[DRAFT]To Immortality and Beyond

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[DRAFT]To Immortality and Beyond

Postby Wutar Katari » Fri May 29, 2020 4:53 am

During your usual family meal to Freaky Fred McFatty,a shocking news reached you by the nearest television. Elon Kurzweil,one of the best minds in [nationaname], has died due to a physical disease which is still incurable.His death has halted different kind of researchs which could make life better and a lot of people fears the possibility that they will fade in oblivion in a few months. Willing to continue his legacy, his partner and collaborators, has tried to decipher what's written in his papery notebook but failed cause of an unintelligible writing and complex notions. Now they've come to you for a solution, followed by other people who aren't quite on the same page as them.

-"I know the perfect solution my glorious Leader to save Kochwill's legacy" says Tyrion Moriarty,CEO of MindYourBody Inc., while rudely picking a chair from a crowded table nearby "My company has developed a techonlogy which allows to upload the conscience of a living, alive or deceased, into a simulation at the moment of death. The uploaded people will stay there as long as they want and will be accessible to whoever wants to talk with them by downloading a copy of their mind from our servers. Surely we will ask some kind of operative cost to our customers and, if you would be so kind to lend us some subsidies, maybe both of us will make a profit" And leave swiftly, robbing you of your chicken wings bucket.

Everyone likes to play sadist online games with their deceased enemies.
The nations with a low level of scientific advancement and low information technology don't see this option.

-"I'm so disgusted"intervenes all of a sudden Lana Cringle,an elegant and attractive journalist of the [citynamejournal], who was waiting politely in line "You can't let people like that manage the death of your citizen. I understand the problem you're facing but the best way to spread knowledge is through books and educational media. Give to the media the copyright of Kurzweil and others intellectuals writings and projects to allow every [nationpeoplename] to use it and build a respectable culture"

Every scientific discovery is named after at least 100 people who claim to have discovered it.

-"Gribududabbdabb"shouts Rocco Von Mortenstein, a colleague of Kurzweil, standing upside down on a mini-bycicle in a guacamole sauce pool with two creepy dog, composed of parts which don't belong together."You want him back. I'll get him back. Give me his body and I'll clone him. There could be some complications with his brain but he's a great mind so the damages would be limited.
And you know what? Why don't allow me to resurrect all the people in our cemeteries. It will surely raise the moral of our citizen"

Seeing dead people has become an habit.
The nations with a low level of scientific advancement don't see this option.

-"Don't do it! Don't do it! Holy Bud's wrath will be upon you!" howls Zachary Littlebaum,a short guy who is covered by a multitude of cult's symbols, while waiting
in line for his double cheeseburger "You can't play with the soul of a person, this is against my doctrine which says that we belong to the Holy Bud and to him shall return in peace.
But I, I mean my church,could arrange hesoterical meetings with the deads for a small offering. Just make it mandatory to reinvigorate the soul of our people
and their relation with the deceased"

If you hang up during a soul call you're considered a bad person but paying more make you a good one.

-"Dear, sometimes we just have to accept that what's gone remains so"says calmly your wife while grabbing sofly your hands and looking straight into your eyes
"Think about the family of Elon. They are shocked and they just want to mourn their relative and find joy in this sad moment. Instruct a dignified commemoration followed by the
most joyous party with the relatives and colleagues. After that give his name to a university,a library, a square or something else. Maybe we'll lose his ideas and his mind but we won't lose
his memory and his accomplishments"

The benchs are named after famous people.

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Postby Honeydewistania » Fri May 29, 2020 5:02 am

Hello, welcome to Got Issues. Thank you for drafting here first

There are a lot of issues in this draft that you need to fix.

1. Please use @@NAME@@ instead of [nationaname]? Read the FAQ or How to Write An Issue for the full list of Macros.

2. What’s the point of adding the fast food restaurant? What relevance does it have?

3. In front of the description, use [desc] in front for reference. The formatting is bad. Similarly, use [option] in front of the option, [effect] in front of the effect.

4. Spoiler your draft, please.

5. Is his name Kurzweil or Kochwill?

6. Instead of giving a real name that isn’t a pun or anything, use @@RANDOMNAME@@.

7. Similarly, use [validity] in front validity.

8. Unfortunately, the Capital Journal/Post/Daily is yet to be a macro. Just use @@CAPITAL@@ Journal.

9. Use @@DENONYMPLURAL@@ instead of nationnamepeople.

10. Please, please don’t use ‘your wife’. There are female rulers too.

I’m not commenting much on the story, I’ll let other people here do that.

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Postby Australian rePublic » Fri May 29, 2020 6:11 pm

Didn't he have a will?
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Postby Wutar Katari » Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:52 am

Australian rePublic wrote:Didn't he have a will?

It's not implied so there isn't any will. It's an harder problem when you have to decide for a deceased person.

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