Levilion News Thread – [IC]

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Levilion News Thread – [IC]

Postby Tyrnica » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:45 pm



Greetings! This is the news thread for Levilion, which aims to document the current happenings and notable events going on around the world. Naturally, this is only open to members of the region — however, we encourage you to read along and even sign up if you're interested!


  • As aforementioned, the usage of this thread is exclusive to members of Levilion who have received the appropriate roles on our regional Discord server.
  • News posts should take on the appropriate appearance — include what you'd expect to see on a real news website!
  • This is an in-character thread, so news posts should come from an in-character perspective.

Table of Contents

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Postby Songha » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:36 pm

Her Majesty, Empress La'akea, speaking with journalists in Jiasing
Bi-annual Wargames to be held in Songha
Songhese Central News Agency

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Yu Uyongu-Kan (@YuUK-SCNA)
Thursday July 9 2020, 8:40 AM | Liu-Hu, Songha

Her Majesty, La'akea Yunga-Seung, arrived in Liu-Hu earlier this morning, alongside other high ranking members of the Imperial Council, and members of the royal family, presumably to oversee the start of the bi-annual Songhese Wargames, coined the "Songhese Practices of Sovereignty and Dignity" by some in the Government. The wargames are to take place on land, sea, and air. Naval forces will conduct live-fire practices in the Bay of Padmer, while Land Forces will conduct practices in multiple places spanning up and down the Western Seaboard of Songha; the largest of these will take place to the Southwest of Liu-Hu. Air Forces will coordinate in the practices of both divisions, while also having smaller performances of their own.

These wargames will coincide with the 77th Anniversary of the end of the Great War of Qes, or the Second Great War as it is called in Auressia. Taking advantage of the mobilised force numbers, many of these forces will march in parades and celebrations along the coast alongside local forces, in a show of force and respect to the world. Similar, but smaller, celebrations will take place across the nation - the largest celebrations will, of course, take place in Liu-Hu and Jiasing.

Some question the function of these wargames in the 21st Century, posing the perspective that surely the modern world has moved past the need for combat-ready armed forces at a given notice; however, nonetheless, the government pushes forward with these exercises, insisting that with the history of aggression Songha has faced, that the nation must be ready to defend itself ruthlessly in all situations. Nonetheless, whether you support or oppose the wargames, all must admit it's a great show of patriotism and unity for the whole country in coordination with Unity Day.

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TPim93 · 48 minutes ago
Woo-hoo, I can't want to see the fireworks - bring it on!

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W̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶t̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶.̶


xae1 · 52 minutes ago
Hopefully no one gets hurt! Best wishes

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Postby Audunia » Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:59 am

Sunrise house, in which Morris lived and the letters discovered
Hidden stash of letters finally answer long-held questions on Robert Morris?
News of the Republic

Thursday July 9 2020, 11:02 AM | Elland's Island, Audonia

In many academic circles, the most famous Founding Father, Robert Morris, is one of the most controversial figures to exist in Audonian history, but not for his legacy or actions, but rather for his sexuality. Starting mere months after Morris's death, rumours would abound about a relationship with the Tyrnican general, Adelar Sigmund, who was rarely spotted from Morris's side during the Wars of Revolution. While many historians claim that the two men were lovers, many also dismiss the possibility, claiming that Morris acted no different than many men from that era or that the presence of Adelar was a necessity due to his military expertise having fought in wars previously. Most strikingly is the fact Sigmund was exiled from Tyrnica for actions related to attempting to seduce fellow noblemen's wives.

However, in recent days during routine restoration at Sunrise House, the longtime home of both Robert Morris and the Morris family, a compartment was discovered that held a number of intensely personal letters from Morris and Sigmund, as well as other Founding Fathers. The letters themselves are dated between 1820 all the way to 1830. The revelation has certainly rocked the historian community as historians race to read the letters to fully get a better grip on both who Morris was as a person and the nature of his relationships with his fellow officers were. In the letters, it has been reported that the language used by Morris is highly personal, quite irregular as Morris was known to short and concise when talking in public. Additionally, Morris refers to Sigmund as his 'Brother of my heart', which historians are citing as indisputable proof of either Morris's homosexuality or bisexuality. In addition to this, many are questioning that, if the letters were not scandalous or proof of a relationship, why were they hidden in the first place and who, for whatever reason, hid them to begin with.

Despite this, other historians have dismissed the claims as being sensationalist, stating that while Morris was short and concise in public, he was regarded to have been a remarkably emotional man in his private life, most notably in his resignation from the presidency following the death of his wife. Additionally, historians claim that Morris refers to all the Founding Fathers as 'Brothers of my heart' due to their unique experiences together in fighting several wars of independence and the difficulty such a thing would pose would likely cause the men to be closely bonded as a result.

Regardless of which side of the debate a person falls on, the letters found earlier this week are no doubt ones of great importance as they allow the historians to try an understand what type of person Robert Morris was during this period of his life following the end of his presidency, and the increasing isolation he would have felt as more and more of those he fought his wars with began to die of old age.

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Postby Songha » Fri Jul 17, 2020 9:34 am

Her Majesty, Empress La'akea, at a public celebration in the morning
Songha celebrates Her Majesty's birthday
Songhese Central News Agency

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S'num Lmpu-Ssu (@SnLS-SCNA)
Thursday July 14 2020, 11:57 AM | Jiao'zi, Songha

Across Songha today, celebrations are expected in commemoration of the reigning Sovereign's birthday. Indeed, this morning, Her Majesty was seen attending public events in her hometown of Jiao'zi; other royal family members, including her heir, His Highness Shan'tan Tan'ali-Seung, attended various celebrations around the country.

This celebration marks the 68th year of the Empress' life. This represents an oddity in the history of the Imperial Family; it is customary for reigning sovereigns to abdicate in favour of their heir on or shortly after their 60th birthday. However, her heir is quite young, even by Imperial standards, where incoming sovereigns tend to be on the younger side, being 30 years of age. Some have speculated she may wait until her 70th to abdicate, at which time, Songha will get its first Male Sovereign in over 80 years. Spokespersons of the Imperial Family have simply stated that Her Majesty wishes to wait until she feels it an opportune time to pass the torch, before stepping down.

Happy birthday wishes to Her Majesty!

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laa159 · 2 days ago
This week is always awesome because we get two festivals!

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xxJi'ZiEwu · 2 days ago
Happy wishes to everyone in celebration of Comet Neowise!

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Happy birthday La'akea!!
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