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Alegeharia Debates

Postby Alegeharia » Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:56 pm


The Issue:
When the police recently used a main battle tank to stop a robbery in downtown Ichla’eon, many questioned whether the police should be buying up army surplus.

Option 3:
“Officer Friendly here appears to overestimate the logical potential for heavy weaponry in everyday law enforcement,” complains Chief of Department Desmond Sarloo while glaring at the tank outside your office. “Special weapons and tactics have their place in hostage negotiation and riot control, but they shouldn’t be deployed routinely. We should have heavily armed paramilitary police units, but they should be elites reserved for exceptional circumstances.”

Malik, King of Alegeharia Responds:

The Kingdom of Alegeharia
Il Tempo Reclama Tutto


Herein, The King Proclaims

I, Malik Velkari, the king of Alegeharia, Have decided to enact a policy where Para-military
services, weapons, and vehicles, will hereby require; proper training, vehicle certifications, and a
proper maintenance of an elite paramilitary force in the local police departments; such as: SWAT,
CIRT/CERT, on a governmental level, Militia’s and National Guard. Other Law Enforcement groups
must acquire and maintain licenses for paramilitary training and equipment.

Malik Velkari,
King of Alegeharia
L'amore Resiste a Tutti

Royal Castle Post Office,
44 Watchers Way, Ichla'eon, Alegeharia

OOC: Why oh why was this best option of the 4 cost me -3 civil rights :T
Leader Information:
Name: Malik Donovan Velkari
Age: 8 years old
Height: 4 Foot 3
Colors: Beige w/Gold, and Dark Red
Species: Tescorosso
Appearance: Here
Specials: Magical / Weapons
Story Information:
Country: Alegeharia
Politics: Democratic Kingdom
Current Time: Modern
Alegeharia wrote:"Il Tempo Reclama Tutto." - "Time Claims All"
Velkari wrote:"L'amore Resiste A Tutti" - "Love Endures Everythingl"
Leaders Equipment:
Head: Red Hood, Leather straps on top
Torso: Leather Curiass/Metal Strips
Hands: Leather Gloves
Legs: Knee-Cut Slacks
Paws: Leather Boots
Wings: Bare
Tail: Bare
Short Sword
Standard Sword
Hidden Blades

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