⚓ Tell no tales... [IC, MT, APPLY]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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⚓ Tell no tales... [IC, MT, APPLY]

Postby South Reinkalistan » Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:39 am

OOC Thread


To reach a port, we must sail - sail, not tie at anchor - sail, not drift.

Treachery is afoot. At daybreak on the 30th of June, the fair TSD Kaspar Turaniski was sunk, alongside twelve others, in an internal attack of unprecedented magnitude. From the inside, the might of the Red Fleet was undermined by malevolent actors; these once-proud vessels were scuppered and damaged beyond repair. The Politburo is furious. This act of sabotage cannot go unanswered! Thus, the call is hearkened to all states as many national leaders across the globe are pressed to make a choice: will they aid the P.F.R. in its efforts to identify the culprits, or use this opportunity to actively work against Reinkalistani interests?

And with one of the greatest ships in the Red Fleet sunk, its organisation humiliated and crippled, the P.F.R. will - as for the immediate future - struggle to assert naval control over its sphere of influence. The winds are most certainly changing course. Time will tell who comes out on top.
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Postby South Reinkalistan » Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:39 am


The Kaspar Turaniski was a proud vessel. Of this, there could be no doubt. It was the best of the best -- the pride of the Red Fleet. Within it sat three thousand well-trained sailors ready to die for the People's Federation. And there it sat, as the morning sun dragged itself over the horizon, a true beast built of steel. Inordinately large guns lay resting from turrets, and torpedo tubes sat to the side. It towered over the dockyards, gleaming in the yellow light that washed over it, casting a shadow onto Turaniskidak; a city beginning to slowly awake once more.

It was to this atmosphere that many of the sailors on deck, already awoken, began to perform fitness routines. The two other capital ships adjacent - namely the Vengeance and Revolution - were also engaging in a similar procedure. It was nigh-idyllic, really. A picture-postcard depiction of what life was supposedly like as a sailor in the Red Fleet. What the sailors were likely unaware of, however, were the strategically-placed packages of plastic explosive strapped to the hull's interior.

And, without warning, the deafening explosion rung throughout the harbour. Screams erupted from the few early passers-by, running back from the coast. There were shouts from aboard the vessel, as it began to descend. From his cabin, the Captain of the Vengeance stared at the carnage with wide-eyed terror. "What the fuck?" He exclaimed. But before any meaningful action could be taken, a cataclysmic boom shook his ship as well. He was thrown against the window, where he noticed the Revolution and several other ships were beginning to suffer the same fate as well. "What in the Saviour's name..."

Now passers-by were beginning to coalesce at a safe distance, and a few aghast faces looking on helpless from house windows. Some of the most powerful ships in the Red Fleet - this mighty, all-pervasive display of force - was sinking before them. Many questions began to be exchanged in hushed whispers. Who was responsible? Would the sailors be alright? What even had happened?

These furtive musings were interrupted by the interjection of several grim-faced, armed guards, dressed in black uniforms with a badge shaped like a red badge on their lapels. "You are all, by order of the Commission for Political Loyalty and Comrade Turaniski, ordered to return to your homes. Re-enter this area on pain of death." Called one, who appeared to be the lead. "We shall handle all issues from here."


The People's Federation of Reinkalistan
Official Statement


Sent on behalf of the Prime Commissariat.
Authorised by the Commission for Political Loyalty.
30TH JUNE 2020

    At approximately 6 AM today, there was a disastrous attack on the Marinta Dockyards. The Kaspar Turaniski, Vengeance, and Revolution, alongside ten other vessels, were sunk in an attack of unidentified origin. As a people, we have always existed in a state of perpetual preparation for acts of counterrevolutionary terrorism such as this. It is saddening that such an event has transpired, but it is not unsurprising. We have suffered many attempts to undermine the revolution, and I have no doubt that we will continue to do so as we endeavour tirelessly to build socialism in our glorious Reinkalistani motherland.

    However, it cannot be expressed enough that this recent event is an unforgivable attack. Never in modern Reinkalistani history have we suffered such a devastating loss to our naval forces. Approximately eighty-three sailors were killed in the attacks. Our comrades slaughtered in cold blood and treacherous inclination; this cannot be forgiven. The Politburo has met already, and it will continue to do so until it has determined the appropriate course of action going forwards. I have issued the executive order to raise the Terror Threat Level to "Threatening".

    Until a decision is made, it is heavily advised that all citizens remain cautious. If you observe any suspicious happenings, or you feel any of your peers may be expressing reactionary views, please do not hesitate to report to your nearest Commission for Political Loyalty Office. No issue is too small for the loyal protectors of socialism. We will stand against the encroaching tide of fascism as one. This eventuality represents merely another attempt to undermine the People's Federation of Reinkalistan. Stay safe, and stay secure.
Yours, Comrade Turaniski.
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Piikalan Support

Postby Piikala » Wed Jul 01, 2020 11:40 am

21:00 in the Piikalan Capital City of 帝国の本拠地:

A broadcasted message from the emperor to his diet and imperial subjects at the War Pagoda:

My loyal subjects and comrades,

We saw a few hours ago that there was an unprovoked attack on the faraway yet a great nation of The People's Federation of Reinkalistan. We the divine people of the Imperial State and her colonies shall not allow such an unjust and unprovoked attack to occur upon a fellow nation of our world! So our great country shall send military aid to this nation and its people. With the approval of the government of the People's Federation of Reinkalistan, I will send Imperial forces to assist the People's Federation of Reikalistan operations.

21:30 in the Imperial Piikalan Kempeitai Intelligence headquarters in northern Piikala:

An AM frequency broadcast from the Kempeitai head quarters to agents aboard:

Starts off Playing the Piikalan National Anthem:
(Ment to be sung to Kimi no wa the Japanese national anthem)
Yoroeí watakou kami Āina
Ho susu Tame ni hé shen seauna
Mahiki ko Aita kameh
surulu lokoni hé shimaina
yutakana te olakatsu

Yoroeí watakou kami Āina
Ho susu Tame ni hé when seauna
mahiki ko Píikala
surulu furui Yoru po sorani
Yoroeí kami Āina píi

(Anthem suddenly stops leaving a few second of silence)

Suddenly a soft-spoken voice says in Piikalan: Please Use Card 987:

(a few minutes of silence)

1334089670870398780964570678078976075890587846789213504190865330990707890888908878089055430898907548970867405656078077890 BONZAI!

(a few minutes of silence)

1334089670870398780964570678078976075890587846789213504190865330990707890888908878089055430898907548970867405656078077890 BONZAI!

(a few minutes of silence)

1334089670870398780964570678078976075890587846789213504190865330990707890888908878089055430898907548970867405656078077890 BONZAI!

(translation: find-info-on-enemy-fleet-and-ports-note-potential-task-force-to-N-two-five-nine-be-with-IPKP-please-send-data-to-them-Bonzai!!! )

transmission concludes with Piikalan children's choir singing the Japanese children's song Hamabenouta:
Lyrics in English:

Tomorrow if Samayoe the beach
long ago concealed Ruru each thing
by the sound of the wind by Kumono clients
waves that preferred also of shellfish colour even

if impassable also the last night beach
Ruru concealed each old people
wave'll return'll wave to nearest
of the month The colours and the shadows of the stars

next transmission will be tomorrow at 21:00 Pikiala central time.... (radio transmission fizzles out with a crackling noise)

(N259 is Kempeitai code for-P.F.R)
(IPKP is Imperial Piikalan Kempeitai Piikalan divisions)

Next morning 05:00 in southern Piikala Yokosuka dockyard:

The large naval base was abuzz with activity as supplies where being loaded onto several Piikalan vessels sitting in the port as lorries came driving in and out of the military installation ferrying in food and supplies to the ships. They prepared to go to war for an indefinite amount of time in pursuit of an unknown enemy. While in a far corner of the naval installation several large submarines where being loaded up and their aircraft pushed into their hangers on the subs. As a small crane loaded up several small submarines onto the submarine decks as crews strapped them down and quickly covered the subs with a dark black canvas cloth. While several men and women came out of a small black van with dark tinted windows and walked onto one of the subs carrying several metal boxes that were handcuffed to their wrists.
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Postby Free United States » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:36 pm

Main Political Directorate
Meridian City, CFUS

A cool morning breeze caused ripples in front of the stone edifice which housed the machinations of internal and external State affairs. It belied the activity deep within one of the main briefing rooms, where intelligence and political officials were digesting the latest foreign crisis.

“Twelve vessels sunk,” muttered the Secretary of Defense, a former naval officer. “They’re lucky that casualties are as low as 83.”

At his side, the State Secretary gave him a sidelong glance, her eyes unable to disguise her surprise at his callous interpretation.

“It could be more than just an internal crisis,” she replied, “perhaps the start of acts against socialist government regionally or globally.”

“Ma’am I find that improbable,” Col Kamov of the KGB added. “Such a wide conspiracy would have at least given away some hint prior to this.”

“Well comrades,” National Security Advisor Samantha Lexi interjected, “we have a half hour to make our recommendations to the President, so I suggest we focus on that for the time being.”

From the Office of the President
Commonwealth of Free United States

To Prime Commissar Mozhkin Turaniski
The People’s Federation of Reinkalistan

Comrade Turaniski, it is with heavy heart that we must discuss in less-fortunate times. We of the Commonwealth have heard of the tragedy to befall your country and extend our deepest sympathies. Like you, we desire for the criminals that committed this act to be brought to light and have justice met upon them. In that spirit my country offers at your disposal three investigators. They are highly trained members of our intelligence community and are highly decorated. If you accept our assistance they can be dispatched immediately.

Stanislav Mirokovich

Midgard Air Base, Meridian City

Though the President had offered to send them only upon request, the KGB members were already waiting in the military terminal where a Il-62 in government livery sat on the tarmac for them. Two of them were investigators as the President had promised, but the third was not. In her early 20’s, she still looked uncomfortable in uniform.

“So if you’re not an investigator who are you-GRU?” one asked.

“No,” she added curtly. “I’m just an analyst-I write books...that no one reads,” she added bitterly. “And reports on foreign countries like Reinkalistan.”

“Then, what? You’re here to educate us?” The other agent asked.

“Not exactly, at least I don’t think,” she answered. “I was recently assigned to Foreign Military Sales.”

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Postby Uvoan » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:34 pm

South Reinkalistan wrote:
At approximately 6 AM today, there was a disastrous attack on the Marinta Dockyards. The Kaspar Turaniski, Vengeance, and Revolution, alongside ten other vessels, were sunk in an attack of unidentified origin. As a people, we have always existed in a state of perpetual preparation for acts of counterrevolutionary terrorism such as this. It is saddening that such an event has transpired, but it is not unsurprising. We have suffered many attempts to undermine the revolution, and I have no doubt that we will continue to do so as we endeavour tirelessly to build socialism in our glorious Reinkalistani motherland.

However, it cannot be expressed enough that this recent event is an unforgivable attack. Never in modern Reinkalistani history have we suffered such a devastating loss to our naval forces. Approximately eighty-three sailors were killed in the attacks. Our comrades slaughtered in cold blood and treacherous inclination; this cannot be forgiven. The Politburo has met already, and it will continue to do so until it has determined the appropriate course of action going forwards. I have issued the executive order to raise the Terror Threat Level to "Threatening".

Until a decision is made, it is heavily advised that all citizens remain cautious. If you observe any suspicious happenings, or you feel any of your peers may be expressing reactionary views, please do not hesitate to report to your nearest Commission for Political Loyalty Office. No issue is too small for the loyal protectors of socialism. We will stand against the encroaching tide of fascism as one. This eventuality represents merely another attempt to undermine the People's Federation of Reinkalistan. Stay safe, and stay secure.

"Gentlemen." The senior officer at the head of the table spoke first, as dossiers were passed around. "We know a shockingly little amount of information about what transpired here. The fleet that was sunk- A large number of ships, including one battlecruiser, and eleven craft of other sizes, look at their information in the dossiers being passed around now, served as the bulk of the South's fleet. Projections in the same folder show the estimate that the Burea of Naval Traffic has already passed down about the risk to merchant shipping in the area, and our aids in an ally have passed us a few notes of historical interest- In particular, Charlemagne, but that's all covered in the dossier."

He paused, as the officers gathered in the room began to flip through the few-hundred page thick dossier that had been rushed together.

"We know very little about what caused this incident, very little about who caused this incident, and very little about how the South plans to escalate this. Gentlemen and women of the Naval Board, we could be dealing with a very large mess in a very short time if this continues to skew, pardon the incidental pun, south. I want proposals. I want plans of action. I want escalation clauses. I want de-escalation clauses. I want to know what assets we have on standby. I want to know who we might be butting heads against, and more importantly, I want to know if we can, reasonably, expect this situation to go down with the big guns roaring and boots marching." He paused again, surveying the room full of nodding heads and murmured words of confirmation. "Good. What will our initial response be? What fleet assets do we have on standby?"

"Sir." One of the Rezzan[1] admirals spoke up, looking up from her charts which showed the vast swathes of ocean, and the ships she had scattered across it. "We've got two raider groups in immediate reaction range. Pack 82, and Pack 93. Both standard composition- One Mustang, one Marauder, and one Stalwart. Six total ships, six hours away maximum. We could pass an official statement onto the PR officials in time for the fleet to arrive outside tradelanes, and give the diplomats enough time to begin overtures while we figure out a longer term response."

"Any objections?" The Senior Officer asked... There was a long pause as all the other admirals weighed their own assets, and talked quietly among their groups.

"None." Was the eventual, unison, response, as the Senior Officer nodded.

"Good. Pack 82 and 93 shall be routed to respond to the threat, and to ensure the safety of neutral shipping within the sea-zone surrounding the coast of South Reinkalistan..."

"...And in moving onto foreign news, we turn to a recent naval tragedy at the Marinta Dockyards, in South Reinkalistan. Eighty three sailors have been announced dead, but some government officials have privately revealed that they expect more to join that total shortly. In an official statement, the Uvoanian Government has condemned the act of terrorism, and has also announced the deployment of naval units to the area, to ensure the continued safe passage of trading ships in the waters sorrounding South Reinkalistan. Further developments will be relayed as they come to public light..."

Admiral Jackson set the binoculars to the side as the ship rode up another wave, then slammed down on the otherside. The ships engines working at full to propel it across the waves- Followed by five other ships of the impromptu battle-group. The six battlecruisers were putting their high speed claims to test in full, as they rushed ahead- Weapon crews preparing for possible hostile intents, even as the ships raced ahead...

"Well, Commander." An officer said, idly. "You wished for action on this patrol."

"Yes, I just didn't expect it like this." Jackson retorted, as he raised the binoculars again, scanning the horizon, even as the sensor crews did the same, with their own, far more advanced systems... There was soon to be many a game afoot, and the Taskforce had to be sure it was ahead of as many of these games as it possibly could be.
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Postby Hobbes Dystopia » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:25 am

The Shard, Chamber of the Central Mind

It was no secret the disdain that Hobbes Dystopia held for South Reinkalistan. A socialist theocracy would automatically become an enemy of the Dystopia. The attack on the Red Fleet was welcomed by the Dystopian leadership as a blessing, and, altough they did not know who or what had caused the attack, they would do anything in their power to help them in their attacks against S.R. "The enemy of my enemy my friend is".

For discussions like this one, the Central Mind would divide itself in four branches, Alpha, Gama, Beta and Delta. They had roughly the same computing power, but would present different perspectives, which would help reaching a less falible course of action.

Gama spoke first. "As some of you/we surely know, the navy of South Reinkalistan suffered a severe blow, as a mysterious attack sank twelve of their vessels. Today we will decide what course will our actions take, regarding this fortunate occasion"

"How many casualties?" Asked Beta.

"My/our sources say that only 83 of those wretched Reinkalistans were killed. You/we, must understand that while the number of casualties was low, this event will surely shake the power balance in the region. This is an opportunity we cannot afford to loose!" Delta's "voice" denounced excitement.

"Now, let's focus on the task at hand." Alpha's soothing "voice" was heard "I/we have calculated that the risk of this provoking an international war is not to be neglected if we use the Dystopia's navy. Therefore we shall only use our intelligence network to destabilise the Reinkalistani efforts and hierarchy."

"Alpha is right" Delta
"Delta is right" Beta
"Beta is right" Gama

"Gama is wrong" Epsilon "Your intelligence was diminished to create me. I am the devil's advocate and my task is to challenge your decisions. Our intelligence network in S.R is fragile, not very trustworthy and low in the party's hierarchy."

"We shall reinforce and renew it. And we can divert half of task force 23-A to undergo maritime reconnaissance operations near and into S.R's territorial waters." Delta spoke "Now, to better discuss the details of Operation Red Blow..."

The Dome, Shadow Council Hall

The Speaker of the Shadow Council had already been briefed on the upcoming operation, dubbed "Red Blow". He was now meeting with the man which would coordinate the intelligence gathering, a vital part of the operation. The Dystopia's diplomatic ties with South Reinkalistan were very small, and their counter-intelligence forces very effective, and as such the number of agents in the field was insufficient.

"Have you received the instructions from the Central Mind, Xi?" The Speaker questioned the nervous man.

"I have indeed, but to both spy on Reinkalistani efforts and establish ties with the unknown attacker is a difficult task."

"They are closely related. Sooner or later, Reinkalistan will uncover the identity of the attacker, and when they do you better know it." The Speaker gestured threateningly.

"Yes sir. But infiltrating the party's upper echelons or the military's chain of command will be an almost impossible task."

"You'll find a way. There is always a way to get things done. And if you don't, well you'll experience the same fate as those unfortunate sailors. Am I understood? Now move!"

The Speaker sighed while the man departed. If he failed, the whole plot to change the balance of power in such a critical region and send a message to those religious fools leading South Reinkalistan would fall apart. He looked to the small telephone that conected him with the military command. A message had just arrived: "The shoal has been split in half. Profundity and Vengeance are swimming towards warmer waters. Will update every two rotations.".
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Postby Kenmoria » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:01 am

The Kenmorian Parliament, Mensun, Kenmoria

Currently, an advertisement for a fast food restaurant was playing on the screens above the parliament, causing a temporary halt to the proceedings as the jingle harshly rung over the voices of the politicians. They came on roughly every ten minutes, in exchange for the continual usage of the parliament building by the government. However, to anyone reading the official broadcasts, these messages apparently served as a symbol of the close relationship between the corporations and the government. It wasn’t as though they could be turned off, the fast food company in question had some fairly major shares in a large news outlet vital for promulgating recent legislation.

Eventually, after what seemed like an unreasonably long advert about a man seducing his lover with a bag of chips, the debate could continue. On the one hand, Kenmoria was in desperate need of better public relations. Ever since that slavery debacle with the Construction Enterprises corporations, governments had been positively lining up to criticise the influence of businesses on the workings of democracy. It wasn’t as though these foreign actors were wrong, Kenmoria was more of a semi-democratic system at best, with the fact that the government had considerably less power than at least one retail outlet, but it did rather harm the ability for people to effectively import and export, and at least one energy supplier was threatening to remove power from a hospital unless the government could act. The threat almost certainly wouldn’t materialise, the hospital companies did have a very good contract, but did speak of how fractured the country had become.

“What we need,” began Prime Minister Marco Woodson, barely being able to shout over the journalists in the building, “Is to remake ourselves, and remake Kenmoria!” There was a smattering of applause, mostly cautious as to what exactly this “remaking” would entail. “It is true that there has been some... controversy recently, and this has been nothing short of a national crisis. However, I think that our nation is better than anything that could be thrown in our way, and I believe that we need to show the world what Kenmoria can do!” This seemed to have a bit more support, at least if the vaguely-pleased noises emanating from the benches were anything to go buy. Patriotic sentiment was fairly high in the nation, so appealing to people’s sense of dignity was always a fairly safe bet. “Therefore, I am here to announce a new foreign policy. No more shall we leave our great companies to handle the world by themselves. No, I say that the government too shall assist in helping our global community!”

There was pandemonium, at least as much as there can be when sat on leather seats, which wasn’t very much. In truth, it was more semi-discontented vocalisations than actual rioting, but that was a marked change from the current policy. In the fact of a divided Kenmoria, the government had been trying to portray a united front, a policy completely different to what any corporation, with their shareholders and differing interests, could offer. However, the prime minister’s current rhetoric was dangerously anti-corporate, and therefore very dangerous. Luckily, before anything could get too out of hand, a well-known jingle for a swimsuit brand began to play over the speakers, easily overpowering even the boisterous Minister for Economics. In the half-hour advertisement break, the Prime Minister was taken aside by several of his associates, ostensibly to interrogate him over what exactly the government planned to do. In truth, there was little the Prime Minister could do - the only non privatised parts of Kenmoria were sections of the military, courts and infrastructure. Nothing else was within the parliament’s purview.

“Prime Minister, exactly what do you think you are doing?” The shrill voice practically echoed down the corridor as the Minister for Education began her angry tirade down the carpet. “Have you heard what the schools are teaching? The MacDonalds university brand has an entire module on the government’s shortcomings in managing the country. Have you completely lost your mind? At times like this, when the entire nation is being spoonfed corporate propaganda, do you really think adding more fuel to the fire will help? What are you hoping to achieve? We had to sell a quarter of the Air Force to pay for the most recent elections, and that was a fairly favourable deal. I’ve said it before - what we need is to take back control. What we don’t need is mindless antagonism; the road to democracy is not lined with pointless displays of virtue.” It was an open secret that none of the ministers actually liked how the country was run, but nobody had the power to change it. In their minds, the government would slowly increase its power and gradually usurp the businesses as providers of the people. This sort of foreign intervention was years away, and would only serve to incense the population to the corporate cause.

“Calm down, Theresa. It won’t be an intervention, just a letter of support for the South Reinkali-” With that, the entire private room of ministers exploded in rage. A good, capitalist nation they could possibly. support. A Communist one? That was surely madness. Perhaps fortunately for the Prime Minister, it was at this moment that the advertisement break ended, resulting in the ministers being funnelled back into the main chambers. He was not looking forward to publicly revealing the plan of action for the South Reinkalistan situation, especially with the current Communist rumours flying about.
A representative democracy with a parliament of 535 seats
Kenmoria is Laissez-Faire on economy but centre-left on social issues
Located in Europe and border France to the right and Spain below
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This is due to a problem with how the WA contradicts democracy
However we do have a WA mission and often participate in drafting
Current ambassador: James Lewitt

For more information, read the factbooks here.

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Postby Yegla Islands » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:45 am

Chernograd Governmental Complex
Black Wing
02:19 AM

The CGC knew no night, nor day. Hour by hour, the sheer buildup of life, of activity between its titanic walls thrummed on and on - an anthill, with mountains for sand grains. In the Black Wing, this dogma held more truth than perhaps anywhere else - for what bearing do the sun and moon have, when one is separated from both by enough plating and stone to survive armageddon?

Dmitri Rasputin, Vozhd of the Bureaucracy, still chose to project the night's vista onto his office's faux-windows. The skyline helped him organize things, in some strange way. Served as a reminder. Now, it seemed to be more of an anchor. The buildings up there, outside, were very certainly real - most of them, he'd watched be built. What he had just read through in his communique-pile, on the other hand... well. Questions were raised, to put it mildly. After a few moments of sorting through dossiers and news feeds, of cross-checking and verifying, he sat back with a heavy sigh.

Not again.

He took a few moments more to compose his thoughts. Only then did he key the necessary commands into his workstation - the tiny icon in the corner of the screen told him he had been patched through to a secretary. Tired bass echoed from wall to ebon-decked wall.

"Good... oh, let's say morning. Is Admiral Starshenko available?"


"What about Guskov?"

"Likewise, sir."

"Send them both up. Or down, really. If you please."

"Yessir. Is that all?"

"Yes. And you can dispense with the "sirs". You've made it far enough up to not need them."

"Yessi-uh, yes. Sir."

Rasputin tapped his fingers on the desk as the link was cut off. A new member of staff, clearly. Well, they'd grow accustomed soon enough. Reaching into his jacket, he produced a silvered cigar case - extracting a tar-black cylinder, he held it tip-to-tip with an index finger, which momentarily flared up a forgefire orange. Soon enough, coils of black smoke would wind their way through the room. And it is through these coils that the two newest entrants to the office had to walk - though the smoke parted before them, in a way one would not expect simple vapours to. Neither seemed particularly unnerved by this - they'd apparently seen the trick before. The taller of the two, dressed in full officer's regalia, gave a lazy salute as they stopped before the desk.

"You wanted to see us both?"

"Indeed. Feel free to take a seat."

Each grabbed a chair, though the shorter man, in a scruffily-done-up blue suit, cleared his throat beforehand. Once seated, he cautiously inquired;

"Is this about the budgeting? Because if so, I can assure you-"

The Vozhd waved his concerns away with another sigh.

"No, no. Nothing like that. I'm afraid this is a bit of a flashpoint matter - Reinkalistan, you see."

"South? Again?"

"Indeed. Though luckily it's nothing quite so pressing this time."

"Ah. Could this be with regards to the sabotage?"

"Correct. In short, thirteen vessels sunk. Battleships included - perhaps a benevolent effort, to push their fleets to modernize?"

This elicited fractional grins from all three men present - Rasputin returned to his typical granite-faced expression as he continued.

"But sabotage nonetheless. Their local naval competence is being questioned, inquiries are being pressed, and quite a few external parties have already shown interest in intervening. Thus, the usual song and dance."

"Peacekeeping, as it were."

"Aye. But nothing so overt as choking their seas with battlegroups. Why wield the cudgel, when a scalpel suffices? The reason I have called both of you here, is because a clandestine approach must be executed in tandem. Tell me-"

A few glancing taps on the touchscreen, and now the window-analogues showed a nightside view of the waterfront.

"-how far along are you with organizing IN2?"

"Quite far, actually. We've got the theoretical groupings all set up, and most of the refit vessels are up and running. Testing's done for the most part, too."

"Marvelous. In that case, I have quite the work order. I suggest a recording medium of some sort - this may take a bit of explaining."


And indeed, it was a good hour later that the two admirals bid their superior farewell, and made their way back out through the Black Wing's winding corridors. Rasputin held an almost-spent cigar as he mused on how to proceed next. The die had been cast, the orders had been given. There would be action, to be sure... but then, what was the point of pursuing only one approach at a time? Placing the still-smoldering tube back between his lips, he set to typing.


Good morning, Herr Turaniski.

I direct this communique at you not as representation of the Bureaucracy as a whole, but rather as one statesman to another - an olive branch passed before negotiations are even to begin, as it were. These recent acts of sabotage have taken quite the toll on South Reinkalistan's international standing as a naval power, and have surely caused great internal turmoil within your administrative ranks - though of course I dare not presume. On behalf of the Bureaucracy, I am willing to extend aid - in identifying and locating the culprits behind the incident, as well as in quelling the influence of certain foreign parties with wishes directly inimical to your internal and regional stability, should such parties present themselves. You may, of course, seek to find some ulterior motive in this offer - take note. It is aid motivated not by faux-goodness, or any feigned camaraderie on a national or personal level, but merely the desire to deter those who would deign to threaten the current, comparatively peaceful state of world affairs.

Should you choose to accept this offer, nothing will be expected in return save your cooperation with investigative efforts - naturally, such a condition is self-enforcing. The Bureaucracy will extend various forms of resource-aid to benefit the investigation, as well as dispatching its own professionals and equipment to be of use. Direct military intervention would be best avoided at the moment, but you may expect standard measures being taken to safeguard our own assets and personnel.

To accept or reject this proposal is your choice entirely - I only hope that you value the continued wellbeing and cohesion of your nation above the maintenance of past disagreements. And that you are conscious of the knowledge that whichever way this affair ends up going, stability will be maintained. Lastly, the hazards of leaking this communique to any outside parties, however integral to your governmental structure they may be, should go without saying.

May you come to a sound decision, Commissar.


Aaand... sent. Now, all that remained was to wait. That, and to cull some misunderstandings-to-be - he'd have to contact quite a few people and groups that, officially, didn't exist. This was to be a matter of tact, of gusto - metaphysical mishaps would be unwelcome. The clatter of the keyboard filled the smoke-wreathed room, and would echo out for quite a few hours more.

Day and night be damned, there was work to do.

Serpent's Teeth
Northern Channel
06:33 AM

The Teeth saw near-constant transit of vessels of practically every type - from warships to great cargo behemoths, to tankers and builders, tugs and research ships. The convoy that was currently making its way past the fortress-reefs and minefields didn't raise any eyebrows - a grouping of three Adrianna-class cargo skippers, followed some distance away by a Sculpan-class superfreighter. All top-of-the-line examples of the Yeglan Merchant Navy's stock, though intended for markedly different purposes - the Adriannas would speed far ahead of their larger sibling, of course. Technically, they weren't even part of the same shipping batch - they were merely following similar routes, and had clustered up to pass through this secured checkpoint. A route that would take them all to various locations in or near Reinkalistani waters - some, to dock at ports in the nation itself. Others, to deliver goods merely near the dictatorship's coasts, relatively speaking. But all unmistakably headed for the conflict-zone-to-be.

To any familiar with the workings of the Bureaucracy, they weren't exactly a good sign. It didn't help that they were followed soon after by a cluster of decidedly more threatening-looking craft - all angular, polymer combat-hulls and sealed turret housings. Where these warhorses would be sent was a less certain prospect... but the UYDF's reach ran far and wide. The world had just become an ever-so-slightly scarier place for warmongers of all stripes.
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Postby The Chuck » Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:14 pm

Charles Rock Continental News Broadcast (C.R.C.N.)

...and today in international news, the govt. of South Reinkalistan has faced a serious military set back with the sinking of 13 warships including the venerated TSD Kaspar Turaniski. Reportedly, 83 lives were lost... No word yet on causes of these ship sinkings... In other news, Armed Republic private forces continue to wage a bloody conflict against South Reinkalistan on *bzzzt* island...

Charles Rock Wharf #1 - Harbor Master's Office

The Harbor Master's "Office", if it could be called that, was a flurry of activity. The imposing four story building that overlooked the central part of the expansive Charles Rock Harbor was where all civilian maritime traffic was logged and tracked that was coming and going from Charles Rock. Along with this, the HMO was also where many ship owners could go to converse and discuss serious issues regarding shipping and maritime traffic. As such, there was a large squabble as ship owners argued with each other and discussed what to do with regards to South Reinkalistan and the possibility of jeopardized merchant lanes. As they all stood in a mass, the old harbor master shuffled across the elevated floor until he stood in front of the podium.

"As you all surely know, there has been recent unrest in the nation of South Reinkalistan. Where they are situated means that if major shifts in power occur, it could jeopardize plenty of international shipping lanes. Due to many of you having vested interests in keeping these lanes clear and open, we have decided to host a vote. Vote nay to not deploy elements of the Civilian Naval Militia. Vote aye to deploy elements of the C.N.M... Please fill out one ballot per person and drop in the box in front of the podium..."

Edge of Chuckian Territorial Waters - C.N.M. Intervention Task Force 22

Less than 12 hours after the vote in the Charles Rock Harbor Master's Office, a task force of C.N.M. vessels sailed towards the waters around South Reinkalistan. Task Force "Double Deuce" consisted of 21 185 ft. FaLPaC ships, 9 184 meter Engelhai armed cargo ships, 3 Replenishment class supply ships, and 2 militarized Pattern 253 bulk carriers. As they plowed through the murky waters towards the unknown, two Albatross type aerial reconnaissance planes flew overhead.

The trade lanes around South Reinkalistan would be forced to stay open if the Armed Republic had any say in the matter...

OOC: Out on vacation and late where I am. Will revise when I wake up tomorrow.
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Mobilization of the fleet

Postby Piikala » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:32 pm

July 2 04:00 in the southern islands of Piikala at the Yokosuka dockyard

The sound of chanting could be heard across the valley coming from the head of the valley. The commanding officers of the ships stood at the top of the valley overlooking the base wearing a loincloth or a Kimono depending on their ancestor's origin. They kneeled on the valley floor, each placed a large Ulua on the bottom of the Heiau of Ku'u for the Kahuna. The latter put the offering into several large bowls made of Koa'a and placed them in front of the statue of Ku'u and chanted the chant E Ho Mai to wish that the commanders of the ships have the wisdom and knowledge to guide their men through battle.

They later walked down the lush valley that was filled with Taro towards the sea where they stopped at a Shinto temple in the middle of the lush green valley filled with houses and crops. As they watched as a line of sailors dressed in loincloths and kimonos walked up the valley to present an offering for safety during the war. Then bowed at the big red torii gate of the shrine and entered the entrance on the right side. They continued to walk into the shrine and bowed at the front of the second gate. They then washed off the dirt from their feet and cleaned their face and walked to the shrine where a priest stood in a large wooden complex filled with trees where they were blessed and given a charm for safety and well being on their campaign. They then proceeded out of the shrine and walked down to the naval base and onto their ships.

06:00 in the Piikalan Yokosuka dockyards:

The sun was barely peeking above the horizon. The sight of sea birds and few fishing boats were the only sights on the horizon. As a soft calm shore breeze blew across the tropical islands of southern Piikala. The base was quite all work halted as the large Piikalan fleet prepared to depart. While the submarines were backed into their pens at the back of the harbour and hidden from sight. As crowds of people walked down from the valley and into the base to see the fleet off and wish the crew fair well. As the ships prepared to depart their gangplanks being hoisted up and fuel lines disconnected. The vessel started up with a ploom of black smoke as several small tugs hooked up to the ships and prepared to help guide the vessel out to sea. Crowds of people at the docks began to cheer as the large ropes tying the vessels to their peers were taken off and brought on board. While the tugs pulled the ships away from the dockside, the large ships started to move underway.

As the crews stood in line on deck placed their right hand on their chests and bowed towards the east where the emperor resides. Then turned and waved goodbye to their family and friends on the island they called home. As they got underway and started their journey that would take them several weeks of sailing through foreign waters and unfamiliar seas. They disconnected from the tugs and got underway under their own power, leaving a trail of black smoke on the horizon.

July 3 00:00 in the Piikalan Yokosuka Dockyards
The base was quiet from the festivities of the previous morning. The skies were clear, and the waters calm and bright from the full moon in the sky. The submarine pens were quietly opened in the middle of this tranquil scene, leaving not a ripple on the surface. As four large submarines were quietly pulled out of the pens by the four tugs in the harbour. The tugs carefully guided the boats out into the middle of the harbour where the crews carefully untied the subs from the tug boats. They then quietly started up their engines and took off out the harbour and were guided out to sea by several patrol boats till they were out of sight from land. Where they took off the black canvases of the midget submarines of the deck and brought the canvases onboard. Soon after the subs closed their hatches and descended into the depths to travel to their destination of the PFR in a few weeks.

Piikalan Fleet stats and assorted info:

Fleet size and type of ships/names:

1 Kai class battleship
-IPN Musashi
1 Taveuni class aircraft carrier
-IPN Hiryu
6 Kahoolawe class cruisers
-IPN Kango
-IPN Kirishima
-IPN Hyuga
-IPN Chikuma
-IPN Oyodo
-IPN Haguro
3 Mauna class latoral frigates
-IPN Isokaze
-IPN Maya
-IPN Chokai
2 Mark-8 Hana Class Submarines
-IPN 5
-IPN 8
2 Mark-10 Sakura Class carrier Submarines
-IPN 6
-IPN 18
2 Mark-1 Chi class midget submarines
-IPN 30
-IPN 31
2 Kalo class armoured supply ships
-IPN Hayasaki
-IPN Irako
1 Kempeitai Class armoured surveying ship(a modded Kalo class vessel that looks the same)
-IPN Tsukushi

Ship Stats:

Type of Ships: Kai Class Battleship
Hull Beam: 40 Meters
Hull Length: 260 Meters
Total width: 100 Meters
Total Length: 275 Meters
Height above water: 78 Meters
Number of Hulls: 2
Aircraft number: 10 Pali kai reconnaissance aircraft, 5 Type 5 fighters, and 3 Type 7 Helicopter
Weapons: 4 mark 6 guns 7874.02 calibre bore, 8 Mark 2 600 calibre guns, 500 mark 8 Anti-aircraft guns, 16 Mark 7 20 Caliber guns, and 30 Mark 6 guided missiles.
Armour hull thickness: ½ -3 meter
Range without refuelling or resupplying: 80,150 KM
Top Speed: 35 knots
Power source: 6 Mark 8 diesel-electric engines
Crew: 8250 souls
Draft: 15 Meters

Type of Ships: Taveuni class aircraft carrier
Beam: 40 meter
Length: 260 meter
Height above water: 39 Meters
Number of Hulls: 1
Aircraft number: 10 Type 5 fighters, 2 Type 7 Helicopters, 30 Type 0 Fighters, 20 Type 8 Dive bombers, 20 Type 10 Torpedo Bombers, 3 Pali Kai reconnaissance Aircraft, and 5 Type 11 bombers.
Weapons:6 600 calibre guns, 150 88 MM Type 4 anti-aircraft guns, 20 Mark 15 torpedoes tubes, 100 mark 7 guided missiles, and 3 mark 6 depth charge placers
Armour hull thickness: 1-2 meters
Range without refuelling or resupplying: 80,150 KM
Top Speed: 35 Knots
Power source: 3 mark 8 diesel-electric engines
Crew: 3,000 souls
Draft 11 Meters

Type of Ships: Kahoolawe class cruiser
Beam: 21 Meters
Length: 202 Meters
Height above water: 23.5 Meters
Number of Hulls: 1
Aircraft number: 2 Pali Kai reconnaissance aircraft
Weapons: 4 600 calibre Guns, 80 88 MM type 4 anti-aircraft guns, 30 mark 15 torpedo tubes, 6 400 calibre Mark 8 guns, 80 mark 6 guided missiles, and 8 mark 6 depth charge placers
Armour hull thickness: ½-¼ meter
Range without refuelling: 80,150 KM
Top Speed: 40 knots
Power source: 2 Mark 8 diesel-electric engines
Crew: 850 souls
Draft: 8 meters

Type of Ships: Mauna class latoral frigates
Beam: 32 meters
Length: 128 meters
Height above water: 10 Meter
Number of Hulls: 3
Aircraft number: 1 Type 7 helicopter
Weapons: 3 400 calibre Mark 8 guns, 50 88 MM type 4 anti-aircraft guns, 5 mark 15 torpedo tubes, 40 mark 3 guided missiles, and 2 mark 6 depth charge placers.
Armour hull thickness: ¼ -⅛ meter
Range without refuelling: 80,200 KM
Top Speed: 80 knots
Power source: 2 mark 9 diesel-electric engine and 2 mark 7 steam turbine
Crew: 100 souls
Draft 1 meter

Type of Ships: Kalo class armoured supply ships
Beam: 21 meters
Length: 150 meters
Height above water: 19.5 Meter
Number of Hulls: 2
Aircraft number: 0
Weapons: 6 88 MM type 4 anti-aircraft guns
Armour hull thickness: 10-15 CM
Range without refuelling: 80,200 KM
Top Speed: 45 knots
Power source: 2 mark 9 diesel-electric engines and 2 mark 7 steam turbine
Crew: 15 souls
Draft 11 meters

Type of Ships: Kempeitai Class armoured surveying ship
Beam: 21 meters
Length: 150 meters
Height above water: 19.5 meters
Number of Hulls: 2
Aircraft number: 3 Type 0 fighters
Weapons: 6 88 MM type 4 anti-aircraft guns, 4 400 calibre mark 8 guns(hidden from view), 20 mark 6 guided missile, and 2 mark 15 torpedo tubes
Armour hull thickness: ½ -¼ meter
Range without refuelling: 100,000 KM
Top Speed: 55 knots
Power source: 4 mark 9 diesel-electric engines, and 4 mark 9 steam turbines
Crew: 50 souls
Draft 11.5 Meters

Type of Ships: Mark-8 Hana class Submarine
Beam: 8 meters
Length: 80 meters
Height: 15 meters
Aircraft number:0
Weapons: 1 88 MM Type 4 anti-aircraft gun,1 400 calibre mark 6 submarine gun, and 6 Mark 18 torpedo launchers
Armour hull thickness: 50-100 CM
Range without refuelling on the surface: 80,200 KM
Range Underwater: 50,000 KM
Max dive depth: 150 Meters
Top Speed on the surface: 30 knots
Top Speed underwater: 15 Knots
Power source: 10 mark 8 batteries and 2 mark 10 diesel-electric engine
Crew: 45 souls
Draft 5 meters

Type of Ships: Mark-10 Sakura Class carrier Submarine
Beam: 15 Meters
Length: 130 meters
Height: 20 meters
Aircraft number: 3 Type 0 fighter in seaplane configuration
Weapons: 2 88 MM type 4 anti-aircraft guns, 2 400 calibre mark 6 submarine guns, and 8 mark 18 torpedo launchers
Armour hull thickness: 30-20 cm
Range without refuelling on the surface: 80,200 KM
Range without refuelling underwater: 50,000 KM
Top Speed on the surface: 35 knots
Top Speed underwater: 15 knots
Max dive depth: 160 meters
Power source: 30 mark 8 batteries, 2 mark 10 diesel-electric engine, and 1 mark 9 steam turbine engine
Crew: 60 souls
Draft: 7 meters

Type of Ships: Mark-1 Chi class midget submarines
Beam: 2 meters
Length: 15 meters
Height: 4 meters
Number of Hulls: 1
Aircraft number: 0
Weapons: 1 Mark 20 torpedo launcher and 1 MK 1 anti-mine gun
Armour hull thickness: 10-15 CM and 2-4 CM of wood
Range without refuelling underwater: 5,800 KM
Range without refuelling on the surface: 5,000 KM
Top Speed on the surface: 20 knots
Top Speed underwater: 10 knots
Max depth dive: unknown
Power source: 6 Mark 8 batteries and 1 mk1 diesel-electric engine
Crew: 3 souls
Draft: ½ meter

Aircraft Stats:

Type of aircraft: Type 5 fighter
Range: 5,000 KM
Engines: 2 mark 6 jet engine
Top Speed: Mach 2
Weapons: 4 80 calibre type 9 machine gun, 1 300 calibre Gatling gun, optional 50 KG bomb, 1 optional mark 3 torpedoes, 1 400 calibre autocannon, 1 mark 8 flame thrower, and 16 Type 9 heat-seeking missiles
Armour: 3 CM
Crew: 1 pilot and 1 weapons officer,
Wingspan: 6 meters unfolded 3 meters folded
Length: 6 meters unfolded
(Note aircraft is amphibious)

Type of aircraft: Type 7 helicopter
Range: 2,00 KM
Engines: 1 mark 3 jet turbine engine (spins the 2 rotors at the top) and 1 mark 7 turboprop
Top Speed: 400 KPH
Weapons: 1 80 calibre machine gun
Armour: ½ cm
Crew: 2 pilots and up to 5 passengers
Wingspan: 15 meters unfolded and 7 ½ meters folded
Length: 8 meters

Type of aircraft: Type 0 Fighter
Range: 4,300 KM (without floats) 3,800 with floats
Engines: 1 Mark 6 jet engine
Top Speed: Mach 2 (without floats) Mach 1.5 with floats
Weapons: 4 80 calibre type 9 machine gun, 1 300 calibre Gatling gun, optional 50 KG bomb, 1 optional mark 3 torpedoes, 1 mark 8 flame thrower, and 8 Type 9 heat-seeking missiles
Armour: 3 CM
Crew: 1 pilot
Wingspan: 6 meters unfolded and 3 meters folded
Length: 6 meters unfolded and (3 meters folded only for submarine version)

Type of aircraft: Type 8 Dive bomber
Range:1, 200 KM
Engines: 2 Mark 6 Jet engines
Top Speed: 1,500 KPH
Weapons: 2 80 calibre Type 9 Machine guns, 3 Mark 8 aerial bombs, 1 mark 8 flame thrower, and 8 Type 9 heat-seeking missiles
Armour: 4 CM
Crew: 1 pilot
Wingspan: 6 meters unfolded and 3 meters folded
Length:4 meters

Type of aircraft: Type 10 Torpedo Bomber
Range: 1,500 KM
Engines: 2 Mark 6 Jet engines
Top Speed: 1,300 KPH
Weapons: 2 80 calibre Type 9 Machine guns, 3 Mark 12 aerial torpedoes,1 mark 8 flame thrower, and 8 Type 9 heat-seeking missiles
Armour: 3 cm
Crew:1 pilot
Wingspan: 6 meters unfolded and 3 meters folded
Length: 4 meters

Type of aircraft: Pali Kai reconnaissance Aircraft
Range: 3,000 KM
Engines: 2 Mark 7 turboprop engines
Top Speed: 350 KPH
Weapons: 2 forward facing 80 calibre Type 9 machine guns, 8 heat Type 9 seeking missiles, and Mark 8 radar jamming system
Armour: 2 Cm
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 navigator/ radio operator, 1 electronics officer
Wingspan: 15 meters (unfolded), 7.5 meters folded
Length: 10 meters

Type of aircraft: Type 11 bomber
Range: 4212 KM
Engines: 4 Mark 12 jet engines
Top Speed: 2,000 KPH
Weapons: 1 tail-mounted 80 calibre machine gun, 6 Type 8 heat-seeking missiles, 2 forward facing 80 calibre machine gun, 500 pounds of bombs, and 1 30 MM depleted uranium Gatling gun with 1,800 rounds
Armour: 5-6 CM
Crew: 2 pilots, 1 bombardier, 1 navigator/radio operator, and 1tail gunner
Wingspan: 23 meters unfolded( 11.5 meters folded)
Length: 16 meters
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Postby Kyundao » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:04 pm

At the Capitalist Party Executive Chamber, the Party Chairman and the other executives gather around and take their seats. The head of the army, Generalissimo Goldstein, presents all of the known information.

Generalissimo Goldstein: Twelve South Reinkalistani warships were sunk without provocation and so far only less than 90 of their sailors have been killed. All of these ships formed the bulk of that country's naval strength apparently.

Intelligence Director Han: On top of that, we've been hearing this was an inside job.

Chairman Sung: The casualties could be much higher. If such attacks can happen to South Reinkalistan, they can happen to anyone, us included. We should have ALL military installations on high alert right now, just in case.

Everyone in the room agreed. After all, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Chairman Sung: I'll make the announcement. Do what you guys do best.

With their priorities as clear as day, everyone leaves the Executive Chamber to focus on the defensive task at hand. Kyundao had suffered a severe terrorist attack before; the ruling Capitalist Party, the only legal political party in the country, wasn't going to allow a repeat.

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Postby South Reinkalistan » Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:44 pm


The People's Federation of Reinkalistan
Encrypted Transmission

Sent on behalf of the Prime Commissariat.
Authorised by the Commission for Political Loyalty.
4TH JULY 2020


    Comrade Mirokovich,

      I was personally pleased to receive your message. In times such as these, when reactionaries across the globe stand poised to undermine us at every opportunity, it is worth much to the P.F.R. that your administration has elected to stand alongside us when it counts. I must say, however, that your offer of investigators has raised a few eyebrows in the Politburo. The notion of foreign agents operating freely on Reinkalistani soil is not one that begets the alleviation of suspicion. Regardless, I trust in the purity and benevolence of your intentions. I humbly accept your aid, and your personnel will be provided accommodation in Turaniskidak.

      With that having been said, I also believe that it is necessary I inform you of the Politburo's considerations regarding the culprits of the attack. There is always the circumstance in which the Northern Reinkalistanis have taken it upon themselves to prove their recalcitrant ilk a nuisance once more. Ever since their loss of Retnfrask in 2018, their inclination to belligerence has grown. If their responsibility for this attack is indeed the case, war between the North and South may once again erupt, a mere two years after the Treaty of Renyashika.

      But if this is not in fact the case, then another possibility is that the reactionary "Rekkutomel", a terrorist organisation dedicated to a monarchist revival, carried out the attacks. I do not personally believe this is likely. This group, while a nuisance, simply does not possess the capacity to inflict damage of this scale upon the Red Fleet. This, of course, raises the possibility of international involvement once more. If the Rekkutomel were aided in their treasonous endeavours, then this issue is indeed greater than it first appears. I would request of you, if this is indeed the case, that a summit is held between our administrations to discuss further co-ordination against reactionary threats. I do hope that this isn't the case, and I'm sure these wishes are reciprocated by your administration.

      Finally, the worst case scenario is that this is an entirely internal attack. The chances of this being the case are unlikely; but if it is, I do not believe the jurisdiction of your investigators will be permitted to cover the sufficient areas to determine the culprit.

      I write this to you on the outset of a large exodus of foreign naval vessels to the waters surrounding the P.F.R., and I believe that Reinkalistani naval movement in the area may soon be threatened. I would like to furthermore inquire whether we can count on your support in the case that the opportunist jackals - the likes of Uvoan and the Chuck - begin to circle as if they were vultures, ready to strike Reinkalistan. I aim to mobilise a task force, lest the trade routes that surround the People's Federation start an inclination to which they may no longer find themselves under the rightful socialist sway that they have hereto been peaceably governed by.

      I have entrusted you with such knowledge, and hope that the Free United States uses it wisely. May the revolution in both our nations never cease to prosper.
    Prime Commissar Mozhkin Turaniski


The Prime Commissar stared at the encrypted communique that had been sent to him by the so-called "Vozhd" of the Yegla Islands. While he kept his disdain for the man relatively secret, there was an element of Rasputin's personality that Turaniski could not bear to stand. The smug superiority with which he carried himself and infuriating capacity for smugness just begot seething hatred. And now, he was inches short of demanding that his investigators 'aid' the P.F.R. in identifying the culprit. Turaniski had accepted the offer from Mirokovich - he would not be seen denying such gracious aid from potential allies - but to serve the fanatic Yeglan obsession with "stability" was a hill he would rather not die on. What Rasputin would call chaos, Turaniski named opportunity. Stability maintained the status quo; Turaniski wanted to see it shattered.

"And thus, as the worker is diametrically opposed to his oppressors, the revolution stands likewise opposed to the Yegla Islands." Muttered Turaniski to himself with a grimace. He would not let this jumped-up pseudo-aristocrat bully him. The veiled threat in his message did not elicit trust, and his implications of immaturity were most anger-inducing. 'Stability will be maintained.' A smile began to creep across the Premier's face. "Are you so sure about that, Dmitri?" He chuckled. And so, the message was sent: "The Yegla Islands will not interfere with the affairs of the People's Federation of Reinkalistan. I trust that you will respect Yegla's boundaries." The one line that he had written was akin to the line he had drawn. And he aimed to keep Rasputin from stepping over that line.

Turaniski stood up, and departed from his oak desk. He was now to attend a naval meeting. The admiralty was to dispatch a large Carrier Fleet to safeguard Reinkalistani shipping. The Red Fleet was down several notches, but it was not dead.


"Forwards, Reinkalistan!"; "Death to reactionaries!"; "Long live the Red Fleet!"

The chants, and others like them, rung loud throughout the crowd that had assembled at the harbour. Loud, triumphant patriotic music blared from a state band as the task force passed by. This task force, consisting of a Carrier and three Corvettes as an escort, was to be sent as a means of power projection in international waters surrounding South Reinkalistan. Turaniski had wished to send more ships, but the admiralty had talked him out of it. Too much aggression would only serve to alienate the P.F.R. diplomatically -- well, more than it already was.

As with all state celebrations of military 'feats', there was a stifling air of forced jubilance that had descended upon the crowd. Those that waved the Star and Sword excitedly were not oblivious to the armed guards situated around them. Those who excitedly sang the praises of the P.F.R. and 'Comrade Turaniski' would more often than not have a glint of uncertainty in their eyes.

But regardless, they cheered. And the ships sailed under the light of the morning sun.

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Operation Tora

Postby Piikala » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:43 pm

13:30, July 5 in the City of Sydney in the Piikalan State of Lesser Australia.

The Piikalan fleet slowly cruised towards the port in the hot lesser Australian sun. The winds were stale, and the water was warm as smoke drifted across the skies. The massive Piikalan battleship Musashi entered port. She aimed her four large 2-meter guns towards the sea and set off a salvo of rounds throwing the large ships bow down as the cannon fired. Throwing water on her bow and waves in its wake. That was quickly followed by a salvo from the rest of the fleet as they began to pass a Piikalan Shinto shrine. Where the Piikalan troops who participated in the invasion of lesser Australia where enshrined. As the sailors rushed onto the deck, they bowed in unison to honour their comrades while they pulled into port and loaded up on food and topped up on fuel. At the same time, lesser Australian marines boarded the ship and loaded up their arms as a small Piikalan nuclear stealth cruiser loaded up her ammunition and crew to prepare for war.

16:30, July 5 in the City of Sydney in the Piikalan State of Lesser Australia.

A loud whistle sounded from the massive battleship as the fleet pulled away from the docks and set out to sea. The ships loaded with troops and arms set out to sea. As the Piikalan stealth cruiser quickly sped up, raised on its hydrofoils, it left the fleet behind. The ship promptly skipped across the surface as she raced to her destination, her crew eager for action.

13:00 July 6 somewhere in the middle of the southern Indian ocean

The Piikalan fleet gently cruised through the harsh waves of an Indian ocean typhoon. Their bows cut through the large waves and threw water skywards. The crew on the bridge of the battleship Musashi watched in awe as the ship stood level and calm through the largest waves of the storm. While most of her crew relaxed and calm started to gather throughout the massive ship to sing folk songs from their homelands.

The Catlandians:

The Catlandians troops gathered in the large chapel of the ship where they gathered and locked the wooden sliding doors behind them. As they erected a large cross upon the wall of the chapel, a few of them took out their instruments from their cases and started to tune them up while the pastor walked up to the small stage at the head of the chapel and started service. They said a few prayers for safety and began to sing the song Praise to the Man as they started their service. Causing the older Catlandiah officers to cry as they wished for the days of independence when they could worship without fear of the Piikalan Kempeitai marching in and forcing the breaking up of religious congregations. Yet most of the younger enlisted troops never remembered a day when they were independent and allowed religious freedom and assumed it was normal.

1. Praise to the Man who communed with Jehovah!
Jesus anointed that Prophet and Seer.
Blessed to open the last dispensation,
Kings shall extol him, and nations revere.


Hail to the Prophet, ascended to heaven!
Traitors and tyrants now fight him in vain.
Mingling with Gods, he can plan for his brethren;
Death cannot conquer the hero again.

2. Praise to his mem' ry, he died as a martyr;
Honored and blest be his ever great name!
Long shall his blood, which was shed by assassins,
Plead unto heav'n while the earth lauds his fame.

3. Great is his glory and endless his priesthood.
Ever and ever the keys he will hold.
Faithful and true, he will enter his kingdom,
Crowned in the midst of the prophets of old.

4. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven;
Earth must atone for the blood of that Man.
Wake up the world for the conflict of justice.
Millions shall know "Brother Joseph" again.
Text: William W. Phelps, 1792–1872
Music: Scottish folk song

The Celebrity Dudeians:

The Celebritydudians gathered in the general-purpose tea room of the battleship. They gathered around the small tatami mat floored room and sat down and relaxed as one of the crew members pulled out a Guzheng from a storage container under the tatami mat floors and began to play and sing the Fisherman's song at dusk. While the youngest and most junior members of the crew prepared glasses of tea and sweet rice cakes and served them to their senior officers. A crew member started to sing while the storm passed by the window while their world was at peace. While a few of the senior officers began to cry and reminisce of the days they had their independence before the Piikalans came and took their daughters and sons to fight in their wars. Yet most of the enlisted didn't cry las most of them 18-19 never remembered the days of independence.

The Chinese Lyrics:
Composed By: Hong Ting
红日照海上, 清风晚转凉

船划破海浪, 终于也归航
归家怨路长, 痴心却在远方

谁遇到风浪, 多少也惊惶

含泪看彼岸, 不知你怎样
相思路更长, 心曲向谁唱

The Lesser Australians:

The lesser Australian gathered amongst each other in one of the cafeterias of the Musashi. They stood together in sadness and a few in tears as they longed for their homeland. They wanted to be home with their family and friends that they were forced to leave behind. While a few cried as they felt they failed their nation and peoples as they lost to the Piikalans. Yet suddenly, with defiance, the soldiers started to sing. The song that was banned in Lesser Australia in the early years of Piikalan rule. A song that brought hope to the Jewish Lesser Autrallians. That song was Hatikvah, a song that was banned in hopes of crushing the spirit of the nation and peoples who yearned for a homeland that they couldn't reach. While the younger soldiers 18-19 still remembered, they started to recall the terrible day 13 years ago when the Piikalans invaded.

Song lyrics in hebrew:
From Wikipedia
Composers: Samuel Cohen, Paul Ben-Haim
כֹּל עוֹד בַּלֵּבָב פְּנִימָה
נֶפֶשׁ יְהוּדִי הוֹמִיָּה,
וּלְפַאֲתֵי מִזְרָח קָדִימָה,
עַיִן לְצִיּוֹן צוֹפִיָּה;

עוֹד לֹא אָבְדָה תִּקְוָתֵנוּ,
הַתִּקְוָה בַּת שְׁנוֹת אַלְפַּיִם,
לִהְיוֹת עַם חָפְשִׁי בְּאַרְצֵנוּ,
אֶרֶץ צִיּוֹן וִירוּשָׁלַיִם.

The Piikalans:

The Piikalan officers and troops gathered in the large hangar of the Musashi. The sound of the ship's orchestra was heard through the large ship's hanger—the orchestras Taiko drums reverberating across the hanger with a loud thud. While the sound of bamboo flutes could be heard echoing across the walls. The crew celebrated and danced around the small Yagura, they had set up in the middle of the hangar as it was the Piikalan Bon Odori season and a time for them to celebrate and remember the dead. It was a colourful sight to see as the troops danced in their kimonos full of colour and splendour as the sound of wooden slippers against the steel floor could be heard clicking across the deck. While the ship's orchestra started to play the song, Soran Bushi on their Tyko drums in the Yagura and a few of the crew began to dance around the Yagura and sing along to the song. As they danced to the Soran Bushi and a few started to cry as they began to miss their home and the coastal village, they left behind to do their national duty to the emperor. Yet they quickly dried their tears and continued to dance on as they were participating in a tradition of military service that has spanned their ancestor's several generations.

Song Soran Bushi lyrics:
From Wikipedia in Romaji

Yāren sōran sōran
Sōran sōran sōran (hai hai!)
Nishin kita ka to kamome ni toeba,
Watasha tatsu tori nami ni kike choi.
CHORUS (AKA - kakegoe)
Yasa e en ya sa dokkoisho
(a dokkoisho, dokkoisho!)
Yāren sōran...
Oyaji tairyō da mukashi to chigau
toreta nishin wa ore no mono choi
Yāren sōran...
Ichi-jō-go-shaku no ro o kogu fune mo
horeta ano go nya te mo choi
Yāren sōran...
Tama no suhada ga shibuki ni nurerya
uwaki kamome ga mite sawagu choi

July 6 23:00 somewhere in the Arabian seas.

The littoral light cruizer the Fubuki was calmly sailing through the Aedan straits after her several days trek from her home base in northern Piikala she had finally started to get near her waiting area near the straits of Aedan. Where she would be waiting till the reserve fleet caught up to them. The ship though even though the state of the art Piikalan warship was not supposed to be part of the main force. As the Piikalan admirals in the War, Pagoda didn't want to show the Geijins(foreigners) their hands. So decided to send the mothball fleet from the central fleet to assist in the policing action. While the small Cruzer was ordered to stay silent and observe the enemy and only shoot when necessary. So the crew decided to drop anchor and turn off the warship's transponder and wait out the week till the mothball fleet arrived. So the Fubuki sat dark and quiet in the middle of the Arabian sea. At the same time, her crew kicked back and relaxed while listening to the ships in the area on their radios and watching the massive container ships and oil tankers slowly cruise by on the horizon. As the few crew members that just finished their watch took out their fishing poles. Then walked to the ship's autogyro pad and dropped their lines over the side of the ship. They sat back and looked up at the stars that drifted above them while drinking warm sake in the cold sea air.

21:00 in northern Piikala at Kempeitai headquarters:

An AM Radio frequency being broadcasted to Piikalan agents abroad:

Starts off Playing the Piikalan National Anthem:
(Meant to be sung to Kimi no was the Japanese national anthem)
Yoroeí watakou kami Āina
Ho susu Tame ni hé shen seauna
Mahiki ko Aita kameh
surulu lokoni hé shimaina
yutakana te olakatsu

Yoroeí watakou kami Āina
Ho susu Tame ni hé when seauna
mahiki ko Píikala
surulu furui Yoru po sorani
Yoroeí kami Āina píi

(Anthem suddenly stops leaving a few second of silence)

Suddenly a soft-spoken voice says in Piikalan: Please Use Card 667:

(a few minutes of silence)


(a few minutes of silence)


(a few minutes of silence)



(N259 is Piikalan code for PFR)
(IPNFUBMMII is Piikalan code for Imperial Piikalan Navy Fubuki Mahi Mahi class markII)
(Port 66 is a port on the coast of the red sea)
(Maluhia is Piikalan code for next full moon at midnight)
(IPFB88 is Imperial Piikalan Fishing Boat 88 named the Ono)

transmission concludes with Piikalan children's choir singing the Kingdom of Hawaiis anthem He Mele Lahui Hawaii:
Lyrics in English and Hawaiian:
(From Wikipedia)

Ka Makua mana loa
Almighty Father bend thine ear

Maliu mai iā mākou
And listen to a nation's prayer

E hāliu aku nei
That lowly bows before thy throne

Me ka naʻau haʻahaʻa
And seeks thy fostering care

E mau ka maluhia
Grant your peace throughout the land

O nei pae ʻāina
Over these sunny sea girt isles

Mai Hawaiʻi a Niʻihau
Keep the nation's life, oh Lord,

Ma lalo o kou malu
And on our sovereign smile


E mau ke ea o ka ʻāina
Grant your peace throughout the land

Ma kou pono mau
Over these sunny isles

A ma kou mana nui
Keep the nations life, oh Lord

E ola e ola ka mōʻī
And upon our sovereign smile

E ka haku mālama mai
Guard him with your tender care

I ko mākou nei mōʻī
Give him length of years to reign

E mau kona noho ʻana
On the throne his fathers won

Maluna o ka noho aliʻi
Bless the nation once again

Hāʻawi mai i ke aloha
Give the king your loving grace

Maloko a kona naʻau
And with wisdom from on high

A ma kou ahonui
Prosperous lead his people on

E ola e ola ka mōʻī
As beneath your watchful eye

Hoʻoho e mau ke
Grant your peace throughout the land

Ma lalo o kou aloha nui
Bless O Lord our country's chiefs

Nā Liʻi o ke Aupuni
Grant them wisdom so to live

Me nā makaʻāinana
That our people may be saved

Ka lehulehu nō a pau
And to You the glory give

Kiaʻi mai iā lākou
Watch over us day by day

Me ke aloha ahonui
King and people with your love

E ola nō mākou
For our hope is all in You

I kou mana mau
Bless us, You who reign above

E mau ke ea
Grant your peace throughout the land

next transmission will be tomorrow at 21:00 Pikiala central time.... (radio transmission fizzles out with a crackling noise)

July 7 05:00 somewhere in the Arabian sea.

The crew of the Fubuki upon seeing the sun rising upon the calm Arabian sea realled up their lines and walked into their ship. Where they quietly went down to their bunks and went to sleep. While the ship's commander walked to the front of the bow and raised the Piikalan flag then walked back into the ship. As the crew sat quietly listening to the cargo ships to make sure they weren't seen. They suddenly intercepted a transmission from a cargo ship that was sailing nearby that said they spotted a suspicious ship nearby that wasn't showing up on their radar. So the ship's crew quickly raised their anchor. Afraid that they may have been spotted. The ships started to fill with an electric hum as the ships hydrofoil started to lift off the sea as they sped northeast towards the coast Yemen where they hoped to hide from prying eyes until they could meet up with the rest of the fleet. After leaving the shipping lanes, the ship's crew sent a message to the war pagoda back home.

Standard encrypted message:
Sent: VIA PIMS 08
From: IPN Fubuki
To: War Pagoda Central Fleet Command
Using Encryption Card 8765


Fubuki spotted has moved towards the northeast and will meet the fleet at point Sakura.

(PIMS 08- Piikala Imperial Military Satellite #8)

New Piikalan ship:

IPN Fubuki
Type: Littoral light cruiser (normally called a frigate by the Piikalan troops to mess with her crew.)
Class: Mahi Mahi class

Type of Ships: Mahi Mahi Class littoral vessel Mk 2
Beam: 15 meters
Length: 45 meters
Height above water: 8.5 meters
Number of Hulls: 3
Aircraft number: 1 Type 7 Helicopter and 1 MK 7 Haehae reconnaissance and strike drone
Weapons: 6 88 MM type 12 anti aircraft guns(hidden from view), 2 500 calibre mark 12 guns(hidden from view), 120 mark 8 guided missile, 20 Mk 7 80 calibre anti missile guns, 1 Mk 1 rail gun(still in prototype stages but equipped), 5 mark 6 depth charge launchers, 1 Mark 9 mine launcher, and 8 mark 20 torpedo tubes
Armour hull thickness: 1-2 meters
Range without refuelling or resupplying: ∞ on reactor and 500KM on battery power
Top Speed: 80 knots(while on battery power) and 30 knots on reactor power
Battery Recharge time: 4 hours 30 minutes at a normal cruising speed but can be shortened to 2 hours if all non-essential systems are shut off.
Power source: 2 Mk 4 nuclear reactors and 30 mark 12 batteries.
Crew: 40 souls
Draft: 13 meters, 1 meters in Hydrofoil mode.
Special note: The vessels of this class are designed with stealth ability to remain hidden from radar when not in a hydrofoil mode.

Type of aircraft: Mark 7 Haehae reconnaissance and strike drone
Range: 5,000 KM
Engines: 3 EE Mk 6 electric engines
Top Speed: 330 KPH
Weapons: ball mounted 10MM machine guns with 2,000 pieces of ammunition each, 1 30MM Mark 12 autocannon front-mounted with 1,000 rounds of tungsten bullets, and optional 50-kilogram bomb or 50 KG nuclear reactor extending range by ∞ KM (limited to flying over non-inhabited areas and areas with non-sensitive/endangered ecosystems when in use and decreased top speed).
Armour: ½ cm
Crew: 0
Wingspan: 8 meters unfolded, folded wingspan 1 meter
Length: 8 meters unfolded and 3 meters folded (if the 30MM is removed)
Fuel: 10 mark 5 drone batteries
Special notes: Drone is equipped with basic stealth features and can be hidden from basic radar systems.
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Postby Kenmoria » Mon Jul 06, 2020 4:33 am


To: Whomever this concerns in South Reinkalistan
From: The Democratic Republic of Kenmoria, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Subject: Recent Terroristic Attacks
Encryption: Low
Dear whomever this concerns in the People’s Federation of Reinkalistan,

The Kenmorian Foreign Office has been saddened and appalled by the recent illegal attacks upon Reinkalistani vessels. In particular, the fact that the perpetrators of these heinous actions have gone undiscovered and unpunished has been deeply troubling to our sense of justice. To this end, we would like to offer your nation not only our deepest sympathies, but also the promise of support should the attackers be working for a foreign body. We want nothing more than to maintain global peace, but such unwarranted aggression must be destroyed.

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Fletcherson, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Kenmoria
A representative democracy with a parliament of 535 seats
Kenmoria is Laissez-Faire on economy but centre-left on social issues
Located in Europe and border France to the right and Spain below
NS stats and policies are not canon, use the factbooks
Not in the WA despite coincidentally following nearly all resolutions
This is due to a problem with how the WA contradicts democracy
However we do have a WA mission and often participate in drafting
Current ambassador: James Lewitt

For more information, read the factbooks here.

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Main Defense Directorate
Meridian City, CFUS

While it has been mere hours since the President had offered assistance to the Reinkalistani leader, there had been a tremendous response in the region. The conference room was sparse, with only limited staff on the outer seats.

Secretary of Defense Dmitri Mendelev looked at the satellite images being displayed in front of him. “How recent are these images?” He requested.

“IR images are about two hours old,” Col Kamov explained. “What is more worrying are these sonographs on the outer edges of our warning network closest to Reinkalistan. They show major naval activity.”

“Then it appears the warning of naval activity in the region was justified,” Samantha Lexi chimed in. “What assets are closest to the area.”

Admiral Zhukov brought up an image on their displays. “Our closest is an expeditionary task force; two light carriers, two missile cruisers, five destroyers, support ships and a new Yasen-class attack submarine.” He scrolled the map. “Their closest reinforcement is the Boudicca Battle Group; three days away at full steam.”

“With your consent then, gentlemen, I’ll make the recommendation to the President.”

100km from Turaniskidak

The flight had been relatively uneventful. The Il-62 was a large aircraft and aside from the crew they were the only ones on board. They had all changed into plain business attire, not wanting to alarm the citizens with their KGB uniforms.

“When we land I’ll contact a government representative. If possible I’d like to work alongside them and not in parallel,” Agent Rubin told his trio.

“Once you’ve established a liaison I’d like to talk to them too,” Agent/analyst Ramius replied. “Reports are that they have set their ships to sea, so the possibility of quickly recouping their losses may be desirable to them.”

The captain signaled final descent and they took to their seats in preparation.

From the Office of the President
Commonwealth of Free United States

To Prime Commissar Mozhkin Turaniski
The People’s Federation of Reinkalistan

Comrade-Turaniski, it is with great pleasure to hear that you have accepted your offer. Rest assured my personnel are only there to assist in the criminals we all want seen brought to justice. We wish to work alongside your team and not circumvent or hinder the investigation process.

Our intelligence services have reported to me the naval activity you mentioned. Though we are hesitant to engage in military action where we have no direct involvement, the security of peace in your region is important. For that reason I have authorized the dispatch of an expeditionary task force towards your area, and a carrier battle group will remain on standby if we deem it necessary.

Stanislav Mirokovich

FSS Frigga’s Bane CVN-42
Combat Information Center

The captain walked in as the central displays brought up maps of their relative position and South Reinkalistan. The XO handed him the orders that had come through.

“We’re to make best speed to Grid G44-01 and monitor naval activity and seek any threats to the host nation,” he summarized as he read.

His XO pulled up the same IR and sonograph images that had been seen by their leadership. “That is a lot of activity sir,” she observed.

He paused to think. The Frigga and her sister ship Freya were not super carriers but escorts; ski jump versions that held 40 aircraft apiece. Even with their escort ships they couldn’t stop a full on war.

“XO, plot course and set Condition 2,” the captain ordered curtly.

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Postby Rhinocera » Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:19 am

Crete, Rhinocera - R.I.M.C

The conference room room held five people. Lesser Consul Augustus, General Ragnar, Rear Admiral Staley, Colonel Sahara, and Lieutenant Cross.

Lesser Consul Augustus, the second highest ranking official in the Empire of Rhinocera, sat at the head of the table, reading his copy of the intelligence briefing. South Reinkalistan was the predominant regional power in its sphere of influence. A totalitarian socialist state that demanded absolute loyalty from its citizens. It’s socialist party was a dominating domestic force and it had drawn international attention. It had, however, just suffered an embarrassment so severe it was tantamount to full blown deposition. Internally, thirteen ships were sunk, three of which were esteemed battlecruisers. At the moment, it appeared that the cause of this was a domestic terror cell that had, at some level, infiltrated the government and navy. The situation was, absolutely, undoubtedly, a magnificent opportunity. “I see, 13 ships being destroyed in a supposed terrorist strike, from the inside, is no small feat. It makes them appear weak and it weakens them to some degree. What do you think the proper course of action is, Lieutenant?”

Lieutenant Cross stood in the corner of the room as everyone as was seated at the table. Everyone in the room outranked him by at several orders of magnitude. The only reason he was in the room was because he had compiled the report and sent it up the pipeline. He had only ever seen Colonel Sahara in person, as she was the commanding officer at his station. Lesser Consul Augustus, who had just asked Cross a direct question, was leagues above Cross in every meaningful way. General Ragnar was the ranking officer in the entire military, Rear Admiral Staley was a flag officer in the navy, and Colonel Sahara was the commanding officer of his station. Of all the qualified individuals in the room, Augustus asked Cross. “Sir, as detailed in my report, I believe that the situation constitutes an opportunity that would best be capitalized by offering to assist in rearmament in exchange for access to waterways and a potential basing deal, Sir.”

The Lesser Consul almost chuckled. Indeed, had this been another country in question, then Rhinocera very well may have pursued this path. South Reinkalistan was not, however, a country that Rhinocera trusted to maintain a stable long term relationship. Augustus turned his head to face the colonel. “Colonel, you are dismissed, see to it that the lieutenant receives the proper merit for his work.” Colonel Sahara stood up and responded in turn. “Yes sir, I shall see to it immediately.” With that she left the room along with her subordinate. As she exited, General Ragnar spoke. “So, what is our course of action Augustus? I doubt your keen on backing the regime in place, so what is the play. Sit this one out, stir up trouble, lend a hand?” Augustus looked at Ragnar, “a bit of everything. Be ready if there is an escalation, but for now we’ll wield the pen. Keep our friends close and our enemies closer I suppose.” Ragnar chuckled aloud, before turning to Staley. “Admiral, ready a task force. Coordinate with Admiral Fenrir as to what assets will be at your disposal. Brigadier General Talco will be directed to report to you. Be at standby, ready to depart as soon as possible.”

To: Prime Commissar Mozhkin Turaniski, of South Reinkalistan

Good sir, We extend to you our deepest sympathies for the dark and unwarranted attack that had been cast upon your nation. Words mean little however, and we intend to
show you that our actions are those of support as well. I am contacting you to offer you our support in the form of an 23 billion dollar aid package, in the form of a credit to Red Star Heavy Industries. We hope that this enables you to restore the Red Fleet to its former glory with great haste. In exchange all that we ask is for a token of cooperation between our two great nations. We ask that you allow us to establish a base along your coastline, one of significant size, part of which would include the facilities necessary to maintain, repair, and re-equip any vessels you acquire per the aid-credit that you have been granted, as well as housing personnel necessary to train your sailors in the systems of such vessels. Consider this offer an extended hand of friendship. We wish you the best in these trying times. Good day, and may you find the treacherous dogs who have raised the sword against your great nation.

- Supreme Consul Tiberius, Ruler of the Empire of Rhinocera

Signatory of The Amistad Declaration on Slavery and the Rights of Man

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Postby Republican Cabinda » Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:34 pm

Casa do Presidente, Cabinda, Cabinda
Tuesday 30/3/2020, 11:42 AM

A lone clerk sat in an office. His fingers tapped as he looked over paperwork, bored out of his mind as he contemplated the day ahead of him. Suddenly, he heard a loud ‘beep’ from a fax machine to his left. The clerk grabbed it and began to casually read it.

“At approximately 6 AM today, there was a disastrous…”

His casual reading turned tense as he began to intently read the content of the paper. When he finished, all he could mutter was ‘shit’ as he stared in a daze. Snapping out of it, he stood up and ran out the door with the paper. He ran down a hallway, weaving his way in between people and objects, until he reached a door. The door looked the same as any other, bar the brass plate which had ‘Presidente de Cabinda’ engraved on it. The clerk knocked on the door, prompting Mamadou to say ‘come on in’ in a casual tone. The door quickly opened as the man walked in.

The President stood up and raised his arm out for a handshake. “Mr. Kakengo, wh-"

“Mr. President, I have something of the utmost importance to give you.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“It is about South Renkalistan, sir.”

He placed the paper on a table and turned it so that the President could read it. Mamadou grabbed it and began to read it with due haste. His face contorted into a concerned frown before turning into a dead serious look. He slammed the paper onto the table and looked into the eyes of Mr. Kakengo.

“Assemble the General Staff, Room 201, 2:00 PM. If they can’t show up, have them find a replacement on their behalf. We need to deal with this Today.”

Kakengo simply nodded as he rushed out the room. He ran back to his still-open office, knocking over a plant in the process. He entered the room and sat back in his chair, now more panicked than ever. He flipped through a phone book, looking up the numbers of five men and writing them down. He called them all, one by one.

Room 201, Casa do Presidente, Cabinda, Cabinda
Tuesday 30/3/2020, 1:59 PM

The president breathed a heavy sigh as he looked around the table. They were all there, but he had to think of what to say, else face potential political retribution. After taking a deep breath, he stood and put his hands on the table.

“At 6 AM today, 83 Southern Renkalistani sailors were killed at port by an unnamed and unknown assailant.” He pulls down a projector board and motions for the Chief of Staffs to turn on a projector. The projector reveals a map of Renkalistan in proximity to Cabinda.

“While we do not have official relationships with South Renkalistan, if this country explodes into violence, Cabinda is most certainly within the blast radius. Need we forget what happened… last time?” The President shook his head as two others in the room nodded.

A man who did not nod, Field Marshal of the Army Lukinda, stood up and casually stated “They’re Communist, I say we should just let it happen. Just like with Zaire, one little kick-”

The President suddenly interrupted him. “Zaire? When that country collapsed, our borders had to be militarized. The Congo Wars could have easily overwhelmed Cabinda, and that was the Congo for god’s sake. Besides, we don’t know who provoked this madness either. For all we know and care, they could be racist Fascist or bigoted Islamists. Do we really want Boko Haram or Nazis controlling such a massive country?” The Lukinda sat down, slightly embarrassed as the president stared at all of them.

Rocha, the Admiral of the Navy, stood up and looked at the President. “We could send our fleet to Reinkalistani waters. Not as enemies nor friends, but as mere international observers. Sure, it is likely to stir up some tension, but I believe that many other nations share the same idea as us. If we start preparing as soon as possible, we can be there by the 6th of July.”

“... Fine. I can see your point. But, you must remain as an international observer. You are forbidden to fire upon any ship unless your fleet is attacked or if circumstances force us to take a side. I want all other branches to assist in the resupplying and for the Army and Presidential Guard to mobilize. We’re not at war yet, but should war come to Cabinda, I do not want to be unprepared. You are all dismissed. God bless us all… we’re going to need it.”

All the men in the room gave some sign of acknowledgement, ranging from the Chief of Staff’s nod to the Field Marshal of the Republican Guard’s “Sir, Yes Sir!” as they all stood up and walked out the room.

Atlantic Ocean, 10~ Nautical Miles from South Renkalistani waters
Monday 6/7/2020, 3:12 AM

“Seaman Matadi! What are you doing still up?... At ease.” The baggy-eyed Admiral said to a man wandering the bow of the Frigate.

“Admiral Rocha. I just got up, sir. Why are you still up?”

Rocha chuckled as he looked into the distance. Though it could hardly be seen in the dead of night, he knew that his fleet was out there. “I am just admiring the fleet of Cabinda. We have sent 10 Corvettes and 1 Frigate to defend Cabinda and her interests.”

“That… isn’t the largest fleet in the world.”

“No, it is not. But that’s not what matters. What matters is that it’s Cabinda’s. What matters is that no man can say Cabinda hid while brave men fought, and that all men can say Cabinda stood its own in this crisis of South Renkalistan.”

“We’re not going to actually fight though, right?”

“... I cannot promise you that we will not fight, but I can promise you this. We will go home, one way or another.”

The Seaman was silent as he walked away. This prompted the Admiral to ponder the nature of his promise. They would go home, but they might not be alive to see it if things went awry. The lives of over a thousand men were in his hands. He sighed as he realized that he was not in power here, but was rather a mere participant of a political dance between powers much greater than his own.

Ex-Angolan Republic, filled with oil and corruption.
I am not an expert on this region, pls don't get mad

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Postby Uvoan » Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:59 pm

The six ships heaved in the waves as heavy turbine engines finally began to spool down- The ships turning on a slight course to avoid intruding into the South's waters, but keeping to a relatively calm thirty knots otherwise as they fell into formation. The two through-deck battlecruisers, the UGN 'Excat' and the UGN 'Veron' turning into the wind as a few fighters were rushed onto deck. The four modified F/A-22s engines growling as the heavy turbojets roared into life. The first two launching off the deck of the 'Excat'followed by two more seconds later, engines growling as the fighters rose. Jackson watching from the bridge, even as the 'Veron' prepared a naval strike package, incase the situation turned expectionally sour.

Jackson turned on the bridge, looking over a map of the territory. "More than a few ports we'll need to watch for civil shipping, captain." An aide murmured, as he drapped an overlay of shipping routes. "And the remains of their navy- They might've been smacked, but they ain't down and out yet, and they sure as hell will not respond well to use parking six battlecruisers outside their territorial waters."

"Aye, well aware of it, aide. Do we have recon and imaging from satellite units?"

"Command is patching our uplinks through now. We've got universal bandwith now. TAC-NET solid, and so is STRAT-NET." The communications officer replied. "Got satelite imaging right here- Multiple large battlegroups, and more than a few smaller battlegroups. Some of the heavier satellites even have a few submarines moving about- One of which is one of our own Blowbacks, according to TAC-NET. Nothing this battlegroup shouldn't be able to stand up to in a straight fight, but still enough to keep an eye on incase it continues to grow."

"Good work, comms. Ops, what's our game plan?"

"Current gameplan from command is to just watch for merchant traffic, escort it, and then continue. Reinks can shove complaints where the sun don't shine. Plan's open to change as more escalators join the fun captain, but that's about it right now."

Jackson chuckled lightly, nodding. "Sounds about right. Keep the plans updating as the situation changes, and have an update ready for the decision team every two hours, or when the red alert sounds. Set condition two across the fleet. But make sure we aren't the ones to fire the opening volley."

"Sir yes sir!" The bridge responded, returning to duties as Jackson turned back. Grabbing his binoculars and staring out at sea- Sure, the action was purely ceremonial, but it was a relaxing action at this point- As the battlegroups far more powerful RADAR, SONAR, and LIDAR arrays went to work. Syncing with the constant overhead coverage provided by the web of satellites to study the seas around the battlegroup- And preparing for anything that might enter that range...

To, the South Reinklistanian Government
The Uvoanian Government expresses it's great sorrow over this incident- And also wishes to inform the Southern Reinklistanian Government of the fact the Uvoanian Navy has deployed assets to the general area of the coast of Southern Reinklistan in order to ensure the safety of international shipping traffic. If there are any complaints about this action, please do be sure to file them through the correct channel.
Government Diplomat R. N. Balato

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Postby Hobbes Dystopia » Tue Jul 07, 2020 2:17 am

Task force 32-c, Outside of Reinkalistani territorial waters

"Greetings Commander Piłsudski. You have a communication from the High Command."
Aleksander Piłsudski looked up with a slightly surprised facial expression. -"Priority Gama, Beta or Alpha?"-He inquired.

"Gama, Commander." The stone faced Lieutenant replied without flexing any of his facial muscles. "If I may, sir, we shouldn't keep the Admirals waiting. Remember what happened last time".

"Yes, yes. I know." The Commander walked into the bridge of the Vengeance. He found the three Admirals and the Grand Admiral waiting on the other side of the wide screen. The Grand Admiral spoke first, his voice distorted by the several hundreds of kilometres of distance.

"Greetings Piłsudski. We have new orders for the Task force 32-c. First let me brief you on the recent developments in the Reinkalistani crisis. Several nations have similarly dispatched either maritime forces or personnel from their secret services to aid the government of S.R"- He took a sip from the beverage laying in an ornamented coup before returning to the narration "Our analysts have identified the two most likely culprits of the attack: North Reinkalistan, with which S.R maintains a fragile peace; and dissenters in the interior of the party or the army. Turaniski's weak and illogical ideology had to fight to defeat the orthodox Marxists after the Reinkalistani civil war, maybe those fights for power are resurfacing."- Another pause, this time for the Grand Admiral's eyes to scan the Commander, as if he was analysing his response. "However, I don't need to tell you that these informations were costly. We lost 56% of our agents in Reinkalistan. Their counter intelligence services are quick to react and have dealt a crippling blow to our information network. Because of that, we enter today in phase two of operation "Red Blow". Admiral Crassus, outline the plan for this operation please."

Admiral Crassus, a small rapidly aging man, looked at the Commander with a distrustful glare before beginning. "Commander Piłsudski, your ships will enter S.R's territorial waters and test the Red fleet's might without engaging. I repeat, without engaging! Your orders are to retreat to international waters when the enemy battleships approach, and wait some hours before launching another expedition. Harass the fishermans, mock the Party, but do not in any circumstances engage the Red Fleet."

"Remember Piłsudski, you must analyse the Reinkalistani response well. See to it that you do not. Fail. Again." The Grand Admiral gave him a cold, menacing glance before ending the transmission.

Piłsudski went to his quarters after briefing his subordinates about the upcoming operation. "Those sons of a ***** in the High Command are crazy." He thought, disgusted with his assignment. "How do I make sure that the Red Fleet doesn't fire when it sees our ships? South Reinkalistan isn't exactly a peace loving nation!"

In the next day, Hobbesian task force 32-c sailed into the edge of S.R territorial waters. Aleksander Piłsudski decided to launch first an unarmed drone to search for Reinkalistani naval forces which might be a nuisance to the operation. The drone spotted three Reinkalistani Corvettes and approached in a risky bid to analyse their strength.
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Postby Mitheldalond » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:29 pm

Mitheldalondian frigate Iris
Course: SSW - en route to Turaniskidak

"Come," called Commander Jerrek - Iris's captain - in response to the knock on his cabin door. The hatch opened slightly, and a young Ensign leaned in.

"I have Lieutenant Henduthoron for you, sir," the young man reported.

"Ah, good," Jerrek said, spinning round in his desk chair to face the door. "Send her in, and then you are dismissed, Ensign."

"Aye, sir!" replied the Ensign with a salute, which the captain returned. The man vanished from the hatchway, and a moment later a short, blonde woman walked in.

"You wished to see me, Captain?" she asked, forgetting the customary salute.

"I did," Jerrek affirmed, ignoring her breach of etiquette. "Please shut the door." She did as asked, and then looked back at him questioningly. "We'll be arriving at Turaniskidak by tomorrow morning," he informed her.

"Oh. Thank you, Captain," she replied, looking confused. That kind of information hardly required her summoning to the captain's quarters, or the secrecy of a closed door. "Was. . . that all?"

"No," the captain stated, now coming to the real reason he had called her here. "I think it's about time you told me what your true mission is here," he continued bluntly.

"Captain?" she asked, offering a rather convincing display of confusion. "I am to observe the Reinkalistani investigation into the sinking of thirteen of their warships, and to aid said investigation if reques. . ."

Commander Jerrek held up his hand, cutting her off. "I've seen your file, Lieutenant," he said dryly. "We both know Naval Intelligence doesn't send people like you to act as simple observers. My orders are to assist your mission in any way possible. It's difficult to do that without knowing what that mission is, and your orders do instruct you to inform those with a need to know."

"That is to be at my discretion, sir," she began, before quickly relenting. "But I see no reason not to tell you.

"My mission is, in part, as you already know: observe and/or assist the Reinkali investigation to determine what threat the current situation poses, and what measures will be necessary to ensure the safety of Mitheldalondian shipping. My secondary mission - the one you don't know - is in a similar vein, and also mostly benign, though the Reinkalistani government may find it more objectionable. Essentially, I am to determine if Mitheldalond can justify supporting the current Reinkali regime if this situation should escalate to open conflict, as seems increasingly likely. Or if we can justify direct intervention against them.

"As I'm sure you know, the government of South Reinkalistan has become increasingly authoritarian since the election of Mozhkin Turaniski several years ago. At this point, it is little different from an oppressive totalitarian dictatorship. This much we know. What we don't know are the details: exactly how oppressive is the regime? Are political dissidents threatened, arrested, executed? Are people afforded basic human rights and a decent standard of living? My job is to find the answers to these questions, among others."

Commander Jerrek nodded slowly as she finished her speech. "So, espionage," he stated flatly.

Lieutenant Henduthoron nodded. "Essentially, yes," she confirmed.

The captain rose from his chair and clasped his hands behind his back, thinking. "Then I should warn you," he said, "that the Iris may not be able to remain in port to support your mission, as we had intended. The developing situation, especially the presence of a large number of foreign warships - many of which, based on our signals intelligence, appear to be acting quite provocatively - has created an increasingly dangerous situation. I expect Commodore Tredmoore will reassign us to patrol the sea lanes and escort any Mitheldalondian shipping through the danger area, or possibly call us to rejoin the rest of Strike Group Nenya, which as you know is still several hundred miles to the northeast." He stopped pacing and looked at her. "Which means that if you get into trouble, there won't be any friendly forces on hand to bail you out."

The young woman nodded in understanding. "Yes, I figured as much," she responded. "And I appreciate your concern, Captain. As nice as it would be to have a friendly warship hanging around, I can manage just fine on my own." There was a note of finality in her voice.

"Well then," said Commander Jerrek, "if there's nothing else, you may be dismissed. I'm sure you have plenty of preparation to do for tomorrow morning."

"Thank you, sir," she replied, before turning and exiting the cabin. This time however, she remembered to salute.

To: The Government of South Reinkalistan
From: The Mitheldalondian Office of the King

The loss of so many fine vessels, and the brave men and women who crewed them, is to be most deeply regretted. Our sympathies go out to Reinkalistan, to the survivors of this tragedy, and to the families of its victims.

I shall try to be brief, as you appear to have some troublesome international issues to deal with at the moment. The chief responsibility of this government is to ensure the safety and security of Mitheldalondian citizens and property. As you can imagine, the large scale of the recent attack on your naval forces has raised significant concerns in this regard. Unfortunately, the mysterious nature of this attack poses significant challenges to addressing these concerns; if this government is to fulfill its duty to the people, the mysteries surrounding the attack must first be unravelled.

To that end, Mitheldalondian Naval Intelligence has dispatched an investigator - Lieutenant Chelsea Henduthoron - to Turaniskidak. We must ask that you allow her to observe your investigation into the attack, or, if you desire, to assist in said investigation. Naval Intelligence informs me that she is one of their top analysts, and suggests that you may find her skills to be quite valuable.

If this is unacceptable to your government, then we must request that Mitheldalond be permitted to conduct our own investigation into the incident. If this, too, is unacceptable, then we will have no alternative but to increase our naval presence around Reinkalistan until the situation is resolved to our satisfaction.

In such a case, Mitheldalondian warships would patrol the sea lanes and international waters around Reinkalistan, for the purpose of safeguarding Mitheldalondian shipping in the area. They would not interfere with your own naval activities, unless such activities threaten Mitheldalondian vessels, nor would they generally be permitted to enter your territorial waters without your permission. However, they would be expected to answer any distress call from any Mitheldalondian vessel, regardless of where it is located.

It is my sincere hope that we can reach an accord favorable to both our nations.

Lady Ariel Henduluin, Secretary of State

Approved for release,
King Eldahir Valendur of Mitheldalond

To: All Concerned Parties
From: The Mitheldalondian Department of the Navy

This is an official notification to all parties involved with the current crisis in South Reinkalistan that interference with any Mitheldalondian vessels in the waters, and sea lanes in particular, around South Reinkalistan will not be tolerated.

Thank you.

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Postby Piikala » Tue Jul 14, 2020 12:19 pm

July 10, 08:00 coordinates 15° 51'29.3 "N 54° 12'15.1 "E (in the red sea of the coast of Oman) known as point Sakura.

It was a spectacular sight to see on the horizon as the Piikalan armada led by the Musashi towered above the warm yet calm Arabian sea. The fleet sailed in a rectangular formation with the Musashi and Hiryu at the centre and the Kango, Kirishima, Hyuga, and Chikuma sailing around the large ships in a diamond formation. The Sokaze and Maya sailing at the front of the formation. With them on the lookout for submarines and hostile ships. That was followed several kilometres behind by the Oyodo, Haguro, and Chokai sailing around the Hayasaki, Irako and Tsukushi. While the IPN 5, IPN 8, IPN 6, and IPN 18 sat a fathom below the fleet performing antisubmarine roles. She was followed by the Ibuki that joined the fleet at point Sakura—creating a procession that was several kilometres long as they left from point Sakura and entered the Red Sea.

Meanwhile aboard the fleet's flagship the IPN Musashi.

The admiral of the fleet, one-star admiral (Piikalan equivalent of a rear admiral) Hagiro, Sato(Piikalan names follow the Japanese tradition of the last name then first) stood one the large bridge of the Battleship. He stood on the open-aired wing of the bridge overlooking his fleet. His uniform, a dark blue long-sleeved jacket and his black hakama rippled in the breeze. At the same time, his gold-laced katana at his side sparkled in the morning sun. He pulled slid open the heavy metal sliding door and stepped onto the bridge. He walked through the well-lit bridge, passing the men working at the ship's control and walking to the back of the bridge where he had a giant touch screen map laid out on a table with a sea chart showing oceanographic data and ships in the red sea region. Leaning over the large screen and looked at the activity of the red sea. He then started to muddle to himself softly about a possible plan. When the door to the bridge's elevator opened, and a female cornel dressed in the Piikalan military dress uniform stepped onto the deck where she put her right hand on her chest and bowed(A Piikalan military equivalent of a salute) towards the admiral. Then walked up to him and handed him a badge envelope that he opened that had the most recent information from the central fleet commands naval intelligence unit.

(Message is in Piikalan)

Security Level: Hasunohana(Clearance for admirals and above)
Topic: Military movements in the Red Sea Region
Sent VIA: PIMS 09(PIMS is Piikalan Imperial Military Satellite)
Encryption Card Number: 5468

Original Message:

Satellite systems have spotted that the N259 fleet left Port 66 at 24:00 Central Piikalan Time. Forces made up of 3 light naval vessels and a carrier. Would advise caution to prevent unnecessary war and move forward carefully.
Other info from satellites and ground personal:
-Two ships from N388 that present a minimal threat to forces currently please proceed with caution.
- Ten corvettes and one frigate have detected near N259 of the N568 intentions are unknown.
- Two carriers of N194 and potential more take with a medium threat.
-21 light patrol craft and 14 armoured cargo vessels from N365 threat is minimal
New Set of info will come at 21:00 Central Piikalan Time.

(N259 is piikalan code for PFR)
(N388 is Piikalan code for Uvoan)
(N568 is Piikalan code for Republican Cabinda.)
(N194 is Piikalan code for the Free United States)
(N365 is Piikalan code for The Chuuk)

The admiral upon reading the message thought to himself for a moment as he planned out a strategy for his fleet and how they would plan their entrance into the PFR region. He ordered his advisors to the bridge to discuss a plan on how to enter the sensitive areas around the PFR carefully. So the staff talked for a few minutes and decided to split up the fleet. To send the Fubuki and two of the submarines towards the north where most of the foreign fleets were so that they might be able to scout out the enemy locations and armaments. At the same time, the rest of the fleet would approach PFRs water from the south. To establish peaceful contact with the PFR fleet once the Ministry of Foreign relations has given them the green light. Then they'll help the PFR fleet after stopping in a port to fix the parts of a few of the ships that got damaged in the Typhoon in the Indian ocean. At the same time, the submarines would stay out at sea and do their missions.

A message to the Government of The People's Federation of Reinkalistan

From: The Imperial Piikalan House of Foreign Relations Minister Masuda, Taguchi
To: Prime Commissar Mozhkin Turaniski
Security level: Encryption IPHFR 1 (Imperial Piikalan house of foreign relations level 1 encryption.)
Translation: From Piikalan-To English

Prime Commissar Mozhkin Turaniski,

The Imperial State of Piikalan and her colonies of Lesser Australia, Catlandiah, and Celebrity Dude would like to extend our aid in helping your state find and destroy the aggravators that have attacked your exceptional nation. We want to lend you the assistance of one of the Piikalan fleets. We also would like to request permission for our fleet to dock within one of your beautiful ports so that our fleet may be able to amend itself after a long and treacherous naval crossing. The Imperial Navy would like to invite a representative of your government aboard one of our Naval ships to discuss naval strategy and potential ways our fleet may be able to assist your nation.

With Regards,
Imperial House of Foreign Relations Minister Masuda Taguchi

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Postby Free United States » Wed Jul 15, 2020 8:44 am

FSS Frigga’s Bane CVN-42
Grid G44-01

A pair of Yak-41Ms readied for takeoff off the ski jump bow of the ship. Atop vultures row on the ships’ island, Captain first-rate Nikolai Mendelev watched as the first aircraft picked up speed, launching itself off of the angled deck. He turned to the horizon where their sister ship was also conducting flight ops. The Freya’s Blessing had a Yak-44J AWACS prepared for launch. Similar to the E-2C Hawkeye, the Yak’s most obvious differences were its D-27 propfans and the AESA Radar fin on top. The twin engines whined as it took off into the air. The trio of aircraft would provide the task force with early warning and surveillance of the growing naval activity outside of the country.

“Comrade-Captain,” a messenger requested his attention from the nearby hatch. “Update from the Perseus, sir,” the seaman reported.

Captain Mendelev took one more look at the task force arrayed around the carriers; the cruisers and destroyers making a defensive perimeter. He nodded and followed the seaman inside.

FSS Perseus’ Bane SSN-626
20 mins earlier

The Yasen-class submarine was the newest generation of hunter/killer in the Maritime Defense Force. She had been submerged south of the main task force since they had arrived on station, making tracks and sonar recordings of the nearby ships. At the sonar station, Starshina Second-class Yuri Panko listened intently, monitoring the passive systems for new contacts. He perked up when several made themselves known; a lone surface ship with a northern bearing. Faintly, the sound of two others could be heard, their displacement acoustics signaling submarines.

Starshina Panko jotted down their information quickly, his other hand keying the systems that would isolate and record the ships’ acoustic signatures. Once he was finished, he summoned the captain over. Then it was up to the helm to bring the ship to a transmission depth undetected to report their findings.

Turaniskidak Airport

“It seems the task will be unsupervised,” Ramius said as she looked around the terminal. Their baggage was light and they had already begun their departure. A vehicle had been arranged for them and was waiting in the parking lot.

“What will you do in the meantime?” Agent Rubin asked her.

“Well I am an analyst and I have leads on possible groups responsible for the attack,” she explained. “I say that we start with the Northern Reinkalistanis and go from there.”

“It seems you’re an investigator after all,” Agent Xatsetv observed. He took the folder she handed him. “It’s pretty thin; this is all we have on them?”

“Unfortunately yes. Most of our intelligence is bare historical figures,” she explained.

The trio stopped as they got to the car. Agent Rubin stepped into the drivers seat and quickly exited.

“What’s wrong?” Ramius asked, glancing inside.

“It’s manual...” he said sheepishly, holding up the keys. “Do either of you...?”

“Bolzhe moi,” she responded, taking the keys and tossing her bag in the backseat. “Get in.”

The two men quickly complied as she started up the car. They had barely buckled in when she took off.

“Our limited intel says that the northern part of the country is more sympathetic-for obvious reasons-so we’ll travel there first,” she informed them.

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Postby Yegla Islands » Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:46 am

Chernograd Governmental Complex
Outer Wings, Roof
09:36 AM

Where Rasputin went, the oily-black un-smoke followed. So it was that here, the coils wound between the trees of the rooftop garden. They kept a respectable distance from the area's other occupant, who seemed to be smoking a wholly-ordinary cigarette. Which produced a wholly expected sort of grey vapor - puffing up in clouds, it dispersed upwards. Pulling it away from his mouth with a gloved hand, he turned to the Vozhd, who seemed to be chuckling softly to himself.

"Is there cause for mirth?"

Rasputin met his gaze, pocketing the wafer-thin rectangle that served him as a phone.

"One could say so, yes. Turaniski's response has been... about as expected."

"Needlessly pig-headed, unthinking, and almost entirely inconsequential to our operations?"

"About right, yes. The man is denying himself what may be perhaps the only element of direct, legitimate help we're willing to provide. I presume the ships are underway."

"The initial wave, yes. I also took the liberty of notifying Yolkin - if we need conventional battlegroups, we will have them at a moment's notice."

"Now all we need is a Glaive or two and-"

"If I may - that's already been taken care of. Reinkalistani airspace remains unentered for the moment, but they couldn't exactly stop us. All that remains is an order."

"I was actually about to hyperbolize. But your concern is appreciated, old friend. Now, there is one last detail we need to put up for consideration."

"Something in the way of "boots on the ground", I presume?"

"Indeed. Not a landing force, though."

"Of course not. This is peacetime - nominally, and for Void-knows how long, but regardless."

"I trust in your judgement with regards to the operatives sent."

"Well, Dryagin is currently on standby."

There was a moment of silence - the Vozhd broke it.

"You anticipate for things to escalate that quickly?"

"Not necessarily. But he knows the lay of the land, both literally and figuratively, despite technically never having operated in Reinkalistan, and therefore having never made his presence known."

"The wonders of CONURBATUS. I do recall the man's efficiency."

"Oh yes. I'm not sure whether I'd give him the dubious honor of being our best field operative, but he comes close."

"So that's settled, then. Do not keep yourself to one agent."

"Of course not. Many are already in position within the nation itself. We even have a fairly decent intelligence-base within the ruling party, though that will have to be expanded."

"I'll leave you to it, then. I believe I have things to sign."

"Don't you always?"

"Oh, yes. But I think I can't afford to stay up here and ignore them for much longer. Paperwork accumulates."

"Tragic, but factual."

They stood there for a few minutes more, admiring the glimmer of the newly-risen sun through the glass-strewn expanse of Chernograd, before returning to the rooftop elevator. Preparations had to be finalized, after all.

Chernograd Governmental Complex
Gray Wing, Residential Zone C11
01:04 PM

♪ Reaching out for something to hold
Looking for a love where the climate is cold
Manic moves and drowsy dreams
Or living in the middle between the two extremes
Smoking guns hot to the touch
Would cool down if we didn't use them so much, yeah

We're soul alone
And soul really matters to me
Too much

You're out of touch
I'm out of time
But I'm out of my head when you're not around

You're out of touch
I'm out of time
But I'm out of my head when you're not around ♪

As the laid-back tones of Daryl Hall’s classic wound their way through the spacious apartment, its sole occupant was preoccupied with preparing lunch for one. Steak sizzled amidst a pool of marinade on the otherwise spotless grill-pan, and the wafting coils of steam carried with them an enticing, savoury aroma. He checked the potatoes - there they sat, sizzling in their oven-pan.

The cook nodded to himself, wandering over to one of the kitchen cupboards, and swinging it open to reveal a row of fancifully-adorned bottles. As he stood, clearly choosing between them, his attention was torn away from the music by a hollow chime, which rang through the room repeatedly, in pulses of three. After a few seconds, it ceased, eliciting a sigh. The cupboard was shut once more, and the food re-checked - satisfied that nothing was due to burn, the man made his way over to a fairly bulky laptop occupying one corner of the glassy dinner table. Its screen flickered to life at his approach, displaying what appeared to be a jumbled mess of multicolored characters and patterns. There was no clear-cut text or imagery, and yet his eyes flickered over varying parts of this visual smorgasbord, seemingly reading something from it. Something that evoked enough interest for him to reach over to the wall-mounted stereo unit and shut off the music.

For while to an untrained eye, the screen was little more than a smattering of squiggles, his eyes were anything but untrained. Staring at the damn thing for too long would still give him a headache, but at the very least he had been able to discern the message. Words, or at the very least things symbolizing words, flickered in and out of perception. They surfaced and sank once more, in dizzying sequence.

"Urgent departure. South Reinkalistan. Ministry-Sealed."

Another sigh. Of course it was Reinkalistan. Well, at the very least he was given the option of finishing his meal. And thus, shutting off the laptop once more and unpausing the stereo, he did exactly that.


Two hours later, a man identified by his passport as one Stepan Kuzmin made his way onto intercontinental flight YA-301, outbound from the Chernograd International Airport. He traveled fairly light - a single leatherbound suitcase as a carry-on, and whatever his pockets held. Upon arrival in Cape Town, however, he would go on to retrieve an additional suitcase from the luggage belt - one that hadn't actually been registered to him, and which had eluded checks of practically any kind thanks to the diplomatic immunity proof-stamp it bore. There would be no complaints regarding this apparent misappropriation, and indeed, no evidence of it would be recorded - on CCTV, or otherwise. He would almost immediately embark, by means of a pre-bought ticket, on a long-distance ferry to the Reinkalistani port of Turaniskidak.

For now, "Mr. Kuzmin" settled into the airplane seat with a copy of Mother Night. The journey ahead was to be not-inconsiderable, even for the top-of-the-line supersonic craft he had just boarded. Best he make himself comfortable.

Reinkalistani Coastal Waters
YIV Osipov, Secondary Bridge
10:38 PM

Amidst the comms-chatter and the incessant chimes of the numerous terminals lining the windowless chamber, Vice Admiral Prokhor Ilyin massaged his temples. He could feel another headache coming on. But alas, walking out and having a lie-down wasn't exactly an option for someone in his position. Thus, he resigned himself to analyzing the reports and proclamations being sent his way either now - both vocal, from the comms officers surrounding him, and visual, flaring up on the numerous displays.

"Sir, we're entering an area of all-around heavy fleet activity."

"Surveillance nets?"

"Plenty. We've got Vedogon centered on the opzone, so spotting potential information-gatherers will be easier for us than most. A sonar tracking station is known to be actively monitoring our position, but that's hardly a direct concern."

"Keep track of as many as we conceivably can. "Freighter" we may be on, but watching the watchers remains paramount. What of our combat-elements?"

"Mostly in position. We still have a splintered battlegroup or two incoming from the EAPF - currently on scattered patrols, but ready for reformation if we need it. So far, nobody seems to have caught onto any of them, and current movement directives are on de-facto silent running. They may suspect something, but it certainly won't be what we actually have."

"The Adriannas?"

"Approaching destinations. ETA of eighteen and twenty six hours, respectively."

"Within strike range?"

"Easily. As are we, of course."

Ilyin cleared his throat, and directed his next proclamation to the room at large.

"Maintain wandering cruise. Compile targeting metrics for all potentially-hostile vessels in range, and sync them with ASCHLN. Keep at least fifty percent of surface-layer arms on active standby, and make sure to dump a Selene every few dozen miles. The operation has hereby progressed into passive phase 1."

As his orders were recorded and relayed, the Vice Admiral leaned back. On the miniature table beside him, a glass of clear fluid rested - he took a hearty gulp. Now all that remained was to wait. He hated this part.

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Postby Piikala » Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:54 pm

Unknown time aboard the IPN 18 somewhere outside of PFR waters

Tanaka, Koki sat at the IPN 18's passive sonar station when he suddenly heard something that worried him. He listened to the distinct sound of submarines electric engines coming from bellow that didn't sound like any of the Piikalan subs. So he quickly alerted the bridge who responded by ordering the ship to raise to communication depth to alert the Fubuki to prepare to drop a few depth charges. Upon reaching communication depth, the IPN 18 was warned by the Fubuki that they detected foreign aircraft and ships on long-range radar and that they would like air support. So the IPN 18's captain ordered the aircraft to be readied as they surfaced. Quickly after surfacing the large concave hanger door on the IPN 18 was opened up with a hydraulic whining noise. As the first Zero fighter pushed out onto the deck it's fuselage and wings were fully extended in a matter of seconds. While it's pilot came running out of the hangar in full flight gear and hopped into the cockpit, and it's canopy closed while a small jet blast door raised from the submarine as the pilot turned on the fighter's engines and put it to full throttle. Then suddenly it was shot off the deck in the blink of an eye by the submarine's magnetic launch system. That quickly followed by the remaining two planes which took off after. With the whole choreographed process only taking the crew and airmen ten minutes. The IPN 18 quickly shut her hatches resubmerged to the depth to find the submarine that they detected.

Somewhere near the IPN 18 in the Red sea

The Fubuki's started its search for the submarine, her active sonar turned on and depth charges ready. They began to patrol the area looking for the sub. At the same time, the Fubuki started to search for the submarine around her with her active sonar. Her crew at their stations ready for any potential threats while the bridge increased the Fubuki's speed to begin combing the sea for the submarine. As she broadcast a message on all radio frequencies that said in a computer-generated voice,

"Attention hostile vessel! Attention hostile vessel! This the Imperial Piikalan Naval Ship the Fubuki of the Imperial State of Piikala and her colonies! We ask that you immediately surface or we will be forced to take hostile actions!"


“ ध्यान दें शत्रुतापूर्ण पोत! ध्यान दें शत्रुतापूर्ण पोत! यह इम्पीरियल पिकलान नवल जहाज इम्पीरियल स्टेट ऑफ़ पिइकाला और उसके उपनिवेशों के फ़ुबुकी है! हम पूछते हैं कि आप तुरंत सतह या हम शत्रुतापूर्ण कार्रवाई करने के लिए मजबूर होंगे!”

“Внимание враждебное судно! Внимание враждебное судно! Это Императорский Пийкаланский военно-морской корабль Фубуки Имперского Государства Пийкала и ее колонии! Мы просим вас немедленно всплыть на поверхность, или мы будем вынуждены предпринять враждебные действия!”

“Atención buque hostil! Atención buque hostil! ¡Este es el Barco Naval Imperial Piikalan, los Fubuki del Estado Imperial de Piikala y sus colonias! ¡Le pedimos que salga a la superficie inmediatamente o nos veremos obligados a tomar acciones hostiles!”

“적대적인 선박에주의하십시오! 적대적인 선박에주의하십시오! 이것은 제국 Piikalan 해군 배 Piikala 제국의 후부키와 그녀의 식민지를 배! 우리는 당신이 즉시 떠오를 것을 요구하거나 우리는 적대적인 행동을 강요받을 것입니다!”

“Attention navire hostile! Attention navire hostile! Voici le navire naval impérial Piikalan, le Fubuki de l'État impérial de Piikala et ses colonies! Nous vous demandons de faire surface immédiatement ou nous serons obligés de prendre des mesures hostiles!”

“Atenção navio hostil! Atenção navio hostil! Este é o Navio Imperial Piikalan, o Fubuki do Estado Imperial de Piikala e suas colônias! Pedimos que você apareça imediatamente ou seremos forçados a tomar ações hostis!”

Then proceed to repeat the message several more times as the ship slowly prepares to open her depth charge launchers and her torpedo tubes. They got a message from the IPN 18 that their sonar detects an enemy ship two rays(a ray is 1.89 Miles) to the north-west of the Fubuki and about fifteen beams(a beam is about 1.8 ft) down. The Fubuki's captain ordered for a torpedo to be fired at the location of the enemy if they don't respond or attack. While the crew sat there in silence waiting for a response from the submarine.

IPN 18's fighter squadron 2 KM away from the Fubuki.

The three small fighters zoomed across the sky as they climbed above the clouds in a delta formation. The small Type zero fighters continued to pick up speed as they broke through the clouds white puffy clouds. The Type Zeros levelled off and started to cruise at Mach 1.2 as their pilots in their light blue flight suits began to go over the flight plan on their radios where they decided that they would do a flyover of the situation and radio back to the rest of the fleet down south.

General description of the Type Zero fighters:
The Type Zero naval fighter is a single-engine fighter developed in Piikala in the mid-2000s to counteract the threat of the People's Republic of China's J-15. The aircraft has a delta wing that spans 6 meters and canards on the front of the plane that span2 1.5 meters. For water landings, the Type Zero fighter has an inflatable pontoon system that mounted on pods under the wings and main body. To allow for water landings the Type Zero has undermounted wings and an air intake that's on the top of the fuselage to prevent water from entering the engines. The aircraft has high manoeuvrability and climb rate to allow for improved attack capabilities from its predecessor, along with a fibre optic system to allow for quicker manoeuvring times from the cockpit to the aircraft. The aircrafts 300Mm cannon is mounted under the nose of the plane. The 300MM can rotate on the aircraft allowing for shooting at targets at the rear. With its four Type, nine machine guns forward mounted in the nose of the aircraft. The missiles and bomb/torpedo on the plane mounted in the bomb bay. To allow for less drag and a smaller radar signature of the craft. The Type Zero mounted with an ejection seat, but it's only effective when flying subsonic.

Meanwhile on the IPN Musashi South of Relikastan Waters

The admiral sat in seiza position at the end of a wooden table on the tatami mat floored officers' mess of the Musashi's. The room was empty as the admiral sat quietly enjoying a plate toro nigiri when there was a knock on the door as a large, heavy metal door slid open. As they slid open with a gentle push, a lieutenant dressed in the Piikalan dress uniform took off his black knee-high Jaki-tabis, put his right hand on his heart and bowed. He then stepped into the room he handed the admiral a white paper message that read:

IPN Fubuki has detected and come into contact with an enemy and requests permission to use hostile force when necessary. Detected an unknown submarine within two rays and enemy aircraft and ships at two hundred rays to the north that may be present a threat. Would like additional air support to protect the fleet from the hostile threat.

The admiral upon reading the message puts down his chopsticks on his plate and asks luttenient to message the Hiryu to send three Type 11s, 2 Pali Kai Reconnaissance aircraft, and fifteen type zeros to help protect the northern fleet and attack the enemy fleet if necessary.

Onboard the IPN Hiryu

A red light flashed across the metal hanger of the Hiryu as the mechanics scrambled to get the aircraft airborne. While the small elevator descended through the back of the deck and several small tractors wheeled the Type 0 aircraft onto the elevator and were quickly raised onto the flight deck. Meanwhile, mechanics carefully unfolded the delta wings of the bombers and connected the wires on the wings into the ships. They were followed by the tractors that came down on the elevators and started pulling the aircraft across the hangar deck and onto the lift and raised them onto the flight deck. As fuel tractors and weapons trolleys rushed out onto the floor and started loading and fuelling the planes. While their flight crews finished with their briefing, they ran out on the deck and hopped into their aircraft. The aircraft started up on the flight deck and lined up on the small runway of the carrier. The flight deck personnel dressed in coloured shirts hooked up a plane to the steam-powered catapult on the deck. Soon the attack force was airborne and ready as they started cruizing north at Mach 1. The grey fighters with their bright orange dot of the Piikalan nation quickly became dots on the horizon.
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