Kamlishian insurrection (OOC|PT|CLOSED|NEZASNORDEN ONLY)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Kamlishian insurrection (OOC|PT|CLOSED|NEZASNORDEN ONLY)

Postby Ostenberrg » Sat May 23, 2020 3:41 pm

Welcome to the OOC of the kamlishian insurrection

This RP is for Nezasnorden only and shall be used by the participants as an OOC thread and also for applications from new participants.


Kamlishi has been a colony of Östenberg since 1290 and always wanted independence and it has been social and economically explored by Östenberg and foreign countries for years. In the last years, Östenberg opened the kamlishians borders to external industries that are using the weak laws about taxation, environment and employment to settle giant corporations and making the people almost slaves. Anger and hate build-up upon all kamlishi citizens and when the New State legalized the commerce of people for work and implanted a new military patrol regiment that raided and "maintained law and order" in Kamlishi causing death and jail to thousands.

At the beginning of 1934 unrest and strikes started through kamilishi and they received brutal crackdowns from the military patrol regiment. The crackdowns just added up in the anger and hate that in 1936 broke down in a civil war when the leader of Kamlishi got shot and killed and Östenberg mobilized 10.000 solders to a crackdown that failed when 6 million peasants invaded the weapons and military industries to arm themselves against Östenberg and they started to take control of Kamlishi territory and Östenberg is struggling to keep their sovereignty in Kamlishi. So Östenberg start to have problems because they had just started a big military investment and they needed money to continuos their great military research program and kamlishi was a big money supplier to the Östenbergian state and this war was making Östenberg lose millions of Östens per day, they so decide to call help from their allies on the international community.

Map of the civil war

Map Legend:
Red -Kamlishi
Blue -Östenberg
Star -Capital city
Black dots -important city


-7,000,000 soldiers
-5,000,000 OT 87 (gun)
-300 motorized vehicles
-78 tanks
-2 towed artillery
-27 fighters
-500 hand grenades
-1000 improvised bombs ( most of them done with gunpowder, gasoline, sharp objects, bottles and cans)
-23 ships

-2,000,000 soldiers
-12,000,000 OT 87 (gun)
-2,000 motorized vehicles
-550 tanks
-200 towed artillery
-50 mobile anti-air
-200 fighters
-100 bombers
-50 transport planes
-2,000 hand grenades
-10,000 land mines
-300 clusters bombs
-500 napalm bombs
-100 tons of liquid napalm
-50 helicopters
-150 ships

Roleplay rules:
-You must roleplay with the 1930's-1950's version of your nation;
-You may not use extremely powerful weapons such as nuclear bombs;
-Although this is an official rule, don't god-mode, just for the record.

Code: Select all
Nation name:
Leader name:
What kind of support you're sending (supplies, soldiers, equipment,etc...)? How much?:
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Postby Kreuzmont » Sun May 24, 2020 8:51 pm

Nation name: Empire of Kreuzmont
Leader name: Leopold II
What kind of support you're sending (supplies, soldiers, equipment,etc...)? How much?:
The Empire will send the following support in favor of Östenberg


- ₭ 2,450,103 (Kreuzmark), with the exchange rate of the time being ₭ 1 = $ 4 ;
- 100 Kaiser V tanks;
- 10 fighters
- 5 bombers
- 190 armored vehicles
- 20 towed artillery

1938 onwards:

- 845,345 soldiers
- ₭ 4,730,640 (Kreuzmark), with the exchange rate being ₭ 1 = $ 7 ;
- 450 Kaiser V tanks;
- 100 fighters;
- 60 bombers;
- 340 armored vehicles
- 103 towed artillery
- 190 ships (mostly destroyers)
- 110 transport planes

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