Civil Wars in YN

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Civil Wars in YN

Postby Kedri » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:46 am

Has YN ever had a civil war?

If so, what was it over? What was the result?

Kedri has had several civil wars throughout its history, but so far there has only been one (or two, depending on how you count it) under the current government, as the formation of the new government is what led to the war in the first place. Since then, there have not been any new ones.

It was fought between the Confederation (they were known as the Republicans at the time) and the Pirate Kingdom. Both claimed to be the legitimate government of Kedri. It lasted three years, with the Republicans winning and controlling most of the archipelago.

The Pirate Kingdom still existed after the war, but was a lot smaller and weaker. It later joined the Republic voluntarily and abolished piracy.
Kedri is a nation of 18th century pirates who know water-bending. Throw in some steampunk, as well. Tech level is PT/FanT.
Kedrians abandon piracy and become a modernized country, founded by reformed criminals who forsook piracy and the citizens are descended from pirates, and still retain some of their heritage such as speech, accent, politics.

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Postby Radiatia » Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:37 pm

There have been three civil wars in Radiatian history (and that doesn't count all the times in antiquity that there were wars between various Kingdoms and states that are now Radiatian states, but 'Radiatia' didn't exist back then so it doesn't count.)

First Radiatian Civil War:
Year(s): 3947NC - 3948NC
- Socialists ("United Socialist States of Radiatia")
- Nationalists ("Radiatian Empire")
Outcome: Nationalist victory, formation of the Radiatian Empire - a fascist nation led by Fyurid Exer.
Background: In 3944NC, various republics and former kingdoms formed the "Radiatian Union". Three years later, the Radiatian Union would declare itself to be a socialist union, the United Socialist States of Radiatia. In 3947, Chairman Ignatius Verster (the head of state) was assassinated by members of the far right, beginning a violent struggle between the far left and the far right which would ultimately be won by the latter.

Second Radiatian Civil War:
Year(s): 3961NC - 3963NC
- Radiatian National Party (Nationalists) + Radiatian Imperial Armed Forces
- Communist Party of the Radiatian Federation (Communists) + Radiatian People's Liberation Army
Outcome: Communist victory, formation of the Radiatian People's Socialist Union (RPSU)
Background: The Radiatian Empire, under Fyurid Exer lasted for 13 years and engaged simultaneously in a policy of aggressive ethnic cleansing and aggressive expansion of the national borders, claiming and colonising new territories on the Radiatian subcontinent, expanding the borders to include all of present-day Radiatia.

Despite Exer's attempts to stamp out any opponents, many Radiatians at the time held socialist and communist sympathies and considered Exer's rule to be illegitimate. Eventually the Radiatian People's Liberation Army was formed to challenge Exer's government, leading to years of violence and ultimately Exer's capture, execution and the formation of the RPSU.

Third Radiatian Civil War:
Year: 4014NC
- CPRU (Communists) led by Supreme Chancellor Trast Xinua
- RADEM (Pro-Democracy Movement) led by Defence Commissar Traiyan Silviu
Outcome: Pro-democracy victory, dissolution of the RPSU and formation of the modern, democratic Radiatian Federation
Background: The RPSU existed for over 50 years and was, for the most part, extremely brutal and repressive. However following the end of the Isthmus War in 4004NC, the nation began drifting from hardline communism toward having a "socialist market economy" and several cities were declared "Special Economic Zones", most importantly Exegrad (which became the country's largest city as a result).

In 4014, Exegrad's status as a SEZ was revoked and the new Supreme Chancellor Trast Xinua announced a return to hardline communism, which was roundly rejected by most Radiatians, especially those in Exegrad who began to protest and violently riot.

Attempts to quell these riots violently (as had happened previously during the Black Friday Massacre) did not go to plan when the commander of the RPLA, Defence Commissar Traiyan Silviu, refused the order and announced his support for RADEM (a pro-democracy organisation headquartered in Exegrad where it was protected but illegal elsewhere in the country).

This led to three months of violence, however with most troops choosing loyalty to Silviu and RADEM over Xinua and the CPRU, eventually they marched on Xerconia (the capital) and declared an end to the RPSU. Silviu would go on to be elected the 1st President of the Radiatian Federation a few months later when the country had its first ever free and fair democratic elections.

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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:23 am

Yes. One in the XIXth century fought between conservatives and liberals. 1845-1848 It ended with liberal victory and paved the way to keep with democratization and economic and reforms.

And the second Would be WW2. Officialy october 1st 1944 - April 27th 1947. But We can say it lasted from 1941 to 1956. In winter 1940-1941 my country was occupied by the axis. The Axis made a puppet Government with local fascists and crowned the deposed king's son that had moved to Italy after the proclamation of the Republic in 1928. The legitime Government in exile set in London almost immediatelly created the "Free Catalan Forces" from regular troops that managed to be evacuated and new volunteers and worked to coordinate the internal opposition to the new Regime. Those "Free Catalan Forces" served along the Allies. There were strong discents inside the internal local opposition as communists didn't join until the URSS was invaded, the centrist FNC supported the allies from the start and the radical leftwing was opposed to anyone and followed it's own revolutionary agenda. So there was a vicious and chaothic conflict involving multiple sides as the internal resistance collabored in various degrees with the Government in Exile and the allies, Some groups as the FNC and PSUC communists were running escape routes while others don't. Also some groups fought each others and the axis puppets and axis occupying forces. Also prewar the radical left tried to overcome the Republican Democratic Governments to start a revolution in collaboration with fascists.
The London Government got the loyalty of our colonies in the Caribbean. And, From 1941 to 1942 Got in control of all our colonial Empire getting advantage of the allied control of the seas. The proallied G-i-E and the free Catalan forces were fighting along other allies in the Atlantic, North Africa and Mediterranean fronts and after Pearl Harbour We lost our east Indies colonies to the Japanese invasion.
By 1942 the London Government gained control of most of the resistance movement and make it collaborate with the allies. With Torch operation the allies recovered the Balearics. It caused armed clashes in the Balearics between the Free Catalan Forces, moderate elements of the resistence against radical elements of the resistance and last fascists remnants. that lasted some weeks before the London's Government restored order.
Also in the Balearic sea there were clashes between the Free Catalan Air and Naval Forces and the royalists and raids of the 9th (Catalan)coy/X Commando on soil controled by the royalists.
To make it worst in 1943-1944 winter the war between the inside the resistance was open. And, part of the free Catalan forces influenced by the leftist elements tried to mutiny. which was promtly finished by loyal troops. A division fought in the italian front. And, landed in Provence in 1944.
In Summer 1944 the fascist regime fell and the allies freed the country, already before liberation. A civil war almost immediately started in October 1944. As the radical left tried to get the country taking advantage of Government weakness. The Free Catalan Forces and the anarcosindicalists started fighting. At first the CNT-FAI and POUM had the upper hand as they almost drove the Government forces, that used heavy air support. Slowly the Government growing forces started to gain control and forced the the guerrillas to go to the defensive. The Government started to pressure strangling the rebels. The Government focused on rebuilding country while fighting insurgency mixing mopping operation with policial work. Focussing in destroying CNT-FAI support and make them impopular. The civil war ended in April 1947 with Government victory due British and US support. in 1947 were the First democratic elections won by the Christian Democrats. So We received Marshall plan Aid. And CIA support to defeat PSUC communists in 1947 election.
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Postby Frei Saarland » Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:20 am

Yes, but I'm not going to go into much depth because it happened 395 years before my country was founded. So picture this you're a 1500s tax collector living in the Saar basin, so that means you're fairly well off. But you have a twinge of rebellion in you and you want to defeat the Archduke that rules over you and take his land for yourself. So what do you do? You round up some guys from the pub get some weapons. Then you take over a medium-sized church on the edge of town and kill the priest, declaring yourself the new Archduke. Some local of course run along and tell the Archduke what you've done, while you lounge around enjoying your new "palace." Then, in the distance, you hear a crap ton of hooves the Archduke has called his knights on you. But as you would expect, with the whole being german thing and all, lounging around also included getting helplessly drunk. So the knights just walk in a kill everyone. Pretty anti-climactic.

Real thing that happened.
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Postby Erushyia » Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:01 pm

Erushyia has had two: The first one was in 1927 between the then-reigning Ziyou Dynasty (The last Imperial Dynasty of Erushyia) and a communist revolution. The communist revolution won when it captured Nanjing and declared itself the successor of the Dynasty, thus winning the war and establishing Erushyia as a communist country.

The second one was in 2007-2008. After WW3, just about everyone was sick and tired of dying in the millions to a seemingly-uncaring communist dictatorship. They started protesting, but were not dispersed because even government officials didnt like sending their people off to get nuked by NATO, so reforms were passed to make Erushyia a democracy and to enforce state capitalism instead of communism. Naturally, some people did not like this, so they and a portion of the military rose up and tried to take back control. When that didnt work they fled to Taiwan and took it. They held out for close to a year before loyalist forces finally eradicated all resistance on the island, thus ending the Second Erushyian Civil War.
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Postby New Transeurasia » Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:42 pm

New Transeurasia has participated in 3 civil wars:

The first one was the Second Russian Civil War. The Second Russian Civil War was during the years 1928 to 1930. The civil war was mostly between the forces of the German-backed Russian State, and multiple resistance forces, the leading resistance being the Soviet Democratic Federation(which renamed itself to the Democratic Federation of New Transeurasia in late 1929). The Germans were defeated with some foreign support(mostly British), and the final few months of the Second Russian Civil War was, for the most part, the annexation of other resistance movements into the Democratic Federation of New Transeurasia, either peacefully or by force. At the end of the Second Russian Civil War, New Transeurasia controlled the borders of OTL's Soviet Union immediately following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

The second civil war NT participated in was the Second Chinese Civil War. The People's Republic of China had quite sour relations with most of the capitalist major powers, like New Transeurasia, the USA, and the powers of Western Europe(mainly the UK, West Germany and France). The PRC fell to a new civil war in 1968 due to of a mix of reasons, such as hyperinflation, falling support for the government, and famine. New Transeurasia saw this as an opportunity, and invaded from the north. A few months into the war, the Republic of China(which was invading from Taiwan), the Kingdom of Tibet(a resistance movement in Tibet since before the beginning of the civil war) and New Transeurasia entered into an agreement to bring peace to the Chinese mainland. New Transeurasia would annex the Chinese provinces it had gained control of(so long as Běijīng and the surrounding area were handed over to the ROC), Tibet would gain control of the former Tibet Autonomous Region, and the ROC would annex the rest of mainland China, that it had controlled before the First Chinese Civil War. The Treaty of Běijīng was signed in 1970 between NT, the Republic of China, and the Kingdom of Tibet, ending the Second Chinese Civil War entirely within the agreement between NT, the ROC, and Tibet a few months after the start of the war. New Transeurasia gained Xīnjiāng, Gānsù, Níngxià, Inner Mongolia(which was renamed to South Mongolia after its annexation into NT), Hēilóngjiāng, and Jílín.

The third and most recent civil war NT participated in was the Second American Civil War. After the collapse of the Federation of North America(the successor to the USA from the 1970s, spanning continental North America from Canada to Mexico) in 2022, New Transeurasia saw it as an opportunity to gain resources, and New Transeurasia invaded Alaska. In 2024, the Columbian Free State, a dictatorship spanning much of the coastal Pacific Northwest from Oregon up to British Columbia, declared war on New Transeurasia, bringing it into the Second American Civil War on the grounds that Alaska was formerly American, and therefore Columbian territory. New Transeurasia easily held off land, air and sea invasions, and gradually moved much larger forces into North America from Eurasia, and began a counter-invasion into the Columbian Free State. NT's forces progressed through the Pacific Northwest slowly, due to supply lines being over sea and air. NT did have allies in the war, the Republic of Sonora(in the southwest of the former USA and northwest of former Mexico), and the Federation of Columbia(spanning much of the east coast of the former USA) had allied with NT and sent troops to invade the Columbian Free State from the south earlier in the 2020s. In 2029, the Columbian Free State signed the treaty of Vancouver in an unconditional surrender. New Transeurasia annexed the Columbian Free State into British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon provinces.
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Postby Gandoor » Mon Jun 22, 2020 5:34 pm

The Gandoor Civil War officially lasted from 1953 until 1957. It began when Southside, Hegmon, and Freena Yon and parts of Yanot and Yontan Yon unilaterally declared their independence from the Democratic Republic and declared the establishment of the Gandoorese People's Republic.

While the Gandoorese Constitution does provide a way for yons to secede, the areas involved in the GPR did not follow this procedure and were ordered to put down their arms and surrender to Gandoorese authorities, which ultimately erupted into a full-scale war between the two Gandoors.

Despite the Democratic Republic having the advantage in the war, the Gandoorese People's Republic refused to surrender and a ceasefire for all troops wasn't declared until the Democratic Republic's victory in the Battle of Peninsular on 2 June 1956, at which point the People's Republic controlled less than 22% of the territory that it had in 1953.

Despite the ceasefire, the Gandoor Civil War would not come to an official end until 1 July 1957 when a treaty was signed between the Democratic Republic and the People's Republic (referred to in the treaty as 'the governing structure of the yons and other territories in rebellion') that dissolved the rebel government and all territory that had been in rebellion was restored as part of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor.

The war ultimately resulted in only about 35,000 casualties combined but the stress of the Gandoor Civil War, combined with the reign of Alexei Petrikov from 1940 until 1951 that preceded it, resulted in what was known as the Post-War Economic Crisis, which officially lasted from late 1957 until 1972.
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Postby Romextly » Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:15 pm

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Postby Baddlands » Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:48 pm

Too many to count the winners were mostly whoever had the support of the church and whoever toke Mosscow
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Postby Free Federal States » Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:30 pm

Not quite a civil war, but we’ve certainly had limited armed insurrections.
1840 - Texas and California revolt against Mexico (Texas for the same reasons as irl, California because of the brutal tactics employed by Santa Anna’s troops). They win their independence and take lots of land from Mexico.
1860 - The Federal States supports the Union with equipment in the East American Civil War. Occasional border skirmishes with Confederate troops occurred as well but only 50 West Americans died in such skirmishes.
1906 - racist mobs across the country rioted and, in some cases, overthrew local governments. The insurrection was put down by the military before it could grow into an unmanageable problem.
1937 - The National Police (basically the FBI) discovers a coup being plotted by several military officers who planned to create a fascist-like state. Military Police units arrested most of the conspirators in several separate operation. In three arrests, the suspect committed suicide. In only one incident did the two sides exchange fire. 1 military policeman was killed and 3 wounded before troops successfully stormed the traitor’s bunker, killing all the rebels inside.
1970s - Angry over the Energy Crisis, many believe that capitalism has stopped working and turn toward the Communist Party for guidance. Mostly results in fights at demonstrations, but also led to a few riots and a period of guerrilla warfare/terrorism known as the “Year of the Boomers” (which plays off both the constant bombings and the generation which predominantly carried out the conflict).
1992/93 - Sieges by the National Police at Ruby Ridge and Waco end in disaster for all involved
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Postby Fennistan » Sun Jul 05, 2020 4:01 am

The First Finnish Civil War was our first civil war which broke out a year after independence as disaffected red rebel forces started a popular uprising in our major cities. The rebels were quashed violently by the Kingdom of Finland, its Regency and the White Army with the consent of Finnish Senate, which had Finland at a stranglehold from late 1918 to the 1920 Finnish Party schism alienating liberal or "blue" constitutionalists, liberal democrats and parliamentary republicans. This paved the way for the Second Finnish Civil War or the Royal-Republican-Revolutionary-Separatist Civil War, as the conflict deepened between four main political factions of Finland.

The second civil war saw the expansion of the originally subverted internal conflict as the cost of Finnish Royal Army and Finnish State Army expeditions to the east in the increasingly protracted Kinship Wars of 1920-1925 which saw the annexation of Karelia and Estonia to Finland, officially starting as the 1926 Finnish Revolution when Savonia secedes and republicans seize the entire province of Ostrobothnia and capture the capital Helsinki, the rebels effectively severing all connections and communications between Kingdom of Finland territories. However, the red remnants having been purged from both the Kingdom and the Republic of Finland formed an uneasy alliance with tribal forces.

The Second Finnish Civil War is currently ongoing with virtually all sides subscribing to a One Finland policy, meaning there can only be one united Finnish polity. Peace and power-sharing agreements between armed factions is hard to predict, but a jointly administered Central Finnish Neutral Zone has been implemented with cooperation of Savonian National Republic, Kajanalander National Republic, Birkalander National Republic, Republic of Finland and their armed forces.
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Postby The Army of DxD » Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:56 am

The army, being recently founded, has yet to have internal strife. But former elements used to fight each other. Take the angels, fallen angels and devils. They once fought a civil war which cost the devils their Four Great Satans (which paved way to a reformation that turned the devils good) and the angels their God (as a result, angels had to run their system). In order to prevent extinction, the three factions signed a treaty and formed a super-faction that ruled over other mythologies. This super-faction is now a major force in DxD in general.
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Postby Working forever » Sun Jul 05, 2020 6:30 am

We are having a civil war right now with working forever rebels
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Postby Izukyu » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:17 am

The Izukyian Civil War took place between 1895 and 1900, during which the monarchy and peerage were overthrown and the Republic was established.

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Postby Free Ravensburg » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:20 am

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Postby Greater Victora » Fri Jul 10, 2020 4:45 pm

Inter-Imperial Conflicts are woefully common but have never escalated into an "Imperial Civil War".

However, the Empire has only come close to a "full-scale" Civil War twice (so far). The first time involved how the "Great Crusade" should be carried out and whether or not the Empire should move to unite the Galaxy through conquest. The second time involved former Chancellor Veles Graham attempting (and failing) to challenge the authority of the Lord-Emperor by instigating an Imperial Civil War.
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Postby The Master Primotav » Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:23 pm

Civil War on Terror

The Civil War on Terror began when Western Primotav wanted peace and freedom from Eastern Primotav. Eastern Primotav declared Western Primotav a Rebel State and locked them in their sector. Nhoj Sr, leader of Eastern Primotav started bombing the locked down Western Primotav. Iak Guaksum rose up in Eastern Primotav and stated that he was to begin a formal rebellion. This rebellion dug underneath the ground and raided crucial Western Primotavien military bases. This war lasted five years and ended with Eastern Primotav's victory. Nhoj Sr and Iak had a battle and Iak spared his life. Eastern Primotav and Western Primotav were united into The Master Primotav.

The Great Civil War

The Great Civil War began when Nhoj Sr escaped from prison and murdered Iak. This divided The Master Primotav. Nhoj Sr took control of a land he called The Primotavien Empire. The Iak supporters, led by Nhoj Jr and Iak's daughter, Arual Guaksum, took control of a section of land they labelled as The Hopelands. Nhoj Jr and Arual kept getting knocked down by Nhoj Sr's superior forces. Eventually General Gnof joined the Hopelandians. His military expertise gave Nhoj Jr and Arual's forces the edge they needed. The Hopelandians won and took control of all of Old Primotav. The land's name was changed back to The Master Primotav and Nhoj Jr outlawed rebellions. Any rebellions that possibly emerged were executed at the source
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Postby Anhozu » Sat Jul 11, 2020 6:18 am

First War of Anhopoi Division:
- Theocratic Kingdom of Anhozu
- Democratic Secessionists
Outcome: Democratic victory, Anhozu was split in half between the Theocratic Kingdom and the Democratic State

Second War of Anhopoi Division:
- Democratic State of Anhozu
- Romeo-Anhopoi Secessionists
Outcome: Stalemate?, the Democratic State granted Romeo-Anhopoi independence but maintained 75% of their territory.

Five years after the Second War, the three Anhopoi nations signed a treaty to form the Community of Anhozu. The treaty allows them to keep their sovereignty but forms a single front on the international stage.

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Postby Brogosilavia » Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:59 am

We had a lot of those... the People's Republic of Brogosilavia is the remnant of the Brogoslavian Socialist Federation, the rest of what once was a proud nation. In the minds of many citizens Greater Brogosilavia still exists, whether as a socialist state or as the Kingdom it was a hundred years ago is a matzter of debate.

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Nationalistic United Korea
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Civil Wars in YN

Postby Nationalistic United Korea » Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:47 pm

Two main civil wars and one which was kinda a civil war.

First one is going to sound familiar

Korean War
Dates: 1950-1953
Belligerents: Republic of Korea and the UN Command including mainly American, British and Australian forces
Democractic People's Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China(People's Volunteer Army)
Events: In Summer of 1950 after a rough border dispute over the Omjin peninsula DPRK artillery began shelling of the entire 38th Parallel decimating the ROK forces before any advances even took place. A few hours later DPRK tanks crossed the 38th Parallel and within six days Seoul, capital of the ROK, had fell. Eventually ROK forces were pushed to their last defensive line on the Nakdong River where battles turned the river red with blood. Finally American forces turned the tide on the ROK's favor after a risky but successfully landing at Inchon leading to the Liberation of Seoul. By November the war completely turned on the DPRK and they were on their last leg. Seeing a possible threat the PRC sent "volunteers" in the hundreds of thousands to assist their communist ally. The tide again turned but on the ROK this time and eventually Chinese forces entered Seoul but exhausted were forced to retreat from an UN counterattack. The next 2 years were a bloody stalemate which is how the war remained until it's "end".
Deaths: Roughly 5 million people
Effects: DPRK invasion of ROK repelled| ROK and UN invasion of the DPRK repelled| Chinese Invasion of ROK repelled| Stalemate and an uneasy ceasefire but no peace treaty.

Second Korean War (Fatherland Unification Liberation War)
Dates: 1961-1965
Belligerents:Republic of Korea and Republic of Japan Democractic People's Republic of Korea, China (Aid)
Events: With continued DPRK commando raids threatening ROK independence Park Chung-hee issued a warning to the DPRK. The DPRK ignored it and organized an assassination attempt killing Park's wife but not him. Against America's wishes Park declared war on the DPRK quickly crossing the 38th Parallel surprising the DPRK allowing for artillery posts near Seoul to be captured. After the 2 week fall of P'yongyang the war grinded to a stalemate like the Korean War but Japan seeing the threat of the DPRK ignored American requests and entered the war on the ROK side ending the stalemate forcing a DPRK retreat hoping China would join on their side. With China tied up with Taiwan and Vietnam they never joined and the DPRK surrendered on October 5th of 1965.
Results: Annexation of the DPRK, Japan paid for their troubles, Creation of United Korea, America commendation
Deaths: 3 million

Next one wasn't really a civil war but was at the same time

Democractic Rising of Jeolla
Dates: 1981- 1986
Belligerents: Republic of Korea Armed Forces and Republic of Korea National Police Force Democractic People's Union of Korea
Events: During the 80s all over the world reforms happened expect in Korea. Gwangju governor said that he would openly support reform and helped form a Democractic group knew as the Democractic People's Union of Korea or DPUK for short. Park Chung-hee highly opposed reforms and sent police to arrest Governor Kim Seong-il but the arrest further created a divide. DPUK protests were peaceful but so massive that police and army were forced out of the city and DPUK leaders tried negotiations with the Korean Nationalist forces as Park declared a state of emergency and ordered a full out invasion of Gwangju and Jeolla province. In January of 1961 on New Years the Air Force carried out a string of bombings killing a [Redacted] amount. Since it was New Years many people including people not involved with the protests were out celebrating when the bombings occured. Soon after tanks entered the Northern Jeolla province sparking the four year war which was entirely one sided and left thousands if not millions dead by their own government.
Results: Military Occupation of Jeolla, Mass Executions of leaders of the DPUK.
Deaths: Relatively Unknown best guesses about 6000 dead
An Alternate if Korea stayed a military Dictatorship.

My entire country is a WIP


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