Quidditch World Cup 10

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Quidditch World Cup 10

Postby Taeshan » Fri May 22, 2020 6:12 pm

The Taeshan Quidditch Federation welcomes you to Taeshan for the 10th Quidditch World Cup. Taeshan is a storied wizarding nation and is one of the few nations to have competed in every single Quidditch World Cup. The schedule will be edited in below.


Group A:
The liverpudian revolution of ireland

Matches played in Atlantea at Atlantea Quidditch Grounds home of Atlantea Dragons.

Group B

Matches held in Norton (Atlantea Island) at Quake Arena home of the Norton Nimbus Quakes.

Group C
Peoples Republic of Joyea

Matches held in Hannah at the The Haberdashery, home of Williams Isle Iguanas and Hannah Harpies.

Group D

Matches held in Taeshan City in the Dragon's Nest, home of the Taeshan City Thundersnouts.

Group E

Matches held in Bayern in the Castle, home of the Bayern Bludgers.

Group F

Salkin Rock

Matches held in Ojian, at Sleepy Hollow Quidditch Pitch home of the Sleepy Hollow Silver Snitches.

Group G
Starcom Racing
Western Fardelshufflestein

Matches Held in Beaverhead, at Silver Lake home of the Beaverhead Bombers.

Group H
The Jovannic

Matches held in Yenvil Town at The Grounds, home of Knights QC.


Matchday 1: 5/29/20 expect around 7-9 cutoff time EST PM)1 vs 4, 2 vs 3
Matchday 2: 5/31/20 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4
Matchday 3: 6/2/20 1 vs 3, 2 vs 4
Round of Sixteen: 6/4/20
Quarterfinals: 6/6/20
Semifinals: 6/8/20
3rd Place 6/9/20
Final 6/10/20


Points, H2H results, H2H point differential (among 3 teams or more), Points differential, points for, and then coin flip (simulated rematch with winner advancing).

Any playoff match involving Taeshan would be scorinated by a third party.
Playoff matchups will be traditional World Cup
A1 vs B2, C1 vs D2, E1 vs F2, G1 vs H2, B1 vs A2, D1 vs C2, F1 vs E2, H1 vs G2

The Taeshan wizarding community is a very secretive community. It takes its quidditch very serious and has a storied history with its 16 team league. The national team has made the finals once finishing second in the tournament. It plays a very offensive style in the tournament and has gotten close to winning. They are hopeful that they can do well in their home tournament.

The muggles in Taeshan no nothing of the wizarding community and we would like to keep it that way. All wizards and witches will be expected to stay within the confines of the wizarding communities their group is assigned to. In the case of the larger city based groups the wizarding community is generally kept within a designated part of the city. Travel between tournament sites is expected to be done through the floo system. No silly broom flying will go unpunished between venues. The Taeshan Aurors are very adapt at keeping track of unauthorized magic within the nation, and are swift to punish.

Useful Links
MALFFR Quiddinator 2.0 (Source)
Discussion Thread
Host Bid
Guide to Sports RP
Wikipedia's article on quidditch[/quote]
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Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10

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Postby Taeshan » Fri May 22, 2020 6:12 pm

Taeshan team post
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10

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Postby Sarzonia » Fri May 22, 2020 8:24 pm

Choose my goalscorers? Yes
Godmod scoring events? No
RP injuries to my players? No
Eject players or coaches? Yes. They're not dirty, but they won't take any shit from anyone.
Godmod injuries to my players? No
Godmod other events? No

Chaser - #9, William Jansen (6-foot-1, 200 pounds, male)
Chaser - #18, Mike Reynolds (5-foot-10, 190 pounds, male)
Chaser - #13, Keri Rakers (5-foot-6, 145 pounds, female)
Keeper - #1, Edwin Nash (5-foot-11, 185 pounds, male)
Beater - #59, Elynn Davis (5-foot-10, 158 pounds, gender non-conforming)
Beater - #46, SaQuon Douglas (5-foot-10, 225 pounds, male)
Seeker - #32, Tommy Entwistle (6-foot-1, 190 pounds, male)

1st Reserve Team
Chaser/Seeker - #11, Louis Ross (5-foot-8, 160 pounds, male)
Chaser - #17, Joanne Barkley (5-foot-10, 155 pounds, female)
Keeper - #30, Angel Gonzalez (5-foot-5, 145 pounds, male)
Beater - #39, Matt Spencer (5-foot-11, 180 pounds, male)

Manager: Chris Entwistle
Assistant: Anthony Christensen
Keeper Coach: Erkki Taipale

It was a completely different challenge facing Sarzonia as it prepared for the 10th Quidditch World Cup.

No one knew what to expect from a country that hadn't fielded a team for five consecutive cycles after a third place finish in the second and third Cups.

Now, they were the team to beat. They won the ninth edition by edging aside every team but The Sherpa Empire during the group stage. They would get revenge despite an injury to goalkeeper Edwin Nash, but more importantly, they would get gold medals.

Manager Chris Entwistle knew that the squad listing might be exactly the same, but the team would be different in one key way. They would carry the weight of expectations. They would get every team's best shot.

Trouble was, they wouldn't get a chance at traditional rivals such as Starblaydia or hosts Taeshan or their friendly rivals from across the southern border in Delaclava. Entwhistle wasn't even sure the Stars would get magical aid from Delaclav wizards the way they did in each prior competition.

The song remains the same, he thought, even though the players change. In this case, however, he hoped the song from last time that heralded a championship would remain the same, even if the circumstances were the "players" that changed.
World Lacrosse Council President. Member of the FWC Council.
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First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Kohnhead » Sat May 23, 2020 7:34 am

The First ever Kohnhead Quidditch Team

The wizarding community in Kohnhead is pretty small and unknown to your average muggles. While there have been some close encounters with muggles in the past memory charms come in handy which is why they have remained secret. There is no actual Quidditch league in Kohnhead but with the wizarding community growing the sport is also growing which could mean that in the next couple leagues a league might be formed. Some of these players go to Moontrose the wizarding academy in Kohnhead, while some have already gone through there. The youngest player is 14 and is currently possibly the best player at Moontrose.

#10 Jimmy Toolville Chaser (M) Age: 21 (C)
#11 Percy Washington Chaser (M) Age: 14 (4th year student)
#9 Harriet Bocher Chaser (F) Age: 16 (6th year student)
#40 Roosevelt Derby Beater (M) Age: 28
#42 Sophie Duban Beater (F) Age: 17 (7th year student)
#1 Mildred Flosser Keeper (F) Age: 24
#7 Alvin Cohler Chaser (M) Age: 17 (7th year student)

#12 Yohan Malfoy Chaser (M) Age: 23
#8 Lindsey Herowitz Chaser (F) Age: 15 (5th year student)
#41 Ashley Arrog Beater (F) Age: 31
#18 Jonah Goldberg (M) Age: 22
#77 Kim Jarvis (F) Age: 15 (5th year student)

We see Cohler the seeker donning the number 7 just like Harry Potter and Jarvis the backup seeker is wearing 77. This team is extremely young starting four Moontrose students and have two on the bench. It's not just 7th year students as there's a 4th year, two 5th years, and a 6th year. This team has a lot of potential but with no domestic league in Kohnhead I don't think they can go far. With their first match being played against Havynwilde I'm seeing a loss incoming. Maybe they can beat Valdivola or Sarzonia but I'm doubtful.

Choose my goalscorers? Yes
Godmod scoring events? Yes
RP injuries to my players? Yes
Eject players or coaches? Yes
Godmod injuries to my players? Yes
Godmod other events? Yes, just tg me beforehand
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Sporting Achievements
Soccer: 2nd Wonder Cup Champions
Tennis: Outdoor Hard Court Season 6 Steinigestrasse Open Runner Up (Singles)

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Postby Kriegiersien » Sat May 23, 2020 12:28 pm


The tin foil hats were right.

Population of 16 Billion? Of course there can’t be so many. Certainly half of Kriegiersien is inhabited by mages, wizards and witches, who are a secret community among the muggles.

And the new Prime minister had big plans. Hearing that until now the muggle had claimed all participations at the prestigious Quidditch World Cup through rogue wizard mercenaries, that the last season even genuine muggles had participated, this time he wanted a team send from the Kriegiersien wizard world.

Quidditch isn’t that popular in the magical world of Kriegiersien, contrary to Arena fights, magical hunts or Duels of all sorts between Wizards. It is normally only a school sport and so a team out of the best players from Wizard schools, Universities and Academies was prepared to face the team that had been playing the most Quidditch world cups for Kriegiersien, silently permitted by the Kriegiersien muggle President.
These rogue hedge wizards, wild mages and adventurers calling themselves now the ‘Glorious Bastards’ had once been third at the Quidditch World Cup and the match between them and the best official team of the Wizard World was suddenly a big thing.

In a giant arena the two teams played each other in a highly anticipated and marketed showdown to decide who would go to the World Cup.

School Team - Glorious Bastards

It was a glorious day for the Kriegiersien Wizard World. When Sam Mandrake, the seeker of the school team catched the snitch, the team already had led with 200:140.

Now they would go to Taeshan.

The Squad:

Baldur Gates
Mimimi Winthrop

Jack of all trades
Robinson Nazgul

Sansa Kirfenia
Bill Shazam
Lockheart Brad
Vanya Tutzelworm
Zacharia Zerg
Lisa Ward

Henry Richardson
Louis Clark
Amanda Butler
Kevin Kelly

Carolyn Martinez
Pamela Cox

Sam Mandrake
Jimmy Murphy

and further staff
technicians, medical staff, cooks, physios, therapists, fitness coaches, security


Having not much experience with the sport, a task force had to engineer a fitting broom for the new National team. They came up with the:

:evil: Wutzorn 1.3 :twisted:


Carved out of ancient angry evil magical trees, highly inflammable and inflatable. Very agile and pliable, hard to control. Can bring bad luck, but is very fast and makes bonus damage in ramming maneuvers.
First they wanted to put also a demon in it, but restricted it to evil spirits and restraining spells.
Can also, when used as melee weapon, easily crush things.



Everything allowed that doesn't break the game and fun
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Western Fardelshufflestein
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Postby Western Fardelshufflestein » Sat May 23, 2020 3:00 pm

Team Western Fardelshufflestein: The Western Fardelshufflestein Brown Bears

Team Roster
Coach: Johanna Mueller. Female, age 57.
#01--Albrecht Brandt, Chaser. Male, age 22. [Team Captain]
#02--Frieda Martin, Chaser. Female, age 25.
#03--Cameron Windhoffer, Chaser. Female, age 19.
#04--Johann DuPont, Beater. Male, age 31. Oldest player of Team Western Fardelshufflestein.
#05--Josef Blunt, Beater. Male, age 21.
#06--Henry Jagermeister, Keeper. Male, age 15 (finishing 4th year). Youngest player of Team Western Fardelshufflestein.
#07--Wilhelmina Smythe, Seeker. Female, age 21.

Reserve Players
#08--Oren Ludwig, Reserve Chaser. Male, age 25.
#09--Lucas Schaffer, Reserve Chaser. Male, age 23.
#10--Brianna Hertz, Reserve Beater. Female, age 21.
#11--Ishmael Mohamed, Reserve Keeper. Male, age 24.
#12--Leah Warner, Reserve Seeker. Female, age 27.

Le Context

This being the first year they've qualified for the Quidditch World Cup, Team Western Fardelshufflestein does not expect to make it past their first match. They're here to have fun, do their best, and make the Western Fardelshufflestein wizarding community proud. Naturally, the majority of Western Fardelshufflesteinians are Muggles who are utterly oblivious to the existence of wizards, which makes travelling a bit awkward but also more covert.

Le Uniforms

The robes of Team Western Fardelshufflestein are a deep blue to match the color of the Western Fardelshufflesteinan flag, with a Western Fardelshufflesteinian (OOC: Liechtensteiner) crown emblazoned on the left breast. The surname of the player is written in block letter on the back in gold, as is their number. The inside of the robe, as will as the player's tunic and pants, are a bright cardinal, while all the protective gear is leather brown.

Le Brooms
Team Western Fardelshufflestein flies on the Nimbus 2020, imported from Great Britain.

Other Things
1. While Team Western Fardelshufflestein's strategy is highly classified, it is known that the players hurl Shakespearean insults at their opponents.
2. Western Fardelshufflestein's most famous Quidditch commentator and renowned linguist, Sebastian Kent, is traveling with the team as a translator and correspondent. He will provide information about the pronunciation of Western Fardelshufflestein and other words. (Western Fardelshufflesteinians are not offended by the mispronunciation of their country's name. In fact, many of them may mispronounce the name, so to speak, due to variation depending on the speaker's regional dialect.)
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Sat May 23, 2020 6:35 pm

TEAM HINODEJIN EMPIRE, "The Wicked Children"

Most wizarding cultures across the multiverse would rather be as secretive as possible. The Hinodejin chuckle at that notion, taking full refuge in audacity. The only thing they haven't done was to perform magic tricks in public view but they're very much fine with displaying the results of those tricks and will gladly bend reality to shift into their interests. In all fairness, most of their interests consist of fully embarrassing those who are arrogant with tricks designed to slowly drive them towards full out insanity, if not break their spirit apart. Unlike the Hinodejin (who are usually pretty humble, albeit fans of taking arguments to a brawl more often than you'd think), its' wizards are actually more chilled and down-to-earth than humble but will gladly mess a bastard up if need be.

#33 - Waʻa Kūʻai - Chaser - Male, Age 21 - Inaboshima Surf
Surfer legends speak of a man that was able to tame even the wildest wave in the Eastern Seas. Rain, storm, wind, thunder... it mattered nothing. He was Waitakere, a wizard. His son, Wa'a, is already following his father's footsteps although his passion for Quidditch keeps getting in the way.

#15 - Dōng Qīngtíng - Chaser - Female, Age 19 - Tentai Academy of Magic
Some say that when the Hinodejin forces first attacked the city of Tentai (then under the name of Leichen), a family of long dragons flew above the burning city. Dōng Qīngtíng's mother was one of the dragons of that fatidical day.

#66 - Hikesseki Tōhō - Chaser, Female, Age 25 - Mashugaku Academics
Red, spiky hair, a large tattoo across her body and blood that burns at all times. Hikesseki is a very deadly person to deal with... although that's a reputation that has yet to be proved. Not like anyone's willing to take chances at proving that though.

#42 - Shōgeki Iganami - Beater, Male, Age 23 - Watari Talekeepers
A big fan of storms (he's usually seen catching some shut-eye in the middle of the storm), Shōgeki brings a shocking style to the game of Quidditch, although some think he's a bit too electric for his own good.

#15 - Rakvél Sólarinnardóttir - Beater, Female, Age 22 - Amagiyugashima Drummers
An old-school beater that loves contact, usually big into rough tackles. Perfect teammate to have, a perfect date to have a chat and a drink with and probably one person you can always lay your very life with.

#88 - Frodo Salvador - Seeker, Male, Age 26 - Suki-Hinode Underground
A goalie with plenty of experience after running away from some unknown disaster in the west of the Empire (although most people believe that was just his mom kicking him out), he rebounded into a Quidditch career. In the muggles' world, he runs a disk store.

#79 - Dong Leun-Yeo - Chaster, Female, Age 20 - Northern Academy of Magic
The fastest broom this side of the multiverse. She does delivery jobs in her off-time from Quidditch and studies.

Reserves: Will add later.

The Hinodejin play in dark-purple robes with black horizontal stripes. Their numbers find themselves in the back of their robes with a coat of magic white paint while the Hinodejin Crest of Wizardry (a raven in front of a Katana) finds itself placed on their right arm.

Don't kill them or injure them for too long. Picking goals is fine. Try to be in-character with them.
Let the sun burn my eyes / Let it burn my back
At the beach / In my dreams / But you still
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The IC follow-up to Northern Sunrise Islands / Demonym: Hinodejin (singular, plural)

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Postby Delaclava » Sun May 24, 2020 12:52 am

Champions and Hosts of QWC 2.

Coach (and Playing Captain): Millie Price

Chaser10Millie Price265'7"115Campbell School for GirlsBarrelle, FirinsymniaTeacher/Semipro Player
Chaser13Paul Kirui*6'1"145Asarlock SchoolAthensFarmer
Chaser19Tristan Davis165'10"140Alexandria Alpine InstituteUnincorporated (outside Catherina)Student
Keeper1Jasper Thames206'2"155University of the TeirmenFerguson, FirinsymniaZoologist
Beater23Roy Crouser245'11"210Valhalla UniversityValhallaLegislative Aide
Beater28Brenda Ball185'8"160Campbell School for GirlsBarrelle, FirinsymniaPharmacist
Seeker7Roo Wilson196'3"170West Coast Wizarding CollegeQuinnivilleMusician

* Claims to be 23. Probably in his 30's.

Broomstick: Featherflame FFPro 7
Robes: Red with gold numbers and rainbow accents

RP Permissions: All are granted. Please note: The Delaclava squad carries no substitutes. If you are going to RP a significant injury to a player, please TG me so I can arrange a replacement to join the squad.

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Postby Ko-oren » Sun May 24, 2020 4:42 am

The magical community of Ko-oren might be a little strange to those that are used to typical magic settings, especially those involving Quidditch. Ko-oren has no magic academy, that is, not one involving wands and spells and owls and potions and the like. Instead, the magical community associated with this country is the Art, long thought lost ("The most striking thing about the nation is the art of Writing, writing Worlds into existance."), but surprisingly still very much alive. To those in the know. Among the general public, knowledge of this is non-existant. Only some ministers are told about it, without fear that they will spread this knowledge among the electorate. No-one will believe it, after all.

Well hidden away from public view, the community itself has put many, many rules and procedures in place for keeping their communities, Art, books, and so on, hidden.

One meeting of the Guild of Legislators later...

United Worlds of Ko-oren - Team for the 9th Quidditch World Cup

1Tahdi ThukahtingenSeekerGuild of MessengersTeredahl
2Thoël JinondhenChaserGuild of ExplorersShanigun
3Ki'ini Dahlakith (f)ChaserGuild of MechanicsRazentahn
4Isokoh KisihidhChaserGuild of MasonsBehdigehl
5Zagehl SipohlinthenBeaterGuild of ProtectorsRozodhin
6Huros DharohtingunBeaterGuild of CarpentersTeredahl
7Pinahgu of PehsenthenKeeperGuild of HealersPehsenthen
(8)Nioni Tehthaudin (f)SeekerGuild of ExtractorsLurthesingun
(9)Dalugul NihrudinilChaserGuild of MessengersMaulahngan
(10)Raura Araudhin (f)ChaserGuild of MinersPehsenthen
(11)Menegos EgahtidahlBeaterGuild of ProtectorsTeredahl
(12)Bajo BithidohlBeaterGuild of StockersPehsenthen
(13)Jogen RahgelohKeeperGuild of HealersBahdorahth

National colours: blue, green, yellow (trim)
Team colours: purple, grey, black (trim), white (trim)

In odd-numbered seasons, teams are arranged by Guild (profession). In even-numbered seasons, teams are arranged by Community (their World of origin). Both have been listed, as last season players played for their Community, and the upcoming season will be based on Guild.
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC - 1x FHWC

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Western Fardelshufflestein
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Postby Western Fardelshufflestein » Sun May 24, 2020 9:48 am

RP Update: The players can be injured, but not killed; the captain cannot be injured too severely. Feel free to choose goal scorers, but keep in mind that the best Chaser is the captain. Team Western Fardelshufflestein does not play dirty unless they have to (if the other team is playing dirty, say). Other than that, all RP permissions granted.


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