Elementals: Aurennian Commandos (Fantasy|OOC|Open)

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Elementals: Aurennian Commandos (Fantasy|OOC|Open)

Postby Lazarian » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:18 pm


Elementals: Aurennian Commandos

In the beginning, before the world of mortals was born, there was nothing but Jaehlhadon, the Allfather. The God of Creation, floating endlessly in the void.

But one day, Jaehlhadon became lonely. From his divine essence, he drew Nine great souls from him. First, he created the Loyal Host - the Eightfold Gods of Creation. These eight were made up of Pryastar, God of Fire, Hydrata, Goddess of Water, Terestark, God of Earth, Boaltist, God of Lightning, Veridaelia, Goddess of Nature, Froenstia, Goddess of Ice, Aewiallia, Goddess of Wind, and Ferruoston, God of Metal. But there was one last God to be drawn from Jaehlhdon's essence - Tenaembra, the King in the Void.

It is unknown how or why, but Tenaembra grew tired of his role in creation. Perhaps he was given too much responsibility, or rather too little. Regardless, one day...he rebelled against his father, attempting to use the power of the Void to surpass the other Gods and dominate all of creation. This started a cataclysmic war in Heaven, which lasted for eons and time immemorial. The Loyal Host and their Angelles fought bitterly with Tenaembra and his Daemon hordes for centuries. The war was won by the Loyal Host, but only barely. Knowing what needed to be done to stop Tenaembra from starting another war with the power of the Void, Jaehlhadon sacrificed his Divine and Perfect form to bring form and shape to the seething, chaotic void and to transform it into an orderly, peaceful universe that the Loyal Host could fill with their own creations. As a final act before this new universe was created, Jaehlhadon created one last God: Caelstion, the Shining God of Light.

And thus the Universe was born; Terestark and Ferruoston forged the planets, Hydrata filled the basins of the rough spheres with her Water, Pryastar made boiling lakes of lava beneath the earth, and blazing balls of Fire in the space between the planets, which Caelstion lit up to ward off darkness and death from the planets. Veridaelia covered the land in lush, viridian forests brimming with life, and Aewiallia tenderly pulled the rain clouds across the skies. And once the universe was physically formed, there was one last act of creation the Loyal Host undertook; to create man. Taking attributes from all their Elements they combined them into two beings that walked upright the same way the gods and goddesses did. But Tenaembra had not accepted final defeat, and vowed to continue his war against his brothers and sisters.

The Black King in the Void sent his own creations to attack the world of Gaiaca. First came the ferocious, beast-like Demons, commanded by the Daemonnes; beautiful, cunning creatures that looked like men and were far more powerful than their savage counterparts. And for thousands of years they fought against the Angels and Angelles of Caelstion, and the magical superhuman servants of the Loyal Eight, the Elementals.

Finally, the cycle of divine war came to a cataclysmic end. Both sides sought a final, supreme advantage over the other, and the winner of the celestial arms race would either save Gaiaca or turn it into a ruined husk. Sacrificing nearly the entirety of his Dæmonik army on Gaiaca, Tenaembra reforged his foul creations into an unholy abomination, the Dæmonic Behemoth. The mindless monstrosity lived only for destruction, obliterating everything in its path. At great cost the monster was stopped by one of the mightiest Elementals and his army, the Scarlet Legion of His Imperial Majesty, Olbruni Villdera the Great, the emperor of Galllia, but at a terrible cost. The emperor, and most of his army, including Olbruni's three remaining heirs were slain by the foul beast. With the end of the Villdera dynasty and the losses they had suffered in the other parts of the world the age of the Elementals ended; the mythical race of superhuman heroes had been too depleted fighting the war. Caelstion's host continued to guard Gaiaca from the Heavens, stopping any further Demon kind from reaching the world of men. A thousand years passed, as the Galllian empire slowly stagnated and crumbled without the might of the Villdera dynasty, losing its grasp on the Elcrescian continent and the isle of Eresiln over time. Magic faded away the world as the Elementals that used it found themselves blamed and persecuted by the common men for all the ills of life, and either hid their powers or fled into the wilds, away from civilization.

For a time peace seemed restored on Gaiaca as the Great Dæmon War had lone since faded into the forgotten stories of old men, but it would not last. Tensions between the numerous kingdoms that now covered the face of Galllia flared, and war erupted once more. Battle after battle dragged on, with cities and provinces constantly changing hands to no avail. No end was in sight, nothing could make the awful war worse. Or so the suffering Galllians thought.

From out of the Void came one of Tenaembra's most fearsome servants, with an army at his back: Demon King Kayarost. The most powerful, cruel, remorseless of all the creations of the Black King in the Void, Kayarost quickly went to work pillaging and destroying the land, sweeping aside the technologically sophisticated humans with the sheer might of his innumerable host. As the Demon King marched on Villdernheim, the mighty island fortress-city that had been home to the Galllian emperors so long ago, it seemed there was nothing to stop him. No human army dared fight against Kayarost's dark army; to do so was suicide. Resigned to their inevitable defeat, the defenders of Villdernheim evacuated the civilians of the city while preparing for their deaths. They waited for days, and days, and no army came. The men of Villdernheim sent forth riders to find Kayarost's host. They did not succeed in that endeavour. Instead, they found the crushed remains of the Daemonic army, their foul black blood soaked into the earth like the rainwater of a hurricane. Mountains of Daemonik corpses burnt in pyres, with ash cloaking the ground and choking the air. And in the very epicentre of the carnage lay Schwarterong, Kayarost's dark sword, shattered to pieces. It was the only thing left of the Demon King, as his body was never found. Amazed by whatever divine grace had saved them, the states of Galllia put an end to their war, forming a confederation called the United Galllian Federation, and began rebuilding. Fifteen years passed, and the world seemed at peace.

But a fragile thing.

Yes, Kayarost and his armies had brought the land together to band against what was expected to be years and years of invasions from Hell. But after it became clear that there were no more hellspawn marching upon the world, then the old rivalries and grudges of Gallia rose to the surface once again. The South and North were tied together loosely to begin with, and slowly and surely, these ties began to fray. Economic disputes joined the fray, ranging from regional income inequality to slavery and child labour. Isolationism became the Galllian foreign policy by default, as no consensus could be reached as to which of the competing alliances the old states had forged should be kept. Topping it all off was the rise of a revolutionary group known as the Watchtower Society. They preached that the Elementals were responsible for all the ills of the world, and that the nobility, being descended from their magical hierarchy, needed to be violently overthrown. Ridding Gaiaca of her Elementals was the only way to ensure the Hellspawn would never attack again, as they would have finally triumphed over their ancient enemies. Their main activities seemed to be stirring up trouble in town squares, but in secret they carried out horrific biological research.

It is unknown what was the fatal spark that set the powder keg alight truly was, but many claim it was the secession of Aurennia from the United Galllian Federation. They had grown tired of the taxation and corruption of the Southern government, Constitutional confusion followed for days as the Federal Council debated over whether secession was legal, and if it was whether Duke Bismarke could unilaterally make such a declaration on his own without consulting his own nobility or the other states in Galllia. Chancellor Jeffron Van Eldharch, the head of state, finally announced their decision via telegram and a public address on the 5th of June in the capital that it was in fact illegal, and that the United Galllian Federation was going to stay united as long as there would be a continent of Galllia. The Rupture of the North had begun.

House Aurenheim made good use of the head-start their federal foes had given them, securing the loyalty of most armed forces currently within their lands. The structure of the U.G.F's army was such that divisions were generally comprised of soldiers from the region where they were stationed, meaning the divisions in Aurennia were almost entirely Aurennian. Proposals had been made in the past of integrating men from across the federation into assorted divisions, but the disparities in transportation across the continent made the idea too expensive to the Federal Council, and thus the Federal Army remained largely an extension of the old state armies and noble household retinues. Bismarke Van Aurenheim continued to use his title from the federal army, Commander of the Armies of the North, and called for the other northern states of Albrion and Erillia to break away with Aurennia.

And the continent exploded into war. For a time, the two combatants were at a standstill.

Then, in the Southern Forces, the secret spread of Watchtower paramilitary units into the structure of the Federal Army began. They were zealous and bloodthirsty, with an all-consuming hatred for Elementals, and their created monsters were too tantalising for many Southemen and Garmiccian commanders to resist deploying. On the few occasions that Federal-Imperial propaganda would mention the Watchtower Society it would paint them as passionate pursuers of reason and progress, contrasting with the superstition and backwardness of the brutish Northemen. In reality, though, Watchtower unleashed hideous and unnatural beasts upon the field, creations with no purpose but to slaughter and maul.

But who does the North have to stand against such unworldly forces? That...would be the Aurennian Commandos.

Who are they, you may ask? Well, it's quite confidential. But you've heard the rumors. A special unit, comprised of the boldest and brightest Elementals, meant to find and destroy whatever facilities responsible for unleashing these horrors upon the world. The tide of the war is turning against the North. The situation grows more dire by the day. But perhaps, with the blessings of the gods, the bravery of men, and a touch of luck...the tide may turn yet again.

The only two races typically seen are humanity, and their divinely-created protectors, the Elementals. Other races have sometimes been seen, but only as mysterious odd invidivuals. There are no known empires of elves or dwarves or centaurs.

What is an Elemental, you may ask? Why, soldier, you ought to know! Elementals are the Champions of the Gods. They're, to put it by a common's description, "a magical superhuman with blue blood who smites evil with magic". But I suppose I'll give you the most recent intel, broken down by priests and scientists alike.

Elementals control one of the eight Elements, which are fire, water, ice, nature, wind, lightning, earth, and metal. Elementals look like bigger and stronger humans, with male Elementals typically being over six feet tall. This is less common in female Elementals, however. Elementals will typically have unusually coloured hair or eyes corresponding to their Element, like a Metal Elemental having grey hair when they're still a child. Elemental magic usually starts manifesting in teenagers, but it can be delayed into young adulthood sometimes, or awakened during childhood if in extreme danger.

Elementals have been rare beings for the past thousand years (one in ten thousand, perhaps), but their numbers seem to growing in the current era (one in three thousand). Recently, there have been reports of Elemental powers springing up amongst common soldiers of exceptional bravery and virtue, and this is a new development.

Elementals serve the will of their patron deity. Magic is split into two tiers based on complexity. An Elemental can cast their magic without speaking, like bending from the Avatar series, but this magic is limited in what it can do. More complex actions require spells with set chants, martial movements, and rarely certain items held or runes drawn on the ground.

What makes certain Elementals more powerful than others? Nobody knows. Some profess that it is faith the drives their powers, while other claim that it is divine will, with others claiming willpower and focus is the key. Practicing does seem to improve efficacy with a spell, while strong emotions seem to inspire greater feats as well. The powers of Elementals are varied and immensely different in their abilities, with no Elemental having the same set of spells or rites.

Elementals recharge their magical energy simply by resting.

Why are there mentions of guns and battleships? This is a fantasy world, right?

Well...yes and no. The technology level of Galllia, the continent the story is set in, is analogous to our mid-19th century in most aspects. The United Gallian Federation (the South) possesses the most advanced technology of all the nations of Gaiaca, with muskets and cannons commonplace in its army, although swords, pikes, and other melee weapons are still prevalent. The Federal Galllian Navy has the beginnings of a steam-powered fleet, even possessing ironclad warships, though most of its ships are still wooden sailing man-of-wars and frigates. Railways travelled by early steam locomotives have begun to link the southern cities and their surrounding towns, but have been slower in spreading to the north, leaving the main modes of transportation as carriages and walking, as the aforementioned railways are in their infancy and canals are few and far between. Swift communication between government agents and military installations is possible thanks to telegraph lines, though it will be some time before this technology is available to the average citizen.

However, there's one big exception: firearms development is significantly stunted to somewhere closer to the mid-17th. Projectile attacks are easy to deflect by Elementals, and thus have been less popular in warfare. There are cannons and muskets, but they are not common nor even that effective. Additionally, society is somewhat more medieval in ways, like the fact that most of the known world generally adheres to a single church, not having had an event like the Reformation splitting western Christendom asunder, or the lack of republics anywhere.

Magic and technology do not mix.

United Gallian Federation Army | The Federals

The Southern Army is known as the Federals. They outpace the Northern forces in technology significantly - ranks of pike and shot merged together with Elementals. Southern units have lower morale than Northern ones - oftentimes, their ranks are made of conscripts, or the poorer classes of Federation society brought together.

The Federation is significantly more industrialized and developed than the North, with a wealthy landed ruling class and a poorer underclass of factory workers, peasants, and unskilled labor. Their generals and officers are typically the landed rich, though there are a few exceptions. Needless to say, the class tension sometimes inspires resent among the ranks.

However, the Federals have distinct advantages over the North. Their population is higher, their supply lines are stronger, and their logistics are better. With the Watchtower paramilitary units and Garmiccian forces at their side, it looks as if the Commonwealth may be doomed.

Watchtower Society

There is currently a cult called the Watchtower Society which preaches that Elementals must all be destroyed before they provoke another war with Hell, and for overthrow of current human governments which are based on ancient Elemental aristocratic views, and the establishment of a single government for all mankind.

Watchtower has quite possibly been around for hundreds of years, but they operate predominantly in the shadows. They use the powers of the Daemon King, Tenaembra, but believe that these powers can be harnessed through the power of science and technology. This is highly heretical, but their experiments have been quite...successful, depending on one's definition of success.

One would think that a monster-creating, citizen-abducting cult would be universally hated. However, Watchtower is more popular than one would expect in the South. The Lords and Governors of the South are often Elementals, or descended from them, and the growing inequality between the rich and poor has caused a disfavorable outlook on Elementals in many Southern towns and cities. Watchtower often does clear and visible donations to struggling farmers and towns, though these are not done from any real sense of charity.


Northern Coalition
The Northern Coalition (sometimes referred to as the Commonwealth of the North) are the less populous and more pious city-states of the North, tied loosely together with a common goal in mind. The four territories of Aurennia, Erillia, Eresiln, and Albrasfont seek to separate. Northemen are hardier and tougher than those of the South, having to deal with the monstrous wildlife much more frequently. The Northemen coalition is fighting for economic and personal freedoms, tired of being trod upon by the Federal government of the South.

Northemen speak in what we would consider an Irish or Scottish accent, depending on the territory. They are significantly less industrialized than the Southerners, having little to no factory infrastructure. Their forces are less standardized, with a patchwork of arms and soldier types. The Northemen resort more towards guerilla warfare, as meeting the Federal forces straight on the battlefield is quite difficult. Their governments are more similar to the Italian city-states, and their population is comprised primarily of settlers, frontiersmen, and farmers. They have no downtrodden working class like the South, due to the smaller population and greater natural resources found in the North.

The Garmiccians are forces from the Northernmost nation of Elcresia, a warlike imperialist nation. Twenty years ago, there was a civil war between the more progressive Emperor Anatoli and his brother, Baron Jeramiahde. Jeramiahde won this war, and has been seeking to extend his reach of power across the globe. The Garmiccians have always been a warlike people, as only the strongest survive their winters. Combined with some strange religious beliefs about reincarnation, this has led to the discipline and tenacity of the Garamiccian Imperial Army being known throughout the world. They are regarded as one of the finest military forces on Gaiaca, despite the lower amount of cannons and muskets they have in their possession.

The Garmiccians, however, are technologically inferior to both the Commonwealth and the Federal forces. Their forces have a rare smattering of muskets, but the most common equipment they have are halberds and tower shields. Garmiccian colors are dark blue and silver. Their forces are very un-standardized, with each soldier typically providing their own equipment. They have forces supporting the Federal forces, so the Aurennian Commandos may run up against them. The Garmiccian culture is very similar to Russian culture, with Polish and Hungarian mixed in. Most Garmiccians do not speak Common Gallian. Their objectives are unknown.

Something that may be relevant is that the Garmiccians hate Watchtower paramilitary units. Their Imperialist tendencies are supported and justified through the theological idea that they are the heirs to the fallen Great Empire, and Garmiccians are typically much more religious and superstitious than the Federals they fight alongside. Working alongside beasts and demons bothers them immensely. They may turn a blind eye to certain acts, as a result of this.

The Holy Helreskaffen Church is the predominant religion on Gaica, with both Northemen and Southerners ascribing to it. The Helreskaffen church worships the Loyal Host and Caelstion, with emphasis on living a life that would be seen as righteous by the gods. Values of the Helreskaffen are piety, bravery, charity, and selflessness. Acceptable forms of worship are prayer, religious chants and services, as well as the occasional offering of money or other valuable items to the temples.

The Garmiccian Helreskaffen Church is an offshoot of the Helreskaffen Church which is popular in both Garmiccia and some other nations of Elcresia. The main difference between this faith and the Gallian one is that this variant has been steeped in the Northern Garmiccian pagan traditions heavily. For one, it is considered a bad omen in Garmiccia to refer to the gods by their direct names. While it does not necessarily land in the realm of being directly heretical, it is generally avoided. Additionally, the gods are not seen as all good - the canonical faith defines certain gods as evil, and they receive much less worship than others. Pryastar, Aewillia, Terestark, and Hydrata are seen as good, with Froenstia (the goddess of ice) being seen as an accomplice to Tenaembra. This is deeply unpopular among the Gallians and serves as a major cultural difference between the two. Additionally, the Valkerigan are believed to be angels which escort of the souls of those who die in battle to their next reincarnation, which is considered a heretical belief in most other nations.

Omnsaatism is the dominant faith of the Southern continent of Sahranjja's. It is also referred to as the Timeless Way, and it is unique in its particularly dualistic view of the gods of Gaiaca, as well as in its devotion to three mysterious deities not revered in any other Gaiacan society. The gods are represented as different hours on a clock in Omnsaatism. The first hour after midnight is Traen-Ahri, the negative half of the god of Darkness. This is being most similar to the Tenaembra of the Helreskaffen doctrine: evil, cruel, unconcerned with the lives of man, architect of all wickedness. The other gods have one of their half-aspects represented at each hour, and it is at eleven o'clock where the first unique Sahranjjite deity is revered: Vidarir, the Primordial Goddess of Life. Following her is Jaehlheshon at noon-day. Then the cycle repeats, showing the other half-aspects of the gods until 11 PM, where it is Yamadurm, the Primordial God of Death who is revered. And then after him at midnight comes perhaps the most alien, unsettling part of Omnsaatism to many foreigners: Jotueshiemi, the Goddess of Chaos, Destruction and Void, polar opposite to the Order, Creation and Existence of Jaehlheshon.

Map of Galllia and Eresiln
Map of Elcrescia

As a quick reference where the continents are in relation to one another: Galllia is the western continent, and Halvefor is near it. Elcrescia is the easternmost continent, Sahranjja is to the south of them both, though closer to Elcrescia, and Yuelkelu is close to the middle of all of them.

RP Guidelines

If you're reading this, then thank you! I really appreciate you making your way through all this lore. You, and whoever else may join, are now members of the Aurennian Commandos, fighting against the Watchtower paramilitary units of the South. As you may have been able to tell, the war is going badly for the North. Though there appears to be divine intervention, your characters will be outanned and outgunned for most of the story.

A few notes: Elementals, as in the one that Const is running, is primarily an drama-comedy. Elementals: Aurennian Commandos sort of strikes the comedy bit. That isn't to say that the RP is full grim-dark, but characters can and will die. It's taking place during an active war, after all. I'm not going to randomly just merc anyone's character out of nowhere (that would be terrible OPing and I'm not here for it), but if you write that your guy tries to take on an entire brigade by themselves...I'll roll a couple dice and see what happens.

This story is significantly more condensed than OG Elementals as well. As you may or may not know, Elementals 3 crawls along at a snail's pace, an undying vampire casually strolling down to the pub. That's not the case here, though. I'm hoping that folks can post at least once a week so we can move along rapidly. A key for this is to leave a hook in your post for another player to latch on and respond to so we can keep the ball rolling. Also, I don't expect novels for posts. While more description and length in a post is great, having things happen quickly is even more important.

Just a couple of general notes:

You don't have to play as a Gallian (who are predominately British-inspired). If you want to take inspiration from somewhere else, you can be a mercenary Elemental from one of the many other nations of Gaiaca.

Gaiaca has three main continents. Galllia in the west, Elcrescia in the east, and Sahranjja to the south, along with a smattering of islands everywhere. There's presumably other islands further out at sea, but what's shown on the political world map in the OP is what makes up the known world. Galllia is split between the United Galllian Federation in the south and west, and the breakaway Commonwealth of the North in the northeast. The Commonwealth of the North also includes the island nation of Eresiln, which is at an equal tech level to Galllia.

Elcrescia is less advanced, and is split into eight different countries at the moment. The continent of Sahranjja is all ruled by the empire of the same name. Culture-wise Galllia is comparable to a viking Great Britain, which used to be the equivalent of the Roman Empire a thousand years ago, with gratuitous German names thrown in. Elcrescia is roughly Europe. Sahranjja is a mashup of China and Egypt.

I expect players to be civil and polite. We've never had an issue with that before, so I don't expect there to be any issues.

If any questions pop up as you're making a character, or at any time really, ask away. There's a lot of lore in Elementals, but you really don't need to know that much of it! All you really need to know is that there's a war, your character is a Sorcerer/Cleric hybrid (or a regular fantasy knight that can keep pace), you're fighting cultists and demons, and it's Fantasy Rogue One. It might look complicated, but there's nothing to be intimidated by.


Code: Select all
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Description/Image:[/b]
[b]Element:[/b] (N/A if regular human)
[b]Character Personality:[/b]
[b]Character Flaws:[/b]
[b]Character Bio/Backstory:[/b]
[b]Character Equipment:[/b] (if any)
[b]Additional information:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b]
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Who wins? Hundred year old fort or hehe rock go fwoosh boi?

Postby Kassaran » Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:41 pm

Character Name: Karl Tumman
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Character Description/Image: ... p-01-M.jpg
Element: Earth (Terrestark)
Skills: Engineer and Earthworker... and remarkably competent at both. Boy may not know how to tie his shoe-laces or count to 21, but he can drop a fortress wall three meters thick and still got juice to flatten the fifty men on the opposite side.
Character Personality: Brash, Bold, and everything a young man off to fight only the biggest war can be...
Character Flaws: ...but a tad stupid and inexperienced in working his Element. Also there's a little thing called 'subtly' which he needs to learn, but with his powers, he reasons there's got to be a time for explosive earthworking eventually. Also, spiders give him the willies.
Character Bio/Backstory:
I'm just not done with it yet...

Character Equipment: His trusty bandolier and spade!
Additional information: We'll get there when we get there I guess?
RP Sample: Co-wrote a bit of this with someone I know. I play the spooky lad in a hat and jacket.
Beware: Walls of Text Generally appear Above this Sig.
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Character Name: Captain Adair Uisge
Age: 72
Sex: Male
Character Description/Image:

Adair is approximately 6'2, although he strikes a thin figure at 165 pounds. His arms are sinewy and strong, scarred with a thousand bites and slashes. He is missing an eye with a significant scar down the left side of his face.
Element: Water
Skills: Sailor, beast-hunter.
Character Personality: Adair is a stubborn and crotchety old man. Worn down by years of conflict and strife, he simply seeks to end the war and return home.
Character Flaws: Adair is getting old. Even though being an Elemental stays off many of the negative side effects of aging, his reflexes simply aren't as sharp as they used to be.
Character Bio/Backstory:
"Beware an old man in a young man's profession."

Adair was born in the year 1707 to a humble pair of settlers in the highlands of the region of Aurennia. Their small village (known as the town of Dunbar) was uneventful - much like the small town of Huntspot, the primary source of livelihood was herding flocks of goats and sheep. It was hardly an easy existence, however - the beasts of Gaica are significantly more monstrous than those of our own world. The city was rather communal, with all citizens pitching in equally to fend off the creatures which occupied the nearby Albras Mountains. The Uisge family was middle class - his father worked the local mill, and his mother was involved in the local town's Ruling Council. The further North one goes in Gallia, the less the decrees of the Federal government truly matter.

At the age of seventeen, his hair developed streaks of dark blue - a clear evidence of Hydrata's blessing. His family rejoiced, as an Elemental born to commoners was a rare and marvelous sight indeed. The local priests and his parents gave him their blessing, and then sent him to the port city of Auregen to seek fortune and fame. Water Elementals are highly demanded on the Halrennor Sea - storms can oft be avoided with the prayer of one of Hydrata's champions, and the speed of any vessel can be enhanced through the combined blessings of Hydrata and Aewillia.

Adair spent twenty years at sea, the prime of his life, travelling from place to place. To the far flung islands of Yuelkelu to the sandy deserts of Sahranjja - he helped many ships and crew arrive safely and seamlessly at their destination. He amassed a small fortune at this time, and then returned home with dreams of bringing his town prosperity.

Alas - in the twenty years he had been gone, times had changed. The townsfolk had been struggling with an uncontrollable infestation of adzefowl - vulture-like creatures which devoured man and cattle alike. His parents had been killed in a swarm a few years back, and Dunbar was desolate, with only a few particularly daring individuals remaining.

Furious, Adair rallied the local countryside to purge the area of these beasts. Working with local Elemental lords, he initiated the Reconquest Hunt of 1747, which was a multi-parish effort to send significant military force into the caves and black forests where beasts and creatures from the Ancient Times still resided. The hunt was mostly successful, and over the course of five years, the territory of Aurennia expanded North, with new roads paved and settlements built over ancient Gallian ruins. Despite this, Adair was unsatisfied. Rather than retiring down to the restored and rebuilt Dunbar, he continued his own singular crusade against the Dark, claiming that Hydrata demanded it. For six years, him and other dedicated hunters traversed the dangerous mountains, putting down any remains of Daemonic creatures and wildlife that had spilled from some unknown fount. Finally, after years of searching, Adair found it - a gap between the two worlds. A seething portal from Gaica to Tenaembra's realm, spilling hideous creatures into the mountains.

After putting down the Daemonne guards that protected this profane bridge, Adair destroyed the portal. Upon this triumph, he was content with his revenge on the creatures that had slain his family, and returned to civilization. Despite being nearly fifty, he married a local lord's daughter, and began to sire heirs and build an estate. In 1760, the town of Dunbar elected him as their ruling governor. In 1763, when the Demon King Kayarost emerged, Adair directed an effort to build an immense wall around the city (now grown to nearly twenty thousand) with the help of his Earth Elemental son. However, Kayarost pillaged the South, and the Great Miracle of Villdernheim occurred before the Daemonic armies reached the Aurennian province.

Now, war emerges once again. Adair is old, but has stood for Aurennian independence his entire life. It's a tragedy to see that man has turned against man to shed blood rather than their natural enemies, but he refuses to stand by as the Southern oppressors stomp over his free and noble homeland. He was selected to join the Aurennian Commandos for his years of experience in slaying beasts, as many of Watchtower's horrid creations are Daemonic mutations of already existing wildlife. A trained hunter is sure to be useful in this squad of warriors.

Character Equipment: Adair's main equipment are a light set of chainmail and his greatsword, Tidebringer. Tidebringer is an ancient relic sword which enhances his abilities significantly, with a mageforged blade and sapphires set in the hilt.

Additional information: Adair has two sons (one Elemental) and three daughters (one Elemental), as well as several grandchildren.

RP Sample: I would hope this isn't necessary.

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Postby Lazarian » Wed Jul 15, 2020 2:04 pm

Kassaran wrote:snip

Accepted, assuming the backstory eventually gets written up. Welcome aboard!

Yes, this is just a shameless bump to get onto the front page.

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