[Draft] Commend Outer Sparta

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[Draft] Commend Outer Sparta

Postby Honeydewistania » Sat Aug 15, 2020 4:08 am

The World Assembly,

Solidifying the importance of nations that bring issues of national and international importance to attention, as well as nations that assist other nations in highlighting issues to national leaders,

Praising Outer Sparta, one such nation, for their dedication to guiding leaders to resolve the problems posed to them, such as:
  • the decline of honeybee population and as a result supplies of food, as presented in ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Bee’,
  • the cataclysmic effects of genetically engineering bees to make them stronger, as presented in ‘The Bee-ginning Of A Catastrophe?’,
  • poor safety regulations on aircraft, as presented in ‘Mayday! Mayday!’,
  • greedy pharmaceutical companies raising prices of life-saving medicine for profit, as presented in ‘Drug Up The Prices’,

Acknowledging the specific dedication of Outer Sparta to present issues pertaining to sports, helping immensely in the resolution of said issues, such as:
  • the administration of drugs to enhance performance in sports competitions, as presented in ‘Suspicious Superhuman Athletes’,
  • the corruption in international sports federations that grants international competition hosting to nations with barely any sports infrastructure, as presented in ‘A Funny Old Game’,
  • the payment of collegiate athletes as compensation for their participation in college sports teams, as presented in ‘Amateur Hour’,

Recognising the immense contributions Outer Sparta has made to their region Europe, such as:
  • establishing and organising the Platinum League, the highest level of football in Outer Sparta and one of the most popular football leagues in the region, which resulted in the promotion of football as a sport internationally,
  • keeping extensive archives of football matches, players and clubs in a series of documents titled ‘The Beautiful Game’, allowing for history of sport in the region of Europe to be preserved for the perusal for future generations,
  • their service to representing the needs of residents of Europe through their position as 2nd Deputy Commissioner on matters such as regional security, ensuring that residents of Europe have a voice with regards to how the region is organised,
  • their continued presence on regional community discussion avenues and channels, with Spartan diplomats being one of the most active participants in regional discussion on a variety of topics,

Taking note of the Spartan government’s devotion to improving the quality of life for their residents, as evidenced by the remarkably excellent environmental beauty, human development, safety, lifespans and compassion, and

Applauding the consistent dedication and effort by the Spartan government and people to improving on the quality of life in their nation and others, to an extent that deserves formal recognition by this assembly,

Hereby commends Outer Sparta.

Comments appreciated. :)
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