Mentor Arms LTD Pallas Bolt Pistol

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Mentor Arms LTD Pallas Bolt Pistol

Postby Allanea » Sat Jul 04, 2020 6:04 am

Mentor Arms LTD Pallas Bolt Pistol

Art by Imeriata

After the events of recent years, when Allaneans and their allies have been repeatedly forced to fight against both "loyalist" and "traitor" Astartes not merely as part of international interventions such as the First Freemen's Crusade, but as part of attacks on friendly territory, as those that have occurred during the Pandora Wars, it became clear that there was a market niche for arms capable of penetrating the powered armor of members of the Adeptus Astartes and Legiones Astartes. While the standard rifle of the Free Kingdom Armed Forces, the M30A1 plasma carbine, is a match to most powered armor in production anywhere, Mentor Arms LTD decided to produce another weapon, one that is simpler to manufacture and maintain.

As many individuals involved with Mentor Arms LTD are well familiar with Imperial weaponry, it was soon decided to produce a weapon inspired broadly by the Ceres bolt pistol, however improved with Allanean ideas of ergonomics and quality control. Unconstrained with the arbitrary rules constraining Imperial arms suppliers, the design team soon both simplified the Ceres bolt pistol's feed mechanism, and improved its ergonomics.

As one can see from the artist's impression above, the Pallas bolt pistol is equipped with a range of accessory rails, enabling the mounting of a range of attachments – scopes, lights, lasers, or perhaps a smart-gun uplink as sometimes used by the members of the Adeptus Astartes themselves. More importantly, perhaps, for the average user, the gun is fitted with a detachable pistol brace device that can be used either as a rifle stock, or a brace to secure the pistol against one's arm when firing one-handed. To do so vastly increases the range at which the bolt pistol can be accurately used even by an unaugmented mortal, essentially giving it all the utility of a carbine… a carbine that fires mass-reactive rounds.

If you are seeking a weapon to arm your officer cadre, or just making a personal purchase because you're concerned some armored three-meter douchebag may turn up on your planet – we recommend the Pallas bolt pistol. Available either in tactical black, or in any pattern of colors you choose (perhaps you choose to re-enact some scene from the Imperium's inglorious history), it is reliable enough to be your home defense weapon, your SHTF gun, or you trunk gun.

It is sometimes said that the Gods made men, and Samuel Colt made them equal. In some senses this is not totally true, but it is largely true in the world of firearms and personal defense. Here at Mentor Arms LTD we are proud to be making a contribution to this task of equality.

Call today. Secure your very own Pallas. Secure your home. Secure yourself.

Price: 500 New Dornalian dollars
DPR: 1 billion New Dornalian dollars.

Agency Order Form:

Code: Select all
[b]How many [i]Pallas[/i] pistols would you like to purchase?[/b]
[b]Would you like to purchase DPR?[/b] Y/N

Code: Select all
[b]How many [i]Pallas[/i] pistols are sold annually in your nation? [/b]
[b]Are they sold legally or illegally? [/b]

Please, make all your orders at Allanean Defense Exports.

OOC: Most of the WH40K canon insists that bolters have hefty recoil. Some of it thinks otherwise. In my writing I portray the recoil as very light (because that's how rocket guns work IRL) but of course anyone reading this is free to interpret them differently in their writing. In any event, the Ceres bolter on which this is based IC can be fired one-handed without a stock, so it only makes sense that if you add a stock it's easier to fire.

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