[DRAFT] @@CAPITAL@@, Make Some Noise!!

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[DRAFT] @@CAPITAL@@, Make Some Noise!!

Postby Santalcine » Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:21 pm

[TITLE] @@CAPITAL@@, Make Some Noise!!

The mayor of @@CAPITAL@@ has engaged in dialogue with a world-renowned entertainment and live events enterprise regarding plans to inaugurate and annually organize the Horizons Music Festival, an outdoor electronic dance music event, in the capital city. With the fates of the following sectors at stake, a discourse ensues as to whether the national government expresses support for this project.

[VALIDITY] Nations with established capital city and at least an average incidence of recreational drug use

[1] Staging her own solo dance party in her office clad with multicolored vinyl floor tiles, Minister of Tourism Celine Abrams-Vasquez exclaims to you: "Think about it, sir! DJ Gila? Claude Wesson? The Apollo Project, those trance music gods?! Those DJs and artists are coming to the @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ capital from all over the world just to entertain and celebrate with those dance-crazy citizens! Needless to say, it will be a huge boost to our country's tourism! Especially if the event becomes a success... Give the mayor a big YES--I mean--voice out to him your support and, perhaps, provide sufficient finances to the event, too!"

-- [EFFECT] @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ youth practice producing and mixing dance music tracks at home.

[2] In a casual visit to his house, music historian and retired Catholic University of @@CAPITAL@@ Herbert Kuijpers shows you his badge that you awarded him as National Artist of @@NAME@@, and proceeds to saying: "For the life of me, I haven't seen significant developments as to the legacy of music in our country. For instance, the lack of people's support for indigenous and traditional musical genres seems to be clouding our sense of national pride." He then suggested: "I tell you what--kindly propose to the mayor that the festival be held for only one time and not anymore after! Keep that party music at bay and focus on other genres that identify closely with our roots! Do you not want the youth to appreciate @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ culture even more?"

-- [EFFECT] Music professors prompt their students to make 500-word essays about indigenous musical instruments.

[3] Stephen di Lorenzo, chairman of the @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ Environmental Protection Agency, sent you an email, attached to which are spreadsheets containing statistical data on environmental noise pollution for the past five years. The email mentioned: "Also, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, we managed to know of the current gradual increase in cases of noise-induced hearing loss that included individuals aged 18 to 35! Dear sir, to conclude in short, that Horizons Festival is a no-go! Understand this: what is worse than suddenly but permanently losing your hearing when those large speakers explode before you?!"

-- [EFFECT] Sales on audio devices, such as speakers and headphones, have greatly plummeted.

[4] "Just so you know--I'm a fan of electro house myself, but absolutely not of coke and ecstasy," says Phyllis Lee Hanson, mayor of @@A@@ @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ neighboring the capital, chatting with you via a webcam. "You'd be surprised about that lysergic acid thingy swarming to our city, as well! Kids be exiting from those nightclubs, roaming around the suburbs at 2:00am, and slipping those sachets to others' pant pockets! Good thing these scenarios come and go once every two years!" After taking a sip of coffee from her mug, she continued: "Let's give Horizons a chance, but also tighten security! Arrest them amidst the crowd, when they get caught with a sachet of that, if you will! Never lose sight of our goal to keep @@NAME@@ safe and ridden of that psychotic scum!"

-- [EFFECT] Canned beverages secretly laced with acid have passed inspection and reached supermarkets.
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Postby Tinhampton » Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:22 pm

How do you realistically expect me to offer feedback on an issue you've already submitted without drafting?
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Postby Santalcine » Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:24 pm

Please excuse me. It seemed unclear at first as to how I write the subject for that post. I thought I have yet to fully understand the submission guidelines.

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Postby Australian rePublic » Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:18 am

Why does leader care? Has this music festival existed elsewhere before? Have similar festivals caused issues elsewhere?
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Postby Candlewhisper Archive » Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:48 am

Issue 609 overlaps too heavily here.
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