Andromeda Burning (SciFi Char RP|IC, Open)

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Andromeda Burning (SciFi Char RP|IC, Open)

Postby Dyelli Beybi » Tue Apr 14, 2020 12:53 pm


Co-OPed by Bingellia and Arengin Union

Welcome to Andromeda Burning, a character RP set in a galaxy close to our own. In this RP you will have the option of playing a human or one of a variety of aliens who have signed up for the crew of the first human-helmed interstellar warship, the Defiance. There are a variety of factions vying for power in the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies; the Defiance is an independent ship, but you could belong to one of them or you might just be an adventurer along for the ride. The choice is yours.

Of course, no alien galaxy would be complete without lots of aliens! We have a few pre-made races below, but there is plenty of room in the galaxy for others. There are very few guidelines for creating your own race so, for the most part, be as creative as you like!

This is not going to be a spaceship RP in the sense of big space battles, this is an RP about the people on the ship and will mostly be set on a variety of strange alien planets... although there is scope for missions on the ship.

This RP is open to latecomers. Between missions the ship will return to 'Beachhead Station' and will, definitely be looking for more crew. If you join the RP after the IC is up and running we will manufacture a reason to bring your character into the plot as quickly as possible.

Finally, if you want to join and are looking for inspiration, feel free to join the Discord. This thread is a sequel to 'Voyages in Andromeda', the tremendously successful RP that we have been running for the last year. There is a strong, friendly, community that has built up around the Andromeda RPs and there are plenty of people who will be willing to help you create a character... or just have a chat!

Prologue: Once Upon a Time in the Milky Way...

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The Bridge of the Defiance, docked at Breachhead Station

The small kiel with the blue tinted hair stood on the bridge, her arms folded behind her back, staring out the from view screen of the Defiance. Thanica ignored her for the most part as she went about the business of maintaining the deck. She had unscrewed the face plate and right checking for any rust or damage underneath. The Defiance was an old ship and, if she was being completely honest with herself, whoever had slapped the vessel together had cut a lot of corners in construction. Having the ship docked for an extended period of time while they sorted out a deal to allow them to travel back through the Wormhole was an opportunity to do some routine maintenance and make sure they weren't sitting on any potential timb bombs, like that dodgy wiring Rabaech had replaced behind the oxygen scrubbers.

"It was a mistake of the Gollar to allow the humans to maintain their independence," Aethienn, the kiel staring out the window said, suddenly breaking the silence.

"Mmhm?" Thanica had a screw driver gripped between her teeth and it was about all she could muster as she scrambled out from under the console, removing the tool and setting it aside. She was a pretty young thing with dark hair and bright blue eyes, ostensibly human, though in actuality one of the rare Andromeda galaxy species known as 'dhasaths'.

"They are like children, they believe they are powerful and demand to be heard, but they have no real power to show for it," Aethienn explained, "Sooner or later they are going to do something like try to tax vessels going through the wormhole, or demand it be closed and then what are the Gollar going to do? I doubt it will be ‘comply’ now that they have found a friendly power full of bodies they can use to crew their ships."

Thanica pulled herself up onto the pilots chair with an 'oomph', "No, it probably won't be, but we can hope they won't be so stupid."

That drew a wry laugh from Aethienn, "And yet one of their Generals tried to trick you into handing yourself over to their scientists."

"We don't know they meant any harm," Thanica replied defensively, though without much heart behind the statement.

Aethienn seized on that, spinning on her heel to face the dhasath, "No, Thanica, you and I both know men like that General of theirs. He doesn't see creatures like us-" she motioned at the two of them, "-as having any value. We are not people to him, we are animals, things he can take apart. You happen to be more vulnerable, being neither a citizen of the Confederacy nor Command, and they want to figure out how your species work. It must have seemed like a golden opportunity without Carter around to stop you walking into their traps. Yet, what they do not realise, and this goes back to the childishness of the species, is that now that the Commodore has ordered cooperation with the Gollar and your crew, any harm that befell you would have met with reprisals. They are not powerful enough and not necessary enough that meddling with Kiellar Command interests, even in a minor way, could be allowed to go unpunished.”

Thanica was still getting used to the idea of Aethienn being on their side, even if it was temporary. The kiel's sense of morality was... odd, and mostly revolved around following orders and a rigid code of honour. Thanica understood it though, by the Maker, she hoped Carter was capable of it when he got back. This could be a rather interesting voyage if not. Aethienn continued, "Your paramour isn't much better, swanning off on some Gollar vessel without a thought for his duty to his crew or the vulnerable position he is putting some of you in, particularly the Ragons on the crew."

"That's enough Aethienn," Thanica replied sternly, "Everything has been just fine in Carter's absence," but secretly she wasn't too happy about his decision either. Keeping all of the crew's personalities in check was difficult at the best of times and now they were on a station with multiple factions vying for power, factions who, at best, saw the crew of the Defiance as pawns. She needed people to be cautious and restrained, which not all of the crew were… in fact, now she thought about it, very few of the crew were. Managing all the personalities was complicated and while the crew might have liked Thanica, not all of them respected her in the same way they respected Carter. It would be so much easier when they were back out there in space...

Her thoughts were interrupted this time by a slightly nervous cleared voice from the door to the main deck and the sound of shuffling feet, "Rabaech," she said, recognising the Engineer's tone before she had twisted in the seat to look back at him.

He looked startled, adjusting his glasses as if he hadn't been expecting to find Thanica there, "Commander," he paused, eyeing Aethienn nervously for a moment before saying, "I've been through the crew quarters and we have places for all the new crew members who have signed on. They even have functioning lighting and the plumbing works in the bathroom facilities... I have also adapted one of the facilities for Ragons."

"Good thinking, the last thing anyone wants to find is a humanoid skull lodged in the pipes," Thanica remarked wryly. She was only half joking.

"Quite," Rabaech agreed, "With your permission, I would like to bring them aboard and get them settled into their on-ship accommodation. It will save time on loading up later and reduce the pressure on the station's living quarters."

Thanica nooded. It made sense, "I suppose I should go and meet them."

"I will contact traffic control and ask them to make a station-wide announcement," Rabaech confirmed.

"And I'll see you in the gym later," Aethienn put in, her attention still fixed on the Commander.

"Try not to hit me too hard this time," Thanica replied, rubbing her side where she was Aethienn had left quite a bruise in their last sparring session.

"I will not hold back," she replied primly, "This is how you will learn to survive. Besides," she added, "If the day comes that we have to fight one another again I would prefer to kill a worthy adversary."

“Ah… thanks?” Thanica replied. Definitely odd.

All across the Station

The Station was fitted with a PA system that fired into activity at least once an hour, announcing the arrival of a ship or the departure of another. It was audible from all corners of the Station except, mercifully, in the living quarters (unless someone engaged the emergency override). This time though the message was of particular relevance to anyone who had recently signed on with the Defiance;

“All new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings. I repeat, all new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings.”

Back in the Bay, Commander Thanica Vari had made her way to the cargo bay ramp, in expectation of meeting some newcomers. She wore a black tank top and cargo pants, which was, for anyone who had met her before, what she wore 90 percent of the time. Her dark hair was tied back in a ponytail, while a pistol-blaster hung at her hip. Without a discernible uniform she looked an awful lot like a pirate, which, coincidentally was how a lot of the galaxy saw the crew of the Defiance


Beachhead Station: The Milky Way Galaxy
Co-written by Arengin Union and Dyelli Beybi

Space, endless and alone. For centuries Humanity had wondered what lay beyond those unreachable stars, if it was alone in the universe. What else was out there had remained a mystery for the thousands of years of human history, all until a single ship, representative of the whole of humanity, ventured towards the stars and never returned. Until recently. Those once though lost to the sea of the cosmos came back with the answer. Now humanity no longer asks itself if it is alone, but whether it truly wants to not be.

The vessel bearing the symbols and colours of the Confederacy soared past the wormhole. For a brief moment it shone with a myriad of enigmatic and indescribably beautiful colours as the ship made its way towards one of the hangar bays of the station. The pilots within make their arrival known to the Gollar administration as they made their way through the gateway, "Confederate Frigate 32001 reporting for immediate docking at 4D. SA please confirm."

A few seconds passed, chatter coming from the comms as the ship moved pass several other docks. Ships of varying designs, shapes and statehood lay within this large hangar, the crews busy with repairs, security, or simply chatting.

It was a sight unlikely any other when considering there was a few (borrowed) ships bearing the logo of the United Nations, the blue flag carried the shape of Earth and it was something that no Earthling would've imagined just a few years ago, "Affirmative 32001, front 4 dash Dep clear for insertion. Welcome to Beachhead, over."

With those words the ship made its way towards the platform, hastily landing. A hissing noise echoed from the opening doors and a slight smokescreen emanated from the once pressurized cabin as several foot steps exited out of the ship. There, amongst the smoke was Captain Nathaniel T. Carter, the Captain of the human crew who had gone to Andromeda and returned. As he walked down the ramp several soldiers of the Confederacy followed suit behind, all of them wearing crimson-bronze coloured Gollar. Carter, for his part wore a different set of armor, one that showed his independent status from the Confederacy though he did have an insignia on his shoulder with the Gollar flag, along with those of the United States and the United Nations for good measure.

"So it's every year?" A Gollar soldier asked with curiosity as he followed behind the Captain.

"Yep, and being honest with you the commercials are as part of the experience as the game is!" The human replied with slight jest, carrying a bag over his shoulder while stepping onto the platform.

Shaking his head in bewilderment one Gollar asks, "Commercials?" With a smile Carter nodded his head, "Yeah, movies, shows, or just basic stuff like bathroom cleaners..."

Laughing, the Gollar find the notions amusing, one of them even patting the Human on the shoulder. "You Humans are quite the strange brood, perhaps one day you could show us one of these... Supah Bolls.”

"I'll keep you in mind for next season!" Carter responds with a casual gesture.

Suddenly a voice called over the station's PA system, interrupting the moment of slight camaraderie and cultural exchange between the two different species. "Captain Nathan T. Carter, you are expected at the Gollar Consulate."

"I gotta get going fellas, you stay safe..." With that, the Human didn't wait for any kind of response as he made his way out of the platform, passing by various other Gollar naval crew, merchant vessels, and some from the Federation as well. The hangar itself was large, with different platforms housing separate ships and a large glassed in control area at the very deep end of the bay.

Carter walked swiftly, leaving the entire hangar bay to enter the main station hub. In the short time that Beachhead had gone active it had already become a hustling centre of intercultural exchange, for better or worse one could not exactly tell.

Several makeshift stores had taken over once dilapidated rooms and some prominent galactic storefronts had already settled into the more pristine establishments. Aliens of all types walked around, buying, selling, talking and heading over to the various consulates found around the station. Nevertheless, the station itself was still noticeably run down; parts of it were in noticeable disrepair, but that had stopped no one from taking advantage of the free space and lucrative business opportunities. Seems like this place keeps getting busier and busier every day, Carter thought as he kept walking through the crowds of traders, guards, and immigrants.

Carter moved through the plaza, the Vendors District was the officially unofficial name, as merchants, traders, and all kinds of conmen would try to sell you just about anything. Some of these goods were of decent quality, and some were just garbage from other planets sold as exotic consumer goods at inflated prices. "Take your Bolian Eel here, fresh out of the seas!" An Odeiri chanted as he carried several of the Eel's. If it comes all the way from Bolia I doubt its fresh... Carter thought.

As he kept moving the District, Carter spotted another vendor, a Qaz'in brandishing what seemed to be smartphones from Earth. "Advanced Pads from Earth, the best in quality from the prominent Apla Corporation, you sir you want one, a smart dhasath like yourself I'll give you a good price of 800 Credits!" the vendor called onto Carter, the human simply shrugging off the offer. I got an actual utility pad for less than that...

Having to go through the masses of beings was a shore in itself, with not kind of fast access to any of the other wings and with large crowds inundating everything walking was the only practical way to get from place to place most of the time and Carter hated it. It reminded him of times he preferred not to recall, the screaming, pushing and walking on one another polluted his mind like an annoying mosquito buzzing by his ear or like the times of war. I just want to get out of here... Carter began to push his way out of this, whether it be traders or servicemen he didn't care, he had to get to the consulate quickly. It was almost as if he had to wrestle his way out of the crowds, out of this busy market hub that brought all things of all planets together, the good, the bad and the ugly and it made him feel trapped.

The diplomatic wing was close now, all consulates were stationed there. One would say all of them being in the same area was a means to assure no kind of backstabbing would take place, especially from Kiellar Command. Carter finally approached the entrance and found a nicely organized line that awaited anyone that wished to but Carter knew he wasn't just "anyone", at least to the Gollar who guarded the line. Approaching the front and casually passing by the people waiting Carter was stopped by a guard. The people on the line seemed rather annoyed that this Human would just waltz by like he owned the place and expected him to be sent to the back.

"You were expected 10 minutes ago!" The Guard then said as he opened up the gate, letting Carter in.

Walking through Carter shrugged, "Traffic kept me up!" "Sure," The guard said as once more the gates were closed up much to the outrage of the line waiters.

The Gollar Consulate was the largest of the four on the station, not because they were the most powerful group, they were a small chihuahua yapping at the heels of the likes of Kiellar Command the the Federation, but because this was their station, and there had to be some benefits to that. As Carter passed through the public checkpoint, and into the offices, escorted by a fully armoured Gollar trooper, he would see a small, but significant number of Federation bureaucrats mingling with their Gollar counterparts. That was new, but not entirely unexpected. The Federation might have seemed shambolic to outsiders, but they had an admirable ability to pull together when they needed to. Right now they were looking down the barrel of an existential threat from the Andromeda galaxy and while Command were the stronger ally, the Federation had a lot more in common with the Gollar Confederacy.

The guard stopped by a metal door, with the words 'Ambassador to Earth' emblazoned across it in Gollar script. There was sounds of laughter from within, which quickly subsided as whomever was on the far side put their sensible faces on, then the doors slid open.

Dana Chrichton, the petite Scottish scientist from the Destiny mission was standing behind a large crescent shaped desk. She wore a grey gollar uniform with a stiff upturned collar. It suited her. While it hadn't been obvious the last time Carter had been here, Dana was unmistakably pregnant now, which went a long way to explaining her decision not to return to serving with him on the Defiance. To her right, casually perched on the edge of her desk was a Federation officer of some description.

The Federation wore a white uniform with gold piping on the double-breasted jacket and tall black boots. This particular officer was one of the green ones, female, which most of the green ones tended to be. Unusually, her eyes were different colours, one dark and one blue, "Carter," Chrichton greeted, waving in the direction of a chair as she pressed the button under her desk for the door to shut again, "Welcome back. I hope you haven't had too much fun while you were away. The UN were... unhappy that you chose to go flying Gollar frigates when you could have been answering their questions."

"Well someone had to retrieve that ZPG, the local Chalads didn't take a liking to our presence but we managed," Carter answered to Dana as he walked into the room, walking over to the chair that the ambassador had pointed at Carter glanced over to the Federation officer sitting right besides him, the green skinned lady seemed rather acquainted with Dana. "As for the UN, I already told them all that matters, I thought I'd made that clear last time..."

"They wanted to study your dhasath crew member to try to build a scanner to detect infiltrators. She told the General who asked to 'go frell yourself'. She literally said that. It was really hard not to laugh," the Fed replied. The only way of describing her manner of speaking was 'mellow'. She wore an expression of calm satisfaction with the world and there was every reason to think that rarely waved, "Though I don't think the General found it funny so, I dunno, you might want to do something to keep him happy? I don't know what you humans do for that."

Carter sat on the chair, setting his bad down in front of Dana's desk. He chuckled at the Berdikon's summary of events, that did sound just like Thanica, as feisty as she was lovely. The human then began to question who this lady exactly was and what she was doing here, seemingly making friends with Crichton. Looking at Dana, Carter simply raised his eyebrows in a casual display while shrugging his arms, "I'll have a talk with them later, but I can't force her or anyone in my crew to be the UN's guinea pig."

While Thanica, the dhasath on the crew, was generally kind and patient, she had a bit of a phobia when it came to medical professionals and scientists. The suggestion of studying her would been a red rag to a bull... "This is Captain Tava Gebeth," Crichton introduced, turning towards her green-skinned companion, "The Federation would like to send someone with your ship to take a look at the Andromeda galaxy. Personally, I think it's a great opportunity for everyone involved."

"If you're cool with me coming along I'll ditch any rank or whatever, so just Tava is fine," Tava added.

Carter had no qualms about a Fed joining in on the crew, as long as she knew how to follow orders and from who. Though he himself wasn't very trusty of the Federation he didn't exactly think of them as with ill intent, they were better than the Command and the Empire and that was for certain. "You can keep your rank," Carter said to Tava, "But its me and Vari who you answer to on the ship, that clear?"

"Sure, whatever works for you," Tava shrugged, looking a little confused as to why any of that would be unclear, "That is pretty much what I was just offering."

With that Carter once more looked over to Dana, this time with a more serious face as he leaned forward onto the desk. "What has the Confederacy found on Mihal and Aarla?"

"Yes," Dana replied as she sat herself back down. Tava didn't move from her place on the side of the desk, "We have information on a potential location. I've sent it over to the ship, though I wouldn't get your hopes up too much; sometimes this ends up being a false lead," she held up a hand as she finished her statement on Mihal and Aarla, "But don't go running off yet, I have other news you need to hear."

Carter raised an eyebrow, he was under the impression that Tava being assigned to the crew was the business at hand, perhaps it was something else. He remained sit, this time leaning himself back and attentive to whatever Dana had to say now. "What is it?"

"We'll start with the bit you won't like. Do you remember that kiel with the energy swords? She's on your ship as well now. I know what you're going to say, but it's the only way the KC are going to let you go through the wormhole. So unless you want the Defiance to stay permanently docked here, their Lieutenant is non-negotiable," Dana replied, cutting straight to the chase. She looked across at Tava for moral support before adding, "I've had the opportunity to chat with her; she is a professional and might even make a useful asset if you can handle her."

Carter struggled to comprehend what he had just heard, trying to process everything before reacting as his mind raced through several varying emotions and thoughts. That Lieutenant, the very same who had threatened to torture him, had shot directly at him, that one that had hurt his crew would join it now. It all played like a joke, and of very poor taste. "You can't be serious..." Carter had a visible smile, one of disbelief rather that genuine content of any type, "Out of all people, her?" It felt redundant to even point out who it was. "You know she threatened to torture me, you and Krys, right?"

Dana sighed, leaning back in her chair, "Yes," she confirmed, "And I wouldn't doubt for a moment that she would have. It wasn't personal though, she was following orders and believed that anything she did was to protect the galaxy. Neither of us are squeaky clean either," there was, allegiance aside, more than a little in common between Dana and Aethienn, the KC Lieutenant, "As for why her; the Commodore trusts her."

"Well I don't..." Carter raised himself from his seat, setting his hands onto her desk Carter remained stern as he and Dana looked at each other with a mix of uncertainty and animosity for a few seconds, "As far as I'm concerned she's a threat to not only me but the entire crew..." Carter wasn't wrong and it was clear that Dana herself didn't agree with any of this, but regardless it was unfair to blame Dana for this, to tell her his worries about when she herself most likely agreed, and Carter knew it but at this point he just needed to voice it. After a few seconds he recoiled back, pulling his hair back and taking a deep breath to calm himself, It's not her call... Not her call... He thought to himself debating it all in his head.

"I'll... It wont be easy to explain to Thanica and the others," It was a given that Thanica wouldn't like it one bit, but of course this was not hers or anyone's call other than bureaucracy. Carter stood up, trying to keep his cool in the presence of Tava, and for consideration of Dana's own position. Grabbing his bag and setting it back over his shoulder Carter gave a slight nod to Dana, "I'll let you know when we're heading back... try to keep it easy with the baby..." With that he began to walk out of the room. The Human stopped before heading out the door, looking over to the Federation officer. "You coming?"

Tava looked confused, glancing between Carter and Dana. His decision to leave had, as far as she was concerned, come before Dana had told him the most significant piece of information, "Aren't you going to tell him...?" Tava turned back to Dana, with an eyebrow raised.

"Next time," she said, her expression inscrutable, "He's in a hurry."

"Alright," Tava shrugged. Apparently Dana was in two minds about sharing that particular nugget. She hurried after Carter, "Also dude," she added as they moved out through the Consulate again, "you need to remember stuff happens while you're away. Your paramour already knows about the KC officer. They're like sparring buddies or something."

"Of course they would..." Carter murmured, "I leave for a few days and its like the whole place has gone upside down..." Walking out of the consulate Carter began making way towards the hangars, in direction to where his had lost been docked. The pair passed by the security checkpoint fast, there was no need to check them. It was back into the market district, as crowded as ever.

"So you're fed, captain huh?" Carter said, he didn't give Tava any time before he moved on to the next topic. "So what are your commendations, your background," he moved quickly through the crowd, expecting Tava to follow behind.

"If you're asking if I'm what you humans call 'green'," Tava paused for dramatic effect as she followed in Carter's wake, "Yes, but only literally. I've had to do some fighting in the past, which wasn't fun. Got shot. Recovered. Not everyone did. Got a bit of artificial lung to replace the hole in the real one, but it works just as well so I can't really complain. Not much more to say, though I can get my fall career history sent across, if you are interested," she went silent for a moment before adding, "Oh... you probably think I'm younger than I am. We Berds don't tend to show the years too much until we get to reproductive age."

Carter kept on moving through the crowd as Tava talked, passing through vendors, soldiers, and all types of wandering patrons, Well good to know she's sees some combat at least, he thought as he noticed they were getting close to the hangars. "I don't very much look for people's age so much as their experience miss Gebeth," finally exiting the masses of people the due approached the main gate into the hangars, it was a different area than the docks. The docks had incoming and outgoing ships on a constant basis but this particular area served to retain ships for an extended period of time, and the Defiance laid within it. "You'll be surprise at how good some Kiel look for being over 100," Carter said in jest as he walked into the bay, several Gollar, Federation, and even some Command servicemen walking around. The human circled around for a few seconds, trying to familiarize himself with the area again, quickly he began to walk again towards the Defiance's holding deck. "So you've never been to Andromeda I gather?" The Human asked, continuing a casual walk.

"Just Tava will do," Tava replied, "And no I haven't. You and your crew are the only people from this galaxy who have, which means that unless you get me killed before lift-off I'm going to be a famous explorer," she couldn't keep the grin off her face at that prospect.

Even the eventual sight of the rather unimpressive Defiance wasn't enough to wipe that off her face. Yes, the ship looked like a second-rate cargo hauler someone had strapped some guns onto, and in this case appearances weren't deceptive, but it was a second rate cargo hauler that had had some real adventures happen in it. And now she was going to get to be a part of that as well. This promised to be a lot of fun.

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Blackhead Station
Raoul and Sshalah

Raoul was confused. By many things, not the least of which was the seeming abundance of Kiellar in a whole new galaxy. He had to consciously remind himself that these were humans. He’d had the same issue with Carter and Krystyn, and he doubted he’d ever be over it. Luckily, there was one bit of familiarity in a new world: Sshalah. He hadn’t talked to her, not in any meaningful way, in a decent while. He wished to change that.

“Sshalah. This new world is strange, not the least of which are the people. It’s confusing, is it not?”, queried Raoul.

Sshalah set a barrel down on the space dock and turned her body to look upon Raoul. "It is. Before coming to this system I had believed 'Carter' to be an occupation- and it is- but not in relation to our Carter. They take occupations as names despite not holding said occupation."

Raoul chuckled at this. It was such a small thing, yet an odd thing. At least to him. “It surprised me, too. Still, at least they didn’t run screaming at the sight of us. Some looked like they wanted to, but they didn’t. A brace species,” he said, only half joking. The humans had never encountered a Ragon before; perhaps they had something similar here.

Sshalah grinned at Raoul finding equal humor in this Human oddity;"I suppose after months those at the station have gotten use to us. The others, well, I found out something- did you know some Humans actually want to be eaten? Raoul, a species that actually wants to be eaten! Not all of them but still, isn't it a peculiar trait? I never would have guessed from Carter but I remember Dana saying that she'd prefer to just be eaten without being told she's about to- I imagine that counts, yes?" Raoul was thoroughly discombobulated by this new piece of information.

“...Want. To be eaten. This species makes no sense to me,” said Raoul. “I wonder what other surprises this species may hold. I see now that Carter didn’t tell us too much,” sighed Raoul. Sshalah chuckled; "I for one find it promising. Even if a minority perhaps it means some peace can be made when the war reaches them. That and I speculate such a trait will make them receptive to the natural order. These could be the first people the Empire actually forms positive relations with. Call me an optimist but given how Thanica and I have gotten along with mutual acceptance I have high hopes."

The Empire. The one thing he’d chosen not to think of. “Sshalah... do you ever think, just maybe... I’ve actually come to confess something.”Raoul’s heart was pounding slightly faster, though not at a speed appropriate to how he felt. He’d always had a steady control over his emotions, if nothing else. “I’ll be straightforward. I don’t want the Ragon to win the war. Ideally, I’d hope both sides fight each other to death, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I’ve seen what the Ragon... what we will do, if we reach these people. And I want to clear that up. I know I’ve never made my feelings on the Ragon too clear, at least not that I can remember. But I don’t want to go forward without saying this. I don’t want to go forward with you thinking I still have any love for the Ragon.

Sshalah's reptilian grin shifted into a look of distress as her arms sunk. Her eyes spoke of sorrow; "Raoul, why? Why would you want us to die."

“Not to die. I think the Ragon are not beyond salvation. But in their current form? Enslaving everyone who does not bend to their will? The Empire cannot last, not if the galaxy is to have a true peace. I do not want the Ragon to die. But the Empire cannot continue in this form.” Raoul’s heart was heavy, saying these things, but he knew they had to be said. Not for Sshalah’s benefit, but for his.

Sshalah's neck flexed as her body worked out the flim building up. She walked closer to Raoul; "Raoul," she swallowed a bit of the build up, "...." she took a breath. Trying to find the words; "If we loose- the Kiellar will enslave us. That's what they intended to do to me, that's what they would have done to you. Do you know what happens when prey dominates a predator? The Predator becomes a tool- a beast of war to be used against tribal rivals. Humans uses Doughgs- it's how it is. The only reason either of us are spared is because of our manner- I care- I really care about the others- but I know if it ever came to a choice between us or them they'll leave us. That's why I was so afraid back at the mission- the mission to save Carter. Thanica, I'm fond of her, but even I have enough sense to know that just as Mihal has been left behind so would we have were it to come to that."

Raoul saw sense in her words, but sense was never his strong suit. “Have faith in our crew. They’re good people, for the most part. As for enslavement... Sshalah, I have spent the better part of my life running from that fate. I’m a Ragon with no empire. I can run forever, and I can teach you. But in the grand scheme of things? Perhaps the Ragon deserve that fate. Looking at us from the outside, from an exile’s view, we are no saints.” Sshalah's expression turned stoic though her eyes still carried woefulness in them; "Grand scheme? Deserving of a fate- by what authority would we be deemed deserving and whose scheme- who would play with us as pawns upon a board?"

“That is a question of theology. Of that, I am ignorant. But when I say that the Ragon deserve it, I mean that the Ragon... the Kiellar are not innocent. If either side comes out on top, I’ll fight them to the end. But I truly believe the galaxy would be better off under the Kiellar.” Raoul didn’t quite believe how own words, but he needed to say them. Not because he wanted to believe them, but because he knew he needed to.

Sshalah bared her teeth to Raoul; "Really? So we can end up like Arla, someone's warbeast? Do not for a moment delude yourself into thinking we'd be free to rise under the Kiellar. Dhasath, Kro- or- those others all of them are prey. They'll operate under that system until resources strain and populations grow. Like any animal when resources are scarce they will turn on each other and it wont be hard for them to see which has always gotten the larger share. Command will tear it's self apart where as the Empire can keep populations sustained. It's the burden of being the predator in this stellar ecology- we can breed wisely and take the responsibility of maintaining suitable numbers while those under us live content lives knowing they have food and shelter. That's the future I'll fight for, not to be held back from that place we are obliged to take."

“Numbers? Is every species just to be a number on paper, to be subtracted from when we deem them to be too numerous? These are not numbers we speak of but living beings! Beings who deserve to live with the same freedom we find ourselves with even now. I will not relegate every other species to the role of cattle. That is not the place of sentient life, and I worry for you if you cannot see this.” Now Raoul spoke with fire, the fire of someone who’d rejected everything he’d ever known. Sshalah was herself getting rather heated; "Sentience evolved from a beings interaction with it's environment. It's a natural occurrence of nature, not something that ever separated them from nature. A sentient species is still battered by the elements, it still adapts to the elements and is ever at nature's mercy. A sentient that turns it's back on nature tends to go extinct and thus as a species if we are to survive it's vital we find our place in ecology and we have- we've known it for years. It'd be wrong of us not to fill that place. Predators are vital to the health of an ecosystem. Now I will admit there are other predators that we should respect and as sentient beings we can all share something" she started to simmer down a bit, "- we can talk, we can discuss ideas base creatures cannot and thus while I think other species are better knowing their place I do not think they should be kept like base animals. I don't like abuse, I don't like suffering- but I know to abandon our role will be the death of us. Some other predator will rise to take our place and us turning our back on our place will have only left the prey open to them- disarmed them to the coming of new masters. If not us, it'll be someone else- and by then how the others are treated will no longer be something we dictate. It'll be in the hands of what ever that predator is."

“The death of the Empire will not be the death of war, of vigilance. Always there will be watchdogs, guardians, people willing to fight against races like ours. There is the Kiellar now. Even a thousand years from now, when they are dead and gone, someone will fill the role. But that is a matter for another conversation. I thought I would gain something from this, maybe changed you to my way of thinking. It was a foolish thing. Goodbye Sshalah.” Raoul walked away. His heart was heavy, his body felt heavy, and the fangs sticking out of his mouth had never felt as loathsome as right then. Sshalah's teeth glared as she opened her mouth taking some enraged breaths; "Don't you turn your back on me! Where will you go eh? Back to the ship, I work there. To the Humans? They fear you, the Civilized worlds, they fear you! You can't run from what you are!"

“I have ran from what I am for most of my life, Sshalah. I wish you would realize why. I have ran from what I was meant to be, and if you don’t realize why, there’s nothing more to be said between us. I had a destiny once, to be like you. A good Ragon, to advance the cause at any cost. But I bucked from it’s restraints. I’ll see you on the ship Sshalah. If you change your mind, or are willing to let me convince you, find me.” He continue his walking. Dead comrades, abandoned comrades comrades who now hated him, they all floated through his head, and he hoped with all his heart that Sshalah would not join the ranks of that legion. Sshalah closed her mouth and took some quick breaths- the chemicals telling her to fight where running high. She glared at the barrel she had set down, considering unleashing her frustration upon it but alas- it was explosive. Her rational mind settled her to simply sit down upon the dock and continue to diminish the flow.

Dyelli Beybi wrote:All across the Station

The Station was fitted with a PA system that fired into activity at least once an hour, announcing the arrival of a ship or the departure of another. It was audible from all corners of the Station except, mercifully, in the living quarters (unless someone engaged the emergency override). This time though the message was of particular relevance to anyone who had recently signed on with the Defiance;

“All new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings. I repeat, all new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings.”

Back in the Bay, Commander Thanica Vari had made her way to the cargo bay ramp, in expectation of meeting some newcomers. She wore a black tank top and cargo pants, which was, for anyone who had met her before, what she wore 90 percent of the time. Her dark hair was tied back in a ponytail, while a pistol-blaster hung at her hip. Without a discernible uniform she looked an awful lot like a pirate, which, coincidentally was how a lot of the galaxy saw the crew of the Defiance

Sshalah stood up and returned to working the dock, trying to look as if nothing had happened. Which should be easy, given her reptilian expressions. Unnoticed by her Carter and another where gradually making their way to the ramp.
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Some time ago

"Comrade Lord Mozkrek, we have six contacts coming out of hyperspace on our starboard side. Twenty space knots out, all Ragon vessels."

The Jokari Corsair Lord chewed on a reed stalk, seemingly unperturbed by the appearance of their most hated enemy into the system. "Weapons?"

"Lightly armed. Probably Pathfinders.", came the reply.

The Corsair Lord snickered at the reply. Ah, so they have really come. They must be looking at the population of the inhabited planet located in the Goldilocks Zone of the system in preparation for another of their acquisitions. That the Ragon explored out into the Neutral Zone in search for 'game' was well known fact to the Jokarun and Sarufi after years of interrogating prisoners with some of the most terrible torture methods in the known universe. Now, it seems that these will be in short order as well.

Mozkrek bit further into the reed stalk, watching as their scanners kept on tracing the Ragon ships while their own vessels remained hidden inside the atmosphere of one of the system's gas giants. "Open a channel to the Sarufi."

Wordlessly, the windshield of the bridge flickered to life to show a Sarufi, clad in a commander's garb. "Nazteja-Lokem, you are seeing this as well, yes?"

"Indeed we are.", Nazteja answered to Corsair Lord Mozkrek. "I assume my forces will strike first as our ships are far more durable than yours in terms of structural integrity?"

"You assume correctly, Nazteja.", Mozkrek answered. "Now align your vessels in front of ours. I don't want to lose anything."

Nazteja chuckled at her Jokari colleague. "Of course you don't."

With that, the screen went black just to reveal the chaotic atmosphere of the gas giant in which they were currently hidden. "Comrade Sorceror? What do you think?"

Soul Seeker Kaleso closed his eyes and concentrated as he communed with the spirits of the dead that swirled within the battleship's structure, his gloved hands clutching a staff with a glowing gemstone. "The ancestors are angry. They want us to attack and destroy the enemy to avenge our fallen."

Mozkrek made an OK sign at Kaleso and winked. "That's what I like about the ancestors."

Quickly, dozens of Sarufi ships emerged from the gas giant, brandishing kinetic and energy based weapons that circled around their hulls on turreted cannons in order to be able to shoot in any direction. Following them were the Jokari Corsairs, who were fewer in number but wielded even more weapons than their draconic allies.

Without hesitation, the Sarufi ships fired; beams of energy and kinetic projectiles laced across the void to strike at the Pathfinder vessels. They found their enemy to be ready; the Ragon vessels quickly raised their shields in order to meet the incoming barrage.

"It's our turn. Fire at will!"

The Corsair ships opened fire in turn; MAC shells impacted against raised shields while ionic torpedoes sallied out in great numbers in order to drain the shields of their enemy. Some were shot down by the point defenses of the explorer craft, but many met their mark and shattered their shielding completely. The Corsairs had jammed all communications right at the beginning of their attack; there was no escape.

Then, it happened. One of the Pathfinders was struck by a particularly energetic MAC shell from a Heritage Class Cruiser and promptly exploded as the bore a hole into its hull before passing out through the other side. The pirates were getting closer by the second, and there wasn't much the Ragon Pathfinders could do at this point; if this was a full fleet, they could have easily scattered the attackers, or they may have not attacked at all, but resources were being directed towards the front. Not a lot of Imperial Houses were still looking for inhabited worlds for acquisition.

Boarding torpedoes lashed out from each of the pirate vessels, burying themselves into the hulls of the enemy ships. Out of them first came out robotic warriors that the Jokari and Sarufi used as cannon fodder against their enemies in order to minimize their own losses. They wielded fiery chainswords and blaster rifles, and they fought with tactical precision. Then came out the Jokarun and Sarufi themselves; hardened warriors clad in armor and robes, wielding blades of fire and weapons of higher sophistication.

Ragon marines sortied out to defend their vessels. They first were able to contain the robotic forces of the pirates on their beach holds, but when the actual soldiers entered the fray, it was apparent it was going to be over soon.

Kaleso stepped out of the boarding torpedo, flanked by two Jokari regulars armed with rifles fitted with energy bayonets. The hallways were not as narrow as they would be in the ships of other races, as the Ragon were far larger than most.

"This is your comrade Sorceror speaking.", Kaleso said with telepathy to all the Jokari pirates that had breached into the ships. "Kill every last Ragon in these vessels, except for the officers. We will take them as prisoners."

With that, he pulled down the visors of his helmet and ignited his Sturakasa. "Advance, comrades. For the Motherland!"

Minutes later

"You little quasi-sapient-"

"No.", Kaleso said as he let out a stream of lightning to snake out to strike against the Ragon marine that had pointed his gun at him, knocking him against the wall with a loud thud. However, before Kaleso could get near the stunned Ragon for the kill, a familiar yet different four legged shadow sprung out from the other end of the hallway, falling upon the Ragon with jaws glowing with fire. Yare-Lokem let loose a storm of fire to immolate the still stunned reptilian's face, turning it to melting flesh and bone.

Kaleso turned his Sturakasa off, apparently pleased to meet Yare again. "Hey, Yare."

"Kaleso.", she answered as her armored self stepped away from the burnt Ragon. "One last mission before going to meet our old friends, eh?"

"I suppose so.", Kaleso said as several other corsairs swept past them like shadows. "Oh, have I mentioned how we'll get there?"

"Unmarked transport ship. We'll go straight to the Gollar controlled section. I remember everything, yah?"

"You forgot that we're bringing someone along.", Kaleso winked.

"Oh, who's that again?"

"Nicht Veremni. Someone from the unexplored regions. I've known him for a few good years, and it appears he is very deep in debt so he sent me mail, begging for me to bring him along to wherever…"

"How much does he owe?"

"10 million, give or take.", Kaleso answered.

Yare blinked. "Dude. What the hell."

"That is what happens when you keep on chasing after false clues.", Kaleso said as the cheers erupted, indicating that they have accomplished their brutal mission.

Corsair Flagship

"So, captain…", Mozkrek said to a chained Ragon captain, circling him while brandishing an ignited Sturakasa. "What brings you here, to this system, while your nation is at war?"

"I cannot tell you that…"

"Game? Yes, of course, you were searching for another planet to destroy, to consume in order to satiate your hunger for sentient flesh."


Mozkrek suddenly grabbed the Ragon by his wrist, his cybernetic hands glowing hot as he directed energy into them in order to hear them to excruciating proportions. "I know why your kind is still scanning systems. Looking for people to eat!" The Ragon captain screamed as Mozkrek turned away to leave an ugly burn mark on his skin. Mozkrek unapologetically winked, indicating his own contempt.

At that moment, another Ragon, a smaller and younger one at that, was brought into the room. This one was also chained.

"This is your son, no?"

"Leave him alone!"

"Curious, I recall screaming at your soldiers to leave us alone when I was a wee child back in the Republic…", Mozkrek said with a heavy edge of venom in his voice. "But what did you do? Not only did your Empire destroy our nation. You also turned our people to livestock. To feed upon us!"

"I don't see the pro-"

"Problem? I am sure you will see a problem soon enough."

Mozkrek slowly glided towards the captain's son that was also an officer in the ship, his hands glowing hot. "What does it feel for your own kin, your blood and flesh, to be made to suffer before your very eyes?"


Two Corsairs each took a rod and poked the smaller Ragon with them, saturating him with shocks of electricity each time they did. The Sarufi in the room snickered, while the Jokarun remained stoic and unfazed.

"Stop it!"

Mozkrek turned back towards the captain, eyes glowing with a hot blue. "I will only stop if your Empire packs up and leaves the territories of the Republic."

Mozkrek motioned to one of the Corsairs, who immediately handed him a plasma shotgun. It was apparent at this point that he intended to kill with one shot.

"I would have preferred to show you your son being eaten in front of you.", Nazteja-Lokem said as she landed beside Mozkrek, still clad in her black uniform. "But we don't do that here. We are not savages." She said that one last bit by breathing a small wisp of heat at the captain's face before turning away.

Mozkrek touched the shotgun barrel at the captain's son, who was shivering at this point. The Sarufi present laughed with utter hysteria… except for Yare. Instead she proceeded to continue with Kaleso, who was also there.

"Why do I have to keep watching this? I'm getting bored!"

Kaleso shook his head. "Mozkrek wants his fun… and you know his story too, right?"

"Yeah, a lot like yours."

"I'm sure you understand."

*bang*. Kaleso looked back at the scene just to see that the head of the smaller Ragon was missing.

"How could you do this?! He didn't do anything to you!"

Mozkrek laughed. "Don't be ridiculous, friend.", he said as he inched his Sturakasa closer. "I'm sure either of you would have wanted to eat me given the chance. And I for one would like to make you suffer given the chance.

The two Sarufi Vanguards launched a telekinetic strike, making him fall face first to the ground. However, before he hit the ground, Mozkrek poked both of his eyes with the Sturakasa, destroying them and blinding him for life.

Mozkrek turned as a pair of massive robotic arms began to lower from the ceiling to grab the Ragon. "Alright. Fun time's over. Time to go back to work. And uh, send the prisoners to the Command. They will decide their fate."

Lokem Migrant Fleet


"It looks like we won't be passing by Pleasure Haven anymore."


Kaleso held up a piece of paper that was handed to him by a courier from a courier ship. "Nicht left ahead of us. He says that his lenders have been waving a wanted poster of him."

Yare puckered. "A what?"

"Wanted poster. Did I not say that clearly?"

"Why the hell would you throw a debtor to jail? That's supposed to be illegal, right?"

"Not in the Archelian Technocracy, no."


Beachhead Station
The Present

Nicht Veremni sighed as the announcement filtered throughout the station. He had been in this place for a few good days now, and was always wary of his surroundings, keeping his second set of eyes peeled in case some of those angry moneylenders came around. It was horrible enough that he had blown all of his funds; worse is that his contacts had led him to useless "clues". Damn them indeed!

Nevermind, he thought. Now that he had successfully signed up for the Defiance, there would be some degree of security from the lenders. If only…

"So this is where you are, eh?"

Nicht turned around apprehensively… just to see Kaleso there, wearing an ankle length coat and a winter cap. "Oh… hello."

Without warning, a dragon came out from behind Kaleso, knocking Nicht to the ground. Yare looked down at him with an intense gaze; grinning as she did so.

"Ahaha… Yare-Lokem. It's… you."

"Of course it's her.", Kaleso winked at Nicht. "How long has it been, friend? Five years, yes."

"Five, yah.", Nicht nodded. "So… I've been called to this Defiance for assignment of lodgings. I think I won't be able to-"

"Jokes on you, we're also part of that ship's crew.", Yare said, grinning at the Mercija.

"Wait… a Corsair Lord and a Sarufi Commander… crew of a converted prison ship?! How?!"

Kaleso laughed. "Simple. We were prisoners ourselves. Right Yare?"

"Indeed we were. And the mutiny freed us."

Nicht slowly nodded. "Oh… I see."

"So here you are!"

Nicht turned around yet again to see a wingless Jokari, wearing a grey tunic and a brown hat. It was no other than Karesan, the only one of them to stay behind with the rest of the Defiance crew.

"Brother-in-law… you've grown so much!"

"Don't flatter me, Kaleso.", Karesan chuckled as they shook hands.

"Karesan, this is-"

"Nicht Veremni, yes I know. He had signed up as a new crew member for the Defiance. Reason? Running from debt! HAH!"

"That's uncalled for…"

"Come on now,", Karesan said as he nudged Nicht. "You know that they'll know sooner or later, right?"


Kaleso raised his hands to the air. "Shall we go then?"

"Indeed. We should."

It wasn't long before the four of them arrived on the hangar in which the Defiance was docked. It was an old rust bucket; beaten up as if it had gone to ten battles without repairs.

"Are you sure this is the one?", Nicht asked as he kept his luggage close. "This looks very... Beaten."

"Of course it.", Yare said as she walked past him to greet the Commander. Kaleso quickly followed suit.

Once they were in earshot of the Commander, they both slightly bowed. "Hail, comrade Commander.", Kaleso said as he bowed his head ever so slightly. "We have returned from our homeland to be with the crew of the Defiance once again."

At that moment, Nicht approached as well, apprehensive at quote literally everything. "I'm... Uh..."

"Commander, this is a friend of mine.", Kaleso said to full in the apparently nervous Mercija. "Name's Nicht Veremni. He's an Explorer from the unexplored regions of the galaxy and has travelled from the other side of the galaxy. Now he has signed up to be one of us."
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Sinon of Naechan Kamell Zon

Sinon, Kamell, however would you like to call him, thought he would probably be recognized the best as Kamell Zon, right now posing as a member of Gollar military that retired early, tough he knew full well he was a Kiel Spy, one on the loose at that, but thankfully, no one else knew, hopefully no one suspected it, he was masked visually from prying eyes by synthetic skin and in case of those species that relied on smell he masked his smell to resemble to a great extent that of a Gollar.

He was now making his way towards the ramp, it appears he was first, not the best of situations, if he could choose he would prefer to be somewhere in the middle but what can you do, he looked up, on top of the ramp stood his new Commander, second in command of the Defiance, Dhasath, Thanica, small, dark hair, blue eyes, probably because of them she was easily recognizable.

He walked onto the ramp, the sound of his footsteps still metallic, as everything on this space station, he greeted Commander, hoping she wouldn't suspect anything of his true species he awaited what would come next, whether a assignment, or a signal to unholster his weapon and run, hopefully the first option.
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Station Hub
Beachhead Station

Ssthlss was always fascinated by the occupants of Beachhead Station. There were aliens the likes of which she'd never seen - never dreamed of, even - and though most of them stuck to the same bipedal body plan, even those had their oddities and features which distinguished one from the other. Those beyond that, well - a liquid swarm of buzzing creatures with a purse and an ident-card passed her, heading over a stall run by a quadrupedal creature using long antennae to set out their wares. Their assistant flowed into view, an amorphous ooze which shimmered with electric iridescence as it extended blade-wielding pseudopods to swiftly skin a feathered beast larger than Ssthlss by at least half.

She bobbed out of the way of a biped, her counter-gravs humming contentedly as she made her way through the crowd. Today was going to be the day. Hopefully. Maybe. If all went well. If it all went according to plan, she'd be on the Defiance. She'd be on the crew of the Defiance. She'd be between the stars with the Defiance. The thought made her shiver, tentacles curling outwards like the petals of an alien flower as the flow and bustle of sophonts on the station passed around her. If everything went according to plan. She hoped it would.

She shifted her balance to bank around a pale-skinned creature dawdling ahead, feeling the webbing attached to her dorsal side shifting with it. Everything she owned - her pad, her mementos, her cultures - were strapped to her back, save for the toolbox clutched tight to the remains of her ovipositor by four of her lesser tentacles. Living light was something she'd picked up young, by the standards of other races anyway, and it had kept her moving through each and every home she'd had. Even her first, from what little she could remember of those times.

For a moment her conducting spines drooped slightly, thin arcs of electricity snapping in and out of existence as a rush of nostalgia surged, before a voice crackled over the loudspeaker and dispelled it instantly. New crew. New crew for the Defiance. That was her. Or, it included her. Where was hangar bay four? For a moment her spines bristled with anxiety, then she found a small alcove and pulled herself over. Two tentacles adhered to the walls by instinct, calming the slight claustrophobia welling in her core, then she had her pad out and directions up.

Her counter-gravs were really not rated for particularly high speeds, but that didn't stop Ssthlss from pushing them as hard as she could to get to the hangar. More than once she bumped into another sophont - simply bouncing off more often than not - but with great speed and hasty apologies she managed to avoid getting into trouble as she continued her breakneck rush towards the hangar. The crowds thinned out rapidly as she left the central hub, twisting down access corridors and swinging from handrails before she emerged out into the hangar.

The Defiance was...smaller than she'd expected. Smaller and shabbier. And much more beaten up. For a moment she floated nervously at the edge of the room, the wind knocked out of her sails a little, before she puffed herself up and made her way towards the gunship. Her toolbox rocked from side to side nervously as she approached who she thought was the Defiance's second, though it was hard enough to tell bipeds apart even when they weren't all pale-skinned and plantigrade. Tapping on her pad, bringing up her acceptance message, she showed it awkwardly to the Dhasath (Dhasath? Human? She really didn't know the difference) and chirruped nervously.

"Commander - ma'am? - I'm the new engineer, the announcement said to come here?"

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Mihal of Obe and Aarla, Unit Six-Seven
Cowritten by Bingelly and Bentus

Six Months Ago

As it drifted closer and closer towards Vosiri, Mihal was in the cockpit fighting the haze brought on by fatigue. The only sounds helping keep him awake through the boredom were the monotonous hum of the engine and the distant snores of Aarla deep at rest. At the distance they were at, it still wasn’t clear what kind of planet it was even as the twelve-hour jump and subsequent approach were soon approaching their end. He’d wait to wake her, every minute counted.

Fortunately for the inexperienced pilot, the navigation computer had made it an easy approach for someone hanging to consciousness with four hours of restless sleep and a dose of stimulants to manage, but the ever-increasing definition of thick jungle foliage sent waves of worry though the Kiel.

Leaping the best he could to his feet, he left the small cockpit and went to Aarla.

“Aarla, wake up,” He spoke as he threw the coat off the girl, “I’m not going to be able to land this pod.”

Groaning at the sudden flood of chilled air as her makeshift blanket was torn from her clutches, Aarla’s eyes flickered open. “Urgh, what do you mean you can’t land the stupid pod?” She muttered, her words slurring together slightly as wakefulness slowly returned to her. Blinking away the visible drowsiness in her expression, the girl’s mouth twisted into a frown as she looked towards the looming green sphere out of the pod’s main cockpit. “Oh.”

Shaking her head, Aarla furrowed her brow as she noted the suite of warning lights that had illuminated the dashboard. “Well, don’t look at me. I thought escape pods were meant to have autonomous landing programs built-in. But this one might have been damaged in the firefight.” Pushing herself out of her seat, Aarla made her way towards the front of the pod. Wincing slightly as the motion reminded her of the still-fresh wound in her torso, she nevertheless moved quickly as she positioned herself in the co-pilot’s chair. Glancing over her shoulder, she called out to Mihal as she started to buckle herself in.

“If the heat shield’s not damaged, we should be able to survive re-entry. When we get closer to the ground, I’ll try to help cushion our impact.” Turning back to the front of the ship, Aarla’s frown deepened. There wasn’t any point mentioning that she’d never used her powers for something like this before, and that she still felt weak from her injury. Hardening her features, the girl instead concentrated on her breathing as she tightened her straps. Hopefully the braking systems would work as designed, or else they both might just end up as a pair of tiny smears on the surface of some alien rock.

As the Psyker predicted, the pod’s deacceleration systems did gradually engage as the pod sped towards the planet’s surface, gradually slowing the pod as it approached the jungle canopy. Buffeted around in her chair by the howling winds outside the descending pod, Aarla grimaced as she saw the dense treeline quickly filling the window. Grimacing as she felt her teeth chattering in her mouth at the intense turbulence of the descent, she reached out with one of her hands as she tried to ignore the aching fatigue in her limbs. Taking a breath, the girl forced her powers into action, immediately feeling the familiar currents in the Other Place as she willed a barrier around their pod. With the thick coverage, the final drag-chute’s deployment would have been rendered pointless, but Aarla’s barrier cleared most of the foliage as pod descended to the ground. As the pod approached the last meters to the ground, it had decelerated enough that the landing was rough but survivable when it skid along the ground for about 100 meters before finally lurching to a stop.

Despite the uncertainty of surviving the whole ordeal, Mihal, in fact, did not need a change of pants as he breathed a few sighs of relief. For starters, the shuttle’s electronics were still operational, so they’d have a climate-controlled shelter so long as the reactor still kept power going. Thankfully, there was no radiation warning, meaning it hadn’t been compromised in the crash either.

“Why did we have to land in a jungle,” Mihal rubbed his eyes as he finally took in where they had landed, “I guess I’ll go take a look around outside.” Unbuckling himself, Mihal stood up and moved to the exit of the cockpit. “Stay in the pod,” he spoke to Aarla, “I’m not going far.”

Mihal’s words managed to pierce the foggy haze that clouded the girl’s mind. Shaking her head as she tried to clear the darkening shadows at the corners of her vision, Aarla focused on controlling her breathing as a sharp migraine bore its way through her skull. She was once again coated in sweat, the rapid exertion of her powers leaving her body exhausted and in desperate need of a rest. Offering a simple nod in response to Mihal’s words, Aarla simply allowed her body to sink into her chair as she struggled to catch her breath.

Stepping out of the pod, the first thing that struck Mihal was the humidity of the air. It nearly choked him as his boots squished the wet, turned dirt from the crash. This twilight was odd, it should have been day where they landed, and the sweltering heat certainly felt like it should've been day. According to a conversation with a veteran, Jungles were hot all day, but the temperature generally let off at night. He would have ventured further, but waiting a day to observe temperature shifts in the climate controlled shuttle was probably a good idea.
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Kale Uthle, Beachhead Station
Pirate, Scoundrel, Alcoholic

“All new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings. I repeat, all new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings.”

Kale Uthle stared down into the empty glass before him. He tapped his finger rhythmically on the side of his seat, swaying lightly as he tried to maintain his balance. He had been like this for almost an hour now, staring down into the glass as rocked ever so slightly back and forth.

The barkeep passed by for the fourth time, "Look guy, I've already told you if you're not gonna buy something you got to go." He grabbed the seven empty glasses from in front of Kale, and slid them over towards the sink. "And frankly I'm not sure I'm willing to sell you anything else... don't need anyone dying in her. Bad for business." He went to grab the empty drink, but was beat to it when Kale pushed it over without looking up, dropping several credits of various nationalities next too it.

"Three bottles of shine for the road. That's all I've got, take it or leave it."

The barkeep stared the currency down for a minute, before pocketing it. From under the bar he pulled 2 large jugs of clear liquid. "Just take it easy. I don't want this coming back to bite me." Kale nodded absently, his attention fixated on a photo he had been keeping in front of him since his initial arrival. The barkeep began wiping down, and Kale picked his photo and helmet up off the table. "Special someone?" He asked throwing his dirty rag by the rest of the dishes.

"Not anymore," Kale snarled. He slipped it into the brim of his helmet, before tucking it under his arm. He put his new beverages in his backpack, gave a curt nod too the barkeep, and set off on his way.

His mouth burned as he popped the top of a bottle and began chugging. Why after all these years he had kept that photo, he had no idea. Yet whenever he was alone, he would find himself sneaking glances at it. Was it guilt? Anger? Maybe some unresolved feelings were still held? Best not too think about that, and the best way to not think about things is too drink. Which is exactly what Kale did as he made his way down the hall.

Hangar bay four... hangar bay four...

The bottle was halfway gone already by the time he was halfway across the station. A fuzzy feeling had overtaken him while he stumbled across the station. He pulled himself aside when no one was looking into a nearby bathroom. He didn't even make it too the toilet, as he fell too all fours and retched all over the floor. When he finished, he wiped his mouth, took another long swig, and set off for the hangars again. As the place blurred more and more, Kale approached the main gates of the hangars. A little bit more walking and he found himself outside hanger bay four.

The first step of a new life.

Kale shambled his way into the hangar, taking another long swig. His stomach was beginning to feel strange again. Best slow down until he was alone. In the hangar bay, he found five to seven blurry and misshapen figures, although they were no longer distinct in this state. "Is this the defiance?" He manage to slur, taking another swig from his bottle forgetting his own advice from mere moments ago.

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Vesia & Zaru Beachhead Station
Co-written by Imaria and Khasinkonia

Standing in the line of a fast food place, as the time went on the line had fewer and fewer new members after Vesia and Zaru entered, despite the fact that the line stretched out the door when the pair arrive, upon reaching the kiosk. Glancing through the seafood menu before stumbling upon a dish she liked after pressing the button on the kiosk, Vesia turned towards Zaru and asked: "Would you like anything as well?" Vesia asked before glancing around the room to find seating.

Zaru nodded slowly, and then pointed to a cheap dish called Thinetshvis, a hearty stewlike meal full of creatures native to one of the older Dhasath worlds, but that had been spread all over creation as it became rather popular with the Kiellar during the Dhasath diaspora. It had become one of her preferred meals, as it was affordable, filling, and tasted much better than a ration.

"I'd like three servings. I don't wanna eat too much...but I am a bit hungry," she said.

Vesia turned back to the Kiosk, and scrolled through the options until finding the Thinetshivs, tapped the screen and imputed the order for three servings. After going back and changing her order from Exarch battered Luggebi with an Ecrea Nut rub to a Vimimarin fillet over some noddles with a sweet sauce. Thinking to herself for a moment, Why did I offer? The Defiance job should be starting soon anyway After the though Vesia inserted a card into the kiosk to pay the cheap for the somewhat cheap meal, considering that it was a 4 person order. After paying, Vesia grabbed the tracking fob for the serving robot and walked to a table, Choosing one meant for large evening diner parties to give Zaru room to wrap around it.

"Thank you," Zaru said as she followed behind Vesia. Although she knew she didn't need to be so gracious, expressing her gratitude had become something of a habit. After all, Vesia had been so kind as to take her all this way. And a part of Zaru doubted she deserved it.
"I'm excited to see this new ship. I wonder what our rooms will look like," she commented as they waited.

Yeah, I am too" Vesia replied, pausing to adjust her chair. "But I am more excited for the pay to start flowing in again, and if I need to work on some freelance vessel to gain access to territory free of the Ragon, I'll do whatever is needed of me." Grabbing the pair's drinks from as a machine server stopped by their table, before going on its way, Vesia followed up with "Also how are you taking the crowds? I think this is the busiest station I've been with you."

Zaru bobbed her head from side to side as she thought for a moment, smiling as Vesia agreed with her. She stopped when Vesia asked about crowds. "Well, back on the Hsian base, we had little room. Our comfort wasn't the priority, but usually, my hands didn't get stepped on. Here, I sort of have more of a problem, and I know people are looking, but since I'm clothed, I guess it's alright."

"Oh yeah, I think we will get some sort of standard bunk in a barracks, but I can guarantee that it will be more than my ship had. Also, how do you think the crew composition will be? I wonder if it will have some of the species from the other galaxy."

"Didn't they say on the news that there were some Dhasath aboard?" Zaru commented.

"Yeah, I think she was one of the captains if I remember correctly, so I think we should be in good company. Now there will at least a few kiels, because one was handling the recruitment." Vesia replied as the fob started beeping, remarking on the beeps, Vesia commented, "I guess that means our food is on the way."

"Oh thank goodness," Zaru enunciated with a facetiously dramatic hand gesture, "I was going to start digesting myself! But yes, I'm pleased. I know people think I'm scary, but maybe we can pretend that ESODs are just Milky Way creatures or some junk so they won't get so freaked out."

"Here is hoping that they buy that," Vesia said with a pleasant grin, while thinking, there is no way they will buy that. A minute later, the server bot rolled out with the 3 soups and the plate of fish and pasta, with the sauce on the side in a gravy dish. Upon the bot coming to a stop at Vesia's end of the table, she reached onto its tray. Putting her plate in front of her chair and three bowls of soups in a line in front of Zaru. Before dining, Vesia recited a brief hymn for luck on the coming adventure.

Sensing the doubt in Vesia's eyes, Zaru shrugged, and said, "I'll let you do the talking," once Vesia finished her hymn. It was a song that Zaru's group had long forgotten, but something had felt familiar even when she first heard it. She was quick to dig in, and made use of each spoon. Luckily for Zaru, having so many arms seemed to override preferential dexterity, meaning she used every hand with equal competence.

Looking down at the Fish fillet. Vesia reached for the Gravy dish to pour the sweet sauce over the fish and the pasta. After pouring the whole dish over the fillet, she reached for her fork and knife to cut up the fillet and stir everything around for a bit to get it all mixed up. By the time she was finished that and about to take a bite of the noddles wrapped around her fork and a piece of fish at the end, she glanced up and saw the Zaru had gotten through the first bowl of soup.

Having finished eating, the pair was made their way to their lodging to retrieve what little stuff the two had. to be ready for when it was time to board the Defiance. They finished packing their things and checked out of the hotel as the call was made for everyone who was to serve aboard the Defiance. Zaru followed behind Vesia, and, as she often did, made a point of carrying luggage for the both of them, so that Vesia's hands were free. After a short while the pair reach docks and start walking towards the Defiance's gangway.

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Dr. Āihēemlái "Amlai" Āigàm Ǒonhētváihěeāivǎakàe, M.D.
CPC, Collection, and a Return to Normalcy

Although the last few months had been rather hectic and therefore disadvantageous to maintaining the status quo in the medbay, the opportunity of being privy to an entirely new galaxy had been a uniquely informative experience. Although the “Americans,” the subdivision of human which we first encountered, were rather pushy and overly bold with their insistence on access to my medical records, I had been able to soothe them via a facetious warning of alien diseases to keep them from messing things up while I showed them my collections, with the understanding that they could not touch. I was forced to provide “safe” replicas via the cellular regeneration equipment, which they were able to duplicate from some encoded blueprints to speed up the process. The primitive scientists were intrigued by this, and so, my endeavour to appear friendly came off well. The common human, as it turned out, was insipid, but luckily, even after we were thrust into the public eye, I was able to keep my contact with the filthy morons to a minimum.

I did, however, have the fortune of meeting with other more reasonable leaders of the planet’s many cliques. After all, they had absolutely insisted on speaking with willing extraterrestrials as soon as the word got out. Who’s to blame them? First contact with extraterrestrials is something that only happens once for a species. Although my interactions with the Americans were of little enjoyment to me, I did have the fortune of a few more amenable meetings. Although the meeting with the cacophony of different groups at a “European Union” meeting was rather grating to the olfactory senses, the other American allies, the Japanese and the Southern Koreans(According to our hosts, the group known as the Koreans had undergone a schism after becoming freed from a Japanese hegemony by America and another now defunct state known as the Soviet Union.) were gentler about their approach to requesting access to my databanks. They endeavoured to be hospitable, and offered me a choice of them replicating my native cuisine or providing me with their own. I chose the latter, simply for curiosity’s sake. I was offered a tour of one of their robotics facilities, and I must admit that the humans are, though primitive, capable of admirable innovations.

Although I only had the opportunity for a brief meeting, the peoples of the east of Europe were easy to work with. There was a short discussion, and I was provided with two whole human cadavers to do with as I pleased. Quite a pleasant meeting.

Out of all of the human cliques, however, my favourites were, without a doubt, the Chinese and the North Koreans. Given the Korean schism, I had to meet with the two at once, and the North Koreans were given only informal access to my databases via a bootlegging of the Chinese copies. However, they made up for this secrecy with no shortage of gratitude. The Chinese and North Koreans collectively provided cadavers of both sexes from their own phenotype with their organs all neatly organised, as well as infants at multiple stages of development, and a whole case of microbial samples and diseased tissue samples to boot. In reciprocation, I quietly provided them with one of the few duplicates in my collection. Although my American hosts complained about my receiving gifts from foreign powers, I quieted them with assurance that it was all replicas. It did not entirely reassure them, but they were reluctant to worsen the impression.

After we departed from Earth, I made an effort to reach out to the Federation. Although they were unwilling to provide any proper samples save for a few tissue samples, I was able to negotiate an exchange of medical information. The detailed photographs and videos would unfortunately have to do. It was likely for the best. My walk-in closet and extraneous storage spaces were becoming rather full, as fully preserved bodies took up far more space compared to the organs I usually collected, but it was a rare privilege to be privy to all the parts of a single-planet species, especially one from another galaxy.

After an eventful few cycles, it was rather relaxing to be back aboard the rustbucket. Although I indeed hoped to find a convenient way to get my things off the ship without running afoul of one of those pesky ethics boards, such an opportunity had not yet arisen. And so, I waited in my medbay for any new recruits to subscribe to wishful thinking and come for a checkup. As of yet, such a thing had not happened. I would likely need to make an announcement.

Ealamassi “Massi” Iltasaddaqqartum
Earth Food à la Massi

Ever since my recent hiring, I’d been working diligently to prove myself as a consistently good cook. Since the past few days had been simple meals with little meat or freshness that would generally be the standard, as far as I assumed, I opted to experiment with something that I understood to be more fancy in a celebration of our departure with new crew members such as myself. Given that we were in a human system, I had taken the liberty of chartering human foods for our human crew members, as I imagined we would be unlikely to have any chance in the future. I had bought enough special provisions for a few days of nice eating with Earth foods before the standard fare started up again.

For tonight, I had a proper banquet planned. I had a little Gorialax apéritif picked out. Just a little bit sweet, with a little bitter bite to it. It always helped to lay out the ingredients on the counter before working with them.

For appetisers, I selected a corn and crab bisque. Next, I had a salad prepared. I took creative liberties for the salad, so I arranged a setup that I believed would be delightful to the palate.

For the base of the traditional Earth salad, obviously, was foliage. However, most salads without other fixings were scarcely of much interest, so I found a variety of other things to put in. I had selected a phallic fruit known as a cucumber, which I intended to slice thinly, and perhaps use in tomorrow’s lunch as well. I also picked out another fruit traditionally used in salads, the tomato. This formed a good base. For “dressing”, I selected a strong lemony vinaigrette, which I was going to dilute a bit with oil. For crunch and protein, I decided to swap the traditional croutons for crickets, which could apparently be bought in bulk for pets. These, I would fry alive with spices.

Most importantly, the main course. I had found that “steak” was the meal of choice for fancy events in human culture, so I concocted a recipe based on some research. I would marinate them, and then cook them to “medium rare”, apparently the ideal internal temperature. As far as I was aware, the ones I had bought were of decent quality, as they were supposed to look very bloody. Alongside the steak, I was going to sauté green beans with onions and creatures known as “cicadas.” Hopefully it would be received well. For drinks, I had previously whipped up a honeydew-flavoured milk tea with tapioca pearls. It was sweet, and would hopefully offset my salty and savoury main course.

After the digestif, which I was leaving up to individual preference, I had just enough ice cream stocked for my plans. To go with the sweet milky treat, I was going to bake an angel food cake with an almond-vanilla icing. As I had prepared the marinade after dinner yesterday, the steaks would hopefully be filled with the flavours of the combination soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, garlic, and more. Given the time frame, the most prudent thing would be to start by preparing the granulated sugar for the cake in the mixer to make it superfine. I got my step stool, and stood over the mixer as I dumped sugar in.

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The Defiance Tz'aths

Sho, Anja, and the four new Tz'aths hung around the halls of the Defiance while awaiting new orders. They were all apart, each doing their own thing. Sho was eating from a basket full of steamed buns; Anja- dressed differently now and slightly larger, was writing away at a datapad in her lap; Khuzme, looking bored, sat by the windows with one leg over the other; Pel'churul was fiddling around with his backpack, pummeling it with a fist every now and then; Uht'las was silent and stuck to the ceiling above; and between them all, Narkhi'zesh was pacing back and forth.

In Sho's corner, which was near his original vent, there were numerous wrappers from the steamed buns that he'd regurgitated, along with some stray pellets. He chewed loudly and happily, taking several steamed buns in his maw at a time. Anja grew increasingly irritated by this, her writing becoming more frantic as seconds ticked by. Eventually, she dropped the pad in her lap and whipped her head towards Sho.

"Will you STOP?" she yelled, startling the others as well.

"Hm?" Sho pointed to himself, unable to speak as his mouth was overly full.

"Yes, you! UGH!" Anja growled, jumping down from her spot and angrily stomping off.

Sho'chavuk just shrugged and continued eating, albeit a bit more quietly. He continued to rock and hum with delight, clapping his hands together as he stuffed more steamed buns into his mouth.

"You know.. You really should pay more attention to her." Khuzme raised her voice. Sho looked up, noticing her. She wasn't quite looking at him, instead inspecting her claws. He said nothing. He couldn't.

"She looks up to you, you know. Seems to think you're the best. I can't see why." the slender female Tz'ath continued tauntingly. Sliding gracefully off the windowsill, she slunk past the obviously nervous Narkhi'zesh and up to Sho. As the goofy Tz'ath was about to pop another bun in his mouth, she snatched it out of his hand and took a bite out of it. She raised her foot and kicked Sho on the side of his head. "Are you even listening?!"

"Ah ahhm!" Sho grumbled loudly as he reached for Khuzme's ankle, some chewed buns falling out the side of his mouth.

Khuzme sighed, closing her fist and crushing the steamed bun. "Tch. You idiot. Do you know at all how to care for a cub?"

Sho'chavuk groaned. Of course he didn't. It wasn't something he'd been taught to do! Swallowing the mass of crushed bread and meats in his mouth, he looked up at Khuzme. "I have done my best to keep her from harm! Is that not enough?" Those words seemed to cause all the other Tz'aths to stop what they were doing and look at him.

Khuzme felt her eye twitch, and she raised her leg to kick Sho again, but he scampered towards the wall screaming.

"You fool! Of course that's not enough! There's more to raising cubs than just keeping them safe!" she fumed at him, now extremely annoyed at his ignorance. "The first thing a doe looks for in a male is how he cares for cubs. How will any doe look at you and feel attraction, huh? You need to think about these things for your future, you know?"

"Uh.." Pel'churul chimed in, nudging his goggles further up his snout. "Doesn't that practice only apply to your tribe?"

Khuzme gulped. Suddenly she was upon Pel'churul, whose head seemed to shrink into his torso. "SHUT YOUR TRAP, KEGGIE!" she yelled at him before stomping off the other way, much like Anja.

Once she was gone, Pel'churul chuckled nervously, looking at the others. "Hah. Women, huh?"

When the call for the newbies came, Sho'chavuk's ears shot up and his nose twitched. "Oh, it is time to go!" he said happily, then urging the three other males to get moving to the cargo bay. He himself was rather excited to see all the new faces. Before heading out though looks back down the hall to see if Khuzme was coming. Whimpering softly, he sets his steamed buns aside and lets the others know he was going to look for her.

Several yards down the hall, Uht'las picks up the pace to match Narkhi'zesh's large strides. Rubbing his paws together nervously, he tries to get the Hurk's attention. Noticing, Narkhi'zesh huffs loudly.

"Speak, if you have aught to say worth the listening." his deep, husky voice made Uht'las jump and fall back a little.

"Uhtlas has this for you." the smaller Tz'ath said shyly. It was a rock with crystals protruding from all over it. A gift.

Taking the rock, Narkhi'zesh gives it a sniff. This makes Uht'las feel nervous, wondering if he would accept it. But to his surprise, the Hurk makes a rumbling noise from the back of his throat and chucks the rock into his maw. Uht'las jumps again in surprise. He wasn't supposed to eat it! Pulling his hood down against his head, Uht'las begins to sweat. This is a disaster!

Again, much to his surprise, Narkhi'zesh laughs. He seemed rather pleased. "Good snack! You have my thanks, pup." the bigger Tz'ath ruffles Uht'las fur, leaving him in awe in the hallway. Uht'las straightens up his hood and follows, feeling rather red in the face.

Pel'churul is first to the cargo bay. Thanica is already standing there, and he must force himself not to sniff at her ankles. Shaking his head violently, the stumpy Tz'ath turns his attention to some large containers nearby and there puts his backpack on. Connecting the wires to the back of his helmet, the two mechanical arms make a beeping sound, indicating they were operational. They unfold from the pack and hang over Pel's shoulders.

Anja soon joins him, sitting on top of the containers so she could have a better view down the cargo ramp. They converse for a little bit about Pel'churul's contraption until Narkhi'zesh and Uht'las arrive, followed by Sho'chavuk and Khuzme. They were in full view of anyone who would come to the assembly, and would observe carefully. Sho was visibly more excited than anyone else. Anja was curious. Pel'churul was wary, and Uht'las was indifferent. Narkhi'zesh of all people, seemed to be the most nervous. When confronted by Khuzme, he snapped back at her, justifying his anxiety as normal for situations such as this.

They laughed together, mostly talking about who they thought they might see, who they wanted to see, and how they think they could get along. It was all in good nature, and much of it made little sense, as should be expected from Tz'aths. This was pretty much all they did as they waited for everybody to come along.

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Characters: Mothlua of Vubhe and Vandul of Samlath
Location: Beachhead Station

It had been several weeks since the two Kiellar had departed Relenar for Gollar territory. Upon arrival, they were surprised to learn that the crew had left the galaxy. Traveling to Beachhead station alongside other Andromeda tourists wasn't first-class, but it got the job done. Once that ordeal was over, Mothlua and Vandul left the pack of passengers which either flowed towards the Vendors District or contemplated the new layout of stars. Immediately they signed up to be apart of the crew of the Defiance, so now it was just a waiting game...
Dyelli Beybi wrote:“All new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings. I repeat, all new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings.”

This is it. Mothlua glanced over at Vandul who had just finished consuming a drink in a can, allegedly an Earth export, which was now sailing through the air for an open trash receptacle. "Well, let's get this over with." She didn't take his remark seriously, as she knew that both of them had been on the edge of their metaphorical seats for the moment that they would be summoned to meet the crew. They had spent a good portion of their time on the station learning the layout, so finding Hangar Bay Four wasn't going to be too difficult.

The Defiance was immediately recognizable to a former crew member, especially when it hadn't changed much. Vandul was tailing Mothlua, who may have been a little more excited about the whole ordeal. After all, the last time she had been in battle she had only lost an arm...

Mothlua and Vandul reached the ramp nearly simultaneously, looking ahead at the crew members before them.
Tapping her shoulder to break her of her reverie, Vandul couldn't resist saying it. "Look Mothlua, it's your favorite fuzzballs."
"What?" Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight before her, followed by an ecstatic grin. She advanced towards the smallest Tz'ath at the top of the ramp, "Anja, look at you!"
Watching her excitement was contagious and he couldn't help smiling himself as he approached the Commander. Nodding towards Sho, he scanned the surrounding crew. Realizing that most of them were new faces, Vandul's smile fell a little. He had been hoping that most of the crew had returned, where was Cridrac?

Once the Commander had finished her discussion with one of the recruits, Mothlua stepped forward, with Vandul following suit. "Mothlua, reporting for duty, Commander Vari." Vandul was less formal, "Hello, Commander." Both of their physical appearances had undergone some serious changes.

Mothlua's hair was now its natural color, a color somewhere between obsidian and onyx, with neon green highlights outlining her face. Her entire left arm was a prosthetic, she had opted for a variant without artificial skin. It resembled a skeleton's arm: metallic with hydraulic muscles. She was wearing a sleeveless black jumpsuit covered in pockets and attachments, which managed to be both feminine and tactical.

Vandul's beard was a near-perfect reflection of his spiked hair. He was wearing a t-shirt with some cargo pants and military boots, a combination which would have looked just like the average on Earth, with the exception of the pointed ears and colossal height.
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Captain Nathan Taylor Carter
Beachhead Station, Hangar Bay Four

“Well miss Tava, welcome to our humble abode for the foreseeable time!”

Carter’s words were accompanied by a flair of pride but also a somewhat facetious nature as he himself knew of the less than majestic appearance of the Defiance. The former prison transport ship turned makeshift living ship which had become more of an improvised mercenary vessel at this point may not have echoed that much confidence in the newcomers but the human was sure they’d come around to it as he himself and others had.

Several new faces had arrived since the announcement to do so over the PA, some of species familiar to the human and others not so much. Carter kept moving forward toward the platform as the gangway into the ship opened up, several of the new recruits standing around seemingly confused or awaiting whoever was to lead them to appear. Carter was quick to spot Sshalah, she seemed to be hauling cargo, working hard as usual.

Raoul was nowhere to be seen however, Carter half expected the Ragon would be out in search of food for him and his fellow species.

“That’s Sshalah over there, a Ragon. Don’t let the appearance frighten you, she and Raoul are rather cordial!” Carter chuckled as he and the Berdikon officer finally entered the platform and were now among the aspiring members of the Defiance. Carter hoped they all would be competent enough to carry their weight and sure enough to take part of this trip into Andromeda, because it was not all about fame and fortune, despite whatever they had heard.

As he walked into the small ensemble of various aliens of various backgrounds, the one that Carter stumbled on first was what appeared to be a drunken Dhasath of all things. It made Carter frown for a second as he approached the lad from behind.

Kale shambled his way into the hangar, taking another long swig. His stomach was beginning to feel strange again. Best slow down until he was alone. In the hangar bay, he found five to seven blurry and misshapen figures, although they were no longer distinct in this state. "Is this the defiance?" He manage to slur, taking another swig from his bottle forgetting his own advice from mere moments ago.

“Sure is buddy!” Carter’s words were accompanied by a strong and firm grip onto the inebriated Dhasath’s shoulder, slightly shaking him with an almost fraternal mannerism. Kale would likely see his vision blurry up by a thousand and his weight shift tremendously until being let go by the Human.

“Name’s Nathan Taylor Carter, some of you may know me just as Carter, that alone will suffice or Captain if you’re fancy.” Carter carried himself rather casually but also denoting confidence as he approached the gangway of the ship, Thanica and Rabaech were already outside greeting the newcomers.

“I expect you all to treat both me and Commander Vari with the same level of respect for our authority and our orders if you wish to join in with this crew,” Carter continued as he approached the Kiel engineer and the Dhasath female, looking around himself he spotted several strange beings along the more typical, some of them Dhasath and even a Gollar, and some others more familiar to him.

There was what he could only describe as a centipede like being, multiple appendages attached to it and part of it standing upright like a normal bipedal. Carter’s skin shivered for a moment at the Cronenberg like sight but he quickly gulped up whatever irked him, You’ve seen weirder things, suck it up he thought as he simply nodded to the multi limbed sentient and their Dhasaht companion, he kept a composed look despite his inner feelings of utter disbelief and instincts of fright.

Then he spotted the weirdest thing yet short of the previous one, something he could only describe as a floating octopus with a long neck with eyes, it had several objects attached to it and carried a toolbox with it. Once more Carter went through the same thoughts and once more he battled himself to keep cool.

“Welcome to the crew,” he said to the floating squid. The human suddenly noticed Mothlua and Vandul, the two former Kiel marines had returned to rejoin this crew, Carter had a slight smile as he looked at the two who had just addressed Vari.
"Mothlua, reporting for duty, Commander Vari." Vandul was less formal, "Hello, Commander." Both of their physical appearances had undergone some serious changes.

“At ease Mothlua,” Carter said with a jesty tone as he approached the two from behind and passed by them. “Glad to see you two making it back,” the human said to the two Kiel, despite their previous standing as the very own Marines who had once been tasked with keeping the Human in captivity Carter had come to respect the two for their dedication.

“Nice beard by the way Vandul,” Carter pointed at the Kiel’s grown facial hair, the human himself stroking his own while nodding at the Kiel with a bit of a smug.

At that moment Carter turned to Thanica and Rabaech he then spotted Sho and the other Tz’aths present as well, each of them chatting and in seemingly differing moods and dispositions that Carter had come to expect from the little furry critters. He smiled at them, looking over to Sho.

“Hope you guys didn’t do too much of a ruckus while I was out,” He smirked as he then glanced back at Thanica, the Female Dhasath wore her casual attire of a simple black tank top and pulled back hair, contrasted with the Human’s armor.

“Commander, this is Tava Gebeth. Our Federation attachee,” Carter said as he introduced the Berdikon captain. As the two introduced each other Carter moved over to the side of Thanica, dropping his bag down onto the floor as he faced the newcomers directly, he awaited whatever kind of speech the Dhasath had prepared for the aspiring renegades of the Defiance, not wanting to take away her shine. He looked at her with a noticeable simper, even though he had not been gone ostensibly long he always missed being with her.
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Postby Dyelli Beybi » Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:53 am

Thanica Vari

By the Maker, what on earth was that centipede thing? Thanica hadn't seen a species like it before, but it looked close enough to a dhasath to make her feel uncomfortable, which wasn't a fair reaction on her part and she

Thanica was wondering about the drunk one. It wasn't that she disapproved of drinking, she'd got drunk and silly enough times on the ship, but it didn't make the best impression. She hoped that wasn't going to be a problem... but before she had a chance to say anything, Carter appeared, completely unannounced. Her heart skipped a beat, "Captain, welcome back," she said, trying to stay professional with all the new crew around. There was a former member of the crew who had been quite convinced Thanica had played the femme fatale to get to her position and didn't want anything like that starting up again with the new people.

Everyone was looking at her? Why were they looking at her? It took a moment for it to dawn on Thanica that they wanted her to say something. A tiny bit of colour crept into her cheeks; she hadn't prepared anything! She'd imagined she'd just be saying 'hello and welcome aboard' to people one at a time as they appeared. Thanica was not, in her opinion, much of a speech maker, though she knew more or less what she needed to say, "Hi everyone, welcome to the crew," she started, her tone cheerful, "I haven't met a lot of you before. I am Thanica Vari, the Commander of the ship, though I don't want anyone to start calling me Commander or anything... not unless it makes you feel more comfortable."

"Ah, anyway," she said, realising she had been starting to ramble, "As you might know, the ship has been sort-of blockaded in Port for the KC for a while, however, we have negotiated a deal where we can go back through the wormhole," she looked across at Carter. He wasn't going to be too thrilled about who they'd brought on-board and she figured they should probably talk about that before he bumped into Aethienn in a corridor or anything similar, "The Gollar have very kindly furnished us with the coordinates of a couple of crew members we lost contact with on our last mission -" she skipped the bit where the mission had been a raid on a KC Battlecruiser "- and, I think the Captain will be in agreement that retrieving these people should be the priority before we embark on anything else. We don't leave our crew behind."

"There should be adequate rooms for everyone to have their own as we are operating on a smaller crew than this ship was originally designed to have aboard although you might need to get some quick work done to make everything comfortable if your body isn't a kieloid shape. You will need to share bathroom facilities," she continued, skipping to the practical bits, "Which brings me to the most important thing you need to know. I'm a dhasath. Some of you look like other dhasath though I'm guessing you're probably humans. If you are a dhasath though, you should be aware there are Ragons on the crew."

Hopefully they'd already noticed that given that Sshalah was in the loading bay and rather hard to miss. Thanica had her own worries about other dhasath on the crew; she wasn't exactly the model of dhasath piety, "Everyone on the crew must behave like crew mates to everyone else no matter what species they belong to. I know a lot of inter-species animosities are etched into the bone, but old hatreds need to get left here, on this dock... oh and don't use the Ragon bathroom."

She turned her attention to Carter then, "Does everything sound about right, Captain?"

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Postby Arengin Union » Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:53 pm

Captain Nathan Taylor Carter
Beachhead Station, Hangar Bay Four

She turned her attention to Carter then, "Does everything sound about right, Captain?"

Carter kept silent for a bit, thinking about everything that had been said and then looking back at the ensemble of aspiring galactic voyagers he nodded.

“All the bases have been covered and I expect them to be followed. Anyhow, everyone is dismissed and free to claim their respective rooms. Welcome to the Defiance, people!” Carter’s words were short and straight to the point, leaving the others to now begin entering the ship and provide their names to Rabaech as they did. The ship was now free for them to explore and "Admire" as much as you could admire a hastily decorated and clumsily personalized glorified hauler that was. Out of the corner of his eye Carter was still looking at the strange slithering creature followed by the floating squid, part of him deep within felt a revolting feeling in his stomach but he had to keep that a secret, at least from the crew. He had to get used to this new understanding of things.

Finally free from any more formalities Carter was just about to speak with Thanica as it was at that moment that he noticed Kaleso and Yare speaking with Karessan from afar.

“Seems like there’s gonna be more familiar faces that we thought!” He said to Thanica while glancing at the two Jokari and accompanying Safuri. He was glad that the two were back, they were warriors and more importantly friends he could trust in this forsaken world and that was rare nowadays.
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Postby Lessoni » Thu Apr 16, 2020 4:09 pm

One time enemies
Starring Raoul and Aethienn
Written by Dyelli Beybi and Lessoni

Act 1, Scene 1: Spring has come, with all its gentle showers. Methinks it’s time to hack the Prince to death.

After leaving the bridge, Aethienn had returned to her quarters and changed out of her uniform into some less restrictive clothing in preparation for her daily training regime: a grey tank top and matching leggings. While she would put on heavier gear when the moment called for it, she much preferred to fight without cumbersome armour if she could avoid it.

As she made her way towards the gym her thoughts wandered in the direction of her new crew. With the exception of the dhasath, most of them seemed to dislike her, which was quite immature on their part. Yes, she had tried to kill some of them, but it hadn't been personal, they were in a battle and she had been following orders. Her orders were, now, to keep them alive in the anticipation that they would, sooner or later, decide to cooperate with the Commodore. Obviously she wasn't going to try to cause any of them harm, but they seemed to find that confusing. She was not looking forward to the return of their pontificating Captain, but she kept that to herself. Thanica was quite loyal towards him for whatever reason. Aethienn could only assume that was more to do with his performance as a lover than a leader...

As she mulled that over she rounded the corner only to come face-to-face with the male Ragon she had fought on the ship the day she had been supposed to kill the Doctor. It had been irritating to find out she had failed, though she couldn't do anything to correct her failure now. The Ragon had a face like thunder and did not appear entirely happy, "Ragon," she greeted, "You look distressed. All is not well?"

He probably wouldn't appreciate her enquiry, but he was her shipmate now and for what it was worth, she did respect him. He had been a worthy adversary.

Raoul, at that moment, had been expecting to go back to the cargo bay and sleep away his day’s troubles. That changed when the woman who’d nearly killed him appeared before him, on the ship. And not dead.

“My name is Raoul. Not ‘Ragon’. Do not talk to me as if we were friends.”

He hadn’t forgotten the vow he’d made all those months ago. To tear her to shreds.

"You are a Ragon, the description is accurate," Aethienn remarked, "Just as 'kiel' is accurate for me. Now, I am not expecting to be your friend, but I am on your crew now, whether or not you like it. You can bite my head off whenever you see me, or you can accept I tried to kill you but I didn't and it wasn't personal. I am a soldier, I don't fight people because I want to or because I enjoy it. I do it because it is my job."

“Forgive me if I take attempts on my life to heart. And forgive me if I don’t forgive them. But, if cordiality is necessary, than so be it. I had an ideological disagreement with a good friend.”

Aethienn gave Raoul a puzzled look, sounding genuinely confused when she spoke, "But why? You tried to kill me as well. That was then, this is now. You were a worthy adversary and you brought honour to yourself. Why not dwell on that part?" there was a slight pause, just a slight one as switched to the other topic, "As for your friend, maybe the same thought applies? You have a difference of opinion on some matter, but that matter isn't the foundation on which your friendship is built or you would not have become friends to begin with. So perhaps if you dwell on the things you share, rather than the things you differ on you will begin to find some perspective?"

Raoul was frustrated, in that moment, at how hard it was to dislike the rational figure before him. She had tried to kill him. She had kidnapped his compatriots. She had shot the hell out of his ship. And yet... maybe he could put it behind him.

“It’s hard to hold an oath against a crew mate, I suppose. Consider yourself forgiven. But one slight sign of trickery and I *will* rip you limb from limb”. He said this with no sense of humor. “But in ideology I am more stubborn. Sshalah and I disagree on... it’s complicated.”

That drew a wry laugh from Aethienn, "Actually, I wasn't trying to gain your forgiveness, I was hoping you would extend it to your friend..." she didn't press for details on their disagreement. They weren't her place to know, "But I can tell you that I you will not get any trickery from me. I am not a spy or an assassin. My honour is important to me; if the time comes that I am ordered to fight you again, you will know well ahead of time so that you have time to prepare for the confrontation," she promised.

"Do you wish to train?" she offered, "I find it helps me when I wish to gain some emotional distance to properly assess an issue. And besides, you can study how I move, which might give you a better chance if we must duel again in the future."

“Fine. Training it is. I won’t be taking it easy, though, and I expect the same from you.”

"I was anticipating training separately, but if you wish to try together I will not go easy," Aethienn promised, "But you might need to pull your blows if you want to make contact. You could, as you put it before, tear me limb from limb very easily. I will not be much use to your crew if I am critically injured before we see any action," she pointed out. "However," she placed her hands on her hips, looking Raoul over, "I personally, think this could be very interesting. Your strengths are my weaknesses and your weaknesses are my strengths. It is an almost perfectly asymetrical pairing."

“Indeed. The battlefield will certainly be a more interesting place with you around.”

With that, he began walking towards the gym.
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Postby Endem » Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:01 pm

Sinon of Naechan Kamell Zon

After the captain has dismissed them, Sinon noted that thankfully captain wasn't looking suspiciously at him, anyway, he slipped aboard the Defiance with a bag of personal belongings, after that he searched for a crew quarter where he could settle in comfortably, how much "settle in comfortable" would it be, he could not predict.

The quarter was repurposed cell, obvious given the ships previous background, which funnily enough, was originally a crew quarter but was repurposed to be a cell, he did a quick search for any surveillance equipment, more as a habit than any real suspicion, but did checking ever hurt anybody.

While searching he curiously found what appeared to be a polished Kiel skull, what kind of monster once lived in this cell? He tossed the skull aside as uninteresting, before deciding it could draw suspicion, and the fact he lacked any explanation for it being there, he quickly cracked the skull under his boot until it was little more than fragments and ash easily explainable as dust.

He opened his bag and inspected it, a tool for repairing damages to the synthetic skin, his sniper rifle, combat suit, regular clothes, knives, other accessories, laser pistol, everything as normal, he found it a little amusing that it had come to this that he considered normal putting clothes and knives on the same list.

He zipped his bag and tossed it onto his bed, looking at it, it looked painfully normal, so normal in fact, Sinon neglected to even mention if in his thoughts for a time now. Kamell walked out of his new quarter and started to walk towards the mess, from there, he decided he would either continue exploring the ship and make himself aquainted with all modifications the previous crew has made, thankfully he still remembered how in it's stock standard form the types of ships Defiance belonged to looked, and had little trouble navigating it.
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Postby Theyra » Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:35 pm

Novo Vohru Andai

The last few months for Novo have been interesting for him. The escape from the Command battleship was one thing and he was just happy they got out alive. But, traveling to a different galaxy was something he never thought would happen. Granted most among the crew would probably feel the same and Novo would spend his time learning more about Earth and by extension humanity. While they still have a ways to go technology-wise and were rather picky about what Novo could learn about their military technology like their starships. Most likely wanted to keep them safe from foreign aliens even though their technology is inferior to even Novo's people technology. In return, Novo gave what insight he had on ships from Andromeda and they were pleased and interested by what he told.

Meeting the Federation was something else, a hegemony that was actually peaceful and not hostile like Kiellar Command or the Ragon Empire. It was eye-opening that the Milky Way Galaxy seem better off then Andromeda. From what he has seen, they are lacking with it comes to military hardware. Still, it was a change and Novo thoughts it was interesting that the Gorialax look very silimar to humans. Just like how the Dhasath looks like humans. Very weird he thought how many more species that exist that look like humans. It makes one think about oddities that exist in the universe.

Novo took some time to get some souvenirs from Earth before the final call from Earth. Like some board games like one called Catan, miniatures of Earth wonders, some books, and map of the planet. All of which would be stored in his room, carefully keep in certain places and Novo would send his time on Beachhead talking to various humans and enjoying the look of Earth from the observation deck. It makes it happy that he had his robotic eyes installed because without his eyes. Novo would not be able to experience the sight of what he has seen without them. Even if they at certain times can be a problem, like if they get hit by something. Like back during the escape from the Command battleship.

As Novo was about to leave the observation deck, he heard a message through the PA system. “All new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings. I repeat, all new crew of the gunship Defiance, please report to Hangar Bay Four immediately for allocation of lodgings.”

Ah, the time for the new arrivals to arrive is now. Novo thought as he started to walk. Not rushing to get to his destination, now was the time to meet the new crew. He knows that they have some Milky Way aliens alongside some from Andromeda. Better met them now and as he turned the quarter into Hanger Four. The first thing that caught his eye was the centipede being. Novo stepped back slightly, that is new and he was not sure of what to think of it. Shaking his head out of it, he turned his sights to next of the new crew and was surprised to find a floating alien. That is also very new and Novo wondered what these new arrives will be doing on the ship. He would ask but, he felt that was for later and walk to the ship. Giving a small wave to Carter and Thanica as he passed by them and headed toward the cargo hold.
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Postby The Empire of Tau » Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:59 pm

Third Deck, Galley
Co-write between Tau and Khas.

Vosso, the sole janitor of the Defiance, is currently in the process of cleaning up the ship. Vosso had just woken up not too long ago in his small closet janitor room. He had cleaned out the gymnasium, recreational facilities, and the medical bay. So now, Vosso had moved on to the galley, the kitchen. The rolling of the janitor cart, filled with various cleaning equipment, signals the arrival of the ship’s janitor. Arriving, Vosso takes out a slippery warning sign and places the sign on the kitchen floor, although no-one would really need it as there were only two persons within the kitchen right now. Mopping the floor, Vosso looks towards Massi.

“Hello Massi. How’s your day been?” Vosso opens up with a friendly warm smile.

Massi paused her measurements for a moment, and turned to acknowledge Vosso.

“Well Pa, I’ve been fine. Dinner’s coming along splendidly. By the way, will I be able to walk on the floor? I need to be able to cook,” she mentioned.

"I'll just be mopping this small section. It had a spill of grease that I needed to take care of." Vosso notes.

“I hear that you’re making quite the planned meals.”

Massi nodded, and continued working.

“Mop away then,” she shrugged, “But yes, I do have a bit of a banquet planned tonight. Earth foods seemed interesting, and since we had humans I thought it might be nice to take a crack at it.”

"Ah, I see. I'll eat anything you cook up. It's good to see that you're doing well. You liking the ship so far?" Vosso asks.

"It's pleasant," she responded as she began to turn on the mixer, "It's lodging and it's work; that's enough for me."

"Meet the other crewmembers?" Vosso asks, still mopping.

“Some of them,” Massi answered, “But it hasn’t been long that I’ve been here, so it’ll probably all happen eventually.”

"Speaking of Earth, did you visit the planet?" Vosso wonders.

"No, I've never been," Massi said loudly over the mixer.

"Do you have any plans to visit the planet any time soon?" Vosso says a bit more louder.

"Not at the moment. I don't see us coming back here for quite a while," she responded.

"You know anything about Earth? Besides from its food." Vosso asks Massi.

"Not really. I have some video games, but not much else."

"Ah, their video games. What did you get?"

"A series of games from a company known as Paradox. They're interesting. I think they portray Earth history, in a way," Massi replied.

"Ah, Paradox. I heard of that company before. Not too hard to get some stuff from Earth." Vosso noted.

"They recently came out with ports for all these games. It's neat to see the history of another world in real time." Massi replied.

"Indeed. Speaking of Earth history, it's not that hard to look up its history. It's free everywhere. I got some Earth history books in my room."

"I read a little bit to give the games context, but otherwise, never been a big reader."

As she said this, Massi turned off the mixer, as the sugar seemed about right.

"You need help with cooking, friend?"

"No thank you, I have it under control, Pa," Massi responded.

"If you need help with anything then do call me." Vosso keeps mopping, almost done with his work.

She nodded, and placed the mixing bowl on the counter, "Understood."

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Postby Bla Ary » Fri Apr 17, 2020 10:29 pm

Arengin Union wrote:[size=150][u]
“Sure is buddy!” Carter’s words were accompanied by a strong and firm grip onto the inebriated Dhasath’s shoulder, slightly shaking him with an almost fraternal mannerism. Kale would likely see his vision blurry up by a thousand and his weight shift tremendously until being let go by the Human.

“Name’s Nathan Taylor Carter, some of you may know me just as Carter, that alone will suffice or Captain if you’re fancy.”

Kale let out a deep groan as the distinguished individual who called himself Carter shook him roughly. "No shake- by the maker..." Like a coke bottle that had been filled with mentos and shaken, Kale dropped too all fours and ejected the foul smelling contents of his stomach onto the deck. The smell of vinegar penetrated the air and invaded the nostrils of any creature with the poor enough luck too be standing nearby. Spitting the last few strands of druel out, Kale stood wiping the burning liquid off his lips and taking another long swig out of his bottle. He smacked his lips and pointed too Carter with the same hand that held the bottle. "No shaking. Or touching. That's gonna be my one rule, no touching." Kale put the bottle bag up, in a dangerous attempt to compensate for the liquor he had just evacuated from his stomach.

Dyelli Beybi wrote:"If you are a dhasath though, you should be aware there are Ragons on the crew."

Kale exhaled harshly, spitting his drink out in front of him. But before he could speak the women in front of him had said more.

Dyelli Beybi wrote:"Everyone on the crew must behave like crew mates to everyone else no matter what species they belong to. I know a lot of inter-species animosities are etched into the bone, but old hatreds need to get left here, on this dock...

Kale took a long pull out of his bottle. Just take a drink and keep your mouth shut. Don't be starting anything on your first day. Just keep your head down your bottle in your mouth and don't talk to anybody. He capped his bottle and placed it in with the rest. He threw on his helmet and made his way up into the ship. He grabbed the first unoccupied room he saw, throwing his bag under the bunk and plopping himself into his bunk. After going a few days without somewhere to stay, the oil and grime had built up a bit and would get his bed dirty quickly. He'd have to take care of himself in a bit, but best to get settled in. He released his helmets locks, and set it next to him on his bed. He ran a hand through his greasy hair, and found some black stains. Oil. He was a mess.

He grabbed a the same bottle from before out of of his bag, taking a swig. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the edge of the photo in his helmet, he reached for it, before changing his mind and pushing it back into his helmet. For later. Give it a few hours to settle in and learn the ropes.

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Postby Arengin Union » Sat Apr 18, 2020 5:56 pm

Old and New Friends
Co-written by Arengin, Dyelli, and Europa Undivided

Once they were in earshot of the Commander, they both slightly bowed. "Hail, comrade Commander.", Kaleso said as he bowed his head ever so slightly. "We have returned from our homeland to be with the crew of the Defiance once again."

At that moment, Nicht approached as well, apprehensive at quote literally everything. "I'm... Uh..."

"Commander, this is a friend of mine.", Kaleso said to full in the apparently nervous Mercija. "Name's Nicht Veremni. He's an Explorer from the unexplored regions of the galaxy and has travelled from the other side of the galaxy. Now he has signed up to be one of us."

"Well nice to make your acquaintance Veremni, welcome to our crew!" With a smile and a friendly demeanor Carter was first to extend his hand to Nicht, taking hold of the seemingly robotic being's hand and shaking it boldly.

"I'm Captain Carter, you can just call me Carter or Nate if you're feeling colloquial!"

The Mercija nodded in turn as Carter shook his "hand". "Good to meet you as well... Nate."

Carter chuckled as he let go of Nicht's hand he then turned to Kaleso.

"Glad to have you back brother, hope you didn't run into no trouble out there."

When Carter welcomed Kaleso and Yare back as well, the former only snickered at his remark of 'hope you didn't run into no trouble out there.' "Well, comrade Carter, I've run into some trouble myself... that is, if you can call raiding and destroying Imperial vessels to be trouble. I trust that Karesan has been training you well, yes?"

With a confident smirk Carter felt an urge to boast his newfound abilities with the Jokari weapon as well as the multitude of techniques taught by Karessan but now was nor the time or place, "You'd be correct, he is a tough son of a bitch but he's taught me well!" Carter's words were goodhearted as he looked at Karessan with a slight nod.

"Hi everyone," Thanica chimed in, taking a couple of steps over to where Carter was, "I wasn't expecting to see you so soon again after you left the crew. Good to see you still with all limbs attached!"

"Also..." she laced her arms around Carter's neck, raising up on the balls of her feet to give him a quick 'welcome back' kiss, "I've missed you." She turned back to the others, "I've missed you all, but not in the same way."

His right arm now wrapped around Thanica's waist Carter expressed a chuckle at Kaleso's remark. "Indeed it would be rather strange!" His eyes glancing at Thanica as he looked at her with a suave and gentle expression unbothered by the jokingly remark but also completely enticed with her, no other being in this galaxy or beyond would get that from the Captain of the Defiance.

The dragon nodded in turn. "The Corsairs and Sarufi Migrant Fleets have been cooperating in fighting the Empire in the smaller theaters of this war. However, Nicht here begged Kaleso to-"

She wasn't able to finish as Nicht filled in for Yare. "To help me, err, run from debt.", he said while shaking his head. "There are 10 million credits on my name..."

When Thanica remarked that she also missed them, just not in the way she missed Carter, Kaleso stifled a laugh, but he still snickered. "It would be very strange if you did.", he answered in turn.

That drew a chuckle from Tava who was still hanging around by the Captain, "Tava Gebeth," she introduced herslef with a small bow, "Envoy from the Federation of Civilised Worlds. We wanted in on this action as well... because you've got someone from Kiellar Command and Earth and the Gollar both think Carter works for them."

"Tava has seen some action and she's eager to venture into Andromeda, I'm sure you and her will get along well," Carter commented to Thanica and everyone else. He then looked over around the deck for a moment, spotting all of the activity nearby silently, it was something he usually did not only at Beachhead but everywhere now. At that moment he spotted Novo walking by the cargo hold, the Kay-si waved at the pair for a few seconds, Carter waved back himself giving a two finger gesture to him as he kept walking by the cargo hold.

That drew a short laugh from Tava, who had been giving Carter and Kaleso a curious look, "You're right, I think we are going to get on!"

"Good to know you, Tava Gabeth.", Yare-Lokem said while bowing her own head.

Thanica leaned back, resting her head against Carter's chest. She reached for the hand around her waist, entwining her fingers with his. She seemed content to let the others do the talking, waiting until there was a break in the conversation before saying, "I think we need a party to welcome new friends and returned ones. Now seems like a good time since we still have fresh food, plentiful alcohol and nobody trying to kill us."

"I think that'd be mighty swell, something to break the ice around before heading back into Andromeda," Carter said in agreement to the idea, looking over to Nicht the human gave him a reassuring look. "And don't you worry about any debts, we'll sort everything out. You're part of this crew, as long as you stay..."
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Postby Nachfolgia » Sun Apr 19, 2020 3:34 pm

Ra'rannir Sol' Ukysol

Deep in the dense jungles on the western hemisphere, just within the foothills on the largest mountain range on Lustriea, the Yei'zunir Tribe makes the region their home. One of the thousands of Lustriean tribes on the planet, The Yeu'zunir is among the largest of the natives, boasting a few hundred in number and comprised of five smaller tribes. These tribes had joined together decades ago for mutual survival in the harsh, twilight world. Due to their location at the Foothills, The tribe had access running water and safe game. The Nes'ell, a hooved, horse like native species was common, providing an excellent source of food for the tribe.

The Foothills weren't without its unique set of dangers for the native Lustrieans. Aside from the many toxic plants that are spread across the endless jungles, many dangerous animals also roam the dense wood. Giant snake like creatures known to the Lustrieans as Ikzants live amongst the rocky terrain of the foothills, their poisonous bite potent enough to kill in minutes. Then there is the Ukysol, the Shadow Hunter, the apex predator of Lustriea. The Ukysol knew no boundaries and knew no predator, being on top of the food chain. Even the Lustrieans, the most evolved species on the planet, were nothing but food for the Ukysol.

Deep in the rolling hills and forests of the Foothills, dozens of makeshift shelters formed the campsite of the Yei'zunir Tribe. Each shelter was make from vines woven between wooden poles with a patchwork of animal skin draped over it to keep the rain out. These shelters can house multiple Lustrieans, mostly consisting of an immediate family and children. The largest of these shelters belonged to the chieftain and the shaman, being easily three times the size of the normal shelters. This shelter not only served as a place for the chieftain to reside, but also was a place for tribal meetings.

Everyone in the tribe was busy with their own tasks to perform. Some, fresh from the day's hunt, were now preparing the kill for their family to consume. Others were caring for newborns and small children. Lustrieans, still too young for their first hunt, were sitting around the shaman as she taught them stories of the tribe and their place in the world. All had their duties to perform that allowed the tribe to survive year after year for centuries.

Ra'rannir was sitting outside her own personal shelter, preparing her kill to eat. It was a four foot tall, bird like creature with a long neck and large talons on its feet. This one game will feet her for the night and possibly the morning. Her shelter stood out amongst the others, not because of its size, but how it was decorated. Her shelter was covered in a variety of animal skin and bones, all from past hunts that she participated in. The most prominent being the dark bones and black skin of the Ukysol she killed on her first hunt years ago. She was young even then and she has worn its skull ever since, signifying her place in the tribe as its prime hunter.

Ra'rannir was plucking the feathers from her kill when she heard a commotion coming from further down the hill. She quickly stood up from the ground and saw a fellow tribesman running up the hill towards the chieftain's hut. She knew this Lustriean as Dro'rris, a young male barely old enough to reproduce. By the way his facial expressions were, she could tell that whatever he was running for, it was important on the verge of urgency. Ra'rannir watched him run past her tent before following behind him.

"[ Chieftain Mazak! Chieftain Mazak!]" Dro'rris called out as he ran up to the large tent in the center of the camp, a large number of Lustrieans following him. Immediately, a stout, wide shoulders Lustrieans wearing a headress of bone and leaves barged out of the tent, spear in hand. He was followed by a shorter female covered in paint and a woven headress of vines.

"[ What words on the wind do you bring, Young Hunter Dro'rris?]" Mazak said, his voice deep and loud.

"[ Cheiftain Mazak...I have brought word of...Sky Demons...crashing onto the surface of...the Great Mother. ]" Dro'rris replied, trying to catch his breath. Several tribesmen began to whisper amongst themselves in response to the news.

Mazak raised his hand to hush the crowd so he could hear the young Lustrieans more clearly. "[ Are you sure of this, Dro'rris? It is not known in many cycles of Sky Demons stepping on our sacred Mother.]"

"[ My own eyes have witnessed it with the Great Mother's clarity, Cheiftain Mazak. Their metal creature fell from the sky not far from here, on the other side of the Great Vein.]" The crowd erupted once again in chatter as the crash site seemed to be only a few hours walk from their homes. Ra'rannir cocked her head slightly to the side, seemingly curious about the Sky demons. She had never seen any up close and has never heard of any coming to the surface.

The Cheiftain raised his hand once more to quiet the crowd. He waited until he got complete silence before speaking. "[ If this is indeed true and Sky Demons are on the Great Mother's ground, then I must speak these words with all my strength. No Night-Folk are to go beyond the Great Vein under any circumstances, not even to hunt. Stick to the Foothills and Mother's spine to hunt. Anyone who disobeys these words are a threat to the Tribe's survival and will be punished severely as our ways allow.]" Mazak said, loudly for everyone to hear. As he spoke, he glared at Ra'rannir in a way to let her know that he was talking about her.

As the crowd dispersed, Ra'rannir stood in place and glared at Mazak for a few moments. Without words, the two knew exactly what the other was thinking and what their intentions were. Mazak's final look at her was of disgust as he knew she was going to disobey him. He then turned around and went back into his shelter. Ra'rannir returned back to her tent and finished her meal preparation. She would need the meat for the journey past the Great Vein.

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The Imarian Monarchy wrote:
Vesia & Zaru chat with the captians
Co-written by Imaria,Khasinkonia, Dyelli, and Arengin

Dyelli Beybi wrote:Thanica Vari
"There should be adequate rooms for everyone to have their own as we are operating on a smaller crew than this ship was originally designed to have aboard although you might need to get some quick work done to make everything comfortable if your body isn't a kieloid shape. You will need to share bathroom facilities," she continued, skipping to the practical bits, "Which brings me to the most important thing you need to know. I'm a dhasath. Some of you look like other dhasath though I'm guessing you're probably humans. If you are a dhasath though, you should be aware there are Ragons on the crew."

Although she was already quite pale, the notion of Ragon being present aboard the Defiance made Zaru turn somehow whiter, surpassing even the term ghostly. She froze up. What was there to do?

Vesia hearing the notion, initially thought that Captain Vari must have been high, Ragon aboard, with Dhasath onboard, that lady must be crazy. There is no way that has gone well. Shoving her mind else where in order to console Zaru, Vesia started to try and sooth her. She turned and layed eyes upon Zaru's flushed visage, calmly saying "Zaru, think for a moment. If there was at least one Dhasath aboard this ship before we got here, there must be enough crew to protect her, and they'll do the same for us, I am sure of it." Zaru remained completely still. The closest thing to her movement was an almost unnoticeable shaking of her head. No.

Having just barely noticed the nod, Vesia leaned in close, placing here hand on Zaru's cheek, asking her, "What do you mean no? They've clearly done something to keep them in line, because either the crew would have been mauled or the Ragon would have been put down." Zaru continued to stare forward nearly madly. Her muscles tensed slightly and she twitched. She was breathing very faintly. "Still a monster..." she murmured.

"I know that the Ragon are monsters regardless of what the crew have done to tame them, but there isn't anything we can do. I am going to assume that they were before us, as I haven't seen a single one on this station. Come on, I'll speak with the captain about the issue. Since I don't think we are the only Dhasath who have just joined the crew. So come on please... Once again, at least the captain has remained alive through what ever. So there has to be something keeping her safe." Vesia said once again trying to calm Zaru. Zaru started to lurch forward, albeit quite shakily. She whispered over and over, "Ragon are bad news...bad news..." as she began

"Good, you're moving now, yes. They are bad news, but somehow it hasn't gone badly yet so I want to get to the bottom of this. Now come on, would you like to chat with the Captain with me, or shall I do it on my own, Zaru?" Vesia asked as she entered the defiance. "Chat. I'll come," Zaru replied shakily a she began to try to pick up the pace, although her motions were still markedly shaky.

Upon looking around the hanger bay, Vesia saw the two captains and the crew members they were talking too. Approaching the group, Vesia " You two are the captain's right, well my companion..." While Gesturing to Zaru. "Is very upset that there are Ragon aboard, can you please share on how no-one here has been mauled by this point? If you do that will help calm her. I am going to assume that it involves the Sarufi aboard," while pointing towards sparkly white Dragon walking away to from the group.

"I take it you missed my speech to the crew," Thanica remarked, looking up at Carter for a moment, "Yes, there are two ragons on this ship. And no, the fact that nobody had become lunch has nothing to do with the Sarufi and everything to do with the two ragons. They have both got me out of more sticky situations than I care to think about and I trust them with my life. I don't think there are many dhasath who can say that about a ragon. We work together well as a crew and we need anyone who joins to set aside the old animosities... or at least have an open mind about our crewmates on the crew." Nodding in agreement to Thanica's words Carter then interjected after she finished, "we're all equal here, nobody's getting eaten thats the number one rule, and don't worry, Raoul and Sshalah are not like the Ragons of the Empire, they can coexist with others." The captain gave a reassuring look to both new arrivals. "I would trust Raoul with my life, he's already gotten me out of situation I otherwise wouldn't have gotten out of. Like Vari said, we work together..."

"Ok, I'll take you two's words on that they are safe. However if one lays a claw on Zaru, there will be conflict. Also I am sorry for not properly introducing myself and my friend but I needed to get that question asked, I am Vesia Ianzunia an explorer, and my friend is Sarsranczaru Hesiansa, she is my assistant, you can call her Zaru." Turning to face Zaru, Vesia asked her, "Is there anything you would like to tell the two captains anything?" Zaru was silent for a moment, and slowly rose up further. She sighed, and smiled nervously as she looked from Vesia to Thanica. "I will trust you," she said quietly, "I will trust they are good." Did Zaru believe herself in saying this? Not even she was sure. But this was necessary. Backing out now would make for bad times.

With everything settled, Carter felt a sense of relief to have familiar crew members back and despite the rarity of someone like Zaru among with other newly arrived Thanica herself had said it, they were an open minded bunch. Still Zaru was not the weirdest thing he had seen, but it was high up there. You got over much more Nate, just be calm about it... The Human thought.

With his arm holding firmly to Thanica's Carter then spoke up, "Commander Vari here," he squeezed the shorter Dhasath closer to him with affection, "Had the idea to throw a celebration of sorts, a send off party before we head to Andromeda. I think that would be rather good for morale and introduction." With that said, the Captain and Commander began to walk off, the male human mostly guiding the Dhasath away. "We'll plan up the gathering. You bunch rest and don't get into trouble, we'll have enough of that in Andromeda," The captain said with a jokingly tone, though part of it was serious.

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Postby Brittaniastan » Mon Apr 20, 2020 6:44 pm

Hangar Bay Four

Etux stood over a number of the other newcomers when they met in the hangar bay, being roughly 2 meters tall, and his proportionate form split between metal components and cloth only added to the suggestion that he was wearing a form of armor. But while he may have been big, he didn’t have anything on the Ragon moving around in the open loading bay.

When Thanica, their new Dhasath Commander began her introduction to the group, the number of cameras across his faceplate shifted position and focus as he looked between all the species that had gathered. Usually, you wouldn’t expect to see such a variety among a crew. The humans were expected, being in the Milky Way, but Ragons, Dhasaths, and Kiels working together wasn’t very common.

As the speech went on, a couple of their new Commander’s statements stood out to him. Namely, the sheer loyalty of the crew if they’re willing to embark on rescue missions immediately, and the personal rooms. While he managed to maintain appearances between the familiar voice his body produced and the scale of his form, eventually old crews would catch on to a 300 hour maintenance binge and they’d start asking questions. So, he made it a habit to avoid staying with any particular crew for too long. A personal room should give him more time, even with the hellish amount of work he’s in for if they’re gonna be freeing some prisoners.

It finished off with their Captain, one of the humans, welcoming them aboard the Defiance and dismissing them to claim their rooms. While the group scattered, many boarding to do just that, Etux wanted to get an idea of the current state of the jumbled mess of metal before he met with his superiors with the engineering crew.

Each of his movements came with the powerful whir of a motor, but his movements were more natural and fluid, rather than the perfect, rhythmic patterns you’d get with a robot. His head was tilted up as he walked, and his various cameras dashed around to look at sites of old repair and modifications to see what he was gonna be working with in the near future.

However, he soon felt something against what pressure sensors he had, and a shift in his center of balance that nearly caused him to fall. Turning away from the ship to the direction of the disturbance, he found himself standing before a Jokari and a Sarufi that had been engaged in conversation before he so rudely walked into one of them.

“Ah, forgive me,” his masculine voice would say, seemingly from behind the faceplate, but with a number of unnatural tones as though it were being synthesized. “Are you alright?” he would then ask, the cameras focusing on the two much closer beings. “I was a little distracted with the ship, so that’s on me.”
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Kaleso Stralbane and Yare-Lokem

"Oh please.", Kaleso muttered at Yare as she insisted on getting something from the many stalls that sold goods imported from Earth. "I am quite sure that they are scamming people for money."

"And what makes you think that?", Yare asked, pouting. "I have all this extra money, and now-"

Kaleso put his hood on, winking at her. "Remember Yare.", he said as those purple eyes transfixed on her red and blue ones. "I am a Sorcerer. I see through their thinly veiled motives and machinations."

"You mean that you have a strong business sense..."

Before Kaleso could answer, though, a very tall mechanical being crossed between their space, earning a rather dense glare from the Sarufi. However, Kaleso wasn't so quick to give such a fiery look, and bowed slightly as the mechanical creature apologized. "We're quite fine, yes."

Yare scoffed as Etux remarked at how he was distracted with the Defiance. "Heh. If we could only get the old rust bucket into one of the great constructor ships of my people, we may make it look as good as new."

With that, Kaleso put on a pair of spectacles that he had bought from the one the stalls in the station. "I am Kaleso Stralbane. Sorcerer of the Soul Seeker Order and Corsair Lord of Tenxile. And this is-"

"Yare-Lokem, Vanguard of the Sunblot Alliance. And you are?"
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Hangar Bay Four, hopefully making some new friends

“Those are quite the names, Kaleso and Yare-Lokem. I’m Etux, one of the new engineers,” the machine would answer, having a significantly less remarkable title than the two.

“It’s definitely a piece of work,” he’d add, turning to look back at the vessel with the whir of several finer mechanisms in his neck. It stood well over any of them, but it wasn’t a very impressive ship to say the least. “Hopefully I can do my part to keep it from killing everyone, since I’ve been on my fair share of scrap heaps, but that’s gonna be a challenge if we’re gonna be starting with some rescue missions.”

He’d pause, noting that the two crewmembers he was talking to were not a part of the introduction ceremony, and he didn’t want to forget himself and overstep some boundaries.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what do you know about them?”
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