GCF ODI World Trophy I - RP/rosters/results thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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GCF ODI World Trophy I - RP/rosters/results thread

Postby Liventia » Fri May 15, 2020 6:23 am

ODI World Trophy I – Everything thread

Welcome to Liventia for the inaugural GCF ODI World Trophy. A total of 38 teams have entered the inaugural competition, which will be held over 18 matchdays (approximately one month irl).

You may post your squad lists and RPs in this thread. Daily results will be posted by me. Please ensure your RPs reflect the posted final results; you may not come up with your own results (other than individual performances, or in the case of government propaganda).

Style modifiers are not in use. You may wish to include the following RP permissions box with your roster/squad list to advise your opponents on their rights should they RP before you:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y/N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y/N
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

Please also note that the SARS-Cov-2 virus/Covid-19 pandemic does not exist in Liventia, and should not be introduced to the country in your RPs at risk of expulsion from the tournament.

Tiebreaker rules
In case of a tie in all games (group stage and knockouts), a super over will be played.
Two points for a win (including by super over), one point for a defeat by super over, and no points for any other loss.
If teams are tied on points, and no advancement is on the line, teams will be separated as follows: wins in the stage (including wins by super over), win percentage overall (including wins in super overs and wins in previous group stages, divided by the number of matches played by the team - super over defeats count as a half win), head-to-head points overall (including points in previous group stages), head-to-head wins overall (including wins in previous group stages), no further tiebreaking
If teams are tied on points, and advancement is on the line, teams will be separated as above, but with the following additional tiebreakers: head-to-head net run rate (including matches in previous group stages), overall net run rate (all matches played by a team), coin flip/drawing of lots

The Decision Review System (third umpire TV review) will be in use. Each team will receive one unsuccessful challenge per innings.

Group draw and stadium information can be found in the second post.


MD1: Sun 17 May
MD2: Mon 18 May
MD3: Wed 20 May
MD4: Thu 21 May
MD5: Fri 22 May
MD6 (off day for bottom 24 seeds): Sat 23 May
MD7/Playoff: Sun 24 May
--OFF DAY/Second round begins--
MD1: Tue 26 May
MD2: Wed 27 May
MD3: Thu 28 May
MD4: Fri 29 May
MD5: Sat 30 May
MD6: Sun 31 May
MD7 (off day for Groups G and H): Mon 1 June
Elimination Round: Tue 2 June
--OFF DAY/Knockouts begin--
Quarter-finals: Thu 4 June
Semi-finals: Fri 5 June
Final: Sun 7 June (there will be no third place playoff)
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Postby Liventia » Fri May 15, 2020 6:23 am

About the host nation
Welcome to Liventia, host nation of the inaugural GCF ODI World Trophy.

Liventia has strict laws when it comes to behaviour; rioting used to carry the death penalty until a moratorium on capital punishment was brought into effect four decades ago. There is a total ban on outdoor public smoking (including e-cigarettes) and outdoor public drinking, including in bars and restaurants in Liventia. Public alcoholism will result in prosecution. The drugs trade is banned, although casual use is not actively policed. The minimum age for smoking and drinking in the country is 17. Streaking or other pitch invasions at cricket matches will result in an on-the-spot fine and a court date for potential further sanction.

Group draw and host stadiums
A total of 14 grounds will host World Trophy matches during the tournament, with each group (except for Groups G and H) assigned two stadiums. In character, with three games per matchday per stadium, games will be spread out over two days per matchday, with two off in between each matchday. (Nations using a real-life calendar may ignore this aspect of fluid time, or opt to have their games 'played' on the scorination off-day.)

The group draw and host stadiums are:
Group A
Eastfield Lodge
The Plough Islands

Group A will play its games at the 'Home of Liventian Cricket', the Park Central Oval, as well as 'HQ', the Folenisa Cricket Ground.

Park Central Oval, Orean
The 'home of Liventian cricket'. A batsman's dream, usually flat as a road in Test cricket. No different in the short-form stuff. It's about limiting the score when you bowl here, rather than trying for wickets. Capacity: 37,500. End names: Lothian End, Poplar End.
Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa
Probably the Liventian ground which players most enjoy playing at, with both bat and ball able to dominate at times during the long-form games. While the groundstaff have promised pitches better suited to limited-overs cricket, it remains to be seen how much assistance bowlers will continue to have. Headquarters of the Cricketing Board of Authority, who have chosen not to be based in the grander surrounds of Park Central Oval. Capacity: 25,600. End names: Desert End, Walton Road End.
Teams v "8" have a bye

Round 1
Sajnur v 8
Eastfield Lodge v Liventia
Barunia v Ko-oren
Damukuni v The Plough Islands

Round 2
8 v The Plough Islands
Ko-oren v Damukuni
Liventia v Barunia
Sajnur v Eastfield Lodge

Round 3
Eastfield Lodge v 8
Barunia v Sajnur
Damukuni v Liventia
The Plough Islands v Ko-oren

Round 4
8 v Ko-oren
Liventia v The Plough Islands
Sajnur v Damukuni
Eastfield Lodge v Barunia

Round 5
Barunia v 8
Damukuni v Eastfield Lodge
The Plough Islands v Sajnur
Ko-oren v Liventia

Round 6
8 v Liventia
Sajnur v Ko-oren
Eastfield Lodge v The Plough Islands
Barunia v Damukuni

Round 7
Damukuni v 8
The Plough Islands v Barunia
Ko-oren v Eastfield Lodge
Liventia v Sajnur

Group B

Group B will play its games at the National Centre of Excellence Oval (main ground) and The Bastion.

National Centre of Excellence Oval, City Centre
The second-largest ground in the country and home to Liventia's national youth academy. Friendly to batsmen. Bowlers will be tested if it's hot. Capacity: 37,000. End names: Pavilion End, Academy End
The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover
Traditionally the spinners' paradise in Liventia, the Bastion's grounds crew have been working hard to make the pitches more equitable to batsmen. However, spin bowlers should still find plenty of joy at this ground. Capacity: 28,225. End names: Town End, Clock End.
Teams v "8" have a bye

Round 1
Mattijana v 8
Elejamie v Teusland
Darmen v Krytenia
Ethane v Lisander

Round 2
8 v Lisander
Krytenia v Ethane
Teusland v Darmen
Mattijana v Elejamie

Round 3
Elejamie v 8
Darmen v Mattijana
Ethane v Teusland
Lisander v Krytenia

Round 4
8 v Krytenia
Teusland v Lisander
Mattijana v Ethane
Elejamie v Darmen

Round 5
Darmen v 8
Ethane v Elejamie
Lisander v Mattijana
Krytenia v Teusland

Round 6
8 v Teusland
Mattijana v Krytenia
Elejamie v Lisander
Darmen v Ethane

Round 7
Ethane v 8
Lisander v Darmen
Krytenia v Elejamie
Teusland v Mattijana

Group C
The Booter
Holy Land of Burtander

Group C will play its games at the Racecourse Ground and The Manor.

Racecourse Ground, Talbott
Home to club team Talbott Downs, this ground last hosted international cricket in the 6th and 7th World Twenty20 Championships. Located adjacent to the horse racetrack on the outskirts of Talbott. Capacity: 7,500. End names: Racecourse End, Grandstand End.
The Manor, City Centre
Another club ground that was last used when Liventia hosted the 6th and 7th World T20 tournaments. Located in the southeastern suburbs of City Centre, near the international airport, it is home to the Woodlands Manor Cricket Club. Capacity: 7,500. End names: Stewart End, Stadium End.
Round 1
Baggieland v Holy Land of Burtander
Kriegiersien v Sylestone
Jeckland v The Booter

Round 2
Holy Land of Burtander v The Booter
Sylestone v Jeckland
Baggieland v Kriegiersien

Round 3
Kriegiersien v Holy Land of Burtander
Jeckland v Baggieland
The Booter v Sylestone

Round 4
Holy Land of Burtander v Sylestone
Baggieland v The Booter
Kriegiersien v Jeckland

Round 5
Jeckland v Holy Land of Burtander
The Booter v Kriegiersien
Sylestone v Baggieland

Group D
Northwest Kalactin
Virtual Nerdania

Group D will play at Broadham Green and the National Centre of Excellence (Academy 1 Ground).

Broadham Green, Orean
Located on the northwestern edges of Greater Orean, Broadham Green is home to the Orean Broadham Cricket and Darts Club. Another ground used in the 6th and 7th World T20 tournaments that has returned to its former status as a club ground. Capacity: 8,500. End names: Park End, Railway End.
National Centre of Excellence (Academy 1 Ground), City Centre
One of two international-sized secondary ovals located at the NCE's big campus in Portsdown, in the northern neighbourhoods of the former capital city. Located around 20 minutes from the main oval and NCE facilities. Capacity: 4,000. End names: Oval End, Crescent End.
Round 1
Northwest Kalactin v Bolgano
Serriel v Subramani
Martune v Virtual Nerdania

Round 2
Bolgano v Virtual Nerdania
Subramani v Martune
Northwest Kalactin v Serriel

Round 3
Serriel v Bolgano
Martune v Northwest Kalactin
Virtual Nerdania v Subramani

Round 4
Bolgano v Subramani
Northwest Kalactin v Virtual Nerdania
Serriel v Martune

Round 5
Martune v Bolgano
Virtual Nerdania v Serriel
Subramani v Northwest Kalactin

Group E
New Lunenburg
Drew Durrnil
Notun Ahom
New Maxwellia

Group E will play at Lewes Park and Fray Common Green.

Lewes Park, Neverend
Like some of the other club grounds being used in the World Trophy, Lewes Park first hosted international cricket in the sixth GCF World T20. However, since then, the ground has been developed with funding from the Liventian Cricketing Board of Authority and now enjoys a regular rotation among Liventia's home Test grounds. Situated about 40 minutes from Neverend city centre, shuttle buses will be provided to all ticketholders for matches at Lewes Park from the city's main train station. For the players, the cool air of the mountainous city will provide a different setting for cricket, and it is not unheard of for snow to stop early-season games here. Bowler-friendly. Capacity: 11,000. End names: Town End, Pavilion End.
Fray Common Green, Orean
Another club ground, but this one making its international hosting debut. Located in northeast Greater Orean near the borough of Salisbury, this idyllic ground is home to the Fray Common Bowls and Cricket Club. Additional temporary stands will be built to increase the venue capacity from its usual 2,500. Capacity: 4,200. End names: Salisbury End, Glebe Park End.
Round 1
Anserisa v New Maxwellia
New Lunenburg v Notun Ahom
Samrakstivu v Drew Durrnil

Round 2
New Maxwellia v Drew Durrnil
Notun Ahom v Samrakstivu
Anserisa v New Lunenburg

Round 3
New Lunenburg v New Maxwellia
Samrakstivu v Anserisa
Drew Durrnil v Notun Ahom

Round 4
New Maxwellia v Notun Ahom
Anserisa v Drew Durrnil
New Lunenburg v Samrakstivu

Round 5
Samrakstivu v New Maxwellia
Drew Durrnil v New Lunenburg
Notun Ahom v Anserisa

Group F
The Jovannic
The Grearish Union
The Sarian

Group F will play at the National Centre of Excellence (Academy 2 Ground) and Dawston Ground.

National Centre of Excellence (Academy 2 Ground), City Centre
The smaller of the two international-sized secondary ovals located at the NCE's big campus in Portsdown, this ground is an additional 15 minutes' walk from the Academy 1 Ground. Due to the need to prepare young Liventian cricketers to face spin, this ground is extremely bowler-friendly. Capacity: 2,500. End names: Stadium End, Town End.
Dawston Ground, Orean
Located in southwestern Orean, Dawston Ground is believed to be one of the oldest club grounds still in use today, and is believed to be the source of the name of Cricketfield Road which runs along it as well as the nearby Orean Metro Suburban Line station of the same name. After receiving some funding from the CBA, the ground will host its first internationals. Capacity: 5,000. End names: Cricketfield Road End, Dawston End.
Round 1
Kohnhead v Ricardos7qm
The Jovannic v Waisnor
The Grearish Union v The Sarian

Round 2
Ricardos7qm v The Sarian
Waisnor v The Grearish Union
Kohnhead v The Jovannic

Round 3
The Jovannic v Ricardos7qm
The Grearish Union v Kohnhead
The Sarian v Waisnor

Round 4
Ricardos7qm v Waisnor
Kohnhead v The Sarian
The Jovannic v The Grearish Union

Round 5
The Grearish Union v Ricardos7qm
The Sarian v The Jovannic
Waisnor v Kohnhead

Group G
Group G will consist of two teams from Group A and two teams from Group B. Matches will be played at the Island Cricket Arena.

Island Cricket Arena, Schimpol
The only Liventian ground located off the mainland. Friendly to the fast bowlers, thanks to the ground being located just inland from the coast. The sea breeze often picks up, and aids seam and swing – not to mention makes catching high balls slightly tricky. Equally true in T20 cricket as in one-dayers and first-class games. Capacity: 27,500. End names: City End, Mainland End.

Group H
Group H will consist of two teams from Group A and two teams from Group B. Matches will be played at Grovers Park.

Grovers Park, Orean
The 'Grand Old Stadium' in Liventia, site of a World Cup Final as well as the Olympic Stadium in the eighth Summer Olympics. For this tournament, the running track is being overlaid with artificial turf, while the football pitch will be temporarily replaced with turf and a drop-in wicket. The capacity of the huge stadium is being capped at a reasonable 40,000. End names: North End, South End.

Group I
Group I will feature seven teams. Matches will be played at The Bastion and Lewes Park. (See above for ground descriptions.)

Group J
Group J will feature seven teams. Matches will be played at Broadham Green and the Racecourse Ground. (See above for ground descriptions.)

Knockout games
Playoff 1: NCE Oval Academy 1 Ground
Playoff 2: Dawston Ground
Playoff 3: The Manor
Playoff 4: Lewes Park
Elimination 1: Grovers Park
Elimination 2: NCE Oval (main ground)
Elimination 3: The Bastion
Elimination 4: Island Cricket Arena
Quarterfinal 1: Park Central Oval
Quarterfinal 2: Folenisa Cricket Ground
Quarterfinal 3: Grovers Park
Quarterfinal 4: Island Cricket Arena
Semifinal 1: NCE Oval (main ground)
Semifinal 2: Folenisa Cricket Ground
Final: Park Central Oval
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The Plough Islands
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Postby The Plough Islands » Fri May 15, 2020 6:50 am

Here we go again...
I've been quite excited for this tournament to happen, and now it's here am just hoping we don't completely embarrass ourselves with the zero-rank format, heh...there will be another post later on giving a bit more depth to the players (so many biographies to write) but this should hopefully give anyone who needs to know a good grounding in who and what the Plough Islands are.
Many thanks to Donnacona and Mriin for providing a little extra inspiration/emotional support while I was writing this up - there's some light paraphrasing in the opening paragraph, heh. Good luck to everyone else participating as well - I'm looking forward to seeing what the community is capable of now we're playing proper limited-overs cricket!

The national flag of the Commonwealth of the Plough Islands, adopted on independence in 1960.


Asking a citizen of most other countries about the Plough Islands will very likely yield a lot of confused responses, or requests for a map, or, very occasionally, a dismissive response naming communism, cricket, or cashmere as a reason not to think about the place any further. More reasoned responses might include describing them as "a pleasant, if slightly odd, commune with lots of polite people in rude jumpers" or, less charitably, "a distant, small country with a complicated relationship with reality".
Plough Islanders are a hundred and forty thousand hardy souls stranded on cool, misty rocks far upon the Celestial Ocean, an egalitarian, thoughtful, compassionate, principled, and often sweater-clad people who while their time away fishing, farming, playing music, and genuinely trying to preserve and improve the land and society in which they live. They have a long and, by multiversal standards, relatively uneventful history, with the Royal Navy captain Cornelius Sutton's first settlement of the islands in 1750 beginning two centuries of British colonial rule. A gradual mass left-wing revolution against an institutionally exploitative local administration culminated in a transition to independence in 1960, heralding the start of the Marxist-Leninist socialist state that continues, after some initial difficulties, to be built, nurtured, and fiercely protected by Plough Islanders to the present day.
For most of that time, they have been playing cricket, in some form or another. The Plough Islands Cricket Association was founded in 1920 but this is just the beginning of organised inter-island competition; clubs have existed since the early 19th century, and the roots of the game go back far further, almost as long as people have lived on the islands. As Plough Islander social structures and attitudes to life were shaped by the game, so too has the game itself been shaped by the local conditions; manifested primarily in a strong preference for spin bowling due to the extra grip available on the ball from the native, spongy, matted flora. Plough Islander cricket is a relatively low-scoring, highly tactical, and often tense sport, while Islanders are excellent spinners of the ball, quick to get off the mark with the bat, and unafraid to field in unorthodox positions when needs be.
After many years in the sporting wilderness, having lost their traditional links to the Commonwealth on independence in 1960, the Plough Islands Cricket Association affiliated with the Global Cricket Federation in 2018 and, finally able to prove their worth on the multiversal stage, the Foxes soon proved a tough opponent, particularly on their own soil; only one team has come away from the Plough Islands with a Test series victory, and under long-serving captain Kevin Laing, they have forged bonds with new opponents such as Ko-oren, Apox, and Siovanija and Teusland.
It was against the first of these new friends that the Plough Islands played their first official One Day Internationals in 2019, competing over four matches on the islands for the Polaris Trophy. The resulting 2-1 series win - the second game being a rare tied match - is, for the moment, the beginning and end of the Foxes' ODI record, although the team had previously competed in the eleventh "World Twenty20" 20-over championships in a relatively successful, although physically tiring, campaign in the Halcyon Archipelago. It is fifty overs per side that is almost universally favoured on the islands, though, the shorter format being viewed negatively as either a passing novelty or with suspicions of capitalist taint, and the World Trophy has been highly anticipated on the islands since it was announced by the GCF.
The Foxes head into the tournament fresh from series wins over Sajnur and Lisander in the most recent Test season, with wind in their sails, the fresh sweat of socialist labour on their brows, and the cries of a hundred and forty thousand of their comrades willing them on from back home. Plough Islanders may be a polite people from a distant, small country, but opposing teams would do well to think twice before dismissing them out of hand.

For followers of the Plough Islands' recent Test campaigns, the squad for the World Trophy includes many familiar names; limited-overs specialists Arthur Donovan and Rory Aliyev, who both played all four games in the Polaris Trophy last year, appear alongside Foxes veterans new and old. Where the selectors, and head coach Lourens Hendricks, have diverged from previous squads is in the size - sixteen players, with several more understood to have been placed on standby, so as to provide sufficient cover in case of injuries to avoid the situation that befell the Foxes at the 2018 20-over competition - and in bringing through two of the more impressive players from the Young Foxes' run in the 2019 competition, all-rounder Jannie Hendricks and legspinner Terry Gibbs. The other as yet uncapped players are the evergreen New Dalmatian all-rounder Andrew Fairfield and Bradford wicketkeeper Leanne Martin, although the latter is understood to have been picked on the strength of her batting alone.


#1 KCT Laing (c) RHB RMD
#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#3 S Ashe RHB ROB
#4 A Baxter RHB RFS
#5 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#6 AM Donovan RHB
#7 AG Fairfield LHB SLC
#8 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
#9 AJ Hendricks RHB RLB
#10 G Holt LHB
#11 IT Lebed (w) LHB
#12 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#13 LA Martin (w) LHB
#14 CG McCarthy RHB RFM
#15 NA Salisbury LHB SLA
#16 SLC Weaver RHB RLB


The coat of arms (seen above) of the Plough Islands Cricket Association was registered in 1992, and features the representation of the Plough constellation, with its seven stars taken to represent the country's seven inhabited islands, from the national coat of arms, on a green field with two foxes; back to back, in alert posture, with their tails nowed to represent unity and the bonds of socialism. The foxes are coloured red, representing the playing of Test and first-class cricket (with a red leather ball), and white, for One Day International and limited overs cricket (played with a white leather ball).

The Association began to use updated playing kits (seen below) at the start of the 2020 Test season; these feature a shadow print of a map of the islands on the body of the shirt, and are of virtually identical design for the Test and One Day International variations. As with the previous kits, they are manufactured on the islands by the Red Flag textile co-operative of Redcliff.
The Plough Islands will wear the national colours of green and amber as their first choice, with predominantly green shirts and trousers with amber trim, helmets, and pads, the Plough Islands cricket crest on the chest, the national flag and the player's name on the left sleeve, and the player's number on the back. In accordance with new Global Cricket Federation rules for limited overs competitions, the Foxes will wear an alternate kit against teams whose kit is also primarily green; this is largely identical but with a bright shade of red in place of the green.

Plough Islands Test (left) and One Day International (centre and right) kits, made at the Red Flag textile co-operative.

The Plough Islander XIs for each game will be posted in advance of scorination; usually at the end of my RP post for the previous match.
Please do not godmod anything (match events, injuries, dismissals) without asking first; otherwise, feel free to roleplay matches as you see fit, and come up with scorecards if you roleplay first. I will be doing my own scorecards for each match, but if I post first I am always open to adjusting individual performances based on input from my opponent - I really like working with other people where possible, and - if I don't reach out to you first! - I can be contacted by telegram, or found on the NationStates Sports Discord server.
Please also note that the Plough Islands will not make use of the Decision Review System.
National team
Test rank: 6th
ODI rank: 3rd
T20 rank: 5th
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
See also: overview factbook, national map, domestic sports

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Northwest Kalactin
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Fri May 15, 2020 8:54 am

Northwest Kalactin ODI Cricket Team

History of Cricket in Northwest Kalactin
The sport is relatively new to the area but they found success early. The sport was introduced here by other nations from Atlantian Oceania. The nations cricket board scrambled to put together a team before the 9th T20s but failed to. They came back as a world power in a very controversial T20 championship win, the team took home the trophy against West Phoenicia. The test cricket team however, has not found the same success as the T20s and there are rumors that the team may be dropped entirely. Recently, the entire cricket board was fired fro their inability to understand the game correctly. The new cricket board hoped to bring success in the sport back to Northwest Kalactin.

The Kalactanian XI
Craig Campbell: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Gregory Green: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Fast Bowling
Joseph Gonzalez: Right Batter, Wicket Keeper
Sean Adams: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Fast Bowling
Alan Powell: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Justin Griffin: Right Batter, Left Bowler, Off Break Bowling
David Martin: Right Batter, Left Bowler, Unorthodox Bowling
Ralph Wood: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Bowling
Kevin Lopez: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Christopher Thompson: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Fast Bowling
Jesse Brown: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Bowling

The Backups
Carlos Howard: Right Batter, Wicket Keeper
Christopher Wood: Left Batter, Left Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Samuel Lewis: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Medium Fast Bowling
Jimmy Wilson: Left Batter, Right Bowler, Off Break Bowling
Billy Sanders: Right Batter, Right Bowler, Unorthodox Bowling

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y

Notes About the Team
Most of the Starting XI also plays on the test cricket squad so expect most bowlers to have a lot of stamina. Many of their batters can be expected to defend their wickets as the team is a very defensive one.
AO Lacrosse Invitational 2 Champions
World Twenty20 Championship X Champion
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NSCF Mineral Conference
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GCF ODI World Trophy I - RP/rosters/results thread

Postby Subramani » Fri May 15, 2020 12:31 pm

Board Of Control for Subramanian Cricket - ODI Team

The Subramanian XV
Abdul Khader       - Southern Province    - RHB (Middle Order), WK, Captain , 34 Year Old.  
Edison Thomas - Southern Province - RHB (Lower Middle Order), Right Arm Off Break, 28 Year Old.
Newton Thomas - Southern Province - LHB (Lower Middle Order), Right Arm Medium Fast , 28 Year Old.
Mallaya King - Western Province - LHB (Middle Order), Part time Left Arm Wrist Spinner, 20 Year Old.
Ambani Dexter - Western Province - RHB (Opener), Part Time Slow medium , 32 Year Old, Vice Captain.
Gates Windows - Western Province - LHB (Lower Middle Order), Left Arm Fast Medium, 26 Year Old.
Tagore Anther - Eastern Province - RHB (Top Order) , 33 Years Old.
Shakeser Poet - Eastern Province - RHB (Tail End) , Right Arm Wrist Spin, 23 Year Old.
Salman Khan - Eastern Province - RHB (Lower Middle Order), Wicket Keeper, 29 Years Old.
Banging Bang - Central Province - RHB (Middle Order), Right Arm Medium (All Rounder), 28 Year Old.
Amran Rashin - Central Province - LHB (Tail End), Slow Left Arm, 27 Year Old.
Mongit Bhat - Central Province - RHB (Middle Order), 30 Year Old
Mongol Khan - Northern Province - RHB (Tail End), Right Arm Fast, 22 Year Old.
James Washing - Northern Province - RHB (Opener) , 26 Year Old.
Markendey Siva - Northern Province - RHB (Top Order) , 16 Year Old.

The Coaching Staff
Wrong Tipper: Head Coach.
Tirusul Siva : Bowling Coach
Visnu Man: Batting Coach
Brahmananda Nadu: Fielding Coach
Avandhika Devi: Physiotheraphist

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y

Notes About the Team
1. Edison Thomas and Newton Thomas are twins.
2. Markendey Siva is the son of Bowling Coach and his selection is very controversial.
3. Avandhika Devi, the physicotheraphist is rumored to have an affair with Vice Captain Ambani.
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Postby Ko-oren » Sat May 16, 2020 3:35 am

First Official Ko-orenite ODI Cricket Team

All-time results:
OPP          W D L T Played
None 0 0 0 0 0

Results per location:
GROUND            W D L T
Standard batting order:
1. Carlton Shapter (22) - R off/R Opener - East Surbourneshire
2. Reginald Twaddle (23) - R fast/R Opener - West Surbourneshire
3. Everett White (29) - R med/R Batsman - Leeshire
4. Sherman Commins (21) - L fast/L Batsman - East Surbourneshire
5. Patrick Willis (26) - R med/R Batsman - East Surbourneshire
6. Lionel Hellver (23) - L orth/L Wicketkeeper - East Surbourneshire
7. Theophilus Darknoll (27) - L unorth/L All-rounder - East Surbourneshire
8. Erik Whitley (25) - R med/R All-rounder - East Surbourneshire
9. Rutherford Lincoln (29) - R leg/R Bowler - Willowbourne
X. Herschel Marsden (31) - R fast/R Bowler - West Surbourneshire
=. Zacharias Fox (26) - L fast/L Bowler - East Surbourneshire

Additional Team Members:
10. Simeon Penn (23) - L unorth/L Opener - Greencaster
11. Isaac Quelch (19) - R fast/R Batsman - Willowbourne
12. Jacob Lafaille (20) - R fast/R Batsman - Willowbourne
13. Gilbert Wheelwright (30) - R med/R Wicketkeeper - Greencaster
14. Finley Meredith (26) - R leg/R Wicketkeeper - Willowbourne
15. Dewitt Cheyne (22) - R med/R All-rounder - Greencaster
16. Newton Courtenay (28) - R fast/R Bowler - Leeshire
17. Borllog yLellmedd (22) - R off/R Bowler - Mawryshire
18. Caprws ySarthylhar (25) - L orth/L Bowler - Mawryshire

Many famous names from the Test team as well as the T20 team - some players are too good to get tied down to a single format. At the same time, plenty of talented younger players have been given an opportunity as well. Usually, the KCB selects older (26+) players for Tests, younger players for ODIs (23+) and the youngest, most explosive (and impulsive) players are also alright to play on our T20 team (20+). There are some exceptions, of course, with Twaddle's insane Test season recently. For this team, we see a lot of under 26 players, from Shapter (who's been on the Test backups a few times), to Commins and Hellver (who are new altogether). The bowlers are the same tried and tested names as always, though this time there are more all-rounders and fewer bowlers starting. There are some extra backups as well, one extra wicketkeeper, and an extra bowler. The starting XI might not seem like a deep batting lineup (and certainly other teams are deeper), but with a batting WK and two all-rounders right after that, there's capable batting all the way down to #8.

East Surbourneshire is very well represented, having 7 starters (!!) while the West has two. Willowbourne and Leeshire have one each. On the bench, it's a real who's who of the two cities (Willowbourne and Greencaster), one additional Leeshirian, and the two only Mawrons (colloquially) on the team - and neither is yChaegrheodd, yMharwn, yDigtawr, or yCherwean.

Greencaster, Surbourneshire (used by Greencaster)
Greencaster Oval (50.000)
Ground mod 0

Willowbourne, Gehrenna (used by Willowbourne)
Royal Oval (40.000)
Ground mod +2

Maynard, Gehrenna (used by Leeshire)
Leewardia Oval (31.000)
Ground mod +3

Ansonville, Surbourneshire (used by West Surbourneshire)
Southbight Ground (29.000)
Ground mod -3

Llandy, Mawryshire (used by Mawryshire)
yBherafon Hills (24.000)
Ground mod -1

Cirelbourne, Surbourneshire (used by East Surbourneshire)
Silverion Ground (25.000)
Ground mod +1

Bruncester, Surbourneshire (used by East Surbourneshire)
Goledon Oval (25.005)
Ground mod 0
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New Lunenburg
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Postby New Lunenburg » Sat May 16, 2020 5:00 am

New Lunenburg Cricket Board

The New Lunenburg Cricket Board is proud to announce the national team selected for the inaugural Global Cricket Federation ODI World Trophy in Liventia. The criteria used for selection was primarily based on prior experience in representing New Lunenburg in international competition, whilst also attempting to reward excellent performance in domestic one-day cricket.
First XI
# Name Bats Bowls Club
1 David Johannes [DJ] Klein LHB - Further Brunswick
2 Jordan Charles [JC] Humphreys RHB - Queen's County
3 Rufus James [RJ] Webber RHB - Clarendon
4 Sebastian Elias [SE] Wells RHB - Further Brunswick
5 Nathan Elliot [NE] Stainton (c) RHB OS Clarendon
6 Andreas [A] Hansen (wk) RHB - Hither Brunswick
7 Adam Benjamin [AB] Lyons LHB SLA Verulam
8 Cian Daniel [CD] Connolly RHB RM Hither Brunswick
9 William Stuart [WS] Rose RHB RMF Queen's County
10 James Philip Roger [JPR] Atkinson LHB LMF Montgomery
11 Konstantin Kaspar [KK] Schneider RHB RFM Hither Brunswick

# Name Bats Bowls Club
12 Christian [C] Spengler (wk) RHB - Verulam
13 Matthew [M] Field LHB SLA Verulam
14 Thomas Tarran [TT] Griffiths RHB RFM Montgomery
15 Nicholas [N] Fuller LHB - Hither Brunswick
16 Joseph Peter [JP] Graves LHB - Clarendon

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
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Baggieland Roster

Postby Baggieland » Sat May 16, 2020 6:08 am

The Throstles.

Cooper’s Field, Stoney Lane (capacity: 62,591).


Gareth White.

Starting XI:
1. Billy Richards (opening batsman, R).
BA avg: 72.36.
2. Reg Marshall (opening batsman, R).
BA avg: 64.12.
3. Peter Mead (batsman, L).
BA avg: 52.89.
4. Richard Smith (batsman, R).
BA avg: 50.98.
5. Garry Greenidge (C) (batsman, R).
BA avg: 50.01.
6. Brian Parks (wicketkeeper / batsman, R).
BA avg: 42.61. Dismissals per innings: 1.89.
7. Sam Udal (all-rounder: off-spin bowler / batsman, R).
BA avg: 41.34. BO avg: 22.97.
8. Steve Warne (leg-spin bowler, R).
BA avg: 32.74. BO avg: 19.99.
9. Michael Marshall (fast bowler, R).
BA avg: 22.80. BO avg: 21.76.
10. David Shackleton (medium pace bowler, R).
BA avg: 14.11. BO avg: 22.45.
11. Paul Sainsbury (orthodox-spin bowler, L).
BA avg: 5.75. BO avg: 23.66.

12. Keith Pieterson (batsman, R).
BA avg: 51.12.
13. Graham Brown (wicketkeeper / batsman / medium pace bowler, L).
BA avg: 39.43. BO avg: 36.87. Dismissals per innings: 1.21.
14. Don White (fast bowler, R).
BA avg: 19.88. BO avg: 24.11.
15. Roy Cottam (fast-medium bowler, R).
BA avg: 15.79. BO avg: 25.67.

If my opponents RP first:
Godmod match events – Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players – N
Godmod injuries to my players – N
Godmod how my players were dismissed – Y*
Create a full scorecard for my team – Y*
*Nothing ridiculous please.

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Postby Martune » Sat May 16, 2020 11:49 am


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
*within reason

Starting XI
1. Terry Daniels
Batsmen, Right Handed
2. Ben Dalton
Batsmen, Left Handed
3. Raymond Antonino
All-Rounder, Left Handed Bat, Left Arm Orthodox
4. Eduard Gardener (C)
Wicketkeeper, Right Handed
5. Yusuff Daniell
All Rounder, Left Handed, Left Arm Unorthodox
6. Bill Garrett
Batsmen, Left Handed
7. Leon Holland (VC)
Bowler, Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Off Break
8. Ronni Garry
Bowler, Left Handed Bat, Left Arm Medium
9. Dee McFay
Bowler, Left Handed Bat, Right Arm Fast
10. Aqil Qadir
Bowler, Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Leg Break
11. Adam Alfarsi
Bowler, Left Handed Bat, Left Arm Fast-Medium

(VC)-Vice Captainp

12. Curtis Jennings
Wicketkeeper, Right Handed
13. Bill Aldridge
Batsman, Left Handed
14. Dylan Williamsworth
Batsman, Right Handed
15. Sebastian Dane
Bowler, Left Handed Bat, Left Arm Slow
16. Mose McCoy
Batsman, Left Handed


Upon the request of HIs Majesty upon the advice of the Prime Minister, the Martune National Cricket Team was formed to represent the great nation of Martune in international cricket competitions. The first international sporting team for Martune, the First Squad is excited to participate in the GCF ODI competition against other great competitors. The international team is formed from the best athletes in the Martune Premier Cricket League (MPCL), Martune's most popular and skilled cricket league. These 16 athletes were chosen by a special council within the MPCL based on their performance, capabilities, general sportsmanship, and attitudes.

While having played national cricket for a significant portion of their careers, none of these athletes have ever played internationally before and are quite new to the idea of playing a whole team filled with a nation's best. Hopefully our boys in white will come out of this tournament with honor and glory as they compete for the first time against other capable squads in this great tournament.
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Postby Anserisa » Sat May 16, 2020 1:14 pm


Équipa do Cricketo Anserisana

The Anserisan Cricket Team, nicknamed the Red Force (Anserisan: Força Rubra) is the national cricket team representing the Republic of Anserisa in the international matches and is administered by Cricket Anserisa.

Cricket Anserisa (Anserisan: Cricketo Anserisa) is the governing body for cricket in Anserisa. It was originally formed in 1910 as the Anserisan Cricket Federation but changed its name to Cricket Anserisa in 2015.

Anserisa, officially the Republic of Anserisa (Anserisan: Republica d'Anserisa, Anserisan pronunciation: [ʁepyblika d'ɑ̃səʁiza]) is small archipelago nation located in the South Pacific.

The squad for the tournament :

Batting order
1. Aquila Améristum - Batter - Right-handed - #: 87 - Club: Libério
2. Hormisdaso Tallérium - Batter - Right-handed - Right-arm medium - #: 1 - Club: Brantavilla
3. Patricia Éouénium - Wicketkeeper - Right-handed - #: 64 - Club: Concordia
4. Narcisso Eurium - Batter - Right-handed - #: 93 - Club: Concordia
5. Florentino Cartum - All-rounder - Right-handed - Right-arm medium-fast - #12 - Club: Céruléa
6. Christiano Siquinérium - All-rounder - Left-handed - Right-arm fast-medium - #99 - Club: Chevrona
7. Barbara Chérbrouquium - All-rounder - Left-handed - Right-arm medium-fast - #85 - Club: Céruléa
8. Cécilia Russellum - Bowler - Right-handed - Left-arm fast - #77 - Club: Brantavilla
9. Pia Zuquérim - Bowler - Left-handed - Right-arm fast - #56 - Club: Vexilla
10. Blasio Quisouiquium - Bowler - Left-handed - Right-arm fast - #34 - Club: Céruléa
11. Célestino Bouchum - Bowler - Left-handed - Right-arm fast - #47 - Club: Libério

1. Hadriana Perium - Batter - Left-handed - #74 - Club: Brantavilla
2. Léo Brum - Wicketkeeper - Left-handed - #72 - Club: Concordia
3. Amanda Lotbinium - All-rounder - Right-handed - Slow-left-arm orthodox - #22 - Club: Céruléa
4. Tacito Ouatsum - All-rounder - Right-handed - Right-arm fast - #38 - Club: Brantavilla
5. Antonina Cavégnum - Bowler - Left-handed - Right-arm fast - #93 - Club: Chevrona

Players have been chosen from the Anserisan 50 League, the List A professional cricket league, which is composed of the 6 original cricket clubs of the nation.

Image Image Image
Test, ODI and T20I uniforms

Roleplay permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y*
Godmod injuries to my players: N
**Godmod how my players were dismissed: N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
*Nothing career-ending or tournament-ending
**It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sat May 16, 2020 1:36 pm

To: Global Cricket Federation
From: Northwest Kalactin Sporting Commision
Dear Global Cricket Federation, in spite of shifts in Kalactanian sporting politics the Northwest Kalactin Sporting Commision has fried the entire cricket board of Northwest Kalactin. The entire board has been wiped clean do to a inability to understand the game of cricket. It has also come to our attention that the federation members where gloating about a surprise win of the World Twenty20 championships. All members responsible in this have been banned from further participating in any Kalactanian sponsored cricket events. The board has now been replaced with more knowledgeable members of the cricket community in Northwest Kalactin. The new president of the board will be Dallas Jones, a coach from the Twenty20 championship winning team. Dexter King will be the member responsible for One Day International cricket in Northwest Kalactin. Travis Knight will be the president of T20 cricket in Northwest Kalactin. Domestic cricket in Kalactin will also start to take a new shape. Players will not be paid large wages anymore and will now tend to earn as much as the average working class family in Northwest Kalactin. The following members are banned from cricket in Northwest Kalactin. Barry Patton, Preston Moore, Wesley Ruiz, Justin Dennis, Ramiro Yates, Lorenzo Phillips, Hector Willis, Benny Holloway, Jacob Byrd, Marlon Townsend ans Orville Parsons.
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Postby Mattijana » Sat May 16, 2020 1:53 pm

Mattijanan Roster For the Inaugural World ODI Trophy


The Mattijana Cricket Federation (MKB) presents its team for the first ever ODI World Cup. The marmots are coming off the back of their first ever white ball trophy in the 12th World T20 and a number of that team, including captain Mattias Karamov, will return. Add to that some bright young hopefuls and Mattijana have an encouraging squad that justifies their high ranking.
ODI Cricket is actually the favoured format of most Mattijanans. There is space for the conventional strokeplay, innings-building and tactics that please the purists, but also the boundary clearing and constant excitement to please the more casual fans.

Colours: Light green with light yellow trim around lower body and arms.

Cricket In Mattijana:

The sport of cricket (or Krikete in Mattijanan) is a well established favourite in Mattijana, with a variety of leagues, climates and idyllic locations making it a fans' favourite. The vast size and therefore massive range of climates in Mattijana mean all kinds of players can be successfully developed, with the warm and dry south and south-east a spinner's paradise, and the wetter centre North and West a rewarding location for swing and seam bowling.

The Mattijanan league system has three sections: 4-day, one day and Twenty 20 Cricket. The 4-day tournament contains teams named after their region, whilst one day teams are purely city based, but generally use the same stadiums and training facilities as their regional counterparts.

Head Coach: Dominik Maestri
A former batsman for Petrovijanka KK, Dominik Maestri retired at the age of 38 and moved straight into coaching, becoming the batting specialist for the under 21 side at the same club. Following success for the team in the domestic Under 21 T20 championships, Maestri was promoted to batting coach of the first team and then head coach 4 years later. He spent 5 years as head coach of Petrovijanka KB, winning 2 T20 domestic titles as well as a 5 day title.
After finishing his 5th season, he was offered the International job and began his preparation for the 8th T20 championships.


Opener: Katarina Sava

Sava has the perfect formula for an ODI opener. Her ability to rotate the strike and play high-class conventional shots is second only to Marko Zackov, but she can also clear the ropes when she feels like it. Her tendency to play across the line is a weakness against the moving ball, something that has kept her in and out of the test team in recent years, but on a flatter deck, she can be a match winner.

Opener: Dominik Vukjic

Younger and less subtle than his opening partner, Vukjic is very much the wood to Sava's glue. Strong and capable of some brutal hits to all parts, he will either score quickly or get out quickly and it's very difficult to predict which one is going to happen.

Number 3: Marko Zackov

By far the best in the side at picking the gaps and manipulating a fielding side at will, it's rare to see Zackov clearing the boundaries, but he can still accumulate quickly. The 31 year-old has been the spine of many a Mattijanan innings down the years and if he can put together some solid knocks during this tournament, Mattijana will go well.

Number 4: Jasmina Benzeni

25-year-old Benzeni made a name for herself with some pinch innings during the World T20 and has carried on her form during recent domestic seasons. Number 4 probably isn't her natural position, so it will be interesting to see how she balances accumulation with power-hitting, but she should be able to form some handy partnerships with the batters around her and is more adaptable to difficult situations than some of her teammates.

Number 5, seam bowler: Fredi Glukspiel

All rounder, Fredi Gluckspiel is one to watch in the side. When on form, he is virtually unstoppable with both bat and ball, but due to his mercurial nature, he has earned himself the nickname "Glucksmann" (man of luck). In any case, you never know what you're going to get.

Number 6, Wicket Keeper: Jos Illicic

Illicic is the ultimate 360 degree lacerator. The Keeper-batter combines invention and intelligence with the ability to just clear his front leg and clobber it, something that has served him well for Puljanka in the domestic championships. For all the scoops and flicks, he also has a smashing cover drive which makes him even easier to get behind.

Number 7, Seam Bowler, Captain: Mattias KaramovMattias Karamov leads the attack with some good seam variations and swing bowling. His pace isn't quite what is used to be, but he has adapted with a box of tricks and with some help from the pitch, he's a tricky player to get off the square. Batting-wise, he's also matured with age and can actually hold his own, particularly in support of a specialist batter. Whether he could shepherd the tail to a nervy win in a world cup match is another matter and frankly we're in a major spot of bother if we have to find out soon.

Number 8, Right arm leg spin: Johanna Murska

22 year-old Murska is one of the new additions to the Mattijanan side and has impressed in domestic Cricket, taking the most wickets of any spinner last season. Her leg spin is the more threatening of the two Mattijanan spin-options, but also the least consistent and she is probably better-used in shorter spells than for containment purposes, but she has already shown herself to have a magic ball in her and can provide some resistance with the bat too.

Number 9, fast bowler: Kasenka Riegler

Riegler is a regular in the Mattijanan lineup across all formats and makes up for his lack of subtlety by bowling above 90 miles an hour at either your feet or your head. Some injury problems have surfaced in recent years as you would expect with a fast bowler as well-used as him, but if he can stay fit for the whole tournament, he will be a real strike threat.

Number 10, Seam bowler: Daniella Johanovic

Johanovic is somewhere in between Riegler and Karamov for both pace and trickery. That makes her good as a containment seamer, particularly on a pitch with something in it, but can make her more vulnerable when she doesn't have assistance from the conditions.

Number 11, Off-spinner: Jan Nortje

Down at jack is another new spin bowler in Jan Nortje. He is the man to go to for containment bowling due to his tight control of line and length, but if we end up relying on him with the bat, head to the pub early.

Player (technical information), age, regional team (4-day championship), one day team

Specialist Batsmen:
Dominik Vukjic (Right-hander), 24, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Katarina Sava (Left-hander), 27, Pulnika, Puljanka KK
Marko Žackov (Right-hander), 29, Istrija, Revinka KK
Alex Postojna (Right-hander), 23, Antaljana, Kranj KK (reserve bat)
Jelena Laramazic (Left-hander), 25, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK (reserve bat)
Jasmina Benzeni (Right-hander), 23, Moslena, Ramas KK

All Rounders:
Fredi Glukspiel (Left-hand batting+Left-arm seam/pace), 25, Juliana, Burges KK
Dominika Smitek (Right-hand batting+right-arm medium-pace, 24, Strandska, WestStrandt KK (reserve)

Wicket Keepers:
Jana Huscak (Left-hand batting), 27, Juliana, Burges KK
Jos Illicič (Right-hand batting), 27, Pulnika, Puljanka KK

Mattias Karamov (Right-arm seam), 30, Juliana, Burges KK
Kasenka Riegler (Left-arm pace), 24, Istrija, Revinka KK
Daniella Johanovic (Right-arm seam), 25, Petrovijanska, Petrovijanka KK
Johanna Murska (Right-arm leg-spin), 33, Istrija, Revinka KK
Jan Nortje (Right-arm off-spin),32, Pulnika, Puljanka KK

Starting XI:

1: Dominik Vukjic
2: Katarina Sava
3: Marko Žackov
4: Jasmina Benzeni
5: Fredi Glukspiel
6: Jos Illicic (WK)
7: Mattias Karamov (C)
8: Johanna Murska
9: Kasenka Riegler
10: Daniella Johanovic
11: Jan Nortje

Bowling Order:

1: Mattias Karamov
2: Kasenka Riegler
3: Daniella Johanovic
4: Jan Nortje
5: Johanna Murska


No career ending injuries or deaths, otherwise go for it. However all Covid-19 references will be ignored in their entirety.

Style Mod: +3
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Postby Elejamie » Sat May 16, 2020 2:27 pm


Elejamian national cricket team
Selección de críquet de Elejamia
Elejam cerikit tim

aka The Greenblacks
Coach: Vijay Dhillon
Style mod: 0

Cricket is a fairly new sport to Elejamie, with the first match on Elejamian soil being played in 1960. However, it wasn't until 1967 that an official national side was formed and 1974 when the first domestic match was played, between Aventry and Surter, with Aventry winning by seven wickets. In 1987, a small limited-overs cricket tournament - the Cross-Tractal Cup - was played, with Wyken winning all of their group games against East Reise, Nuevo Paraíso and Mittedorf before beating Aventry in the semi-final and Autumnia in the final (Autumnia would later go on to win the 1989 edition). Three more editions were played before the tournament was cancelled in 1991 for unknown reasons, with West Reise (who had won the trophy in 1988 and 1990) being allowed to keep it. Twenty20 is the most popular form of cricket, with the Elejamian Cricket League being the top league in the nation, though some cities and tracts have their own amateur 50-overs leagues.

As there haven't been any previous ODI tournaments the Greenblacks have competed in, this will be a short sentence.

No.	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand
1 Steve Loughlin (vc) SP SRTR Left
2 Dawoud Halabi D WYKN Right
3 Robert Hamilton RCM ESRE Right
4 Mike Bentley MJ BNTT Left
5 Kelly Entwistle KS ATMN Right
6 Ricardo Montoya RE BIST Left
7 Salman Halabi S KEDS Right
8 Danny Slezinger (c) DJ AVEN Left
9 Lucas Mahler L MTDF Left
10 Arían Rodriguez AG MDLN Right
11 Pablo Novak P NUPA Right

(c) - Captain
(vc) - Vice captain

No	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand	Position
12 Nick Hutcherson NT WERS Left 1-2
13 Dan McCafferty DR ESEL Left 1-3
14 Dave Garner DG SHNR Right 2-5
15 Pael Cetorin P SWNG Right 5-7
16 Frank Kaderabek FSK WRWK Left 8-11
17 Julián Blanco JA RCST Left 9-10
18 Fuad al-Jurjani F ROIY Right 10-11

  1. Pablo Novak (right-armed fast)
  2. Arían Rodriguez (right-armed leg-spinner)
  3. Lucas Mahler (left-armed orthodox-spinner)
  4. Danny Slezinger (left-armed unorthodox spinner)
  5. Robert Hamilton (left-armed fast)

Should they play:

  • Julián Blanco (left-armed swinger)1-2
  • Frank Kaderabek (left-armed unorthodox spinner) - 2-3
  • Dave Garner (right-armed medium-fast) - 2-4
  • Nick Hutcherson (left-armed medium) - 4-5
  • Fuad al-Jurjani (right-armed off-spinner) - 5

  1. Mike Bentley (main)
  2. Pael Cetorin (first reserve)
  3. Fuad al-Jurjani (second reserve)


Along with some green helmets with a black chin strap and white ear pads. In the event of them playing another team that primarily wears any shade of green, Elejamie will wear an all black kit but with the same helmet. Yes, they will do this even if they are the home side.

Don't kill any of my players. If you do want to injure any of them, then you can only injure one of them per game and they can miss up to two games (meaning you can't do anything career-ending). Other than that, go nuts.

Hopefully this is alright. Any problems with this, please let me know so I can go back and take out, change or put in anything that needs to be done.

Also, full names for most of my players are listed here. Except for those without middle names, the other players' full names are: David George Garner and Franklin Stephen Karel Kaderabek.
Elejamie (English); Elejamia (Spanish); Elejam (Iyilim) - Denonym: Elejamian - Pronounced (English): Eh-leh-jah-meh

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Postby Kriegiersien » Sat May 16, 2020 2:35 pm


The 42nd Loyal Regiment of the Mounted Mango Fusiliers represents Kriegiersien in this wicket battle.

The Officers of these ancient "Elite"-Regiment are proud to not only play cricket, but to be one of the bests in Kriegiersien. Arguably, as there are many inofficial different competitions going on.

Thanks to own invested money and a sponsor (a tea company), they took the chance to travel to Liventia and proudly represent their nation in the World Trophy.

The Gentlemen:

Colonel Samuel von Schneider
Major Arthur Pennywise
Major Albert Cheese
Major John Palin
Major Michael Idle
Captain Charly Longbottom
Captain Frank Cothelstone
Captain Graham Jones
Captain Paul Posh
Captain Martin Winterbottom
Captain Richard Shortshanks

Lieutnant Marc Longbottom

and some further staff



Everything allowed that doesn't Godmode the fun out of it.
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Postby Liventia » Sat May 16, 2020 3:10 pm

Group draw and tournament format
Match schedule for teams in Groups A and B
MD1: 1 bye, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5
MD2: 5 bye, 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3: 2 bye, 3 v 1, 4 v 7, 5 v 6
MD4: 6 bye, 7 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5: 3 bye, 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 7
MD6: 7 bye, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD7: 4 bye, 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1
Match schedule for teams in groups C through F
MD1: 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD2: 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3: 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD4: 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5: 3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1
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As promised, the 'second half' of the roster post, featuring full biographies for each of the sixteen squad members; essentially a writing exercise in 'how do you assemble anything useful when virtually all the statistics you have relate to completely different format, and you've only played four ODIs so the numbers are hilariously unrepresentative?'. It's turned out alright though - hopefully this is of use for anyone who wants to get an idea of what the Plough Islanders are like on and off the pitch.
Apologies for the lack of a proper preview for the Damukuni game as well - if I'm being honest, I am slightly worried that it's going to be enough of a task just getting scorecards and some kind of report out between matches...
The best of luck to Sajnur, Eastfield Lodge, Barunia, Damukuni, Ko-oren, and Liventia, and to the rest of the teams in the event - have fun!

Kevin Charles Trotsky LAING
Born 26 September 1986, FoxdaleTeam captainRight-hand batOccasional right-arm medium31 Tests, 3 ODIs

By anyone's standards, 2020 has thus far been kind to Kevin Laing; he scored 497 runs at a quietly impressive average of 41.42 in Plough Islander colours, oversaw Test series wins against Sajnur and Lisander, and even managed to oversee a Foxes overseas tour - a two-Test series shared with Ko-oren - that was not disrupted by illness, fatigue, bowling controversies, player revolts, or anything more concerning to the Bradfordian right-hander than Ilya Lebed slipping in the hotel bathroom. "It has been quite gentle on all of us thus far" admits Laing, but he still has some concerns ahead of the World Trophy. "We are not at full strength, in all honesty - I wish we could have brought Matthew Davy or Angus Whittall or David Hadcroft along, or I could name a lot of people who deserve to be on the trip but, whatever the reason, cannot make it. And we know it will be mentally hard on us too, with the schedule and having to face so many extremely good and well-organised teams early on..."
Ever the worrier - the negative side of what has always been a pastoral, personal approach to the task of leading and organising his comrades - Laing's concerns have foundation in reality, but there are few people better able to handle the task. With his form in no immediate danger of receding, at least with the bat ("I think all hundred and forty thousand people on the islands must just sigh collectively whenever I bowl an over - even though I have to, just when someone needs a few minutes to warm up!"), Laing's mind is free to focus on the well-being of his team, individually and collectively, and to work on how to counter both familiar faces such as the Ko-orenites and likely new opponents such as Barunia, Ethane, and New Luneberg. The World Trophy will, in some ways, be a challenge for the entire cricketing community as they get to grips with a format they may not have played in some time, but in Laing, the hopes of the Foxes have arguably been left in the safest of all possible hands. And despite the worries, it is a task the veteran captain is excited about. "It will be wonderful for us as Plough Islanders to display our skills and collective endeavour, these competitions are always good showcases for the pageantry and the colours and the sounds of the sport. And if all goes right, I have confidence that out in the middle we can show the rest of the world a good time as well!"

Rory Peter ALIYEV
Born 16th August 1999, HighrockStudent, engineeringRight-hand batOccasional right-arm leg break1 Test, 4 ODIs

Since his involvement with the World 20-over Championship team - where he anchored the top order admirably, scoring an unbeaten 76 against Indusse and half centuries against Elejamie and Krytenia - Rory Aliyev has been exceedingly busy with the final year of his degree studies at the University of the Plough Islands, and says "I have barely even looked at a bat since September, possibly excepting the Sutcliffe Shield game last week if we are being technical about it". Leaving aside that it would be difficult for him, deputising as an opener, to have carried his bat for the University against New Hibernia without being able to see it, Aliyev's natural talent has evidently remained undiminished in spite of his schedule, and eventually he admits to having carried on with net sessions "once a week, maybe. Perhaps twice. It depends very much on if one of my lecturers is asking..."
Rory has been multitasking like this since early in his teenage years; he was something of a batting prodigy, coming almost straight out of school cricket in Highrock and into the New Dalmatia first XI in the Shield, and was the only player to have experienced both of the Plough Islands' previous limited overs tournaments; his experience in Ko-oren was "far more of a learning curve off the field than it was in terms of what happened performance-wise", but was sufficient to not only earn him an unexpected Test cap against the Dragonflies on their tour of the islands the following year, scoring a solid 35 in an end-of-season draw, but saw him effectively lead the Young Foxes in their Liventian campaign later that summer. Twenty in chronological years, Aliyev is possibly the most experienced member of the side in an international tournament environment, and that may yet prove as vital a part of his contribution to the Foxes as his reverse sweep and front-foot drive.

Sarah ASHE
Born 30 August 1994, CrabbleConstableRight-hand batRight-arm off break15 Tests, 4 ODIs

Given what has happened in her international career to date, Sarah Ashe has been glad for the opportunity to "just keep my head down and play without any pressure on me", which the most recent Test season has provided without too many distractions. The lanky offspinner's international debut, after a strong performance in the 20-over championship in Ko-oren, was rapidly overshadowed by a controversy over her bowling action that sidelined her after just three Tests while she underwent an assessment programme that ultimately cleared her to bowl, but had a devastating effect on her confidence for some time afterwards, unable to regain her previous form successfully until the visit of Ko-oren later that year for the inaugural Polaris Trophy.
Though Ashe can adapt her natural game to all formats, her economical, accurate offspin is best suited to the limited overs context, as is her handiness with a bat in hand in an emergency, and it was in the One Day Internationals that the New Hibernian was able to thrive; she took eight wickets at 18.75 as she helped the Foxes to the inaugural tournament victory, and subsequently starred for the Constabulary in a better than expected Sutcliffe Shield campaign, taking 23 wickets at 17.43. "Having that to think about helped me to remember what I was capable of, which helped an awful lot in the Test series against Sajnur and Ko-oren when things became more of a toil and a slog", admits Ashe, but she nevertheless cemented her place in the Test team, being named in the Ko-orenite press as one of the top eleven cricketers of the current season in the entire multiverse after performing well with both bat and ball on the Foxes' visit to the Halcyon Archipelago. Her focus now turns to the tournament in Liventia, where she hopes to continue her current upward swing in form; "I feel like I have some momentum going again, for the first time since, well, everything fell apart last year. But because of that, I know how much everyone else in the team believes in me, and if I can start believing that too it will make things a lot easier, and more fun, and, one never knows, it may lead to some more wickets..."

Born 9 January 1990, SuttonBuilder and stoneworkerRight-hand batRight-arm fast18 Tests, 4 ODIs

The paradox inherent in cricket is that it is a team sport but, fundamentally, one driven by individual performances and personalities to a far greater degree than rugby or soccer or any other comparable event. And so it is that it is difficult to explain the story of Andrew Baxter - the 188cm tall, flaxen-maned paceman from Sutton who will be providing one of the Foxes' few fast bowling options in Liventia - without at least touching on the man who Baxter admits would likely be taking his place were it not for outside events. "If I ever meet David Heath again, I probably ought to thank him..."
It is no disrespect to Baxter - who was Global Cricket Federation cap #2 and took 5 for 35 in the Plough Islands' inaugural Test at December Park - to mention Heath, the medium pace all-rounder who had risen above him in the selectors' considerations after Baxter, hampered by a knee injury that led him to change his runup, conceded a string of expensive performances on home soil. Baxter had been focusing on aspects of his life outside sport instead - an experienced stonemason, he has been busy with construction work taking place on the Sutton Docks, and he is set to become a father in August - when Heath, whose attitude had always been regarded with suspicion by some people connected to Plough Islander cricket, was involved in an unspecified incident during the second Test against Lisander in April and effectively exiled from the Foxes' setup. With the ODI Trophy approaching, it was a very warm welcome back into the fold for Baxter, who, back to his old runup, had taken 6-44 for Sutton & Avalon in a Sutcliffe Shield match running concurrently with the Test. He is pragmatic about the opportunity gifted him; "You take whatever is in front of you in sport - or in anything else, I suppose - and now the stars have aligned it is up to me to prove I deserve it. And...", he adds with a broad smile, "if you have seen the pitch at the Park Central Oval, the conditions could hardly be better..."

Timothy Matthew BLEASDALE
Born 1st June 1989, Formby, United KingdomTeacherRight-hand batWicket-keeper2 Tests, 4 ODIs

Looking and listening to a training session or a team meeting from a distance, Plough Islander accents can blend into each other a little, but in amongst the gentle, rising, falling, precise intonation there is one, slightly rougher, and still distinctly foreign voice that cuts through the others like a gravel path. A tall, bespectacled figure with a short but shaggy haircut that seems to blend into a permanently unshaven face, Tim Bleasdale's path to the Foxes was an unorthodox one; born and raised in Liverpool, he played age-group club cricket in England but only came to the islands in 2013 and at that point had been out of the sport for a while. Having just qualified as a school teacher in his home country, he was attracted by the Plough Islander culture and political orientation; "Both me parents were involved with Militant, so I was brought up a socialist, and I really didn't like where the country was headed back then - it's kind of proved me right unfortunately. So being able to live in a socialist society has just done me the world of good, and that was before I started playing again...".
Having, initially as a hobby, taken up cricket again in the evenings with the Lainemouth Carnegie Cricket Club, he quickly progressed through the teams with his explosive batting and shot selection and was called up by the Swift Island Cricket Board for inter-island competition just fourteen months after moving to the country; a full Harrison Cup and Sutcliffe Shield debut soon followed, and with Bleasdale having put down roots in both the first XI and in the community, it became just a matter of time before he became a Plough Islander citizen and international selection began to be considered. "It's been a whirlwind really, I had me letter from the Premier along with me passport and then a couple of weeks later I was off to Ko-oren for the Twenty20 - somehow I survived that, and now..." Bleasdale can only gesture with some wonder at the events that have taken place around him, but since that ill-fated tournament he has married a local woman, made sure of his place in the Swift side in domestic competition, and been an automatic selection for any and all limited-overs games the Foxes have played since. With a keen eye behind the stumps and a tight grip on his bat as it sees the ball sailing over fine leg for four or six, this adopted Plough Islander is almost certain to have a large role to play in the World Trophy.

Arthur Mikhail DONOVAN
Born 30 April 1989, RedcliffTrade union organiserRight-hand batOccasional right-arm off break2 Tests, 4 ODIs

Of all the cricketers that have played for the Plough Islands in both Test and limited overs teams, Arthur Donovan is by far the most inclined towards the latter; his batting, despite having mellowed in recent years from his younger all-out attack days, is instinctive, opportunistic, and relatively high-risk. That he has played two Tests at all is mostly circumstance; his callup for the last two Tests against Elejamie in 2019 was largely due to being the correct, and available, player for the situation at hand after Sarah Ashe was suspended from bowling. His batting was "...awful, in fairness, but I contributed in some small way to the win" as the Foxes won the series 2-0, and he performed far better later in the year in the Polaris Trophy on home soil, scoring a match-winning and series-winning 76 in the final game at the Ironworks Ground in Redcliff.
Donovan knows the Ironworks Ground like his own garden; he should do well, as he has served on the committee of the Cricket Board of Redcliff for the last three seasons, in addition to being a committee member of the Redcliff City branch of the Socialists and a delegate to the Association of Trades Union of the Plough Islands. He admits "I have worn many, many hats!", citing his father (the notoriously firebrand former Member of the People's Assembly, Barnaby Donovan) as an influence, but cricket remains his first love. "I had not expected to break into elite cricket - I tried politics, and playing cricket was a distraction from that for a while, but by now playing for my island and for my country is the main priority", Donovan explains, having resigned or put on pause most of his other responsibilities in recent years. "I want to be able to give back to the game when I am done playing, but while my form is good and the runs are coming it makes little sense to do anything else."

Andrew Gabriel FAIRFIELD
Born 7 April 1985, SuttonAirliner pilotLeft-hand batSlow left-arm unorthodoxNo previous international games

The oldest player in the squad named by the Plough Islands Cricket Association for the tournament, Andrew Fairfield's abilities with both bat and ball had been well-known for some time, but generally limited to the domestic scene, where his ability to find scoring shots from the most improbable of deliveries was particularly well known in the Sutcliffe Shield. Born in Sutton to an Air Force captain from Highrock and a recently arrived weapons technician from Samara in the Soviet Union, Fairfield was surrounded by, and fascinated by, fighters and other warplanes from an early age, giving him a head for facts and statistics that almost inevitably made it easier to collect facts and statistics of other kinds. As Andrew summarises; "I cannot even remember if I was an aviation tragic or a cricket tragic first, they have always seemed to go hand in hand. It is just as well they cannot normally overlap..."
Fairfield has generally spent his life to date balancing one and the other of his passions - while aircraft have generally dominated, with Fairfield having held a fixed-wing licence since the minimum age of 16, spent seven years in the Plough Islands Air Force and almost as long flying Trislanders on local transportation routes, cricket has never been too far away. He took one of only five hat-tricks in the history of the Air Force's Sutcliffe Shield participation against the Naval Force in 2008 with his left-arm wrist spin, but has gradually matured into a batting all-rounder rather than a front-line bowler - increasingly proving competent in first-class cricket as well as limited-overs, scoring a century for New Dalmatia in the 2019 Harrison Cup. It was his quiet proficiency and adaptability that saw Fairfield's name enter the selection pool, and while he admits "the telephone call came as a complete surprise...I had been asked, I was aware I was being considered, but I honestly thought I was too old and out of the system too much", the depth this popular and experienced batsman adds to the Foxes' game is much appreciated - being an avid student of the game, by himself as much as anyone.

Terry Stephen Frederick GIBBS
Born 17th November 2001, SuttonStudent, Marxist-Leninist economicsRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakNo previous international games

The grandson of the three-term Minister for Finance and Trade, Arthur Gibbs, Terry Gibbs was instilled with all the correct Plough Islander values and kept a rich diversity of company from an early age, and could have turned his hand to anything other than turning a cricket ball and made a success of it. As it worked out, his academic ability enabled his talent to be nurtured from very early in life at Sutton's prestigious Red Star Academy, and he rose through the ranks of school and representative cricket quickly, with a frightening eye for wickets. He was one of the youngest members of the Young Foxes team that travelled to the World 20-over Championships in Liventia last year, but was the standout performer with the ball, taking 23 wickets as the Plough Islands side reached the quarter finals, and his high-level debut came soon after when he was impressed into an end-of-season Harrison Cup match for Sutton & Avalon.
And it was that match, as much as anything, which provided what Gibbs called "the whole spectrum of emotions - I got hit to all corners of December Park in the first innings, I got very upset with myself, and then the second..." Given some encouragement by captain Robin McCulloch, Gibbs took an astounding 6-17, and as Sutton & Avalon won by six wickets, almost all the credit went to the young bowler for his matchwinning contribution. But Gibbs has always struggled with this inconsistent, dual nature - in life as in cricket - with the nineteen-year-old finding the mental side of the game particularly hard. "It frustrates me, because I can see myself spiralling down and down and the feedback loop that happens if I have had a poor game," he admits, "but breaking out of that still is not coming naturally. I wish I had the gift of being able to put them behind me." His goals for the competition include learning to do that from veterans, but that does not entirely preclude him from getting the chance to demonstrate his still overflowing talent to the multiverse.

Arnoldus Jan HENDRICKS
Born 19th August 1999, Knysna, South AfricaStudent, geologyRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakNo previous international games

Two years ago, in Ko-oren, the name Hendricks appeared on the teamsheet as an absolute last resort - after the punishing tournament schedule for that 20-over World Championship left many of the Foxes squad out of action or badly flagging, head coach Lourens Hendricks was registered as a player for the final two games of the tournament, and Dennis Stanway and Domenick Gardenar were among his victims as he delivered, albeit with some delays between balls, certainly the best bowling performance by a 51-year-old legspinner in the history of multiversal cricket. This time, the inclusion of a Hendricks is intentional, and Lourens has been at pains to make clear, almost with embarrassment, that "ja, no, that was not a decision I had any involvement in. I mean, the boy had good advice, but that was one hundred percent the other selectors!"
Born a world away in Knysna, six hours from Cape Town, but raised mainly in Foxdale and Gloucester, it is only Jannie Hendricks' name and skin that give any clue that there is more to his story than any other Plough Islander of his generation. He recieved "an awful lot!" of encouragement to play as a child, and was shaped by the elder Hendricks' approach; "my father just lives and breathes cricket, and he made sure nothing could discourage me from how I was progressing at home or at was always about improvement, never criticism, even when I was bowling fairly awfully". Despite Lourens' deliberate non-advocacy of his son - he spent over ten years involved heavily with the Plough Islands Cricket Association's youth development programmes - good performances for Sutton Highlands High School drew the attention of the Association nonetheless, and by the time he set out to study geology at the University of the Plough Islands, he had already represented the Young Foxes at under-17 level, and went on to excel with both bat and ball in last year's 20-over competition in Liventia. Further good performances for the University's Sutcliffe Shield side in 2019 and early 2020 brought him to the forefront of the minds of (most of) the selectors, and Hendricks is excited by the possibility of making his senior debut. "If you are a young Plough Islander, a young cricketer, this kind of opportunity is always something that lives in the little part of your mind where you allow yourself to have dreams and fantasies. And getting to fulfil that dream is a massive honour and extremely fulfilling for me, and most likely for my father too - he might even have to not be neutral for once!"

Graeme HOLT
Born 5 July 1988, RedcliffWelder and fabricatorLeft-hand batOccasional left-arm medium31 Tests, 4 ODIs

For those who only became familiar with Islander cricket after the Foxes joined the Global Cricket Federation in 2018, seeing Graeme Holt open the batting without Matthew Davy by his side has been a rare and unsettling sight, such have the two been intertwined in the minds of millions across the multiverse. And although in reality, they play for different first-class sides, and Davy had more commonly been bowling to Holt than batting alongside him, the Redcliff left-hander has been "...missing, and regretting, I suppose are the words?" that Davy, who has only played the last Test against Lisander this year, cannot make the trip to Liventia too. The partnership clearly worked well - Holt's Test average alongside Davy was over 40; without him, this year, it was just 26, and although Holt by himself is a potent weapon for the Foxes to have in their arsenal, the difference is still cause for concern.
As ever, though, Holt is accepting of and pragmatic about the situation - and in the one-day game, the stocky opener's instincts may be aroused more; "I figure that you can only play what is bowled at you - literally and figuratively - and the ODI tournament will be a different game entirely to the Tests, I can open my shoulders up a bit more and hunt for boundaries early on". He is a consistent performer in this regard in the Sutcliffe Shield, where he regularly averages five to seven runs higher than his current Test average of 36.95, and it is difficult to imagine a situation where he would not be leading run chases from the front. Certainly, as someone who insists on facing the first ball in every match he plays, his will and spirit are more than adequate for the task in hand; give Holt a bat and, statistically, he is almost sure to deliver.

Ilya Tikhonovich LEBED
Born 28 September 1993, PIA IshtarAir Force reserve officerLeft-hand batWicket-keeper29 Tests

Ilya Lebed's family are virtually a standards book example of how immigrants from the now-former Soviet Union and associated nations in the 1980s, encouraged by the Vital Skills Programme, have assimilated well into Plough Islander culture - his father Tikhon Lebed, an aviation engineer from Tomsk who worked on air defence systems for the Plough Islands Air Force, has been in a reserve role with the Air Force for the last ten years in favour of spending weekends and odd weekdays umpiring in New Dalmatian Cricket Board and Plough Islands Cricket Association competitions. "He has been into cricket as long as I've been alive, and myself, Irina, Larisa, and Liliya [his sisters] all got encouraged to play - I look back sometimes and I wonder what the people at Eleuthera Cricket & Social Club made of his car pulling up and all these Russians dutifully trotting out of the back, all already changed and padded up..."
An almost flamboyantly ("not intentionally!") flexible - as a child, he excelled in gymnastics - and reliable presence behind the stumps, Lebed has been an almost automatic selection for the Foxes in Tests since they gained Global Cricket Federation membership, but his relatively gentle batting technique, at times cautious and focusing on singles and twos rather than boundaries, means that he generally serves as understudy to Tim Bleasdale in limited overs matches, not that Lebed minds. "If I tried to smash the ball all over the place like he does, I would get caught out after about five deliveries, it is not a style I am suited to, and that is more than fair enough. Tim is a really good player and friend and just a good person - a 'proper sound mate' as he would say! - and we just play different roles". During the World 20-over Championships in Ko-oren in 2018, though, the gruelling schedule of the tournament meant both played in the same team for most of the later matches, and with the complex schedule of this competition meaning the Foxes will need to play at least two group stages, Lebed is "...prepared for whatever might happen. If my experience is in any way typical, anything that can happen in these tournaments often does..."

Audrey Catherine LEGGETT
Born 12 March 1988, FoxdaleFarmerRight-hand batRight-arm leg break31 Tests, 4 ODIs

Statistically speaking, Audrey Leggett is almost a fossil - the Bradford goatherd being the only Plough Islander to have taken part in all 35 senior international matches (and all ten 20-over games) since the Foxes joined the Global Cricket Federation in 2018. And yet she is also the best limited overs batter this small country has ever produced, which is only partially an endorsement of her markedly unreformed technique, being more a comment on the volatile nature of batting metrics after just four matches, but most watchers of the game are at least in agreement that Leggett's 'close your eyes and make the ball disappear' approach is the correct one to take at the start of an innings, particularly in the limited overs game where opposing captains have tended to forget about cow corner.
Gifted with strong wrists and biceps, and with a distinct preference for saying more with less when asked about her game, Leggett's cricket has been characterised as a triumph of brawn over brain. Such goes the stereotypical description of Leggett, at least - albeit one that, from the horse's mouth, is "pretty accurate, to be fair!" - but there is a solid cricketing mind beneath the ancient helmet and streaky hair, and she oversaw a decisive victory in the final match of the Polaris Trophy standing in as captain for her friend Kevin Laing. Her wealth of experience makes up for any deficiencies in her technique that arise from time to time - "Naomi [Salisbury, Foxes left-arm spinner and Leggett's girlfriend] keeps telling me to keep my feet behind the crease, but I always seem to forget out in the middle..." - and for as long as her body will allow her, it seems that Leggett's appearance streak is unlikely to end for some considerable amount of time to come.

Leanne Amanda MARTIN
Born 27 March 1989, FoxdaleDock workerLeft-hand batWicket-keeperNo previous international games

Leanne Martin has waited quite a while for her international debut to come. A powerful, well-built, broad-shouldered middle-order wicketkeeper-batter with an aggressive scoring streak, particularly against pace bowling, she is another graduate, and the current senior captain, of the Engels Cricket Club in Foxdale where she represented most age-group teams. Dovetailing various jobs in and around the Foxdale docks with her club cricket, Martin was an intermittent presence in the Bradford Cricket Board under-20 side but became an almost automatic selection at senior level, particularly in Sutcliffe Shield matches where she often deputised as an opener, and quickly built a good reputation for her staying power in difficult batting conditions. Her ability meant that she was often included in discussions regarding national team selection, but - for one reason or another - she had never made the final step.
Martin could be forgiven for some bitterness about the situation, but recounts the missed chances dispassionately and bears little ill will. "I was the reserve wicketkeeper on the first tour to Ko-oren, where it was too hot so we just stayed in the hotel rooms all day - it was good bonding time, but nothing happened in terms of chances to play. And then I spent a lot of time on standby for competitions like the Polaris Trophy, but...". Head coach and selector Lourens Hendricks puts most of the fault down to her being seen by other selectors as a wicketkeeper first, rather than for her considerable batting talents - "ag, man, you'd think someone with two centuries and a 60 average in the Harrison Cup could catch a break" - and with Ilya Lebed and Tim Bleasdale starring in that regard, there was no room for the Bradfordian redhead. However, for the trip to Liventia, the call finally came, and Martin is eager to finally step out on the field with her comrades. "There is a little bit of wishing it had happened earlier, but I feel more ready for it now than perhaps I would have been in Ko-oren - this is probably my best format. And if there is any frustration, there are going to be plenty of opposing bowlers to maybe take some of it out on..."

Colin Gabriel McCARTHY
Born 19 June 1991, HighrockEconomic planning coordinatorRight-hand batRight-arm fast-medium31 Tests, 4 ODIs

The general formula of the Foxes' bowling under Kevin Laing and Lourens Hendricks has been, increasingly so in recent seasons, to field four or five spinners and have Colin McCarthy take the brunt, if not all, of the burden of the side with regards to pace bowling, leading to some quite lengthy spells for McCarthy in recent matches. In very typical style, it is a role the mop-haired swinger plays dutifully and without complaint, and even seems to quietly relish in; often batsmen from far and near have been lulled into a sense of safety after negotiating the typical Plough Islander spin attack, only for McCarthy to swing the ball in at over a hundred and twenty kilometres an hour and leave them with no answer.
Over a hundred wickets for the Foxes in all competitions is a testament to his usefulness even on slow home pitches, and away from home - particularly in the context of limited overs cricket, with opponents forced to play shots more to his line and length - McCarthy is deadly. He was the Foxes' joint top wicket taker in Ko-oren at the 2018 World 20-over Championship, and was one of the few players to come through that particular experience mostly unscathed; "I loved playing at the Royal Oval - that surface was awful for batting after so many teams had been on it back to back, but it was paradise for a quick bowler. And we played on it so often you could recognise the individual divots!". It is an approach he is looking forward to being able to adopt in Liventia, as well - "it will be a tough ask, against the leading teams in the multiverse, but there are some players I think I have a good chance against, and some teams that we know will have a blind spot for pure pace. And if you consider how flat the pitches are in Orean and City Centre - some of them are like concrete - they could turn out to be quite happy hunting grounds."

Born 21 December 1992, WaterfallsFarmerLeft-hand batSlow left-arm orthodox31 Tests, 4 ODIs

Naomi Salisbury has - whisper it quietly - seemed a lot happier since she moved to Bradford in 2019. Her domestic and international form followed suit, as she matured from an intense figure, who blew hot and cold, to a consistent and reliable wicket-taker still possessed of an iron focus. With more of a smile accompanying her loping, abrupt run-up around the wicket, the left-arm spinner has proven effective as any line of attack at any level of cricket for the Foxes, with a stunning Test bowling average of 15.90 and more wickets than any other Plough Islander internationally, including eleven from four One Day Internationals in the Polaris Trophy, speaking - or rather, crying out from the mountains - for themselves.
It took a long time for the reasons for the improvement to come out even to her teammates; shared room assignments at the Plough Islands Cricket Association training sessions in Highrock brought her and Audrey Leggett together, and though there did not seem to be much for the psychology graduate from the capital and the goatherd from Foxdale to have in common, something happened almost straight away. "It took me some sleepless nights to understand what I was feeling and what it meant, but...she was there waiting at the end when I worked it out", shares Salisbury, "and more mundanely, having that connection when you spend so much time together within and without the boundary just helps drive us both to be better". While the personal partnership is not an obvious cricketing one - Salisbury's highest first-class batting score is nine, and Leggett, when she does, bowls wrist spin - they have still made an impact together, with their last-wicket stand at the Highrock Athletic Club against Ko-oren to secure a draw, and Leggett's wild-eyed century against Elejamie with her partner hanging on at the other end, both finding their way into Plough Islander cricketing folklore. In Liventia, however, her comrades will be more than satisfied if she can 'merely' make an impact with the ball.

Shauna Leigh Clara WEAVER
30 January 1994, SuttonJournalist and writerRight-hand batRight-arm leg break30 Tests, 4 ODIs

The last time Shauna Weaver was preparing for a major international tournament, she was known predominantly as a relative newcomer to elite cricket, and an injury-prone one at that; she scored Test centuries against Ko-oren and Apox but suffered a poor run of form during and after the World 20-over Championship, punctuated by a spell out of the game after thigh issues. That remains her last major injury; a change of occupation to a role allowing for a more flexible training regimen, and an unbroken run in the Foxes team since that competition, have seen the Swift all-rounder make the #3 spot her own with fewer mistakes, consistently powerful strokes, and an increasingly low prevalance of tactical errors. She has also carved out a useful role as a part-time bowler; although on a purely statistical basis Weaver's 28 international wickets, almost all taken in Tests, have been fairly expensive, her leg-breaks are delivered with enough pace to cause concern and she has a reputation as something of a partnership breaker.
Much like Audrey Leggett, Weaver's natural game is particularly suited to the limited-overs paradigm; settle in quickly, keep the scoreboard ticking over, and use the feet and wrists well to position for regular boundaries. Allied to her deep tactical knowledge of the game, it is a recipe for One Day International success, and it is something Weaver is hungry for; "especially given what happened last time, I have probably waited for this, and wanted for this, more than quite a lot of people. Growing up it was always my ambition to play for the Plough Islands in a full-blooded world championship, to show the world what we can do". Given how her ability has blossomed as she has matured - her Test batting average of 45.39 is already the highest of any Plough Islander - the rest of the world may well be in danger if she can show even a fraction of what she can do.


#10 G Holt LHB
#12 AC Leggett RHB RLB
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#2 RP Aliyev RHB
#1 KCT Laing (c) RHB RMD
#7 AG Fairfield LHB SLC
#5 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#6 AM Donovan RHB
#3 S Ashe RHB ROB
#14 CG McCarthy RHB RFM
#15 NA Salisbury LHB SLA
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Postby Krytenia » Sat May 16, 2020 5:36 pm

GCF World Trophy Squad

First XI:
1. Shelton Schneller (SV Schneller) - Batsman - Right-hander
2. Howard Tatton (HM Tatton) - Batsman - Right-hander
3. Vernon Fulmer (VC Fulmer) - Batsman - Right-hander
4. Ryan Watling (RJ Watling) - Batsman - Left-hander
12. Edward Fenn (EL Fenn) - Batsman - Right-hander
15. Gavin Udall (GM Udall) - All-rounder - Right-hander - Right-arm pace
6. Bradley Grafton (BH Grafton) - Wicket-keeper/Batsman - Left-hander
7. Lynton Saxon (LR Saxon) - Captain - All-rounder - Right-hander - Right-arm pace
9. Stuart Obermann (SA Obermann) - Bowler - Right-hander - Right-arm pace
10. Brigham Hill (BY Hill) - Bowler - Left-hander - Leg spin
5. Graham Monciestri (GDJ Monciestri) - All-rounder - Right-hander - Right-arm swing

8. Barry Mahler (BG Mahler) - Bowler - Right-hander - Right-arm swing
11. William de Tong (WJ de Tong) - Bowler - Right-hander - Off spin
13. Diego Aquino (DAR Aquino) - Batsman - Left-hander
14. Wesley Kosta (WS Kosta) - Wicket-keeper/Batsman - Right-hander
16. Odell Lovatovic (OP Lovatovic) - Bowler - Right-hander - Right-arm swing
17. Owen Yorke (OC Yorke) - Bowler - Right-hander - Off-spin

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Postby Darmen » Sat May 16, 2020 6:57 pm

Darmeni National Cricket Team
presented by the
Darmeni Cricket Board
The Selection Committee of the Darmeni Cricket Board has announced the fifteen player squad that will contest the inaugural GCF ODI World Trophy. Performances in last year's three match ODI series vs. Ko-oren, the recently concluded Test season and domestic List A competition, were taken under consideration for selection.

Opening Batsmen
Vinnie Acker - Left-handed Opening Batsman - 28 years old - Chad City Cricket Club
3 matches; 122 runs @ avg. of 40.67, 11 x 4's, 3 x 6's, 1 x 50's, HS of 71
While Acker has fallen out of favor as the opening batsman for the Test side, his performance in the ODI series vs. Ko-oren saw him finish as the 3rd leading run scorer. Acker will either be looking to reassert himself as one of Darmen's best openers with a good performance in the World Trophy, or reinvent himself as a one-day specialist.

Sigmund Winter (Captain) - Right-handed Opening Batsman - 31 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
3 matches; 85 runs @ avg. of 28.33, 5 x 4's, 5 x 6's, HS of 36
Winter was rather luke warm in Ko-oren, unable to cross the half-ton barrier and put together a memorable innings. But having just led Darmen to the final of the GCF Test cricket season, his leadership more than makes up for his off-on batting.

Middle-order Batsmen
Winston van der Zee - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 26 years old - Hendricks City Cricket Club
Did not play in ODI series vs. Ko-oren
Although not part of the team that played in Ko-oren, and having made a bit of a name for himself in the test squad, van der Zee is regarded as Darmen's preeminent one-day specialist. The first boundary hit by van der Zee is likely to be followed by another and another and another; it's hard to slow him down once he gets going.

Theudofrid Milligan - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 27 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
3 matches; 177 runs @ avg. of 59.00, 18 x 4's, 4 x 6's, 1 x 50's, 1 x 100's, HS of 104
Patient batting pays dividends in Test cricket; slightly less so when the overs are limited. Nevertheless, Milligan scored a century in the first ODI, exploiting the gaps in the Ko-orenite field to hit half of the boundaries he had all tournament in just that one match.

Ellar Ready - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 27 years old - Sterling City Cricket Club
3 matches; 175 runs @ avg. of 175.00, 17 x 4's, 5 x 6's, 2 x 50's, HS of 81
On the one hand, Ready was truly lucky to end two of his three innings not out to achieve an average of 175 runs. On the other hand, his "worst" innings was a 39 from 50. For being Darmen's supposed third best middle-order batsman, Ready played pretty damn well in Ko-oren.

Kenny O'Callaghan - Right-handed Middle-order Batsman - 22 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
Did not play in ODI series vs. Ko-oren
This is O'Callaghan's first fall up to any of the Darmeni national team sides. While he's likely to only see limited playing time, the Selection Committee is curious to see if O'Callaghan can insert himself into the discussion of First XI middle-order batsmen, something which other candidates have yet to be able to do.

Domenic Gardenar - Left-handed All-rounder - Bowls slow left-arm orthodox - 29 years old - Chad City Cricket Club
3 matches; 121 runs @ avg. of 60.50, 12 x 4's, 5 x 6's, 1 x 50's, HS of 56*; 28.0 overs bowled, 2 wickets @ avg. of 74.00, 1 maiden
Gardenar is a much better bowler in the domestic scene than he is when representing Darmen. With the national team kit on, he struggles to take wickets and leaks runs at inopportune times. He is very competent with the bat however.

Bud Bachmann - Right-handed All-rounder - Bowls right fast - 23 years old - Johnho Cricket Club
Did not play in ODI series vs. Ko-oren
Just like O'Callaghan, this is Bachmann's first call up. The Selection Committee has stated that they are searching for an all-rounder who can bowl pace, something neither Gardenar (SLA), nor Tristram Kaufman (RM) are able to do. While Bachmann can bowl over 140 km/h, his batting is a bit of an unknown; he bats well for Johnho in Johnho, but away from home has struggled.

Adalfuns Armbruster - Left-handed Wicket-keeper - 32 years old - Cosmopolitans
3 matches; 50 runs @ avg. of 25.00, 6 x 4's, 1 x 6's, HS of 38
A beast behind the wickets; less than intimidating in front of them. It's not that he's necessarily bad with the bat, it's just that he isn't good either. When he's fielding behind the wicket however, watch out for some fantastic acrobatic catches and excellent awareness as he takes the bails off for the occasional stumping. Not much gets past him with the keeper's gloves on. If only that were true when he was wearing his batting gloves.

Justin Beckett - Left-handed Wicket-keeper - 23 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
Did not play in ODI series vs. Ko-oren
Beckett made the trip to Ko-oren for the ODI series, but never featured in any of the three matches. He continues to patiently wait behind Armbruster in the pecking order, learning from his senior counterpart and preparing for the coming day when the reigns are handed over to him.

Pace Bowlers
Menashe Wakefield - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast - 32 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
Did not play in ODI series vs. Ko-oren
Wakefield was not part of the team that traveled to Ko-oren, but since then has made a name for himself as he has become Darmen's best fast bowler in Test cricket. Even at the age of 32, Wakefield has yet to show any signs of a drop off in his pace.

Corwin McAlister - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast - 27 years old - Bloomer Cricket Club
3 matches; 29.0 overs bowled, 5 wickets @ avg. of 31.00, 1 maiden; 18 runs @ avg. of 18.00, 2 x 4's, HS of 18
A consistent claimer of wickets, McAlister's weakness lies in momentary lapses of accuracy. In a recent test match against Liventia, McAlister bowled four consecutive wides and followed that up with a no-ball. 23 runs and an over later, McAlister was sent to the field and not heard from for the rest of the session. It's usually not that bad though.

Kieran Rosenfeld - Right-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls right fast-medium - 25 years old - Romanopolis Cricket Club
3 matches; 29.0 overs bowled, 5 wickets @ avg. of 26.00, 2 maidens; 7 runs @ avg. of ∞, 1 x 6's, HS of 7*
In two of Darmen's fifteen matches in the latest GCF Test season, Rosenfeld came within reach of a 5 wicket haul, only to end up one short. Even if the accolades and flashy performances elude him, Rosenfeld is a consistent performer who is perfectly content to simply "play his part".

Alf Dickenson - Left-handed Pace Bowler - Bowls left fast-medium - 26 years old - Brham Cricket Club
3 matches; 28.0 overs bowled, 5 wickets @ avg. of 23.60, 3 maidens
Dickenson was Darmen's most economical bowler in the Friendship series with Ko-oren, giving up only 118 runs in three matches at 4.21 an over. He is however the slowest of the pace bowlers, rarely breaching the 135 km/h mark.

Spin Bowlers
Dorian Myers (Vice-Captain) - Right-handed Spin Bowler - Bowls off break - 33 years old - Brady City Cricket Club
3 matches; 29.0 overs bowled, 7 wickets @ avg. of 22.14, 2 maidens
The oldest player on the squad, Myers is the foundation of Darmen's bowling attack. He takes wickets, limits runs, gets his fielders in good positions; Myers does it all. He's not even that bad of a batsman, when he gets the chance. His weakness however lies in his fielding; he has a nasty tendency to drop catches at the worst of times.

RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you create a scorecard for your team, please also create one for mine too. Otherwise, have fun!
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Postby Kohnhead » Sat May 16, 2020 7:52 pm

Kohnhead National Cricket Team

Cricket is a very new sport to Kohnhead and is not quite popular. Ultimate Frisbee is more popular than cricket in Kohnhead which is saying something. Kohnhead was barely able to put together a squad with a good few of the players being part of local football teams who also happen to have a cricket team. This team is not expecting much, as two players don't know the rules of cricket and have never played. We will see what happens.

Starting XI
1. Bernardo Johnson Age: 27 Captain-All-rounder-Right Hander
2. Julio Manchester Age: 32 Batsman-Right Hander
3. Marcus Rouncey Age: 19 Batsman-Left Hander
4. William Harthor III Age: 37 Batsman-Right Hander
5. Ulysses Chesterfield Age: 24 Batsman-Left Hander
6. Sir Bartholomew Percival Age: 30 Bowler-Right Hander
7. Sidney Chambers Age: 29 Bowler-Right Hander
8. Walter Leepold Age: 28 Bowler-Left Hander
9. Clyde Arrogon Age: 20 Bowler-Right Hander
10. Ronan Landi Age: 17 Bowler-Right Hander
11. Nicholas Buford Age: 21 Wicket Keeper-Left Hander

1. Thomas Christopher Age: 36 All Rounder-Right Hander
2. Charles Pappelnouf Age: 18 Batsman-Left Hander
3. George Duddet Age: 26 Batsman-Right Hander
4. Joe Mamonas Age: 29 Bowler-Left Hander
5. Sauroman Dildin Age: 42 Bowler-Left Hander
6. Peter Butford Age: 21 Wicket Keeper-Left Hander

Sorry for not putting up my permissions until after the first match.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
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Postby Waisnor » Sun May 17, 2020 12:55 am

Waisnorian Cricket Team

Starting XI
1 - Vitaly Ustinov / Age: 32 / Captain-All-rounder / Left hand
2 - Daniil Gronsky / Age: 20 / Batsman / Left hand
3 - Mikhail Artemenkov / Age: 27 / Batsman / Right hand
4 - Makar Pentegov / Age: 25 / Batsman / Right hand
5 - Yaroslav Yakubenko / Age: 32 / Batsman / Left hand
6 - Valery Ushakov / Age: 19 / Spin Bowler / Right hand
7 - Igor Narivonchik / Age: 27 / Pace Bowler / Right hand
8 - Igor Gorbunov / Age: 29 / Pace Bowler / Right hand
9 - Artyom Matykov / Age: 22 / Pace Bowler / Right hand
10 - Igor Krutov / Age: 24 / Spin Bowler / Left hand
11 - Svyatoslav Sychev / Age: 17 / Wicket Keeper / Right hand

1 - Evgeny Barbashin / Age: 25 / All-rounder / Right hand
2 - Vasily Kontsevoy / Age: 23 / Batsman / Left hand
3 - Valentin Bukatkin / Age: 28 / Batsman / Right hand
4 - Boris Govortsov / Age: 30 / Pace Bowler / Right hand
5 - Kirill Chernov / Age: 24 / Spin Bowler / Left hand
6 - Evgeny Dergay / Age: 21 / Wocket Keeper / Right hand

RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
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Postby The Jovannic » Sun May 17, 2020 3:37 am

Jovannic Cricket
Cricket is a mildly popular sport, Just Behind Curling as the 14th most popular sport. The sport has gained popular in recent years due to great domestic Bowler Mickey Tastudo. There is Unfortunately still no Domestic League, although there are street leagues and an elite league has been devised and set to be shown in a few years time. We have a decent and extremely young Team, one that could go far. We shall see. :clap:

Starting XI
Sale Miski Age:26 Captain All rounder Left Hand
Villi Sanchurros Age: 30 Batsman Left Hand
Marck Janjo Age: 29 Batsman Right Hand
Farigay Harley Age: 21 Batsman Right Hand
Marco Tisihirfe Age: 23 Batsman Right Hand
Regale Mista Age: 24 Pace Orthodox Bowler Right Hand
Mickey Tastudo Age: 20 Spin Bowler Left Hand
Jan Clausineck Age: 35 Spin Bowler Left Hand
Hugled Parker Age: 21 Pace Bowler Right Hand
Viso Lim Age: 22 Pace Bowler Left Hand
Geldan Choogan Age: 27 Wicket Keeper Right Hand

Dinel Optisoz Age: 19 All Rounder Right Hand
Mucela Custalos Age: 30 Batsman Right Hand
Fe Penu Age:18 Batsman Left Hand
Tanfoga Muichipeach Age: 22 Spin Bowler Left Hand
Salfar Musten Age: 19 Pace Bowler Right Hand
Firtew Lopiak Age: 21 Wicket Keeper Left Hand

U may do everything except for Injuries, Godmod or RP. Pls ask me if I would allow and explain why can. Also Scorecard is good. :clap:
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Postby Barunia » Sun May 17, 2020 6:54 am

Barunian 18 player squad

Player             Sex   Position     Hand    Bowling     Rating  Bio
Ben Lockwood (c) M Bat Left - 10/10 Veteran of the T20 WC. First time as captain of the NT.
Laura Bradbury F Bat Right - 9/10 Exciting run machine. An excellent opening partner for Lockwood.
Taylor Christian M Bat Left - 10/10 Has all the sots. Probably the best batsman in the team.
Simon Daley M Bat Left - 8/10 The oldest and most experienced player on the team. Past his prime.
Phoenix Horton F Bat Left Orthodox 8/10 Smart, sensible cricketer who can change gears as needed. Rarely bowls.
Matt Pope M All-Rounder Right Medium Fast 8/10 All rounder known more for his batting. Can swing the ball a bit.
Rachel Johnson F Keeper Right - 9/10 First-choice keeper for this side. A cool head behind the stumps and with the bat.
Lisa Remmick F Bat Right - 7/10 Skilled player of her strokes, but tends to be very traditional in her shot selection.
Tim Cooper M Keeper Right - 7/10 Cooper has lightning-fast reflexes behind the stumps. His batting let's him down.
Chris Kennedy M Bat Right - 5/10 Exciting youngster who may be the future. May only get one game for experience.
Lachlan Smith M All-Rounder Right Off Spin 7/10 Decent batsman who bowls a handy off-break, but may not get in ahead of other players.
Emmanuel Cortez M All-Rounder Right Medium Fast 8/10 May struggle to get a game with Pope in the side, but could be called on to anchor the tail.
Ryan Starr M Bowler Right Fast 9/10 Top strike bowler, will get the new ball. Pure fierce pace. Can also belt a long six.
Patrice Delacroix M Bowler Left Fast 9/10 Craftier then Starr, Delacroix matches speed with swing and a few decent variations.
Chloe Underwood F Bowler Right Off Spin 8/10 The top choice off-spinner for this side, Underwood may struggle to get a game behind Adams.
Niall Thomas M Bowler Right Medium Fast 7/10 A decent enough bowler, but likely the first to be dropped in favour of an all-rounder
Meghan Schmidt F Bowler Right Fast 10/10 Another veteran, Schmidt combines speed with unerring accuracy. Will pair with Starr.
Zane Adams M Bowler Right Leg Spin 9/10 Adams is the most experienced bowler in the squad. Will probably play every game.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y, but no godmodding and please consider the team line up when doing so. I've included ratings and a short bio of each player, which should give you some indication as to a likely XI.
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Sun May 17, 2020 10:27 am

Teusland National Cricket Team, GCF ODI World Trophy I

Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Demonyms: Teus
Body Represented: Republic of Teusland
Governing Body: Teuslands Kricket-Verband (TKV)
Colours: White and gold
Anthem: ‘Land of Heavenly Bounty’
Highest Domestic Competition: All-Teusland Cricket Championships
Nickname: The Edelweiss


Cricket is one of the oldest sports in Teusland, introduced to the country through sailors of the Teus Navy and spread quickly across the country. In its heyday, a cricket pitch could be found in almost any village in the country, particularly along the north coast where even today the sport is massive. It was eventually, however, surpassed by hockey and football in popularity, however, cricket has hung on, and in recent years has enjoyed a great resurgence. That resurgence is largely thanks to many of the names listed below, who have seen Teusland join the international cricket scene with great success early on. The Edelweiss had a very strong showing in the most recent GCF World Test Challenge season, defeating Darmen in the final to become World Test Champions. That victory helped boost the popularity of this team and the sport even further, and there is a great deal of attention on the team sent to the GCF ODI World Trophy. It is the first time the Edelweiss will compete in an ODI competition, although they do have some practice with the shorter form of the game, competing in two World Twenty20 Championships. The squad will mainly be the same as those who competed in the test season, with some lineup alterations and one big change: young Silvester Basch comes into the squad, the star batsman for the Kaiserhaven Midshipmen of the Kricketliga (T20) and the Viktoria C.C for club competition, who controversially announced he would be focusing his career on the short-form competitions rather than test cricket. He'll be a welcome addition to this squad, though, and should have a key role to play near the top of the order.

18-man Squad

Starting XI
# Name Age Handedness Primary Position Domestic Club

1 Marc BREUER 27y/o Right Batsman Sankt Kunigunde
2 Konrad von SAUERLAND (C) 35y/o Left All-rounder Kaiserliche
3 August TAUSCHE 29y/o Left Batsman Sankt Kunigunde
4 Michael KOLLECK 22y/o Right Batsman Kaiserliche
5 Silvester BASCH 21y/o Right Batsman Viktoria
6 Simon RIEDL (VC) 32y/o Right All-rounder Kaiserliche
7 Linus SCHELL 27y/o Left Batsman St. Jakob Metropolitan
8 Martin KAPLAN 29y/o Right Wicket-keeper Kaiserliche
9 Elias LEHNER 27y/o Right Bowler Sankt Kunigunde
10 Ben TRENKER 33y/o Left Bowler Marine
11 Josef MEUSBERGER 28y/o Right Bowler Sankt Kunigunde

# Name Age Handedness Primary Position Domestic Club

12 Tomas HOFERLE 20y/o Left Batsman Marziger
13 Noel KOLLER 25y/o Right Batsman Stelburg-Zentrum
14 Theo KELSEN 28y/o Right Batsman Sankt Kunigunde
15 Nic FEIST 31y/o Left Wicket-keeper Stelburg-Zentrum
16 Viktor KLOR 24y/o Right Bowler Stelburg-Zentrum
17 Daniel PUCHNER 31y/o Right Bowler Viktoria
18 Xaver SCHWARZ 29y/o Right Bowler Stelburg-Zentrum

Squad Notes

Captain: Konrad von Sauerland

Bowling Order: Lehner (RF), Trenker (LF), Meusberger (RM), Riedl (LB), von Sauerland (LM)

RP Permissions

No deaths or career ending injuries. Send a TG if you’d like to discuss anything. Also, feel free to TG any advice/things I could improve - still relatively new to cricket RP.


The Teus will play in all gold uniforms with black trim. On the front of the jersey, 'TEUSLAND' will be written in black with an edelweiss directly below it. The helmet and caps will be the same gold colour used in tests, with the logo of the TKV (an edelweiss) on them.

Group & Schedule

Teusland have been seeded for the group draw and placed into Group B alongside several other nations who are experienced with international cricket. With the Edelweiss in the group are Mattijana, Elejamie, Darmen, Ethane, Lisander and Krytenia. Teusland have only ever faced Darmen in international cricket, once at the Veergati T20 Cup and, of course, in the World Test Challenge championship final. Darmen are an excellent side and will surely be a huge test for the Edelweiss. Teusland are not familiar with any other teams in the group at the cricket level - although sports fans will recognize Elejamie from international hockey and Ethane from international football. Still, all of these teams are getting started at this level - it is, after all, the first GCF-sanctioned ODI competition - and every match between these established cricketing nations will be a tough one.

We'll have complete coverage of Teusland's campaign at the GCF ODI World Trophy, so continue to watch for all the updates as the Edelweiss take on the world.
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For the first time, Samrakstivu will participate in a GCF event with their entry in the ODI World Trophy. The hope is that the team's performance will glorify the Kāppāḷar, Nivositha, a noted cricket fan. Nivositha may or may not attend some of the matches in Liventia, pending whether or not she will be given the proper accommodations and respect. Nivositha is something of a God-Queen figure in Samrakstivu, and she frequently preaches the concept of "Iṟaiyāṇmai", or sovereignty, an ideology which governs everything that takes place in Samrakstivu. Samrakstivu's citizens are treated exceptionally well, with tremendous health and education results, so long as they do not wish to ever leave. In fact- the Samrakstivu national team will travel with government provided escorts to ensure nobody plans to defect to Liventia (or any other nations that the team will need to fly through in order to get to Liventia).

Cricket is both the national sport and the only sport that takes place in the country. Whilst other sports are not banned, limited contact with the outside world means its' citizens are simply unaware of other sports. In fact, cricket only arrived via tapes of some tests from the second season of GCF Test cricket- those tapes have largely shaped the nation's understanding of cricket, along with some additional tapes that have arrived of limited overs cricket, which were even more influential in the creation of the existant Premier League Cricket in the nation.

SQUAD (listed in Batting Order) (All players are female)

Nithya Ambalakarar, right handed,

Nishora Chozhangaraayar, right handed

Kaartikka Balasubramanian, left handed, left arm off break

Sarmistha Iyengar, right handed

Ajeetija Krishnamurthi, left handed

Mirthana Poobalarayar, left handed, wicketkeeper

Joshna Chandrasekar, right handed, right-arm off break

Johnnyhallyday Ramachandran, left handed, left-arm fast bowler- the team's best bowler by quite a lot.

Jeganya Kandiyar, right handed

Supriyasri Malayaman, left handed, left arm leg break

Miruthla Sethurayar, right handed, right arm fast

Padma Mazhavaraayar, Kodumudi Rangachari, Leena Moopanar, Viyanka Nooranar, PL Vishwakarma


Ramachandran, Malayaman, Sethurayar, Chandrasekar, Balasubramanian

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Samrakstivu Cricket Board and The Office of the Kāppāḷar Request Our Matches Be Moved to Park Central Oval

The Samrakstivu Cricket Board, on behalf of the office of the Kāppāḷar, the humble and magnificent leader and protector of Samrakstivu and the Samrak people, has requested that all their matches be moved to the Park Central Oval, which it is aware of thanks to tapes of the Season 2 GCF tests of Cotdelapoms and FSSO against Liventia. The Kāppāḷar simply feels it is disrespectful to welcome her to a stadium as small as Fray Common Green- she rarely feels as though she can be sufficiently honoured by crowds smaller than 15,000.

The players of course, agree- Johnnyhallyday Ramachandran, our superstar bowler, who whilst as equal as the other players is in fact quite a bit more equal, has told us that "I am honoured as always to be able to bring glory to our charming and powerful Kāppāḷar Nivositha, whose love for us, the Samrak people is not unlike the shimmering airplane that has brought us to Liventia- it lifts us up and fills our hearts. We hope to glorify her with our fast bowling and our boundaries and sixes. We do not feel as though we can adequately glorify her at such a small stadium."

All other players questioned gave similar statements. Indeed, they were universal with their praise for the Kāppāḷar and unanimous in suggesting that the Central Oval was the only stadium in the country they were either familiar with through The Tapes, and was sufficient to glorify our wonderful Kāppāḷar.



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