[Tennis/NSTT] Clay Court season 6 [RP/Results]

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[Tennis/NSTT] Clay Court season 6 [RP/Results]

Postby Electrum » Sun May 24, 2020 12:58 am

NationStates Tennis Tour Clay Court season 6 RP thread


The Nationstates Tennis Tour welcomes all tennis athletes to the clay court season. All tournaments in this swing are returning, and we welcome the Championnats Nationaux de Reçueçn de Tennis into the aegis of the NationStates Tennis Tour. The Nationstates Tennis Tour, and its previous iteration, the Association of Tennis Professionals, has been running for six seasons, with a one year hiatus in between.

This thread will be the thread where roleplays and results will be posted for the four clay court tournaments of the season. In order, these tournaments are:
  • Istria Open (Tier 2) hosted in Istria, Banija
  • Championnats Nationaux de Reçueçn de Tennis (Tier 1) hosted in Beçonailles, Reçueçn
  • Mattijana Open (Tier 1) hosted in Burges, Mattijana
  • Hamilton International (Grand Slam) hosted in Hamilton, Electrum

This thread OP will contain general information about the timeline for the four tournaments, whereas the next four posts will contain specific information for each of the tournaments, including information about the host city and draws/schedules.

Scorination Details
All NSTT tournaments will be scorinated on xkoranate with advantage sets. Grand slam singles tournaments will be best of five sets, all other tournaments, including grand slam doubles tournaments will be best of three sets. The logarithm points will be used, so that the vast inequalities in total points don't mean predictable matches. To determine the seeding and points of doubles pairings, the average of the sum of the doubles players logarithmic rankings will be used. Draws for both the singles and doubles competition will follow the normal procedures undertaken by the ITF.

All roleplays are scored, with quality over quantity emphasized. Multiple roleplays submitted on the same day will be counted as one larger whole. All players without a ranking will have a skill level equal to the lowest main draw player's logarithmic points.

Where there are more entrants than available places, a knock-out qualification round is played.

At the conclusion of each tournament, rankings are updated to reflect the new points earned by players. These points last one year/season.

Istria Open draws
NSTT Clay Court season 6 sign-up/OOC thread
NSTT Season 6 tournament timeline and rankings
NSTT Discussion thread
NSTT Discord server

Timeline (all times in GMT)
1300 7 June - Sign-ups close for Istria Open
1300 10 June to 17 June - Istria Open
2100 17 June - Sign-ups close for Championnats Nationaux de Reçueçn de Tennis
2100 20 June to 27 June - Championnats Nationaux de Reçueçn de Tennis
1900 27 June - Sign-ups close for Mattijana Open
1900 30 June to 7 July - Mattijana Open
0900 7 July - Sign-ups close for Hamilton International
0900 11 July to 23 July - Hamilton International
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Postby Banija » Sun May 24, 2020 4:17 am

About the City of Istria
The City of Istria is far and away Banija’s biggest city, at 3 million strong. It is considered the economic epicenter of the country, as many big Banijan businesses are headquartered in this city. It is located in northwestern Banija.

It is one of the country’s oldest cities. Being conquered by the Kasanke tribe(the predecessors to the Banijan state) almost 600 years ago, it has a long history as an important city in Banijan politics. It was briefly the Banijan capitol around 400 years ago, as the capitol moved from further north to Istria, before it moved all the way south to Busukuma.

Public transportation is A-grade in this city, ran by the Regional Transit Corporation, the country’s most famous multinational corporation. There is an extensive subway and bus system will help people get around the city. Boda Bodas will also be available for fans to travel throughout the city.

This is Banija’s premier transportation hub, as the country’s busiest airport is the Istria International Airport. The city itself has played host to numerous major international sporting events, including the most recent NSCAA 11 Final Four, as well as a pair of NSCF championship games, and the Istria Open a few years back. It is a major sporting city itself, especially college sports, as the University of Loyola-Istria, the city’s major university, is the most popular sports team in the city. Other major sports team are the Istria Black Mambas, who have won a Champions Bowl, and Istria City FC, who regularly compete for IFCF berths in the Banijan Soccer League.

The City hopes to use the tournament to raise its international profile, both in a sporting and a non-sporting sense, to the rest of Atlantian Oceania and the greater multiverse.

About the Kisangara Tennis Club
The Kisangara Tennis Club is the host facility for the event, which hosts the equivalent of the country's tennis national championships on an annual basis, at both the professional and collegiate levels. It is seen as the country's best tennis facility, and has hosted the Istria Open once before at this location. The tennis club itself is privately owned and operated. Pronounced "Chee-sahn-gar-ah", the facility is looking to raise the profile of its own facilities and Banijan tennis in general on the World stage, and drastically increase the number of competitors the sport has in Banija.

As is tradition in Banija, they have clay courts here- it is the preferred form of tennis across the vast majority of the country.
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
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Postby Recuecn » Sun May 24, 2020 6:33 am


Beçonailles is a picturesque Reçuecian city nestled under a hill in one loop of a winding river. Bridges radiate outward across the bending river, leading toward the centre ville, which has a classic European feel with narrow, cobbled streets whose high-end shops hum with pedestrian traffic. The city's uniform tiled roofs and 12th century Romanesque cathedral add to its "medieval" atmosphere, but it is a very modern place. The stadium complex at which matches are held is only about a kilometer and a half out of town.

This will not be the first edition of Les Championnats, Beçonailles has hosted, and in fact the city has given its name to the tournament in common Reçuecian parlance; this helps avoid confusion with le championnat, the highest tier of Reçuecian football, simply "Beçonailles". The city of Beçonailles has hosted Reçueçn's premier tennis tournament for over a hundred years. However, this will be the very first edition to be associated with the NationStates Tennis Tour, bringing a new level of prestige and attention to the competition.

Center Court at Beçonailles
It has been a sudden transformation for Beçonailles, which has historically been, like many other tournaments of its kind, an event steeped in tradition, and one which, until just last year, did not accept foreign entrants. Obviously, allowing non-Reçuecian competitors entirely changed the atmosphere of the tournament, but the decision, made by the new Ministry of Sport last year, has been enthusiastically accepted by the tournament organizers, and by the fans, who are happy to see the sport played at an even higher level. The players were also pleased to find that afterward, when the NSTT came back, it decided to grandfather in ranks from the one international edition of the tournament. This year, Les Championnats are officially affiliated with the NSTT from the get-go, so the spectacle is bigger than ever before.

Coming from the Istria Open, and eyeing the Hamilton International coming up at the end of the swing,, temperatures at Beçonailles, toward the north of Reçueçn, will be comparatively cooler and hopefully more pleasant for fans and players alike, although it can still get pretty warm here in the summer. The tournament organizers are hoping for good weather as the stadium does not have a roof to protect the courts from rain.

The easiest way to get to the tournament for visiting international fans is most likely to catch a flight to Genève and take a train from there. Or, if you're already on the continent, don't bother flying at all and just take the train in the first place. Once in Beçonailles, you will find that as in everywhere else in Reçueçn, there is a very high standard for public transport.

1. Oka Sulastra (PCU) vs Rafel Nedel (SAP)
2. Dietrich Cassarro (NEG) vs Sintya Dewi Arimbi (MWI)
3. Rodrick Uppatin (KHD) vs Jeff MaName (FAM)
4. Maria Julenic (MTJ) vs Milene Harman (DCS)
5. Pelissa Giannapolous (ETM) vs Laurie Simmons (CRB)
6. Daniel Cervantes (AQL) vs Khadijah Sims (AIG)
7. Louisa Henderson (CSE) vs Artyom Malakhov (WSN)
8. Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs LeMond Kames (SAP)
9. Arthur Leloup (RCN) vs Vinutha Rao (FAM)
10. Deseret Weaverton (BNJ) vs Dylan Brown (SKH)
11. Jessica Moreaux (KRY) vs Diana Jansen (SHT)
12. Hemat Darwisa (ERM) vs Tasya Han (FID)
13. Vanessza Pataki (GGY) vs Joe Fernández (NWK)

1. Mattias Burges (MTJ) vs Qualifier 13
2. Felice Mareaux (NEG) vs Qualifier 12
3. Naim Alex (SHT) vs Qualifier 11
4. Indah Susanti (PCU) vs Qualifier 10
5. SARA (EAS) vs Qualifier 9
6. Theresa Waterford (KHD) vs Qualifier 8
7. Abelie Fontana (RCN) vs Qualifier 7
8. Batera Siwara (ERM) vs Qualifier 6
9. Janet Riley (ETM) vs Qualifier 5
10. Haikal Jansen (SHT) vs Qualifier 4
11. Taylor Bates (CSE) vs Qualifier 3
12. Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs Qualifier 2
13. Mihaela Ioana Prisco (NTN) vs Qualifier 1
14. Ajla Vesnic (MTJ) vs Sydney Meeuswen (DCS)
15. Shinji Makauchi (TJU) vs Katelyn Barnes (CRB)
16. Lucien Le Floch (RCN) vs Heather Long (AIG)
17. Eckehard Blumenberg (GGY) vs Valery Ushakov (WSN)
18. Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs Maria Crown (SPM)
19. Andrew Baumgartner (KRY) vs Katy Drummond (SAP)
20. Sarah Dinsdale (KRY) vs Amina Wira (KNC)
21. Armin Miksa (GGY) vs Sharpova Yak (FAM)
22. Bartholomew Pole (KHD) vs Acteus Linna (DCS)
23. Alex Rivera (NWK) vs Cassandra Downs (CSE)
24. Justin White (NWK) vs Leon Reed (CRB)
25. Matéu Virxiliu (AQL) vs Catherine James (AIG)
26. Novita Nurdiansyah (FID) vs Audri Manford (SKH)
27. Halima Fatty (BNJ) vs Lidya Prajanti (MWI)
28. Ion Gheorghe Gheorghenescu (NTN) vs Elizabeth Bisher (SKH)
29. Bartolo Sabanero (AQL) vs Bala Guiss (BNJ)
30. Sekar Laut (ERM) vs Martin James Alberola (BCA)
31. Rangga Septiandi Putra (MWI) vs Martha McNeil (GRU)
32. Tomas de Torquemada (BCA) vs Krisna Wibawa Tantan (FID)

Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (PCU) [2] vs PR 32
Pastal Al-Muhammad (SAP) [31] vs PR 31
AAUGCC (EAS) [16] vs PR 30
Alexey Pustozerov (WSN) [21] vs PR 29
Stephen Perez (KRY) [8] vs PR 28
Azam Bestari (KNC) [29] vs PR 27
Syamim Kevin (SHT) [10] vs PR 26
Rafael Bautista (AQL) [17] vs PR 25
Thierry Garzala (NEG) [3] vs PR 24
Eutaur Jordaniscus (DCS) [27] vs PR 23
Rog Ion Tralito (NTN) [14] vs PR 22
Roberto Perez Balboa (BCA) [18] vs PR 21
Valentina Spetsova (TJU) [6] vs PR 20
Oka Sapta Wiguna (MWI) [30] vs PR 19
Mindy Waterford (KHD) [9] vs PR 18
Gracelyn Corinly (SKH) [23] vs PR 17
Dominika Lisicki (MTJ) [1] vs PR 16
Antonio Valero (CSE) [26] vs PR 15
Alan Sanchez (NWK) [15] vs PR 14
Mekar Laut (ERM) [22] vs PR 13
Orsolya Szabo (GGY) [7] vs PR 12
Carlos Thirdspade (SPM) [32] vs PR 11
Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) [11] vs PR 10
Burama Fadika (BNJ) [19] vs PR 9
Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) [4] vs PR 8
Serena Milliams (FAM) [28] vs PR 7
Andrew Simmons (ETM) [12] vs PR 6
Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap (FID) [20] vs PR 5
Danjiella Zovic (NEG) [5] vs PR 4
Allen Durham (CRB) [25] vs PR 3
Jeff Rogers (GRU) [13] vs PR 2
Kendra Jackson (AIG) [24] vs PR 1
Draw and Schedule
1. Carla Tormo/Lara Navarro (AQL) vs Angela Li/Maya Cole (CSE)
2. Mary Owenter/Rowley Timple (SKH) vs Laurie Simmons/Penny Bell-Watson (CRB)
3. Tamara Takacs/Albert Taussig (GGY) vs Jordan Jameson/Rafel Nedel (SAP)
4. Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa (ERM) vs Todd Richardson/Victoria Tran (AIG)
5. Aron Menkir/Kassa Berihu (BNJ) vs Bahia Baggio/Srekislas Amoretto (DCS)
6. Novita Nurdiansyah/Krisna Wibawa Tantan (FID) vs Ketut Artha Wiguna/Komang Ayu Chandrasari (MWI)

1. Deanne Smith/Sara Zhuo (ETM) vs Qualifier 6
2. Ilham Nugraha/Jayadi Ahmad (PCU) vs Qualifier 5
3. Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) vs Qualifier 4
4. Tamara Huscak/Dominik Lintner (MTJ) vs Qualifier 3
5. Michael Legrand/Juan Ortiz (KRY) vs Qualifier 2
6. AAUGCC/Jack Ho (EAS/ETM) vs Qualifier 1
7. Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs Azam Bestari/Amina Wira (KNC)
8. Justin White/Joe Fernández (NWK) vs Michael Paul/Zahir Holmes (CSE)
9. Martha McNeil/Anthony Kawasaki (GRU/ETM) vs Allen Durham/Samuel Howe (CRB)
10. Bahari Zack/Diana Jansen (SHT) vs Jo Royalwood/Bob Lightford (SPM)
11. Danjiella Zovic/Thierry Garzala (NEG) vs Jim castro/Cassidy Castro (FAM)
12. Riley Dovatin/Melissa Turnface (KHD) vs Lemond Kames/Perry Patos (SAP)
13. Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (SHT) vs Ramsey Lewis/Kelly Clark (AIG)
14. Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap/Tasya Han (FID) vs Glaucy Görög/Annis Van Der Beek (DCS)
15. Mekar Laut/Sekar Laut (ERM) vs Lola Watt/Sophie Rouson (SKH)
16. Nadia Hapsari/Mira Gandamayu (MWI) vs Amina Eba/Keleb Brehan (BNJ)

Camille Fournier/Inès Fournier (RCN) [1] vs PR 16
Evgeny Kondratenko/Oleg Vlasov (WSN) [16] vs PR 15
Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU) [6] vs PR 14
Jeff Rogers/Leanne Stewart (GRU/ETM) [11] vs PR 13
Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) [4] vs PR 12
Márcus Gabriel Alencastro/Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura (NTN) [13] vs PR 11
Bartolo Sabanero/Qualo Tabos (AQL) [8] vs PR 10
SARA/Marcus Hathwar (EAS/ETM) [12] vs PR 9
Elke Hartung/Karina Gerard (NEG) [2] vs PR 8
Javier Carrasco/Tomas de Torquemada (BCA) [15] vs PR 7
Owen Simmons/Perry Walsh (KRY) [7] vs PR 6
Alan Sanchez/Alex Rivera (NWK) [10] vs PR 5
Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari (PCU) [3] vs PR 4
Vanessza Pataki/Marvin Weinwurm (GGY) [14] vs PR 3
Julian Slazic/Lara Basic (MTJ) [5] vs PR 2
Spencer Kohnhead/Bradley Kohnface (KHD) [9] vs PR 1

All Cutoff times 21:00 UTC
June 20: Qualifying Round
June 21: Preliminary Round
June 22: Round of 64 (Singles only)
June 23: Round of 32
June 24: Round of 16
June 25: Quarterfinals
June 26: Semifinals
June 27: Third Place Playoffs and Finals
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Postby Mattijana » Sun May 24, 2020 6:55 am

Mattijanan Open IC and Tournament Information:

Welcome to Burges!


The TennisKlubBurges (or Burges Tennis Club in English) in Mattijana's second city of Burges will play host to the second edition of the Mattijanan open and the first welcoming the world's top players to the city as a tier one tournament. The prestigious club is amongst the oldest in Mattijana and boasts the highest number of courts and the best facilities in the country for players, fans and media.

The PulnikasKlub in the central city of Puljanka can lay claim to being the oldest tennis venue in Mattijana, but with Mattijanan tennis keen to move away from its upper-class roots, a new venue was needed for the inaugural Mattijanan Open towards the end of NSTT 5. With it's suburban position offering room for expansion and a roomier feel than its city-centre counterpart in Puljanka, the Burges Tennis Club was given the contract for the tier 2 event and hosted the tournament with much success.

Showcourts and Grounds:

The site has 3 showcourts for which entry is through pre-purchased tickets only. All other courts can be accessed on a first-come, first-served basis on the day with a ground pass. Mattijanan fans tend to enjoy grazing around the outside courts, so seats will become available regularly as locals follow their favourite Mattijanan and international players.
A number of reasonably-priced food and drink outlets are available for fans around the grounds, showcasing the varied regional cuisine in Mattijana. Ballajas, crusty loaves of bread filled with a stew-like filling, are particularly popular around Burges, even during the summer months. A restricted amount of alcohol can be brought into the grounds and can also be purchased on-site, although this will be refused to those acting drunk and disorderly.

Stadijo Zentrale: Capacity 14,600


The club's centre court is comfortably the biggest on the site and is the only one with a roof. The unconventional, but effective covering can unfurl itself from its position over the middle of the court in around 20 minutes and provides protection from the regular rain showers in the region.
What the designers had in mind when coming up with the central resting place for the canopy no-one will know, but it does the job and the Zentrale is a fine venue for international tennis. Expect it to be re-named the Stadijo Dominika Lisicki if the local can continue her impressive form. Atmosphere will be fairly orderly and polite towards visiting players, but the predominantly local crowd will certainly get behind their home favourites.

Stadijo Alex Dimitrov: Capacity 11,340
Named after one of Mattijana's NSTT pioneers, the Dimitrov offers an entirely different experience from the Zentrale. Tight, claustrophobic and home to a partisan crowd, the atmosphere will be raucous and home fans will get behind Mattijanan players, underdogs and whoever they fancy on the day with deafening passion. It's a great spectacle, but you wouldn't want to be the umpire.

Stadijo Juliana: Capacity 6,700
The most modern stadium on the site, the Juliana pays homage to the city's surroundings on the banks of the Sava Juliana river with a flowing design and a very Mattijanan combination of sporting arena and greenery. The stadium is flanked by balconies containing native Mattijanan plants that might just be in bloom by the time the tournament starts thanks to a helpful bit of springtime scheduling by the NSTT and the ground staff's headache pills.
A more civilised atmosphere than the main stadia and more room for supporters from other nations, making for a less partisan atmosphere. A welcome edition to the site and a very nice place to watch some tennis.

About the City and Mattijana:

Burges is situated in the region of Juliana in the centre-north of Mattijana and is the country's second-largest city. It has its own international airport, situated half an hour's train ride from the city centre, and also has a high-speed rail link with the capital city of Petrovijanka and its airport.
Whilst not as old as the cities in central and southern Mattijana, Burges still boasts several hundred years of history. A predominantly baroque and gothic city centre gives way to green space around the banks of the Sava Juliana river, with the Burges Tennis Club situated just the other side of the river. There are numerous cultural sites of interest around the city centre as well as the emergence of a more modern artistic culture around its fringes.
As elsewhere in Mattijana, there is a ban on public smoking and drug use outside of designated areas, although drug possession and individual use is decriminalised. Mattijana is a socially progressive country with a preference on community support compared to a strong police presence. Public services are well-funded, including the health service, which is free to all including tourists.

The climate in the city will be a pleasant one for tennis, albeit not one that will help players acclimatise to the hot conditions in Hamilton that will follow. Temperatures around the time of the tournament average at 18 degrees C and the mild, but persistent breeze may play a part in matches. Rain showers are reasonably common, but prolonged rainfall is fortunately fairly rare, so rain delays are unlikely to cause major organisational headaches.

The official language is the Slavic-sounding Mattijanan, although German is spoken widely in the region around Burges. English is popular as a second language and knowledge of it is more than good enough to get by in Mattijana, particularly in urban areas.

Tournament Information

All cutoffs at 19:00 UTC

30th June: Singles Qualifying
1st July: Singles Round one, Doubles Qualifying
2nd July: Singles Round two, Doubles Round one
3rd July: Singles Round three, Doubles Round two
4th July: Quarter-Finals
5th July: Semi-finals
6th July: Finals

Dominika Lisicki (MTJ, 1) vs Bye
Andrew Simmons (ETM, 2) vs Bye
Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU, 3) vs Bye
Mindy Waterford (KHD, 4) vs Bye
Naim Alex (SHT, 5) vs Bye
Mattias Burges (MTJ, 6) vs Bye
Syamim Kevin (SHT, 7) vs Bye
Stephen Perez (KRY,8 ) vs Bye
Gaëlle Sellier (RCN, 9) vs Bye
Jean Van der Kloor (TJU, 10) vs Bye
Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU, 11) vs Bye
SARA (EAS, 12) vs Bye
Theresa Waterford (KHD, 13) vs Bye
Abelie Fontana (RCN, 14) vs Bye
Batera Siwara (ERM, 15) vs Bye
Donat Kis (GGY, 16) vs Bye
Jeff Rogers (GRU, 17) vs Bye
Haikal Janson (SHT, 18) vs Bye
Livinia Moore (ETM, 19) vs Majorie Samson (SAP)
Rog Ion Tralito (NTN, 20) vs Komang Artus Artawan (PCU)
Carmichael Brown (ETM, 21) vs Ion Victor Amulio (NTN)
Janet Riley (ETM, 22) vs Ella Martiniara (NAZ)
Rodrick Uppatin (KHD, 23) vs Widya Hartati (MWI)
Sami Dominikanov (MTJ, 24) vs Mani Ranjan (FAM)
Andrew Baumgartner (KRY, 25) vs Thedebrand Sanctiing (DCS)
Karina Gerard (NEG, 26) vs Lloyd Moon (CSE)
Ajla Vesnic (MTJ, 27) vs Cindy Hopper (CSE)
Mihaela Iona Prisco (NTN, 28) vs Penny Bell-Watson (CRB)
Lucien Le Floch (RCN, 29) vs Marat Dolganov (WSN)
Sarah Dinsdale (KRY, 30) vs Sintya Dewi Arimbi (MWI)
Bartolo Sabanero (AQL, 31) vs Saxton Jale (SAP)
Jo Katsi (TJU, 32) vs Bee Aldrin (FAM)
Marco Vrient (NEG) vs Barko Prochazka (DCS)
Daniel Cervantes (AQL) vs Sophie Bellavie (NEG)
Bianca Arendt (GGY) vs Izzat Manson(SHT)
Mateu Virxiliu (AQL) vs Victoria Martin (CRB)
Halima Fatty (BNJ) vs Ishaq Maraqqi (NAZ)
Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs Vladimir Mikhailov (WSN)
AAUGCC (EAS) vs Ayu Raith Kemalasari (PCU)
Sekar Laut (ERM) vs Abimanyu Dewandana (MWI)
Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap (FID) vs Domenica Pavoni (DCS)
Martha McNeil (GRU) vs Irand Kolade (SAP)
Arthur Leloup (RCN) vs Neil Footstrong (FAM)
Bartholomew Pole (KHD) vs Samuel Howe (CRB)
Tomas de Torquemada (BCA) vs Pauline McCartney (CSE)
Rafael Bautista (AQL) vs Harina Maqqitani (NAZ)
Jessica Moreaux (KRY) vs Anton Yarovikov (WSN)
Audri Manford (SKH) vs Terry Pracket (SAP)
Hermat Darwisa (ERM) vs Mark Robison(FAM)
Novita Nurdiansyah (FID) vs Clarence Zhu (CSE)
Harold Crawley (TJU) vs Razaq Mazarim (NAZ)
Deseret Weaverton (BNJ) vs Tasya Han (FID)
Roberto Perez Balboa (BCA) vs Putra Dewangga (MWI)
Burama Fadika (BNJ) vs Mekar Laut (ERM)
Krisna Wibara Tantan (FID) vs Belle Nicholls (AIG)
Kurt Dragic (NEG) vs Valery Ushakov (WSN)
Dylan Brown (SKH) vs Maria Crown (SPM)
Martin James Alberola (BCA) vs Carlos Thirdspade (SPM)
Bala Guiss (BNJ) vs Azam Bestari (KNC)
Rosemarie Strobl (GGY) vs Amina Wira (KNC)
Elizabeth Bisher (SKH) vs Eutour Jordaniscus (DCS)
Gracelyn Corinly (SKH) vs Allen Durham (CRB)
Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs Kendra Jackson (AIG)
Catherine James (AIG) vs Heather Long (AIG)
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Postby Electrum » Sun May 24, 2020 7:08 am


Hamilton International VI

The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association is proud to present the sixth edition of the Hamilton International. Resuming its role at the tail-end of the clay-court season, the Hamilton International returns from its one year hiatus, now a Grand Slam tournament, usurping the role of the former Terranean Slam in Somer, Electrum. This tournament was formerly named the Electrum International, but changed its name to highlight Hamilton, the hot and dusty city.

The event will be scheduled on the clay courts of the Hamilton Tennis Club, approximately two hours north of Centralis by plane. Hamilton's courts are known for their long rallies, owing to the clay court, and hot temperatures, making it a very taxing on players. Temperatures are regularly in the high twenties-high thirties Celsius, and sometimes above 40. On such high-heat days, the tournament's heat policy will go into effect, meaning that players will be forced to stop mid-match until the temperature goes down to an acceptable level. This tournament is a Grand Slam Event, and it will definitely be an event that will push players to the limit.

The Hamilton Tennis Park, much like its southern counterpart, has three roofed arenas. These are in decreasing size: The Cauldron, and Court 2 and 3. These three roofed arenas actually make up a superstructure called The Tinderbox (please see stadium photos below). The roofed arenas are essential for the long, hot days in Hamilton. Outside courts are well attended. Fans watching play on these courts will be cooled down with industrial fans, water coolers and water jets to ensure that dehydration and extreme heat won't be too much of a factor. All players will have access to a ''coolbox" placed next to their chairs on all courts at all times. The "coolbox" is actually a refrigerator that contains ice, chilled drinks and towels and food. The coolbox also has an attachment to a moveable cooling tube which blasts cold air, so players can use the move the cooling tube around their body during breaks to cool off.

Accommodation and transportation to Electrum is provided free of charge with players flying to Centralis, and then going on a domestic two-hour flight to Hamilton. Players will stay at the Crown Hotel, Hamilton, a five star hotel-casino complex with all the trimmings that you can expect. Teams will be transported by a chauffeur daily in a private car to the Hamilton Tennis Park. Once the tournament is over, chauffeurs will bring you back to airport for exit, with winners going in special limousines.

Electrum, the country
The currency is the Credit, a card based currency. Paper money, such as the Universal Standard Dollars is not widely accepted except in hotels and banks (even beggars have their own Credit terminals), so it is recommended to get these cards which are very easily stolen but also incredibly convenient to use. In general, the laws of Electrum are relaxed, with restrictions on the most serious of crimes as well as bans on smoking in certain areas and bans of 'hard' drugs only.

Historical information of tennis in Electrum
Phillip Maxwell was the first president of the Electrum Lawn Tennis Association -- the organising body for Electrum's favourite pasttime. The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association has hosted tournaments such as the Hamilton International in Hamilton, and the Terranean Slam in Somer. This season, the ELTA has decided to promote the Hamilton International as a clay grand slam tennis event, while discontinuing the Somer event in the near future. There are talks that the ELTA will plan to rotate the clay court grand slam between Hamilton and Somer, whilst others say that the ELTA is looking to give up the rights for the clay court grand slam to another nation.

The Hamilton Tennis Park was established in the past ten years, being a relatively new event on the domestic tour before it had a place on the NSTT as the Electrum International. Because of this, modern design principles came into the construction of the park. Despite the event taking place in the middle of a city, which is itself in the middle of a desert, architects have ensured to include a body of water around the park to ensure natural cooling, and to give distance to the 'heat island' effect of the city that surrounds the park. Most of the crowd capacity is dedicated to the three show courts, forming one large super-structure called the Tinderbox. This efficiently reduces costs because air-conditioning can be more efficiently pumped in to one location instead of three. Crowds will also have access to a naturally cool underground area underneath The Tinderbox with amenities such as a fully-staffed food court, luxury restaurants and marquees, and merchandise.

The Cauldron

Court 2, 3 and Outer Courts

Schedule - all cut-offs are 0900 UTC
11 July - Singles qualification round 1 and 2, Doubles qualification round 1
12 July - Qualifying competition
13 July - Break day
14 July - Round 1 - top half
15 July - Round 1 - bottom half
16 July - Round 2 - top half
17 July - Round 2 - bottom half
18 July - Break day
19 July - Round 3
20 July - Round 4
21 July - Quarterfinals
22 July - Semifinals
23 July - Finals

Singles Draw

All players ranked 86 or below have been entered into qualifying. All nations had a quarter of their entrants, rounded up, receive entry into the main draw automatically. There were 242 entrants in this 128-player competition. Bottom 146 players after wildcard allocations entered qualifying for 32 spots.

Players with an 'OR' next to their name will play an additional match, called Round 1. Round 2 will then follow on the same day, 11 July. The match-up to determine the qualifier will take place on 12 July.

Qualifier 1
[1] Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs Ivan Belosorochko (WSN) OR Joe King (FAM)
Julia Devoningstan (NWK) vs Terence Wilde (RWE)
Qualifier 2
[2] Luke Subdonez (NWK) vs Corey Todd (RWE) OR Boris Lopez (RAJ)
Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs Nazri Robert (SHT)
Qualifier 3
[3] Jessica Moreaux (KRY) vs Paula Dough (SKH) OR Alya Elyas (SHT)
Lara Navarro (AQL) vs Zi Iles (RWE)
Qualifier 4
[4] Eckehard Blumenberg (GGY) vs Zeta Juanis (ERM) OR Jason Harper (CRB)
Stefan Zimmerman (MTJ) vs Lusinda Meriñol (KLS)
Qualifier 5
[5] Chad Cilsertin (KHD) vs Aron Menkir (BNJ) OR Grace Kovalt (KHD)
Elizabeth Lee (AIG) vs Roger Novak (RAJ)
Qualifier 6
[6] Alex Rivera (NWK) vs Dan Puklavec (MTJ) OR Anthony Powers (KHD)
Milene Harman (DCS) vs Qadar El-Sharoun (NAZ)
Qualifier 7
[7] Elke Hartung (NEG) vs Fatima Wells (CSE) OR Paisley Boyd (RWE)
Vanessza Pataki (GGY) vs Brian Dreevy (FAM)
Qualifier 8
[8] Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) vs Joeseph Mystery (FAM) OR Joyce Moore (CSE)
Anton Yarovikov (WSN) vs Jonathan StarJoe (SAP)
Qualifier 9
[9] Mekar Laut (ERM) vs Abdullah Jelilal (CSE) OR Patrick Landson (SKH)
Ioana Amulio Constantinescu (NTN) vs Franky Hartley (RWE)
Qualifier 10
[10] Daniel Cervantes (AQL) vs Lenta Rasmi (ERM) OR Milo Evans (RAJ)
Lance Mance (BRI) vs John Andrews (NOW)
Qualifier 11
[11] Armin Miksa (GGY) vs Ella Nager (SKH) OR Tomas Faet (SAP)
Kadek Adi Wiranatha (PCU) vs Antoño Iglesias (KLS)
Qualifier 12
[12] Clarence Zhu (CSE) vs Ikram Fawz (SHT) OR Jana Aliki (MTJ)
Rosemarie Strobl (GGY) vs Muhammad Harun (NAZ)
Qualifier 13
[13] Novita Nurdiansyah (FID) vs Nur Irin-Amirana (NAZ) OR Kassa Berihu (BNJ)
Catherine James (AIG) vs Feder Nadala (RAJ)
Qualifier 14
[14] Hemat Darwisa (ERM) vs Alexander Thorton (CRB) OR Srekislas O'Driscoll (DCS)
Tasya Han (FID) vs Thomas McThomas (FAM)
Qualifier 15
[15] Justin White (NWK) vs Muhammad Ali (FAM) OR Lucy Muneer (SHT)
Sydney Meeuswen (DCS) vs Fenrir Colf (SAP)
Qualifier 16
[16] Carla Tormo (AQL) vs Hugh Smyth (RWE) OR Maryanne Nelson (CRB)
Azam Bestari (KNC) vs Brock Zireb (NOW)
Qualifier 17
[17] Márcus Gabriel Alencastro (NTN) vs Taras Barantsev (WSN) OR Zahra Tusita (ERM)
Domenica Pavoni (DCS) vs Esterina Picarelli (RCN)
Qualifier 18
[18] Deseret Weaverton (BNJ) vs Grady Maccay (KHD) OR Carlos Márquez (AQL)
Ross Algersuari (KRY) vs Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN)
Qualifier 19
[19] Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (PCU) vs Keleb Brehan (BNJ)
Jack Watson (KRY) vs Penny Bell-Watson (CRB)
Qualifier 20
[20] Burama Fadika (BNJ) vs Priyan Raj (RAJ)
Jack Ho (ETM) vs Abimanyu Dewandana (MWI)
Qualifier 21
[21] Rafael Bautista (AQL) vs Sally Hopkins (SAP)
Georgia Bassett (KRY) vs Victoria Martin (CRB)
Qualifier 22
[22] Kurt Dragic (NEG) vs Maria Pariǧi (KLS)
Oka Sapta Wiguna (MWI) vs Ayu Diah Padmi (MWI)
Qualifier 23
[23] Maria Cláudia Amúlio (NTN) vs Amina Eba (BNJ)
Paula Suárez (AQL) vs Joe Fernández (NWK)
Qualifier 24
[24] Dylan Brown (SKH) vs Martin Tomek Jr. (SAP)
Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) vs Thedebrand Sanctiing (DCS)
Qualifier 25
[25] Martin James Alberola (BCA) vs Franklin Grimes (CSE)
Elizabeth Bisher (SKH) vs John B. Galt (AIG)
Qualifier 26
[26] Marcus Hathwar (ETM) vs Alexander Nishikori (RAJ)
Lidya Prajanti (MWI) vs Widya Hartati (MWI)
Qualifier 27
[27] Felice Mareaux (NEG) vs Irina Elinova (NAZ)
Maria Crown (SPM) vs Khadijah Sims (AIG)
Qualifier 28
[28] Harold Crawley (TJU) vs Hailey Cermer (SKH)
Judith Alexander (AIG) vs Diana Jansen (SHT)
Qualifier 29
[29] Belle Nichols (AIG) vs Mukesh Ali (FAM)
Pauline McCartney (CSE) vs Tristan Delisle (RCN)
Qualifier 30
[30] Mihai Caeso Mihailescu (NTN) vs Peter Sitnikov (WSN)
Roberto Perez Balboa (BCA) vs Laurie Simmons (CRB)
Qualifier 31
[31] Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) vs Diaon Faet (SAP)
Sintya Dewi Arimbi (MWI) vs Vladimir Mikhailov (WSN)
Qualifier 32
[32] Krisna Wibawa Tantan (FID) vs Jimi Rusman (ERM)
Athena Piper (KRY) vs Baako Procházka (DCS)

By ranking
Dominika Lisicki MTJ
Dewa Putu Adrian Putra PCU
Ricardo Toli BRI
Syamim Kevin SHT
Ngurah Putra Muliawan PCU
Mindy Waterford KHD
Andrew Simmons ETM
Thierry Garzala NEG
Naim Alex SHT
Danjiella Zovic NEG
Leo Garry BRI
Gaëlle Sellier RCN
Valentina Spetsova TJU
Stephen Perez KRY
Mattias Burges MTJ
Orsolya Szabo GGY
Maria Sophia Lubis PCU
Jean van de Kloor TJU
Theresa Waterford KHD
Abelie Fontana RCN
Batera Siwara ERM
Indah Susanti PCU
Donat Kis GGY
Ajla Vesnic MTJ
Juan Subdula NWK
Bartolo Sabanero AQL
Taylor Bates CSE
Andrew Baumgartner KRY
Livinia Moore ETM
Sami Dominikanov MTJ
Jeff Rogers GRU
Haikal Jansen SHT
Janet Riley ETM
Carmichael Brown ETM
Ralph Newkarn BRI
Ayu Ratih Kemalasari PCU
Rodrick Uppatin KHD
Kyle Anderson BRI
Karina Gerard NEG
Jason Gordon BRI
Pelissa Giannapolous ETM
Mihaela Ioana Prisco NTN
Dietrich Cassarro NEG
Derek Dubrovnik BRI
Alan Sanchez NWK
Marco Vrient NEG
Martha McNeil GRU
Rog Ion Tralito NTN
Shinji Makauchi TJU
Lucien Le Floch RCN
Sarah Dinsdale KRY
Maria Julenic MTJ
Matéu Virxiliu AQL
Joe Katsi TJU
Maddison Scott ETM
Niken Subdula NWK
Bianka Arendt GGY
Felipe de la Rosa TJU
Arthur Leloup RCN
Philippe Baloui TJU
Halima Fatty BNJ
Bartholomew Pole KHD
Sekar Laut ERM

Audri Manford SKH
Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap FID
Tomas de Torquemada BCA
Louisa Henderson CSE
Bala Guiss BNJ
Gracelyn Corinly SKH
Eutaur Jordaniscus DCS
Kendra Jackson AIG
Heather Long AIG
Amina Wira KNC
Putra Dewangga MWI
Acteus Linna DCS
Rangga Septiandi Putra MWI
Valery Ushakov WSN
Allen Durham CRB
Carlos Thirdspade SPM
Marat Dolganov WSN
Irand Kolade SAP
Samuel Howe CRB
Barry Boa SAP
Jaiden Kjellberg FAM
Felix Anmaton FAM
Dariq Ishaqtar NAZ
Alif Khadarim NAZ
Raja Ashrav RAJ
Kim Boi-An RAJ
Armani Mata KLS
Mariza Kaľat KLS
Caleb Johannan NOW
Rueben Martinez RWE
Ephraim Terry RWE

Section 1
[1] Dominika Lisicki (MTJ) vs [WC] Barry Boa (SAP)
[WC] Acteus Linna (DCS) vs Felipe de la Rosa (TJU)
[WC] Carlos Thirdspade (SPM) vs [WC] Caleb Johannan (NOW)
[28] Taylor Bates (CSE) vs Sekar Laut (ERM)
[21] Abelie Fontana (RCN) vs [Q] Lara Navarro (AQL)
Karina Gerard (NEG) vs [Q] Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
[WC] Kendra Jackson (AIG) vs [Q] Jimi Rusman (ERM)
[15] Mattias Burges (MTJ) vs [Q] Austin McDanielson (TJU)

Section 2
[8] Thierry Garzala (NEG) vs [WC] Kim Boi-An (RAJ)
Matéu Virxiliu (AQL) vs [Q] Peter Sitnikov (WSN)
[Q] Paisley Boyd (RWE) vs Haikal Jansen (SHT)
[30] Livinia Moore (ETM) vs [WC] Bala Guiss (BNJ)
[24] Donat Kis (GGY) vs [WC] Heather Long (AIG)
Rog Ion Tralito (NTN) vs Sarah Dinsdale (KRY)
Maddison Scott (ETM) vs [WC] Jaiden Kjellberg (FAM)
[10] Danjiella Zovic (NEG) vs [WC] Gracelyn Corinly (SKH)

Section 3
[6] Mindy Waterford (KHD) vs [Q] Martin James Alberola (BCA)
Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs [Q] Lucy Muneer (SHT)
Joe Katsi (TJU) vs [WC] Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap (FID)
[25] Ajla Vesnic (MTJ) vs Niken Subdula (NWK)
[22] Batera Siwara (ERM) vs [Q] Penny Bell-Watson (CRB)
[Q] Domenica Pavoni (DCS) vs Bartholomew Pole (KHD)
Bianka Arendt (GGY) vs [WC] Samuel Howe (CRB)
[12] Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) vs [Q] Eckehard Blumenberg (GGY)

Section 4
[3] Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs [Q] Ralph Henschel (GGY)
Derek Dubrovnik (BRI) vs [Q] Chad Cilsertin (KHD)
Shinji Makauchi (TJU) vs [Q] Daniel Cervantes (AQL)
[29] Andrew Baumgartner (KRY) vs [Q] Anthony Powers (KHD)
[23] Indah Susanti (PCU) vs Jason Gordon (BRI)
[WC] Mariza Kaľat (KLS) vs [WC] Rueben Martinez (RWE)
Janet Riley (ETM) vs [WC] Putra Dewangga (MWI)
[16] Orsolya Szabo (GGY) vs AAUGCC (EAS)

Section 5
[2] Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (PCU) vs Halima Fatty (BNJ)
Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs [WC] Armani Mata (KLS)
[Q] Armin Miksa (GGY) vs [Q] Mekar Laut (ERM)
[27] Bartolo Sabanero (AQL) vs Martha McNeil (GRU)
[20] Theresa Waterford (KHD) vs [Q] Marcus Hathwar (ETM)
[WC] Allen Durham (CRB) vs [WC] Audri Manford (SKH)
[WC] Valery Ushakov (WSN) vs [Q] Clarence Zhu (CSE)
[13] Valentina Spetsova (TJU) vs [Q] Vladimir Mikhailov (WSN)

Section 6
[5] Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU) vs [WC] Ephraim Terry (RWE)
[Q] Rafael Bautista (AQL) vs Dietrich Cassarro (NEG)
[WC] Amina Wira (KNC) vs Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU)
[31] Sami Dominikanov (MTJ) vs [WC] Alif Khadarim (NAZ)
[18] Jean van de Kloor (TJU) vs [Q] Catherine James (AIG)
Mihaela Ioana Prisco (NTN) vs [Q] Belle Nichols (AIG)
[WC] Felix Anmaton (FAM) vs Rodrick Uppatin (KHD)
[6] Naim Alex (SHT) vs [WC] Raja Ashrav (RAJ)

Section 7
[7] Andrew Simmons (ETM) vs [WC] Marat Dolganov (WSN)
[WC] Louisa Henderson (CSE) vs Lucien Le Floch (RCN)
[Q] Hemat Darwisa (ERM) vs [WC] Dariq Ishaqtar (NAZ)
[26] Juan Subdula (NWK) vs [WC] Eutaur Jordaniscus (DCS)
[19] SARA (EAS) vs [Q] Thedebrand Sanctiing (DCS)
[Q] Carla Tormo (AQL) vs Kyle Anderson (BRI)
[Q] Maria Pariǧi (KLS) vs Arthur Leloup (RCN)
[11] Leo Garry (BRI) vs [Q] Paula Suárez (AQL)

Section 8
[4] Syamim Kevin (SHT) vs [WC] Tomas de Torquemada (BCA)
[Q] Harold Crawley (TJU) vs [Q] Burama Fadika (BNJ)
Maria Julenic (MTJ) vs Alan Sanchez (NWK)
[32] Jeff Rogers (GRU) vs [Q] Irina Elinova (NAZ)
[17] Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) vs Ralph Newkarn (BRI)
Pelissa Giannapolous (ETM) vs [Q] Deseret Weaverton (BNJ)
Marco Vrient (NEG) vs [WC] Irand Kolade (SAP)
[14] Stephen Perez (KRY) vs [WC] Rangga Septiandi Putra (MWI)

Doubles Draw

All teams with less than 3.322 log points entered qualifying. There were four teams with 3.322 log points, so the ELTA have randomly allocated three teams to enter the main draw, and one team to enter qualifying. All nations had at least one entry in the main draw. There were 113 entrants in this 96-pair competition. Bottom 33 pairs after wildcard allocations entered qualifying for 16 spots.

Pairs with an 'OR' next to their name will play an additional match, called Round 1, on 11 July. The match-up to determine the qualifier will take place on 12 July.

Qualifier 1
[1] Arya Kusuma/Kadek Dwipayana (MWI) vs Darin Barron/Cruz Rivas (RWE) OR Milicent Broon/Carter Kanasaw (KHD)
Qualifier 2
[2] Carlos Márquez/Garbiñe Flor (AQL) vs Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT)
Qualifier 3
[3] Mihai Publius Apilescu/Ion Marcus Ioanescu (NTN) vs Katelyn Barnes/Maryanne Nelson (CRB)
Qualifier 4
[4] Fats Sullivan/Brianna Van Pelt (AIG) vs Opal Moore/Delilah Long (CSE)
Qualifier 5
[5] Samuel Howe/Leon Reed (CRB) vs Alexander Nishikori/Priyan Raj (RAJ)
Qualifier 6
[6] Allen Durham/Jason Harper (CRB) vs Josiah Smith/Gobias Woods (CSE)
Qualifier 7
[7] Bahia Baggio/Srekislas Amoretto (DCS) vs Konstantin Ulyanov/Lev Barkov (WSN)
Qualifier 8
[8] Todd Richardson/Victoria Tran (AIG) vs Tua Tomek III/Martin Tomek Jr (SAP)
Qualifier 9
[9] Erin Maldry/Alexander Dumor (KHD) vs Jimi Rusman/Lenta Rasmi (ERM)
Qualifier 10
Nicholas Evanson/Dimitrov Astin (SKH) vs Boris Lopez/Feder Nadala (RAJ)
Qualifier 11
Anthony Taylor/Nathan Williams (DCS) vs Eliza Holmes/Theresa Tennis (CSE)
Qualifier 12
Jordi Pérez/Rubén Pérez (AQL) vs Halima Fatty/Deseret Weaverton (BNJ)
Qualifier 13
Zeta Juanis/Zahra Tusita (ERM) vs Kim Boi-An/Roger Novak (RAJ)
Qualifier 14
Burama Fadika/Bala Guiss (BNJ) vs Sally Hopkins/Jonathan StarJoe (SAP)
Qualifier 15
Tomas Faet/Diaon Faet (SAP) vs Antoño Iglesias/Lusinda Meriñol (KLS)
Qualifier 16
William Wuttah/Nick Radon (SKH) vs Luna Wealsy/Annabeth Jackson (FAM)

By ranking
Camille Fournier/Inès Fournier RCN
Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky ETM
Tamara Hucsak/Dominik Lintner MTJ
Elke Hartung/Karina Gerard NEG
Owen Simmons/Perry Walsh KRY
Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari PCU
Leone Na/Abi Forrest BRI
Deanne Smith/Sara Zhuo ETM
Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber RCN
Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati PCU
Leanne Stewart/Anthony Kawasaki ETM
Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa TJU
Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson TJU
Lance Mance/Ricardo Toli BRI
Bartolo Sabanero/Qualo Tabos AQL
Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul SHT
Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo TJU
Spencer Kohnhead/Marcus Hathwar KHD/ETM
Leo Garry/Elizabeth Quehall BRI
Julian Slazic/Lara Basic MTJ
Marko Juvan/Rikard Kampl MTJ
Alexandra Barna/Ralph Henschel GGY
Jaguar Zenteanite/Zeke Newham BRI
Jack Ho/Bradley Kohnface ETM/KHD
Jeremy Metagne/Elizabeth Corbisieri KRY
Michael Legrand/Juan Ortiz KRY
Justin White/Joe Fernández NWK
Riley Dovatin/Melissa Turnface KHD
James Williams/Alexandra Helmand KRY
Evgeny Kondratenko/Oleg Vlasov WSN
Alan Sanchez/Alex Rivera NWK
Jeff Rogers/Martha McNeil GRU
Bahari Zack/Diana Jansen SHT
Javier Carrasco/Tomas de Torquemada BCA
Juan Subdula/Niken Subdula NWK
Danjiella Zovic/Thierry Garzala NEG
Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap/Tasya Han FID
Mekar Laut/Sekar Laut ERM
Amina Eba/Keleb Brehan BNJ
Eka Putrawan/Dwi Ratmadi PCU
Mary Owenter/Rowley Timple SKH
Túlius Tarquínio da Silva/Ápio Rog dos Santos NTN
Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwoʻole TJU
Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa ERM
Adelinde Günther/Lucas Magnier RCN
Jurgen DiPasso/Marco Vrient NEG
Janelle Hood/Sarah Lee Vale AIG
Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura/Maria Cláudia Amúlio NTN
Jo Royalwood/Bob Lightford SPM
Vanessza Pataki/Marvin Weinwurm GGY
Carla Tormo/Lara Navarro AQL
Tamara Takacs/Albert Taussig GGY
Kurt Dragic/Felice Mareaux NEG
Aron Menkir/Kassa Berihu BNJ
Luke Subdonez/Julia Devoningstan NWK
Dwiyana Lutanto/Dwiyani Lutanto MWI
Chandra Wiguna/Andi Permadi PCU
Ketut Artha Wiguna/Komang Ayu Chandrasari MWI
Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro NTN
Jasmina Soflik/Sofia Loranovic MTJ
Lola Watt/Sophie Rouson SKH
Bianka Arendt/Armin Miksa GGY
Glaucy Görög/Annis Van Der Beek DCS
Ramsey Lewis/Kelly Clark AIG
Azam Bestari/Amina Wira KNC
Nadia Hapsari/Mira Gandamayu MWI
Novita Nurdiansyah/Krisna Wibawa Tantan FID
Isaac Daud/Lucy Muneer SHT
Oleg Ivanov/Artyom Petrenko WSN
Esterina Picarelli/Tristan Delisle RCN

Penny Bell-Watson/Laurie Simmons CRB
Fenrir Colf/Amy Yuan SAP
Collin Hervey/Harry Granger FAM
Karen Roth/Tom Crow CSE
Dariq Ishaqtar/Nur Irin-Amirana NAZ
Raja Ashrav/Milo Evans RAJ
Armani Mata/Mariza Kaľat KLS
Steve Schultz/Barnaby Reynolds RWE

Section 1
[1] Camille Fournier/Inès Fournier (RCN) vs Bye
[Q] Antoño Iglesias/Lusinda Meriñol (KLS) vs Javier Carrasco/Tomas de Torquemada (BCA)
Tamara Takacs/Albert Taussig (GGY) vs Danjiella Zovic/Thierry Garzala (NEG)
[26] Michael Legrand/Juan Ortiz (KRY) vs Bye
[20] Julian Slazic/Lara Basic (MTJ) vs Bye
Jo Royalwood/Bob Lightford (SPM) vs Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap/Tasya Han (FID)
Carla Tormo/Lara Navarro (AQL) vs Bahari Zack/Diana Jansen (SHT)
[14] Lance Mance/Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs Bye

Section 2
[6] Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari (PCU) vs Bye
Janelle Hood/Sarah Lee Vale (AIG) vs [Q] Zeta Juanis/Zahra Tusita (ERM)
Glaucy Görög/Annis Van Der Beek (DCS) vs [Q] Carlos Márquez/Garbiñe Flor (AQL)
[30] Evgeny Kondratenko/Oleg Vlasov (WSN) vs Bye
[19] Leo Garry/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) vs Bye
Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa (ERM) vs [WC] Steve Schultz/Barnaby Reynolds (RWE)
[Q] Mihai Publius Apilescu/Ion Marcus Ioanescu (NTN) vs [Q] Jimi Rusman/Lenta Rasmi (ERM)
[12] Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs Bye

Section 3
[8] Deanne Smith/Sara Zhuo (ETM) vs Bye
Odran Rudaski/Sigestan Joshi (DCS) vs Lola Watt/Sophie Rouson (SKH)
[Q] Jordi Pérez/Rubén Pérez (AQL) vs AAUGCC/SARA (EAS)
[31] Alan Sanchez/Alex Rivera (NWK) vs Bye
[18] Spencer Kohnhead/Marcus Hathwar (KHD/ETM) vs Bye
Azam Bestari/Amina Wira (KNC) vs [Q] Anthony Taylor/Nathan Williams (DCS)
Ramsey Lewis/Kelly Clark (AIG) vs Bianka Arendt/Armin Miksa (GGY)
[9] Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) vs Bye

Section 4
[3] Owen Simmons/Perry Walsh (KRY) vs Bye
[Q] Bahia Baggio/Srekislas Amoretto (DCS) vs [Q] Allen Durham/Jason Harper (CRB)
Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwoʻole (TJU) vs Mary Owenter/Rowley Timple (SKH)
[29] James Williams/Alexandra Helmand (KRY) vs Bye
[22] Alexandra Barna/Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs Bye
Oleg Ivanov/Artyom Petrenko (WSN) vs [Q] Alexander Nishikori/Priyan Raj (RAJ)
Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura/Maria Cláudia Amúlio (NTN) vs [WC] Karen Roth/Tom Crow (CSE)
[13] Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs Bye

Section 5
[2] Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) vs Bye
[Q] Arya Kusuma/Kadek Dwipayana (MWI) vs Chandra Wiguna/Andi Permadi (PCU)
Jurgen DiPasso/Marco Vrient (NEG) vs Aron Menkir/Kassa Berihu (BNJ)
[27] Justin White/Joe Fernández (NWK) vs Bye
[17] Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (TJU) vs Bye
[WC] Collin Hervey/Harry Granger (FAM) vs Ketut Artha Wiguna/Komang Ayu Chandrasari (MWI)
[WC] Fenrir Colf/Amy Yuan (SAP) vs Esterina Picarelli/Tristan Delisle (RCN)
[16] Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (SHT) vs Bye

Section 6
[5] Elke Hartung/Karina Gerard (NEG) vs Bye
[Q] Fats Sullivan/Brianna Van Pelt (AIG) vs Túlius Tarquínio da Silva/Ápio Rog dos Santos (NTN)
Isaac Daud/Lucy Muneer (SHT) vs Dwiyana Lutanto/Dwiyani Lutanto (MWI)
[25] Jeremy Metagne/Elizabeth Corbisieri (KRY) vs Bye
[21] Marko Juvan/Rikard Kampl (MTJ) vs Bye
[WC] Armani Mata/Mariza Kaľat (KLS) vs Amina Eba/Keleb Brehan (BNJ)
Vanessza Pataki/Marvin Weinwurm (GGY) vs [WC] Penny Bell-Watson/Laurie Simmons (CRB)
[11] Leanne Stewart/Anthony Kawasaki (ETM) vs Bye

Section 7
[7] Leone Na/Abi Forrest (BRI) vs Bye
Adelinde Günther/Lucas Magnier (RCN) vs [Q] Burama Fadika/Bala Guiss (BNJ)
Eka Putrawan/Dwi Ratmadi (PCU) vs [Q] Todd Richardson/Victoria Tran (AIG)
[28] Riley Dovatin/Melissa Turnface (KHD) vs Bye
[24] Jack Ho/Bradley Kohnface (ETM/KHD) vs Bye
[WC] Dariq Ishaqtar/Nur Irin-Amirana (NAZ) vs [Q] Nicholas Evanson/Dimitrov Astin (SKH)
Jasmina Soflik/Sofia Loranovic (MTJ) vs Nadia Hapsari/Mira Gandamayu (MWI)
[10] Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (PCU) vs Bye

Section 8
[4] Tamara Hucsak/Dominik Lintner (MTJ) vs Bye
[Q] Luna Wealsy/Annabeth Jackson (FAM) vs Juan Subdula/Niken Subdula (NWK)
Luke Subdonez/Julia Devoningstan (NWK) vs Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro (NTN)
[32] Jeff Rogers/Martha McNeil (GRU) vs Bye
[23] Jaguar Zenteanite/Zeke Newham (BRI) vs Bye
Mekar Laut/Sekar Laut (ERM) vs [WC] Raja Ashrav/Milo Evans (RAJ)
Kurt Dragic/Felice Mareaux (NEG) vs Novita Nurdiansyah/Krisna Wibawa Tantan (FID)
[15] Bartolo Sabanero/Qualo Tabos (AQL) vs Bye
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Postby Bunkaiia » Sun May 31, 2020 8:54 pm

Guide to the Players from Bunkaiia

First written about in the Early Third century by Greek historian Euhemerus, the Azanesian archipelago of Bunkaiia, Hashadooma, and the Doyan islands are governed by the unique Bunkaiian nation. The first settlers to these Northern Indian Ocean islands were the Austronesian people (now known as Safiloasha), who arrived on outrigger canoes from Southern Borneo and are distant linguistic cousins to the Bushi and Sakalava people of Comoros and Northwestern Madagascar. In the late 530s, the Sassanid Persian Shahanshah Khosrow I began persecuting the anti-slavery, proto-communist, plant-based, pacifist, free-loving, hedonistic-altruistic, communal garden-centric Mazdakites. Many fled south to the newly conquered Yemen. The prosperous Trans-Indian Ocean trade between the Mediterranean and Southern Asia then allowed for the community to settle on Bunkaiia, where their sedentary Persian culture mixed with the coastal dwelling Safiloashas. Full-blooded Safiloashas can still be seen in the Doyan Islands though. The Yapaniya Jaina sangha of Tulunadu eventually also developed a trade-based community on the islands as did the Jewish Teimanim in Ceikarosh and the Nestorian Assyro-Soqotri in Hashadooma, all four minority communities have regional autonomy today. Over time the island became well known for its harboring of runaway slaves and the island's population saw a Swahilifaction in culture, language and ethnicity. After fighting several colonial wars, it would eventually fall into the Italian sphere of influence during the Scramble. Tensions were high and violence was rife as many visiting Italians wanted to both marry and eat fish, both of which go against the Mazdakite faith.

Today the archipelago nation boasts a population of just 412.060 as the government has strict anti-population growth policies as its concerns for the environment and the ecological balance take priority. The nation is mostly self-sufficient in terms of basic needs, however medical supplies and technological instruments are imported. This has forced the autarkic state to open up as a tourist hotspot. Gambling, sex, eclectic music scene and lenient recreational drug laws have made Bunkaiia a haven for the nightlife scene while Bunkaiia's Millenium-long strict animal rights laws have promoted a wealth of plant-based dishes making Bunkaiia a vegan dream destination.

Tennis was imported by the British after the Italians (who had earlier brought in Association Football) were ousted after WWII. In the 1860s, Bunkaiia received its independence from the British crown but has never competed in any tennis tournament under their own flag. This year's Istria Open will be the first for Bunkaiia!

Singles - Istria Open (Tier 2)
1. Nitoñi Kàrgeïathil (M-S)

    Hometown: Samberiti
    Age: 24
    Nitoñi is a fast left-handed all-round fantastic player that also enjoys surfing and skateboarding
2. Kuroumbila Màdaru (M-S)

    Hometown: Maleibidulu
    Age: 19
    Kuroumbila is a lightfooted strong backhanded player that likes to play in the deep end, only running toward the net when assured a point.
3. Guriman Hàmošgaki (B)

    Hometown: Bolongashi
    Age: 36
    Self-taught unorthodox left-handed player that often slices the ball with a highly technical backhand stroke.
4. Aïanila Šàdiboïa (B)

    Hometown: Hufayith
    Age: 25
    Bunkaiia's top generalist. Strong serve with a strong backhand makes this one a femme fatal. Also a woman's rights activist.
Doubles - Istria Open
1. Amatasana Djuwanaki (B)

Éosebïo Tsafimakoua (D) &

2. Maïoura Gaïelakathil (M-S)

Neadaka Gaïelakathil (M-S)
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Bunkaiia: Small Indian Ocean archipelago with its own conlang, and 12 unique spec evo animals and conreligion. Religion and Political structure is based on an old communalist Zoroastrian movement. Dominant culture is Persian, with Swahili, Malagasy and South Indian admixture.

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Postby Waisnor » Mon Jun 01, 2020 2:08 am

In Istria, a plane landed, on which tennis players from Waisnor flew in to participate in Istria Open. They were single Maximillian Pronichev and Alexey Pustozerov, as well as Evgeny Kondratenko and Oleg Vlasov, who played in pairs. We will see the latter more than once.

Vlasov: Well, here we are. Looks good)
Pustozerov: I think we can first walk around the city, and then go to training.

Well, they went for a walk around the city, had a snack in some cafe, and soon they were at the training base, where they began preparations for the tournament.
81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:54 am

The Players
1. Niken Subdula: great backhand guy can get you with a dropshot.
2. Juan Subdula: the brother of Niken has the fastest serve in Kalactin.
3. Julia Devoningstan: only woman on the team, has a good forehand.
4. Luke Subdonez: good forehand and can send the opponent on the run with his serves.
5. Alan Sanchez: very tall, lengthy player with a good reach, fast serve.
6. Alex Rivera: strongest guy on the team, yet he still has trouble with speed.
7. Justin White: smaller, yet faster player. He can easily get to balls and has a great dropshot.
8. Joe Fernández: controls pace well and try’s to take command of the game.

About Northwest Kalactin
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 20 million people, the nation has many major city’s with hockey teams in them. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour And Kempsey the capital and largest city in the nation is Gold Coast. The climate is hot with the summer temperatures getting up to about 110 Fahrenheit at the highest and winter temperatures go down to about 50 at the lowest. The nation plays host to many domestic sports leagues across many different sports including Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and many more.
AO Lacrosse Invitational 2 Champions
World Twenty20 Championship X Champion
RP population: 23 million
All India Cup 1
MAC 5&6
Gold Coast Basketball Tournament 1
World Lacrosse Championships XXXV
NSCF Mineral Conference
Coffs 7’s I
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Postby Kohnhead » Mon Jun 01, 2020 12:46 pm

Kohnhead sends familiar players to Istria
Kohnhead will be sending 8 players (4 singles, 2 doubles) to the Istria Open a tier two tournament. This means that Mindy Waterford the now Kohnhead #1 is too good to be sent to Istria, meaning we won't see her until the second tournament. Waterford is currently ranked 15th in the World. Here are the 4 athletes competing with their rank next to them:

Theresa Waterford #49
The other Waterford twin is overshadowed by her sister Mindy but Theresa has played very well also and is the second best from Kohnhead in the rankings. She has really limited her mistakes which is massive as she just doesn't have the natural talents serving and hitting the ball like her sister does. It will be interesting to see how far she can get and if she can close the gap on Mindy. I don't think we will be seeing her in a Tier 2 tournament again for a while.

Bartholomew Pole #102
Pole has struggled to say the least to live up to the hype he had heading into Kinterten the first tournament Kohnhead players were allowed to go to internationally. The backhand player has had lots of struggles with his backhand and hopes to fix that by making a racket change. Another important note is clay courts are his favorite and considering we are now in the clay season he is someone I expect to do better.

Rodrick Uppatin #51
Uppatin went on a miracle run to the quarterfinals at Steinigestrasse before suffering a brutal two set loss. He will be back and is looking to capitalize on another tier 2 tournament. He is one of three Kohnhead singles players who will be at all four clay tournaments and is looking to move up in the rankings at each one.

Chad Cilsertin #70
Cilsertin will be taking the spot of Mindy Waterford as I talked about earlier why she isn't competing here. Cilsertin will also compete at Hamilton the Clay Major as he has indicated he wants to take it slow because of his age and injury concerns. Cilsertin played well at Kinterten his only tournament so far and I expect him to make some noice here.

Spencer Kohnhead/Bradley Kohnface Both #63
The top duo for Kohnhead, these two will be together for two of the Clay tournaments before each will be with a player from Electrum (Jack Ho and Marcus Hathwar) for the final two of the Clay ones. This will be part of the new mixed doubles between players of different countries.

Riley Dovatin/Melissa Turnface #132
Dovatin and Turnface will be together for all 4 Clay tournaments and hope to build off of a respectable finish to the Hard Court season. The two have good chemistry together and have been working on lots of things to help improve their games. While Kohnhead and Kohnface have more talent I expect these two to do better than before.

This is Aiden Bohn signing out for KNN, I will be back for the Istria Open on June 10th
Trigramme: KND
Pop: 25 million
Football 66th
Gridiron: 30th
Baseball: 34th
Hockey: 38th
Basketball: 41st
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

Season 6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
Season 6 Istria Open - Semifinals (Singles)
Season 6 Mattijana Open - Semifinals (Singles)
Season 6 Hamilton International - Semifinals (Singles)
Season 6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
Season 6 ITT - Semifinalist
Season 7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
Season 7 Mendez Bay Open- Runner up (Singles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

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Postby The Andromeda Island Group » Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:21 am

(OOC: Although the Andromeda Islands has a history in the NSTT, our current tennis players are all new. )

Here is the Andromedan delegation to the Istria Open:

Belle Nichols
Age: 20
ASTA Singles Rank: #5

The 2018 Collegiate National singles Champion, Annabelle Nichols has made an immediate impact in the ASTA. Despite only making the semifinals in any tournament in 2019, Nichols has a loyal, mostly male fan base.

Nichols is also a junior at the University of Andromeda, majoring in English.

John B. Galt
Age: 21
ASTA Singles Rank: #6

The nephew and namesake of an Andromeda tennis legend, John Breckenridge Galt made a name for himself last year, winning the 2019 Western Classic in Angeles City over current #1 Kendra Jackson.

Galt is currently a junior at the University of Olympia, majoring in History.

Judith Alexander
Age: 18
ASTA Singles Rank: #7

Judith Alexander, like her cousin, John B. Galt, is a tennis prodigy. She won the Olympia State HS singles title in 2018 before turning pro. She has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 for the past year.

Alexander is currently a junior at the University of Joppa, majoring in English and French.

Elizabeth Lee
Age 22
ASTA Singles Rank: #8

The 2019 National collegiate singles Champion, Elizabeth Lee has been consistently ranked in the top 10 since turning pro last May. She made the semifinals of last year’s National Championship Tournament in Andromeda City.

A graduate of the University of Beta City, Lee is currently studying to be a Christian pastor.

Janelle Hood & Sarah Lee Vale
Ages: 24 & 26
ASTA Doubles Rank: #3

Newcomers Janelle Hood and Sarah Lee Vale surprised tennis fans in 2018 when they won the National Doubles Championship in their debut as a pairing. Hood previously played singles at the University of Andromeda while Vale played singles at Andromeda Catholic University.

Fats Sullivan & Brianna Van Pelt
Ages: 17 & 16
ASTA Doubles Rank: #4

After Alonzo “Fats” Sullivan III and Brianna Van Pelt won their State’s HS Doubles Title, they ended their first professional season as the #4 doubles team in the Allied States, winning the Nassau Doubles title in the process.

Both Sullivan and Van Pelt are students in the University of Nassau’s James Curley School of Government.

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Postby Banija » Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:14 pm

Istria Open

Welcome to the first clay tournament of the season in Istria, Moravica, Banija! As organized by the Olympic Committee of Banija. See the above for both IC info on the City of Istria, and information on the host venue, the Kisangara Tennis Club.

Here we have the presentation of the bracket, and the schedule.

*The Participants Tab has basically most of the relevant information you are looking for, including individual rank and seeding for this tournament.

Doubles Bracket

49 pairs have been entered into the tournament. 2 will play in the play-in match. The winner, plus the next 31 teams, will play in the Preliminary Round, which the top 16 pairs will have byes from. Those 16 winners, plus the 16 pairs with byes, will enter into the Round of 32, where there will be a traditional, single elimination bracket.

Play-in Match
Novita Nurdiansyah/Krisna Wibawa Tantan (FID) v. Jasmina Soflik/ Sofia Loranovic (MTJ)

Singles Bracket

101 players have been entered into this tournament. 10 will play in the Qualifying Round. The 5 winners, plus the next 59 players, will play in the Preliminary Round, which the top 32 players will have byes from. Those 32 winners, plus the 32 players with byes, will enter into the Round of 64, where there will be a traditional, single elimination bracket.

Qualifying Round
Haregewoin Xanthopulus (DCS) v. Sakshi Singh (FAM)
Aïanila Šàdiboïa (B) (BNK) v. Dylan Brown (SKH)
Elizabeth Lee (AIG) v. Tasya Han (FID)
Albert Taussig (GGY) v. Matéu Virxiliu (AQL)
Hemat Darwisa (ERM) v. Diana Jansen (SHT)

Schedule - All cutoffs 9 AM EDT/1 PM UTC.
June 10th- Singles Qualifying Round, Doubles Play-in Match
June 11th- Singles Preliminary Round, Doubles Preliminary Round
June 12th- Singles Round of 64
June 13th- Singles Round of 32, Doubles Round of 32
June 14th- Singles Round of 16, Doubles Round of 16
June 15th- Singles Quarterfinals, Doubles Quarterfinals
June 16th- Singles Semifinals, Doubles Semifinals
June 17th- Singles Final, Doubles Final
Reigning World Cup champions. Vice President of the World Cup Committee. President of the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Reigning IBC Winners. Map of Banija.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Sharktail » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:11 am

Princess Karina Ikram stay in her room while reading the book.She doesnt have anything to do.Suddenly her room foor knocked.When the door open,her personal maid,Luna enter the room.

Luna:Princess Karina,the tea and cake have been prepared.Please come down.

Princess Karina:Ok.

Princess Karina go down to the dining room of Kota Sultan Palace.She is the fifth princess of Sharktail Royal Family.When she just want to start enjoy the tea,Queen of Sharktailher mother,Queen Diana come down.She stand bow her head and as the formal manner of royalty.Queen Diana sit in front of her.Luna come back with one more cup and a plate of cake.She put it in front of Queen Diana and pour a tea into it.She bow down and stand in the back.

It remain silent for a few minutes.Princess Karina try to eating peacefully but she cant'.She has something she want to ask the Queen.But she just cannot said any word right now.Suddenly Queen Diana speak to Princess Karina.

QD:Karina are you ok.

PK:Yes i'ok,Queen.

QD:Like i said,except the formal ceremony,you dont need to be formal with me.Ok.


QD:It good if you are ok.Eat properly.Dont daydreaming.If you not eat it now.It will be cold.

PK:Oh,sorry mom.

Princess Karina take the cake but she stopped again.Queen Diana watch her.

QD:Luna bring me a napkin.

Luna:Yes,your higness.

QD:Karina tell me what happen. i ask for something?

QD:What is it.

PK:Mom,brother have been appointed as Sharktail Football Association President.


PK:Are you let him do it.

QD:Why,i can't.Even of you are royalty,you are free to do what you like too.Why you suddenly asking?

PK:Mom,if i want to be like brother too,would you let me?

Queen Diana stare at Karina.Karina put her head down.She afraid to stare at her mom.

QD:What do you mean be like your brother?Do you want to change gender?

PK:No mom,it not what i mean.I mean sport.

QD:Just said that early.You just made me shock.But still i will not tolerate if you dare to do that remember.

PK:Yes i know mom.I will never fo that.So mom how is it?

QD:How what?

PK:About i become like brother active in sport thing.

QD:Are you want to play or just help with managerment or what.

PK:I mean managerment.I know i cannot play but love sport.

QD:What kind of sport you like?If it football,you can just joining your brother.

PK:No i dont really into football.What i like most is Tennis.


PK:Yes mom.When i in high school,i joined tennis club.I bad at it and never get a chance to play.But after i graduate i realized it fun.So mom please.

QD:I cannot say anything.I let your brother do because he know,he have experienced.You just finished high school.I cannot give you oermission yet.

PK:No,mom,please consider it.I really love tennis.I will do anything to prove it.

QD:Still no.You are still young.Ok.My decision is final.NO...

PK:Ok mom.

QD:Karina,i can give you permission to go watching tennis tournament but i forbide you from to involved yourself into anything.You can go but only as spectator,as fans,no more than that.

PK:I can go watching tennis tourney.Emm mom,the clay season will start next week in Istria City,i can go there right.

QD:You never know how to control yourself right.I cannot promise for that tournament but maybe you can ask your brother,Robert to come with you.He have attend a tennis tourney in the past.So ask him.I will not let you go alone.You are too young.

PK:(Stand and hug Queen Diana)Thank you mom.

She leave the room as she happy.Even she still not given permission to offially involving herself with tennis,she still happy.She vannot wait to go watching Istria Open live.

Syamim Kevin-4th seeded(Rank 22)
Haikal Jansen-9th seeded(Rank 37)
Naim Alex(Rank 66)
Diana Jansen-UR(newcomer)

Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul-7th seeded(Rank 61)
Bahari Zack/Isaac Daud(Rank 107)
NSSport Roleplayer | Melayu Archipelago Member

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Postby Waisnor » Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:25 am

There is something about Waisnorian players:

Maximillian Pronichev is 20 years old and he plays with his left hand. Maximillian is known for the strength of his innings, so he gets aces more often than other players. But this also has a flip side - Pronichev often gets outs.

Alexey Pustozеrov is 24 years old, he prefers to play with his right hand. A distinctive feature of Alexei is the accuracy of innings. But there can be problems with strength - sometimes it even got into the net)

Yevgeny Kondratenko is 22 years old, and Oleg Vlasov is 27, both play with their right hand. Their distinguishing feature is the coordination of work in pairs.
81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Pemecutan » Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:50 am


The Clay Season is Here

Tuesday, 9 June, 2020 (Anggara Umanis Wuku Wayang, Pawukon 1779)

Istria, Banija - Pemecutanian players are getting ready for the next season of NSTT Tour. And now the competition entered the Clay Season. Pemecutan have been in a very good result during the Hard Court Season with 2 of its players taking the trophy both in Kinterten Open. While in the other 2 tournament of Hard Court Season, Pemecutanian players successfully finished as semifinalist.

In the opening tournament of Clay Court Season, Ngurah Putra Muliawan lead Pemecutanian delegation. The tournament, Istria Open will be held in Istria, Banija. Pemecutanian players have flew to the city for their preparation there. Pemecutanian players become the first seed in both Single and Double Competition of Istria Open. Ngurah Putra Muliawan in Single while Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati in Double. Almost all of Pemecutanian are entered the main competition except Kadek Adi Wiranatha who has to play in Preliminary Round.

Meanwhile back in Pemecutan, Director of Pemecutan Tennis Association, Nyoman Angga Wiranatha is very happy after NSTT is being revive and he thanked for all the success that have been achieved by Pemecutanian players. With the successful of NSTT Tour running until this time, PTA intended to establish its domestic tour. This tour is aimed to develop new and young players so the regeneration of tennis players in Pemecutan are maintain professionally. Pemecutan Tennis Tour might be begin in the coming Pawukon year or in August. The preparation are being finalized as well as the the readiness of venue and all officials. More details of the domestic tour will be announced later on.

And lastly, here are the complete list of Pemecutanian players that enter Istria Open where all of them will begin playing on 12 June for Single and 13 June for Double;
  • Ngurah Putra Muliawan (1st seed)
  • Luh Putu Yundari (10th)
  • Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (25th)
  • Kadek Adi Wiranatha
  • Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (1st seed)
  • Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (18th)

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Postby Eraman » Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:41 am


Tennis is not the most popular sport in Eraman. The sport only has prominent existence in the southern state of Pasir, mainly due to its close proximity and influence from Sharktail and Pemecutan where tennis is more popular.

Eraman tennis players never participated in any other international competition apart from the Olympics before. Lack of attention from sponsors and the masses contributed to the lack of participation in the international stage. These lack of exposures impacted the quality of the country's tennis players.

Tennis does have its own fair share of followings in Eraman. But because of the lack of local tennis star to root for, they cheer for tennis players from neighbouring Pemecutan and Sharktail instead.

Names like Dewa Putu Adrian Putra, Maria Sophia Lubis, Ayu Ratih Kemalasari from Pemecutan and Syamim Kevin from Sharktail are familiar to the ears of every south Eramanian.

Tennis fans in Eraman witnessed Dewa Putu Adrian Putra, the number one tennis player in Melayu Archipelago lifted the Kinterten Open recently. This led to the belief that Eraman too can produce its own tennis champion if their neighbour can.

With the recent change in the management of the Tennis Association of Eraman (TAERA), it has been confirmed that Eraman tennis players will finally be able to test their strength at the international level regularly.

The first tournament they will participate in is the Istria Open in Banija.
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Postby Banija » Tue Jun 09, 2020 10:23 am


The dawn of the clay court tennis season as all eyes land on the Kisangara Tennis Club for the Istria Open

A player at the last Istria Open on the clay courts of the Kisangara Tennis Club

ISTRIA, MORAVICA- Now, make no mistake about it- this isn't a grand slam. However, this is, in our opinion, one of the best tennis tournaments on the calendar. The opening salvo of the part of the season, where the game is played where it is meant to be played- on clay. The other surfaces for tennis, are good and well, are fine. But this game is undoubtedly at its best when it is played on clay. And the opening portion of the clay season will be held right here, in the heart of Banija's largest city, at the Kisangara Tennis Club.

Now, with international tennis back on the scene, the Olympic Committee of Banija waited for their entry into the Banijan tournament to fully re-enter its athletes. The spokesman for the tennis division spoke about the decision. "Tennis is a sport, of course, that is a priority for this organization. We believe that Banijan athletes, if they are given the right tools, have the ability to thrive in this sport, and truly, in most sports. It makes sense for Banijan athletes to start the tour in Banija. It will, we believe, heighten and maximize interest from a fan perspective. It is an uphill climb- however, we are confident that a strong performance by our athletes here in Istria can give us forward momentum, as we eventually build towards Hamilton."

Now, let's talk briefly about the Banijan athletes leading the way for the clay season. Burama Fadika is the lead athlete for Banija, and for good reason. He is the most recent Banijan national champion, and ergo earned the right to be Banija's first entry for the entirety of the clay season. Fadika is a 24 year old athlete, with a ton of potential. He covers a lot of ground quickly, and his abnormally long 6'7 wingspan(he's only 6'1 himself) gives him an unnaturally long reach. Of course, as for a lot of these athletes, they could use some coaching up. But Fadika is certainly ready for the spotlight.

The other three athletes, are two males and a female. Bala Guiss and Deseret Weaverton are both older men, who are competing in the NSTT for the first time. And then, there's Halima Fatty, who is a female. All three are also strong athletes as well. Guiss and Halima Fatty finished in 2nd and third in Banija's national competition, respectively to earn spots here. They are aged 31 and 30, respectively. And then, Deseret Weaverton is in the tournament as well. While he didn't even make it to the national quarterfinals, he was the collegiate national champion, playing at the University of Ankole. Just 20 years old, he looks to have a bright future in this sport.

And that's it for the single's! On the doubles side, we have two pairs- Amina Eba/Keleb Brehan will enter, and then Aron Menkir/Kassa Berihu. All four players are men. Amina Eba and Keleb Brehan are a relatively new team. Amina Eba is a national champion on the doubles side, and his usual partner is Jon Bastobo, but Bastobo unfortunately broke his leg and will be out the entirety of the clay season. That leaves this haphazard team of Eba and Brehan together. Can they pull it off, or is throwing them together that fast inevitably disastrous? And then, you have Aron Menkir and Kassa Berihu. They've been playing together for years. They're half-brothers. They have the same mother. Menkir is 28, and his father died when he was a baby. His mother got remarried, and gave birth to Berihu 6 years later. You know what they say, though, about going into business with family. Will it work?

It will certainly be an interesting tournament to follow. While some of Tennis' biggest stars are skipping this one as they recover from the last grand slam, and want to ensure they peak at the next one, all sorts of diamonds under the rough will be given a chance to shine. That's the beauty of the tier 2, isn't it? While the stars of today aren't necessarily here, the stars of tomorrow will certainly be in Istria over the course of the next two weeks. Who will be awarded the trophy?
Reigning World Cup champions. Vice President of the World Cup Committee. President of the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Reigning IBC Winners. Map of Banija.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby The Andromeda Island Group » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:49 pm

Kisangara Tennis Center
Istria, Banija
The Afternoon of Q-Day!

In less than an hour, one of the Andromeda tennis players will make history. Elizabeth Lee will be the first tennis player from the Allied States to play a NSTT tennis match in Banija. She will face Tasya Han from Filindostan.

The Andromeda tennis players have spent the last few days getting used to the climate in Banija. They have spent most mornings practicing for their moment in the hot Banija sun. Today, Andromeda will get an idea of what they will face on the World Stage. The competition will be much more severe here than it is in the Allied States Tennis Association.

The first Andromedans to arrive are Fats Sullivan and Brianna Van Pelt. Sullivan just completed his freshman year at the University of Nassau while Brianna will join him there in September. As they walk in, they discuss how they are related.

“We’re related by marriage. Your older sister is married to my cousin,” Sullivan tries to explain.

“Your first cousin?”

“Paul Raymond is my first cousin’s son.”

“But what about the whole Nassau/Beta City thing?”

“That’s for Paul Raymond and Hayley to deal with. There’s a slim chance that they are blood, but we’re not.”

Ray Thomas and Hayley Van Pelt were the best doubles team to ever come out of the Allied States. Thomas is now a member of the National Assembly.

Janelle Hood and Sarah Lee Vale walk in behind Sullivan and Van Pelt.

“We were wondering why do they call you ‘Fats?’,” Hood asks.

“It’s short for Fat Head,” Van Pelt says.

While Alonzo Sullivan III is short and stocky, he’s hardly overweight. He nods.

“When I was a baby, my head was big,” Sullivan says.

“It’s big now,” Van Pelt says.

“It is kind of big,” Vale says.

Sullivan takes abuse from his fellow players as they find good seats. As the doubles players stakes their claim, four Andromeda singles players show up. John B. Galt and his cousin, Julia Alexander, show up with Belle Nichols and Kendra Jackson.

“Is that Kendra?” Hood asks.

“She said she was coming,” Vale says. “Something about going on safari with Bea and Fats, but I think it more for moral support.”

“Well, SHE definitely looks like she belongs here.”

Kendra Jackson, who is merely a spectator, does blend in better with the Banijans than the other Andromedans. Hood, Vale & Van Pelt are all lighter-skinned blacks. Aside from Jackson, who is dark skinned, and Sullivan, the Andromedans in attendance are all either white or light-skinned.

The players, Tasya Han and Liz Lee both come out. Lee is wearing a plain white tennis shirt with a small Andromeda flag logo. Her skirt is also printed with the Andromeda flag. Lee looks like a stereotypical Andromedan, meaning that it’s difficult to determine if she’s biracial or merely tanned. Her wild curly hair is tied up into a pony tail.

The two players engage in some practice volleys. Only after a few volleys does Lee see her fellow players in the stands. Her game face disappears as she gives the thumbs up to the small Andromedan contingent in the stands.

“What’s with the Rocky skirt?” Galt asks.

“Rocky never wore a skirt,” Alexander says.

“He means the Apollo Creed print,” Sullivan says.

“Yeah, the Apollo Creed print. What’s that all about?”

“It means she’s got a puncher’s chance,” Vale says. “Like any of us.”

After the PA announcer introduces the players, the crowd gets quiet as Tasya Han serves the first volley of the match.

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Postby Aqual » Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:55 pm

Excitement High as Aqual's First International Tennis Team Arrives in Istria
ISTRIA, Bnj.—For the first time in Aqualian history, the beloved national sport has gone international. Seven of the country's most high profile singles and doubles tennis players arrived today in Istria, the largest city of Banija, for the Tier 2 Istrian Open, the first tournament of the clay swing. Emotions are therefore high not only for the players, but also for Aqualian tennis fans and the nation as a whole.

The first Aqualia to face off against international players in an official tournament will be Matéu Virxiliu, probably the freshest face on the national tennis scene after he shocked three seeds on his way to the semifinals of this year's clay court El Molino Open in the capital city, despite entering as a relatively unknown wild card. A youngster at just eighteen years old, he hopes to repeat his success as a "dark horse" in Istria, as he will have to play a qualifying match in order to be entered into the main draw of 96. In the aforementioned tournament last month in Toboso, he demonstrated his prowess on clay with swift, athletic movements and an unshakeable determination, never giving up on a point. This will be key if he hopes to realize his ambitions in the Istrian Open.

Another success story of the El Molino Open back home in Aqual is that of Bartolo Sabanero. Although he did not have as much of a Cinderella run as Virxiliu (coming into the tourney as a twelfth seed), he nevertheless impressed his home crowd and quickly won over many fans not only of his powerful mastery of a variety of shots, but also of his calm, humble demeanor. When he finished as runner-up in Toboso, he was quickly hailed by the capital city community—and the media—as a local hero with superb grace and humility. Despite the rigors of the national (and now international!) tour, the twenty-four year old seems to never forget his local roots, frequenting the courts at Toboso public parks for both scheduled and impromptu tennis lessons. He will face off against Mengwi's Putra Dewangga in the preliminary round for singles, as well as appearing with doubles specialist Qualo Tabos in the preliminary round of doubles.

The national number one, Rafael Bautista, who is undefeated so far this season, claiming both the La Rana and El Molino crowns on hard and clay courts, respectively, is widely regarded as the favorite for a deep run in Istria by Aqualian sports analysts. Although his game is versatile and he holds a great amount of power, especially on his double-handed backhand, sportswriters attribute his dominance on clay (only dropping one set at the El Molino Open) to his immense stamina and looping forehand heavily loaded with topspin. There are a few questions, however, on how the twenty-five year old will fare in a best-of-three format where stamina is less crucial to victory (although this would be less of a drawback if he manages, as he did in Toboso, to not drop many sets at all). His first match is in the preliminary round against Ayu Diah Padmi of Mengwi.

One Aqualian player breathing a sigh of relief with the release of the Istrian draw is undoubtedly Daniel Cervantes. Despite being ranked second nationally, Cervantes' big serve, powerful flat shots and volleying expertise are much better suited to hard and grass courts, and has struggled (relatively, at least) on clay. With his thirty-second ranking, he just made the cut for the thirty-two players who will receive a bye from the preliminary round of 96, with his first match not until the Round of 64. Cervantes, who is often lauded as the "Father of Modern Aqualian Tennis" for his role in developing the current national tennis organization, will greatly benefit from the extra day of rest, recovering from the long journey to Banija, and practice (after all, he is the oldest Aqualia in the tournament at thirty-two years of age).

Carla Tormo, twenty-nine, and Lara Navarro, twenty-one, are an unlikely pair. While Lara Navarro was still in secondary school, Carla Tormo had already burst onto the national tennis scene and built the women's game in Aqual from the ground up. Carla's aggressive, fast-pace, style, aided by piercing volleys and a solid serve, also contrasts heavily with Lara's defensive, methodological, style, relying heavily on baseline groundstrokes and her signature on-the-run shots with incredible angles. Additionally, Tormo has the soft-spokenness of an experienced player, Navarro reverberates with the bubbling energy of youth. Their stark differences complement each other well, as they are dominant in Aqualian doubles.

Qualo Tabos, the twenty-seven year old tenista and graduate student, although better known for his mastery of the doubles court with partner Bartolo Sabanero, is a skilled singles player in his own right, ranked in the top twenty nationally. However, his fast hands, sharp reflexes and ingenious plays have made him dominant on the doubles court. He is also famous in Aqual for his witty social media presence.

Needless to say, the whole of the nation has its eyes on Istria, waiting with bated breath to see how our Aqualian players will fare in the international circuit. Regardless of the results, we here at the Toboso Chronicle are certain to be made proud of this groundbreaking moment in history for these young national sports heroes.
NSTT Accolades
Istria Open Doubles Runner-ups (Bartolo Sabanero and Qualo Tabos)
Hamilton International Singles Champion (Bartolo Sabanero)
Hamilton International Doubles Runner-ups (Bartolo Sabanero and Qualo Tabos)
Salvador Hills Open Singles Runner-up (Matéu Virxiliu)
AOpen Singles Champion (Bartolo Sabanero)
AOpen Doubles Runner-ups (Bartolo Sabanero and Qualo Tabos)

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Postby -Ebola- » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:06 am

It all started when an Ebola virus named AAUGCC began to ponder if there was more to life than just breaking into cells and making thousands of copies of itself. The other Ebola viruses were not interested in AAUGCC's musings.

The SARS virus GUACUU wasn't really that interested either. Most viruses are not interested in composing symphonies, playing tennis, or negotiating for world peace. But it was hard for the SARS virus to leave when AAUGCC's tail was tangled in its corona. So GUACUU grudgingly listened to AAUGCC's hopes and dreams, and soon the two viruses (and a couple billion of their offspring) were off on a series of misadventures that would eventually bring them to Istria.

They had accomplished more than you might expect from a pair of viruses, but none of it had gone exactly according to plan. They controlled their hosts by infecting their brain cells and manipulating the nervous system, but it was more complicated than it sounded. It was a difficult balancing act to keep control without triggering the immune system and getting smashed with antibodies. Maintaining their hosts' physical health -- remembering to eat and drink and that sort of thing -- was a lot of work too. AAUGCC was especially bad at it and had gone through several hosts. For tournaments, it arrived in the body of a silverback gorilla, but during the breaks between tournaments, it used other hosts that were easier to feed and easier to replace when they fell ill. GUACUU was only on its second host, a busty tabby-striped cat-girl who was conveniently immune to SARS.

AAUGCC and GUACUU declared themselves the founders of a new nation where all Ebola and SARS viruses were granted automatic citizenship, but AAUGCC had misspelled "SARS" on all the paperwork when it applied for international recognition. Thus the sovereign nation of "Ebola and SARA" was born.

AAUGCC made the same spelling error on the registration forms for the Electrum Slam, which meant that GUACUU's results were recorded under the pseudonym "SARA." GUACUU was annoyed, but it continued using the name "SARA" even in other tournaments because it did not want to confuse things by having its name listed differently from one tournament to the next. No matter how many times GUACUU reminded AAUGCC of the correct spelling or asked to be called "GUACUU," it never sank in.

When they first began their experiments with mind-control, the viruses couldn't figure out how to apply for jobs and earn money, so they stole what they needed. The owner of the sporting goods store where they had stolen their tennis rackets had made several complaints to the local police and the WA, demanding reparations from the Ebola and SARSish "government."

And yet in spite of everything they had fucked up along the way, "SARA" GUACUU turned out to be a surprisingly good tennis player. AAUGCC was incredibly jealous. It had been AAUGCC's idea to take over hosts' brains, AAUGCC's idea to start a government and apply for international recognition, AAUGCC's dream to be a tennis champion -- but AAUGCC was not the one who had been winning games. GUACUU was clearly better.

AAUGCC hoped it would have more success in Istria. The Ebola virus thought it was a good sign that the Electrumite player Jack Ho had offered to partner with it in the doubles tournament. When someone from another country wanted you as a teammate, it meant they took you seriously, and they weren't just pairing up with you out of a sense of patriotism.
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Postby Banija » Wed Jun 10, 2020 6:23 am

I'm still breathing....

I'm still breathing.... I'm still breathing....

I'm still breathing.... I'm alive! For the first cutoff of the Istria Open.

Singles Qualification Round
Haregewoin Xanthopulus (DCS)                      6   5   4
Sakshi Singh (FAM) 4 7 6

Aïanila Šàdiboïa (B) (BNK) 7 6
Dylan Brown (SKH) 5 4

Elizabeth Lee (AIG) 6 3 7
Tasya Han (FID) 0 6 5

ALbert Taussig (GGY) 4 2
Matéu Virxiliu (AQL) 6 6

Hemat Darwisa (ERM) 6 7
Diana Jansen (SHT) 3 6

Doubles Qualification
Novita Nurdiansyah/Krisna Wibawa Tantan (FID)     6   4   3
Jasmina Soflik/ Sofia Loranovic (MTJ) 4 6 6

Updated Doubles Bracket

Updated Singles Bracket
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Reigning World Cup champions. Vice President of the World Cup Committee. President of the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Reigning IBC Winners. Map of Banija.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Mattijana » Wed Jun 10, 2020 9:17 am

Mattijanan Tennis In Good Shape Ahead of Clay Season


The Istrijan Open gets underway tomorrow and it's testament to the performances of Mattijana's top players that we're not talking about it more.

Mattias Burges' win in Steinigestrasse catapulted him up to tenth in the world rankings, well clear of the 500 point cut off for tier 2 tournaments. Meanwhile, Dominika Lisicki's maiden Grand Slam title and a solid quarter-final showing in Kinterten means she goes into the next part of the season as world number one.

There's still cause for excitement though, not least because the Istrijan Open is the first of the season on clay. We're not going to go as far as Banijan sports publication ABSM, who claimed the sport of tennis is "undoubtedly at it's best" on the dirt - clay court tennis is a love/hate business. Some fans love the mix of physicality and trickery needed to do well on it whilst others find it a bit of a baseline slug-fest and would rather watch moss growing on a disused hard court in real time. The good news is that most Mattijanan fans are in the former category and the even better news is that there are still Mattijanans to get behind at the tournament.

Maria Julenic and Sami Dominikanov are two of those, both their seasons in need of a kick up the backside. The pair are both ranked just inside the world's top 50 after a stuttering start to the year and with Ajla Vesnic an up-and-coming presence, both will be looking over their shoulder in the battle to remain in that all-important Mattijanan top four and maintain their tier-one status.
On the flipside, Mattias Burges showed that a good run, even at a tier two event, can make a big difference. Having suffered from a similarly indifferent start to his season, the senior figure in the Mattijanan team now sits inside the world top 10 and if Julenic or Dominikanov can emulate that run in Banija, they too will be in for a big lift up the rankings.

Why all this obsession with ranking though? Of course they give a reasonable clue of a player's ability and form, but surely they're completely irrelevant out on the court. Well yes, but in reality it's more complex than that.
A player's rank determines where they emerge from the statistical washing machine of the draw. That in turn determines who they play, and more importantly who they play afterwards. On the surface where the consistency, control and stamina of the top players is most noticeable, the rankings can be vital.
Or not. The hard courts used in the first part of the season were generally quick and skiddy, the exact opposite of a clay court. That means some of the players at the sharp end of the rankings will be unequipped to deal with the demands of the clay court game whilst there are some specialists at the lower end aiming to take their place. Step forward Ajla Vesnic.

The young Puljankan is ranked 70th after making her international debut in Electrum with a promising run to round of 16 in Steinigestrasse her best performance so far. She undoubtedly has the game for the dirt though. The 22 year-old is part of a younger generation of athletes where there is a real emphasis on physical strength and fitness and Vesnic is no different. Her groundstrokes can rival the brutal blows of Lisicki at times and although is inexperienced, she isn't quite as one-dimensional as you would expect having grown up playing on clay of her own in her home city. She is certainly one to keep an eye on as the swing progresses and I wouldn't be surprised if she finds herself in a slot for the Mattijanan open later in the swing.

What about the doubles? It's profile seems to have decreased thanks to Lisicki's sparkling singles form and the indifferent performances of Lara Basic and Julian Slazic. The biggest casualty of that is Rikard Kampl, who has lost his partner Lisicki to singles, a phrase that only really makes sense in tennis. He will team up with Marko Juvan in Istrija as he looks to build a new stage of his career, but whether that will prove a long-term solution remains to be seen.
On a more positive note, new duo Tamara Hucsak and Dominik Lintner have had an excellent start to their careers. The pair made the round of 16 in Kinterten and reached the final in Steinigestrasse, rendering them ineligible for the clay court opener. They'll be back in Recuecn however and will hold a decent ranking too.
That opens the door for even younger pair Jasmina Soflik and Sara Loranovic. They won their qualification match against Novita Nurdiansyah and Krisna Wibawa Tantan from Filindostan and are also worth watching as the tournament progresses.

You can watch the Istrijan Open live on MFO 2 and listen on MFO Radio 5 from 6am Mattijanan time tomorrow morning.
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DEUCE: Clay Is In The Air - We're Back!

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Jun 10, 2020 9:40 am

The return of the NSTT has seen the drama we expected and more. TJUN-ia entered this sport for the first time back at the Electrum Slam and has performed well in the Outdoor Hard Court Season. Jean van de Kloor was the underdog story of the Slam, making the quarter-finals in his (and the nation's) first professional tennis tournament. Valentina Spetsova then turned the Kinterten in Kannap into her show, making the Singles Final and the Doubles Semifinals with Austin McDanielson. The only real low point was the last tournament in Gergary, where the lower-ranked Jags couldn't make it past the 2nd Round in both draws.

Now, most of the same faces from Gergary travel to Istria, Banija to look for better form on a different surface: clay. For many, this will not be the first time you see these guys but as there are many new nations debuting for this season we have to do a rundown. we are, after Day 1, actually doing it.

Shinji Makauchi
Age: 21
Nickname: Samurai Shinji
Hometown: Kyosaka, CEA Zone
NSTT Rank (Singles): T-94th

It is said that the ball comes to Samurai Shinji, not the other way round. The highest-ranked player out of the four and the only one in both draws, the shadow of what Spetsova did in the Kinterten may loom over the man from Kyosaka. He is a self-described "geek at heart", so any time not spent on the court is used on video games and the like. He's in the Top 32 overall in this tournament, meaning he will have to wait until Day 3 to begin his singles campaign. He will take on the winner of the match-up between Arthur Leloup of Recuecn or qualifier Matéu Virxiliu from the nation of Aqual.

Austin McDanielson
Age: 18
Nickname: The Cowboy
Hometown: New Washington, NAU Zone
NSTT Rank (Singles): T-98th

The man from the Amerika Peninsula with a shot akin to a bullet, The Cowboy is both liked and hated in TJUN-ian tennis community. He's a bit of a jackass most of the time and wants nothing more than to show off (especially to people of the opposite sex), which has costed him in the past. On the other hand, he is a good doubles partner for Valentina Spetsova when required so much so that the internet thinks it would be a good idea to ship them together. Yeah, I know. He will play tomorrow against qualifier Hemat Darwisa of Eraman, a nation you might've heard of in other sports.

Philippe Baloui
Age: 19
Nickname: L'artiste (The Artist)
Hometown: Roi Ville, NAU Zone
NSTT Rank: T-102nd

L'artiste is nicknamed this way due to the way he swings his racket - as if power would shatter the ball. Delicate at heart, he didn't really talk to anyone, outside his friends in Roi Ville, before he went on tour and he is still that way now. He hasn't had many opportunities to showcase his talents to the NSTT community as of yet and hopes that it could change on clay. He will play tomorrow against qualifier Sakshi Singh from Freedom and memes. I'm not joking, that is the name of that nation.

Harold Crawley
Age: 20
Nickname: The Crawler
Hometown: Riverside, JB TJUN-ia
NSTT Rank: T-124th

The Crawler himself is tennis through and through. He lives not far from the Astro-courts, the training facility for the TJUN-ian Tennis Federation in Riverside, so he is a bit of a local celebrity in what many call "Tennistown". He was given the TJUN-ian #1 randomly but has struggled ever since - he didn't make it past the 1st round in either tournament he entered. He still has that youthful charm that he hopes will help him deliver, finally, on the court. He has the ire of taking on a player from home nation Banija tomorrow - Deseret Weaverton, exactly the same age as The Crawler but a national champion at the collegiate level.

Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (NSTT Rank: Both 97th)

Felipe de la Rosa
Age: 23
Nickname: El Matador (The Matador)
Hometown: Rio Pacífico, UAS Zone
NSTT Rank (Singles): T-70th

Samurai Shinji also plays doubles, meaning the only appearance for El Matador in Banija. Felipe has done good enough to not be in the singles draw for this event, with his smooth style of play and his out-of-nowhere fastball. These two have been friends since they first met a year ago at an amateur tournament. They have been close ever since, and look to use that to their advantage in the future. They will play against the only qualifying pairing tomorrow - Jasmina Soflik and Sofia Loranovic from Mattijana.

Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole (NSTT Rank: Both 107th)

Age: 18
Nickname: VuRa
Hometown: Solwesi, AU Zone

Age: 17
Nickname: Kaui Kama
Hometown: Kepu Manu, UO Zone

VuRa and Kaui Kama, the surprise pairing that took TJUN-ian amateur doubles by storm last year, are in the same boat as L'artiste: not enough games to showcase their talents. They met each other via Overwatch and discovered they both played tennis, so they formed the partnership. VuRa is trying to make a life of his own away from the struggles of Solwesi, while Kaui Kama is just a guy looking for a purpose in his life that isn't restricted by the geography of the International Community. They will start tomorrow against Mary Owenter and Rowley Timple from the debuting nation of South Kohnhead. Yes, you read that correctly. Not Kohnhead but SOUTH Kohnhead, the puppet of Kohnhead.

TOMORROW'S MATCHES (Coverage Starts at 1:00 pm TST)

Singles Preliminary Round
Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs [Q] Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
Harold Crawley (TJU) vs Deseret Weaverton (BNJ)
Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs [Q] Sakshi Singh (FAM)

Doubles Preliminary Round
Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs [Q] Jasmina Soflik/ Sofia Loranovic (MTJ)
Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwoʻole (TJU) vs Mary Owenter/Rowley Timple (SKH)
4th: WBC50
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)/4th (MSMT)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (2 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 1 Singles Title (2 Singles Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

UN - A multinational organisation that focuses on world peace and cooperation (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Eraman » Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:58 pm


Hemat Darwisa was the guy who represented Eraman in its historic first appearance in an international tennis tournament. His opponent was Diana Jansen from Sharktail. The match-up couldn't get any better than that.

Eraman and its southern neighbour, Sharktail shared a long history together. Both of the countries, together with Pemecutan, Mengwi and Southern Palm Islands were part of the ancient Hindu Kingdom of Sripala.

Extent of Sripala influence

Unlike in Pemecutan, Mengwi and Southern Palm Islands where Hinduism is still thriving, both Sharktail and Eraman have absorbed influence from other cultures and religions. Sharktail has adopted Islam as their main religion while Eraman is a Vajrayana Buddhist majority, a bit ironic for a country named after the Hindu god of Hanuman.

Apart from that, Sharktailian and Eramanian also speak a similar language. Both countries speak a language that is categorized under the Malay language. Although generally mutually intelligible, Sharktail Malay and Eraman Malay are noticeably different especially in terms of vocabulary, grammar, spelling and accent.

One huge difference between the 2 countries is the interest in tennis. Tennis is more popular in Sharktail. In fact, it was the success of Sharktail and Pemecutan in the international stage that contributes to the development of tennis in Eraman.

Although only a qualification match, the match between Hemat Darwisa and Diana Jansen was highly anticipated in Eraman. Both Hemat and Diana are not the best tennis players in their respective countries but the match gets more attention than it is supposed to because of the relationship between the two countries.

Hemat Darwisa ensured Eraman kickstarted their journey in the international stage with a straight-sets win, 6-3, 7-6 over Diana Jansen. The win ensured his place in the preliminary round, joining 3 other Eramanian single tennis player.
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Aqual Rallies Behind Virxiliu
ISTRIA, Bnj.—Young upstart tennis player Matéu Virxiliu, who shocked tennis fans nationwide when he made a deep run last month in the El Molino Open, has his (and the rest of Aqual's) hopes set on repeating that feat in the Istrian Open in Banija. Virxiliu today won the qualifying round in straight sets, 6-4 6-2, over Albert Taussig of Gergary. His athletic prowess was on full display, managing to track down ball after ball, many of which seemed nearly impossible to reach. His dedication to every last point did not go unnoticed by the crowd,—which included a number of fans sporting the flag of Aqual—either.

In his post-match press conference, Virxiliu demonstrated his usual calm demeanor and marked humility almost to the point of dismissiveness. Our reporters quote him as saying, "This is certainly a great win not only for my own career and my own confidence, but really for the whole of Aqual and the future of our country's tennis program at home and especially abroad." Matéu also reinforced heavily his praise of his opponent and the quality of the competition in general in Istria. He also went on to remark that this win was a good boost of morale, but there were tough challenges ahead yet: in fact, the higher-ranked Arthur Leloup of Reçueçn, a nation known throughout the world for its clay court players (and, of course, its clay court tournament), will be his opponent in the preliminary round on Day 2. And if he does manage to progress to the Round of 64, he will there face #31 seed, Shinji Makauchi of TJUN-ia.

Also in action tomorrow are national number one Rafael Bautista against Mengwi's Ayu Diah Padmi, doubles team Carla Tormo and Lara Navarro against Amatasana Djuwanaki and Éosebïo Tsafimakoua of Bunkaiia and Bartolo Sabanero, who will play both a singles match against Putra Dewangga, also from Mengwi, and a doubles match with partner Qualo Tabos against home court favorites Amina Eba and Keleb Brehan representing Banija. It is certain to be a thrilling day, and we trust that our loyal readers will check back for live updates on our website and full results printed in tomorrow's issue of the Toboso Chronicle.
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Istria Open Doubles Runner-ups (Bartolo Sabanero and Qualo Tabos)
Hamilton International Singles Champion (Bartolo Sabanero)
Hamilton International Doubles Runner-ups (Bartolo Sabanero and Qualo Tabos)
Salvador Hills Open Singles Runner-up (Matéu Virxiliu)
AOpen Singles Champion (Bartolo Sabanero)
AOpen Doubles Runner-ups (Bartolo Sabanero and Qualo Tabos)

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Thursday, 11 June 2020 (Wraspati Pon Wuku Wayang, Pawukon 1779)

Mengwi First Entry

Istria, Banija -- Missing the Hard Court Season is not a good start for Mengwian tennis players as their neighboring nations, Pemecutan and Sharktail have proven that their players can achieve a tremendous success. With that reason, TFM (Tennis Federation of Mengwi) decided to enter NSTT Clay Court Season. They started this journey by entering Istria Open, the opening tournament of Clay Court Season and also a Tier 2 tournament in NSTT. 4 single players and 2 double players are being prepared for the competition. Fortunately, from the drawing all of Mengwian players enter into Preliminary Round.

The hardest and most anticipated match will be in the double. Mengwian double pair, Nadia Hapsari/Mira Gandamayu have to meet their neighbor's player, Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani from Pemecutan.

"We don't set any expectation in this competition. Our players are newcomer and gaining experience is more important now. They need to familiarize themselves with the tournament atmosphere. That's will make them more comfortable later," says Made Sutawan, Putra Dewangga's coach.

The Preliminary Round will be held today or tonight in Mengwi local time. And here are the complete schedule for Mengwian players matches (Mengwian players are in bold).
Single Competition
Alexandra Barna (GGY) vs Rangga Septiandi Putra (MWI)
Putra Dewangga (MWI) vs Bartolo Sabanero (AQL)
Julia Devoningstan (NWK) vs Lidya Prajanti (MWI)
Rafael Bautista (AQL) vs Ayu Diah Padmi (MWI)
Double Competition
Dwiyana Lutanto/Dwiyani Lutanto (MWI) vs Pablo Cedric Kilapkilap/Tasya Han (FID)
Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) vs Nadia Hapsari/Mira Gandamayu MWI)



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