergeant Davies approaching the driver's side.

"Please follow us, we will take you to a waiting area.". McDavies and the Private then walked in front of the car, leading it towards a garage area, which was outfitted with a small bar and 2 sofas. They held open the doors for the Austrian Ambassador.

"It should only be a few moments sir. Until then help yourself to any of the refreshments and the sofas sir." McDavies said, he and the private stood guard by the door, while the car waited outside the lounge.

About 5 minutes later Captain Hunter came in

"The King will see you now."
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Buckingham Palace-London, Great Britain

Austrian Embassy-St. Petersburg, Russia
Lord Dunnit stepped foot onto the grounds of the embassy/ It was truly a mess. Austrian soldiers were standing around with guns at parade rest along the front doors. The Royal banner was flapping highly in the breeze. He looked at the gate that was lightly guarded. He walked up slowly to the steps, "Sir? Where is your commander?" The soldiers looked at the man, "Who wants to know?" Lord Dunni smiled, "Only your new boss." He pulled back his coats lapels to expose his fine suit and badge of the Imperial Ambassador. The soldiers straightened, "Welcome to the Austrian Embassy, Sir!" Two soldiers by the doors swung open the double doors. Tne Ambassador nodded his thanks as he ascended the steps and walked in. Dozens of citizens were lingering in the entry lobby. He smiled and nodded as he passed. He went to the front desk, "Send a message to the Duma and the Tsar for me love." Dunni smirked. The lady looked up, "Only Ambassador Dunni has that ability. And he has yet to arrive." Dunni again presented his badge, "I have that authority."
To: Tsar Nicholas the II, Emperor of the Russian Empire
From: Lord Dunni, Ambassador of the Austrian Triumeverant, Regent Aden Hapsburg
The Austrian Ambassador wishes to parley with the Emperor of all the Russias to ease tensions with the Russian Empire. It Is a matter of great importance and to settle the concerns of the Emperor of the plight of the slavic people inside the Austrian Triumverant!
Lord Charles Dunni of Sera, Austrian Ambassador of the Austrian Triumervant Empire

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Postby Monsone » Wed Oct 21, 2020 5:32 pm

St. Petersburg

"A letter for you, sir." A butler told the Tsar as he presented a letter.

"Thank you." The Tsar replied as the butler bowed and then left.

Staring at the letter, the Tsar sighed. It was from the new ambassador, surely it demanded an audience with him. Honestly, Nicholas was in no mood to negotiate with the Austrians. They had set forth some pretty serious events. Now as the full might of Russia rose, they shivered and realized their mistake and wished to gain forgiveness in exchange for little to no actual change. But being diplomatic always took precedent. After all, there was soon to be a vote on the very role of the monarch, so he may as well make himself useful.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. A subtle tapping of one's knuckles. Instinctively, Nicholas stood up, and straightened himself before answering the knocking with: "Enter."

"Your majesty." Bowed Aleksei Aladin after having entered the room.

"Prime Minister." Smiled the Tsar.

"I have heard the new Austro-Hungarian ambassador has arrived," Aladin said as Nicholas nodded.

"You have heard well, then. I am to receive the ambassador soon." Nicholas said as he beckoned a servant over.

"Yes, your majesty?" Asked the servant.

"Fetch a motorcade of cars and send them to the Austro-Hungarian Embassy. Tell them to pick up the new Austrian ambassador." Nicholas said as the servant nodded.

"Yes sir. Right away sir." The servant said as he walked away.

"Your majesty, you certainly realize that in one month is the vote on the status of the monarchy." Remarked Aladin as the Tsar went pale.

"A mere month?" He asked in shock.

"Yes sir." Affirmed Aladin.

"Oh, dear. And to think I haven't campaigned at all." The Tsar sighed nervously.

"That is the issue, sir. Many minor royals have intimidated voters and performed what in English they call...voter supression." Explained Aleksei as the Tsar's face turned white with fear.

"Voter supression?!" He asked in shock.

"Exactly. But not in the way you imagine it. No, no. There have been reports of votes being physically altered in favor of maintaining the monarchy. And to say the very least, the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks aren't happy at all." Aleksei stated as the Tsar slowly took a seat in his chair.

"Great. This was the last thing we needed." Sighed the Tsar exasperatedly.

"Sir, do you mind if I wait to greet the Austrian ambassador?" Asked Aleksei.

"Not at all." Responded the Tsar.

Austro-Hungarian Embassy, St. Petersburg

A convoy of seven black Russo-Balt limousines drove up to the gates of the embassy. All the vehicles had the standard of the House of Romanov. Skidding to a halt, the cars stopped, and out hopped a well-dressed officer of the Russian Army. He walked over to the embassy guards and handed them a document signed by the Tsar summoning the new Austrian ambassador.

"Gentlemen, tell the Austrian ambassador His Majesty, Tsar Nicholas II has summoned him to the Winter Palace." The officer said in a formal tone.


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