[DRAFT] Act For Saffer Commercial Aviation

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[DRAFT] Act For Saffer Commercial Aviation

Postby Shavorunt » Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:10 am

To the general assembly,

Concerned by the fact that with the commercial aviation industry growth, comes a redundancy of catastrophic plane crasheswith hundreds of victims,
Understanding that aviation is a complex topic requiring significant knowledge, and that it should be regulated by a proper organization.
Seeking to protect nations from tragedies involving at least hundreds of peoples, and,
Realizing that an international consistency on aviation is a necessity.
Hereby, propose an act to regulate the commercial aviation, divided into 3 sections :

Section 1, definition
For this resolution, defines:
1) an aviation procedure as a specific stage of a flight.
2) Aviation Chart as a set of graphs, instructions and/or rules designating a specific aviation procedure to explicit it, and avoid doubt.
3) ILS (instrument landing system) as a piece of equipment located on an airport's ground wich guides aircraft to the runway and helping it to land, even on no-visibility conditions
4) Navigation Routes as a set of real-world points connected together, wich aircraft follows, to centralize aircraft traffic.
5) Navigation Datas as all the Navigation Routes data saved on an airplane computer.
6) Airspace as a specific area with its own rules and charts.
7) TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) as a system installed on an airplane that detects aircraft flying too close, to avoid an in-air collision.

Section 2, authority
Article 1 Is immediately created a regulation authority, the IAA (International Aviation Authority), which has for mission to create the navigation data.
Article 2 The IAA will publish new navigation data every 2 months, based on analytics from previous months, to simplify, ease and secure air traffic.
Article 3 New navigations data will be applied the 3rd of each month, meaning airlines and airports will have three days to make the needed changes.
Article 4 It is the IAA duty to change the charts depending on the new navigation data.
Article 5 Forbid any aircraft with the previous data to takeoff while its navigation data is outdated or will be outdated during its flight (is considered the end of a flight the moment an aircraft is stoped at its arrival gate).
Article 6 Grant access to all investigation data, in case of an airplane crash, to the IAA's investigation department to ensure a full procedure and that same mistakes will not be repeated.
Article 7 Allow the IAA judiciary power to punish the responsible entity of a crash.
Article 8 In case of high suspicion, by the IAA, that an aircraft has been hijacked and is aiming toward a dangerous area, all necessary measures should be taken to avoid a crash in the dangerous area, and, if possible rescue the passengers

Section 3, minimum equipement
Article 1 To be considered as an international airport, an airport must include at least two runways of a minimum length of 4000ft, equipped with proper lights and ILS technology, under constant air traffic control coverage using ground radars, and not have dangerous obstacles near the runways in such a way that it interfere with approach path.
Article 2 No plane should, while approaching a runway, be closer than 250 feet from a public space.
Article 3 No airspace should be left at any given time without air traffic control monitoring.
Article 4 Every aircraft flying higher than 10 000 feet need to have a TCAS system onboard.

Edit: mistake on the title, but i can't correct it
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Postby Tinhampton » Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:30 am

Seconds ago: The Emirate of Shavorunt submitted a proposal to the General Assembly Regulation Board entitled "act for safer aviation".
17 minutes ago: The Emirate of Shavorunt withdrew a proposal from the WA General Assembly titled "act for safer commercial aviation".
17 minutes ago: The Emirate of Shavorunt submitted a proposal to the General Assembly Regulation Board entitled "act for safer commercial aviation".

Not a draft because you've submitted it. Also, yes, you can change the thread title.
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Postby The New Sicilian State » Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:03 am

Tinhampton wrote:(unhelpful snark)


OOC: Welcome to the General Assembly. You've got a grasp of the proposal basics, which is great, and (unless I'm mistaken) the premise of your proposal isn't contradictory with current legislation and is ready to be developed further. I'm away from home at the moment, but I can comment more when I get home. At a glance, I would stray from arbitrary numbers such as your three day rule. Also, I'm not sure you're permitted to allow a committee of the WA to don the ability to prosecute those responsible for crashes, you're more than welcome to place legal responsibility on pilots when compelling evidence of malpractice has been dished out.

While you're here, you may want to check out a comprehensive list of passed resolutions so you can get a feel for how we do things here, as well as a dust-up on the proposal basics. Again, welcome!
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Postby Sancta Romana Ecclesia » Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:59 am

This issue could possibly be covered by GAR#34:International Transport Safety, but from giving it a glance it doesn't apply to domestic airline connections and this one would.

My main issue is that this new authority would have access to all data necessary for investigation, even when the aircraft was a military one, where it is normal for some information to be classified. My proposition would be to make this resolution only applicable to commercial aircraft.

OOC: Welcome to the GA! The New Sicilian State made some good suggestions.

Shavorunt wrote:Edit: mistake on the title, but i can't correct it
You can correct the mistake by withdrawing your proposal and re-submitting it at a latter date, I wholeheartedly suggest for you to do that. It is advisable to let your proposal remain in drafting on the forum for some time, that way you can edit out the mistakes others (or you) spot before submitting it, as after submission, your proposal cannot be edited.
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Postby Grays Harbor » Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:56 pm

What, exactly and precisely, does this do to make anybody safer. Particularly as we already have Resolution #34, International Transport Safety

And I would urge you withdraw what you submitted as, quite frankly, it really isn’t ready for submission.
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Postby Shavorunt » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:05 am

thank you for all your suggestions, this book with all actives resolutions is definitely gonna help me in the future.
I wanted to get that done because it took me an afternoon and didn't realize that it was too early :bow:
I think i'll repeal some of the actual transport resolutions (and I'll wait before posting it :blush:)
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Postby Araraukar » Mon Apr 06, 2020 1:45 am

Shavorunt wrote:I think i'll repeal some of the actual transport resolutions

OOC: The problem with doing that is that you're basically wanting to remove a working thing and replace it with an unworking thing that is in places very clumsily worded (even your thread title has a typo in it), in a way that suggests that English isn't your native language. If that is indeed the case, you should post any drafts you write, on this forum, to ask for help - not just with the ideas and such, but also with the language. English isn't my first language either, so it's not like that's going to stop you from working in proposals here, you'll just need to not rush things. Good resolutions tend to take a long time to get just right.
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