Silverdalean-Mal Visit[CLOSED]

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Silverdalean-Mal Visit[CLOSED]

Postby Legokiller » Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:47 pm

OOC: Collab with Malgrave

In the immediate aftermath of Malgrave's re-emergence into the international community, it was feared that the infrastructure of major population centres such as Epping would struggle to cope with the new influx of arrivals, however, in this case, the tendency of Malgravean engineers to think in the long-term and their inherent desire to over engineer practically everything led to that part of the process going forward without much of a problem, although certain buildings did have to be remade with the taller inhabitants of the region in mind.

Yet as Epping and other population centres in Malgrave seamlessly began interaction with the international community the same couldn't be said for the Malgravean government, as decades of isolationist policy had led to the nation having no real expertise on the area of foreign policy, and so for a brief period of time, Malgrave stumbled around the international community without much direction.

It was this relative lack of experience that was causing the current Prime Minister some concern, with the Minister of Finance nervously pacing in the study of the Prime Minister's residence, a room filled with bookcases filled with books on a variety of subjects from the history of the nation and the ancestors to books on various scientific fields and a fair few on economics and social welfare policies.

"You needn't be so nervous about this entire affair, Nadzieja," Claudia said with a smile as she lounged back on one of the armchairs present in the study, the Minister of Science & Engineering casually reading a book on the history of the electronics industry.

"I am a simple academic, Claudia. I don't have an extensive background in dealing with people like my predecessor. What says that I can build an alliance with this new Silverdalean President." Nadzieja said, continuing with her pacing.

"...well you aren't a simple academic but one of the most well-respected experts on economics and social policy in the world and you got into that field because you wanted to help people, remember? You said that if the state can't ensure that everyone in society is afforded a basic standard of living then it doesn't deserve to call itself a state, plus well I heard the new President is a bit of a fan of technology so perhaps she'll like the fact that one of the most premier experts that the Niels Bohr Academy has ever produced is here as well." Claudia said with a wink returning to her book when she noticed the Prime Minister calm down.

"...yes I suppose you are quite correct," Nadzieja said with a smile as she stopped pacing and instead waited for the arrival of the Silverdalean delegation, the President-elect was scheduled to be guided to the small study room as soon as she arrived, a little different compared to the grand welcome that one would receive during important holidays but day-to-day diplomacy was a tad more basic as the focus was on getting stuff done as opposed to celebrating.

President-Elect Miranda Songbird gulped as she anxiously walked down the hallways of the building. Not only her little handheld device may be hijacked by Claudia, but this is the first time she visited Malgrave to meet the Prime Minister. Thankfully she did mark some notes in her handy notebook she wrote down, alongside the now Secret Service who swore to protect her nearby! Not to mention some tips from her fans.

As Miranda Songbird arrived at the studied room, she gave a right angled bow to the Prime Minister and smiled at the two. “Heya! I’m Miranda Songbird. President Elect of Silverdale!” She then coughed. “Or president if you fancy yourselves to call me that. It’s a delight to meetche.”

Nadzieja and Claudia both bowed in the traditional manner, with the latter having to rise briefly from their seat to perform the greeting before returning to their previous seated position.

“Comrade President,” Nadzieja said in manner of introduction, “I understand that I congratulated you in the message that I had sent earlier but I wish to extend my personal congratulations to you on your election victory. I understand that it can be quite a daunting prospect leading your people, especially during such a crisis but I believe that the Silverdalean people picked a rather excellent choice to lead them through this troubling time, and I am hopeful that the friendship between Silverdale and Malgrave can continue to grow, and well that is one of the reasons that Claudia is at this meeting.” Nadzieja said gesturing towards the Minister of Science & Engineering.

Claudia gave a short wave to the President upon hearing her name, “Yes, Comrade President. I have to say that I followed your career with some interest before you entered the political field, as someone that is involved in the progression of the electronics industry I was rather impressed in your streams and so I did dispatch some of the more advanced computer parts being made by MalTec,” the Malgravean said rather nonchalantly, “I just know that quite a few in MalTec here are hopeful that your admiration of technology will make it easier for companies such as MalTec to get involved in the Silverdalean market.”

“Why thanks Claudia.” Miranda gave a friendly love sign gesture to Claudia. “I did find the MalTec RAM and liquid nitrogen cooling system to improve my computer’s performance twice. Not to mention the nifty quality of life and user friendly smart microwaves.” She then moved on. “I believe that it’s one step to build our nation’s friendship to become closer as both economic partners, but as allies in this troublesome time. I am aware of the vile threat that posee against the country at first hand and this crisis will require both of our countries to see it through.”

“It is quite important for folks like me in the scientific community to have quite an advanced microwave as well we’re not exactly known for being talented cooks or having the time required to cook a large meal,” Claudia said making a few motions on her MalTec device in order to display her timetable for the day, with the Minister packed with responsibilities due to her role in government and her duties within the Ancestral Study Group and Free Democratic Youth plus her own personal science experiments, “I understand that streamers such as yourself suffer from a similar predicament, and as I found your streams to be quite relaxing and conductive to my research I thought that it would only be reasonable to assist with your working rig.”
Nadzieja nodded along in agreement with the eccentric Science Minister, although the Prime Minister wasn’t that familiar with the technical sides of the MalTec exchange that had happened between her colleague and the newly elected Silverdalean President she did understand that promoting such exchanges would be beneficial for the economy of both nation's.

“I understand that Silverdale is going through a rather troubling period with the reports of increased monster attacks and a resulting shock on the logistical supply chain, and I can say that the Malgravean people stand ready to assist their Silverdalean allies deal with this emerging crisis. I am hopeful that the assistance that we’ve dispatched has worked to alleviate any immediate short-fall and that the procedures in regard to rationing and calming the populace sent to your predecessor has worked to help the situation, however, we do also have some other assistance in mind.”

Claudia nodded along with the Prime Minister jumping into the conversation once again to explain the more technical side of things, “It is quite important to maintain strong and reliable communications with those that will be directly impacted by the weather and potential monster attacks, furthermore, these people must have suitable intelligence on their surroundings. It is why we have repositioned a few of our communication satellites over Silverdale and we’ve also dispatched some old MalTec Puffins to Silverdale. Now these are rather old communication devices but they are incredibly reliable and have the ability to send a broadcast signal where other forms of communications such as a simple radio would fail.”

“Silverdale will appreciate the support from Malgrave, and shipment of MalTec Puffins. Now, I am aware that the first impacted states will have the most difficult time to calm down and ensure the safety of our people. I know that it’ll be a great challenge as the federal government will need to direct such efforts.” Miranda then looked at the two. “Given how useful the MalTec Puffins may be relied upon for such efforts for evacuation in case the crisis becomes dire.”

Nadzieja frowned at the negative assessment of the situation from the Silverdalean politician, although news that the Silverdaleans would appreciate the MalTec Puffins was encouraging the dire state of mood in the Republic was quite obvious.

“It is my understanding that remote communities in the direct line of this incoming disaster should be evacuated as a precautionary measure, as well delivering supplies to a dozen remote communities and these strange foreign isolated housing units is a far more difficult proposition as to delivering supplies to a few major settlements.” Nadzieja explained to the President.

“I believe they are called villages, Nadzieja, they are somewhat similar in scope to the border residential zones of Tillingham formed to support the local mining industry, although less dense and efficient in scale and with poor access to public transportation.” Claudia explained to the Prime Minister

“What is the point of building a settlement that doesn’t have access to a high-speed railway line? I mean public works are essential for the growth of any ec...ah yes I am getting quite distracted,” the Prime Minister said looking at her notes again to focus herself, “I believe that the evacuation of these outer regions will be required, however, in Malgrave we tend to believe that there isn’t a situation that can’t be solved with engineering and science.”

Claudia nodded in agreement with the Prime Minister, “It would be quite prudent for an international scientific investigation to be conducted into the cause of this unfortunate incident and the methods that can be used to contain it, as for the engineering side of things I only received a small bit of training from the TDF but I believe that a series of fortified defensive lines should be constructed to assist any military operations in the region, although I am unfamiliar with what fortifications already exist in that region of Silverdale.”

Miranda gave a light laugh. “Well, it’s like a civilization game. A first time play through of one, you cannot imagine how a settlement will develop overtime with the nearby resources. So many villages in the Icy Coast for example envision a place to huddle from long trips at sea, to rock and mineral mining, and well to raise entire families. It’s been like that for many generations over thousands of years in those rookeries and other villages.”

Miranda then coughed. “But as our intelligence knows that the Icy Coast will face an increase of monster attacks first, there are already existing fortifications. Villages either use natural ice sheets as cover, to entire snow to stone walls to protect themselves from the cold. Of course, Penguin City itself is a citadel of massive stone walls and ice fortifications that was built to protect the city itself. Similar large cities have stone walls in their old original size, while New Snowdale demolished most of their walls. Now… I do doubt that old civil war era bunker lines are in any way effective. Most are in a state of disrepair or reused for civilian recreation. There’s the Igloo, but that’s more of an underground military faculty.”

Nadzieja thought for a few moments on the situation, “It might of developed in that manner in the distant past due to the limited technology of the time and the existence of smaller tribal states but surely it would be more efficient for these people to move to a large population centre in order to enhance the provision of public services.”

“I believe that some people like living in small villages, Comrade Prime Minister as they prefer the quiet environment as compared to the bustle of a city, plus these people also lack the automation that we have present in our agricultural and mining sector and require people to be physically nearer these workplaces as opposed to just within commuting distance, a factor which is hampered by the lack of high speed rail transport.”

“In that case I think that the research produced on the efficiency of getting rid of such population centres wouldn’t really apply to Silverdale, although in the short-term it would be prudent to evacuate these smaller locations near the troubled regions in order to prevent needless strain on Silverdalean resources.” the Malgravean Prime Minister said allowing her colleague to take over on the subject of bunkers.

“I am not a particular expert in the realm of field fortifications, however, I do understand that a capable company of engineers can perform the required repairs and improvements to these civil war bunkers that should make them more effective in these ongoing operations, although if they aren’t in the immediate area of these monster attacks they can be a reduced priority and just worked on by a smaller number of people.”

“It is believed in Malgrave that engineering is a solution to a wild manner of problems so we have quite a large number of people that can be sent to Silverdale to assist local engineering efforts to improve existing defensive networks and construct new infrastructure wherever it is needed.” Nadzieja explained to the Silverdalean President

“The army’s Engineer Corps should be able to construct new ones and use the old bunkers as needed. Frankly, we may need good lines closer to the major cities as we may lose ground fast.” Miranda then mused about what her history classes and books mentioned about the war. Then the kid who was built into it mentioned something about it. “Although, we have to improve them if we wish to use them properly. The Rubydaleans used a massive network of bunkers to fight off the Ice Monsters at Noelledale, and close to the coastline in the Southern end of the Icy Coast. I think it was poor supply, poor design, and unable to man them in time was the fall of Noelledale.”

“If these bunks have previously been utilised to fight against monster attacks then they should provide a rather sufficient platform to construct additional defences,” Claudia said quite pleased about the information she had received from the Silverdalean President, “In addition with the assistance of orbital imagery and UAV’s local artillery and combat aircraft and helicopters should be able to get precise targeting information to hit these monsters from a considerable distance, although on that front I have to ask if the Silverdaleans have access to rocket artillery as such a heavy saturation will have quite a positive impact according to the studies that I have read on the subject.”

Nadzieja nodded in agreement with her Minister, “I am afraid I didn’t serve in the Territorial Defence Force, however, as I mentioned earlier I understand the importance of evacuating these isolated communities, especially remote scientific installations and to assist such people I offer the assistance of a small SIS unit to escort these people to safety.”

“There is the likelihood of such rocket artillery in the Silverdalean army. Granted, I’ll have to discuss that with the general staff once I arrive at the capital.” Miranda said. “They have far more experience in that as I have never served in the army before. Regardless o f that, such an offer will be approved.”

“It would be quite fortunate if the Silverdalean Army contained these rocket pieces, as I said earlier they are quite capable of saturating a target area with a large number of munitions and that can be increased by employing cluster targets with enchanted fragments, with perhaps fire or acid being favourable additions.” Claudia said making an internal note to have the analysis of the different type of creatures spotted on the field sped-up and the results sent directly to teams in the field, “It is noted that such platforms often suffer from poor accuracy, however, MalDef and MalTec worked together on a project a few years ago to improve the efficiency of older rocket artillery platforms and provide them with much-needed guidance, and such systems can be delivered to the Silverdalean.

“If you are worried about the costs of such system then I can assure you that MalTec will be supplying these systems at cost, and said cost will be deferred until at least ten years after the completion of this crisis to ensure that all Silverdalean resources can be spent on other areas,” Nadzieja explained to the Silverdalean President, “Malgrave should also be able to provide a sum of 200 billion dollars over the next twenty-years to help finance Silverdalean reconstruction efforts and provide a boost to any post-event public works project to revive the national economy and revive national spirit.”

“You're very generous with such an offer and a long term plan to help rebuild Silverdale after this crisis.” Miranda then looked wary about the offers. “I’ll make sure that such resources won’t go to waste, and build Silverdale to become lighter and well advanced. Of course, as friends, is there anything Silverdale would have to pay in return in the near future?”

“In Malgrave we have a term that I am certain you may be familiar with called social solidarity? It has become quite broad in its usage over the years but it means that we look out for each other and ensure that nobody is struggling and that notion applies to foreign policy, as what is the point of hoarding wealth when another nation needs assistance? It is a portion of our international development budget, however, I will also direct state-owned companies such as MalTec and MalTra to offer more flexible long-term funding arrangements when dealing with Silverdale in the future, as well profiting from a disaster is rather anti-Malgravean,” Nadzieja told the Silverdalean President using some of the experience that she had picked up as the Minister of Social Solidarity, “As for repayment? Nothing. Malgrave isn’t offering this scheme as a loan but merely as an extension of already existing international development spending. If honour dictates a trade, however, then I suggest an athletic, cultural and intellectual festival to take place involving Silverdale and Malgrave. It can involve contests in sports, cultural pursuits and engineering, scientific and magical contests and the hosting can switch between cities in Malgrave and Silverdale.”

“Hoarding of wealth is a rather mad fairy scheme if you asked me.” Miranda retorted. Sure, a small ‘jab’ at Fluffykins for her relationships with the fairies, longside her father too, to help grow the economy despite some fishy loans got people to the nation in trouble. “Of course, as us Silverdaleans do respect our ways of harmony and friendship, such generous gifts have to be returned by our level of generosity and kindness. I understand such agreement for cultural exchange, to agreements for an Regional Sports games can be established in the future. Silverdale and its people are quite old like say the tallest and oldest tree, but we do have enough modern products to magical knowledge that can enrich Malgrave. Like say becoming a techno game wizard skills, or druidic knowledge.”

“I understand that as the newly elected President of Silverdale you have an obligation to ensure that no nation or corporation takes advantage of the Silverdalean people during this unfortunate crisis, however, I can assure you that the idea of profiteering during such a time goes against some of the core principles of the Malgravean people but I do suggest performing a rigorous check of any dealing to ensure that a fair offer is being made as I don’t think everyone would be as willing to provide everything at cost value and forgo profit since foreigners tend to be rather addicted towards it,” Nadzieja explained before quickly adding, “...not that all foreigners like to see profits but yes I think Claudia would be better suited to talk about the festival.”

“I am quite familiar with the notion of establishing a festival to celebrate engineering and scientific innovation. As Chair of the Free Democratic Youth and Minister of Science & Engineering I have been responsible for overseeing the Masters of Tomorrow which takes place on multiple levels from the city, region and then onto the national level. I believe that this existing competition could be improved upon by adding an international level, and perhaps with time other nation's outside of just Silverdale and Malgrave can take part? I then imagine that the Masters of Tomorrow formula could also be applied for athletics, cultural events and the showcasing of ancestral abilities which others refer to as magic.”

“It would certainly benefit our aspiring scientists and engineers to get an understanding of the workings of the Silverdalean mind, as well we have found that through contact with foreigners that we’ve been able to get a firmer grasp on certain concepts,” Nadzieja said, “I imagine that your scientists and engineers will also be quite excited to look at the work being produced by their Malgravean counterparts.”

“We call it magic in Silverdale.” Miranda said. “Something I may know or not, if you caught my… drift!” Miranda then got goofy as she used a magic trick to cause a few pink marbles from her pocket to spin around in middle air and made a goofy grin. She then threw it away back in her pocket. “Now, I believe many Silverdalean scientists and engineers would be keen to participate in such an event as the Masters of Tomorrow. Our people did impress many with the creation of video games to other technologies in Mystria.”

“It is quite an interesting display of your ancestral abilities, Miranda,” Nadzieja said not knowing how to respond to the rather eccentric display, “I believe that the organisers of the Masters of Tomorrow will be pleased to learn that they’ve got an additional level of competition to organise in the future, and perhaps we’ll see some interesting collaborative efforts between Silverdalean and Malgravean groups in the future.”

“It seems like something that you can use to your advantage,” Claudia said as she looked at the trick, “I am something of an expert in pranks myself but I imagine that I would get a lot further with some magical assistance, perhaps cause Primus to get all red in the face again but then that is rather easy since you just have to tease him or his wife.”

“I think you should leave discussions of pranking to another day, Claudia” Nadziea reminded her counterpart before focusing on the subject matter at hand. “Is there any of which Silverdale is struggling at the moment? It would be prudent to meet these immediate concerns before they are worsened by the crisis.”

“Oh that display of ability?” Miranda seemingly rolls with the ‘ancestor power’ term. Which can be true in a literal sense. “An easy trick to pull off. But I have changed my hair style, to ‘special effects’ magic that is almost real. So, I guess we can do a little prank on Primus.” She lightly joked.

Miranda then thought about the ‘immediate’ concerns of her nation. In truth, she and her administration is in the process to become the established rule once Fluffykin’s elective officials roles have transfer power. “It’s difficult to tell at this moment in time Nadzieja. I’ll inform you if there is anything critical that needs to be filled beyond munitions and refugee centers for our people to find safe harbor in Malgrave for a small time.”

“I can assure you that we’ll be able to assist with the request for munitions, especially the required technology to improve any old pieces of rocket artillery that you have. Malgrave is quite well stocked for moments such as these due to our history,” Claudia remarked allowing the Prime Minister to talk about the refugees as she moved onto another subject, “In addition to that I also suggest that plans are made for the dispatching of foreign troops. I know that the SIS can provide quick and immediate assistance to outlying outposts but I understand that the Royal Marines are quite well-prepared for defensive engagements and would work quite well assisting Silverdalean troops on the ground.”

“I am unfamiliar with how Silverdaleans would feel about foreign troops being deployed in their country, however, the Royal Marines are a highly trained and experienced force that have bolstered defensive lines across the region,” Nadzieja explained further, “In terms of helping refugees we’d be glad to assist the settlement of Silverdalean refugees. Just how many do you predict will be created by this crisis?”

Miranda gave a worrisome grimace. “Please note that this is my rough estimate, so don’t quote me over an official statement from the federal government. Just in case I made a grave error. Now, here’s my best and generous prediction: it’ll be about two million, if not more, that may be displaced from this crisis.”

“Just two million?” Nadzieja said internally going through the numbers that she was aware of back when she was just the Minister of Social Solidarity, “In that case we should be able to safely home all of these refugees safely in residential complexes in both mainland Malgrave and the Research Colony, and we will have our own Ministry of Health and relevant department's coordinate with their counterparts in Silverdale to ensure that everyone receives the best of care moving forward.”

“That’s the best estimate. If the Silverdalean rerfugeement management system weren’t overburdened and people decided to flee to somewhere else to be far away. Not to mention the loss of major cities was not a factor. This isn’t some occupation army, but a monster horde more interested in freezing people to death.” Miranda said.

“It would be prudent to plan for that particular outcome even if we wish to try and work towards avoiding it,” Nadzieja said with a solemn nod, “In that case I believe Malgrave is quite uniquely prepared to handle a Silverdalean refugee crisis as we’ve been building a rather constant stream of housing units since the 1930’s and have an ample number of residential properties available. I’d have to check the numbers but I believe that we could handle a tripling of the numbers of refugees so 6 million people overall.”

“I suppose that would be reasonable. Of course, Silverdale would be cooperating with such efforts, and aid with the resettlement program back home. We do care for our folks, and we won’t abandon them.” Miranda said.

“I understand the importance of wishing to provide for you people during their time away from the homeland,” Nadzieja said, “In Malgrave we still feel some shame for those we left behind in the old homeland and the oppression that they suffered under the thumb of the...well such a term doesn’t really translate well into common.” the Prime Minister added.

“It is a rather odd phrase to translate into common but well the old Dornalian phrase about punching the tyres doesn’t translate well into Ancient.” Claudia quipped repeating one of her favourite terms, “...but yes as Minister of Science and Engineering and Lead Scientist of the ASG I will be glad to help.”

“Ouch.” Miranda cringed. “Now that’s an awkward translation.” Miranda knew what Nadzieja was about to spill the beans on her view of the imerian folks as oppressors. That would be a serious controversy right there if the public heard that! Still, she snapped back into gear! “Now, I am grateful for such aid Claudia. Once this crisis is over, we should get the lives of many Silverdaleans return back to normal. Like how spring grows when winter retreats.”

“It is a viewpoint that we are ever-present to change, as well you cannot be a good scientist if you have preconceived notions and that should extend to people and other cultures,” Nadzieja said feeling rather awkward, “I hope that such a foundation can forge the strengthening of ties between Silverdale and Malgrave in the future.”

“I understand that Silverdaleans quite like music produced here in Malgrave and our animated showcases, and well we do like Silverdalean video games here in Malgrave.” Claudia said with a smile, “I haven’t really had the time to play games recently but I do like that new mobile game Penguin Land, those little things are quite cute.”

“Oh, that’s a fun one!” Miranda spoke up. “It’s quite customizable and very generous to give out so many items to build your own penguin colony. Like part of it is a disco theme iceberg.”

“I may have suggested some improvements to the game in terms of optimisation during the late game period,” Claudia remarked with a smile, “It is a rather relaxing experience though and despite my busy time schedule I have been able to keep up to date.”

“Why sure it is!” Miranda nodded. “You can’t believe how much pressure those tournaments can do to you!”
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