[ISSUE DRAFT] Are Citizens Bipolar Or Influenceable?

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[ISSUE DRAFT] Are Citizens Bipolar Or Influenceable?

Postby France Europe » Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:04 am

This is the first time I write a draft, tell me what you think. Thank you.

[title]Are Citizens Bipolar Or Influenceable?

[validity]Only for nations with elections

[desc]Your Press and Media Secretary has pointed out to you the glaring differences in results between different pre-election polls and at different times, and it seems that the @@DEMONYMPLURAL@@ do not make up their own minds about the candidates, but the country of Potentiar seems interested in these elections.

[option]it's an information war! These Potentians are clearly trying to influence the honest @@DEMONYMPLURAL@@ on social networks and create fake news to make us lose the election, your Home Secretary and closest campaign advisor is outraged. You must collect evidence and condemn the actions of this country, even if they may no longer buy our @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ products.
[effect]the proverb "to influence is to enslave" is the most famous motto.

[option]What are you talking about, interrupting your biggest opponent and man whom your advisors suspect of having made a deal with the Potentians, you insinuate that the @@DEMONYMPLURAL@@ are weathervanes incapable of forming their own opinion? I'm asking you to take care of your own campaign, and first of all, I get support from whoever I want, no matter who it is and how far away they live.
[effect]citizens are booing the leader after reading on FakeBook that he doesn't understand his own speeches.

[option]And how about turning this event to your advantage, proposes a former minister haunted by countless corruption scandals? We could offer the Potentians a great trade deal, and ask for their digital help in exchange, and you'll win the election by a landslide.
[effect]social networks are invaded by the photo of the leader kissing a kitten.

[option]Hey, leader, maybe you should just put your main opponent in jail, recommends @@RANDOMNAME@@@, one of your unlimited admirers! This way, these scandalous cases of foreign political interference will be quickly forgotten and the @@DEMONYMPLURAL@@@ will be able to choose their leader arbitrar...uh freely! Also,, you would be sure to win these elections.
[effect]everyone freely chooses the same and only candidate.
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The State of Hejaz
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Postby The State of Hejaz » Sat Sep 26, 2020 6:11 pm

It's a good issue.

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