[DRAFT] Budget Acrobatics

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[DRAFT] Budget Acrobatics

Postby Costa Morena » Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:22 am

[title] Budget Acrobatics

[description] Recent international reports have ranked the performance of our education service at the very bottom of @@REGIONNAME@@. Our system has come under scrutiny and mockery on the international stage. You assemble your ministers to try to deal with the problem.

[validity] socialist

[Option1] Your education minister raises his hand and asks for permission to speak ''Dear Leader, it's time for another 5 year plan for improving our education. It's quite clear that our current system will lead to our enemies gaining a technological advantage in no time. We need to dramatically increase spending on public schools and universities! You cannot put a price on the future!''
[effect] Public debt and college enrollment are highly correlated

[Option2] ''If I may speak, dear Leader'' begins your State Treasurer, @@RANDOMNAME@@ ''We cannot afford to increase spending on education right now. In fact, I ought to inform you dear Leader, that our current budget deficits are mounting and unless we cut government spending, we will be in serious fiscal trouble. I propose we cut military spending by a third and reallocate most of it towards education. We won't have a future if we go bankrupt now!''
[effect] @@DEMONYM@@ soldiers frequently have to hitchhike their way to the battlefield

[Option3] ''NO! You cannot do that now!'' roars your Minister of State Defence, @@RANDOMNAME@@ ''We cannot jeopardise our strategic position in @@REGIONNAME@@. Bigtopians would leap on the opportunity if we show any weakness. In fact, dear Leader, our equipment shortages are putting us at a tactical disadvantage. We need to increase our military spending to match Bigtopia. If we fail to do that, we will not have a future to invest in!''
[effect] Schools are being refurnished into military training camps

[Option4] ''Perhaps we can help'', mutters @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@, the Chairman of @@NAME@@'s Central Bank, as he swings his pen, seemingly bored. ''It is true that currently the government is spending more than it is receiving. However, do not worry, we just might have a solution to this. Let's say, If we were to simply add a zero or two at the end of our government revenue report, all this budget balance problems will go away, just like that. Poof. And you, dear Leader, could happily increase spending on Education and Military and the Healthcare, or even pay yourself and your ministers nice premium for a job well done. I mean, technically it causes inflation and will probably lead to hyperinflation and economic recession in the future, but at least there is a future without compromises, don't you think? he continues swinging his pen.
[effect] People carry wheelbarrows of @@CURRENCY@@ to buy a loaf of bread

[Option5] ''Or maybe, If I may be so bold, dear Leader'' speaks your Transport Minister and an old friend, @@RANDOMNAME@@ ''Perhaps it is time to admit that the government simply cannot run everything. I don't mean to say you are incompetent, dear Leader, I would never dare to even contemplate that. The problem is, everyone else cannot match the insight and genius of your guiding hand. Perhaps if we relinquish just a little bit of power and allow some sort of private investment, the cost of education can be lifted by those investors. Perhaps it is time to allow some privatization?''
[effect] Government schools go for sale
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:03 am

The premise requires another validity: low (to extremely low) public education.

The title mentions budget problems, the description is about education, yet the options are about the military and the end of socialist @@NAME@@. I like the writing style, but I'd advise you to pick one premise, work that out in the description, and keep the options tied more closely to that. There are heaps of issues that are about 'what should we spend money on', and as it currently stands, this issue is no different.

You've already picked a niche (education) and a constraint (budget), so you've already got something to work with!
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Postby Australian rePublic » Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:48 am

It's been done
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