Big Brother in YN

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Big Brother in YN

Postby Mordka » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:09 am

Big Brother is a popular game show around the world and every nation has it's own version of it. What is your version.

Big Brother in Mordka is that twenty prisoners on Death Row compete to get out of the house alive. Contestants compete in challenges and the winner gets to pick two other housemates for execution but is automatically placed themself. The other housemates then vote on who get's executed. Once it gets to the final three, then Mordka decides on who wins Big Brother who is spared from execution.

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Postby The Twilight Embassy » Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:07 am

The Dark Star Tower version of "Big Brother" featured 20 Shadowmancers competing to be elected a member of the Council of Five. It only ran for one season consisting of 8 episodes in 1999, and was panned by Big Brother fans as notoriously boring, as the contestants were mostly disinterested in eachother, never really getting into arguments or in-fighting.

However, it enjoys a cult following in Australia, due to the last handful of episodes featuring the contestants collectively spiraling into emotional breakdowns from being separated from their families and not having access to news for such an extended period of time, including a suicide attempt that resulted in that contestant being administered to a hospital. The finale where the contestants got sick of playing, collectively break out of the mansion the game takes place in, kill the showrunner by beating him to death with copies of George Orwell's 1984, and all go home is widely considered the funniest (as well as one of the best-edited) snuff films ever made in the universe.
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Postby Catarra » Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:46 am

There were 10 editions from 2007-2017 currently discontinued.

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Postby Aikoland » Sun Jul 12, 2020 4:49 pm

An Aikolandais version of Big Brother, officially titled Big Brother Aikoland was broadcast from 2003 until 2006 on RTC.

In addition to the Aikolandais version of the franchise, both French versions of the series (Loft Story and Secret Story) were also broadcast in our nation, as all French television channels are available on either cable or satellite in our nation.
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A small Francophone nation located on a group of islands to the south of France. Primary territory of the nation consists of three main islands, the states as described in our national motto, along with smaller less populated islands surrounding them.
Official Nation Name: The Empire of Aikoland
Government Type: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Empress Élisabeth IV
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mélodie Bélanger
Population: 5.8 million
Official Language: French
Current Year: 2020

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