The Democratic Republic welcomes all!

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The Democratic Republic welcomes all!

Postby Trevsland » Sat Aug 08, 2020 4:11 pm

Nations of the World,
We here in the, The Democratic Republic would like to personally invite you to one of the best regarded Regional Government regions in NS! By now, you've probably been bombarded by recruitment telegrams, we all understand how annoying they can be so I ask that you take the time to read this one last telegram because you have the opportunity to help build a long legacy of excellence, and diverse history in TDR!
About The Democratic Republic:
We are a region that emphasizes your political journey in regional government. Our goal is to foster a community that brings both skilled and new politicians into one government where they can interact, improve, and hone their political skills.
Why are we so great or different from any other region?
United in Diversity
Here in TDR we have such a diverse population of talented politicians that are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and so much more!
Coffee Shop Community
We have a tight knit community. We care for each, respect each other, and work together. We're not just players, but friends. This makes the experience in TDR so enjoyable!
Tons of Opportunity
Whether your goal is to get into the legislature, run for Consul, join the press, get nominated to the Supreme Court, serve in the cabinet, start a lobbying organization, serve as an advisor, or be on the electoral commission, this region gives you a platform to make a difference and gives you the opportunity to succeed!
So we hope you will join us, make a difference, and secure your name in the history books of the The Democratic Republic for years to come!
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