Cup of Harmony 77 - everything thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Cup of Harmony 77 - everything thread

Postby Kelssek » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:10 pm


Dates given reflect the timezones in the Americas. For instance, the cutoff for Kelssek on MD1 is 01:00-02:00 UTC on 22 June, or the evening of 21 June in the Western hemisphere.

Cutoff windows:
Kelssek [Groups 1-6]: 01:00-02:00 UTC
Zwangzug [Groups 7-12]: 23:00-00:01 UTC

MD1: Sunday June 21 - 2v5, 3v4
MD2: Tuesday June 23 - 5v3, 1v2
MD3: Thursday June 25 - 3v1, 4v5
MD4: Saturday June 27 - 1v4, 2v3
MD5: Monday June 29 - 4v2, 5v1
R32: Wednesday July 1
R16: Friday July 3
QF: Sunday July 5
SF: Tuesday July 7
Final/3PPO: Thursday July 9

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Postby Kelssek » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:10 pm

Kelssek: A travel guide | Detailed map

In brief
Kelssek is a country of soaring mountains, vast wilderness, natural beauty and frigid winters. Its population of over 153 million is easily stereotyped as a bunch of bilingual commie sports nuts. As a multicultural, immigrant society, it is one of the world's most cosmopolitan nations. As a leading tourist destination, Kelssek draws well-heeled sophisticates and grizzled adventure-seekers alike to its lively cities, unspoiled wilderness, organic local handcrafted unionized vineyards, and completely epic skiing and mountain resorts. Politically, Kelssek consists of a centralized federation of 12 provinces and one territory, governed as a republic under a system of parliamentary democracy. Its economy is largely composed of co-operative enterprises and companies directed by democratic worker’s councils. Kelssek is a union of some distinct and diverse cultures, but in general foreigners will find locals to be laid-back, friendly, and to have very little sense of social hierarchy.

Kelssek boasts high-quality transportation infrastructure, with the Velocit high-speed train system (map) being the most cost-effective method for shorter trips. Velocit trips between eastern cities like Outineau, Neorvins, Redswyth, Clayquot or Breton take 2-7 hours. Trips from the coast to the interior take longer, with 11-hour overnight trains that run from Outineau or Kirkenes to Burnaby, and a similar time from Latrobe to Ulyanof. The same trips take 3.5 hours by air.

Full schedule
Alphabetical by city name

Community Stadium, Arvika (cap. 34,700) - Home team ASC Arvika suffered a (slightly) shocking relegation this season.
Arvika is on the northern shore of the Great Cariboo Lake just a couple hundred kilometres from the northern polar circle and Surono's provincial capital with a population of around 400,000. It's known as a place to go see polar bears (not too near to town, happily) and the aurora borealis at any time of the year, at this latitude, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen. Tourist attractions include the Arctic Museum of Digital Culture focusing particularly on video games, and the Far North Museum which does science and natural history. Visitors also come for the Midnight Sun arts and electronic music festival, held in a large park 60 km outside the city during the summer.

Kingswharf, Breton (cap. 40,500) - Home of Shearwater FC, a scenic location framed by the city's downtown skyline across the harbour. The upper tier offers a good place for spies who want to monitor the movements of the Kelssek Navy Southern Fleet.
Breton (Breçan in French) was founded as a military fort and the ancient Breton Citadel, which occupies the hill overlooking the city, is its main landmark and tourist site. Its large natural harbour is today used as the largest base of the Kelssek Navy, and the city's naval heritage is a major feature of Shearwater, the district across the harbour from central Breton adjacent to the base. Breton also has a large student population as home to three major universities: Dartmouth University, Saints University, and the University of Haligonia. Attractions include Granville Square, Keefe's Brewery, the Maritime Museum of Kelssek, and the deliciously fresh seafood offloaded at Dartford Market.

Stadium Konoha, Burnaby (cap. 60,200) - Home of Burnaby SC, Kelssek's most successful and well-known football club. They once made the Globe Cup group stage, that's how you know they're big time.
Burnaby is the centre of Kelssek's 3rd-largest metro area with a population over 7 million, nestled between the mountains and the shores of Lake Konoha. The city and its surroundings is a mecca for outdoor sports especially skiing, mountain biking, and climbing. A walk along the Seaforth Park Trail promises spectacular views of the mountains, lake, and the landmark Sanoqua Gate Bridge. Junction Beach was Kelssek's first clothing-optional beach and its adjacent Khatsalano neighbourhood was a focus of the new-age counterculture.

Waterfront Dome, Kirkenes (72,600) - Downtown stadium with a dome-like retractable roof that still smells of fresh paint after extensive renovations and despite the best efforts of fans attending the last Rugby World Cup final. Home of rugby team Kirkenes Crusaders.
Kirkenes is the most populous city in Kelssek, a huge and bustling multicultural metropolis. The city's character comes through in neighbourhoods like Little Ariddia, Bathurst Gardens, and Lancaster Hill. Fashionable boutiques and other opportunities for bourgeois consumerism are located in the Rosewood area. The 540-metre Panopti Tower is an iconic landmark, the St. Jude Market is a good stop for fine foods or a quick meal, Melbourne Square and Caron Street are where to go out, and the Museum of Global Civilization is pretty cool to learn about history and cultures and stuff. The Loyalist Fort National Historic Site is where the enemies of the revolution holed themselves up. The city also has a lively microbrewery scene. See also the street map, and the TComm Subway.

Stade de la Pacifique, Langlois (cap. 28,800) - Among the most picturesque venues in the Kelssek Football League, spectators have the option of taking in ocean views from the nosebleeds of this stadium located in the hills of the Côte-du-Panier district. Home ground of Océanic CF.
Langlois is a large city on the coast of Beaulac which enjoys a relatively mild climate. Known as a city of a thousand hills, its scenic setting and colourfully-painted houses of the Côte Rouge feature on postcards, while restaurants offering the city's trademark fish stew crowd the Promenade des Brumes. The lavish architecture of the homes and haunts of the city's rich and powerful early-modern era merchant class are one of the attractions of Vielle-Ville. Langlois remains an important port and centre of Kelssek's shipbuilding industry, as well as for higher education and research, home of the Université nationale beaulacoise. Something else to see is the Gothic towers of the 900-year old Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Langlois, and there are also good wineries in the surrounding rural areas.

Macquarie Docklands, Latrobe (cap. 55,700) - Home of the rugby and soccer teams of Latrobe AFC, the "Dock" is located on the city's former port area which is now full of yuppies and overpriced bistros.
Latrobe is a city of 3.5 million and clocks in as Kelssek's 5th-largest metropolitan area at over 5 million. It has a lively music and arts scene, two top research universities, and is a centre for the software, media, and auto industries. The Museum for Human Rights is a relatively new landmark just off Republic Square, the historic heart of Latrobe where visitors can take their pick from a number of brewpub and restaurant patios to patronize. The small shops, cafés, and galleries of the old city's winding alleys are a diverting way to spend an afternoon. Arts and culture sites include the Kelssek Centre for the Moving Image, National Gallery of Etnier, the People's Opera House. Nagorno Park along the Yalumbia river is the city's landmark green space and dotted with art sculptures.

Canada Stadium, Neorvins (cap. 66,300) - Located in Commonwealth Park, a recreation and sports area across the Suter river from central Neorvins. Home of rugby team Neorvins Armada.
Neorvins is the federal capital, a middle-sized city with a metropolitan population of just over two million. It hosts a large number of public institutions and museums catering to a wide range of interests; indeed it’s the more esoteric ones that are probably more worth a visit as the most famous art pieces tend to be in Outineau or Kirkenes. These include: the National Capital Exhibition, a museum of Kelssek’s social and political history, the Royal Palace Museum, which focuses on the former royalty and the Kelssek Revolution, the Parliamentary Art Gallery, the Bank of Kelssek Monetary Experience, which makes central banking as thrilling as possible, the Museum of War and Peace, housed in a decommissioned nuclear bunker, and Polar Institute, which educates visitors on life in the far north and the history of polar exploration. Other sights to see include the Parliament of Kelssek public tours, Queen’s Market and Guilds Hall, Place Paul Langlois, Shawinigan Gate, the Revolutionaries Monument, and pleasant walks can be had in Federation Park, and Kieran Pearson Park.

Griffin Park, Novonaya (39,200) - Hosted athletics events and the closing ceremonies of the 12th Summer Olympics. Home of Rotor Novonaya RFC.
A city of over 1 million, Novonaya was the historic stronghold of the Vanardian warlords who imposed order by force of hooves and arms on the surrounding plains. The rodeo and equestrian competitions of the Lupinissia Fair are the city's major festival event. A pleasant and family-friendly taste of the nomadic marauder life can be had at Prairielands Park. Hipsters and craft beer can be found in Dogeport.

Stade Outineau, Outineau (capacity 80,500) - The largest stadium in Kelssek which has previously hosted the Rugby World Cup and soccer World Cup finals and is home to Nordiques RFC (see NSwiki).
Outineau has an NsWiki article too. A major city with a huge metropolitan area, it is primarily French-speaking and a centre for education, technology, aerospace, engineering, and commodity futures trading. It’s also the provincial capital of Beaulac. The popular tourist things to do are to check out the historic Ville-Baptiste, the oldest part of the city, the lively and vibrant streets of the Plateau-Mont-Phare and Quartier Faubourg , look at art in the Musée des Beaux Arts and Musée pour l'art d'aujourd'hui, eat poule mouilée or viande fumée, possibly in a poutine, and go to one of the music, beer, coffee, literary, comedy, and art festivals that are always going on.

Millennium Park, Redswyth (53,500) - Rugby's Redswyth Rebels are the home team here. Millennium Park is in the western part of the city and replaced an older stadium known as Bankstown Lane. The heritage frontage of the old stadium was preserved during construction and is now the access point for beer, hot dogs, and other stadium catering offerings.
Redswyth is a post-industrial city that is still home to a great deal of aerospace and auto manufacturing. Its time as the industrial centre of Kelssek leaves its legacy in the city's impressive Gothic revival architecture. Dorson Quays, the banks of the Northern Canal, and Eastbourne Road are the most interesting neighbourhoods to find nightlife and interesting shops. Other tourist attractions include Redswyth Castle, the oldest portions of which date back over a thousand years, the impeccable landscaping of the University of Redswyth, the Museum of Industry which covers both factories and the labour movement, and the modern art collections of the Great Northern Gallery.

Stadium of the Stars, Ulyanof (44,600) - The graceful upward curve of its concrete roofs stands as a tribute to what people 50 years ago thought was futuristic. Home stadium of the NGSA football club.
Ulyanof is the provincial capital of Lupinissia, a prairie city built on agriculture industries (mostly wheat, cattle, and corn) and the Western Mutual insurance cooperative. Despite being a large city of 4 million, it’s known for a friendly, laid-back, country culture. Microbreweries and bistros are thick around Platt Place and the Lorimier district. The surrounds have got great spots for whitewater rafting. The ultramodern Art Institute of Lupinissia is the city’s newest architectural landmark.

Bowreach, Vickery (34,900) - Just expanded and renovated for this competition, it's home of KFL club Strathcona Internationals, and located directly across the river from the city's downtown core.
Vickery is the provincial capital of Conryia, a mid-sized city of over one million residents located on a high plateau formed by the Cradle Ranges and split by scenic river gorges which are maintained as parkland. The glass pyramids of Legislature Square, and the galloping horses fountain/sculpture Spirit of the West in St. Martin's Place are the city's landmarks. The Strathcona neighbourhood retains much of its artsy and countercultural charm despite being increasingly subject to gentrification. The Polaris Distillery would also interest anyone who likes whisky.
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Postby Zwangzug » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:20 pm

Welcome to Zwangzug! We look forward to welcoming your teams and fans. Click for giant map!

-Things to know: Zwangzug is a large and diverse nation with lots of silly chess allusions. (In more recent times we have branched out and now feature allusions to other board games.) Currently, our economy is under the control of well-intentioned but questionably-competent robots. Probably the easiest thing for foreigners is to get a temporary "ID card" and link that to a debit account; this will help you pay for groceries, restaurants, etc.

There are no automobiles allowed in the country, but a very extensive network of inter- and intra-city train transit will be able to get you to the stadium on time (hopefully). Many drugs popular in other countries are prohibited also, however, if you claim a religious exemption for their use, you can probably get away with a lot!

Group 7 (West)

Spenson: Its vast suburbs were the home of the space program after the modern country was created (which was a relatively recent event--because of this, there isn't a strong sense of "national" identity beyond sports). The home stadium is the Stelladome, an older structure but with lots of modern screens. (Technically, it is located in the nearby suburb of Fulpog, but that's still part of the Spenson area.) Fans will be curious as to how capitalism, and space travel, work in other countries. Their favorite board game is Hearts.

MD1: Astograth vs Port Ember
MD2: Port Ember vs Torisakia
MD3: Torisakia vs Huayramarca
MD4: Huayramarca vs Poafmersia
MD5: Poafmersia vs Astograth

Twineur: somewhat of a college town. Fans have a good sense of humor, but look down on time-wasters. The home stadium is the Bug House (home of the Bugs). Their favorite board game is Fuse.

MD1: Torisakia vs Poafmersia
MD2: Huayramarca vs Astograth
MD3: Poafmersia vs Port Ember
MD4: Astograth vs Torisakia
MD5: Port Ember vs Huayramarca

Group 8 (Southwest)

Guariday: this is located amid a sprawling temperate rainforest. Look for fans in treehouses being smug about the importance of environmentalism. They also love to cheer talented defenders and goalkeepers. The home stadium is Janaki Gardens. Their favorite board game is Sheriff of Nottingham.

MD1: Jeckland vs Darmen
MD2: Darmen vs Balqia
MD3: Balqia vs Riena
MD4: Riena vs Cheergirls
MD5: Cheergirls vs Jeckland

Sharag: slightly less extreme than Guariday, but still with a lot of the same environmentalist bent. The home stadium is Sector 32 Park. Their favorite board game is Tichu.

MD1: Balqia vs Cheergirls
MD2: Riena vs Jeckland
MD3: Cheergirls vs Darmen
MD4: Jeckland vs Balqia
MD5: Darmen vs Riena

Group 9 (FTC)

For silly musical-related reasons (don't ask), Zwangzug's two largest cities grew next to each other. The west side is traditionally known as "Merano"; fans are snooty and consider themselves cultured. The east side is traditionally known as "Bangkok"; fans are prone to rioting and making incomprehensible math puns. However, it's more common these days to just refer to the entire area as "the FTC" ("fraternal twin cities"). Their favorite board game is Mafia/Werewolf.

West stadium: Eglantine Park

MD1: Squornshelan Remnant States vs Omerica
MD2: Omerica vs Baggieland
MD3: Baggieland vs Twicetagria
MD4: Twicetagria vs Trolleborg
MD5: Trolleborg vs Squornshelan Remnant States

East stadium: Palloci Pagoda Park

MD1: Baggieland vs Trolleborg
MD2: Twicetagria vs Squornshelan Remnant States
MD3: Trolleborg vs Omerica
MD4: Squornshelan Remnant States vs Baggieland
MD5: Omerica vs Twicetagria

Group 10 (Northeast)

Zwischen: the nation's capital. Visitor attractions include the "Ziggurat," the former government headquarters and occasional scene of inter-parliament strife. Fans love all-out attack but can get overly concerned about player injuries. Their home stadium is ZS^3 ("Zwischen Soccer-Specific Stadium," although most fans call it "football," they just liked the acronym). Their favorite board game is The Resistance.

MD1: Xanneria vs Mavinet
MD2: Mavinet vs Independent Athletes from Quebec
MD3: Independent Athletes from Quebec vs Sylestone
MD4: Sylestone vs Busoga Islands
MD5: Busoga Islands vs Xanneria

Arlington: tends to be cold, there are lots of skyways to help pedestrians (and everyone is a pedestrian) stay warm. Their fans are said to be the most "averagely-Zwangzugian." They value preserving the past and archiving history, but not being unbearable old fogeys about it, and will be excited to see the new teams too. Their home stadium is called City Athletic Venue, which is also very old and very boringly-named. Their favorite board game is Pandemic, unless that's a little "too soon," in which case they're mostly just into baseball.

MD1: Independent Athletes from Quebec vs Busoga Islands
MD2: Sylestone vs Xanneria
MD3: Busoga vs Mavinet
MD4: Xanneria vs Independent Athletes from Quebec
MD5: Mavinet vs Sylestone

Group 11 (East)
Bassabook: somewhat of a more socially- and religiously-conservative area than the country as a whole. There's a famous fountain in a downtown plaza that's a fun tourist sight. Fans tend to enjoy singing complicated chants along with the matches. Their home stadium is Pacific Field. Their favorite board game is Bananagrams.

MD1: South Newlandia vs Savojarna
MD2: Savojarna vs Electrum
MD3: Electrum vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
MD4: Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs Timuria
MD5: Timuria vs South Newlandia

Trink: full of diverse but often easily aggrieved fans; they can be quick to see themselves as victims and complain about how their ancestors were driven from their homeland as refugees generations ago. (Although everybody's ancestors came here from somewhere else, so they're not really special.) Their home stadium is Kyogijo Concord. Their favorite board game is Hanabi.

MD1: Electrum vs Timuria
MD2: Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs South Newlandia
MD3: Timuria vs Savojarna
MD4: South Newlandia vs Electrum
MD5: Savojarna vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom

Group 12 (Central)

Forbridge: located near the Deep Blue Lake. This is the home of the AIU (Artificial Intelligence University) which produces many robots, economic and otherwise. Legend has it that Zwangzug's national football team began here, after one student hit another in the head with a Frisbee and they decided they needed better sports. This was also the headquarters of the original football association until it was bulldozed to put in a new train station. The stadium is called the Eagles Club; there's not a professional team based there, but the national team got the right to build a stadium of that name after winning the "Eagles' Cup" tournament.

MD1: Valladares vs Newmanistan
MD2: Newmanistan vs West Pocono
MD3: West Pocono vs Barunia
MD4: Barunia vs Geektopia
MD5: Geektopia vs Valladares

Keppal City: not located in the nearby Keppal district, because our government is annoying like that. Fans like to grumble about how annoying like that the government is. The stadium is called Ayathen Arena, and is said to be "cursed"--not that the local professional team is bad, but a lot of little things can go wrong during your visit there, so look out. Their favorite board game is 1313 Dead End Drive.

MD1: West Pocono vs Geektopia
MD2: Barunia vs Valladares
MD3: Geektopia vs Newmanistan
MD4: Valladares vs West Pocono
MD5: Newmanistan vs Barunia

We have a lot more information in our factbook: see here for these and other cities, and feel free to poke around here if you're bored. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!
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Postby South Covello » Tue Jun 16, 2020 6:55 pm

South Covello National Team Roster

Nickname: Rebels
Style modifier: -5

Head Coach: Richard Hawkins
Assistant Head Coaches: Vinnie LaGuche and Joey Egermeister

After World Cup 79 and the South Covellan Revolution, the feisty Rebels elected to turn things over to the next generation. Richard Hawkins, previously the star goalkeeper, was named head coach, but the entire team was new. Vinnie LaGuche returned as well, as an assistant coach, and was joined by Joey Egermeister, a proud supporter of the Revolution and lifelong soccer fan who previously served as Acting President of the South Covello Soccer Federation after the Gregists were overthrown.

Hawkins and his staff hand-picked the new stars, and to his pleasant surprise he was able to find a young goalie who was almost athletic as he was, in Matthew Tyler. Tyler was just 19 years old and already almost as good as Hawkins was. In time, he would probably even surpass him. The rest of the team filled in nicely as well, defensively minded as always, and, as many of them had grown up idolizing the strong defensive wall, first for the Foot Slaves and then the Rebels, this led many of them to become defenders as well. So the good old Rebel Wall was still there, great and strong as ever. The team wouldn’t be letting in many goals this cycle, it sure seemed.

The Rebels would be playing a defensive 4-5-1 this cycle, with the sole striker being the young, awesomely named star Coconut Charles. The Coconut name, of course, was a direct insult to the Gregists, Lord Almighty Gregory and the others who forbid the mere mention of the work. It was sure to be a spectacular future.

However, the future wasn't all it was cracked up to be. South Covello fell way too early, in the Round of 16 of World Cup 80. However, they rebounded in World Cup 81, making the final before losing to Eura, and will look to finally hoist that elusive trophy this tournament. World Cup 82 and World Cup 83 saw them not advance far either. World Cup 84 saw the debut of Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward as South Covello again fell early in the knockout stages, and World Cup 85 featured several more new young players. Notably, it ffeatured 16 year old phenom Dodo McAllister, who can double as a striker and offensive midfielder, though he mostly cam off the bench and to provide some fresh legs and maybe lead a comeback. He is widely considered a successor to Pillory Cantwell once the latter retires. However, winger Nick Night is also highly regarded.

World Cup 85 was a deep disappointment, with the Rebels failing to qualify for the first time in ages, and the SCCF has made it quite clear that Richard Hawkins will be out as head coach unless he can bring home the Cup of Harmony trophy. Hopefully that motivates him extra hard.

The roster for the Cup of Harmony is the same as for World Cup qualifying, except for backup defender Weedy McSmithie, who was cited for smoking marijuana while underage at an airport hotel the night before the early morning flight to A Flock of Seagulls for the final qualifier, and later suspended from the team indefinitely. He has been replaced by Artemis Elmoknowski, who is 20 years of age. Who would have thought that a guy named Weedy would smoke weed? The Quebecois must be delighted, unlike their joints. (See what we did there?)


GK: Matthew Tyler (Age 24) CAPTAIN
LB: Karl Klementine (Age 20)
CB: Cal Yachtwood (Age 25)
CB: Lawry Ukelele (Age 21)
RB: Paul Paul (Age 28)
DMC: Dexter Yankee (Age 28)
LMC: Nick Night (Age 19)
MC: Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward (Age 18)
RMC: Colo McNiel (Age 21)
OMC: Pillory Cantwell (Age 31)
ST: Coconut Charles (Age 25) VICE CAPTAIN


GK: Derry Beer (Age 31)
GK: Uganda Reed (Age 30)
DB: Reed Riley (Age 27)
DB: Artemis Elmoknowski (Age 20)
DB: Mordechai Coutheesh (Age 29)
DB: Elwood Averricci (Age 30)
MF: Serch Patty (Age 30)
MF: Piccho Della Gallo (Age 28)
MF: Caddy Woodstock (Age 29)
ST: Woody Woodstock (Age 29)
ST/OMC: Dodo McAllister (Age 16)



RP Permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I choose severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, subject to same restrictions
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, have fun, but don’t do anything you wouldn’t be OK with me reciprocating
Other Notes: All IC communications to or from any South Covellan government agency or official are public information under South Covello's government transparency laws. Keep this in mind in RPs, as this also applies to unsolicited messages you may send to our government. Obviously, purely OOC communications such as TGs are not included in this.
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Postby Torisakia » Tue Jun 16, 2020 7:01 pm


Torisakia National Association Football Team

Nation Name: The Democracy of Torisakia
Demonym: Torisakians
Nickname: Ice Birds
Sponsors: Æ Insurance, SwiftShave, Webizy, CINEVISION
Style Modifier: +3.5



Manager: Andy Sanders (Tokai Ice Birds)
Assistant Manager: Felix McQueen (Meadow Hills Hurons)
Strength & Conditioning: Nathan Kiefer (Alderney Criminals)
Pack-mule(Equipment Manager): Temito Fandito Banbito (C.F Kallanirr)

MD1: vs Poafmersia (@ Bug House, Twineur, ZWZ)
MD2: @ Port Ember (@ Stelladome, Spenson, ZWZ)
MD3: vs Huayramarca (@ Stelladome, Spenson, ZWZ)
MD4: @ Astograth (@ Bug House, Twineur, ZWZ)

C = Captain PE = Penalty taker L = Left corner taker R = Right corner taker LF = Long free-kick taker SF = Short free-kick taker

Position Number Name Age Club
GK #1 Mitch Issacson 25 East Island City F.C
ST #10 Johnny KelsoC 32 Tokai Ice Birds
ST #12 Jordan KallianPE 23 Meerkerk (NQU)
CF #19 Syarhey SweetcloudR 23 Ferrymans 11 (XAN)
CF #8 Gregory FranklynSF 22 University of Yasui
CM #3 Derek LovelLF 22 Meadow Hills Hurons
CM #6 Faron James 24 Gollus F.C
LWB #15 Logan Brantley 29 Mushai Devil Rays
CB #25 Kanta SerafinL 26 East Lake Jethawks
CB #20 Daniel Ehud 24 Beachport Seahawks
CB #30 Josh Mikita 27 FFT Biijuss
GK #0 Craig Novak 24 Laennalos United
ST #11 Aristide Wallace 28 Dorrsville Mustangs
CM #18 Aelius Rona 27 Deyair F.C
CM #7 Oskar Carlson 22 Jennison University
CB #15 Ezekial Van Aggelen 24 Nausoins A.C
CB #26 Blake Dragan 21 Presidents City Senators
RWB #11 Brent Narciso 24 Tokai City Sunraiders
RWB #20 Scott McRaske 27 Lozsia AC


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first and I will determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (TG me first if you plan to give two yellow cards to the same player)
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (as long as no death befalls any of my players or staff)
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Tue Jun 16, 2020 7:50 pm

(Donnacona is a legendary kit maker)

Style Mod: +5
Formation: 4-3-3

Coach: Image Damon Schechter (Ethane)
Assistant coach: Joe Jackson
Manager: Ray Byrd
Head trainer: Will Sakura

About the Nation
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 20 million people, the nation has many major city’s with hockey teams in them. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour And Kempsey the capital and largest city in the nation is Gold Coast. The climate is hot with the summer temperatures getting up to about 110 Fahrenheit at the highest and winter temperatures go down to about 50 at the lowest. The nation plays host to many domestic sports leagues across many different sports including Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and many more.

Northwest Kalactin: What to Expect
Of course if you are traveling to Northwest Kalactin you need to bring some shirts and shorts. The average temperature is around 80 degrees all year, however, during the summer it can go up to one hundred degrees. Most stadiums in Northwest Kalactin are either domes or have retractable roofs because during the summer players will easily overheat. The hottest that the temperature that the weather has gotten in the summer is 113 degrees farinheight. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and Kempsey. All 3 of these cities have over 1 million people in them but Gold Coast is the largest city with over 2.8 million people in the entire city. Coffs has 1.7 million and Kempsey has 1.2 million. The east side of the nation has very few people having only 2.5 million people. Almost all of the large cities have teams in all of the different sports leagues, however, different regions have different popular sports. The main coastal cities have soccer and gridiron as the most popular sports. The farms inland also like both Soccer and Gridiron but many baseball players also come from the inland rural areas. In the eastern mountains have hockey as the most popular sport but, bandy is also a very popular among kids which makes the nation one of the best in the world in bandy. Down south, soccer and basketball are by far the most popular sports there. The kids in Northwest Kalactin currently are one of the most promising sports generations ever in the nation as they are now putting up some of the best youth teams in the world. Northwest Kalactin is pretty light when it comes to laws however, all visitors and opponents are expected to follow the laws for the duration that they are in the nation. Drinking is permitted for those over 17 and smoking is illegal outside of designated areas. Some of the best textiles industries in the world can be found in Northwest Kalactin as the huge textile factory, Holcomb Textiles headquartered in Byron Bay. Many tech companies are also based in the nation as the Tech Company Startup Fund provides money for those entrepreneurs in the tech section who look to be based in Kalactin.

Where you will play
Gold Coast international football stadium is a very nice stadium it holds up to 104,000 people and is the largest stadium in northwest Kalactin. Many people are surprised that the stadium has a retractable roof even though it is very hot in northwest Kalactin in fact the reason why the roof is there is because of the heat! One time it was 114 degrees Farinheight in Gold Coast so they put the roof up. Another thing to look for at the stadium is the before game tailgating there are many food trucks that stop by there and take advantage of the huge crowds. Lastly, be sure to visit the Northwest Kalactin soccer hall of fame that has many interesting artifacts jerseys and other stuff from Kalactanian football

History of The Team
The Kalactanian National Team has been around since the 79th version of the World Cup. The team started out from quiet beginnings finishing in the quarter finals in the 66th Baptism Of Fire against Filindostan. The 80th World Cup Team was highlighted by Jared Sednah and Wendell Jakerein, who ended up making the team of the qualifiers. Sednah was the top player on the team for the Next 2 cycled as he paired up with Luke Dillan to bring the team close to qualifying. Despite the valiant efforts by Dillan and Sednah the team couldn’t end up qualifying in the 82nd and 81st cups. The FA decided not to enter the team in for the 83rd qualifiers due to corruption in the association. The team was quickly eliminated in the 84th qualifiers. The current team is highlighted by younger players that hope to bring the team to the World Cup the the following years. In the 85th World Cup campaign the team put up one of their best qualifying performances. However, near the end of qualifying the team was shaken by the surprise retirement of the star goalkeeper Wendell Jakerein.


Luke Dillan Image GCCFC, Age: 34
Dillan is a player that is that is not in his golden years of the 80th and 81st World Cup but still brings strength to the team. He brought prominence to Gold Coast Capital after moving there last year and continues to exceed expectations despite his age. He is a very flashy forward that is able to score a goal for all the fans when needed. His long Free Kicks brought attention to him in highlight clips recently and he can play on anyone.

Jimmy McCarthy Image Dalton United, Age: 24
Jimmy McCarthy was the future of Kalactanian football the second he stepped onto the Project Olimpo campus. He is a natural leader that can lift the spirits of any of his teammates and he brings great talent to the team. He is a bit weak however he makes up for it with his ability to make a move on anyone.

Will Sanders Image Murwelldobah FC, Age: 28
Will Sanders is a player that has historically played midfield however he made the switch to midfielder a few years ago. One of the best players on the team he is always focused on making his teammates better through passing. He is a very creative player that likes to express his creativity on the pitch.

Jack Flemister Image Salmon Head FC, Age: 35
Just like Luke Dillan, Flemister is one of the players that had his prime during the 80th World Cup but still brings strength to the team. He is not a very flashy player, yet he is very reliable and you can count on him to make a play on anything. He is very intelligent and he always makes good passes.

Steve Gilbert Image Toureres War eagles, Age: 29
Gilbert is a player in the middle of his prime. After showing how he could turn the War Eagles from a second tier team to a team earning UICA qualification the NT picked him up. He is a very athletically talented player that can outrun almost anyone on the pitch. He does lack some skills on the first touch but his athleticism helps him excel on the field.

Frank Owens Image Coffs Harbour FC, Age: 31
Owens has been a mainstay if the starting lineup of the NT since the 80th World Cup. He may be entering his last World Cup as he is very prone to injury’s. He plays a very aggressive game and has a fiery temper, things that can get him in trouble on the field. Owens is currently the team record holder for the most Cautions in one tournament, with 7.

Matt Hall Image Fryi Frêndê, Age: 23
Matt Hall is another wonderkid that has been around on the team during recent cycles. He recently started playing in the Farfadillian leagues where he continues to develop as a player. Hall is one of the strongest players on the team athletically being one of the fastest on the team.

Hue Grebv Image Ballina Red Devils (formerly golden hurricanes), Age: 35
Hue Grebv is one of the most famous and successful players in the history of the team being possibly the best defender in team history. He has a great leg, a ability that allows him to clear the ball with ease. He is not afraid to throw himself into situations that could give him discipline but does give players a bit of space on the ball.

Joseph Anderson Image FC Harbour City, Age: 27
A newer player just recently called up to the National Team, Anderson has exceeded expectations for the team. He recently just entered his prime and he improves very quickly. He does tack up a large number of injuries though, which is concerning for his future on the team. Anderson is a great on-ball defender and can play physically if needed.

Jack Dakota Image Alton Swifts, Age: 36
Jack Dakota is the oldest and most experienced player on the national team at 36 years old. He has been around on the team since the Baptism of Fire and is a great motivator. This will be his last cycle with the team so he hopes to make it a good one. He has let the NT build around him on defense and he is a great athlete.

Mark Romero Image Griffin City, Age: 23
After taking over from the legend Wendell Jakerein, Romero started the final games of the World Cup 85 qualification. Romero is a very young keeper that can look to become a successful player on the Kalactanian National team. Unlike his preceder, Romero is a player that has very good athleticism. What he lacks though, is the tactical smarts that Jakerein possessed


Strikers : Keith Torres Image Malor Sharpshooters, Age: 28

Midfielders: Daniel Guidry Image Kempsey United, Age: 32
Lamar Snyder Image Ballina Red Devils, Age: 22

Backs: George Taylor Image Malor City, Age: 27
Walter Johnson Image Purple Town, Age: 36

Goalies: Lawrence Henderson Image Toureres, Age: 19


RP permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
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Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: 1 Game
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: no
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Style mod is +5
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The Tranquil Isles of Riena
First-team squad for the 77th Cup of Harmony

For opponents
I give my opponents permission to roleplay anything within reason, save for cycle- or career-ending injury and death of my players. If you think a particular event may be too unrealistic or outlandish, feel free to contact me either via telegram or Discord to discuss. You can also contact me if you need me to furnish further details for your roleplay.

For this cycle, please do not roleplay anything pandemic-related in relation to Riena or Riennese characters. I will not be recognising the existence of any pandemic in any form whatsoever.

Please also note that I will usually update my records for the Riena national team in the hours following a scorination. I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to check here for the Riena starting XI, goalscorers, and substitutions before beginning work on your posts. In the event that I have not gotten around to updating the records, feel free to roleplay the match as you see fit - given the brand of fluid football Riena plays, as well as the versatility of Riennese players in general - you have a lot of scope to be creative with just about anything football-related!

For hosts
Please apply a style modifier of 0 - thank you!

Players listed in orange are starters in their respective positions. All statistics are accurate as of the start of this tournament.

1 • Miho MINATO
Goalkeeper; 20; 37 caps; 6 clean sheets; unattached

A steady and reliable shot-stopper, Minato is a physically imposing presence in goal. She is not a flamboyant technician and dislikes taking unnecessary risks with the ball, preferring to quickly recycle possession into her defenders or midfielders. Owing to her physical advantage, Minato is a goalkeeper who is not afraid to take charge in her own area, often taking it upon herself to catch or punch crosses into the six-yard box instead of leaving her defenders to sweep up the danger. Blessed with sharp reflexes, decent positioning, and a positive approach to goalkeeping - especially in her own six-yard box - Minato is a calming presence behind her defenders. With the erratic Kugimiya and inexperienced Shiina the only other options available to Riena at the moment, Minato looks set to be Riena's first-choice 'keeper for at least the next several cycles.

25 • Subaru KUGIMIYA
Goalkeeper; 19; 7 caps; 1 clean sheet; unattached

Kugimiya is an aggressive sweeper keeper who is not afraid to help out her defenders whenever the side are caught in possession. She possesses the requisite pace and technical ability to thrive in a Riena team placing great demands on its goalkeeper's footwork. Her game revolves around shutting down opposition counterattacks using her anticipation and speed off her line, allowing the team's to adopt a higher defensive line than would otherwise be possible, and initiating attacking moves with accurate long range distribution, bypassing high pressing manoeuvres by the opposition. The high risk, high reward nature of her play style means that Kugimiya is more susceptible to committing high-profile errors and mistakes, and she can be prone to catastrophic lapses of concentration. The eccentric 'keeper can be equally capable of the sublime or the farcical; she managed to save three penalties against the Grearish Union in the BoF, only to let in all seven she faced versus Mavinet in the very next match.

50 • Maya SHIINA
Goalkeeper; 17; 0 caps; 0 clean sheets; unattached

Shiina is a youth-team goalkeeper, and the most callow of Riena's current batch of 'keepers. She is a good reflexive shot-stopper, but her game remains riddled with all the flaws and deficiencies that one would expect from a seventeen-year-old just starting her international career, but she is a promising prospect who may well develop into a decent senior-level 'keeper - if she manages to supplant both Minato and Kugimiya for a spot in the starting XI. This cycle has likely come too soon for Shiina to make any sort of significant impact, but she will get playing time in any dead rubbers in qualifying. If she can show that she is ready for senior multiversal football when afforded a chance to play, Shiina may be able to force her way into the Riena starting XI for upcoming tournaments.

3 • Kano URUHA
Left-back/left wing-back/left winger; 20; 26 caps; 1 goal; unattached

A repurposed winger, Uruha is a pacy left-back whose marauding runs provide Riena with an attacking outlet down the left flank. Despite nominally being a defender, her natural attacking instincts mean that she is often effectively deployed as a wing-back, or an auxiliary winger, rather than a conventional defender. She possesses neither strength, height, or defensive nous, and has an unfortunate tendency to lose concentration when targeted. From an attacking perspective, Uruha is an accomplished dribbler who favours cutting infield with the ball to make space on the flank for her winger. Her finishing is above average for a defender, especially when she has the ball on her favoured left foot, and she is not averse to hitting speculative efforts from range.

22 • Kaede IGARASHI
Left-back/left wing-back; 19; 32 caps; 5 goals; unattached

Igarashi is a powerful, athletic left-back who can be relied upon to do her primary job of defending well. She is a largely conventional full-back, an atypical departure from Riena's abundance of suicidally-attacking wing-backs/wingers, who is actually better at keeping the ball away from her own goal than she is at forcing it home at the other end. While she is not nearly as adventurous as Uruha is, Igarashi still contributes to Riena's attacking play - she is the best crosser in the team, and her ability to strike a ball cleanly has earned her a reputation as one of Riena's dead-ball specialists. A superb qualifying campaign for World Cup 85 has firmly established Igarashi as one of the leaders and stalwarts of this youthful team.

6 • Yui NARITA
Central defender/defensive midfielder; 22; 18 caps; 1 goal; unattached

An elegant ball-playing central defender who is equally at home in midfield as she is in defence, Narita's main strength lies in her accurate distribution from defence. Comfortable under pressure, her distribution from deep within the defensive third is a potent weapon, especially against opposition seeking to press the team high up the pitch. Narita's ability to play in midfield also allows her to move forwards and give Riena an extra player in the middle of the park, which is always an option when the team finds itself struggling to maintain control against inferior opposition. Defensively, she can be quite vulnerable; a particular weakness is her lack of dominance in the air, which often leads to opposition attempting to target her ahead of her central defensive partner. She has lost her place in the starting XI to Mao Tsukamoto after a shaky BoF, but her versatility means she can expect some game time, either as part of a back five or at the base of midfield.

15 • Mana AMEMIYA
Central defender; 21; 38 caps; 2 goals; unattached

Amemiya is a solid, uncompromising option in central defence, usually playing the foil to more technically accomplished defenders alongside her. A robust, physically imposing defender, she is particularly strong in the air and in the tackle. While perhaps not as technically gifted as a typical Riennese player, Amemiya makes up for her technical shortcomings by adding a touch of grit and steel to complement her teammates' comparatively adventurous play. Another area in which she excels is in her reading of the game and keen sense of danger, often allowing her to be in the right place at the right time to snuff out opposition attacks at source. Can be a little slow off the pace, though given her age, that is something that she can be expected to improve upon with effort and experience.

Central defender/right-back/defensive midfielder; 20; 34 caps; 3 goals; unattached

A no-nonsense defender with a surprising eye for a pass, Tsukamoto was once the bridesmaid to her flashy senior Narita, but a series of excellent performances during Riena's Baptism of Fire campaign has allowed Tsukamoto to overtake Narita as first-choice central defender alongside Mana Amemiya. A strong, physical defender in the mould of her central defensive partner Amemiya, Tsukamoto will be expected to bring more solidity to the Riena defence than the relatively lightweight Narita. She is a potent threat at set-pieces, having scored two goals during Riena's BoF campaign, and is someone whom opposing defenders should keep an eye on whenever she ventures upfield to attack a dead ball.

4 • Minami KAGURA
Right-back/right wing-back; 20; 32 caps; 2 goals; unattached

Kagura is a canny full-back who focuses on providing service from out on her flank. She is not as offensively-minded as a typical Riennese full-back, usually preferring to stay deep as part of a three-player defensive line whenever Riena are moving forward with the ball, but remains a useful option when the team are in possession due to her willingness to make lung-busting supporting runs down the right. When on the ball, she tends to eschew overplaying in the final third, preferring instead to head for the touchline and deliver crosses and cutbacks into the area. Mental fortitude is perhaps not one of her strengths, and question marks remain over Kagura's temperament and ability to stay calm under pressure after she skied the decisive penalty against Mavinet in the BoF semifinals.

Right-back/right wing-back; 19; 18 caps; 0 goals; unattached

An eager attacking full-back with a decent delivery, Himemori is a slightly raw player who mainly trades on her pace. She is always keen to get forward as much as she can to support her team in attack, but she tries her best not to neglect her defensive responsibilities at the back. Despite her boundless enthusiasm, Himemori is not very good at either defending or attacking. As with most of Riena's players, her age means that there is potential for significant improvement down the line, but the fact that Himemori is Kagura's understudy shines a harsh spotlight on the depth issue Riena have at right-back. If Kagura is injured, it is a toss-up whether Riena will move Tsukamoto out wide to cover, or give Himemori the game-time she needs to improve. The question is whether she will be found out against senior-level multiversal opponents. A decent option, but likely to never amount to more.

Defensive midfielder/central midfielder; 22; 24 caps; 0 goals; Mashu Hellownia (Hinodejin Empire)

Sakuranami is a powerful, tenacious wolfhound of a midfielder who is excellent at defending, pressing, and recycling possession. Originally a defensive anchor player, Sakuranami transitioned to a box-to-box role during Riena's BoF campaign, and has truly made the niche her own. From an attacking perspective, Sakuranami tends to arrive late in the area when Riena are on the attack, providing an additional offensive option for the team and potentially causing chaos in the opposition defence. She is not the most precise finisher in the team, but Sakuranami has a powerful shot on her, and will not hesitate to take aim from long range whenever given the chance to do so. While she has managed to improve her attacking game to fill the demands of her new role, Sakuranami remains adept at the defensive side of the game. There is nothing she enjoys more than a well-timed interception or a crunching tackle, and she is perhaps most infamous for her willingness to commit blatantly cynical challenges to break up play as necessary. Lost her spot in the starting XI after WCQ85 as part of a tactical reshuffle, with Meru Matsukai her replacement.

7 • Mishiro KAWAKAZE
Defensive midfielder/central midfielder; 20; 25 caps; 1 goal; unattached

A hard-running midfielder who is sometimes unfairly characterised as a water carrier or a jack-of-all-trades. Kawakaze's reputation for being a tenacious player who puts in the hard yards perhaps undersells her a little; she is a tough-tackling defensive midfielder who can do just about everything to a decent standard, including, somewhat surprisingly, putting the ball in the back of the net. While Riena does have specialists who can do specific aspects of Kawakaze's job better, the central midfielder is perhaps the best all-round player currently in the Riennese ranks. But at the same time, Kawakaze is also a victim of her own versatility, having thus far failed to nail down a starting spot ahead of her contemporaries. She may well mature to become part of Riena's first-choice midfield in time, but for now, expect to see her plugged in wherever a hole needs to be urgently filled.

Central midfielder; 21; 20 caps; 1 goal; unattached

The playmaking metronome that keeps the team ticking over. Most of the team's build-up play goes through the languid, silky Ishibashi, who is accomplished at dictating play and controlling a game's tempo from midfield. Ishibashi's laid back style makes her a convenient target for accusations of laziness, but her undeniable ability in possession has helped her secure a starting spot in this Riena team. Capable of a wide range of passing, whether it be simple square passes, fizzed crossfield attempts, or chipped through balls, Ishibashi has a keen eye for the defence-splitting pass, an attribute which dovetails well with the speed and attacking flair of Riena's forwards. Ishibashi tends to suffer from bouts of positional indiscipline, often drifting forwards into advanced positions as a game wears on. Her advanced presence can either leave yawning gaps in the midfield for savvy opponents to exploit, or allow Riena to overwhelm less tactically aware opposition. Supplanted by Kirimiya in the starting XI after an indifferent BoF, but is likely to start or to be brought on whenever Riena needs a creative spark. Showed signs of rehabilitation in WCQ85, and may find herself thrust back into the thick of action sooner rather than later.

10 • Aya NAKIRI
Central midfielder/attacking midfielder/center forward; 21; 35 caps; 14 goals; unattached

Perhaps the most threatening weapon in Riena's armoury, and the player most likely to create a moment of magic out of nothing. Nakiri is nominally a central midfielder, but her play style means that she is often either dropping into the hole to link up midfield and attack, or playing off the center forward's shoulder. An unerring eye for goal, a penchant for direct and effective running, as well as an excellent range of passing, means that Nakiri poses a threat to the opposition goal whenever she is given time and space on the ball. Has a fondness for the spectacular; opportunistic efforts from outside the box are a particular favourite. Despite her attacking prowess, Nakiri can be marked out of a game by an attentive defender with the pace to keep up with her. Adept in the high energy pressing style favoured by Riena, she possesses a high work rate and good stamina, and when interchanging with her center forward, is often the first line of defence for the team. One potential weakness is her inability to dovetail well with her teammates in the team's preferred 4-3-3 formation. Manager Kanata Shiranami rejigged her midfield to accommodate her most proficient attacker, but Nakiri's presence, or lack thereof, in midfield, still has the potential to cause severe balance issues for the team, and as a result she can be a tactical weak link that well-coached opponents may look to target. Formerly the team's vice-captain, Nakiri has been given the armband for the Cup of Harmony after Hijiri Sakuranami was displaced by Meru Matsukai in the team's starting XI.

12 • Sara KIRIMIYA
Defensive midfielder/central midfielder; 18; 33 caps; 2 goals; unattached

Kirimiya is an accomplished holding midfielder who understands that her job is to defend, and she does it exceptionally well. Although she is nominally a midfielder, she is perhaps the purest defensive player in this Riena roster. Kirimiya generally plays in a screening role in front of the defence, covering for her less-defensively inclined colleagues so that the they can focus on attacking the opposition third without worrying about leaving the team short at the back. As would be expected for a holding midfielder, Kirimiya has the positional intelligence and discipline necessary for her role, using those key attributes to break up play in midfield and quickly recycle possession to her more creative colleagues. While she is fairly decent at tackling, Kirimiya has a tendency to dive in when challenging for the ball, and has a particular preference for sliding tackles. Has developed a taste for booming long range rockets.

18 • Meru MATSUKAI
Attacking midfielder/winger; 20; 27 caps; 3 goals; unattached

Matsukai is a mercurial, effervescent creative midfielder whose favoured position is in the hole, just behind her striker, but she is equally adept at playing wide out on both wings. A purer creative presence than Nakiri, she can be an option for Riena whenever they are playing against massed defences, but given Riena's abundance of attacking talent, Matsukai is generally regarded as an impact sub who can be deployed late on against flagging opponents to provide a spark for Riena. If playing on the wing, Matsukai favours cutting infield, narrowing the team's play, which can be problematic when Riena are up against a team who defend narrowly. Promoted to the starting XI after a tactical reshuffle mid-WCQ85, and now plays as a creative central playmaker in the heart of midfield.

Central midfielder/center forward; 21; 16 caps; 4 goals; unattached

Akamatsu started her footballing career as a center forward, but found herself repurposed as a central midfielder due to an abundance of forwards in the Riennese national set-up. Owing to her roots as a Riennese forward, she is strong and physical for a Riennese midfielder, and can offer a different dimension to the team's play whenever she is on the pitch, whether it is in midfield or in attack. Blessed with cultured passing ability, she fills a unique niche within the Riennese midfield, capable of acting simultaneously as a destroyer and a significant goalscoring threat. Akamatsu will often be deployed against opposition with a significant size or height advantage over Riena, and can also play as an auxiliary forward if Riena is chasing a late goal. Has carved out her own niche in this team as an impact substitute.

9 • Rion KANZAKI
Center forward; 20; 34 caps; 17 goals; Pascal Mashu (Hinodejin Empire)

A powerful, dominant center forward, Kanzaki is the perfect foil for the technically talented attackers in the team. Kanzaki's physical presence in the opposition penalty area often causes chaos in the ranks of opposition defenders, allowing her teammates to profit in the resulting confusion. She is a highly accomplished target man who is in her element when scoring, whether it be sweeping loose balls home from close range or sending goalkeepers sprawling with thirty-yard rockets. While comfortable scoring goals on her own, Kanzaki is also proficient at holding the ball up when receiving possession from deep, which creates opportunities for her teammates to make supporting runs beyond her. Her natural athleticism, strength, and goalscoring instincts make Kanzaki an effective spearhead of the Riena attack.

11 • Tsumugi SUENAGA
Left winger/right winger; 22; 28 caps; 6 goals; Miare CosmoStars (Hinodejin Empire)

Playing on the left wing, Suenaga trades on her raw pace and finishing ability. The left winger is an explosive, direct player whose single-minded running offers a different dimension to Riena's attack. Although possessing decent dribbling skills, Suenaga tends to thrive whenever there are large pockets of space into which she can make her marauding runs, making her an especially potent weapon on the counter against naturally attacking teams. As an inverted winger, Suenaga has a marked preference for cutting infield onto her stronger right foot, creating space for her full-back to exploit out on the flank. She is a capable finisher and, if invited to shoot, can pose a significant threat from close to medium range. She can play as an orthodox winger on the right in a pinch. Despite a mid-cycle transfer to Hinodejin side Miare CosmoStars, Suenaga lost her place in the starting XI to erstwhile understudy Cocoa Haneda after a disappointing run of form in WCQ85, and faces an uphill task in regaining her place as a regular starter.

17 • Flare STEINER
Right winger/center forward; 20; 33 caps; 17 goals; unattached

Steiner, one of Riena's key attacking outlets, is a technically skillful winger with a dizzying turn of pace that allows her to leave flat-footed opponents for dead. What she brings to the table is a repertoire of attacking skills that help her create an abundance of goalscoring opportunities for her teammates, not least her ability to put the ball on a plate for her teammates to score. Steiner is a proficient dribbler who enjoys nothing more than tying defenders into knots, and will attempt to trick her way right into the opposition area if given the chance to do so. She is a player for the big stage, and tends to turn in her best performances against superior opposition. Once viewed as a profligate finisher, Steiner has matured into a prolific goalscorer over the course of WCQ85. Can play as part of a front two alongside a physically dominant forward partner.

19 • Shizu SAMUKAWA
Center forward; 21; 16 caps; 6 goals; unattached

Riena has a predilection for strong, dominant center forwards to compensate for their lack of size and height elsewhere on the pitch, and Samukawa is no exception to that rule. More of a battering ram option than the talented Kanzaki, Samukawa nonetheless possesses the predatory instincts all good center forwards have in abundance. She is perhaps more reliant on her physical attributes than Kanzaki is, but Samukawa is no less effective at putting the ball in the back of the net. A particularly good header of the ball, and a useful target to aim for from any dead ball situations.

20 • Cocoa HANEDA
Left winger; 18; 19 caps; 9 goals; unattached

Formerly an untested winger from the Riennese youth development programme, Haneda was drafted into the senior squad as one of the programme's top prospects, but first-choice Tsumugi Suenaga's drop in form afforded her the opportunity to play her way into the starting XI. Defying all expectations, Haneda delivered a string of excellent performances as her goals and assists propelled Riena to third place in their WCQ group, and as a result she has firmly entrenched herself as manager Kanata Shiranami's first-choice ahead of Suenaga. A more direct winger with explosive pace and a sweet left foot, Haneda has a slight frame, but makes up for her physical shortcomings with a composure and presence of mind belying her years, attributes that play well with her penchant for penetrating running and clinical finishing.

21 • Rinze AYANAMI
Right winger; 19; 9 caps; 4 goals; unattached

Similarly to Haneda, Ayanami received her senior call-up by virtue of being one of the most promising talents in the Riennese youth development programme. She did not rise to prominence in the same way Haneda did, mainly because of Flare Steiner's consistently excellent output on the right wing, but Ayanami was afforded valuable game time throughout WCQ85 as part of the team's rotation policy, and she is widely considered to have the footballing chops to develop into a strong contender for a starting spot in the cycles to come. In terms of style, Ayanami is a creative winger who is more of a playmaker out on the flank rather than an attacking outlet. She possesses the physical attributes to thrive as an orthodox winger, but she prefers to set up her teammates rather than go for goal herself. Ayanami's starting prospects thus far have been severely limited by Flare Steiner and red hot run of form throughout the BoF and WCQ85, but she will be given minutes on the pitch in case of injury or as a late substitute for Steiner, in order to prime her for a challenge for Steiner's starting spot in future cycles.

Manager; 24; 21 wins, 8 draws, 10 losses; 99 GF 69 GA; +30 GD

Kanata Shiranami is slowly making a name for herself as a talented manager. Leading a squad of young, hopelessly callow players sourced from the Riena FA's elite talent development programme, she managed to eke out a fourth-placed finish at the Baptism of Fire, losing to the eventual champions Mavinet on penalties in the semifinals before tasting defeat in the third-place playoff against Tequilo. But Riena's strong performance at the Baptism was only a taster of what was to come in the World Cup. Drawn into a relatively strong Group 14, Shiranami guided her unfancied team to an improbable charge for qualification, sending even the most pessimistic Riennese fans into raptures with a string of positive results against storied footballing names such as Newmanistan and Krytenia. The crowning moment of Shiranami's short tenure as manager came on the penultimate matchday of WC85 qualifying, when her Riena side comprehensively defeated Vilita, the multiverse's finest team, by three goals to nil, an achievement only slightly dampened by Qasden gaining a point on the same matchday to qualify at the expense of the Wavelets. Nevertheless, having made a significant impression in her debut campaign, Shiranami will be looking to further burnish her credentials as a manager at the 77th Cup of Harmony.

Assistant manager; 23

Riena will tend to set up in a highly fluid 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 formation; the team can and will rapidly transition between different formations when necessary. Riena's players will, in general, be given freedom to roam from their assigned position as well as exchange positions with other players. The team is on the short side; therefore, they will tend to play the ball short on the ground rather than looking to go long. In attack, the team will look to move the ball vertically at speed, but will also be content to patiently probe the opposition defence if there are no immediate openings. Riena is particularly reliant on the wingers in attack, and if the opposition manages to stifle Riena's wing play, they will inevitably be muzzled as an attacking threat. In defence, Riena uses a high defensive line and will try to make use of offside traps. Zonal marking is preferred at corners and free kicks.

The Riena national team play their football matches at the Wavelet Arena, Nagato. The pitch dimensions are short, but wide, by multiversal standards for football pitches, facilitating wider play on the flanks. The pitch itself is usually well-watered and slick, allowing the ball to travel at speed across the natural grass surface. For teams who prefer a spot of beach football, Riena's original national sport, Riena maintains the Sea Fury Arena, also in Nagato, with the same pitch dimensions as the Wavelet Arena, but with a sand surface instead. Riena will usually default to the Wavelet Arena, but opponents are free to specify a stadium preference if they wish to do so.

Set-piece assignments

The following set piece assignments are listed in order of priority. Positions are indicated relative to the opposition goal. Central free kicks can be taken by players assigned to either left or right sided free kicks. Indirect free kicks given within the opposition area are counted as direct free kicks for the purposes of this section.

  • Indirect free kicks
    • Right - Meru MATSUKAI, Minami KAGURA, Mao TSUKAMOTO
  • Direct free kicks
    • Left - Kaede IGARASHI, Aya NAKIRI, Cocoa HANEDA
    • Right - Aya NAKIRI, Kaede IGARASHI, Flare STEINER
  • Corners
    • Left - Kaede IGARASHI, Meru MATSUKAI, Aya NAKIRI
    • Right - Flare STEINER, Minami KAGURA, Aya [b]NAKIRI[/b]
  • Penalties
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Postby Huayramarca » Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:06 pm

Football Federation of Huayramarca


Official Roster for the 77th Cup of Harmony

About Huayramarca: The Plurinational State of Huayramarca, also known as ”Huayramarca Mamallaqta” in Quechua and ”Huayramarca Suyu” in Aymara (literally: Windy Country), is an extraordinarily diverse nation in terms of geography that’s located up north Atlantian Oceania. Crossing three time zones, from the coasts to the jungle, passing massive cordilleras such as the Andes and Sierra, a nation with 36 million inhabitants that belong to 9 different ethnical groups.

Huayramarca as such is a relatively new nation for the traditional standards of it, since it was constituted on 1822 (currently, we sit on 1980 according to the Inca Calendar), the main focus of building this nation was to help different ethnic groups to gather force into the region, in order to be recognized multiversally as a nation, hence, may gather some international protection in case their rights would be abused all of a sudden by an external force.

Being completely ignorant on what was happening on the neighborhood, the Aymara, Quechua, Shuar, Guarani, Montubio, Tsáchila, Huaorani, Andoa and Candoshi ethnics decided to form the Republic with the support of neighboring nations such as the Royal Kingdom of Québec. Migration from Québec happened in the late XIX century, mostly peoples known as ”Guayabalenses” decided to move in order to seek a stable place for their families, considering that their home soil was apparently brushed off the map by a dictator called “Gregory”. That last point forced the Huayramarcans into a stronger union in order to survive.

Until the middle XX century, Huayramarca managed to survive economically from llama, alpaca and vicuña herding, since its skins are highly valuable in neighboring Québec due to their strong winters; also, coffee production helped Huayramarca to build some solid institutions that promoted national expansion near the neighboring Cocoabo Forest, that place is “La Selva”, a lush but quite dangerous forest with hundreds of rivers that come from the Andes. After some years of exploration, the authorities met the first indigenous peoples of the zone, which were exploited in order to produce rubber for tires and some mysterious chickens that were provided in order to even more mysterious sacrifices to a deity, which the local people and even the rest of Huayramarca wasn’t able to understand how she works, granted, it’s not even a part of the Incan Mythology which includes Inti (the Sun god) and others.

Said abuses committed against the jungle inhabitants caused a heavy political turmoil around 1950, which formed a divide in the nation that still remains until today: Serranos (highlanders), Costeños (coastals) against Siramas (jungle inhabitants); Those divides weren’t noticeable in economic terms but politically, with constant attempts of coup ‘d etat against the government. That situation caused some issues with the neighboring Québec, who neglected to support financially any of those groups if they don’t manage to cooperate between themselves in order to provide prosperity to a heavily hunger-suffering nation back in the time.

Aymara and Quechua peoples took the power during the remaining part of the 50’s until 1969. On that period, Huayramarca suffered a lot of “huaycos” (mudslides) caused by heavy rain storms near the Andes and Sierra, those events killed at least 300,000 people and urged for an attempt to reincorporate Huayramarca back into normality, but, how? The main bet of the government was to aim for the tourism industry, spamming the developed nations of Atlantian Oceania in order to make some tourists visit sacred places such as Illimani (a mountain that’s devoted as god for the Aymara folk), Huayna Picchu (the royal Incan palace for Quechua) and the sun drenched coast ranging from Guayaquil to Lima (specially Montañita, the best beach par excellence in northern Atlantian Oceania).

The formula was working decently, since the economy was reporting high growth numbers, but seemed to cause some lack of satisfaction on certain zones of the country, specially on the Jungle. Their inhabitants decided to support the Costeño elite in order to beat the Serrano government. 1969 election would be marked for the Huayramarcan history by the magnitude of the sabotage made against the current government, to the point of bribery or killings for their supporters, those incidents made the Costeño elite take control of government and focus even more on the Coast and Jungle, leaving aside the Sierra.

Currently, Huayramarca has a huge wealth gap between zones, the coast boasts the fact of being the economical engine of the nation despite the fact that the capital city is in the Sierra Region, while the Jungle is slowly developing with some cities such as Ormeño, Madre Santa, Virú and several others boosted by oil findings and rubber production. Sierra may be in disadvantage, but recent developments in neighboring nations may make them turn relevant once again in the nation, since lithium batteries demand is growing up and Huayramarca’s Sierra possesses one of the biggest lithium reserves of the entire multiverse.

Basically, Huayramarca is a nation of contrasts and never—ending conflicts that’s well into the deep borehole named “the natural resource course” a hard situation to overcome due to the lack of proper education, critical thinking and result-focused mindset on the population, that constantly seeks for shelter in entertainment industries such as soap operas, music, and now football. Right now, power struggles between the Costeño government led by Hugo Mina and leftist pro-Serrano social movement “Ñucanchi Ñan” is making people more fond into football, since they really need an oxygen supply inbetween a lot of crisis and turmoil that could lead to the radicalization of this conflict, to the point of seeing Ñucanchi Ñan turning into a guerrilla, which would turn things darker for the Huayramarcan people.

Facts about the nation

Official Name: Estado Plurinacional de Huayramarca - Huayramarcan Plurinational State.
Motto: Unión y Libertad - Union and Freedom.
National Anthem: Noble Huayramarca, tu hermosa bandera.
Capital City: Huayramarca D.M. (Distrito Metropolitano) - Huayramarcan Metropolitan District.
Highest Point: Nevado Inti (7,920 masl)
Currency: Inti (I$ 1 = N$ 0.33)
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (main); Six other indigenous languages.

Football-wise Information: As a society, Huayramarcans enjoy sports a lot, specially when politics may turn the nation into a chaos every second, they just want to run away from that horrible and desperate situation and may try luck on football.

Considering the levels of poverty on Huayramarca, many young people may give a shot for football in the chaotic Liga 1 or lower tiers, with the hopes of achieving a decent salary that may help their families to get away from poverty and huayco-prone neighborhoods. Liga 1 has sixteen teams from different parts of the country, mostly focused on the Sierra and Costa regions since those are the most heavily populated ones.

In the last year, the president of the Plurinational State, Hugo Mina (Costeño), thought it would be a great idea to form a fringe squad for the AOCAF and then try to make it into Baptism of Fire or World Cup Qualifiers, hence he asked for Eliezer González (head of the Huayramarcan Football Federation) to try and apply for said tournaments. He sent notes in order to sign-up for those events, but he sent them incorrectly, at AOCAF, he sent it to a grandmother living up near the Andean Organization for Coffee, Agriculture and Forests (located at Cumbayá) instead of sending it to the proper AOCAF tournament organizing committee, which turned González into laughing stock for several weeks in Huayramarca. Despite that, González managed to sign-up properly for the WC, despite he was rejected for BoF because he applied to the “Burger of Fire” and not the Baptism of Fire.

After all, the HFF managed to convince 25 players from the amateur-ish Liga 1 sides to build the National Team, whose nickname is resumed to “Kuntur” (The Condors), all those players range from being high school students, to chemists, bus drivers, and even people from the local tavern, whose preference is revealed on how they named their team “Real Ebriedad”, which was later supported by Cristalina, the main brewery firm from Huayramarca. Those 25 players decided to investigate some football techniques and decided to apply them at the different games they played on the inaugural Liga 1 season that was won by Real Ebriedad (in a game where corruption was noticeable as how the referee was given beer instead of an energetic beverage).

Nothing that would be possible without the support of Omar Caicedo, a Costeño who migrated to Québec and decided to learn some football techniques while managing Beyreuth University, where he won three national titles out of eight seasons on his span with them. Caicedo is a fan of high-pressure football, known as “gegenpressing” or “El Huayco” as Huayramarcans may call if (specially Serranos, since they might be quite shy or sometimes plain dumb that doesn’t like to attack) Anyways, Caicedo’s strategy proved right on some matches played by Huayramarca against their northern neighbor, the Royal Kingdom of Québec, beating them 5-1 at Huayramarca’s Estadio Nacional (located at 4,012 masl only?!…) and tying 2-2 at Iqaluit’s Ice Hockey Rink (that’s what the players thought at playing in a frozen city… ¡Achachay!) If you wonder what’s ¡Achachay! Well, figure out you’re on top of the mountain receiving wind and gelid weather right into you, if you did it, welcome to Huayramarcan’s sense of cold shivering!

Well, coming back to football, Caicedo’s devotion for 4-2-3-1 is unquestionable, he always loves to boast of having a neat defense, two defending mid fielders that may aim to recover possession when needed, or even having one of them switching to creative duties in support of the team’s brain, Ian Mamani, then, two wingers feeding the sole striker up in the middle of the box. That striker may often go back and try to recover balls and make a power play from himself with support of a winger and then seek for a goal. He did demonstrated a lot during the first part of the World Cup Qualifiers, earning some mixed results during it, but it failed for a part of the second half, where the team accumulated an 11 winless game streak added that they weren't capable to snatch a win during their first eight local games, in fact, their first home win came at the 9th home game, after that, they won three out of their four last home games, earning a 8 games unbeaten streak to finish off the Qualifiers, which was a quite impressive recovery after having their morale smashed on the floor and some players even considered suicide, since they were considered to be a mediocre living fail walking through their home cities streets. This invite to the Cup of Harmony, which is apparently seen as a previous ladder for future World Cup Finals participants have been received by people with happiness, still, they hope the HFF Head doesn't sent this to a place called Cavern of Harmony, or Coffe on a Hut, they are capable to do that, but they hope that they will actually send this file to Kelssek or Zwangzug, who are the organizers of this event.

Something that makes Huayramarcan football so distinguishable is that they are prone to do long range shots, due that they are used to play at significant heights, the lack of oxygen may make the ball travel further without applying a lot of strength during the mechanics of kicking the football, that is known as the “Andean Effect” and may cause serious troubles for visiting sides on Huayramarca, adding the main fact that breathing might be harder for those used to low altitudes.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting Eleven





Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps and goals.

Nickname: The Condors.
Current Record: 8-8-8
Most Caps: 10 players tied at 24.
Most Goals: Bryan Tello (13)
Biggest Win: 5-1 (vs. Independent Athletes of Québec / Friendly)
Most Important Game: 3-1 (vs. Greater Lausitz / WC 85, MD 18 - First home win)
Biggest Defeat: 2-3 (vs. Delaclava / WC 85, MD 13)

Captain: Ian Mamani.
Second Captain:Kevin Quispe.
Third Captain: Nicolás Allauca.
Most likely to score: Bryan Tello
Most likely to get red carded: Kevin Quispe.
Prone to get injuries: Gabriel Sayritupac.
The genius: Ian Mamani.
The motivating soul: Santiago Chumacero.

Manager: Omar Caicedo. (38)
Assistant: Rubén Condori. (52)
Physio: Lautaro Huamán. (59)
GK Trainer: Martín Zubeldía (41)
Doctor: Luciano Zambrano. (51)

Team mentality: Huayramarcans, per se, are bold and quite diverse between the team due to the regional contrasts among them: You might note some surnames such as: Condori, Mamani, Quispe, Sayritupac, etc. Those are Serrano surnames. Serranos as such are quite shy people with non-serranos, between them, great footballing societies may be made due to their complete understanding of each other, they are quite homogenous on how they act and may be predictable for each other. But, for the non-expert eye, Serranos are one on their kind and could result unpredictable for them, since they love to do things at fast pace between them, without doubt one could send a 60 meters cross with complete confidence that they might find their teammate, with this, you can notice that Serranos are overconfident on themselves and somewhat dubious with Costeños and Siramas. Other characteristic of Serranos is that they are quite easy to intimidate, being shy and short-sized doesn’t helps, but in that situation, they might opt to act even better than they do for the sake of shutting your mouth.

Costeños and Siramas (jungle) in the other hand are confident with everybody, even if they might not receive the same treatment by their Serrano fellows. Those two groups conform the rest of the team and might do good societies on field, declining the quality of their chemistry when trying to connect with Serranos, due to the latter shy mood. Physically speaking, Costeño and Siramas are people who boast being the tallest overall in the team, also, their mania for body preparation at gyms make them suitable to defensive duties and running on the wings since they love running crazily (they usually do that, since they are used to run away from police or a mob of angry Serranos after robbing).

Overall, the team has some issues while trying to build chemistry, since there are two well-marked groups with some issues, but may try to join forces when needed or when they are being heavily massacred (football-wise) such as it happened on World Cup Qualifiers, when they were 3-2-6 on the first half of Qualifiers, they managed to comeback decently with a 5-6-2 sheet for the second leg, turning it into an overall 8-8-8, which is nothing bad for the usual accountability of unranked nations. Leaving aside those issues, the team boasts some decent characteristics for running on the wings, the team itself is fast paced but may have problems while struggling physically (specially if a Serrano is trying to mark) since they aren’t so strong to do that, albeit, the consequences of it may be noticeable only with high-ranked teams.

To finish with this part, Huayramarca is that kind of team that may be overconfident sometimes, but if you press them to their limits, they might react in unsuspected ways, be those positive or negative for their interests, you don’t know what would happen in the Serrano, Costeño or Sirama mindset. As they do on the local league, they might try to do some antics to their rivals, be it: providing beer instead of water to their rivals, or the classiest one, giving distillated “ayahuasca” (vodka-like alcohol) and pass it like water and make their rivals be drunk, taking advantage of their influence to beat the rival team. Of course, they might not abuse of this resource, Serranos might ask Inti for it.

Game Scheme: Caicedo aims to use always a 4-2-3-1 scheme that he dubs it as “El huayco” (the mudslide) due to an analogy he made of his team with such a devastating natural phenomena: “We aim to build a fast team, aiming to be unpredictable for the others while using our regional paradigms in our favor. The less known we are, the more lethal we could be and that’s why I love not having a specific plan.” That’s what Caicedo want’s to use, but in reality, there are some hints to analyze what he loves to do with his teams, especially on Beyreuth University of Québec.

El Huayco is a style of play in which you look to win back the ball as soon as you lose it, and you try to win it back as high up the pitch as possible; that means you’re closing down a lot to put pressure on the player that's just won the ball back.

The idea is that the player who just won the ball will be vulnerable and won't have time to think about his first pass. You just close him down to win the ball back quickly as high up the pitch as possible, and then you initiate a counter attack. You're likely already half way there and ready to go past into space and score a goal.

You can also use this tactic to target specific weak players, if you have noticed a weakness in a certain team. Maybe central defenders or full backs aren't comfortable on the ball, and you can look to press and close down certain individuals to try and make the most out of this game pressing style.

For the last purpose mentioned, Serranos are heavily important, they might be the analogue of a dog felling your fear and then attacking, they as collective love to use their different point of views and implement them as one while attacking, then fast passes and maybe a long range shot may happen, especially if the team is playing on the highlands. If the team is playing on the coast or jungle, they might seek to control the ball and make the rival team run behind the ball for some time, in order to cause climatic exhaust on them, since coast and jungle are hot and terribly humid in this part of Atlantian Oceania, so it may pose a real challenge for teams not used to play in such conditions.

To achieve Caicedo’s main goal, there are several prerequisites for successful counterpressing. The decisive factor is the overall positioning of the team and their playing style right before attempting to counterpress. The players must play as close to one another as possible so that they can press together as a unit right after the ball is lost – which is a given in short passing football. At the same time, they should not stick so close to one another that they neglect to cover enough space. Usually, a good layout in possession and a good shape behind the lost ball go hand in hand.

Some trainers use the basic rule of thumb to “occupy the fewest possible zones with individual players, but the greatest possible distance between the players within those zones so that they don’t occupy the same space” to make the positioning simple to understand; although, with a rule of thumb like this, some aspects are lost in terms of complexity.

Many teams also have problems deciding when to stop pressing, for example, when we stop pressing if we can’t win the ball back? When should we retreat? How long should you press and with how many players? This is particularly problematic because the position of the ball is always changing. Therefore, there is a theory created by Caicedo – the five second rule. Immediately after losing the ball the team should press at top speed and with maximum intensity for five seconds.

If the team hasn’t recovered the ball within five seconds and there is no chance of immediately winning it, they should fall back into their defensive formation. Depending on the team, the number of seconds may vary. It is recommended that the strategic basics of “El Huayco” be coached in order to develop a flexible, situation-specific length of time for counterpressing.

For scorination purposes, set the style modifer of Huayramarca at +1.


The Kits: Huayramarca’s social mindset is to aim for local consumption in the long term, hence the HFF decided to hire “eva Sportswear” to manufacture the kits for the national team. “eva” decided to take the ball out of the park with some unique designs for Huayramarca, reflecting the national identity and adding up some motivational phrases on them for mere sake of marketing. Those kits are based on the geography of this nation, from the coast, to the highlands and jungle in order to promote a sense of national unity, especially on a stage that the national team might try to do something decent in their first World Cup Qualifiers venture.

As backgrounds, you might notice some decent spots that Huayramarca has to offer, such as Huayna Picchu, the mythical castle built in the Andes and thought to be built for the Incaic Emperors some centuries ago. On the second kit, the sacred Illimani, a mountain located just outskirts Huayramarca’s Metropolitan District, this 6540 masl mountain is believed to be an angel sent my Inti to protect the city against any disaster. On the third kit, the gigantic Guayas River is displayed, with some Guayaquil neighborhoods in it (Guayaquil is the third biggest city in Huayramarca), also possible home for some World Cup Qualifier games.

As for the goalkeeper kits, in their main kit, the second largest city of Huayramarca, and the main coastal city, Lima is featured, this city is known for their gorges near the coast, something like a potential protection against disasters as the so frightening tsunamis. To finish with, the magnificent Chimborazo mountain is featured in the background for the away goalkeeper shirt, with some important animals for the Huayramarcan folk such as the wild vicuñas, known for their weird habit of flesh-eating (Beware if you go there and see one of those, they might not be friendly if meat isn’t given to them).






Players description - Starting XI.

Nota bene: All players have zero caps, since the statistics taken into consideration were before the beginning of WCQ 85 - For national purposes, friendlies are never taken into consideration for official registries.

N°1 - Juan Mamani - GK - 22 yrs - Team: Ate FC - Height: 1.88 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 1

Mamani is an individual that believes he always is right, he tends to be creative when saving balls of creating some innovative ideas to take the ball forward, based so much in the fact that he is protective, spontaneous and loves to be independent in his actions. Currently, he is sad because he broke up with his girlfriend. Despite his relationship failure, he might seek some attention as the goalkeeper of the national team, forming decent bonds with his teammates in order to leave the baby steps soon in terms of footballing level. Also, he's brother with the creative mid of this team, Ian Mamani. He also has the curious record of scoring a free kick goal against Greater Lausitz, that goal helped Huayramarca to get their first ever victory at home soil on World Cup 85th, matchday 18th.

N°2 - Kevin Quispe - RCB - 18 yrs - Team: Real Ebriedad - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 23 - Goals: 2

A pretty average guy in terms of intelligence that has no life plan, hence he left studies in order to make a living with football. He is very secretive, doesn't likes even to tell his teammates what will be his next movement because he knows we will be wrong, Quispe has serious issues with anger management and may be rebellious, he is cold and ignores what the others might feel or think about him, he doesn't gives a fu*k of anything. Anyways, he's flabbergasted by the fact of being called to the national team, even more by the fact of being part of the starting XI.

N°4 - Carlos Vilca - LFB - 23 yrs - Team: Sporting Club El Alto - Height: 1.78 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 4

Vilca exemplifies the stereotype of a Serrano, he is overly analytical and optimistic, with some patience when a player might approach to him, he might take some minutes to make a mental profile of who he will face and how to block him in its right side. Despite being coordinated and loving to be the center of attention, he loves to be quiet and solitary with his own personal code of conduct, he might be extremely fair while robbing balls and could try to be the surprise factor, since he tends to react when needed, his two goals to equalize the match against Darmen (both first and second leg) helped Huayramarca to snatch vital points against a superior rival. Right now, he's submissive by the fact of being called by Caicedo for the national team.

N°6 - Felipe Fernández - RFB - 18 yrs - Team: Club Atlético Lima - Height: 1.85 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 2

Pipe, as known by his teammates is an extremely intelligent right fool back that adapts quite quickly to any situation he might face, he loves being orderly and hates mess. When playing, he is straight-forward and might argument with rivals, referee and even his teammates, he rarely praises others and values learning from experience, hence why he has a promissory future in football. Right now, he's kind by the chance given by the HFF to play for the national team.

N°14 - Santiago Chumacero - LCB - 22 yrs - Team: FC Atahualpa - Height: 1.81 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 6

Chumacero's perception of things might be out of this world, his mind might be some steps forward the others and might help to anticipate to some movements that may be done by the rival. For that purpose, he's always flexible, active and plays like he would be killed if he does a mistake, he's loyal with his team, faithful and gentle, hence he might be the motivator of the squad. Chumacero's right now really sorry with his mom, because he robbed her I$ 100 Intis to get a room and go with his girlfriend to a hotel and experience some intimacy. Also, he feels inspired by the fact of scoring 6 goals during the whole World Cup Qualifier process, four of those goals came on two consecutive matches, basically, a polivalent when needed.

N°17 - Orlando Mina - CM - 19 yrs - Team: Sporting Club El Alto - Height: 1.95 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 0

One of the two defensive mid of the team, being the classical Costeño out there, Mina is the tallest and strongest player of the squad. Mina's attitude is being original and stubborn, giving you some classical Costeño vibes, consistent in his performance and devoted to God, he cares a lot about what he does, since he tries always to correct his mistakes and not suffering on them, instead, he uses them as feedback to improve his game and abilities. Mina's sad right now because his mother was fired from the job, although, he might provide some food for his family while playing with The Condors.

N°11 - Ian Mamani - CF - 19 yrs - Team: Illimani FC - Height: 1.65 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 4

The second of the Mamani brothers in this team, along with Juan, Ian has what Juan might lack sometimes, creativity and brightness, although they play in totally different positions and roles in the team. This creative mid and captain of the team is one of the big things among this team, a fast-paced and fussy person with lots of potential, euphoria that drives him to perform as what he can do, being the best of the entire nation in his role. Large crosses are his specialty, including long-range shots when playing on the highlands. Right now, his euphoria level has increased a lot, considering he got called to the national team, the fact of being called captain and being on the international TV screen for WCQ.

N°8 - Nicolás Allauca - CF - 24 yrs - Team: Huayramarca FC - Height: 1.80 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 6

Nico was a bus driver until the last three weeks prior to WC 85 Qualifiers, when he decided to enter to the amateur football world of Huayramarca, he was in luck that Caicedo watched him plat and fell in love on how he performed. Allauca is spontaneous and may not like to do training, he is a fast-moving and extremely practical (hates theories) defensive mid, that may mutate to a second creative mid with Ian Mamani and has also a decent capability to score goals while going to attack. Allauca is blunt, might hurt you with his eyes and ignores rules, he might be dramatical when somebody tackles or fouls him, in order to make that player get sent off of at least yellow carded. Nico is pleased with Caicedo for being called up to the team once again.

N°7 - Abraham Mendoza - LF - 20 yrs - Team: Huayramarca FC - Height: 1.63 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 2

The smallest of the entire team, Mendoza is a mentally strong individual who loves to work hard, play hard and also be a strong leader inside the team in terms of order. A competent but realistic player who may not be spectacular while playing on the wings, but pragmatical and effective when achieving his purposes. Perhaps, on his personal life he is the best positioned of all the group, since he's currently studying Industrial Engineering at the Huayramarcan Technical University and he's scoring some of the best grades ever in that institution. You might notice how Abraham's personal discipline is, and this is translated even to football, where he tries to compliment some weaknesses that he may have as his height, but he tries to compensate with some decent body-building routines. He might not be a prolific scorer for the standards of a winger, but he has at least a 35% of assists for the total of Huayramarcan goals scored during the Qualifiers, hence, somebody to take care of.

N°21 - Gabriel Sayritupac - RF - 20 yrs - Team: Real Ebriedad - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 6

Sayri as he's known by many people in his native Tulcán (near the Québécois-Huayramarcan border) is an artistic person in all senses of his life. Usually he makes a living by painting portraits of people visiting the Chimborazo National Forest Reserve, sometimes working on a local brewery or doing some football for fun. He doesn't stands being alone and might be that easy-going Serrano (which is weird, if we come to think it). He has some genetic problems that makes him quite prone to injuries, and when those occur, Sayri decides to get inebriated to let frustration go away. A dirty antic he has is that he's well known for giving alcoholic beverages to the rivals instead of water, he has developed modified ayahuasca in order to make it feel and look like water, which has fooled some teams. Keep an eye on him!

Despite that, Sayritupac is a well skilled winger, an antithesis of Mendoza, since he loves to be artistical while dribbling and doing a cross, he might try to do rabonas while shooting or passing and will keep attacking, even more than the usual for a winger like him, he always loves to risk it all.

N°21 - Bryan Tello - ST - 25 yrs - Team: Club Sport Cumbayá - Height: 1.86 mts - Caps: 24 - Goals: 13

A decently heighted Costeño as forward is always a neat solution for your goal needs, with good pace, stride and also physic abilities Tello is what every team may need for up front. He's factual since he studied Philosophy at the University of Cumbayá, a committed and self-confident man who might be extremely traditional to his striker role, he might seek for some space in order to go front, use his strength and move towards the goal. Tello is a somewhat strong leader among the shadows of the Huayramarcan national team, an outgoing and straight-forward person that could sometimes aggressive since he's prone to be insensitive. He's right now interested in evolving as a legend for Huayramarcan football, something that he is slowly building up, and those key goals against Nephara and Jeruselem prove it.


Nota bene: In order to have a deeper understanding of Huayramarcan players, take in consideration the following list of personalities for the substitutes. For a better understanding of said list, take time to watch the substitute players list posted again down here and follow the order of said list. The first player on this list, has his mindset reflected in the left of the first row, the second in the right of the first row and then, so on until the last one:



Useful Information and Stadia: Before introducing the stadia, there’s some handy information for away fans who might visit Huayramarca. As said before, this nation has a quite complex geography and some long distances to travel for away fans, since there are only two airports: Huayramarca International Airport, located near Huayramarca Metropolitan District at the highlands, and the Jorge Guerra International Airport in Lima, on the coast. You might need to go up mountains or driving through them which is a complete odyssey due to the risks caused by the Andean geography itself.

People in Huayramarca might be passional about football pretty much everywhere, but more hostile when you go down the mountains, driving to the coast. Down there, if people don’t attack you, weather might do due to the offensive humidity, mosquitoes and heat that may occur there. In Lima, despite being in the coast, the weather is mild and great to play football, but there might be some sandstorms due to the deserts located south of said city. Coastal teams usually play at afternoon, when humidity may suffocate those not used to deal with it.

Same happens at the jungle, but the mosquito issue multiplies thousand-fold, also as humidity caused by constant rains that pass there in their transit to the highlands. Water absorption made by trees cause severe issues with an extremely humid weather, hence jungle teams decide to play often at noon, in order to torture rival teams.

On the Sierra things get worse, since the main problem up there is respiration. For a physical activity like football, people might need some weeks to acclimatize altitude and get an efficient breathing pattern that might supply their physical effort needs. Several cities are above the 2500 masl, even the capital city, which is located at 4000 masl, it doesn’t matters at which time they decide to play, if a team isn’t acclimatized, they will even faint during the game if they don’t have with them oxygen tanks to breathe before the game or if they don’t get some treatment into an hyperbaric chamber.

Stadia are distributed in order to have an equal distribution for regions, considering that there will be twelve local games at Huayramarca, Sierra, Costa and Jungla will receive four matches each one. Each region will receive a high tier rival and then a randomized sort of three other teams in other matchdays. You might contact the Huayramarcan Football Federation (OOC: TG me or shout me at Discord!) in case of more information or solving some needs for your team and fans.



Estadio Nacional de Huayramarca - Capacity: 45,500 - Huayramarca Metropolitan District.

Tenants: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Huayramarca.
Built in: 1968.
Altitude: 4012 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Illimani FC, Real Ebriedad, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: Built in 1968, the Estadio Nacional is the jewel in the not so well-shaped crown of the Huayramarcan sport venues, an olympic stadium that might be a nightmare for visiting teams due to the altitude and weather of the city, which tends to be somewhat hostile everyday, even more if it's played at noon due to the sun's radiation at that altitude. Despite being an olympic stadium, people tends to set a lot of pressure in it, especially from the neighboring appartment blocks which tends to be crowded for the matches being held there (they might aim lasers from there, take care!).

Also, the walls near the dressing room have some curious messages as such: "Welcome to Huayramarca D.M. At 4,000 meters above sea level "is one of the first things the visiting teams will read upon entering the dressing room, perhaps to make clear the conditions to which they will be subjected throughout the game. It is still somewhat intimidating the following warning that is issued when they leave the visiting dressing room "Caution, if you have the following symptoms: Headache, vertigo, fatigue, tachycardia, nausea or vomiting, wheezing, dyspnea or inappetence, go to the medical staff, we are at your disposal."



Estadio Olímpico del Oriente - Capacity: 26,000 - Sechura.

Tenants: MuniSechura - Municipality of Sechura.
Built in: 1945.
Altitude: 560 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Sociedad Petrolera, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: One of the biggest stadia in Huayramarca, the main hub of sports in the Jungle region is located at Sechura, a city of about 300,000 inhabitants which serves as logistical hub for operations of rubber production and for explorations into the dense jungle nearby. Sociedad Petrolera is a modest Liga 1 side, but one that tends to attract almost ticket sell outs every game, since people in that region tends to be quite passionated of football in order to forget their not so good daily life. At that city, one should take care of humidity, which tends to be quite strong at times, hence teams usually play there on afternoon or night, since heat might be something difficult to stand even for locals.



Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas - Capacity: 62,000 - Guayaquil.

Tenants: Autoridad Guayaquileña de Deportes - Guayaquilean Sports Authority.
Built in: 1980.
Altitude: 15 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Guayaquil Wanderers, Barcelona Sporting Club, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: A kettle pot, that's the definition for the biggest stadium in all of Huayramarca. "El Metropolitano" is the most recently built stadium in the nation and will make the debut for international football in Huayramarca. Hosts two teams and the fan athmosphere in Guayaquil is perhaps one of the most intimidatory ones in the multiverse, fans throwing you stones while receiving, throwing flares, extremely noisy people all around and the incredibly hot and humid weather that dominates the city may be lethal for some teams when trying to visit. Rescuing a tie from here may be considered something great, since you survived the "Guayaco" hell. Hence that, teams often love to play at the afternoon, specially at 3:00 P.M. in order to squeeze out the rivals in exhaust.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. (Contact me first, so we can agree)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (Contact me as well)
Give red cards to my players: Y (Maximum of 3).
Godmod other events: Y (Contact me first.)

Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Huayramarca D.M. Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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Choose my Lineup: No. I will be listing the starting lineup for each match at the end of each RP. You can choose my subs, though.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 max.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 2 max. Please TG me.
Godmod other events: No

Kits Credit: Kirola, Logo Credit: Vulpine Sportif

WC Record: 150-39-53 (wins/draws/losses), 531 scored, 311 conceded
Overall Record: 194-54-77 (wins/draws/losses), 713 scored, 448 conceded
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Style Modifier: +1.5
Denonym: Chromatik
Nickname: The Anomalies
Venue: Capitalizt Dome, Chromatk City, Chromatika (144,000) and as listed



Image Konrad Evans, 52 WC Record: 27-6-14 Overall Record: 33-7-21 Debut Cycle: 84
Formerly of Corvette Maulers and Crisisbless United, Konrad Evans is the polar opposite of the Manager that Silian Parker was, being a motivator more than a tactician. Signed to a three-year initial term by the Chromatik Football Federation, Evans has actually been present at all the press conferences. The journalists of Chromatika have been shocked to get to speak to the Manager at all. Evans has been cautiously optimistic yet confident, paying reverence to the importance of Chromatik football to the country, but excited to get back onto the pitch and put the focus on returning to the Knockouts of the World Cup Proper. World Cup 84 ended in the Proper Group Stage again for Chromatika, which was an acceptable result but not an ideal one. With having used the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup to test out some of the younger products, Evans is set to get back to the promised land of the Knockout Stages of the World Cup.

Image Katherine Everdeen, 41 Debut Cycle: 84
Formerly an assistant manager and scout for Appleoosa HC in the United League, Katherine Everdeen is a former Equestrian international who earned 26 caps as a forward for the Ponies during her career. Her younger sister, Elaine, has been far more successful as a player, but it has often been said that Katherine had a better approach to the mental side of the game. Everdeen has taken to get to know the players on a first name basis, and with the pair deciding on a fifty-person contingent, there's been a lot of work to do.

Image Zoe "Z" Benne, 36 Debut Cycle: 80
After graduating summa cum laude from Chromatik City College University with a degree in Sports Physiology, Zoe, affectionately called "Z" by her peers, worked at the Capitalizt Dome until the CFF came calling. Strikingly beautiful and fit, nobody would question her if she put on the uniform herself and went out on the pitch; her physique definitely belong out there. Smart, calculating, and personable, there were actually some concerns about her becoming a visual distraction to the players, which were shot down quickly by her professionalism and integrity. That being said, the Chromatik locker room will be... a bit more spicy than before. The players have done an admirable job of keeping things professional between them, which has allowed her to perform her duties without a problem. It is hard to believe that the team didn't have a physio for a long time. Now dating a now-retired Erika Morningstar - much to the conservative Chromatik media's chagrin - "Z" has really settled into her role.
Italics indicate still active
Most Caps:
Luuk Aart - 164
Rachel Hellion - 162
Keira Andisori - 159
Erika Morningstar - 155
Meagan Kelly - 143
Alyss Montague - 130
Kaytlyn Victoriane - 128
Zlastica Ellen - 127
Gabriella Antonio - 125
Trenn Rien - 123
Sandra Sybill - 122
Lucjusz Stef - 121
Aysu Damjana - 111
Carrol Liam - 110
Jazmin Dragana - 100
Player with under 100 caps not listed

Most Goals:
Keira Andisori - 121
Kaytlyn Victoriane - 82

Gabriella Antonio - 43
Olimpia Vidal - 35
Ki Niro - 33
Trenn Rien - 30
Rowena Sierra - 28
Rachel Hellion - 24
Beaunia Andisori - 24
Alyss Montague - 23
Meagan Kelly - 20
Players with under 20 goals not listed


1. Mia Ria, 28 | Image Cassandra City | 5 ft 10 in| Caps: 66 | Goals Allowed: 84 | Debut Cycle: 77
12. Nova Williams, 28 | Image Chatswood | 6 ft 7 in | Caps: 27 | Goals Allowed: 28 | Debut Cycle: 80
23. Ferret Tioux. 24 | Image Sabrefell Athletic | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 24 | Goals Allowed: 34 | Debut Cycle: 84
34. Finn Nichols, 25 | Image Tyrysier | 6 ft | Caps: 10 | Goals Allowed: 9 | Debut Cycle: 84
Shorter but having all the intangibles, Mia Ria is still chomping at the bit to have a go at the world. She is likely to get first choice in all the high-stakes matches. Williams is a solid communicator and leader in the locker room, with the height to give opposing would-be scorers fits. Ferret Tioux (don't laugh at the name) is an understudy at Sabrefell Athletic who is learning behind Echani star Aurelian Gautier, learning the set piece game. Tioux has great anticipation and reflexes, and was tested at length during the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup, with the Chromatiks fielding a U-25 team. If it wasn't for the defensive backfield folding in the Eagle's Cup, he would have had a better outing. Finn Nichols had a rough stint in the first season for Tyrysier, but he is someone who knows how to be a pure shot stopper. He shone in some spots as Tyrysier stayed in the SuperLiga, and will bring up the rear, nobody really quite catching Evans and Everdeen's eyes from the recent graduates of the Chromatik College Football System.

2. Kai Xiao, 25 | Image Farrenton Athletic | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 29 | Debut Cycle: 84
13. Zheide McBee. 29 | Image Alnio | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 51 | Debut Cycle: 79
24. Aoife Ruth, 31 | Image Miare CosmoStars | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 40 | Debut Cycle: 80
35. Olivia An, 33 | Image Hokuto Rangers | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 36 | Debut Cycle: 79
One of the developments of the last World Cup was the cementing of Kai Xiao as the starting right back for the Chromatik squad, and that was before he added thirteen caps to his repertoire through the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup. The lumbering specimen who is a younger, male counterpart to Erika Morningstar, Xiao is in his prime. Interestingly, all four players on the roster are the exact same, just in a different order - Zheide McBee, the aerial specialist, backing up Xiao, and the veteran duo of Ruth and An holding up the back end, providing support and minutes to the younger two. This will likely be the last cycle for An and Ruth with the likes of Nadia Rios coming up the ladder.

3. Henri de Aea, 24 | Image Holdenberg | 6 ft 7 in | Caps: 66 | Debut Cycle: 80
4. Kattie Will, 26 | Image Raynor City United | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 49 | Debut Cycle: 79
14. Cierra Anderson, 27 | Image Vermillion Rage | 5 ft 4 in | Caps: 47 | Debut Cycle: 79
15. Nicole Friedman, 28 | Image Alissar Phoenix | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 18 | Debut Cycle: 84
25. Theodore Rondeau, 26 | Image Franscisca Orient | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 14 | Debut Cycle: 84
26. Yeri Ibex, 32 | Image Chenoworth Rovers | 6 ft 1 in | Caps: 39 | Debut Cycle: 80
36. Giles Ken, 24 | Image AC Holmenkollen | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 16 | Debut Cycle: 84
37. White Baugh, 25 | Image Hokuto Senateurs | 6 ft 11 in | Caps: 13 | Debut Cycle: 84
Henri de Aea is the tall and stocky center back, he of a master of the air and a sure tackler. Well-spoken, de Aea has stated that he loves this opportunity to play with so many other backs and continue his game. Kattie Will is on a loaded Raynor City United team, trying to add more to her arsenal of Luuk Aart's school of frustrating strikers, while Cierra Anderson remains flexible, being able to play both center and left back. Anderson is the best crosser of the bunch, though the shortest. With Yeri Ibex getting older, but still bringing some speed and solid marking, two have gone up the depth chart ahead of him: Nicole Freidman, a very good player off of set pieces, especially corners, and Theodore Rondeau, a stocky man who can make a mean tackle. Giles Ken is a solid aerial defender who can keep up with most attackers who has strong intangibles, and White Baugh, is a spitfire enforcer who does not shy away from contact. As this unit as a whole gains more and more experience, the future of the Chromatik defense remains bright.

5. Valence Ilya, 27 | Image Eastweald | 6 ft 5 in | Caps: 58 | Debut Cycle: 79
16. Miles Austic, 28 | Image Royal Garo | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 31 | Debut Cycle: 80
27. Jarret Rowles, 25 | Image Diamondqueen | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 25 | Debut Cycle: 84
38. Derron Nocturne, 25 | Image Ziemelu Skaida | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 20 | Goals: 1 | Debut Cycle: 84
Valence Ilya has really blossomed into one of the cornerstones of the Chromatik defense. Now fully entrenched in Eastweald, this is his defense to lead. The tall, coachable lad has transformed into an in-game leader who knows how to tackle, pace, communicate... you name it. With Aysu Damjana retiring, Miles Austic has finally been given the opportunity to show his skills - which includes decent pace, a good head, and solid jumping skills. Behind him are two hungry youngsters in Jarret Rowles the colorblind player who is an inspiration and a master of microagression and Derron Nocturne, he of amazing game sense and a knack of being at the right place at the right time to stop shots from crossing the net. With Rowles having started most of the matches during the AOCAF and the EC, pundits think that it's only a matter of time before he takes over the backup spot after Ilya.

6. Enigma Armageddon, 24 | Image Club Valanora | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 72 Goals: 12 | Debut Cycle: 80
7. Kai Dias, 29 | Image Port Patrick United | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 24 | Debut Cycle: 83
17. Drew Limones, 28 | Image SC Rinaldi | 6 ft 1 in | Caps: 28 | Debut Cycle: 80
18. Min-Seok Kim, 24 | Image FC Flen | Caps: 30 | Debut Cycle: 84
28. Delilah Anisov, 28 | Image Crossroads | 6 ft 8 in | Caps: 7 | Debut Cycle: 84
29. Keeley Avis, 29 | Image Urrheddiao | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 12 | Debut Cycle: 84
39. Kateryna Zuniga, 22 | Image Chromatik City College University | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 12 | Debut Cycle: 85
40. Leysa Burns, 23 | Image Felswyr | 5 ft 8 in | Caps: 9 | Debut Cycle: 85

Konrad Evans's strategy needs two defensive midfielders, and Chromatika is starting to get it. Alyss Montague has retired off to the sunset, leaving the midfield headed by Enigma Armageddon, the one-eyed field general who calls out plays on and off the field. Kai Dias was one of the best defensive midfielders in the CCFA, and now one of the best players in the Schottic Premiership, he will start alongside Armageddon. Drew Limones has been around for a number of cycles as a solid contributor and team player, while Min-Seok Kim is still a developing fundamentally strong youngster. Delilah Anisov and Keeley Avis are journeymen making a living in the Chromatik domestic league. Anisov has no concept of tiring, while Avis has a great first touch. Rounding out this bunch are two players who made their debut during AOCAF 60 - Kateryna Zuniga, a box-out specialist with the tendency of being annoying, and Leysa Burns, a field-general type after Armageddon's own school of thought.

8. Kaytlyn Victoriane, 30 | Image Mallox | 5 ft 8 in | Caps: 128 Goals: 82 | Debut Cycle: 77
19. Molly Thorben, 28 | Image Crystal Fair HC | 5 ft 10 in | Caps: 67 Goals: 10 | Debut Cycle: 79
30. Whitney Kelly, 29 | Image Cornellians | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 44 Goals: 12 | Debut Cycle: 79
41. Laure Etienne, 32 | Image Brentford Ladies FC | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 51 Goals: 8 | Debut Cycle: 77
45. Orianna Marc, 23 | Image AFC Serpentine | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 15 Goals: 3 | Debut Cycle: 85
The striker pool in Chromatika has been deep for so long, and now, they get to play the positions that they want. Kaytlyn Victoriane was always a winger in Lammerton, and now, the second player to ever reach one hundred goals for Chromatika gets to play her native position. Behind her is the duo that keeps playing and pushing each other - Molly Thorben the possessive midfielder and the speedster of Whitney Kelly. Rounding out this group is Laure Etienne, whose contribution is measured mostly off the field. She is a reliable backup who has a steady rate of play and quick wit that leads to rapid decision making. Orianne Marc is the newest member, having played in the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup - an assist first, shoot later player who plays for the team.

9. Hermaeus Mora, 25 | Image Club Stein-los | Caps: 70 Goals: 8 | Debut Cycle: 79
20. Mimi Kuzami, 28 | Image Cedina Beach AFC | Caps: 60 Goals: 8 | Debut Cycle: 79
31. Victorina Bird, 28 | Image Ibini FC | Caps: 27 Goals: 16 | Debut Cycle: 80
42. Miranda "Lightning" Gail, 29 | Image RGS Athletic | Caps: 44 Goals: 17 | Debut Cycle: 79
46. Herlinda Sterling, 28 | Image Alnio | Caps: 5 | Goals: 1 | Debut Cycle: 84
49. Mi-Jung Kim, 24 | Image FC Flen | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 19 | Goals: 4 | Debut Cycle: 84
A new position in this formation, a few strikers have also moved over to this one. Hermaeus Mora is a risk taker who knows when to be flashy, while Mimi Kuzami is the blazing speedster. Victorina Bird had a solid gets the nod as the third attacking midfielder - she has strong work ethics and is looking to get better every single match. Miranda Gail, the Lightning, is still an in-your-face striker, though. Rounding out the attacking mids is Herlinda Sterling, recent returner to Chromatika who has the pace and creativity to make a splash, and Mi-Jung Kim, a player who got a lot of experience during the AOCAF and EC who knows how to lurk and then pounce when it matters most.

10. Jazmin Dragana, 33 | Image Brinesmouth | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 100 Goals: 19 | Debut Cycle: 76
21. Retta Conrad, 28 | Image Creed United | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 38 Goals: 14 | Debut Cycle: 83
32. Ga-yeong Han, 29 | Image North Laithland | 5 ft 3 in | Caps: 36 Goals: 8 | Debut Cycle: 79
43. Andréa Croix-Pierre, 24 | Image Willox Street Pirates | 6 ft 7 in | Caps: 36 Goals: 8 | Debut Cycle: 80
47. Sylvie Reynolds, 25 | Image Galatica | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 16 | Goals: 3 | Debut Cycle: 84
50. Vasiliy Marten Kuznetsov, 21 | Image Crossroads | 6 ft 1 in | Caps: 10 | Goals: 3 | Debut Cycle: 85
Jazmin Dragana enters perhaps her second to last cycle as the starter ahead of a slew of quality wingers. Dragana has fallen behind in pace, but still has that killer instinct of knowing when to pounce for the ball. Retta Conrad is a shoot-first winger who will now be allowed to be even more aggressive. Ga-yeong Han continues to soldier on, small, fast, quick, and playing with a chip on her shoulder. Andréa Croix-Pierre? Still on the roster, knowing how to use both feet and head to make plays. Sylvie Reynolds is one of the better players on Galatica of the SuperLiga, while Vasiliy Marten Kuznetsov is being talked up to be one of the "Golden Boys" alongside Henri de Aea, Valence Ilya, and Engima Armageddon. A stable of speedsters who will dictate the pace of the game, the Chromatiks remain set here.

11. Keira Andisori, 32 | Image Cassandra City | 5 ft 3 in | Caps: 159 Goals: 121 | Debut Cycle: 75
22. Rowena Sierra, 29 | Image Aries Chariots | 5 ft 7 in | Caps: 45 Goals: 28 | Debut Cycle: 79
33. Olimpia Vidal, 26 | Image Cazadores Cathair | 5 ft 5 in | Caps: 58 Goals: 35 | Debut Cycle: 79
44. Beaunia Andisori, 28 | Image Rozelle United | 5 ft 2 in | Caps: 33 Goals: 24 | Debut Cycle: 79
48. Kristian Non, 25 | Image Alliance Barossia | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 16 | Goals: 7 | Debut Cycle: 84
With the strategy shift, this position purely exists now to just score goals. That's not a problem for Keira Andisori, the leading goalscorer in Chromatik history who has lost a few steps but still remains Chromatika's #1. Rowena Sierra's Aries Chariots career continues to chug along, and the supermodel-turned player has a knack of being at the right place at the right time. Olimpia Vidal is right behind her heels after a solid AOCAF campaign, and my overtake Sierra soon, a born finisher, Beaunia Andisori is a mainstay on the roster now, and a solid teammate, and Kristian Non continues to make up for his lack of speed with creativity, finesse, and a great spin move that leaves defenders in his wake.
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Regional Tournaments: 52 (2nd), 53 (4th), 54 (QF), 55 (Champions), 56 (Ro16)
WC Proper Appearance: 75 (Ro16), 76 (SF), 77, 78 (QF), 79 (Ro16), 80 (Ro16), 81 (Group Stage), 83 (Group Stage)
KPB Ranking: 37 (Mid 84)

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Accepting invite to the CoH77
You know you've made it on NSG when you have a whole thread created around what you said.
On the American/United Statesian matter "I'd suggest Americans go to their nation settings and change their nation prefix to something cooler." - The Kangaroo Republic


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FAX - Xannerian Maroons

Nation: Xanneria
Short Name:: XAN
Head Coach: Myrone Rhule (Galaxy SC)
Style Mod:: +5
Format (F-M-D): 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3+GK


Attack Forwards

#2 Richard Presentino (Galaxy SC)
#11 Pete Saigon (Bearden FC)
#12 Devon'elle Leymore (Austin City)
#14 Eddy Peralta (United Marrietta)

#23 Carlton Brower (Baywall Athletic) Havynwilde
#24 Kyle Falcon (Anchors FC)Chromatika

Midfielders (Mid fielders)
#31 Jox Alirome (ISC Catalan City) OM
#40 Doby Bunnkirk (Port James Athletic)Schottia OM

#43 Franchesca Bonchek (Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#50 Alex Bronson (Coquitlam United)Kelssek OM
#52 Lane Stegall (Castleford FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#65 Aaron Braddock (United Marietta) OM
#67 Shane McCormik (East End FC) DM

#26 James Fillmore (Reedostown)
#37 C.J. Thompson (Hawthorne Kickers FC)
#50 Nick Borelli (Reedostown)
#71 Marcis Davidson (East End FC)
#80 Leon Parker (Big Dock Energy FC)Starcom Racing

#0 Evan Jefferson (Savo' Pirates) Sajnur
#00 Dom Brabham (United Marrietta)
#11 Leonetta Walters (Brentford FC Ladies)Commonwealth of Baker Park



Clash Uniform

XANAir National Stadium II:
XANAir II is a new state of the art Stadium in downtown Dominica City. Built after the original Stadium was demolished due to cracks forming int he foundation, this stadium is home to both Capital FC and GTHe National Team. It will be a sight to behold as it will also be hosting playoff games.


Xannerian Football is played differently than most countries. For one it is hyper offensive with most teams using either 4 or 5 forwards who run directly at the goal with balls being passed only when necessary. Defense is even more alarmingly different as Xanneria RARELY calls penelties on diving (unless injuries occur) and its actually common for players to attempt to bump other players out of the way, granted this is also heavily moderated (Shoving a player with your hands is a penalty and shoving a player perpendicular to you is also a penalty). International players are trying to surpress excessive brutality, but sometimes in the heat of the game they forget. So feel free to have some of my players get Yellow carded for aggressive play.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (Within reason)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: n
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 44-12-42 (W-D-L) (This may not be 100% accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner / Group Winner CE24
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Twicetagram and JYPE » Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:58 pm

Twicetagrian Football Association

Twicetagrian Football Team
Manager: Rylie Kim
Style modifier: +/- 0
Formation: 4-3-3

Note: Up to the RPer to decide who is in which position.
1 | Jamie Han | 24 years old | Male Starting XI
12 | Korroth Myfire | 21 years old | Male
23 | Kerrie Ting | 26 years old | Female

2 | Korros Cho | 26 years old | Male Starting XI
3 | Qirena Suresthos | 21 years old | Female Starting XI
4 | Yves Park | 24 years old | male Starting XI
5 | Dvireira Ngesterhe | 23 years old | Female Starting XI
15 | Pereira Klaas | 28 years old | Male
19 | Yu-won Kim | 25 years old | Male
21 | Jen Krudera | 21 years old | Female
22 | Iris Khurefa | 28 years old | Female

6 | Harley Chase | 19 years old | Male Starting XI
7 | Autumn Kiel | 24 years old | Female Starting XI
11 | Ciel de Castro | 21 years old | Male Starting XI
13 | June Wysber | 25 years old | Female
16 | Krios de Lune | 22 years old | Male
18 | Orporio Krystalia | 26 years old | Female

9 | Lesley Chase | 20 years old | Female Starting XI
10 | Fanny Torreira | 21 years old | Female Starting XI
17 | Yuri Hirai | 23 years old | Female Starting XI
8| Mindelver Wistersen | 21 years old | Male
14 | Khugris Imelia | 26 years old | Male
20 | Ion Xeris | 20 years old | Male

Lesley Chase is on our watchlist for the AOCAF Cup 60. Of course, this is subject to change as the folks play, but Lesley, probably the nation’s most promising talent, will most probably hold the title for quite a while. Versatile and nimble with the ball, defenders(at least in Twicetagria) have a really hard time stealing the ball from her. Her quick speed and perfect control of the ball makes her a dangerous prospect.
Lesley is the brother of Harley Chase, also in the roster.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers- Y
Godmod scoring events- N
Roleplay injuries to my players- Y
Godmod injuries to my players- N
Hand out yellow cards to my players- Y
Hand out red cards to my players- Y
Godmod other events- N
Nothing related to- scandals(I do that for you), Covid19
What you can do- diss me, or anything related to Twicetagria

Our Most Gloriously Hot Cute Leaders: LORD FLUTTERSHY and GODDESS JIHYO
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Postby Jeruselem » Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:18 pm

Jeruselem's roster

"The Princesses"

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +2

* Boris Lancaster, NS World Cup 85 coach

Official JGN reporters
* Daisy Cutter (aka Daisy Dallas) working for Naked News Jeruselem

GK (M,24) - John Simo - Bald ladies man
GK (F,27) - Danni Dansen - Good with her hands on and off the field as well
GK (F,25) - Belle Maestrom - Very talented but also rather easy to trigger for the wrong reasons

DEF (M,21) - Simon Carro - Rabid Vegan activist
DEF (M,29) - Jamie Damma - Good looking defender popular with the girls but he's not interested in them
DEF (F,29) - Arya Starc - Talented and mercurial performer, sister of Sansa.
DEF (F,26) - Heather Carrot - Natural fire hair redhead, with the temper to match
DEF (F,24) - Annabelle Sallad - Another member of off-branch Dallas family
DEF (M,26) - Jeremy Corky - Solid performer on the field who doesn't give up on any situation

MID (F,29) - Dash Dallas - Dash is the short version of her real name.
MID (M,25) - Bran Cassina - Unassuming player who prefers to not have the spotlight
MID (F,24) - Carrie Fletcher - Loves her hair buns
MID (M,26) - Reyna Castillo - Small guy to scoots around the field
MID (M,29) - Jason Massa - Big strong and muscular lad who attracts ladies
MID (F,27) - Daenerys Taragon - Better known the Queen due to her semblance to Queen Chloe
MID (F,27) - Riley Reeves - Tiny girl but she's not there just for her looks

STR (M,26) - Reece Banister - Nimble as a cat and about the same size is one
STR (F,25) - Aaliyah Dallas - Not the brighest blonde in the team
STR (F,28) - Cersei Lancaster - Win at all costs type of person, plays dirty if she needs to
STR (M,24) - Scott Donaldson - His other job is in marketing for insurance
STR (F,29) - Sansa Starc - Woman who seemingly wants to stay single and career orientated

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

Dallas count = 2
Sallad count = 1

The strip!
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Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

Land of the Tiger Princesses

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Postby Alba and Cymru » Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:28 pm

Formation: Modified 5-3-2
Style: -4
Nickname: the Celts
Colors: Sky Blue, Green, Orange


ԬԬԬ The Celtic Times ԬԬԬ
Bringing a Light to a World in the Dark

Third Time is the Charm! Alba and Cymru Prepares for the Cup of Harmony!
Glasgow, Alba

Quick Introduction: After Charles III, more often known as Teàrlach I of Alba, defeated the Anglo-Saxons at the decisive Battle of Culloden in northern Alba, his majesty consolidated all of the English possessions of the Celtic lands and created the United Kingdom of British Celtland and Hibernia. A period of Pax Celtica endured for 100 years until the Industrial Revolution, when economic growth prompted the Celts to seek independent affairs from the king. Political and cultural differences led the then-king Ruiseart I to divide the kingdom into three: Hibernia became the Commonwealth of Ole Eire, Cornwall became the Kingdom of Kernow, and Cambria remained with Alba to become the United Kingdom of Alba and Cymru. The disastrous effects of the Great War left Europe in shambles. England, Germany, and Russia became the foundation for dozens of new feudal nations, leaving Alba and Cymru as one of the world's dominant powers.

Alba and Cymru has decided to partake in this year's World Cup, which will be the nation's first, in order to exhibit the pure talent of the nation's leading football program. King Cynbal himself organized many international sponsors, including O'Hare Airlines and Acme Steel, to build a mega-stadium for the Celtic footballers. The program hired defensive-minded Coinneach MacDunn to take charge of the new team. MacDunn's game strategy has been criticized as being "unorthodox" by many piers and experts alike, but his history of success has proven that his game plan is always two steps ahead.

Many footballers from around the world have played for Alba and Cymru's professional football league, consisting of 8 clubs. These teams nominated their greatest athletes to partake in establishing a football dynasty for Alba and Cymru, and 25 of the best have been chosen by MacDunn to fly to Delaclava for the Baptism of Fire, to Farfadillis and Mriin for the 85th World Cup, and to Kelssek and Zwangzug for the Cup of Harmony.

Having just completed the World Cup qualifiers and having fallen short of achieving a spot for the tournament, Alba and Cymru has been invited to the 77th Cup of Harmony, where the third and final round of matches is underway in Kelssek and Zwangzug.


1Áed MacNeill236'1Edinburgh, AlbaGlasgow DruidsGoalkeeper
9Johannes Werner (out on injury)296'4Munich, BavariaEdinburgh LionsGoalkeeper
2Jarquín Ramos316'2Madríd, CastilleCaerdydd RangersDefender, SW
3Cædwalla Gewissæ245'11Beormingaham, MerciaStirling SilversDefender, LB
5Diarmuid MacNab255'11Stirling, AlbaGlasgow DruidsDefender, CB
11Dàibhidh McCulloch256'0Dumfries, AlbaBristol BearcatsDefender, RB
18Wilhelm Eisenhauer326'3Stettin, Mecklenburg-PomeraniaInverness OutlawsDefender, CB
20Ine Wes Seaxe215'11Londinium, WessexBristol BearcatsDefender, LB
29Teàrlach Levenax226'5Edinburgh, AlbaEdinburgh LionsDefender, RB
7Francesco Persico306'0Milan, LombardyCaerdydd RangersMidfielder, RM
8Aergol ApRhain235'10Wrecsam, CymruInverness OutlawsMidfielder, LM
12Heinrich Weiss255'11Cologne, WestphaliaAberdeen VillainsMidfielder, LM
15Maol Chaluim Briuis195'10Glasgow, AlbaDumfries MaelstromMidfielder, CM
22Carlos Meireles296'0São Paulo, BrazilEdinburgh LionsMidfielder, CM
26Owain Cynestan366'0Caerdydd, CymruAberdeen VillainsMidfielder, RM
4Marco de Tarancón305'9Toledo, CastilleGlasgow DruidsForward, ST
6Conchúr MacGregor315'9Dublin, Ole EireGlasgow DruidsForward, SS
10Not Lionel Messi325'7Rosario, Not ArgentinaStirling SilversForward, ST
14Sergey Leonidov355'11Yekaterinburg, East RussiaEdinburgh LionsForward, SS
17Antonio Suárez255'8Barcelona, CataloniaInverness OutlawsForward, ST
19Cadoc ApGlywys185'9Caerdydd, CymruStirling SilversForward, SS
23Cadell ApHywel295'11Abertawe, CymruCaerdydd RangersForward, SS
24Friedrich Dieffenbach216'0Munich, BavariaBristol BearcatsForward, ST
25Seumas Colquhoun225'7Glasgow, AlbaDumfries MaelstromForward, ST
28Coenwulf Cynehelm265'9Southampton, WessexCaerdydd RangersForward, SS


Manager: Coinneach MacDunn
Assistant Coach: Seumas Briuis
Fitness Head Coach: Wilhelm Langmann
Coaches: Alfonso Romano, Áed MacDonald, Alasdair MacKinlay, Dàibhidh Kerr, Iefan Gwynedd
Delegate: Murchadh Mhathain

Starting XI

#6 Conchúr MacGregor, Captain
MacGregor spent his teenage years in the inner slums of Dublin as a bootlegger and a martial artist. He came across the sport of football when he was 14, and his career would expand from there. Earning a scholarship from the University of Ireland in Dublin, MacGregor turned from his old ways and fully embraced his lifestyle of football. He eventually earned a contract with the Druids Club in Glasgow, where he has earned 450 goals over his 15-year career. He plans to capitalize on this opportunity in the World Cup to expand on his skills, as well as lead a national team to greater victory.

#10 Not Lionel Messi, Vice-captain
Not Messi is renown as one of history's top scorers, earning 724 goals in his 17-year career. His offensive success during the Baptism of Fire and World Cup Qualifiers shows that the team's defensive mindset plus his scoring abilities amalgamate to produce a potent opponent on the pitch.

#12 Heinrich Weiss
Having grown up in the western German states in the early 2000's, Heinrich Weiss knows that life is a battlefield. His father passed away in the Civil War of the Rhine, and so Weiss has had to rely on his brothers in both his family and on the pitch to offer support to life's trials. He has stated that his purpose is found in football, and that victory would mean honor for his father, his brothers, and for both Alba and Cymru and his homeland, Westphalia.

#22 Carlos Meireles
Carlos's early days were spent seeking philosophical truth from across the globe. He traveled to the depths of Siberia, to the hidden thickets of the Amazon, to the sands of Arabia, and to the outbacks of Australia. Through his world travels, he was able to improve his football skills from local gurus, who have spent years perfecting the philosophy of the sport. Meireles came to realize that football was much more than a sport or a strategy game, but a way of life. He joined the Edinburgh Lions in search of greater freedom, and was given the opportunity to play for the national team in this upcoming world cup.

#7 Francesco Persico
A veteran of the Italian Civil War, Francesco Persico knows what it takes to be a true warrior. He moved to Cymru just recently to join the Rangers Football Club, where he's made an impressive career as a top-tier midfielder.

#5 Diarmuid MacNab
As the "Poster Boy" of Alba and Cymru's football culture, MacNab has developed widespread fame not just in his home country, but also worldwide. He's earned millions of doilleirs in advertisements for sports brands and insurance companies, so most people have seen him from time to time. His revenue, and more importantly his skill, contributes heavily to the Celtic backfield and to the program as a whole.

#18 Wilhelm Eisenhauer
A former star in rugby who has found himself on the pitch, Wilhelm Eisenhauer has been pushed to his physical limit on many occasions. While working with the Outlaws Football Club in Inverness, Eisenhauer has improved his football skills significantly, and the Celts are looking for a brick wall like Wilhelm to keep the football out of the deep field.

#20 Ine Wes Seaxe
Ine Wes Seaxe's quick rise to fame was unprecedented in English football history. Having been the youngest footballer to start on any professional Celtic team at the age of 15, Wes Seaxe has provided all the proof needed to convince Alba and Cymru that he is deserving of a spot on the starting lineup.

#29 Teàrlach Levenax
Levenax grew up in rural southern Galloway on a family-owned dairy farm. His experience in football was limited to skirmish matches between townsfolk, but his skills improved once he left for Glasgow to pursue a degree in sports medicine. Levenax walked on the university;s football squad, and he quickly earned a starting position as a fullback. His career earned the respect of Edinburgh's Lion Football Club, and he became a player at the age of 20. Still, his journey did not end there. His abilities eventually led him to try out for the new Celtic football team organized by Alba and Cymru, who needed a player like Levenax to defend the right side of the pitch from pesky wings.

#2 Jarquín Ramos
"The Spanish Ninja", as some call him, made his debut season at Seville before joining the Rangers Club in Caerdydd. Widely renown since the beginning of his career, Ramos quickly earned a reputation as being a world-class sweeper, blocking seemingly guaranteed shots left and right. Some of the world's top strikers have publicly stated that they tend to avoid the penalty box when playing the Rangers, in fear of being surprise attacked by the Ninja himself.

#1 Áed MacNeill
Former backup for the Celts behind Johannes Werner, Áed MacNeill has displayed excellent skill in the World Cup qualifying matches, having been toe-to-toe with some of the largest-caliber teams the world has ever known. MacNeill has accumulated national fame for his extraordinaty abilities, and the Celts are counting on him to defend the goal in the equally-challenging Cup of Harmony.


Starters for A & C. MacNeill is where Werner should be.

Home Stadium: Culloden Memorial Stadium, Glasgow, cap. 84,400 (Completed!)
Backup Stadium: Seumas Field, Edinburgh, cap. 44,200


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y, absolutely
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, consider anyone besides Áed, please.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, no deaths or career-ending disasters. Please be kind to Áed.
Give red cards to my players: PM me first
Godmod other events: Y, nothing game-breaking or nuclear apocalypses please

MD1: June 21, BYE
MD2: June 23, vs Flavovespia (Rank)(Box Score)
MD3: June 25, @ New Lusitania (Rank)(Box Score)
MD4: June 27, vs Kohnhead (Rank)(Box Score)
MD5: June 29, @ Eastfield Lodge (Rank)(Box Score)
R/32: July 1
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Here is the World Cup Roster.
"Alba ag Cymru fada be'"
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Postby Geektopia » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:25 pm

ƓƐƐƘƮȬǷǁɅ'Ƨ Cup of Harmony Hilih Information
As was previously covered in the World Cup qualifiers themselves, regarding age, anyone on the squad can be betwixt 18 years old or 980 years due to cell impregnatization technologies developed before Ω 1583 (vhamo tnoz). The year now is Ω 3000 (te vhamo), which still doesn't explain a lot. In between WC cycles, the wait for Geektopia is an excruciating 3000 years, so things might change a lot or a little, usually depending on how bored the previous generations were. Names have changed from Googolisms to, uh, well shortenings. Football formations haven't altered in the slightest, along with positions to boot.

Highest Scoreline For: Geektopia 6-2 Dritten Asopie (Third Asopia) [Baptism of Fire Sixty Nine]
Highest Scoreline Against: Geektopia 3-8 Free Republics [World Cup Eighty Four]
Highest Scoring Match: Geektopia 3-8 Free Republics [World Cup Eighty Four] & Free Republics 7-4 Geektopia [World Cup Eighty Two]
Opponent that we will have no chance against in future encounters: Free Republics
Opponents that we will have quite a chance against in future encounters: Noooooooooooooooo & Dritten Asopie (if they ever come back to face us)
Highest Placement in a WC qualifying table: 6th [WC85]
Lowest Placement in a WC qualifying table: 10th [WC82]


Geektopia play a 3-3-4.

» () Leabo () 443 YRS () GK () #1 () 5'11 () 180 pounds () «
Born 2557-02-06 | Traits: Always Late, Goal Orientated, and Quirky

» () Osorto () 213 YRS () DF () #3 () 6'3 () 220 pounds () «
Born 2787-02-21 | Traits: Blames Others, Honest, and Risk-Taking

» () Loui () 1083 YRS () DF () #5 () 6'4 () 235 pounds () «
Born 1917-07-01 | Traits: Caring, Inactive, and Sedate

» () Barella () 499 YRS () DF () #14 () 6'7 () 280 pounds () «
Born 2500-07-21 | Traits: Clever, Inept, and Senile [he's either clever, inept, or senile at certain moments. This doesn't apply to all traits, just traits that contradict each other.]

» () Crete () 508 YRS () MF () #6 () 5'11 () 198 pounds () « (Note: Named Crete because of his parent's multidimensional links with RLStates, also applies to the guy below Crete. Pillars, is it? What a nobody.)
Born 2492-12-13 | Traits: Dorky, Needy, and Truculent

» () Pillars [c] () 532 YRS () MF () #7 () 8'6 () 560 pounds () «
Born 2468-04-12 | Traits: Communicative, Instinctive, and Sharp-Witted

» () Andreen () 944 YRS () MF () #8 () 6'4 () 240 pounds () «
Born 2055-09-20 | Traits: Changeable, Inconsiderate, and Self-Centered

» () Sudlow () 1321 YRS () FW () #9 () 6'6 () 248 pounds () «
Born 1679-04-19 | Traits: Average, Heart Broken, and Resourceful

» () Resendis () 179 YRS () FW () #10 () 5'11 () 205 pounds () «
Born 2821-01-13 | Traits: Confused, Introverted, and Simple

» () Medine () 977 YRS () FW () #11 () 6'2 () 239 pounds () «
Born 2023-04-14 | Traits: Brilliant, Ill-Bred, and Sassy

» () Houg () 1093 YRS () FW () #15 () 8'1 () 475 pounds () «
Born 1907-02-21 | Traits: Accepting, Frigid, and Pretentious

Substitutes (presented in /pre)
» | #12 | GK | 532 years old | Born 2468-11-03 | 6'3, 200 pounds | «
Proficient at clearing and goal-kicking to defenders, midfielders, and attackers, but only if the main goalkeeper is having a bad day.
Traits: Candid, Imperial, and Scheming

» | #48 | DF | 1245 years old | Born 1755-08-05 | 6'6, 230 pounds | «
Proficient at giving long balls to attackers
Traits: Enduring, Odd, and Unkind

» | #70 | DF | 626 years old | Born 2374-12-31 | 6'2, 216 pounds | «
Proficient at passing long to the right
Traits: Cuddly, Lean, and Static

» | #20 | MF | 1018 years old | Born 1981-06-15 | 5'11, 168 pounds | «
Proficient at passing diagonally to the right
Traits: Fortunate, Popular, and Zany

» | #23 | MF | 1142 years old | Born 1858-05-10 | 6'1, 253 pounds | «
Proficient at passing diagonally to the left
Traits: Conversational, Jealous, and Smart

» | #21 | FW | 1372 years old | Born 1628-04-10 | 6'1, 218 pounds | «
Good at giving long balls to defenders from either direction
Traits: Deranged, Malicious, and Systematic

» | #24 | FW | 1067 years old | Born 1932-07-04 | 5'10, 198 pounds | «
Good at giving diagonal passes from either direction
Traits: Empathetic, Obsequious, and Unhappy

Attacking Pass Formations for the six group games that are in order
MD1: (7-5-1-4-6-2-3-8-0 (Nine-Man Gambit) – Medine ↷ Andreen ↷ Loui ↷ Pillars ↷ Sudlow ↷ Barella ↷ Crete ↷ Houg ↷ Osorto ⚽ | GOOAALL

MD2: (7-2-1-6-4-0-5-3 (Eight-Man Gambit) - Medine ↷ Barella ↷ Loui ↷ Sudlow ↷ Pillars ↷ Osorto ↷ Andreen ↷ Crete ⚽ | GOOAALL

MD3: (0-7-5-1-3-4-6 (Seven-Man Gambit) - Osorto ↷ Medine ↷ Andreen ↷ Loui ↷ Crete ↷ Pillars ↷ Sudlow ⚽ | GOOAALL

MD4: (2-4-8-0-7-1-3-6-5 (Nine-Man Gambit) - Barella ↷ Pillars ↷ Houg ↷ Osorto ↷ Medine ↷ Loui ↷ Crete ↷ Sudlow ↷ Andreen ⚽ | GOOAALL

MD5: (6-4-7-8-1-5-3-2-0 (Nine-Man Gambit) - Sudlow ↷ Pillars ↷ Medine ↷ Houg ↷ Loui ↷ Andreen ↷ Crete ↷ Barella ↷ Osorto ⚽ | GOOAALL

MD6: (5-7-6-3-8-2-4-0-1 (Nine-Man Gambit) - Andreen ↷ Medine ↷ Sudlow ↷ Crete ↷ Houg ↷ Barella ↷ Pillars ↷ Osorto ↷ Loui ⚽ | GOOAALL


Head coach: Dingledine
Assistant Coach: La Touche
Assistant Coach: Conser
Assistant Coach: Salow
Assistant coach (analyst): Boody
Fitness coach: Lerum
Goalkeeping coach: Jagiello
Style Modifier: +2.793

Primary Colors
—————— | Horizontally Striped, Top to Bottom
Secondary Colors
—————— | Horizontally Striped, Top to Bottom
Tertiary Colors
—————— | Floral pattern extending all over the kit excluding white sleeve strips.

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Role play injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Lacrosse: World Championships 28 (Group Stage), World Championships 33 (Group Stage)
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Postby Sharktail » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:47 pm



First game:Sharktail 1-0 Maryloupe
First win:Sharktail 1-0 Maryloupe
First Official match:Sharktail 1-1 Krenorus (BoF 68)
First Official Win:Nuadh-Alba 1-2 Sharktail (BoF 68)
Biggest Win:Sharktail 8-1 Adsuri (WCQ 85)
Biggest Lose:Equestrian State 5-0 Sharktail (WCQ 81)
Team Record:(W-D-L)
Luis Philip:(8-7-17)

MANAGER:Sahami (44 years old)
ASSISTANT MANAGER :Carrol (38 years old)


AGE:28 | NT CAPS:29

AGE:31 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:25 I NT CAP:uncapped (U18:1 CAPS)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:27

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:25 (1 GOAL)(U21:1 CAPS)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:19 (3 GOAL)

AGE:25 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:29 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:24 | NT CAPS:14 (U21:3 CAPS,U18:7 CAPS)

AGE:26 | NT CAPS:28 (1 GOAL)


AGE:30 | NT CAPS:19 (4 GOAL)


AGE:21 | NT CAPS: uncapped

AGE:28 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:uncapped

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:17 (6 GOAL)(U21:1 CAPS)



AGE:29 I NT CAPS:22 (7 GOAL)

AGE:21 | NT CAPS:uncapped

We are Blue, We always hunt

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y, absolutely
Godmod scoring events: Y.
RP injuries to my players: Y.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but no death ok.I can accept if you want to end my player journey in this tourney but not in his career.
Give red cards to my players: free to do it,but at least let me know.
Godmod other events: Y,but no virus.if it about nature i can accept like earthquake of fire.

Sporting World Cup 6-Runner Up

Steinagrasse open(single and double semi final)
Istria Open(Single Final,Double Semi Final)


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Sylestonean Roster

Postby Sylestone » Wed Jun 17, 2020 12:15 am

Style Modifier: -4
Formation: 5-3-2
RP allowances: Go ahead, do whatever you want. No more than two red cards or three yellows.

Brick Wall
Position: Goalkeeper
About: The Brick Wall is quite literally a Brick Wall in the goals, stopping almost every shot. However, his dimensions are far off the dimensions of a soccer goal, so goals still go in as he shuffled around.
Dirty Tactics: Ramming into the occasional striker who dribbles the ball towards him instead of just shooting.

Ironing Board
Position: Defender
About: The Ironing Board is well known across Sylestone for his brilliant defence and his ability to stop almost every dribbling striker in their tracks.
Dirty Tactics: Used his flexible legs to stop the ball from passing through the defence and uses his iron to warn off opposing strikers with its heat.

Position: Defender
About: The Dishwasher is an interesting character in the Sylestonean defence. His large body stops a lot of balls from going into the goalmouth.
Dirty Tactics: Speed water everywhere in the defence, especially in the second half, which bogs the playing field, stopping many offensive moves in their tracks.

Tumble Dryer
Position: Striker
About: One of Sylestone’s main two strikers, the Tumble Dryer is a brilliant but inaccurate goal scorer for the Sylestonean side. One to watch.
Dirty Tactics: Spins the ball around in his Dryer and flings it at the goal. Also shuts the machine and carries the ball inside it.

Washing Machine
Position: Defender
About: Another large sentient object in the defence, the Washing Machine is once again, another player who stops many offensives with his large body.
Dirty Tactics: Is basically a combination of the Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Spews water everywhere and flings the ball out of himself at odd angles.

Position: Defender
About: Sylestone's defence is full of their largest sentient athletes and the Sofa is the largest of them. His defence has been the best all tournament and he runs the backline. A lot will be reliant on him if Sylestone are to get a respectable result in the CoH.
Dirty Tactics: Can speak into the minds of opposition, giving them a feeling of wanting to sit down and relax.

Position: Midfielder
About: Another large object, but this time it is located in Sylestone's midfield. He is the king of dirty tactics and runs opponents down with his buff body. Easily the most laughable of all of the Sylestonean Appliances.
Dirty Tactics: Has many of them, most of which can't be named. His main one is shutting his door and running towards the goal with the ball inside. Others include his super-appliance jumping skills and cold breath.

Bar Stool
Position: Midfielder
About: If the Fridge is the dirtiest, the Bar Stool is the cheekiest. He doesn't have any of his own dirty tactics, but he "allies" with another object and uses them to perform his own. Definitely an unpredictable character and one to watch out for.
Dirty Tactics: One of his tactics is to be the one who kicks the ball inside the Fridge when he goes off on his run. He also stands on other objects to reach high balls.

Position: Defender
About: One of Sylestone's lesser defenders, the Drawer is quite a stationary object in the defence. He stands in your road and doesn't let you past and is more of a sweeper. Still, a force to be reckoned with, though.
Dirty Tactics: Keeps the ball in one of his chests when they are doing well so the opposition has a lesser chance of scoring.

Position: Midfielder
About: I always thought a Stove without pots and pans would be useless, but it isn't so. This stove has a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve and is certainly one of the Sylestonean players the opposition midfielders need to deal with sooner rather than later.
Dirty Tactics: Makes the air really hot around him, as opposed to the Fridge.

Position: Striker
About: Arguably Sylestone's most valuable player, the Mixer is a star dribbler and striker. His goal scoring ratio isn't so great and that is mainly the Tumble Dryer's job, but he is the one that actually gets the ball to that point. However, he is quite unpredictable and sometimes his dribbling skills go horribly wrong, especially considering the ball is about the size of his body.
Dirty Tactics:
Weaves in and out of defenders with his tiny size and amazing dribbling skills. Gets unplugged a bit too often, though.

Table - Goalkeeper
Spiderwebs - Midfielder
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Tiemnational van Fuutbol De Bondsaari
The Sarian National Football Team

Cup of Harmony 77

i. The Squad

#  Name                 Age  Pronouns   Caps Gls Best Other     Club        
1 Oodel Duoztiun 25 he/him 43 0 GK - De Commons
13 Lex Horn 29 they/them 2 0 GK - Tocigtuon Taun
21 Gerlinde Fabiuon 30 she/her 1 0 GK - CF Bondstad

3 Walt Beunaad 30 he/him 32 1 DL WBL Bonstad Treason
23 Trent Kindvanbruux 21 he/him 8 1 DL WBL De Commons
2 Ceutiz Maazden 24 he/him 17 0 DR DC Tucanviul Tijgers
22 Diemer Haum 28 he/him 17 0 DR WBR De Commons

5 Jaxon Pieuz 30 he/him 46 1 DC - De Commons (Captain)
6 Henri Brejzun 20 he/him 17 1 DC - CF Bondstad
16 Criuzi Siwaad 22 she/her 11 1 DC - Tucanviul Tijgers
14 Bruux Ziebruux 37 he/him 20 2 DC DM Bondstad Treason

4 Jodi Lauri 28 he/him 44 2 MC DM De Commons
8 Luc Bisop 31 he/him 33 2 MC - CF Bondstad (Vice Captain)
20 Hugo Sint Lo 29 he/him 21 1 MC - Zilverstraat SC
15 Winona Tolbert 25 they/them 3 0 DM MC De Commons
10 Mohammad Islam 22 he/him 18 3 AMC MC Bondstad Treason
19 Piteur Jong 25 he/him 11 1 AMC MC CF Bondstad

11 Wictor Buul 29 he/him 42 5 ML AML,AMC De Commons
17 Tansi Kindvanjodi 25 she/her 13 0 ML AML,FC CF Bondstad
7 Maeri Beniut 20 she/her 37 4 MR AMR CF Bondstad
9 Cnut Zumer 23 he/him 11 5 AMR MR,FC Wilaamstad Wrijgers

18 Lach Houten 29 he/him 17 10 FC AMR/L CF Bondstad
12 Wera Pauwelz 27 she/her 32 12 FC - De Commons

Best XI (4-4-1-1): Oodel Duoztiun / Walt Beunaad, Jaxon Pieuz, Henri Brejzun, Ceutiz Maazden / Wictor Buul, Jodi Lauri, Luc Bisop, Maeri Beniut / Mohammad Islam / Lach Houten
I try and put my team for the next game at the end of the previous day's roleplay. If I don't, feel free to use this one or make your own from the squad.

ii. Kits & Miscellaneous


Manager: Miccal Druiven (68, he/him)
Assistant Manager: Ghaun Rejn (65, she/her)
Captain: Jaxon Pieuz

Best Formation: 4-4-1-1
Other Formations Used: 4-5-1/4-2-3-1/5-4-1/3-5-1-1/3-3-3-1
Style Mod: -2.5

Role-play Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, though I reserve the right to determine length. Please do not RP something that will stop the player playing in their next game without my permission.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, though I reserve the right to determine length. Please do not RP something that will stop the player playing their next game without my permission.
Suspend my players: Yes.
Godmod suspension events: Yes.
Godmod other events: Yes, though nothing which affects my team or nation beyond the scope of the game being played.
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Talamia 77th CoH roster

Postby Talamia » Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:29 am

Talamia National Football Team

Nickname: The Hoopoes

Association: Talamia Sports' Summaka (TSS)

Head coach: Sanisla Pedalisismi

Captain: Ansem Egemon

Most caps: Ansem Egemon (132)

Top scorer: Sanisla Pedalisismi (76)

Home stadium: Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium

NAFF code: TAL

First international
Image Talamia 6-2 Sörslúth Image
(Clinepalas, 30 November 1914)

Following the unification of the seven kingdoms, dating back to 1786, HoopoeBall was recognized as the Talamian national sport. It was therefore necessary to wait more than a century before football began to gain popularity. The first official document attesting a football match in Talamia dates back to 1890. Five years later, eight founding teams from all over Talamia created the Talamian Alfa League, which is still the top level of the Talamian football league system today.

The first ten years of Talamian football, not yet very popular at the time, saw only clubs as protagonists. In 1906, however, the seven regions of Talamia began to agree to organize an interregional internal tournament and establish their selections of best players. The Seven Kingdoms Tournament was born. It was held for nine editions, until 1914. The tournament was played with a double round-robin system. The teams played during breaks from the Talamia Alfa League, in summer and winter. The regional selection of Mentrenalio won five editions, Pento two and Uperinde and Epicesi one each. The tournament ceased to exist when TSS decided to found a single national representative.

The first game played by the national team dates back to 30 November 1914, when the sports federations of Talamia and Sörslúth decided to organize a friendly between the selections of the best players of the top leagues of the two nations, to encourage the quiet of a seething political climate. Played in the Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium of Clinepalas, the game gathered twenty thousand spectators and saw the Talamian national team triumph 6-2. The very first goal scored by the national team of Talamia was by Uptele Trakute, Ptoco's forward. At the behest of the tyrant of Sörslúth, who could not accept the defeat, the game was repeated a month later in the stadium of Eigobair, the capital of the fascist state. Talamia managed again to win 3-0. This prompted Talamia Sports' Summaka to invest in the national team, organizing a first friendly calendar. Epitede Arkha, then coach of Lampride, was appointed manager.
Sanisla Pedalisismi (center) in his farewell match to the
national team in 1979, wearing the traditional away kit.

Following the wave of club football, the national team stopped playing in 1966, after the failure of the Alfa League, to resume playing in 1974, thanks to Noto Plousi, owner of Fortis Epops, four years after the rebirth of the top league of Talamian football. The team began gaining popularity thanks to players of the caliber of Ensem Eio and Sanisla Pedalisismi, who is still today the top scorer.

After more than a century of international football played only on a friendly level, TSS decided to appoint Pedalisismi as manager in 2019, on the occasion of the team's first historic registration to an official tournament: 2019 ILFA. This first peep on the international scene prompted TSS to include the team in the first edition of the NSLeft Association Football Tournament (NAFT). With no need for a qualifying match, Talamia advanced directly to the final stage, drawn in group D with the Democratic Republic of Cacusia, Maoux and Mon Silanies. Following this first experience, Talamia became one of the founding members of NSLeft Association Football Federation (NAFF). Talamia won their debut match in the tournament, defeating Mon Silanies 1-0 and their group, becoming the only team to win three matches in a row.

In their first attempt to qualify for the 85th World Cup, Talamia ended fifth in their group, with a result beyond all expectations.

Talamia's traditional home colours are red and black shirts, red or black shorts and white or black socks, incorporating all colours of the Talamian flag. The very first kit worn by Talamia national team in its debut match against Sörslúth was all-red. Therefore, over the years the team has re-proposed the historic design, wearing similar all-red jerseys. The national team wore white shorts only on the outfit used between 1977 and 1978. The uniform was so unpopular that it was replaced after just one season.

Even though Talamia's first away kits were total black, starting in 1974 - the year of the resumption of Talamian football - TSS decided that the team would wear simple white shirts in away matches, in order to cushion travel costs. From necessity, tradition was born and still today Talamia's traditional away colours are white shirts and shorts and black socks.

Talamia's third kit has always coincided with the goalkeeper's first kit, which colours are green shirts and shorts - recalling the laurel on the national flag - and white socks.

The motif of the Talamia national football team has a laurel crown, a symbol of peace introduced on the national flag in 1786. It was briefly replaced in the 90's by hoopoe's feathers, and restored in the 2000's.

The following 23 players were named to the squad for the 85th World Cup.

No.PositionPlayerDate of birth (age)CapsGoalsTeam
1GKAha Diepeir20/10/1991 (28)62-60Image Fortis Epops
2DFTjin Herev Eo30/4/1991 (29)570Image Afestosja
3DFEter Katek1/1/1992 (28)120Image Fortis Epops
4MFAna Lambàn21/8/1990 (29)91Image Hellas Anen
5DFYante Skatezzo26/6/1994 (25)561Image Alla Fofokoy
6DFCalin Mestithemi7/8/1992 (27)191Image Clinepalas United
7FWPtirn Lagios23/5/1996 (23)318Image Alla Fofokoy
8MFAnsem Egemon10/6/1983 (36)13210Image Ptoco
9FWStern A'apt30/10/1992 (27)7133Image KarpìStomà
10MFKata Dioiiké3/11/1991 (28)6710Image Fortis Epops
11FWPtirn Enripto5/7/1995 (24)101Image PAS Geitorisma
12GKPsal Arpaz16/9/2000 (19)10Image Ighli
13DFTimo Fulatto19/3/1989 (31)852Image Alla Fofokoy
14MFFjössi Rooura5/3/1995 (25)322Image Clinepalas United
15MFTimo Theosbes20/10/1997 (22)70Image FK Katacra
16DFPara Eidoschema17/4/1996 (24)40Image SF Lampride
17MFMesacro Diodos2/8/1996 (23)220Image Fortis Epops
18DFEletheu Atele8/5/1985 (34)321Image Alla Fofokoy
19FWNeaniaõ19/4/2002 (18)72Image Clinepalas United
20FWUpe Bainika19/12/1990 (29)9715Image Epacra Delphis
21MFKof Vottetheis22/11/1989 (30)420Image Dapsileī
22GKNicipp Lamàn29/3/1996 (24)6-3Image Hellas Anen
23DFStizo Stiba Stroma19/8/1993 (26)232Image Hellas Anen


#1 Aha Diapeir
198cm tall, Aha Diapeir arrived at his current club Fortis Epops in 2013, at the age of twenty-two. He is in the small group of players who managed to conquer the team's last three league titles. Solid goalkeeper, very safe between the posts, the exits are his weakness.

#2 Tjin Herev Eo
Side-back with a more defensive than offensive mentality, Eo will surpass the fifty presence with the national team taking the field in the next game. The only one to represent the Afestosja team, a tireless runner, Eo will be the pillar of the right wing.

#5 Yante Skatezzo
Skatezzo can be considered the pupil of Fulatto, his ward companion. Born and raised in Fofokoy, he made the whole process of the youth team to land on the first team six years ago. Fresh from the Alfa League victory, he managed not to get a yellow card over the entire past season.

#13 Timo Fulatto
Timo Fulatto is the most experienced defensive center in the whole national team. Next to 80 presence with the team, he is the mentor of his partner Skatezzo. He is a pure defensive wall with height, agility and great skill in head shots. He won the last season of the Alfa League as the captain of Alla Fofokoy.

#6 Calin Mestithemi
Mestithemi is one of the surprises of the recent call-up. Little international experience but great flair for success. In his career he has won 5 editions of the Alfa League, of which 4 with Clinepalas United and 1 with Epacra Delphis, the team in which he grew up. He is a side-back with the vice of coming forward and fueling the offensive action.

#8 Ansem Egemon (C)
Column of the team and of modern Talamian football, Egemon is the captain of both the national team and his team, Ptoco. Having made his debut at just 16 in the Alfa League, he reaches his twentieth year of career today. Despite his age, he seems to have no intention of stopping. Egemon holds the record for most appearances for the Talamian team with 126 since his debut in 2003, scoring nine goals as of today.

#14 Fjössi Rooura
Born in Eigobair, the capital of Sörslúth, Rooura is the only one to play for the team who was not born in Talamia. He emigrated with his family when he was only two years old, he grew up playing soccer in Stamexo, in the Beta League. Noticed by the scouts of Clinepalas United, he arrived in the capital at 19 years old, making his national debut three years later. Gentle foot, he is the corner kicks specialist.

#7 Ptirn Lagios
A fast career, just like him: Lagios is the wing that every team would dream of. At just 23 he has already scored 7 goals for the national team. His transfer from the Lampride club to the rivals of Clinepalas United was a scandal. Equipped with great dribbling and a speed out of the ordinary, however, he is very prone to injuries.

#20 Upe Bainika
Left wing, enviable technique. Bainika runs the entire band, from defense to attack. He is the pillar of his team, Epacra Delphis, of which he is also the top goalscorer. He was the undisputed star of the club's last two championship wins, in 2010 and 2013.

#10 Kata Dioiiké
Dioiiké is the most complete player in the squad. The number 10 is charged with taking free-kicks and plays as an attacking midfielder, adapting if desired also as a second striker. He is the captain of Fortis Epops, with whom he has won the last three badges.

#9 Stern A'apt
Robust forward, skilled in the header and playing as a point of reference for the advanced midfield line, he is able to play shoulders behind the net to allow the wings to penetrate the opposing defense. Fifth in the all-time list, he scored two goals in today's friendly match against The Jovannic, reaching 29 goals in total.

Son of a poor family of workers from Stamexo, our favorite striker grew up right on the border with Sorsluth and took his first football steps in the hometown team. He made his debut in the Beta League at the age of 19 but we would have said everything at the time except that he would become the first choice for the National Team's attack in the starting lineup. Slightly overweight, he seemed to have only the commitment on his side. But it wasn't enough.

After two seasons in which he had collected more appearances in the stands than anything else, one day everything changed: it was 2013 and Stern had the opportunity to play in a championship game, due to the injury of the two main forwards. The team was doing badly, being close to the relegation zone. However, A'apt discovered how dangerous it could be on high balls. A hat trick. All goals on header. Stern became the hero of the day and the championship, dragging Stamexo to their first second place in the Beta League. The team then lost the playoffs but that was only the beginning for Stern. Purchased by Afestosja the following summer, he managed to drag an excellent team to an equally excellent second place in the Alfa League. Then came the first call-up to the national team, the first international goal. The teams were starting to get used to his way of playing, no longer the other way around.

Then, something changed last year, when A'apt, now a darling of Afestosja, decided to accept the large sum of money that the billionaire Amilla's team, KarpìStomà, offered to move to them. Some say that his poor young football-loving spirit has vanished forever. Yet the great commitment shown once again on the field led him to drag KarpìStomà to fourth place. Could this be an opportunity to show everyone once again that they are wrong?

#12 Psal Arpaz
Young goalkeeper, he is preparing to play the World Cup with only one cap in the national team. With only nineteen years of age, he is the second youngest player in the group. Will he be ready to defend the posts if Diapeir gets injured?

#23 Stizo Stiba Stroma
Very tall defender with great speed, he is in the second line only for the strength of the central defensive pair of Alla Fofokoy formed by Skatezzo and Fulatto. In the last season of the Alfa League he was elected among the best defenders. He would be the most viable alternative for central defense if he knew his teammates just as well.

#18 Eletheu Atele
Atele is the third member of the three man defense of the team who won the last league: Alla Fofokoy. With his thirty-four years, he is among the most experienced in the whole team. He knows Fulatto and Skatezzo perfectly, together with whom he has allowed his club to concede only 23 goals in 26 games.

#3 Eter Katek
Experienced left back of Fortis Epops, he was called to replace Mestithemi, in case Calin could not live up to the task assigned to him. If necessary, he can also play as a left midfielder.

#21 Kof Vottetheis
Vottetheis is the first choice to replace Rooura or captain Egemon. Refined foot, capable of perfect long passages. In the last season, he has been relegated with his club, Dapsileī. His name will therefore be at the center of the transfer market news. Will he be able to stay focused?

#17 Mesacro Diodos
Diodos can cover almost any role in the midfield. Jolly player not gifted with great technique or speed, he stands out above all for his commitment. But he is still young and has time to improve. Doing it on the field would certainly be the best way.

#19 Neaniaõ
Once upon a time there was a young boy of eighteen who, without even a presence in the national team, was called for the World Cup. It would be a good story, wouldn't it? Neaniaõ's is even better. After two seasons in the academy of his team (at just fourteen he was playing with the under-21) and forty-four goals scored, he was called up by the coach to make his debut in the Alfa League. As of today, he is the youngest player to play in an official national team game breaking Kladios Paid previous record by taking the field at the age of 16 and 14 days in 2018. In the same occasion, Neaniaõ became the youngest player to ever score in a match. There is great pressure on him. Everyone knows that Pedalisismi is very confident in his potential and that he will send him on the pitch to give the attack a fresh touch, in case the matches remain tied.

Sanisla Pedalisismi is the top goalscorer in the history of the Talamia Alfa League. He used to play as a right wide forward and occasionally as a secondary striker. In his career he played in all the Big Four Talamian Clubs, starting from the youth sector of Clinepalas United, all the way through FK Katacra, Alla Fofokoy and retiring at the age of 38 in Fortis Epops. Pedalisismi is one of the players-symbol of the rebirth of Talamian football after the great crisis of the 60s.

Active with the national team from 1966 to 1979, he counts 99 caps and 76 goals for The Hoopoes. Appointed manager in 2019, he has so far led the team in two different international competitions: ILFA and NAFT. Loved by fans and remembered as one of the greatest Talamian footballers of all time, the hope is that he will be able to nail it once again as a coach.

Ansem Egemon in action
during Ptoco-Hellas Anen, in 2017.

June 10, 1983. The son of Epituxe and Makaria Egemon is born in the small town of Lochago, near Clinepalas. He is given the name Ansem, exactly like his grandfather, who was a respected carpenter. Ansem is a lively child, he grows up very quickly and immediately proves to have great sports skills. He soon falls in love with football, despite having tried to practice many other sports previously, excelling in each of them. Watching the games of his favorite team, Ptoco, on television is his favorite hobby.

It is 1992 and Egemon, who until then had played among the boys of the semi-amateur club of his hometown, is noticed by the scouts of his beloved team: Ptoco. At just nine years of age, he is ready to make the first important decision of his life: move to Clinepalas. Thus began his closest and most indissoluble bond, the one with the white color of the shirt of the historic Clinepalas team.

After the die in the youth sector and after seeing his team win the Alfa League for almost six years in a row, Egemon made his league debut in 1999, when Ptoco's winning streak seemed to have stopped. He was only 16. Column of his team and of modern Talamian football, he became Ptoco's captain at the age of 27 and he is now the National team's captain too. Egemon holds the record for most appearances for the Talamian team with 132 caps since his debut in 2003, scoring nine goals as of today. He also holds the record for most caps as captain, with 73.

Ball-winning midfielder, he is characterized by his competitive energy, personality, charisma, physical strength and athletic endurance, so much so that he has acquired undisputed leadership not only inside the locker room but also among the fans. He can play both the role of box to box and anchor midfielder and is very skilled in fighting opponents and recovering the ball.

The new Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium,
rebuilt in 2018.

Talamia's capital Clinepalas counts 10,029,416 inhabitants and it's the largest city in the country. Located on the mouth of the Drahma River, it overlooks the Herrebrugh Sea. Being the oldest city, it is also the one with the largest number of places of interest and monuments. The national body responsible for managing the Talamian cultural heritage is, and among others, one of the places it controls is the Ebdemar Au'tkora Stadium.

Initially built for HoopoeBall, the Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium has always been the home of our National Football Team, since its founding. Talamia played their first match at the stadium on November 30 1914 against Sörslúth, winning 6-2. The stadium has undergone many renovations over time, before being permanently closed and then demolished in 2015, in its hundredth birthday. For a period of three years, the team played their home games in various stadiums around Talamia as the Ebdemar Au'tokra was beaing completely rebuilt. The first match played in the new stadium that just reopened took place on 22 April 2018 and it was once again against Sörslúth. The stadium is today owned by the city of Clinepalas, being considered cultural heritage.

Today, the all-seater stadium has a capacity of 84,000, and it is protected from the elements by a sliding roof that does not completely enclose it. It also has a heated ground, four LED screens and an internal restaurant, called "ArgaleOpson". Located in the Ptoco district, the stadium is in the city center, and it is easily accessible by subway (line P),bus (30, 628 or 913) and taxi. Being provided with paid parking, it can also be reached via private vehicle.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first and I will determine severity)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (but TG me first)
Godmod events: TG me first
Style modifier: +2
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Postby Vdara » Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:55 am


POS - Player Name - No. - Club - Nation of Club
First 11
Formation: 5-3-2

GK - Markos Moustakakos - 1 - Heraklion - Image
LWB - Tryfon Vlahiades - 2 - Valletta - Image
CB - Mathaios Pardakis - 3 - Chania FC - Image
CB - Valentinos Giannakos - 4 - Protakas - Image
CB - David Xeniadis - 5 - Larnaca - Image
RWB - Manousos Athanas - 6 - Ierapetra - Image
CM - Kimon Karalas - 7 - Sitia - Image
CDM - Vangelis Mavroglou - 8 - Paphos - Image
CM - Anargyros Stamatelis - 9 - Kyrenia - Image
ST - Chirstoforos Lazelis - 10 - Agios Nikolaos - Image
ST - Alexis Fotellis - 11 - FC Limassol - Image
GK - Serapheim Metrakis - 32 - Pergamos - Image
CB - Nestoras Galanatos - 47 - Marionville - Image
CB - Lavrentis Laskarilis - 61 - Ierapetra - Image
CM - Miron Demallis - 73 - Limassol - Image
LWB/CDM - Apollon Kairakos - 59 - Al Haxire - Image
RWB - Thanassis Karalallis - 69 - Agios Nikolaos - Image
ST - Stamatis Moustakopoulos - 23 - Protakas - Image

Markos Moustakakos - A sublime shot stopper who can keep a clean sheet relatively often in the Vdaran Alpha League with Heraklion, Moustakakos has managed to repair his international reputation with some great performances with Oi Magoi. The 28-year-old is still the best Vdaran goalkeeper, and hence he is in the squad.

Tryfon Vlahiades - A wondrous wing back who always puts 100% effort into every match, Vlahiades has shown his greatness internationally, with his pace being used to get to wide areas further down the pitch. The 25-year-old is a skilful crosser and free-kick taker, and is usually the penalty-kick taker. The wing back scored 4 goals in the WC85 qualifiers, and may score more in the Cup of Harmony.

Mathaios Pardakis - The oldest player in the squad at 39, Pardakis has shown no sign of slowing down ability-wise. He is still a very effective defender despite his age, and his tackling skills are better than most players in the squad. His ability to command the dressing room is great, hence why he is the captain of the National Team. This may change, however, as players like Galanatos rise through the ranks and Pardakis only gets older.

Valentinos Giannakos - Giannakos is not the most well-known player in the squad, but he is certainly a fantastic defender. At 24, Giannakos still has plenty time left in his career to grow and develop, hence why you may hear more about him in future World Cups. He recently gave away a penalty against Xanneria in a 4-3 loss, and gained a red card for it, so you may see less of him.

David Xeniadis - A decent defender who was the youngest player in the National Team at WC84, Xeniadis - who is now 20 - has become a starter following the retirement of another player. No longer the youngest, Xeniadis has an amazing shooting ability, and has been known to be great at volleys and headers.

Manousos Athanas - A fantastic wing back with more pace than sense, Athanas has been known to race past opposition midfielders and defenders with a smirk on his face and his few brain cells rattling about in his head. Now 25, Athanas is yet to peak, with his pace seemingly increasing each year.

Kimon Karalas - A midfield maestro who is great at crosses and corners, Karalas is a player who could impress many at this World Cup. His ability to pass the ball is one that has bamboozled many opposition players before, and the 23-year-old has been known to perform skill moves such as the rainbow flick and McGeady spin relatively often, which is odd for a central midfielder.

Vangelis Mavroglou - A central defensive midfielder, who takes the ‘defensive’ part of his position very seriously, Mavroglou has been a centrepiece in the Vdaran midfield. The 26-year-old isn’t exactly fast, but he makes up for it with his incredible bursts of adrenalin which only seem to pop up when it seems destined that the opposition are going to score.

Anargyros Stamatelis - Not much is known about this midfielder, but he is quite good. Performing decently at the last World Cup, the 25-year-old has shown critics that he is more than just an average midfielder, at least by Vdaran standards. A decent crosser, Stamatelis usually sits back in the midfield when people go forward, and he’s wary of counter attacks.

Chirstoforos Lazelis - A young, quick striker who can zoom past defenders faster than every other player in this squad, Lazelis rose through the Vdaran football pyramid straight from the Gamma League to the Alpha League following the 20-year-old’s incredible performances in the 4th tier. With an incredible 27 goals in 24 games for Vdara in the WC85 qualifiers, Lazelis is ready to impress yet again.

Alexis Fotellis - Most famous for his ongoing feud which had both of his boots ending up in the face of Nate Ellis of Hapilopper, this striker is better at shooting than he is running, being more used to receiving crosses and passes while he’s inside the box. Now 36, Fotellis may not have much longer to play in the National Team, with younger players rising through the ranks. He scored 10 goals in the WC85 Qualifiers, second only to Chirstoforos Lazelis.

Manager: Lükækš Væñøœrëñbérghüïś
Home Stadium: VdarArena
Trigram: VDR
Nickname: Oi Magoi (The Magicians)
Rank: 77th
Best result: 5th in WC85 Group Stage
First International: Hapilopper 2 - 1 Vdara
Largest Wins: Vdara 5 - 1 Acapais/Vdara 5-1 Monglechabagd
Largest Loss: Equestria 6 - 1 Vdara
Captain: Mathaios Pardakis
Oldest Player: Mathaios Pardakis (aged 39)
Youngest Player: Nestoras Galanatos and Apollon Kairakos (aged 18)
Style Modifier: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, and I encourage it. :3
RP injuries to my players: Yes.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, and please make it interesting :3
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, but only 3 per game.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but only 1 per game.
Godmod other events: Yes, absolutely.
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The Kingdom of Vdara
A unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy situated in the Mediterranean Sea consisting of the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Thera, and Kasos.

Factbook | Vdaran Airlines | National Anthem | Royal Family | Political Parties | Vai News 24
World Cup:
WC84: Did not qualify
WC85: Did not qualify

Cup of Harmony:
CoH 76: 6th in group stage
CoH 77: Round of 16 (lost 4-2 to Squornshelous)

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The Jovannic
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Postby The Jovannic » Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:00 am

The Jovannic National Team Roster
After a good performance in the WCQ, The Jovannic is back in CoH!

Jersey Home
Jersey Away

#23 Mavin Tsuniki, 34, Nationale Jovannica, 68 Caps
#1 Joshua Li, 25, Marli Town, 7 Caps
#24 Seintat Fele, 19, Varla Crlak United, 0 Caps
Joshua Li is the Sliver Lining for Marli Town amid a struggling season. He is a superb sweeper keeper and inhuman reflexes. This is his first season as first choice keeper for the national team. Mavin was first choice keeper for 6 years before he had injury problems. He should be able to play a few matches at the world cup as he has gone back to fitness. Seintat is a homegrown talent who is in the team for first hand experience.

#12 Kish Dasny, 27, Nationale Jovannica, 4 Caps, 1 Goal
#3 Raye Eng, 26, Chan City, 31 Caps, 4 Goals
#4 Kallin Yustat, 28, Chan City, 30 Caps, 3 Goals
#14 Nivario Wesh, 22, Nationale Jovannica, 2 Caps, 0 Goals

#2 Maruo Mulchaio, 31, Vixer Town, 33 Caps, 1 Goal
#13 Huhigal Silgersti, 30, West Juxe United, 24 Caps, 0 Goals
#5 Miri Belli, 21, JuPopen, 11 Caps, 0 Goals
#15 Io Castra, 21, New Hope City, 1 Cap, 0 Goals
Maruo is a veteran defender with a towering presence. He is able to fight for a tackle and can push up when needed. Raye is the Star defender of the Jovannic, His plays and passes has set up many a goal.He is also aggressive and can score goals Kallin is the perfect combination with Raye, Himself being a strong and able defender, with fans calling him 'The Wall'. Miri is a young defender with ample speed and a eye for through passes. Kish is a solid defender with a steadfast mentality and good tackling abilities. Huhigal is a old starter whom had a bad season with West Juxe United. He is still strong and able to do well. Nivario is a Great Talent who has played extremely well with Nationale Jovannica. Io is a underrated defender who can speed down the wing threatening defenders of the other side. He has had a recent argument with the coach.

#17 Stockain Lelop, 26, Masting United, 0 Caps, 0 Goals
#8 Jin Tze, 28, Chumitan United, 41 Caps, 5 Goals (VICE-CAPTAIN)

#7 Viszier Felon, 23, Nationale Jovannica, 17 Caps, 10 Goals
#16 Huigen Livirti, 31, Nationale Jovannica, 59 Caps, 14 Goals
#6 Gavon Simoli, 24, New Hope City, 26 Caps, 6 Goals
#18 Huli Maringar, 17, Varla Crlak United, 0 Caps, 0 goals
#19 Santi Clafus, 27, Chan City, 15 Caps, 0 Goals
Gavon is a wonderful Midfielder with heaps of talent.He has tons of Dribbling skills and has a knack for Free Kicks. He is also able to tackle well. Jin Tze is a experienced passer who is able to hold the ball well and sets up attacks with ease. Viszier Felon, bought from 2 division club Toisipi is a young speedster who can speed down the lines, cutting in or crossing. He can shoot from any distance. Huigen is a first choice midfielder with tons of experience and is able to tower over enemies. Stockain Lelop was unknown until a few months ago, where he pushed Masting United to Promotion to the first Division. He is able to push through defenders with ease. Huli has been making strides at club level and has been given a place into the team. Santi is a Midfielder who has excelled in club but not in country. He may be able to make a breakthrough after improvement in his last national Matches.

#21 Rivilia Yunsala, 26, Vixer Town, 11 Caps, 4 Goals
#9 Ianu Fathe, 29, Varla Crlak United, 30 Caps, 18 Goals
#20 Sami Ning, 19, Nationale Jovannica, 2 Caps, 0 Goals
#11 Jovan Ilohil, 24, Nationale Jovannica, 29 Caps, 23 Goals (CAPTAIN)

#10 Thomas Behine, 24, Ninhein United, 15 Caps, 7 Goals
#22 Deingh Kian, 33, New Hope City, 41 Caps, 31 Goals
Thomas is a quick attacking forward able to dodge defenders and score goals. Ianu is a false 9, able to hold the ball and pass it around. He has a good presence on the field. Jovan is the best player of the National Team, able to dribble, pass and wriggle out of impossible situations, He has a knack of being at the right place at the right time. Sami is like Ianu, able to hold the ball and pass well. He needs to work on his recent goal drought. Rivilia is an experienced forward with good balance of speed and strength. Deingh is a veteran Winger able to cross extremely well and able to hold his own against 3 to 4 defenders.

Coach: Gonzal Mathee
This coach style is a quick passing, innovative, and fluid style of game, weaving chances for his prolific strikers to strike. He is able to use training to the right extent to train the team to a well-oiled machine. He is very emotional, crying and celebrating along with his team. In his Prime, he played for Varla Crlak United. He is able to understand the plight of his players, and is able to help players. He has attention to detail, and often travels to scout opponent tactics and such.

Stadium: Great Jovannica Stadium (Nationale Jovannica)
Capacity: 65,000

Formation: 4-2-4

Nickname: The Emperors

Summary: This Team is a well oiled Team, able to melt and solidify positions in a instant. The team's strength is its ability and push forward and backward in an instant, with leaders in all lines. They attack particularly well, with thrusts in all sides and passing that can ruin enemy defences.

The Jovannic National League is a well-established League with a Long and Illustrious History. the Top teams include Nationqle Jovannica, New Hope City, Varla Crlak United, Chan City and West Juxe United.

Style Modifier:+2.5
Permission: Injuries Ask Me First. Red Card Tell me First, Godmod ask me first though I will allow most. Everything else is fine. :clap:
Sporting Achievements: NIL

Cricket ranking: 28
Football Ranking: 139

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Postby Baggieland » Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:57 am

The Throstles.

Dartmouth Hill, Hawthorn (capacity: 97,842).


4 – 5 – 1.


Fred Buckingham
Won the domestic league title three seasons in a row before being appointed to the national team.

1. Ben Osborne (GK).
First choice keeper. Has a commanding presence in the box, very little gets past him.
13. John Foster (GK).
Excellent back-up keeper, has a reputation as a penalty-saver.
23. Tom Hoult (GK).
Dependable and reliable 3rd choice keeper.

2. Jonas McAuley (LCB).
A giant of a man at 6’ 6”, has good ball control too, plays for the same club side as Moore.
3. John Moore (RCB).
Has a great understanding with McAuley, together they clear away anything sent their way.
12. Gareth Olsson (LCB).
Dependable defender, can play anywhere along the back-four.
14. Darren Wile (RCB).
A man-mountain who weighs in at 15 stones, underestimate his agility at your peril.
4. Derek Pennington (LB).
Solid on the left side of defence, often gets forward to support attacks as well.
15. Jesse Statham (LB).
Almost identical to Pennington, although crossing is not of the same quality.
5. Brendon Dawson (RB).
A reliable defender, but is best known for getting forward, sometimes thinks he is more of a RWF than a RB! The DM and RCB always cover his position when he goes on a foray forward. Scores a few goals as well.
16. Craig Batson (RB).
A decent defender, but doesn’t like to get forward too much.

6. Len Livermore (DM).
Very little gets past him as he patrols in front of the back-four. Likes to get forward too and has a decent long-shot on him.
17. Jake Cantello (DM).
Similar to Livermore, but doesn’t get forward as much.
7. “Bomber” Robson (C) (CM).
Captain fantastic. One of the best midfield playmakers in the world. A regular goal-scorer. It is said he is a Brazilian trapped inside a Baggielandian body.
18. Bryan Brown (CM).
Solid in the middle of the park, shows great vision in setting up attacks.
8. Ray Brunt (VC) (LW).
A left foot wizard, pinpoint crosses, first choice free-kick and corner taker, has the most assists in the domestic league.
19. Chris Barlow (LW).
Would walk into the first team of many other nations, unfortunately for him, has Ray Brunt ahead of him.
9. Laurie Bassett (RW).
Could have represented Baggieland as an Olympic sprinter, accurate crosser of the ball. Gets his fair share of goals too.
20. Billy Cunningham (RW).
Not as quick as Bassett, but has better ball control.
10. Ronnie Regis(AM).
Versatile attacker, can play anywhere in the final third of the pitch.
21. Cyrille Allen (AM).
Similar to Regis, but scores fewer goals.

11. Jeff Richardson (CF).
First choice striker, deadly with either foot as well as his head.
22. “Ginger” Astle (CF).
Lethal with his right foot, great at holding the ball up to bring others into attack.

International tournament records:
Baptism of Fire 72: group stage.
World Cup 85: qualification group stage.
Nordsjø Derby: winners (x1).

International goals:
Jeff Richardson: 18.
Ronnie Regis: 9.
Bomber Robson: 7.
Ginger Astle: 6.
Ray Brunt: 5.
Jonas McAuley: 4.
Billy Cunningham: 3.
Laurie Bassett: 2.
Len Livermore: 2.
Chris Barlow: 1.
John Moore: 1.
Cyrille Allen: 1.

First ever game:
Baggieland 3 – 1 Electrum

Biggest win:
Jerauuk 1 – 4 Baggieland

Biggest defeat:
Baggieland 3 – 6 Starblaydia

If my opponents RP first:
Choose my goalscorers- Y
Godmod scoring events- N
Roleplay injuries to my players- N
Godmod injuries to my players- N
Hand out yellow cards to my players- N
Hand out red cards to my players- N
Godmod other events- N
Keep the faith, keep on boinging!

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Postby Eraman » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:02 am


Nation: The Kingdom of Eraman
Demonym: Eramanian
Style Modifier: 2
Formation: 4-1-2-3 DM Wide

Head Coach: Tun Sengalang Petara
Tun Sengalang Petara is the prime minister of Eraman, president of Eraman Football Association, chairman of Royal Daulapura Football Club and arguably the richest man in Melayu Archipelago. As you think the CV couldn't get any longer, he has now appointed himself as the national team head coach.

Tun Sengalang Petara took over as the head coach half-way through the last World Cup qualifying campaign and notched back-to-back victory straight away but failed to qualify after a defeat in the final match. He prefers his team to play with an attacking mindset and high pressing intensity. A long ball from the center back into empty space to find the quick trio upfront is his favourite play.

GK: Dundang Bayan, 33, Royal Arupura
The veteran Royal Arupura goalkeeper is back to don the national team number 1 jersey after 4 years absence. He is widely acknowledged as the best goalkeeper in the country but was dropped from the national team due to a dispute with the national football association. With no domestic football for a season, Tun Sengalang Petara had no choice but to re-call Dundang Bayan and some of the best footballers in the country he banned 4 years ago.

GK, Yuyi Dunya, 25, Royal Cittapura
GK, Mikla Kala, 24, Royal Daulapura

DR: Lipas Kudung, 27, Royal Puncakpura
Lipas Kudung is a modern full-back who loves to gets up and down the pitch for 90 minutes. His speed and ability to cross the ball is his main assets. Very good going forward but can be susceptible at the back. His eagerness to get forward sometimes left the back open.

DL: Cicak Kudung, 27, Royal Puncakpura
Cicak Kudung is Lipas Kudung's twin brother. The abilities and playing style of Lipas and Cicak is as identical as their face. The only downpoint of it is they are both right-footed. Cicak Kudung always supports the attack down the left flank but frequently had to cut in onto his favoured right foot to hoist crosses into the box.

DC: Badang Gangsa, 32, Anara (Vice Captain)
The Anara captain has shown his leadership qualities after leading his club side to a back-to-back league title. The center back was nicknamed Gorilla for his strength and aerial prowess. With promising young centre back emerging around the country, this is probably going to be the last time Badang lead the back four.

DC: Anton Mora, 24, Royal Daulapura
The mass exodus of national team players from Royal Daulapura 4 years ago forced the club to rely on foreign players and youngsters. One of the youngsters who benefited from the incident is Anton Mora. He stepped up to the first team with flying colours. Composed and plays defence breaking long ball often.

DR, Feleti Arshis, 29, Damaisari
DL, Waka Sentri, 32, Royal Daulapura
DC, Isileli Hiva, 31, Damaisari
DC, Mahar Mina, 24, Royal Daulapura

DMC: Putra Daulapura Suara Petara, 30, Damaisari (Captain)
The national team will be led in the midfield by the prince of Eraman himself. The third son of Maharaja Nila Petara caused half of the national team to be banned with his transfer move from his uncle's club, Royal Daulapura to Damaisari on a free transfer. In retaliation, his uncle who is now the national team head coach banned him and his teammates from the national team. Left with no choice or better players, Tun Sengalang Petara decided to lift the ban and Suara Petara is now back with the captain armband after 4 years.

MC: Rimau Belang, 30, Royal Puncakpura
Rimau Belang is another domestic club captain in the national team. He led Royal Puncakpura to various championships in the past. Rimau Belang is deployed as defending midfielder for his club but is expected to play in a more advanced role for the national team.

MC: Mano Bosa, 32, Anara
The veteran playmaker will be the main creative outlet for Eraman. The attack-minded center midfield has the most impressive passing range and passing accuracy in Liga Eraman for the past few seasons and is very deadly in dead-ball situation. He is expected to be responsible for corner kicks, free kicks as well as penalty kicks.

DMC, Kinta Biru, 24, Royal Daulapura
MC, Milo Kaulawi, 22, Royal Daulapura
MC, Karipa Senawang, 23, Royal Daulapura

AMR: Kilat Saputra, 28, Anara
Kilat Saputra formed a deadly attack for Anara in the league alongside his twin brother Kudrat Saputra. His main ability is his pace. His speed will keep his opponents afraid as he is able to beat defenders in a footrace.

AML: Kudrat Saputra, 28, Anara
Kudrat Saputra, much like his twin brother is very quick. The left inside forward will use his pace and flair on the ball to beat opponents and create scoring opportunities. Very hard-working and have an eye for goal.

ST: Buisan Buayan, 32 y/o, Damaisari
Buisan Buayan will be the focal point of Eraman's attack. He has shown a surprising amount of upper-body strength in the league which allowed him to shove defenders aside, creating room for him to show his skills and make things happen. He also has the ability to get into a great goalscoring position with his movement.

AMR, Perda Nasar, 23, Royal Daulapura
AML, Era Hitam, 20, Royal Daulapura
ST, Putra Daulapura Wikra Petara, 20, Center For Excellence - Apox

Sponsored by zsports

Choose My Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.

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Postby Krytenia » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:45 am

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just don’t kill anyone, K?

Modifier: +5


Manager – Jerome JAFFACAKE-PHILLIPS (KRY/AUD), Age *shrug*
Son of one of the multiverse's most infamous journalists – and son-in-law of the other. Former Krytenian international back in the Stone Age; previously manaaged Silexhera's national team. Expect him to be especially animated if the Dragons play his father's homeland.

Assistant Manager – Paul DAVIS, Age 38
Ousevale's loss is the national team's gain. JJP has taken the young gaffer under his win after he was hung out to dry by the Tigers.

Goalkeeping Coach – Marcus WASHINGTON, Age 41
Defensive Coach – Robert FIELDS, Age 42
Offensive Coach – Graham OWENS, Age 57
Physiotherapist – Victoria BARCA, Age 57



Age: 26
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Mercia Bromham

Steely blue eyes and a blonde ponytail swishing in the wind – Carpenter is the poster boy for the Goalkeeper's Union in more ways than one. Tends to punch crosses rather than go for the clean catch, which has made him unpopular in some circles.

Age: 21
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Bromham City

Young agile custodian who was pretty much the only reason the Westies managed a second season. Now working more miracles in the Mercian capital.

Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Emberton Reds

Called up following Valera's MD7 horror show against Valera.


Age: 24
Position: Right/Centre-back
Club: Ashton Olympic

Practiacally a midfielder in terms of pressing. Loves to work the overlaps.

Age: 25
Position: Left/Centre-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

Pacy defender, unpronouncable name. Parents are Nemyan Starblaydis, but we won't hold that against him.

Age: 24
Position: Centre-back
Club: Leston Town

Tall and rangy, but can shift his weight when needed. Bags of pace and a good read of the game.

Age: 26
Position: Centre-back
Club: Royal Emberton

Excellent strength on and off the ball – when it's on the ground. Decent distribution, heading ability leaves a little to be desired.

Age: 23
Position: Right/Centre-back
Club: Avidia United

Speedy and smart in the tackle; can be hesitant to go forward when the Dragons have the ball.

Age: 29
Position: Left/Centre-back
Club: Emberton Reds

Chases balls like a border collie. Decent distribution, tackling isn't the greatest.


Age: 30
Position: Central midfield
Club: Mercia Bromham

A midfield general with a fabulous football brain.

Phillip EATON
Age: 30
Position: Left midfield
Club: Ashton Olympic

Pacy winger, prefers the cross to the cut inside.

Age: 24
Position: Right midfield
Club: Avidia United

Accurate crosser of the ball and good with it at his feet. Not the fastest.

Cormac O'NEILL
Age: 22
Position: Central midfield
Club: Stanton Town

Took over from Murray Schwarzkopf at the Dockers. Silky ball player and workhorse midfield general all in one.

Age: 27
Position: Right midfield
Club: Beckton Supermarine

Small but wiry winger with excellent ball skills. Can't tackle to save his life.

Age: 25
Position: Left midfield
Club: Notegia Rangers

Cultured winger at an uncultured club. Expect him to be snapped up.

Age: 22
Position: Central midfield
Club: Bradwell Saints

Tenacious young midfielder, full of running. Better at short than long passes.

Age: 20
Position: Central midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Intelligence beyond his years. Quick passer of the ball.


Age: 27
Position: Forward
Club: Mercia Bromham

Mendonca upped and got the hell out of Avidia City as soon as they were relegated. Going to one of the country's biggest clubs has not hurt one jot.

Age: 20
Position: Forward
Club: Stanton Town

This young lad is built like the proverbial outhouse,but is surprisingly quick on his toes. Right foot could open a jar of pickle.

Selaphiel KENNEDY
Age: 31
Position: Forward
Club: Stanton Town

The Kennedy dynasty continues as Selly follows in the footsteps of Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel in breaking into the national team. Why this lot are still all loyal to the Dockers is anyone's guess, mind.

Age: 24
Position: Forward
Club: Ashton Olympic

Loves the predatory role just behind the front two. Big-money move to Ashton saw him help the Bears win the title.

Age: 24
Position: Forward
Club: Beckton Supermarine

Clinical finisher, reads the game well. Speed needs work.

Age: 21
Position: Forward
Club: Notegia Rangers

Pace makes him difficult to track; has a lethal left peg. Only 5'7” though, so unlikely to win too many headers.

LIKELY STARTERS – Formation: 3-4-3 “System Garcia”

THE KITS – courtesy of JMC

KRYTENIA: Losing in semi-finals since 2004.
Capital: Emberton ⍟ RP Population: ~180,000,000 ⍟ Trigram: KRY ⍟ iTLD: .kt ⍟ Demonym: Krytenian, Krytie (inf.)
Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
Champions: AOCAF LII
Runner-Up: AOCAF VII, World Cup LVIII
Creator, AOCAF & Cygnus Cup - Host, VI Winter Olympics (Ashton) & VII Summer Olympics (Emberton)

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Postby Garifunya » Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:11 am


G #1 Stijn Kruit, 28, SV Oranje (Captain)
G #22 Joren Melenhorst, 29, Zeerovers Vrijport
G #23 Maurits-Jan Heller, 22, VK Voortrekkers

D #2 Bert-Jan van der Lugt, 28, SV Oranje
D #3 Rudie Kreijenveld, 28, Onvervaard FC
D #4 Marcel Alfring, 31, Eendracht Garifunya
D #12 Youri Ridderhof, 29, Zeerovers Vrijport
D #13 Jochem Elijzen, 32, VK Konduktor
D #14 Luuk Visser, 30, FC Frederykvil
D #15 Yousef Westkamp, 23, Eendracht Garifunya

M #5 Dawaas Nieuwaal, 26, Estreya Zwart FC
M #6 Jozua Krumers, 27, Eendracht Garifunya
M #10 Muhammad Kamerling, 30, Zeerovers Vrijport
M #8 Wil Schoeneveld, 28, FC Frederyvkvil
M #16 Hector Arboleda, 24, Puerto CF
M #17 Roosevelt Ozinga, 23, Eendracht Garifunya
M #18 Dolf Slijtermeijlink, 25, FC Frederykvil

F #9 Mechiel Disselhorst, 29, Hadarage FC
F #7 Adriaan van Petersen, 31, Estreya Zwart FC
F #11 Floris-Jan Klenkman, 28, Eendracht Garifunya
F #19 Sebaastian Diekman, 26, VK Konduktor
F #20 Boudewijn van der Weide, 20, Onze Daam
F #21 Sonel Augustin, 21, FC Frederykvil


Manager: Stefan Schuurmans, 39, Netherlands
Formation: 3-4-3 diamond
Style Mod: +3

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No
Puppet of Nova Anglicana



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