One Piece/Naruto Cross Over RP Interest

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The Rebel Alliances
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One Piece/Naruto Cross Over RP Interest

Postby The Rebel Alliances » Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:18 pm


Greetings and welcome to the interest thread on a crossover RP combining the worlds of both Naruto and One Piece. Like Anime? Pirates? Ninjas? RP? This will hopefully become the RP for you. I will include a brief concept and setting here and it will be expanded upon, refined and changed as we grow this idea hopefully with lots of interest. Don't let the awesome image fool you though this will be a setting using entirely original characters for the cast. So we are not actually gonna see Sasuke and Zolo cross blades sadly. Now, onto the initial setting.

It has been five years since the close of the Admiralty-Shinobi Wars. The Village of the Hidden Mist has fallen and the Land of Water has been occupied by the Navy. As these two cultures clashed and a delicate peace ensued some ninja, mostly missing nin have even joined some pirate crews. A world where Shinobi Nations and the Navy battle for supremacy and Pirates move between both seeking what they please. It is this world in which you live. As either a shinobi or pirate. What you seek and the cause you fight for is up to you.

The actual plot line is still on the drawing board and depends greatly on how much interest this draws in. I can be a more focused story with only one crew or a larger world if we have enough players and characters to fill it out.
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Postby New Neros » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:49 pm

am bout it my man, all day

Truth time, I haven't watched much One Piece besides on Toonami when I was a kid, but I do go on wiki binges and that definitely counts.
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American Pere Housh
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Postby American Pere Housh » Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:25 pm

I would support such a thing I say go for it.
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