ViZionair - Fly High in the Friendly Skies! (Advertisements)

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ViZionair - Fly High in the Friendly Skies! (Advertisements)

Postby ViZion » Sat May 23, 2020 1:35 pm

Advertisements shown below.


A shimmering blue ocean comes on the screen, sun in the clear blue sky. Faint island music is playing. A young mans voice began to speak.

You want comfort. Service. The ability to relax and have great food. ViZionair is here to serve you.

The screen fades to view the tail of a ViZionair aircraft, the sunlight bouncing off of it as the camera moves around it until nothing but a blue sky can be seen.

There are many good airline options, and many claim to be the best. But really, who would know better than our own customers? While others claim this, and claim that, we back it up.

The screen faded to a family with six kids. The mother and father were sitting on a couch, arms around one another with a big smile, the children playing in the background.

"I won't fly anything but ViZionair. They gave us the best service! The flight attendants were so kind and helpful - the kids wanted to play, talk, do all the typical kid stuff. The baby wouldn't stop crying. And here we are, flying to Jarridia - a very long flight from Vitalita, ViZion. I haven't hardly had sleep. And yet, they picked us up from home. The employees entertained the kids. Even on the flight, the flight attendants let the kids come with them to play! It was absolutely the best service I could ever have! Any other airline, I wouldn't have gotten the sleep and help. But ViZionair? They've earned my business - forever!"

The screen then faded to another customer, this one being a young and successful business owner, sitting in his office with a grin.

"Only on ViZionair could I get the service and features I get. I can conduct business while in the air. I can get sleep with the amazing seats, pillows, and blankets. The food it absolutely without question unbeatable. And the people? My GOD, the people, how they serve their customers! They even handled my luggage to the point I needed to take nothing to or from the airport but what I wanted to carry on - they picked it up from my door a few hours before the flight, and shipped it to my hotel a few hours later! This is the businessman's airline!"

The screen then changed to show several hundred employees standing in front of the ViZionair headquarters. Waving, they all shouted in unison,

"We are ViZionair! We are here to serve YOU!"

Panning once again to a great blue ocean, the camera moving quickly forward over the water while slowly panning upwards to reveal a ViZionair aircraft flying above.

ViZionair is the airline for you. You demand comfort, quality, service, food, and more. And we offer that beyond approach. ViZionair cares about it, and we are here to serve you! Give us a try; you'll soon be among the legions of customers who have come to love our airline and will never fly anyone else!

A young ladies voice then began to speak.

We are also a proud partner of Clear Skies Alliance, the oldest airline alliance. With that, we can offer you even higher quality, while lowering the prices. And such extravagant claims by our competitors that will only hurt you? Experience our service for yourself, and you'll find those are not true. Our customers can vouch for that - just ask them, and then give us a try!

ViZionair - Fly High in the Friendly Skies!

The screen faded black, then the following appeared.

Fly High in the Friendly Skies!

Visit us at!
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