Most major war in YN's history

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Most major war in YN's history

Postby Daleraynor » Sat Jul 18, 2020 3:29 am

What was the most major war in YN's history? Who were the combatants, what were the major battles, and who won?

Mine: The Cordian Revolution. Combatants: The Cordian Empire, The New Cordian Army. Later, The New Cordian Army, South Cordia, and West Cordia. Major Battles: Battle of Tunripita, Battle of Aeravanum, Battle of the Verulania, Battle of Pavendumsa. Winners: The New Cordian Army and West Cordia.

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Postby VlaRiSsiA » Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:12 pm

The Great Swampatriotic War without a doubt. Well over 100 million VlaRiSsiAns lost their lives when the crony fascist Dulochian army invaded. We won after pushing them out of the reaches of swampskow and ogrewhelming them with soldiers and tanks. Eventually, we invaded the rest of Europe and became stronger than ever, despite the significant depopulation.

Great Swampatriotic War(part of WW4):
Date: August 2141 to May 2145

Third Duloch
Supported by:
Crapanese Empire
Neo-Fascist Liberation Army
VlaRiSsiAn Ogre’s Republic
Supported by:
The Yeetusa
The Youtube
Shrekist Militants

Available Personnel
Third Duloch
50,000,000 personnel(2141)
69,000,000 personnel(2142)
93,000,000 personnel(2143)
54,000,000 personnel(2144)
23,000,000 personnel(2145)
VlaRiSsiAn Ogre’s Republic
20,000,000 personnel(2141)
85,000,000 personnel(2142)
82,000,000 personnel(2143)
140,000,000 personnel(2144)
230,000,000 personnel(2145)

Casualties and Losses:
Third Duloch
36,000,000 military deaths
22,000,000 injuries
20,000,000 captured
10,000,000 deserted/defected
Allied Losses:
5,000,000 military deaths
3,000,000 injuries
5,400,000 captured
1,700,000 deserted/defected
VlaRiSsiAn Ogre’s Republic
44,000,000 military deaths
46,000,000 injuries
22,000,000 captured
8,000,000 deserted/defected
Allied Losses:
7,000,000 military deaths
6,200,000 injuries
3,500,000 captured
2,700,000 deserted/defected

115 million civilian deaths(75 million VlaRiSsiAn and 40 million Dulochian)
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Date: September, 2160
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Postby Kergstan » Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:18 pm

The Kergstani Civil War, which took place from january 1944 to may 1949 and took the life of almost two million people among both revolutionaries and the various royal forces.

The war gave birth to the still continuing ''Kergstani revolution''

SRKNA Latest News
The govt. is considering the formation of new political parties under United Front control |

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Cascadia Ecotopia
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Postby Cascadia Ecotopia » Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:28 pm

The War in the Cascades during the Great American Collapse was the essential war of independence for the Republic of Cascadia. It saw the Cascadian Liberation Organization and other militias fight a guerrilla war throughout 2005 against the United States and Canada. When the United States collapsed on July 10th, 2006, the Cascadian National Security Force was organized, and 16 days later on July 26th, the Republic declared itself. From 2006 on into late 2007, Cascadia fought a brutal war against the American Central State, with ACS forces reaching as far as Portland during their height. The Battle of Portland was a turning point and the CNSF slowly pushed back the American remnants.

Around 300,000 people died in the War in the Cascades, along with around 200,000 civilians dead and another 600,000 wounded and/or displaced

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Broader Confederate States
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Postby Broader Confederate States » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:18 pm

Not counting World War II, probably the 2020-2039 civil conflicts. Not quite a single war per sē, but a series of conflicts between cultures in the United States leading up to a two and a half year civil war in which less people died than the initial one but the way they died and the way they could have died were far worse than any musket could have been, with full unrestricted open warfare, plainclothes partisans committing acts of terror on both sides, and the demolition or obstruction of civilian logistics, such as power lines or grocery truck routes. It ended in October of 2039, when the Ordinance of Partition was ratified and the Confederacy was severed from the Union to brave it alone, the west also breaking off into the Western American Republic.
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United Tatumia
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Postby United Tatumia » Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:26 pm

The War Against Luntim

The Major Battles
Luntish Mountains... Killed 30,000 Tatumians and 2,000 Luntish (also the worst battle statistically in the history of United Tatumia)
The Battle of Parker's Port... 5,000 Tatumians
And 7,000 luntish
Battle of Luntim City... 72,000 Tatumites (United Tatumian Militia)
And 279,000 luntish.

United Tatumia
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Free Federal States
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Postby Free Federal States » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:45 am

Other than World War II, the Second American Civil War ... id=1404928
Above is a work-in-progress

The war was fought from 1936-1939 and both prepared and weakened us ahead of World War II.

Who fought and who were leaders: Initially the war was fought only within the Federal States, by a Nationalist faction led by Arizona Governor Harold Jacobson and a Constitutionalist faction led by the President. The Nationalists’ success inspired a “the south shall rise again” movement called the New Southern Alliance in the neighboring United States which was a very major spillover. Additionally, Germany and Italy both lent troops and weapons to the Nationalists while Great Britain and Canada provided material support to the Constitutionalists after the Nationalists seized one of Britain’s overseas territories.

Major Battles:
1. Guiana Campaign - At war’s start, Nationalists took East Guiana while Constitutionalists had West Guiana. Between them is Suriname, which is a British territory in my universe. The Nationalists launched an attack through Suriname to try and take West Guiana, which would threaten Venezuela, the most major Constitutionalist state behind Texas. The Constitutionalists stalled the offensive and pushed it back in early 1937. Initial Nationalist Victory. Eventual Constitutionalist victory.
2. Battle of Tyler - The nationalists were getting foreign aid from Germany and Italy only because the New Southern Alliance was transporting it into Oklahoma. Oklahoma was vulnerable to a Constitutionalist attack, and so a push was made into Texas to secure the supply line. The offensive stalled at the Battle of Tyler. Constitutionalist Victory.
3. North Mexico Offensive - Nationalist forces wanted to cut off Texas from the Yucatán Peninsula, and they launched an attack from Sonora with the ultimate goal of taking Veracruz. The attack was stalled when President Roberts negotiated use of Mexico’s airfields, establishing Constitutionalist Air Superiority however the Nationalists made some gains, eventually taking Chihuahua and Coahuila from the Constitutionalists. Nationalist Victory, but not as good a victory as they’d wanted.
4. New Southern Alliance insurrection - Believing they’d gathered enough support and weapons, the NSA launched its rebellion against the United States in December 1936. The United States responded by putting the South under martial law. This was a hybrid war - part insurgency, part open warfare. In the long run, put the Nationalist supply chain at risk and brought the United States formally into the war in support of the Constitutionalists. Long Term United States Victory.
5. Second Battle of Tyler, and Battle of Dallas - Nationalists, with German and Italian support, launch new attack on Tyler to distract the Constitutionalists, then Blitzkreig a massive offensive from New Mexico and take Dallas from under their noses, Constitutionalists lose control of all of northern Texas. Nationalist Victory
6. Caribbean Campaign - After the Guiana Campaign, the Constitutionalists under the command of Admiral Nimitz seized back Caribbean islands from the Nationalists, starting in February 1937 and lasting until November 1937. The worst battle was retaking Jamaica. United States fought in this campaign too, to protect their territories in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Constitutionalist/United States Victory
7. Battle of San Antonio - Nationalist Army bypasses Constitutionalist garrison in Waco, which costs them dearly, choosing to get a spot from which to threaten the provisional capital in Houston. City reduced to rubble. Months of fighting, until Constitutionalist and United States reinforcements arrive after winning Caribbean Campaign. Battle lasts until February 1938. The Nationalist army can’t escape because they didn’t destroy the garrison at Waco which cuts them off too. Constitutionalist/United States victory
8. Rocky Mountains Campaign - Nationalist Army retreats all the way to the Rocky Mountains (also revealing war crimes in Oklahoma). United States launches attack from East while Constitutionalists attack from the South. They advance slowly and pay a heavy price while fighting in the mountains. Extensive use of paratroopers. Constitutionalist/United States victory.
9. Battle of The South - the “last hurrah” of the New Southern Alliance, a massive coordinated assault all across the South in a final attempt to boot out the United States. Almost worked, but their Nationalist allies were collapsing and the Constitutionalists helped the United States shut them down. US/Constitutionalist victory.
10. Battle of Phoenix - Constitutionalists retake the Federal States capital in bloody battle, but Harold Jacobson escapes. Constitutionalist victory.
11. Battle of Los Angeles - Largest battle of the war, and the bloodiest. Jacobson’s last holdout is Los Angeles. He has troops and can win so long as the strong Nationalist Navy protects his rear flank. The US and Constitutionalist troops push hard but can’t break his defense. Finally, the Constitutionalist Navy, with help from a US aircraft carrier, destroy the Nationalist Navy and deploy Marines in Jacobson’s rear flank. Jacobson didn’t count on another thing - the people are utterly sick of him and he is leading them on a suicide mission. Nationalist military mutinies as the people rise up, Marines close in, and so does the army. It’s a convoluted mess that lasts up until the Constitutionalists grab Jacobson and shoot him against a wall, ending the war. Constitutionalist/US victory.

Result: Constitutionalist/US victory. The war was terrible, yet the massive production of military equipment ended the Great Depression. Not wanting to lay off the employee population, factories begin to build things to rebuild the many destroyed parts of the country. It is not fully recovered in 1941 when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. Having seen up close the tail end of living under a fascist government, many former rebels volunteer for military service and serve faithfully against their former allies, Germany and Italy. With military experience, Americans are well prepared to face the armies of fascism in Europe and the Pacific, resulting a stronger West during the Cold War.
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Don’t use NS stats except for changes in economics, political freedoms, or civil rights which may eventually make their way into written canon if I get tired of worldbuilding.

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Greater Kamilistan
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Postby Greater Kamilistan » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:55 pm

Mine is...

1985-1996 ( The Krunjistania Revolutions or Kamilistani Locals will prefer as ''The Liberation War for the Great Motherland Krunjistan''

The Krunjistan People's Reveolution was formed against the autotarian regime , and the overthrown off the Republicans , this was led by an Communist Front known as the Krunjistan People's Liberation Front or KPLF , founded the in the Central Flat Plain Region , and led by Wersen Smitaf , the first battle was the Battle of Stamala City , an city located at the Sagagolo State , also the state region capital. Many died as they tried to liberate the cities. WWar countinues to move on as Rebels forces are wining. The Rebels will won on 8th of November , 1996 , also marks the day of Unity and Liberation Day.


Number of People have died: 89 321
Number of injured: 8 211

The Islamic People's Republic of Greater Kamilistan

News Headlines
2 suspected members of the PAP Party was arrested due tobe affilated with the Saerv West Gang in Gisra , The Almanahan offical and Kamilistan's plan to make indepdence poll in December the 7th

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Postby Greater Cosmicium » Sun Aug 09, 2020 4:44 am

Though the Cosmician-Federation War was longer and by some accounts, more horrific, the bloodiest war ever in Cosmician history was the Great Cosmician Rebellion, between the Cosmicians, Khaazai, Scorpions and several supporting groups, and millions and millions of species, Dragons, Nuironi and Imizga. 1044 people were killed during the Rebellion.
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Postby Insignias » Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:06 pm

The War Of The Builders.
Less cool than it sounds. The creators of the planet enzatium, a “Base Planet”. Rebelled, and attempted to start a global rebellion. Battles ensued, and the planet was reclaimed. Insignian death count was 2 million souls.

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Postby Kireina » Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:00 pm

WWII, as it was the only war Kireina was somewhat involved in. Japanese invade Kireina, Kireinans scare them away.
The Society of

Kireina is island close to Japan. It has no government, has a different culture from Japan, and a different religion.
Some of our urban legends
NS stats not used

News: Flordia man in Kireina sighted riding on Asiatic Black Bear terrorizing locals. The man is believed to of fled to the island after mistaking a hornet's nest for an American football and throwing it into a crowd of people in Japan. Japanese authorities still don't know how he got the bear. The man was last seen fleeing to South Korea on the bear and is still at large.

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Postby Floggurtia » Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:46 pm

Not technically part of national history of Floggurtia but part of its peoples struggle. Floggurtia started out as a loose confederation of four groups of people who were quickly conquered by another force, the soon to be Nerccian Empire. The Nerccian Empire ruled over the Flogs as well as other ethnic groups including the Flugs, Geneevs, and the Heatherlandians. For a long time these groups were forced out of the politics that ruled them but slowly the Flogs, Geneevs, and Heatherlandians were granted more rights as they were welcoming to their occupiers. For 300 years this trend continued to where the three minorities saw themselves as fellow Nerccians yet still maintained a bit of self-made ethnic division. The Flugs never took a similar view and always maintained a separatist view. As the centuries passed the Flugs grew more and more independent driven.

The Flugs and a coalition of minor elements from all the other ethnic groups (Flog, Geneevs, and Heatherlandians) eventually became powerful enough to rebel against the Nerccian Empire. They fought strongly and made their general Sharon [ʃəˈɹo̞n] Kha [khɐ] their god-general. Sharon Kha promised after the many deaths and on her victory she would allow a democratic form of government and asked leaders from all groups to congregate into a delegation in the former Nercc capital. While assembled the Fluganyan forces barred exits and burned the building down. These deaths were just a means to an end to create the Dominion of Fluganya which only lasted until the death of Sharon Kha.

But the war that preceded Sharon Kha's raise was the worst and deadliest in the history of the Flogs.
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Postby Fluganya » Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:04 pm

We Flugs take umbrage single sided story for how the bloodiest battle in our collective history ended. General Sharon Kha gave the delegates a free access and they all agreed that only under the General that they will be most free. The delegates agreed best way forward for all ethnicities forward were for them to bow down to God-General Sharon Kha. The fact they died in a tragic fire post their decision doesn't mean they were wrong to side with Kha. They were obviously killed by anti-Khaist. Our government still bereaves the the death of the Saints of Allamoor. Their deaths helped solidify the hatred other nations against us. Why would we anger the promised lands of our God-General Sharon Kha?
This nation does not represent my personal views.

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Postby Volinovia » Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:09 pm

Volinovian Invasion of the New Union of Soviet Socialists Republics. (Two Real RPers)

The Volinovian Forces numbered 2.4 Million vs the NUSSR's 4.6 Million. The Volinovian Forces quickly secured naval supremacy in the naval skirmishes off the coast of the NUSSR. The following was a quick air war where Volinovian Planes launched from the Supercarriers "Morinovia" and "Azusa" quickly wiped out the Naval Resistance. From there they escorted long range bombers from Volinovia and began to combat the NUSSR's lackluster Airforce. With the air and naval supremacy the Volinovian Marine Corps started landing operations. Airborne soldiers dropped from helicopters and napalm raids on enemy bases and AA emplacements began the operations. Followed by naval landings. The NUSSR land army was eventually beat after constant encirclement and out maneuvering by the Volinovian Forces.

The Largest Land Battle: Battle of Tarkon Hill

Volinovian Airborne Marine Raiders began the invasion of the NUSSR 30,000 landed in a 30 mile radius over the span of a day. The Operation was to capture the strategic overlook of Tarkon Hill and the surrounding villages. The NUSSR defense forces numbered around 10,000 in the area. Local AA emplacements were hit in the hit in run napalm strikes orchistrated by the Volinovian Air Force.


Volinovia 335,621
NUSSR 671,013 + 1,000,000 POWs


Volinovian Strategic Victory / NUSSR Tactical Victory. The Volinovian Annexation of land that would be eventually returned to the NUSSR.
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Postby Alpinumtia » Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:19 pm


This information is recently rediscovered from the Prometheus Laboratory, it's location shall remain secret.

Hologram recording:
Hello, I am Light-Brings-Eternal-Lasting, the chief scientist of C.I.T.R.E. We are on the verge of a breakthrough, soon, we will be able to overcome the challenges facing us! The Akezas will be defeated! GLORY TO THE UNITED SOLAR SPACE ALLIANCE!

Second Hologram recording:
This is it! We have done it, comrades! The Akezas will be stopped, we will achieve eternal peace and prosperity once again! Explosions
Hologram recording cuts off

Third Hologram recording:
It's... over... Nuclear blast and orbital mass driver system firing can be heard in the background
Hologram recording cuts off

The Old Wars (The SSUA - Akezas War)
The Old Wars is a serious of Wars between the SSUA and the Akezas. The intention of Akezas is unknown, however, it is suspected that they are driven by religious beliefs.

Participating nations:

Solarem Spatium Unitum Alliance (Suspected to be the "Human" faction.)

Estimated 100 trillion S.M.A.R.T troops. (Artificial Intelligence) (In total)
Estimated 10 billion human troops. (In total)

Akezas (Suspected to be rogue A.I, alien, or parasite, although it is unknown whether parasite has the intelligence capable of the organization of such a faction)

Unknown, however, is estimated to be more than five trillion.

Major Battles:

Battle of Aphephus Ringworld:
The most devastating battle/campaign of The Old Wars. With losses mounting to the trillions on both sides. Most records of this battle is unknown, however, we do know that in the end, the entire Ringworld is destroyed, with all of the Akezas species.

Estimated to be 50 trillion military losses
Estimated to be 167.986 trillion civilian losses.
The losses for Azkezas are unknown.

SSUA Pyrrhic Victory

-Extermination of the Azkezas Species.
-Extermination of S.M.A.R.T A.I
-The total collapse of the SSUA.
-Massive losses on both sides.
-Complete destruction of civilizations within the Solar System.
-Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto deemed unsustainable of life.
-The complete destruction of the Aphephus Ringworld, Capital of SSUA. (The asteroid belt is suspected to be the remnants of this world.)
-Humanity pushed to the brink of extinction.
-The complete loss of all technology known to man. (Few have been rediscovered by mankind, such as nuclear fission and artificial intelligence)
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Postby Alpinumtia » Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:20 pm

you either go big or go home. so here's some epic space drama. not technically alpinumtians, but humanity as a whole. but alpinumtians are A.I so... yeah you didnt see this part
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Postby Kancia » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:36 pm

The Kancian Civil War. The uprisings by the Authoritarian-Capitalist Nationalists and Libertarian-Socialist Progressives destabilized the government, turning Kancia into a war zone between the two ideologically-opposite factions. Over 500,000 people have been killed in the 2 year war in the late 1950s, and the end result was a Nationalist Victory. A brutal terror which saw tens of thousands of executions took place afterward. As of now, the Nationalists run Kancia with a tight iron fist, crushing dissent at all levels.
Kancia, the authoritarian consumerist utopia! Where the economy is great but human rights, not so much.
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