Baptism of Fire 73 - Everything Thread

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Baptism of Fire 73 - Everything Thread

Postby Valladares » Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:24 pm

Welcome to the seventy-third edition of the Baptism of Fire, brought to you by the Asociación Valladar de Fútbol and the Chromatik Football Federation! This tournament marks the beginning of the eighty-sixth cycle of the NationStates World Cup, where we will be welcoming 36 nations that are about to compete in their first WCC competition ever!

This prestigious competition is one of three competitions making up the World Cup cycle, along with the World Cup and the Cup of Harmony (which is an invitational tournament for nations that fail to make it to the WC proper), and entry into it is reserved to nations that have not entered the World Cup before, and as such, do not have a KPB ranking (i.e. NS Sports equivalent of the FIFA rankings) or nations that, having had a KPB rank at some point in time, have not entered the BoF before and their KPB points have reset to zero. Therefore, this competition is where those teams gain their first KPB points and begin their long road to World Cup success, making the BoF a very important warming-up for the World Cup.

Given the unique nature of the Baptism of Fire, being the only WCC competition with all entrants lacking any rank points, all 36 teams that will be travelling to the sporting regions of Rushmore and Atlantian Oceania will start on an equal footing and therefore will have the same odds to go on to win the competition. However, there are two determining factors that will help you fulfill that goal: the first one is called roleplay (or RP). RP well and RP often and your chances to win will certainly increase! The other one is none other than luck, because in NS Sports things won't always go your way, and Margaret, NS Sports' unofficial Goddess of Randomness will be constantly visiting us looking for people to reward or punish (yes, that too) as she deems appropriate.

This thread will be the place where you should post everything in-character (IC) related to the tournament, that is, your rosters and roleplays, and also the place where the hosts will be posting their nation info, stadiums, and of course, the results. Out-of-character notes, comments, observations, etc (including tags and placeholders of any sort) should not be posted here and should instead go to the World Cup Discussion Thread (linked above) or to the hosts via either telegram or direct message on Discord. Both hosts can be found on the #nssport server on Discord as Val|WI#9447 (Valladares) and GeminiLightning#8783 (Chromatika).


This Baptism of Fire edition will feature 36 participants, which will be split into six groups of six teams each. All matches in the competition will take place in the host nations, with three groups being played in Valladares and the other three in Chromatika. In the group stage, teams will play each one of their group rivals once, for a total of five group stage matches per team. The group standings will be sorted by points, overall goal differential, H2H, RP bonus (ICly to be known as "drawing of lots"), and if needed, an actual drawing of lots. At the end of the group stage, the top two teams from each group along with the four best third-placed teams will advance to the round of 16 and play a single-elimination tournament all the way through the semi-finals; from there, the losers will play for third place and a set of shiny bronze medals, while the winners will lock horns with the championship at stake.

The first matchday will take place on the late evening of Thursday, August 13th in the Americas (early morning of Friday 14th in Europe), with scorination every day thereon. On each matchday, an RP cutoff will be posted, indicating that RPs posted after that point will not count towards RP bonus calculation of that matchday, but for the following one instead. Said RP bonus is calculated based on whether you RPed or not and the quality of your RPs. You may RP more than once per scorination day, but please note that all of your RPs between cutoffs will be counted as a single one for the purposes of bonus calculation. Scores will be generated with a program called scorinator, which takes into account that bonus and generates random numbers and turns it into scores, determining who wins, who ties, and who loses, and by what score. The scorinator to be used in this tournament will be xkoranate, with the NSFS formula.

Group Draw (Groups A to C to be played in Valladares; Groups D to F to be played in Chromatika)

Group A
Pripet Socialist Republic
Iles Rogieres
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles

Group B
Free Republic of Hong Kong

Group C
The holy junta
Overseas Territories of Sylestone
Southwest Eastnorth

Group D

Group E
Rangers FC
Mathuvan Union
The Gothanita Isles
Southern Palm Islands

Group F
Se Vende Skooma
Quebecois Acadiana
Liberal Democratic Socialist States

Tournament Schedule

Groups A-C will be scorinated by Valladares between 10:00-12:00 pm COT (03:00-05:00 am UTC). Groups D-F will be scorinated by Chromatika between 9:00-11:00 pm PDT (04:00-06:00 am UTC). All dates below are UTC.

Group Stage
The number corresponds to the order in which each team is listed in their group.
Friday, August 14th: Matchday 1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
Saturday, August 15th: Matchday 2 - 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
Sunday, August 16th: Matchday 3 - 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
Monday, August 17th: Matchday 4 - 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
Tuesday, August 18th: Matchday 5 - 3v6, 4v2, 5v1

Wednesday, August 19th: Off day

Knockout Stage
The number pairings correspond to the seeding of each team after the group stage.
Thursday, August 20th: Round of 16 - 1v16, 2v15, 3v14, 4v13, 5v12, 6v11, 7v10, 8v9
Friday, August 21st: Quarter-finals
Saturday, August 22nd: Semi-finals
Sunday, August 23rd: Third Place Play-off and Final

New to NS Sports? Here are some tips for you.

First of all, if you are new to the NS Sports forum, you really should read the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. This guide presents you a general idea on what to do and how tournaments in NS Sports work. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to ask on the Discussion Thread (again, linked above) or send one of the hosts a telegram.

Now that you have already taken that step, you should start thinking in a roster for your team. A roster is -in its simplest form- a list of the 11 players in your starting lineup, their positions, manager/head coach, and also the players in your bench or reserves. Some participants often include some other information aimed at enriching the RPing experience and opportunities, for example, additional information on their players, coaching staff, their backgrounds, clubs, style of play, strenghts and weaknesses and anything else deemed to be of interest or anything you want others to know about your team. There is no limit regarding the number of players you can include in your roster, and there's no gender- or species-based restriction of any sort, either, with several past World Cup champions and other established nations currently competing or having competed with all-male, all-female, mixed-gender teams, teams comprised by monks, and also teams made up of elves, sentient bears and ponies, among several others.

Next up, you may want to include a style modifier for your team in your roster. A style modifier is a number ranging from -5 to +5 which will be input into the scorinator and will also serve to give others an idea of your style of play. Teams with negative style modifiers tend to be more defense-focused and will concede (on average) fewer goals at the cost of having more trouble at scoring goals. On the other hand, if your team is more offense-focused, then you should choose a positive style mod. Teams that play offensively tend to score more goals on average...but also tend to concede more goals in return. For those of you who would rather a more balanced style, a neutral style mod of 0 is also available. Teams will also be assigned a style mod of 0 if they don't state a style modifier.

Okay, so you already have a list of players and have chosen a style mod for your team. Good. Now pay attention to this part, because this is one of the most important things to include in your roster as it will have an effect on your opponents' RPs. Ladies and gentlemen, now we present to you the RP Permissions Box:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

The box above will be the tool enabling you to tell your opponents what you are willing to allow them to do, as well as what you are not allowing them to do. Please copy and paste it somewhere into your roster indicating your preferences as well as any restrictions for every option. Now let's review the meaning of each of these options:

Choose my goalscorers allows your opponents to choose which player(s) score your team's goal(s), should they RP the match before you do. Almost everyone allows this option since the most common form of roleplay in this forum is the traditional match summary/report, and it would be really difficult to write one of those without identifying the goalscorers. Godmod scoring events enables your opponents to RP goals that are scored in an unrealistic way or not likely to happen in reality.

The RP injuries to my players option is pretty self-explanatory: it allows your opponents to injure your players. However, most participants who allow others to injure their players will also set restrictions on the severity and causes of those injuries, thus retaining some extent of control on how badly injured their player is and future consequences and impacts of that injury on their teams. Just like "Godmod scoring events" for unlikely/unrealistic goals, Godmod injuries to my players refers to your opponents RPing injuries on your players but caused in less common and/or unrealistic ways. This option is generally used for more drastic injuries than those of the standard injury option, ranging from rendering your players unable to play the remainder of the tournament, ending their careers, or even killing them. That causes this option to be restricted by most players.

Yellow cards and red cards are an important part of the game, as yellow cards are handed out to players who aren't following the rules of the game as a warning, with red cards being handed out either after a second yellow card or as a result of a particularly severe violation of the rules or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Those players that are shown a red card are sent off the field, forcing their team to continue the remainder of the match with less players. Basically, if you choose "yes" to any or both of those options, you are allowing your opponents to enact such disciplinary actions against your players in their RPs. However, you can also set limits on the number of those cards if your players are less prone to carrying out actions that cause them to be booked and/or sent off.

Finally, Godmod other events refers to other unrealistic and/or unlikely events not related with goals or injuries. This can include from severe weather conditions, events by fans in the stands, to the opening of a portal to another dimension at the center of the pitch in the middle of the match. There are several things that can fall into this option, therefore you might deem it appropriate to set some limits for your opponents.

While the tournament advances and scores are posted, you can post roleplays (RPs), which can take on several different forms including but no restricted to: a summary or story of the match itself or part of it, your team's pre-game preparations, post-game celebrations, and so on. In addition to this, they can also be stories entirely unrelated to the match - current events in your country, politics, historical background, anything you want. These can take on the form of newspaper articles, play-by-play commentary, personal narratives, inner monologues, poetry, or any other form you could imagine or feel like doing. The only requirements are to respect the RP permissions of your opponent, and abide by the generated scores, as well as whatever facts about the match your opponent has already established (if they have RPed first).

Not only can you RP in isolation, you are also free to seek opportunities to work together with other players, even with your opponents. You may have already an idea or know exactly how you're going to RP, or maybe you have no idea yet. RP prompts will be made available throughout this particular tournament to give players possible ideas on how to build their stories, and you will be free to follow them or not. You must bear in mind that they are only intended to serve as a help or guide for you to RP, and no additional RP bonus reward or punishment will be handed out for following them or not. RP in NS Sport is a rewarding collaborative pursuit, and perhaps you will be inspired and get ideas from seeing how your fellow players RP. Regardless, the higher the quality of your RP, the better your chances of winning will be. No outcomes are guaranteed, but by giving it your best effort, you can hope to win more than you lose sooner than later.

Feel free to ask any questions in case you have them, either by TG, Discord or in the World Cup Discussion Thread. That said, we hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime tournament and welcome to the Wonderful World of the NS World Cup!
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Postby Valladares » Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:24 pm

Please note that, in light of the current situation the world is going through, both hosts have decided to institute the following RP Permissions:

  • Viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and pandemics such as the current COVID-19 one do not exist nor will their existence be acknowledged in either of the host nations. Participating nations will be free to RP the existence of such things within their own territories, but will not be allowed to introduce them to either Valladares or Chromatika under any circumstance.
  • No incident involving the safety or security of people or infrastructure within the jurisdiction of any of the host nations may take place without prior explicit consent from the host nation involved. You must inform us beforehand if your storyline involves such acts, as well as the proposed extent of them.

Failure to comply with any of the restrictions set above will result in the RP bonus of the offending nation being reset to zero.

¡Bienvenidos a Valladares! | Welcome to Valladares!

The United Kingdom of Valladares is proud to welcome 18 nations from all over the multiverse who will be competing in their first WCC event ever for the 73rd edition of this respectable and prestigious sporting festival called Baptism of Fire, which is coming to this fair land located in eastern Rushmore for the second time. We hope that the delegations of those 18 teams that were drawn into the Valladar section of the tournament (i.e. groups A through C) will enjoy their stay in this country.


Valladares is a country located in the region of Rushmore (yes, we had already said it), comprised of two bigger chunks of territory and the City of Junín, which is an enclave on the shores of the Endemien Ocean, which allows the country's "mainland" to have access to the sea through the Fontvielle-Junín railway. The "two bigger chunks of territory" are the Mainland, located in the Terranea continent, where the capital city Metropolis, as well as the country's most important cities and most of the country's population are located; and the Westlands, which is a state located in the Terramidia continent.

The land that is now the Valladar mainland was inhabited for millennia by various Aboriginal peoples, among them the Valladar and Astine peoples, who established their city-states on opposite banks of the Danubio river. Those tribes were decimated by both diseases and colonization processes carried on by Europeans, mainly Spaniard, Portuguese, and French colonizers and missionaries, who also introduced Catholicism into what would became the Valladar mainland. "Puerto Esperanza", nowadays called Westporte, is recognized as the oldest city in the country, having been founded in 1580 by Spaniard explorer Sebastian Cortés. Beginning in the late 16th century, Spanish colonial expeditions explored and settled the eastern region of the Great Inland Sea and the lower course of the Danubio river, establishing the Colony of Río Danubio in 1654, splitting the region into the colonies of Valladares, Iliria, Eterna, and Valle Danubio and starting a 227-year colonial rule that ended with the Second Valladar Uprising and the subsequent War of Independence, and followed up by the Declaration of Independence, signed on October 8, 1881. The Valladar federation was later strengthened by reunification with the Iliria (current Chiquito and Foix states) and Eterna states during the years 1890-1900. Eventually, the reunification of the Valladar states was achieved after the conquest of the city of Tallinberg (now Carloburgo) on March 17, 1909 and the proclamation of the Royal Constitution on July 1, 1910.

Valladares is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Kings Marcus and Cyrus as its heads of state. Four languages are official at the federal level as a result of the colonization processes underwent by European powers during the Colony era. Its advanced economy is one of the largest in Rushmore, built on and mainly relying upon its abundant natural resources and well-developed trade networks. Valladares's recent opening to its regional neighbours (mainly on the sports and diplomacy fields) has helped the nation establish cordial relationships with most of them and has had a significant impact on its economy and culture, although the latter can be questioned due to the fact that its natural social heterogeneity, which was forged through history, makes it difficult to establish a "unified" Valladar culture.


The geography of Valladares is characterized by two different regions with their unique characteristics: the Mainland and the Westlands. The former is dominated by the Ituyán mountain range which runs from south to north passing through the nation and separating the country from the rest of the Terranea continent. Valladares's highest mountain, Monte Blanco, is located in this mountain range, near Eterna City and rises to 4,789 meters above sea level. The Danubio river flows through the nation from south to north, first going through the eastern plains, then passing through the Ituyán range between the cities of Angostura and Araracuara in the east and Maldonado and Columbus to the west and then the Danubio valley in the Eterna, Antioquia, and Canalave states. The Ituyán mountains contain some of the country's biggest urban centres: Carloburgo, Eterna City, Campo Grande, Pradera, and Arma, however, the capital city Metropolis, along with the entire Foix state and its capital Bezieres, the entire Canalave state and the cities of Canalave and Westporte, and the entire Arauco state and its capital Caraure are located in the plains to the east and the Danubio lowlands and Great Inland sea coast to the west. Peaks in the Ituyán mountain range in the southern half of Valladares (Alto Danubio and Mountbatten states) reach 3,950 meters above sea level (12,959 feet), while in the northern half (Chiquito and Eterna states) they exceed 4,700 meters above sea level (15,419 feet).

On the other half, the Westlands region is generally hilly to the south and west with a coastal region to the north and east, where the capital city of Edmonton is located. The tallest peak of this region is Mount Rockefeller, which reaches a height of 2,276 meters above sea level (7,467 feet). The population in this region is concentrated in the coastal plains, with 55% of the state's inhabitants living in the cities of Edmonton and Adelaide.


The overall climate in the Valladar Mainland according to the Köppen classification is humid subtropical (Cfa), with hot, humid summers between December and February, and cool to mild winters, between June and August. Summer high temperatures typically range from 25 to 35°C (77 to 95°F), while overnight lows in the summer are typically in the lower 20s°C (70s°F). Monthly mean temperatures in winter are often mild, typically averaging 7.5 to 16°C (45.5 to 60.8°F). Daytime highs in winter normally are in the 10 to 16°C (50 to 61°F) range, while overnight lows are from 2 to 7°C (36 to 45°F). The presence of the Ituyán mountain range exerts a strong influence on the climate, with summers in the mountainous regions being milder and temperatures throughout the year being influenced by elevation. In addition to this, the mountain range is a natural barrier blocking most winds coming westwards from the Endemien Ocean. Thunderstorms are frequent in the western coast of the Arauco state, especially in summer. Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year, with snowfall occasionally happening in areas above 2800 meters above sea level.

On the other hand, the Westlands state has an oceanic climate (Cfb) with cool summers and cool but not cold winters. In the hottest month (January), the average temperature is below 22°C (72°F), and at least four months feature average temperatures higher than 10°C (50°F), while average temperatures in the coldest month (July) range around −3 and 0°C (27–32°F). Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year and can vary from 50–500 cm (20–197 in), with the mountainous southern zones receiving more precipitation, and some areas experiencing more than 150 rainy days annually. Frontal cyclones can be common in coastal regions, but strong storms are rare. The city of Junín features a Mediterranean climate (Csa) characterized by dry summers and mild, wet winters, influenced by its location on the coast of the Endemien Ocean.

Travel Advice

So, are you still interested in travelling to this nation to support your national team in their first WCC event ever? Well, if the answer to this question is "yes", then here we have some tips for you to make sure your stay will not be an unpleasant experience for both you and us:

1. While the Valladar Ministry of Foreign Affairs usually requires most tourists from non-Rushmore nations to have a visa (usually handed on arrival) to enter the country, fans will only need to show their ticket for a Baptism of Fire match (as well as their passport) in order to enter the nation. Tickets for group stage matches being played in Valladares will be sold and handed over by the competing football associations, tickets from the round of 16 onwards will only be sold and handed over in Valladares.

2. As the official name of the nation might suggest, Valladares is a United Kingdom, with (currently) two Kings as its Heads of State who are very beloved throughout the country and also seen as a symbol of unity by all citizens irrespective of state and/or mother tongue. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to insult, slander, defame them and/or any member of the Royal Family, create and/or spread any and all kinds of rumour involving both them and the Royal Family and/or orchestrate and perform any and all kinds of attack against them and/or any member of the Royal Family. Should you are found doing any of the actions mentioned above, you will be arrested, charged with lese majeste, and taken to a trial with the Kings themselves as judges, who shall decide an appropriate punishment as they please. This punishment also includes deportation if the offender is a foreigner, of course.

3. The most spoken language by Valladars during daily life is Spanish, though English will be the main language spoken in parts of the Mountbatten, Eterna, and Westlands states, as well as French in the Foix state, and Portuguese in the Chiquito state. While locals will definitely appreciate that you make an effort to make yourself be understood when seeking help, they will not appreciate at all to see foreigners "butchering" their native languages. So our advice is this one: If you are not fluent in Spanish, French, or Portuguese, do not try to speak any of those languages: that will do nothing but irritate your interlocutor.

4. Valladar people are usually affable, jovial, outgoing, and most of all polite, but they will definitely not expect other people, foreigners and tourists included, to approach them for help as a first resort. They will generally try to solve any issues on their own and only turn to someone else when all available resources have been exhausted. Neither will they be expected to help other people out unless explicitly asked to by the person in need, or if the situation makes it imperative for other people to go and help. Receiving unsolicited help greatly irritates Valladar citizens. However, do not feel intimidated by that trait if you are in genuine need of help and ask away! Nearly everyone will be glad to help a kind and polite tourist in need of guidance. And remember, there are some essential words and phrases to use when requesting help, which must never be omitted:

  • Buenos(as) días/tardes/noches - Good morning/afternoon/evening
  • Discúlpeme - Excuse me
  • Por favor - Please
  • Muchas gracias - Thank you very much
  • ¡Adiós! - Goodbye!

5. The rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are fully guaranteed as long as you do not try to abuse of them by doing any of the things described in the second recommendation.

6. Smoking is forbidden at all public places, including stadiums. However, hotels are already implementing "smoking zones" where you can smoke at pleasure alongside other smokers without disrupting the lungs of non-smokers. The consumption of alcoholic beverages at all public places, including stadiums, is also prohibited, so is media advertisement of both tobacco and alcohol. The purchase and sale of alcohol is only allowed from 10 to 18 hours every day.

7. Valladares uses the Point (P$) as its national currency, it is one of the Rushmore's strongest currencies with a current exchange rate of NSD 1.88 to 1 Point. The Point is divided into 100 Centavos. We strongly advise that you exchange your local currency into Points or NSD as soon as you enter the country, because most shops and businesses will be reluctant to accept other currency than the Point or the Standard Dollar. Credit card holders should not have much of a problem, though.

8. National Parks in Valladares are very well preserved thanks to a strong environmental legislation, and as a result, they are visited by people from all over the multiverse who marvel at the beauty of the landscapes and the variety of wildlife found there. In order to keep their natural beauty intact, it is strictly forbidden to: camp on open field, lit bonfires, litter the ground, and extract any natural resource from them (whether plants or animals). Tours will always be led by two people: the park guide and a member of the Environmental Police, who will be watching over the group and making sure that none of these prohibitions is breached. Those who fail to comply with the rules will be sent to jail for 3 days, fined, and forced to make some "compensatory work" (such as planting trees or cleaning up streets) before they leave the country.

9. Fan groups will be allowed to bring with them their drums and flags to the nine stadiums that are going to host matches in the competition. However, flares are not allowed because of safety regulations. In addition to this, the National Police will reserve to itself the right to arrest (and eventually deport) any and all troublemakers within the foreign fanbases. The following events will generate the Police to take action: provoking and/or offensive chants towards other fanbases or groups of people, fights between fanbases from different nations on streets and other public places, insulting banners, etc.

10. The City of Junín has been historically known for being a closed city due to the military installations it hosts and as such, it has been off-limits to foreigners, however, arrangements with the Royal Government for its opening have been made by the Junín Municipality and as a result the City is open to outside tourism albeit with some restrictions: a) foreigners will only be allowed in some zones around the city's airport, train station, downtown, and the city's stadium, and b) foreign citizens may not remain in Juninese territory for longer than 72 hours or will find themselves facing deportation.

Moving Around

Travelling into Valladares is usually done by airplane, though Juninese citizens should not have much of a problem as they can get easily into the "mainland" via rail, taking approximately six hours to reach Fontvielle. The main gateway for foreigners entering the nation is Stanford-Miller International Airport, located in the town of Villena, in the District of Metropolis. From there, you can book flights to most of the main cities in the nation (including the Westlands), and six of the other eight venues for the competition (except Fontvielle and Lierravus, which are a short train or car ride from the federal capital). Access to the Westlands from the Valladar mainland is possible through Charles V International Airport in Edmonton and Adelaide's Flanders Airport, both with daily flights from Metropolis served by ValAir, Western Airlines, and other minor carriers. Valladares's railroad network is (even though it is mainly concentrated on the mainland) one of Rushmore's most advanced, extensive, and best maintained networks, linking virtually every important city and town in the nation and offering a fast and quality service, which is served by high-speed trains (or TAVs, as they are known locally). National highways are also very well maintained and also link the most important cities, allowing automobiles to move easily from city to city, while most state capitals also have their own mass transportation systems, Metropolis being an example with commuter trains linking it to its neighbouring cities and towns, an underground metro, and a BRT (bus rapid transit) system.

Venues and Stadiums

Map of the Valladar mainland
Map of the Westlands

Nine venues in nine cities were selected by the Valladar Football Association to host the tournament, of which two were renovated for the competition while two others will be displaying brand-new stadiums, and the other five were already in line with the requirements to host the tournament. The venues were mostly chosen on the basis of the Baptism of Fire being seen as a test for the intermediate cities and their hosting capacity in preparation of a World Cup bid in the future, therefore the cities that will host matches in the Valladar half of the competition will be: Metropolis, Carloburgo, Valencia, Fontvielle, Junín, Lierravus and three cities in the Westlands: Edmonton, Adelaide's Hoxford suburb, and Victoria. All of the host stadiums have state-of-the-art facilities and other modern amenities to improve fan experience and make this competition an enjoyable experience for players and fans alike, while the host cities have also prepared their most famous tourist attractions in order to leave a mark on every fan coming to this nation.

Group A

The city of Metropolis is the national capital of Valladares, being located at the confluence of the Danubio and Chorrillo rivers. Along with the suburbs of Servette, Cerro, Villena, Swangard, and Ciudad Piar, it is part of the District of Metropolis, one of the thirteen Valladar states, although the Greater Metropolis conurbation includes the entire District of Metropolis as well as parts of the Mountbatten, Foix, Chiquito, and Alto Danubio states. Being the federal capital of Valladares, it hosts the executive (Prime Minister and Cabinet), legislative (Royal Parliament), judicial (Supreme Court), and sovereign (the Kings) powers as well as several important national companies. Football is the main sport in the city, as Metropolis is home to 11 professional teams, with the most important ones being Metropolis Alligators, 2-time UICA Champions' Cup winners Marinos Metropolis, Nacional, and Bohemians Metropolis (all of them playing in the Valladar Liga-1, the main professional football league in the nation). However, not everything in the city is sport, as the city also houses several famous art galleries, museums, theathers and monuments. The Metropolis Zoo, located in the south of the city, in the Córdoba neighbourhood, is also a recommended place to visit.

Stadium: Arena Bohemians (25,000 seats)

Arena Bohemians is an all-seater new football stadium, located in the district of Jardín (one of the wealthy districts of the city) in northern Metropolis, and starting from the upcoming Valladar Liga-1 season will serve as home stadium for Bohemians Metropolis. This stadium, built on the same place where Bohemians' old Estadio Luis Frattini used to stand, was designed as a multi-purpose stadium where concerts, conferences, cultural and social events can be held apart from association football matches, with some elements and remnants of the old Frattini stadium being used in its construction process, meaning that it was an eco-friendly construction. This stadium can hold up to 25,000 seated fans and due to its downtown location in the federal capital features an underground parking lot able to host 200 cars. In addition to this, the Arena Bohemians will also host a club museum and is expected to be the first Valladar stadium to test newfangled biometric identification methods in the form of vascular technology. This stadium will host the following matches:

GS MD1: Savigliane vs. Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
GS MD2: Pluvia and the Saxean Isles vs. Lovisa
GS MD3: Pripet Socialist Republic vs. Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
GS MD4: Pluvia and the Saxean Isles vs. Iles Rogieres
GS MD5: Praeceptia vs. Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
Semi-final: Q1 vs. Q2 (SF1)

Located at an altitude of 2,650 metres above sea level, Carloburgo is the second largest city of Valladares, located at the confluence of the Tallin and Ullich rivers in the southwest of the nation. It is the cultural, social, economic, and politic centre of Western Valladares. The capital of Mountbatten state is home to the largest foreign community in the nation, and 38% of the city inhabitants are from an inmigrant background. Carloburgo is a city with a rich history and an interesting mixture of architectural styles, with old buildings dominating the city downtown and modern buildings in the north and surrounding the city downtown. The city is home to five professional football teams, with Tannenberg FC as the most important and worldwide renowned of all of them. This bustling city is also the industrial hub of Western Valladares, and the gateway to the Valladar Southern Alps, an interesting place to visit.

Stadium: Olympic Stadium (38,755 seats)

Before the construction of Tannenberg FC's White Meadow Arena, the Olympic Stadium was the most important football venue in the Mountbatten state. Located in the southwestern zone of the city, and originally able to seat over 62,000 people, its capacity was trimmed down to the current 38,755 seats by demolishing the roof and upper tiers of the northern, eastern and southern seats due to the departure of its previous major tenant Tannenberg FC, as well as the unwillingness of fellow Carloburgo clubs Ajax and Carloburgo Phoenix to commit to a move into such a big stadium. Despite that, it managed to retain its wide and spacious lounges, as well as a restaurant in its main stand. The offices of the Mountbatten Football Association, one of the state football associations of Valladares, are also located within the premises of the stadium. Due to its current good condition, only minor paint touch-ups and general grooming were required to be carried out to bring the stadium in tune with the general requirements of the tournament. It will host a third of Group A matches, as well as the final match of the 73rd Baptism of Fire:

GS MD1: Pripet Socialist Republic vs. Iles Rogieres
GS MD2: Iles Rogieres vs. Praeceptia
GS MD3: Praeceptia vs. Savigliane
GS MD4: Savigliane vs. Lovisa
GS MD5: Lovisa vs. Pripet Socialist Republic
Baptism of Fire 73 Final

The city of Valencia is the second most important city of the Antioquia state, and is located on the banks of the Danubio river between the cities of Slateport and Canalave. Valencia is one of Valladares' oldest cities, with over 300 years of continued existence since its founding. However, unlike Carloburgo's climate, which is mild and comfortable because of its altitude, Valencia's climate is hot, sunny, and humid (though not so as Canalave's), with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius (86°F), this due to its location in the Danubio lowlands.

Stadium: Estadio Tricentenario (30,150 seats)

Estadio Tricentenario is, as its name suggests, a tribute to Valencia's 300 years of history, and hosts all of Valencia FC's home games. Located in the eastern outskirts of the city, and with a capacity of 30,150 seats, this stadium includes a retractable roof to protect players, fans, and naturally, the pitch from inclement weather when needed, and its distinctive form makes it instantly recognizable when viewed from a distance. This stadium also has a unique system to recycle and treat sewage waters and its floodlights are designed to be powered with solar energy, thus taking advantage of the city's own weather patterns, Valencia being one of the cities with the most hours of sunshine per year in Valladares. This jewel will host five Group A matches, as well as a Round of 16 match:

GS MD1: Praeceptia vs. Lovisa
GS MD2: Savigliane vs. Pripet Socialist Republic
GS MD3: Lovisa vs. Isles Rogieres
GS MD4: Pripet Socialist Republic vs. Praeceptia
GS MD5: Isles Rogieres vs. Savigliane
Round of 16: Seed 4 vs. Seed 13 (R3)

Group B

The city of Fontvielle is known as the Industrial Capital of Valladares, hosting over 100 factories as well as being the cradle and heart of the Valladar labor movement. It is located to the south of Valladares, a short distance south of the national capital Metropolis, with whom it is conurbated, on the opposite bank of the Danubio river. However, Fontvielle is best-known multiversally for being the home of 14-time Liga-1 champions and 2-time UICA Champions' Cup winners Fontvielle Impact, who are themselves tightly linked to the city's labourer background as they were born as a football team for the workers of the Tamount dairy factory. Fontvielle is also home to one-time Liga-1 champions Olympique de Fontvielle, who are not as blue-collar as their bigger and more successful neighbours, but have been related to the Valladar national railways for a long time. Aside from the factories and the stadiums, there's no much to visit in Fontvielle, although the Parc de l'Eau, an amusement park, and the historic Place du Centre stand as important landmarks in the city.

Stadium: Stade de l'Amitié (29,185 seats)

The Stade de l'Amitié, home to Olympique de Fontvielle (and Fontvielle Impact before they moved into their own stadium), will be the venue for Baptism of Fire action in the Foix state. Located in downtown Fontvielle, this stadium can seat 29,185 people in its four two-tiered stands after its most recent large-scale renovation and only suffered a couple of minor refurbishments ahead of the Baptism of Fire, having its seats, executive boxes, hospitality facilites and food and drink outlets renovated and a new system of LED lighting installed. The stadium's South Stand, home to Olympique's hardcore fans, hosts the club's fan shop, while the stadium's East Stand hosts a high school where the club's youth players as well as children from nearby zones are enrolled. This stadium will host the following five Group B matches as well as a quarter-final match:

GS MD1: Wymondham vs. Graintfjall
GS MD2: Graintfjall vs. Kencana
GS MD3: Tikariot vs. Graintfjall
GS MD4: Graintfjall vs. Free Republic of Hong Kong
GS MD5: Eurasies vs. Graintfjall
Quarter-final: R1 vs. R2 (Q1)

The City of Junín is the ninth Valladar state and the only one located to the east of the Mainland. Located in the Rushmori Far East on the shores of the Endemien Ocean, it serves as Valladares' only gateway to the eastern seas and its Overseas Territories. Ever since the citizens of the City voted for union with the United Kingdom of Valladares, and because of its strategic military importance (being the main headquarters for the IX Division of the Valladar Royal Army, the Royal Air Force, and the Royal Navy), it has been a closed city by the Royal Government, where foreigners are usually not allowed entry. The city has, however, thrived thanks to its position as Valladares' comercial outpost on the Endemien Ocean and the constant trade between the nation and its Overseas Territories. Junín has also been blessed by nature thanks to its location on a hill over the ocean, with the "Ciudad Vieja" (Old City) being built on its top and foothills, and also thanks to "La Portada", which is a natural arch located on the ocean and welcoming all ships coming to the city. Junín's main professional team is Deportivo Junín, who currently compete in the Valladar Liga-1, although current champions Marinos Metropolis are a very popular club in the City.

Stadium: Estadio Camilo Mazuera López (21,200 seats)

Familiarly and popularly known as "Camal", this stadium located in downtown Junín is considered as the cradle of Juninese football, and usually serves as the venue for matches of the domestic Juninese State Championship, and previously as home stadium for Deportivo Junín before they moved to the much bigger Arena Junín. Despite the lots of activity this venue usually sees throughout the year, investments by the local government to keep it in a good condition have been scarce, with the local government preferring the newer Arena, built for the 60th Baptism of Fire edition, and as a result the stadium has been neglected for a long time. However, this tournament was the perfect chance to give this venue a new life as it suffered a thorough renovation in preparation to host some matches: its deteriorated artificial turf was replaced by a beautiful natural grass pitch, its four stands were repaired, structurally reinforced, and seats were installed all over them, lowering the stadium's capacity from 25,000 to 21,200 spectators. In addition to this, four light towers were built to enable this stadium to host evening games, a much-needed update in a hot climate city such as Junín. This stadium will host six matches, which will be:

GS MD1: Eurasies vs. Kencana
GS MD2: Wymondham vs. Tikariot
GS MD3: Kencana vs. Free Republic of Hong Kong
GS MD4: Tikariot vs. Eurasies
GS MD5: Free Republic of Hong Kong vs. Wymondham
Round of 16: Seed 1 vs. Seed 16 (R1)

Lierravus is the second most important city of the Alto Danubio state, located in the place where the Danubio river leaves the Ituyán mountains to enter the Foixien plains and is part of the metropolitan area of Metropolis, along with fellow Group B host city Fontvielle, from which it is separated by the small and polluted Vonne river. Originated as a supply stop on the way from Metropolis to the upper Danubian capital Arma in the first quarter of the twentieth century, and taking up its name from a wealthy landowner settled in the area, Lierravus thrived owing to its intermediate location between both cities as well as the emergence of some manufacturing and food industries and an incipient service economy. Eventually it became part of the metropolitan area of the federal capital, due to the accelerated growth of Metropolis' urban sprawl and population and the industrial zone of Fontvielle also ended up expanding to the city due to its closeness. Nevertheless, Lierravus still keeps an interesting mix of architectural styles, with several buildings dating back to the 1920s still surviving in the city's downtown, and modern skyscrapers dominating the landscape to the north, towards Metropolis. The city is famous for its spring festival honouring zapateo, an iconic Valladar dance, celebrated in early September, as well as for the Lierravus rapids, a set of rapids and small waterfalls with an extension of 10 kilometres preventing navigation of the Danubio river upstream and declared Natural Heritage of the Valladar State in 1948.

Stadium: Estadio 8 de Octubre (26,104 seats)

Named after the Valladar Independence Day, Estadio 8 de Octubre is Lierravus' main football and athletics stadium, hosting matches of local football club Libertad (which is currently competing in the Liga-3, third tier of the Valladar league system) as well as several athletics events all over the year. In preparation for the upcoming Baptism of Fire and future athletic events, this stadium was refurbished and expanded from its previous capacity of 19,500 seats to 26,104. The grass field was reseeded and rehabilitated, while the athletics track, roof and lights were completely replaced and a couple of new LED screens were installed. This stadium will host five group stage matches from Group B as well as one Round of 16 one:

GS MD1: Tikariot vs. Free Republic of Hong Kong
GS MD2: Free Republic of Hong Kong vs. Eurasies
GS MD3: Eurasies vs. Wymondham
GS MD4: Wymondham vs. Kencana
GS MD5: Kencana vs. Tikariot
Round of 16: Seed 8 vs. Seed 9 (R2)

Group C

Edmonton is the capital of the Westlands state and also its cultural, social, and economic hub. It is home to dozens of galleries and museums, ranging from historical sculptures to major art museums, one of those being the Western Museum, one of the most renowned museums in the country. Edmonton, like the rest of the Westlands state, is known for having a colder climate than anywhere else in Valladares, however, its kind people willing to receive their guests with a smile can be warming enough. This city is the place where one-time Liga-1 champions Edmonton United hail from, however, the Monties are currently in Liga-2 struggling to return to their most glorious times.

Stadium: Albert Field (20,000 seats)

Baptism of Fire matches in this city will be played at the picturesque Albert Field, able to seat 20,000 people and home to Edmonton United and its fanbase, one of the most loyal ones in the nation. Their loyalty has been demonstrated even with the club's decline, with 20,000 passionate fans always filling up the stadium while the Monties navigate the second tier. That unconditional love for their team creates a warm enough environment to dissipate the eternal cold present in this beautiful city all year long. Five Group C matches are going to be played here, along with a quarter-final match:

GS MD1: Ihilthracna vs. Southwest Eastnorth
GS MD2: Southwest Eastnorth vs. Hwiccemark
GS MD3: The holy junta vs. Southwest Eastnorth
GS MD4: Southwest Eastnorth vs. Staypuftonia
GS MD5: Overseas Territories of Sylestone vs. Southwest Eastnorth
Quarter-final: R3 vs. R4 (Q2)

Hoxford isn't actually a big city, but a suburb of nearby Adelaide, which is the second most important city in the Westlands state. Adelaide is known for its multiple sporting and cultural events, which have given it the motto of "Cultural Capital of the Westlands", its food and beverages, especially beer considering that Breydell's Brewery, one of Valladares' biggest breweries is based in the city, more exactly in Hoxford. But mostly, Adelaide is renowned for its liveability and high life quality, as it has been ranked as the "Most Liveable City in Valladares" by five straight years. Adelaide's (actually Hoxford's) main representative in Valladar professional football are Hoxford Rovers, who don't really draw permanent sellouts in Westlands Stadium, like Edmonton United do in their city, but do have a very devout and passionate fanbase.

Stadium: Westlands Stadium (17,000 seats)

Westlands Stadium, located in the Adelaide suburb of Hoxford, will be the second venue for Group C. Being an all-seater stadium with capacity for 17,000 people and home to the Hoxford Rovers, currently playing in the Valladar Liga-2, Westlands Stadium is not as luxurious or comfortable as other BoF venues, but the Organizing Committee is sure that Group C teams and their officials and fans will eventually be able to find its charm. It will host five group stage games and one round of 16 match:

GS MD1: The holy junta vs. Staypuftonia
GS MD2: Staypuftonia vs. Overseas Territories of Sylestone
GS MD3: Overseas Territories of Sylestone vs. Ihilthracna
GS MD4: Ihilthracna vs. Hwiccemark
GS MD5: Hwiccemark vs. The holy junta
Round of 16: Seed 5 vs. Seed 12 (R4)

Victoria is the third most important city of the Westlands state, located to the south of the state close to the borders with Vaugania and Sicoutimont. The city was founded in 1946 in commemoration of the decisive battle that sealed the liberation of the Westlands and Valladar victory over Nazi forces from Vaugania and Norrehavn in the Southern Rushmori War in 1945. Because of this fact, the history of the city has revolved around the military, with the VII Division of the Valladar Royal Army having its headquarters in the city and the Valladar War Museum also being based in Victoria. Tourism has also become one of the pillars of the city's economy, with thousands of tourists attracted to the nearby war monuments and memorials every year, the most visited of those being the Estatua de la Victoria, a 20-metre tall statue located at the Victory Battle Memorial Park, and depicting King Charles III pointing a sword in the direction of the border with Vaugania. Even though Victoria has no teams in the professional tiers of Valladar football, with Racing Club, Liga Deportiva, and Victoria United all currently competing in the Westlands state league (sixth tier), association football is the most popular sport in the city, and the VFA's decision to take Baptism of Fire games to the city is a step aimed at fostering the growth of the sport in the place.

Stadium: Victory Royal Park (15,500 seats)

Victory Royal Park is Victoria's brand-new football stadium owned by the Victoria municipality and will be, along Arena Bohemians in Metropolis, the other stadium to have its Baptism of Fire in this competition. Victory Royal Park was built through a public-private partnership model, with the three Victorian football clubs and the VFA investing funds on the project and becoming shareholders along with the city's local government. This stadium will be able to seat 15,500 spectators in its four stands, and will be the only one of the stadiums in the Westlands states with the entirety of its seats roofed, which ensures fans will be shielded from the some extent. This venue will host five matches, all of them in the group stage:

GS MD1: Overseas Territories of Sylestone vs. Hwiccemark
GS MD2: Ihilthracna vs. The holy junta
GS MD3: Hwiccemark vs. Staypuftonia
GS MD4: The holy junta vs. Overseas Territories of Sylestone
GS MD5: Staypuftonia vs. Ihilthracna
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Welcome to Chromatika

Overview: Chromatika is a nation composing of a group of islands located in the far northeastern corner of Atlantian Oceania. There is the main island of Chromatik Island itself, Urrhed Island to the southwest, Myana Island to the northwest, and the Wilderness Preserve of Dorri Island to the northeast.

Chromatika one day popped into existence by mysterious forces that have since been identified as a group of extraplanar angels known as The Enlightened Ones. It's still unclear where the populace came from. The Chromatik Party held sway over the land, implementing its seven-color caste system, until the Rainbow Revolution happened, led by the Chromatik National Team in World Cup 75. This resulted in the first Manager of Chromatika - Franscesca Larriet-Cortes - being martyred.

A group of revolutionaries called the Shadow Writers were able to gather elements of the Chromatik Army, Air Force, and Navy to overthrow the Chromatik Party. Alina Krasnikova, one of the leaders of this movement, was the first Premier. Chromatika then ran into another hiccup when the time of the first democratic election came, with the Checkers Party, formed by a lot of the remnants of the Chromatik Party, tried to take control of the election. Aided by one of the Enlightened Ones, the Rainbow Party was able to, with help with their Atlantian Oceanian neighbors, stop the forces behind the Checkers Party and ensure a safe election.

In the last year or so, there has been peace in Chromatika, and a chance for the nation to rebuild itself to a form that it now wishes to be. It is in this crucial time that Chromatika hosts this Baptism of Fire.

Cultural Notes: While visiting Chromatika, please observe the following:

Transportation: Chromatik highways aren't very wide - two lanes per side at most. There is a very expansive railroad system that was originally used for troop movement, but is has been refitted to serve the everyday citizen. A subway system and a bus system in the bigger cities have also been established. The National Airport is also not very big, only serving regional flights. For the tournament, the nation will be accepting team planes to land, but it'd be best if you flew to Quebec City or Cathair first. Ferries run from the Islands of Myana and Urrhed to the main island on the hour.

Currency: The currency of Chromatika is the National Mark. the exchange rate is at a respectful 2.5 Chromatik National Mark per 1 NS Dollar. Cost of living is rather low in Chromatika, as the government provides most things through taxes. A bottle of water costs 1 NMS, a good meal about 7, and a new car around 24,000. Please come to Chromatika with all your currency changed to NSD. We don't provide exchange services from other currencies.

Climate: Chromatika is a rather cold nation, with the average temperature being 65 F in the summer and down to 11 F in the winter. The northern parts tend to be colder, while Myana and Urrhed tend to be a bit warmer. There is a temperate jungle in Eyrods where the temperature can spike up a bit more. It doesn't rain much, but snows a fair bit; winds don't gust that much, either. Climate-wise, it's a rather cold, boring, land.

Language: The official languages of Chromatika are English, Korean, French, Mandarin, and Russian. The most commonly used one in English. Depending on where you visit, you can hear one of the other being spoken interchangeably. Most Chromatik peoples know at least three of the five languages, with one of them being English. Pockets of other language speakers do exist, but are more rare.

Cuisine: Chromatik food is usually spicy, filling, and served warm. There are a few cold dishes, but as the country itself is very cool/cold, Chromatiks prefer hot dishes. Korean, French, Chinese, and Eastern Europeans are all available for consumption.

General Populace: The Chromatik people are respectful, polite, and usually keep to themselves. If you don't bug them, they won't bug you. That isn't to say that they aren't nice, as Chromatiks get by with most everyone. Just don't make fun of the past, don't make light the actions of the Chromatik Party, and enjoy your visit!


Note: You'll often recognize that the Capacity of a venue and the Seats are different. That's because traditionally, Chromatik stadiums were also the place that people would go to in case of evacuation due to natural disasters. The Capacity is the number of people that can fit in the stadium comfortably; the number of seats is the number of actual seats that are available to view the football games. For the ones where seats aren't listed, Capacity indicates number of seats.

Group D: Deprí District

Deprí Lanar
Located at the Western side of the Deprí district, Lanar was founded first, and is the older brother. Deprí Lanar is known for producing most of the nation's vehicles. Viper Motors (previously Imhar Automotive) is located there, being the only automotive maker of Chromatika. Being by the coast means a lot of foreign cars come through here as well. They're rabid about their Hawks, and used to underachieving as a team, but passionate nonetheless.

Venue: Hawks' Nest, Depri Lanar (Cap. 112,000, 38,000 Seats)
The home of the Red Hawks, the Hawks' Nest was made to resemble a bird's nest with the field being where the eggs would lie in a bird's nest. The sloping roof does bounce back sound onto the field making it one of the loudest venues in Chromatika.

GS MD1: Pemecutan vs. Squidroidia
GS MD2: Glazgo vs. Fluvannia
GS MD3: Unimon vs. Glazgo
GS MD4: Pemecutan vs. Unimon
GS MD5: Woryand vs. Squidroidia

Deprí Sanar
The younger brother, Deprí Sanar is known for two things. First, it's where Z'ai'ai's lumber ends up to be turned into furniture. Second, it's where the headquarters of the Death Templars Law Firm is located. DTLF was the sponsor of the Chromatik League for many years and one of the biggest companies in Chromatika, helping now only settle law cases but also fund a lot of philanthropic efforts to aid the poor.

Venue: The Hive, Depri Sanar (Cap. 122,000, 42,000 Seats)
Don't go to The Hive unless you don't mind being a bit squished. It's the densest stadium, and was specifically designed that way to emulate a hive and how full it is of bees. The field is the most open part of the entire stadium, but the absence of a roof means you're at the mercy of the elements.

GS MD1: Fluvannia vs. Glazgo
GS MD2: Pemecutan vs. Fluvannia
GS MD3: Woryand vs. Pemecutan
GS MD4: Squidroidia vs. Glazgo
GS MD5: Unimon vs. Fluvannia

Located in the southeast corner of the Deprí District right by the Capital District, Knetyohai is known for being the home of the Chromatik Army. Pronounced "Kay-net-yo-hai", the town is a mid-sized place in which about 80% of the population is with the Chromatik Army.

Venue: Warrior's Arena (Cap. 31,400)
Warriors' Arena is a practical stadium more than an aesthetic one, and the closed roof offers protection from any and all weather. Definitely an experience.

GS MD1: Woryand vs. Unimon
GS MD2: Squidroidia vs. Unimon
GS MD3: Fluvannia vs. Squidroidia
GS MD4: Fluvannia vs. Woryand
GS MD5: Glazgo vs. Pemecutan

Group E: Heartland District

Pùr is the biggest city in the Heartlands, and the capital of the district. This is where most of Chromatika's farmland is located. It is from this district that the nation generates most of its domestic grains and livestock. Without Pùr, Chromatika would either starve or go even further into foreign debt.

Venue: Riders' Arena (Cap. 35,210)
A small arena for a tight-knit bunch of fans. It's not a flashy stadium, but one that gets its job done, and a place that all Pùrites know about.

GS MD1: Rangers FC vs. Southern Palm Islands
GS MD2: TOTEL vs. Mathuvan Union
GS MD3: The Gothanita Isles vs. TOTEL
GS MD4: Rangers FC vs. The Gothanita Isles
GS MD5: Netop vs. Southern Palm Islands

A small town in the Heartland, Lorentine is known for having the best bakeries in the country. Marquis Bakery is the biggest of the lot and own half the team. It's a tight-knit community and team, and the fan base is absolutely loyal and full of fervor.

Venue: Lion's Den (Cap. 32,100)
The premier landmark in Lorentine, the Den is distinctive because the entrance is in the shape of a lion's mouth. spacious and roomy inside, it's considered one of the more luxurious stadia in Chromatika.

GS MD1: Mathuvan Union vs. TOTEL
GS MD2: Rangers FC vs. Mathuvan Union
GS MD3: Netop vs. Rangers FC
GS MD4: Southern Palm Islands vs. TOTEL
GS MD5: The Gothanita Isles vs. Mathuvan Union

Anfanhar is known mostly for one thing: the country's only amusement park to date. AnfanWorld is an entity of much contention among the Chromatik populace as Anfanhar has passed quite a few laws to lower taxes being paid by the company just to keep it around. It's turned this town into a tourist town and given it much life.

Venue: Dragon's Nest (Cap. 48,210)
Having the appearance of a literal nest, Dragon's Nest is a feat of engineering. It overlooks the tallest roller-coaster of AnfanWorld, and the parkgoers' happy screams can be heard even from within the stadium.

GS MD1: Netop vs. The Gothanita Isles
GS MD2: Southern Palm Islands vs. The Gothanita Isles
GS MD3: Mathuvan Union vs. Southern Palm Islands
GS MD4: Mathuvan Union vs. Nestop
GS MD5: TOTEL vs. Rangers FC

Group F: Mountain District

Located in the southeastern part of the Mountain District, Ming is often considered the Jewel of Chromatika. When the Chromatik Party was in power, Ming was mostly inhabited by those of the social elite (Indigo, Violet, and even some of the Party itself). After the Rainbow Revolution, Ming has remained a jewel of wealth, promise, and a brighter future.

Venue: Jewel Dome (Cap. 22,300)
Specifically made with green tinted windows to resemble that of emerald or jade, the Jewel Dome literally glistens in sunlight. Wearing shades to this stadium is a must, as it's an indoors stadium and to get into it, you must pass by the infamous windows. It is a spectacular sight, though, and one that most won't forget anytime soon.

GS MD1: NorraLesse vs. Megistos
GS MD2: Liberal Democratic Socialist States vs. Tioguldos
GS MD3: Quebecois Acadiana vs. Liberal Democratic Socialist States
GS MD4: NorraLesse vs. Quebecois Acadiana
GS MD5: Tioguldos vs. Megistos

A town known for its ski resorts, a winter paradise. Felswyr is located about dead center of the Mountain District, right by Mt. Niai. It is known for tourism and for being the winter Capital of Chromatika.

Venue: Frozen Stadium, Felswyr (Cap. 32,100)
This stadium is mostly known for being 6,112 ft above sea level. The air is thin and cold, and wind chill can also be a factor. Thankfully, the tournament is being held in the summer, so temperatures should be a bit more mild. The Frost call this place their home venue, and each match is sold out due to the limited number of seats and the brand of football they play.

GS MD1: Se Vende Skooma vs. Liberal Democratic Socialist States
GS MD2: NorraLesse vs. Se Vende Skooma
GS MD3: Tioguldos vs. NorraLesse
GS MD4: Megistos vs. Liberal Democratic Socialist States
GS MD5: Quebecois Acadiana vs. Se Vende Skooma

Located at the Southeast corner of Chromatika, Z'ai'ai is seated by Mt. Kùrn, the highest point in Chromatika, with elevation of 17,254 ft. It is a rare place where you can experience the mountain and the ocean at the same time within an hour's drive. Pronounced 'Zee-aye-aye", it's also the cuisine capital of Chromatika due to the variety of ingredients that are available from both the mountains and the ocean. A lot of mining is done at Mt. Kùrn, and logging is also done on a sustainable level and sent to Deprí Sanar to be turned into furniture.

Venue: Z'ai'ai Field (Cap. 113,000)
The home of the Mountaineers, and an iconic stadium that boasts the view of the ocean and of the mountain on a clear day. The pride of Z'ai'ai, and a beautiful sight.

GS MD1: Tioguldos vs. Quebecois Acadiana
GS MD2: Megistos vs. Quebecois Acadiana
GS MD3: Se Vende Skooma vs. Megistos
GS MD4: Se Vende Skooma vs. Tioguldos
GS MD5: Liberal Democratic Socialist States vs. NorraLesse

Round of Sixteen: Urrhed Island, Myana Island

Located at the southernmost point of Urrhed, Urrheddiao is the seafood capital of Chromatika. It is here that most of the fishing fleets call home, and over 85% of the nation's fish is caught here. The football culture is great here as well, as United started in the second tier and worked its way up to be one of the greatest teams within the nation before the league was disbanded. The fans are quite loyal here, and the rivalry with fellow Islanders Myana is something to watch.

Venue: United Center, Urrheddiao (Cap. 120,000; 28,000 Seats)
Initially, United owners wanted the stadium to be right by the water. However, safety concerns over the huge tidal waves in the winter forced the stadium to be about fifteen miles off the coast. The stadium can be transformed into a place where a lot of the city can take shelter in in the event of a tsunami or a typhoon, as it sits at the highest point on the island.

Round of 16: Seed 3 vs. Seed 14 (R5)

Located on the northern half of Urrhed Island, Tihon is another fishing town, like Urrheddiao and Myana. It is also a tourist attraction due to the huge open beaches in the area.

Venue: The Tidal Wave (Cap. 95,210; 25,000 Seats)
The focal point of the town, is built on the high end of the island as to provide shelter against storms.

Round of 16: Seed 6 vs. Seed 11 (R6)

One of the unexplained phenomenon of Chromatika is the climate of Eyrods, located on Myana Island. The Eastern half of Myana Island is a temperate jungle, teeming with wildlife and milder weather. Nobody is quite sure of why this is, but that is why Eyrods is the zoological capital of Chromatika. Eyrodi are appreciative of wildlife and have learned to coexist with it. The city itself is at the Coast, while the Jungle lies at the southern end.

Venue: The Jungle, Eyrods (Cap. 74,590; 26,000 Seats)
The greenest stadium in Chromatika, and we're not just talking about the color scheme. The stadium is made of recyclable matter - seats made of reused plastic, etc. It's a marvel of engineering and architecture, and it's not unusual to have birds fly over the stadium often. Don't worry - there's a clear roof that usually goes over it to protect you from anything that might fall from them.

Round of 16: Seed 2 vs. Seed 15 (R7)

Biggest port city in Chromatika. Second biggest city in Chromatika. Naval headquarters of Chromatika. Second biggest fishing town of Chromatika. Tourist attraction.

Venue: Island Dome, Myana (Cap. 133,000; 35,000 Seats)
The Island Dome is located five miles from downtown Myana, towards the interior of the Island. It is in the shape of a boat to commemorate the naval forces, and there is a cannon that goes off every time the Islanders score a goal at home.

Round of 16: Seed 7 vs. Seed 10 (R8)

Quarter-Finals: Coastal District

Pria is at the northeastern coast of Chromatika, and is where the ferry to the Island of Dorri is located. Dorri is a wildlife preserve that doesn't have any cities, just an observatory for scientists. Besides being a research town, Pria also does some fishing and watersports. It is the surfing capital of Chromatika, as waves can get pretty high with a favorable wind, leading to ideal surfing conditions.

Venue: The Pack, Pria (Cap. 67,290)
The home venue for the Pria Pride, The Pack is one of the oldest stadiums in Chromatika. Its architecture has a nostalgic feel of a bygone age. There have been numerous attempts for Prians to open a new stadium, but the fans have shot it down time and time again, claiming that their stadium does just fine. It is rather distinct from the rest, a glimpse into Chromatika's past.

Quarter-final: R5 vs. R6 (Q3)

Located in the northeast corner of Chromatika, right by the ocean, Lhor was historically a whaling town, and now a place that is famous for its whalewatching tours. Otherwise, Lhor is famous for being the fashion Capital of Chromatika - although most of the modeling still happens in Chromatik City. A lot of young people live in Lhor because it's a small yet fashionable town.

Venue: The Cove (Cap. 51,265; 28,000 Seats)

Quarter-final: R7 vs. R8 (Q4)

Semifinal/Final: Capital District

Chromia (previously Chromatik City) is the Capital of Chromatika and the seat of its government. The city is located ten miles east of the border with the Heartland and Deprí Districts, and some of the suburbs of the city spill into the other two districts. It is in Chromia that the Rainbow Party now holds its power, and where Keri Wyse Aart serves as the Premier. It is also the site where most of the atrocities of the previous regime were committed, so it is a very historical and very conflicting site for most Chromatiks. If the country is to move forward, though, this is where the most change will have to stem from.

Venue: Anomaly Tower (Cap. 110,320, 42,350 Seats)
Anomaly Tower is a really weird stadium, because it's on the tenth floor of a huge complex that is used as a famous restaurant. Yes, the restaurants close during matches so that the noise doesn't get too unbearable. But you can get a good meal at a five star restaurant and then go up to watch a match! Anomalies Football Club calls this place home.

Semi-Final: Q2 vs. Q4 (SF2)

Venue: Capitalizt Dome, Chromia (Cap. 144,000)
The crowning jewel of Chromatika, and the national stadium where international matches are usually held. It's your typical big-team stadium, home of the Chromatik Capitalizt. It is one of the few stadiums that are only used for football matches. The national collegiate finals and high school finals are held here, too.

Third Place Play Off
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Postby Pripet Socialist Republic » Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:53 pm

Pripet Socialist Republic BOF 73 Roster
Coach: Vlad Ivanov
Style Mod: -2
Formation: 4-4-2
National Info: The PSR is a socialist-communist republic, that has laid-back democratic laws. Everyone gets an equal chance to succeed in the nation, as every person earns a fixed government salary that gets added on to their own. Sporting facilities are free to use, so kids always have a chance of succeeding at the sport. Soccer is a relatively new sport too the nation, with many kids starting to play it. Baseball is still the most popular sport in the nation however, by a long shot.

Starting Lineup
GK: Grigory Ivanov
DL: Ilyushkin Ioakim
DC: Yakimov Yevstigney
DC: Khantsev Fyodor
DR: Entin Bogdan
ML: Voronin Milan
MC: Shuysky Vlastimil
MC: Bugakov Ignatiy
MR: Bocharov Nikanor
LS: Kudashov Lubomir
RS: Azhishchenkov Vitomir

GK: Myatlev Marka
D: Yevstigneyev Romanovich, Chendev Dmitrievich, Taushev Victorovich
M: Kharmats Semyonovich, Ustyuzhanin Vladimirovich
ST: Sarnychev Rostislavovich, Tsekhanovetsky Damir Igorevich

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following: Whatever the fuck they want to

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Postby Liberal Democratic Socialist States » Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:56 pm

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Mod: +0.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: (Y)/N
Godmod scoring events: (Y)/N
RP injuries to my players: (Y)/N
Godmod injuries to my players: (Y)/N
Give yellow cards to my players: (Y)/N
Give red cards to my players: (Y)/N
Godmod other events: (Y)/N


Coach: Qano Tum

Starting Lineup:
Goalkeeper: #1 Adly Readko
Defender: #2 Todor Orman
Defender: #3 Igor Neifk
Defender: #4 Veng Sionli
Defender: #5 Adly Edoan
Midfielder: #6 Ordo Manek
Midfielder: #7 Edio Bardu
Midfielder: #8 Vesna Imper
Midfielder: #9 Arkdogru Werne (C)
Forward: #10 Modic Olnod
Forward: #11 Liup Strucib

Play style: the coach is balanced as the other aggressive coach was fired. he likes using long balls to attack with the ball and high pressing without the ball.
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Postby Savigliane » Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:09 pm

Baptism of Fire 73

NICKNAME: The Swans / The Red and Blues
FORMATION: 3-4-1-2

Captain - Camillo Notari
Vice-Captain - Pietro Giraudo
Penalty Taker - Francesco Grimaldi
Free Kick Taker - Gabriel Lefebvre
Corner-Kick Taker - Bertrand Marchetti (L), Giovanna Vitale (R)


First choice lineup

When on the attack, Savigliane emphasizes fluid build-up play and using the width provided by their wingbacks - as well as the cover of their back three - to push forward and create overloads (usually on whichever side the more attack-minded wingback, Vitale, is on). Afterward, the strong passing of Lefebvre and the incisive runs of Coste and Grimaldi are used to create chances. The wingbacks, central midfielders, and even Giraudo are given license to push forward to maintain a numerical advantage, especially against weaker opposition, while long passes to the strikers from Giraudo or the midfield are used as a backup plan against more defensive-minded sides.

While defending, Lefebvre drops back into midfield, the wingbacks fall back, and the two central midfielders are tasked with maintaining a midfield press, trying to keep the ball from the opponents’ more creative midfielder. If possession is regained, Savigliane will try to play the ball out from the back, trusting in the ball-playing skills of the back three.

Laurent Chambéry is very flexible with his tactics, and his 3-4-1-2 offers a lot of ways to change formation mid-match. Giraudo is often moved to defensive midfield to switch to four at the back (this will often be accompanied by Vitale being substituted out in favor of a more defensive-minded fullback). Another common move is for Lefebvre to be replaced by a natural winger, such as Barthelemy, or another forward, such as Squarciafichi, to shift to a 3-4-3. Additionally, the wing-backs Marchetti and Vitale often switch sides during stops in play, in order to target a specific flank while attacking (or to respond to Vitale being targeted defensively).

Score a Goal - Francesco Grimaldi, Isabella Coste, Gabriel Lefebvre
Score from Distance - Gabriel Lefebvre, Giovanna Vitale, Amara Vatrican
Assist a Goal - Gabriel Lefebvre, Isabella Coste, Amara Vatrican
Score off a Header - Francesco Grimaldi, Thea Squarciafichi, Pietro Giraudo
Win a Free Kick/Penalty - Isabella Coste, Giovanna Vitale, Amara Vatrican
Get Sent Off - Marcos Beccaria, Efisio Moreau, Eloisa Fenoglio
Get a Yellow Card - Efisio Moreau, Augustin Dirac, Adrian Toscani
Come Through in the Clutch - Amara Vatrican, Bertrand Marchetti, Francesco Grimaldi


#01 - Camillo NOTARI (C) - 31 - Free Agent
#12 - Charlotte FASANO - 26 - San Ludovico
#23 - Nicolas DuCASSE - 23 - Stade-Ferre Trinité

Notari is a commanding aerial presence, a penalty-kick specialist, and a solid all-around shot-stopper. If he does have a weakness, it’s that he’s a little shaky with distribution, although this has generally been covered by the center-backs’ abilities on the ball. Fasano is a younger, worse version of Notari whose main strength is her agility, while DuCasse is a more modern style of goalkeeper known for his distribution, but with room to improve in the air.


#02 - Adélaïde GARCIA - 23 - AS Villeneuve
#03 - Efisio MOREAU - 28 - Free Agent
#05 - Pietro GIRAUDO - 30 - AC Acqui Bolente

#13 - Rémy LeCLERC - 21 - Stade-Ferre Trinité
#16 - Eloisa FENOGLIO - 32 - Free Agent
#24 - Marco BECCARIA - 29 - Pietrargenta

Giraudo is the real gem in a very skilled trio of defenders. His skill on the ball and ability to make accurate long passes makes him a vital cog in Savigliane’s offense. He’s also a solid defender in his own right - although not particularly athletic, his positioning and tactical acumen are remarkable. Moreau is the brawn to Giraudo’s brain - his aerial presence and strength are both excellent, although he’s more well-rounded than one might expect, and a consummate professional on and off the field. Meanwhile, Garcia is the quickest of the back three - while still occasionally prone to mistakes while on the ball, her athleticism and man-marking capabilities make her a valuable, versatile asset to the national team.

Of the three substitutes, Fenoglio is the best on the ball, but although she’s had a very solid playing career, her athleticism has sharply declined from her peak, and she’s never been a particularly polished center-back. Young LeClerc is sharp, athletic, and versatile (serving as both a center-back and right-back for Trinité), but not polished enough with the ball to earn a starting spot yet. Meanwhile, the appropriately-named Beccaria’s hard-nosed, physical style of play has earned a reputation as one of the most hated players in Savigliane outside of his hometown of Pietrargenta. But while he may be polarizing, he’s also earned cult-hero status for his tactical know-how, his strength, and his aerial presence.


#04 - Bertrand MARCHETTI - 26 - Free Agent
#06 - Amara VATRICAN - 27 - AC Acqui Bolente
#19 - Augustin DIRAC - 23 - L’Escarene SC
#11 - Giovanna VITALE - 24 - Free Agent

#15 - Fabiano DUTTO - 30 - Free Agent
#17 - Madeleine BELANGER - 31 - Free Agent
#22 - Adrian TOSCANI - 21 - Porto Vecchio
#80 - Sébastien PETIT - 28 - Villeneuve NSC

Marchetti may not be the flashiest player on the team, but his endurance, pace, and keen sense of positioning make him absolutely essential to Savigliane’s tactical setup. An excellent passer, Marchetti is capable of making key offensive contributions (although he doesn’t push up as zealously as his counterpart, Vitale), but seemingly is always able to get back in time to disrupt counterattacks or fall back on defense. Vitale is more explosive, and her crossing and shooting ability make her more of a direct threat when attacking. A converted winger, she’s not particularly good tracking back, although her athleticism gets her some of the way there. Vatrican is the more adventurous of the two center-midfielders, with her excellent dribbling enabling her to make driving runs toward the box, and her accurate - if not particularly creative - passing helping the team advance up the pitch. Dirac is used as more of a holding midfielder for his club, but while his positional awareness and ball-playing skills are excellent for a midfielder of his age, he’s prone to being pushed off the ball and can easily disappear during matches against more physical sides.

Dutto is an ambidextrous, versatile, fullback with the pace and endurance to substitute for Marchetti or Vitale. He’s not as incisive an attacking presence of either of them, but is solid enough at the position, even if he’s probably best suited to a back four. Belanger is best suited to more of a deep-lying playmaker role due to her field vision, creativity, and skill on the ball. However, while she’s deceptively athletic, her defensive weakness doesn’t make her the best partner for either Vatrican or Dirac, and she’s probably better suited to replacing Lefebvre in the starting eleven. Toscani is a technically gifted young midfielder who, despite not being particularly athletic, has already impressed in his short time at Porto Vecchio. He’s capable of playing as a center-midfielder, an attacking-midfielder, or, thanks to his surprisingly good crossing ability, on the wing. Petit is a hard-working box-to-box midfielder on the field, known for his versatility and energy. Off the field, he doesn’t have the best of reputations, which is probably why he didn’t originally make the final cut despite his talent.


#07 - Isabella COSTE - 24 - AS Villeneuve
#09 - Francesco GRIMALDI - 31 - Free Agent
#10 - Gabriel LEFEBVRE - 33 - Free Agent

#18 - Thea SQUARCIAFICHI - 20 - EDC Fossano
#19 - Michael DURAND - 29 - Free Agent
#32 - Zoë BARTHELEMY - 23 - Stade-Ferre Trinité

Grimaldi is a strong, physical presence in the box with a propensity for headers. While still athletic enough to get by in this system, he’s definitely lost a step, and he looks for his own shot a little too much. Coste is the opposite - end product and strength are the only things she lacks, while her speed and dribbling ability make her a constant threat to set up her teammates. Lefebvre is a forward with his club team who Chambéry has opted to deploy as a free-flowing attacking midfielder. What he’s lost in pace he’s made up for with brilliant, creative passes, long-range threat, and general skill on the ball, making him one of the most dangerous players on the team if not dealt with properly.

Squarciafichi, while still unpolished, is a deadly finisher. Although a solid dribbler, her best runs are off the ball, and her passing is definitely a work in progress. Durand is more of a support striker, adept at both scoring and creating and most at home in a more fluid front three. Barthelemy is more of a natural winger, although she’s ambidextrous and versatile enough to play on either wing. Her greatest assets are her energy, pace and dribbling, but she’s a little lacking in end product.

RP PERMISSIONS: Anything non-godmod is fine, TG/DM me for permission to godmod. I determine the severity of injuries.
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Postby Eurasies » Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:11 pm

Eurasies National Soccer Team

Coach : Nathan Guillen

Local kit color : Dark blue
Away kit color : Lime green

Clothing supplier : Adidas

Formation : 4-4-2


Substitute bench :

Goalkeepers :

Michael Mooy
Jesus Albang

Defenders :

Alphonse d'Stoskyu
Albert Alvarez
Joel Sanchez
Mark Lynch

Midfielders :

Kevin Sabann
Aaron Martint
Edson Ramírez
Armand White

Strikers :

Larry Meulié
Billy Spears
Alex Marshall
Tom Beasley

Game style :

Game of possession in defense, attacks not so frequent

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Postby Tikariot » Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:19 pm


Football is the by far most popular sport in Tikariot, with the Tikariot Premier League as the highest division in its league pyramid. The TPL consists of 24 teams and is currently in its 100th season, showcasing the history of the sport and with that the pride most Tikariotians have for their team. The Baptism of Fire is only the second international tournament that Tikariot is entering, the first having been the IFC1, which they won with remarkable bravado. The team is very conscious of the far greater level of competitiveness in the BoF and also of its importance on the path to the World Cup and they are ready to take on whatever may come their way! Despite the success in the IFC, Coach Stuart Ekstrom has decided to shake up the squad and has invited a few of the young guns that are on their way to breakout seasons in the TPL so far, in the course also reducing the average age of the team.

The Tikariotian fans also deserve particular mentioning. Not only are they renowned for their chants, but they are also bringing the Thunder Clap (Click here for example) to the stadium, something that the players join in as a pre-game ritual that has left an impression on the opponents and opposing fans more than once (OOC: similar to the Haka of the New Zealand All Blacks). The players will form a triangle near the kick off circle and lift their arms, which the fans do as well. Then a long drum will start to signal the rhythm and both players and fans alike will move in unison, each clap accompanied with a loud cry, the claps (and cries) speeding up, creating an overwhelming sense of impending doom.


Style Modifier:

Stuart Ekstrom - 46
A wily tactitian that prefers an offensive game, but with the ability to fluidly switch systems by pulling back the
wingers to give a sudden defensive man advantage.

Players - First team:
GK Brian Merson - 26 - Port Rhovanyon AFC
First team goal-tender of the clear leader of this year's Tikariotian Premier League, Merson is a commanding presence
in the back, being able to direct his defenders with passion and a voice that carries across most of the pitch.
LB Zion Grimes - 30 - Pyathora Mariners AFC
A veteran wing back that has limited technical abilities, but with an impressive physique and stamina, able to run and
run and run and whip in precise crosses.
CB Randy Kovalchuk - 23 - Port Rhovanyon AFC
Part of what has been dubbed the "Wall of Tikariot" during IFC with James Coronello. A towering presence with very
strong aerial skills he is not afraid of using his body to the fullest extent of the law.
CB James Coronello - 28 - Port Tacassam FC
The other half of "the Wall", Coronello is shorter than Kovalchuk, but more than makes up for it with speed and an
uncanny ability to time tackles perfectly, unnerving his opponents.
RB Vincent Liniack - 28 - Veriasod Lakers FC
A quick wing back with a good eye, enabling Tikariot to move conquered balls quickly forward, feeding either of the
wingers to tear apart the opposing defences and opening scoring opportunities.
LM Marvin Thorniley - 22 - Port Rhovanyon AFC
Instrumental in the outstanding form of his team in the league so far, Thorniley is a master of set pieces, blessed
with a foot that puts laser precision to shame. Be it to find the free team mate or a way over or around the opponents,
he possesses this innate talent that cannot be trained.
DM Rory McNair - 28 - Parakleion Firebirds FC
The fulcrum in the Tikariot midfield, McNair is the epitome of physical play. Uncompromising, physical with a knack
for monstrous tackles, McNair is there to disrupt, to destroy, but when he captures the ball, he also has the talent to
distribute it, short or long, being instrumental in switching from defence to offence. He also has a cannon of a shot
that has made some opposing players reconsider their spot in the wall during freekicks.
RM Jenson McTierney - 18 - Ysgrann Bay Eagles FC
One of THE shooting stars of the current TPL season, McTierney has raw talent and seemingly boundless creativity. He
attempts (and often manages) to create chances that should not exist, find spaces that are not there and just overall
try things that a 'normal' player would not even dream of attempting. The downside is that he sometimes surprises his
teammates as much as his opponents, causing some of these outbursts of genius to turn into dangerous situations, which
also can be attributed to his lack of experience.
LW Morris Nighthorse - 18 - Baraldhur AFC
Nighthorse also is part of the Tikariotian "Young Guns" (together with Thorniley, McTierney, McIlroy, Aspinall and
Liljestrand) that have taken the Tikariotian Premier League by storm this season. With ten goals in twelve games he
has played an important role in his team's second position in the league and is one of the fastest players in the TPL,
making him a nightmare for opposing defenders. He is not the most physical player, but his sheer speed allows him to
avoid tackles easily.
CF Graydon Sheffield - 24 - Pyathora Mariners FC
The most accomplished centre forward Tikariot has to offer. What he lacks in defensive play, he more than makes up for
an uncanny talent to time his runs to either disable an offside trap, gain the necessary metres to beat the defenders
or just show up right where the pass or cross will land, making him a very potent offensive threat.
RW Jardel Connolly - 24 - Port Rhovanyon AFC
Twelve games, twelve goals. That is the impressive tally of Jardel Connolly's season so far. He does not show particularly
high speed or technical skill or physical prowess, but he has a great eye for the situation and the courage to take any
shot he can, no matter how far from goal or how unlikely it may seem. Where Nighthorse is a defender's nightmare due to
his speed, Connolly's ability to score from half a chance make him a terror for any goalkeeper.

Players - Reserve:
G Dean Ferretti - 29 - Carathyr Emeralds FC
Standing at over two metres (6'10), Ferretti is one of the masters of the box, with tremendous reach and the ability to
pluck down crosses before they get even close to any forwards' heads. One of the most experienced goalkeepers in the TPL,
he exudes calmness and focus.
D Clement McIlroy - 19 - Baraldhur AFC
The only thing standing in McIlroy's way to be a first team player in the national team, other than Zion Grimes, is his
lack of experience. He has speed, a great eye for his team mates, but still has room for improvement in his decision making,
getting caught out of position just a little bit too often.
D Peter Buckley - 26 - Carathyr Emeralds FC
Nothing flashy, Buckley is a no-nonsense defender that will not participate much in the passing play or move past the middle
line much, but if a player dares to come his way, they better pray that they can get rid of the ball before they meet him.
D Manfred Abidor - 19 - Guillarim Blades FC
Another young player with plenty of talent, he shows great tactical understanding and man-marking abilities. His weakness is
his weakness when he has the ball, usually trying to pass it on to a teammate before mistakes could happen.
M David Hardcastle - 30 - Baraldhur AFC
A veteran presence in the Tikariot midfield, Hardcastle is a workhorse that despite his age can clock the kilometres like no
other. What he lacks in finesse, he makes up for with his dogged stamina and powerful shot that is only second to McNair.
M Parris Langley - 21 - Tikariot City FC
Uncommon for a midfielder, Langley stands at 6'9, but equipped with a very strong arial play is the perfect lynchpin in the
offensive midfield to lay off long, high balls to either wing or forward.
M Nicholas van Haar - 25 - Miruan City FC
Rory McNair's understudy, van Haar also is very physical and able to disrupt opponents. He is more hotheaded than McNair,
though, leading to more cautions and expulsions, something that he is trying to work on.
M Lloyd Cumbernauld - 24 - Veriasod Lakers FC
New to the national team, Veriasod's Lloyd Cumbernauld is a box to box player that can direct the game by either feeding
passes forward or go the distance himself. While not a particular scoring threat, he possesses excellent tactical acumen
that allows him to distribute balls quickly in attempts to tear holes into the defence.
F Iain Aspinall - 18 - Ysgrann Bay Eagles FC
Another "Young Gun". Despite being right-footed Aspinall plays on the left wing, where he has a tendency to cut inside with
incredible ball control and then use his right foot for dangerously curled shots at goal from any distance, having had
tremendous success for his team this season so far.
F Jesse Liljestrand - 19 - Fort Viljan Northern FC
Some forwards show technical finesse, some exorbitant speed, Jesse Liljestrand does not show much of either. Nicknamed 3 by 3
he is tall, wide and built like a tank and his long, braided hair and long beard he is a very imposing figure that once he
gets rolling is almost impossible to stop. You will not see him slink around three defenders, but you might see him go through
three of them on his way to the goal, which is the only way he will go. His relative lack of speed does not make him a good
two-way player, but in the case of a set piece against his team, he will be a force to be reckoned with to get the ball out
of the danger zone.
F Atlas Baxter - 24 - Miruan City FC
One of the league's most versatile players, Baxter can virtually play any offensive position, making him the utility knife of
Stuart Ekstrom. He can score, he can pass, he can pull two defenders onto him, leaving a teammate uncovered.
F Ashton Tomlinson - 30 - Carathyr Emeralds FC
The veteran striker is seeing a late bloom in efficiency. Having scored seven times in twelve games so far, he is dependable
and in the national team has no problems coming on as a joker late in the game to make a difference, when he is being called upon.


Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes-ish (TG me and I can give you the names, but we'll figure this out one way or another)
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal
Godmod other events: Maybe? (Please TG in this case)
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Postby The Gothanita Isles » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:28 pm

The Gothanita Isles' 23 players arrive in Chromatika

Chromatika - The Gothanita Isles arrive in Chromatika for the 73rd edition of the Baptism of Fire, where they would be playing in their first major competition against fellow debutants around the world. This would mark the first time they are entering the international scene, with the squad only playing 3 matches before this - 1 in the Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy where they lost to Baker Park 1-3, and then 2 friendly matches away with Poafmersia, a top 50 team who has been a very good friend of the isles. (OOC: That is our only IC connection, that is it) We would describe in great detail that friendly series in Poafmersia later, but first, let us look at the team that was selected.
First, let us talk about the current co-managers of the team. Under The Gothanita Isles' 4 state, 1 isles system, the best players from the teams of the member states will come together to represent The Gothanita Isles in international competitions such as the World Cup Qualifiers. For this team, the co-managers selected are Jurica Bouchard, hailing from North Handoria, who is the former manager of Bakariksta FC and current manager of North Handoria National Team; as well as Silas Unterbrink, hailing from Hallikshire, who is the former manager of Daris Si Solam and current manager of the Hallikshire National Team, an appointment which he has gotten just recently. Both managers are very similar in terms of playing style, hoping that their team place their priorities on preventing the opponent to score, and going for counter-attacks. Possession and control of central midfield is key to their strategy, which both managers have led Bakariksta FC and Daris Si Solam to do in the past. However, one key change that they have made from their traditional strategy would be to dig deep and defend, something they have argued is key "to stopping top sides". Rather then having a balanced system, the priority would be placed on defence, with players practicing man-to-man marking, as well as playing rather dirty in the process. Fouls and yellow cards would be common-place, as well as the team's emphasis on utilising set-pieces.
We move on to the player choices for this tournament. 3 goalkeepers were picked for this tournament, as seen below:
#1 - Thulile Bolkvadze, 27 - M (NHA) - GK - Arenes FC (Team Captain)
#12 - Celsus Becket, 22 - M (SJR) - GK - Hangshire FC
#23 - Seo-Yun Gage, 24 - M (OKN) - GK - Alor Hangor FC

Thulile Bolkvadze is an excellent first choice keeper, having been awarded the Golden Gloves Award for being the best goalkeeper of the season twice now. The second choice is not clear, but Becket and Gage has been drafted into this national team, with possible opportunities for both to test out their capabilities.
#2 - Jeanette Ross, 24 - F (NHA) - LB - Arenes FC
#3 - Gerhard Abraham, 28 - M (HKR) - RB - FC Tyrani
#5 - Den Benjaminson, 26 - M (SJR) - CB - Manclester United
#6 - Adolf Stenger, 28 - M (SJR) - CB - Manclester City

#13 - Ayokunle Christian, 30 - M (SJR) - LB - Holy Kangarsta FF
#14 - Charlee Harel, 24 - M (HKR) - RB - FC Tyrani
#16 - Timotheos Dunn, 26 - M (HKR) - CB - Daris Si Solam
#17 - Harrison Ihejirika, 30 - M (NHA) - CB - Bakariksta FC

No Hallikshire goalkeeper may have made the squad, but the surprise was the lack of a defender from Otksarin. A mix of young and older defenders complete this list, with the usual suspects making the first choice. Benjaminson was paired to partner with Stenger, similar to what is being used in the South Jeolerina national team. FC Tyrani's Gerhard Abraham was selected as first choice over Charlee Harel, which is interesting because both rightback's roles are reversed when it comes to the Hallikshire National Team or the club squad. Maybe the coaches prefer Abraham's height advantage over Harel's ability to move forward.
#4 - Sardar Chaplin, 25 - M (NHA) - DCM - Arenes FC
#8 - Remus McQueen, 24 - M (NHA) - DCM - Arenes FC

#15 - Erkin Aksoy, 30 - M (OKN) - DCM/CB - Bongali United
#7 - Grigorii McCrory, 26 - M (NHA) - LM/LW - Arenes FC
#10 - Ladislava Tyler, 28 - F (HKR) - ACM/CM - Daris Si Solam (Vice-Captain)
#11 - Cyneburga London, 31 - M (SJR) - RM/RW - Manclester City

#18 - Stefanie Salzwedel, 26 - F (NHA) - LM - Trieste Rangers
#21 - Chloe Brewster, 27 - F (NHA) - ACM/CF - Arenes FC
#22 - Vladan Bloxam, 22 - F (OKN) - RM/RW - Royal Tyakrita FC

A 4-2-3-1 formation is main formation for the national team, so both holding midfielders from Arenes FC was selected. The both of them have performed really well at the club level, and it remains to be seen whether they can replicate their form on the national stage. Bloxam's choice is the most surprising one, as there are many better substitutes for the positions. However, it is likely that the coaching team wants to groom Bloxam to become the replacement for London when London retires.
#9 - Abdelkader Kartal, 25 - M (OKN) - CF - Bongali United
#19 - Salwah Sadık, 31 - M (OKN) - CF - Bongali United
#20 - Marino Barros, 27 - M (SJR) - CF/LW - Holy Kangarsta FF

Bongali United, champions of the 23rd Gothanitan Football League, produces the best strikers, and it is no surprise that 2 of their players made the cut. Kartal, vice-captain of Bongali United, takes his undisputed spot at the front, and hopes that his 3-time Golden Boot performance allows the team to get just enough goals.
The Isles will play in a 6-team group stage here in Chromatika, playing in Group E with Rangers FC, Mathuvan Union, Netop, TOTEL and Southern Palm Islands. Closer to the start of the first matchday, we would report once again on our opponents and give a preview as to our group dynamics. The Isles would begin their campaign against Netop before playing Southern Palm Islands, TOTEL, Rangers FC and finally, Mathuvan Union.

Demonym: Gothanitan
Style Mod: -1.16
I give permission for opponents to:
- Pick my players and substitutes, with preference to the starters in bold.
- Pick my goalscorers, RP and godmod my goals, subject to realism.
- Hand Yellow Cards to my players
- Hand Red Cards to my players, subjected to a maximum of (1 + how many red cards your players get) per game.
- RP/Godmod Injuries to my players, subject to realism. You describe the extent of injury, I determine the severity.
- RP/Godmod any other events, excluding any pandemic-related RPs.
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The Incorporated States of The Gothanita Isles (GTI)
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Members of the Isles include: North Handoria, South Jeolerina, Hallikshire and Otksarin.

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Postby The Overseas Territories of Sylestone » Mon Aug 10, 2020 11:17 pm

Style Modifier: -1.093
Nickname: The Sports Equipment
RP Allowances: You may do anything, just no killing. If you wish to injure, please telegram me first.

Soccer Goal

Soccer Ball
Hockey Stick
Bowling Ball
Cricket Pads
Basketball Hoop
Lacrosse Net
Cricket Net

Cricket Bat
Basketball Backboard
Volleyball Net
Table Tennis Bat

Golf Club
Tennis Racquet
Broomstick (Quidditch, of course)
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Postby Squidroidia » Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:27 am

Like all journeys, the journey to be crowned champion of the world starts somewhere. The players of your nation wait at the altar that is the football pitch, nerves tensing, blood boiling, being baptized in a fire that birthed some of the best nations in the history of the World Cup. The Squidroidian national team heads to Chromatika to fufill the first step of their dream - Being baptized in the fire of legends. Trolleborg, Turori, Newmanistan, Audioslavia, Nephara, Filindostan and Xanneria all received the ultimate baptizing. Squidroidia hopes to write their name in the blood of glory and reach step 1 of their plan. Win that damn World Cup.

Manager Mito's men arrive in Chromatika unlike their European friends, for Eurasies and Lovisa ended up in Valladares. But the journey for them is still the same - 5 grueling group stage matches to prove your worth, then a knockout stage to decide the newest member of the next generation. 5 challengers stand in their way of making the knockouts - Pemecutan, Unimon, Fluvannia, Glazgo, Woryand. Only from there can they even have a chance of lifting that trophy.

As Itoh Hoshi grabbed the captain's armband, the 30 year old striker was ready for what could be his only piece of WCC silverware. From there, a new generation will descend onto the pitch. But for now, he has to be baptized like everyone else. He walked forward a few steps, up to a podium where a flame stood, the flame of numerous champions that have graced World Cup football, from the titans of Brazilico to legends like The Holy Empire. He looked back at the manager and his other 22 men and women who will rely on him. He then utters out the words all of those who were baptized say.

"I am the fire, the flame of football. I will live until the end of time."

He plunges his hand into the flame. He doesn't burn, but a mark appears on his hand. The mark of the Squidroidian flag.

Squidroidia Inklings

National football team for the 73rd Baptism of Fire


Squidroidia's specially made home and away kits for the 73rd Baptism of Fire

Manager: Ryūzaki Mito
From: Inkopolis, Squidroidia
As of the time of publishing, Squidroidia's run in the 10th IAC hasn't ended OOCily, so a record cannot be produced for him.

NOTE: All players bolded going forward are starters
Go Kyushichi, human, #1, 35 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) goalkeeper
Takemoto Shingen #12, human, 29 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) goalkeeper
Hirayama Shunji, #21, human, 26 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) backup goalkeeper

Yoichi Shigeko, #2, human, 27 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) leftback
Umezaki Moronobu, #3, human, 23 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) centerback
Ogasawara Arinori, #4, human, 32 y/o, Midnight Soccer Club, (SQR) centerback
Toujou Shihei, #5, human, 29 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) rightback
Miyagawa Momoru, #82, human, 33 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) centerback
Muto Toki, #99, human, 20 y/o, Octo Valley FC (SQR) centerback
Tomatsu Kane, human, #14 26 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) rightback
Florianne Meeuwessen, #60, Inkling girl, 17 y/o, Inkopolis FC Junior Team (SQR) leftback

Jo Jun, #8, human, 29 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) defensive midfielder
Shoji Shiko, #7, human, 30 y/o, Tractor Club Sawayama (SQR) midfielder
Yoneda Toshikuni, #20, 26 y/o, Tyranny Sports Club (SQR) midfielder
Kabuto Tadataka, #10, human, 23 y/o. Midnight Soccer Club (SQR) defensive midfielder
Kuroda Ryu, #93, human, 32 y/o, Inkopolis FC (SQR) reserve midfielder
Henriette Brooks, #73, Inkling girl, 19 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) midfielder

Itoh Hoshi, #9, human, 30 y/o, Shorterville AC (XAN) striker
Morihei Nariaki, #16, human 33 y/o. Inkopolis FC (SQR) left winger
Makino Hideo, #11, human, 21 y/o, Walstreim Lions (SNL) striker, converted to right winger for NT use
Suda Kuma, #24, human, 34 y/o, FC Squidroidia Squidbreak (SQR) right winger
Amagawa Katsuyoshi, #33, human, 24 y/o, Real Squidroid CF (SQR) striker
Ohashi Kiichi, #31, human, 25 y/o, Calamari Wanderers CFC (SQR) left winger

Style Mod -  +1
RP Permissions - I will allow the person who RPs my match before I can to:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Please TG me beforehand
RP injuries to my players - Yes, only minor
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes, no career ending, please TG me beforehand
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes, once or twice per match
Godmod other events - Please TG me beforehand

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Postby Staypuftonia » Tue Aug 11, 2020 7:16 am

Coach: Jürgen Holsbächer

Lars Vrendović
Fúlam Rÿkai
Jun Kai Ru

The usual suspects make it into the squad: Jun Kai Ru and Lars Vrendović. Rÿkai is a strange choice for Holsbächer, given that he's been off form in recent months.

Mai Xu Cheng
Nemanja Udarović
Mitchell Schmidt
Vilmos Rúszuets
Chun Deng Ping
Tai Wing Cheng

Mitchell Schmidt is an obvious player, seeing as he's been doing well plying his trade in Russia. Some of the players look questionable though, such as Tai Wing Cheng, who is woefully off form right now.

Mitchell Neumann
Po Man Xiao
Shen Wu Han
Tai Cheng Jin

Yannick is a first in this squad, as he's 20. The Botafogo player has currently been throwing everything at the other teams.

Qiao Bo Yang
Petr Đurđević
Wu Jing Zhou
Mitchell Locke
Lars Holden
Ma Ping Lai

Qiao Bo Yang has been doing well recently, so it is no surprise to see him in this list.

RP permissions:

Choose my goalscorers?: Yes, but TG me beforehand
Injure my players? Yes, but minor only
God-mode injuries? No
Give out cards? Yes, but TG me beforehand
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Postby Megistos » Tue Aug 11, 2020 7:51 am


It was a rainy night on the day that the MSA was founded, for the purpose of Megistian football. Ever since that night 4 years ago, on the birthday of the emperor, Megistos has engaged in competitions such as the SWC or DBC, but never have they actually participated in the World Cup, which is why they are here, to reign in football, and lift the trophy.

Formation: 4-3-2-1
Head Coach: Trent Bopertston
Assistant Coach: Sertones Bystysa
Nickname: The Kids
Style Mod: +1.75

Starting XI

Becks - Goalkeeper - 18
A great goalkeeper, Becks is a young talent that is speedy and has quick reflexes. Expect the defense to be controlled by Becks, as well as the midfield, as he's quick to spot a chance through Cringan or Lukovic

Fran - Left Back - 25
Fran is a quick and lean left back who'll do anything to get the ball. Expect plays to start from him, as he's also a great backup midfielder and attacker, so he has the attacking abilities as well

Sears - Center Back - 28
Sears is a bulky, but unfortunately slow defender who'll be the 2nd goalkeeper when making goal-line clearances and important deflections.

Fri - Center Back - 17
Fri is the defender who'll support the midfield but never go too high up the field, the attacker who stays in the defensive zones, and the defender who stops great chances. Yeah, say hello to Fri, a man who'll you'll probably never get a goal from a header from if you are marked by him.

Williams - Right Back - 18
A speedy and tall player, Williams will often start the counter-attack passing to Cringan. He's also can play CB, so he can be a replacement. Williams can also header balls into the net, being 6 feet 3.

Lukovic - Left Attacking Midfielder - 17
Lukovic is a speedy player who has netted in many goals. He was a absolute star on the field in the SWC 11, carrying the Megistian side along with Robertson and Co. to the semis. Watch out, he's also a star goalscorer and if you put him as striker the young duo of Robertson and Lukovic will be almost unstoppable

Lam - Center Mid - 29
Lam is arguably the best player on the Megistian side, having the skills of a midfielder, the attacking position of a attacker, and the defensive mind of a defender, as well as having experience in both international and club football (Quetquios SC, Andrimiana CF). Expect him to be the bets player on the pitch for this side.

Jorgensen - Center Mid - 18
Jorgenson is another young talent with training and experience, and being the captain of the squad going into the SWC 11, he's not afraid to be the vice-captain behind Lam. Expect him to be the one who runs slowly on the attack and gets the balls from the edge of the box.

Howard - Center Mid - 17
Howard is a slow but clinical player, and he's the one who'll be the backbone of the midfield

Cringan - Right Attacking Midfielder - 19
A speedy player, Cringan will run and cut inside for the curler of a cross or shot. One of the fastest players ever, he could have decided to switch his career to track, but he decided to go with his heart and go for soccer.

Robertson - Striker - 19
The goalscorer of the squad, he takes the penalties, and he's the clinical striker that never wastes his chances. Expect him to be playing up high and press.


The specially made Baptism of Fire jerseys, the Megistian squad releases the home, away and third kits, made by Galacticos.


Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

NorraLesse vs. Megistos (14th)
Megistos vs. Quebecois Acadiana (15th)
Se Vende Skooma vs. Megistos (16th)
Megistos vs. Liberal Democratic Socialist States (17th)
Tioguldos vs. Megistos (18th)
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Postby Netop » Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:06 am

Netop Football Squad

Nation Name: Netop
Nation Trigramme: NTP
Record: 0-0
Colors: Blue, Green, and Yellow
Nickname: The Friends (Netop is what colonizers referred to Native Americans as when they were friendly with them)
IC Information about Netop: The Islands of Netop were a colonization expedition by Kohnhead. When they arrived they encountered a peaceful native people and proceeded to wage war on them. Atrocities were committed by the Kohnheadian colonizers but after years of hardships the native people sent the colonizers back to Kohnhead after successfully rebelling. The South Kohnhead situation also forced Kohnhead to abandon it's overseas colony. While the natives won some Kohnheadian colonizers stayed around and introduced their culture to the native people which is why the names, currencies, and language are quite similar. They also introduce the wildly popular sport of football which is played by amateur teams and leagues across Netop. Netop has finally decided to send a team to the World Cup and it starts with the Baptism of Fire for new teams.

Coaching Staff
Manager: Joey House (57) (M) House is to put it simply a tactical genius. He was the obvious pick to manage the squad as an unanimous selection and the early signs of picking him are extremely positive.

Assistant: Isaac Galindo (74) (M) Galindo was actually a colonist from Kohnhead but was one of the ones who stayed in Netop and was the leading figure in introducing football to the nation. Unfortunately in recent times he has become quite ill which has prevented him from becoming the full time manager. The thought here is he can help House from the background without having to put too much stress on his body.

Assistant: Vicky Hensley (39) (F) Hensley has recently retired from the sport of football. The idea behind her hiring is to give House the old in Galindo and the new in Hensley as she's supposed to bring new and innovative ideas to the team. Hopefully it actually works out as planned.

Starting XI
GK: #-492 Johnny Howells (22) (M) Howells who is from one of the most Southern Islands has the exact opposite personality of someone who you want on the team. He is the guy who blames others, gets into fights with teammates, has a massive ego, isn't as good as he thinks, and never takes any responsibility. He has some talent although not as much as he says and the backup position is not ideal so he's the starter.

RB: #2.5 Logan Diaz (28) (M) Diaz is an aging back who has dealt with a lot to reach this point. He once had lots of speed but a couple of major injuries have made him very slow on the right side. He is a safe and secure tackler who you know won't over commit but can be beat on just speed.

CB: #007 Heather Burrows (20) (F) Burrows is the future of the defense. At only 20 she is the second youngest starter on the team. Her main problem is a lack of size but she makes up for it with a massive vertical which prevents her from being a liability on corners. She also tends to be a bit aggressive when making a tackle resulting in a decent amount of cards and over committing errors.

(C) CB: #-17.3 Constance Vaughan (37) (F) Vaughan who has already told the press that she will be retiring after the World Cup cycle is over is the captain of the team. At 37 she has loads of experience and Burrows has said Vaughan has been a great mentor for her. Vaughan doesn't have the most speed at this point but she can be that guy at the back. The rock in the back line who will be always be their for the keeper as the last line of defense before Howells.

LB: #123456 Beau Hendricks (26) (M) Hendricks had to undergo a good battle for this starting spot with Ellie Pitt and despite Pitt being the fan favorite and having the better skill set of the two Hendricks has been named the starter. Hendricks will be under a microscope as he will desperately try to keep his spot.

RM: #0000 Wanda McNeil (24) (F) McNeil has the speed and that might be it. The fact that she's on the right side helps the lack of speed from Diaz and she has an ability to beat any defender to the ball with her blazing fast speed. She has trouble dribbling and her best move to get around a defender is to attempt to run around them. You want someone with this speed on your team though as she can get behind your defense at any time.

CM: #1776 Savanna Park (25) (F) Park is the best player on the team and it's not debatable. She stands in the middle of the formation and has brillant skill moves, a deadly and powerful shot, and good enough speed to make runs. With Holder to her left and the speed of McNeil to her right the midfield is by far the strength of the squad.

LM: #1.754 Max Holder (18) (M) Holder is the youngest player on the squad and is already one of the best. His best traits are his set pieces abilities as he takes the free kicks and corners as well as ideal speed, strength, and size. Holder should be the superstar on the team in a few years if he continues to develop.

RW: #2020 Zoe Kinney (22) (F) Kinney is very raw on the wing and it was a bit of a surprise that she is in the starting lineup. She has good power and with the right development could become something special. She is a long term project though and could be heading to the bench if she doesn't play well early on.

CF: #10 Teddy Riggs (33) (M) Riggs is aging but will be by far the top scorer on the team. Riggs has that ability to find the back of the net often and his powerful shot and 6' 4" frame make him the best option in almost all situations. Despite being 33, Riggs has indicated he wants to play for at least five more years.

LW: #-10 Lyla Wormald (24) (F) Wormald is the 1B to Riggs' 1A as she will get the most assists and will be the second best scoring option behind Riggs. Wormald is relatively young but she has a tendency to struggle in high pressure situations and is a very streaky player.

Formation: 4-3-3

Captain: Vaughan
Free Kicks: Holder
Corners: Holder
Penalties: Riggs

GK: #493 Marcus Nixon (29) (M)
Def: #24.94 Ellie Pitt (25) (F)
Def: #1492 Bertie Gilbert (17) (F)
Mid: #-973 Tiana Mitchell (27) (F)
Mid: #2700 Carole Bond (34) (F)
For: #69 Adelle Benton (25) (F)
For: #420 Lulu Wright (32) (F)

Style Mod: -1
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes (Realistic events only please)
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (Realistic events only please)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes (Nothing pandemic related)
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Postby Glazgo » Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:26 am


Manager: Glenn Tamnavulin, 44
An intelligent manager who was appointed the national team manager after a series of examinations, courses and other processes midway through the season. Despite holding no club experience, Glenn Tamnavulin impressed the GFA so much they were quick to hire him not long after the proceeds concluded. Amongst his backroom staff include his older brother, Ken (or Kenn) as his deputy and young coach Johan Knockando, who was originally registered to Drumchapel United before the first season began, but a severe knee injury curtailed his playing career. It's a mish-mash of coaches and perhaps a mish-mash of players too, who's only professional experience is just over 20 games in a fledgling league somewhere in Rushmore. Whether they'll fare well this Baptism of Fire, it remains to be seen, but it will certainly be an exciting opportunity for this group of Glazgotians.

Assistant manager: Kenn Tamnavulin, 58
Johan Knockando, 24 (General)
Ivor Gunn, 70 (Goalkeeping)
Kiefer Glenfiddich, 45 (Fitness)
Physio: Paul Mallochmore, 44
Scout: Jon Craigellachie, 49

#1 - GK - Ivan Gunn - Age 34 - Maryhill Town - Uncapped
The only goalkeeper to be named captain of any Premier Division club last season, 34 year-old Ivan Gunn isn't the world's tallest goalkeeper but he still seems to have an absolute behemoth of a presence. Vocal to the point where it can be considered perhaps extreme, his booming voice can be heard crystal clear at the other end of the pitch as he commands his defence well. Despite being on the wrong side of 30 he's still agile enough to get down low and reach up high and was named the best goalkeeper in the league in its inaugural season. His father, Ivor, happens to be the national team goalkeeping coach as well, and when the younger Gunn retires from his career perhaps he'll take that job on himself.

#2 - DR - Mattias Kaasa - Age 28 - Kelvindale Town - Uncapped
At the start of the season when players were allocated teams, Mattias Kaasa joined Kelvindale Town with the idea of becoming a central midfielder. However, that wasn't to be, and a series of displays at right back which was just at first to fit him in the team led to him becoming their permanent option. Kaasa isn't the fastest, but his experience of playing in the middle of the park in the pre-league days gives him the tactical awareness and passing range that would suit a modern day full back. In truth, he wasn't manager Glenn Tamnavulin's first choice option, but with Carl Calashnikov's injury he will hope to make this spot his own.

#3 - DL - David Pettersen - Age 25 - Drumchapel United - Uncapped
One of the unsung heroes of this season's title-winning Drumchapel side, David Pettersen was quietly working away and proved to be one of the core members of the team as the season drew to an end. Faster than his counterpart on the right hand side Kaasa, Pettersen gets forward well but is less likely to be going into the final third as much as he did for his club. There was patches of less-than-impressive form at the start of the season, but he managed to overcome that then - whether he can get past that phase as he makes his international mark remains to be seen. If he can, there's an exciting future for the left-back.

#4 - DC - Johan Karlstrom - Age 24 - Drumchapel United - Uncapped (Vice-captain)
Perhaps the best defender in the league, Drumchapel's captain Johan Karlstrom impressed with some excellent displays as he led his team to the league title. Appointed vice-captain on the international stage, he'll hope he can translate his club form to the global audience. Linked with moves abroad, if he plays well this Baptism of Fire you could may well see him playing in another league, but whether his loyalty to his hometown club will remain is the question on everybody's lips in Glazgo.

#5 - DC - Valentijn Tomic - Age 27 - Kelvindale Town - Uncapped
Perhaps Kelvindale's second best player last season after star-striker Kalashnikov, Valentijn Tomic is a solid and dependable defender who always gives 110%. Not as pacy as his likely partner Karlstrom, Tomic shares the same versatility with him though that allows either to be on the left or right of centre in defence. Capable of crunching tackles and some very nice passes out from the back, it will be interesting to see how he fares with different teammates to the well-worked unit he had in place at Kelvindale.

#6 - DMC - Vadim Bauer - Age 26 - Partizan Castlemilk - Uncapped (CAPTAIN)
The captain of the side, midfield general Vadim Bauer effectively single-handedly led Partizan Castlemilk to Challengers Cup qualification. A consistent series of displays in midfield allowed the all-action midfielder to earn the national team captaincy. Able to play as a central midfielder, Bauer will likely be deployed in the defensive midfield slot in order to protect the defence and link up with his fellow midfielders in the most effective way.

#7 - AMR - Paul Ekomov - Age 26 - Kelvindale Town - Uncapped
The smallest player called up to the national team side, 5'6 Paul Ekomov is perhaps the fastest. Ekomov's only weakness is he's perhaps a bit of a one-dimensional winger, relying on his pace and small size to get away from players, but lacking much technical ability as other members of the squad. Nevertheless, his impressive displays for Kelvindale Town truly warranted his callup, and despite the speculation of Glenn Tamnavulin not wishing to use wingers in his main formation, Ekomov will hope to prove he deserves to be a starter.

#8 - MC - Miroslav Bank - Age 26 - Drumchapel United - Uncapped
Another unsung hero of Drumchapel's title-winners, Miroslav Bank was another of the league's best midfielder. Strength, mobility, passing, tackling, goals, Bank boasts it all, and his use as an all-round number 8 was one of the key components of the winning formula. His relationship with the likes of Piotr Charters on the pitch was a joy to watch, and the duo will hope to replicate it on the national stage for this Baptism of Fire.

#9 - ST - Andrej Kalashnikov - Age 22 - Urheddiao (CMT) - Uncapped
The first ever golden boot winner. The first ever Glazgotian to move abroad. Andrej Kalashnikov managed a spectacular 35 goals in 22 games for Kelvindale Town last season, which earned him a £4m move to Chromatik side Urheddiao. Somewhat usefully, he will possess some knowledge of the local areas and climates, which may be useful for Glazgo as they travel to the country for their group stage matches. On the field, Kalashnikov possesses a similar level of pace to someone like Paul Ekomov which he uses to get past players, but is incredibly clinical in front of goal, but will look to prove this on the bigger stage rather than the fledgling Glazgotian league.

#10 - AMC - Piotr Charters - Age 25 - Drumchapel United - Uncapped
Piotr Charters was another player instrumental last season for Drumchapel United, and it's easy to see why. Perhaps the player with the best creativity, and an excellent partnership with Miroslav Bank that keeps the midfield flowing, Charters boasted the highest passing accuracy in the league last season as well as the most assists. The midfield triumvirate of Bauer-Bank-Charters (known as BBC to some fans) is an exciting prospect that has fans from all clubs mouths watering.

#11 - AML - Steffan Dunayev - Age 26 - Sporting Solsholm (SEM) - Uncapped
The second Glazgotian to move abroad, Steffan Dunayev left the league champions for the Premarligaen in Semarland. Snapped up by Sporting Solsholm for £2m, Dunayev is a clever winger who makes use of his technical skills to cut inside. Capable of playing as a #10 in the absence of his former teammate Charters, whilst Dunayev doesn't have the pace of someone like Ekomov he is still a valuable asset for the team and will hope that Glenn Tamnavulin sticks with the 4-3-3 system that benefits him the most.

#12 - GK - Einar McKendrie - Age 20 - Red Star Parkhead - Uncapped
Exciting goalkeeping prospect who is a near-certainty to replace #1 Ivan Gunn upon his retirement.

#13 - DC - Radek Allister - Age 27 - Carntyne Wanderers - Uncapped
Towering central defender nicknamed "the Razor" for his incisive tackling and pace despite being 6'5.

#14 - MC - Eyvindur Pastorek - Age 28 - Maryhill Town - Uncapped
Solid central midfielder who gets the job done, nothing much more. Slightly more offensive-minded than the usual #8.

#15 - MC - Andrej Johnstone - Age 29 - Carntyne Wanderers - Uncapped
Solid central midfielder who gets the job done, nothing much more. Slightly more defensive-minded than the usual #8.

#16 - ST - Gunnstein Bannantyne - Age 21 - Drumchapel United - Uncapped
Powerful, built-like-a-brick-wall striker who was the league's second top scorer with 30 goals in 22 games. Awarded player of the season for his performances in the league.

#17 - DC - Dietar Polak - Age 26 - Red Star Parkhead - Uncapped
Another impressive performer in the Red Star Parkhead side, he will hope to force his way into the backline with his commanding presence and tough-tackling displays.

#18 - ST - Fabian Haavikko - Age 25 - Baywall Athletic (HVY) - Uncapped
Glazgotian expat number 3, a classic poacher who swapped Red Star Parkhead for Havynwilde as he signed for Baywall Athletic ahead of this upcoming season.

#19 - DR - Anton Eriksen - Age 26 - Firhill AFC - Uncapped
A dependable figure who will be snapping away at the heels of first choice Kaasa for his opportunity.

#20 - FW - Eirikur Cederland - Age 19 - Maryhill Town - Uncapped
Capable of playing as an attacking midfielder or a second striker, he scored 15 goals last season and was one of the best youngsters in the league with a series of convincing performances.

#21 - DL - Mikhail Glennon - Age 23 - Partizan Castlemilk - Uncapped
Buccaneering left back who doesn't hestiate to get forward or a shy away from a tackle. Not the most comfortable on the ball, like other colleagues he relies on strength and raw pace to get past opposition.

#22 - GK - Marcus Kilmarnock - Age 29 - Dalmarnock Rovers - Uncapped
Perhaps a shock inclusion in the squad, the 6'6 third choice goalkeeper is the tallest member of the squad. A calm figure who organises his defence well, he may well get an opportunity to prove his worth in the group stages.

#23 - DC - Demetrius Clackmannan - Age 25 - Maryhill Town - Uncapped
Another giant figure in the squad, this central defender is smooth on the ball despite his heavyweight physique and will hope despite being the fifth choice centre-back to get some playing time this tournament.



I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
The Republic of Glazgo
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Postby Ihilthracna » Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:41 am

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

1.Kaavenshal MosstOffensive Scorer45Great at Scoring GoalsSlow
2.Alssan YkavenackavOffensive Scorer32Fast and Good at PassingWeak
3.Kolven KampFront Defender34Good at PassingSlow
4.Seectoer NavanBehind Front Defender28Runs QuicklyHas a Quarrel with Ykavenackav
5.Kolseaven AmfananWest Defender41Coordinates Well with MasanmahSlow
6.Avenhol MasanmahEast Defender41Coordinates Well with AmfananSlow
7.Malsed ItelCentral Mobile Defender62FastOld
8.Kallmann SectWest Goal Defender56Good at Blocking PassesOld
9.Matalmagh OserEast Goal Defender42Good at Blocking PassesInjured
10.Okolvon MattleCentral Goal Defender45Good at Blocking ScoresSlow
11.Sax MasselGoalie38Good at Blocking PassesWeak
12.Ampal AyyinCoach51A Good CoachInjured
13.Ihikilmman WasaimAssistant East Goal Defender52Not InjuredMediocre
14.Calvenghan SeekAssistant Coach43Not InjuredLeniant

  • Necardvan Seeven
  • Yuultenmad Caav
  • Seenfernmah Cavencal
  • Utulmanma Ckan
  • Siimanacrea Taamda
  • Fintard Xedser
  • Mitormol Coknddo
  • Sawckteanevara Seekdneer
  • Misensstaer Taouywel
  • Denderconvo Siccli
  • Maaswaer Msdeswad
  • Heonlder Sornpol
  • Muenteras Campoan
  • Nooutol Masarna
  • Niicternder Sool Ecten

Style Modifier:-3
Ihilthracna Governmental Posting. Not available for diplomatic exchanges during elections.
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Postby Tioguldos » Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:38 pm

Jafarolués fa Jídgem fa Tioguldós
Tioguldós Football Federation

National Football Team of Tioguldós "The Red Army"

The Baptism of Fire 73 will be the first professional competition to be played by the National Team of Tioguldós. The construction of the People's Republic is a great effort for the Tiog people, and the professionalization of the sport is still in process. For this reason, Red Army players, regardless of their world-class quality, are temporarily released from the work duties of their respective occupations. This fundamentally means that the performances won't be the best, because they are not dedicated exclusively to the sport right now.
This great step constitutes a sporting milestone for the nation. From now on the Red Army will work actively to prove its worth, and perhaps in the near future the situation of Tioguldós' professional athletes can be duly regularized.

Ísupe Stadium, Mo Bmodo. Capacity: 53 000

Home - Away - GK kits

Staff and players

Coach: Gúpder Mebal (former coach of Image Nofararekh Faberdakh)
Assistant coach: Moro Refrúkal
GK coach: Loniam Busfe
Fitness coach: Fanuós Kerfes
Doctor: Jarnús Nordusel
Physiotherapist: Relúe Losdoso



Formation: 4-3-3
Style Mod: +2

In Gúpder Mebal's 4-3-3, the plays are focused on creating gaps in the rival defense through which to make deep passes to the wide forwards. The CF fulfills the role of 'False 9', for which Ugós Oroso is a favorite. The midfield constantly presses and plays the ball along with the fullbacks, waiting for the right moment to make an attack.
It's an aggressive style of play that can undermine the defensive capabilities of the team. The central defenders, Oches and Lomifal, contain rival counterattacks and provide aerial security on set pieces.

RP permissions
If my opponent RP first, they may do the following
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose Scoring events: Yes
God-mod Scoring event: Yes
RP injuries to my Players: Yes
God-mod injuries to my Player: Yes (TG me first)
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Player: Yes (TG me first)
God-mod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Unimon » Tue Aug 11, 2020 7:06 pm

Unimon NT

We will!

Senior Squad
Gavin Sillitoe // 5'11 // 169 lbs // 37 yrs old // Notable qualities: Reflexes, Rushing Out, Loyalty // Notable downfalls: First Touch // Origin: Descanso, Unimon // Pos. : GK
He's old, he's rickety, but Sillitoe has still barely skimmed over the requirement to declare for his nation which, mind you, he is very patriotic about. The lad doesn't start on any given matches, but if given enough match practice, may fit into the grand scheme of things and align with Jacob Smith's vision of a proper goalkeeper.

Paul Smith // 5'7 // 132 lbs // 33 yrs old // Notable qualities: Aggression, Off the Ball, Professionalism // Notable downfalls: Penalty Taking // Origin: Via Magno, Unimon // Pos. : DR (as in Right Defender)
Occasionally stays very close to the goal line and likes to waste time with the ball, also called "Line Hugging". Almost never gets into opposition area unless it's a team move as he himself says "I need to run with the ball less now for my age" yet Sillitoe is in training every week to be a starter at 37. Doesn't have any relation with the gaffer, Jacob Smith.

Andrew Harvey // 6'1 // 182 lbs // 35 yrs old // Notable qualities: Heading, Teamwork, Balance, Showing up in Important Matches // Notable downfalls: Dribbling, Long Shots // Origin: Meindee, Unimon // Pos. : DCR (as in Central Defender)
For a defender of his age, Harvey is the absolute package in the backline. He holds up this promising Unimon side like others by getting forward whenever the opportunity arises, marking his man tightly, as well as being, in his own words a "crowd man" by sympathizing with the Kop End through argument with officials as well as "getting the onlookers going". Andrew Harvey is a regular starter and doesn't shy away from the ball when he has a chance.

Matthew Martin // 6'0 // 160 lbs // 33 yrs old // Notable qualities: Aggression, Sportsmanship // Notable downfalls: Penalty Taking // Origin: Rue des Freñes, Unimon // Pos. : DCL (as in Central Defender)
Like Harvey in some ways, Matthew Martin also gets into the opponent's space whenever possible. This is fully taken advantage of and for Unimon and they usually play very closely together, having a great chemistry. Martin does his part by aggressively starting a counter but also not diving into tackles as much to lay the ball onto Andrew Harvey for him to do his part.

Jago Wilkinson // 6'2 // 174 lbs // 19 yrs old // Notable qualities: First Touch, Free Kick Taking, Passing // Notable downfalls: Penalty Taking, Positioning // Origin: Egecsei Kórüt, Unimon // Pos. : DL (as in Left Defender)
He's an unreadable addition to the team and mostly trains to be in a position to dummy the opposition. Although his Positioning isn't best for the role, he's a very good dribbler, as seen by his Elasticos and Step-overs. Mostly subbed in when the 'Mon are losing a game.

Josh McIntosh // 5'9 // 134 lbs // 27 yrs old // Notable qualities: Pace, Ambition, Professionalism, Temperament, Consistency // Notable downfalls: Free Kick Taking, Long Throws // Origin: Mohican, Unimon // Pos. : MR (as in Right Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder)
Physically and mentally a liability to the opposition, although known for making intelligent plays and foreseeing where he's supposed to be at one time, McIntosh can drive up the field and is a dangerous addition to the middle of the starting eleven. He's a youngin' too, always trying to improve himself but never finds the work ethic in himself to do so. McIntosh also shys away from interviews and his personality is thus unknown, as is his preferred foot.

Tom Wood // 5'8 // 154 lbs // 28 yrs old // Notable qualities: Work Rate, Temperament // Notable Downfalls: Long Throws // Origin: Southern Front, Unimon // Pos. : MCR (as in Central Midfielder)
Average at almost everything else and is training to become a better player before he hits thirty five years of age which is grounds of forced retirement. Fortunately has lots of work rate and is very patient in seeing out his goals. Right now, Tom Wood's future in the national team is an unsure one and he is mostly rotation fodder, for the time being he's lucky enough still to have been arranged to make an appearance for the national team on Match 1.

Iol Dawson // 5'11 // 149 lbs // 19 yrs old // Notable qualities: Leadership, Pressure, Sportsmanship, Temperament // Notable Downfalls: Flair // Origin: Trading Post, Unimon // Pos. : MCL (as in Central Midfielder)

Dean Mullin // 6'0 // 169 lbs // 21 yrs old // Notable qualities: Determination, Adaptability // Notable Downfalls: Tackling // Origin: Five Ruby, Unimon // Pos. : ML (as in Left Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder)

Jon Iol // 5'10 // 163 lbs // 34 yrs old // Notable qualities: Finishing, Pressure // Notable Downfalls: Corners, Free Kick Taking // Origin: Xessophvup, Unimon // Pos. : STCR (as in Central Striker)

Ricky Duncan // 5'8 // 143 lbs // 27 yrs old // Notable qualities: Bravery, Determination, Temperament // Notable Downfalls: Long Throws, Flair // Origin: Wedgewood, Unimon // Pos. : STCL (as in Central Striker)


James Axon // 6'0 // 154 lbs // 40 yrs old // Notable qualities: Natural Fitness, Pressure // Notable Downfalls: First Touch // Origin: Greenhorn, Unimon // Pos. : GK

Nathan Spencer // 5'7 // 145 lbs // 18 yrs old // Notable qualities: Determination, Consistency // Notable Downfalls: Dribbling, Flair, Leadership, Jumping Range // Origin: Sullivan, Unimon // Pos. : DCR (as in Central Defender)

Luke Gordon // 5'7 // 145 lbs // 21 yrs old // Notable qualities: Leadership, Versatility // Notable Downfalls: Heading, Jumping Reach // Origin: Blenheim, Unimon // Pos. : MR (as in Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder)

Paul Williams // 6'1 // 202 lbs // 24 yrs old // Notable qualities: Jumping Reach, Ambition, Loyalty, Showing up in Important Matches // Notable Downfalls: Corners // Origin: Wes Talbion, Unimon // Pos. : STCR (as in Central Striker)

David Evans // 6'4 // 160 lbs // 30 yrs old // Notable qualities: Jumping Reach, Temperament // Notable Downfalls: Long Throws // Origin: Sullivan, Unimon // Pos. : MC (as in Central Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder)

Paul Taberner // 5'10 // 158 lbs // 30 yrs old // Notable qualities: Determination, Versatility // Notable Downfalls: Long Shots // Origin: Ellton, Unimon // Pos. : DR (as in Right Defender)

Mick Davis // 5'8 // 171 lbs // 25 yrs old // Notable qualities: Acceleration, Sportsmanship // Notable Downfalls: Long Throws, Injury Proneness // Origin: Descanso, Unimon // Pos. : MCA (as in Attacking Central Midfielder)

Calum Hall // 5'6 // 143 lbs // 29 yrs old // Notable qualities: Acceleration, Showing up in Important Matches, Professionalism // Notable Downfalls: Corners, Free Kick Taking, Long Throws, Marking, Tackling, Jumping Reach // Origin: Ellton, Unimon // Pos. : MC (as in Central Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder)

Anthony Morris // 5'9 // 154 lbs // 22 yrs old // Notable qualities: Determination, Ambition, Sportsmanship, Consistency // Notable Downfalls: Tackling // Origin: Durkadale, Unimon // Pos. : STCR (as in Central Striker)
Home Colors: Thick Black Thin White Hoops
Away Colors: Thin Red Stripes

Style Mod: -0.09

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Telegram for a yes or no answer
Godmod other events: Yes

Starting Lineup v. Woryand
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Postby Pemecutan » Tue Aug 11, 2020 11:42 pm



National Kits


Line Up


Management Team
Manager: Agung Suryanantha
Head Coach: Surya Agung Pramana
Assistant Coach: Eka Putra Pradnyana
Goalkeeper Coach: Damar Wedanta
Medic Head: Dwi Natha Wijaya
Style Modifier: +2.17
Formation: 5-3-2

Team LineUp
Starting Line Up in Blue

NO   Pos.     Player            Age     Club
1 GK Jaya Adiguna 32 Pesebal Balun
12 GK Herman Putrawan 33 Pesepad Padangsambian
23 GK Satrya Yudha Wibawa 29 Parsewi Mengwi
2 DF Dwi Putra Kusuma 25 Pescam Campuhan
3 DF Surya Brata Wijaya 24 Pesetih Titih
4 DF Putra Eka Laksana 23 Persepad Padangsambian
5 DF Satya Putra Laksamana 28 Persub Ubung
6 DF Dwi Rangga Putra 23 Pesetih Titih

13 DF Panca Suputra 22 Pesedilan Pemedilan
14 DF Krisna Artha Guna 24 Pesepoh Pohgading
15 DF Agung Darma Putra 28 Pescam Campuhan
16 DF Hilman Putrananda 23 Pesenggu Canggu
7 MF Agus Kusumawijaya 24 Pescam Campuhan
8 MF Rama Karyadi 23 Siasari (Eraman)
9 MF Bayu Hermawan 26 Pesetih Titih

18 MF Bayu Cipta Wijaya 24 Persedilan Pemedilan
19 MF Yahya Krisna Putra 25 Pesepoh Pohgading
20 MF Agus Setiahadi 22 Persub Ubung
21 MF Yudi Pramana Putra 24 Pesepad Padangsambian
10 FW Pandu Oka Jaya 24 Galra (Eraman)
11 FW Surya Dwipayana 22 Pescam Campuhan

17 FW Putra Adi Nantha 24 Pescam Campuhan
22 FW Wisnu Pramana 23 Pesub Ubung

RP Permission
Opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (max. 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (max. 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N
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Postby Southwest Eastnorth » Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:58 am

FORMATION 3-3-4-1 (F-M-D-G)
Style Modifier +4
COACH: Umberto Tipoli (age 68)
ASSITANTS: Dennetter DiMore (Age 42), Joe Rox (Age 58), B.J Rotheborune (age 40)

#10 Van Austin - White Sock United
#8 Kyra Thompson - Auberlin Federal FC
#11 Chris Houton - White Sock United
#27 Leigh Bourne - Grandal Wild FC

#29 Jeremy Murdock - Topps Valley Heritage FC
#40 Martin Boussard - Mt Moustakis

#17 Ryan Bourne - Colome Range United
#2 Alfonso Rogilio - White Sock United
#16 Mark Martz-Marx - Journey Bay FC
#24 Jessica Ryan - Topps Valley Heritage FC
#25 Kevin Elder - Yelichville Union
#30 Jayson Rox - Yelichville Union

#95 Burt Snodgrass - Journey Bay FC
#84 Iva Johncock - White Sock United

#44 David C Hall - White Sock United
#37 Shauna LeClaire - University of Virginia City
#19 Esther Bloemfurst - PFC Canada City
#49 Jay Richardson II - Auberlin Federal
#55 Devin Thompson - Mt Moustakis
#77 Gerrard Klattenberg - Fleer College

#0 Miles Mikohoffer - Auberlin Federal FC
#00 Adam Stonkowski - Univeristy of Virginia City
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Postby Squidroidia » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:42 pm

All My Friends

Europe at the 73rd Baptism of Fire - Matchday 1 Preview

The region of Europe isn't really known for its skills on the WCC stage - With one Lovisa sized asterisk. Most members of the region don't know what an NSSport is, again, with one Lovisa sized asterisk, and probably never plan on sending teams to the World Cup - Yet again, with one Lovisa sized asterisk. Europe's heavy hitter was Lovisa, winners of Cup of Harmony 30 and many stints as the unofficial World Champion. But the Lovisa of old has been reborn and they are joined by Squidroidia and Eurasies as the 3 nations embark on their journey to the 73rd Baptism of Fire in Valladares and Chromatika. There is no guarantee that Lovisa Will Win or Squidroidia will lift it, the real Baptism of Fire is the friends we made along the way. This series will highlight each of the 3 nations in the tournament and preview their upcoming matches.

Group A - Valladares
Pripet Socialist Republic
Iles Rogieres
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles

1st - Praeceptia
2nd - Lovisa
3rd - Pluvia and the Saxean Isles


Group B - Valladares
Free Republic of Hong Kong

1st - Tikariot
2nd - Graintfjall
3rd - Eurasies


Group D - Chromatika - Deprí District

1st - Squidroidia no big surprise
2nd - Woryand
3rd - Pemecutan


Praeceptia vs. Lovisa
Estadio Tricentenario, Valencia, Valladares

Key Players - None avaliable
Prediction - 1-2, Lovisa Win

Nothing can be said, Lovisa Will Win.

Eurasies vs. Kencana
Estadio Camilo Mazuera López, Junin, Valadares
Key Players - Moore, Tesir (Eurasies)
Prediction - 1-1 draw

Eurasies might be looking at a great defensive struggle compared to Kencana. Moore and Marx as the front 2 could be creative but the name of the beauiful Eurasies game is Nathan Guillen's defensive strategy. I don't see them getting more than 1 goal as they adjust to the environment of the Baptism. But still, they can do damage if they so please.

Pemecutan vs. Squidroidia
Hawks' Nest, Depri Lanar, Chromatika
Key Players - Itoh Hoshi, Makino Hideo (Squidroidia), Agus Kusumawijaya, Pandu Oka Jaya (Pemecutan)
Prediction - 3-2, Squidroidia win

Sepakbola, as Pemecutan calls it, is probably going total with this game to kick off the 2 teams' campaign in Chromatika. Both teams have a penchant to attack, and Pemecutan with their coach, Surya Agung Pramana, has a young, exciting squad averaging in the mid 20s. However, the wits might go to Squidroidia's way if the attack blossoms, especially with Itoh waiting to find the back of the net. Pemecutan could through up some upsets if they want, but in my (slightly skewed) opinion, the Melayu nation is probably going to fall short. Don't be surprised if they tie though.
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Postby Rangers FC » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:56 pm


Note: this roster is unfinished in terms of player bios and pictures due to priorities with schoolwork and other competitions. Apologies.

Starting XI:
Alanis Gregorikis - GK
Giannis Taverianakis - RB
Konor Aurisorikis - CB
Flora Helanderikis - CB
Boronis Baranasikis - LB
Yanis Giakos - CM
Iani Hagiriakis - CAM
Septis Davidikis - CM
Yanis Kentis - LF
Freud Morelikis - ST
Cotis Arfieldizikis - RF

Giannis Maklimnopoulos - GK
Giorgios Entmonsonas - CB
Leonidas Balokun - CB
Giannis Ariboakis - CM
Germanis Dephoas - ST
Cedriki Ittenis - ST
Kiamar Roofikis - RF

Nicolis Katiciskis - CB (injured)
Kalvinius Bassikis - LB/CB
Nathanius Pattersonas - RB/CB
Lankada Kamariskis - CM
Kai Kennedakis - LF

Alanis “Shagger” Gregorikis is Rangers’ number one keeper who is also a veteran of the game. At the age of 38, Shagger might not have many years left in his playing career, but he’s still in tip top shape to be playing between the sticks for the Gers!

Giannis “Tav” Taverianakis is Rangers’ main right back and the captain of the squad. Like his fellow fullback Boronis Baranasikis, Tav is also fantastic at free kicks, but unlike Boronis he usually stays back in defence during attacking play.

Konor Aurisorikis is one of Rangers’ main centre backs and the vice-captain of the squad. While not being the best at tackles, Konor is fantastic at headers and interceptions, though he is prone to own goals.

Flora Helanderikis is the other one of Rangers’ main centrebacks. Fantastic at tackling and putting his body on the line, Flora is always a dependable defender.

Boronis Baranasikis is Rangers’ main left back and a free-kick specialist. Boronis isn’t your typical defender, as he loves to join in on attacks and swing crosses into the box with aplomb. Arguably the best player on the pitch at most times.

Yanis Giakos is one of Rangers’ main central midfielders. He is one of the most beloved players in the squad, giving 100% in every game he plays. Tackling and passing are part of his skills.

Iani Hagiriakis is Rangers’ main centre attacking midfielder and one of the stars of the squad. Iani made his impact in the squad by scoring a free kick that deflected against the wall, winning the game for Rangers. Since then, he has shown that he is fantastic at dribbling, passing, and shooting in general.

Septis Davidikis is the other of Rangers’ main central midfielders. At his age, he won’t last too long in the squad, but he still has games to play and goals to score!

Yanis Kentis is Rangers’ main left forward and the fastest player in the squad. Only god is quicker than this guy, as Yanis uses his pace and skill to dribble through defences and put cross after cross into the box.

Freud Morelikis is Rangers’ main striker and one of the highest scorers in the squad. His ego and aggression may be high, but so is his ability. Red cards and goals galore will mainly be attributed to our boy Morelikis.

Last but not least, we have this guy. Cotis Arfieldizikis is Rangers’ main right forward and one of the silent stars in the team, despite his age. Cotis is fantastic at firing in goals from range, and he always celebrates with his signature salute.

Rangers’ kit manufacturer for this cycle will be Castorikis, a relatively new manufacturer who are just breaking into the football kit market.

Iani Hagiriakis wearing the home kit

Kalvinius Bassikis wearing the away kit

Home Ground:
Stadio Ibrosikis. Home of the Gers. With a capacity of around 50,800, Ibrosikis is always filled to the brim with home fans (often thought of as part of the ‘Blue Sea of Ibrosikis’) who love to chant and sing all about their beloved Rangers.

Formation: 4-3-3
Style: +2
Manager: Stevenakios Gerardikis
Trigramme: RFC
Star Players: Flora Helanderikis, Boronis Baranasikis, Iani Hagiriakis, Yanis Kentis and Freud Morelikis
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League position: 2nd (as always)
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Postby Savigliane » Wed Aug 12, 2020 7:58 pm

I. Francesco Grimaldi
17 October, 2017
UEFA World Cup Qualifiers, Second Round
Stadio del Piero, Acqui Bollente, Savigliane

Francesco Grimaldi had a routine for taking penalties. He would pick the ball up, walk over to the spot until he was a few paces away, and roll the ball onto the penalty spot. He would then walk over, adjust the positioning of the ball, and take two steps back if he originally misplaced the ball. If not, he would inhale, run, and shoot. Over the years, he had become more and more accurate at placing the ball, usually eschewing the second adjustment altogether before shooting. But the core routine hadn’t changed - it was what he’d done as a youth player in San Ludovico’s system, it was what he’d done before dozens of penalties scored for AC Acqui Bollente, and it was what he would do now, on the verge of sending Savigliane to the FIFA World Cup for the first time ever.

He’d stood here four years ago, but in a very different position. Then, he’d been Savigliane’s undisputed #9, easily the best striker of his generation. He’d scored then, putting his nation 2-0 up on aggregate in the playoff to an Occitania side that most had picked to qualify outright from the groups. It had all gone downhill from there, as the Occitans rallied back to break Savigliane’s hearts in their fourth consecutive failure to advance to the World Cup from the playoffs. Savigliane were better than they were four years ago, even if Francesco was no longer the starting striker. But just one more penalty from Savigliane’s talisman, and the heartbreak would finally be over.

When they had beaten their opponents, Varanja, 2-0 in the away leg, he hadn’t played at all. It had been the charismatic young talent, Raphaël Rovira, deployed alongside Isabella Coste and Michael Durand in a 3-4-3. But Rovira had been injured during a club match since then, and since Sofia Plaisance was also out, Francesco was the only choice to start. He did so alongside Coste and the aging playmaker Gabriel Lefebvre in a 3-4-1-2. Things had worked out tactically for the first half, but after captain and central-midfielder Bianca Fiore had been sent off, things had rapidly deteriorated. Varanja had found two goals, and if the game went to extra time, they would undoubtedly find a third - marking a fifth straight playoff defeat for Savigliane.

Two minutes into stoppage time, though, it was Savigliane who would have a chance at a third goal in the leg. Pietro Giraudo had dispossessed Varanja’s striker, dribbled through the press, and found Bertrand Marchetti streaking up the left flank. Marchetti advanced rapidly before whipping a pinpoint cross to a cutting Isabella Coste, and the opposing center-back had no choice but to scythe her down in the penalty area. This meant that Francesco would take the penalty that could send Savigliane to the World Cup - or doom them to a fifth straight defeat.

The Savigliano crowd buzzing around him, Francesco Grimaldi picked the ball up, walked toward the goal, and rolled the ball perfectly onto the penalty spot. The referee whistled; Francesco inhaled, took two steps to the ball, and smashed it perfectly into the top-right corner.

Stadio del Piero shook, the nation roaring as the ball hit the back of the net and secured Savigliane’s first-ever World Cup qualification. Francesco leaped into the air, his teammates gathering beneath him, all screaming and crying out in ecstasy. As the fifty thousand Savigliano fans cheered his name, Francesco Grimaldi smiled. He had finally done what no other Savigliano player had done and fired his nation to his first-ever World Cup. Nothing could take that away from him.

The stadium, as well as everyone within it and the entire nation of Savigliane, promptly sank into the ocean.
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Postby Tikariot » Wed Aug 12, 2020 8:16 pm


Alistair McIntosh: So here we are in Valladares, or rather in Lierravus, where Team Tikariot will be making its first steps into the flames of the Baptism of Fire. With me, as usual, Duncan Haldane and Martin Seagrave and we will also have two more correspondents out there in the field for interviews and analyses and whatever else this event might bring, with Garrett McQuigg and Cavan Sinclair, so we are ready for the next ten days and beyond, as the World Cup will begin not long after the finals.

Duncan Haldane: So let's have a look at our group. Our first game will be against the Free Republic of Hong Kong here in Lierravus, then we move to Junin, where Wymondham will be our second opponent. Fontvielle, our third city in three days, will have us square off against Graentfjall before returning to Junin for Eurasies and back to Lierravus for our final group game against Kencana, so we are kind of coming full circle.

Martin Seagrave: In our brief international history we actually did meet one of these teams before, Eurasies in the IFC1 and our record so far is 1-1-0 and a 4-3 goal differential, so a positive outlook on this, the rest is all pretty much terra incognita. Now the IFC1 had been a highly successful warm-up tournament before the Tikariotian Premier League started and the roster looks vastly different from the IFC1 what kind of message is that sending?

Haldane: Well, football is such a dynamic sport and while I can see that continuity is important, if a team has developed some chemistry, you still want to make sure that you send your best players at the time out there. And the TPL so far has been absolutely unpredictable and exciting and has produced several players that have really stepped up to the plate and coach Stuart Ekstrom has decided to shake up the squad quite a bit. Only seven players that were in the winning squad at the IPC have travelled here to Valladares for the Baptism of Fire tournament, so that shows how much things have shifted this season so far.

Seagrave: So let's have a look at the team. Starting in goal, Stephen Heinrich and Stu Harding have been replaced by Brian Merson from the Port Rhovanyon AFC and Dean Ferretti from the Carathyr Emeralds. Neither Stephen nor Stu have had particularly good seasons so far and the choice for Ekstrom was made fairly easy. Port Rhovanyon is the absolutely dominating team in the league so far and Brian Merson has played a very important role. Same for Dean, the Emeralds have the best defence in the TPL at the moment, 10 goals conceded in 12 matches, so it was pretty much a no-brainer.

Haldane: On to defense. This is the part of the squad that has seen the least turnover, with Randy Kovalchuk, James Coronello and Vincent Liniack still in the starting eleven and looking at the IFC, they had been tremendous back there. All of their teams, and obviously themselves as well, have been playing a good season, so not much of a need to change up too much, especially in such a vital position. The only newcomer here is Zion Grimes from Pyathora and while it might seem a little odd to call a 30-year old a newcomer, but I think in his case it is the experience that Ekstrom is going for, making the defense the oldest part of the team, which is fine. Especially in a bigger tournament it is so vital not to make too many mistakes, because they are pretty much the last line of defense, no pun intended.

McIntosh: On the bench Clement McIlroy is the only returning player as well, at age 19 he has a secure first team spot with the Baraldhur AFC, so that was pretty much a clear pick, Peter Buckley out of Carathyr, like you said, the Emeralds have the best defense in the league, plus he's absolute no-nonsense. And then Manfred Abidor, young gun from the Guillarim Blades, he was a bit of a surprise pick by Ekstrom, but the Blades do have a strong defense, just 15 goals conceded, so this could be a surprise for everyone.

Seagrave: Alright, next midfield and here two of three players from the IFC are still in the starting line-up, Marvin Thorniley is in tremendous form for Port Rhovanyon and has secured a top spot in the team. Then we have Rory McNair and he is the absolute leader of the team, even though his team is so in the weeds, it's not even funny! 20th in the league, just fired their coach, one player alone can't carry the whole team. Jenson McTierney, though, has really come out of nowhere in that Ysgrann Bay team, the whole team has come out of nowhere! They were billed surefire last four and now are sitting in sixth, with third most scored, most conceded, so they are spectacular and McTierney has really been tearing up the league. Yeah, he still makes mistakes, but he just has this special thing that you can't learn, that you just have and he is just a beauty to behold.

Haldane: As far as the bench goes, David Hardcastle is nothing flashy, but he can run, can he ever. And it's important to have someone like that in the team, because sometimes it just pays off to be able to tire out the opponents. Parris Langley has been playing a substantial part in Tikariot City's roll to sit in second position right now, which in itself is an incredible achievement, with his height he can distribute any high balls, so depending on the opposing team that can be a big advantage. Nicholas van Haar, he's a McNair understudy, but he's still more hotheaded, but it is important to have someone like him in the team, just in case something would happen to Rory. And Lloyd Cumbernauld, he can go box to box, he can both feed the forwards or go himself with his game sense.

Seagrave: Leaves us with the front and here we probably have the biggest density of top players. Again only one returning player with Graydon Sheffield. He had been shooting up the IFC and also this season for the Mariners he has scored eight goals already, too. Flanking him are probably the hottest young hot shots Tikariot has on offer right now. On the left Morris Nighthorse, just 18 years old, from Baraldhur. At age 16 and 17 he tore up the second division in Toroyra and he has got 11 goals to his name already, and he is one of the fastest players in the league, maybe even this tournament. And on the right Jardel Connolly from the league leaders, twelve goals and he will take anything that even remotely looks like a shot and manages to surprise a lot of defenders and goalies.

Haldane: And their replacements are also all first team material, if you look at them. Ysgrann Bay just had to have a forward on the team given how they just keep scoring and Iain Aspinall is the one. 10 goals so far and his specialty is that he technically is playing on the wrong side. He's right-footed, but plays on the left side, so he can just cut inside and then use his right foot to either rifle a shot or curl it in and he has an incredible eye for the goalie positioning that helps him make a lot of right decision. And at 18 the sky is the limit for him, just like for Jesse Liljestrand. He's with Fort Viljan, not really a high scoring team in the past, but they have really pulled things together and he has nine goals to the season. But he is an absolute tank. They don't call him '3 by 3' for no reason, because he is tall, he is physical and as a defender you will think twice, if you want to stand in his way when he gathers speed. And if you look at him, he does look like a Viking that just stepped out of the time machine.

Seagrave: Then we have two more, one of them Atlas Baxter from Miruan and he is an incredibly versatile player. It doesn't really matter where you put him, centre forward, wings, even offensive midfield, he will produce wherever he is. He's got ten goals, too, and this versatility makes him so important for the team, because he can switch positions during play, too, making it really hard for the defenders to anticipate his runs and where he will show up. And then Ashton Tomlinson, he's our joker, our super sub. He's content to be here and will not complain if he only gets the last ten, fifteen minutes of the game, but he has great instincts to be right where the ball will go.

Haldane: So there we have it, Team Tikariot 101. Leaves me with one thing - where do you think Tikariot will end up at the Baptism of Fire?

Seagrave: That is a really tough question, because we know so little about the other teams, but I think that we definitely have the talent to go all the way. We'll definitely need a little luck, but if the IFC was any indication, then this team, this nation is ready to take on whatever is coming their way, so let's see if we can make history!

McIntosh: Thank you gentlemen, I am really looking forward to the Baptism of Fire and see how it can prime us for the World Cup. And ladies and gentlemen, I hope that we can welcome you back for our full coverage of the tournament right here on TSG TV, I'm Alistair McIntosh and bid you a good night.
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Postby The Overseas Territories of Sylestone » Thu Aug 13, 2020 1:04 am

AOCAF roundup for pre-BoF
Overseas Territories of Sylestone 3-3 Valanora
Up against the Pot One side and unarguably the best side to ever play the beautiful game, OTS managed to somehow pull off a stunning 3-3 draw. The Eternal Empire was distraught after the death of their leader and they never really managed to play their best. On the other hand, the Sports Equipment played a brilliant fighting game to get a draw. Whether they can pull off similar miracles in the BoF, we will have to wait and see.

Overseas Territories of Sylestone 1-1 Flavovespia
Another game, another draw. After two games against two very good sides, OTS is still yet to lose their first game. Two early goals started the game off in a hopeful fashion, but the final seventy minutes produced barely anything as the game finished in a 1-1 draw.

Overseas Territories of Sylestone 0-2 Northwest Kalactin
OTS recorded their first-ever loss and by doing so, dropped to the bottom of the AOCAF Group H table. Two goals in the second half condemned them to their fate and the human Coach of the side had a really good talking to them about tactics and sent the players on a twenty-kilometre “run” to prepare for the game against Delaclava.

Overseas Territories of Sylestone 3-0 Delaclava
Finally, the Overseas Territories managed to record their first-ever victory with a brilliant 3-0 win against a shocked Delaclava side who were playing nowhere near their best. They should have scored at least twice, but fate was against them as the Cricket Bat recorded a hattrick with goals in the 36th, 54th and 78th minutes. This has put them in fourth place and a draw or a win will give them a good chance at finishing in the top three, giving them access to the Round of 24.

Overseas Territories of Sylestone 0-0 Qasden
Oh well. We really didn’t expect a bunch of Sports Equipment playing football for the first time to really make the finals. Both sides couldn’t break through the other’s defence as OTS succumbed to Northwest Kalactin and Flavovespia, equal on six points, to come fourth. It’s an unfortunate situation, but hey, we have the BoF starting tomorrow and we’re all equally hyped for that. Pundits have predicted that OTS will be one of the favourites to take out the title and we will see whether they do!



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