Memoirs of a Regicide: Reboot (SW|IC, Open)

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Memoirs of a Regicide: Reboot (SW|IC, Open)

Postby Bentus » Sun May 31, 2020 4:08 am

Memoirs of a Regicide: Reboot
Inspired and initially created by Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States.


Mon Mothma
Senate Building, Coruscant

“I must advise against this course of action.” Hostis cautioned from beside Mon Mothma. The advisor’s tone was firm, making it clear that he was unwilling to move from his position despite the days of discussion that already lay behind them. “You won’t have a better chance to push through your agenda. By opening up the Cabinet, you’re relinquishing a position of strength in the name of idealism.”

“Duly noted, Hostis.” Mothma replied, a faint smile cracking onto the older woman’s features. Standing over her desk as she scanned the draft for her upcoming speech for the upteemth time, the Chancellor always appreciated her advisor’s input - even when she disagreed with it. “But there’ll also never be a better time to define the kind of Republic that we wish to become.”

A scoff escaped from the man’s throat, and it was only a firm sense of professionalism that kept him from rolling his eyes. “A Republic that bickers among itself, with Imperialists and Separatists having access to the levers of power?”

Mothma’s second advisor, a female Togrutan, interjected. “Oh give it a rest, Hostis. We can’t be seen to be stacking the deck before we’ve even held proper elections. Democracy is all about finding compromise with those that you might disagree with, the Imperial factions included. They’re just as much official representatives of the populace as we are, in case you’ve forgotten.”

Offering the woman a glance, Hostis continued. “Pardon me for doubting whether the Imperials share your idealism, Auxi.” Despite the barbed comments being slung between them, the pair were quite close outside of their work. Ultimately, they both knew the importance of providing the Chancellor with contrasting and dissenting views, a fact which inevitably brought them into ideological conflict. And yet, after working as a team for so long - as subversives within the Galactic Senate, as operatives for an armed rebellion, and now as advisors to the Chancellor of a freshly born state - they had become nothing short of friends.

Not that an outsider would have been able to tell.

“That’s quite enough, thank you. From the both of you.” Mothma declared, although her voice lacked any hostility. Immediately, both of her advisors fell silent, although Hostis’ lips twisted into a slight frown at his defeat. His discomfort picked up on by Auxi, who offered him a cocky wink from across the room. Ignoring the exchange, the Chancellor looked away from her speech with a sigh.

“Right now, our focus needs to be on building trust within the Republic. We’re still nowhere close to having all of the Empire’s former worlds as members, and plenty of those who are members are still hesitant about the future. We need to show them that we will give them a voice, even if we disagree with what they have to say. And the best way for us to do that is to invite them into the Cabinet. Until elections are held, a Unity government is the only just way for us to rule.”

Pausing to allow the two advisors to offer her understanding nods, Mothma continued. “I want you both to take the lead on reaching out feelers following my speech. Time isn’t on our side, since we don’t want to take action on any major issues without a cabinet to lend credibility to our policies. Get the word out as best you can, and try to encourage any candidates that you think might be willing to play nice with others.” Offering the pair a smile, Mothma made it clear that their meeting was over. “That’d be all for now. Good luck.”

Galactic Headlines

Chancellor Mothma announces intention to form a Cabinet
The Chancellor has begun a search for Senators and representatives to sit within a new, Unity government. Deliberately seeking to fill key positions with ministers from throughout the political spectrum, Mon Mothma has received both praise and concern for her decision. It remains to be seen whether competing political factions will take her up on her offer for cooperation, or whether we are entering a new phase of galactic gridlock. Insiders have said that the Chancellor is encouraging interested candidates to step forward and contact her office.

Analysts warn of cost overruns within the Republic Navy
Following the Battle of Jakku, fighting with Imperial remnants has dramatically fallen in the Mid and Outer Rims. Defectors from the defunct Empire have both surrendered and joined the fleet, leading to a substantial increase in operational vessels. However, the Republic never budgeted for the maintenance and operation of so many spacecraft and there are growing calls for more money to be assigned to defence or for vessels to be quickly retired. If the Republic chooses to fund its enlarged fleet, it must decide whether this money will come from another one of its priorities or if it will choose to take loans out from the struggling banking sector.
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Postby The Empire of Tau » Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:36 pm

Politburo Standing Committee of the National Progressive Party

Somewhere on an unknown planet...within a meeting room…

“What do we do with our large stockpile of war supply? We can’t have them lay in our warehouses and hidden locations for too long now. Less the Republic wants to forcefully seize our stock. Something that we don’t want them to do now.” The Treasury Secretary states within the room-board, a brightly lit grey room with a square table to hold six people.

Weapons, a lot of weapons...Too many weapons. The NPP has gathered up quite the stockpile of weapons, ammo, bombs, and war supplies over the years of fighting against the Empire. With the Battle of Jakku and the Imperial forces now stepping down their operations, the NPP has the question of what to do with all those damn war supplies and explosives.

“We could sell off the stock to the hutts - if we truly need to get rid of the issue. Of course, that would likely not happen for various reasons. If anything, we can just keep them where they are. Guard them and make sure that no-one gets their greedy hands on our stuff.” The Defense Secretary notes, taking a shot from his short-glass. Coughing shortly afterwards.

“The outer and mid-rim are still in chaos, especially the outer-rim. There are still Imperial remnants that still fight against our forces. In the mid-rim, we need to ensure our political foothold against the other parties and factions, likely resulting in street battles, riots, protests, given overall political and economic instability. I say we keep the war supply.” The Defense Secretary argues, having an obvious interest in keeping the different militias under the NPP well-stocked and supplied for future events.

The different militia organizations under the NPP were various and numerous. All with different leaders and commands. The NPP Defense Secretary has plans to reorganize those forces into something more coherent, a semi-militarized arm for the NPP (imagine the Freikorps of our world in Germany). This force, yet unnamed as of now, would serve many roles that ranged from civil service to battling other political factions by counter-protests, street-battles, breaking up protests, and other brute force needs in the unstable atmosphere.

“Eveker, have you heard that Mon Mothma is gathering a new cabinet? It’s open to anyone. You might have a vested interest in joining her cabinet.” The Party Secretary tells Eveker, reminding him of some current galactic news and abouts.

“I heard. I have plans to join. I am the face of this movement after-all. I still have my questions and suspicions, but I can not pass up this opportunity.” Eveker told everyone within the meeting room.

“We’ll speak of this later. We have other pressing issues to talk about.” Eveker notes.

“You want us to go ahead of the planned campaign for separation from the main core?” The Party Secretary asks towards Eveker. The chairperson nods, that being Eveker.

“I do. We need to jump on this now as the Republic is still young and figuring out its bearings. We need to get as many planets on our side.” Eveker states to everyone in the room.

“Very well.” The Party Secretary simply notes.

The NPP has plans, a lot of plans. Among them was a campaign in the aftermath of the civil war. This planned event would aim to commit to a massive political campaign to convince planets and the people that a new separate government away from the main core would better serve their interests then some fat-cat in the core planets. The NPP also had plans to replace local government officials on planets with their own, especially with Totalists as Eveker stated privately within the Totalist section of the NPP, but that is another story to tell for later time. The Party Secretary (another Totalist), a man appointed by Everker, would lead this effect. In general, this campaign would hopefully sweep planets into their fold and force the hand of the Republic.

As for Eveker joining the cabinet, that was the decision made by himself. By joining this cabinet, Eveker had plans to spy and see what the Republic was doing. He would be at the heat of any major directions that Mothma would make in the future. Allowing Eveker to listen onto vital info and going abouts within the organs of the Republic, relaying that info back to the Standing Politburo. Will this plan work out? Maybe, maybe not, who knows. For the time being, Eveker has sent out a message towards Mothma, stating his interest to join into this new forming cabinet of hers. The message also stated that Eveker will be heading to the senate building, to Mothma’s office, in due time to meet up with Mothma.
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Postby Aidannadia » Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:34 pm

A Public Statement from Stefan McRaven

With the foundation of the New Republic, it is only natural that Chancellor Mothma form a temporary government, both to address the most pertinent concerns of galactic defense, and to oversee the formation of a new governmental structure going into the free and fair elections that are sure to come. I worry for the nature of the new government, fearing outsiders to the rebellion could infiltrate the chancellor's administration and sow discontent, especially those from former imperial holdings. It is imperative that we elevate those voices that will protect the ideals of the Republic that we fought for so valiantly these past decades, and ensure that we do not slip back into imperial control.

Stefan had been in attendance of the Chancellor's speech, and though he found it lacking in any clear opinions or stances in the wake of a still divided galaxy, she was as eloquent as she had always been in the days of the Rebel Alliance. He expected no less; Mothma was a good woman, a steady hand, and an idealist at heart, but she was also an expert politician. To reveal her hand this early in the game could potentially ward off any allies that would otherwise support her various measures.

For the rest of the day, he would be taking meetings from various Senators, mostly comprising of fellow Parliamentarians, as the group had been pushing for their group to be recognized and folded into the New Republic governmental structure. With the possible conception of a new constitution, the Parliamentarians had their chance for reform in the Republic, and McRaven wasn't one to ignore that.

Though he could hardly find much common ground among the Amidalists or the more hardline centralists that saw the importance of a strong chancellor, he wished for Mothma's administration to be strong in the transition to avoid the influence of maligned special interests.

Which led him to the current issue: His interest in joining Mothma's administration. While he valued his personal freedom and his position as someone to speak truth to power, in order to advance the parliamentary agenda, as well as to counter any of the aforementioned special interests. In order to ensure that the New Republic was on the right path, he would have to join the administration, hence his holding back against Mothma in his statement. He found her focus on national consensus to be weakening the potential of work to get done in the infancy of the New Republic. His aides sent word to Mothma's inner circle about his interest in the arrangement.

That being said, he still had meeting to attend in the meantime while his own and Mothma's aides worked out the details of their meeting. In fact, he had someone coming in to discuss something right now, though he had admittedly not been briefed on the topic of discussion. He greeted the Senator as they entered the chambers. "Oh, hello-"
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