Quae Peperit (open)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Quae Peperit (open)

Postby West Foomahnpoo » Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:02 am

"...and the rest of the barbarism that we've allowed to propagate and take root here."

Admiral Dekelley Forrest was grim-faced as he reached in his drawer and pulled out a crumpled pack of cigarettes. He fiddled with the lone remaining cigarette, tobacco wasting away on his desk and he placed it in his mouth and lit it. Turning towards the computer, he activated the antiquated recording system while General Jettrell Lyndia was turning to face the window, the wrinkles on her forehead a visible sign of the stress she was under.

"Admiral, you know that I sympathize. You also know that I believe the Emperor to be unfit for leadership, but I cannot - I will not order my soldiers to die in a suicide-mission of a mutiny! Emperor Hajal controls the majority of the Foomahnpooan defense forces, and the forces that are currently enjoying their neutrality will quickly fall in line under the threat of mass execution! The answer is no."

Admiral Forrest rose from his chair, flicked his cigarette ash on the floor and looked General Kelley in the eyes.

"General, half our population is dead or dying of cancer. Our landscape has become barren and inhospitable. Children as young as eight years old are being denied the ability to be a child and are forced to work in deplorable conditions. This year alone, over 300 political prisoners have either been executed or have simply disappeared. Our citizens take their own lives in police custody rather than endure the interrogation squads. Whatever this new gaseous biological weapon we have developed is, it has killed tens of thousands of dissenters in the last few months..."

The Admiral ashed his cigarette again, the passion showing through in his cracking voice as he struggled to maintain his composure. His eyes glistened with the almost-tears of pain and regret.

"I believed in this man when we seized control of the government from the Gianna Council, but he has simply lost his mind!"

The General abruptly spun around to face him.

"DO YOU NOT BELIEVE I KNOW THESE THINGS, DEKELLEY!?! What is it that you would have me do? Us do? We will not win an insurrection! We simply do not have the support of the firepower! Your passion is admirable, but your tactics will get us all killed without help and that is all there is to it!"

The Admiral reached over and turned off the recording system. The General sighed and walked over to him, taking his hands in hers. "I trust my theater was to your liking? I understand your ideas of leaving no trace of my involvement, Dekelley, but you are taking all the risk here and that is not fair."

"It's a risk I will gladly take to end this nightmare. Quickly, Jettrell, enclose the file and compress it. I will record the transmission."

General Lyndia's brow furrowed. "This equipment we stole is so very old, will it even transmit on a frequency anyone monitors anymore?"

The Admiral nodded. "There are still many nations that make use of these frequencies in some fashion. To what extent we will be noticed, I cannot say...but we will be noticed."

"The file is compressed and attached, my love."

"Admiral Forrest sat down in his chair and rolled over to the transmitter. The microphone was true to its recent home, the musty smell of a stale, sealed storage room still noticeable. He spoke into the microphone.

To anyone who receives this transmission, this is Admiral Forrest of the West Foomahnpoo Liberation Force. Please see the enclosed file. If you can hear my voice, us.

He quickly closed the transmitter and turned to face his wife. "Now, we wait."

General Lyndia pressed her forehead to his. She whispered to him, her voice quivering with an anticipation she barely believed possible.

"May our courage bring forth even a sliver of hope."

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Postby Romextly » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:15 am

OOC: any background?
Santa Selena wrote:
... Alright, that's it, get the bombs, we're declaring war.

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Postby West Foomahnpoo » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:18 pm

Romextly wrote:OOC: any background?

OOC: Haven't thought very far ahead but something would probably be useful. West Foomahnpoo used to be a decent place to live until several natural disasters weakened the country and the government to where they couldn't come close to effectively helping the people during the resulting famine and depression. Along the way, the Emperor began becoming more and more paranoid of plots against him and began executing anyone he viewed as a political threat. Capital punishment was reintroduced and civil rights disappeared.

The nation completely gave itself over to rebuilding the economy and succeeded, but when they took a look around, they had sacrificed so many other things, that Emperor Hajal has remained in power for so long, no one remembers how long it has been.

A few military leaders want to end this regime and install a more democratic government in its place, but they are hopelessly outmanned and outgunned.

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Postby West Foomahnpoo » Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:47 pm

***It is now several months later. Admiral DeKelley and General Lyndia have both been executed after their attempts an inciting a coup were discovered by the Emperor. News of their deaths at the hands of the government has begun to spread and the population has started to speak out,although all the media is state-controlled so no one knows exactly what to believe anymore. There have been riots in three major cities and the government response has been increasingly disproportionate as the military has opened fire on peaceful protesters more than once.***

It was chaos. All the girls were doing was trying to buy some melons for supper when the rioters overcame the city market.

The crowd was so thick, Petera and Lucy couldn't see more than a few inches in any direction. They didn't need to see to know the situation has just gone from bad to worse. The government hall on the city square was engulfed in flames and the gunfire was getting closer.

"Come, sister!" Petera yelled, barely audible above the screams, shouting, and breaking glass of the nearby shops. "We must find a way out of here!"

Petera grabbed Lucy's hand and tried to muscle her through the crowd. There was no use, her grip was broken almost immediately. She saw her sister fall to the ground as the stampede of people tried to flee from the tear gas and bullets of the soldiers attempting to suppress the demonstration. All she could so was watch as her 14 year old sibling screamed in agony as she was trampled.

Petera started to run - the direction didn't matter. She ran, sobbing hysterically, bouncing off other people who were also running every few inches. Her eyes burned from the gas and her skin was blistering. She was knocked to the ground and helped up by a man. She started running again. She managed to find a clearing and ran even faster, losing her footing and falling to the ground, splitting her forehead open. Dazed, she lay there and looked up at the smoke listlessly drifting through the sky. There were no tears left now - only memories of before everything changed and she was hungry all the time. Memories of when two melons wouldn't cost her a weeks pay. Memories of her parents playing with her in their grassy park before uniforms came and took them away.

She blinked as a man appeared over her. The uniform was familiar. She could not move her head, and her eyes followed the end of his rifle as he aimed at her. She tried to speak as his finger moved to the trigger.

"We...will be free one...da-"

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