CXVIth Jubilee of the Ages! [Greater Olympus|OOC/Signup]

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CXVIth Jubilee of the Ages! [Greater Olympus|OOC/Signup]

Postby GO Archive » Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:24 am

ImageImage OVERVIEW ImageImage


Hello and welcome to the annual Jubilee of the Ages! A week long festival held in a different nation each year that highlights the arts, cuisine, history, and cultures of the world. This premiere, multicultural event, rooted in over a century of tradition, crosses over international borders for the culmination of a beautiful display of what all of the people of Olympus have to offer.

The origin of this tradition stemming from the 1890's celebrations seen across the world dedicated to the viewing of the Perseid meteor shower. As communities continued to celebrate in coming years the practice grew to the point where each year's festivities were meant to outdo the last. The similarly timed celebrations that occurred spanning the globe led to the formal organization of an internationally endorsed event and eventually the formation of the Jubilee Commission. Weathering the test of time, including the span of several large scale wars and numerous conflicts, the festival still continues today, on a much larger scale. The Jubilee of the Ages truly embodies international cooperation and the spirit of the ancient celebrations of Apaturia, that of the 'common relationship'.

Stop by and revel in the views and wonders gathered at this year's installment of this tremendous occasion! A litany of performances and showcases will make their way across the main stage, the Proplyon. A vibrant and immersive shopping experience will be available in the Agora, featuring market stalls of vendors selling an extravagant range of merchandise. As the world recovers from the throes of the recession that began earlier this year, the Jubilee of 2020 serves as a testament to the elasticity of Olympia and will show off just how beautifully it can bounce back! A host of craft food vendors will provide a multicultural menu to satisfy even the most picky or insatiable eaters, with a series of gourmet world class chefs making appearances. A long list of featured guests, speakers, and panels makes this years Jubilee the best to have ever happened! Make your way to Farsund and don't miss out!



ImageImage AGORA ImageImage


Exhibition Center

This huge market takes an otherwise ordinary district and transforms it into a very busy, atmospheric and vibrant hive of lively activity throughout the duration of the Jubilee! This year, the Agora will be located outside of the SAV Arena, where patrons will enjoy the cool summer breeze amid hundreds of different booths.

Sponsored Vendors

  • You?



ImageImage PROPYLON ImageImage


The Propylon of the Jubilee of the Ages has seen performances by most of the all time greatest performers, speakers, and athletes of Olympian history. Many influential signers, composers, bands, dancers, actors and all sorts of an array of entertainers have made their way across the main stage at this annual tradition. The lineup list this year is one of the most incredible yet!

Featured Guests




ImageImage SCHEDULE of EVENTS ImageImage


Saturday, August 1st, 2020
Programming from 12pm-9pm

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020
Programming from 9am-9pm

Monday, August 3rd, 2020
Programming from 9am-2am

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020
Programming from 9am-2am

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020
Programming from 9am-11pm

Thursday, August 6th, 2020
Programming from 9am-9pm

Friday, August 7th, 2020
Programming from 9am-9pm



ImageImage VENUE ImageImage


Hosting City

The distinguished host of the CXVIth Annual Jubilee of the Ages is a rather unconventional tourist destination, the far northern port city of Farsund, capitol of the United Republic of Storsnia.

Located on the coast of central Storsnia, Farsund is the heart of the United Republic, serving as the gateway into the faraway icy wilderness that Olympia calls Storsnia. Unlike the rest of the icy nation, Farsund is a vibrant and thriving city rich in culture and history. Divided into Old Farsund on the north bank of the Kovasselva River, and New Farsund on the south. Old Farsund, as told by its name is full of cultural and historical significance for the Storsnian nation, home to numerous memorials to important Storsnians past. The canals that lace throughout the city are The First Minister's residence as well as the seat of the Legislature, the Kamaritalo. Government functions operate out of old Farsund while new Farsund showcases the modernity of the twenty first century Storsnia, with towering skyscrapers, jaunty hotels, and a world renowned ice rink, the entertainment district boasts a distinct and vibrant nightlife. The SAV Arena where the Jubilee will be held is a key centerpiece of Storsnian culture, as the popular Lykensburgish saying goes, a newborn Storsnian is as good on ice as the Manobans are at laying train tracks.


From the Port of Farsund
  • Take Farsund Ferry through old Farsund to new Farsund's ferry station.
  • Take Route 33 to the Entertainment District, getting off at Exit 4b
  • Find yourself outside of one of the most popular Ice rink in Mu-Kal

Parking will be available in the surrounding parking garages of the stadium, as well as half capacity of the parking lot, to make room for the Agora. Local traffic ordinances will be in force, so be sure to park legally!



ImageImage IMPORTANT OOC INFO ImageImage


Rules and Participation

SO! While participation is not mandatory it is highly encouraged and there is a variety of ways to do so. The easiest way to participate in the fair without any hassles or responsibilities would be to simply stop by here and there with IC posts either interacting with vendors, reacting to main attractions, or simply walking about the festival!

Rules are pretty self explanatory and basically anything referenced in The Gateway would apply. For a very brief, rough listing of rules for this thread here we go:

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Don't god mod.
  • Remember to separate IC antagonism from OOC.
  • No OOC in the IC thread and vice versa.
  • Please use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Use spell check, proof read, etc.
  • Thread concludes after two full weeks IRL after the IC OPs are published.
  • There are two separate IC threads for lack of clutter, make sure to keep posts where they belong.

For a more immersive interaction with the Jubilee's proceedings there are two routes you can take! You can either signup for a highlighted time slot as one of the Featured Guests or sign up as a Sponsored Vendor. As a Sponsored Vendor all you have to do is fill out an application (below) and participate in the Agora thread as, well, a vendor! Sponsored Vendors will also get a chance in the spotlight with their stand detailed in all of the OPs on the Jubilee. Featured Guests will be required to participate in the Propylon thread; a post of the performance (or whatever it is you want to do) needs to be posted on the date you signed up for!

You can have as many Featured Guests and/or Sponsored Vendors as you like! Also, beyond Featured Guests I would like the entire Schedule to be filled up either way, even if you don't plan on posting as them (although I encourage you do!). So give me bands/speakers/performers/circus acts that you want to be listed in the non highlighted time slots, there is no limit to how many!

You do not need to fill out an Application for an entertainer of yours to be listed in the Schedule of Events if it is not, or meant to be, a Featured Guest.

Sponsored Vendor Application

Application Example
* Marked Slots are Mandatory

  • *Company/Business Name: Roventini Tobacconists International
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Filipe Morisi
  • Operator's Title:
  • *Nation of Origin: Parthonopia
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Tobacco and tobacco products
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Roventini Tobacconists is the premier producer, manufacturer, and retailer of the finest Parthonopian tobacco products. Roventini Tobacconists International (RTI) is the primary provider of domestic Parthonopian tobacco consumption while also servicing much of the Liran continent with the best choice in cigarette and cigar brands. Widely recognizable and highly sought after, RTI cigarette brands such as Fortuna, Mantova, and Fatima are truly the only choice in quality cigarette brands. The RTI booth at the Jubilee this year will be providing any tobacco enthusiast an excellent and varied choice of products for sale ranging from cigarettes by the pack or carton to a walk in humidor with an array of exquisite Parthonopian cigars.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?):No
  • List of Names of Staff:
  • Operator's Bio:
  • Additional photos/website/social media wished to be included:

Code: Select all
[list][*][b]*Company/Business Name:[/b]
[*][b]*Booth Operator:[/b]
[*][b]Operator's Title:[/b]
[*][b]*Nation of Origin:[/b]
[*][b]*What type of merchandise/service do you provide?:[/b]
[*][b]*Give a short, illustrative description of your business:[/b]
[*][b]*Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?):[/b]
[*][b]List of Names of Staff:[/b]
[*][b]Operator's Bio:[/b]
[*][b]Additional photos/website/social media wished to be included:[/b][/list]

Featured Guest Application

Application Example
* Marked Slots are Mandatory

  • *Featured Guest (if band or group, the group's title): Cecilia Vidovici
  • *Type of Act: Opera singer
  • Picture/Logo:
  • Name of Performers: Cecilia Vidovici
  • *Time Slot for Act (very important the post happens on this date!!):Wednesday, June 6th, 2018
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your act: Etrurie occupied Cisparrania born, Parthonopian soprano, Cecilia Vidovici, is one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of Lira. Many critics praise her bel canto technique, wide-ranging voice and dramatic interpretations. Her repertoire ranges from classical opera seria to the bel canto operas of Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini and further, to the works of Verdi and Puccini; and, in her early career, to the music dramas of Wagner. A multi-talented artist, Cecilia, is also a brilliant luthier and well versed in the difficult skill of playing the classical guitar. Past recitals have seen magnificent interpretations of a variety of works, including works written originally for the lute or vihuela by composers such as John Dowland and Luis de Narváez as well as music written for the harpsichord by Domenico Scarlatti or for the baroque lute by Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Her musical and dramatic talents as well as wide popularity with a large fan base has led to her being hailed as La Divina.
  • *Nation of Origin: Cisparranian Republic (Parthonopia)

Code: Select all
[list][*][b]*Featured Guest (if band or group, the group's title):[/b]
[*][b]*Type of Act:[/b]
[*][b]Name(s) of Performer(s):[/b]
[*][b]*Time Slot for Act (very important the post happens on this date!!):[/b]
[*][b]*Give a short, illustrative description of your act:[/b]
[*][b]*Nation of Origin:[/b] [nation][/nation][/list]


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Postby Yuzhou » Fri Jul 17, 2020 11:36 pm

  • *Company/Business Name: Bulao Federation of Jashnagar
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Taivin Yunkara
  • Operator's Title: Bulao Grand Master
  • *Nation of Origin: Jashnagar
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Bulao Equipment and Lessons
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: The Bulao Federation of Jashnagar will be offering Bulao game equipment ranging from cheap beginner sets to extraordinarily expensive pieces of mastercraft, as well as lessons for complete beginners and experienced players alike. The mission is to raise awareness of the game to international audiences and encourage exploration of play among experts. Bulao is the national board game of Jashnagar and has roots stretching back thousands of years.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): Yes. The Federation will be demonstrating the game and play styles to onlookers.
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Postby Storsnia » Sun Jul 19, 2020 12:50 pm

  • *Company/Business Name: Kauko-Kivi Family Farms
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Elli Kauko-Kivi
  • Operator's Title: Owner
  • *Nation of Origin: Storsnia
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Furs and fur products, handmade goods, and other fresh Storsnian grown produce
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Kauko- Kivi Family farms is returning to another Jubilee with more products and exhibits then last year! This year KK farms will be selling farm fresh produce local to Storsnia including but certainly not limited to various berries, apples, cherries, and even some citrus fruits grown in specially designed greenhouses. Alongside their farm fresh stand there will be animal exhibits including domesticated foxes, owls, and of course reindeer.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): No
  • List of Names of Staff:
    • Mika Mustonen, Senior Breeding Specialist
    • Esteri Kujala, House Veterinarian
    • Susanna Kuisma, Public Relations Associate
    • Kaarlo Kauko, Former Owner and Farm Historian

  • *Company/Business Name:SAV
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Aaron Virta
  • Operator's Title: Senior Marketing Specialist
  • *Nation of Origin: Storsnia
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Civilian vehicles, primarily SUVs and trucks
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: SAV is Storsnia's largest automotive manufacture producing a multitude of vehicles including the ever popular Maasto, the versatile Kantaja, and the classic Reki. SAV produces primarily for the Storsnian and northern Mu-Kal Market, however SAV vehicles can be seen all over. Whether its crossing the harsh deserts of Neris, the frozen tundra of the Northern Territory, or just an easy Sunday drive you can count on SAV. SAV vehicles are bulit to be reliable and comfortable for any situation. Lately, the company has been working to diversify their products to expand globally.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): Yes, SAV will be announcing the production of their newest model: an electric sport-utility vehicle and will be taking pre-orders.
  • List of Names of Staff:
    • Aatto Mäkelä, Design Specialist
    • Sofia Myllylä, Bulk Sales Coordinator
    • Jaana Leino, Onsite Mechanic

  • *Company/Business Name: Mikrotek
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator:Miina Penttilä
  • Operator's Title:Marketing Specialist
  • *Nation of Origin: Storsnia
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Semi-conductors and computer components
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Mikrotek is a fledgling Storsnian company the specializes in manufacturing computer components for personal and commercial uses. Mikrotek produces CPUs, graphics units and other components for use in personal computing devices as well as those used in commercial and industrial applications. Mikrotek has been a rapidly developing company in Storsnia with production increasing greatly. Mikrotek seeks to become one of the worlds largest computer component manufacturing and grow Storsnian burgeoning tech sector.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): Yes, Mikrotek will be displaying and selling some of there products on site at the jubilee. Mikrotek will also have several computers built with primarily Mikrotek components.

  • *Company/Business Name: Aurora International
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Annika Laine
  • Operator's Title: Marketing Director
  • *Nation of Origin: Storsnia
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Televison shows, news programs, translation services
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Storsnian broadcast company. Produces various television shows across the global and produces and distributes Aurora News in common Lorian for international audiences. Specializes in translating select shows into Lorian and other languages for global broadcasters.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): No

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Postby Ghant » Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:28 pm

  • *Company/Business Name: Ebaketa Tripulazio Konpainiak (the Cutting Crew Company)
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Yuri Idargudas
  • Operator's Title: Captain
  • *Nation of Origin: Boaga
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Icebreakers and heavy freighters
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Ebaketa Tripulazio Konpainiak (ETK) is the leading Boagan shipping carrier operating liner services in the International trades. ETK provides port-to-port and end-to-end transport of heavy vehicles, helicopters and other equipment for the Boagan government and its various agencies. We also carry agricultural and construction equipment for developing nations, public transportation cargoes, preference cargoes, and other commercial break-bulk and ETK business.

    ETK’s fleet is the most versatile Boagan merchant fleet at sea today. In various configurations, these vessels can transport thousands of automobiles, trucks and military vehicles, as well as helicopters and break-bulk cargo. ETK also transports agricultural, construction and other high and heavy equipment for some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our vessels have heavy lift capabilities of up to 320 tons, door height clearances of up to 21 feet, and drive widths of up to 77 feet. With 100% under-deck stowage, the vessels also provide the highest level of cargo security and protection. To ensure the safe, secure loading and unloading of our cargoes, ETK has specialized equipment such as heavy-lift trailers, 12-axle jack-up trailers, and rubber tire bogies for rail cars. When presented with a unique cargo requiring special handling and equipment, our cargo-handling specialists will customize a solution.

    In addition to service to ETK’s base ports, customers are able to avail themselves to global coverage via our vessel partners and their networks. ETK is able to service a customer’s far-flung cargo needs via transshipment to anywhere in the world. ETK can offer regular P1 service to and from Lira, with P2 service elsewhere in the world. Ask our team to craft a solution for your shipment, no matter how large or small. Charter and/or tramp inquiries are also welcome.

    ETK operates a fleet of heavy shipping vessels, a class characterized by ramp access and a highly optimized system of fixed and liftable cargo decks which constitute the main cargo section. This system enables the vessel to be reconfigured quickly to accommodate different cargoes and maximize lift capacity. Our attached ramp systems make the vessels self-sustaining for load and discharge. Some of our most famous heavy shipping vessels are the Icebreakers, which are capable of traveling through icy northern waters.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(N, if Yes what?): Yes, Demonstration of cargo loading equipment.
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Postby Gifftan » Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:31 pm

  • *Featured Guest (if band or group, the group's title): Carwyn Huws
  • *Type of Act: Orator
  • Picture/Logo:
  • Name(s) of Performer(s): Carwyn Huws
  • *Time Slot for Act (very important the post happens on this date!!): Monday, the 3rd of August, 2020
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your act: Landline and phone book manufacturer and former civil servant, Carwyn Huws is a member of the Gifftanian League of Morals and Decency, and an ardent supporter of internet-free life. The 48-year-old has given many rousing speeches about the ills of the online world, both in Gifftan and abroad. Despite being criticised on platforms such as sign post he remains popular with traditionalists accross the globe; he is renowned for his loud and booming voice and his tendancy to gesticulate wildly when speaking.
  • *Nation of Origin:Gifftan


  • *Company/Business Name: United Tobacco LTD. (T.U.)
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Eirwyn Jones
  • Operator's Title: Deputy head of marketing and public relations
  • *Nation of Origin: Gifftan
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Cigarettes, cigars, snuff, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco.
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Made up of several smaller companies, the T.U. provides fine Gifftanian tobacco in every form, from cigarettes to snuff.
    Gifftan's warm and humid climate, coupled with it's lax tobacco laws make it the perfect catalyst for luxurious smoking. As ever it's famous rose-tipped cigarettes, a seasonal favourite, are on show, as are it's fine 'Paun' brand cigars.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): No
  • List of Names of Staff:
    Eric Morgan, sales associate
    Owen Lewis, sales associate
    Hywel Williams, tobacco expert

  • *Company/Business Name: Brylyfn Chocolate
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: William Llywelyn
  • Operator's Title: Sub Marketing-Director
  • *Nation of Origin: Gifftan
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Cocoa products
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Founded in 1863, Brylyfn has supplied the world with fine chocolate, homegrown on Gifftanian soil. The secret recipie for their distinctive chocolate has prooven succsessful for over 150 years, and is a big hit with children as well as adults.
    Sample the company's newest creations alongside it's established classics, and learn part of the secret process that makes Brylyfn chocolate special.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): Yes, new types of chocolate and a line of cakes.
  • List of Names of Staff:
Sion ap Hywel, Sales Associate
Bedwyr Jones, Chocolatier
Huw Tomos, Chocolatier

  • *Company/Business Name: Gifftanian Motor Corporation (C.F.G.)
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Rhodri Edwards
  • Operator's Title: Head Engineer
  • *Nation of Origin: Gifftan
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Motor cars
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: With three companies and over 70 years of experience under it's belt, the C.F.G. ranges over the entire field of motoring, meeting almost every need and every purse. Gifftanian cars in all their beauty adapted for the international market. Cheap to run, simple to repair, fun to drive, and pleasant to look at; For our money, C.F.G. models are the finest value in the world.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): The new 'Hebog' from the Destl stable along with other old favourites, plus a new 'car of the future' concept car.
  • List of Names of Staff:
Aled Efans, engineer/salesman
Gwylim Williams, engineer/salesman
Robert Dafydd, engineer/salesman
Jên Mathews, promo girl
Elisabeth Jones, promo girl
Mair Gruffudd, promo girl

  • *Company/Business Name: Gwennol Airline
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Ieuan Harri
  • Operator's Title: Chief Marketer
  • *Nation of Origin: Gifftan
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?: Airline company
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Arrive in style with Gwennol Airlines, from extra leg-room to onboard meals, with Gwennol you'll wish the journey was longer!
    Comfortable seats, delicious meals, and friendly stewardesses will provide an atmosphere in which you'll feel as if you're on top of the world (in every sense!). Try out the seats and the food for yourself, and come see the new updated interior soon to be applied to all Gwennol aircraft.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): A recreation of the new improved interiors.
  • List of Names of Staff:
    Cedri Huws, Pilot
    Arthur Williams, Pilot
    Lleucu Roberts, Stewardess
    Alaw Efans, Stewardess
    Huw Roberts, Steward

(logos to come)

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Postby Lunderfrau » Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:27 pm

  • *Company/Business Name: Gruber's Ltd.
  • Logo:
  • *Booth Operator: Rita Burger
  • Operator's Title: Outreach & Promotions Manager
  • *Nation of Origin: Lunderfrau
  • *What type of merchandise/service do you provide?:Quick Service Restaurant
  • *Give a short, illustrative description of your business: Founded in 1934 by Brothers Hans and Otto Gruber, Gruber's is Lunderfrau's 2nd Largest Quick Service Restaurant with over 2,000 Locations in Lunderfrau. Starting as a Delicatessen, Gruber's specializes in Deli meats and sandwiches, particularly the Reuben Sandwhich. We've come to Storsnia for this years Jubilee to serve up delicious sandwiches and demonstrate some fantastic Lunder Cuisine with Lunder Celebrity Chef Kelly Sauer.
  • *Are you doing any demonstrations or revealing new product lines?(Y/N, if Yes what?): We'll be having live cooking demonstrations with Kelly Sauer of popular Lunder dishes with a Gruber's twist.
  • List of Names of Staff:Rita Burger, Kelly Sauer-Celebrity Chef, Jill Beck- Stage Operations Assistant, Fritz Sommer- Booth Attendent

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