A Different World: Civilization's Dawn [IC|Closed]

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A Different World: Civilization's Dawn [IC|Closed]

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Civilization's Dawn

The sun rises on a new world- a world not like that you may know. Shattered by a catastrophic impact not long after the extinction of the dinosaurs, Earth is not as it should be. This impact, a star falling to earth, changed not only the shape of the world, but also her content; this star bore strange light and strange crystals, warping and altering the planet where humanity slowly arose.

You are one of the first tribes to form an actual civilization, a kindred of sorts that has banded together for survival. Men, not far removed from their primitive origins, but with the potential for so much more. Simple, unadulterated, and a story with as many branching outcomes as may be imagined.

The sun rises over many tribes, sons of vanished sires who have banded together for mutual defense and from bonds of fellowship. As it begins its journey up out of the west, the first tribe the sun gazes upon are the people of the Ainu. Their island home is said to stand far out to sea, a place of rolling hills and gentle grasslands where the wind walks wild. Rice grows plentifully near the pools that litter this region, and tubers may be dug from beneath the intermittent copses of tall firs. Blood-red ores of a provenance unknown to the Ainu can be found in the jagged cliffs that occasionally rise from the terrain. To their west and south tall mountains crown the sky, while the Mother Sea beckons to the east and rolling grasslands stretch away north.

Thence the sky-rider journeys over the lands of the Warclyfe, a folk who make their homes beneath the canopy of giant mangrove each as tall as a dozen houses. Veins of sun-colored stone may be found in the stream-beds of their tropical home, though their exploitation is made dangerous by the languid lurking alligators that patrol the mires. Hunting is good in this land, however, for small flightless birds the height of a man's waist can be found in great flocks that have little sense of self-preservation roaming hither and thither. To the west of the home of the Warclyfe high peaks rise swiftly, and on all other sides they glimpse naught save the azure sea.

In late morning light falls upon the homes of the Deepkin, workers of stone and soil who make their homes in a cavern beneath the roots of a great gnarled tree as old as time itself in their legends. Between scattered copses of trees and over amber grasslands they hunt mighty buffalo for their sustenance, drawing water from a river that meanders not far from the roots of their Mother. Green herbs that cheer heart and heal limb can be found flourishing in shadowy bowyers here, and sundrop metal is found in the cliffs by the riverside. Blood-red nodules of unbreakable stone can be found growing in the water here at times as well, which glow with an unearthly light when night covers the sky. From east to west the river runs, flowing from great woodlands unto great woodlands, a facet of the terrain which is repeated also to the north. To the south the amber grasslands stretch infinitely.

Anon the sun strides over the homes of the men of Corvus, whose small campsite atop a local hillock affords them an almost unparalleled view of the rolling plains about them. Endless acreages of pallid grain can be found within a minute's walk from their new settlement, though roaming packs of wolves with sandy skin that blends into the sunlit sea have proven a danger to lone foragers. Their food supplies are supplemented by hearty yams which grow in the shade of their hill, and the loping gazelle which migrate through this region frequently. On all sides save the east they are surrounded by this amber sea, but away east the land slopes upward swiftly into frowning mountains.

Near on her journey the sun also stares down on the Aederfolk, kinsmen who live near the banks of a shady river between sparsely scattered trees on an immense ocean of green. Ghost-white grasses which sing in the wind songs to warm the heart grow here, and twining reeds whose essence is a sweet nectar that fills the senses with heady joy sprout from the banks of the twisting river. Otters also play amidst the reeds, a source of pelts and meat for the swift and cunning. The coterie of plant life and animals is rounded out by humble deer, who hide in the small thickets from rare predators. Away to the west of the Aederfolk the trees grow close and hot, a steaming jungle, and east the land grows drier and harsher, trees disappearing almost altogether away from the watercourse. From west to east flows the river, and to both north and south the band of lush savanna is unabated.

Khortuun is the name the kindred the sun next gazes upon, men who make their nest next to a vast rift in the earth that yawns down into blackness. Their homeland is parched, barren, but innumerable streams dance down to the canyon, sustaining the lives of the folk who make their homes there. White crystal that hums with a strange resonance as men approach can be found here and there in the cliffs, and beautiful copper of great worth may be found upon the scorched ground about the canyon with ease. The people mainly subside upon hardy beans that grow in abundance near the canyon's edge, brown in hue, and by harvest large fleshy mushrooms which sprout in the caves which blanket the nearby landscape. The chasm is but an extension of the lands nearby, great snowcapped peaks falling from north, east, and west into the rift valley, a valley of dry bones and the great canyon which runs away southward.

In a similar vein but reversed live the People, the Manisaharu. On the heights of great peaks they cling to existence, making their homes in shadowed crags upon the mighty mountain, tending the shaggy yaks which also inhabit these heights as their brothers and the source of much of their sustenance. The shadowed peaks where snow falls frequently, even in summer, overlook cool eastern forests where mighty pines grow to great size, and are put part of an immense mountain range that marches endlessly westward, and also north and south. Small bright purple berry blossom near the snowline, known as the Breath of Ice to the Manisaharu, holding in them a cleansing essence which can turn back many spirits of disease and rot. Gleaming gray-dun metal marks the slopes nearby, something the People have yet to use, but suspect is of great value. Great snow leopards, dangerous but solitary, also walk these peaks, and are held in great respect by all of the tribe.

Altogether different than the canyon dwellers are the kindred of Machaka, who dwell in a deep dark forest where a black river runs. These tribesmen are cursed, or blessed, to live near spiders roughly the size of a man, or larger, who they worship, hunt, and fear at times. Glittering silver can be found in these midnight woods, which the people prize for its ability to capture the light of the moon, and for the ability to attract great white panthers who sometimes aid travelers beset by the arachnids. Heavy black stones may also be found here, that are of particularly strange provenance. The forest river gathers here from many sources, and runs away east, into even deeper forests. To the north the woods turn cold and are even more forbidding, and to both east and south the forest stretches endlessly. To the west alone do the trees appear more seldom, and is some open country to be found.

The Huanca make their homes in tall hills amidst a steaming jungle, the radiant warmth of their home a constant companion, the sun's face rarely seen but her radiance constantly felt. They dine on a repast of round tubers they term potatoes that may be found growing in abundance on their elevated hillsides, and rely on the pelts of the alpaca that roam this region for clothing. Fluffy white seeding plants can be harvested on the slopes of their homes, and the rust-colored ores that are to be found here are also an opportunity for the future. Through their lands from north to south a river flows, falling in great cascades from humid peaks, and running away into interminable swamplands and jungle depths. To the east the jungle also continues, but west the land grows dry and gasping, and the Huanca do not go that way, for the hot sun there shines unhindered by cloud or shade.

The next tribe the sun sees are named the Huang, a folk that live along the Jade River and fish her depths. Immense shoals of silver riparian beasts may be dragged from the depths here, and activity most Huang enjoy, alongside their chewing of a bitter root which is said to give vitality and long life. Water buffalo with mighty curving horns they hunt upon occasion, when the tribe has need of meat that does not taste of mud, and fine blue-gray stone outcroppings litter this region. Southward their river opens upon a mighty sea, and to the east, while northward the trees and warm sun grow hot, a grassland becoming a jungle. Westward rolling acres of green beckon.

As the sun sinks downward in her journey, she comes upon the people of the Riverlands, a quiet folk who live at the mouth of a quiet river. They make their homes in dense stands of oak trees that cover the river in leaves during autumn, and chew on husks of the maize that grows here when their gleanings have not been sufficient for their needs, which is almost never. Beautiful veins mark the stones near the river in orange and yellow, and waving stands of fragrant golden flowers are found rarely in the heart of the copses which occur in this grassland. From west to east their river flows, emptying into a great shimmering sea. West and south grasslands roll, but north the oaks grow numerous and close together, crowding out the light.

When the day is ended and the moon rises, the sun finishes her travels in the lands of the Pennenthelli. They live too along the banks of a river, which flows up out of the south before emptying into the eastern sea. Sundrop ore is found here as well, and beloved for its luster by the Pennenthelli, prized alongside the beautiful red wood of the firs that grow here sighing in the wind. Great red rubies found rarely in the river's wash are ornaments the kindred here adore, though to hunt them is perilous - sinuous creatures with eyes of shadow and forked tongues hunt in the shallows after the unwary, a danger to all who walk these lands...

And so the sun sets, and then rises anew, a fresh day of Civilization's Dawn.

The Saladonian Band, itinerant traders and merchants, are travelers upon the face of the world. On verdant plains they roam with their heavy sledge laden with useful goods, near vast herds of wild horses, and hunting boars that make their homes eating tubers from this soil. Their sledge is heavy with valuable native copper ore, and they have discovered that a short distance north and a slightly longer distance east a tribe named the Machaka make their homes.

The Hesukar Band, great warriors and men of faith, wander the frozen north. They are hardy folk, accustomed to trials and overcoming them. Great arctic wolves, tamed and domesticated into shaggy dogs with snow-white and black pelts, trot alongside the band, their allies. Near the fringe of the northern Arctic vortex they roam, with boreal forests to both east and west, and the taiga north. South warmer plains beckon. The cold plains they roam now are often covered in shaggy herds of mammoths, hunted by great cave lions. Immense lizards, each as long as a man, also burrow in these frozen plains, spitting balls of fire at those that approach their dens.

The Varruk Band lives on a wide cool plains, beneath the arms of warding mountains. To the east and south the Mountains of the Sky rise, forbidding and cold, watchers of the hunters and nomads who flourish beneath their arms. To both the north and the west the wide plains of golden grass roll away in a great sea which seems to stretch forever. The Varruk are masters of horses, having tamed the mighty beasts, and occasionally even dare to ride them bareback, though the beasts take ill to this imposition from all save Varruk himself. In this land which they call their own bright blue flowers of fair flax flourish, and green malachite can be found beneath the foothills. Amber winter wheat grows wild in great stands throughout the countryside, and gorgeous white limestone protrudes in great outcroppings from the bones of the earth.

The Nirari Band, nomadic hunters with impressive bows of horn and heartwood, also roam the lands of the changed world. They walk now the light forests of the sun, where chestnuts grow, the great grizzly bear walks, and malachite may be found. Their numbers are less than those of more sedentary tribes, but their ability to live off of the fat of the land is unparalleled, and their singing arrows have downed many who thought to best them with sheer numbers alone. Their story, too, is one of a Civilization's Dawn.
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Jungle: Giant Mangroves, Crocodiles, Child Birds, Native Copper | 2 Mud-Daub Huts (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), Mud-Daub Smokehouse, Tes'la Shrine
(9) Bo (M, S, 58) | Lu (F, S, 57) | Manu (M, Wa, 55) | Vinta (F, W, 55) | Ing (M, Sc, 51) | Carn'e (M, Sc, 33) | Hem'y (M, S, 31) | Buf'lo (M, W, 22) | Yo'rk (M, W, 18)
58 Bones, 56 Hides, 59 Feathers, 1 Native Copper, 2 Timber, 3 Planks, 1 Smoked Meat
2 Beaten Bronze Axes, 2 Self Bows, 1 Small Hide-Sail Raft (12/13)
Knowledge: Archery, Boardmaking, Sailing, Smoking, Midnight Bush Comprehension, Breadfruit Comprehension, Copper Smelting, Saponification, Primitive Medical Care
Arcana: School of Electromancy, Electromantic Storage, Electromantic Attunement, Tesla Forging, Electromantic Entrapment
Southwest: (Jungle) Breadfruit, Child Birds, Native Copper
West: (Mountains) Granite, Breadfruit, Midnight Shrubs

Kharbarinth: Plains (River-EW): Buffalo, Native Copper, Medicinal Herbs, Redstone | Palisade around Mother Tree (Tier 1), Packed Stone Longhouse (Tier 2: 15 Occupants), 3 Small Cracked Stone Huts (Tier 2: 3 Occupants), Copper Preservation-Spelled Granary-Cave [5/12] (12) (10 Grain), Small Cracked Stone Cairn
Copper Growth-Spelled (17) Small Einkorn Field (11), Copper Growth-Spelled (18) Immense Squash Planting (9), Blueberry Planting (1), Copper Growth-Spelled (19) Chestnut Grove (4), Copper Growth-Spelled (20) Small Barley Planting (2), Tiny Winter Wheat Planting (1), Domestic Pig Herd (13), Growing Maize Planting (3)
(22) Jarn (M, S, 56) | Maria (F, S, 56) | Petyor (M, Wa2, 58) | Varya (F, W, 58) | Istvan Hammerhand (M, W, 48) | Adrius Silverbreath (M, S, 42) | Natalya Silverbreath (F, W, 36) | Anna Starwearer (F, S, 32) | Gunnar Axebearer (M, Wa2, 29) | Turol Greeneye (M, W, 26) | Cynthia Axebearer (F, W, 24) | Valerie Greeneye (F, W, 22) | Lorik (M, Trained, 21) | Laika (F, Sc, 20) | Ulf Starwearer (M, W, 19) | Adorjan Hammerhand (M, Trained, 19) | Emilia Silverbreath (F, S, 17) | Vanka Hammerhand (F, 11) | Maria Hammerhand (F, 11) | Bella Hammerhand (F, 10) | Silverbreath Child (M, 7) | Axebearer Child (F, 5) | Axebearer Child (F, 2) | Greeneye Child (M, 1) | Axebearer Child (F, 0) | Greeneye Child (F, 0)
46 Bones, 47 Hides, 3 Medicinal Herbs, 2 Smoked Meat, 4 Medicinal Poultices, 1 Bronze Ingot, 3 Wood, 4 Cracked Stone, 6 Tin Ore, 2 Charcoal, 10 Native Copper, 1 Coal, 2 Meteoric Iron Shards
2 Copper Knives, 1 Flint Work-Blade, 2 Copper Axes, 1 Bone Atlatl, 3 Copper Sickles, 3 Self Bows, 1 Copper Carpentry Tools, 2 Bronze Pickaxes, 1 Bronze Hammer, 1 Bronze Knife, 1 Bronze Sledgehammer
Stalheim: (Plains - River EW) Meteoric Iron, Deer, Pigs | Woven Straw Hut (Tier 1: 3 Inhabitants)
Growing Einkorn Planting (3), Tiny Squash Planting (1), Small Chestnut Grove (2), Healer's Hand Planting (2)
(11) Lindin Wanderer (F, W, 39) | Tanya Sunscion (F, W, 33) | Ivan Sunscion (M, Wa, 31) | Aleksander Wanderer (M, Sc, 29) | Mikhael (M, S, 24) | Mila Sunscion (F, 12) | Celia Wanderer (F, 9) | Sylvia Wanderer (F, 8) | Sunscion Child (M, 4) | Wanderer Child (M, 2) | Sunscion Child (M, 1)
7 Hides, 7 Bones, 3 Wood, 2 Charcoal, 3 Meteoric Iron, 3 Medicinal Herb, 1 Smoked Meat
2 Self Bows, 2 Copper Sickles, 2 Copper Spears, 1 Copper Axe, 2 Flint Work-Blades
Knowledge: Alloys, Arboriculture, Archery, Bronzemaking, Smoking, Medical Poultices, Primitive Carpentry, Charcoalmaking, [Barley Blueberry Squash Chestnut Maize] Comprehension, Tin Smelting, Copper Smelting, Cold-Working, Cereal Domestication, Milling, Fracture Mining, Horticulture, Glyphs, Granaries, Sandcasting, Selective Harvesting [Einkorn 3][Squash 1][Chestnut 1], Sickles, Spearthrowers, Mortaring, Reed-Pulping, Threshing
Arcana: School of Runecrafting, Rune of Preservation, Copper Runecasting, Rune of Growth
North: (Forest) Boar, Shimmersheep, Healer's Hand
Northeast: (Forest) Boars, Cassiterite, Healer's Hand
East: (Forest River-EW) Native Copper, Cinnabar, Hot Springs
Southeast: (Plains) Bison, Thermal Springs, Cinnabar
South: (Plains) Bison, Squash, Wolves
Southwest: (Plains) Oxen, Native Copper, Squash
West: (Forest River-EW) Oxen, Native Copper, Medicinal Herbs
Northwest: (Forest) Elk, Jade, Apples
North of North: (Plains) Cassiterite, Brown Mushrooms, Boars
North of Northeast: (Plains) Shimmerstone, Cassiterite, Boars
East of East: (Forest Rivers SW-EW) Wolves, Deer, Starmetal
Southeast of East: (Forest River - SN) Blueberries, Barley, Starmetal
Southeast of Southeast: (Plains - River NE) Granite, Cotton, Blueberries
South of South: (Plains) Llamas, Bison, Galena
Northwest of West: (Forest) Salt, Coal, Medicinal Herbs
North of Northwest: (Forest) Jade, Beavers, Chestnuts
East of East of East: (Plains - River EW) Meteoric Iron, Deer, Pigs | Stalheim

Plains: Dappled Wolves, Wheat, Yams, Gazelles | Dugout Shelter with Fenced Entrance (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), Dugout Shelter (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), (3/4) Large Stone Dugout Shelter (Tier 2: 7 Occupants), Small Storage Cavern [0/12] (), 2 Hide Tents (Tier 1: 2 Occupants, Portable), Large Stackrock Shrine
Dappled Wolf Pack (8), Large Wheat Planting (7), Goat Herd (1)
(13) Corvin (M, Wa, 53) | Cavon (M, S, 53) | Juna (F, W, 53) | Ceston (M, Sc, 49) | Corvan (M, Wa, 33) | Juvon (M, S, 32) | Janon (M, W, 29) | Jana (F, W, 28, Gravely Ill) | Lopen (M, W, 25) | Cara (F, W, 25) | Lia (F, S, 21)| Cora (F, 11) | Child (F, 4) | Child (M, 3) | Child (M, 0) | Child (F, 0)
48 Bones, 41 Hides, 1 Nightmetal, 1 Crimoline, 3 Cassiterite, 1 Laterite, 1 Coal, 2 Ropes, 1 Malachite
2 Slings, 2 Copper Work-Blades, 1 Copper Pickaxe, 1 Composite Bow, 1 Simple Bow
North: (Plains) Wheat, Dappled Wolves, Sabercats
Northeast: (Mountains) Coal, Wheat, Yams
East: (Mountains) Shale, Cave Bears, Mountain Apes
Southeast: (Desert) Quartz, Foxes, Shale
South: (Plains) Foxes, Reeds, Birch
Southwest: (Plains) Nightmetal, Cassiterite, Cotton
West: (Plains) Wheat, Yams, Native Gold
Northwest: (Plains) Wheat, Yams, Chestnut
North of North: (Mountains) Malachite, Coal, Pears
East of East: (Inland Lake) Coconuts, Manticores, Native Silver
East of East of East: (Desert) Galena, Kangaroo Rats, Coconuts
Southeast of East: (Desert) Melange, Quartz, Tremors
Southeast of Southeast: (Plains) Shale, Emeralds, Cougars
Southeast of South: (Desert) Shale, Foxes, Carnelian
South of South: (Plains) Cotton, Laterite, Raspberries
South of Southwest: (Plains) Maize, Wildcats, Goats
East of Southeast of Southeast: (Plains) Horses, Sundews, Cougars
South of South of South: (Mountains) Peppers, Crimoline, Falcons
South of South of Southwest: (Jungle) Monkeys, Capybara, Marble
West of North of North: (Forest) Malachite, Boars, Shale
E/E/E/SE: (Plains) Galena, Emeralds, Oilplants
E/E/SE/SE: (Plains) Sphlaterite, Sundew Flowers, Silverfish
S/S/S/S: (Plains) Sunbirds, Greatshells, Native Copper
S/S/S/SW: (Mountains) Sunbirds, Peppers, Native Copper
S/S/S/S/S: (Plains) Barley, Fireberries, Greatshells

Knowledge: Alloying, Archery, Slings, Dappled Wolf Taming, Wolf Training, Furnaces, [Wheat 1] Selective Harvesting, Horticulture, [Copper Tin] Smelting, Smoking, Cold Working

The Aederfolk
Plains (River-EW): Sweetreeds, Ghostgrass, Otters, Deer | 4 Woven Huts (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), Small Mud-Daub Furnace (Cracking)
Small Barley Planting (2)
(14) Cyhr (F, S, 57) | Llyr (M, S, 57) | Gwynn (M, W, 55) | Oengus (M, Sc, 32) | Elatha (M, W, 29) | Finnabair (F, S, 27) | Daire (M, Wa, 25) | Carman (F, W, 21) | Creirwy (F, W, 21) | Annwn (M, 12) | Child (M, 5) | Child (F, 5) | Child (M, 2) | Child (F, 1) | Child (F, 1)
37 Bones, 41 Hides, 1 Wood, 1 Smoked Meat, 3 Iron Ore Sand
4 Bone Spears, 4 Spearthrowers
Mountains: Mountain Goats, Magnetite, Taro | 1 Woven Hut (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), 2 Thickhide Woven Huts (2/3) (Tier 2: 3 Occupants)
Goat Herd (5), Tiny Taro Planting (1)
(8) Pywll (M, Sc, 50) | Sequana (F, W, 34) | Nimue (F, S, 31) | Midir (M, Wa, 31) | Child (M, 6) | Child (F, 6) | Child (F, 4) | Child (M, 3)
22 Bones, 16 Hides, 1 Iron Ore Sand, 1 Smoked Meat
3 Bone Spears, 3 Spearthrowers
North: (Plains) Barley, Fireberries, Greatshells
East: (Desert - River WE) Malachite, Papyrus, Sweetreeds
South: (Plains) Ghostgrass, Deer, Diamonds
West: (Jungle) Brightstone, Magnetite, Jaguars
North of North: (Plains) Sunbirds, Greatshells, Native Copper
East of East: (Desert - River WE) Carp, Papyrus, Limestone
South of South: (Plains) Stonefruits, Ghostgrass, Deer
West of West: (Mountains) Rocs, Magnetite, Obsidian
Northwest of West: (Mountains) Obsidian, Volcanic Fissures, Pineapples
East of East of East: (Desert - River WE) Gazelles, Salt Flats, Papyrus
South of South of South: (Plains) Stonefruits, Deer, Sheep
West of West of West: (Mountains) Mountain Goats, Magnetite, Taro - 2nd Settlement
E/E/E/E: (Desert Rivermouth - WE) Gazelles, Crocodiles, Quartz

Knowledge: Alloying, Spearthrowers, Advanced Flint Knapping, Smoking, Charcoalmaking, Primitive Childbirthing, Ghostgrass Comprehension, Goat Taming, Furnaces, Glyphs, Goat Taming, Milling, Sugarmaking, Sweetreed Comprehension, Primitive Horticulture, Reed-Pulping, Pulp Papermaking, Pig Iron Smelting

Desert (Rift Valley): Brown Mushrooms, Black Beans, Chill Berries | Mud-Daub Walled High Cave (5/6) (Tier 1: 15 Inhabitants), Mud-Daub Walled Cave (Tier 1: 10 Inhabitants)
Tiny Secluded Mushroom Cavern (1), Vast Black Bean Planting (8), Small Brown Mushroom Planting (2), Camel Herd (4), Growing Prickly Pear Planting (3), Small Ropegrass Planting (2)
(14) Harro (M, Sc, 57) | Kadima (F, Wa, 57) | Wylla (F, S, 58) | Matha (F, W, 56) | Zebas (M, S, 55) | Ohan (M, W, 36) | Yantewe (M, Wa, 36) | Seypelli (M, S, 35) | Ykka (F, W, 30) | Ginnem (M, Sc, 24) | Namsut (F, S, 16) | Child (M, 8) | Child (M, 5) | Child (M, 3) | Child (F, 1) | Child (F, 1)
29 Bones, 26 Hides, 3 Rope, 1 Copper Ore, 1 Flint, 1 Humming Crystal, 2 Obsidian, 2 Wood
2 Flint Work-Blades, 1 Flint Spear, 3 Slings, 1 Flint Pickaxe, 1 Obsidian Spear, Bone Flute
Knowledge: Basketweaving, Horticulture, Copper Smelting, [Chill Berry Humming Crystal Obsidian] Comprehension, Slings, Camel Taming, Fungiculture
North: (Desert-Rift Valley) Humming Crystals, Native Copper, Black Beans, Brown Mushrooms
East: (Desert) Twisted Green, Abominations, Chillberries
Southeast: (Desert) Abominations, Zaprats, Chillberries
South: (Desert) Azure Lichen, Brown Mushrooms, Dunescrub
Southwest: (Desert) Obsidian, Dromedaries, Prickly Pear
West: (Desert) Striding Lizards, Black Beans, Obsidian
East of Southeast: (Mountains) Shifting Cliffs, Galena, Cherries
South of South: (Desert) Brown Mushrooms, Giant Fossils, Salt Flats
West of Southwest: (Mountains) Ropegrass, Graphite, Flax
South of South of South (Desert): Giant Fossils, Mountain Apes, Stunted Date Palms
S/S/S/S: (Inland Lake) Coconuts, Manticores, Native Silver

Mountains: Healthberries, Snow Leopards, Yaks, Cassiterite | Large Cave, (Tier 1: 12 Occupants), Small Cave (Tier 1: 4 Occupants), Yak Herd (5)
(12) Asav (M, Wa, 29) | Kashish (M, Wa, 26) | Ida (F, S, 28) | Amidan (M, W, 32) | Keta (F, S, 30) | Josha (M, W, 28) | Kara (F, Sc, 29) | Grishti (F, Sc, 25) | Child (M, 5) | Child (F, 4) | Child (F, 3) | Child (F, 1)
26 Bones, 29 Hides, 1 Flint, 1 Smoked Meat
2 Flint Work-Blades, 2 Flint Spears, 2 Bone Spearthrowers
Knowledge: Yak Taming, Spearthrowers, Smoking, Spinning, Medicinal Poultices, Milking, Tin Smelting
North: (Mountains) Obsidian, Snow Leopards, Healthberries
South: (Mountains) Healthberries, Marble, Cassiterite

Temperate Forest (River-E): Spiderlings, Moon Panthers, Native Silver, Galena | 1 Mud-Daub House (Tier 1: 7 Occupants), 2 Mud-Daub Huts (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), Palisade (Tier 1)
Growing Tuber Planting (3)
(13) Kwanza Azikiwe (M, Wa, 57) | Furaha Eze (F, S, 57) | Tambo Okonjo (M, W, 53) | Obi (F, W, 52) | Rashid Onwuatuegwu (M, W, 35) | Jumah Akinjide (F, S, 33) | Mosiya Okafor (M, Wa, 27) | Alaya Luwayo (M, Wa, 15) | Child (F, 11) | Child (F, 8) | Child (M, 8) | Child (M, 5) | Child (F, 1)
58 Bones, 52 Hides, 2 Flint, 3 Timber, 1 Smoked Meat
3 Flint Work-Blades, 6 Flint Spears
Knowledge: Tuber Comprehension, Advanced Flint Knapping, Simple Childbirthing, Simple Mathematics, Primitive Pottery, Smoking, Horticulture

Jungle (River-NS): Potatoes, Alpaca, Cotton, Hematite | 7 Mud-Daub Huts (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), Godspole, Considerable Potato Planting (5), Alpaca Herd (3)
(16) Koyakusi (M, S, 55) | Achik (M, Wa, 54) | Jaylli (M, W, 52) | Ninan (F, W, 56) | Ynti (F, Sc, 50) | Athern (M, S, 46) | Sandsong (F, S, 35) | Inkaurqu (F, W, 29) | Taruka (M, S, 25) | Alys (F, Sc, 19) | Llaska (F, Wa, 15) | Yauri (F, W, 15) | Wayna (F, S, 15) | Izhi (M, 12) | Amaru (F, 5) | Child (M, 1) | Child (F, 0) | Child (F, 0)
70 Hides, 69 Bones, 72 Alpaca Wool, 1 Cotton
North: (Mountain River-S) Alpaca, Potatoes, Cherries
Northeast: (Mountains) Alpacas, Potatoes, Cherries
East: (Jungle) Alpaca, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite
Southeast: (Jungle) Blasted Gold Meteor, Alpacas, Basalt
Northwest: (Mountains) Shifting Cliffs, Galena, Cherries
South: (Jungle River-NS) Jaguars, Anacondas, Water Buffalo
Southwest: (Desert) Native Gold, Wild Horses, Monitors
West: (Desert) Wild Horses, Hematite, Galena
North of North: (Mountains) Potatoes, Cherries, Azurium
East of East: (Mountains) Lapis Lazuli, Garnierite, Protorice
South of South: (Jungle River-NS) Rubbertree, Anaconda, Bananas
West of West: (Desert) Jackals, Wild Horses, Malachite
East of East of East: (Mountains) Protorice, Cave Bears, Garnierite
South of South of South: (Plains River-NS) Water Buffalo, Galena, Silverfish, Bitterroot

Knowledge: Archery, Clothmaking, Cotton Harvesting, Horse Taming, Horticulture, Potato Comprehension, Alpaca Taming, Shearing, Spinning, Weaving

Plains (River-NS): Water Buffalo, Galena, Silverfish, Bitterroot | Large Stackrock Shrine, Large Mud Daub Hut (Tier 1: 7 Occupants), 2 Mud-Daub Huts (13) (Tier 1: 3 Occupants), Small Mud-Daub Furnace
Small Jadegrass Planting (2), Tiny Cotton Planting (1), Tiny Potato Planting (1)
(23) Tao (M, S, 53) | Qing (M, Wa, 51) | Ming (F, S, 55) | Yan (F, Sc, 53) | Luoyang (F, W, 52) | Han (M, W, 32) | Chao (M, W, 32) | Tang (M, S, 29) | Song (F, W, 27) | Xiaotong (M, S, 28) | Hua (F, W, 26) | Qin (M, Wa, 24) | Xiang (F, S, 19, Ill) | Lan (F, Sc, 16) | Xing (M, Wa, 16) | Mei (F, 10) | Lin (M, 10) | Child (F, 9) | Child (F, 9) | Child (M, 5) | Child (M, 4) | Child (M, 3) | Child (F, 2) | Child (M, 1)
64 Hides, 59 Bones, 1 Medicinal Herb, 2 Wood, 1 Smoked Meat, 1 Hematite
2 Bone Spears, 3 Self Bows, 1 Composite Bows
North: (Jungle River-NS) Rubbertree, Anaconda, Bananas
Northeast: (Jungle) Rubbertrees, Peaches, Galena
Southwest: (Plains) Sphalerite, Sundews, Silverfish
West: (Plains) Galena, Emeralds, Oilplants
North of Northeast: (Jungle) Blasted Gold Meteor, Alpacas, Basalt
South of Southwest: (Desert) Saguaro, Dandelions, Marble - Barbarians
West of Southwest: (Plains) Horses, Sundews, Cougars
West of West: (Desert) Emeralds, Galena, Shale
North of North of Northeast: (Jungle) Alpaca, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite
North of Northeast of Northeast: (Mountains) Protorice, Garnierite, Lapis Lazuli

Knowledge: Archery, Charcoalmaking, Composite Bows, Smoking, Medicinal Poultices, [Jadegrass Potato] Comprehension, Tuber Domestication, Furnaces, Horticulture, Selective Harvesting [Jadegrass 2], First Inklings of Sericulture

The Riverlanders
Plains (River-EW): Oaks, Maize, Native Copper, Sundrop Flowers | Cabin (2/4) (Tier 3: 3 Inhabitants), Small Cracked Stone Furnace
Irrigated Large Maize Planting (7), Considerable Tomato Planting (5)
(16) Magnus (M, S, 56) | Eliana (F, S, 56) | Katrina (F, W, 56) | Bronwen (M, W, 56) | Varin (M, Sc, 53) | Fiona (F, W, 34) | Anduin (M, W, 31) | Flynn (M, S, 16) | Harris (M, Wa, 16) | Karl (M, W, 14) | Adelia (F, 12) | Lydia (F, 12) | Morgan (F, 10) | Child (M, 2) | Child (M, 0)
2 Native Copper, 3 Giant Pearls, 1 Copper Spearhead
4 Copper Work-Blades, 2 Copper Axes, 2 Copper Pickaxes, 1 Copper Spear
North: (Forest) Monolith Beeches, Dun Fliers, Native Copper
East: (Coast) Giant Clams, ???, ???
Southeast: (Plains) Fieldmice, Tomatoes, Clover
South: (Plains) Tomatoes, Oaks, Clover
Southwest: (Plains) Granite, Deer, Plains Lion
West: (Plains River-NE) Oaks, Maize, Sundrop Flowers
Northwest: (Forest River-NS) Monolith Beeches, Native Copper, Bluebells
North of Northwest: (Forest - River NS/NES) Bluebells, Muskoxes, Silver
South of Southeast: North: Plains (River-SE): Firs, Native Copper, Shadow Serpents, Rubies
South of South: (Plains) Clover, Flashfoxes, Limestone
South of Southwest: (Plains) Granite, Diamonds, Plains Lion
West of West: (Plains) Oaks, Bluebells, Leafy Greens
North of Northwest of Northwest: (Forest) Tribe!
South of South of Southeast (Plains - River SN) Tribe!

Knowledge: Archery, Copper Smelting, Sandcasting, Horticulture, Selective Harvesting [Maize 2], Furnaces, Sundrop Comprehension, Primitive Medical Care, Mortar, Mudbricks, Thatching, Tomato Comprehension, Irrigation

(Plains - River NS) Firs, Strawberries, Flax | 5 Hide Tents (Tier 1: 2 Occupants, Portable), Graven Wooden Statue, Small Mud-Daub Furnace
(11) Auvnan (M, S, 51) | Henimen (M, Wa, 52) | Jenwin (F, Sc, 50) | Latozar (M, W, 51) | Ronan (M, Wa, 32) | Ahleth (M, S, 27) | Hervath (M, W, 20) | Tauhlor (M, Sc, 17) | Ellyn (F, W, 17) | Venvild (F, W, 17) | Child (M, 1)
44 Hides, 40 Bones, 1 Iron Shards, 1 Copper Ingot, 2 Native Copper, 5 Wood, 1 Smoked Meat
2 Flint Axes, 3 Flint Spears, 1 Sling, 5 Flint Work-Blade, 4 Self Bows, 3 Bone Harpoons, 3 Reed Baskets
Knowledge: Furnaces, Slings, Advanced Flint Knapping, Medical Treatment, Copper Smelting, Sandcasting, Smoking, Archery, Basketmaking
North: Plains (River-SE): Firs, Native Copper, Shadow Serpents, Rubies
Northeast: (Shallows) Amber, ??, ??
East: (Plains) Oaks, Malachite, Rubies
Southeast: (Forest) Mallorns, Chestnuts, Malachite
South: (Plains River NS) Pumpkins, Black Bears, Flax
East of East: (Coast)
East of Southeast: (Forest) Malachite, Kaolinite, Bobcats
South of Southeast: (Forest) Chestnuts, Bobcats, Malachite
South of South: (Plains River SN) Meteoric Iron, Pumpkins, Raccoons
East of East of Southeast: (Forest) Malachite, Kaolinite, Oaks

The Nirari Band
4 Hide Tents (Tier 1: 2 Occupants, Portable)
(8) Niun (M, Wa, 47) | Lilitu (F, Sc, 46) | Melein (F, W, 48) | Tyris (M, W, 30) | Isrid (M, S, 30) | Varys (M, Wa, 27) | Anku (F, Sc, 22) | Child (F, 0)
6 Hides, 8 Bones, 2 Wood
2 Composite Bows, 4 Bone Spears, 2 Self Bow, 4 Hide Cloaks, 1 Bone Armor
Centered: (Forest) Mallorn, Chestnuts, Malachite
West: (Plains River NS) Pumpkins, Black Bears, Flax
Southwest: (Plains River - N) Pumpkins, Raccoons, Meteoric Iron
Northwest: (Plains River - NS) Firs, Strawberries, Flax - Pennenthelli
South of Southwest: (Plains) Unicorns, Seedgrass, Malachite
South of South: (Forest) Chestnuts, Grizzlies, Malachite
Southwest of Southwest: (Plains) Malachite, Mudstone, Raccoons
West of West: (Plains) Firebore Bees, Clover, Black Bears
West of Northwest: (Plains) Firs, Strawberries, Rubies
South of South of South: (Forest) Grizzlies, Chestnuts, Malachite
South of South of Southwest: (Mountains) Coneflowers, Garnierite, Snow Wolves
South of Southwest of Southwest: (Mountains) Alpacas, Potatoes, Cherries
Southwest of Southwest of West: (Mountains) Alpacas, Potatoes, Chickens
Southwest of West of West: (Plains) Chickens, Cherries, Malachite - Nirari
West of West of West: (Plains) Firebore Bees, Black Bears, Cherries
S/SW/SW/SW: Jungle (River-NS): Potatoes, Alpaca, Cotton, Hematite - Huanca
W/W/W/W: (Plains) Cherries, Onions, Chickens
SW/SW/W/W/W: (Desert) Twisted Green, Abominations, Chillberries
W/W/W/W/NW: (Plains) Onions, Mountain Lions, Cinnamon

Knowledge: Archery, Primitive Horticulture, Primitive Medical Treatment

The Saladonian Nomads
1 Hide Tent (Tier 1: 2 Inhabitants, Portable)
Horse Herd (10)
(8) Varrus (M, Sc, 47) | Fara (F, S, 47) | Lana (F, W, 45) | Anatoly (M, Sc, 28) | Chana (F, W, 23) | Adney (F, W, 19) | Matilda (F, 12) | Edwin (F, 12)
2 Bones, 2 Native Copper, 2 Wood, 2 Fireclay
1 Sledge, 2 Fired Spear, 1 Self Bow, 8 Hide Cloaks, 1 Grasswoven Basket, 2 Copper Spears
Knowledge: Copper Smelting, Coldworking, Basketmaking, Horse Taming, Horse Training, Pottery, Archery, Dry-Curing, Sandcasting, Sledges
Centered: Plains (River-NW): Serviceberry Trees, Tubers, Alfalfa
East (Plains): Large Ground Squirrels, Tubers, Horses
Southeast (Plains): Boars, Horses, Tubers
South (Plains): Blackberries, Pigs, Fireclay
Southwest (Plains River SN): Rattlesnakes, Sphalerite, Alfalfa - Saladonians
Southeast of South: (Plains) Boars, Pigs, Teosinte
South of South: (Plains) Sphalerite, Fireclay, Pigs
South of Southwest: (Mountains) Seedgrass, Sphalerite, Alfalfa
Southwest of Southwest: (Mountains) Pears, Seedgrass, Galena
West of Southwest: (Plains) Alfalfa, Pigs, Seedgrass
Southeast of South of South (Mountains): Bogs, Malachite, Boars
South of South of South: (Desert) Fireclay, Sphalerite, Bauxite

The Hesukar Band:
Wolfhound Pack (9), 2 Hide Tents (Tier 1: 2 Occupants)
(8) Kulbathos (M, Wa, 46) | Brayva (F, W, 45) | Thrunnos (M, Wa, 46) | Wanderer (M, Wa, 35) | Garlock (M, Wa, 25) | Avari (F, Wa, 19) | Kraal (M, W, 17) | Laksos (M, W, 16)
2 Copper Ore, 2 Hides, 2 Bones
3 Bone Spears, 2 Flint-tipped Bone Spears, 4 Bone Armor, 1 Flint Spear, 1 Flint Knife
Knowledge: Wolf Taming, Wolf Training
Centered: (Plains) Cave Lions, Aurochs, Native Copper
North: (Taiga) Mammoths, Cave Lions, Fire Drakes | Stackrock Shrine
South: (Forest) Foxes, Sulfur, Native Silver
Northwest (Boreal Forest): Mammoths, Monolith Firs, Quartz | Stackrock Shrine
South of South: (Forest - River NS) Elk, Foxes, Orangefish
South of South of South: (Forest - River NW) Elk, Orangefish, Sheep | Stackrock Shrine
Southwest of South of South: (Forest - River ES, River WS) Strawberries, Spiderlings, Silver | Enhanced Stackrock Shrine
Southwest of Southwest of South: (Forest - River WE) Tribe!
SW/S/S/S: (Forest - River NS/NES) Bluebells, Muskoxes, Silver - Hesukar
SW/S/S/S/S: (Forest River-NS) Monolith Beeches, Native Copper, Bluebells

The Varruk:
Horse Herd (5)
(3) Varruk (M, Wa, 28) | Omya (F, Wa, 22) | Salaya (F, S, 20) | Child (F, 0)
1 Timber, 1 Stone
Knowledge: Horse Taming, Horse Training
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Postby Elerian » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:07 pm

Llyr ran fast as he could. He carried a large stick in one hand for balance, and used the other to swat away branches in his path. Cyhr rode on his back laughing. Llyr's feet were clever and sure as he ran down the narrow trail towards the great river. A large puddle crossed their path, and he leapt over it with a great amount of effort. Llyr's breath was beginning to come in huffs and heaps, but Cyhr beat his belly with her feet.

"Faster! Faster!" she yelled gleefully.

His feet pounded on the path more slowly. They could now hear the coursing river that lay ahead, but remained hidden. Soon though, the trees thinned, and the brush went away to reveal a vast embankment. The sapphire waters flowed before them, beautiful and fierce. It was a unremarkable season for the Aederfolk, and yet it still felt like the start of something new and grand. Cigfa and Gwynn worked hard, Pwyll wandered, Llyr and Cyhr enjoyed each other's company, and there was little in the way of trouble. There were no children as of yet. The lack of young ones meant it was relatively quiet but they managed to be quite prosperous. The Aederfolk could ask for little more than what they had.

Cyhr (F, Scholar) - Investigates uses of the Ghost Grasses
Llyr (M, Scholar) - Investigates Alternate Methods of Spear Throwing and Tries for Child with Cyhr
Cigfa (F, Worker) - Begins Fashioning a Shelter
Gwynn (M, Worker) - Gather Ghost Grass for Food and Tries for Child with Cigfa
Pywll (F, Scout) - Scouts North
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Postby Novas Arcanum » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:45 pm


The rainy season had ended and the sun's sweet rays of golden honey shined through the clouds that jealousy covered the heavens. Liu Tao was the first to awaken. He knelt down near the cool waters of the Yu River and saw his reflection. A bright face was his. He cupped his hands downward and drank the elixir of life, feeling revitalized and whole once more. He watched the skies and saw birds in flight from the verdant and lush forests of the east. These lands were known to his people has Zhongguo. The Liu Clan was one of many Huang clans that had settled in the eastern edges of the world. They lived has their ancestors had hunting and singing, under the stars, under Heaven itself. Yet Liu Tao was not like his father before him and his father. He was going to lead his clan into a new era, something that had not been accomplished since the awakening itself. He thought of the long pathway that laid before his clan and people. He turned his head has the other members of the clan had arisen and got to work has their ancestors had before them.

Liu Qing was the second to awaken. He was strong and confident, he had jet black hair the color of night and intelligent eyes shining with creativity. He hunted the beasts of the land and fished in the Yu River. Only a fool would think that hunting was a mindless and simple endeavor to know and hunt one's prey required strategy and ingenuity two skill sets that Liu Qing excelled at. Liu Tao approached Liu Qing with an interesting proposition.

" I believe that our people would benefit if we preserved the bounties that Heaven bestows on us, please bring me any excess meat and allow me to dry it out in the sun preserving the food so that we can be prepared for the troubles that are sure to come." Liu Tao said to Liu Qing. To not prepare for the future was foolish Liu Tao had come to learn this at his age.

Liu Qing simply nodded."Of course, I'll be sure to do that."

Meanwhile, Liu Yan had traveled were verdant green hills beckoned. She was always a free spirit and loved exploring the far reaches of the world. She wondered what she would see in her journey to the west.

Meanwhile Liu Ming began her study of the beasts known has the water buffalo that grazed on the lush grasses near the Yu River.She was simply fascinated by these beasts and she wanted to learn all she could about them. Liu Ming knew that there was something more to them then met the eye. She would find out by observing their behaviors and allowing them to become used to her presence keeping a respectful distance between her and the herd while studying them from afar.

Liu Tao (Scholar,18)Male: Investigates ways to dry and preserve food.
Liu Qing (Warrior,16)Male: Fishes and hunts game.
Liu Luoyang (Worker,17)Female:Constructs a mud daub hut.
Liu Yan (Scout,19) Female: Explores the far reaches of the world,traveling westward.
Liu Ming (Scholar,20) Female: Studies the Water-Buffalo observing their behaviors and allowing the herds to get used to her presence.
*Liu Tao and Liu Ming make sweet,sweet love with the goal of bringing a child into this world.*
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Postby Lazarian » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:53 pm

Corvus: Year One

As the sun rose, the citizens and men of the Corvus tribe emerged from the tents, ready for another day in their new home. It had been an arduous journey to reach this place, but after countless days traveled, they had found it. A suitable place to settle down and found an enduring home. The tallest of the men, Corvin (Warrior), took a deep breath of the fresh air and smiled. Second son of his father, he was a strong young man of 20 years (though the Corvus people had no such concept). His appearance was quite similar to the others of his tribe - a man with red hair and fair (though tanned) skin. However, he was well-muscled and scarred from many hunts.

Their small campsite atop the mesa had gave them a beautiful view of their lands. A gentle breeze brushed the thin stalks of grain which surrounded them, an ocean of life. The crimson sunrise was a gift from their God, the Great Spirit. The crows had guided them here - they had read the signs, and followed the paths of the birds to a land of plenty. Going over the mountains to the east had been treacherous, but their struggle had finally paid off.

Exiles from their former tribe of hunter-gathers, they had united around Corvun as a visionary leader. Their former tribe had been on the verge of collapse, due to a bitter power struggle between two leaders. Corvun had conspired with his family, and they had left in the dead of night, vanishing from what they once knew. Corvun spoke of a life of stability, of existence without moving from place to place, and his four followers had left their former lives behind to follow him. Tragically, he was an elderly man, and he had passed away during the long journey. However, his sons and their families were prepared to carry on his legacy. His eldest son, Cavon, (23, Scholar) considered himself to be a capable successor to his father. Much like his father, there was a spark of intelligence behind his eyes that few of his tribesmen shared.

Their wives followed behind them, emerging from the tents and rubbing their eyes. Casa (22, Worker), and Juna (20, Worker) had followed their husbands away from the tribe, willing to stake a claim to a new life. They had discovered the yams which had grown in the shade of the hill, and were looking forward to the successful completion of Corvun's bold claims. The last member of the tribe was Corvun's youngest son, Ceston (17, Scout). Thinner and faster than his brothers, with the sharp eyes of an eagle, he was sent West with a long and sharp stone in hand to discern what lied in that direction. Their first priority was to build a shelter that would provide more than their flimsy tents of skins and stick upon the hill, as well stockpile a supply of food for the winter and foreseeable future. Cavon suggests that the yams could be divided and planted, and that for every one they eat, they plant several more.

Corvin (Warrior): Hunts gazelle, protects tribe from wildlife.
Cavon (Scholar): Investigates replanting and propagation of yams.
Casa (Worker): Harvests yams. Attempts to have child with Corvin.
Juna (Worker): Begins creating dugout shelter. Attempts to have child with Cavon.
Ceston (Scout): Scouts West.
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Postby The GAmeTopians » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:55 pm

The Riverfolk, at the Mouth of the Riverlands

The soft purr of the river flow, and the rustling of the oak trees give life to an otherwise silent grassland. The Riverfolk are settled under densely packed branches amid clumps of trees, giving them protection from the night rains and occasional storms. A campfire burns in a small clearing by the riverbank - two figures sit huddled there, a man and a woman. They seem to be fiddling with some strangely colored rocks, and using various wooden contraptions to hold them over the flame.

“Hmm… It seems to become softer when held over the flame, but it is also too hot to touch… and it doesn’t always become soft. Maybe it has to be at a specific part of the flame?” The man ponders, mulling over this phenomenon. With a slight rustle of the grasses behind them, another figure approaches, carrying an armload of maize, berries, and other edible goods.

“Here’s today’s haul on my end. Katrina headed towards the treeline to the north, but she’ll be back by sundown.”
The man plops his hard work down onto the ground in the clearing, pulling out a clump of berries and munching on it. He quietly observes the pair of would-be scientists silently as they return to their task, smiling. He mutters to himself,
“Perhaps we are stumbling on the dawn of something new. A better era for our children and our children’s children. But that remains, to be seen, I suppose…”

Magnus (M, Scholar) - Experiments with heating loose rocks of the orange and yellow ore over a campfire, trying to melt and shape it (Copper Smelting, First Attempt)
Eliana (F, Scholar) - Assists Magnus with melting the yellow and orange stones (Copper Smelting)
Katrina (F, Worker) - Gathering food for the clan, a mix of maize and any other edibles available.
Bronwen (M, Worker) - Gathering food for the clan, a mix of maize and any other edibles available.
Varin (M, Scout) - Scouting the region to the west, along the river.

Magnus and Eliana try for a baby.
Bronwen and Katrina try for a baby.
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Postby Theyra » Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:43 pm


As the sun finally rose over the jungle and peered though the thick canopy. Laid the Huanca people, a small tribe that only recently is now lead by Koyakusi. For before the Huanca came to settle in this jungle that they call Talagua. They used to live with a much bigger tribe elsewhere that fell to infighting and disease. Koyakusi's grandfather led him and a few others away unitl they settled in Talagua. Koyakusi's grandfather was the tribe's wisemen and the Huanca reliyed in his guidance. When he died, Koyakusi having been taught by his grandfather, he became the new leader of the Huanca. Koyakusi regularly visits his grandfather's grave and occasionally prays for guidance.

The Huanca now are busy at work in their new home. Achik their strongest takes to hunting and defends his fellows from harm. Jaylli collects the abundant round tubers they now call potatoes for them to eat. While Jaylli works to build a house for them and their youngest Ynti with her adventurous spirit takes to exploring the lands around Talagua. Heading down south to see where the river takes her and wonders what lies beyond their home. In the meantime Koyakusi has several options before him. Though he was curious about the alpaca and possbilly taming the creatures and how they can use the rust-cover ores. The fluffy white seeding plants took priority as they woundered the most about their uses. So he took to studying them and as the sun sets on the Huanca. They work and sleep knowing that they will surivce in this new land that call their home.

Koyakusi(M,Scholar,20) - find a use for the fluffy white seeding plants
Achik(M,Warrior,21) - hunt alpacas for food and defend the village
Jaylli(M,Worker,20) - gathers potatoes
Ninan(F, ,Worker,22) - begins building a hut
Ynti(F, Scout,19) - explores south

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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:15 pm

The Age of Awakening

Second of Riversturn, Reckoning Age One

Petyor's arms ached, and he lowered the gore-spattered weapon for a final time before sighing deeply. The matriarch was barely stirring now, senescent with the pain they had inflicted, no longer struggling. He waved the young woman forward, and the lithe scout darted in, placing the crude stone blade against the prominent vein in their quarry's throat. It was a moment's struggle to plunge the less-than-sharp rock through layers of neck-muscle and throat-fat, but then the crimson ran free and swiftly, and the last breaths of the great beast began.

"Blessed be the workings of the Maker. Blessed be your return to the earth, beloved of the Shaper."

The warrior's words were barely audible to the younger hunter, spoken out of habit more than emotion, the customary thanks to a beast which had given its life so the tribe might live. The Father had placed man in dominion over all of his creations, the Mother woven them into the tapestry, but that did not mean it was theirs to destroy and despoil. Sylvia bowed her head too for a brief voiceless prayer to the Mother, and then glanced up at the riverside cliff that stood nearby.

Into the waters of the First River the thick life-blood of the mighty grazer ran, and slowly Petyor's awareness returned, adrenaline of the hunt subsiding. They had pursued the elderly beast all the way across the southern plains to the very banks of the waters that gave the Deepkin their home, and the Mother Tree was visible not far in the distance. At least that would make hauling their kill back less difficult than would otherwise be the case.

It was a terrible thing, the slow bludgeoning death that they had to inflict on these majestic beasts. It was the way they had always hunted though, the way of their fathers and their fathers' fathers. Perhaps one day a wise man or clever woman would discover a better way, but Petyor did not set his heart on such things heavily. His was the role of the rock, the stolid foundation, as firm as the bones of the earth. Jarn, the dreamer, his way was to see beyond the horizon and out into the stars. So it had been ever since they had been young in the village, and now they were old, leaders where their sires now embraced the stones once more.

Jarn was laboring over the cookfire when the two hunters returned with the great beast slung over their shoulders, handfuls of ground herbs steaming on a lattice of sticks, his mate at his side.

"Good hunt?"

The words of their leader were clipped, sharply spoken, exacting. It spoke to the mind of the man that gave them voice as much as it said anything about the content of the sentence.

Petyor merely shrugged.

"Just another hunt."

Jarn (Male, 20, Scholar) labors to refine the Healer's Hand
Maria (Female, 20, Scholar) explores methods of smoking meat
Petyor (Male, 22, Warrior) hunts bison in the nearby wilderness
Varya (Female, 22, Worker) gathers Healer's Hand and flint, then knaps some hand-blades
Sylvia (Female, 16, Scout) hunts bison alongside Petyor
Jarn and Maria are seeking a child
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Postby The Empire of Tau » Mon Jul 20, 2020 11:40 pm

Age of Mythos, Dawn of Man.

The legacy of humankind starts now - its influence yet to be seen, for humankind is in its Zygote-stage of development. The peoples of Machaka, one out of many tribes scattered about in this unknown world, will see itself withstand the hellish environment of nature. Given the very small scale of activities and news, everything can be summarized in quick fashion. Kwanza went on his own to hunt for foodstuffs, targeting any easy catch that he could kill. Luckily, the God Forest and its spiders do not wander outside its dense forest too often, and if they do, then the arachnids are non-aggressive outside of its home, and normally returns to its forest quickly for whatever reason. Furaha, the local intellectual, more or less due to her interest then any inherent genes, foresees that better cutting tools, mainly the ones used to gather foodstuffs, will be needed, as to ease the labor. The rest (Musa, Pili, and Tambo), who are more built and a bit more bulker than the rest, are the workers of the Machaka tribe - years of hard labor tempering their body. Musa is out and about, gathering various foodstuffs to eat, with Phili and Tambo starting to build a shelter with stones, grass, and sticks, to cover themselves from the harsh elements.

Kwanza Azikiwe (M, Warrior) - Hunt for food.
Furaha Eze (F, Scholar) - Study methods on how to fashion better cutting tools.
Musa Boro (F, Worker) - Gather any edible foodstuffs
Pili Obi (F, Worker) - Start fashioning a basic shelter
Tambo Okonjo (M, Worker) - Aid Obi in building the shelter - tries for a child with Eze.
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Postby Olthenia » Tue Jul 21, 2020 1:56 am

The Canyon-Dwellers
Year 1

Harro touched his lips to the cool water, and felt sleep leave him. “Mh~” The cold made his lips tingle and teeth ache as he swallowed. It even numbed his throat. But eh. Better to wake up this way than by a foot to the ribs. His love for his fellows – for Kadima and Wylla and all the others – was as strong as rock; but that love could be mean at times. Especially from Kadima. When she kicked? Hell, Harro could have sworn he saw her smiling.

Behind him, faint sounds told him the others were waking also. As well they ought. The day had begun – and already the sun’s first rays had tinted the canyon peaks a glowing grey. Soon enough, it would be warm enough to venture out and search for the riches of this rugged, barren land; the bean and the mushroom that gladdened men’s hearts.

Time to rise.

The first to join him by the stream’s edge was Matha. An easy nod was all she gave in greeting. Harro did not mind her for it – the night’s sleep was still heavy on her freckled face. A simple pat on the shoulder was what he gave in return. And as she squatted, Harro rose, to let his calloused feet return him to the hearth-cave.

The sizzle of shroom-flesh on fire-black stone greeted him there. The scents of meals in the making. Sounds and smells of a Korthuun morning.

Harro (Male, 21, Scout) treks south, away from the canyon, to wander the lands beyond.
Kadima (Female, 21, Warrior) gathers beans in the barren wilderness along the canyon’s edge.
Wylla (Female, 22, Scholar) ponders the mushrooms. Can their skins be worn to ward off the cold?
Matha (Female, 20, Worker) harvests tall, ripe mushrooms, to feed hungry bellies.
Zebas (Male, 19, Scholar) considers the pale, humming crystals that dot the farthest caverns. What use might they be?

Wylla and Zebas try for a child. Harro and Matha likewise.
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Postby The National Dominion of Hungary » Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:02 am

The Pennenthelli

As a new day dawned, five fresh-faced youths rose from their sleep, crawling out of their fur and hide bedrolls and gazing across the land they had stopped in after many moons of travel away from their ancestral home in the Greatwood far away. Their kin had become too many to feed, and so the Elder Chief had decided that some of the young, the strong, clever and adventurous would take their clothes and their things and go, go make their own tribe in a far away land, starting a new heritage with it's lineage traced back to the people of the distant Greatwood. Avunan woke and looked around the campsite, situated in a woodland clearing in the shadow of a rocky, vaguely mushroom-shaped hillock near a small stream of crystal clear water, cold and fresh which eventually emptied into the great river that ran through this land. Kathildra stirred in the bedroll next to his own, the two had grown closer during their long travels across distant, foreign lands. Both of them sharp of mind with much inspiration, they had often found themselves sitting and talking late into the night sharing their dreams and their ideas, with each night, they sat closer and closer. Avunan could loose himself in those deep green pools that were Kathildra's eyes.

Farther away, Henimen and Jenwin woke from their rest in the large, shared bedroll. Their relationship had developed farther than that of Avunan and Kathildra, and sometimes their nightly exertions woke the rest of the little clan from their slumber, indeed, there was little room for privacy in their small camp. Henimen was the eldest among them, young and strong, golden-haired and covered in powerful muscles but he was not of the greatest wit which is why despite being a year younger, Avunan was the one making the decisions in the end. Jenwin was an adventurous soul, her fiery red hair gathered in a long braid and her blue eyes were of the same azure color as Henimen's. Jenwin would nearly always walk first as they traveled, her swift feet and strong legs carrying her forward while her eagle eye seemed to miss no detail. Henimen and Jenwin kissed each other and made ready for the day ahead, taking their spears, which were basically little more than long sharpened stakes whose tips had been hardened in fire for they would go into the plains hunting. Trying to avoid the river and the scaled monstrosities within, at least for now, until they had mightier weapons.

Indeed, Henimen had complained of how he wanted to try and catch some birds for dinner but had no weapons with which to do so. Avunan thought of how children swung half-broken sticks with greater force than whole ones, swinging them around their heads. If he could make something that one could use to throw a small stone with much greater force them normal... well, then they might have a new tool to both hunt with and use to fend off predators or unfriendly folk. He would set about this task first thing in the morning using his sharp mind to make this weapon a reality. Nearby, Latozar got to work, he was a quiet, strong and industrious youth with dexterous hands and the same light brown hair and brown eyes as the young chief. However, Latozar of build than Avunan whose frame was tall and sinewy. At Avunan's word, he set about building a number of sturdy teepees made of long, strong branches and hides to better cover them from the elements. Avunan still had to decide weather this would be their permanent home, or another stop on the road, but this place, despite the danger, showed promise.

Auvnan (Scholar - M - 16): Experiments with making a sling to fling stones with great force in order to hunt and defend the tribe.
Kathildra (Scholar - F - 15): Experiments with constructing a drying rack and drying food in order to preserve it.
Henimen (Warrior - M - 17): Hunts game in the plains armed with fire-hardened spear alongside Jenwin, defends the camp.
Jenwin (Scout - F - 16): Hunts game in the plains armed with fire-hardened spear alongside Henimen, defends the camp.
Latozar (Worker - M - 16): Spends his time building wood and hide teepees for the tribe to live in.
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Postby Somerania » Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:06 am


Akihiko - Male - Warrior
Murasaki - Female - Scholar
Abenanka - Male - Worker
Shinda - Female - Scholar
Harukor - Female - Worker

Akihiko is standing between a small creek he can feel the water currents in his feet but his eyes are glued to the water "there!" He loudly says and pounces on a fish clutching it tightly in his hands he quickly grabs it to his chest runs off to a small 5x5 meter pond he dug out filled with water from the same creek by digging out a small channel of water for a whole week while the rest of the tribe lived off of rice.

Akihiko drops the thrashing fish into the pond and quickly pushes a large stone he placed near his small channel of water blocking it "success!" He says and runs off the the rest of the tribe.

He sees Murasaki finishing up a small object clearly made of fiber with small holes in it.
He goes to her and asks "what's that?" Murasaki replies "it's just something I am making so you can pick up fishes from the pond you made and the creek without getting wet" Akihiko says "I captured a fish so you should get to preparing a fire because we are going to eat it soon" Murasaki replies with "okay then"

Abenanka and Harukor are seen working on some huts for them to live in while Shinda gathers various edible berries and crops to plant by the creek

Akihiko and Murasaki spend some time together
Abenanka and Harukor also spend some time together

Akihiko and Murasaki try for a baby
Abenanka and Harukor also try for a baby
Shinda finds more crops
Akihiko has a fish pond
Akihiko hunts some fish
Murasaki makes baskets

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Postby Ralnis » Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:59 am

The Jungles of Lo

The crackle of thunder and the rolling of a monsoon came upon the tropical island. The people of Warcylfe were always fascinated with the cry of rain and the anger of the storm. The bounty of lighting flashed white fire that licked the waves and the island shores and it was like spirits that were clashing for power or to show that the very world was alive. On this island, the Island of Lo, this was the world of the people. They existed for the longest time and will always exist so long as they don't destroy what they have saw to keep in balance. For the tribe themselves were afraid that the same storm that they were always fascinated with could destroy them in anger.

The storms weren't always so frequent, as such the oral stories say, it was when the sky became red and green from the Starfall was when the storms approach them as common as they are now. The Warcylfe people believe it was the coming of the energies of their god, Tes'la. Tes'la was the god of energy and creation. Through him the world was filled with energy, both chaotic and orderly. Humans were among the orderly ones and possessed the spark of Tes'la, his brilliance that allowed them to flourish in a world of chaotic energies. Lighting was seen as one of the many symbols that the tribe came to understand that he was watching.

The other was the brilliance of their scholars, the keepers who were destined to lead the tribe through wisdom and understanding. They were married by the light of Tes'la and given the lore of the history of the tribe and the island before the passing of the old into the energies of the Thu'um and back to Tes'la himself. They had started to try and understand these strange birds that were so flightless and seemed to not be weary of the very beings that hunt them.

The stories of these birds had always been the subject to being similar to children. Naïve creatures who the tribes saw with a fascination and they wander what these creatures were and why were they made. The inklings of knowledge that came from the birds that moved as fast as they do at times and their beaks when they fight or eat food were something of awe. One scholar wanted to understand them as the fellow tribesmen seek to hunt them for their meat and for the people's survival.

While the wife goes to play with the birds, the husband seeks to try and learn how to preserve the meat that they hunted from the birds and swamp lizards. He thought it would worth using the fireplace to smoke the meat as a means of preservation against starvation. Something that could help them in great success. It would be great to understand these methods in order to help the tribe, but another thing they needed was shelter.

Shelter, to them, was the canopy trees and the very ground that shielded them from the effects of the storms' wrath but also provided them bounty. The giant mangroves they believed to be the very ancestors that died and became one with the island instead of joining the Thu'um. They gained nourishment from the bounty of water and from Tes'la's light. Still, one of the workers believed that it was time to make something permanent as their people could only do so much than roll around with the swamp lizards and even the land birds have their own nests.

It wouldn't be anything amazing, but something that they finally claim these lands as theirs truly and could be something they could build upon in Tes'la's name. They already have fire and a camp, but at least the idea is sound so far and something that they can feed off of from the rest of the year before their supplies dwindled.

Bo(Male Scholar) starts looking to drying and smoking meat in order to make preserved the spoils of meat
Lu(Female Scholar) starts researching the Child Birds and see if it's possible to interact with them or even tame them
Manu(Warrior) hunts Child Birds
Vinta(Female) builds a hut or shelter equal for the tribe
Ing(Scout) hunts Child Birds

Bo and Lu try to have a kid

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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:04 am

Seasons come, Seasons go...

This year is a quiet one. Far to the north of the Machaka, some of the people spy great plumes of smoke and black fog rising to the heavens, and the night sky is lit with flame. Such disasters do not trouble any of the sundered kindreds, however.

The Ainu: It is a tough year for the Ainu - their bellies going often empty, with the labors of the tribe heavily divided and only Akihiko concerned with feeding the others. A wasting plague sweeps the village toward the years end, and none are hale enough to ward off the seasonal illness - every member of the tribe has fallen ill... however all is not evil. The small hut the laborers have erected of humble mud-daub and leaves keeps out the intermittent rains of their warm home, and the cold when the wind falls from the mountains. It is perhaps fortunate that no children are born this year, for their mouths would be have been empty and their cries disheartening.

Warclyfe: Full, in contrast, are the bellies of the warriors of Lo! Ample is their feasting, and with much left over which can be sacrificed to Tes'la, and for the simple joy of eating. The hut Vinta was raising is rising slowly, built layer by simple layer in dried mud reinforced with a wickerwork frame. It will likely be complete before the rains of next year. There are no children in the village this year.

The Deepkin: Ample food graces the village of the Mother Tree this year, a fine repaste of gamey bison and a mix of other creatures the hunters have downed over the months. None go hungry, and all fill their bellies. Varya has prepared a single hand-blade, her time much divided between the activities she set her mind upon - but even a single tool can be useful for butchering and skinning the kills of her mate, Petyor. A single female girl-child is born to Jarn and Maria this year, her pregnancy easy and her delivery simple.

Maria's attempts to smoke the remnants of their food over the fire yield useful fruit - the desiccated meats which the tribe hangs upon the high branches of the Mother Tree, if shielded from wind and rain, rot but slowly. This will no doubt help in preserving the excess of any hunt, if the food is not necessary for immediate consumption.

The Corvidians: There is ample food in the mouths of the Corvidians, a nicely varied diet of gazelle-meat and thick starchy sweet tubers - and if the wolves were going to trouble the tribe, they have failed this year. Juna's work on the shelter progresses apace, and it will soon be dry and reinforced against both wind and weather. A child is born to the tribe this year, but the labor is long and hard, and though eventually the bouncing boy is delivered, his mother, Casa, is now very weak from the effort.

Ceston's journey west has crossed a wide rolling country, very similar to his own, with the exception that toward the setting sun the waters of the region gather together into a great glittering pool as wide as the very heavens themselves. The vast fields of wheat continue in this direction, and yams may still be found in the rolling hills and dells by the great water. However, nodules of some gleaming stone, like the sun at noon trammeled, glisten here and there in the stream-beds, a glory for the eyes.

The Aederfolk: Hunger stalks the people of the Aeder this year, not desperate starvation, but a gnawing sensation that bellies would have appreciated just a bit more to fill them. Fortunately none of the people fall ill, despite their slight weakness, fed on a steady diet of ghost-grass gruel. Cigfa's shelter of woven castoff pale straw of the ghost-grass is rising in the center of the camp, well away from the fire, and is nearing completion. A single child graces the village without occasion this year, a young girl, the child of Cigfa.

Northward Pywll has scouted, and he returns at year's end with news of the country there. It is beautiful rolling plains too, but to the west the jungles have been replaced by high peak, and to the east the arid desert stretches also. Northward more plains beckon. In this direction the ghost-grass peeters out, a hardy brown crop very similar growing instead, and red berries that glow with an internal fire can be found in clusters where the land sinks and water pools. Mighty beasts roam this land however, as tall as trees, great creatures with a dozen legs, claws as large as a man, and chitinous shells which seem impervious to any assault.

Khortuun: The year turns for the folk of the canyon, and all is well enough, though perhaps not best. Scarce is excess food, and though none go hungry, some worry about how lean the year's takings were. Kadima, in particular, struggled with the monotony of harvesting the beans that grace the slopes, longing for the hunt. A joy comes in the form of a boy-child born to Harro and Matha, but also sorrow, for the child is weak, and does not seem likely to survive the turning of many seasons.

South Harro has walked, and his report is of great interest to the clan. Though the rift valley continues thence, it is slowly growing more shallow, until a man might easily climb down to the bottom where plants and water are abundant. The mountains recede to both west and east, disappearing from sight, leaving just an endless desert as far as the eye gazes. The mushrooms the tribe loves still grow in this land, as well as the black beans, but blue berries grow in the darkness of the caves in the south, and the air is strangely cool near them, refreshingly so when considered against the desert heat.

Machaka: Hunger stalks the people of the Machaka, not quite enough to eat in their stomachs at year's end. Though the hunt is good, or as good as they have known, there is little that lives in these forests that is easy to prey upon with simple clubs and snares - both panthers and spiders are not exactly fodder for many cookfires, and the few tubers, herbs, and berries that grow here and there are rare. Furaha Eze is the only one of weak body who falls ill during the winter winds, but hers is a cough that does not subside, and her face is gaunt and pale. They place her in the newly raised hut, to keep the chill from her body, and revel in the shared warmth of the dwelling, though there is not quite enough space for all to sleep comfortably yet. Two children are born to the kindred of the Machaka, however, one with greatest ease, the other after a hard labor that leaves Pili Obi also weak and in need of the shelter's warmth. A gift from the Forest God, truly, two healthy young boys.

This year also the Machaka are blessed with a cunning insight - methods to carefully shape the flint knives they utilize into yet sharper implements, ones capable of killing, skinning, or butchering with great speed. Crafting such implements will no doubt aid in many tasks.

Huanca: It is a time of feasting for the Huanca, good hunting and ample foraging filling their bellies to overflowing this year. From the venerable alpaca and the beloved potato, they are sustained. The hut Ninan is raising is coming along well, a structure of dried mud reinforced with woven fiber, and she hopes to finish it before the next rainy season.

To the south Ynti's journeys have taken her along the course of the great river, and it grows wide and broad, flowing under the banks of the steaming trees. All is much as it is up north here, with jungles stretches south, east, and the gasping arid Great Dry lowering to the west. Her report is not so good though, for great jaguars she has seen stalking him here, and she is glad to be home where things are safer; great snakes also slither in the water there, hunting the unwary. There is more though, for she espied immense water buffalo wading along the banks of the river, and these beasts each seem to have enough meat on them to feed a tribe for a year, if the hunters could down such a formidable creature.

Huang: The Huang have gone slightly hungry this year, the silver bodies of the river and the occasional hunted animal by Liu Qing alone not quite enough for all to eat their fill. Fortunately the weather is mild this year, and none fall ill due to this lack. The hut that Liu Luoyang is raising is coming along well, and will be finished soon. No children have blessed the tribe this year.

Westward Liu Yan has ventured, and she returns near year's end with an account of her travels. The rolling plains continue thence, and the coast snakes away south, leaving behind endless grasslands to both the north and the south. To the west, however, the grasses grow sparse and hardy, and a great dryness hangs in the air, and the soil is like the sand of the beach underfoot. In the western plains she has found great jewels of sullen green, like the leaves of the most radiant tree, and the outcroppings of blue-gray stone can also be found. Great stands of tall seed-bearing plants with a waxen touch also grow amidst the wandering streams in that land.

The Riverlanders: The bellies of the Riverlanders are full, full of sweet maize and ought else that grows by the banks of their river, within sound of the crying of the gulls. No children grace the tribe this year.

It takes much work, and several singed fingers, but the two Scholars of the riverlanders cleverly manage to determine the exact point in their campfire where the yellow copper ore will melt into a thick liquid metal. What is to be done with this liquid, which is hard as bone once it cools in the ashes of their campfire, is a mystery - but it is surely the doorway to many useful advances.

Upriver Varin has ventured, and soon he notices the river bending from its course, rising from east to west, to north and south. It emerges from the tall woods of the north bubbling and swift, and all about him otherwise are rolling plains of familiar provenance. Maize grows here also in abundance, the welcome ears of budding sparse yellow kernels a fine snack in his wandering. The flowers of brilliant yellow also grow here, their warmth and radiance equally welcome as the maize. Moreover the great stands of oak that are emblematic of his homeland grow here as well - a land much as homely as their own, but with little variety to report.

Pennenthelli: The bellies of the Pennenthelli are full, not to bursting, but without any lack this year. They dine well on the foodstuffs the hunters drag home, rare animals that wander along the watercourse to drink and are not taken by the lurkers in the waters. In their humble campground behind the stream Latozar has almost completed the first of the large bivouacs the tribe will call home, dwellings perhaps less vast than would be hoped, but simple to relocate with if need arises.

Using a few strips cut from hides and dried over the fire, Auvnan creates a crude sling this year. Though not the easiest implement to use, casting stones one finds near the riverbank at prey is much easier than hefting a mighty spear, and does not carry the attendant danger of the hunted animal bolting with the weapon still lodged in it. These slings will no doubt intimidate both raiders, and fill the larders of the Pennenthelli.

And so ends the account of the first year of the new reckoning - another now begins, as is the nature of the seasons...
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Postby Novas Arcanum » Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:12 am


Last year was a rough one, for the Liu Clan and was one of many to come in the future. This year would be different however. Liu Tao got to work smoking the meat that Liu Qing and Liu Luoyang had hunted in the verdant lush grounds that made upp their homeland.Smoke rose to the air, and a powerful smell blew in the wind has Liu Tao worked cleverly on preserving the food, removing any moisture from the flesh. Dried meat wasn't the most pleasant thing to feast on but during times of hardship it would ward off hunger and keep his people hearty and hale. Liu Luoyang and Liu Qing walked towards the fires carrying a freshly hunted water bull."More meat!" They said in unison has they gently put the carcass on the ground for Liu Tao to work on later. They would eat well tonight but more importantly they would be prepared for the future. Liu Ming got to work gathering the bitter root known to her people has Gao Gan. It was said to prolong ones life and enhance one's qi or life force. Many ancient Huang had lived long years longer then most men due to consumption of the bitter root. Liu Ming wished to study it more deeply and refine it into a more purified state, that would keep the members of the Liu Clan healthy and ready for the future.Meanwhile Liu Yan traveled to the lands of the rising sun. She had been tasked by Liu Tao to find a mystical ore that would elevate their people to new heights.

Liu Tao (Scholar,19)Male:Continues research into food preservation.
Liu Qing (Warrior,17)Male: Fishes and hunts game.
Liu Luoyang (Worker,18) Female:Pauses constructing hut and fishes and hunt with Liu Qing.
Liu Yan (Scout,20) Female:Travels eastward
Liu Ming (Scholar,21) Female:Labors to refine Bitter root
*Liu Ming and Liu Tao have some fun with the goal of bringing a babe into the world.
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Postby Olthenia » Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:37 am

The Canyon-Dwellers
Year 2

Evening saw them gathered ‘bout the firepit. A groove in the rock scored by Spirits knew what. Outside the cave’s mouth, dark descended quickly – and tired muscles and sore feet could rest now. When tongues awoke.

«Abundance, eh?» Matha drew the word out, as though savoring the flavor. “Like, better than here?” She cradled her young in his arms, and for that Harro was grateful. News of his son had warmed him at first, as the sight of him still did. But his cries? Mmf. They were piteous at best, and they chilled him to the core. Mayhaps the Spirits would take him yet?

Across the firepit, Harro just shrugged. “At least as much, aye. I saw stands of berries and clumps of ‘shrooms. Big as anything.”

“Were there beans too?” demanded Kadima.

Harro could tell by her voice that she’d have mixed feelings about his answer. Lean and rangy Kadima was, with her bottlebrush hair corded in a neat knot at the back of her head. The past season had seen her ranging along the edges of the canyon, scouring the rocks for blackbeans. And it had grated on her. May as well have used a knife for carving rock.

“There were beans,” Harro confirmed – voice even. “But if we find us a good cave - one as good as this one – we’ll live well enough on what we’ve got.” Kadima didn’t say a word. Just nodded, once, and nudged a stick onto the fire. Well enough to hunt. Maybe.

More words were shared between them, before sleep came. Zebas had questions about the berries, of course – as Harro knew he would – and Wylla also. About the silt-desert and its flatness. About its heat and how it kissed the horizon.

They would leave on the ‘morrow. For a cleaner, greener land.

Harro (Male, 22, Scout) leads his kin south into a new land - and once there, sets off to hunt. Whatever slithers, crawls or flies in those lush groves - he will have it.
Kadima (Female, 22, Warrior) lends her skills to Harro this year. No beans. Only hunting.
Wylla (Female, 23, Scholar) treks south also, and spends her waking hours in care for Matha's infant son. If something can be done to treat his sickly condition, she will find a way.
Matha (Female, 21, Worker) treks south this year, and cares for her newborn son as best she can. In the fleeting moments between rest, she gathers beans and mushrooms.
Zebas (Male, 20, Scholar) also lends his thoughts and know-how to Matha's unnamed babe this year; to still his cries and keep the Spirits from him. Somehow.

Wylla and Zebas try for a child yet again.
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Postby The GAmeTopians » Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:45 am

The River Folk, at the Mouth of the Riverlands

“Careful with how you pack that sand! One wrong move and the entire cast is ruined.”
The two scholars stand huddled over a simple wooden tray of sorts at the side of the campfire, pressing sand together to form a cast for their newfound molten copper. They can already see potential uses for it - a material as hard as rock that could be shaped - it’s only a matter of time before a multitude of tools and contraptions become possible. If they can just get these casts right…

“Here’s your food for the day, you two. Eat your fill, this batch will likely be spoiled by the morrow.”
Katrina, now, looks upon the two great minds of the Riverfolk - entirely unsure of WHAT exactly it was they were doing, yet entirely confident that it would bring about prosperity for the tribe. Perhaps that vision will be clear in time.
“Hopefully we may bear some children to pass it onto soon as well,” she murmurs, looking off in the distance towards where her mate is hard at work.

Magnus (M, Scholar) - Attempts to mold melted copper into more useful forms, using makeshift casts. (Simple Metal Casting, First Attempt)
Eliana (F, Scholar) - Assists Magnus with casting attempts. (Simple Metal Casting)
Katrina (F, Worker) - Gathering food for the clan, a mix of maize and any other edibles available.
Bronwen (M, Worker) - Gathering food for the clan, a mix of maize and any other edibles available.
Varin (M, Scout) - Scouting the region to the north, in the tightly packed forest.

Magnus and Eliana try for a baby.
Bronwen and Katrina try for a baby.
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Postby Lazarian » Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:31 am

Corvus, Year Two

It had been a good year for the Corvidians. Food had been plenty - between the starchy tubers dotting the hillside and the meat of gazelles brought down by Corvin's pursuit, they had more then enough to satisfy their desires. Armed with full bellies and bright spirits, they continued throughout their lives.

Huddled together in the shelter of their dugout, they were protected from any rain or wind. It was not quite complete, though. Juna had worked quite well on it over the course of the year, but there was still necessary reinforcement to be done. Casa bounced her babe upon her knee, and Corvin slept outside with his spear, guarding the simple fire and the entrance to their newfound home.

The child, Cosin (0) was a healthy baby boy, but his delivery had been very difficult and hard. Casa clutched him close to her chest, with her face pale and gaunt from the illness that had beset her after the labor. Outside, Corvin worried slightly about his wife, though he also rejoiced greatly due to the birth of his new son. The Great Spirit had truly blessed them, and the boy was hearty and strong.

There had been slight tension in their small tribe, however. Cavon's time spent replanting yams had yielded very little useful resources. He had ensured that they would not deplete the stocks by replanting pieces of the tubers into the ground...but resource exhaustion was a very, very low priority for the group. If they had not had such a prosperous season of hunting and gathering, he surely would have been rebuked for his waste of energy.

As the sun broke over the horizon and the acres of amber waves that surrounded their hillock, Cavon emerged from the shelter to speak with his brother.

"Brother." he greeted him, a glint in his eyes. "I have come upon a great revelation from the Spirit itself."

"Good morning, Cavon. Tell me of your revelation." replied Corvin, rubbing his eyes.

"What could throw a rock at a greater speed?" said Cavon, picking up a pebble from the ground. "Imagine if we could kill the gazelle simply through a stone tossed, rather than an arduous chase with a spear. You could bring many more back from the hunts, and we would feast every night!"

"It is an interesting proposition, Cavon. And if what you say is true, then we shall never hunger. But how would you propose...throwing a rock more quickly? I don't understand what your revelation was." replied Corvin, staring at his brother intently.

"If you had a bigger arm...couldn't you throw it faster?"

"Ha!" laughed Corvin, shaking his head. "A bigger arm? Such a thing is not possible."

"But arm made of animal sinews. Perhaps we could use the dried tendons of the gazelle as an extension of your arm. A stone thrown with a cord would surely be faster, yes?"

Corvin looked amused. "Brother, I believe your idea is foolish...but I do not wish for you to waste any more time upon the yam. And if what you say is true, then spend time upon it. We have subsisted from the labors of my wife and I, with you contributing little. It is time for you to rise up and give us a rest!"

Cavon was slightly displeased with the response, but grateful for his brother's approval of the project.

Miles away, Ceston stopped for a drink at a flowing stream. The land he had traversed was much like the lands which his tribe had claimed - flat and broad, with the wheatgrass extending into the horizon as far as the eyes could see. He had subsisted on yams plucked from the earth, and was grateful that these were dotted across the landscape along with the wheat.

However, towards the setting sun, the land came to a stop. There was a great pool as wide as the heavens themselves. As he gazed at it from a particularly tall hilltop, he gasped in shock. Truly, he had reached the end of the earth itself. The only other interesting thing asides from the great expanse of water were these shimmering stones, found in the rivers. He had plucked one from a shallow stream, tying it around his wrist with a makeshift rope of dead vines. It fascinated him, and perhaps it would be of interest to his brothers as well. It was time to pursue a new direction, however. There was nothing new between him and the sea, and so he turned North, following the flight of the birds.

Corvin (Warrior): Hunts gazelle, protects tribe from wildlife.
Cavon (Scholar): Investigates whether it is possible to extend one's arm through artificial means. (Research: Sling)
Casa (Worker): Corvin and Cavon forbid Casa from working, due to her ill health. Asides from nursing Cosin, she does very little. On days she feels in good health, she may assist Juna in collecting the most accessible yams. (1/4 effort)
Juna (Worker): Juna splits her work between collecting the yams and building the shelter. She also attempts to have a child with Cavon, quite jealous of Casa's leisure and contribution to the tribe.
Ceston (Scout): Scouts North.
Cosin (Baby): Exists.
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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:01 am

Fourteenth of Warmeve, Reckoning Age Two

It was a tough hunk of meat that Jarn gnawed at, but flavorful, the last of the winter's supply of smoked bison that Maria had put aside from the autumnal runnings. He barely tasted the scent of the fire at this point, his mind much taken with the interaction of flame and food, a principle he labored to apply to the warm fragrant aromas which were so pleasing about the blue-green herb which the Deepkin called the Healer's Hand. It could staunch bleeding, revitalize the sickly, and a few other minor applications, and yet it seemed to the leader of the tribe that there was much else that could be done, if only he could isolate the medicinal aspect of the leaf.

A project which much of the tribe found amusing, but unnecessary. Varya's work was more praised than his, the keen knife as long as a man's hand which sliced through flesh and sinew with great ease a gift well received upon Midsummer by her husband, Petyor. No finer implement could a hunter ask for than such a lethal extension of his own capacity for violence, and he and Sylvia had departed early that very morning keen to try out the weapon on their usual quarry, those bison which could be isolated from the herd, or scared over the riverside cliff-jumps.

Maria had been quiet more recently, nursing her child - his child - but the leader of the Deepkin was merely grateful to the Mother for watching over the birth, and preserving her from the far-too-common fate of women of such an age. His heart ached simply on considering that her life might have been required of her in those midnight hours of blood and sweat, and with a conscious effort of will he put the thought from his mind. She had not strayed far from their fire, here in the tangled roots of the Mother, and seemed more interested in the curiosity of the shimmering rocks of liquid sunset that could be found in the western hills than the meat which the hunters were smoking over the fire itself. It didn't keep forever, and it wasn't as if they had a vast amount of extra to hold against the need of the next year anyway - but better some bulwark against uncertainty than no bulwark at all.

Jarn (Male, 21, Scholar) labors to refine the Healer's Hand
Maria (Female, 21, Scholar) probes the properties of the sunset stone, heating it over a hot campfire
Petyor (Male, 23, Warrior) hunts bison in the nearby wilderness, using the Hand-Blade for butchering
Varya (Female, 23, Worker) is carving bone spears from the remnants of last year's hunt
Sylvia (Female, 17, Scout) hunts bison alongside Petyor, smoking the remainder
Petyor and Varya are seeking a child
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Postby Elerian » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:09 am

The soft textures of sweetreeds in full bloom for harvest tickled the underside of his outstretched palm as a young man slowly walked through a field of green and wilted brown. Like a sea of pale brass that swayed with the soft flowing tides of the morning air. The lush green jungle surrounding this sea of brass cast elongated shadows, a mysterious range of shadow, stretching and gnawing their way across the clearing in a race to beat the Sun in some circular marathon. Never tiring, time the keeper of all, as it marched ever on.

The feeling of those tender bristles against the smoothness of his palms felt liberating. A connection between people, animals, and plants in one great chain of being. The swaying of their stalks twisting, twirling, flexing like dancers locked into position simply retracing their motions for all eternity. There . . .

Eyelids shot open with a flutter. His body was shaking, but not of his own free will, turning his head slowly he locked eyes with the otter that was responsible. His expression was anything but kindness to the regard of having been disturbed from such a blessed state of existence. But, his expression quickly turned to confusion. Am I not hunting these animals? The thought shot across Pywll's mind like a thunderbolt as he blinked after what seemed to be the longest second ever to be released by time. Sitting up, he scared away the otter, all the while making empty promises that it would be his supper. Wiping the sleep away he stood up quickly with all the grace a groggy man could muster. Stretching his lean and muscular body he looked about and found himself next to the bank of the river. Looking around he grimaced and wondered to himself how long he'd been napping on the job.

Cyhr (F, Scholar) - Investigates Alternate Methods of Spear Throwing
Llyr (M, Scholar) - Investigates Alternate Methods of Spear Throwing and Tries for Child with Cyhr
Cigfa (F, Worker) - Continues Fashioning a Shelter
Gwynn (M, Worker) - Gather Ghost Grass for Food and Tries for Child with Cigfa
Pywll (M, Scout) - Hunts Otter and Deer for Food
Child (F, Infant)
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Postby The Empire of Tau » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:21 am

Age of Mythos, Dawn of Man

Both Eze and Obi have fallen ill, one from the lack of foodstuffs, and one from the toll of childbirth, which gave life to two young boys. In an effort to avoid the threat of starvation, the tribe peoples of Machaka have agreed to focus more on the gathering of more foodstuffs, althrought that might be a harder task to do then it should normally be, due to the rarity of tubers, herbs, and other edible items. Luckily, Eze has managed to figure out more advanced methods of flint knapping - hopefully resulting in more efficient ways to gain food, with less time spent on forcefully pulling off edibles, and even new routes for food gathering. If not gathering then Kwanza Azikiwe will make good usage of the better flint-blades to greatly increase the rate of his hunts, better able to kill, skin, and butcher the various creatures of their forest-home-land. Eze, in the meanwhile, is trying to figure safer child birthing techniques as the result of the new additions to the tribe-family. The two babies would find themselves in the shelter newly built, with Pili Obi, their mother, with them always at their sleep, along with Eze. Unlike fully grown adults, the infants can easily sleep on their mother’s chest in the shelter. The rest however will find themselves sleeping outside, as they are not as ill as the other two, and more healthy to withstand the harsh environment outside. May the God Forest bless us with food and safety.
Kwanza Azikiwe (M, Warrior) - Hunt for food (use the new flint-blade tools if available)
Furaha Eze (F, Scholar, 23, Ill) - Study methods to better and safer child birthing techniques.
Musa Boro (F, Worker, 21) - Gather any edible foodstuffs (use new tools if available, prioritize Azikiwe first)
Pili Obi (F, Worker, 17, Ill) - Gather any edible foodstuffs (use new tools if available, prioritize Azikiwe first)
Tambo Okonjo (M, Worker, 21) - Create flint-blades with bone handles.
Mhina Sekibo (M, Child, 1) - In shelter
Rashid Onwuatuegwu (M, Child, 1) - In shelter.
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Postby Ralnis » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:47 am

Jungles of Lo

The bounty of the island had given them full bellies and sacrifices to praise Tes'la for such a bounty. The scholars couldn't get that spark that they always thought it would be because they were so focused on individual task instead of combined task. They also shifted priorities to try and bear children as they had to food to keep them safe and the building of a home to teach them Tes'la and his light that is brought to their little world. The building still needed to be raised before the next monsoon season as the half-built state couldn't fit the whole of their tribe. That alone had to be rectified.

With the coming storms of this year hitting the island and Tes'la's light shines even through the thickness of the land.

Lu and Bo( female and male scholars) try to figure out how to smoke meat and dry it for perservation
Manu( male warrior) and Ing(Female scout) continue hunting Child Birds
Vinta(female worker) finishes the mud daub
Lu and Bo try again for a child
Manu and Ing try their hand at making a child

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Postby The National Dominion of Hungary » Tue Jul 21, 2020 3:56 pm

The Pennenthelli

Their first year in the new land had been quiet, which was often a good thing in and of itself. No news is better than bad news, right? That was true in Avunan's opinion at least. He awoke to yet another spring day, the snows that had blanketed their surroundings in winter was fading under the ever warmer rays of the sun each and every day. The little stream by their camp was twice as large with all the snow runoff, and indeed even the great river had swollen beyond it's summertime size, luckily the serpents of the waters had largely stayed along the rivers instead of venturing out into the plains and woods. He turned to Kathildra, her own bedroll now right next to his as the pair grew ever closer, stealing kisses when they were alone in camp, those deep green pools, something about them were magical to him. And apparently Kathildra had found something in Avunan that she found just as enticing, for which the youth thanked the spirits, and mighty Ohrean the Water-Father himself. Kathildra smiled as she woke to greet the day and Avunan's warm gaze, the green pools, framed by her fair complexion and blue-black hair captivated him and she gave him a quick good morning kiss, earning a crass jest from Jenwin. They were all closer, the entire tribe of the Pennenthelli, having forged a bond in travel and in the shared work to last through the winter.

Another day, and yet more work was ahead of them. As they took their morning meal around the fireplace in the middle of their camp, Kathildra asked for Latozar's help to fashion a rack to hang meat to dry out, she wanted to test a few ideas she had for preserving some of the meat that Henimen and Jenwin brought back from their hunts. Speaking of which, Avunan could see that while Jenwin was in mostly good spirits, remaining her jovial self, she missed the open paths of the world, longing to see new lands and bring back tales of distant horizons. But for the time being, she would remain here with the rest of their small tribe, hunting alongside her lover Henimen who was glad to go out with the simple sling that Avunan had fashioned into usable condition and talking a big game about bringing home some birds hunted from the great red fir forests of the land. Avunan on the other hand is already thinking of how to better allow the clan to hunt and gather food, they knew how to sharpen flit to some degree but he was certain that there was some way it could be done better in order to make axes and spear-tips even sharper and so, Avunan set to work with flint and wood, attempting to make axes with a keener edge than their ancestors in the distant Greatwood ever did, he was sure that his father would been proud of him. Not only would axes be of great use to ward of any men of evil intent, it would also help them fell trees and cut branches they could use to build better shelter, turning their camp into a true little settlement in the years to come.

Avunan (Scholar - M - 17): Attempts to make a few flint axes and improve the flint-sharpening techniques of the tribe.
Kathildra (Scholar - F - 16): Experiments with smoking and drying the excess meat the hunters bring in to save it for leaner times.
Henimen (Warrior - M - 18): Hunts game in the plains armed with the primitive sling alongside Jenwin, defends the tribe.
Jenwin (Scout - F - 17): Hunts game in the plains alongside Henimen, defends the tribe.
Latozar (Worker - M - 17): Continues building the large teepee he started working on last year, hoping to finish it and start working on another.
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Postby Theyra » Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:00 pm


Another year in Talagua and things have been going well enough. Despite Koyakusi's failure to find a use for the cotton that grows nearby. Surely there must be a use for it. He was frustrated by it. Only when Ynti came back from the south did his mood change. Tales of the creatures that live down south make Koyakusi and the others glad that there are only alpacas living near them. Though the possibility of hunting one of these water buffalo and how much meat they would get is something to think about. However, at the moment they have no need to do that now since they are getting enough food here in Talagua.

Koyakusi stills tried to find a use for the cotton plants as the rest of the tribe work on their duties. Praying to his grandfather that he would be bestow his windsom on him. Not a day goes by that Koyakusi misses his grandfather. Ynti when she was free has proven to be a good companion for him. Something that he appreciates and is starting to develop feelings for her. He does not know if she feels the same so he are not chosen to make it known. Meanwhile Achik and Ninan had declared love for each other and are now together after a small ceremony. Spirits are high within the settlment and with the people focused on their tasks. The Huanca are looking foward to another year in Talagua.

Koyakusi(M,Scholar,21) - find a use for the fluffy white seeding plants again
Achik(M,Warrior,22) - hunt alpacas for food and defend the village
Jaylli(M,Worker,21) - gathers potatoes
Ninan(F, ,Worker,23) - continues building a hut
Ynti(F, Scout,20) - explores north

Achik and Ninan try for a child

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Postby Somerania » Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:45 am


Akihiko - Male - Warrior
Murasaki - Female - Scholar
Abenanka - Male - Worker
Shinda - Female - Scholar
Harukor - Female - Worker

Akihiko woke up from his sleep.
He was recently very sick but he got by the fever, the rest of the group were also starving and sick but they had enough energy to work so Akihiko called for a meeting in the mud hut.
Akihiko: "we need to organize our positions, we don't have enough food because we don't have someone set to farm"
Abenanka: "We are sick how can we work!"
Abenanka coughs
Harukor: "Akihiko is right we need to make food to survive so we need to organize"
Abenanka: "well if you support him then why don't you go get food!"
Murasaki: "we all need to do our part so we shouldn't bicker and get to work"
Shinda: I propose that we have me, Harukor and Abenanka grow the food while akihiko hunts for food, Murasaki you should be our toolmaker"
Akihiko: "anyone who supports Shinda's proposal please raise their hands"
Akihiko, Murasaki and Harukor raised their hands
Akihiko: "Shinda's proposal has been accepted so let's go to work people!"
With everyone going to work Murasaki thought to herself "what tools can I create?" And one thing came to her mind... A furnace, Murasaki got to work digging a pit for for the furnace with enough space for fire wood and a long wooden stick strong enough to hold pieces of meat or mud to make clay Murasaki also made a roof so that the inside remains relatively dry with a small 3 inch mud wall surrounding it so water doesn't flow into it. After this she made the announcement of her new invention to everyone.
Akihiko and Murasaki tried for another child.

1. The tribe was organized by Akihiko who seems to be their leader now
2. Murasaki made the furnace
3. Murasaki and Akihiko tried again for a child
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