[ISSUE DRAFT]: Long-term Unemployed at an All-time High

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[ISSUE DRAFT]: Long-term Unemployed at an All-time High

Postby Nemete Land » Wed Sep 09, 2020 10:23 am

This was an issue idea I had after after I noticed that with some problems there are only options that pull the employment rate down (like –5) or move it up only minimally (only +0.5).

After you drove into @@CAPITAL@@ you noticed a box on the street - shortly afterwards you had to brake hard because you almost hit one. Shortly afterwards they realized that it was a former classmate, @@RANDOMNAME@@, who now literally lives on the street.
Then they invite a few people into their office to solve the problem.

1. The chairman of the Communist United Workers' and Peasants' Party, Melsor Luxemburg, declares: "That is only the fault of the capitalist great-land imperalists. I tell you to abolish their legacy and everyone will find dissuasive in the new state-own enterprises." When he leaves the room he "collectivizes" your expensive oil painting.
Result: Companies of slightly richer people and opposition members are quickly "de-capitalized".
(removes Capitalism, add Socialism and Universal Health Care)
[employment, authoritarianism, ideological radicality and income of poor rises; economy, economic freedom and income of rich fell]

2. Your finance minister @@RANDOMNAME@@, who is too stingy to go to the ear doctor, comes in and yells: "@@LEADER@@ How are we supposed to pay that to feed even more companies and unemployed people! I tell you we have to save where we can and cut unnecessary money!" When you look back through the window after he left the room, you see him again looking for "valuable" things in the trash.
Results: Even the @@LEADER@@ has to see that he still finds an old piece of paper
(removes Universal Health Care; may removes Socialism and may add Capitalism)
[employment, government size, health, authoritarianism, defence forces, law enforcement and income of poor fell; economy, eco-friendlessness and economic freedom slightly increase; pacifism and primitiveness rises]

3. "Let the free market do it!" says the richest person in the @@REGION@@ @@RANDOMNAME@@. "So far, the free market economy has solved every crisis. Just think about the great economic crisis twenty yea... No those in south-..." He breaks off the sentence thoughtfully and takes the book "Greatest Crises in World History" out of his suitcase.
Result: cards are played in the Ministry of Economics
(may removes Universal Health Care; removes Socialism, add Capitalism)
[employment can fell or rise; eco-friendlessness and income of poor fell; economy, income of rich and economic freedom rise]

Applicable for: Not applicable for nations with both No Immigration and Child Labor.
4. "You have to make sure that we get rid of all competa-... competi-... all rivals on the job market" says your former classmate from just now . "You have to make sure that only adult @@DENONYM@@ are allowed to work here."
Result: the government always tries to get rid of "competitors" before dealing with problems
(add Autarky, removes Child Labor, may add No Immigration)
[employment rise; foreign aid fell]

Applicable for: Not applicable for nations with Slavery.
5.Your Minister for Solutions that Nobody Needs comes in: "@@Leader@@, If there are people who don't work, just force them to work" He is interrupted by the next guest.
Result: everyone has a shell corporation just in case
(add Slavery, may removes No Prison)
[employment slightly increase; income of poor fell; economy, income of rich, authoritarianism, black market and economic freedom rise]

6."Let all the people in @@NATION@@ do what they want." says the nude "neighbour" of the classmate "Let everyone decide whether they want to work or not and let them make all the money; the state shouldn't be interested in that"
Result: you are financially completely on your own
(removes No Gambling and Universal Health Care, may removes No Video Games, No Drugs, No Smoking and No Alcohol)
[nudism, civil rights, economic freedom, eco-friendlessness and political freedom rise; authoritarianism fell]
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Postby Candlewhisper Archive » Fri Sep 18, 2020 2:40 am

The narrative set-up is nice here, and you've conjured a nice story in the mind's eye in establishing the premise.

However as a general point the issue feels too broad. You've started with seeing an old classmate homeless, then immediately leapt into the solution being abolishing capitalism, cutting spending altogether, letting the free market solve some unspecified problem, stopping immigration, instituting slavery. There's a massive disconnect there.

Instead, I think go back to the core premise, and make it tidier and less repetitious. Something like this:

Today you were surprised to see @@randomname@@, a former classmate from your school days, living on the street.

Then focus your answers to this situation onto things specific to the situation. Don't try to tackle the economy as a whole, instead focus on the fact that its someone you know who is living on the street. This could result in suggestions to deal with homelessness broadly, or to fix things for friends and associates ("our sort of people"), and so on.

You could even make it about a more immediate response.

Today you were surprised to see @@randomname@@, a former classmate from your school days, living on the street. @@HE@@ calls out your name, and asks you if you can help @@HIM@@.

Do you walk on quickly, and have a word later with your security about keeping undesirables away from you?
Do you take him back to your house, and get him back on his feet, because our sort of people shouldn't be in that situation?

And so on...
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