Crabaiaia bans 'patriotically incorrect' phrase

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Do you support Laker City or the protestors

1. "Redditor IS a personality trait" (You support Laker City, comment why you support it)
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2. "Redditor is NOT a personality trait" (You support the protestors, comment why you support them)
3. Meh, I am neutral on topics concerning Reddit or 4chan
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4. I support both (comment why you do)
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5. Redditor is a personality trait but concerning the political climate, I think this law is a bit of an asshole move (You support Laker City Ideologically, but you think this law is too much, comment why you say so)
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6. Redditor is not a personality trait but concerning the political and cultural climate of Crabaiaia, I can say this is pretty justifiable move (You support the protestors ideologically, but understand the law from Laker City's standpoint, comment why you say so)
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Crabaiaia bans 'patriotically incorrect' phrase

Postby Crabaiaia » Sat Aug 15, 2020 5:58 am

Crabaiaia is known for superb class political freedoms but earlier, 4:30 pm this Saturday (Philippine Standard Time), Laker City has passed a new Neo-Turanist (Neo Turanism, being the ideology that is related to that of Turans who believe that Finno-Ugric peoples of Europe must separate from European culture in general to reclaim their sense of identity) to separate from the mainstream cultures of the Surface Web World and bind closer to it's Redditor and 4channer roots (Reddit and 4chan is already mentioned in their national anthem, here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=489808&sid=ddad4d5318c7a173bd2bc78ffccb8122#p37518094).

Crabaiaia in the recent week has passed such laws such as: Banning Citizens of Tiktokkers from entering the country, straight Tiktokker or Gay Tiktokker. Banning the Renegade, and spamming advertisements in favor of 'Big Man Tyrone's brother, Anti-Karen" as the Government Commander (this known as a Prime Minister in most countries). All of this have been considered "Human Rights Violations" by many NGOs but Laker City has brushed it off as "Normie Behavior".

But this new law has shocked many NGOs: banning the phrase "Redditor is NOT a personality trait" from being used online on the "Internet's Internet" and in public. This phrase has been a catalyst for the Country's Founding but even then this phrase has triggered Nationalists across the Country. The law even includes banning resemblance to it. The punishment for saying the phrase online is a CQ50 fine, saying it in Public will guarantee you, a CQ100 fine and 1 day Community Service, exception for this new law will be for Educational and Journalistic Purposes, being a citizen residing outside of the country also excludes you from the law.


Interim Commander, Fritz Gerald showed her approval for the law saying it promotes unity amongst Chanic peoples. However, critics say this will prosecute minority cultures such as the Influecians, and TikTokker cultures.

Protest in Kjanurivpolis, the capital of the Chanic Council of Kjanurivpolopolis was started by the Straight TikTokker community there. With the goal of affecting the election in favor of Sydney K. Cunningham for the Council Governor, however her candidacy has been suspended due to the Constitution of Crabaiaia banning the election of Non-Chanic nominees for Governor of any Chanic Council, the current Governor, Bjutfolio Deerto, says that Cunningham can run for Governor of nearby, Civetia, a Race-Neutral State. However, Opinion polls by the Twitterian - run Government of Civetia shows that 20% don't want a TikTokker running for Governor.

The protests also want Kjanurivpolopolis exempted from the law, however Gerald said that any law passed under her government would apply to ALL Chanic Councils.

Riot Police have been sent to quash down the unrest, 30 protestors have been arrested, 7 were injured in gun fights, 2 were killed when they tried to block a commercial truck from entering the Little Athens district (where the gun fight was happening), and 1 was killed in the gun fight.

In Laker City, small demonstrations outside of the LegCo building has started.

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Postby Hanshire » Sat Aug 15, 2020 9:11 am

The Holy Empire of Hanshire stands with the government of Crabaiaia.

Questioning the government in itself is a disgusting act as the leaders always have the intentions when representing the populous. To not see that is impossible and means the dissent has malice intent.

Furthermore, as far as the phrasing in question, people must understand that if the government mandates a word to be taken out of circulation, the popular should do as such.

May the Empress Bless You All.
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