The Galactic Ensemble (P2TM RP Group)

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The Galactic Ensemble (P2TM RP Group)

Postby Ovesa » Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:52 pm

Welcome to the Galactic Ensemble! Started by a handful of Star Wars nerds, this is an RP group for all players and writers. Whether you're an NS veteran or you're just getting into the swing of things, the Galactic Ensemble is a place for you to share ideas, refine your craft, and make new friends. Thanks for stopping by!

Be kind and respectful to others.
Respect the OP and Co-ops.
Keep things PG-13, in and out of character.
Have fun!

Once you're accepted, you'll get a telegram with a link to our Discord server. Come check it out :)

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APPLICATION (delete parenthesis)
NS Name:
Preferred/Other Name(s):
Preferred RP Type: (Character or faction)
Will not participate in:
Post Frequency:
RP Example: (Optional. Can be a link or original writing. If original writing, type 'TG' here and send me a submission via telegram.)
Anything Else:

Star Wars: a Galaxy in Crisis (Not group sponsored, but there's a lot of group members involved.)

More coming soon!

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