YN's darkest time

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British Socialist Syndicates
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YN's darkest time

Postby British Socialist Syndicates » Sun May 31, 2020 6:04 am

What was the worst period of your nation's history? Is there a year, decade or century that is seen as the nation's low point, which nobody wants to go back to?

1929 is considered to have been the darkest year in Britain's modern history. Following the Revolution, the new, inexperienced agricultural co-operatives found themselves unable to produce enough grain to meet demand, leading to a shortage of bread and cases of starvation in parts of the country. This was made worse by the loss of trade with the rest of the Empire, which had placed an embargo on the British Isles. On top of this, a counter-revolutionary paramilitary emerged, known as the Provisional British Army (PBA), which mostly consisted of dispossessed landowners and farm labourers who had grown tired of the new reforms. They launched an insurgency in the south-west, setting fire to collectivised farms and terrorising rural villages. This culminated in the Taunton Massacre of 3rd June, in which the PBA rounded up 64 local syndicalist officials and executed them in the town's castle. In response, the government proscribed the organisation, implemented martial law and conscripted the entire 17-25 year-old male population. Although this stabilised the situation somewhat, it marked the beginning of the country's slide into authoritarianism.

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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Sun May 31, 2020 7:38 am

October 1929 April 1947.
After ww1 our country was among the most developed and richest in Europe in spite being involved in the war. Our country had on the other hand political instability
Because of the impopular corrupt and whoremonger king and His cronies. His continuous clashes with the elected Government's.

With the crash of 1929 caught us after having overthrown the Monarchy because of it having supported the fascist regime 1923-1928 General Berenguer military junta.
So We had a bad years of weak Governments, economic crisis, growing unemployment and social unrest. Fed some times with direct collaboration between the monarchy supporters, fascism and anarcosindicalism trying to topple the various Democratic Governments.
From 1934 starts a weak economy recovery and from 1936 starts the rearmament because of nearby Spanish civil war and the growing aggresivity of Italian fascism (also as Italy was were the deposed monarch had settled). Also the Government get closer ties to England and France. But 1939 the army was not prepared enough due the Government erratic policy. We got into WW2. So our military took part in the Norwegian and French campaigns losing most of it heavy materiel in Dunkirk and the flee south. So the Government became split among those who wanted to continue in the allied side and those wishing to surrender (111st fighter Squadron fought the battle of Britain (Hispano Hurricane)). In late autumn-winter 1940-1941 our country was occupied by the Germans and Italians. They turned it into a puppet restoring the Monarchy under the Fascist "Cuñadissimo" as head of Government.
At the same time part of the Democratic Government had fled London. Were they became the Government in Exile. A part of the interned forces pleaded loyalty to the 1928 constitution and G-i-E. Also the G-i-E got the loyalty of our colonies in the Caribbean. And, a resistence movement started. It received communist support after the URSS was invaded. As anarcosindicalist support too as they wanted to topple the fascist regime so it became a complex chaotic civil war between the resistance thebresistence and the axis puppet. And part of WW2 as the proallied G-i-E and the free Catalan forces were fighting along other allies in the Atlantic and Mediterranean fronts and after Pearl Harbour We lost our east Indies colonies to Japanese invasion.
By 1942 the London Government gained control of most of the resistance movement and made it collaborate with the allies. With Torch operation the allies recovered the Balearics. It causes armed clashes between the Free Catalan Forces, moderate elements of the resistence and radical elements of the resistance and last fascists remnants.
To make it worst in 1943-1944 winter the war between the inside the resistance was open.
When in summer 1944 the fascist regime fell and the allies freed the country a civil war almost immediately started in October 1944 the Free Catalan Forces and the anarcosindicalists started fighting even before the end of the liberation. The civil war ended in April 1947 with Government victory due British and US support in 1947 were the First democratic elections won by the Christian Democrats. So We received Marshall plan Aid.
The period 1947-1973 is called the Golden years. As the great postwar economic boom, baby boom, great expansion of the middle class, great scientific advances, huge migrations, start of pop culture and stable democratic governments.
Entering NATO and latter EEC.
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Pax Brasiliana
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Postby Pax Brasiliana » Sun May 31, 2020 9:32 am

The mid-60s to the early 80s. are widely considered as the darkest age of Brazil. Some historians argue that the anarchic regency period of 1840 was worse due to widespread rebellions and separatist movements, but nothing compares to the dictatorship of Ambrósio Galan, Brazilian prime minister from 1964 to 1980, and then appointed President of the South American Union by the Brazilian emperor in 1968. An authoritarian figure, his biggest legacy is the debt contracted from the Brasília Project. The project was a plan to build a new capital for the South American Union (and Brazil) in the Brazilian kingdom of Goiás, but construction was halted in 1977 thanks to the stock market crash of New York. The crash caused an economic crisis never seen before in South America.

His dictatorship was also marked by censorship and the ban on socialism and communism, the latter a result of the war against the Soviet Union in 1963. Torture, kidnappings and extrajudicial killings became commonplace. Groups organized revolts and protests, and such manifestations were violently repressed, resulting in hundreds of deaths. Nonetheless, after an unbearable pressure from other countries and a never-ending cycle of protests, Ambrósio resigned and exiled himself in Portugal.

One of the few good things Ambrósio Galan did was the reformation of the South American colonies' administration, which successfully fought the African separatist menace; and the Plano 71, which greatly improved infrastructure.
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Postby Dollystana » Sun May 31, 2020 9:33 am

Dog invasion (Don’t ask)
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Union of Sovereign States and Republics
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Postby Union of Sovereign States and Republics » Sun May 31, 2020 9:40 am

Imagine the scene:

It's early 1942. The Germans invaded last year, and you're fighting them at the gates of Moscow with three rounds in pocket, and barely a full magazine in your Mosin. Moskva, your home city, is a smoldering wreck. Entire blocks are reduced to rubble, and large trains come and pick up captive Russians. Spotting a lone German, separated from his platoon, you take aim at the invader and fire...

The years immediately following a warm June day in 1941 have been described as the worst period in Soviet history. It's the closest the USSR has ever come to completely collapsing, only held together by the leadership of Stalin and the morale and brave heroism of the Red Army. Nearly 17 million Soviets died on the Eastern Front, and the victory in 1945 has not been forgotten, and will not for a long time.
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New York Times Democracy

Postby Naxera » Sun May 31, 2020 10:25 am

The thirst war fought between 1998 to 2002. It's our more glorious and Darkest hour. As we fought literally until both sides exhaustion for the disputed, arid, sparsely populated, Gònava lowlands over 27000 square kilometers. Maybe compared to other countries our numbers look ridiculously low. But when the war started our country was inhabited by 1.749450 inhabitants and our surface was 9039 square kilometers (an we held 6759 kms2 From Gònava) and We were a developing country. Against the larger, richer and more populated Lololia.

For what our current President and war hero said off the record:"Two balds stabbing themselves to death for a comb".

And, today the war still poisons our relations with Lololia's successors and make us keep our defense expenditure in 4.5% of our GDP instead of our desired 3%.

La Gònava war fought for the Control of La Gònava region lowlands, a semiarid disputed border region thought to be oil rich at the time (it was not), covered by woods, marshes and grassland, sparsely populated and with little road or rail density. Between us and Lololia again (it was our third armed clash: 1st 1974 and 2nd 1985) from 1998-2002.Which was lenghty, bloody, expensive (it cost us the 20% of our GDP and our public debt reached the 175% of our GDP) and it had been nicknamed the Thirst war. We suffered between 30000 to 50000 fatalities (depending on the source) but the official numbers are 33297, 25809 sick and wounded, 3747 MIA and 2511 Pows. for a population then of 1749450 inhabitants and Lololia between 60000 and 80000 fatalities, 6600 MIA, over 44000 wounded and sick more than 21000 Pows they were then about 4500000 inhabitants. We mobilized 150000 troops, considering our that our prewar army was 8000+4500 reserves and our actual figures are 15000 and 8000 reservists, while lololia mobilized 250000 they (currently our intelligence estimates lololian successors forces 35000 actives + 30000 reserves) proved unable to field at any time more than 100000 at a time.
Our little Airforce and Navy proved capable of standing despite of Lololian numerical and material superiority and at the same time were a key factor during the war last campaigns as We obtained local air superiority and supremacy at sea.
WA Forced a ceasefire and imposed a ceasefire line that gives us 18321 square kilometers from the Region. While the remaining 3rd is still in Lololian successor states hands. Our Population is now 2259900 inhabitants.and we tripled our GDP per capita since the war start.
Our economy is expanding but We still carry the weight of the great debt incurred during the war.

After the War there were two sporadic clashes in 2008 and 2015 that added 100 naxeran and 300 Lololian and West Franian casualities to the death toll. If it hasn't been for Covid we would had fought again probably this year as tensions are still very high.
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Postby Radiatia » Sun May 31, 2020 6:46 pm

One word: Communism.

The four decades of the Radiatian People's Socialist Union are considered Radiatia's darkest days, although within that the 10 year reign of Supreme Chancellor Drake Zerkus were considered particularly bad, with his purges leading to the deaths of an estimated 10 million Radiatians.

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Postby Wochaystein » Sun May 31, 2020 6:59 pm

The worst period of Wochaystein's history is from 1687 to 1794, when the Holy Empire was riven by civil war — a conflict that left an estimated 250,000 dead in a matter of months. The rebuilding of Wochaystein after the war was not complete — only half of the antebellum Empire's original population survived, and the Empire itself fractured to four successor states that each claim to be the continuation of the Holy Empire.
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Mobius and the Biscay
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Postby Mobius and the Biscay » Sun May 31, 2020 7:27 pm

The First Confederation Era (1976-1994) is considered to be the darkest time for Mobius. During that era, Mobius was under a quasi-authoritarian regime where anything that goes beyond either centre-left or centre-right was banned from participating in government. The death penalty was used pretty arbitrarily if the condemned was suspected of being a radical. The Revolutions of 1989 did nothing to relax the grip of the regime which then lead to left-wing elements of the military to perform a left-wing coup in 1994, putting Mobius into a junta until Geoffrey St. John was sworn in as Prime Minister in 1997, thus starting the Second Confederation Era.
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Greater Eireann
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Postby Greater Eireann » Sun May 31, 2020 8:23 pm

The darkest time in Greater Eireann has to be the Dictatorship Era of 1922-1947. Padraig O'Hara had risen through the ranks and seized power with popular support following a series of North African Communist raids in our country, and he instituted a far-right dictatorship that instantly ran afoul with the people. He purged all public left wing and even centrist support, and rooted out even private support of any ideology that deviated from the acceptable. Many people fled the country, and eventually people were forbidden to leave. He also participated in very corrupt deals with the very same countries that had been raiding us, making him very rich. Eventually, the citizens gathered together and overthrew him with our allies' help, but O'Hara left sweeping scars on the nation, and they have only begun to heal even to this day.
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All Spain
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Postby All Spain » Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:52 am

The Four Decades of Humiliation:

The Five Decades of Humiliation range from the Napoleonic Invasion of Spain, in 1808, into the writing of the Constitution of Heian in 1848. During this period, a lot of things happened.

1808-1812: The Peninsular War in the Napoleonic War.
1810-1836: Temporal Loss of the Vicerroyalties through Independence Movements.
1815-1823: Liberal Mandate
1823-1834: Restoration of Absolutism
1834-1836: Deposition of María Cristina de Borbón in favor of Edel de Borbón-Dos Sicilias.
1836-1840: Spanish Reconquest of Mexico, Central America and Texas only supported by Austria and Russia.
1840-1848: "Absolutist Reconstruction" and the establishment of the Guardia Civil to counter Luddite violence.
1845-1848: Hispano-American war with a Spanish victory, USA renounces all claims to anything beyond what was settled in the Treaty of Adams-Onís.
1845: Revolt in New Spain threatens to throw Spanish rule again, Pact of Monclova.
1845: Acquisition of Spanish Hispaniola after an anti-Haitian revolt.
1846: Abolition of Slavery in Cuba after the Ladder Conspiracy.

In 1848, the Revolution of the Brotherhood forced Edel I de Borbón-Dos Sicilias to enact the Constitution of Heian, and also founded a new city near Burgos and Lerma called Heian for this purpose. After the war between Spain and USA, New Spain ceased to exist and became fully integrated into Spain, and all residents from there considered Spanish citizens with the exception of Texan slaves, which were granted citizenship after the Texan abolition of slavery in 1855.

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Decades of Struggle

Postby Moialia » Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:59 am

My darkest time were the Decades of Struggle, from the Independence War in 1934 to 1976, when the king came back to fix the nation. Here the timeline.

1934-1937: Independence War
1937: The Short-Lived Monarchy
1937-1954: Military Dictatorship
1948: Reconquerism's Rise
1954: Dictatorship changes from Military to Fascist
1961: Thousands killed in the Long Swords Night
1967: Anarchy rises
1976: Monarchy re-established
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Batea del Nord
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Postby Batea del Nord » Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:21 am

In short: foreign domination, Communism and independence wars.

Now We are a democratic, proud, stable, technologically advanced, developed country, etc.

When the mid 19th century the principality of Batea, last Prince died without male successor, joined the Kingdom of Ucena. As Ucena was an allied country, our main trade partner and close Blood links between the Royal families. As a dual crown after a conflict between radicals who opposed the union and conservatives that supported it.
It was agreed that the King would be head of the two countries. And let foreign policy and defense. But Kings were always proUcena and had centralists politics eroding Batea's Government and economy each time. Also as a lot of Ucenan migrants moved to Batea as was becoming richer. Trust was lost even more when Ucena declared war against Carlosso. Without even consulting Batea. The war was fought over Batea's soil and Carlossean troops treated Bateans better than their own United crown troops (Ucenan were known for they will to loot) and South Batea was lost. As result of the war Ucena's Government was took by fascist first that ended Batea's selfgovernment and as the Regime continued down hill by the communists. But. Bateans wellcomed the change. But the communist were as Ucenan nationalists as facist and the King's. After 40 years of corrupt totalitarian regime it fell. In the 70s-80s Batean communists started claiming more say in the party, more economic and politic aperture. So what was a call for more say ended in an armed struggle. Between Batean now disenchanted with the falling communist regime. it turned into a rebirth of Batean nationalism. Anticommunist Carlosso and Batean population on the other side of the border supported as República Federal de Catalunya that considered itself a keen state of Batea and had a large Batean migrant population. As Ucenan answer was brutality. The war became an open war and foreign nation ended directly involved. Ucena had to accept a "Demilitarized zone". That was the facto a Batean state under allies support. It was invaded by Ucena when they believed that recovered their military mojo. Provoking the second independence war. And a full scale foreign intervention that destroyed the communist regime. The post war let a new Batean state (North of historic Batea) with a very large hostile Ucenan minority constantly buccanering the Government advances. More Ucena unwillingness to pull out their troops of what they called west Ucena. The 3rd war reunited all (Northern) Batea. As result of the wars has been a exodus minorities Bateans were expelled from Ucena and Ucenans fleed Batea also Batean Ucenan minority has lost even being today over 20% of population any veto power.
Today there are two Independent Bateas Northern and Southern Batea that have very friendly relations.
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Postby Gandoor » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:04 am

The Lost Era, which lasted from 1940 until 1951.

To quote the Gandoor Wiki on the subject:
On 6 July 1940, Gandoor's third Prime Minister was elected, Alexei Petrikov, who was the first Prime Minister from the New Democratic Party. Shortly after his official appointment to the office, Petrikov declared the enforcement of the 'State of Emergency law', a law intended for usage in grave national dangers which enabled the Prime Minister to effectively rule the nation without the legislature. The official reasoning for the state of emergency was the ongoing war in Europe and Asia.

Petrikov's era as Prime Minister, known by Gandoorese historians as 'The Lost Era', were characterized by the severe curtailing of civil and political freedoms for all and Gandoor, during the time, was sometimes referred to as a authoritarian state. His goal, as stated in a private 1942 speech, was the transformation of Gandoor into an atheistic socialist single-party state ruled by his Revolutionary Socialist Party, which he formed that same year.

An official government policy of promoting atheism was established and all religious buildings in Gandoor were officially shut down and all religious leaders were forced by the Organization for the Safety and Security of Gandoor (OSSG), a secret police established by Petrikov, to either recant their beliefs or otherwise face execution or a minimum five year sentence in a labour camp. The OSSG was also responsible for the arrest and executions of any opponents to Petrikov's regime, including his predecessor as Prime Minister, Robert S. Stevenson, who was executed in June 1942.

A series of twenty-two labour camps were constructed across Gandoor, where citizens who committed crimes against his regime that were not punishable by execution would be forced to work for ten hours a day, with beatings, torture, and even executions by camp guards being common. Prisoners aged between eight and sixty years old were also required to attend five hour reeducation classes daily, which were intended to teach the prisoners about the errors of their ways and make them appreciate the future of the nation.

Petrikov died in 1951 and was responsible for the deaths of around 800 thousand Gandoorese with an additional 350 thousand either sentenced to a labour camp or exiled.
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Postby Amuaplye » Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:24 pm

It first started when a far-left group, The People was founded by a man named Michael Anderson. The group was mostly a ragtag group of vandals, setting trash fires and generally causing a small ruckus in Sydney's suburbs. The group's focus changed in mid-1963, when the group grew in numbers. They now became a full-on terror organization, bent on causing a revolution that would put Anderson in power of Amuaplye. Their first major attack was on the headquarters of the AEC (Amuaplye Energy Corporation), via a small device placed in a men's bathroom that killed 3. It steadily worsened from there, which, combined with a major economic slump, caused the Prime Minister at the time, Alan Thomas, to resign on December 8th, but not before declaring a state of emergency.

After him was Wilhelm Adenauer, an Austrian-born military officer who was well-known for defending Amuaplye against Japanese forces during the Second World War, and receiving the highest medal possible, the Southern Cross Medal, as a result. He attempted a crackdown on The People, which, whilst leading to the capture of several high-ranking members, did not capture Anderson himself. They responded, in turn, with escalating terror attacks and attempted riots, until everything came to a climax on May 17, 1964.

Several large nail bombs, placed in Parliament, the Sydney Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Justice building, and even the Government House, detonated in the span of 16 minutes in the early morning hours. 184 were killed, including the Deputy Minister of Justice, several MPs, and even Adenauer's eldest son. 316 others were injured. It is suspected that The People were able to convince others to slip past security and detonate the bombs, including office workers, MPs, and the Prime Minister's butler.

After that, it was all-out war against The People. Nearly 200 people were arrested for having roles in all of the previous attacks, and a large amount of them were put on death row, until the death penalty was abolished in the 1970s. (Although, by about that time, 73 had already been hanged) Anderson was arrested himself in early 1965, even though by then The People had mostly gone dormant after the May 17th attack. He was later unmasked as Mikhail Angoyevich, a Soviet national who had came over under an alias to incite revolution in Amuaplye. According to declassified documents by both the Soviet KGB and the Amuaplyean NIA, Angoyevich was reported to have deserted in 1961, and founded The People a year later.

After Angoyevich's arrest, Adenauer stepped down on May 26, 1965. His successor was a man named Peter White, a prominent left-wing activist and MP. While a left-wing leader after the crime wave spawned by a far-left group did leave a bad taste in most Amuaplyeans' mouths, most people hoped that he was working in good-faith, especially since he had been in the public eye before The People was founded.

However, it seemed that Fate had 1 more trick up its sleeve when on June 2, 1965, just a day after he was selected as Prime Minister, he died in a car accident after leaving his Sydney hotel to attend an event. The motorcade he was driving in had no seatbelts, and when a driver ran a red light, the motorcade crashed into the other car, and White was killed in the accident when he was flung out of the windshield. Both drivers survived, albeit the motorcade's had severe injuries to his torso. The other driver managed to have minor injuries.

His successor, Deputy Prime Minister Maria Ross, succeeded him the following day. She somehow broke the curse, serving from 1965-1970, and now is considered one of the most well-renowned Prime Ministers in history, next to Adenauer himself and Fredrick Campbell, the 1st Prime Minister and founder of Amuaplye.
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Greenwichian Arcadia
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Arcadia's Darkest Hour

Postby Greenwichian Arcadia » Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:57 pm

Early 1930s may be considered the darkest time of our nation. The Stock Market Crash of October 1929, coupled with bank panic, Lawrence J. Norman's ineptitude and his attempts to reduce the money supply, had caused a lot of people to fall below the poverty line. Some of them gave up their faith in hands-off economic policy, some of them had even got disappointed with democracy. As the October Revolution had never happened, so hadn't the Red Scare. That's why the People's Progressive Party had been formed, advocating socialist policies and guarantees under the democratic framework.

A P³ candidate Eugene H. Blomquist had called the people to stay calm and not to panic. After he had won the 1934 elections (a major point of divergence btw), Blomquist had started to revitalize the banking system, to abolish the gold standard, to construct the national works program, to advocate for retirement pensions, to curtail the autonomy of the states and to prepare for the inevitable war with Japan through designing of the new ground vehicles, ships' equipment and aircraft.
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The Twilight Embassy
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Postby The Twilight Embassy » Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:42 am

Most Shadowmancers would wager the destruction of The Library of Alexandria on Earth in 48 BCE as the worst thing to ever happen in The Twilight Embassy's history. Which is impressive, considering that the Twilight Embassy's history is frankly quite depressing most of the time anyway.
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Postby Shalotte » Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:20 am

If asked what they thought their country's darkest period was, average Shalottes would likely answer in one of two ways:

  • "Sahaéne you twit!" - Sahaéne is one of the two months of Shalotte's calendar. It is known as the 'dark month', for it encompasses the period between November and May, when the northerly archipelago experiences little daylight and is plunged into darkness for most of the year.
  • "When isn't it dark?"
Excluding things like periods of especially poor weather or reduced harvests, perhaps the only period of particularly unusual strife in Shalotte was almost two thousand years ago.

Between 800 B.C. and 100 A.D. the isles were engulfed in what is now known as the Clan Wars, which represented a period of frequent conflict between all of the major and many of the minor clans of Shalotte. Arising through a combination of the development of the modern clan structure and the resultant tribal clan loyalty, and a rush by said clans to claim the limited resources of the small islands, it led to one of the only periods of significant war in Shalotte's history.

The wars likely claimed tens of thousands of lives in total (a considerable number for such a diminutive population) and caused extensive periods of unrest and poverty, impacting society as a whole in the process. Crops were reportedly poor every year, as many people who would be working the fields or hunting were instead fighting for their clans or dead, and entire settlements were destroyed in the fighting.

One of the largest such battles took place in 650 B.C. when more than two thousand warriors from the two largest clans of the island - Clan Selgovae and Clan Damnoni - and their minor clan allies clashed near the east coast of Hiort. Clan Selgovae won decisively, slaughtering nearly all of Damnoni's troops, though it cost them more than half of their own in the process. The area where the battle took place is said to have the most fertile land in Shalotte to this very day, and farmers in the area still claim to occasionally dig up the remains of swords, arrowheads, spear tips, and other artefacts while working the soil.

After raging on-and-off for centuries, the Clan Wars were finally brought to an end in 100 A.D. A 'parliament' of clan matriarchs was convened in Alauna (the exact spot is legendarily said to be the site of the current Gaeltyn Building, though there is no evidence to support this), and it was decided that Clan Selgovae (the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful clan at the time, and largely considered to be the overall 'victor' of the Clan Wars) would become the 'clan of clans' - a clan to which all others would be loyal and could rally behind. The Matriarch of Clan Selgovae would become the reigning Domnaeni, the ruler of a united archipelago tasked with mediating inter-clan disputes, quelling conflicts before they grew out-of-control, enacting law and order, and representing the gods on behalf of the people in the Draeryn.

This is officially when the two-millennia-long peace that Shalotte has enjoyed since began, though minor strife continued for a few years afterwards, as veterans of the wars attempted to continue their blood feuds - this, in part, led to the formation of the Executors of the Domnaeni, the quasi-monastic paramilitary agency now regarded as the 'right hand of the Domnaeni'. About 50 years after the end of the Clan Wars, however, this finally came to an end, and Shalotte has not experienced conflict since.
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Postby Marsoslavia » Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:35 pm

The Marsoslav Civil War (2143-2144)
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Postby Bosnia Herzegovina and Sandzak » Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:03 am

The National Liberation War (1942-45) and The Bosnian Civil War (1992-1995)
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Postby Kamilistan » Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:13 am

The war of New Krunjistan( 1985-1996 )

The war of new Krunjistan is an civil war against the goverment and the Krunjistan People's Resistance Forces or KPRF , due to an corrupted military dictorship in the nation by the first president of Kamilistan , on 9th June 1985 the war started as the KPRF captured the city of Baku. The goverment of Kamilistan that time wasn't really prepare so it was easy for KPRF to take over regions , cities and states. On April the 10th , 1990 , the city of Artvin was taken over by the KPRF , which was close the capital. On Setempber the 9th , 1995 , they have capture the city of Gisra , the goverment forces surrendered and the president was forces to step down.

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Postby Great Manchukuo » Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:31 am

The eleven year period from our foundation in which we were subordinate to the Empire of Japan, who originally set up our state as a buffer and client state to the Republic of China and the Soviet Union. Many vile things were carried out during that period. Upon our independence in 1945 we set to work claiming some legitimacy and distancing ourselves as much as is reasonably possible from that period.
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Postby Aikoland » Mon Jun 08, 2020 9:23 am

The period from 1940 until 1944 when our nation lost its sovereignty following the Axis invasion during WW2 and was governed as part of the Vichy French regime.

While our country was liberated from the occupation in early 1944, the full restoration of Aikolandais sovereignty is not considered to have occurred until 1945 when Emperor Benoît II, the Royal Family, and the Aikolandais Government-in-Exile returned to Ville d'Aiko from London.
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Postby Serlanda » Sun Jul 26, 2020 8:15 am

When the WWII started, the government and royal family said that they would never participate on the war, but that promise wasn't real, 3 months before the 1940 national elections, they started helping the Nazis to get Austria-Hungary (in this world it didn't dissapeared on WWI) and they conquered Austria, Slovenia, Dalmatia, Bratislava and a region of Hungary on 1943, but it was mostly conquered by nazis and gave to Serland as a present, also Serland sent them money and thanks to some spies the population knew it, so they were very angry. The elections of 1940 and 1944 were suspended and in 1948 won the Republican Socialist Party, which was apparently angry with the decisions made before by the government, but it destroyed economically the new Republic. In 1952 they won again, but in 1956 they didn't. In 1956 it became a Kingdom again with a new King and new president and the country recovered in about 7 years.
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Postby Nevertopia » Sun Jul 26, 2020 9:42 am

After the fall of Netherel and the death of the goddess of magic Msytra, magic ceased to exist for 24hrs before the goddess could reincarnate. At which point the planet of Abeir-Toril descended into chaos. Nevertopia in particular was invaded by a hive of mind flayers whose psionic abilities were not affected by the lack of magic. Nevertopia's defences and infrastructure were a hybridization of magic and conventional science and the lack of magic left the nation in crisis and defenceless during this time. An estimated 31% of the total population were either subdued as hosts for mind flayer larvae or killed during the attack. The next four years would involve locating and destroying the Mind flayer hives.
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