Legacy of the Ethereals (Sci Fi)(OOC/Open)

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Legacy of the Ethereals (Sci Fi)(OOC/Open)

Postby Theyra » Wed May 27, 2020 10:59 am

Legacy of the Ethereals


Your kind has many names, savior, champion, hero but also, villain, destroyer, terrorist. Those are just some of the names your kind has gathered over the years. Somehow years ago, your kind managed to control and harness the power of the void. A feat considered impossible and your kind used this awesome power to protect the galaxy from the Scourge. A robotic race hellbent on assimilating any sentient organics they can find in order to make themselves more powerful. The first generation proved to be a deciding factor in the war and when the Scourge were eliminated. They were hail as heroes and would not sit idly by for long. They decided on helping people. Protecting the innocent and dealt several blows to infamous groups and nations. Led by a shadowy individual only known at the Oracle. Your kind was seen as a force of good in the galaxy. However, something happened to them, I am not sure what or I do not believe anyone knows what happened to them. To what caused them to turn heel and attack the ones they used to protect. This went on for years before they suddenly vanished. Most of your kind were not seen again, mostly. Some of them would surface and death normally follows them. Your kind was called the Ethereals and this the is legacy that they left on the galaxy, hope, peace, death, and war.

But, that was them, the first generation of Ethereals to grace the galaxy. You, my students, you the second generation of Ethereals and will not fall like the first generation. I knew the Ethereals well, worked with them many times. I even learned how the Ethereals got their abilities. That was before they changed and... they turned murderous. I did not always agree with the Oracle's methods of how they handled the first generation. Which, I do not seek to make the same mistakes. Unlike the first generation, who did not have a choice and was given their role by others, I gave you the choice after I rescued you from the Oracle's grasp. Those among you who choose to stay and be trained in the ways of the warrior.

My students, you are ready but, remain aware. The galaxy will not welcome you with open arms. They will shun, hate, and even try to attack you because of the deeds of the first generation. So you must stay hidden, strike in the shadows and remain an invisible blade that cuts in the night. There will be many challenges I wager that you will face. I am hopeful that you will overcome anything that comes your way. Now is your time the second generation to leave your mark on the galaxy. Let it be one of justice and honor and not of cruelty and death. Go forth and claim your destiny my Ethereals.


Respect the Op and the CO-OPS
No Godmodding.
No One Liners, Min is one paragraph.
No meta gaming.
No raging/flaming.
No spamming in the IC or the OOC either one.
No Op characters


Hello and welcome to the rp and to the Agrenia Reach. This is a character rp set in the year 2446. You should know that this rp is based on Warframe and so similarities exist. You will be playing as the second generation of Ethereals. People given abilities of the void and have agreed to be trained as warriors by a human caretaker named Solomon Mehrnia who leads the now secret organization called the Iron Sentinels. It has been ten years since the first generation of Ethereals disappeared. The play area will be the Agrenia Reach a lawless region of space where the region's inhabitants are still rebuilding after the war with the Scourge.

Players will be operating from a hidden underground base located on a moon called the Oasis and in a remote system of the Agrenia Reach. This is where players will be in between missions in and serve as their base of operations in the Agrenia Reach. The base contains an armory, training room, hanger, medbay, canteen, and other rooms to the support the Ethereals during their stay in the Agrenia Reach.

A character's void power can be whatever you want. Anything dealing with time or mind-control powers is prohibited for balance and RP's sake. As for weapons, projectile, energy, and melee weapons are available to be used. While it was a human colony ship that was sent into the void, that does not mean you can't play as aliens. Aliens are available to be played as long they were on the colony ship. And you can play as a custom race. Just contact me about it and we can maybe work something out.

Things to know

How the second-gen got their powers was the same as the first-gen, a jump accident of a colony ship that somehow entered the Void and exposed the crew to its energies. The only survivors were the children who gained powers after being exposed to the void energies. Only the accident for the second-gen was on purpose and was caused by the former leader of the first-gen, the Oracle. Who tried desperately to train a new gen of Ethereals after the first-gen went rouge. Only for Solomon found out and intervened by rescuing the children from the Oracle's grasp. She disappeared some time afterward and has not been seen since.

Though the first gen officially disappeared ten years ago, there have been sightings of some of them over the years and the most recent was four years ago. When what looked like the Ethereal known as Maelstrom attacked a facility the belonged to UEC on the planet of Nova Prime. The personal were all killed and the facility was destroyed. It is unclear to why Maelstrom attacked the facility but, he was clearly alone when he did this.

The Scourge War ended about twenty years in 2426 and lasted for thirty years. The Scourge was a race of assimilating robots that appeared on the edge of known space and invaded the galaxy. The Ethereals have been around for fifteen years before they turned rouge and their spree lasted for five years before they disappeared.

Agrenia Reach

Existing in the frontier region of known space in the galaxy. The Agrenia Reach is home to a native race called the Zakruin and once their civilization the Liezan Alliance was a growing power in the region. That was until the arrival of the Scourge and turned the region into a warzone, one of several fronts of the war. Liezan Alliance collapsed during the war and the region became depopulated as people were lost to the Scourge. Whole systems were assimilated and by the time that the Scourge were defeated. Most of the region was devoid of sentient life and the native Zakruins pushed to the brink.

After the war and as the survivors of the region started to rebuild. The Agrenia Reach was left on its own and other parties would show an interest in the region. A prime target to get away from the pressures and politics of the rest of the galaxy. Various races went to the Reach to colonize the region and start new lives there. Though they were not alone, other unsavory types saw the region was a perfect place for salvage and to get away from the authorities. Soon becoming a lawless region where colonies were raided and others were forced to pay protection to pirates.

Now the second generation of Ethereals have established themselves in the region for two reasons, to bring order to the region and as a safe place to practice/operate in away from the attention of the major powers. They have been here for a year and it will take dedication to restore peace to the region.

Playable Races

Humans hailing from the temperate world of Earth. Humanity has changed much after uniting under the United Earth Coalition and entering the galactic stage 350 years ago. First contact with sentient alien life was a messy one, triggering what is called the First Contact War which lasted two years before the rest of the galactic community became involved and negotiated a peace between the two groups. Since then, Humanity under the UEC has moved to take their place in the galaxy. Gaining all sorts of allies and rivals in the process.

When the Ethereals turned rouge, the UEC was among their targets and the biggest attack that the Ethereals did was sabotage terraforming efforts on a world called New Eden. They somehow introduce a mutagen substance that mutated both the wildlife and the workers in aggressive mutants that attacked the survivors. Setting back efforts by decades and showed to the UEC what the Ethereals are capable of. Quickly becoming wanted throughout UEC space and the UEC would try its best to track them down. After the Ethereals disappeared the UEC has been focused on internal matters and expanding their territory.

Ekzuns hailing from the forest moon of Ankara. Standing at an average of 5'8 and can live up to 100 years. The Ekzuns can be described as a spiritual, graceful, and peaceful. Though they are peaceful it does not mean that they are not capable of defending themselves. It just means the Ekzuns are most likely to not be the aggressor in a war. Tattoos are an important part of Ekzun's culture as tattoos often signify one's personal achievements and skills. Thus, the more tattoos one has the more skilled they tend to be.

The Ekzun government, the Ekzun Republic was among the first help stop the First Contact War with humanity and introduce them to the galactic community. Easing humanity in and would the two would forge good relations with each other. The Ekzun Republic in its history, have engaged little in wars bearing a few. The most prominent being a short war with the League of Thieji when it attacked Republic worlds thinking that their peaceful ways made them weak. The war ended in a stalemate after it was clear that the Republic can defend its worlds from others. It was the Republic that was the first to recognize the threat of the Scourge when they appeared and sent most of their forces to combat the Scourge.

When the Ethereals turned rouge, the Republic were among their targets. One of the most notable attacks against the Republic was an attack on an archaeological site. They murdered the archaeologists and stole what appeared to be an ancient alien artifact from the site. No one knows what the artifact is or was, but, it must have been important enough for the Ethereals to steal it. Since the Ethereals disappeared ten years ago, they have been focused on the relations between the Republic, their ally the High Kingdom of Yaehiri, and the Thel'a Empire and their ally the Beian Alliance.

Vaili hailing from the snow world of Yaehiri. Standing at an average of almost six feet and can live up to two hundred years. The Vaili can be described as a hardy bunch that can overcome any obstacle that they come across given how inhospitable their homeworld is. Though they do live above on the surface, a good number live underground in the planet's massive cave systems and Vaili have limited night vision. The Vaili homeworld has been described as a world of ice and fire. Due to the fact, the world is covered in snow and ice. It is also covered with active volcanoes that while can be destructive. The Vaili have long since harnessed the large amount of geothermal energy that their homeworld provides.

The Vaili are governed by the High Kingdom of Yaehiri and is an elected monarchy. Which a council of the electors made out of the nobility who decide on will be the ruler of the kingdom. The candidates generally are drawn from the previous ruler's children and from the prominent nobles of the kingdom. The Kingdom since entering the galactic stage had its shares of peace and war with its neighbors. Eventually entering into an alliance with the Ekzun Republic and would send most of its forces to fight the Scourge during the Scourge War.

When the Ethereals turned rouge, the kingdom was one of their first targets. From raids into military bases, trade ships, military, and sabotage. Nothing seemed sacred to the Ethereals when they led an attack on a small Vailian mining colony and killed the entire population. The Kingdom did its best to track down and bring the Ethereal's to justice and almost had them. Since Ethereals disappeared, the Kingdom has focused on political matters as the divide between the two groups of allies in the galaxy widens.

Aehroi hailing from the arid world of Aehor. Standing at an average of six feet and can live up to 90 years. When compared to humans, Aehroians are stronger and more agile. Also due to evolving on an arid world, Aehroians do not fare well in humid climates and sometimes need to wear a breathing mask when in humid climates. If an Aehroi is exposed to a humid climate for long periods then they risk getting Niok's syndrome which causes the Aehroi's lungs to lost the ability to take in oxygen. There is no cure for the syndrome and at the best can be slowed with medicine.

Under The United Aehroi Union, the Aehroians have had a history of dealing with foreign powers that wished to conquer them. Starting with the aquatic Qhun who nearly enslaved them back when they were confined to their home solar system. To the more recent war with the inseriod Von'us Collective thirty years ago which half of Union space was conquered before the Union before was able to reclaim their worlds. Which has left the Aehroians a people based in tradition, religion, and freedom. Though the freedom aspect being the most pronounced and the Union is cautious of other races due to its past. This has not stopped the Union from making allies of other races, though always observant and it is a common joke that the Aehroi spend more time spying on their allies than their rivals.

When the Ethereals went rouge, the Union was one of their targets during their lawless spree on the galaxy. The biggest incident that happened was the assassination of the Union leader Rasi Nool which caused political upheaval and made the Ethereals enemies number one in Union space. Since then, the Aehroi have focused on building up their military as to deter others and to be more ready for if the Von'us Collective tries to invade them again.

Major Factions in the Agrenia Reach

The Manreon Consortium was found about two centuries by the joining of two human companies, the Arcadia Enterprises, and the Hierlorn Corporation. Creating the Manreon Consortium and one of the leading human companies in its field. Which its primary industry is pharmaceuticals and medical research. The Consortium has a somewhat positive reputation in the galaxy despite rumors that it deals in the black market and preforms unsavory research. Which the Consortium maintains that it is all lies and slander by rival companies to discredit the Consortium. The Consortium has come to the Reach in order to take advantage of the region's remote location away from major nations and perform sensitive research away from prying eyes. Since their arrival in the region, there has been a noticeable increase in black market drugs and several in the region blame the Consortium though lack any proof of this. They are led by human Chairperson Adrianne Cross

Named after their leader, the Vrorgu Nel'Kron Nilzun. Nel'Kron's Ravagers were used to be apart of the well-known League of Thieji. A group of nomadic warriors founded by the Vrorgu after their homeworld was destroyed by a supernova centuries ago. Despite being based around a code of honor called the Way of Viu, the Vrorgu would come to offer their services as mercenaries to those that deem worthy. Nel'Kron's group once known as Nel'Kron's Knights was once one of the Vrorgu that took up mercenary work. However, it is discovered that Nel'Kron was committing acts that were forbidden by the Way of Viu. Such as attacking and killing civilians and aiding pirate groups. For this Nel'Kron and his group were exiled from the League and were on their own. However, this did not change Nel'Kron and his group much. Turning into full-fledged pirates, the newly created Nel'Kron's Ravagers went on a raiding spree. Taking few prisoners and earned themselves a wealth of loot.

Then in response to their pirate activities, there was a bounty set on them and one of the groups that accepted was the Ravagers's former rivals, the Spears of Kol'Vor. The Spears would track the Ravagers down and engage in a fierce battle. The Ravagers managed to escape the battle though, half of their ships were destroyed. The Spears of Kol'Vor were satisfied with their victory and departed. This led Nel'Kron to rethink his strategy and find a place where he could recover from their losses. While searching for a new location for his hideout, Nel'Kron would hear of Agrenia Reach and thought the region was easy pickings. So he relocated the Ravagers to Ender Reach and started to raid nearby planets. Even making a protection racket for those worlds in their territory. Though they are still rebuilding from their losses from the Spear's attack. They are still a force to be reckoned with.

The Order of Ziogar is a relatively new religion that has grace the galaxy, being founded a short time after the Scrouge War. The Order believes in a benevolent deity called that revealed itself to the Order during the Scourge War and save them from the killer robots. In return, the Order dedicated itself to Ziogar and worked to spread its teachings to the galaxy. Gaining a small following and would grow soon after. Initially believed by most that they were harmless and were helping people rebuild from the Scourge War. However, it became noted that in order to gain higher knowledge of Ziogar's teachings. One must give money to the Order sometimes monthly amounts to prove they are faithful. This has drawn the ire of some people thinking that the group were exploiting people. The Order responded that the donations were necessary to keep the Order going and for their humanitarian pursuits. Now they establish a branch in Agrenia Reach and their stated purpose there is to help the recovering people in the region. They are led by an Ankun High Deacon Eilmi Ekzu

The Uziri Authority is a young power in Agrenia Reach. Based out of the temperate world of Uziri in Agrenia Reach. The Authority was formed only ten years ago from the ashes of the Liezan Alliance, the former government of the region that collapsed due to the Scourge years ago. Unlike the Alliance which was democratic and free, the Authority is an oligarchy and oppressive. Led by a council made up of seven wealthy and powerful individuals. The council in order to stay in power and by their own view of how to restore order to the region, have restored to tyrannical measures to control their citizens. Despite their oppressive nature, the Authority is seen as a real source of order in the region and regularly comes to blows with Nel'Kron's Ravagers and other pirate groups in the region. They are led by a native Zakruin named Safer Molian.

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Code Name:
Age: (18-23)
Appearance (picture or written description):   
Void Abilities: (Describe)
Power Armor:
Background (Two paragraphs min):

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Postby Luminesa » Wed May 27, 2020 2:38 pm

Tag! Don’t know anything about Warframe, but maybe this will get some traction.

Also, hi Theyra! Good to see you my dude!
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Postby Theyra » Wed May 27, 2020 3:26 pm

Luminesa wrote:Tag! Don’t know anything about Warframe, but maybe this will get some traction.

Also, hi Theyra! Good to see you my dude!

That is fine, you do not need to know about warframe in this rp and it is good to see you too.

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My App

Name: Soheil Mirzaii
Code Name: Frost
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Soheil
Role: Team Leader
Void Abilities: Soheil gained power over ice and is able to summon it out of thin air. Able to propel ice as projectiles and form ice barriers that can withstand hits for a short time. Along with being able to freeze a single target in place but, he had to focus and channel it before he can use it. Leaving him open if not in cover.
Weapons: Silenced projectile weapon, Glaive, and an energy pistol with a stun setting.
Power Armor: Armor
Skills: Marksmen, Glaive Master, Skilled Engineer
Weakness: Not quick, may be unable to use his Glaive in too close of quarters, his ice weakens in hot climates.
Background: Soheil was born on the UEC colony of New Carthage to a poor struggling family. His parents were spaceport workers and Soheil would grow up often being left alone by his parents while they worked. Despite this, Soheil would love his parents and would develop an interest in tinkering. He would also make several friends on New Carthage and would spend his time hanging out or playing with them.

When he was thirteen, his family had saved up enough money and traveled to the Agrenia Reach onboard of a colony ship hoping for a new start. Unknown to his family and the rest of the passengers, the ship was sabotaged and when the ship was making its final jump. The ship was temporarily stuck in the Void and the passengers were exposed to Void energies. Only the children would survive and while Soheil mourned his parent's deaths. The Oracle showed up and tried to collect the children for her own ends. This was when Solomon showed up and brought the Soheil and the rest of the children to safety. After being explained what has happened to them and their new abilities. Soheil was offered the choice to be an Ethereal, a warrior for good. He remembered the tales of Ethereals that his parents said, both the good and the bad. Seeing a chance to make a difference in the galaxy, Soheil took Solomon's offer.

Years later after gaining control over his powers, Soheil would perform well under Solomon's training. Taking a preference in fighting with glaives and would enjoy training with his fellow Ethereals. Though he never got close with any of them and would sometimes spend time by himself. When Solomon announced that they would be relocating to the Agrenia Reach in order to bring peace to the region. Soheil was thrilled that he will be able to use his abilities for good and start making the galaxy a better place, one mission at a bit. After spending a year in the Reach, he has been confident that the Ethereals would do well in the Reach and remain hidden from the wider galaxy. Though he is worried about the amount of settlements disappearing in the region and hopes to find who is responsible.

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