Question: Nation & TG/Rec Statistics

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Question: Nation & TG/Rec Statistics

Postby Heaveria » Tue Aug 11, 2020 7:34 am


:!: :?: I'm not entirely sure this is the right forum thread to post, but seemed to fit okay. Didn't think it was necessarily meant for the technical forum.

But I'm crunching some numbers and running a few statistics for my region and in general but I have some missing information to make guesstimates. So, I have a few questions I was hoping someone knew the answers to or where I could look to find them. I'm hoping it'll help others as well:

:idea: 1. On average (aside from the Drewpocalypse), how many nations are founded in a month? How about refounded?

:idea: 2. Stamp recruitment queues pile up quickly and seemingly take a while to reduce. Is there a set time a telegram spends in queue or is there some variance on this depending on servers and the overall amount in queue? Maybe someone has had some experience, but for example, how long would it take for a tag:all telegram to make its way to all recipients?

Hmm, I thought I would have more questions but these came to my mind right now. Nonetheless, they'd be a big help for me in running some numbers.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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Postby Comfed » Fri Aug 14, 2020 4:32 pm

I believe the TG queue is intentional.
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