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Embassy of Thaecia | Treaty of Sarpedos

Postby Thaecia Founder » Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:40 pm

Welcome to the Gameplay Forum Embassy of Thaecia!
Regional Discord | Constitution | Government Website

Government Overview
Want to see a full list of all members of Government in Thaecia? See this dispatch here.

President | WA Delegate: Brototh
Prime Minister: Xernon
Foreign Affairs Minister: Ashlawn
Home Affairs Minister: Primo Order
Justice Minister: Cerdenia
Culture Minister: Antenion
Secretary of Roleplay: Islonia
Speaker of the House: Sma Cyrillic
Chairman of the Senate: The Islamic Country of Honour
Chief Justice: The Helvetic Imperium
Nominated Electoral Commissioner: Mardis

Important Dispatches
Thaecian Law Registry
Thaecia Simplified
Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Postby Thaecia Founder » Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:41 pm

This post is reserved for future use.

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Postby The Marconian State » Wed Aug 26, 2020 7:41 pm


Thaecia - TEP Treaty

It is my pleasure to put forth publicly the treaty signed between Thaecia and its ally, The Confederated East Pacific. Thaecia is honored to have The East Pacific as a friend, and to be able to recognize each other's governments and constitutions as valid. The contents of this treaty were a coordinated effort from all parties associated in its formation and writing to ensure cooperation and co-development, and we're happy to share it with you, as we were when it was first formed. It is my hope as the current President of Thaecia that this goodwill between a UCR and a GCR should create something greater than the sum of its parts, shining bright for all to see.

The Marconian State
President of Thaecia



At the island, known as Christie,
The awaited dawn appeared.
As the golden rays covered the land,
Two brothers, known as the Greats, met.

The older, who lived past a catastrophe,
The younger, who was still so young.
Far from sight, of the filthy world,
They came together,
Stretching their arms.
The songs of their sons,
They want to share.

From what they want to abandon,
The endless pain, loneliness and darkness,
And to protect the gold of their people,
They agree to create a bond.
Thus, a spell, together, they cast:
Calling Seraphim, the Angel of Diplomacy.

They look at one another,
They see a brother.
Bond, created together,
Shall be never forgotten!

And to memorize this event,
Seraphim looks from above,
Inking joyfully his papyrus,
Seraphim writes the poem,

Poem of the Greats.

Article 1: Recognition
1. Both signatories shall hereby recognise the Confederated East Pacific, as established by the Concordat, and the Government of Thaecia, as established by the Constitution of Thaecia, as the legitimate government of the East Pacific and Thaecia, respectively.
2. Both signatories shall mutually recognise the Constitutions and Successor Governments of one another as legitimate and valid.

Article 2: Establishment of Relations
1. Both signatories shall maintain in-game embassies with one another.
2. Both signatories shall maintain a diplomatic exchange to the best of their ability, in which each signatory sends a diplomat to the other’s region.

Article 3: Mutual Cultural Exchange
1. Each signatory shall encourage their citizenry to engage in the cultural events of the other signatory.
2. Cultural events including but not being limited to festivals, competitions, and game nights.
3. Each signatory shall respect the other’s cultural values and items.

Article 4: Intelligence Sharing
1. In the event that a signatory comes across intelligence that pertains to a threat to the other signatory’s regional security or to any act being undertaken by a party engaging in military hostilities with a signatory, said intelligence shall be shared between signatories.
2. Intelligence shall be shared to the Viziers of the East Pacific or the President of Thaecia for the respective signatory.
3. Both signatories shall agree to keep shared intelligence confidential unless doing so violates the domestic laws of each signatory, the terms of service for any regional service used by each signatory, or the terms of service of NationStates.

Article 5: Military Obligations
1. Each signatory shall agree not to engage in military hostilities, subterfuge, or espionage against each others’ regions and legitimate governments.
2. Each signatory shall agree to provide military aid in the event of an attack against the other’s home region.
3. Each signatory shall provide military aid for a legal transition of power between delegates, if requested.

Article 6: Amendments
1. If a signatory violates the provisions of this treaty, negotiations shall initiate, lasting for a period of one month, in which the signatories discuss either amending or annulling this treaty.
2. If the negotiation period expires, the treaty shall not be changed.
3. Either signatory may request an amendment to be made to this treaty. Following such a request, both signatories shall discuss the amendment. Upon ratification by both signatories, an amendment shall be ratified and effect this treaty.
4. A signatory may decide to annul this treaty at any time, excluding the circumstances listed in Section 1 of this Article. A signatory shall notify the other signatory of this decision. Upon such notice, the treaty shall be officially annulled one week from notification.
5. Both signatories shall not consider annulment of this treaty as an act of hostility or declaration of war upon the other signatory.

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Postby Andusre » Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:37 pm

The Thaempirial Army: A New Org Rises


Deep within the Thaecian history books lies a chapter unlike any other. For the first year of the region's existence, it had absolutely no interest in wider gameplay: perfectly content to sit on its own & keep itself busy. A regional culture of isolation emerged and took hold, with enormous emphasis on the growth of the region, even if that made us enemies.

This regional order was, evidently, ill-fated.

In early Spring 2020, the region underwent a 180 degree shift seemingly overnight. The stage was set for a months-long internal regional struggle between the incumbent, deeply-ingrained isolationist ideology and the new, modern "globalist" ideology knocking upon our doorstep. In the months (now going-on year) that followed, Thaecia changed in ways its founders couldn't have ever dreamed of.

The globalist ideology triumphed & prevailed over isolationism in the aforementioned struggle, and a regional value held so dear to the community for so long was steadily overturned. A new era of foreign policy was ushered in, and friendships were established & affirmed with regions like The East Pacific, 10000 Islands, The Rejected Realms, Spiritus, The Free Nations Region and many others, to name but a few.

After months of testing the waters, Thaecia is fully committing to the next step in this regional journey of self-improvement: military gameplay.

A New Theme

The Thaempirial Army could have easily defaulted to no theme at all, or taken plain roles with no regional individuality or flair. This, however, was not what the leadership of the organisation had in mind.

It is my pleasure to announce that the Thaempirial Army has picked an Ancient Greek theme for its ranks. The ranks, in order of decreasing authority, are named as follows:

  • Tagus
  • Polemarchos
  • Chiliarch
  • Hipparchus
  • Lochagos
  • Agema
  • Hetairoi
  • Toxotai
  • Hoplite

The organisation is incredibly excited to embark on new operations with other regions and organisations, especially with this invigorating new theme.

Our Recent Activity

Over the past few months, under the leadership of then-Secretary of Defence Brototh and Tagus Andusre, the Thaempirial Army has embarked on tens of operations to train its members and lay the foundation for a long-term and successful military organisation, along with assisting our new friends and allies abroad.

For example, the Thaempirial Army has participated in tag raids, detag runs and chasing operations with many other organisations like EPSA, the ERN, Lily, TGW, the RRA, and many others. We were proud to participate in the hold of Alnobia as part of Operation Boom Beach, and recently provided 21 pilers for the ERN-led hold of Equestria. The military has also seen its fair share of liberations, defences & sieges: Indonesia Raya, Japan, Belgium & the Spaghetti land come to mind. We have stood firm to our unbending anti-fascist policy in military gameplay, piling in the ongoing hold of The Coalition of Fascist Nations, taking part in the liberations against loathsome Genuan "holds" and in the delegacy bumps against the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Right To Life and other such regions. Thaecia is, however, a region which prides itself in its loyalty to its friends, and we were delighted to be able to provide assistance in the delegacy transitions in The Rejected Realms & The East Pacific.

It is the intention of this organisation to continue training our citizens in military gameplay to cultivate a strong regional participation in R/D, to advance our regional interests and goals, and to continue building friendships which previously may have been unthinkable through mutually-beneficial military co-operation. I look forward to the next few weeks and months as Thaecia embarks upon this incredibly exciting project.

If you would like more information about the Thaempirial Army, please read these dispatches or do not hesitate to send me a telegram/discord DM. I will reply as soon as I can.

Many thanks,
Tagus of the Thaempirial Army.
HumanSanity — Today at 18:15
Yes you are a petty asshole lol
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Postby Honeydewistania » Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:41 pm



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Postby Qvait » Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:27 pm

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of this new military and what it means for Thaecia.
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Postby Zukchiva » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:24 am

Derpy derpy derpy derp!

This is funny. (Posted by Druing in the UDS Discord server.)

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Postby Vimicia » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:28 am


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Postby Xoriet » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:41 am

Chiliarch sounds like chili. Delicious.
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Postby Brototh » Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:11 am

Our military org is pretty swag can't lie :p
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Postby Toerana » Sun Apr 04, 2021 7:58 am

Brototh wrote:Our military org is pretty swag can't lie :p

Is that the Org's tagline? :P
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Postby Andusre » Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:25 pm

Chasing is Officially Cancelled | 157 Hit Tag Run



Sometimes in life, something becomes a bit too commonplace. A bit old, a bit boring, a bit lame. When this happens, dear reader, there is only one option.


Chasing has dominated major updates for a number of days, weeks and even months now, with TGW & Libcord flexing their muscles in the NSGP discord server and in these very forums, particularly their victories over The Black Hawks. So confident had they become in their abilities to kill tag raiding by stacking updates with numbers rarely seen before, that they were surprised when EPSA successfully got hits even when outnumbered 3:1.

Chasing had become the old, boring, lame order of the WA updates. It is therefore the pleasure of the Thaempirial Army to announce that a coalition from Thaecia, Lily, Europeia, The North Pacific and The East Pacific has officially cancelled chasing.

To quote the one and only Tim-Opolis in Libcord's staging channel:

I mean we're just getting [censored] by taggers lol

So whilst Libcord may yet ride high on more seemingly-empty victories against The Black Hawks, let it be ever looming over them that when the other orgs come together for a tag run, we can and will beat them to the curb :) :) :) :)

Thus, dear reader, I leave you to revel in the glorious list of 157 regions tagged by this operation.

A great thank you to EPSA, the NPA, the ERN & Lily for coming out to join us tonight. It was great to get back into the swing of some tags & I'm sure we all had a lot of fun! Here's to more fun updates like this one :)

Similarly, teasing aside, a great showing from Libcord tonight. Whilst we had enough numbers to keep 2 teams going, y'all made winning remarkably difficult for the team you were chasing - thanks for the great update! :clap:

TAG Andusre
POL Lemonadia
CHL Broustan
HET Requelizza
HET Taungu
HET The Islamic Country of Honour

Field Marshal The Atlae Isles
Major Catiania
Corporal Loreintor
Lieutenant Philville2

Grand Admiral The Nation of the People of the Nation
Commodore Vorhollah
Lieutenant Grandfather Clock

General Nimarya
Colonel East Isles
General Rom
Lieutenant Westinor
Corporal The Cascadian Bioregion

Supreme Command Frenchy II ... l_republic ... ish_empire ... f_humanity ... _of_canada ... n_of_lands ... on_of_nubt ... ds_discord ... _community ... _of_cropea ... nt_nations ... te_dungeon ... ganisation ... itaccounts ... he_heavens ... ial_states ... ian_empire ... _cynepogan ... n_alliance ... of_nations ... great_lake ... ed_leaders ... aaaaaaaaaa ... er_ricardo ... fantasy_rp ... federation ... tic_empire ... pler_1647b ... _republics ... orsphipers ... ommunities ... st_nations ... nean_union ... an_nations ... ctic_union ... ree_region ... med_forces ... es_college ... apitalists ... al_liberty ... of_raiders ... _Republics ... ace_Empire ... h_empire_2 ... onarchists United 319_Coalition ... tSometimes ... lth_States Canada Territories_of_Free_Producers ... Of_Hiigara ... NGNAM_GANG ... witzerland ... tationaria ... racolandia ... and_Trirul

ALSO - Enormous thank you to Atlae & Vor for all the help & co-operation with planning this op. Hugely appreciated, my guys! <3
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HumanSanity — Today at 18:15
Yes you are a petty asshole lol
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Postby Tim-Opolis » Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:42 pm

That's a bold claim considering this is very likely the first time raiders got more wins than defenders in literally months.

Furthermore re:

let it be ever looming over them that when the other orgs come together for a tag run, we can and will beat them to the curb

Congratulations that when you scrape together pretty much every other capable tagging crew on NS into one team (well, 3 teams on shotgun triggers) you can finally post a positive win rate against us.

Given that we both know you are unable to replicate this every single update, and that we're only going to get better now that we actually have capable taggers to chase, I look forward to the status quo returning.

Seriousness aside, it was fun, and it's exciting to finally have some capable opposition. gg go next.
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Postby The Atlae Isles » Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:47 am

Was an absolute blast, thanks Andy for organizing everything and poking me about boring logistical details xD
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Postby Altmoras » Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:50 am

It's always good to see the Wardenification of GP culture. The adoption and co-option of our rhetoric here is lovely.

That said, we didn't start memeing on taggers for being dead until a prolonged period where we crushed them so hard they stopped bothering to show up. You're going to need to put up several more weeks of positive winrates, and reduce us to a low energy zero effort org like TBH before you can declare chasing dead.

I'm very excited to see where this new EPSA/TEA tagging activity goes though. We haven't had any quality practice for new updaters in a long time, there have been too many nights recently of "competing" with the husk of The Black Hawks, or just detagging because nobody came to play. My refreshing finger got a very good workout tonight.

Edit: Shoutout to the galaxy brain on the CatBot for picking what would become the featured region as a target.
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Postby Brototh » Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:05 am

Great job Andy and the others on the op!! While my WA-locked self unfortunately could not come along for the ride, I hope everyone had a blast, Libcord included. Great work on all the hits, looking forward to more interregional R/D cooperation like this in the future.
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Postby Frenchy II » Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:17 am

Lovely tag run to come on! It was great to get some wins and just have a good time.
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Postby Islonia » Mon May 31, 2021 10:07 am

Statement Regarding Recent Events in the Union of Force


Recently, it came to the attention of the inter-regional community that the Union of Force (henceforth referred to as Force) intercepted the native refounding of The Socialist Syndicalist Union (henceforth referred to as TSSU) and asked TSSU to hold a referendum on the question of whether or not to join Force. Shortly thereafter, a joint statement was released by the United Regions Alliance, The West Pacific, The North Pacific and The Pacific condemning the action and demanding the return of the founder account to the natives of TSSU. It is our understanding that Force initially doubled down, then backtracked remarkably quickly and complied with the demands.

What ensued in the aftermath was a profoundly bizarre diplomatic reaction from Force, involving the Deputy Prime Minister claiming that the interception was merely "fun and games"; extreme disunity amongst the Union of Force's government, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs saying they were "not involved in the Force Side of this at all" even seeming to be a native of TSSU themselves; attempts to use the Prime Minister's out-of-character mental health as a shield from in-character criticism; and the change in narrative claiming that the refound was done with anti-fascist intent.

Compounding an already-dire set of circumstances is the list of regions with whom Force associates. Upon looking at their on-site embassy list, one may find regions such as the Confederacy of Layem, the Institute of Cellulose, the New Western Empire, and Enadia - though the final embassy is being withdrawn by Enadia in light of these events. Thaecia finds these regions most unsavoury and we have often found ourselves questioning the decision to maintain these relationships - concerns which have been raised and ignored by Force during the tenures of previous administrations.

Whilst Thaecia and Force's diplomatic relationship today is solely represented by a shared on-site embassy, it is incumbent upon the Thaecian government to respond to these developments. As an independent region with a strong interest in anti-griefing, it is unequivocally clear that the interception of the native refound on behalf of Force does not align with our values on Raiding/Defending gameplay. We condemn this interception in the strongest possible terms and regret that Force lacked the foresight to anticipate such backlash.

We find Force's response most unsatisfactory, highly disorganised, inconsistent, and disunited: whilst we empathise with anyone suffering from mental health issues, using such inherently out-of-character health concerns as a shield from in-character criticisms sets a bad precedent and is highly inappropriate. The union's reaction ought to have been clear, concise and united but instead, the inter-regional community is left piecing together a confusing and perplexing narrative given by multiple different members of the government.

Furthermore, Force's Minister of Foreign Affairs' conduct is considered incredibly bizarre by the Thaecian government, and we question how such behaviour is permitted when it so evidently vastly undermined the region's position. We request that Force explain who was informed of what in this timeline and why such a remarkably disorganised response was given in defence.

In terms of punitive action, it has been decided that all embassies between Thaecia and the regions of the Union of Force will be ordered to close effective immediately.

These unfolding events are deeply unfortunate, and it is with a profound disappointment and dismay that the government takes these steps. However, we believe it is necessary to protect Thaecian interests and to ensure that the Union of Force reflects upon its conduct, makes the appropriate amends, and returns from this diplomatic crisis a stronger and better union of regions.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thaecia

The Islamic Country of Honour
Prime Minister of Thaecia

President & WA Delegate of Thaecia
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Thaecia | Regional Update July 2021

Postby Bikini-Bottom » Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:45 pm

Thaecia | Regional Update July 2021


The voting for the elections started on the 7th of July, and in a notable break from past elections, the elections for the House of Commons and the Senate, had a surprisingly higher number of party-affiliated candidates than before, with the rise of the Thaecian Globalist Party (TGP) and Radical Party (RP). In the Presidential Elections, incumbent President Brototh faced off against former MP Adomania, and in the Prime Ministerial election, former President and then-incumbent Deputy Prime Minister, Xernon, was up against then-incumbent Chief Justice and former Speaker Snowflame and former Deputy Prime Minister Cerdenia, in what was considered to be a competitive race.

Incumbent President Brototh emerged victorious with 57 votes to Adomania’s 6 votes. Xernon staved off a tough challenge from primarily Snowflame, and secured 38 votes to Snowflame’s 22 votes and Cerdenia’s 3 votes, to be elected the Prime Minister of Thaecia, thus heralding a fabulous return to an elected office

Below you can find an overview of our newly elected Legislature:

The Islamic Country of Honour
Nova Anglicum

House of Commons:
Democratized Peoples
Of Altonianic Island
Primo Order
Sma Cyrillic
Zon Island

The Speaker elections resulted in a tough-fought victory for Sma Cyrillic of Thaecian Globalist Party (TGP), as they got 6 votes to Marvinville’s 5 votes. Sma Cyrillic got the backing of the three TGP MPs, the SOL-RP’s two MPs and an MP from Marvinville’s Thaecian Conservative Union.

The Senate, on the other hand, had two Chairman elections, one which was won unopposed by Korsinia, a testimony to the former Prime Minister’s popularity and capability, and the other won by The Islamic Country of Honour, the region’s previous Prime Minister, who won 4-3 against Senator Emazia. Korsinia had to resign due to IRL problems and thus a new Chairman election was called which was won by ICH.

A new Cabinet

Prime Minister Xernon’s Cabinet, in a welcome move, included a mix of fresh new faces along with relatively older faces in the Cabinet, with new first-time Ministers serving alongside relatively older members of the region in the Cabinet.

Outgoing Education Secretary Primo Order was nominated to be the region’s Home Affairs Minister, one of the three constitutionally mandated Ministries, replacing the outgoing Home Affairs Minister Taungu. He was confirmed by a vote of 7 Senators, all in favour.

Outgoing Senate Chairman, Ashlawn, was nominated to head the region’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, replacing the outgoing Foreign Affairs Minister Islonia. He was confirmed by a simple majority of 3 out of the 5 Senators voting “aye” or “nay”.

Bikini-Bottom was nominated to head the region’s newly-created Ministry of Communications, and was swiftly confirmed by a vote of all the Senators in favour.

Outgoing Deputy Justice Minister Cerdenia was nominated as the Justice Minister of Thaecia, and was similarly confirmed by an overwhelmingly 7 Senators out of the 7 in the Chamber.

Nova Anglicum, also was nominated and confirmed with the vote of all the Senators in favour to head the Education Ministry, a Ministry which the Prime Minister has decided to revive this term.

Antenion was the only returning Minister of the last term as he was confirmed by a vote of 6 Senators in favour, to head the region’s Culture Ministry.

Andusre secured another well-deserved term as Secretary of Defence, with 10 MPs voting in favour of his confirmation out of the 11 MPs in the Chamber.

Islonia was renominated for the Secretary of Roleplay position. He was then promptly confirmed by the role players in a separate vote afterwards.

Treaty of Lucent between Europeia and Thaecia signed

At the start of the month, a momentous development in foreign affairs took place: the Treaty of Lucent was signed.
The treaty, which outlines relations between Europeia and Thaecia, was passed by the Senate on 2 July. The document addresses all aspects of inter-regional diplomacy such as military and intelligence undertakings, World Assembly matters and cultural cooperation.
For example it was agreed upon to help each other with delegacy transferrals if requested and to provide military assistance in case of a hostile attack. Furthermore, the two regions decided to not recruit from each other.
The Treaty of Lucent was written in the spirit of mutually beneficial collaboration and serves as an important pillar in maintaining a prosperous relation with the people of Europeia.

The Constitutional Convention

Our region's members of parliament came to the conclusion that our current constitution is not sufficiently refined. Thus, a Constitutional Convention started in the middle of July and is ongoing. So far the first two articles have been completed and approved by the citizenry with the third one being publicly voted on at the time of writing this.

The purpose of this effort is to create a superior constitution which will serve as the foundation of our region. Two individuals who have made great contributions deserve to be mentioned here. The first is Democratized Peoples who posted daily updates on the legislature and made sure our citizens had an opportunity to vote. The other is The Islamic Country of Honour who debated on numerous topics to make the constitution stronger.

New Electoral Commissioner

After the general election, our Electoral Commissioner Rhyssuan Peoples resigned. The Deputy Electoral Commissioner at the time, Mardis, was nominated by the President to become the new EC. Mardis was confirmed by the House with no opposition.

Thaempirial Army Activity

July has been another great month of activity and progress within the Thaempirial Army, with participation in many operations with several counterparts.

We began the month piling in support of the South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF) and the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA) in their bid to refound the white supremacist region Confederate Army, though the operation was unfortunately thwarted by a founder return. A few days later, the military successfully captured the delegacy of the Federated Sovereign Nations of Europe, a small founderless fascist region. With support from the SPSF & EPSA, the region was successfully refounded in approximately 8 days and was brought under the control of anti-fascist Thaecian forces. Following this refounding, we were pleased to participate in a tag raid alongside the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) and North Pacific Army (NPA), securing 7 hits in spite of fierce competition from defenders. Upon hearing of The Black Hawks' successful occupation of Nasunia by infiltrating our embassy partner 10000 Islands (XKI) and causing our treatied ally The East Pacific to break their treaty with XKI, Thaecian forces rallied to the aid of the liberation of Nasunia, resulting in the successful removal of raider forces. To conclude a strong month, the military is currently piling in support of The East Pacific's delegacy transition as per our obligations in the Poem of the Greats Treaty.

We look forward to continued growth as a regional military and to further co-operation with our military partners in the month of August.
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Postby Ashlawn » Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:16 am

Response to August's False Claims


It has come to our attention that August, the founder of Augustin Alliance, has accused Andusre of being "just as objectionable as his former compatriots from NWA". This accusation is abhorrent, inappropriate and utterly unacceptable. We are extremely disappointed to see a prominent member of the NationStates community equate Andusre to those who harboured fascists, bigots and a plethora of other extremely dangerous individuals. The dispatch has since been edited to exclude the statement in question, and with no apology or remorse shown by either August or the United Regions Alliance, that is an incredibly disappointing dereliction of responsibility.

Effective immediately, August is not welcome in Thaecia under any and all circumstances. The following military sanctions against the Joint Task Force (JTF) will be put in place, also effective immediately:
  • The Thaempirial Army will not pile in support of an occupation where the JTF is also present;
  • All occupations led or supported by the JTF will be liberated by the Thaempirial Army;
  • All tag raids which the JTF conducts will be defended or detagged by the Thaempirial Army at the earliest opportunity;
  • All quorum raids which the JTF conducts or supports will be defended by the Thaempirial Army

None of the sanctions will apply to operations directed against fascist, racist, homophobic or otherwise problematic regions.

These sanctions will only be retracted if one of the following two conditions are met:
  • August apologises to Thaecia and Andusre for his detestable statement, or
  • The Augustin Alliance regions apologise for the words of their founder.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thaecia

Secretary of Defence of Thaecia

Prime Minister of Thaecia

President and WA Delegate of Thaecia
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Postby Quebecshire » Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:24 am

Speaking on behalf of The League after prior consultation with our Director of Foreign Affairs, The League is wholly prepared to stand with Thaecia on this issue and echo the demands for either an apology on the part of August or for a disavowing of his comments by the Augustin Alliance regions, particularly those with which The League holds foreign relations.

While The League's Defense Forces will not change its policy in regards to the Joint Task Force at present, we extend the same request to the JTF as we have to the AA regions. If August is unwilling to retract his comments and issue a sincere apology for them, we request the Joint Task Force's leadership openly disavow his reprehensible statement.
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Postby Big Bad Badger » Sun Aug 29, 2021 10:20 am

OMG, you all are soft.
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Postby Grea Kriopia » Sun Aug 29, 2021 10:57 am

A truly reprehensible lapse in judgement from someone who should know better. Good on Thaecia for demanding accountability when serious accusations are thrown around so carelessly
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Postby Varanius » Sun Aug 29, 2021 11:18 am

Attack Chihuahua of the West Pacific
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Postby The Python » Sun Aug 29, 2021 12:28 pm

Good on Thaecia for doing this.



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