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Postby Glazgo » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:48 am
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Welcome to GLAZGO's leading sports news website! This serves as a dedicated newswire thread for the domestic sports leagues of Glazgo. Below, you can find links to useful directories that when updated, will serve as an information point containing further links for the history of domestic leagues as they begin, international competition rosters when Glazgo makes its entrance onto the multiversal stage, etc.

For now, get ready to enjoy the start of an exciting journey for sport in Glazgo!

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Postby Glazgo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:18 pm

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Postby Glazgo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:21 pm

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Postby Glazgo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:22 pm

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Postby Glazgo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:23 pm

Proudly, the Glazgo Football Association (GFA) presents the inaugural GFA Leagues. From the Premier Division down to the Conference Leagues, a total of 56 teams will compete in the first system.

First conceived as an idea in the summer of 2005, the Glazgotian government set to work on creating a national football league system in a bid to boost and improve the country's culture. Numerous amateur teams existed already, playing in nothing but friendlies and small regional divisions, either on regular or irregular basises. There was always hope in the country that one day the funds and facilities would be available for them to turn professional, and thanks to then-President Vasili Swanstrom, plans were set in motion to create a footballing pyramid for the country. Funds were raised, new stadiums and training grounds were built, and thousands of jobs were created. Mind, the system itself is fairly basic and nothing too complex or particularly exciting for an outsider from the multiverse for this very first season, but the people of Glazgo are finally happy that things can get going in the summer of 2010.

The system is as follows - a total of twelve teams each in the Premier Division, Second Division, and Third Division, and ten teams each in two regional conferences - North and South. There are hopes to expand the system, with government grants for more amateur teams to become professional, and plans to enter the country's very first representatives into international competitions. Conveniently, the third cycle of the multiversal International Federation of Club Football (IFCF) ties in with the calendars and schedules of the GFA, so a handful of lucky teams can potentially make their mark on a bigger scale.

Without further ado, here are the teams that make up this inaugural season. Each of them have named and registered an 18-man squad each (given there will be 22 games played in the top three divisions, and 18 in the conference). Coaching staff have also been named, with each team indicating which player will be selected as captain. Given most of these teams have only played amateur football, it would be unfair to make predictions or assumptions about the players just yet, so it well and truly is a blank canvas.

Stadium: Carntyne Park; Manager: Trevor McFarlane; Captain: Andrej Johnstone, MC

Stadium: The Grove; Manager: Graham Andersson; Captain: Jon Inverclyde, DC

Stadium: Drumchapel Arena; Manager: Pol van der Drum; Captain: Johan Karlstrom, DC

Stadium: Winterbank; Manager: Mikhail McIntyre; Captain: Trent Iversen, DC

Stadium: Ashburton Road; Manager: Marcus Faerro; Captain: Valentijn Tomic, DC

Stadium: Stadium of Inverclyde; Manager: Patrick Jann; Captain: Nikolai Adair, DC

Stadium: Mallochhouse; Manager: Yuri McMair; Captain: Ivan Gunn, GK

Stadium: Muirend Pavillion; Manager: Sven Birstall; Captain: Artem Tukhbatulin, DR

Stadium: Partick Park; Manager: Miroslav Jones; Captain: Oleg Mostad, MC

Stadium: Johansen Drive; Manager: Johan Tunnlinn; Captain: Vadim Bauer, DMC

Stadium: Green Park; Manager: Frantislav Antonsson; Captain: Vasek Romonowski, MC

Stadium: Parkhead Stadium; Manager: Vladimir Frank; Captain: Dietar Polak, DC

AFC Yoker
Barlanark United
Coatbridge Town
Drumry Athletic
FC1. Rigside
Garscadden Town
Garthamlock Town
Kilncadzow Wanderers
North Drumgelloch Athletic
Port Dundas
Ruchill & Lambhill
Scotstounhill United

Auchinleck Thistle
Barmulloch St. Bjorn
Carstairs Town
FC Shotts
Gilshochill Hibernian
Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston
Pollokshaws FK
West Calder Athletic
Yorkhill Church

AC Levenseat
Blochairn Town
G31 Newbank
Hamiltonhill United
Kelvinbridge Wanderers
Lilybank Athletic
Midcalder Athletic
Possilpark South Side
Provanmill United
Temple Industrial

Dechmont Town
Corkerhill AC
Deaconsbank Centurions
FC Hurlet
Househillwood 2003
Hutchesontown United
Ibrox FK
King's Park
Mosspark Club
Mount Florida
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Postby Glazgo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:23 pm

With the halfway mark of the 2010/11 season here, let's take a look at how everyone's getting on:

Red Star Parkhead 1–1 Carntyne Wanderers
Possilpark Celtic 0–1 Dalmarnock Rovers
Partizan Castlemilk 1–3 Drumchapel United
Partick & Broomhill 1–0 Firhill AFC
Muirend Rangers 1–1 Kelvindale Town
Maryhill Town 3–0 Lokomotiv Inverclyde

And the first games begin! The first game, to be exact, was the early kickoff between Red Star Parkhead and Carntyne Wanderers, which ended in a 1-1 draw. It was a lively game to be fair, with the visitors taking the lead early on but the home side managed to equalise late on through a penalty. Carntyne's centre-back Radek Allister has the honour of being the first player to score in the league system, a feat what added to his tremendous performance today. Elsewhere, the capital's Drumchapel United won 3-1 away at the excellently-named Partizan Castlemilk, and Maryhill Town become the first ever table-toppers after their 3-0 win against Lokomotiv Inverclyde. But how long will that last?

Carntyne Wanderers 7–0 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Kelvindale Town 3–2 Maryhill Town
Firhill AFC 7–1 Muirend Rangers
Drumchapel United 1–0 Partick & Broomhill
Dalmarnock Rovers 0–1 Partizan Castlemilk
Red Star Parkhead 2–0 Possilpark Celtic

Disappointment for Maryhill who lose out to Kelvindale Town at the last minute, thanks to a late strike from substitute Roman Marashov. There's plenty of goals, with Carntyne putting 7 past a hapless Lokomotiv, whilst Firhill AFC do the same against Muirend Rangers, who manage a mere consolation from young winger Dietmar Kossov, who becomes the league's youngest goalscorer. So far. Drumchapel continue their 100% records with a narrow victory over Partick & Broomhill, with towering striker Gunnstein Bannantyne getting his second in as many games.

Possilpark Celtic 0–1 Carntyne Wanderers
Partizan Castlemilk 0–1 Red Star Parkhead
Partick & Broomhill 3–2 Dalmarnock Rovers
Muirend Rangers 1–1 Drumchapel United
Maryhill Town 0–1 Firhill AFC
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 0–2 Kelvindale Town

Not as many goals as last week, sadly, with the highlight of the week being the five-goal thriller between Partick & Broomhill and Dalmarnock Rovers. The latter have been chastised by the press for playing supposedly boring football, and manager Graham Andersson responded to critics by going all-out-attack in the final half an hour. It didn't pay off as the hosts consolidated the victory with a double from substitute Pavel Hesso, who takes Dietmar Kossov's short-lived record from the previous week as youngest goalscorer. Carntyne Wanderers go top after Drumchapel draw with a poor Muirend side, and Lokomotiv Inverclyde still have not managed to find the net yet!

Carntyne Wanderers 0–5 Kelvindale Town
Firhill AFC 2–1 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Drumchapel United 4–1 Maryhill Town
Dalmarnock Rovers 3–0 Muirend Rangers
Red Star Parkhead 1–1 Partick & Broomhill
Possilpark Celtic 1–5 Partizan Castlemilk

Ah, back to the excitement again. Plenty of goals to go round today. Inverclyde finally get their first goal of the season thanks to Vladimir Buckley, but still no points as they lose 2-1 to Firhill. Kelvindale Town take top spot after a 5-0 thrashing of Carntyne Wanderers, with the visitors' striker Andrej Kalashnikov netting the first hat-trick of the season. Dalmarnock manage a 3-0 win over Muirend, and Partizan Castlemilk put in a five star performance during their trip to Green Park. Frantislav Antonsson, who holds the reigns at Possilpark, became the first manager to be sent to the stands after a foul-mouthed outburst towards the fourth official as they conceded a penalty early on. Perhaps he should watch his temper!

Partizan Castlemilk 4–1 Carntyne Wanderers
Partick & Broomhill 1–3 Possilpark Celtic
Muirend Rangers 1–2 Red Star Parkhead
Maryhill Town 3–1 Dalmarnock Rovers
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 0–6 Drumchapel United
Kelvindale Town 1–1 Firhill AFC

Poor old Inverclyde have now conceded 20 goals and scored just one. We're only five games in, but it's probably a safe bet they're heading for the drop this season. Carntyne Wanderers' yo-yo form sees them lose away at Partizan Castlemilk, whilst Possilpark Celtic get their first win of the season against Partizan Castlemilk. Perhaps manager Antonsson's suspension was a good thing after all, with assistant manager Lars Henderson's tactics being praised by the media as more durable. Wouldn't be awkward if he wasn't Antonsson's brother in law. The only game not worth writing home about was the stale draw between Kelvindale and Firhill, but the former's striker Andrej Kalashnikov is comfortably top scorer in the league with eight goals already.

Carntyne Wanderers 1–2 Firhill AFC
Drumchapel United 7–0 Kelvindale Town
Dalmarnock Rovers 0–3 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Red Star Parkhead 2–1 Maryhill Town
Possilpark Celtic 4–0 Muirend Rangers
Partizan Castlemilk 3–3 Partick & Broomhill

Wow! Lokomotiv Inverclyde manage to get their first win of the season - away from home, as well, against a struggling Dalmarnock side. That just leaves Muirend Rangers without any successes, their two draws not enough to stop them from falling to the bottom of the pile now. Frantislav Antonsson's return sees Possilpark trample said Muirend 4-0, whilst Drumchapel United continue their rampage this season with a 7-0 routing of Kelvindale Town. No goals for Kalashnikov, but his contender for the golden boot, Gunnstein Bannantyne, put four of those goals past his team today.

Partick & Broomhill 0–1 Carntyne Wanderers
Muirend Rangers 1–5 Partizan Castlemilk
Maryhill Town 3–0 Possilpark Celtic
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 1–5 Red Star Parkhead
Kelvindale Town 4–1 Dalmarnock Rovers
Firhill AFC 1–2 Drumchapel United

Carntyne get back to winning ways with a late goal away at Partick & Broomhill, whilst Red Star Parkhead are hot on the heels of Drumchapel after their 5-1 win in Inverclyde. Braces from their star striker Fabian Haavikko and 17-year old Joakim Srna put them on the back page headlines, they're the only other team to remain unbeaten so far, whilst league leaders Drumchapel manage a steady win against Firhill. Still no win for Muirend at the bottom end of the table, and their manager Sven Birstall could soon face the axe if he doesn't get his team's act together.

Carntyne Wanderers 0–2 Drumchapel United
Dalmarnock Rovers 1–1 Firhill AFC
Red Star Parkhead 2–3 Kelvindale Town
Possilpark Celtic 2–1 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Partizan Castlemilk 0–1 Maryhill Town
Partick & Broomhill 5–1 Muirend Rangers

Perhaps those back page headlines were bad luck as Red Star Parkhead finally lose thanks to Kelvindale Town. Elsewhere, it seems to be business as usual - wins for Drumchapel United and losses for Lokomotiv Inverclyde and Muirend Rangers. Shouldn't we have faith? The mid-table is looking quite congested right now, with fourth-place Firhill leading the race to break into the top three of Drumchapel, Parkhead and Kelvindale. Dalmarnock Rovers are closest to the drop zone, but they're still four points clear of eleventh-place Inverclyde.

Muirend Rangers 1–0 Carntyne Wanderers
Maryhill Town 2–1 Partick & Broomhill
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 1–8 Partizan Castlemilk
Kelvindale Town 1–1 Possilpark Celtic
Firhill AFC 1–5 Red Star Parkhead
Drumchapel United 3–0 Dalmarnock Rovers

Muirend finally manage a win! A goal from Adrian Toiviainen gifts them three points against Carntyne Wanderers, and Sven Birstall's side finally come back up to 11th after Lokomotiv Inverclyde are absolutely pummelled 8-1 by Partizan Castlemilk. Ahem. Kelvindale drop points at Possilpark, bridging the gap between them and second place Red Star Parkhead, whilst Maryhill Town join Partizan on knocking on the third place door. Goalkeeper Ivan Gunn of Maryhill, notable for being the only captain between the sticks, wins his third man of the match award, and the shot-stopper looks on course to be the number one choice for the national team at the end of the season.

Carntyne Wanderers 2–4 Dalmarnock Rovers
Red Star Parkhead 0–1 Drumchapel United
Possilpark Celtic 1–3 Firhill AFC
Partizan Castlemilk 5–5 Kelvindale Town
Partick & Broomhill 3–1 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Muirend Rangers 1–2 Maryhill Town

The penultimate game before the halfway point sees carnage in Carntyne as they lose 4-2 to Dalmarnock Rovers of all teams. There's a ten goal thriller between Partizan Castlemilk and Kelvindale Town in the "battle for third place", but Partizan's points-drop sees Maryhill Town edge into fourth as they comfortably dispatch Muirend Rangers. Drumchapel United still lead the line after beating second place Red Star 1-0, and Firhill close the gap between the top and bottom half comfortably as they beat Possilpark Celtic 3-1 - thanks to a double from Matthias Mulkey and a late header from his strike partner Anton Avery.

Maryhill Town 1–0 Carntyne Wanderers
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 1–0 Muirend Rangers
Kelvindale Town 2–1 Partick & Broomhill
Firhill AFC 1–1 Partizan Castlemilk
Drumchapel United 8–0 Possilpark Celtic
Dalmarnock Rovers 5–1 Red Star Parkhead

And we reach the halfway point! There's little surprises as-oh wait. Dalmarnock Rovers thrash Red Star Parkhead 5-1, who in fairness without attacking duo Srna and Haavikko. Lokomotiv Inverclyde beat relegation rivals Muirend Rangers 1-0 but they're both still looking likely relegation candidates anyway, and Drumchapel United demolish Possilpark Celtic 8-0, who are lurking dangerously close to the relegation zone themselves. The table now sees Maryhill Town making up the top three after Red Star slip out, but second place Kelvindale are nine points behind table toppers Drumchapel, who are cruising without a care in the world. Manager Pol van der Drum is proving why he could be a solid appointment for the managerial vacancy of the national team, which is set to be announced in the coming weeks. But until then, let's look at the table in full at this first ever halfway point:

2010/11 Premier Division    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Drumchapel United 11 10 1 0 38 4 +34 31
2 Kelvindale Town 11 6 4 1 27 21 +6 22
3 Maryhill Town 11 7 0 4 19 13 +6 21
4 Red Star Parkhead 11 6 2 3 22 15 +7 20
5 Partizan Castlemilk 11 5 3 3 33 18 +15 18
6 Firhill AFC 11 5 3 3 20 15 +5 18
7 Partick & Broomhill 11 4 2 5 19 17 +2 14
8 Dalmarnock Rovers 11 4 1 6 18 21 −3 13
9 Carntyne Wanderers 11 3 1 7 14 20 −6 10
10 Possilpark Celtic 11 3 1 7 12 26 −14 10
11 Lokomotiv Inverclyde 11 2 0 9 9 38 −29 6
12 Muirend Rangers 11 1 2 8 8 31 −23 5

And let's look at the other leagues halfway through the season:

2010/11 Second Division              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 North Drumgelloch Athletic 11 8 2 1 20 7 +13 26
2 Scotstounhill United 11 7 3 1 13 5 +8 24
3 Drumry Athletic 11 5 5 1 18 7 +11 20
4 Garthamlock Town 11 5 3 3 8 6 +2 18
5 FC1. Rigside 11 4 3 4 12 10 +2 15
6 Kilncadzow Wanderers 11 4 3 4 8 8 0 15
7 Barlanark United 11 4 2 5 8 12 −4 14
8 Port Dundas 11 3 3 5 6 12 −6 12
9 Garscadden Town 11 3 2 6 12 16 −4 11
10 Coatbridge Town 11 3 2 6 9 13 −4 11
11 Ruchill & Lambhill 11 2 3 6 7 12 −5 9
12 AFC Yoker 11 2 1 8 6 19 −13 7

It's tight at the top as North Drumgelloch Athletic and Scotstounhill United compete for first place. Drumry Athletic are their closest promotion rivals, whilst Garthamlock Town had a strong start but seemed to falter off as the campaign continued to progress. At the bottom, AFC Yoker have had a dismal start and Ruchill & Lambhill aren't much better. Garscadden Town and Coatbridge Town are equal on points just above them, and it's anyone's guess as to how this season will pan out.

2010/11 Third Division               Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston 11 7 1 3 13 9 +4 22
2 Carstairs Town 11 6 3 2 16 13 +3 21
3 Pollokshaws FK 11 6 2 3 15 15 0 20
4 Thornliebank 11 5 4 2 11 7 +4 19
5 Easterhouse 11 5 2 4 15 7 +8 17
6 Yorkhill Church 11 5 1 5 11 12 −1 16
7 Auchinleck Thistle 11 4 3 4 10 9 +1 15
8 Gilshochill Hibernian 11 3 4 4 9 7 +2 13
9 West Calder Athletic 11 3 4 4 9 12 −3 13
10 Thorntonhall 11 2 5 4 5 9 −4 11
11 Barmulloch St. Bjorn 11 2 2 7 10 15 −5 8
12 FC Shotts 11 2 1 8 6 15 −9 7

Very open so far here, too, as there's just four points between first place Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston and fourth place Thornliebank. Even so, the midtable remains close as well, with anyone from Easterhouse to West Calder Athletic still comfortable in the game. At the bottom, FC Shotts and Barmulloch St. Bjorn are in the most danger, whilst Thorntonhall hope to get back into the safer reaches of midtable under the guidance of the eccentric but excellently-named McKarl McMairston, who stated in a press conference this season he aims to be managing at the top level within the next three seasons. Good luck McKarl!

2010/11 North Conference           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Kelvinbridge Wanderers 9 6 1 2 12 8 +4 19
2 Temple Industrial 9 4 4 1 10 5 +5 16
3 Provanmill United 9 4 3 2 14 9 +5 15
4 Midcalder Athletic 9 4 2 3 8 9 −1 14
5 AC Levenseat 9 3 3 3 13 11 +2 12
6 G31 Newbank 9 3 3 3 11 10 +1 12
7 Hamiltonhill United 9 3 2 4 6 8 −2 11
8 Lilybank Athletic 9 2 4 3 6 6 0 10
9 Blochairn Town 9 1 4 4 10 15 −5 7
10 Possilpark South Side 9 1 2 6 5 14 −9 5

Kelvinbridge Wanderers lead the table by three points, but it's the goalscoring form of Provanmill United's youngster Konstantin Michelsen that has caught the eye in the league so far. Eleven of his team's fourteen goals were scored by him, and the 17-year old will have scouts from the bigger clubs watching him for sure. Possilpark South Side are rock bottom in the comforting consolation of facing no relegation, but fans from the region won't be happy to see either Possilpark club performing so badly though. Meanwhile in midtable, AC Levenseat and G31 Newbank have both won exactly three, drawn three and lost three each, the former leading just by one goal on goal difference.

2010/11 South Conference           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Deaconsbank Centurions 9 9 0 0 28 5 +23 27
2 Househillwood 2003 9 5 1 3 10 6 +4 16
3 Mount Florida 9 5 1 3 11 12 −1 16
4 King's Park 9 4 2 3 14 9 +5 14
5 Hutchesontown United 9 4 2 3 11 6 +5 14
6 Ibrox FK 9 3 3 3 6 11 −5 12
7 Dechmont Town 9 1 6 2 9 9 0 9
8 Mosspark Club 9 2 2 5 7 13 −6 8
9 Corkerhill AC 9 2 1 6 3 13 −10 7
10 FC Hurlet 9 1 0 8 7 22 −15 3

And the final part of our first ever halfway roundup sees Deaconsbank Centurions absolutely annihilating everyone in the South Conference. They've won all nine of their games so far and scored 28 goals - an average of 3.11 recurring per game for all you mathmeticians out there. Manager Pol Sandell's unorthodox training methods seemed to have paid off, and perhaps FC Hurlet fans will hope their manager Jonathan Billing takes note, given that statistically they are the worst performing team this season, with just one win to their name. Billing will be thankful that his team won't face relegation either, but he won't be thankful if he starts to lose his best players next season if they don't get their act together.
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Postby Glazgo » Sat Jul 11, 2020 11:31 am

Carntyne Wanderers 1–1 Red Star Parkhead
Dalmarnock Rovers 4–1 Possilpark Celtic
Drumchapel United 8–1 Partizan Castlemilk
Firhill AFC 3–1 Partick & Broomhill
Kelvindale Town 3–0 Muirend Rangers
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 3–3 Maryhill Town

More high-scoring games as the second half of the season begins. Drumchapel put 8 past an unlucky team for the second time in a row, as Gunnstein Bannantyne scores a perfect hat-trick past a woeful Partizan Castlemilk. Dalmarnock Rovers move up the table after a 4-1 win over Possilpark Celtic, and Lokomotiv Inverclyde indulge in a 3-3 thriller with visitiors Maryhill Town, who cling onto the third place spot after Red Star Parkhead draw with Carntyne Wanderers.

Lokomotiv Inverclyde 0–4 Carntyne Wanderers
Maryhill Town 1–2 Kelvindale Town
Muirend Rangers 1–3 Firhill AFC
Partick & Broomhill 1–1 Drumchapel United
Partizan Castlemilk 0–1 Dalmarnock Rovers
Possilpark Celtic 3–7 Red Star Parkhead

The games seem to get better and better in this fiercly competitive league - there's ten goals in one of them as Red Star Parkhead triumph 7-3(!) in their visit to Possilpark Celtic. The home side's David Semshov, who had struggled with injury earlier in the season, managed a hat-trick, before goals from Fabian Haavikko (x3), Joakim Srna (x2), Victor Guliyev and Dietar Polak gave them the victory. Standard-enough results elsewhere, apart from Drumchapel dropping points thanks to Partick & Broomhill equalising in the last minute, courtesy of 33-year old attacker Berg Borgesen.

Carntyne Wanderers 1–1 Possilpark Celtic
Red Star Parkhead 1–0 Partizan Castlemilk
Dalmarnock Rovers 0–3 Partick & Broomhill
Drumchapel United 3–0 Muirend Rangers
Firhill AFC 1–1 Maryhill Town
Kelvindale Town 3–0 Lokomotiv Inverclyde

Torrential rain and gale-force winds marred this weekend's action, with a batch of similar-enough results. Three 3-0 wins for Partick & Broomhill, Drumchapel United and Kelvindale Town, two 1-1 draws and a 1-0 win for Red Star Parkhead. Despite Dalmarnock Rovers being one of the teams to lose 3-0 today, they've still got their sixth place spot as Partizan Castlemilk slip under. There was sadness for Kelvindale Town's centre-back Fabian Kovac, who was ruled out for the rest of the season after a nasty looking leg-break after a challenge by Inverclyde's Mladen Liversedge.

Kelvindale Town 8–1 Carntyne Wanderers
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 1–0 Firhill AFC
Maryhill Town 1–1 Drumchapel United
Muirend Rangers 1–0 Dalmarnock Rovers
Partick & Broomhill 1–2 Red Star Parkhead
Partizan Castlemilk 5–0 Possilpark Celtic

Second-place Kelvindale join the "eight goals in one game" club after smashing Carntyne Wanderers 8-1. Young centre-back Patrick Baraban filled in well for the aforementioned injured Kovac, and there was yet another hat-trick for Andrej Kalashnikov. Partizan Castlemilk return to the top half with a 5-0 win over Possilpark Celtic, who are now just one point above the relegation zone, and Drumchapel lose points at the hands of Maryhill Town, who were inspired by an excellent performance by Eirikur Cederland, who provided a wonderful assist for winger Matteus Dane, making his first start of the season.

Carntyne Wanderers 2–1 Partizan Castlemilk
Possilpark Celtic 1–3 Partick & Broomhill
Red Star Parkhead 2–0 Muirend Rangers
Dalmarnock Rovers 0–5 Maryhill Town
Drumchapel United 3–1 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Firhill AFC 0–1 Kelvindale Town

Drumchapel go five points clear at the top after triumphing 3-1 over Lokomotiv Inverclyde, with a goal each for midfield trio Miroslav Bank, Piotr Charters and Gunnar Strathness. Possilpark Celtic looked to be picking up their first point for a while but two late goals from Pavel Hesso and Morten Svetlanov meant that Frantislav Antonsson's side have to wait a little longer. A stubborn Firhill AFC side also almost held onto a point, but another late goal from Kelvindale Town's "super-sub" Luka Brink meant that the visitors went home with three points.

Firhill AFC 0–5 Carntyne Wanderers
Kelvindale Town 1–3 Drumchapel United
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 1–1 Dalmarnock Rovers
Maryhill Town 3–4 Red Star Parkhead
Muirend Rangers 4–1 Possilpark Celtic
Partick & Broomhill 2–0 Partizan Castlemilk

Muirend Rangers get out of the relegation zone after a 4-1 win over Possilpark Celtic - whose manager Antonsson has been given an ultimatum of win at least one of their next three games or face the axe. A seven-goal thriller between Maryhill Town and Red Star Parkhead see the latter narrowly escape with the points thanks to Kalle Lucic, and Carntyne Wanderers put 5-0 past Firhill AFC, who had backup goalkeeper Bergen Hakanson starting after a thumb injury to regular goalkeeper David Iversen. Their manager Mikhail McIntyre was reportedly seen yelling at the injured Iversen on the bench after the fourth goal was conceded, which will do no good to either of the custodians' confidence.

Carntyne Wanderers 3–6 Partick & Broomhill
Partizan Castlemilk 4–1 Muirend Rangers
Possilpark Celtic 1–0 Maryhill Town
Red Star Parkhead 0–0 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Dalmarnock Rovers 1–1 Kelvindale Town
Drumchapel United 7–1 Firhill AFC

Perhaps David Iversen was rushed too soon into the Firhill goal as they shipped seven goals to a rampant Drumchapel. Visitors Partick & Broomhill won 6-3 over Carntyne Wanderers, who seem to have the most random form this season. Misery for Muirend as they go back into the relegation zone - bottom no doubt, after a win for Possilpark Celtic over Maryhill Town and Lokomotiv Inverclyde holding out for a 0-0 draw with third-place Red Star Parkhead.

Drumchapel United 8–1 Carntyne Wanderers
Firhill AFC 1–2 Dalmarnock Rovers
Kelvindale Town 3–1 Red Star Parkhead
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 1–1 Possilpark Celtic
Maryhill Town 1–4 Partizan Castlemilk
Muirend Rangers 2–2 Partick & Broomhill

Another eight-goal show for Drumchapel as this time Carntyne Wanderers are the unlucky victims. Firhill move out of the top six after losing to Dalmarnock Rovers, who are just a point behind them in the table. Possilpark Celtic's manager Frantislav Antonsson was officially retained by the club until the end of the season at least, after managing a win and a draw, but they're still not safe at all, just two points clear of the relegation zone. But the biggest news - Drumchapel have officially won the league! Their 8-1 victory sees them ten points clear at the top, and with just three games left, they become the first ever Premier Division champions of Glazgo.

Carntyne Wanderers 5–0 Muirend Rangers
Partick & Broomhill 0–0 Maryhill Town
Partizan Castlemilk 2–0 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Possilpark Celtic 1–3 Kelvindale Town
Red Star Parkhead 1–1 Firhill AFC
Dalmarnock Rovers 1–3 Drumchapel United

The league champions don't rest on their laurels, with a solid 3-1 win over Dalmarnock Rovers, who slip back down into ninth place. Possilpark Celtic go back to losing ways, but in fairness second-place Kelvindale Town were twice the team they were. 32-year old Julius Buchkiev grabbed his first goal of the season, with a cool finish past Dalmarnock's goalkeeper Marcus Kilmarnock, who has been one of the surprises of the season with a string of reliable performances. Red Star Parkhead's draw with Firhill sees the gulf between them and second place widen to six points now, and they'll hope that they win their next two games and Kelvindale lose and for the right goal difference if they want that 2nd place spot, but Challengers Cup qualification is guaranteed for them both - but the question is, who will join them? Anyone from Partizan Castlemilk in fourth place to Firhill AFC in seventh could join them.

Dalmarnock Rovers 0–2 Carntyne Wanderers
Drumchapel United 3–1 Red Star Parkhead
Firhill AFC 1–1 Possilpark Celtic
Kelvindale Town 0–1 Partizan Castlemilk
Lokomotiv Inverclyde 0–3 Partick & Broomhill
Maryhill Town 3–3 Muirend Rangers

Draws for Maryhill and Firhill see them lose out on qualification for the Challengers Cup, with it being either Partizan Castlemilk and Partick & Broomhill to secure that last spot - just a point between them. Both teams won today, but it's also all to play for at the bottom of the table. Any of Possilpark Celtic (10th), Muirend Rangers (11th) and Lokomotiv Inverclyde (12th) will face the drop, with just three points between 10th and 12th.

Carntyne Wanderers 1–0 Maryhill Town
Muirend Rangers 1–1 Lokomotiv Inverclyde
Partick & Broomhill 1–5 Kelvindale Town
Partizan Castlemilk 5–0 Firhill AFC
Possilpark Celtic 1–1 Drumchapel United
Red Star Parkhead 2–2 Dalmarnock Rovers

And the final games of the first season are here! Possilpark Celtic, who went into today just three points off bottom facing already-champions Drumchapel United but a resilient performance saw them hold out for a 1-1 draw. The two in the relegation zone, Muirend Rangers and Lokomotiv Inverclyde faced each other, and drew 1-1 themselves. Both teams hoped for a win and a Possilpark loss by more than 5 goals in order to survive on goal difference, and given they faced the highest scoring team in the league, it wasn't impossible - but it wasn't to be. Partick & Broomhill lost 5-1 at home to Kelvindale Town, and Partizan Castlemilk championing 5-0 over Firhill AFC means that they take the final Challengers Cup spot. Carntyne Wanderers' 1-0 win over Maryhill Town means they secure the last top half spot, thanks to a late goal from Oscar Kallo. Here's the table in full:

2010/11 Premier Division    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Drumchapel United 22 18 4 0 79 14 +65 58 - Champions, Champions League
2 Kelvindale Town 22 14 5 3 57 31 +26 47 - Challengers Cup
3 Red Star Parkhead 22 11 6 5 44 32 +12 39 - Challengers Cup
4 Partizan Castlemilk 22 11 3 8 56 34 +22 36 - Challengers Cup

5 Partick & Broomhill 22 9 5 8 42 34 +8 32
6 Carntyne Wanderers 22 9 3 10 40 45 −5 30
7 Maryhill Town 22 8 5 9 37 33 +4 29
8 Firhill AFC 22 7 6 9 31 41 −10 27
9 Dalmarnock Rovers 22 7 4 11 30 41 −11 25
10 Possilpark Celtic 22 4 5 13 24 56 −32 17
11 Muirend Rangers 22 3 5 14 21 58 −37 14 - Relegated
12 Lokomotiv Inverclyde 22 3 5 14 17 59 −42 14 - Relegated

2010/11 Second Division              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 North Drumgelloch Athletic 22 15 4 3 47 24 +23 49 - Champions, Promoted, Liga B Champions Trophy
2 Scotstounhill United 22 14 6 2 32 13 +19 48 - Promoted, Liga B Champions Trophy
3 Drumry Athletic 22 11 8 3 32 13 +19 41 - Liga B Champions Trophy

4 Coatbridge Town 22 10 5 7 30 23 +7 35
5 Barlanark United 22 9 3 10 16 21 −5 30
6 Garthamlock Town 22 8 3 11 15 27 −12 27
7 Garscadden Town 22 8 2 12 24 32 −8 26
8 Kilncadzow Wanderers 22 7 4 11 26 25 +1 25
9 AFC Yoker 22 7 3 12 18 33 −15 24
10 Ruchill & Lambhill 22 6 4 12 24 28 −4 22
11 FC1. Rigside 22 5 6 11 19 28 −9 21 - Relegated
12 Port Dundas 22 5 6 11 12 28 −16 21 - Relegated

North Drumgelloch Athletic are promoted as champions, and will be joined in the Premier Division by Scotstounhill United. The two teams qualified for the Liga B Champions Trophy, and are joined in that competition by third-placed Drumry Athletic, who were seven points behind Stanislav Aberdeen's resilient Scotstounhill. Down towards the bottom side of the table, Ruchill & Lambhill were just a point away from relegation, but were kept up thanks to the goals of 20-year old Evander Slowenski, who will have no doubt piqued the interest of bigger clubs in the league system. They were in the bottom two alongside AFC Yoker at the halfway point, who also survived, and FC1. Rigside and Port Dundas drop down to the third division after dire performances in the second half.

2010/11 Third Division               Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston 22 13 5 4 27 16 +11 44 - Champions, Promoted
2 Pollokshaws FK 22 10 7 5 22 19 +3 37 - Promoted

3 Thorntonhall 22 8 8 6 21 17 +4 32
4 Auchinleck Thistle 22 9 4 9 23 22 +1 31
5 Easterhouse 22 8 6 8 27 22 +5 30
6 Gilshochill Hibernian 22 7 9 6 20 16 +4 30
7 Carstairs Town 22 7 9 6 26 29 −3 30
8 Thornliebank 22 8 5 9 25 26 −1 29
9 Yorkhill Church 22 8 2 12 20 25 −5 26
10 West Calder Athletic 22 5 9 8 17 21 −4 24
11 Barmulloch St. Bjorn 22 6 5 11 16 25 −9 23 - Relegated (North Conference)
12 FC Shotts 22 5 7 10 15 21 −6 22 - Relegated (South Conference)

Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston were crowned league champions, with 15 of their goals being scored by one of the oldest players in the league, 36 year old Piotr Hendon. Captain Ibrahim Myre will have also attracted the interest of bigger clubs, as he was crowned the league's best player after some fantastic central midfield performance. Pollokshaws FK were promoted alongside them, and Carstairs Town, who were second place at the halfway point, finish in seventh place. We also mentioned that McKarl Mairston aimed to be managing in the upper echelons of Glazgotian football in the next few years, and he helped that case massively by taking Thorntonhall from tenth place to third place in just eleven games! Barmulloch St. Bjorn and FC Shotts remained in the relegation zones, with the latter's manager, 62-year old Ronald van Bermuingen, having the "honour" of being the first ever managerial casualty in Glazgotian football!

2010/11 North Conference           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Kelvinbridge Wanderers 18 11 4 3 20 13 +7 37 - Champions, Promoted
2 Provanmill United 18 9 4 5 27 17 +10 31
3 Midcalder Athletic 18 9 3 6 20 15 +5 30
4 G31 Newbank 18 8 5 5 24 20 +4 29
5 Temple Industrial 18 6 7 5 18 17 +1 25
6 AC Levenseat 18 5 8 5 20 19 +1 23
7 Blochairn Town 18 5 6 7 18 23 −5 21
8 Lilybank Athletic 18 4 6 8 14 15 −1 18
9 Hamiltonhill United 18 5 3 10 12 21 −9 18
10 Possilpark South Side 18 3 4 11 13 26 −13 13

Kelvinbridge Wanderers earned a deserved promotion as champions, but it was a young striker by the name of Konstantin Michelsen of Provanmill United that stole the show this season. The runner's up's young frontman, also captain, finished league's top scorer, and will almost certainly move up the league pyramid in 2011-12. He had eleven goals at the halfway mark, and finished the season with twenty! Midtable was relatively close, and it was Possilpark South Side who finished bottom with just thirteen points to their name.

2010/11 South Conference           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Deaconsbank Centurions 18 15 2 1 49 12 +37 47 - Champions, Promoted
2 Hutchesontown United 18 9 6 3 27 11 +16 33
3 King's Park 18 9 5 4 36 18 +18 32
4 Dechmont Town 18 7 7 4 30 24 +6 28
5 Househillwood 2003 18 7 5 6 25 21 +4 26
6 Mount Florida 18 6 4 8 17 30 −13 22
7 Ibrox FK 18 5 6 7 16 25 −9 21
8 Corkerhill AC 18 5 3 10 11 24 −13 18
9 Mosspark Club 18 3 3 12 18 36 −18 12
10 FC Hurlet 18 2 3 13 10 38 −28 9

In the southern section of the conference, it was Deaconsbank Centurions who ran out clear league winners, with 47 points from 18 games. Pol Sandell will be another name on the hotlist of clubs who might want to have a new man in the hotseat, with reportedly three Second Division teams interested in the 46 year old. FC Hurlet finished rock bottom, managing just one more win in the second half of the season, and with their 10 goals the lowest in the entire league system. Not exactly prolific there, but I'm sure they'll improve over time. Their manager Jonathan Billing became the second managerial departure so far, so they will be on the look out for a fresh face to take them up the league.
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2010/11 GFA CUP
Red Star Parkhead 3-1 Carntyne Wanderers
North Drumgelloch Athletic 0-3 Drumchapel United

Red Star Parkhead were the first team to book their place in the final, with a comfortable 3-1 win over Carntyne Wanderers at the Parkhead Stadium. Goals from Joakim Srna, Fabian Haavikko and Vladimir Stefansson saw off the visitors, whilst Drumchapel United won against wildcards North Drumgelloch Athletic over at the Zinatsyev-Chorokina Stadium. The second division side had done so well to reach the semi-finals, seeing off the likes of Kelvindale Town and Partick & Broomhill along the way, but came up short against a team that were even strong-enough fielding most of the second string, with goals from Aleksei Brandt, Ellis Simutenkov and Arvid Kiriyenko seeing them through.

Red Star Parkhead 1-1 Drumchapel United (2-1 a.e.t.)

And Red Star Parkhead are crowned the first ever 2010/11 GFA Cup champions! This made up their fans for missing out on second place, but Pol van der Drum's side will be disappointed that they didn't get the double this season. 16-year old Didrik Korzhanenko put them up ahead early on, but an equaliser from Fabian Haavikko saw that the game went to extra time. A well taken finish from captain Dietar Polak saw Vladimir Frank's side take home the trophy, and secure qualification to the IFCF Cup Winners Cup.

Hutchesontown United 1-2 Blochairn Town

Blochairn Town were crowned the first ever Conference Cup winners, taking home the trophy after defeating Hutchesontown United 2-1 in the final. A double from striker Petter Lehväslaiho saw the small town earn victory after David Kirkkegaard put their opponents in front after fifteen minutes. After a relatively poor performance in the North Conference, they will hope this will boost their morale going into 2011/12.

2010/11 GFA AWARDS
Manager of the Season:
1. Pol van der Drum (Drumchapel United)
Player of the Season:
1. Gunnstein Bannantyne (Drumchapel United)
2. Johan Karlstrom (Drumchapel United)
3. Andrej Kalashnikov (Kelvindale Town)
Young Player of the Season:
1. Joakim Srna (Red Star Parkhead)
Top Goalscorers:
35 - Andrej Kalashnikov (Kelvindale Town)
30 - Gunnstein Bannatyne (Drumchapel United)
26 - Fabian Haavikko (Red Star Parkhead)
Team of the Season:
GK: Ivan Gunn (Maryhill Town)
DL: David Pettersen (Drumchapel United)
DC: Johan Karlstrom (Drumchapel United)
DC: Valentijn Tomic (Kelvindale Town)
DR: Carl Calashnikov (Drumchapel United)
DMC: Vadim Bauer (Partizan Castlemilk)
MC: Miroslav Bank (Drumchapel United)
AMC: Piotr Charters (Drumchapel United)
ST: Fabian Haavikko (Red Star Parkhead)
ST: Gunnstein Bannantyne (Drumchapel United)
ST: Andrej Kalashnikov (Kelvindale Town)

Manager of the Season:
1. Stanislav Aberdeen (Scotstounhill United)
Player of the Season:
1. Andre Chekov (Kilncadzow Wanderers)
2. Serge Tomlinson (North Drumgelloch Athletic)
3. Andrej Kucharz (Scotstounhill United)
Young Player of the Season:
1. Artem Mostrom (North Drumgelloch Athletic)
Top Goalscorers:
23 - Serge Tomlinson (North Drumgelloch Athletic)
20 - Anton Karvonen (Scotstounhill United)
18 - Evander Slowenski (Ruchill & Lambhill)
Team of the Season:
GK: Karl Archson (Barlanark United)
DL: Finnur Winnerstrand (North Drumgelloch United)
DC: Ivander van der Zoon (Scotstounhill United)
DC: Linus Knutsen (North Drumgelloch Athletic)
DR: Pekka Borresen (Scotstounhill United)
DMC: Sergei Kvist (Coatbridge Town)
MC: Andrej Kucharz (Scotstounhill United)
MC: Geirmunder Nikiforovic (North Drumgelloch Athletic)
AMC: Andre Chekov (Kilncadzow Wanderers)
ST: Serge Tomlinson (North Drumgelloch Athletic)
ST: Anton Karvonen (Scotstounhill United)

Manager of the Season:
1. McKarl Mairston (Thorntonhall)
Player of the Season:
1. Ibrahim Myre (Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston)
2. Oliver Toikka (Pollokshaws FK)
3. Tor Narozhylenko (Auchinleck Thistle)
Young Player of the Season:
1. Victor Tchechenko (Polloskhaws FK)
Top Goalscorers:
17 - Oliver Toikka (Pollokshaws FK)
15 - Piotr Hendon (Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston)
14 - Max Bundgaard (Gilshochill Hibernian)
Team of the Season:
GK: Wolfgang Hendriksen (Pollokshaws FK)
DL: Marc Johnston (Easterhouse)
DC: Mathias Burstrom (Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston)
DC: Jon-Johan Maximoff (Thornliebank)
DR: Olivier Perrensen (Thorntonhall)
MC: Ibrahim Myre (Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston)
AML: Rune Kubarev (Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston)
AMC: Tor Narozhylenko (Auchinleck Thistle)
AMR: Ragnar Babics (Pollokshaws FK)
ST: Piotr Hendon (Kelvinhaugh & Finnieston)
ST: Oliver Toikka (Pollokshaws FK)

Manager of the Season:
1. Pol Sandell (Deaconsbank Centurions)
Player of the Season:
1. Konstantin Michelsen (Provanmill United)
2. Erik Eyvindursson (G31 Newbank)
3. Sal Willenstrom (Deaconsbank Centurions)
Young Player of the Season:
1. Ibrahim Rashchupkina (Kelvinbridge Wanderers)
Top Goalscorers:
23 - Sal Willenstrom (Deaconsbank Centurions)
20 - Konstantin Michelsen (Provanmill United)
19 - Vlad Takac (Kelvinbridge Wanderers)
Team of the Season:
GK: Dietmar Fallenstrom (Kelvinbridge Wanderers)
DL: Jannik Lonndot (Hutchesontown United)
DC: Sergei Eggebraaten (Hutchesontown United)
DC: Martijn Karnovich (Deaconsbank Centurions)
DR: Dominik Isberg (Deaconsbank Centurions)
AML: Konor McPatrick (Deaconsbank Centurions)
MC: Erik Eyvindursson (G31 Newbank)
MC: Ceir Anderson (AC Levenseat)
AMR: Alexandre Stenmark (Kelvinbridge Wanderers)
ST: Sal Willenstrom (Deaconsbank Centurions)
ST: Konstantin Michelsen (Provanmill United)

Glazgo (GLA) qualifiers
IFCF Champions League: Drumchapel United
IFCF Challengers Cup: Kelvindale Town, Red Star Parkhead, Partizan Castlemilk
IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy: North Drumgelloch Athletic, Scotstounhill United, Drumry Athletic
IFCF Cup Winners Cup: Red Star Parkhead
The Republic of Glazgo
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